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Lebron James has officially signed BUT the guys have a new dragon to chase in the journalism world. Olympics talk as well as discussion about the doping crisis in the speed walking world. Mt Rushmore of conspiracy theories. America's Lawyer Mike Portnoy joins the show to discuss the liability facing PMT with the "Uhhh Hey JJ" movement and update on Trump. Segments include the first ever PR 101 with the actual subject as Albert Breer joins the show minutes after his Twitter account was hacked. "Please Respect the Biz h/t Jay Mariotti", "Is Pat Riley Going To Die Soon", "Spinzone" for Bobby Petrino and Jimbos of the week.
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i'm a fat guy you know i love to eat i'm tellin you blew aprons the best blue april dotcom slash pardon give meals liberty or home phone cook meals do it now let's go not welcome to pardon my take today is augurs well lebron james has signed wait yes
she has signed with the cleveland travellers it wasn't official when the bronze set it on twitter it was only official after broussard used sources which was basing the bronze face and his mouth lebron james signs a hundred million dollars three years is a sad day it is because i mean like the last month has just been electric just keeping people updated food it's called service journalism right nobody else out there was even touching the story it was blacklisted i'm convinced that that that pr people and i always get a whole team of them the same guys that brought you the decision we are also the ones this decision under wraps but guess what we waste saw it for what it was and we powered through it so he assigned a three year hundred million out contract so like a slightly worse com practice might kindly sign like now
as much guaranteed money but that's ok i'll neurons yo he's kind old guy he might over the hill i think he might have cripple cavaliers long term with the still ass i was home he was going be a one year deal i hope there is at least a few opt out so that we can do is again next summer can i just tell you rockwork and this is my own dumb brain and i'm the guy who you know i think the there's going to somehow have like a twelve enforcing and make a magical run i think the long shot you know what i'm betting horses is gonna win i'll i'll take i'll take any little thing with just the smallest chance and alfred grab it for dear life because i have a really stupid simple brain i let myself believe for a minute that leubronn is going to sign somewhere else and we were going to get credit for being the only ones you are talking about it i did do i mean i i thought it was sure he was going
i'm going to like live under something stupid or the spurs and got a you know i'm still getting just choose to believe they like he had done that we would have been the only ones who got it so like we just barely missed on the store we were a whisper away from breaking this story it knows the big thing you know this is basically a free agents funding for the warriors like getting the cavaliers too met as much money to right now like so the warriors are going to be there windows going to open up in like a year and a half and then they're going to be set for the next like five ten years the cavaliers so much dead money that's gonna be hang around lebron james s neck and three years they're gonna be lucky to got forty winds and season you you want leubronn that for that kind of money at thirty two but point not not at thirty three and thirty four years old no no not at all a lot of money those those ages especially
keeps winning championships all those extra games in the play off like that's not good for the back no no he's wearing he's an old thirty one man he really is i'm happy that you did the same thing because it happens all the time it started as a joke we were the only ones talking about but by the end i legitimately was like the bronze of creation and he might not go back to think that i was worked up into a ladder like i was so site just for the morning there's gonna work also only selves waiting that is the way to live life what is life if it's not even you getting yourself excited about stupid shit all the time just a dog
slobbering all over itself dream like right maybe we're brown we gotta clean energy dog with a tennis ball a test was pretty stupid that their dogs haven't a great time ahead so that's what we ve been doing i regret nothing ok good i feel better foreign live laugh love no regret roar of the brons we're vladic love leubronn because we now have to retire though abroad segment you had one other for us i want to hear it i'm excited yeah i mean this is one so when you lose something like lebron you got to have a rebound right you got to have something to take its place did you know that errand hernandez now convicted of the murder of odin lloyd he's been charge a double homicide he's being investigated for another shooting still not officially suspended by the nfl ha
the juicy one in it mr get l big swinging i discipline godot so everything you what i'm thinking where the guys that just admitted that we were so dumb that we thought la would actually signed somewhere else well guess what guys i'm so dumb i think if we do this segment enough the nfl officially have to suspend their internets they're gonna have like move the cone of silence from the league like you don't want to be big law and order commissioner he's gotta do up there that's convicted of murder charged with two other murders still hasn't done shit about it we are the woodwork veracity guy so another version of me i'm not saying i'm just
and just saying where the woodward and bernstein of the errand earning as not being suspended by anna failure after most journalists man oh man i we're back we're back i feel like i've gotta pepper back in my step as a little deflated from the low bron thing we also still have the illiterate going on simone biles she won the all round gymnastic which i think it happened like form the afternoon in than ever unjust tells you take place with the worst my question to you can you really be considered an olympic champion of your under five feet yeah that's it really racist of you to say otherwise and racists but like sized like as a short person very sizes i agree as drivers i take offence to that think it's more offensive that we had a gymnast that want to gold medal that slouch
while she was on the gold medal stand while others tat while the national anthem was blank star spangled banner mr tapie doubtless terrible posture terrible posture thank god bill plash he was there too pointed out to us and say oh say can you see god where the gold medal winning gabby douglas with bad posture on the goddamn sent to the issues that it was pretty much tat does basically what he said well good news is simone byles is like for sex so she actually scientifically can't have bad posturing in short no she has to walk around with her chin up all the time rose people just more seer ranks like sky area in somebody like wheeling by with a wheelchair they ve got to flag up in the air it out you can tell whether they are all the time she has to have shrugged her shoulders and neck and back that's reflagged friend when i see it's like having to ramp absolutely who gaffer use them ass she did take the picture
with common durrant and they were they looked like you the same size because come true i was hunched over like some old grandmother and simone was standing up tall soldier right right the the women's the american women's gymnastic team i watched them do things and i like the whole time i just think about how many bones i would break to even just stand up that mad that they go on similar that's a little bounce to it i'm pretty sure i blew out my knee you know when you used to go jump on the trampoline and some will do the double bounce on you and you'd like almost lose your knees that's what it looks like to me just standing on it i would tear my acl and then aly raisman is doing like seven thousand in two seconds yeah no you're right the double bounce was an absolute killer killer forward to the the trampoline events in gymnastic those are coming up soon what they should do that there should be a dual trampoline event where there's one person that
just hitting somebody with a double bouts over and over again and the other person ass to see how they can stay on their feet but just get a big fat i get a sewer wrestler at their double bouncing like these tiny girls like simone and just launching them into the air sea along you can stay on a few that hurting yourself the double bautzen slow my would be unbelievable television the outward absolute guy doesn't your whole body like you can't even your whole body just fails you on the double bounds it would be like watching what are those card mercy with a crash tests dummies like platform in slow motion exerts get let's make it happen i think that's even a better idea than having dog fighting the olympics not eager dogs the planes that we talk to outline a pioneering role we also
the other olympic story that i loved there's italian race walker suspended for steroids use eight years eight year ban will hence alex shorter i was just walking did have you ever tried raise walking yeah it's actually like one of the most difficult things ever it is think is the most difficult olympic sport so what you are how much effort it takes go that slow on purpose right why didn't you have every billiard body your feet on the ground every your body just wants nothing more you know that you're in a race your instinct is to run resource like a mental game you like you putting a regulator and yourself
it basically is like when you are having an emergency in the batting you need to get the bathroom quickly but for like a whole marathon i was going to say it's like tantric running yourself back the whole time stay would be a really good race walker but it to me there's no sport out there that the cost benefit is like so imbalance because it's hard you have the train you have two apparently trotted you steroids and cut corners but then you walk up to somewhere rubare i k c my gold medal race walking say really did like would you here i dont even over one array a goal catalan race walking before their eyes gazeta like a slap in the face that's like letter crap they came in last and raised going first list
that's it salaries that he was using visa like what sport is there any sport at their besides raise walking that would be more hilarious for somebody get caught doping like curling maybe curling would be a good one toying pda phoebe would be pretty funny yeah i like to make it happen i want to see some bad boys darts and and bowling yes i like that would it out i let's do some out rushworths i'm very excited about it is we ve been high on we ve been big on conspiracies for a long time not conspiracy daring eyes we connect dots so today we have the mount rushmore of conspiracy theories fifty i want you to go first because i think this is kind of you seem like a conspiracy theory naga a connected i that's yeah but i yes i'm as close as you can get to being a conspiracy theory guy while still remaining connect the dots support distinction to make
so i got i got for really good wines from the start out with kind of a cannibal a lightweight one the frozen envelope conspiracy theory yeah from the nba draft i just love that it's so weirdly specific that it to be true like who's gonna go out there and make up that one of the un clubs was in a freezer for like three hours before you don't just make up that's can you hear that you know that's the truth suddenly thou and neck one this is kind of a wild one that i dont believe it all but a good one that the u s government has overlooked prominent society of state sponsored finance ears to terrorism over the past thirty years in exchange for manipulating oil prices jet that's it such a bunch a hot air but its alleges that anybody thinks it that's true ok i was a serious conspiracy theory ok
next one is this is actually one of my real favorite one the phantom time hypothesis so they're a bunch of people out there that truly believe that the years eight thousand six hundred and fourteen to nine slash eleven didn't happen so three and here is basically what its yeah six fourteen two nine one one those years it happened all they were all made up by the church so like that's three hundred years of human history that we just were taught about but they don't happen to look it up it's fascinating should i guarantee you okay alright wanna get in on that one thou once one i like i'm all in on like the phantom time thing like me i don't even have to hear what it was when i just heard phantom time ozark yes i mean we're phantom time guys i want that to be known my next time someone comes knocking at our door to do a piece on us
you're talking about you all remain a mere blow that do you didn't even exists we should work time someone interviews i wish you'd like before you we let you go can we talk about phantom times were big fan of time i think that there not even going far enough like wise why limit yourself to three hundred years why i just like a thousand years or fifteen hundred years right maybe maybe like jesus hasn't even born yet oh what about that ok blue people's minds now is the last one is that i am vital bird
the great one yes i got it now and has a lot of legs to it i think it died tat we ve never been seen at the same time in the same place you go in there for week of grit week together just connect the dots still not sure i hain t want to go you want me to go you got i might have some years ok number one i have bought michael jordan got suspended for gambling when he went to play baseball i cannot believe that one but that's ok stevie one tourism blind oh yeah that's a good one have you along with some of the cliffs out their yeah i mean he catches microphones ever fallen down like ease pointing at people who prints points he's a blind eye that blowitz yeah not point stevie wonders not blind look it up
oh this is a side when i just dropped their obama created isis will check we'll circle back on that one this one pft you and i know hank i think you're too young marilyn manson got a couple ribs removed so you can suck his own dick yeah that's actually true yeah i heard that in sixth grade pretty really apple source in the playground let me know about it what do you know how much i know how many kids in america had to start talking about that without a male without the internet to get marilyn manson sucking his own dick as like a real theory out there as the cultural thing yet it was a cultural movement absolutely like you could go you can go visit your cousin across the country and we like did you hear about male oh yeah success on deck is again rib sake yeah exactly
there was that and then there was a lioness more said had to get a stomach pump because you like sucked often entire she had hardly remember thou and yet we grow up you got it from each other but we both new like the internet kind of ruin this sort of thing and made it made these conspiracy little too easy to share right right and you could just do bunk everything pretty quickly but when we are grown up is like marilla manson you know people talk about a peg you have no recollection of that correct now just just their basel ok and then my last one this one you guys might not be it on but i actually say this isn't even i should even put this in here because it's not a conspiracy theory it's a fact with constant through the two thousand fourteen big ten champions your game fifty nine to nothing so little house they go to the national championship game
that such a big ten guy conspiracy i did not ask you to check they beat which they already rejected talking to begin the season they needed to beat was consonant beat was causing convincingly ok with cards was good team that year burial whereas was consummately sits on the selection committees for the busy ass he knew he listen if we're gonna get the big ten international championship they gotta put a weapon down hay was concerned roll over fifty nine nuthin let's make it it was made a bloodbath you certainly paul ryan right now you know that i'm just saying ok just saying that even a conspiracy theory cake you want to go
yeah no let alone the ass i thought you didn't do this one but in a cage being a ghost dat's spheres easy time travel are actually not go see the time i've actually never heard this before you out our those there's a lot of legs to it you there's a picture of nick cage in in the civil war kate she's a time traveller europe he by you running over do this man i have never before itself the dream like i'm i'm ready to buy in nick i'm actually push you put this in here because that's back nicky just looks like an old photograph on time so it did you stop travelling next madame too is actually a conspiracy theory that is a personal one apple chargers who invented away for a charge was iphone they just don't put it out because i want people to keep painting general carriers chargers
do that like anything along that same lines like i believe that there such a thing as bubble gum that doesn't lose its flavor or like it's bubbliness but what's the what's the point in a some companies only everlasting gum sign no i think chopsticks and this too like i believe jobs yet what's can we like i'm never never never put on chapter one time my life and i never thought i needed chap sick but once you start using it than your mind tells you anymore jessica i'm here i am in total agreement with hang on listen ok i didn't think we're review deep dive on chapter but here we are number three nba rig i saw with my own eyes two thousand eleven before broad one is first championship celtics got screwed fell no one said anything about it is banned in mentioning once just got swept under the rug and ever since that i've done some other lottery sir john in years i believe that if he been hazard like a real agenda
against boston teams they're doing such a shitty job and that was our segment our special gas asia currie emma last one near dear to the heart privatisation around with a girl hence our job adele is there it is you know one that we didn't mention that i know cave sees really into this i've looked into a little bit myself i'm on the fence about it mostly because still uncomfortable saying it mixed company but helen keller wasn't really blind or das a hundred per cent arafat another one that i love that i'd like everyone can look into this doolittle google search oj son was the killer helen keller wasn't wind or death she has had a great pr team young yeah did you
it gives a death yet ass he had death there s nothing moonlighting was real was that's again those are more facts not not conspiracy get us to let himself and adding day boy came out attack by their hake is garbage is rubbish and its natural at no point paper video water it as these might be have you watch it they'll be empty now have any boy came you gotta watch it i let's kick it to an interview with america's lawyer might port annoy before we do that just a little background i'm on another part costs have been doing it for like four years called kfc radio you can actually go download it in the pike ass app there's new episode today so we do
a live podcast called cow cello conway coach heller it was the three of us sitting on a couch being fat pod casters shootin ship coach hella decided to sue us so they said that confuse the marketplace and we also talk to mr port annoy about whether or not jaywalk ensue us for being mean to him so listen here i we now welcome on our favorite guests america's lawyer our lawyer mr michael courtney esquire it's been awhile i want start with a case that you actually probably are aware of the couch ella or sorry coach ella is suing bar stool sports because we did a show called cow cello is an erroneous wade i really am i
honestly i needed a big word to fill in there and i went with erroneous don't you due to say to me better before we start can i just go off the air one second of course i want to say hello to my five euro grandson sleeping upstairs in my house right now max be and i told him that this was about the linux so he's a little girl ok ok ok what what was once a question again i'm sorry i was it your five year old grandsons gonna listen is parker small well she she's gonna piled the paths and you shouldn't have to his name you won't listen to it i'll congrats on your child having sex thank it now you got for me listen to me i will just let him wasn't max be bar child automatically coach ella suing bar stool erroneous why you say it
what because i'm your lead my one word he is like a word of the day counter and today we just want each is what you're trying to ask me how do i fix it the legitimate claim is no what you transfer enemy rats that's what i said ok do i gave a legitimate claim in all these cases are right since the main issues can can the big confusion between the two and other to operating in this and i think there could be some confusion provided you tell me you didn't do enough to differentiate yourself but if it could be confusion because you didn't do enough to differentiate and and this is another part of this if you are operating in the same i'm going to use a french word now earlier then i think there could be a problem what was that french word
again i got a job and over and her sought yeah you say it if they are operating in the same procyon lemme give you good example i think that that if you had a bakery since you said chris out and you call the concerto right to be much less of a problem when a urine you and this and by the way i know i shouldn't containers and am in her i heard of the year the music the music whatever you call it a constant series i don't want the car and are even heard of it don't you folks dancing around your name i wasn't really sure what you were doing like it's like woodstock but people are just pretending to be poor eyesight
and what you were doing was what words dark on a couch we are kind of war was there a lot of delineation of this was bastards was put actually yes it was very clear what can i go back go quickly to the bakery thing what kind of bakery are we talking about a french big chance i like that they may be in each case should not flinch bakery what is it what is it a key
wrench ding ding dong patel like george you told the key issues of french species not french nobody ok i think we can solve this misreported i can you can you pronounced the words capella and couch ella quickly culture cudgel that those are two different words right there i heard at a distance to use your word i used delineation in between coach allying couch ella i say this is open check case it's not a rip off jeez i wish i could agree with you at the shop
i mean you know i'm really good went to talk about to talk to you about this because i knew nothing about either one of these and i'm confused we we will first of all your wrong i just search occasions a part of the french drouet cuisine so apology here and then hold off on a bulgaria i now here's you'd just run up a green away where fish ok i was thinking something i do apologise we're about africa somewhere at someone else's in my family that never gets right through that's a bit
that's the first big first step a partner apology i'm saving that want to put in my bank off it i have i just realized you just proved our case for us with this couch our cultural a thing as many people that were confused between couch helen coach ella there are just as many people like you who knew about cow cello before coach heller so really we should now for giving this report today i never knew about the other one i didn't know what the parity was in an unknown or in other words in order for there to be a parity i have to know both you know what i mean i have to know what its priority and i didn't write but we may draw where i may yeah we make we gave couch ella re publicity for you
sounds like people that are in your boat are gonna be more likely to attend coaches in the future because of couch ella genuine if you gave me a test in an hour from now but which is which i would have no idea actually like doing the video how are you going to cultural might be the best content that we ve ever done sight all time i wouldn't do what if what if we turn some free ecstasy and happy as it is we she didn't have em in ecstasy just talking to you to read we actually do have like it's not a legal problem right now but we could see it bubbling up in the future we have created an army of sorrow casting treaters at every time j j wot tweets anything engaging any time anyone tweet anytime jane you are treated
a thing he usually gets about two to three hundred responses making fun of them can we be sued for like basically online bullying of the defence of player the ear we'll let use an analogy ok do you think that barack obama has a case against donald trump for saying that he who was the founder of isis if he's getting about lot of bad pub as a result no because even if he's the founder of isis he could still stick around after ices is sought to stall like remained the director of content prices i gave a directive content there's no job ok ok carried out as you might exotic getting back to the original question say you're making a lot of sarcastic comments about j j what i understand what you question is that as a result of that he's getting a harassed tweeted
became a subject of ridicule and scorned because what you are doing yeah right that's the question in my answer to you is he's a public figure i write as long as he is not being threatened in a way that could cause him do am i dont think you got any kind of claim at all it do killings count as do harm like if we heard his feelings enough is at an injury can feelings be injured you just heard he says it is sensitive guy you leave deeply hurt his feelings yeah i think its feelings are easily heard from what actually not injured not injured by her ok ok that's important there was the difference between an injury unheard oh yes you suppose i heard but not injured and my group about the one hundred percent gracchi again i thought i was gonna be one with an olympic
champion tonight no you actually are you the guest you your sharing spotlight with god hath on twitter and told the world that he wants to be gay porn star so just the same i wasn't about to do that reliable exactly delivered championed he's gonna go on monday we want to make the uk we have witnessed an invite yet love i'm i hadn't lando i don't want no matter what the internet is going to get to my son's housing the encampment you know what our shoot i got bad news real were i'm gone before you i'm gonna know that i know that i shouldn't i shouldn't be heard you know what i'm gonna take a bunch of pictures and tax him to you i am i am that's how good of a guy you were you i want to finally before we let you go
trump has had a hell of a week you are the number one trump historian that i know why is everyone so mad that why because he just like implied that someone should shoot hillary clinton what's the big deal well again implied is a funny word i think can implied maybe a little i guess in all seriousness the real prosperity that some of the people that here as well is stronger than the implication and they'll run unfortunately i think i don't know you are right to say that debt the heat some things have gone wrong to him in the last two weeks did if you go back just the things we talk about a week ago that's all
in history now i think seem that saying the obama was i thought not not but the rack hossain obama was a founder of isis the energy they devices to natural founder i think that is kind of at least what today thursday when i think you know at least until friday i think that's the latest thing that i just might draw drops when he says these things and i really i think that is out of control in an unknown again you right i probably know a lot more about this than anything else in my life he yeah i see today which is something and i'm gonna give you a little chip which i'm not the one who originate this but i'm so convinced then he's trying to lose and if you think about it
if such a perfectly saying to lose he has somebody to blame press the other republicans right he then can go back start his own cable tv news network employ his children on each one of the shows all have to do the heavy lifting it involved in repressing the united states the morning then have to think about any the issues which obviously has done to this point and it's a win win for him so how'd you like i guess i just i just want to say today aims you start to see some of the things you saying he said something today about the fact that wouldn't be so bad if you lost it wouldn't be the end of the world ass the first little step and sang himself up to look like a huge unlike a win
but are you at all worried that he has the cassandra thing going where everything he does like he tries to lose any ends up winning all not only the opposite right you got a real that is a real problem with the state maybe show article thrown out there he really unless unless he decides one data just drop out in his own would you be amazing which think he's gonna do that so he he's alright certain say like you might not be the worst thing in the world if you loses do you not think that do you think they came newton i learned a lot from about how to handle defeat kim in championing sheep it is shameful and away because i'm came newton its i recall it may sound like you didn't lose right yeah that was that it wasn't it i mean it i mean it twenty attitude if you lose see just as well that unhappy to cameroon
is done will drop in a shame yes henderson all roll them yet isn't that what the oil price if you ask them never become he's been any kind of a competition there is always a shifting you can't make sure you get when he didn't ya speaking of your son legally speaking is it technically considered providing aiding comfort to the enemy if you advocate for isis to join the olympics i think his point that was that's ok you're like you're like a cowboy lewandowski of your son i take the point wasn't the point that we have to have some really hate i don't think it good that well organised to feel the tea probably because do very well in the attic
take skills the anything the required hearing a target to be a very good i my god it's a little late i what are you the way the olympics around if they can they do have a lot of cash if they came up with enough money from you get one of the whole city yeah i was gonna say i wouldn't be surprised to see like syria hosts the next world cup makes sense makes sense i can we organ electric shot or to max be one final one is cannot get of shame the market maybe i don't mind you i guess are you all here listen to a damn thing for two minutes can we i've been going to very disappointed i wondered beyond be on monday our maybe get changed think do can we
have you in studio in new york sometime this ball absolutely ok absolutely invite you i know i know i might get an invitation from anyone else i re corrects we'll make us today i have a second bedroom i saw what his place looked like i dont want to guide us shithole now yeah not avoid not assembly first i knows from wherever yeah yeah camonica wilson union voice for the free marketing there were no embrasure then i want to go and i want to get a new text you got it you gotta do something i'm gonna get out get out to take you know what for you i'm open up in my what i said i was gonna do i'm a take video on the tax and vigour it not just pictures people feel it smell i see it
amadou embryo very much a perfect i think we actually probably could get in trouble what did you want but you know i'm not gonna stop there like give itself i want to say this though if you're gonna hit him with a j j just speak on just keeps funny and they are really funny but very wanna get down the line of leg just being straight up dicks too and we want to just be assholes don't write right funny assholes young people like that the funny ass always goes home with the hottest jack that's absolutely correct event if judd appetite has taught me at all now john appetite actually taught me tat the fat stoner jewish looking guy goes on with the czech but
other members have taught me device we all read into what we want to read into let's get some segments i we're not going to do something we ve never gun were breaking barriers walls if you will pardon my take everyone knows we have a segment called pr one or one when someone screws up when someone gets hack when something happens and social media and we want to get them out of it alber brewer who is a friend of the programme here it's for m m kubi he got hacked and he is here with us right now too
and his own pr wanna one for his own hacking but before we start albert i need to know do you want to be a gay porn star will i actually need some help from the professionals which is why i decided to come out with you guys on so i do i do need to figure out how i can stand listen i'm not really sure what do neck so so didn't people who didn't see and i apologise that we have to bring this up but if we're gonna get you out of this we gotta you know we're gonna get we roll up our sleeves here you got hacked the one of the tweets was i just want to be a gay porn star so bad another one was i hate children so much i was a passive puts the huge not all over the place but a child came in screaming running it now do you have kids right you know that the finding about
this whole situation is that i was kind of caught off guard because i choose had occurred yesterday you allow i was like i was like off social media i was trying not to twitter no instagram i'm calling view from the majority order a hospital right now so i actually yeah i just had a kid why i can't take credit for my wife had a kid right yes gradually great pure one one that you giving yourself right now i'm i'm calling you for maternity wards it's better if you about this too we are aware is only around you order brigham and women's ass but on boss that's over that this happens i've got my family here with my two day old kid my wife and all of a sudden like my expression in my face
i just dropped and unlike oh my god was happening what my twitter so that's gonna how hoping started out if you go mad at you now we go why you could easily tweet a picture of your new born kid is your first child right does my second soccer childlike what a blessing and you're totally gone nobody remembers you gonna do you know the problems i still can't get in my twitter there get peter came to me we re tweet you and add that picture on there and it'll be fine i first of all will invoice you later for all this so you know you have to pay anything up front i know i'm pay for first class service is so whenever you guys want jargon is fine i'll go right that's good hank will submit an invoice after done so first of all my first tip for you would be to hold a press conference
like nothing has ever gone gotten worse for somebody if they just hold a press conference and just keep rehashing all the bad stuff that they're in the news for sharing your from the hospital thou kazanovitch get lay i get some sympathy to write i honestly like to see something would like nice backdrop and american flag behind you in a left turn you're going to need a lectern or podium in front of you and then do you like your wife or in some other people in the background like crying by you i could use the old mba trick a brain my kid the podium with me is easier farrago even better my second piece of advice is gonna be you are going to get an offer from vivid to shoot a porn yunkers so you get hacked and in
acts from the tweet were saying like i would love to shoot this born read it read it not to bring a bad things like we don't want to hear but we have to read it for the people so i see it says not bring up bad thing so so you you were tweeting eight porn hub assisted thanks for letting me shoot he asked us to act this is texas we'd love to shoot what she wants big daddy mr stag to be director i got it i just thought of a quick one plus fires because because if you set a kid they know i have experience right but this one just popped up my head albert yet if you have a computer with you screenshot maybe you just guy maybe your browser's guy screen shot a and b like look i'm not a porn hub guy that wasn't me sympathy this thought about it but you so you are going
yet this invitation right and i think that to really differentiation different differentiate yourself and you have to take it back nobody else takes the offers a dreamer green didn't take the offer tiger woods didn't take the offer you need to take the offered can't get out in front of the story so i would do that and then i would also asked peter like maybe in the next m m kubi turley have your tweets your hack tweets between the weak form oh i'd like these these these strategies are like i'm gonna have to be right the fly poet different people those were not sure if i you know i don't like your first idea a definite have to run up the fight for my wife the second idea like i think there be some like aeronauts amount people are something that could get in the way that which ones out on the river vineyard you're not gonna geier the doing of corn actually storing unimportant you think people have problems in the air
without doubt is the one i have brought the fibre my way for well here's the good news the true pr wanna one and that's the rub with this segment is coming on part my takes eve actually completed pr wanna one i have another one for you though i don't love you saw frank galindo also got hacked i heard yes i can't i couldn't see if i can get on
rights all read a few for you not giving up at things was engaged in an impression of albert the right that's my points of this room got so he treated justin bieber saying i want your cock he said nothing would make me happier than me and donald trump made a sex tape in chickerberry by way this chick regained name keeps coming up i think that might have been your hacker just a little sleuth work by me and then he said so i got fired looks like i'll have to work as a gay stripper now i think maybe you get with frank and frank was in imitating a hacker imitating our prayer boom done because the highest honor you can get neanderthal communities of frank kelly i know doesn't and rushed view he uttered a prison were frightened by rival now because maybe he was just trying to what about me you know who i think has painted a marsh use of what he could do is maybe maybe he read your tweets in morgan freeman voice
and then everybody just forgets about accusing does great morgan freeman skip point it's gotta be honest frank can get off this pretty so they because you can just simply say that he is doing our breyer got hacked impersonation fits so this really hurts those it i can to areas first like i like i hated i fucking hate it when people you know like when uncle tabs for someone like that i know is what are you guys now when when people i'd like a human rights violation when they like tweet out a fake trader whenever right so you get mad at that about this for that reason you know and and and the other thing is that light with with with all this likely no matter what like i don't know i don't know how long it is before people forget about so that's the pr one or one i really need ok like how long is about long is it before me
i like how long i gotta have to withstand you know what's coming to me over the next couple days when i get back on their i think do your press conference and really nipped in the bud and like take it out of the new so it's either that or you need like someone in the jackson five to die and philip we're due for a jackson to die soon tito still alive i was shocked i don't like that i got me a nurse i don't feel like that don't like we concur with labour jackson death yeah yeah so that would bob you out i think you're good don't because honestly you give you came on the show we talked about it you we know you now have a kid you're not watching porn you having a kid you're making kit so no need for it you know i think you i think you're skating free here i think you're doing okay let me ask you something did you ever consider like in the middle of a hack going out i don't want your twitter and tweeting like the nasty shit that you had always wanted to tweet just under the cover of the happy ass well the problem
and what was that i was so busy trying to changed my password i may i literally changed my password four times did no good so whoever this guy is like maybe i maybe i could have and if i can find the situation under control this guy was so good at it i could never get it under control to that point and then all of a sudden i was locked out of my twitter and yet that's right that's what i'm out like three four hours later be urged to be honest with us here you kind of your kind of price of proud that you got hacked why didn't hack nobody's yeah but now i can never like i can never like laugh at athletes for this again you know what i mean like i like when derail rebus guess gives hacked on instagram more
you know martell us then it gets hacked onto a i can never i can never like laugh at them again right because it actually happened to me spindlin now you ve got something to talk about whenever you mean an athlete that's been hacked in the past or like instant orange now so like that's you right in is like circle of trust so that might actually turn out to be a black eye monetary level now i can yeah them taking one step further to go one step further who work in the end i fell media i'm sure people say like wealth albert ever played in the week next sunday hacking things will you ve never been hacked you can pull that card on people now you're vets s that's as i say grateful there are the new through man your carrier you survivors like can we give you that label albino survivor yannick so let's do it what i got i got one last appeared just came to me will you can do is
change your avatar right now to bobby katrina and just twitter name to bobby criteria and i think you're good at my biologists behalf survivor yes albert i oh you listen this show when we actually want you back on in the end i fell season if your loud if you if you stop getting hacked and in all this trouble or an stop having kids saxon whatever you i hope i'm not created here for you guys by coming on the show no oh look for yourself an additional one yet i'm i'm i hope that i hope the show doesn't have get pr from me being on after everything happened you know so before we let you go can you tell us anyone who's been catching everything a camp my thomas from the oil and science has been catching everything and he's no higher steak i too yes my reality that is that is the classic leg just vanilla sounding name of new orleans saints received
that's gonna catch ninety balls from drew breeze was somebody some games he's gonna have like eleven catches other games he's gonna have won and give negative fancy points that's how things work right is definitely affair sailor there waiting when do you urban is gonna get his first suspension or you know some kind of anti heavily rules and will he fake another heart attack when that happens i think that he's no international title before an international time another another used before another big heart attack there's that there was nothing fake about it they can get their cunning fake a banker ok show some show some concern for your fellow the eu should take a heart attack that's an old house they move that's a with that's it you're in earnest reward cutting you that's a florida moves well but you know ohio guy you're in you're just had a kid you get hacked boom so much stress heart attack when you're in the hospital you get a hospital bracelet i do have us
oh bracelet on right now the asked share with instead we know but you have to keep it all now year yeah yeah take i got that tweeted out i'm in the hospital yeah that's the decision the disappointing that we are having to hold your hand so much during this bodes well that's why i came to the professionals i neither they're gonna help you eat a twitter tweet a picture that were you i have your twitter you again you're gonna need someone to manually retreated but you need a tweet out and say hey sorry guys couldn't star in the next few no pornhub of scene cuz i mean hospital and no one can say anything to that no no one could say anything that before we let you go back to and congratulations by the way fantastical hope mom and and baby herbal happy and healthy they're doing great great ok i last question
this is actually the one year anniversary sorry to your anna versify of the famous robin williams tweet by your boss we're not conspiracy theory guys but we are connect the dots guys think
we was peter than have you to try to get a little steam off the island of earthly that's actually decent theory i have also heard some theories that it could have been some people but we after my job change a couple months ago i'll let you guys handle all that ok i i will get to the bottom of it and hopefully stay safe out there and we lose you know no mere ok we lost piety hope we stay safe out there and we do want you back to actually talk about when you get stop getting hat you gotta guys it's a pleasure to work with the level of professionals that that i have to night i think i i think after all this and probably out of the woods you are semi tax me a picture and i'll tweet it for you
like ours too busy haven't kids in the hospital you're the hospital bracelet like five minutes perfect perfect i'll just say of operators the hospital where does not know how to get there and i want to talk you guys quickly about audible we all know we're not book guys were more wikipedia guys girls out there but we also are audio book guys and girls here's what audible has for you there have a wide wide variety of books they have a library from sea to see they have podcast news comedy short stories audio shows everything and in euros to this right now on your phone audible has that to you can just buyer right up
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all right let's get to the rest of our segments first i have a police respect the biz in honor of our friend jay mariotti got to respect the biz this happened a prince fielder's retirement announcement you got in front of the whole the organization neck brace on he was crying he's medically unable to place we had to retire from baseball and a reporter here will we'll play the cliff for you understand what luger was how he drew his famous but the prince wine shapes the question did i actually think was brilliant question i think the journal what he was doing it's very obvious was saying he was using hyperbole he was saying oh you ve got a neck press on looks like you're gonna die trying to get prince to admit
i'm not that introduced prince look like i say he looked like a plaintive enough who is lost it i was in the car accident is obscured in arms eyes like abso her you gotta give me five million dollars instead he showed up to the press conferences like i'm so hurt you have to pay me twenty four million dollars from here to work so then the journalist was like doing his journalistic duty it was hey you look like you're going to die or you going to die and princess like you was flustered he was like no no no i also think this journalist was doing a service to the fan out there connecting the game a baseball to its history because that never happens and we need
people to remember the history of the game a baseball and talk about the old players so their memories don't die so it's the one sport i'd say we really don't ever talk about what happened in the past it's all these flashy new players at their trying to market so not prince please respect the biz that's a great illustrates let's keep doing that i lay edge it j very adi shut up to tar boy j j on the shell and just be mean to anything else when it's pretty sure jamie realities free right now we have a spin zone bobby portray no was liking a bunch of porn on twitter this is kind of related to our boy albert prayer but it's hard to say that you're being hacked when you're just outright liking some links to porn so spins own fur bobby potato
i would say that so favouring a porn tweet actually decreases between those reputation as a degenerate right the tree was done wayward shit than that in the bass sexual stuff like sex he's got sex from directive sex as taxation so like when old guy we don't you get busted for armed robbery you were like is really turned his life around like is he's really cut it out with the murders so with between oh i think that between that and now he's also only the second biggest pervert at louisville i think he's in the clearer i would agree and between all is the rare casework anything he really does this point he has its own built in spend zone where you can just say well at least i don't get anymore recycle accident with my girlfriend while married right again
how is in comparison to the debate that bad also spend zone his problem we can offer now from it ass you see school so losers gonna have to step up yup also spend zone by between oh it's just a horny ass dude at something that has been so i think that as a cold hard fact he had so let bobby let bobby like some porn online i've got a theory that bodily katrina coaches every single game doing the waistband took up his bone guy you get full erection every not every him every conference game he's got a full erection i'm just keep an eye on that for like maybe little cherry broken out it's up those big conference games that lose no place governance cincinnati in
u s often whatever the hell operates it we have before its jimbo we have one last one i have ie is pat rally gonna die soon oh god he's not but tommy sort of might yes or that i saw that eta honestly took my breath away when i was reading that reason buster so the tree was tunnel sort of hall of fame manager fell last saturday in atlantic city and was hospitalized twelve stitches he attended the dodgers game wednesday so thoughts and prayers to tommy to replate will play that will throw in the clip i think tommy's kay because we saved his life here's when we did save his life for anyone who is just catching up to ah part my take when we had to enter
we would then there's one there's one other prayers one more that's about a goal actually there's one more and we may have just done the sun time now is it is it a man yes baseball man yes sir thomas disorder that's but we may have intercepted here ok we had i would be is one of my young all time favorites yeah we can't let him go all right let's do some jumbos everyone's favour time of the week i can't help but notice you are tweeting doing so was i was i my dad is eating a plate of fries really fascinated finger he sighed bleeding pretty barrier to taking the ear
i like that just because a factor of imagining the dad giving the escalation to the nurse likewise near dad will debts given those comes hijacks older i gotta plane ticket visit my girlfriend last sunday she broke up only four days later now american airlines will refund it you think why the fire they refer to fertilizer cold cold cold hearted people they're probably using like the audio tape of your college customer service testing examples like what how to act as a rep be like if some sad sack loser goes in and because he got dumped you you do not have our permission under any circumstance to give him a refund for dirt onto his dead ass body so yes you you broke up again jubilee got broken up with but the air
and is doing everything in their legal rights is to be assholes to everyone always here's another girlfriend jimbo i gotta tax from my girlfriend family friend saying how he would missing me around and wish me luck there are confused i sent a screenshot my girlfriend and found out she was breaking up of me own so that was that was like when adam shattered breaks news of like a player getting caught in a player has macabre latina sum that is thought wow basically girlfriend was emotionally cheating on you with your friend by by giving him the heads of state we're about to get broken up with problematic physical you at the top where you go my friend i went not your job although i mean i wouldn't do a gas station paid twenty bucks for gas went back to my car
and drove off a few miles down the road i realized forgot to actually put gas in the car went back in someone in already use it re gas no it paid for that she's going to go out there and and buy some tickets for somebody sit behind home plate that's how that's how people make a difference unless this person is jim boeing from america where people don't pay things for it i think you were ok maybe like how can it be like at him there's a tin whartons line right now we're people just keep paying for my people can't go home because people keep pay for it in its important line in canada is becoming so call yet innocent hobbies are people working behind the register like we want to go home when i go with these people keep buying like the next guy in line copies and just keeps going forever that's what i've got to pay it forward and stick around
three weeks ago when that aggressively nice due to new york by my heart out for me yes i saw a backward housing canada our body dogs for like my entire life by you would have you would have made the hot you were brought back the hot our economy in canada got really drunken minutes my bed and then getting naked in my sleep and walked outside my apartment complex which walked behind me when i woke up us outside naked in a guy's take pictures of me he was black and constant stop laughing probably at my penis with the gas race as do we not say that we were so weak that part of europe they want it yet you were asleep you you can't be here
responsible for anything you do i see that was a dream that you had done i happened to be actually acting out now was gonna coincidence but you were you were asleep so that's not jimbo i don't think that's funny story like you're going to be telling your kids about that when they go off to college and be like i'mma tell you about some of the wild stuff your dad did back in the day and they're going to love that story also will mini spin zone for you go find that boy guy u like hey man remember that time i was sleepwalking and you laughed at my small penis we should be friends whom you got a black friend you can say racist things now got arrested a movie theater parking lot for possession marijuana and and had to spend the next six hours in jail or i do see a cigar life of pets we weigh say that
got arrested in the movie theater parking lot per possession of marijuana and had to spend the next six our year this you who gets rested romero maybe they're like maybe they're lying mississippi you have done we have to be rigorous for possession marijuana even though they saw rested people for marijuana while yeah like smoking danny outside car muslim eating under car like a bad ass with a long we're having a joy not a butler who says born you must have you must have filled up your trunk with water and made like a gravity born out of your trunk to get arrested in two thousand sixteenth wait when one year without paying for electricity because i thought my partner was somehow off the grid nope got a call from collections agency tell me today that i owe them to grant so your urgent right now
i was under the impression that if you don't pay bills like three months they should not so turns out a very lenient electric company yeah that's kind of therefore they should have let you break the law for that long because eventually squatters well i was going to say at that point it becomes common law not illegal anymore is right if you live with somebody for two years you're married to so they let you get away with it then i think that there's is reasonable a x is reasonable thing on your part that you'll be able to continue to get away with it so fight that you know what we are your back where i get you anything but we are you back come my brother's save his wife's hot sister was going to attend his daughters birthday party then follow that saying i definitely banger you didn't tell me as a speaker for and he was with his wife's family including the hot sister needless a sad skip my nieces second birthday
that's cannon cowardly move on your part like you you just took yourself out the friends on immediately she knew your attention so that i know that now get a chess disagree there so she was talking and realized he wasn't speaker phone yeah that's worse than murder in my mind not telling someone when their own speaker phone agri that's the that's honestly the most heinous crime heiress yeah so that's not your fault like you should you should go for that person job the hospital i work out removed a kidney from the wrong patient everybody's about to get fired we i think all over reaction hold back up say that once again the hospital i work at removed a kidney from the wrong patient everybody
about to get fired so like to nurse down the hall that was a yankee catheter out she's gonna get fired because some surgeon our funds and dyslexic and pulled out the wrong guinea that was just a bomb care for you now just crazy crazy jimbo turn we're talking about like guy smoking weed why go watch you no suicide squad to kidneys being taken the wrong bodies i don't know if i'm ready for that i'm just going to say that right now i think i'm not ready for those type of big time problems today they took out the wrong kidney it was as is right person a drunken you write that was dead yet a person gonna die is so you're so maybe jimbo was i'm an accomplice to murder and i called it was showing pretended that i didn't murder someone i left i let the aids that run the show
realize that i was a murderer themselves yet i found out i was murder from a sports by gas you're a disservice murder as non work what does that mean i always do now living i'm having a bad word there have been three this delay thing that's it that's no rocky trick if you can't remember the words they think you know what we promised we'd better with our words because this is a pot gas people listen to and are but wherever backward day some hundreds of them i thought two more accidentally fell asleep on asleep flight home flight home pretty substantial size substantial in my mouth i swore at some point got puking oliver myself in old person in my left random i'll seated patrons as i hold ass back to ended up just walk myself in there for the remaining hour and a half of flight get this might be unpopular but
i think they doing something by dipping on a plane in front of strange unless you got that row like you and your friends are you and people that know you if your if got like a cup of deep spit in for nobody gets kind a bold move and that only a border that it depends on where the whites going i give its going to the south i think place yeah ok i'll give you that it is going to any state borders the gulf of mexico yes that's just gettin party started a little early yeah and part of georgia to write ah i don't really know how to get out of this alarming that duchess hoof that's top that's really talk that's a really bad way to wake up went to a concert gonna fight five seconds
and ended up in jail got bailed out are on one i am woke up for work the next morning and got a three hundred dollars speeding ticket foregoing eighty on the highway got to work and got bit by massive golden retriever now my best twelve hours with where do you work that's my fourth question why are these who angry huge golden retrieve roaming around your office spoil our he worse at like a pound for rapid dogs certainly what who gets bit by a dog at work at least if you gotta tell this story changed the breed a dog is totally set up was also ah you doubly we're looking for five you get no quite within for five seconds in concert yet doesn't that doesn't just find you i think you just walk in and it's like boom our fight now i saw i think the artisan matters here yeah
it was it was like a pop approached answer then yeah new expecting it to fight with the first i stuck his right eye everybody's fighting right but immediately if maybe like that final exact roman rang like air clapton unplugged you promised back actually respect efforts why i last one this my fair one you like to get your opinions on this the biggest there is the original olympic committee deciding to have it in a different shit all country every time instead of just finding an island in putting permanent stadiums on it yeah i i'm interior i'm into that idea in practice i live for the stories everything
fears about like how badly the host country's fucking everything up again and also in practice you just gotta love the corrupt governments that starve their population so that they can pretend their country is excelling and they prop up a bunch of fake buildings and then put him in colossal debt and make poor country even poor use guy like that it's a lot of fun rum what country would own desire in america yeah whatever whichever country has been agreed whichever country gets the most metals yeah america who i like that all that is actually growing eurasia stakes is
is it the the also do against one year is one for keeps but the thing is i once you actually get down a crushing numbers america which is only out yet because we never lose middle can deal right and also we went all the worse fifty first date i that's a show we have a bunch a very big gas in the next few weeks all lined up hopefully they all come through we want announced and even yet because they are not all official but were excited we're gonna go out with a bang in august and then for policies and for policies can be crazy we have some big news for that as well come the last week of august so get excited the excited tell your father tell your mother tell your brother tell your sister subscribe leave
view will see some babies listening to your two ok i like that was maybe the most flow i've had all show on a really bad shall use current so let's get would starve for the shop where was he isn't babies you will see a moment next be hurting next day
you got a job you people just catch the problem is that you do not like the three first part
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