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2018-12-04 | 🔗

We take a moment to celebrate our #1 sports ranking in 2018 and thank all those that listen (2:35 - 6:07). Urban Meyer has retired, again. Mark Sanchez is back and the Redskins are done (6:07 - 16:18). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (16:28 - 29:39). World Series Champion and 3X MVP ARod joins the show to talk about his new podcast with Big Cat (The Corp, subscribe now), his entire career from Seattle to present day, the highs, the lows, regrets, and everything in between (29:39 - 92:21). Segments include Mike Greenberg's dumb rules fixing the punt, Hurt or Injured Markelle Fultz, and Guys on Chicks. 

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on today's pardon my take we have alex rodriguez world series champion three time mvp fourteen time all star and also my boss we have a little bit of an announcement too so make sure you listen to the episode and the interview it's a lot of fun we actually ask some questions that we were not supposed to ask little teaser bad boys yet we were told after we weren't supposed to ask some of those questions but we went there and we have hot see cool throne guys on chicks so mark sanchez and urban meyer obviously before we get to all of that we've got a couple of things we gotta get away scoped yeah you know what time it is it's a wednesday and we're here to talk about some creamy liquidy wet shells and wet wet cheese that's right it's velveeta guys
then you're not cc fan you know that it can be draining if your big ten fan i mean like a real big big kirstie ten fan yeah that's it it's a draining game day ritual you get there early in the morning stand you make your voices heard from the stands through every minute of the game the weather is often either scorching and humid it's cold and rainy and watching at a bar with friends can be just as intense and after a long day be an sec fan sometimes just wanna hit the capture a plenty room over here and does nothing but the good stuff so i wanna i wanna invite you guys to enjoy some unique richness creaminess cheesiness and melting this this past the show's pool the creamy cheese slurring such cheesy bites to satisfy that post game craving with the cheesy multi creaminess of the vita shells and cheese the here all right we're also brought to jesus by the cash up your you know the cash apps number one app in finance but did you realize you can get the most powerful debit card in the world with cash apps cash card cash card comes with boost a feature you can't get anywhere else because cash app invented it just select a boost in your cash app swept the cash card and save ten percent or more at whole foods shake shack tripoli taco bell chick fillet in all cop shop from the country the coffee shop boost takes a dollar off at any coffee shop including dunkin and starbucks drink a hundred cups year save a hundred dollars it's
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is there anything you want to say to a sank yeah i think but it is there anyone can address any news that you saw that you might want to say hey folks like say someone to us some natalie error an atta boy okay good job guys scratch behind the ears pat on the head see it's all right up in your bill you're gonna next on no no no well yeah i mean fourteen that room for improvement yeah but yeah i want to say for you know anything goes down what is yeah congradulations guys you almost made the top ten yeah download podcast we didn't wait wait us guys not clueless guys the team yes it's you it's bubble it's pft it's myself it's you were running listed thanks just resigned yeah you did just resigned i don't know so you have got that whole co hosting do you have something scandal that you're trying to is your health pad
now is that why you're resigning now i'm good ok well seriously i'm not on a serious note before we get to urban meyer we have a ton of stuff we have alex rodriguez interview thank you to everyone who is downloaded part of my take the itunes charts most downloaded podcast charts came out today and we were for the overall number one in sports so suck it coward heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has subscribed unsubscribe told everyone to listen to it it's awesome we what we do because of you yeah it's seriously this is the most fun that i ever have is doing the podcast so the coolest thing that i've ever worked on my life and having that connection with the listeners out there it's awesome it's very very cool i appreciate every single one of you that's listening right now who somehow made it through that shells and cheese dad yes yeah we ask a lot of you guys so i think sometimes we don't acknowledge that we ask a lot of you guys to put up with our bulshit so thank you and i truly mean that yes
and it is it is fun to see something like that be like oh because you know we get bogged down in the detail something like oh man this is pretty awesome this is pretty cool i love working with you guys i love you guys i'm pointing to you hello and bubble in the studio yeah and and and hank hank it's gonna suck without your body back we'll find a way we'll find someone else but was been doing just to find jobs every going we can help does the word right lets me speaking over yeah i or someone that that's almost time to here's the word of a case hey speaking of resigned in shorts urban meyer has retired from football he will temporarily he will what do you say he he will basically no
probably not coach again he's pretty much for talking to use the car lots of lebron james so he hasn't most famous alumni from ohio state he's in that way he went to duke he's announced his retirement today and how should we attack this in a graceful manner and not say that he's retiring because of scandals that have come up in the last year and maybe at a handshake deal being like don't fire me i'll just retire at the end of the year and say it's still work on my health i have a way to do it ok it's called the future u s c head coach urban meyer yes so he's going to coach again right absolutely going to get a you told me earlier he's fifty four years old fifty four if you saw his a brief stint at espn he had zero interest being on television he just did that because you know he to me by this time find the right place to land it's like a remake i don't think he wasn't afraid nick saban that's not why i left you really was passionate about television but it turns out he treats everyone in the media the exact
same way while he's working with them as he did when he was working against them yes which so yeah i don't know it i don't know what his immediate plans are but it is it's pretty obvious that he's not i want him to go to usc urban meyer now we he's had a lot of things let's calm things it is programs or win it all cost approach let's say it that way that's a nice as we can say it he is a monster of a head coach you wanna pulling green he want you talking one of florida he wanted ohio state wherever he goes he will win i think you'd be great for college football if urban meyer went to u s c one they're covered up some crimes no i'm not gonna say that nope nope nope covered up some crimes i was coaching staff in an instant no i'm not gonna say that and you know what maybe the air out there
maybe everything will will make him feel better and are those those headaches that go away when he wins they will go away permanently because it when it usc yeah maybe maybe the smog over the city of los angeles would just blend in perfectly with the smog surrounding his program yes so big winner from this jim harbaugh our friend jim harbaugh he had to wake up and be like thank god because urban meyer let's put it bluntly owned michigan seven and no and it it is career out of state that's pretty that's a bad move to be able to retire and be like seven and against my rival hot seat the loser of this brian kelly no i don't think that myers gonna coach at notre dame but you better believe that if next year the older name doesn't play well the entire year there will be a ton of urban meyer he just work
he's a lawyer it's basically if your premier program now you have urban meyer looking over your shoulder being like urban meyer yes he's out there he casts a long shadow to take a long nap he's good he's heads to his head cleared up he's the the health problems no more slash the xactimate smith all calm there are three game winning streak he's probably i'm pretty spry right about now yeah brian kelly actually did the best thing that you could possibly do this year which is defeated yes because if you have lost four five game all be immediate yet urban would just be installed yeah they would be already have changed the name on the door there so urban meyer retired for now for now he is brett farb reserve will retire this is third time they retired people forget he retired in two thousand nine for day after nick's even what that that's very many came back and then he retired again in two thousand ten thirty return
again yesterday what kind he's gonna have to have a new contract he could remember last time yeah contracts gonna gramley now and he's got a great so yes ready contracted great you just write a contract to himself yes you like hey listen urban you're going to you're going to be fine you're gonna focus on football until something comes up where it's clear that you should have been more involved even though you're involved in everything and you're the head coach in the most powerful guy on campus out my head and so is he gonna retire after the rose yes okay so the rose bowl will be a gigantic very urban meyer victor victor you'll have any you know what you might forget that he retired actually you might just come back next yeah and again like throw out the all the stuff that we could get into but this is that's not that type of show we're having fun here urban meyer monster head coach he does deserve the accolades on the coaching maybe not the developing of young men that some end up in jail and whatnot and coaches of what
but we're not doing we're not getting we're not doing that i didn't do it did i i didn't do it once don't talk about the cover ups of aaron hernandez no no i'm going to know any of that kind of snow none of it none of it urban meyer good job solid man yes issue so our men so dish he's probably pretty pissed off that teams are allowed to have papa john's all the time like they used to yeah yeah that that news probably hit him hard yes absolutely it hit him just as hard as a maryland touchdown yes yeah right so let's move on from urban meyer we have mark sanchez the
turn sanchez yeah excited well i'll put it this way i was very excited actually seen get in the game sucks what happened colt mccoy broke his leg well over two passes i'm not really broke his it's the fabulous so i mean come on it's a small bone yeah nobody you don't you can walk around without a fabulous to pass yes like an appendix yes useless its vote evolve past that should we done chain the red skins we should yes we should done chain the entire franchise i want to make that statement right now because i'm i'm pissed off i'm mad as hell and i could take anymore i think not this is not just a season long dong chain this is a franchised on world kids are committed to well guess what pft the saviors coming there but there are there are in the biggest quarterback name out there tgh nope josh johnson okay pretty pretty well i suppose nascar driver that you're thinking the gates of hell there think in e j manual basically anybody that has initials out there they're going to get all the way
swear you get really like her hurst may be jay cutler would actually be the perfect redskins quarterback yes he would let's do it and you don't care they were trying to bring in cabinet today to they they made acting had the discussion internally and then they said didn't want to bring him in they wanted somebody that fit more of mark sanchez's style so that they could have somebody that seamlessly plug in yeah so basically looking for like a nine year old diabetic dog you just throw out there just puke on the sidelines and white borders over mark for now mark sanchez it's good team if that's what everyone says great team i'm not to be a good teammate sure he's a fun guy to hang out with really off the field but i'm done changing the entire organization i want to make my intentions very clear that at some point i'm going to own the washington redskins i'm just saying it is weather's tricks that you read yeah hey this is a yeah you say if you say it enough no matter how weird it is it was a book that was right about i remember like reading i remember hearing somebody talk about reading
where you just say you're going to do it and everybody will believe you no matter how ridiculous it sounds sounds like podcast series but that type of stuff that i thought that was bible where you just say stuff and the people just believe in anything just just being like say if you see it and believe it kind of thing yeah okay i'm going to own it out in the you know i'm going to own the watch dan snyder it be a real shame of to sean wants to hurt himself i'm gonna own that team actually put together like a brief plan of what i would do if i own just like he looked around go ahead ready one installed actual field that's to that's that's why that's a big step yeah number to bring back row jon call rajon maryland it's a great name everybody loves it three open tryouts every single week i like that like an invincible with mark you find the next marky mark yes dr our bodies on bodies four bodies on bodies bodies for change the name now it makes everybody happy because your people that find them offensive the name changes they're happy and then you have the fans the team that don't find the name offensive
what are still fed up the shit with everything that's happened in the last twenty five years names going to stink around it right you hear the name redskins you think losers yeah big crummy losers so just changed it some cool okay like what they should just take one of the names at the new seattle hockey team we'll get to that in a second yeah that's a good call the washington washington which passes oh i like that passes the other thing that happened on monday night football we had the eagles somehow getting life and if you look at the rest of the schedule they will not have life but they have life right now yeah the plan i think the rams they play the texans they played the california now and how boys so they have to win next week it's it's a loser leaves town with the cowboys if they don't win that but they gave just enough hope and it's always great to see darren sproles out there yeah it is he's fun i think the those are the very they've reached they've gone out of being in the or of having a a bomb stench around him and no longer bombs you know they've got a
are you there for another frauds yet as we think that they're good but they're not gonna do it and i also figured out what carson once his problem is he has never seen zack arts not wide open even though he's covered by like four guys he throws it to him nonstop and akers has to make these acrobatic catch is unbelievable tight end and i don't know if you heard but he might be breaking j someone's record is actually or his wife yeah house live julia arts husband they were yes cheese whiz on on sakhir to barbecue sauce and cheese and when they kept on showing that graphic what happened to the there is i want to what happened at jersey they never really they said that they gave it to him and then it ended up song jason you can't leave me hanging like that saying ok let's do hot sequel thrown you want to start hank sure ok i'm hot seat is i got a few my first one is mo bamba the song of the player
because i am on big cat so it's become aware of it has been saying it nonstop for like the past couple days so that's pretty much is cleared clears day sign that time change it's over yeah once once i start like you know singing it i don't even know the words i'm just anymore bomba baba bamba and the kids get going that's pretty much it just the part where goes bich i like that baton rouge over coming back from the bar and i was trying to get hank to explain to me was like hank tell me why this song is so cool and why college kids lose their mind 'cause i don't get it and so we sat in a car may indulge in a little herbal remedies and hank was like trying to explain it to me and i was like i think i get it 'cause when he says foxit it bich it's cool when people cuss and so i was like ok that amps me up a little bit and then i was like this traffic jam sucks when we get out of it and it turns out that we had
been in the parking lot yeah of our hotels will bob for the last five minutes yeah and i had no i thought that i was on a road somewhere else will bubble to die yeah put me is on it it is i i described it's to the windows the wall when we were in college and the windows to the walls you know what's on there to well trip down my balls all these females crawl all skeet skeet mother fuckers all skeet skeet god that's when the skeet skeet is just respecting women this is when music was music when artists were actually saying something yeah unlike this there's no song writing and poetry anymore it's terrible i was going to put pfc on my hot tea but i'm just going to put me in big cat on the cool throne your big history got pft is everyone knows you should know history repeat itself what happened to you this week is exactly what happened to me with the
flushing thing you broke one you got it right the true you got the highest hey and then you just were looking any anyone that was sending any dm like i'm going to run with it i'm going to run it's not true at all well first of all hang let's set the table and explain to the listeners what we're talking about here so we got that we got the mike mccarthy news on sunday night right monday night comes around pft text group taxis like hey got news kelly bryant ar guaranteed tomorrow trusted source and you said should i run it i said well the problem is we're flying a little too close to the sun but you should probably run it and you ran it 'cause you have an addiction to breaking news right that's what happens it's ok because we all have been there i i told people forget i told my entire sex
at wrigley that i john glenn passed away is that got that's what no buzz aldrin your buzz it was all in everyone clapped and was like holy do that's they're clapping for you me yeah breaking the new so it's your hero rating also i understand where you're at but this one you got wrong i got this one wrong hand up i will get a personally correct because i said that he would be committing to arkansas barring a last second change of heart which he had so we announced the change of heart zero but i wrote that yeah we broke the news that he had a last second change of heart before you did yeah you listen you get into the nugget biz and you become like a gum shoe sleuth and you feel good about get that one right and it's it's a high is like heroin okay other than her own but is exactly like here here's what we're gonna do for everyone out there the next piece of news that we break hundred percent guarantee that it's correct yep it's a hundred percent we're not going to take any more risks we're gonna get back in the winning streak that if we get that one right then we can get back and get play little fast
loosen we everything up yeah right foot next one you hear from us when we say breaking news and we will obviously couch it with a lot of language to give us an outlook we always knew what happened last time is really what's gonna starts to get a full backs yeah yeah and then we do that and it worked and then we got the james wash where we have a look yeah our connections are like full backs in certain college but we got a couple that we're guaranteed no doubters so we just need those again ok you listening if you're an agent and we know you please give us the next scoop yes sorry is that it also had bootcut jeans on michael thrown why 'cause gq wrote an article saying their back to back to back right what are these those are normal but i think to cut jeans on on this relatable but i had a pair of jeans that i thought were normal genes that would be cut jeans for like my entire high school career what is such into its
they're like super wide it bottoming the yeah i got that belt the the heat you can hold him no that's it carpenters pants got it who could genes are like the mullet of denim it's like business up top and then party at the boxes bell bottoms kinda like bell bottoms yeah but they really help out of the problems got a job there bell bottoms if bell bottoms played yankee if the disco that you're going to is also like a construction site got it back that that actually member that simpson's yeah yeah sure okay at fifty are my hot seat is our dogs yeah putting dogs on the hot seat will first of all still i'm still pretty burnt up about george being left out of the college football playoff looks like how are we going to know they're the team that can beat alabama and we'll never know if they can beat him
most likely to be never know so that's going to be be burning me for for a while my the other reason the main reason dogs on seas because george hw bush is service dog he went a little bit viral over the last couple days because he was seen laying down in front of president bush's casket and then he was accompanying the casket the the when he was laying in state at the us capital and then slated which late does yep and they will actually america wrote an article saying well actually that dog had only known george bush for six months six months so
in dog years that's what three and a half years yeah that's a long time yeah they they didn't think about it that way they also shamed so i had this my house he to with these two person who wrote the article shame the dog for lying down at the end he said this is simply a photograph of a dog doing something dogs love to do lie down our love human so frenzy around to capture something humans love to do project our own emotional needs on to animals you know what yeah i do that that's exactly why we have dogs yeah it was still looks me a michael she said alone it's like no i'm actually sad and i have a lot of things i don't talk about deep down yes that's guess what that's cool therapy yeah idiots like we don't hug each other but i love each other but right i see my dog i'm like that's something that i love that i can hug yeah right exactly in it you know what it is it's it's reminding me of anna nicole smith number
she married that guy yeah they're only married for a couple months but she loved him yes when he died in laughter is millions of dollars true she's does love good point that's what this dog felt towards president bush odd you have another hot seat no okay let me yes chatter boxes okay chatter box on the hot seat there's one fan apparently on seattle that that sits right over the tunnel where all the opposing players run out on to the field and he likes talk to people and i guess a couple years ago we got hit with a snowball and then filed filed a lawsuit against a guy he took his trash talking to the last guy that you want to trash talk when they're planning is the niners that's right cassius marsh my favorite player and caches allegedly threw a cup of gatorade on them and this guy reported it to the police for doctor this guy all right so here here's what he said okay he goes i always get the scoop on these players visiting opponents and i said hey mister marsh did you ever get your pokemon cards back and then he didn't like it and i got doused with a full cup of gatorade up on the stand so your call cassius marsh had fifty thousand dollars worth of magic the gathering card still be out of his car when you live in said this is one of many reasons why he's we're the best nfl players the last fifty years
but that guy yeah that guy i actually feel the worst for his homeowner's association or the condo association that he's part of you think this guy's a serial lawsuit finally is definitely the guy who complains about like someone left the door open for five minutes and the you know it got you know we had bugs in here yeah dumb madge and like a whole lining everyone twenty five dollar in h o in seattle you've got one guy walking up and down the street every six hours b like hey it's raining takes right down yeah hey it's raining there's a leak in this house that flag take it down should be out in the rain that all right which calls on my cool throne is do perfect ho ho our old friend old pals dude perfect and i kind of flipped the script on i i said earlier today on the radio that i would i would leave this place a second to join do perfect now okay because they make twenty million dollars a year off their youtube only but here's the thing there's no way they spend that on cool no well you're right they don't but i know they probably they they don't stay i'm saying like the cool they
get a pogo stick in a fucking go kart i bet you that boats yeah but you know what you want to do that you don't need twenty million dollars we have no they live in seattle they live in dallas you definitely have both there's no water invalidate boats jet skis suck you panke why did you do that but they're probably lame boats that don't even have coolers on them and they probably get a bunch of for free if they do they probably film with them as you get so many yetis for free all right move on i don't want to talk about dude perfect anymore it makes me mad should have broken up when we had the chance we really should have we still can we still can that one guy with the beard is very clearly the leader of the group and if you go after the twins and you start telling twins hey you guys should get more sign has taken away all your thriller boats skies dripping out yes driven so hard all
he's drowning you in his drip yeah you gotta start screaming yeah you're covered in skeet skeet trip so my other cool throne is the library libraries ok because starbucks they announced that they were going to start banning internet porn going to wi fi system so you can still go to the library all time clip crank off there for free carl monday yeah all time clip if you don't know it will tweet it from pardon my take it is in all time clip that you have to watch it s club ever that guy in that clip how safe it yet probably couldn't read what on the library today yeah there are we are saying well maybe if celebratory one or no not a but maybe like one and he probably got a saving headache yeah i found out that you were lied to crank right right all right my hot seat real quick is anyone who thinks they're dumb man because george w george hw bush did you know this do you hear about this i did he invented the phrase you demand in the nineteen sixties he told people like bobby valentine saying
he invented the rap i believe if you demand yeah that sounds like something george bush was says so anyone who thinks they're dumb man the guy who invented you to me it is no longer with us you're no longer demand he also and i think the phrase died with him he invented read my lips to true no new taxes sharon is seattle they're getting their team back the hockey team thank god it's been too long people forget that seattle won a stanley cup yeah that's true today sensor has told me that ok that's definitely i'm going to sources this is a scoop one hundred percent guarantee from spencer hit yeah wow ok so they're getting their team back hank what should they name the new team hot seat you given one hey like three names come on hank super soakers yeah yeah alliteration guy yeah so keep going go on go king sly
put this on it that would be nice right that would be if you can just reuse their old well it's not yeah not the supersonics just the sonics and seattle what about the seattle shawn kemp's i thought you're gonna say seattle shotgun so i was going to say too soon seattle sent ours oh ok seattle centennial that's good a hundred years since i only hundred year old people can go into that yeah in the stadium into a hospital what are they going to do with seattle selmice whenever they're going to name it prediction
when are they going to name it half the people on the internet will be mad have people are going to like it just like their jerseys what they should do they should just go by washington and do washington redskins drive by the football team and change the name to double down on dan snyder should pass yeah alright let's do the interview alex rodriguez big interview big news coming in it you gotta listen to the whole thing like i said before in the beginning of the show we ask some questions we weren't supposed to ask but because a rods my boss i was able to ask him and before we get to that though fanduel fifteen i've been playing on fan all season long running a sixteen week season long contest with the leaderboard and the winner at the end of the season win a trip to the bar stool super bowl party in atlanta don't worry if you missed a week because only your top eight scores count so you can play whenever you want and you can still join pft nine it
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to get started that is wordpress dot com slash pmt for fifteen percent off your new website wordpress dot com slash pmt okay here is my boss alex rodriguez okay it is finally time people have been waiting for it fourteen time all star world series champion three time mvp but more importantly my boss it is alex rodriguez he is on part of my take and we have a special announcement as well so this is weird because i think a lot of people anticipate this interview because of our story line and if you haven't followed it i've basically been internet stocking
about two years telling everyone that i work for his company even though well i do work for your company but it in the last six months we actually have started actually working together and we have created the corp i a podcast about business and successful people that will be dropping tomorrow if you're listening to this on wednesday will be dropping on thursday you can go subscribe right now alex and i go interview interesting people mike francesa we have the barbara from from shark tank the sixers owner lot of really cool people and it's going to be dropped kind of like a serial where it all goes out at once so there will be one season and it's six episodes seven episodes that's not how cereal works same thing but yeah oh yeah sure does go every week so what it would be like an f lee yeah you haven't been drop it off you can binge listen so
we actually have been working together which is weird because people expected this interview to be like the first time we actually sat down together but we've been working together traveling around interviewing people but you are finally on here so sick go subscribe to the corp court i told you before we do the court we have to do a my take interview so you're welcome welcome to the thunderdome it is a true pleasure to be here i'm a big fan of your show in a big fan of both as guys are and roll in men thank you my first question is are you trying to take my job i am i because i don't have glasses like that okay and i serve it is usually always improve yeah we're i'm walking like i'm walking in with my main my main piece and i see my side piece a run this is awkward right now my cs so the court has been you know what we've been killing it business wise this is gonna be a little bit of an awkward interview because i think there are pieces of our business between us that we can't disclose how much money we're making millions and millions
millions my first question then we're going public when we're going public when is my first paycheck and show up can i still haven't gotten paid for anything phantom stock in the where you're going is kind of this apparent zones yeah we don't do phantom stock it on the show i need some real stock i actually have to pay my bill have to figure that out so is is will how would you describe him as an employee of the core actually let me ask you this what do you tell people about big cat when he's not around how do you describe his employment status to just let's say you're hanging out having the whiskey with cubes with mark cuban yeah and you're like hey there's this guy that's been stalking me how do you describe if i'm having a mark you and the last thing i'm talking about is cats as for sure but but if if if unfortunately the real that conversation goes there let's say uh why i said he's he's been a decent employee he's been
spend it for a while blt obviously was late to one of our big meetings one of our corporate in a shareholder meetings yeah can do that and he's kind of still in the this is of crawling himself out of the black hole okay but spin zone you and i were two guys we work back from suspension when we get to spend it we we come back even stronger none of that is a fact and you do have a second chance because i'm a believer yes yes yes all right can we talk some baseball though sure going to talk some more core but let's talk some baseball let me get cubs no i want to talk we want to talk about your career because like i said we have to do it like real part of my take interview even though we know each other i don't think your audience really wants to talk about my baseball but let me just say oh yeah they probably want to know about your investments basically we can start actually let's start at the beginning because back i did some extensive research on you i saw that you were offered to play quarterback
get the university of miami and you declined are you chicken you know like you didn't wanna play man sport here was a big factor for sure who is the coolest thing growing up in miami to be a quarterback at the university of miami and play shortstop remember that we did not have a major league baseball team going up at miami marlins came late and university of miami was like our yankees it was you know dan like your cups and the fact that with a rich tradition that jimmy johnson brought from the eighties a full bottom and it would been awesome to play quarterback so what what did you decide not to like we just like i mean obviously you were of money superstar really money yeah yeah i knew that i was eight i mean i was seventeen it was broke as brokers you can be you know my mother walk walk walk work two jobs for forever that was normal that all moms you know single mom will work two or three jobs at that those par for the course of course
wasn't but i just wanted to make sure she was re retired and i needed to kind of get my career in the way plus when you won one meaning first round first pick ups of re alfa way to say yeah yeah one one we're we're i mean there's nowhere to go but down yeah yeah well you so i take it then you didn't get to the conversation that all miami recruits get to is how much are you going to pay like eight and money can't be the deciding factor if you're going to go play for the miami hurricanes right yeah i said on the board of universe in miami so okay certainly yeah certainly know when the conversation has gone up yes but i am a huge came came fanned the archer who is favorite player growing up like watching those was a schnellenberger as as a coach knows a little bit before my time so my guys like test diversity erickson in my court irving jerome brown you know
do you yeah yeah so you obviously go you go one one you go to seattle and how is it like i always wonder this with an athlete who is goes from basically high school to you are now a superstar like a lebron james or someone who goes directly from high school to like the expectations are enormous on you it change overnight were you did you go from all right i'm just a regular guy to oh shoot i'm not a regular guy anymore i mean yes and no i mean the fact that i went to a market like seattle in the pacific northwest it kind of gave me this like covering and not only was i at the kingdom but also had this kind of cover of in a behind the great player in the world at the time with ken griffey junior he was or good jordan he had nike campaigns gatorade and we'll interesting was he was six year my senior so
it was nice because i was able to learn from him and he was always the best player on the team in the biggest star so i never came and as you mentioned a lebron james or even a kobe bryant kobe little because he got shocked so it probably more like kobe but it was i enjoyed it i had unbelievable mentors great manager it was in a in a strange way like going to an amazing university and getting your phd or your masters from people that look analogous martinez ken griffey right has to business guys menu i would say it's like an incubator almost around everywhere making sure that you were growing give you some seed capital start right so you get out there that's actually that midnight is to late 90s mariners roster is one of the best rosters that i think it's ever been assembled would you put it right up there with some of the yankees teams that you played on hi
it is certainly in you know the the sad thing is that you i found out very quickly the difference between good and great is very small and it's just sometimes an ex a pitcher right and the one thing that never changes you know you lead with great pitching you win with great pitching inside with the cubs are you saw what the red sox did this year yeah it was it was a shame i you know that's a great but i i think that's one of the best teams never won yeah i mean the the new year's rattle off the names of mega martinez jay buhner also scare g beer yeah his look he's a scary dude had to go to your very seldom do you have a team that you have the best pitcher in the game and randy johnson the best player in the game and ken griffey junior the best pure hitter in the game edgar martinez and the scary as bad as mother
nj beginner yeah who is the locker room guy who was like the glue down that same so there's a few so i would always a joy cora alex yeah brother who graduated from vanderbilt and it just a true man this guy kind of a navy seal game start at seven and he would arrive at ten a am m and i said holy i mean this is like another level and for me seeing that as a guy who was like five foot six and was limited in in his ability but had the heart of like braveheart right i remember saying to myself when i was nineteen when i eighteen when i first came up i said if i can my god given ability and emulate everything a joy does i got hang around for a and that was a great example great mentor to me he was tough he was now misty and i loved every part of it but he would not let you get away with an inch and that's what
i wish young players had a little bit more of today i liked a summer mentorship did i did sweet lou ever get really mad at you all the time all the time i get the motor five times in one year we always there was i ninety five wow yeah it was a strike here ninety four the a strike and in the following year get demoted five times it's gonna be a record but you know answer your question p one of the things that at some when i'm like i'm nineteen i got the motor five times should i be nine quarterback at u why am i doing this the last time i missed out had the motive times is now late in the year and i think i make an error and shrink out a couple of times and we lose we had a really tiny office in seattle the kingdom so right when you come out of the dugout you come in and you have this long clubhouse but right when you come in you left you go to lupin alice and you go to the first the first lockers ken griffey i well
to lupin allah's office he was you know probably the second or third cigarette coach says hey skipper wants to see you i know that why i know how that feels so go here comes in and i walk in the room i can barely see on there was smoke everywhere and you just having a little cocktail and he said alex and his shirt was open kinda belly was out a little bit i'm sorry you know i'm sending you down and i finally broke down i said man how can you send me down for the fifth time this can be part of the development process this this you know i remember driving down on i five to tacoma two aaa where aaa was about forty five minutes south of c and i said this is the time where you think about a second plan right i still have my eligibility to the university of miami to by quarterback i called my mother as a mom coming home i'm going to move back the it's gonna still live at home like most nineteen year olds and
i said i'm going to give you know football shot and she said are you out of your mind what you come home and changing the locks and basic girls some nuts and need stay out there and get it done that's crazy that you actually have like such you know second thoughts of maybe this isn't for me even though you were one and and still like everyone i feel like the buzz when you came into the league was still at all time highs sweet what was a moment where you like this is i'm i'm good like i'm i'm stuck here i'm going to be a really really good baseball player i'm not worried about getting demoted well i think it was which a below grade it was such a blow to the stomach i feel like tyson punch me in the stomach max and i don't know how much i saw a bunch of yeah but i would not only be here yeah but it took a everything in my power and my mom's power and my siblings and my friends to support me because five times in one year never did i imagine and when you will be demoted five times and that that just really stunk and to be on
so supposed to be a sophomore in college and make this demotion thing sucks and ultimately when i back that offseason i remember getting home my player the play and add around midnight i went to the university of miami i jumped the fence and started working that night about in the morning in the track getting play for next year and that work ethic never stop till i got to spring training and i knew two that would lupin out better get this bird off the ground or awesome going to be demoted again and that was here that i won the batting title and really establish myself and was just a few points shy of one the nba it was like the the people around you convinced you not to give up on this and and stick around or was there something in your head that you strike me as a pretty competitive guy was there something okay you get demoted five times you there's this element of you i'm gonna prove you wrong yeah i mean it but at first
that's not the reaction right there at first it's just demoralizing because your ass or in college right and you're not used to get to an off and say hey if they're not tell it is but it feels like a you stink in a good enough go down to triple right and and then coming back up those that always a great deal of pressure because i felt like a margin of error was so small that i screwed up again i will be demoted again so it was kind of yang and yang that was not fun so there wasn't at that point build that when i went back home that off season before ninety six i said all i'm going to fucking prove lose enter everybody that i am worthy of being a major league baseball player excuse me i'm going to work around the clock to just flip can get this done what was the reason that he did give you like on that it's where we're all the motions for like the same reason i you need to work on like your bat speed or like you're having trouble with a breaking pitch like what was the reason that he gave you the fifth time so first of all to make it
clear lou is like a data and the reason to me the reason why i love him so much is because i thought he did things to to make me better and tougher early on i do believe in tough love in and you know he is the epitome of that every time was the different but it all has to do with fundamentals and really honing in your fundamentals whether that's you know playing better defense or not chasing breaking balls or any of those things but what it did for me is although i was playing in seattle because lou ella learned under the true religion billy martin i felt like we had the east coast pressure in the pacific northwest in seattle and it was great training and i didn't even know it at the time but every time you knew what was going to happen like like belichick it was there was zero tolerance for bullshit and fundamentals worth were must and what happened was
as i got older that became kind of like my rock and my biggest asset that i was i became a master of the fundamentals if if you're signing with texas if it was in the social media era what would the reaction be because you went from you know the mariners are young roster this like up coming roster and then you go sign for more money than anyone has ever made and in major league baseball at that point in a franchise it doesn't have a time in history in texas rangers do you think people would of would of roasted you on so for me yeah i think that would have roasted me but then there's the other part of this generation where people are always trying to be number one and this is america and it's about the american dream and i play for seven years play fair straight i he came out of it i was a free agent and the system says
market we we we close anywhere else was there anyone else who you were like this might work out because it means texas offered you more my eyes like fifty or sixty million dollars more than the next guy also people forget no state income tax yeah right right now we know that it was there anyone who is close like we just thinking about seattle where they said there was about six you know five or six of seventeen were talking to i think when it came down to like maybe there's top for but in any negotiation once you get in a room it kind of just takes it to the next level the only organization that we do that with us tom hanks the owner at the time and the six rangers it in it i think people don't realize it because now we have you know the captain of the nba and people like john malls are gonna make forty two million dollars next year and people are wild by these numbers when you sign that deal with texas that was like the that was the biggest deal two hundred and fifty two million dollars was like holy ship this is it inch
pain contract do you feel it almost instantly yeah i mean the irony was that know the biggest contract in sports history at that time was kevin garnett twenty six is the exactly double id planning like having to go she always in all right now what i would do is down like right to the death i believe that you are still in the room in negotiated but i do believe you're like you'd get you told your agent like hey get it exactly yeah exactly you can tell us i wish i wish i guess a credit for that i wish i wish you know dan did it did a few feel it right away yeah i felt i felt there was a huge move and don't realize how big it was until maybe years after but you look at twenty four years old in you're not expecting just like you wouldn't expect to get demoted five times in one year at nineteen you're also not expecting to get that type of contract at twenty five and it's because it you know i always think i'm
who is on the players side when it comes these contracts because what happens is a guy signs huge contract and if he doesn't produce right right now you obviously produced you know huge huge numbers for texas but if he doesn't bruce right away everyone then blames the player and it's like well get paid whatever anyone's going to pay pay if it's not the it's not the players fault at the management in the ownership paid him too much so would you ever like do you ever feel like people almost kind of like a a rod what the hell you don't deserve this type of money even though you were producing like i said in insane levels yeah i mean i i think a lot of opinions came from every i've been a lightning rod ever since i wasn't a lightning rod in seattle ironically because i was gonna hit in a northwest and be behind griffey junior and i
making the big salary at so in many ways i was kind of david and goliath right the minute i went to texas i became go i use did you feel like they were only able he you know yeah i mean hate to strong word but yeah maybe i mean i i think that i think people probably start to hate you and i'm on the earlier when you see sports hate because i think this we love sports so much but you realize when you take a step back that is still a sport and you know you have not committed a crime you haven't done things just you know your capitalizing on you was a mind yeah and it is a system that is rich you know people to understand that that when i first entered the league in nineteen ninety four the industry was a billion dollars today is turn around ten billion and commissioner manfred already said he wants to take it to fifteen so the business as a whole is extremely healthy
so you get to texas do you start reading your newspaper clippings like immediately like you start reading the hate that comes at you like the cat was talking like that the second you get there if you don't perform up to expectations immediately you know you have a bad day somebody's going to write a column about you saying you don't deserve the contract did you start reading those clippings like immediately you know no not really because you know the to dance point earlier if if it was today you had no choice because it be everywhere i mean you be bombarded with tweets and instagram and there was ways where you wanted to kind of stay out of that lane you can kind of stay in the dark and not read the local newspapers and if if if the folks at night one running that in the news and you can pretty much skate that out of the you can do that today 'cause i always i always think it's bullshit when someone's is winning athletes like i don't listen to anything i think there's i think there are
athletes that are good at tuning it out but you're telling me like you can't you won't get a walk i tv in your on the headline or you turn on the car and your someone's you know blah going i mean performance wise is not really much of a critique yeah that's so i think they're they're critique pft around my decision to go there they some i was disingenuous right some people said that it will do you really want to win why would you go there but i had my answer should seems right like you know that i think that's probably where because baseball such weird sport that you can be the best player in the game and your team can come a sock yeah and that's kind of where i got nicked up pretty good and they and they gave it to be pretty good but it was never about performance i actually don't think as disingenuous to just be like i wanted to get paid a load of money and i got paid a lot of money on my skill it's like that's some that's most ingenuous
it is disingenuous right to be like i want double kevin garnett yeah also check i believe you just said that earlier does a quote and has nothing to do with really anything but i love always liked the sunglasses you were in texas yeah call the wrap around so they were really they were cool yeah they well what a memory yeah we bring this back they were cool how did is kind of where similar kind of its got like a little different color field to it everybody's got a lot of swag swag i called the drip god so you're in texas do you ever hang out with jerry jones do you ever go on his boss versus boss like his bus or his boss is bustled you go on the on the cowboys but no i think on the when the bus by one of the box okay was a light box pretty cool the fancy like like how you expect for the cowboys way yes yeah jerry is one of the smart most people i've ever met he's talking about a forward thinker and a guy that can see around corners and a guy that has just the biggest set of balls that i've ever seen and i mean the guys just i love him i admire him and what he's done for the nfl and for that franchise
it's been phenomenal yeah i mean it is it's it's one of those guys a polarizing figure we can't you can't say that he's not like a four degrees he bought the cowboys and made them what our number one franchise in the world five billion gas crazy all right let's let's you hired over here eight years before it became good yeah true true yeah he saw that coming this good though because i like going going chronologically so you end up in the eighties but before that happens you almost end up at the red sox and you you telling me this and i think you said this before but you had a deal like completely and ready to go did you not i did and that deal was signed by myself and john henry and by the commissioner at the time and did one more signature you needed for signature was mine john henry owner of the red sox the players union and the owners which is the commissioner's office we missed one which is don fear who was a great
i'm turnt long long time head of the union and here's the irony of this whole thing i was trying to give away tens of millions of dollars in the union the not let me and didn't allow me because i was representing one of seven hundred and fifty players and i thought it was and they want to set the wrong precedent and say what alex forty million dollars then you know well and then we'll and then you know griffey will i hope to get to the point where i can give up forty million dollars but yeah i tried it then let me so what do you think the like your walk us through what your career would have looked like if you had gone to the red sox do you think about that good question yeah i thought about that for a long time uhm would have been different uh i think looking back the greatest thing that's ever happened to me profession was becoming a yankee and so much so that i double down when i was a free agent again and i came back to the new york
but as a red sock it would have been you know i'm sure it would have been great and just that much different vibe for sure what was it about boston that made you want to go there initially i think i said the rivalry of yankees red sox which ripe three was the year that they almost beat the red sox they couldn't they lost that crazy game seven when aaron boone soften extra innings of you know wakefield and i had just like one step short and i knew once i met with seal and jed the web scene we met here at the four seasons kind of underground we kind of snuck in the hotel at the time he was twenty eight and i was around the same age we're both like two thousand seven hundred and twenty eight judge same age as his longtime weighs a gm
yeah um an i saw the way these guys thought and the way they think about kind of architect in the house and put it all together and i go holy shut these guys are really really smart i knew they were going to win and win big second i want to be a part of it at the time the yankees weren't even part of the equation to have a great shortstop and jeter they won four championships over the last eight years or so so i was like this is perfect this creates kind of a magic birch scenario great for baseball great for us both shortstops pretty cool which one are you magical burke who that's a good question well actually if i was in boston but i don't know yet but then the error had to go to march air boom gets hurt playing basketball right yeah which is like the craziest thing that this all like a basically worked out and then you end up on the yankees i think i've asked you this before but have you officially you think you are your pinstripes yes one hundred
not even a flinch not even flinch how long did it take you two two fell into nine retarder yeah yeah that was a flesh yeah that was a flinch john carter and i mean i think he will he just started yet yeah i think i think you don't even know what the hell that means you know what it mean i know i know what it means like i think all these guys are having opportunity great yankees i think if you ask the common fan out there who loves the yankees forever going three generations they usually want to see a championship but who the hell am i to tell you i mean i think i want people listening may say you have internship yeah but that's that's me but i gotta tell you going back to have the yankee thinking about yeah so one so think about the and some were negotiating for like several months my john henry
lives in boca i live in miami so we were i mean like these meetings at my house in coral gables at his house in boca and we have all this momentum and this is like the biggest deal i've ever been a even even though the ranger thing there was an energy around the red sox much like the cubs is aura that i didn't experience in the previous two franchises and like pasta just on fire and they're like ready to have like this an extra piece to get him over the top i already knew they had curt schilling in the back and i knew that was an enormous piece because you piece them with pedro martinez his game set match and here come and now they say it's over don fear won't budge he won't sign it you going back to texas i said okay that was you it was bummed because i was excited about a lot of time and effort two days later i'm sitting down to collect my mvp and my gold glove award
i don't know how to write keep writing and and they made me a captain that day one of one hell yeah and there is a google knows getting and i'm sitting next to brian cashman and adam was on to me like why would i be sitting next brian you know the front they have the podium and we have a twenty people up there he's in the first see time in the second seat i'm not a big drinker but i was kind of pretty depressed if the deal went south so quickly yeah so you know it's one of these three hour long can appoint inertia and i'm the last one song i am american league mvp for the fourth time yes what's on the so you course inevitably brian cashman says man what what what the fuck happened with that deal what happened how to go i said cash you have no idea my nose i'm exhausted i've been working this thing for two months it
it long it was hard it was crazy kind of disappointed it went down now we're just drinking water and we're kind of i would say in the first or second order dinner so he says to me well i mean that's kind of too bad but i kind of like it i'm kind of glad that you did with the red sox and it's kind of takes a pause and he says but if you willing to move to third base maybe we make your yankee now he he levy said that i think of the throw i have an ascap tampering yeah that's okay i mean they can't they can't can and i can i would be real shame if he said it kind of as a joke yeah and show i can i just laughed and you know and then i order a cocktail might drink is the vodka with little
club soda america yep and figure i like yeah yeah i'm sorry i don't drink some whiskey like a guy so i'm not i'm not a heavy drinker but after i had like my first one half pops i go back and say hey cat were you serious about that did you mean that third base thing and kind of you a couple of pops and i'm like well you know what if you're serious maybe i'll give that some thought and and then we started talking back and forth a little bit but i'm a block before you know it two weeks later there's a big press conference and i'm inky they ring out and so i think one of the most i mean i received the two thousand and nine season where you win the world series in your the most clutch kind of team is your defining yankee moments but i always think of a rod and jeter and they're like how you guys coexisted how would you describe your relationship with derek jeter when you were yankee both like at the start and the finish
i thought look first of all going back i i met jeter for the first time when i was sixteen at the university of miami baseball game when he was down there for fort lauderdale prior to being in tampa for spring training and explain i believe play ball and michigan the school that he and it to go to school with was playing amy the school that i had just signed and i was a junior in high school and sat down together for two hours and kind of just fell in love with the the of what we were doing in the game and how we wanted to just come in and be young players and do really well and so that was kind of the start of it and from then from all the time from sixteen probably till about you know two thousand and twenty two three hundred and twenty four we were all very close then i came to new york in two thousand and four and you know the move obviously complicated because i moved to third base and it was
the shocking thing it was a lot you're better shortstop than him no no i'm not gonna say that raised him better then i thought the relationship like any brotherhood had some ups and some downs and but overall i think nine we kind of cemented yes together as yankees and i just it was it was a very respectful relationship did you ever get into a fight with them where you guys are screaming at each other or not i don't think either one of other screaming guy right yeah i mean i would assume jeter is not but yeah i was right because it's it must hard being the highest paid player in baseball this four times four time mvp not to brag and then coming to the yankees and it's like that's cheaters to yeah so you have to now we always talk about in the nba like i you know there's only one ball do you feel that pressure like i have to basically be his and even though i might be a better batman than him no i mean
okay i think a few things number one i try to give away tens of millions of dollars to go to boston and then i made some the concessions but i made in who larger concessions to come to new york so i've always been a team guy and i just let my actions lead not by telling you but by showing you look i can play point guard but i we'll play forward and for you quarterback and go whatever i just i just want to be part of a great organization with a great culture and i was just in awe of the yankee their mystery there the mystique of playing for which steinbrenner who recruited me to play here it was more about the yankee like aura and being a part of something special and i felt like all of us i think the three of us are the kind of you know people that would make that move to to be part of something so great
so you get to new york i noticed that when you got there you very quickly adopted the red sox yankees rivalry like you took it to heart almost when you got there what was that about where you trying to like show your teammates hey i know i was close to know to signing steam but now i'm with you guys you know we're in the same bunker to or was there like one incident in particular against the red sox that made you kind of flip that switch and you're like ok fuc boston the the emotions were so high and it was such an almost get and i mean get for me being becoming a red sox and for the red sox to acquire me it was like this all this for play all this teasing all this like you can taste it you can feel a they already had you know jerseys of me and i can feel it i wanted to go play in that place and all of a sudden
reporting a what is not going to red sox he's staying with taxes that was like a fun was that wasn't steve levy well in all right now i don't know who that was but it was like this for can big busco and i think you the game felt it i know i certainly felt that i was saddened by it i went out now there's a place called life and i just got toasted drunk that night threw up i was bombs anyway that back home and just dust off is that ok go play ball and of course that the yankee thing happen i think because of that when i go to fenway for the first time as a yankee i mean come on big nothing could be mike meaner are more cruel and so i think that's what the motion started do you believe in the clutch gene and how did you go from on clutch to clutch i mean i think i think gene another way of saying is i'll i believe in there's some people
the have a slower heartbeat in big moments no better than andy pettitte and mariano rivera in my lifetime as an athlete bernie williams was another fantastic one derek had a very slow heartbeat how did you get that because you were you know the narrative was iraq can't get in down in the big moment he's on he's not clutch and then you become you know two thousand nine hit big hit after being hit yeah i think you you look at on a i don't think you can drive in two thousand runs in the major leagues and not have a clutch jean grey answer but i think he's great at some of the humble brag yes but i do think that in new york that year in two thousand and nine the big press conference and it's straining about you know the whole crazy stuff that this about pd's and all that stuff that
and then i had a major hip surgery which all i knew was hip surgery was synonymous with bo jackson right and that scared the crap out of me so when i came back from colorado and we had this great team and the new stadium i felt like i was playing with the house is money and literally i felt no pressure and i just went out and had fun i remember driving from my upper east side apartment upper west side apartment at the time and driving through washington heights in the bronx and i just met postseason saying if i can just do one thing in today's game to help us win i'll be very happy and and that thought process really helped me streamline my thoughts did you notice any difference between how your teammates reacted to you once you started getting those big hits like especially in the postseason as opposed to before was likes it was change in that locker room there's certainly are just a lot of great energy right and i think people just appreciate
there's nothing that bonds you in life more than winning a championship together actually new york and it's funny we were up three zero as the red sox in the alcs in two thousand and four and we i think that really got those things for a reason right and it was a blessing in disguise because an up watching dan marino in miami and really admiring people like charles barkley people who work the best of best but just came a little bit short and it was interesting or two thousand and nine i'm going to charity event and i end up spending some time with john elway and john elway says to me hey i know exactly what you're going through you know fourteen years into the big leagues now and we not one and i have not done well at least as a yank in the postseason i had good
men's and then had not so good moments and he says listen i play twenty years nineteenth and twentieth i wanna championship both ears and everything is forgotten all you need is one yes go out and have fun and then you become clutch and then you become close at so my favorite part of the sports debate it's like all you didn't have it and then one one post season it's like oh yeah he's always been clocked yeah you can come to that yeah so i i want to go real quick back to that series against red sox two thousand four we always hear about from you know me you know mayor mers curt schilling and and camel are their side of it at what point were you guys like off ship were i never felt like a until i saw john oliver in the in the sitting on the table and he broke his foot he he he broke a small bonus for answers center it was a serious injury and i realize the margin of error when two teams is so my note and he was a guy
that never struck out that always put the ball in play were batting helmet playing first base i mean what a stud calmly move one of the best best he had to go players yet the anyway yes going back to washington state and just often not little guy steady eddie and on a second tell you he's one of the best three or four baseball players that ever played as a teammate of course i him in seattle so i just heard your try to give a speech or anything when you guys were down when when the red sox are coming back who gave that who gave the raw rock guys let's not let this happen moment s c would be tory yes your skipper yeah some it wasn't as best beach office i would believe in one us sir game game seven stars was a damon hits that are the home run the first yeah at that point we did the
kind of go out of the dugout we like not that home run but the one that really stung was the grand slam by giant damon and i believe same same game i was there that yeah i'm sorry bracco smoke smoking a cigar i wanted to throw up when he hit that homer most first pitch fastball have you is come out of the bullpen and boneheaded i go that sucks so well i'm jumping back i think it was earlier that season but the the scrap you got into with with tak with to act i don't think you get enough credit for not letting him take you down because like he had he had leverage on you he was low start stop trying to suck up water him up so i can ask him to tough question later why don't you punch me in the face we had a mask on okay and do you think you still hate you uh that clip after the after the world series when he was
yeah you saw your face you saw it in the moment you know what i know personally i don't i don't hate anyone i let bygones be bygones you have to ask him but i will tell you this that i have the utmost most respect for him and the entire red sox organizations yeah he definitely stepped out of that answer yes yes i got it for you but you know that that was just paint on curt schilling suck right it was it was a red one not really said that i didn't know that and he did it on a on a broadcast really i'm not joking he did and then it was an order was broadcast and then like a came a big news story in any walked back later and he was like no no wasn't but he did say it was like for marketing to play it up which i would i would not put that past kurt knowing what we know about kurt now but i do believe he had like actual surgery yeah i tell you what you can say whatever you want about curt schilling here's what i now is he and pedro martinez or the best two pictures that i've ever faced in the major leagues now
pedro one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine pedro cy young where he was unhittable and she'll in two thousand one of the world series he had some of the greatest stuff i've ever seen i mean ninety nine two hundred with pinpoint control over three hundred strikeouts less than twenty walks for split i mean he is masked by split nor he was that the two total package okay sir game six of that series against the red sox ever apologized to the game of baseball for slapping bronson arroyo yeah i have apologized to everyone in my career the game at this point yeah move those go out and do what you got it was worth the try how's that yeah i mean exactly is low it was low risk yeah right it also you know i mean yes so there's like a billion replay as in the cameras everywhere maybe they were off for that moment you got to take that risk it took a lot of courage for those empires to turn the call over in front of fifty six thousand people yesterday we
now i was trying to go for his glove and in is a very good athlete he got off the mound very quickly trying to go for his glove and the karate when a little bit too far and i get this form will and there's i i comment was so like instincts of anyone who's ever played any sport like if shift starts to go wrong like just trying to just like let's play a different sport and see if it works out it's probably were playing football now i don't know why but yeah right like i don't care if everything starts to go wrong just your inner competitor flips and you're like yeah we're not playing this game anymore playing totally different center i don't want to victim blame but bronson arroyo i mean have you seen the guy yeah i don't deserve to karate chop all right let's do some let's do some fun moments let's do like uh let's laugh at ourselves moments here because people are going to what we do all these interviews people always like why don't you ask us why don't you ask that uh
at the picture of you in central park in the massage i love that what will exceed that wasn't that there was a patient center part but it wasn't a massage the massage was a skit that we did from david letterman okay the and it was kind of making fun of the year before me being taken a sense and so i'm with my wife she's at the time she's kind of has natasha i'm like dude i'm from miami i'm pale as hell i have my frost i was i thought it was really cool i see a rock what do you do when you're rocking from miami to shut up and get some sun yeah i mean because the head of the paparazzi's all over me okay all right yeah one place i like that i actually so we do this with a lot of gas it's called our questions for a first grader okay so this comes from mrs choices first grade class timmy wants to know do you really have a painting of yourself as militar i i i i i don't
and i never have but i think i i it will have to buy one because some of that fact i'll buy one get when you get one made do not audible messed up like the myth that's a great story okay what about the for she when you're kissing yourself that was that there was a moment yeah that was that was a moment in time yeah that was a moment in time in my god it was that stupid and it my god do i cringe when i'm in america i a i don't want it anymore what happens at that moment where like was just when was the photographer like alex do a former you're killing it while alex like you know yeah all right out of the box it was steven klein who's a very famous photographer it was a fashion magazine shoot it wasn't a sports magazine and i was fucking tired it was like an eight hour shoot i'm like dude i wanna go head of baseball or something and why am i here in this photo shoot is not what i do i hate so he's like well like down to the like the eighth and ninth in an animated films and probably like
want to go home so he goes like anything he would tell me what i said yeah let's just do it is the last one he goes yeah so you're close to the mirror shoot yeah just like get right up to the mirror i don't think he said his marriage just get like so you get this double then i'm thinking this must be artistic really overshot oh it and of course i got next the mirror and the rest is distraction recreate that i'm on i would love that yeah we were just we know mir and yes you to kiss me i i like okay this comes from from joni in the same the very same class or very inquisitive bunch i guess so i saw you do i'm color commentary on your very first baseball game ever and you're game note said on the picture birth control baby pull out stuff is this some type of new sabermetrics hi that's called covering four bases did that help you with your with your first game
yeah i did it i know it kinda told me up a little bit i'll say this it got the discussion about you going and people like a rods funny now yes i like it yeah yeah i agree i think it would be funny i'm game for being safe always being so that's that's the biggest thing big poppy said that you bring your own meal to restaurants i did what was that i it would be like chicken and spare guess it was boring yeah i mean you we clean i've i've had lunch with you and it's no offense but like a couple french fries wouldn't kill him my sources and my wife thinks so you it's it's if you're real yeah i know i know i know you know about it yeah but so you do you have done that yes i have yes okay poppy is accurate with this the what about that story about you putting having someone put toothpaste on your toothbrush that's not show
it would be a baller move would be abolished liver wrote that was trying to be like gotcha and i just read it was like holy if i ever get to the point where someone's putting two piece on my tower are signing on the king of the world that would be say yeah but like if i would to do that now would probably video and instantly put on instagram so everyone knew how i was actually okay i think yeah i think but i think we should act actually yeah i know we're going to i just thought about that i'll take my shirt off you can massage next question you went to leo's birthday party how is that was that was that like a wolf of wall street like the plane scene now i don't think it was like wolf of wall street it was a cool party yeah yeah leo was those great parties what's he like as a person he's awesome he's he's dope yeah anyway okay good
good work yeah yeah yeah this is only how it already was lit yeah okay one zero dot all i'm finding all these groups we got this we got this did you ever do sleepovers with jeter i yeah yeah what was that like i was on it was fun would you guys like just stay up and watch movies or what what's i mean i don't want to sleep over in when i was twelve years old looks look like i don't know what a sleep over for alex rodriguez and derek jeter looks like it was fun but we were like in our early twenties so that doesn't count
popcorn that movie uh no no they give you like a gift basket with autograph baseballs when you left was that like waiting for you in the car you know what we used to go to this place called cronies in the upper east side they had the best wings ok so the nato we started there ok and then you know back in the day it was like i don't know if you guys remember like life or you guys from new york life an live and china club all these i mean i'm going back to the 90s but it was fun ok i mean that's yeah i can't imagine i mean like i said i don't think you guys were like sitting around being like what's on netflix
a little different all right serious question here are you hall of famer noon great question we got to bring up obviously no the suspension and all that stuff yeah i let me bring everything on my yeah i love this open conversation look i i really hope and wish that i i i get in but ultimately that's not my decision but i do i i do think that i have a great opportunity i just came back from london and i was there to announce and promote the yankees playing the racks sucks their next next summer and the fact that you know i'm doing that for the league and for rob manfred in some ways that and that's kind of like a hall of fame move for me you know that i have an opportunity to go back to all the youngsters and to a degree be a mentor and let them know here all the way that i up if you can avoid one or two of these then that's that's how
a move for me again know what you got and i like it i like it too i think what people kind of held against pete rose for the longest time is he was never like open truthful never like he didn't ever step out in many communities and be like hey kids don't gamble on baseball games that you're managing like in past that to belong to anybody right but you you do have an opportunity like talk people of your talk to get right now what would you tell them about like you know performance enhancing drugs things like that how would how would you tell them to like you know be able to turn that down in is
in a system that really does reward you sometimes for using and getting away with it yes a great question fifty three questions settles one i will tell them you don't need that crap okay that's one number two is you know surround yourself with great people on and off the field because all to me you're an average of the five people you hang out with most and also we have this great opportunity and there's life after baseball like it's not just a sprint you really it's hard to understand there's a marathon when your early twenties and it's just not worth it it is better to kind of lean into it and do everything the right way if i'm playing devil's advocate though at some point it almost does become worth it if you know if you're pulling in a two hundred fifty million dollar contract it's like you know what listen i may have done some things that were technically against the rule
at the time at the end the day i've got you know a bigger bank account the ninety nine point nine nine nine percent the world and i'm living my best life right now so like how do you import to somebody like okay yeah it's a tough decision making it can be very rewarding but like instilling that type of okay here's a here's a moral decision that you have to make how do you even do that the thing i'm most proud of in my career has been the ark of having my best two years and nineteen and forty and what that told me and on top of the but being the number one pick in the country in nineteen ninety three is a seven one one has what we call in one one one all that tells me that ark kind of those pillars at the end is that i'm resetting need anything and is my message to them that they don't need it either right well it's it's sucks it will
i wasn't part of your team back thanks i want to give you my kiss no questions asked i would've been the cleanest guy in the world yeah there have been like a story you need to immediately get on insulin besides that you're looking good yeah you gonna lose your left foot if you keep eating candy bars when you re watched the katie couric interview did you like oh yeah i remember was bad moment for the corporate it was bigger lip hooked up to the left which are like the two biggest i'm lying side you know that it's one of these things right and i came straight out of high school straight outta prom a few months later i was at fenway park at eighteen years old facing roger clemens and i'm like what the fuck am i doing here i'm just a humble kid from miami that came from nothing right we don't even own a house
have to rent an apartment and you know some of the struggle and in many ways and i'm by no means making an excuse for myself is i was not ready for everything they had to come my way and that comes with dealing with big media that's when dealing with these type of options and and then a day i made a bunch of mistakes and i own all of them and if that costs in the hall of fame then i have no one to blame but myself with that said when i look at those moments with katie the them the lesson is for for the youngsters kind of for the next generation there listening is that if you're a born of
an you put yourself in a position where you're not solid then you're going to have moments like that the reason why i love talking to you guys now is 'cause we can have fun with these things because i've done what i've done i've paid an enormous penalty the largest penalty of any player that's ever played this game one hundred and sixty two game suspension with over thirty million dollars in fines an now i get to come back and i get to go to lunch and i get to promote the game the game that i love i get another second chance and i'm so grateful and fortunate for that but players do not need to get involved with any of that shut listen that sound bite where you said like i have no one to blame but myself that could be the sound bite that gets you into the hall of fame right and if that's the case i've we you need to what could be a little bit on this side let maybe just let us do you're in
speech or just a bunch of autograph fifty you keep on his great work of i'm gonna fire dan how are you no that's fine and not listen i think it gets ninety nine percent of his corp ideas for minnie mouse funny that's also i'm basically like his in turn that uses takes all my stuff and takes credit for uses your do not yes no hi i joined we're gonna under long before i called it is is there's a lot of weight around all users of people i've seen and i'm i do like to clean all joined the court did you the corp is born inside of you i was always a cork i just didn't know it till i saw you taking a picture at like two in the morning with your computer off signing a bunch of base you know katie kirk was a moment that was another moment yes i thought you were like that was like that guy he
what he's doing that's what i'm level yeah i'm it sign me up right now we need to sour haven't gotten paid i love your tweets having you one of the most clever human beings on tweets thank you i'm an amateur but one of the tweets that i think i love the most was when you said when a rug goes public i want to buy the first doctor yes that really inspired me yeah as a c e o to go out and hire great people and shortly after they're going and that pam yeah just don't let the cat down i just i just joined the army yeah what are you doing did you have like a recruitment officer i just i am people say you're that guy yeah yeah we got to go hang out the malls and try yeah we just names okay were wrapping up here to see key question put in promo code take you get ten dollars off your seat you can purchase arm what i want to you i know what we do in a ride corp i want you to explain to pft because he's not a businessman he doesn't understand i know you think i did we he doesn't get it yes so i ate it you know the
corp is a big deal it's a big deal around you know chicago or on all the ivy league schools you know we do a lot of heavy recruiters teach yeah yeah name dropping so one of the things we want to do is call create an environment where we can have obvious he's proven that i cannot control dan katz by myself or else so we wanted to kind of create this board of advisors kind of big kind of blue chip people to come in and we enjoyed our show and tell us about kind of their lessons about not just sports is life is business is the you know the some down like i've talked about all the you know crazy things i've been through i think the really that's what we're trying to capture in at the end of the day we want to things we want cash checks he put a give money hit today and everyday that's kind of our big thing he asked everybody for money and as a little comfortable and then and then two we want
hopefully rub some of his like great wisdom to dan so how can actually become an employee that actually just run yeah i won and we want to find this guy right it's killing me it's so your biggest challenge in life is taking this guy and turning him into some is that resembles a success or just get it like it's like i she's all that right and your freddie prinze junior and raise ritually cooked right over in iraq latina salad it's like you went on we we try to take this guy from michigan avenue to madison avenue has been a challenge but you know one of the things i want him to do because i'm not happy with the education of the business accurate
we've come to find out haven't yeah the pianos are like making a lot of mistakes is just a lot of think so isn't of what i can tell from the business school here and see if we can talk if he doesn't or someone i know i know exactly and i've read often i've read is going on you have to know what means so v r corp go subscribe to it you can like i said we have actually the first episode we're really small the same time but there's an episode of alex and i talking about posts are playing and then to today and then we have interviews with i think six six or seven really either successful people in business successful people in media sports whatever trying to figure out what makes them successful and then me asking them for money well i've always here he actually gave me money i actually can and and michael rubin through like i don't know probably three thousand dollars cash on the table and i feel too bad to take it yeah i really regret not taking that money now
oh you know longer have any part in how on your question on did you just endure while i always want to pay that well so that i i put i have a couple hundred dollars okay yeah i have not worked around money yeah i mean you always the money for pizza just in case yeah yeah the two hundred dollar pizza yeah i will say that is that it is madison avenue but you know whether it's you know kobe bryant or or or mike process our barrister let in i know these guys intimately and and and and these women they they're great people and i've known him really well but again name dropping flash you can is i learn something in every single one of these interviews that i've never heard before so as a listener you're not going to believe the lessons some of the admissions some of the funny moments and specially them having to say no to
about money out of my face that's actually a great idea for a podcast is so like have somebody team up with a cat and then ask questions and get celebrities yeah like reveal answers about themselves it would be something that sounds like a really good idea you came up with the odds one thing i think i wanna segments we're going to launch in season two is on well does it work learn as if dan katz shark tank pitch yeah so we tried that a few times you'll be very interested to hear what that comes out it's really just me okay yes and it works once be real quick before we before we call this a day i saw on instagram you practicing your shark face who yeah yeah so what is what is the struck face and what goes through your head actually just give the cameron example real quick of the art favors on trying to be as ugly as mr wonderful so that i'm in the
never mind that they run their okay yep that's it and it was a question what goes through your head like why do you get into a surface yeah it's kind of when you're focused and you kind of want to you don't have a lot of name to basically make an appraisal on this entrepreneur so you kind of just focus in like it's like your game face you know that's what it is game face ok you don't want to show weakness on the other sharks yeah but i like your glasses are so i think for next season i'm gonna take your glass of the like a poker player yeah well there you go you can do like a poker player that had the he had the dinosaur glasses the holograms on the front yeah yeah he won though no those are different yeah does the diet you won the world series of poker winning the dino man with doesn't i think on the diamond yet heard bring those back forget the hobby by
this wraparound they warn texas bring back the dinosaurs sunglasses you can see the real quick yeah yeah i i mean i'm a big fan of them so i i think was a camera i'm gonna look in the family i got you i got you also say okay you ready camera yeah here's my offer my number is five hundred thousand dollars four forty percent of your business and i'm gonna give you another two hundred thousand dollars in per bird equity at eight percent i accept deal that's my final offer i think there's an offer to us yes yes we accept that's binding legal issues i think the glasses that thing that i'm missing yeah i like it i like it deal with it your yeah your own meme or any what is that csi we have a crucial puts on so here's what you do you go i'll give you five hundred thousand dollars in business jargon business trucking that i don't really understand in the need to scream from the who
yeah and then just watch it again what's going on now i like it yeah ok ok thank you alex appreciate it and everyone goes subscribe to the corp going to drop all the episodes so you can listen to him over christmas break whenever you want to listen to him and yeah and then back at us let us know oh yeah and also that's not what you want to hear let's go get them for you absolutely that interview with a rod was brought to you guys by palatine if you want the convenience of joining alive group cycling class in your home whenever you want there's one place to look and that's pellets on don't let a busy schedule keep you from getting in a great workout and it's perfect gift for the holiday season what is belton well i'm glad you asked hypothetical listener pellet on is a game changing indoor cycling bike that brings the energy of live studio classes right to your home anytime you want no worrying about fitting classes and busy schedules are making it to a studio or the gym with a crazy commute
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the big cat would do a podcast where you got it when you said that i don't think you do you think you did now yeah as i said that after i was i don't think you got it's really i mean it's a brilliant idea man but yeah so that so who do we know if he was so funny when he was like yeah yeah that's a good idea yeah i should okay number on yeah subscribe to the corp all the so they're gonna drop it once and just listen to him whatever do not stop listen apartment take listen to them whenever lose money off this train on the off to go to that there's a yeah but there's only seven so you really don't it just was more flight listen to you know kobe because he was he was he was there he says stared right through my soul yeah right through my soul it was also funny because when we went there iran and kobe were talking
for about ten minutes and i was standing next to him in a i just didn't introduce me to kobe that's the that's off it was also out for those are two a listers right there sat there looks to have a what's on hangers on i also i was there early setting up and i like kobe was in his office i didn't realize i was walking around i just look to my right and kobe was getting he's completely bald and he had a barber just shaving his head form is the most power move ever that is pretty cool oman and we also have some more stories 'cause we've spent the entire afternoon jlo's house have a video coming out for that all let's get to are segments oh and one other announcement i was going to seeing red i'm not going to a cigarette if you want to do cs seeing red in person i'm going to chicago on thursday and red line radio voice we're doing live live from
a supermarket okay also it's it's the i annual jags titans color right yeah on thursday night police that are getting blake blake better get in better get in but if he doesn't get and this would be the perfect gift from the nfl here's a thursday night free to spend with your family not watch yeah zigzag just weeks is when we go okay i'm free this thursday yeah but also have thought you were never free to have text alerts set up for you please play gets in yeah all right first up we have mike greenberg stone rules so the nfl has said that they were going to change the punt rules and the crowd sourced it they're saying they're going to crowdsource the ideas for it for changing the point game okay i think it's a week play i don't disagree with them on that but so yeah they just want ideas from everybody so i had an idea yes yeah if you should have a guy who's over three hundred pounds putting the ball and if they can put it into the end zone it's worth two points no matter where you are on the field i like that okay so then you just
well i was going to say you get off its alignment planning but what would probably happen would be you just get a punter and then just get him really fat yeah i have a cold yeah yeah or you get like a really fat like australian rules rugby guy yeah well the aussie rules guys real skinny they are yeah well one fat guy from there yes got to be one the guy that came over and joined the eagles was rugby player yeah there we go i had an idea in this probably goes against the whole like player safety thing but what if we made pontes full contact the whole time and if you caught the point you get three points in the blue so you can tackle the guy in like there they'll be no will say no formal so it's not like you can tackle the guy and then pick up the ball did the kicking team is led him up you can just let him up as a child model double there so that yeah so then you also have to decide they should we support like four punt returners back there and then those
guys get to run free and it's just collisions everywhere i like that too probably against player safety officer and you can like the punter up yes after he punched awesome yeah how bout that what do you do if you down upon inside the two yard line let's say uhhuh then the opposing team has to run to get to if passed place either ends on out with mark sanchez with marks at marks are then allowed quarterback in alaska yeah all time quarterback i like to hank you any point rules they should give it to the player on their team or whoever the planner can use their opposite hand so whoever in your team has the ball with your foot the strongest yeah i'm saying it would be throw and to be whoever on the team has the best office at hand i like that as of instead of a point yes to avoid you hang time and you can point wave further than you can throw right that's the point okay here
another thing here's it so if we wanted to know full contact is where im kay kay and can you run the back i will i will i want accuracy to get it in you can throw a ball sixty yards even with your offense yeah but that's exactly but the thing is punched ago sixty yards really go like seventy one yards right as the parser way behind i think you're just talking about rex grossman threw a deep interceptions which is cool see our point we're we're trying to create dumb rules right yeah is that where you know you're all right hand for all yeah okay very i would i would just i understand i wasn't i wasn't saying it was better which is your answer here's so if we wanna go player safety your point okay and v you basically the the other the opposing team the receiving team can treat it like a volleyball and they can score a touchdown but they can't possessed the ball the but they can hit it to each other all the way down the field and you can you can knock it out do you can knock the ball out of the air but you can if you're
the bodies i like that i got a better one okay pawn the receiver isn't allowed to catch it they can only kick it in the air an wherever it lands back where the buffalo that's good egg that is good that's really good so then you can get like messy and run although in the games yeah and if you missed out of the air and if you miss you could be fucked is that rouge who i like a lot is very similar to the cfo rules i like yeah i like that a lot what about it what about if they're holding a big bucket and it's filled with beers and you have to chug a beer and then you can catch the part with the bucket so the minute the the the snake right before the snap it's goes whistle will whistle and chug beer and then you gotta catch it in the bucket and you can run with the bucket you guys are going to say this sounds stupid and there's no practical way to make i would never say that would give the punter a knife that also works and so he just goes hunting yeah he
yes no he's a dangerous guy and he's not allowed to use an iphone anybody stuff to return one all right one one change that rule it's someone has a knife you don't know who mrs anyone mystery knife mystery knife you don't have to declare the night yeah it's always going to be what his purpose yeah okay let's move on we got hurt or injured more kill faults so marco faults has been diagnosed with neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome very proud of myself for getting that a physical injury t o s affects a nurse between the neck and shoulder resulting in abnormal functional movement in a range of motion thus severely shoot a basketball what the was so yeah those little type a by words there i think yeah a little air in the cut and paste while in the notes section book what what so we his basically your spaz
yes medical term is is markel folds is a spaz arms of sleep he's like dropping text books all of the hallway and he's in love with lark for he's he slapped on his shoulder and his arm and now it's the nam in debt permanently permanently to permanent extent yeah i don't know what to think mark helpful to my feel bad form a genuinely feel bad i feel better for him if this is the problem i feel bad for if it's all in his head if this is the issue then you could always treated you know how you treat this what the cure it is to potentially just remove one of his ribs like a topic rarely manson yeah yeah so he's going to be able to self suck like shut up steve bennett this he's he just walked around seconds owned it the whole time newer neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome that sounds like it is a diagnosis that you have to go see many doctors to get yeah like hey it's in your head it's in your head it's in your head then the last one you walk in the
did the doctors in a huge lab coat smoking a cigarette he's like i'll i know what this is it's just cos yeah that's just house he dusts off an old text book that's like the medicine has been from the net nineteen sixties like do you have to get the house before the guests that one yeah either that or if it's the if you go to factor in the first thing they diagnose you with his t os you can bet your ask that doctor has like uh seven hundred thousand dollar t os curing disease machine a huh in his back room and that's like especially is walk around just identify every you got to you and you got to i'll look back i tripped on the sidewalk is laid to waste time that guy tried to recover upon the got stabbed i noted too early yet to i guess you left my dick yeah skied on the wall all right let's let's go to guys on checks all right what is it with what do you say we do a speed around again ha ha no i don't
speed rounds by the way nervous real quick speaking of nerves and nervous and markelle fultz and speed round do you remember the last time we did a speed round when he talked about the girl with the nipple run and the nerve that came out well i'm here to tell you i'm pretty well i don't think that actually happened ok i don't think it happened 'cause if you take that out let me know now here's why if you're taking a nipple ring at i don't i don't and there's some first time i read that i didn't understand what i was reading you don't stop that and then you don't take out who who takes our scissors to cut their own no no don't do this our rooms are going well we have for you guys the word slang is slang for short language our first got rejects slow if you do what's up what do you do if your dog can you having sex free stuff switch their style do anything yeah you
and it is a good dogs never seen sex before dogs hump that's what they do your dog's probably very proud of you if it's easier hoping still actually homes like dogs all the time in the park and it's like you got nothing to help with yeah but she loves to haul she summed me before yeah she's a she's a hopper so i lover not a fighter i actually think it's healthy for your dog to see you humping because it reinforces that you're an alpha and it's like if they see you having sex or like i need to respect this person more just how the animal kingdom works sure so boys specially p f t d do you feel intimidated by girl or some more the new applies instructor tri athlete i feel like guys get turned off when they find out i think is that those show me girl ever for me this girl just wanted to write in to tell us that she works out yeah not possible for maine yeah
i let me answer every woman that ever walked the earth so you do feel it when you do feel intimidated yeah paul one hundred percent yeah i pretend that i don't feel intimate but secretly deep down i am absolute terrified view yeah if you if he if he sees a girl is works out more he just spontaneously searching squad place yeah that's exactly what happened so it's not like if a strong dude walks into the room i don't use that as motive argentum yeah yeah i do something like ridiculous but if it like how his leg if in in in shape girl walks in the room i'm like i got to start yeah his wife and that's why she gets thank you so what a p eighteen other pmt boys amacrine girl dating awake i receive discover these on ironically into in pop music he watches music videos and everything how can i tell if he's really into me or if i'm just part of some weird fetish i think it's you your might be part of
better so that's okay it's fine yeah this is love it's rooted in love your love is love deep love i'm not here to judge that yeah wouldn't you want to be part of a fetish because that it's like he'll never get sick of me you got to flip it on him you got to get in to like white male culture yeah and then act like you have a fetish words out like start i don't know uh going to barstool sports you know yeah start reading barstool we already listened to part of my take so that's got a good one step up you could start playing a lot of golf start listening to buy a vast about the persecution of your own culture yeah white male culture sir listen to a lot of sublime yeah dave matthews yeah don't just call dave poker poker chips shelf maybe the shark tooth frost your tips
cross those tips cargo shorts do men looking at girls i jesus than half naked and think now here's a girl i can take home to the family shouldn't have negative full naked pictures be kept private or is this the opposite of what most awful feminist preach ok so you're writing in because you don't want to take half naked pictures and that's ok you don't have to but don't bash other people who want to sex positive also sex positive guys don't look at instagram pictures of fantasize about be clearly or whatever here because well yeah i do god you're looking at girls instagram pictures to fantasize will bring them home to their family i absolutely do i i look at instagram pictures and i read the captions and i try to tell which girls are the smartest and i respect them for the winter seasons in their brains faxing i don't even look at the pictures i really instagram for the articles i just do scrolling double tap double tap everything yeah
i lost one suppose my boyfriend has been trying to grow a beard for awhile but it just doesn't look good what does the big hype about guys and beards also how do i tell him nicely he needs to shave a great you want to take this pfd well yeah no thanks but kept i was going to this well is it right on the money what is the big deal about guys and beards yeah i necessarily they're just trying to cover up a less attractive face yeah more more just go with the chinstrap that looks really ought really to well i'm not wearing my chin strap anymore decided not to do that money shops one shop season you got money shops i got with sideburns check it out it looks like i'm in really big fish stew this to that's that's a you're right it's a womb broom baby i this we've got a good head on her shoulders i agree guys what
try not to go to return on okay listen if guys were supposed to have beards then god wouldn't have invented the five or six blade razor you know what's really cool a near the neck beard i'm kind of got the near going yeah it's it's super cool it is andrew luck hanks got real bad
hanks got the only one i mind doesn't fill in all the way it's hank it's you know the real high with the beard is that when you shave your beard and then just because you want to save it and then you come into work and people like what the yeah what you do to your face yeah that's never fun yeah i've you know what i've got i don't have a beard i've got like a belly beard now like my belly button down yeah i just grew a beard on my stomach somehow yeah that's okay i i just have a beer now because i'm gotten very very very out of shape and i keep telling myself i can't wait to get in shape then she might be are never gonna be like whoa you look so in shape but i haven't done step one i mean if if i grew a beard to just be unfair yeah you can have everything you got your sweet go take your your set all right that's our show we'll see everyone on friday and thank you again for making us the number one sports podcast in two thousand eighteen
i love you guys
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