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The guys talk about Chris Sale's weekend outburst and the MLB trade deadline. Mt Rushmore of hangover remedies. MLB Hall of Famer Andre Dawson joins the show to talk Cubs and tells an all time Greg Maddux story. Segments include "Uhhh Hey JJ" for JJ Watt's hand written note to the fans, "Hmmm" for Ken Griffey Jr. "Olympic Update", "Mike Greenberg's Dumb Rules" and a "Lebron James Free Agency Update".
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waters they though pda championship get excited stay excited let's go let's not welcome a part of my take monday age allied wanting fifth and chris sale is very upset about his uniform this is the most
electric beginning to most electric shovel time leading off we are topics like major league call player uniforms suspended for five days games chris sale doesn't like that fabric on the collar of his uniform why don't we just send them suspend for games and then there are really suspension or because he's better so right i just don't hang out with us until next door this is a hilarious story though you know i see a white socks found i think whites expands have level of embarrassment because i think if you're organization is having uniformly jews in your star pitcher is cutting up uniforms he doesn't want to wear them down the but from rising i mean like how much more embarrassing can get then too those two scandals they haven't even one is world series recently however they are they did in two thousand five
they did did they when one like recently before that ok i know what you're doing right now we're just going you go after the south side i know i don't know i just think that it's obvious its heels or you can you not agree no i i i agree one hundred percent with that and i agree with the fact that like having this end the draken arose story in the second like couple months there's something we're going around other there's something we're going on it's called very rides turf runs organizations like a mom and pop shop and incompetent people get pay raises and promotions and no one ever gets fired and also as for sale is kind of a psycho you don't like all that stuff you're saying about the white stocks you know who else is from the south side obama it's that although so i think it's a great move because
physically said he said explicitly to the organization i dont want to wear these jerseys while i'm pitchings are uncomfortable and i can respect that we ve talked about this before when i play beer bob upon i dont want sleeves on i want to have freedom of motion chris nail me the two of us swear to peace in a pod professional athletes take our craft very seriously so the white sucks ignore them and then aegis he's a man of action took he took action aegis tore up all of the joy of the jersey so if he doesn't want aware and no one gets well no it's where the journeys of christianity i love the story because it so ridiculous but can you imagine one thing that you always have to do if your professional sports pondered mean big cats are
if you have to say like can you imagine if somebody else did the same thing and in another sport with reacts ruby like can you imagine if came newton like cut up is like the alternate jerseys before a game but you also need to throw in cuz i think the biggest story out of all this is chris sale's kind of a psycho because it's not just the jersey just said he's also has a best friend of thirteen it is a ridiculous thing like so one chris do he's gonna get in some hot water this is gonna be known as a psycho we on pr one on this one and one on the show the island over it up to the start of the show because i feel like we can really help him get too really good suggestion the terror sail up number one go on project runway oh yeah i'll have a show hake let's take his man hey is joe buck and overcome right yeah i wrote down go on go on project
runway but i was just go say like he could you just do a thirty second video with the guy from project run why you know tim guns gave you follow me on twitter good by the way be stolen farmyard where was up there is no doubt you keep soft blocking me your turn some pizza trouble in paradise of god he d you give up like me i know i am now a figure you got me once hey stop india the him say when the two ok i feel that the eu might have already done this one but is his nickname big country he seems like a big country get just is definitely a country guy like just give yourself the nickname big country because everybody loves big country no matter what sport urine do you like that she's big country and i haven't found before the game you if you would like our right let's get back i also think
he could go the route you know like when the old people have the where those special socks for circulation maybe this comes out there's like i have circulation problems in my neck these collars can't where am that's a medical issue a real medical problem that you can't just ignore we are speaking of so that goes around your neck nobody can see this at home what are you wearing a gold chain or not only in my way a gold chain but my friends i'm a little going away present it's a gold chain i'm going to bring it up to you this could be electric radio cuz no one's going to know what i'm doing but you can describe it okay let's see it's gold small and pretty nice right it looks like a hotdog okay i think a lot of dog around my nice pretty nice yeah i mean are under attack on certain style of profound hey cells they name is the key under the car that's a shitty nickname that's reminding them yes sir that's yeah that's big countries like
big companies is a good one as everybody just tweet i presume we just a big country we stand with you yeah big country do do you man we big country can never do wrong out those city for chicago don't understand a big country guy like you understand how collar supposed fit around a man's net the jury tsar little ridiculous i action and see the jerseys where they was it like that nylon fabric though its actual collars like the old whites are certainly have cool i throw backs because they live warrants some really weird jerseys in back in their day they actually we're shorts for awhile which really cool down can import yeah so i don't know why teams i'll do that but the other day like college like a golfer saga it s going i can see that now i'm going to look up some old pictures of chris sale and see if i can find any that have him like wearing one of those fight necklaces and if i
i find any then maybe i do come on you pitched with it of rope around your neck you i think you can stay wearing a garlic we also have a mobile trade deadline coming up that's august second quick shoutout though love em up trade deadline solely for the mystery team there are always mystery team while ok to things does the mystery team which has great could be anybody yelled number two is applause we later he asked where are we one of the greatest regime got appeared to be named later well here's the catch de mr team the mystery team never gets it yet the measures you ever had sir guy kismet it's made up team from like proud of your agent just ran like working also like how they called the hot stove league leather nickname because like facebook that's it they think more exciting than a baseball game it's like waking up in
the paper to see you like a sixteen trade it's it's a aid of nineteen year old kid that won't play for your team for at least four years that's really it's getting anytime you gotta get unlike tat your boy no use a pretty good prospect we ve got a good farms is gone feel like we can really courts the guy's open and develops employers it baseball trades because it's just pure optimism you're trading for guys you don't obviously if you're a team that's not doing well like say the white sox are going to maybe trade chris sale you'll get a bunch of names back and then you'll just hold on to those names you'll clutch them like pearls and you'll like these names they're gonna be there can to grow into a beautiful little tree at someday and half the time it doesn't work out but the misery team the misery whose basic john hammond is saying like i want to cover all my bases cause i might not have all the sources here so mr eating your sergeant
for this i was about to say like our stephen smoothly i i think tat you gonna get dealt the cubs but you know it wouldn't surprised me for mr mystery the other big news the hot stove league shelby by where i think hard stove is the is is after the seasons i think it's like in the middle is right at the trade deadline faster either that's so classic baseball they have to like name their trade deadline or their training periods lacrosse entity that no gracious try cross all all across these issues slap on some pennies on the on the brows do some twirly with their sticks these are all across terms by the way doing authorities with the with with your stick alleys they added a lot always on the field so one one tracing and breakdown that that we could look at would be which sports call them pennies which sports call them bibbs who caused it
no there's no crossover people haven't gotten into this this is kind of you know we were just scratch the surface your guys so the other hostile item that i saw was the arizona diabetics you traded their basely entire farm system for shall be miller and the off season who was then turned out to be a total total disaster he's too a nine with seven point one for europe diamond back now like a radio they heaven how did they are willing to trade shall be miller because these awful you think no boy but i love this when teams are like the horrible horrible players that no one wants and building yeah hey listen guys witchcraft what this name out there if anyone's interested you heard it is gonna end up being like tossed in as like the last thing on the indian trade but like their bang adults yeah
they gave up so much you get him that's what's funny about sport did you trade a shitload of people to get somebody that person as more value than they normally would even if they start to suck because in the back of everyone's minder like well that i know they gave him a lot again there's something there it's like the trend richardson effect in football yeah like teams he was drafted like what number six overall yeah easier we have an old jacket maybe people read that trent richardson said that he was gonna go the whole thing like like a few months later work ass a well for marcus wrestler russell though really get a second chance let's go our mount rushmore today we have a special one that means meaning to do this this one i think i can be perfect before we actually get it hank are you ok ok because you did too things over the weekend that make me question if you're ok you're not number one was randomly be like around five o clock tonight on sunday you just
sent me in kiev t your location on g on google maps you just tax it s your location now lesson yeah ok so that one made us little concern right should we call the police like her you have you been abducted and then the other one was last night it around midnight i gotta me el from hank he replied to a run down from june twenty third he replied peter haven cabin two emerges then my see out those those enter those that neither spanned asian that's so you're ok but my point the point of asking if you're ok is the amount rushmore today is hanging over cures slash food which think is probably something everyone's dealing with there's nothing like a good old fashioned summer hang over where you ve been in the sun all weekend and i think hank because you
texting weird shit and emailing mailing weird shit use your private us off first one job in off a bridge like your death into while a german of bridging the water you go very evident went would work like you get for if you're dead you get you gonna adrenaline rush and then you at the wheel and i want you in the ocean the near on all over again with the labels weight so in massachusetts they bridges they go over oceans yeah that's incredible while that did that that really is like the only thing this less there's only one as german over bridge number like an only like maybe point o o o one percent of our listeners can actually do it but the people that they understand number two is we'd egg
that's all right ok you wake up all over you tiggle had got out will be about w word number three maples up ok that's a good one people some sort ambassador yeah endeavour for power through unfortunately the long shower long cold shower yes just fall asleep in the shower there is due to sit there have to sit down sit down and sharia up that's it that's when you oh you're in trouble when you're actually sitting in the showers you can't physically i went out on a bachelor party like a year ago and that two different times during the party like you too for nice when my friends fell asleep different friend fellas in the shower sitting down and the tub was blocked up and flooded the batter if loaded onto the living
that's how hung over people were on this trip that was the only one of our jim mosaic adela flooded his entire house just yet we have a lot of bathroom incidents on our jumbos you you wanna don't you want me to go out ok so i'm gonna start out with just having any sort of orders can be masturbating do these sex just try really just trying to have any sort of orgasm she's ok offer a little better have somebody out there we just went there their number to having a beer actually strike that having like two beers in a bloody mary and then maybe occur coffee that has whiskey mix it's basically just drinking and that's a good way to get rid of it number three getting hit if somebody hits you like if you get into a fight if you like it into a fight
no i'm just like not waited deal vague over mary you know they're saying like everybody's got a plan till they get punch in the face right yeah so you're a hangover is like your brains plan messing with your body and so if you skype placed in the face of the steps you out of your league almah my face words so now my head doesn't her more yeah i've i'll take you know living in the mid west and jumping into an ocean offer bridge over getting punch in the face of that your workshop so then my fourth is got me by my favorite hang over food that's a big ball of thought the vietnamese soup why really give rang over here did you get weird shit there too like the young kids ever we're tried that summit the two other though intestine stuff this
as is gone into a different direction that i also they talk to other weird stuff into the the fir tree hanging intestines to fix your intestine citys who piazza soup of intestines it's really good hey what do you think about that no thanks it's not real madrid german it i will go ominous piggy back on wanting yours the keep drinking if you just keep drinking and delay your hang over forever you'll never ever hangover you will end up being of all it but no hangers and to get pda light slash gatorade being what quick quick many mount rushmore favoured great flavors i'm going with you quite flavour number one was yeah shooting the white boy that's worse than my fight you did i would rather three eleven lining up to lebanon number two
blue blue mountain whatever the fuck it is the number three reptile rush none one number two number three and for all ok ok died rush you what do you got the cool blues number one for me we live in line is number two oranges number three the i'm going with fierce gregg like first grip with the way one neither usually blown out so pd like reiterate the de i usually go my thermo rushmore a little bacon again cheese on a bagel pretty good job amorphous sausage guide and a big we cannot be trusted sausage yeah got to breakfast sausage you're asking the right questions no ok ma am
the last one is the good old fashioned hollywood slash executive work up little steam old on hot tub shower nothing better that's good that's what have you the work out you go to the gym i used it when i have a gym membership sometimes i would go to the gym and not even leave the locker our general this sauna if you sweat enough that's a work out right that gas so no matter what you're doing it could be sitting stationary usanga where could be just doing almost enough cocaine to kill you but as one you're sweating worked at rest but a great right exactly so or just one outsiders like ninety five degrees soapy in chicago right now if you just by walk the dog a half a block away if my house that's a worker little protest here if you just don't want to get a hangover like a lot of a lot of people want a nerds after thinking man you can just put
not drink at all on your mount rushmore of how to get rid of a hangover and you're a nerd if you want to not have a hangover here's what you do you take pto and then you mix it with vodka rum and then he just drink that all night see don't get hung over to begin with that's a great move that's prose move you know that you really have a problem though if like you're going over to your buddies asking you bring your own pd laden body that's that's that's an issue that's more like drinking alone things so that yeah in jerusalem like it and above all to yourself chug a glass of water for your sleep that's ultimate broke you can have that's a for like a twenty two year old beer water before you go to sleep i now is rushmore we are now going to do our interview with andre dawson major league baseball famer the hawk i did serve you like too weak to two months ago when the fanatics autograph show was in rosemont illinois
i don't remember what we talked about i know though did u s mouth for sale the other might be some there might be some off timing with the cubs but i already gave maybe my favorite pragmatic story of all time so it's worth the listen for and here is that we now have major league baseball all famer cub great the hawk andre dawson were at this fanatic sport showcase so i start every interview off which is asking favorite memory of maybe an autograph you ve given or if you're an autograph you know collector yourself an n you know your experience with collecting or
giving autographs well i can also say i am an autograph collector but its people usually dad i'm inspired by all of us not just go around like an order that's what i do know is actually wines different wines
different barfleur now have a certain player to collect it i'm not into the baseball is in a bad things like that without a player i did a little bit for my song but i would think you know the one on a graph that if i had to say in what person from thrilled made a most suited to ass one autograph i think was president encompass down i thought it was just kid but you know i was just in our being in his presence and given in him
took a stone in while the hall of fame itself but i think it's you know that sets fun i can be a dick in a sense and for me you never the phase me early on her than my career because these guys were my peers were retain mates butter a friend of mine at his suggestion i got into it for my son and like i said it s got to be adapted and the more i saw him look at it and enjoy it you know then it may for me and made it worth mama
fantastic so let's start with the two thousand sixteen cups any thoughts on the job theo's don t you think this is finally the team that's built the right way to actually winner world series and alas hundred plus years on the north side where they had not a phenomenal job with their mildly prospects bringing those guys up and have an objective at the right time to influence and voyage with some bedroom ballplayers solidifying pigeon staff a rotation and bring in all these elements together at the right time last year i think was a turning point for them a second have the season seeing them go on to happen
system pulsing play and pretty much rain the script for sixteen i think you know steel skirts been written a couple roundly for release i think that everything is in place right now for them to do very well seen with the start of your gun off to fill it very long she's nothing i've thought about they're gonna be the tina be proposes and play is as another animal and you want to make sure that you are built for policies and i think they have the key ingredients is how whale and how how they can handle that stage playing in pursuit of playing into the lake championship and make it to the world series you know if you
are they built in quite ready for their stays what our size point in the right direction and will sail we will wait a long time for this right now you know hopefully this is it i have you had a chance to another new clubhouse are you did you look at it in your like cash out we had wrapped closet idea i haven't seen levice we saw the changes i would schoolboys in italy in everything for the first time last year when i wanted to draw the first picture game five elsie s didn't happen when you get to see the new schoolboy everything and i haven't been in the club house when i do know what it was like when i was there when i was a play about from what i understand now for the first time i saw the pictures and i thought immediately all the guys who played for
ups probably look at those picture like and we were we were stuck in the smallest cramped conditions will that society you know our ballpark such asian put a lot of money and renovations ballpark so society tat we play back in they're aware where your hair was when it was in it was comfortable force at that time but again the game is changing in you know you try to make the amenities trotted exit out a before the players today so you are one of three guys who have hit to home runs in the same end and you actually do twice you also are the only person has been intensely walked five times it again which one you think is more impressive five intentional walks
because that is still one of losing again right our planet scenarios if i recall correctly and i started from the first entered and looked over in a tone of risk hawk he said you know swing the bat the day i didn't i had no inkling what he was trying to tell me the time but in essence he was just seeing you know we going to put you on base especially if men on face if i was coming off of a hot streak owner on a road trip that we were playing the teams from the central and i was swinging the bat real world and fenella just took check the opportunity just not let me be they men get about walking about so you saw them sign respect i know you saw probably price harper the cubs walked him and he was six or seven times in a game the sheer when you got walk like that when teams with pitch around you
were you did you see it as a sign of respect or did you see it s like come on man let me computer well now you every time you play eighteen you gotta have a meeting in you gonna go through the hitters in four guys swinging about real well so not let that guy beat you especially with the game on the line and it's the ultimate respect you got to do what you feel you need to do in order to win a ballgame and when i first saw that as a six walks in one game in a hit by pitch i'm like wow i'm like god it feels like giving in so it's whatever it takes to win a ballgame as what you're going to do for all and chicago take out trip clubs in montreal which cities more fund a pardon they have the day of the ongoing here they they have that add mon mushroom was not really a party city ok i think the opposition come
again it that way the afghan allows america so i didn't really paying attention to about chicago was always one of my favorite place would go for the simple reason that they play diggings and now you headdresses even enjoy even now was enjoy the restaurants right when i will come to chicago was the opposition so you call the waterways was number one for me i will repeat wrap it up i know you gotta go will do three final questions real quick you did a state farm double jack commercial with carry would you know aaron rodgers does it is well did you the chance to meet each other i didn't i didn't do the double check rigid just state funding to meet our rogers i've never met my my father was gonna be easy the worse than you can say yes i was carried out i am a big fan of this one you you had a fake splore but your west you through all the bats out there can you believe in two thousand
sixteen joe s story there being a huge prick i can that is the alarming rise in i know at some point you retire everybody recharge abdalla maize it he could still seated ball well but you might not be able to close your legs go and then you go on the bar seems to travel and move on your little bit more but a joe west is is pretty pretty much legendary this point so i think it's up to him when he wants to walk from the guy right eye question is questionable to ask you don't have to answer romanesque anyway we had i'm glad on about a month ago he was talking about gregg matter how he had a little prank streak it he would do some weird stuff in the club ass do you have any gregg matic stories that you have asked me about mad william adele was quite the branches and the joker was
that's not a joke story i always like to tell is when he addressed me one cool day in and april myself jerome walton dwight gooden shawn johnson we were sitting in the jacuzzi and he asked me of all people says a hawk i have you have you ever seen for biogas won't run from one white guy and i looked at in camera may i say no no no man no not really a shot then where the play the race god he's a mad dog is it get the hell out of here what are you talking about so we said no noise they seriously have you ever seen for white or black ass one for my wife i know i didn't say no again and he walks over to the jacuzzi with sitting in the jacuzzi and he drops his shorts and start taking a leak in this
and may we will gather and where our soil again is iran brothers raw story i was ass i got inside our story that seven i feel like i'm gonna start asking every guy we had david just sign as well we ask everyone about drugs maddox will just keep the stories we i appreciated things i watched my pleasure so i made some money over the weekend and i did it by gambling on sports online i got stuck in an airport for about seven extra hours i'm gonna do figure at dollar big money on betty aside that come it was great once the money from the u s women's national soccer team once a money off the san diego progress thank you i'll take it i'll go to the bank and for those got there that love and lives sports if you want sports betting website to use go to bed yet had i come i personally use it it's great if got baseball and golf go and strong
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as i said here recovering from back surgery the doctors won't really let me do much so i end up just pacing around my house all day i've spent a lot of my time reading through the notes in letters that you all have sent to me and trying to respond to as many as i can i know we'll be able to respond directly to everyone so i wanted to write one note to all of you to say thank you you make our i was possible you make them on and you make difficult times like these much easier so thank you i really truly appreciate it see you on the phone very soon j j wot ninety nine a j j if you capitalize every word you capitalize no words hey j j you know who can't pace rather ass anymore for omber hey j j what about the people there
write you a note is this no for us too dressed up as you ve taken like two mile already so i saw you never measureless paralyse performance but stand tracks the registrar simum are manifold ujiji some people don't have doctors or health insurance show off hey j j there are seven point four billion people in this world and only three hundred and sixty million of them have english is their first language car left out lot people writing this note in english hey j j ya oh isn't a word so there is not a kids out there that are gonna be using yawl and knock it into college andrea couple user submitted people are really they plenty what these whenever j j makes some noise this one's from sweeps we're on twitter look at me
i have fan mail hey jj there are kids in africa without fans that kind works waves ways that imagine they don't have fans and they probably also don't have the fans call them down and then one that's one brett brett creevy said j j you couldn't written that on iphone notes and save the tree good points let's make sure that we address this not only did he start every word with capital letter you only can capital letters you a couple of hey j j way to devalue my degree from the and universal wisconsin madison by capitalizing every letter ever j j you know who else wrote in capital letters the zodiac killer i think this through that's it you're due to his agent let's go to the next one
what are we all we have a olympic update big big again for olympics we're getting closer and closer i dont even know when they are but i do know there are a lot of controversies i asked i love you watch sports reporters anymore but i sometimes will turn it on sundays just to torture myself and my group and mitch album had they had a lotta takes on the olympics are like at least ten minutes was about so bad that although i don't give a fuck so what happened was the australian delegation showed up and none of their toilets worked and their rooms wrought ready the village wasn't ready first of all you don't i know how toilets work australia because you have a go the other way so they probably did work they probably we're just confuses hell but the real mayor responded to this and he said he will put it
kangaroo in the olympic village to make them feel at home i think you have to do that not right you can't just tossed out there now do it right could have kangaroo survive in brazil in the end they like tested out all to do the australians no like what a toilet where they use they do they drank sewage water who has returned should know if they do drink sewage water and it would be like paradise for mass then they happen we would actually we'd have the best place for kangaroos was there i was reading story and i was wondering during their coach brought him in the olympic village and the end they like tested out of what do the australians no like what a toilet whether you the wrong thing where they lived running this thanks to ignite like the toy solana finish now i'm gonna get out of here there's no chance it can expect sustained conditions like dazed
anytime you could get your australian accent that's a successful segment quickly back to the kangaroos ruse always they need grass i feel like they just sand just like sand say can you arm while we go out we keep olympic up they can you please do a fact check on what and rosy what do you have your olympic up opinions in fact check department gets what so i want to talk about your throat for little bit but then also the russians the russians got away scot free so the irish sea said okay we know your whole country and systematic dope for the last twenty years so we're just gonna banned the track and fields must be asked russian track and field team with the exception of like the shot but guys yes now their stronger suit so no ban the track of your team but anybody else
russia is allowed to compete so there you what what what was the decision making behind that the irish sea just like our whenever we don't care really today's did put in place i sent him a hitman they put it put a horse head in the aisles these bed to put a kangaroo head like flying outside the olympic village but you guys want nor king rosy yes please they both grasses and shrubs and they also need their own regurgitate food that sewage skyline real water they'll be righted home we do while ok we give maybe the austrian saw that there were enough condoms and they said if we can't stay here yeah i also think that is not totally crazy we austrians they all showed up and they all right one two three four chateaux at the same time and that will doubtless cause any problems that income it's kind of what they did so i read the story and their coach instead of stress tests on their backs
like a john tapir does it see so what they did was they turned on all the things and then they had everybody flush the toilets it was to restore the color yeah gotta put his finger on the scale little bit there come on i mean the brazil's has enough problems as is let's not go flushing all the toilets and real at the same time guys you're agri angry it was all over the top but you know maybe just really trying again everybody said like make everybody else think they're gonna be proud this is my with my dorm with my room true let us hope the delhi has a toilet because that would be a shame his body is so efficient that doesn't create waste he just eat that's it i'm just we got there we're gonna have to get the australian accent out again when they went to gold medal sometime in august on behalf of i have a quick for you so
congress junior one went the baseball hall of fame today along with my piazza big day especially for children of the nineties we all remember kangaroo for junior he was most exciting it i'll player out there greatest swing blah blah blah backwards had come a disrespectful but whatever were let it pass here's a little start the forty nine nine was his debut he weighed hundred ninety five pounds late nineties he was listed at two o five two thousand for i dug it up he was listed at two hundred and fifteen and then when he retired he was listed at two hundred and thirty so
over the course of twenty years and nineteen year old gang graffiti thirty nine year old gang goofy he gained thirty five pounds descent just put that in your put that in their lot yeah that's a lot await its lot await drink drink a few extra watershed there as it could be like migration i owe you six hundred and thirty five months is it a lot how do you people usually at six hundred omens how did he had his has rookie year was like ninety projecting like six hundred thirty on runs without math guys where we are super mattress it doesn't really did right what are you going sir maggie
comes few courtesy of joan rose so he actually introduce one june tweeted this out on think saturday women it that's all that's how excited that women and men and women the nba slash nfl test and punished for marijuana use but the email these flash in doesn't would is like watson gimme a break up in india and the inner fell compared to a hockey baseball interest thing i see where is it what things that make you connect the dots and that was
our next segment which scattered to visit a spin off from whom we don't know how long we get to do this but we're gonna do it until it happens a lebron james free agency update its july twenty fifth and he still creation and i was our lebron james update quick by yourself for you i know a lot of sport shows do this buy or sell recalling will have at least five thousand more emails leaked before the brown james gets his contract with gaps i'm gonna go the cell on that just because killer is gonna make obama do some cyber warfare against putin said a prudent can't leak any moreover email so like a bottom magistrate kill putin for hilary for this i would be surprised just kidding i now and always he's a beta mail
look i mean obama's dog right he's got his interrupt thug so it's truck thug verse oligarchy alpha meal shirt was horse riding guy so so he's gonna fire nuke upper horses but so that prudent can't leave anymore cleanse emails therefore i'm gonna sell lebron james sign before another email gets love it what else we got what what's the next one reactor i've got one i don't know what to file the centre could be no disrespect i'm just saying i think we did once i'm a while ago more could be we're gonna go further open i do not even know there were not only are we gonna go yeah let's all working together ok so stephen smith didn't interview actually into an interview cassie just a record a video of themselves than put upon facebook because stephen i doesnt have enough camera time so like even when he's at home is i gotta get gotta get some screens i'm gonna
he was talking about the future first take an he if skip bill is shut up or shut down he said smiling with max with mild and we're not going to hesitate to bring we're not running from anything translation we're going go there we're not going anywhere we're about making this happen without making sure that everybody understands that the heat the fervent the tenacity the conviction the fight the fighting this and everything else that you can't do expect it will be here i don't know or else they can go on first take like to another level but ok so he continues you go here about labelling every day you go here about dynamism maybe they re going here about him people every day mummies love those people and i love employed but dammit that's not why i love all who does love
any basically sixty day loves seven so that a lot more talk about stephen is family life about like his particular lava just a lot of food talk ok what about do you think he will we will talk about women that kind of sort of ass to get better by their husbands yeah he's got you like the top ten list of women that had it coming to the end i beg you please with classic as lasers no disrespect respect and i very much hope notice back i think that men and women are equally at thought his by top ten list of women that had come that's gonna be a new segment on first because they're gonna take it to another level these all it already so if your friend that's on you the up that we just there it is it's out there that is an official warning don't get offended because we already told you that you're not loading and defend it just a little spy
of that i wanted to say hello to our old friend j mary adi i don't love you saw him this the other night he has little knew flash for everyone on twitter site sites called fan rag sports broke the sale story one name's bleacher report sb nation fan house diminish credit scoop please respect abyss the guy he has so much respect for the art of the scoop yes tat and people that shouldn't be scooping other people get to scoop it's actually makes the people they get the real school like less less valuable i think right right so you know what i'm gonna with him on this one fan rag sports how does that is probably some blogger and his basement right scaliger please respect the best let's just maybe that's new segment please respectability come on i was our last segment you got
i mean that's pretty much anything will see do anything else here i've already works dumb rules i doing this kind of spends off this could be along the same lines of king refugee sooner he is upset that it took in review junior five years to get involved in eating single he wants you will made the five your weight in every sport he wants it to just we like once you retired you can get in mike you think you're an idiot on this one i love the five year rule because it gives prayers times like taste what it's like like kind of a relevant put on a little bit and then they show up at them or fame induction ceremony under their humbled a little bit and they have that more that different perspective they ve gained a few pounds and like the chief neck area so they're more accessible to the fans i think you're not above us anymore i like that five years you learn a lot about somebody in the five years in between when they retire and when they get elected to office also
we didn't have the five years in place breath farmers have been inducted like forty times yeah great point just think about that might be very surveying these crazy rules i love the hall of themes simply because if we shook all the brain power that the sports riders of america used up thinking about the hall of fame rules and who should be it and who shouldn't we could have cancer we'd be living on mars we'd have kangaroos on mars evenings mars sand gobbling this yet but instead we're stuck on this stupid fucking spinning rock deciding whose whose how you poor enough to be in some stupid museum there we created and wait some like you get introduced the levels part of the conversations i think also means is a big levels while my guy got there is the almost every eye tat apparel pantheons russia so now i just talked about architecture buildings i got so stupid all fabled bacon
bill sums i'm think pretty sure just wanting to build like a modern day given pyramid for whole family that would satisfy him he just right one book and architecture need got all these crazy ideas peter king peter king is a guy that will talk about all the same issues that nobody even will ever think about or care about like two years ago member he brought up he was like you know if and sharper had had the staff to be in the hall of i would good form which is like saying yet it there's no reason to bring that up absolutely turn sharpers not we in the hall of peters like if you was good enough i would still not warm and why why did he even addressed that i think it's because he didn't want have to explain anything when he was leading the bread far parade into the hall of fame by two years later that's that's it s exports writer trick they just want to bring up random debates about the whole why because everyone my son
john wayne gacy average thirty five points in the nba he probably in my office i grew that yeah you can't keep john wayne gacy out if he's got those tat in those are all time the all times that also peter king front of the show recurring guess if you listen peter problem love one of will enough that's a shell wednesday we have a very very special gas for breaking berries for the first time we female at all you know people you need to have some ladys and ensure and i agreed with them but we ve tried with we failed thirdly to get women on the show you how to start for lack of trying with dry i think tat we ve been asking i we i refer to it women soccer players like you tomorrow the it out down on the dams it didn't know i'm saying like two months ago i restarted tunneling sacrificers date
respond me probably because they're all concussed from playing there for sport is very very dangerous on the brain ass we ve learned venture vessel but yet we are going to be breaking new ground we ve got coming on all you're gonna sick but more than anything i just want to throw it out to our award winning listeners so maybe wednesday morning take a shower little mouthwash com you herr nice we gotta get a female on the shelves let's act let slip sacked respectful here guys ok you react we want to create safe space for men to be able to appreciate women sports so it s widow right so that will be on wednesday we looking forward to it tell all your friends subscribe review it we love ya see wednesday
all of these things to waste while i was operating in sydney subjects to address them with a permanent massively the conviction that i know that is not going to change this is growing elevated mentioned because like i told john with so many times over the livelihoods of the boy i become a wedding
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