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Andrew Siciliano and Scott Hanson

2017-09-07 | 🔗
The NFL has finally kicked off and the Patriots are possibly done and maybe finished. Is Skinny Andy Reid a coaching savant? (2:06 - 10:36) Lenny Dykstra hit on Lena Dunham on twitter so we called our old friend to say whats up (10:36 - 13:31). Andrew Siciliano from Direct TV Red Zone channel joins the show to talk about hosting non stop NFL Sunday action, how he prepares for the madness, and his ears (he made us talk about this, we did not bring it up on our own) (13:31 - 28:21). We also had Scott Hanson host of the NFL Red Zone on the show to talk about his approach to all the NFL action, the Quad Box, and whether or not he pees during NFL Sundays (28:21 - 49:25). Segments include the debut of "Depressing Jags Stat Of The Week", Kings Stay Kings for Andy Reid eating 3 steaks at dinner, Let's Get Serious with Craig Carton, Talking Tennis and Jimbos Of The Week.
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on today's part of my take football is officially back and we have a major sisley on from direct tv red zone and scott hansen from the red zone and we talk to both of them about bringing us all that football goodness every single sunday all fall long we also do a little gym bos we talk about the patriots are they done or finished a big big show and before we get to all that i want to talk to you guys about draftkings so we're finally here you been waiting since february six for football season to finally be back and draft kings is ready to go with a huge huge weekend you can win up to one hundred thousand dollars contest this sunday it's totally free to enter and if you drop the perfect lineup you can win one billion dollars that's billion with a b so go to
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this is totally free to enter why wouldn't you try draftkings game inside the game eligibility restrictions apply see draftkings dot com for details let's go well it is friday september eighth and wow the new england patriots are dead
wow actually are still gonna win the division yeah it's times like this i think lucky stars i'm not a new england patriots fan it happens all the time hank are they done or are they finished now i mean as we learned tonight when they raised the changing banner the fifth one wow winning if it sells about last season yeah it's not it's not about one game on hank what's your full season the playoffs rubber cincinnati hank from cincinnati while it been i think seventeen years since the pate pitchers last lost a game they lead at halftime at home wow how long has it been i think like a hundred and five games since the last time they lost a game they lead at the start of the fourth quarter wow what's wrong with your man's it's good every good every to get broken now they can start over fresh
so it's like a forest fire so nice to know poof up in flames worst record in the nfl right now as we're speaking colin coward shadow to him for going out on a limb when the chiefs were up two scores with two minutes left said looks like sixteen oh it's probably not going to happen i think he was joking big cat now i think he was serious triggered no i think he was pretty serious i think the big takeaway is that tom brady needs to find a new brain quack because whoever's got him trained right now well actually like it's the defense right it's pretty clear the defense was issue tonight well i worked for a well the funny thing is everyone either they'll probably if you search jimmy grapples name right now i'm sure it's going to be there some people popping up saying jimmy drop will put a man what they really should have done is trade jimmy low for some defense although i have a new favorite player his name is cassius marsh yeah he is that shity linebacker yeah if you're let's just say he caches honestly strikes me as a guy that might be a part of my take listener yeah so if you're listening i'm sorry for what i'm about to say bye
he is the most hilarious new player in the league he wears the the crucifix i black yeah if you have crucifix i black you better be the best player on the field well any eat we we were saying during the game he looks like his plan was i'm gonna get as many tattoos on my arms until someone's intimidated by me on a football field and i or people like hey is that chris long as he thought no no that's someone if you have a unique enough look at no matter what your job is if you look unique enough somebody'll be like that guy's good i yeah he can move yeah i can fly i also read on his wikipedia page he was the guy on the sea hawks that had twenty thousand dollars with a magic the gathering cards stolen from a couple years ago while so that's your man's that starting at linebacker now so dante hi tower got hurt the but the the patriots defense did not when alex smith is doing like he threw the ball to keep a few times and it was stunning i also have a theory that i'm working on were workshopping we'll see how it goes but thin andy reid maybe all the fat was the dumb stuff
that they made him call timeouts at inopportune times then you read might be better than bill but two in one yes sir two one one under andy reid against the what if any andy reid loses a ton of weight and starts becoming like a marathon i will be disappointed here's he doesn't look the same but what if you got the thinner curse stephen king is hot in the streets right now remember that one oh it no thinner but it's back yeah i know but thinner yeah thinner i never saw that one yeah so is that the one with the fog yeah the guy just got thinner ok the basically the whole movie you guys you got i was waiting for her when bo was the fog yeah and then okay yeah do you think they'll check goes as planned down to get the x yes i will double check is is playing possum yeah this is classic trap door game i think i i don't know if matt patricia has a family but say goodbye to his family because he's base again at bell checks a lock him in his office for the next week like you don't get to leave until you figure this out hank how do you think operate
clown face went because as you know our boss it went up there seventy thousand clown face tells who's pretty damn funny i think nbc intentionally avoided showing crowd shots i think they use one crowd shot where there wasn't in it and they just re played it like a hundred times were like speed yeah yes this over and over i have a theory about pat my homes okay being being selected so you can obviously throw the long ball right yeah alex could also out of no where show that he can do that long ball tonight pablo homes is like when you have an we have an old male dog that has always pissed like just
like putting its hips down at the ground that's alex smith and when you bring a new pup in that lifts its leg on something year old dogs like holyshit that looks cool i'm going to try doing that there you go he's the young ma homes as a young pup that's taught alex smith to lift his leg giving him like three more years of life you thought you're going to put him down and now it's missing a young pup again walking around piston on the house plants do everything i loved in the pregame travis kelsey they asked him about alex smith because this is this is the one thing that sucks if your team drafts a young quarterback basically every interview that your quarterback right now because they're going to every interview everyone on the team does they're going to say hey what do you think about the quarterback isn't the young guy even better and because because he said that alex smith is the ultimate competitor which is just a way of saying he's really shitty but he plays the game was really shitty place he's really shitty but he's also kind of an is trying so he doesn't want the young guy to get this job yeah let's see what i'll say this though about alex smith that guy
is going to have another like twelve years as a back up yeah that guy is going to be the the but he's gonna be a back up and like for more teams after he gets da da he's going to usurp josh mccown for career back yes what do you think of that going to say when someone asked me about it about to say that when you say when he's mean he's handing the lombardi trophy to somebody else kansas city chiefs he's probably going to be like wow that was kind of embarrassing night but thank god i told everybody nbc not to put the cameras on stands yeah big shout out to marie's jones drew he went on a ledge and said injury was a better coach bill bella check proven right one game proven right and clearly the other thing we had tonight was it was a big night for everyone saying hey look at this random guy scoring all these touchdowns wish i had him on my fantasy team because no one talking air so i might be might kill flea and cream hot shot out some action to lead a women's lead okay archuleta gastroenterol handles yeah
a dog sticks yeah but they had huge nights and everyone complained on twitter that they don't have more on their team also devlin to fall back on the patriots he actually got three assists as new staff i'm keeping now okay fullback assists okay when full back has a good block and then the the tailback scores a touchdown out of my fantasy league that actually counts you should also just count the full back to be the first guy back in the huddle thats account for point that's yards here at any time because they usually are there right they stick around right around the corner back did you get a load of devlin's cowboy callers anywheres i didn't but that's great i got your classic full back that callers sick you could base jump off dublin's got well yeah so hank give it to us what is your prediction i like real straight talk brady's obviously fine the office probably be fine the deep but you have to be a little concerned when alex smith carbs you up that's a problem i'm going to be honest i'm going to go on a limb i'm going to say the pats will be twelve and four or eleven
i've and win the division eleven and thought well the thing is they could go nine and seven probably still win the division so long j color yeah you never know lightning by hey i put a little put a little thought your brain there yeah maybe maybe maybe this year alright the other news we had tonight before we get to our interviews are old friend a little frisky online tonight lenny dykstra we're going to him he should probably give mccall still haven't so lena dunham randomly i don't know what happened but she just we did base i'm forty for baseball players wow and let's classically nauseated yeah let me think that's funny nauseating lenny lenny swooped in she probably heard that they get to warm up with donuts yeah and she was like oh oh wow so lenny swooped in and was like dm me an and started sending her some some music videos and what not my favorite part of the exchange though was lena okay now you're making me laugh i'm gonna have to read your wiki this whole exchange is a real trip i would have
of to see lena dunham read lenny dykstra's wikipedia and the live reaction when she gets to like all the alleged sexual assaults in this in the stock picking and all that stuff would have been a good one what about good morning so let's call him he wants home let's do it alright chemical it's been awhile hopefully picks up he definitely changed his number quality connie hey lenny what's up man no no no no we don't see that anymore man oh that was quick okay i just wanted talk to lena dunham i was gonna route that was very rude he just reverse that on us like straight up alright was our friend lenny he was hopefully he does the best that i can't think of a better celebrity couple then lenny dykstra in lena dunham that's that's it right there that's the pinnacle
i think we get invite to the wedding i think so i would not go i would go yeah all right let's get to our interviews with andrew siciliano and scott hanson talking everything about sundays with them before we do at i wanted to give a quick shout out sunday is coming fast and you need to get nfl sunday ticket dot tv directv is here for all everyone who is displaced out of market fans you need to get nfl sunday ticket dot tv if your student just two thousand four hundred and ninety nine for four months that's less than one hundred dollars you can play it on everything xbox one playstation four playstation three apple tv roku cast samsung smart tv everything laptops smartphones tablets i'll go on and on and on forever twenty direct tv has been the exclusive home to nfl sunday ticket to see if you're eligible go online to nfl sunday ticket dot tv dream every end of
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two more than you missed me whoa can you feel me hello yeah sunday's can you can feel my eyeballs watching you those are yours yes i was just my mom and my dad you watching the whole world watching i so every time any anyone interviews you guys i feel like the first question is always you know how many times you go to the bathroom or do you take a piss break i want to ask that i just want to simply ask do you wash your hands when you go to the bathroom it doesn't have to be on let's just in general an generally yes last year so i only went once last year during the season like like during the show i honestly can't remember if i wash my hands i don't
paint i did it because i came back to the states but it was only once so i mean so i gotta mall again right so interest of saving time you didn't wash your hands that's what i tell people to correct i'm too busy to wash my hands so yeah so when we're watching you you could very well just have dick fingers could be horrible he had yeah he had his hands could be awful which with its like they tell you don't touch the hotel remote right that's why we don't want you to touch the remote on sundays just will change the sample sensor probably don't want to touch the remote play it will just start spreading awareness that everybody's remote out there is just infested with germs but it's not like we change the channel on sunday anyways we basically we're with you we camp out for about eight hours we get up to pee alot i cannot do it all but i'm basically in the bathroom for half the day on sundays 'cause i mean chicken wings and all that good stuff big my big concern with the red zone channel is that there's not you guys don't theme song leading into it like i know you've got the countdown clock
that goes it which is awesome and i love the music that goes along with it but there are no words to go with it have you ever thought about maybe just like writing writing a song for it i'm not musically inclined but i'm open to suggestion i hadn't really thought about it i mean like normally if you want to go back to that something during that countdown clock that is when i put the bathroom so i can i didn't know that it wasn't music so who do you get confused for more in public scott hanson or paul ryan so that's complicated like no one actually thinks i'm paul ryan because he's like six two and i'm in the lollipop guild but people think i look like him but they don't actually think i'm him the hanson thing like scott i'll tell you the same thing that's annoying as all hell because i'll get tweets from people during the show saying why did you leave that game where i can't believe you
said that he gets the same thing like why do you switch off that game where she missed a touchdown and we both know that did it wasn't me you're watching the other one that's actually pretty funny that people 'cause like the common fan i know what they're thinking and it's like there's too much going on on sunday to work the details so i could see how if you switch houses mid game you be like what the fuck where is that where where the hell did scott hanson go why is this guy here like that makes sense to me i was dead dated when i'd lost directv and read on sale and channel and i was like who is this jamoke on my screen his name is not interest really on those okay this is pretty good so i was that guy for a week i was i just i watch it on mute out of principle i was like i'm in andrew guy i'm touched a moot are you you mentioned lollipop guild are you taller than adam schefter so we're kind he is finally
so he says he's fifty eight but he's wearing plot used wearing platform shoes when when we entered in adams fifty eight but like i say i'm fifty seven it helps if i have shoes i like rappaport is five thing rapoport and shift or the same height i think i'm like one slash two an inch lou glazer glaser's i hi what is it with all you guys is it just because you guys are the ones that were so we're we're stuffed in a locker see over heard like the coach got a pack talk and you can hear it yeah alright look i think i play football to get i mean i i was five foot six at a hundred and sixteen found high school you kidding me we're friends with all those guys though we're friends with all those guys including you now do you think that you like who you know rank them those four guys you including yourself that you just met and in terms of overall
love for the nfl right how much do they all love football yes in terms of who's the biggest football guy yeah i'm getting a cop i have an email also bald jake jake j loves can you up what color yeah what is also it he's an mma guys so can i yeah i got is eggs in different baskets there yeah i read it it's a it's a gym a couple years ago and he says to me do do you do today i like all the way out like going through the motions of the treadmill and whatever two soldiers so we we did shoulders jj filters hey james work at and as god is my witness and i know i tend to exaggerate but i'm not now i couldn't lift my arms
put on a shirt for two days i believe it i believe it that's jake laser he goes he's a little bit of a meathead like that um how grocer tori helps fingers in person it's disgusting brian baldinger it's worse all these pink i think there's a all these singer twitter handle too yeah i think so yeah i think there is you should here's a pro tip for you if you ever feeling like you're not part of the crew we have the football guys guys you just take like a hammer to your hand in the off season then when people like you play the game but look i did and show your just mangled fingers i thought you were going to say it singer finger has we are handled in my ear should oh she had two people actually rappaport said i guarantee you they'll crack in here shows no we're above that i haven't done that we had talked on that we did that we did that about you with scott hanson when they made the movie when they made the movie
jack did you ever consider trying out as the blind guy that just here's the radar beams coming down from outer space oh you know who you were you worried that were you worried that you were going to get assigned to miami during this hurricane and blow away because your ears would get caught in this that raft no but i could take erin across ones i don't even if you like it i thought you i do like an alfred e newman joke or what some what's the chris could character on it the monkey the mango yeah oh yeah i don't like is that based on you know the way that things in the way he jumps right that one i don't like deal with the other way here's a good question i get it there they are notice you should do you it would be funny if you were happy like all the sudden next on like sunday week one you just had a hat and you just became hack i'd like a fedora guy yeah taylor had like you see like that like that yeah
at some like that like a like a g somewhat lock like just just something to distract people from from you know what's going on it was it is it possible for you to walk through a door that turning sideways you asked for this yeah i wasn't going to do this we were going to do this because i knew you were going to go no you you assumed we were and then we are in the business of proving proving assumptions correct oh when you go to a mall kiosk and you're like hey can i get my ears pierced through like sort of the hula hoop stores that way yeah amazon dot com you're a loser now yeah your big time what your you can on the ground there watching the new construction of the the nfl make a dome or whatever the hell the call calling in los angeles where they're gonna have the rams play for the next five
here's before they move away again what does that place look like what is it going to look like when it's done i think they're going to make it where you can actually don't quote me on this but i know the plans for this way at one point to like put video on the roof or advertising on the roof so like if you flew over it which everyone does trying to get links you could actually see stuff on the roof you can watch the game from a plane in the sky who you probably see your ears from there to you probably could matter of fact fact that's how you will find run way too long i'm sorry you did this you i'm you know what you made
suddenly not us we didn't do this this is not a threat from you dad from you yes yeah that's that's up it's up what you mean to turn this in a dress look yeah look what you just made me do look would you just made me do that taylor swift exactly here's a good question i hope i won't okay you know i thought yeah wait wait your thoughts the first thirty seconds right that okay i can i can live with us like this okay okay give me with of course and in the course it anyone yes i like it i agree with you i don't care i agree with you i'm a tailor so guess what i am i'm gonna say that and you probably can hear a little bit better than you that's a great point here's a good sears question you ian rapoport adam schefter all through have you guys team up against jay glazer could you take him like like get him down in a murder quit the three of us you
you have to order yeah you have to get rid of his body to but like i don't under anything just knives beginner the body parts these park but but he see us coming like in other words you like coming out of one corner the three of us come out of the other corner and we meet in the middle of the ring it sounds like you're already plotting the murder here you're a couple steps ahead of maine which is fine i like that i love you i'm going to leave it wide open though if you just the three of you guys you each had a knife in your teamed up and it was good yeah could you take down jay glazer in the wild ok so i would think wild in the war in the wild for jay glazer is just just hang out with michael street in a red carpet exactly yeah he'll while you're a ring we're like we're wearing shorts and then like this the sanctions fight yeah the three of us in one corner jam the other he would still wear
oh i think it's probably realistic it's probably right yeah if it were the three of us trying to creep up on him i think we could do it i think the better assistant who would break the news first yeah one that is good that's a really good point jay would absolutely scooby you have no aj was dying would have more yeah more you have to watch the entry for mine to be like i'll then do a follow up to be like also per more no yeah yeah church would be like jake lay our jay glazer has passed away according to west coast to send me and me yeah and may yeah and and then the other one which whichever one you would pay i would say i can confirm parentheses as the other guy yes reporter yes yes yeah
what's your personal record for the most consecutive amounts of scoring plays shown in row three or four five before it like it's their time do you actually have four teams on the free art line or four teams within the five something like that where they go ban ban ban uhm i don't know how to record though if you get four in a row at that point you can just say this is why you fuckers will never stop watching the nfl because this product product is too good for you and you can't give it up alright so give you a chance to state your case for your interview to go first on friday when we do the back to back interviews so because we were dumb guys are audience are similar to us you are the company that you keep whenever they listen to an interview the first one is going to be the one that sways them so state your case and hopefully you went so go ahead ok this is i mean honestly this ones easy we came first so just let you go first
did see shock has got to come to canada well i mean this are thirteen season you know where the original we should go first you know what that's all point it's done your first damn we actually said the same thing to scott though so you have to listen no are you here anyways just because you walk past somebody that's playing in reference man sorry yeah they did that you do that to us andrew we appreciate you joining us you're welcome back anytime we also i just just a little thrown out there scott invited us to come watch him do an entire sunday it with his with the red zone so if you want to i don't know invite us to do the same absolutely you guys beat the doors open and sing all right when when we know search was done out of you i just read it it's b y o we don't we don't have any f catering but we don't have we have any booze okay you got it you know make this up yeah you got my goes out to the right mike is out yeah we were
ok you are going first now cooking yeah maybe a nice ok yeah yeah i don't know what that is but it sounds awesome yeah maybe quite box all four pieces of our body yeah i've never used the term black box that's the annoying one ok so you say the confusion between the two quad box is all scott key he uses that term he loves that term increases that term i think it's his license plate so i was in a bar watching college football saturday this past saturday and i'm waiting in line to the men's room do it opens the door right he was in there alone unlock the door open the door look at me and goes hey dude there's a call i assume there for you and i looked at it i went like what he was headed to a bad headache phantom thank you thank you just guy talking never i've never used that word in my entire life that's got like i don't steal other peoples with her scott
cattle take the quad box you hold yourself to a higher standard you're the octopus oh yeah and scott also he already told us that he goes home to his wife every night is like i did quad box today so he's single yeah yeah now he's married to twitter he's married to the game actually so yeah all right thank you so much take got one last thing we love you yeah we love you it's mutual which we love you we love you love you mas ok yeah it makes you spanish i love ya blow yeah yeah alright thank you how much we appreciate we we would love to have you back on and be careful jay glazer in those shoulder workouts yeah he scares me that first interview is brought to you by play draft fantasy football fans listen up if you love fantasy football then you need to be playing on draft
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play a real money game for free just by using the promo code p m t just search draft in your app store or go to play draft dot com income play free right now with promo code p m t another something completed all right we now welcome on a very special guests it is scott hansen host of nfl redzone it is football season we are back finally scott thank you for joining us and thank you for being back in our lives big cat pft it's finally come to this and what i mean it's not like football see the good that we've been waiting for all these months but finally i get to make an appearance on the pop
that is swept the nation really the world if you would want to state it for the obvious community in butter or some real nice so what am i probably my favorite day of the year is this first sunday when i turn on red zone for the first time in like eight months and i get the countdown clock in the music i'm beyond when you first see the countdown clock does does it move does it move doesn't move he like yeah you know in that type away yeah movie would you would you believe i do not see the countdown clock in the studio and it sucks because look because seriously everyone tweets photos of it there like you know they talk about you know what level of stimulus they feel at that particular moment and who would have thought that in today's nine hundred channel era of television consumption that
countdown clock counting from two minutes down to zero we have that pavlovian response with everybody that they tell me that it does but i don't i don't see that clock in there we have our own clock so yeah i get i guess we'll double usually in the bathroom right before the the show starts with sixty seconds left and i'll let you know a little secret to clock doesn't actually exist it's just been a big prank that everyone's been playing on you for the last like if i was just lock so there's no clock there is no gotcha yeah yeah looks like right now the ever so i was we're we're dumb guys we're not we're not smart we everyone knows we're not smart i was shocked and i kind of like you should my
body was like whoa whoa everything i know is wrong when i saw behind the scene picture and you're just standing for seven hours on sunday in in a huge green room because all gary that's the right thing dot ca with my brain is it ever weird when you like just look around here like i'm just my offices an entire you know green room by myself for several hours you have to accept the fact what you're here this will blow your mind even more because photographs can be can be misleading that thing is about the size of a walk in closet maybe like a media a modest while modest los angeles apartment bedroom that's about how big that studio is so with yeah it's all wizard of oz you know smoking beers and everything else but the football is real and that's what matters but yeah if i stare at the green walls too much my my eyes will cross
are you telling me that it's not like a dry norma's football factory would like machine guns they you're going through the same truck with a red and black in like that red and black machine spit out more football that's not what it is now it's it's the football wonka you have your impression as to what you think it's like it's some big football carnival but the reality is walking inside is there and you guys have an open invitation invitation to come out to la come into my studio at some point we're not going to put a live mic on you that's okay but you're welcome to come out it first hand your mission underwhelmed as to the studio experience as compared to that of the audience experience sitting back at home people every every interview ever do i think feel like the first question is where do you pee or do you pee so i'm not gonna i said yeah i'm going to ask instead stability of the host yeah the first or the last question but it's a question for sure yeah so i'm not going to ask that instead i'm going to ask do you wash your hands i'm more of a pure elga
believe it or not are you one of those neat freak score you need such a weenie yeah yeah yeah yeah and i can tell by the way i can tell sometimes because of what i literally go to the bathroom twice in the last hour leading up to the show i make sure the tank is on complete empty empty so i'm going in about two minutes about play a hundred and twenty seconds before the show begins i'm probably you know in the restroom coming back to the studio there and i'm fully mike so sometimes they forget to turn off my might and when i realized that my walking back yet i know the whole could roll room is like not not so much interested in in the biological process but do they hear the sink yeah to a murder robert yes to yourself kill them all of them yeah situation yeah be careful that jinx right yeah jinx on hbo night
so i i appreciate the fact that you have i guess with the reds on channel is done for watching football it's basically like you're free basing football all the best parts of it it's wonderful have you considered a browns on channel where it's just like the teams backed up inside their own five yard line is just basically the browns that is been suggested before and i hear browns fans i actually have browns fans were jets fans who hit me up on twitter or you see him on the street or something like show my god i'm like look and i'm planning on showing the jets probably five or six times on sunday when the
patriots have am on their own on the five yard line and they'll be on red zone alright not in the fashion that you probably want to see him the great thing about our show the meritocracy i don't know if you guys know who luke wilson is he's the backup plan with the seattle seahawks jimmy graham right hit me no not that luke wilson and that was that he hit me up when i was at a wedding actually and he was one of the guests at the wedding we end up sitting at the same table and he looked over and he's like you know scott i want some more red zone love i'm like dude score a few touchdowns so we're all good yeah the whole table kind of cracked up
adam and stuff like that like who are you to put some a professional football player in his place or something we had a good laugh you're more important than luke will you like the master of ceremonies for fessional football yeah you you are absolutely you make the straw that stirs the drink think about yeah everything about rocking like a tuxedo with tails in a top hat and a cane and really playing up the mc thing yeah i actually had last year at christmas we did the christmas eve show last year and i actually did an outfit change my first outfit change in the history of nfl network it was a tasteful novelty long sleeve t shirt that looks like one of the dumb and dumber a poofy tie cumber bun tuxedos except with christmas color plaid was fantastic fantastic yeah so but i don't think
billy cain you guys are next level there came top hat yeah maybe this year i have a bone to pick with you and this might be more of a me problem than a you problem but i think what has had with the red zone every time you do a game switch i'm expecting like the best touchdown ever to happen and then you do a game switch it will be like antonio gates caught the ball for like six yards in the flat that's like you criticizing michael bay for saying hey i saw i went to all the transform
movies and every time i i knew robot comes in i expect there to be an explosion never seen before delivers yes i mean here's a great thing about our show i think it's like an action movie and in this respect you don't have to have the most unbelievable action at every single moment what you need is the audience to believe that every we call it a why you couldn't see the when the game changes from one to another every between every white there is going to be some fantastic odell beckham one here to touch down were you aware
but the twenty and goes in for the the the rest of the way and and i think people do feel that way like you just said right there yeah now if you read that to disappointment i think that the i i i don't mean to criticize i to be judgmental on my first appearance on your show guys but that might be a u problem sorry yeah sorry usually when i need like a score when i've been gambling all games in my call yes here comes the score i needed then you and then you give me nothing you give me nothing what you're that that would lead me to believe that there is a time when you don't need to score correct do you game on the games come on come on come on
now if you did all be great if i did not see there should be a there should be a redzone channel are givers for gamblers where it's like we don't like you i do the same thing that you do but i don't tell you which games i bet on but it clear it's like playing is the day after kick off because i'm screaming and yelling at the tv on the most inconsequential place i will say this and and recognizing that i'm walking towards a a mine field right now by even commenting on this i will say this we show on nfl redzone every touchdown from every game yeah even when it doesn't seem consequential because well we still show every touch down from every game so let's just say you know you want something that as al michaels would say might be overwhelming in a three thousand five hundred and ten game where the outcome is building i did move it you're still going to see here's my boo take with you is that a lot of times if if like a there's like an income
little touchdown and let's just say jeremy kerley catches it you like it out like that one out there it goes to all you jeremy kerley fantasy owners it's like nobody owns jeremy kerley on their fantasy team i just want like this for the record nobody very clearly so don't say that a stranger do you guys have a name for i'm going to call it like the three hundred to four hundred pm our that happens when you get just like all the games coming down to the wire and they're like four close finishes at once you have a nickname for that yeah simply it's not really creative but i call it the greatest single hour sports television and had a little reaching out like the golden the witching hour witching hour golden witching hour the goalie hours right sunset witching hours get three to four before we were talking before week one i promise i will refer to it either the witching hour or the golden hour at some point this season just for you guys i promise i will do that if we didn't have those yeah it's the worst it's the worst hour in sports
why do you say some words because every bit you have just flips all at once you're like i'm good i'm good i'm good and then boom every the nfl is like mario kart every team like every game somehow comes down to the end it's crazy that that hour there's at least four or five weeks that you call where tower will have like five or six games that will all change in the last it's like ten minutes of the game and i'll just be sitting there pulling my hair it's free i mean i i don't get me wrong it's you are right it is the greatest hour of my week but man it's a stressful our two forever goggles howland about all that cuts down to change this or that there's someone else to celebrate do you all do you ever get like
deja vu when you're doing like for instance like phillip rivers is down to scores an it's like six hundred and thirty pm and he's backed up behind his own you know underneath his own goal posts and he throws yet another pick that bounce off like four people and then he's trying to tackle him and he kicks the ball he kicks the ball like say that for instance every single sunday do you ever have that i don't know if it's the feeling of deja boo which we've already prince that kind of weird odd feeling but i do call so many games and watch so much football i literally would would defy someone to find a person on earth watch is more snaps of football than i do interesting oh use buddy of mine by the way we're both syracuse guide yeah great caesar accused was in the media here so alternative you didn't go to northwestern every all the time you ask you
the police say who is better scott hanson or enters a silly i don't it's the only time that i can remember the internet agreeing that both sides of the debate are actually really good at what they do so don't i i should have complimented you should actually like insult you now yes it's really not my style but i just wanted you to know that that you are like one of the only things out there that people for the most part love so that's going to be weird for you you know what it's everyone that works in any form of business including you fellas should have some vehicle in their careers that touches a nerve with fans that is almost universally loved and that's what nfl redzone if that's what you guys have created you have created here quite frankly i mean it's just it's something that this must see tv if the ten thousand would be
you would be nfl and it's it's as it happens so screwed up don't screw it up you know try not to try not to but i talked for seven hours off the top of my head right seven hours ad libbed no commercials been on the go i'm more nervous about saying something stupid right now say i am sunday at one hundred o'clock say you bet the lions every weekend whatever yeah well that laugh says a lot and who interesting i'm noting i'm noting that laugh right this second huh do you are you in charge of the nfl scheduling 'cause there's not enough late games and i'm fucking pissed about it you know what you will you and me both then because with the postponement of the buccaneers dolphins game we now have eight games early which is
for the ac to box by the way but eight games early at one hundred o'clock eastern three games at in the four hundred o'clock eastern hour and it just feels like you're hitting the air brakes even though three games simultaneously is still fun it just feels like you're going from you know one hundred ton school zone how many times are you going to have the chargers play the raiders in the late games this year 'cause it feels like it's very long time every every week charger raider got some rams actions oh great that's exactly window right that's you know niners niners get a lot of runs in that late window as well do you know do you ever when you go home after full nfl sunday do you go home and your wife's like hey how was your day and you're like honey we quad box three times well hey unfortunately i don't have a wife that i can rehash the day with
but if there is a male dominated audience here but if there are any lovely ladies who enjoy football just wanna hit me up get up scosche make ok yeah you single ready to mingle all you gotta do is done with him or have an egg as your avatar on twitter if you have you been catfished i think i've been attempt no cat fishing no cap fishing because you really only slight lcm side small has an appropriate you're ready you know that any any any potential yeah i'll check it out that make sure that well looks like you crumble i will say this so in it for lack of having you know wife by my side well i can talk to on sunday night after the show i go through twitter i love at
it's got a it's a new one is only up like dr hi i read them all i try to answer as many as possible i'm a very slow blocker you have to really get repeatedly crude for me to go okay i'm done with yeah but if someone wants to say you know you suck at your job you said roger three thirty eight touchdowns last year was thirty seven touchdowns okay fine i'll i'll take my medicine but i go through twitter see how people felt about the shows the what they love see what they didn't love and i love the interaction with the fans and i still image okay i set my watch every snap of sunday night football and then you know get ready for for monday night or the next day have you ever done the show well hung over i got a watch regular fluid intake let alone right little happy juice that could that could you know send me off in a bad you're like a pilot but i get a little worked up you might be able to on high energy and some people would even claim hi strong and there are times when i just am so fired up to get into the studio the next day i get maybe two hours of sleep if that does just that
kind of challenge yeah that's just football i feel it every saturday night i wake up and i'm like i hope i close my eyes and blink and wake up and it's time for football and i watch it i'm a college football junkie in fact i have five televisions in my living room five televisions mounted on the wall so i can be sure you're not married to i did that before a woman would be introduced in my life that's great baby it's on the wall sorry yeah deal here you know you can take it down i don't have a letter here prenup claws into you know there's a man cave clause in there by i'm digesting college football from i live on the west coast so you're talking you know college game day starts at six am for me and i'll watch the pac twelve games even into the night so yeah a lot of times you just hope that it that that that whole period of about six hours without any football goes by as quick as possible and then we crank it back up for annabel i love it you had a dream job it is
hey just football football football football arm all right we appreciate you joining us when we we separate before the interview started we told you that we are also having interest to see on on the show and you're going to give you both a chance to you know state your state your case to go first in the interviews that we run on friday show so the floor is yours why are you better than him an please don't make fun of his ears i wish you guys would say you know he said this about you and then i would know like where the bar is set be able to to really wait we just got a text from him he just said scott hanson such a weirdo he thinks twitter is actually his wife yeah that's the ultimate cat
be careful what you say 'cause i'm thinking here you don't think i won't look at either classy guy i know him i try and hold myself pretty pretty high in terms of character i would say this we are not in direct competition with each other even though people think we are and here's why you've already made your decision before you ever get to a red zone choice it's not like red zone nfl red zone is channel eight hundred and one on your dial and the red zone channel is eight hundred and two on your dial whatever you brought into your whole whether it's directv or anything else which is my show then you've already made your choice here's my stance on why you should watch nfl red zone seven hours every touchdown from every game every jaw dropping moment no
herschel's and you might hear me make a mistake about matt living in and my career live it moved yeah yeah i despite some creepy but i occasionally in the off season will just turn on the channel just look at it note here that all the time people think screen shot the baton to meet the scott where are you yeah you know the i put you in the end to you know hyperbaric chamber until the first week after labor day and then i'll i work at all or back and we were here with you from the next seventeen weeks i'm so fucking excited scott hanson thank you how much really appreciate it and i would love to have you back on time during the season when you're ready we'll up pop in your studio there yeah and you can try to my the whole time yeah michael but we will we'll keep it will trigger far away from that but open invitation to come into the nfl studios and see how we do things bella congrats on all your six that enjoy this season avoid the
bad beats a sky love you yeah i love you too sweetie i love you scott you guys look so yeah well yeah love you more do you love everyone who watches of course ok just say it like i love everyone who watches or five tds on my wall yeah i like yeah you love we love you you love everyone yeah kind of slowly in your part i will let you go scott thanks for stopping boxman preceded state ballot and then interview with scott hanson was brought to you by seatgeek buying tickets complicated and confusing but there's a simpler way to buy and that's with seek seek is the smartest easiest way to get to your team's games weather spending a day at the ballpark searching for the perfect gift or hunting down a last minute deal seek helps you find the best seats at the best price
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side to you once again go to bed decide dot com use promo code take twenty five get a free twenty five dollar wager on the house plus an extra two hundred percent bonus when you deposit all right let's get to some segments first up we have a brand new a dim view of a segment we're gonna do this every single friday because our friend uncle chaps good friend texas this and reminded us that we should be doing this it is the depressing jags stat of the week so let's do it yes sir chaps is a die hard jaguar spent we jack off occasionally on the show we jack off so here's the one from chaps it says sunday will mark the forty fifth consecutive road game that the jaguars will be road underdogs that's a lot of games it's a lot of forty five games i'm not a math whiz but that's what ten years that's a lot of games
jaguar years that that's a lot of jack work how many how what a cat years cat years i feel like cats age faster than you nine lives so that's that's it so the age faster than humans but they have twice as long to or not nine times as long to live yeah general yes so they live about four point five times longer i have jag staff for you it's not depressing we're even it out okay let's even out the depressing jacks out of the of the of the week portals undefeated in seasons when he loses his job in preseason then gets back that's a great point also baby is hungry jack jacksonville fl is just a tremendous town so that kind of not to yeah do you got a swimming pool yeah roger in the stadium yeah right there you go all right next we have a king st kings this is it's it's hard with living basically online it's hard for a tweet make you smile i just scrolling through your twitter feed but this one
one made me smile it is from jeffrey lurie who is the owner of the philadelphia eagles he says the first time he went out to dinner with andy reid andy reid ordered three steaks at once such an alpha move king's taking that is an altima three steak for every quarter yet andy coaches that see that's why auntie read that's truly why he is the king because as a i'm not large but is a larger guy sometimes one meals not enough sometimes you really need one and a half you never know you never know when you're gonna get to eat again right exactly this could be your last meal that's it that's a great point so it is he orders every meal like it's his last meal on because you truly don't know but it's also a vicious cycle because you keep getting bigger and it becomes more likely your last that it's your last rail he i you know i'm like man spreading how man springs bat on like public transportation at reed's tables
reading when he orders three steaks and just like spreads them out and spreading thing yeah everyone's got to eat with like their little meals in their hands so that andy reid has enough space for steaks i imagine andy reid when he gets his three steaks there different kinds of steak he doesn't order the same kind so let's say he's got like sirloin new york he gets a whole case get like a rib eye right but he probably he's a guy that like uses his food to demonstrate what he plans to do in the football game so is it okay mister laurie so this rib eye right here this is going to be kevin cobb yeah i just come in cobb c new york strip right here it's nice and lean yep that's gonna be alright west that's gonna be primed what he's he's the extension of the passing game they just moved the stakes around the table diagramming place yeah and when what and then like slips in just a quick like each your mashed potatoes just real quick yes and then i get a lot more is like you haven't mentioned any any are running place at all no he's not gonna pass no i said prime west we're talking to passages are pasal pasal westbrook man
i love anne reid i would love to do what you like bucket list go out to do a big meal with any perfect yeah am i really don't know why i said that's that's kind of redundant a big meal just go out to eat with it all right next up we have let's get serious two hundred and twenty two so you probably heard this story it was going around pretty hot on wednesday morning shocked the sports radio world craig carton for from wf an from the boomer and carton show was arrested by the fbi for a pond scheme because he was three million dollars in debt so uh it's actually it's sad it is sad it's very sad i'll tell you why i think it's particularly sad is there were a lot of investors out there that really trusted him people that gave their money to him with the expectation of getting something turn they did not see this guy he took a lot of money from some very hard working people and as somebody who is in the public eye on a broadcaster when you abuse
the public trust people's trust is something that is i mean it it he's never going to be able to come back from it but it it makes us all you don't think twice about that the thing i i completely agree with everything you said and that's why we want to tell our listeners that larry the goldfish is back officially back yeah so you can invest in our gambling gold fish right my stock stock reels absolutely and it's totally real not a scheme is an investment opportunity for hey if you're one of the listeners out there who's had sex before your kid probably sit in the back of the car right now turned up real quick hey kid kid you want the college tell your day goodbye le restock hey kid do you like pets are like cool pets that you get to talk to you ever done well yeah except we've killed three of 'em ask your mommy and daddy to get you a goldfish so laree for larey three is in a video that we released so go watch it on barstool sports com laree four the actual goldfish is coming this week we're going to
him we're going to document that and if you want a shirt you can buy a shirt until october first a larry go owner ownership and then you get stock that's right to larry's entered into las vegas super contest again this year your money will be it okay trust us you put in a fun yeah i mean or use it for anything we're in the public eye here were you can trust us yes sports stars guys right exactly well frauds no even though that's that's the funniest or is like ninety nine percent your job as a sports talk guy is just accuse other brother tried being frauds yankees are frauds fraud rocks bombs are frauds it was ordered pinstripes of fraud hang on i got i got a judge i got to call yeah no no the tickets are legit yeah yeah i guess all of the primo i still don't understand what hedge fund like is it basically just
okay guys were we getting where we put our money going to do an oil you do in future no let's just be ticket scalpers yeah well the the guy outside madison square garden that tries to so you fake tickets yeah so we yeah we get these energy futures out there we're we're thinking that the price of oil is going to come back up when opec search tightening we all week where and then i got this guy in new york he's real good real moves does fall alright hot act okay taylor swift's new album i'm all right last up you forget to jumbo's we have talking tennis so i think i prematurely said i primi prematurely okay i see that's that roger federer was going to be in the final or the semi finals with rafa turns out i'd come and jump the gun on that one federal
lost to guy name l shop all really l shop how do you spell it s h a po okay so it's not not not or shall know its dennis dennis dennis shop chop over what okay so it is that it's it's a short name it's a nickname so who is in the semis dennis shop pullach first rough i think i don't know okay i didn't actually look up the other half so the but i mean as long as i still see rafa's name in there i just assume he's going to win probably your your pisses me off about tennis players all what do you cry when you win a tournament got a show it was really no you know you gotta get patrick machin wrote mackerel always goes and you got to love this display of emotion yeah yeah tennis or crier see god yeah you you collapse you gonna cry you point to your you know hot wife or husband depending on if it's women i watch women's tennis as well and
and then he kissed the trophy and everyone's like why the fund did we watch tennis again and that was talking tennis all right last up we have jim bows you had a little drunk idea though before you to jim yeah i to get drunk idea so i came up with what i think is about we might as well just have a new segment called million dollar ideas because we make we if somebody listen to the show and actually takes our brains and our ideas they could probably be millionaires many times over might be walking around with give shirts in a in a plano the flying around in a plane getting to th work done yeah hurricane swung we talked a little quicker debate hank you weren't actually here for this you see that hurricane irma it had like the perfect guy would you how many beers would take yeah fuccaro you see that thing it's like the perfect
whole type it is how it is i'm telling you the wise investor the wise entrepreneur will be making a hurricane irma fleshlight so how many beers hank how many beers would it take for you to fuck hurricane irma just laying around in the caribbean just like belly what do you think papa like seventeen she well she blows pretty hard okay wow you sure sure will do like crazy after seventeen yolanda case it always great crazy ones ok alright so what was your truck driving so my idea is like legit debated how many beers to fucka hurricane for like twenty minutes off there that's basically how we spent our thursday so my idea there is a gym right except it also has a laundry service built into it but what they'll do is this my gym car is it also in a car no it's not it could be but they just give you like a mesh bag and so you put your dirty gym clothes and all that shit
there and then they wash just one set of your clothes by the time you get back to the gym like two days later you've gotta set of jim close to where you don't have to worry about lugging a bag back i like it and i actually think it probably exists for rich people yeah this is what it is like a country where they're saying i i thought about it and i was like i maybe that really fancy jim across the street yes they do where all the people that have suits walk into yeah they they might have that's our walk in and there's the fancy jim's always have like the big water with q kerr numbers and then there's also a big water with orange slices and just a lot of fruit in your water and you fit you go there you steam and then that's it and then you get your laundry done i like gyms where it's just waits preferably old weights that are rusty yeah this should be a smell on your hands at a good mold smell get real healthy in there all right let's do our jimbos where we got i started watch game of thrones issue with my girlfriend i ended up
be liking the show she ended up breaking up with me unexpectedly and i haven't been able to watch the last two episodes because every time i try to start them give her and feel sad like a huge fuzzy i don't mean to laugh at that's not funny but yeah i didn't mean to laugh yeah yeah that's jimbo for yeah i don't even know where to go so i can watch goodwill hunting anymore because that girl broke up with me in seventh grade yeah this is so bad about this is a tough one maybe just read the spoilers through there you go with the spoilers read spoilers like i do don't watch the show oh just fast or the all the fucking scenes yeah yeah okay you know what i can have a good time without i don't need her yeah party time i don't need her to watch naked chicks okay the x are this is from a check i thought i turn on my bluetooth headphones press play in a of course it was right in the middle of talking tennis i was in the elevator with a seventy year old man who lives in my building oh ok that's not a bad thing at all
so what ok so when you get when you like when your grandparents get older they don't get to experience life much more you know in the like things aren't you know it's slower maybe they get to go to the mall every now and then but really there's nothing to live for getting in elevator with a younger woman while she's listening to two guys have fake orgasm's that's pretty fucking exciting like definitely told someone about yeah no it was a story for that week you may well i was gonna say made his month yeah i was like that he's gonna tell i'm not only all his family about it not only like his his friend i'm assuming he has one friend but like it next time you get to tear cut yes that's what their chat and yes it when he goes to the grocery store guess what you better believe the cashier's hearing that story act give full people little bit of excitement you don't need it i think which people in general should just start giving all people more material yeah surfing like don't don't do anything gross like deliver them food or anything wasteful like that
just like if you're in an elevator was somebody you know make a crass joke you're far embarrass yourself yeah do something that they can then because you know once i get memories that maybe they'll it'll help there you know the brain as it ages stimulates yeah exactly so good on you good on us actually really it's they're playing pornography around old people more yeah that's all really were asking i work in an office and had to do a three hour online training side to mute it click next through all the modules and listen to three episodes of pmt thought this was a check the sort of thing and it was unaware of the fifty multiple choice question test at the end saved they didn't pay attention failed and i have to redo it all over again i don't know like looking at a test at this point in my life we we should go back to school i don't know how to do tests that would be pretty funny 'cause like i think about that every now and then how much dumber i've gotten like like task chunk writing paper
that should scares me now yeah do these continuing education things it's a there's a general understanding that you actually have to get the questions correct on the test so all you really had to do was just if i was confronted with this situation and question one popped up i would just turn my computer off and restart started it and then i would go on to my boss billy okay did the thing and then you wait for him or her to come back to you later and be like hey some wonky happened right and like i don't know is wonky yeah are you sure they're good yeah are you sure this guy's good is job sure that my test was wrong yeah i mean didn't he got the first one wrong 'cause you didn't answer it yeah the second one seems like a tougher questions i think if you're in the workforce right now the vast if your job should be spent trying to not make more work for other people and it yourself
self well obviously put yourself first yes what do you got to make sure that it ended in let's go even though one suffer you got also make sure that whatever hits the fan you have someone else to blow up basically office life in america is just people competing to see who can just sit at their desk yeah longest here's a little tip if you know that someone is leaving sometime soon in your office cozy up to them because then you can tell everyone that you're doing work with them and once they leave you can just blame everything that you don't do on them for at least three months that's a great point yeah two so i had to put my third way i've definitely been the person that gets blamed why is my old coworkers like a year later is like how much stuff got blamed i mean they're like pretty much everything but like ninety percent of it was warranted absolutely yeah had put my thirteen dog down earlier this week on fox come on right before we to the vet my neighbor came over to say goodbye one last time as you
goodbye i made a joke saying i wish my dog had choked on the steak i fed last night so i didn't have to put her down my brother and i continue laughing and making jokes about how to be a perfect way to go out little did we know our neighbors dad had died from choking on a steak that's rough but i mean spin zone that's how andy we want to go i was going to say show me any retweet like hey sorry bout that look at ingredients three steaks at a time it could have been s maybe would have like lived long enough to be a four stake a night kind of guy so it was it's it's a great last meal i feel bad though because like that i would joke about pretty much anything this is the worst and joking donna someone's face when they like you don't know how much it hurts them see that person like i i don't know how we get this set up in in society but i feel like when you meet your neighbor they need to say that within the first like four minutes like hey my dad
died from joe gonna stakes it'll make any stick to all the trade that's on there yes yeah you need not to inform you of all your trigger price because i'm gonna make that you can yeah our last one it'll be bad radio jumbo i just want you guys to tell me what you think is happening sounds like it sounds like the itv knockoff version of jackass okay i'm going with one of those college slap offs and one guy gets knocked out it was a kid holding a beer can in front of a dartboard buttons beer in hand oh yeah oh yeah does it look the dudes excited to start stuck because he's so drunk right now 'cause he's such a dude that's college trunk where you just like you get really really
hurt me like this is hilarious yeah i'm a legend yeah this is awesome when you wake up and have leading out spinal surgery alright that is our show will see go on monday we have the return of paul and coach jim harbaugh love you
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