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Antoine Walker 06/22/2016

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The guys start the show with the topic everyone is talking about, where will Lebron go in Free Agency this summer. Highlights of the Kentucky Sports Radio takeover from 6-21 are included. Guest Antoine Walker joins the show to talk about Cal vs Pitino, what his draft night was like, memories of playing in high school with Donovan McNabb, and the fact that he has Michael Jordan's phone number but won't let us call him. Segments include "Could Alabama beat ____", "Olympic Update", "Thoughts and Prayers" for Stephen A Smith, "Not to Brag But..." for Jim Harbaugh having his 7th child and an all time "Ya Think aka No Duh" explaining why Hank is banned from both Uber and Lyft.
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i should like to welcome the party might take it is please it is june twenty second is wednesday june twenty second and what the thinking about is where braun james gonna go and free agency because he's devilish asked in cleveland anymore it's the hot topic
why is basically using cleveland i'd rather blog about this like like freddy prince use that chick racially cookin she's all that we agree with all the narrow down your audience on that one took their took her to prom with anger and who knows now he's going to smash and dash lebron james is going to go play minor league baseball for the chicago white stocks are less serious everyone has to talk about where the bronze going even though is not going anywhere but if he were back to miami i'm gonna say miami i'm gonna say miami or power rank of quit power argues whereas a wrong number one miami number two too washington dc to joint given to rent number three to the spurs to is absolutely destroys relationship with great pavlovitch number for the clippers number five lakes i say number one the lakers
and he switches name till abroad brian and where's kobe bryant jersey all next year or here do you like we said with with came newton and he could change the name to let you can convert to islam yup like rim abdul jabbar and so for the rest of his career he could be like leubronn abdul sheep sharif how how sad is it that this is like become actual topic is not really a topic for people s if regency we having on the draft yet and three which the here is a good sign and if the bronze unilever not if he makes the cat pick some one that he likes cause people forget maybe made sure bows napier he made the heat take em and any dashed down because my favorite player in the draft oh shit if we take surveys napier maybe he'll stay is my car just kidding i just made the heat weaker you'll be great is if he just screwed then gilbert he managed grace nouns virtue
do i was gonna say like if he could convince dang gilbert to pick race now and right and then go to toronto unlike finnish out his are you in canada reality wonderful ah it this is crazy though that this is like people actually want to talk about it they haven't even neighbouring non prayed yet i think the greatest today basically the parisian it's your last chance to see leubronn cleveland piazza enjoy it because he's get the hell out of town kevin durrant if governor i want to save us from the summer because this is what happens every summers like the nba files it at the sailor cup final stilicho play i'll send the nba finals and a few days later and then your like oh shit we have hundred more baseball games until the major league baseball klaus annually we're fucked but you know what it is it's actually the start of my favorite seasonable and that's mount rushmore sees yes oh that officially got kicked off this week we're gonna do about rule review of mount rushmore everyday i think we should be working to create the debate amount
us more every day we don't have one for today no no what do we have any amount hovered about we do mount rushmore days of the week ok like ok my my mouth rushmore days a week is friday saturday thursday and there's really i've just three days i can put in place they now sunday sought a guy tuesday underrated all these issues as awful to say sucks i actually like choose the eggs i feel like you get yourself monday's bad than to say you get going either get gears go i'll bet you maybe get that you did primer most productive day what about wednesday humpty no ex archer thing wednesdays underrated and that as our mouth rushmore summertime out rushmore those the kick we kicked off there
gotta go very celebrate embraces debate we're ready to do it it's gonna be a whose now and mount rushmore all summer long on part might take some get excited i two things i want to bring up one we have the nfl nba drafts i tomorrow it's on a disappointing because like unless someone tweet video like doing a gravity bomb naked or something it's can't even complicity nfl drafts a huge letdown huge let down the the pageantry the just the electric the end in all the bells and whistles i go along with the nfl draft there's absolutely none of it for the nba it's basically here's the abuja draft here's how you get the entire experience or go you sit on your couch you drink one beer and then you refer hush adrian words analyses twitter feed for three hours that's that's your entirely
the draft experience i actually though i kind of like the nba drafts simply because of the foreign guys a draft and then they'll show highlights of them like talking against no one against it no go be doing no that like they drafted it demands drafted that indian dude last year and i think he actually missed some shots in his highlight real the second round gets really weird where you have these weird like chrome croatian guys were playing gets a bunch of five two guys or they're doing you know dribbling drills against chairs and in its it's great cause you just what it what do we do when they thinking what do they do as i gather matched up against stray dogs yet like wandered their way it's like astronauts is brothers in a tiny jim with a broom like holding it up any shooting over it and that's why you picked them
i don't i don't know what it is about european players but like my instinct is like whenever ones taken i'm like why would a dumb pick it doesn't matter i sought for presented in that's not that's an offensive exercise notes as europe and julia there's just like it to be making a generality voluntary country although off guys you're a sock europe is a terrible country so when they went to i think it's all i said was iron oh boy here comes another gallantry ill i guess that's my level of new wants when it comes to european leaders be up and a new whenever they take an asian guy was a guy's name for the box was named hank yeah come on help me chinese guy he was like a top five pick when sport think
we have an easy ok and so when they take an asian guy they'll take an age a guy like it's another ye jingling so i'm happy we saw a showed what tat up yesterday if you missed it we took over kentucky sports radio two hours it was a wild time i think we made a few new friends we also made some enemies that's ok if you looked on twitter after we had some people saying it was the worst show ever that they would that they needed i don't think the show even its free but they want the money back that's always fun when someone s room money back for something free but what we ve done is if you missed it you can listen to the whole show we treated a bunch of time being go to kentucky sports radio dot com we also have a highlight package for you so let's do
the highly package it is june twenty first we're alive kentucky sports radio if you don't recognize my voice you shouldn't recognize it this is part of my take the podcast presented by bar stool sports we are taking over kentucky sports radio for the next two hours i am big cat i have joined by my co host pfc commenter and i as we also have our producer handsome hank in the studio how we feel and voice downgrade along came a day so little warns eve on i just like to say that i am questioning anybody's intelligence has listened to us right now and not turning into first take to cease payments is pretty call on russia possibly the greatest
sports entertainer of the last hundred years we to go away to plug we deploy the competitors yeah so skip you were thinking about you but you know we're coming for you cracks were competing it's enough so i would like to see when patina in california both in their uprooting is is there some star there that that has enough cash enough pool where they can get both patino and cooperate in the living room at the same time if you like we're going to do this like judge judy style you get your chance to talk you get your chance everyone gets rebuttal and then by the end of it under make my decision they sell paper view for that paper view little extra cash to the programme dont know where that cash is gonna go but it's a little extra cash in the programming here's another fun fact about this little feud cow party i guess was telling my glue picasso might loop because in the middle of the stats always fun he should be the celebrity rough little might look like a mighty of income little my group because i dont want usual part my take listeners calling in that seems hard
but we want the kentucky sports radio guys call again we want people i wanna accident when i hear you see you talk to i love kentucky no one here from kentucky and some of my favorite coal mining companies are kentucky and set so life bring it in i want to hear you i won't hear you tell us how little we know about kentucky when you talk about the great it i got it back to guys tell perry that cannot be our executive all why are we talking about what the greatest sweden in wisconsin history is on a final bore over consecutive two years ago you know it for for every year is a different thing but you know always thinking whether we are in fact we are we do want to hear about that was gone dennis oh no man last year you guys but what you're like five hundred in your coat you quit in the minute even colleague any gonna get on here talking tragedy
your wine like them i asked you a question sir are you are you mad right now no you sounded mad you sounded like you're getting a little mad what game would you like to play or remarks it's a racehorse or porn star tell us something about the south patino verse coach cow say cow now or kentucky football trivia i will do patina verse coach house it took less than fifteen seconds who said that our governments you know that's really do you guys know you're potatoes really appreciate what game would you like to play i was do the worship ok so we're gonna do to option so parties good do want to nominate due on you tell us one into a way to answer the first one is felicia blow and then the second one is see biscuit crammed ago our son
porn star second one bright you really know your poor man you must watch a lot of porn went home really well who are parts of the world but the second the definite was trying to paris scared eric but it would go on how you do it eric i knew i will die from where you come from i'm looking at you but i'm leaving child support court infants and eighty so on that it back the war will now everyday lives eric that's a classic story right their merit came about when you're up in cincinnati did you have any skyline we had a mobile phone eighty actually odin wow besides i'm gonna dig up there we don't have a model now when you were a child support court did the judge bring that up that you each skyline all the time because that seems like a negligent father now not negligent what i did i had my daughter's every other week end their muggers but use level do you feed them skyline
i call on all man see see if i was that charge i would it i would have given the mother all customs custody there i will not deny that everything here again i want to play whenever yeah ok so which gave you wanna play what did the porn star race or saying ok owners when his christie canyon and the second one is secretariat ok i'm a go
the first one is porn star echo and resource damn man you don't have least you watch porn like the static exactly they watch a ton of one tonne appoint fats other wild cats in they watch porn that's really all you guys do as we do not allow at you are correct about you guys got and not with guys and waken my heart eerily is another issue the tar territory on air doesn't really big mistake by me i ain't what game do you want to play with us copper california bettina real popular game to that her husband look at her four times and she got pregnant
no no that's that's patino sorry usual not by an amount that those in regard to fertility miscarriage cipher take who forgets that quote we now bring on sam alone former kentucky wild cat human victory cigar never lost gamey played in what games you are play let us put you gave it to you you got hoarser porn star tell us something but the south jeanne overs cow pary or kentucky football trivia what does that tell us about the cell then the paperwork albert okay so tell us something about the south is how it works you tell us something about the south will tell you something about the nor so tell us something about your time in kentucky are being in the south the northern wouldn't know i was always
often when you ask someone in a sort of question as i do what you like i never asked you to do it the greatest they do alas tonight i'm ever really you what you were never really that remains that says that's like a ye all think do what okay so now working to tell you something about the north in the north most people are literate unlike the south woe are we now have the universe campfires opiates he's gonna give you that a committee of inquiry utilities as patino counterpart get down my leg i did it down my leg go to the city of its own accord child might have said that i don't really think but i know that i think i got rising back up i think i heard something wrong it was gonna bruce screw you do i'm fellow worker from taking umbrage with with the with the guy
but the joke about literacy oh don't pay bruce someone you said i thought that was a little bit overland so bruce if you notice what i said was i said people in the north are general generally very literate i never said anything about the south that is your own biased kicking in their little insecurity you know i'll get it disappointed the materials i'm waiting for the one about sleeping with your sister or haven't more teeth and westward junior so you just store magics live hoping now she got forest bruce what that that that's about it i guess it was drowned even the score hello about their breath like to tell you why we would like to open up the floor to you right now to make a sweeping generalization against people from the north yeah please do yankee their carpetbagger yeah but entirely rather let's do it the best thing i ever saw come out of all how will they be growing now
again i dont get that your put it was a good one i can guess out a little kentucky while rivalry got it wrong with our kate listen prisons is exactly what we wanted to do we want to we want to chop up would you guys you know we make photo you make fun of us but we are at the end of the day we like sports we like day out we know guys be induce cover what gave you wanna play bruce i guess the italian football fans nobody's yet kentucky football two thousand and one what was the record i'm gonna go with that too you are right i like you bruce you bruce you got that you get us i know you get us
like us but you get us and that's all we bruce this was the best call the day i'm giving you stay on the line will send you you're give package in the mail no actual do ever wendy's call today we can give oh bruce wendy's you want it pulled you ten dollar gift card wendy's we didn't even know we had to give away and we just gave when these nuts was bernie bernie how are you bernie where he called from doctor i'm gone from massachusetts ok so you are you're more part might take lesser think tugging radio listened ok maybe i d like you over there okay so what you got worse bernie why why talk or around i just don't think this at colleges or outraged as it should be like ways a story than had been in the news happened maybe a month ago but it is very important to us the breton circus of the immediate finalizes distracted us from finding the real killer now i completely agree in
this is why the new i know it was far away from ass useless boycott and pulled at the current doing couple google search i died i think i'm on the subway ok let's hear injustice anywhere is it is a threat to justice everywhere so thank you for pointing that he got the drift believe i've been looking around and i believe a kid with a plan and a well known fact that their that new shooter and still more stable bernie is drop in some conspiracy theories about hurrah basic marilla you didn't think this was gonna happen today zaki swartz reason only have followed up with like what happened to the past that they landed on the one shooter like is he's still alive or as somebody little taken him out there it come on
some video clips on twitter now man and you can hear one shot go off and quickly a second and did they just sounded like you know whether from the same angle maybe look the other way and i heard there was a second male monkey and le pen with her on this and looking around you know you can all around me did that other thriller money now you just getting all the facts do not use the alpha now all easy to set up a bernie i like and i like where you're going with deliberately this is true in the animal kingdom it's a gorilla if it's a lion there's always alpha male yeah he's having sex with everybody wanted running on until the now on it is often takes him out if it gets even dream further the fever are you now to work quickly closer you know jane goodall yes
its guerrilla scientist famous grow assigned ass you know learning found like good up roger did not at all roger good though only thirty hope is something lord irony i figure on it by the very clear like like me say we're not conspiracy theory guys but we are connected to connect the dots guys this is shown up a lot of patterns only rarely you gave us a lot to listen to i want everyone to go and dig deeper before we let you go what game would you like to play but puts through the rate for ok right here we gotta alexis texas roman approval point thirty and then the rate for thank you gotta get alot of politics in massachusetts yeah bernice from the north pole i guess that's not just exclusive to the south on the grassy this is how we become brundusium from north dig you burn appreciate your call it i love the sugar
river knock at his door later from their birth he's in trouble for all the surrounding bernie set bertie knows too much is what it comes down to it with her on the ground yet we got some good love back garden one guide tweets address just to let us know that i'm right kentucky was a union state but they cannot be kept her options open right so i like you said there like to stephen smith you ought to be a noncommittal you want to be non committal one of war broke out exactly you won't be on the wrong into his room right right you can pick and choose choose your own adventure i'm a civil war that if you lose by when you can always go back and put up statues lose inside rain who had been your favorite gap on part my take so far and aside from the obvious certain questions separately j j wot who is your wife will offer you began again and hank that matter who is the life blood of the plaza as we know good good
let's do this i'm gonna give you let's do your game in order to answer your question after we let you go so what game do you want to play real quick i'm coming after so i know nothing about the south so i guess my only option is the starting point the first one is heather brook and then the second one is nigh quest it's a tough one point turn horse you got it man we appreciate that i wouldn't let you go over to answer your question were after that you go so he asked through our favorite guest was on part of my take we ve had some pretty good ones i'm actually gonna go i thought tony shuffler was one of our best guess he was very he played today for the denver broncos and for the detroit lions he was really honest cunning
its shot from the hip which was a lot of fun who else i mean but blake griffin was also great just as it was found to have someone who's that big star camacho i think my two favours both came from the grit tour when we are on the road travelling through the rest belt when we met with that was rob ryan yes that was pretty incredible he came on r r we in the case of beer for his troubles and and he was he was in his element in like a thirty ass or if he be up dip cancel of ground and empty beers just ruin round like he was really happen to be there he was grateful pointy was great my second was gonna be jim trudell actually up trestle i know he's probably persona non grata that means like somebody who's welcome don't treat our listeners in kentucky like they're stupid i trust always was created using great interview because we brought up putting too because we heard that you speak a big and he went on for about thirty minutes non stop talking about just different the that he remembered and then we ll catch and we gotta go and we start walking out the door
any gravest and really all i remember this one point it gives northern ireland away back in my view is very bothered he was very bothered by plants it happened twenty years ago for white whales we have generally what he's obviously the biggest one out there i'd say love to get aaron rodgers on the show we'd love get coach cow maybe coach cal patina double shell haven't both on at the same time yeah we can ask them questions about like who said this to each one of them vs ie if they can guess there because i would also like to see i'd like to get joe flag on the show to ask him if he thinks he's elite that would be like a dream scenario forming the up and then my man danny what had because i'm taking if anyone had off the list i loved any i gotta put deleon lisa judge alluvium little you can get a guy with an accent on a show its so what's gonna michael michael what's up quite he got drew a plan to combat a letter dated
this month and michael somebody's calling from australia and i did i why you might michael scanty i wanted right up dolomite sandwiches one of the slightest fancy individual sandwich more you're right i can employ staff the clump lies above all really football does have a girl at her report later on she is i have good twitter winner of the day john wrought rubik's hair he's been tweeting at us all day here son is tweets almost she's gonna give him the whole the whole process so you get outguess but the prize up gonna give twelve percent after one person thirteen percent off the other you're getting the whole twenty five percent off john arabic he's been listening all day he says i'd rather listen to ryan lemon talking traffic school for two hours and listen this garbage anymore i'm all about
college controversial but to hire some guys to only this is asked on uk for two hours was a great call great was being sarcasm put out insults yet met these guided the worst thing in radio yeah i set it one fact wonder yeah you just what their john you did it what you norther northerners used for birth control their personalities that's a good one get goin john see you don't want a retreat on john tat was a really good dig i appreciate that that shows that we can have one john you just one the kentucky branded sweeter the day you get twenty five percent of kentucky sports radio gear and free shipping for orders of thirty dollars or more congratulations that's a big day nick nick what you got a lot of people are now
like what's the bees were skyline shelly i mean you and ps3 both look like chile guys i'm not a lot i wanted nothing more my life than to be a scale actually then i went into it we based our wearing like a scowl anti t shirt i was like really excited about this i was one that suggested let's have skyline for breakfast before we run milk mile and its there's just no apologizing for i don't know what the deal is its half liquid it's it's spaghetti i could get behind it maybe if there wasn't spaghetti the bottom maybe taken couple base load up cheese a lotta cheese if you ground up sometimes had the baseball peppino abysmal i would be ok with that but the spaghetti at the bombs i can even i can't begin to abolish it has its two great reader handled by air is there we go yet i take you nick thinks you're the call yet skyline we are not
we are not able to handle the greatness of skyline chile if you want to spend it that way we're the masses spends on i like that's pinzon are thirsty steve woody this really enjoyed so today in fact calling the mob kentucky ok steve we appreciate and did you know us before today show the law on real billions looking up your part the yes side steve we lugging stevie view we really appreciate you getting our sense of humor you can we subscribe on part my take and thanks for listening all day we appreciate that her personal regard by law you have a question we are going to produce pike clearly it oh so i what what game do you want to play
but i know well i'd ever it's a game that sweeping the nation i think that this is this is the one that mad jones is going to have to keep going forward and this is the last one that we got eyes here is the last one one don't you another could you represent one thing lead to another level yeah yeah yeah there we go we appreciated that is thank you i just want to say for the record like i think tat you know say what you want about louisville they definitely have the horny is ass lennox staff of all time between like freedom like what kind of weird parties are going on behind the scenes live louisville they like to go a little you know but you know got in that accident in arkansas whoop pigs
whatever they say but it is itself a currently in everybody s yeah that's your everyone getting warrior in arkansas we know that but light is not toe the line right here we have two minutes left we're gonna quickly do i just recap of our patino verse cow quote trivia here were the courts we said if you hadn't get out there aren t nobody here they are ok i dont care condoms patino her husband looked at her four times and she got pregnant patina it took less than fifteen seconds red partido what they lead to another that's right patino to ensure parties utility with as if a ball game she came to basketball game she was extremely cordial she kissed me hello every time she saw me she was very nice debts
some may think was ashley judd and coach cow but it actually is writ patina i did it down my leg repetition now asking us to so that was our rick partido verse coach cow trivia i think that's a keeper here i think if we ve left one thing format jones it's that he needs have that game every time that's a key to having a successful radio show mad i won't tell you how to do your job like keep that keep the patino ports that highlight package was brought to you by movement watches envy empty watches listen i'm a watch guy i've always been searching for good watches movement watches has the best watches in the world and their cheap eighty five dollars ninety five dollars for wash it looks like a five hundred dollar watch i wear my movement watch
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do it all right we now welcome on antoine walker former nba all star he currently works for one hundred and twenty sports you should check them out there download the app one hundred and twenty sports quan thank you for joy yes i know you golf early this morning so i want to first start the draft coming up on thursday do you have like a favorite graph memory or maybe regret like your suit wasn't pursuit game wasn't on point or anything like that that you want to share with us now actually less care was actually pretty gonna end up having to green silk incorrect bad itself decide exactly a pretty girl what that with the regular muscle but not at the drop is especially timing may follow these guys right now to marges gang rape drappin are your dreams come true and ass the one thing that i do remember just being able to shed a moment with my family and friends and no one i'm gonna get dragged obsolete ever know which way
we're gonna to go but no you're about to fulfill your dreams is it was always special to me always remember that so back an elementary school i remember one year i went i went from like thirty fourth grade and i was so excited because i hate my teacher in third grade and then she moved up to be my fourth grade teacher you were playing with the celtics wear you like a little bit upset or were you excited that rick pitino your college coach is going to be a pro coach you know what's funny man quotes had such a great relationship in college that i was excited that he came to the nba he was a little one so it is a million that is as far as it was a call itself but i ain't
common and others it didn't work out very well for him individually so he was tough a map way with about thirty five guys in two and a half years he was really impatient in the process of making guys developed so it was tat was all i seen him in a different light now surmounted break patino that they want eighty percent of gaining gets an mba and is a big difference in it as far as the losses and he struggled with that was an awkward when he got to the nba and all of a sudden he was making more money than you were as post like i kentucky i was making more money than the one you get an inside of you today i think he would make you like forty million the bill gmail account so you want to pay me so i was excited about it he did he get giving my first met contracts so i guess it out we're gonna do so potatoes actually in the news right now he
he's in a little spat with coach cow where do you side on that because obviously coach cows kentucky and potatoes now louisville but you have some loyalty two patino sore you just gonna stay like switzerland there like what it where are you staying out of this whole thing at they cause cows taking i heard some his comments about you know you should know what's goin on your programme and those things in a truly takes coat side on this i don't think he knew that may give the go ahead for the planet i think he was caught our surprise but it causes not around the dorms and in those things with the guys notice way has hires is ex coaches or young coaches to select and held a type of stuff so my takers car signature they don't really like each other i think is open a nose open season caught between a from a lot of people
am i feel bad for us is tat one cause he was a strict programme he's always you the other day that goes on this programme who wins in a greco roman wrestling match coach collar patina cost me a break a shape elections in better shape a comical costly ok that's good answer when you are i turkey you mentioned to be kind of a strict programme did they have somebody that was i follow you around making sure that you weren't tipping disturbers too much in the dorms year we are european we live it call the wildcat lot so it was crazy we live in a place where just a basket where's we're had so we're submit schools tyranny today show obviously your chicago legend mao carnal you played high school donovan mc nabbs did he ever few during a game in high school now
i know of the green man appeared in a while but i am on the basque while going now is a tremendous aptly so we d never we never had a problem that basketball ass ye d still keep in touch with them yes was the obviously obsolete off on a daily basis by become home summertime in chicago using out a couple days when home did his mom ever bring you guess soup after practice knives mama's boy though these various boy oh they or their emma i definitely can attest to that in ice gully yelled the bills on the bills are wasn't whistles and everything he got everything complicated so like what you mean i mean mamma i was born i thought would be a well you know he was able to mama's boy classic down
classic donovan so obviously nba final just wrapped up you played and one an mba championship with the miami heat you off played in some northern cities do you think leubronn is given that each to get back down on south beach now but i think you can get one the title not you can put it could allow different scenarios together i think you cry when i thought about leaving i think obviously now when he can go nowhere but i do believe they did lose he will it work in the time but i thought he would try to go where i think you will go back to miami at the west and entertainment chris paul
as its ways about that you'd like real quickly that cairo was the real deal that he is he absently as i did you see the story it was like by two weeks ago the came out the shack used to come to practices sometimes unlike come out fully making which us issues on did he ever do that miami alta seriously yeah it becoming a local saw you know does like us up showers that become very by us and points out on an eleven up your come out just naked yet i shall but he would you dont like you'd walk onto the court naked they don't like were not necessarily come on a golden do that when we play with me but ass you're coming to mark rome several times do it there was a lot of talk with this ambition i know that the nba is rigged the nba i know you're in had a lot of talk about being possibly rigged do you
why are you conspiracy theories guy do you have any feeling that maybe the there is like a little shady business going on now i think i was happy the referees is tough on them reveries happen let the players make sense that they can our final dewie waiting game three young couple call that they could have one either way but there happens you'll see the whole thing is tat advantage and another dimension can we be basque where would they say that it would be a penalty self and gives a while when they first suspension of dante job attaches they went overboard you put yourself in the top positions are ready to join my brain suspension should a habit the black james to him now he had to defend yourself the referee was right on the plate even make a call or give a double technical thousands of italy's come in at the back we'll officials do not make the call may see the play happening come in
she got so i just think they put myself in its opposition by doing that it was the bad timing out see the momentum was one donor states way in an ugly gonna cost the same i don't know if they were one and the non obliges the carrier about forty one piece out on all join my green mixed epic differ in their situation will certainly would it ultimately came down to where the battle of two superstars being superstars and i want to know who you'd rather have on your side when it comes to putting somebody in the dick matthew della dover or dream green i met you double yeah good choice i like that choice i like that choice lot do you think first all the envious change obviously big eyes you know that the pace and space mba is here you obviously your six years six nine your power forward you shot the three do you
you now say to yourself man i wish i was you know came came in the nba a little bit later because i would have been such a you know even more of a premiere guy and follow up question do you still think you go out there and shoot like how many threes would you head if you play the game today the first part of that question now obviously i think when i was doing the people i took about a criticism for let me put me up they were called to them allow me to do it because they know members until it any mammy shooting itself it was never a problem with the cultural unattended outbreak so i feel good about that right now that's the ball in eighteen months so maybe forty amalgam give myself fifty percent maybe forty percent i liked it that's it it's one walker confidence that i remember yeah
for a moment what was certainly until the ball eighteen months ago i mean don't take me when i get back and looting why have you not touch upon eighteen months maybe book play ball for twenty years and don't feel need touched in more you just kind of look at a basketball you like you avert your eyes i'm not a game i just don't have any of the plant thinking about plan again listed at some day you everyday talk about him get back in shape and planned somersault i'm starting at the age of ten doyle's not back and shapeless get that he's a mutual friend of ours he's not back and shaping six years but he's not a nobody's that glass or sudden about yourself landlords ourselves done up started it is to get back out their team doyle talking about himself away that's to me do you ever like when you do something cool your personal life do you still pass out the wiggle every now and then
have retired widow went out the sad and retire on others about land i'll never know my tribe started back why you're playing golf today after we had a good shot you like on your way to put the club back in your bad you weren't just like shaken shows a little bit pump this i really that that is not a pleasant up that the point of each one i need to live in a world we're ants one walker is like doing what you know maybe you know you go to starbucks in you throw your seat in the trash than you give yourself a little wiggle not every not ever gets beyond the club of some i might have a loose me a major good good because i don't want to live in a world where the wiggle doesn't exist anymore i'm up i had to bring up something i don't know if you wanna talk about this your twitter do you know how to crop pictures you had a little problem with it a year ago
on the other will you get out of control months whether on the social media guy i did the beginning but i thought you know somebody else so i can t was being put on my twitter need to get back on it though you do because what happened was a year ago like the rivers running it they tweet pictures but they would leave the google search and so was like it's one walker all set our game like that was the search is like anton walker pictures i was assertion that it would be incurred and then you had the one where tammy to texas when said stop centimeter voicemail that's the rule are you still sending to imitate voicemail how many times do you have in your phone or enough on justice by the sight of them not just of personnel
you need to hear you need to tell the personal roger out there just use that crop button it's not that hard on the iphone it's it's it's funny though you we everyone should follow its want for real though its walker answers on yeah that's a larry's at one quick question dude still keep in touch with dwayne way i was not the way now spoke to us about two months ago does he making column way of wade now let us go and d and never never gone away away now just me is there anybody in the world that cause and where would i don't think so beata links get that the catch on it didn't work maybe gabby yeah maybe gabby that's true i we will wrap it up the anymore question i think we're going so we will wrap it up with our final two questions we ask all largesse first one is whose most
we must pursue your cellphone michael jordan com none of these if i say please up we take on how i can you talk to m j a couple times a year that does the present was gone if europe play cards you get some of course how is that paradise did you every year take money off michael jordan replay spades are allowed to play poker someplace paid so now play space at your place bank is joining the salzburg that's that's that's my game ok nice i saw you sure you want to call my m j not at all i wanna go ok i just want to make sure you know that's not just me being a really good host and making sure i'm accommodating to our guests
my final question question ass it you don't have to answer bomb ask anyway what was the most money ever put on a black jack hand by twenty going that was probably exhilarating right now i was normal like twenty granting i've just thinking about that for myself that's crazy i have one last my question to you still talk to personal as public support and in about four years now currently but we will get whereas we have a bad we go about this i got a phone numbers get across not say their phone numbers a lot and we just have above back into each other got it you don't probably has pompiers number michael jordan we link it all up a three way through echo antoine we really appreciate it is there anything you want to plug or anything you want to talk about
no just got to take me out of one twenty would when the draft more wealth thursday in the infirmary exit so best was the council s ibm once when you cut more time for a season and then take me out next year also what one twenty sports for everyone at home it's an app you can download ants ones on it humming nights a week you do are you on one twenty three or four of the hopefully also ammonia that awesome yea could see ants wanted tim doyle can do i will talk about himself anton law should give you some real insight from solar actually plainly nba it's a good app download it her face was appreciate beg you ain't one have a good one eight thousand great interview with ants one there's a lot of fun i really thought maybe using a call michael jordan there it's like you is waffling and if you had pushed him a little bit harder i think maybe you would have done it i mean
to get a little strong arm on ants want to get that phone call done but we are now we have now had to guess on they show that are in direct contact with an with michael jordan so we're circular we're sort written the bodily injury already we're we're coming for that ass i see some segments real quick we have a story that you're going to introduce right now that's right this takes us back to i think it was our very first episode that we ever did wherever first segments was could alabama beat them or like can they beat alabama this one could alabama beat the united states criminal justice system and the answer is yes so we got you ve got to albania football players can robinson and lords hooty jones and delays in the district attorney from watching a parish has declined to press charges on them for drugs and guns and his reasoning was i'm not a quorum request
i want to emphasise once again that the main reason dollars because i refuse to ruin the love of two young men who spent their adolescents and teenage years working and sweat and while we were all in their condition that was district attorney jerry jones ah so i haven't seen the store ever seen the pictures do the boys have album swoops no no they're no i don't think that us here that's racist i guess it's races their basically declining to discharge is just because there are at least are being open about this and are saying like we're not going to charge these guys with crime because the really good at football i love this this is just this just shows the cultural difference between the north and south the anti pacification of america by alabama where view play football
you basically are immune to the justice system that's never actually backfired if you look at a place like maybe biller where they have everything in order you either the football players you know you just know if you play football you're a good guy it's a good tone to set and they are the only danger is like if louisiana isn't isn't careful there are going to set up an environment where
to be gone crimes might occur more often and like that's something to look around all games yeah that's somethin dandelion like maybe it's not gonna happen like now but five ten years from now this type of thing keeps up like look out louisiana might become a little bit more dangerous so the answer what what's the answer to the second question the answer is yes alabama can be to united states criminal justice is that's it it does beg the question if these guys were basque poplars do they get the same for treatment or if they played football and a dome like if these were two lane football players got it and they play the superdome no they play in
air conditioning i think he got throw the book out and you need to be out in the sun have a beat you down the two days mtv show shout out one of the all time tv shows that that was a great shall i like what they're doing because i i think if you spend these guys are few arrest him and you put him in jail who are the real victims here is the fans that like to watch these kids play yup so keep the boys out there let him have their fine withered who amongst us hasn't got arrested for gun and drug trafficking in rural louisiana in the past look bygones be bygones points will be boys i had never heard anything let's go to and olympic update some fun stuff from rio there is a video that was uploaded a shooter was shooting onto a crowded highway engine basically showing that rio's pretty much set for the olympics and i have to ask you this
why are we doing the olympics in a country where this type of gun violence is rampant it's awful isn't it like you were a third world problem that's why we should only have the olympics in places like the united states i think i said last time new orleans new orleans should host every single azure sporting event done yet chicago chicago manufacture cargo lost out on this olympics to rio probably this was before the gun violence is correct i don't know maybe bring it back just bothers me that were sending are good old boys and girls from the u s vey down to rio where there's people shooting and people owning guns illegally it's scary i don't like it it's scary keep him
glass where everything safe nice people follow the law you know have this type a gun problems come on cleaning hey real stay classy that's your lips update and speak evil and pick up did what's quickly talk soccer we actually recording this before the big game argentina verse usa because hank impunity were in chicago they had to catch flights so let's just say this us a great job huge game even in defeat i think this was big for soccer i think this is really the game that turns it around i mean you're playing a powerhouse like argentina you've represented yourselves will let their lads you strapped on the boots yet competed on the pitch and as long as you don't lose like by three goals i think that this is huge for soccer
think maybe if you injure messy that would be pretty beauty for saccone i say like everybody loves a bully the other maybe severely injured messy and make him not able to play soccer ever again i think you can you get it but a new fence yards it's because if there is anything that fence in the ice it paid it's like a little europe the initial guy i know he sought american but really kemal europe and thus his european a little european guy this dancing around circles like that's a guy that if we injured him i think you'd see a lot more fans of soccer in the short european guys watch out for them in history there was also a little bit along the same lines like if the united states if we start to lose really badly you see the european cleanse been like defect to argentina sneakily industry to hide out on the sidelines for the rest of the game it could happen interpol doesn't catch him only going to happen and that was talking soccer i i've i hope we lose like for nothing now after that whole clip
i know that that i would feel awful if bessie like got really injured we hope also sends happen but we lose for nothing and messy like breaks is i wouldn't miss expand that's mine she might area today by both access himself yeah yeah ok never plays another game again in its most devastating and sad injury then has to live in alabama for years was sorry not sorry this one's quick i ask for two cavaliers delhi different kind of vast delhi mates splashes on the internet he celebrated cedar point he went on some rollercoaster i love that guy isn't nice loki celebration fidelity because i would imagine that just living one day in australia you get way more don't ruin rush than you do going on rollercoaster so like this is kind of a day off for daily terrain it easy is probably like sip in some nice wine and by me your mom
find me your steepest drop and it's nothing like grown up next to kangaroos rattlesnakes and what's a quasi qual quality meat but your yeah you're leaving out the brown snake the white shark the white sharks yes delhi just gonna take it easy going on a solo trip to cedar point you suck legs some guys get made fun of we're going to the movies on their own i personally like to do that and if you ve ever done that going tuna amusement park on your own winning an mba championship that's a boss me right there and then the other sorry not sorry j smith sorry not sorry j smith knock across europe for the rest the summer neither my i need a solitary the jasmine just go sure why not i i like tat move because you know what it's almost like he's it's almost like he's a traffic light that thanks are held me other guys
look at me like that we also need submission is off which means its green all summer like let's go let's party lets you now ok sleep with everyone when he puts his shirt back on that's the red light maybe he has a tank top for like august you like ok maybe gr smith's going back the gmo little black shirts on parties over boys yeah yeah it's it's actually very polite way of asking right to leave that should be the new thing if you go to jail for the boys your basically saying i'm ready to partner is an open invitation i we have thoughts and prayers to our boy stephen s really really bad day for seven days to he had first a video go viral where he predicted he incorrectly predicted the dinner of six street mba finals that's impressive even though he picks both sides yeah that's impressive for him i feel like its cherry picking video yeah yeah you can get because ego
both ways so like taken out of context anything stephen smith's could says could be wrong like when you said like ok so we only said that he thought been ruthless burger was a good guy one time what about all the other times he was on first take and didn't say that he would like lead been ruthless pretty take his infant daughter right and you know you said johnny rice should think about what she did to four three rice to puncture but i think before that he said not to be controversial right and then ever since and i i haven't heard him say that again yeah so he's been seeing a lot of words since and he's never set it right cherry picking internet statistically he's probably the least controversial personnel the amount of words that a smith says you're right i think you're right also thoughts and prayers he lost his best friend it ass his best friend and he lost his golden goose that kept linked to the gym eggs of takes
i think we need to send a special shout to skip bayliss its truly the end of an era i dont think that what they're going to do with come on on fox borders can be nearly ass good cause he's gonna get ask her soft he's not have somebody s fiery to debate stephen s it's like creating two dogs from each other that have grown up together their whole life right and they're just can be both at around the house chewing at their own feet like biting the base boards it's gonna get ridiculous i just wish that we could have found a forever home for both and that would have taken them both man that's just may be said that that was a great analogy made me said finally we have why we have two more we have not to brag jim heart is pregnant with his seventh child i loved it's just because it sodium harbour like jim harbour is treating child bearing
we're in the nineteenth century any needs as many children as possible to keep the farm got well he's gonna kill one or two of em like he's gonna over yes oh yeah i men like murder no noriega like air accidently like a negligent like yours you theo by like bench press yard roguish press are like you need to chop this court of wood and then like when they start to pass out these are children adam i also wouldn't be surprised if jim harbours sex life has just when he's trying to procreate yea jim harbour like he get he doesn't it put in the mood he's just like walking round house and spontaneously has an erection right and he and then he just grabs wife he's like its backing we're having a baby again we want and we're it's time to time to have another baby it's back harbours back jimmy june so as you go for like
you get to seven you gonna get to keep going until you get double digit i think you have to fill the full football team you gotta get to eleven you nobody out there is walk around eight kids right or nine kids philip rivers zone is what we should have actually maybe that's the best store the two thousand sixteen arms race jim harbours phil rivers who can have more kids i'm i'm not philip rivers out because it jim harbour had about what a fifteen year headstart on the up so like rivers is come from behind canna guy accept these come from i think you know i'm saying i do know you're saying i finally we haven't you think maybe the best you think we ve got we do now this is gonna hear it takes them build up together but their worries us do last night the three of us me big cats edward chicago right now we got into a lift big had picked hangin i yeah mysteriously
during the day no lives would come to pick up hank and ankara's like i don't know why none of these cars going to pick me up is weird so again today our finally we gotta live and the driver turns relics of hang it says who'd you piss off what would it over and the driver gets you have like the worst rating of the passenger that i've ever seen on lift why is that in exile i'll know although i have already and so we ask will hang like have you ever likened to a fight i think three said yes to punch you ever going to fight with your driver hank yet well how do you have a zero lift score and hank said no no i've never done that they paused for a few seconds it goes unless it was the time that i got so drunk that i got into a fight with the driver and i got driven to a police station fight the cop and then i almost got arrested but the cap knew my friend and so he let me go
oh my dear the night maybe it was that and i was like you think a new deal for for the record i was black so my friend to me also for the record and it s not confirm hank if your parents are listening this is all a joke obviously it's a legit its alleged and then after that he then said the hague sought so basically the story comes out that egg gets in a fight with italy driver gets driven to a police station gets a zero lift rating totally forgot about the whole thing then maybe i don't know sixty seconds later he casually mentions oh yeah i'm also banned from over but i have no idea why and i was like a heck maybe you got into a fight would like your hoopdriver driver
you think i don't i don't remember getting in a fight with my bridge every that the only difference with over thing is you had no one to hold your memory for you because you probably gonna fight with were traveling neither from happened a legend alleging that was a great no do you think in house ok so that's the show we will see you on friday we also yesterday we taped the first blake portals wikipedia club it as it was the weirdest slash funniest thing i think we ve done it was really just like i learned a lot i don't know what you're saying it's weird or funny i thought it was neither funny nor strange i thought it was highly entertain and i learned a lot there's not much informs us there's not many things on the internet that are just supposed to be fun there's no catch we're just reading wikipedia in time but wikipedia so that something that i'd really sodium poorly there if that's something that
i'll get your gears go on air like man one here for due to talk about wikipedia the entries on snow saturday morning a trap also blake portals talks about it
a little bit janitors that yeah efforts yeah ok i like some other ladys yet and we will as we will see you on friday morning and then again desirable gang away i don't know about disabled in any way is to find a way become employer let me take less to say may learning that life is ok after me no better to be safe than sorry
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