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Arian Foster, Vikings’ Kevin McDermott (Who lost a finger) and Week 5 Preview

2018-10-05 | 🔗

*Warning, this is a rare Skype episode. Audio is fine we just aren't in the same place* The Patriots are far from dead and Andrew Luck has the new best QB face in football (2:27 - 13:11). A huge weekend of sports coming up and Red Sox/Yankee's rivalry is back (13:11 - 22:05). Week 5 preview and picks + Fantasy F-bois (22:05 - 36:19). Arian Foster joins the show to talk about Leveon Bell, Earl Thomas, why Tennessee's coach can't stop crying and having his therapist on his own podcast (36:19 - 55:49). Vikings long snapper Kevin McDermott joins the show to talk about losing a finger during Thursday Night Football last week and to accept his Football Guy of the Week award (55:49 - 66:30). Segments include bad sports town Chargers, stay classy McGregor, Mike Greenberg's dumb rules Tom Wilson and Hank's Grab Bag.

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we have to come to recommence for you to put on your genitals and in your genitals on today's pardon my take we have are good in the area and foster returning to the show we talk to him about football libyan bell rural thomas really fun conversation with them also why tendencies head coach continues to cry we also have kevin mcdermott long snapper of the probably vikings you probably remember him because he won football andy also the a finger playing also lost a finger playing in the football last week against the rams he tells us what it's like lose a finger and also how you can just be football guy and mike zimmer yet the ultimate respect from my zimmer we also have brought grab bag fancy up boys in a preview for i'm going say right now the best sports the weekend
under year let's go last night i saved you which actually say fry a little disclaimer i'm in kentucky pieties in new york something happened with our might be reporting is fine
please don't sound like we're sitting next to each other so apologies for that will be back and still you answer this happens like once a year is still great aaron father so breaker mcdermott's the rate and yes the whole shows the great let's do it welcome to parliament i take presented by seeking today spry yea october and where do we want to start because this is the greatest sports week end of the year i guess we should probably start work if the patriots are not dead brady tourists five hundred touchdown to just gordon of course which is the most patriot thing of all time and what's your other take away cuz i have one other big takeaway from the game but i want to hear yours first andrew luck looks hilarious and a frank reich is the only person american who looks dumber when he wears a headset there's a there's a life hack looking smart when you do something and that's just like where some piece of official headgear
and usually headset is enough to make me think that somebody's intelligent because a that guy's link that guy's using technology ok up i like where you started first break right i agree with you but i like where you started first cause that's my biggest take away andrew luck is going to be the east he's getting the the torch pastoral evil manning retired after two thousand sixteen season we ve had that hole in the entire and fell like where's eli manning face where's the dump her backface we had you know there's been others that have to try to take a chance it it though rivers jake there has done is don't care there's been guys you been up there but andrew luck is going to be the new and quarterback face and i love it you have even big bends broken knows face but andrew long he is the dumb quarterback face and i gives you what i think is very good quarterback i i disagree with his
all stance on reading but i think he's a very good quarterback and i still believe angela can win the superbowl with a team but it does have a dumb face and it shows in the worst times way place for paul yeah he does have a dumb face and i and some of his employer incompletion utter they looked like philip rivers in completions where he just through the bars comically as possible so yeah i think pound propound he is the most slapstick red a quarter back in the inner fell today i think that sam donald might develop into something this just because he's gotten he's got the bigger face so he has a larger palette to work with but andrew lucky its grey watching him just like get upset even get happy someone pointed out add a few people point out that he looks a little bit like anko i've never heard that before but i can see that beard sometime general andrew lock got his ass kicked and i like you is appomattox courthouse
it was i it was it was a thorough ask by the patriots at last ass a classic classic got twitter account there yet and that it has not got no get it dropped by the like five of them sing can someone tell me which one to follow we should always do we should follow all the andrew and who look accounts and then determine which one is the best in which one is the worst a power rankings for the ruins remind her yes we have to do before you get the element i want to hear your thoughts and i don't mind i'm just about one more sneaky one because remember this is not just strictly dumb face it's what you said slapstick face to face emotes just such an incredible degree that you have to run up to your tv and take a picture of it i'll give you one i'll give you one dark or are you ready for him you gotta get you one guess my guess is unique i know a guy his new air shortish newish of this kind that it knows it out i'm gonna
oh with janus yes we do want honour resent james the absolutely as though they feed get just a little bit better quarterback need plain a little bit of you more primetime britain games he absolutely could be that why you i manage mantle fits i've long held that he throws some very funny interceptions and he throws a lot by the small hands or he looks like a cartoon character or disproportionate those andrews unbelievably tiny on my television i know you notice tat i love the casual viewer does but on the all twenty two it really shows up so worried about it i'll just go see him being back makes this often entirely different like rock was getting on the ground by the way he's not healthy there's something a little bit off with him the but all off that's it just clicks you know the other white receivers weekend open to hogan asthma sketches
ro patterson had a nice kept her go on even though settlement and think was in at the time but then hush gordon obviously lackeys these can be achieved code he's gonna be the guy brady throws it up to and he's going to catch it nine times out of ten i'm going to get sick of it be upset at myself for predicting it in ruining my advance oh well oh you did not produce neither of you predicted this you both run the stance that wouldn't work out which osborne annoyingly correct nigh predicted josh gordon to the patriots when he was gonna get caught and i was like he's gonna make my life sock and there can be awesome yap what were you as both said that it probably would work out what objective i don't remember what i said but recitals ago said it might not be wise old gave i said its baffling and worked out i know you're right gentlemen mix of orphans go like he is the trees they trust
like it form radie he's just their old reliable like i think there is a third a third down in the third quarter where he caught the ball like three yards before the first down ain't got the first that is as high as that is football player music wichita football player makes plays to get extra yards he is a football player the other takeaway i had was tom brady looked a little shaky at times in the first i think they're the first and second quarter maybe at the start of the third my theory on that my stay woke mister guy i was on the sidelines before the game don't know that i think he might a poison brady with flavour are with maybe tomatoes or seasonal historiae yes already gasped out exactly brady was ok wait a second this salt doesn't take look seconds from the himalayas it's from tibet and i'm gonna go theo up for a couple quarters beyond its on liquid yeah it's in liquid when it came out of the donkeys asshole what is this exact i'm also sony michel looks pretty good he didn't look tat we
in the past couple weeks but on that is man that is not afraid of using his head to hit another man yeah i know i lost i mean watching and george was great and he yeah i think he had a knee before notice i said i need not a knee injury he had a knee and yet he looks healthy so i guess there back i mean i don't think anyone really took like we said terry branch i was the only one who want to get out on that women be like the patriots are done but even he's at it half jokingly be my guy or actually right so this weekend i alluded to at the beginning this might be the greatest worse weekend we ve ever because we have well first of all we have and i felt with a college football not the greatest slain caught football but it still you read river shoot out we know we have the all i won't say the s word it's not that sought the esa anymore no way to know
stop saying they edits it's not change it it's the red river game it's red river fest friendship festival launched by like a thousand different wireless companies that no one can get accepted you live in texas yeah it's just cricket if we have the document we have cubby verse macgregor we have roughen roddy luck contained by rough and rowdy right now you can go you can watch ramrod friday night sitting in turkey why that's why i'm here and lexington right now and we have more purposeful baseball so it should be out the elles report laura the world's largest animal were asking yeah that's what they're calling it do you do i think this is this is also we got a lot of things going on in college football this weekend because frank beamer's getting a statue with the neck blob i hope yet they wanted if they do it correctly should and all alice you florida has gone back like back and forth gesture fighting each other last couple years
we're it's gonna really come to a head because remember i'm pretty sure florida made fun of might the tiger dine and and if you also remember when alice you are when florida did their tom petty tribute there was like the alleged ban was trying to play neck during it so it's gettin is getting juicy anyway you see those hurt anyone there's a hurricane drama few years yes that's really ears hurricane shaming that right machine which other right so that can be a great game but i wanted to before we get to our anna fell preview we need to quickly talk a little bit about macgregor could be and how exciting it will be and also also hey how you're feeling the fact that its yankees red sox barracks overseeing whose red sox as as we know on the show i'm not exactly like a die hard red sox but i don't watch every single game between the two yankees red sox it brings you back to being like eleven and twelve years old
he's all those feelings back like all the hatred it just it just gets you so excited like nothing better than like hating the new what happened what happens when you were eleven or twelve years old hag hour when i was eleven december but i read what i was thus far you're saying that because you're a thousand miles away you bet your ass if you said your face beyond the chip don't don't forget who built thou rougher rodya entire network when i was eleven aaron boone hit the homerun broke my heart i was eleven years old all i cared about was baseball i was literally crying and when i was twelve red sox came back greatest greatest run of all time but exciting it just brings all those emotions back i think there's gonna be at least like brawls anger the ya them yankees where life channing we want boss at the patriot came there saying nicky suck like it's all getting brought economic cited i'm i'm excited to be in new york
other side of it okay so hank how many tammany national anthems are they gonna let the tropic murphy's play are i'm sure there come now the new song new sock that's or how many times is david ortiz swear on a mike hopefully lot did you guys see the new yankee where then i guess he's been really hot i do not follow ale baseball or the yankees and i don't care but d the guy who has a you here is surely halfway down he had necklaces the our common out what's his name italian was run i think yeah yeah the aim is have a guy who is basically central cast than and that's why i actually think the egg is when the serious because you need the edges before yankees any that like paulo neo character they need that i who ever like whether even the egg is france would would kill would die form and everyone else universities i back as the biggest come back in the one yeah yeah he definitely fifty fifty casting i'm unexcited for because like as a casual
baseball watcher when it's the yankees in the red sox like you you can't help it get excited those two uniform yeah us put them on the same that's just its sports porn i watch every time also i think i'll let you know these two teams don't like each other very much the factor that video i'm out of the eight fan getting his beard dumped on i think our red sox fans are gonna retaliate for that person for the wholesalers like i like i have a feeling that she's gonna that's gonna be some that they started the trend in it's gonna keep continuing for the entire sears one of annex losing team is gonna get beer dumped on him every game yet that's it that's a pretty strong possibility we were gonna talk about then segments where we have a different bad sports down so quickly let's talk about the age fan ninja getting beer thrown on him ninja slash the joker do you verify if you go to the bronx that there's a lot of people saying if you go to the bronx zoo you got to expect to you know you deal with the animal especially that's it kind of what happened i would say
that's the case if it's a team that that actually like poses a threat or has been historically good for a tea unlike the aid if your fan of that same year just happy to be there so like why gonna dump iran just a friendly guy that's excited to be in a play off atmosphere now if this was if this was somebody like a red sox fan or well i guess maybe an asteroid fan or a tiger spent somebody that has had like a little bit more policies and success recently then i say go for it like let it have it but like as a chicken is like kicking a little kitten he's just there just like you and me i was is upsetting you didn't catch a mouse tonight now just grow spray water on yeah in the biggest thing that i think it's lawson all conversation is the yankees were up they walked wired wire winter there you can't throw beer when you're winning you kids robia when you're losing cancer will be you can be a bad loser you can you can pass you can mon you could throw batteries you get your punches you can swear people when you're winning you have
like just enjoy the game don't be that asshole who then has also kick anne van were already made a really bad decision by doing the joker hair him when he's dead right you know double down at blois aligning is knowing how the internet works as aids van probably is like a multi millionaire now from above one yes either that or he's violently racist and they ve already dug up his like old past we don't know it's tough or maybe both one store i'm really looking forward to falling upon is the tape of those others two guys from southie that found the boston red sox ale east championship banner and then held it ransom for the pull his error held a ransom to try out like play off tickets in got the police involved i was told those sheriffs department like socrates investigation and gives them if you haven't seen the video i don't do we talk about it i'm sure yeah we did i think but yeah it's such a clause yeah go watch demille i need to find out what happened those guys should single national anthem yes absolutely those get or just speak it
the thing is already giving their acts that have yet to speaking it dropped at murphy's in the background playing bongos and snapping like it's a poetry slim yes he lets get into the games we have our lose release down are we sure they're good in their game the weak and then our picks what start with our loser leaves tat we disagree on this i wanna hear yours farce and that are both what came my loser leaves town game is the texans in the cowboys so as the loser leaves a state game and it's sunday night game so that means that we're gonna get out michael's just spouting off about how great it is that neither one of these teams has to pay stating contacts ok i like that because it is same state but i really do think a loser leave town get in this week is the falcons versus dealers because and i think we might have got i think i'm doing this aid the steelers are officially the team that every week i say well if they win as weak they gone
i really truly believe this is that this is the game like if they lose this game it's over a bolt teams as yours i've a weird record with their pie football teams have one single when going in a week five and if they lose this game they golly tat well it's gonna be a points factory because auctions deepened socks their injured and the steelers defences just hot trash somebody's less flaming pile of shit more on fire it's really really bad but been at home is a good cause back so i would out actually take the seals in this game i think their import yeah yeah i outbreak clean stores but i don't even know i dont have we could save them home is a good callback right now you just all is broken is he is finally official fully broke it did happen then is broken i sure they're good game although first i have no brainer to me are we sure we good i was sure they're good on all sides vikings and eagles island rules
not lose this almost start having serious questions about to ask a lot of questions c documents on this game you i'm going to ask myself repeatedly in the mirror am i sure that the vikings are good because i think that they are good but they just don't have run a game whatsoever that's their proud their problem they don't have run a game there there guys been injured i think he's gonna be out again this week causes throne call like seventy times game and he's a nerd so's why receives don't trust when mc cool throws so think i think the vikings can be good if they get the ground to him gone the defence the difference is gonna wake up at some point right i mean arrow of know if ever coming back so yeah i don't know if i don't know if the vikings are good to update were are good that came is gonna be a cincinnati miami because i think both these teams played pretty easy schedules thus far
with the exception of i think bangles beat the ravens but that was on thursday football so doesn't count my book i'm taking that when i'm thrown into the phd trash can so i i dont know if either one of these teams is good i do know that they both have flash uniforms i'm not going to say that the bangles have candy ass uniforms because their tunnel stripes too pretty awesome yeah i'm not sure i don't i'm not by miami yet yeah well i'm i'm not even close to buying i was going say are we sure they're good the bangles yes miami definitely not the game of the week is easy it is going to be the game like that i'm excited for the most i'm sure you're safe for the most the jaguars verse the chiefs defence verse office my homes this is the game that he comes back down to earth yeah it's gotta be because i d it's a fucking lavender and player before the game he's gonna get us how to be ok don't throw the boss the other team and homesick about back about an hour and try to do
as my passion for shouldn't ralph yeah remember me on twitter so be equal about ok i won't get hold of both about gotcha i think i think that borders is this is likely to better best quarterbacks in the fc right now you have to search portals and more homes odds catatonic i'll take one or the other but yes it's the jacksonville defence again that gives the orphans and so that it can be called watch let's do are picks real back than fancy for boys will get the interviews you go with your picks first right my favorite that i'm taken i'm taking the jets at home tadpoles went bust scourges coaches of the league i just wondered evidence the broncos people will be saying the broncos or good team because they played in primetime and they almost be they should be the chiefs people are gonna be hitting on the jets because that's a cool thing to do right now say on the jets so on this is one that makes me uncomfortable but i'm gonna go with jets minus one at home ok
gualtieri hobart ok my underdog is gonna be i'm taking the brown plus three at home against the ravens is another one that makes me what does the ravens are wagon joe flag is plain the best football of his career and the grounds are the browns so yet taken browns plus three at home my under is gonna be i think i'm gonna take a month a green bay detroit under under fifty one i like that i like that i dont like i don't like aaron rodgers right now i don't like an i don't trust the detroit often yet the only thing you have to worry about on that day is the classic aaron rodgers really passiveaggressive against mike mccarthy dragged through the mud like mccarthy takes the highroad because he literally has no other choice but to take her out i do like when we when we say mike mccarthy sober right that he's taking the arab league mccarthy
my god isn't one bad thing about aaron rodgers errors wood fire him always fire him he would do for you like i did divorcing his parents instantly yet so microcredit gas to eat the shit and but you know how this works they get lost spats and then they figured out an escort billy boy aaron rodgers like a child actor and his parents are scientology and eventually he gets a age thirteen and he's like you know at the scientology stuffs bullshit a misfortune and apparently in his parents like really want to sue you errand but i definitely can't you write about that but the packers there wide receivers are so injured though i don't think that area others can blame like mike mccarthy for college should he plays because they only have like one guy to throw to so mccarthy's i dont want an anticlimax so i like the under that game and then i like the over in arizona san francisco a mosquito battle stan standing out i'm standing on procedure buttered yes ok
whip through my real quick i got eagles might history i think the viking stink i've got the cowboys plus three and a half i think back aims can be very close and i'm dont trust tat condition watson and i think that the cowboys deepens is better than people think i have the under in the giants and panthers because the giants cannot score points under forty three and a half and then my own for which i love raiders chargers over fifty two and a half that's points points boys boys points i like that yeah you i don't want you like the sound of that won't that's yes i might add anything wonders i got that everything under sixty and you have been like who really i was out just picture and philip rivers stone the ball from weird angles getting caught her forty yard touchdowns cameras panicked hungarian looking super disappointed and confused yes sadly peg you got that cardinals money was carter's money alone who harangue
the anti cj beathard okay alright let's do it let's do our fantasy fuckboys by the way before we start fantasy fuckboys i've decided because i am in a hotel it is one in the morning or one thousand two hundred and thirty at night i'm not going to yell ricky everyone just very deliberately with my fancy five point fifty you stuff
you would solve this is breaking peter smelly i'm i'm here to give you some perfect picks right now tune in turn the boy you mock zapata bakers on monday my stock is i'm starting watching replace of old red sox yankees play off air imposed on target i'm so we thought poor pedro martinez those dogs and modalities of dishonest improved or some target tentative barrack jackets ituri basque a ride for her book i'm really worked at my buddy jeffrey what time tutorials gave a tone authority roscoe's broken is abominable jeff you got the last level now i'm sitting christian yellowlegs sin disguise disguised gotta would off at some point or writing dislike global warming its ironic that speedy will call on the cops he thinks operational base vacuous borneo my polish instructed to ask it to profit tat showed up the nationally like cato palu not on the front page prizes clock is ticking person i'm sleeping and tom accrued so ok video just came out knock and stop them out of a dummy like it's a power set the local party course on bail family corncakes that's how i used to play backpack water without coercion my wife's boyfriend subtlety i would just give the referee a piece of my mind i would take a piece is like it alright region layer and janus my stardom adding a cheat that's a hard you mean you want tweets retweet favorites on twitter reply to anything on twitter that any chief they'll come flooding in my system is showtime home then came flocking socks and he's gonna come back with a meanness weakened in such a hard any sound like crazy persons are in any form of light sleeper this guy he was on the sidelines tonight i think i mean making a comeback he's gonna be going for president and twenty twenty and i'm gonna vote form do you register nepal at your local polling stations fair report to exercise at the back quincy right all right listen up silvio giuseppe garb of economic activity is re my star rallies out of best way to spark rout nl peep way off with tropical power with around your head like fucking idiot and that everyone does it at the same pot pull that arouses back the way out of my face i sit on its gonna be alec ass while thou wisdom i use both blocked this i really did i thought of beer with forty do that one day the beer war prop up self important period text and say hey listen i read this article for maybe it's not all programmes could have made a stand to try to make everything about me like an insufferable correct and i said i don't want to hear anymore and guess what this sphere it also owes me doubled double within our borders but i'd bottom irresistible forty nine is creating this past summer you'll call your text political would be nice when we thought the approach of five just because i had thought that for these people to pay extra bit witnesses of got that's all i've got a frightful facing riot guys at all by chaplain steel esteem dealers defends its eggs and undertaken about riot of back ok steps that calvin ridley his new boy google george you're out or he's gonna score
all day take matt ryan azure sleep does michael whereby all right now good one fancy for the other was very good what can one all around boy yet happened that beer like it gets donkey it just like oil this and you say hey i don't like you for this reason and we would live while appears taxing what gets weird is shall be yet that's weird export a beer has always been a little weird action he asked me just what it would be wise to get a nugget from yeah just now but that's what i was trying to write yes so he's ok pretty good downward yeah he's ok if you perhaps i can larry dont worry investments your rise going to come back strong possible we can't get ya can kick airship and remember could you gotta know what there where's larry super contest annex are they yet
without weak but that's what i was trying to write yes so he's ok pretty good downward yeah he's ok if you perhaps documentary dont worry investments your rise going to come back strong possible we can't get ya cooking and remember too therefore books on the show in the fifth pick fifty has is awesome video and the bars sports adviser show on sunday at ten a m those picks have been foreign those are just pure money he ever ready and money larry was wearing printing money over here and got people are asking you to larry was i'm a very i'm a close friend alert yes you norms we whispered eyes like a ship a watertight they attack on eight so unless popular what what's thea woe ok the first de i just for the record wearing i or not having entered linked to sue
i have a lawsuit phd is not fucking larry michael rapport does not have hope i have not been attacked by a bear its it's ugly its rush hour software i'd hightail it out here like carlo ok so our first game that we ve got we ve got the kids a chiefs and the jacksonville yegg work ok can be good one eyed here we go the pic is getting set up and we are getting set up with cash as you already know the cash app is another one finance up on the aps door what you might not knows that you can also put cash up in your wallet with the cash card is the only debit card
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couple hooks of you up so do it do it cash up jaguars boom ok we are also brought you buy fanned opiates he what picture you can do right now would you the financial reed we can do the rams and seahawks became oh ok pm and i have been playing on banned all seas long running a sixteen weeks season long contest with leaderboard and winner again seized will win a trip to the bar still several party in atlanta dont don't worry you mister because only rabbies course counts all editor ok nice so you can play whenever you want you can still joint piety and in atlantis that's listen again their sixty but i have news play eight weeks eight weeks you scores count towards this season long contest gift he wants you to sleep in his bed it's gonna be awesome and not only that of places to through fifty one an autograph the empty car stick and we're going to be giving our cool weekly prizes to we
there were giving away something from my palpably hat i think we can wear hat and just sign up at federal dot com such p m t to play with us we had a little recap from last week we missed the money again fifty spot the good news is i scored a hundred eleven points i wasn't able to overcome zero from oj howard so this is so whoever wrote this attitude did a little switch a roo here on me and i lost you again so you ve now beat me three two one eye larissa yeah hey you know what i've all you beer we're gonna be playing on fender about light one we're going to be fine and unfair to all citizens and we need every eight of yalta comply with us we don't your friend or shot you're pretty much saying you don't want to hang out with their dna super plus news get a tweet albanos when they make their first deposit on sand or complete with us at banned all dot com such p empty let's find out
dot com such be empty boat was not available the troll stating age restrictions apply for full eligibility rules it turns out there got a fatal backup and listen this is serious we love you you us please support us and was a great sponsor so please play with us all we do is shaped by others and you can work out with us any good stuff from my by echoing cash it's like endless its awesome you get twenty dollars brief got banned all dot com slash p m to do right now they know doc on such be empty sixty million tonnes dread then go to fend off that come such pm take ok here is enforced ok we now welcome on a good friend of ours recurring guests we ve been on his podcast he's been on it is area and foster also proper bobby fino i saw you did you did like show a pop up show the other day didn't you you ve got a habit is gonna happen only on november twenty two
oh oh geiss ok i think that's a lot of advance notice me up shots good that's not good papa you're a guy you always say that like you get a little bit upset when somebody tells you hey man your albums really good i didn't expect that so may be the first to say i thought can be better known no it's actually really good if you haven't listen to music check it out it's it's very very good now in our region they're not gonna get upset video we live in a world the cases where people drowned observing ozma people always say to me that i'm not as bad as they thought i wasn't that's like the nicest thing i can we ever be taught all right we're going to get into everything you got going on in and whatever is on your mind but first we got to talk a little football we what have you done because i think you're the perfect person talk to about the libyan bell earl thomas stuff that's going on let's start with libyan from your perspective do you
think that libya bell a he's gone trash than the media is got trapped by his own teammates do you think there's at some point it's like a hey man just go and play and stop complaining because a million bucks a week as a lot of money a multi faceted question about faggot like this i think first and foremost as a man in a t mate i think the big issue would be going too far in general is that data viewed himself we don't view each other and businessmen and then averted a view as like businessman i think this widely and affirm the weakest unions and the weakest contracts of all major sports because of how were viewed in our view ourselves or for the simple fact that this man is doyle whatever he felt bethlehem situation himself and his family and you got to me and other peoples in the organization of speaking about it in a way that they dare i forgot
is extremely alarming loyal to a system does not love you so imagine i think both i've gotta driven but it's it's not my colleague who were i support whatever any man was to do like i think of course i'll go get a million a weaker fig andrea sunlight aroma do some to get your money because you have allowed shovel ever run back but i think in general any family a man it goes on the best of his family as a businessman there has never been what i guess hearing from sounds to like is often suleiman what are the thoughts tat i had was there maybe there are lubin upset because he could be potentially affecting their cause earnings as well that the team doesn't performers well if you know honor doesn't get as many yards as levy on would maybe some those office alignment you know their next contracts that could be that big so how do you balance being a t mate and also like
there is an element of looking out for the collective good guy next year yeah i think a cannibal we'd argument or may i ve never seen anybody cut for somebody else wasn't doing good you know me like that the founder the lion and win when you're no contract negotiations and the population but you are the focal point of the conversation is not like how work how you till i get that matters is how europe will not feel like i've never seen anybody get a rock is positive the good to make and i thought about how you are performing unfilled i think that this kind of a week is a weakening it excuse the collar w freshly to wit but like i said at the beginning it doesn't make it certainly because it like you be a lawyer but it was not loyal to you so that you are here for the thing but at the end of the day you were training as it as a seven eight ten you ok
you're thinking about your teammates twenty years from now you think about yourself in your family and that's the premise we have to operate under as professional athletes arose and i think that cannot be mindful of the entire valleys out he's got a branded as this super team sport and i can't get chastised for looking out with them when in essence that really all you have to sell his nose but you have me yeah no i think that's fair because it you see a lot i mean i think fans get frustrated but that's that's unfair for free because if they were in the same spot did betrayal god for themselves well now in a practical sense you ever see ben in a tunnel locker rooms libyan said he's gonna come back after the by weak do you think that gonna be everyone's gonna cut i embrace him and be like hey look this guy can help us win football games or do you think there's going to be some simmering resentment and some people these gonna win back in that locker room i'm in we are here
maybe loving with open arms the added that that nothing like me i don t make me i don't know i go blouses unreality they had you may speak out but i can only speak for my perspective from our perspective ebay if this can help was when this cat when you hear this ball when you hear a beer when you beat when you're here don't see how you can look at even though our i think what he's doing is most advantageous for his his pocket image of rail would have occasionally be even if that was my position is that would not affect how i do my job and i go about my day in their level and so it is that they put you have two separate personal stuff from business does so like we have put aside i think the business world why did you get a chance to listen to tony dungeon randy harrison addressed the earl thomas situation we know it when you
look his leg on sunday evening at cardiff often looked like he was he was flippin off the sea oxide line did you hear what i said i'm not thought him do their bit here what they said what is it tony was basically like going at thomas a little bit and saying that policy is a court i love real time does a person as a player but its clear because his contract he didn't want to be there we're all over davis and buffalo when he quitted half time if you don't want to be there you shouldn't play yeah disagree with them when i saw was was a guy that was piss off because he was trying to do that thing but he was he was like the opposite of what lady on bells doing and he did get guilty by service teammates to come back into the lock room come back onto the team and he in a box paying the price for it and so i go out of a problem with him being frustrated about disease you gonna wish inflow of peter or whatever a couple years he might he might not but i feel like
always trying to do the right thing but he did let that team a peer pressure ghetto yeah i don't know how two percent about his situation of conflict situation but i know that cut by what i said in its directly analogous to the maybe about situations like you damned if you do damage don't you know me and from provided standing around i guess there that they were candor at war with each other anyway like that wasn't that good but that's i mean that's that's that's the drawback right so you going there try to be a good teammate and you still they stand and with the front office in or you sit out not good it would office with the front office those i that the issue is were seal it s like it's like some strike some kid sport like enough i think that the prominence i think that part of the draw but if you right now having a go in the macro is that good looking at this football i dislike the small what but if a business with
men making embedded decisions and and sometimes envisage you can you can do do you not heard about that radical you happy bicker yourself and i think that what we need is a lot of that we have it is mother think of those who meet and others have got border thing up and a business do you think that any he's gonna change from all these high leaving bell commented an earl thomas's or those instagram post showgirl thomas flipping off to see hawks and maybe i'm bell commented and said i feel you man like i'm going to keep standing up and being the bad guy for all of us do you think that these high level himedia like scrutinize situations are going to maybe change something with the next to go stations are the players just ultimately fuck no matter what why don't i will not change anything in the neck out of that will be the only variable but the big variable is you can start you're starting to the frustration behind players in and the cbs
and how will it make a bet you know force in professional sport and how could be way went up the ladder the plays a faggot very fairly and in in injecting position without a sport so who knows where is gonna go but you could see the protection bubbling n it out that you're gonna go anywhere because mean when you when you use about the number one sport in america right so it's it's the most profitable and it's going to continue to be that as long as you know that brand is protected but if there's any kind of give from the other side it continue to get like this right in and there's not gonna be any give from from the inner fell side like when they're going to war against the unifil p aid him around you see ba they're not gonna give you thing up just because they feel like it's the right thing to do is everything is a bargaining chip in this negotiation so like you know i love see ba the players fought for
for less practised on because it would be dead think they concussion issue is one thing where was i got these sub concussive blows also more chance of injury if you do in today's things like that what are the players gonna we have to give up do you think yet something more in line with a guaranteed contract i didn't tell a man those books of conversation run heavy and those the painted invaded lawmen arm about me sooner have gotten known as canada let me say that they want to extend the feed and take a lower briefings encountered in an extensive and a little more that would be my they will be able to give you more money i play more young yeah it's
i mean it's probably that's exaggerate the probably been i and eighteen game season for a long time moving to some a little lighter the thirty nine football vikings rams game was unbelievable pride but wanted best games ear do you wanna take back your take that thursday footballs bad for the players because guess what what's good for the fans is also good for the players i do not have bigger begbie wait i am i am i feel good and in a moment but though the friday for the four people into twenty lacking written by the corner everything was an quarterback before people to tragic body hearts nickname do you did you notice because i've been looking at the weeping get we are obviously bigtime gamblers when you had to travel for a thursday a football game was it a big big disadvantage versus being able to play a thousand a football game at home at that
animals you could you get says the frank you saw the bodies and early anything that is better but when you have a late those united game you don't believe in practice you do do over to waters a walk through the install just walk you ain't got the job through because everybody's everybody's just so and so and especially when you're traveling you have to travel on the wednesday so that your body to activate it for the day of the game fifty travel on wednesday so like vanguard day the body's hurting innocent everything's reference rusted and you didn't got to go on a plane and i don't have a good job you have a lot of surgeries and injuries and information when you get on the plane plane everything's swell yeah go just makes me how to far lumbago i'm currently dealing with the bank injury so i know exactly what you're talking about we i have another question authors and football though they did it color rush we know not all the way although i know a but when you warrior cholera uniform did you feel faster you know
maybe the year that they brought it in i was actually heard that game and they now retired missy citing actually get the term is aware what were you gonna see her and probably why you retarded yes he did get a chance to wear the cholera surely it carries out bum wouldn't white cleans likely to make it faster you doesn't surprise will likely young good i like these not working yet these are things that like you know just the i test the collar rush the white cleats like you for a guy with a visor always fast did you aren't you mentioned in early went on my lady on situation what was the favourite injury that you ever effect my favorite never gave way and we are listen i reviewed that photoshop that you put out you said it was an x ray for him or an mri for hamstring there was evidence of was doctored i know you know it out before my time
we had our chris johnson in studio last week and he actually said that he would tell anyone who is tragically running back to just play wide receiver would you give that same advice no question no questions to a fever or safety yeah safety that's good without left but but we item yeah our work but we have also been him very like a low different era for books like we like you were the belka out i was belka does not a lot of those in italy today and if they are there more than their them were used in the past game that we were well it's a little at a little running back i've got a theory that some running back just know how to fall and get tackled better like it's an art its skill in itself to get tackled repeatedly over the course of a game without getting hurt was there anything that you did like conscientiously like knowing every time you got hit the risk
and things are going tried you with your body maybe not fight for the extra yard maybe save yourself a little bit that isn't it an astute and i commend you for that because you have found preserve for five thousand collagen but i follow you an art like there's a dead aside to night a lot of uneven even when you like going through the hole like this new thing there was talk of the kitten in a developed over the years it when you go to the hall the lesson the blow you never want to go out somebody directly you gonna wanna take happen the hat and go and ask i think that's what i'm asking you to back those out you always felt borders because i picked a hast and i learned how to roll back into the room and gradually were falling is real use i saw years talking before they show you had your therapists on your podcast a day what did you
who want and what is that like what did you look first man card second of all would it what did you guys talk about how deep did you get with therapists on a pug cast out here liberty with my personal issues but that means that there's a port there's portions in there where i was actually like kind of digging like i do when assessing whether where i'm trying to figure part of myself what you'd better go i got there before it was a really introspective look another kind of wanted the can highlight how we can add and getting it popular black eye mental health is as people is kind of neglected and so it's kind of just like me putting myself out there like i do this as well so it is part of a special kind of god is already confidentiality involved in that some people are listened to your podcast with your therapy is there not a lot to talk about it afterwards nodded if alfredo
what are the biggest thing you learned from from my senior therapist like what's the biggest change you ve made from something that she like oh my god the i can't believe that one might by god and overruns when i was six years old made me this type of person i assume that somewhere pickers credit as the biggest what it was like a will for realisation in my life was that a lot of shit i was a kid i i suppressed and i became now mueller and and that manifested itself in kind of being called doors a lot of people in my life was we're like it i'm a very commissioner your beard and such like realising that this was the jam with that you can't really be selective about about emotion them out like exerting good ones are exerting good wonder or
give it a shot off the shut so like all other that what but they say is the water you you put up the black out the same law the same low communism quantity like that but actually it actually help me out of luck has just airbrush ever told you it's not your fault because more than a few of my work ok that's where i my last question is to seek a question put a promo code take you get ten dollars off seek lit also download arians podcast you can hear him talk louis therapists some awesome i guess we ve been on it i love you watch called but brutal house deeply penn state saturday night great game or house they had a huge comeback twain haskins susan electric young court back from house to house state said afterwards to god the glory and our great defence i got real anti sounds like paul things are real so comments on that
i did what they go out of the game and some slowly give my full backing the football waters like being being a water of the gay you we should get you play by energy football that way you can tweak diagrams have i have acquired actually i was globally we got out we gotta led away so i'm some come back to that man is it is it is a game tat i loved and enjoy but yeah it definitely were defences without god the man whenever you want to light up we adopted on where would you like that answer like that answer my last question what are you a quick about the chair smith tat you think did you did you read the news about his supreme tattoo idea the elderly yes do you have any brands tattooed on your body i do not actually ok well that that could be a way
the nfl could extend an olive branch or be ok listen if anybody wants to get swishes or any other official sponsors of the unifil tattooed on their body then maybe we won't test you for wheat every year would you accept that our work better twenty twenty five game season and will let you have a supreme tattoo under three inches in length like i liked and alot yeah do you have to do a great deal of slowly i area thank you so much we appreciate your time everyone go download now what that's his podcast its awesome we're on it not suit our home but next time your new york yet to come and will do it again in person i will do that it must lead yeah i think be good that area with areas foster was brought you guys by buffalo wild wings and we are going to be doing a pic real quick with less
it began on their taxes on our boys and texans on sunday night for by mugabe guess what we have to use united state cowboys or points for paul again that's great and namibia let's get the giants thirty two or three way such going on devil's triangle okay so i want to talk to you guys about buffalo wild wings what would make this pic hear you guys know i love buffalo wild wings i don't even need to read this ad copy i'm just going to go i'm going to free just top of my mind you know what i love about buffalo wild wings it's the wings it spoil their wings are delicious they ve got cold beers there's no better place to watch football with friends than buffalo out all the games on water quality these come in five dollar game they deals that's five dollars create outs pitchers ok bud like what is going on with the number one team and in texas the texts ok like it larry corrupted the five dollar thirty eight ounce pictures of bud light i can't believe that's true cords light organs light five dollar cheeseburger fries five dollar breton fries and five dollar select
cocktails five dollar craft and import tools including blue moon belgian white doesn t slogger login eaters ip and sam adams boston logger five dollar cocktails include bloody marries long on ice tease emma moses traditional and bonus wings or twenty one signature sauces and seasonings price input a supposition very subject restrictions limited time only you guys don't need me to even give you those tools because you're gonna be there anyway because there's no better place to watch sports them buffalo outweighs and that's a fact jack okay we now welcome on the winner of football guy the weak weak for it is vikings long snapper i know i said rams like an idiot when it on monday show vikings long snapper kevin mcdermott who lost a part of his pinky during the game and was able to keep playing so kevin thank you first of all congratulations is probably the biggest honor you ve ever receive your life i would have to agree
thank you very much for all the ward and having the out ok second let's walk through exactly what happened like what what was the play what did you say what the doctor say give us the whole what happens when a pinky gets taken off of your finger i so step by step it was second quarter we were kicking our first field all the game and die we on the left hash out i think the twenty five yard line and i followed through good snap went to block i start my arm out just close the gap like i always do and someone rushed into that gap and other sudden had some pain in my hands out you'll have to kick was away i looked at my hand and i thought that done look right sought this measure and so i didn't even see if we made it missed it i just gotta put my head down put some pressure on the finger and jagged over the sidelines and went up to our had train
eric sugar managed hate parma fingers gone he took he took a look at it went well ok what's gonna tat and and therefore a couple minutes with the docks and aid are not taken regarding the yeah we wait longer warn them let me simply for second you if the concussion protocol tent for your finger don't you think that's your kind of look up fingers affair concussions serious injury concussion much more serious that that's got lasting effects yet sab i think approach anybody who has an injury goes images tat oconto whether it sir whether it's you know cramp her there there looking at you for a concussion her you're missing a little piece of your finger they they take you in there and close the tent so that there can be some privacy when they're looking at what you got going on so i ended up walking into the locker room and
had the doctors show me back up and they cleaned out wounded the art arcane doctors are trainers did an unbelievable job getting me first off like a position where i wasn't gonna have any more damage to the finger and then second thought i was gonna be able to go out play so i miss like maybe five or six minutes of the second quarter and they put a split i suddenly back up and i was lucky guess the left think he is the least important for follow through on our lives as it will go back out do my job so before you went back to the locker room did you make an effort to try to find the piece of your pinky that got knocked off on the field definitely did not go back out of the field to look for before i went in a locker but when i came back out the other was like maybe two or three minutes for half time and we we are now before half time then we went ahead and did are i have time retaining when i came out for the second half now the kicker is always come out a little early yet i come out with them sheets and steps back and i
gotta went over the twenty five yards i left ass now looking around to see if i could find a piece of it and as a no go and honestly as you see how you feel alarm the one thing i am most angry about is that there is a piece of me forever on the you feel about the or maybe the bird flew over the yet at that could be so sore you're gonna be a knob guy wake what have you taken a look of taking the bandage off the advantages are often i'll be good to go for this week again the trainers and doctors did a great job of get me a healthy and ready to go so but it sir it's gonna be looking a little different than my right thinking soldier so you see you will because i know that i think if you lose like the typically are producer actually lost the taboos finger in a drone accident but a kind of came back so yeah do you think it's gonna grow back are you actually gonna have just like a little deformed pinky for there s your life
i think i think some of little girl back i'm not sure you know what it's gonna look like with male and everything and what's gonna grow back but yeah i'm sure that's it it's it's go look a little awkward compared maya one but it's really not that important of all the fingers it sits sir it's ok that happened to disagree that someone that you would help or have you heard from ronnie lot no i then and i actually used to play for the forty nine or so i've met here i've met him before but now at yeah he visa one who voluntarily headed amputated so that's that's a step about yeah policies in all things that don't say sulphur you're in a very exclusive fraternity people that have long fingertips length about what it the codes zimmer city dvds give you like a knowing that you know not be like hey that's exactly what i expected are you too did not care about your fingers
now i ve just after the game the eight has acted as a hand your eye the gap lemon be fine no big deal and yeah that's that's how we handle it around here like end now if it happens in just keep dusky flogging along those lines and death focusing on please you are his likes you are his special little like student now you know that my key definitely has its respect for you that he has for no other player because that is the ultimate football guy move and which i will make similar who basically would go blind to coach for he did he wouldn't you have here blind code for also he loves you you know that right well i you know i play like and the twelve snapped a game i'm sure he's got some serious of those guys you rather point seventy to eighty sat again but the i'd sir it's definitely something that sad sparked conversations in the locker room without my former bad teammates and things like that is it
that's something that happens on a football field that often right you gotta start shaken hands left hand and now though just yesterday introduce yourself to devalue allow yeah well it's a great icebreaker like it's it's a conversation songwriter hey manage alyssa finger and you the distorted trump all them so i would deadly recommend doing that yeah tell your producer that it beat the drone accident not related to the finger i'm looking wikipedia right out i noticed you didn't bench press your pre draft work out what's up that i didn't so i didn't get invited to the carbine can cause there's only one long snapper never gets to do that and protease normally you do all of your on healed stuff after you do all of your lives and so one thing that you don't see quarterbacks and long snappers do a pro day is bench press because you don't want to go bust out you know twenty five reps the twenty five and then like hey let's go here
you can get out you do a long snapper good it after playing it fell so that was why the region while lifts listen to bear it now how much you bitch well now this new finger and not sure maybe a little bit by bit by step that's actually good excuse that he can tell you weigh less hand yeah so you lifting more you're also ten percent less likely to be convicted of crimes because you have fingerprint on the true it's very important gosh so i can wear so i can wear a glove with with just no were no pinky coverage yak i also read on you what pierre that you're certified pilot do things that's your your new arm left hands gonna have any impact on your rating i mean maybe maybe i'm not gonna be able to apply for the airlines after i've got that i think i'll still be safe enough take my wife up in that puddle jump from place to place they go i last question for me you know lungs
uppers you obviously no you live it you live along snap life people don't recognize long snipers unless they fucked up have you ever fucked up along stem knock on work i didn't recognized very rarely and it also followed question will you see i always socket football no comment best as having a questionnaire wasn't it was just a question of getting quite hear disguise s ship actually still implementing a system of urine imbalances i want you silly to be good because i love you silly colors i think you silly colors have some of the best colors the gold in the blue are great college football colors i wish they were better than there are my last question agreed and what gets better than having your home games the rosebud riah arose boys the rose boys the greatest stadium to watch a football game of all time i dont know about it you see allay game cause i'm sure there's probably twenty thousand people there but if you're watching the actual rosebud it is the greatest venue in all sports it is is handed out
the hands down him were scattered sensitive to those of you who have exercised by armed you are the football guy the weak yes sir you john or if you wanna thank us again for that now be nice thank you but for my great honour and as i said when you get there tell how rude off we say hello and make sure you calm big country ok that's a nickname well yeah thanks cabin i take it all right before you back to the show we're gonna do another ad and that means another larry's pick who who got up not money football redskins saints our words and saint ready this is the fourth and final remember tune in for partial sports visor sunday at ten a m for the fifth blue adrian peters revenge gate oh yeah ok so while we're doing this someone to talk you guys but stitch fixed real quick stitch fix is an online person styling service that finds it delivers clothes shoes and accessories to fix your body eu budget and your lifestyle i got my stitch fix box xbox live longer larry see our words oak
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breton knowin put it on your face look a million years younger ok let's get some segments pursed up we have bad sports town allay which i mean it's not really saying anything but fifty you have something new in the bad sports town away cyber right it's more just bad sport sound for the chargers so they proud is today and they pumpkin crowd noise at practice to the to get ready for the game on sunday not that big of a deal teams do this pretty frequently sometimes even do it inside the stadium like the are words but in this case the chargers play a home game this weekend against the raiders so bad sports down because there could be more people their cheering for the old team that up and left as opposed to them team that there is now well spends all its less about the raiders and more about the charge no matter what team place there all the funds from the opposing team cup so don't take it personally
it's not the charge is there because they used to play it away and that someone has already explained away you actually have bad bans week in week out yet man in walking through that door ok maybe they're just through so the fans for referred the last angel seem to general aren't loud no matter what so maybe they're just their pumping and crown was prepare themselves for like john grew on the sidelines scream out when somebody tells them that clear matches gunnysack yes yeah it's so still but we don't talk about this enough the fact that like allay we didn't have an eta fell team in there for twenty five years and also we have to and we do not need a charge the charter should be in san diego it should be the call com stadium it should be their good fan base in san diego and you don't people getting stab in the parking lot the old man like one monday night a year where it's just awesome looking at the navy ships and fill rivers stupid face
instead we have two teams valet and they play soccer stadium and no one cares bomb it's stupid i hate i i'm so convinced i can tell the difference between philip rivers in a night game in los angeles and philip rivers in and i came in san diego there's a different let about him he's yep he's a little sweater in san diego you can see that you can see more bugs in the air in san diego cuz they don't have to deal with all the smog i could pick that out nine times out of ten absolutely absolutely so i'm sorry san diego i feel bad for you we have a stay class economy gregor color macgregor decided to show up thirty minutes late to his breast have you been before their fight this weekend and could be just left he didn t just when you took questions and left excited for this fight but come macgregor little classier sports journalists out there will probably waiting cash you questions like i've gotta robbie fox who gave
throat slashed could even it was an old thankless yeah did coffee was trying to get a little cold there are lots of hard working guys it wait for you is that is such a thing as an irish hello where you don't tell me buddy boy you show up thirty minutes early our thirty minutes they saw it ass were cold wet yeah you jack aloha means yeah he just gave him about you gave him an irish law so that you have to expect i would macgregor or you re wording for whom you picking in spain i think i'm room from a gregor just cause you such a good shit talker the only thing now like about habibi is how he ten sue on visa it looks like he's connected with some fellows over in russia and so ya like that the following that he has over there i think is a little bit more intimidating then macgregor so i'm scared of them but i just love macgregor should talk yeah i mean are you i don't know anyone who would wouldn't be rooting for macgregor here because like you said he is the most entertaining guy out there i have a bad feeling
the is going to work out i'm discuss at a bad feeling bad feminist not all shaking isn't my knees i just feel something bad come earlier back your mother back to him by the way where that it's ok it's you i mean i just shut up with steroids and then i took overdosed on steroids so i'm good i will get us real that put bread prevalent i once action not authorities enhancing no on the thirty three rolled adults who still does not reductions when taking drugs so i just all my drugs at once yes and i locked inside you should also take this every six hours with a meal and i just i look down them all like seven thirty in the morning with nothing in my stomach right but has also but you're metabolism so slow that it actually like metered it out for you of course the day so i think it worked out i don't appreciate that might green bergs dumb rules yeah what do you have your eye
i was watching the the capitals play last night there already in wagon territory they just be patient now the bruins actually i'm looking right now i think they lost the penguins in overtime so there one owen wants so they still have lost a game in regulation got but there are really really good tom wilson is we are for the first twenty games because some tick attack rule that none of us probably like a new rule that they put in place were not allowed to get suspended italy for heading somebody in the head so he's eight where i am the roar and now it's actually you just can't attempt murder every other game of cats or whatever it is it this is the new age is like the inner fellows changing the rules making a mickey mouse as the initial so he's out for twenty games i think that you are in force should still be allowed to fight if you suspended because this kind of his job i like that rule i like that road just pull him out and is going go you fight either that or this is more just call out right now that i'm doing for for nasty paul business paul hey listen
if you still think you got in you should join the capitals right now they could use it they could use some guy would no other skills but beating up guys on an ice rank just please to scold i should in twenty games they'll pay a nominal like two hundred three hundred grand just go there kick to shut out people for two months and then come back to blogging doolittle still be here for europe i was i agree with that although tomlinson noted scumbag just want that noted ah you lost a quick pigs grab bag take what you got hey guys the one year anniversary of our sweet prince parcel van talk is coming up and i was wondering if you guys had anything planned for the occasion to call heck yes we do have something plan for the one you're van adversary oh we're gonna be a show alive so for our people in new york or people close by the new york let's go on sale today monday monday tickets conceal monday set your calendars right now it's something that i know you guys all do
tickets consume gonna sell monday for a show that is on what dataset it's gonna be on wednesday the seventeenth leave tell me small it's a small venue gramercy theater it's like four hundred people intimate intimate very intimate intimate intimate night and we're going to be showing there's going to be an airing of some of the never before seen episode two people forget that basically filmed all up so to whoever print together you i forget what we did for it must be really good yeah i'm sorry it was like a live podcast yeah you do like alive a ever do live podcast it's gonna be fine we'll show some some video some video that we haven't shown before it's gonna be intimate it's gonna be great deftly by ticket we'd love to see all you out there i got a war for you guys how come people who snore really loud with other people up but they don't make themselves up well well it's like if you have a wet dream you come
but the person that you're having sex within the dream doesn't come probably maybe the maybe they were today you have you ve never proven otherwise yeah how does whinstone all what you all wet dreams have a partner i think they do i feel like everyone on earth has a twin somewhere you just have yet you have wet dream body that exists somewhere mongolia the just nothing in the middle of like a lama wet year wet dream but is nothing yeah you're wet dream body always not yeah got it ok this month wording but years nothing ok don't it would nothing is june sexual that's not directly before it's actually nothing's does not know gender boundaries it you can use it got male or female gender
sprouting inspection yes nothing is back there are two more explaining the hank what age and why do we stop worrying pajamas and switch to wearing boxers or nothing tibet pajamas are comfortable as hell yeah but there's one more thing to wash that's that when you start to do your own laundry that's when you start switching it up because you realize i'd i'd rather save space and time and worse and just where would have got onto bed and just have one pair of underwear last me for twenty four hours is just too much work it's just too much work a yard things your underwear wearing your underwear when you when you get for ready for better we have to do is take off your pants put on another parapets wearing pants and this is just a weird thing that's it you basically have to be eighty years old in the eu eighty year old just stay in their pajamas all the time cuz i don't know when they're going to die and they want to die comfortable yeah that's okay to me is wearing pajamas all the time we wonder or nothing at all but yeah
something about just like putting on the same thing to wear to bed every night is kind of gross to me that's where i nut yeah before i squirt all right one such p boys and hank my boyfriend recently throughout his back playing pick a basketball and i was wondering a polite way to tell him maybe he should lose some weight because his tits are bigger than mine thanks and go rockies ok we'll have just seems excessively meme listen i've always enjoyed myself i'm sorry i don't even put that together i've gotta go precision myself words gonna we ve already aside to detonate in view of the court to tom you know it your boyfriend probably a lizard apart my take if you listen i don't know i don't know how that works and couples but my best guess is like if you list new podcast so does your stiffly another cause you have to have some talk about later i'm so he's probably lesser just get him on of begets you're the core i support both
yes you're the court we're all get it in the year you're the continent so let you doesn't i was gonna be sitting on medicine balls and shit or wherever the video balls i gotta drinkin minors have a lot a lot of shit on top of the cor i got like an intermodal joint outer mantle acrost with it everyone out there listening right now if you live in new york city in europe core specialist we want you we will hire you won't pay you we will hire you to get our course ok or we could do that thing they did on viva la ban that one time and just like put your picture at every single like pizza place every tie food restaurant in new york city and said do not serve this mega yup that's their authority there that's it right yes it let me guess i usually you say something before sound
there was i just said are you gonna say let me ass i love you debts
why you gotta do you see it's you
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