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Barry Zito, Texans Will Fuller, Playoff Kershaw + NFL Week 6 Preview

2019-10-11 | 🔗

Playoff Kershaw strikes again and the Nats are on to the NLCS. Atlanta sports misery deserves its moment in the sun.(2:54-21:10) NFL Week 6 picks and preview of the weekend slate. (21:11-36:41) Fantasy Fuccbois.(36:42-39:14) Former MLB pitcher Barry Zito joins the show to talk about his career, the pressures of playing for a big contract, ups and downs and coming to peace with the player he was. (43:00-1:12:48) Texans WR Will Fuller joins the show to talk about his huge Week 5 and how special Deshaun Watson is. (1:15:36-1:22:47)Segments include Fyre Fest of the week,(1:25:35-1:30:13) Talking Soccer for Wayne Rooney and the Instagram controversy,(1:30:14- and FAQ's (1:41:04-1:48:50)

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On today's part. In my take, we have a two for Friday. Two, for we have berries. Edo very fun into view with Barry Zito we came in ledge Of the game, you remember him from the is or the giants we talk about his big contract, the psychology of thing is starting pitcher winning a world series and then winning another one where he actually participated. We also have are the stickers player of the week. Will fuller from the Houston Texans who went off last week, probably one you a fantasy game. We have a weekend preview, we're going to talk a little baseball off the top. We got some fire fest, faqs a packed Friday. She oh for everyone, but before we do that, pardon my take is brought to you by the cash app cash app is most powerful way to send, spend and save
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welcome to part of my take presented by the cash out. Go download right now. Use code partially get five dollars off five dollars to the a c. A s p c. Eight today is Friday October eleventh, and I am starting to think Clayton Kershaw's, not good in the Playoffs Kershaw Yikes, I'm starting to think that I stood very still out. I I appreciate Dave Roberts trying to put a man just to like invoke it'll change. It he's like this is the time because I believe in my guy, I'm going to put them in and he'll be fine and it backfired on them big time that was a classic manager move where he goes heart overhead yeah. I actually I actually don't blame Clayton Kershaw for the implosion for the back to back home runs because he's not dominant Clayton Kershaw anymore, still very, very good, but he's not like Kershaw of five years ago with
one point, seven era right and to put him out there with everything that he had in his head about the playoffs and all the struggles and all the blow ups and put him out. There gets the heart of the Nats lined up. When you have my aid ready to go, that's the Roberts fall yeah, who is not good. So there's three levels of managing there's the heart that you mentioned. There's the head that you also mentioned you forgot about the gut, though so this was a gut call. I think more than a heart call for Roberts, but his heart convinced's got to do it. I think-
it was a bad call. No matter what you are and you left out, maybe the most important part of why it was a bad idea or what turned the game around really. At that point, I give a pretty good pump up speech on the live stream. Who could forget nationals? It was electric everyone's talking about this morning. I actually, I saw people talk about writing here at the White goose bumps. Can I don't even a quick? I know I don't even know what I said it would. I God spoke through me and a red and channel me to speak to the national and said you have one shot. I forget what I said. So I can't I can't replicate this is shades of the pants all over again, and it also I mean I can go back to the live stream and pull up the quote it at whatever it was. It was poetry, written by the hand of God himself. It had nothing do with clean car shopping on a bomb in the plane had nothing to do with that. I actually feel bad for him
and I know we got- we had it, but you know how twitter works where everyone says you feel bad for a guy who makes thirty million dollars a year yeah. Actually I do because Clean Kershaw is, you could maybe argue MAC sure, Sir, maybe just some Berliner, the the best pitcher of this decade, and he just thinks the yeah he's just so so bad, even the guys who we have these like arcs, where they don't have. The no clutch most of them find the clutch gene eventually most them. Have that last moment where it's like. Oh here, we go, everyone feel good Clean Kirsha. They won a world series, but no this Rogers team is won, seven straight division titles and they have nothing to show for it and Clayton Kershaw read an article after. Where is basically, he was saying it like it like we'll just pop up when he's like on the golf course so just think, like men,
suck in the playoffs yeah and he's lived with that. Yes, no, there is such a thing as the clutch gene they need. They need to study whatever is in his blood and figure out where the gene can be isolated, using pundit squares or whatever, but this is a real thing with clean curtains fascinated study because he is really really good, but in the postseason he had highest era of any pitcher in major league history after the sixth inning hey. I think I just made that up, but I heard something like that really sounds right. No, it is right, but I mean I I might be wrong with like the sixth or seventh inning, something along those lines. What twenty four postseason home runs his twenty first less than twenty four home runs this season. Did you hear what he said after the game? He thinks that every time the this is the amount of pressure that he puts on himself, he thinks every time he screws up in the playoffs. He is disappointing God because God gave him so much talent and he's for filling that and there's only one one more thing for clean to do to try
turn this around and that's go completely. Satanic flip the script embrace Satan become Goth Clayton I corner get corn rows go out there like Bronson Arroyo, is now go out there with with mascara on the black lipstick, just like flipped the script on got into really see see will give you a hand hold on while we're doing this. The the games are going on, so we're gonna make a bat everyone write down. How many first downs we think the giants are going to get in the taping of the show during the taping. The show that this is the first quarter right now: okay, I'm written it down, got mine too. Okay. Actually, I'm gonna. Do this? Okay, so yeah back to Clayton Kershaw. The Inter easy does actually very like similar, yes and dealing with how you deal with, even though you make so much money. The emotions of it are anything. Can you imagine, can you imagine not only having all the pressure of yourself, but you also think that God, pressuring you but he's in a bad mental, I hope he's okay. He should know that God was actually giving you the words
he's not he's good garden tool, and we should also know that if God is going to favor starting pitcher, it's probably Bartolo Cologne. 'cause he's got the second family like Moses. Yes, he does, and so the Clayton Kirsha, though the worst part about his whole career, is that he is so good that he always gets the dodge to the playoffs yeah. So it's the classic situation where you would not be in the playoffs if Clayton Kirsha wasn't as good of a picture as dominant as a picture, as he's been the last decade and then he gets there. So it's almost like is actually a very good lesson to everyone. Never be great yeah, because then people expect you to be great in big moments and you might not have that absolutely average all the time. Yes, I think we've given that advice that a few times on the show- and it's it's absolutely true- don't set expect is too high in anything that you do in life ever so the other side of it. We should give credit to natitude me for
give me curry air? Yes, you can get off yes, Scott! Well, I give my credit all the glory to God. Yes, now to to the Nats, are back they're going to be facing off against the cardinals in the Nlcs by the way the cardinals did you did you hear the cardinals manager his post game so I did not hear focus on focuses more so much and it was so offensive to me. the card away. That I don't know, that's a curse on them. They need to leave that locker room talk in the locker room. So where was this speech that it was in the locker? Okay got it got? It was on a periscope, okay, so yeah. I also saw a few people with their eyes wide open for a for Soto in the Post game celebrations to make sure that he didn't swallowing the champagne correct, because he's in Boppy he's nineteen, his forever knight twenty eyes for ever nineteen. In her eyes, I actually thought that he was nineteen internal incorrect. You because people said that he was nineteen, so much it's going to be twenty one in October, I am bopping myself so, by the end, he's going to be able to drink champagne at worlds
is game. Seven there you go that your destiny, you're already saying that, so I, the nationals have some very, very obvious problems. with their team, most notably that they have their relief. Pitchers are institute an entirely of starting pitchers so don't really hello, Fernando Rodney Brat, Fernando Rodney, and do that aero and they're not only comes, and I'm like. Why is the show's records a and I five week out there right right? I know he's there, but any pop something like no yeah again it's it's, not a formula that you would willingly put together for your team, but you go to war with the army that you have not the army that you want. So we have to talk about the other game and we did something on Wednesday show when we talked about minnesota- and we mentioned in that same sentence- that the underrated, saddest sports cities are Minnesota in Atlanta
Lana really is a really under rated, though no, but it is because it's a again it feels like we've been gets. A lot of shine. Buffalo gets a lot of shine. It Lana is truly the saddest place on earth. Mls is sports, MLS Champion LOS Champions, but they gave up ten runs in the first inning. I've never anything like that. They also have so I I I wrote down some Atlanta stats. This is going to be listen. This is a place of love. I'm actually, I know a lot of fans will be upset about this, but what what
or doing here is shining light to your misery so that you can wave that flag and say hey, we actually have it the worst and I helping the Minnesota fans he'll yeah. Yes, that's right and then on Monday will pick Detroit. Yes, and then you guys can yes all right. So the falcons? How about the falcons? Let's start from the beginning, where they weren't good for very long time, and then they went to the Superbowl well that Dion Sanders. Yet when the bright spot on your team as a punt returner you as a bears fan yes more than anybody in the house, yeah! That's it's not a great feeling to have for team. You have like you occasionally Your defense gets a good stop and you have a shot at a good return. You get excited for that moment, but besides that the best offense there was absolutely nothing happens. So then they went to a super bowl,
and then Eugene Robinson got caught with a prostitute the night before and got burned for a touchdown in lossed to John Elway, three thousand four hundred and nineteen. We should also say that he was the Walter Payton Man of the year correct so hot seat, Chris Long, so that sucks. But you went to the Superbowl, oh and then you drafted a few years later, Michael Vick,. where it shows were ordered back to work yeah, one of the very few writers in which art of like you know he also went to Lambeau in the playoffs, in that, let's just lost a pretty good dog fighter, but when, when people like, when you think franchise, quarterback Don't really expect your franchise quarterback to go to jail for dogfighting in derail the whole franchise? So you don't you don't ask questions for that in the Kambin interview. Should you do now, but she didn't at the time. So you live and you learn counter point yeah. They had VIC, but they also drafted Matt Schaub yeah. True, and then they went twenty and twenty eight and three super bowl, which is the biggest collapse, maybe in sports
here's a question. Do you think it's worse to think about falcons fans, thinking about twenty eight to three or New Orleans fans? Thinking about the pass interference? twenty, which is harder to twenty twenty three twenty three, because it's just so in comprehensive because with the same I want to say you can always point the finger at the ref to be like that's the reason why did have we got screwed on that pass interference? Twenty eight to three! You have! No nobody to blame, but yourself and maybe call Shanahan mean God you in Heaven and gave a great speech in the concourse to God. And then the Atlanta hawks have never been to a final that sucks and no one really cares about them. The braid Dominique the Braves won fourteen straight division titles and they had one world series to show for the Braves had four hall of fame. in their prime G Tom Glavan John Smoltz Chipper Jones and Greg Mattix the break one six out of eight
straight Cy Young awards, six out of eight straight straight Cy Young awards. They want one title and on top of all of that they have lossed. Ten straight c he's. Since two thousand- and one do you want to play that game where we just because that those Braves teams of the MID 90s, though I spend my days watching the Cubs back because they were in a nationally televised. Yet in the breeze and then I would watch the Braves on TVS, along with Sanford and Son reruns whenever there be rain delay. But I could just name a very fun thing to use his name. Braves gathers Fred, Mcgriff Tech, Terry PEN, Ryan, classical big old booty, Greg Greg guy G Greg, Greg, blouse or Jeff Blouse Jeff Blauser Greg Lemke Mark Mark Lemke, Jeff, Blauser, Jeff Treadway, this next song, yet rugged had huge by so he did mass awesome by side I'll, be Lopez, even Justice, David Justice, the crime dog, Fred, Mcgriff friend, grisly crime dog, not David Justice in David Justice got as
Sprint down member that delete those under eyes and that's also Atlanta yeah, that is my tlc or might be like brother, or something just naming everything just sort of screwing it up. Also the civil war in Sherman. Well, no, I'm not talking to those days hold on I'm not done. They had hockey teams two of 'em, take it away the flames and the thrashers. That's pretty tough have two and they never went to the playoffs and then final, if you're in Atlanta sports fan you're, most likely a Georgia Bulldogs fan you wanted call title, one thousand nine hundred and eighty you lost pretty much a similar way in twenty seventeen national title You lost in the SEC championship last year, where you had maybe should be in the out of the player, and then I looked it up. The Georgia, bulldogs in the last seventeen years, have finished in the top ten ten out of seventeen times, that's uh You have no titles and I'll go almost got spit roasted by Viva last year, so it Lana. We feel your pain, not literally no
we're gonna say hold on. I mean to the extent that I think about four inches now that you hear off your arm as they do have Tom Green. Until you pay us Tom, Green and me go see a and b costs and ludicrous jack was getting fired soon. You know it's all looking up, but that was our Atlanta Menu Stadium, looks like a butt tent losing losing that ten runs in the first. Turning, I would rather lose hope back. I would rather lose that way. Delta airlines I'd rather these overwhelming it in the Atlanta we're gonna live acts. Well, I'm just saying that was bad sports memory. It was, or what it was you had Olympics little, there was a bombing and was a death, talk to me that suck yeah, but I'd rather lose that way go out early in the first thing you know the games over then go to the. If I not like that, if the Nats had lost to the Dodgers on a walk off home run in the bottom of the ninth inning, like I was sure they were going to do, I think that's a tougher LOS to deal with
then just getting blown out right out of the gate. If it was six runs. Ok, I'd agree with you, ten run. I actually thought, like my score. App had had a it was like a glitch when you see ten runs in the first inning tend to nothing that was so so painful, so Lana we're sorry now we have were set up, we're we're in the middle of the games right now, but the Astros or commanding the game for one looks like ring: get Astros Yankees, which will be an unbelievable series and cardinals nationals which will be a series. It will be a. It will certainly be here, eight one of the two, so that's good out of the hot water, because you know we're just an attitude podcasts right rack. We got big that I have a future on drugs get in the game. The cardinals and I hate the card. Okay, we're is so weird anti cardinals, podcast, okay, moving flood was jumping on board because I'm I'm actually shocked at some point in this history. The show you you didn't like fake, be a cardinals fan, for
No, I mean that would be beneficial, though right, that's a bridge too far. Oh listen. If the cardinals somehow lucked their way into winning world series this year, I probably will just say well, the NL central is the best it's too far for me to troll you with that I'll put on a cheese head as an owner I'll. Do that, but I'm not going to go to the Saint Louis Cardinals I want. Can I give you a homework assignment for Monday sure something to look forward to? I need you to give me a tutorial. We probably should have done this today, but will do it Monday? Give me tutorial. All the reasons why I should hit the courthouse or if you just want to go off right now. No, I mean well, I I wish you would prepare that's good too I'll. Give you some of you to start all right. One is obviously the fans and the best fans in baseball got it. I got here: Molina will drive you insane yep. They also will always come up with huge hits with guys that look like they should be. Like you know, serving you coffee, like server
a beer like their guys yeah, they get guys got rolling right. Who do show? Are you special yeah who's? Your show up in big moments in October, in your like who the is this guy and then we write, I thought he was dead and he's but probably pitch a gem at some point in this postseason. So just I'll make a full list, but I'll add to it, because we're going to watch the first two games over the weekend and I'm sure they'll do something that would drive me. Nuts. It's going to draw nuts, because the cardinals they just have this like dark magic. That just is bullshit and they'll just dimple Ways- and I know I know cardinals fans like yourself yeah. You know what I have so he and his only son, although you can solve, because you beat him so many times of the year. So it's actually a compliment to you to how about Brian Mccann retiring up stage in the game yeah, I would say yeah Brian Mccann, retired during game, five of gnats dodgers, not very sportsmanlike of them, not a custodian of the gift of the game move, but I do think that that's going to make
Yachty step up his custodian. He is responsibilities knowing that Mccann's gone. Yes, he is the guy now, because Brian Mccann was the number one unwritten rule make sure that everything is check. Guy, so Yati. I mean the idea Bennett for awhile as well, but It's really all his now. I got something to keep our eye on here. So this is a staff, that's being tracked by baseball prospectus. I don't have a membership, so it and actually read the article, but I read a tweet about the article and then I read all the replies to the tweet. So I feel like have a pretty good understanding of what's going on. Are the baseballs are not going as far in the playoffs there's a measurable wind resist back to that was not there during the regular season. Now some people are saying: well, isn't that just the season changing and if you listen to last night's Dodgers broadcast the announcer said that it was because the games were at night.
Minimal. The ball doesn't travel as far that at night. I don't think that's true. Maybe the gravitational pull of the sun brings the balls out. But what they're saying on baseball prospectus is that they change the balls before playoffs smart, raise the seems smarter, there's a lot of balls that that should be home runs that are dying at the warning track hit pitchers duel. It's honestly, it's my get everyone to tune in for the explosive regular season and then they kind have a probably a sense of guilt like we're ruining baseball. It's just will play it fair for the playoff. So what was the Braves pitching staffs excuse? They didn't. They didn't give. Home runs. They didn't give it a single yeah. No, I did nothing with no home runs yeah. That listened that first out, that sack point out the those ned somewhere is like. I told you guys they bumped it over and got the south and then they scored ten runs off of that who's. The manager again, who the cardinals
shelter something whatever the fuck his name is is not the country music. I know I wish she was still MIKE. Massini Micrathena was an all time dumb, dumb, like one of my favorite, dumb dumb guys in the world where you just might shelt I remember, hearing the interviews and MIKE Matheny and I'm I'm not a baseball analytics guy, as you can probably tell from the research that I put into that, but I would hear him talk. Like this guy, has no. He was talking about yeah. This guy's looked his way into a lot. No MIKE with the any I I miss him every single day. Okay, let's do soon, he was a heart over got guys big time. Let's do some football talk and we also have some Larry's picks. This our preview, our NFL Preview, is brought to you by Bette and G M p m t as a new home for sports betting. This year you need check out the back MGM's sports APP in New Jersey. You can download the deposit check out lines from anywhere, but you need to be located in New Jersey to place your bets. Last week I talked about I can't lose parlay this week. I've got another one
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for existing users they're making it so you actually can't lose on my can't lose parlay this week might can't lose parlay is risk free up to twenty dollars. You need to opt in to the promotion and place your bet, and you actually can't lose this week, not that it's going to lose. My can't lose partly is not going to lose this week. I don't see how a single one of those lose rams that That is the rams needed now. Hey! Don't look at me like that with the rams, I don't know. I know I want to do after that. Is a hungry young not run fast? You not remember what we just saw on Monday night, yes short week for the forty dollars. That's what I saw good point in the rams have a long we could put on thirty tonight Chris and I saw a stat that Sean Mcvay is ten and one when he has a man more than death more than seven days to prepare so on any kind of a long week you know is one loss was against the 49ers, no wait.
Oh super bowl, ok, so Rams Ravens Ravens will not lose just put that one away to play the Bengals and the cowboys will not lose their playing the jets. Let's do some preview, so Middle EAST town, This is so you have a loose actually have just a loser leaves my brain loser leaves the NFL and is relegated to the m ls. I like this 'cause. I think we probably the Redskins offense. Oh oh, I had so broke it down. I have a loser, leaves town game, but I had we have to tour the polls. This we have the Redskins dolphins is a toilet bowl and we have the Falcons Cardinals falcons a toilet bowl yeah. So this is not the best Slater two games, the Texans Chiefs, probably the best game, early it's a really good game. You know what my brain, don't worry. Those two quarterbacks are fine, whatever, where they draft in the same here yeah. What year was that who was who was drafted? And you know what can I say this real, quick 'cause? It's bullshit here comes trick: cat, no John. What's his name Solomon Thomas, the
the 49ers made he can't even get on the field is a. He plays quarterback two. He can't know he carried out on the field. He's third pick. The browns could have the browser drafting first, they could have had one of those guys I'm trying to change the narrative that the Browns were the ones in the weight by taking our friend Baker no MILES gear must that's right, those miles yeah, my bad all, so I have a loser, leaves town. Okay. Also, I think, if you guys in trade, for that's where it's really okay, so I had to pick it up. That's one shot out of the fact you like we need to trade up, not that it was a good to see what the forty Solomon Thomas, he stinks that any court, but he stinks loser, leaves town Broncos Titans, season is over for the loser of this. I think the Broncos season is already over how you gonna you're gonna, quit on your boy, my bit VIC Fangio, no Joe Flacco, Joe Flacco of Joe Flacco Realist. If, if, if he is he yeah, listen! I I know I believe in him
british news. I believe him to an extent he's like Phillip Rivers. It Phillip rivers could actually throw that fourth quarter. Touchdown. That gives him to lead. The problem is field service cancer would anymore, he doesn't, he doesn't and will Joe Flacco still can, but his defense gives it up pastries, just blocked Appan, ok, so so that was my loser leaves town is ace. What has you so? Don't he's changing the narrative round? Chases as we speak? What issues why I like the titans- I like the titans in this game, because you got to take the underdog when they're when the tides are on drugs got taken. But when you save the Titans lose this game, it feels a little bleak yeah. I think they're done right, so right, so that was a loser leaves town. Did you ever lose release time? No, just my loser leave is done with football. It becomes a f. U t b, o well too, also a reminder to everyone. We have in a true London game this this week, make sure you get your bed and because nine thirty comes faster than you think. That's right in the night, and I'm only giving myself I'm allocating myself to Ariens
he'll attack in London, jokes that are making. We are going to be all the way on the West Coast. You're not going to be that's true, I'm as can be so say in this? You need to set up as a schedule of the three yeah. I will I'll put him in in Hootsuite and get ready to go. Not the first time in Ariens and struggled with an aerial attack in London folks, so everyone can everyone can just stop, which is why that just hold just drop it for like yeah everyone I mean I do it. You think James was is going to play well and money's. Not we not even a lot of the country to schedule for like seven fifteen West Coast time and then maybe one for like ten thirty do the exact same sweet and everyone just reply schedule Tweet Pft, yeah there you go. It's gonna be weird watching this game, not even in America yeah because I'm gonna be and and Canadian Vancouver in Vancouver. So they had you talk about the washer to yeah. They'll have enough all games I'll, be loudly explaining to all the CFO fans where rules now this just called me of tv. I'm just going to ask everybody I meet with a ruse. Is I don't know if I don't know if you should be that confident? Oh sorry, we
have dvds. Now we've got ups upset right. We've got to be rude, he's going to the access to is. He knows he right. We've got to be that it was a lot of players, distillers wrong, yeah and then the on, like a reddit stream on your phone, the hotel, you think the hotel in Canada has the NFL network. That's a good one. I don't know oh, oh there, email house even worse, is the log cabin, no Canadians, local, I'm going to log into log cabin. That's heated by just like a fireplace filled with you, just listen to pmt brain just panic and just go right to an accent when we when we showed him the fact that he might not be able to watch every. So if there's not a Monday, pardon my take is because they don't allow computers in Canada. I think that there are tools of the devil. There is Monday, pardon my take. We will record it and it will be great ok. So let's do some pics Favourites, Hank wait. Are we sure they're good? Oh, you
because I've got the 49ers and the rams in are we sure they're good, so you're still thinking foreigners might not be good. Well, the forty Niners lost a very key component to their attack in Monday night. They lost their full back. You should you should you should for sure cure for yeah and then brought in like seven full backs to try out this week. I don't know who they end up going with, but they're are going to hello to fill that role, because you're sick is really really good, correct and the use them in a way that is kind of key to their offense. They might put cattle in there to do some of the blocking stuff. That he's been doing, I don't know, but they had. I think, I'd like recounts giants. First transfer sound is one of them they would reveal.
Now, yeah three. Can I finish with full backs. I've was that okay, you've won, you can at least pretend they let it get in August. First I was I was. I was no that'll they're still can't. I wouldn't interrupted that it began for no, I wanna hear the my my my whole point is: the rushing attack is not going to have the same full back this time and they had a lot of full. What is a what's the collective term for a group of full backs? No, it's a memory. Let you finish it's a murder of crows into full by it's a it's, a rush, more full backs, yeah in a rush. How many first downs of have the giants on account? Three said alliance. We are said it. We said I said three talk about fullbacks high five, so you're oh, that was your loser, leaves not sure sure sure that good 'cause, I don't know if the rams are still good. I actually would argue that there's a half of an are, we sure there good game in the Texans going chiefs. If the Texans win that game, I will consider the Texans very good
would you agree, would per you will personally consider the Texans very good? Yes, okay, I have very good seem strong, I think, they're very good to be the chief good ish. It is good answer. I could see this being a trap game, though, where the chiefs are banged up the text, I could win this game and they meet in the playoffs in the chiefs won by forty yeah. Oh, I like that. Hank hey, give us your favorite. My favorite is going to be. orders, really yeah. This call me call me coming live, would but the fact that, like Mason Rudolph there let them like takes naps, he's practicing, you might start on Sunday Doc. How do not start? Do you know do In a wli know that yeah, but that's what I'm saying, I'm not I'm just assume that he's, but I seen a bunch of reports there, letting me Mason, Rudolph takes stats. Take snaps. Does this have to do with Lib? Would I just People like, like king of liberal, take concussions concussions have a well known, left, leaning bias.
Look at a leaf in concussion. I've been all Democrats. I believe that if you get knocked out while you're playing you should pray We take minimum a week off the fact all right, it's already might not happen. All right. Starz was tangle, free someday, we'll get to a point where we can cross the party line. Agree. Concussions are real post AOC with bipartisan politics. Concussions are real, have Pft. What's your favorite, my favorite is Jacksonville minus one and a half at home against the saints. This is a game that I I'm just perplexed by this line. My my dumb brain can, rapid around. Is that what it's called I don't know what the Vegas Zone is known to us. Okay, the jack of the Jack codes on one and a half point favorites at home begets runs. I get theirs home field advantage and I get that Menchu magic is. should and he's going to make me want to go out and later a grenade on fire on Bourbon street and then poured into the I'm not gonna finish. Okay are good, but I I get that there's
Could you magic going on? I get it's a home game, but still the saints just feel like they should be favored in this game, for other. Not so. Obviously my brain is stupid. So I'm going against my brain. I like that. I, like that. Alright, my favourites is going to be. I was going to go with the rams, but that fullback speech you gave me makes me a little nervous. I'm not gonna lie it. Yeah I'll, stick with the rams minus three. I think the rams are going to. I think it's just a classic NFL situation where one team really needs a win and one team doesn't give them for their. Don't need this win. The rams new, this wall. So it's a short week for the forty Niners. Along with the rest, I hate your underdog dolphins, who okay you're gonna. Do that yeah that's gross citing. I think it is it's thrilling. I've been betting on the dolphins all year and it's fun into lose lose week. Well, here's the thing! This is here slightly different. So here that's not it yes, you're right! It is. You know what the differences
the Redskins have an interim head coach and you know how we feel about interim head coaches, but it got James is an this is life or team is completely locked. How long and is a big time interim head cold, I'm running sprints. He says that he's going to give Adrian Peterson the ball. Forty times this weekend hold on Hank here's all you have to do if this pet loses whatever he since you just have to walk around and tell everyone the red couldn't be three one slash two point favorites against anyone and then you can make yours, even if you lose in the Redskins win by fourteen, would like guess what I'd do it again? 'cause the Redskins shouldn't be three one slash two point: favorites against anyone PM underdog. My underdog is Philly Philly plus three at So I like that yeah, like I love this, although this is Kirk cousins going up against a defense hold on here's, the only makes me nervous about this. Pic. Doesn't this feel like the Kirk cousins? Wins quote, unquote, big game, but it's not really big game. 'cause, it's
clock on a Sunday, so he can say: well, Kirk Cousins won the big game just to fool everyone. A little bit more last week was Kirk cousins, winning a game against a team. So the China Sea yeah. He beat the giants on their end. That was a huge game form because he got a phone call from Trump afterwards. He TIM called him to congratulate him on beating the New York Giants, wow and so to him. That's, like you know, he's riding high off that congratulations. I feel like he's overlooking the eagles at home. That's true! Okay, so my under dog, I'm a go. Steelers would be great ahead. Trump, just called cousins after every single game this year that he won is like a good job for the game. Yes, a good game, yeah yeah, pleading, concussions drunk. No, I think Doc is going to play and he's going to be great Doc, Fox Doc, Doc Fadi should begin all snaps. I hate you. I like that, if you, if they do, cover it's duck and cover you had talked with us when you get to this part of podcast, go with your over my
over I'm gonna take the eagles likings. Okay, I like that. Hey pft, my over I'm gonna, take Texans and Kansas City Chiefs with two quarterbacks like that, and I don't know how you could ever expect him to score less than twenty seven points. Each they're, both young yeah right yeah under off under her off I'm taking the wondering that go. Ok, that's and under a fly over is going to be Seahawks Browns over forty six one slash two I still like the defense for the Seahawks is never good on grass I'm just I'm still thinking back in my over pick, I'm so excited to watch those two guys go out there in a sling around all right. So you have that under the Texans Chiefs, I'm going to take the under on the Panthers Box, just because, if you No one likes a bit under's. This is the perfect time to better under 'cause. You can sleep through the game. Boy could take a nap, that's a great point, forty seven and a half. I like my under a channel and I filmed not available in Canada, BBC the probably have the BBC there
I actually under Cincinnati Baltimore. Forty eight, I don't know how Cincinnati is scoring more than zero points in this game. Yeah, that's probably fair. I want to under on Cincinnati to score one point. Although the ravens I've been eh, and then we do so. Many of these shows that you forget, like something you say a few times and ravens fans are getting very mad 'cause. I keep calling him frauds prove it. I don't think, there's only prove it. No there not frauds there bumps at this personally prove it to me. Ravens, you have to prove prove it to me.
Things in one hour. Hey stop yep and I do take the money lines right and I listened go to Bed MGM right now. Use the code, p m T winnings paid and free bets must be twenty one or older must be New Jersey, place, bets restrictions, apply, visit, MGM, dot com for the full list of terms and conditions. Gambling problem call one eight hundred gambler and remember that MGM is the home for p m t this football season. If you're a new user place your first bet of one dollar more on my can't lose parlay, but you got to make sure to use bonus code pm to you when you sign up to get one hundred dollars. If I hit one like rams, Ravens cowboys, how does that loose ravens? I just told who that can not loose. I'm gonna hit this week,
okay: let's do some fancy talk for the fifteen minutes. What some? What's your name, walk? What employees? It's truly Santorini! My start in this week is marble raising an extra six during the week. You can't wait for Sunday Saturday going you to type in the mob, raising a tough talking Rauch. My system is so far. It was a terrible week for civil financially. Now we were seventeen sixty pounds that down three cents from last week right find a in my sleep. What is Byron goal Zack he's on the cheese in the hello yeah, stop what you're all right, which of my name is Johnny Soul, Reno, I'm starting that big old, seven kinds of fish like at Christmas time that as long they're hibernate, yes, that hey hey with only the family, this Brando to lead so big area of my ex wife, I'm sittin methamphetamine! That's right! I feel the need the need for speed, but I'm going to get my banker correct from my tv this weekend on Netflix of Break did bad coming out with a movie that bill jailbreaking back check it out my sleep, Tyler Lockett, that's right! The virgin, like most of the immaculate reception this weekend, will be good with his head away with this. Now all right. This is Connie Tortellini and MIKE's daughter this week the RT said it this on one of these guys, they're. Not taking these guys, not hang on the line home is, would do would do no one. Would you like to at do do do? Do my sleepless candle to candle see then like it'll, be on yeah like that three thirty SEC game, that candle feels like fall? That's right, like that John Wick! All rights are, I'm not gonna make fun of Produ okay,
I will they ban gambling on their campus. You can't gamble, even though it's legal in Indiana to bed or enforces them can't gamble on a produced game. If your student, who would not make fun of Purdue. I want credit from all put. If I go, what do we take a trip to Purdue and go on campus and we put a bet in expelled? Well, you'd never be able to, you can get dog does something nice about partisan engineering can't get into produce? I don't think I could get into producing. I probably can't either, but still I wouldn't want to under any circumstances ever go there even with full ride, but I'm not going to make fun of Purdue. I'm just going to read something that was said. They said that they did this because they don't want students talking to athletes and getting tips because, for instance, just because you ask a football player who's in a group with you how's your arm doing or how is your injury that the football player would have. say are they asking me that, because they want to place a bet on me, yeah often? Yes,
yes, we are trying to get some inside info. You know what. Why are you punishing students for making good choices and get investments with our money? I'm again I'm not going to make for the Produ, but is there a reason it is there alternate thinking here where they're actually saving produce students from themselves because produce so bad that if they can't bet on Purdue, they won't do is that money you're only allowed to bet on Purdue Games against Ohio State you're only allowed to bet against Purdue, that's a That's as good as any savings plan that endowment up there we go boom, I fixed Purdue. that's probably what's up so the school is just betting, all their money on Purdue or against. Blue and they don't want the student body to be putting all these small bets in and changing the lines making the spread move did make fun of her. Do you ever think? Vanderbilt gets a bad rap 'cause. They have
colors. I think that a bill gets exactly the bad rap that the earth is very real, deserves every bad rap to get, because the only time we were there yes has also has, I think, right in our buildings. Purdue, I don't know I have to place in my has it both when Football Game Vanderbilt is not made for Purdue Vandervell is those of those who enter bill Joe. If Purdue's dad was a finance lawyer, not employment lawyer, they will stick a football Ok, okay, get kids to our interviews. We have first up berries Zito, then we're going to do willful we're going to do another larries pick during this ad. Read, though, parcel sports team. Up with New Amsterdam vodka to officially create our signature drink the pink Whitney created by the Spittin Chiclets crew. The result is a seriously smooth vodka infused with fresh, pink lemon
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pink right now. If you don't have have pink, can't find can't find it go, tell the liquor store to get it, because this ain't it sold out everywhere. Larry has the chiefs and we have berries ito. Okay, we now welcome on a very special guest that is very Seto. He's got a new book out, it's called curveball. We have it right here. If you're watching on barstool gold, you side to go with orange color. How did you get the name curveball for that's kind of weird? Ok, so the first cover it was actually going to be more like yellow e, and I was like put a lot of the lessons with when I was wearing the orange and black right, that's fair! So you know that's kind of the deal, but so doing research. For this interview, I realized that you move to Nashville live in Nashville and that's the most berries Ito thing ever like. I knew you- I knew you move to Nashville before I knew you moved to Nashville really yeah, just because I feel, like that's a perfect place for Barry Zito to play guitar pursuing.
His career, which will get into yeah and just be a cool dude, that's cool man. I think, for I think I'll go I mean should I was, I think I was running away from California and all the like. They they beat up little puppy. Manta Ray Rice ran to the other side of the country. So so in your book you talk about your entire career. I guess we'll, why don't? We start with you know just coming up in in major league baseball and being part a great rotation and being a guy who makes a splash wins a CY. His third, you know see in major league baseball. Was there a moment in those first few years or like holy shit? This is actually all happening to me right now. Econo was yeah. I mean it was a whirlwind I mean. Have you ever heard this thing? They say it's like the path of mastery, and so the first stage of the three is the unconscious competence. You're just super good. You don't know why you're just killing it and that was kind of what those years work for me so You know I had a lot of momentum from college and actually I was only thing like eighty one in high schools, but
As for my delivery and started picking up all this below and so You know once college it. It was just kind of a whirlwind and that kind of stopped a little bit after the side young. That's when I was like oh crap. What's going on. This is crazy right. So you think that you're, like a little bit better when you weren't thinking about how good you were at the time like when you were just going out there and doing it and then all of a sudden, along with you, know the CY young. And in all these accolades also comes like the pressure of expectation a little bit totaly did you know the sophomore slump right or you know you see it music, the first record like crazy and then they're like wait. How do I do that again right, yeah That's why you sell out yeah, that's right, that's when you, when you sell out, but I think it's the self consciousness really is the enemy right. I think in anything we do. If we
aware of our self and how people perceive us. Then all the sudden we're like consciously doing things to like win favor right. Sir, now look back on those first three years, you're like man that was awesome when I wasn't thinking about it, when I was just going out and throwing a dominating absolutely I mean it was so fun, but also it's like
it's hard to reproduce that, because it's not really a conscious effort to not think you're right again right and you know, and that path a mastery of talking about the the third stages, the conscious competence you're like I'm good, and I know how to get that out of myself but of course, the middle stages, the hardest would. As the conscious incompetence like I'm trying, and I suck this right worst thing ever right. I I read that you did a you, did a lot of reading to kind of get yourself to that third stage and you got into doing transcendental meditation. Is that true yeah? How do you? How do you transcendent at its eighth? As I want to start? I don't know what it is, but I know that I want to tell people that I do it it's a. I don't know if you don't want to do it. I just want to say that I do that's the first step in the right. You just tell everyone you're doing it yeah, you know if you want to sound like a real that are- and you say, I'm doing tm. but a good friend of Mine Bob Ross. Who actually is here? He runs the David Lynch Foundation and they do all kinds of great stuff with kids and veterans. But TM is basically practice that was brought over by the mall
Rishi Mahayogi? from you, don't have to manage that way. The Maharishi met that matter younger yeah. Those were familiar. That's your guy! He brought over to Mccartney Lennon in the sixties, right they started doing it. So it's and it's a pro is that spans all religions, all walks of life, and you just sit there and twenty min meditation. You have your mantra that nobody else can know, and it comes down and it's basically a way to just decompress your mind. If you were told anyone, your Montre did you change it? Not even my wife really yeah, it's like probably only thing I haven't told her time to say nobody listens to show breaking news. Various details might do you change your Montre now you get when you get taught TM, you learn it and you'd like you get. Your teacher gives it to you and that's a have. You ever accidentally told your mantra out there. Never once or not it can you just a little bit of this interview like without us. Knowing, like subliminally yeah, just say the word, and we just won't know. Is it? Is it an english word? It's no,
it's like some Eastern Oregon all right all right, yeah can't do that. That's fair! So the other part of your career that is very fascinating, is you were the first big contract. As for pitcher at least you there was a car track that I remember when you signed it. Everyone said holy shit bear easy to to the giants. I said that to you for one hundred and twenty six million dollars, you've talked a lot about the expectations and living up to it. When you sign that contract, when you put like pen to paper, what is the first thought that comes to your mind and then like going to that next season, because I it's always fascinating to me, are you saying I've already made it so whatever happens happens or you trying to live up to it? No that detached as I call it where you're like you know. I mean it's like you guys come in here. Ideally, I think you would just you know bust your tail to do as best you can and really you can't take responsibility for what everyone else thinks with you. Guys can only do what you doing here right so that I think, is a very healthy mindset and I was doing was,
after the Cy Young, oh wow. All these people love me. They approve of Maine, and you know I grew up with a father where I was trying to perform and win his approval. So like be good at baseball to wake win his approval right and then all the sudden. I was pitching for all these we're trying to be good at baseball, so they would approve of me, so the contract really was like felt like a very dumb in heavy thing. That was on my shoulders. All right, I didn't perceive it as like. All that's amazing. Okay, I'm gonna go beats and you know win some games. It was like oh gosh. How do I justify this. How do I prove that? I'm worth it every five days and if I do anything short of throne of CG shutout, it's really a let down so that's kind of where it all started. You just invincible, no money, more problems right there, that's what that's about yeah well the absolutely not a new concept right, yeah, the interesting part to me, though, in baseball, because there is no salary cap. I've always say the perspective. Like my team signed someone huge I'm like you know, I don't really
air, because there's no salary cap like of course there are some restrictions and owners, don't want to spend endless amounts of money sure. But why not like it's? Not it wouldn't be the same as Barry Zito took up thirty percent of salary cap, and now we can't do anything going forward. I'm always like guys get paid what they get paid an. Why be mad at them, be mad at the owner. If you want or the GM but don't be mad at the player, do you think that that might be actually a new thing? That's kind of come along recently in sports fandom and not when you signed your contract in two thousand and seven. It's a really interesting perspective. I mean because yeah you're taking that pie, chart right you're, taking a big slice and their smaller for everyone else, but without a cap you're right they can technically. anything they want to do For me, it was like the Barry bonds. Arrow was kind of coming. You know it was on its way out. Bearing I played
either for one year says insurance, the don't ask Barry yet don't ask me, as your master yeah the in spring training, when you guys were there sure yeah yeah, exactly good memory. Yes, I played with their for year, and course they brought me in to be the face of the franchise. So here I am thinking you know. I was kind of this kid in the Bay area that you know the uh don't get a lot of attention. We just kind of were really good all the time and we never made a lot of waves in the media and then now you go the bay, it's only a few miles, but it felt like a different world 'cause. You know in San Francisco everyone's wearing suits. It's like you know, they're, flying like the fancy planes, and all kind of stuff. So for me I just was like oh wow. I have to become a little more rigid, a little more professional and you know being that kind, loose cannon that I was in Oakland. I felt like it didn't wasn't going to fly so I uh the kind of changed my approach and I think that's where we all screw up right. Yeah like we gotta change for them. Instead of just be ourselves and whatever happens, happens yeah, so you move right across town. Do you get a big new contract? Did you actually get a new house? I got the crazies house.
Ever cause. My ego that hotels about, if I really had a do, you have a grotto in the city, was into his skull. I did never grotto, but I I had a grotto in la that's nice. Did you have it? Do you buy a house in the city and services go now, so I live funny enough. I lived in the city for four of my seven years in Oakland, but when I found the giants, I was terrified to be anywhere near giants fans because I kinda somehow knew that this thing was going to just be shaky. So I got a house like an hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge in this little mountain town called Kentfield and just bought this. You know mansion that was way too much money. But if you know for my ego man, I was like yeah, I'm a rock star man. This is what I do is like Italian Villa, like marble floors and like mountain views in now way to my what was the most unnecessary thing that you bought when you got that big new contract. Looking back on it, there are probably some moves that you made there like what I was dumb. It was fun at the time yeah I
Well, you know when your egos leading man, it's like, there's no satiation right, it's like a bottomless hole. So for me it was, I mean I bought like G teas and our AIDS Mclaren's. Like all these things. Yeah, and I had this house on the top of the hill in Hollywood. That was kind of like my main home, because I would it's go to LA so man I was. I mean I painted the house purple and I was like way of it had like orange mirrors on the ceiling waterfalls in the house. You know yeah Britney spears living right under me, so it's pretty sick, pretty good, actually yeah, oh wow, I never met her 'cause you she was
experience, yeah circles, but you're very see that it's true at the peace out very well. You know in la man, athletes are small fish, you ever just go outside and start thrown a curve and just be shirtless and wait for her to walk outside tomorrow. Sorry, I didn't know that you were coming out or just practicing my curveball hey. What's up yeah, I'm not sure it off here's! My guitar did you mention Barry bonds? Did you ever have an honest conversation with him about all of the Balco stuff and the steroid allegations? I never did man, you know, was fortunate to be on very maybe on the trust in the trust circle right like even when I played for oakland I'd, come, say hello behind the cage. You know batting practice. He was always so now to me and just gave me. You know that smile that he's got that's infectious, and so, when I came over and played you know we had lockers next to each other, and there's you picture berry the book you know where that took. I just took him. You know watching this tv getting ready to go, break some records, but
we had a great relationship, but I never wanted to you know Bro Sis conversation right right, that's a that's a! I feel like there's, there's no good way to have that conversation with somebody that your body doesn't usually if it sold so like Balco. Yes, sir, so put that you're, not you're small. Now it it's going on hey you're, like I put your hat on by accident the other day, and it was basically a sweater yeah. What's up with that, okay, give me a body. I just watch money ball for the second time like last week, were you pissed after that you to get more sign that movie in that book. Armed. You know, That was the story right. It was a Hollywood story. He was a good story. I think there was a lot of truth to obviously what Billy Bean and Paul the protested didn't, how they approached it, but it was a lot more factors right. That team had an m b ps I on winter, and actually I don't know if many people know this, but the original Moneyball was written by
Steven Soderberg. I think it was going to be directed by him and meme older and how we were going to star in it or not star but like in it yeah yeah at least have you in the movie yeah, and then I think that that version was going to tell the total real store You know, and it probably wasn't going to be that interesting to non baseball fans and it actually scrapped before it a in and they've started over on. You know what your movie goers want to see is how to Burke yeah we're had a bird all the time we I mean he's a good looking dude, so I don't live there and I had worked right which Pratt played on that was weird yeah yeah. I know when Billy Bean was doing all that stuff. And you guys are in the locker room. Do you know? Did he explain it to you? Did he say hey this? Is our approach 'cause we're going to bring in some guys that maybe you guys are looking at it like who the fuck is this guy? How is going to help us win? Did he explain? beforehand? I don't we
got sat down the thing about money, ball ability never held a meeting in the clubhouse. I mean that I don't. I don't think a GM has ever held a meeting in the clubhouse. That's a manager thing right, so you know, but you know with Patty. I remember spring training that you're happy came over and I was like. Oh, I pitched get this guy with the socks. You know he was catching and then he was at first base and he was trying to you know, get his feet under really at first base and taking ground balls, and you know he was having a tough go. Did it first and then he just started picking it over there like no one else, and I mean he adjusted so quickly to a new position, all right isn't right. So what were any of these guys? Do you quietly think like what the are we doing like some of these guys can't hit, not realizing all with the he's, bring him in for walks or is bring you in for this skill Did you have that conversation? That was I mean that was I. I got brought up into that kind of way of doing it basically wise with Billy Ball, and you know that whole thing you know not Billy Martin, but Billy, Beane Ball, and you know so when I
about two thousand, we were a home run and walk team. You know, Jason Giambi was leading the charge and when the Mvp, so you know that that we did it yeah yeah did you did they ever have any conversations with you 'cause? I know that at least in the book and the movie they show Billy talking to some of the players and saying hey. We want to work to count a little bit more, get the pitch count up there against the other guy. Did he ever have any conversation with you from like a larger perspective about how different statistics that you might not have thought about can actually help the team in the long? now they never satis down. With the you know the logistics, and all that I mean we knew that we were hiring guys that were going to walk a little bit more, and you know we knew we would never sack butt. in fact would be sit in the dugout, sometimes through those years and being like. So
This might be a good time to buy no, no we're not, but now your three hundred, that's like that's one of your secret skills and yeah you're burning, especially with the giants. I remember you lay down that one for for a base hit an rbi right, yeah yeah who's in the the Cardinals Rar knows it yeah. That was one of the all time points. Is that something that when you were on the age like me, I just wish I could get just put me as a dh and just let me point one record of man yeah. You know I. I wasn't good enough to play on my freshman team in high school as a hitter. That's when I stopped it, and so I had to learn how to hit in the big leagues, which was not fun, not that I ever even learned, but I do it. You would learn how to, but I actually think I read it beforehand. You had, I think you have the most career hits without getting an extra base, hit amazing yankee of thirty five single. I like consistency, yeah, he never had an aerated double, never told not trying not try, show anybody up yet very guy everyday singles. All the time singles hitter only the two day in the book curveball. You talk about
two thousand and ten and the giants winning the World Series and you being left off the World Series Roster and rooting against your team. This is fat, sing to me because I've always believed this with athletes. Athletes are so competitive that way, are injured or their out. There's a small part of them. That's rooting against their team and you're admitting it. What what was it like going through that? What was it like being left off that roster and were you sitting there actually like actively rooting against your team? You know what I mean I'm just gonna be honest. This is a phenomenon that does happen you're right in Euro sports. I mean because here's the thing in college, it's row row right top of the front of the dugout. Here we are we're a team and then you go into pro ball and you become an independent contractor Can you like best friends with your buddy, but then he gets called up to double a right, and that so you know you look at the big leagues is like let's say two guys are best friends: one of them gets the job. One goes to AAA. One financial situation is much different than the others, and then that's
so we'll get weird with the relationship right. So that's just kind of the nature of pro sports. Like you said so yeah I mean I was hoping that again, my ego was in control. You know chasing women, buying cars and mansions and all that, and so I'm thinking if they can lose this it proves they don't need me, so I'm hoping they lose and also I was so miserable being in the dugout watching them. You know, but when both she told me in twenty ten hey, you know we're going to go to the house and we got take our top four guys and I'm sorry you know like why, don't you just go regroup and come back in spring training? I was like dude boats. I've been working, my whole life for a world series. How much right go home, go home right now, like I can you stay and work out in case someone gets hurt, so I'm like fighting to just stay as a benchwarmer and he let me and it was cool but yeah I mean I was. I was miserable man I mean my boys are out there doing what I always dreamed and trying to act. You know have, be in the champagne celebrations, as we advance every round and trying to hide,
blocker most days and pull my hoodie over, and I mean it was a nightmare. Did you ever catch yourself accidentally rooting for the other team, like in the dugout like fist, pumping yeah? That would be like forgetting where you are for a second. No, no man, no but you'd, be amazed how many guys I've come across in the years that have shared with that. That's just a phenomenal silent, yeah, probably most force like we were talking to Gordon Hayward awhile ago when he got hurt, and he was talking about watching the Celtics compete in the post. and I think most real competitor. They a lot, won't admit it. Your deep down inside they all have that feeling like. If I'm not going to be there, then fuck you you know like I want. Got there helping my team won a world series, so I don't think I don't think there's anything unusual about it, except for the fact that you're openly talking about it, I mean you know in this book for me- is just I'm just trying to be as transparent as possible. You know, and for me it's cathartic to like
be like here's all the stuff. I didn't say in the standard nuclear loose you know boulder, I'm like Post game interview. You can help me because the truth is we, don't we don't get a lot of. We don't get a lot of facts and realities from these guys post game we get kind of the candy coated deal. Why is that? Why are why are guys not more honest, in the Post game interviews, is it just fear backlash or what exactly? What held you back from being more honest at times during your career I mean I verified that you know I kind of had I'm kind of a sensitive guy raised in a musician family. So by you know, I'm a naturally vulnerable guy I felt like I had to have coating of armor of assurance and confidence, and I'm going to shove. This ball up your you know what out there today, so I couldn't be born. the post game, interviews, 'cause? That was weakness. You know, but now what I realized. After getting my butt torn Part you know in baseball is that humility is actually the power right ever then. I never allowed myself to feel interesting, I'm in
just to hear about how you picked up the curveball to begin with. I'm sure you've told the story a few times when you realize that hey this might be a talent that you have, that you are abnormally good at. Was that something that you started before high school or during high school, no actual order. Throw now is seven. There was a book called the art of pitching by Steve bye. Tom Seaver and was seven. My father was a talent manager, so he didn't know anything about baseball, but he just bought all these books and put him in front of me, and so I looked, and there was a picture of a curveball grip and I think it was a right handed grip, and so I grip the ball. My way left handed- and I think I flipped it upside
an accident with the ball, because I never met a guy. My career that gripped the curveball like I did Huh Morse, most guys grip it with the horseshoe down, but I grew up in the other way, anyways yeah. I started doing this when I was seven, and course being seven- don't occur behind spike. Raise guys, can you talk fast, follow up yeah? I would be so pissed off at you in a legal fight to bat against you yeah. I think I'm, your guy you're thrown a twelve to six curve ball and I'm trying to swing a twenty two ounce bag. That's right! If you remember one guy that you made look just the most foolish, because when you're curve ball is on that big loop and just getting as to freeze up in game or batter where you're like I had it and it looked like that person and never seen a baseball in their life. There was a couple: as I mean I specifically remember the lefties in the league. You know tell me you know, fail? Palmero Garret Anderson each Euro,
but one time I remember face and tell me- and I mean guys just a legend, obviously, and but for whatever reason I don't know if you saw it right, but he kind of he like duct for you know, most guys get the jelly leg and they lean back yeah. He he ducked like forward and then like, ran out of the way. The other way back to and and of course, it made me feel so good because I'm like do that's Jim Thome right right, that's as close as a baseball player, guested being in like an and one mixtape yeah is making somebody jump out of the box like. I need a guy to come out to be, like my God, son yeah, it's over just like run across the curve ball. Jelly legs is like a small time moment when you, when you guys, can really actually throat, really well, that's right, yeah and when you can get the right hander to get the jelly like. That's when you know you know that's when someone yeah, because when, when the right, handers buckling and he's not even worried about getting hit with it, you know it's coming yeah, that's the special is there a? Is there such a thing as good curveball weather? Oh, that's good, I would say more
yeah yeah. I got managing its grip and that error Melo more coming because look at Colorado the curve balls don't really break their self. Yes sure I imagine in the in the humid places you know my curveball is always get in Texas so that that system hi so you would recommend. Well, I don't know if I'd say recommend, but it worked for you starting out throwing a curveball at a young age, but I always heard like don't start until you're, one thousand four hundred and fifteen years old, but you had a pretty good track record injury wise at least as your arm went right, yeah yeah and I think well, they just found out that fast balls are the main reason for all these Tommy Johns. Now it's actually not curveballs or sliders like they were talking about guys down a Smi M Alabama, Glenn Fleisig. They did this whole study on all- these Tommy Johns and they're saying it's fastball to work. So really I don't have to worry about that. So would you top out at like eight thousand seven hundred and eighty eight? I was hitting ninety three early in my career so faster than down here
then Danny yeah he's a friend of ours. It is my boy yeah he's about yeah he's our friend those two had come on. I need to you know he doesn't throw looser on eighty eight at the end of his career yeah, where I can make a lot of good yeah. I know it's. I mean he was the head of five, a thing: yeah, it's okay, great he's! Actually, a future hall of Famer we've looked through his numbers and he's got some stats out there that he's got yeah best best postseason pitcher of all time, according to like two metrics that we yeah, I think, has never given up a run in the post season, really had one outing, so still or no World Series World Series best world series fish of all time down here, yeah amazing yeah, you wouldn't believe it. Let's talk about your game against the bear easy to game against the cardinals, how good feel to have that redemption arc in two thousand and twelve 'cause that to me is sports are all about is having the twenty ten world series left off the roster two thousand and twelve
you become the guy and you win big games for the giants to win another world series. Yeah I mean there was a very you know, a huge change in my internal process of what happened in those first five, six years of the giants contract, which is you know, I kind of I didn't I wasn't raised with any kind of foundation spiritually of anything at baseball was the most important thing in my life. You know out of us, can relate. We make our jobs, our God in a lot of ways. It defines us. So that's what happened to me and then, after two thousand and ten getting left off the roster man. I just my world was shy. You know I had no baseball life, and so I was forced to to look inward a little bit and after all the struggle I was like. Finally, but I can't do this by myself, I need something else out not at something I ever admitted. You know headstrong guy, so yeah, you know two thousand and eleven found found God as they say, and I found this thing I could lean on and go to full strength. So, ironically, in two thousand and twelve everyone was,
do you feel redeemed you've had these great games in the playoffs and beat Verlander in the world series. How does it feel and I'm like man, I final gave up the need to be redeemed by all you guys. You know I didn't say that, but I was like stop caring about what everyone thinks and I just started worrying about. Do my job and give the rest to God and that's it. Man- and I found this piece- is they say I mean it's true, though, so all that stuff happened, but I was kind of like I was laughing because it's like I, I stopped caring about everyone approving of me right and then all the sudden everyone's approving of me. You know it's just so funny how it happens. Yes, it was like no moment of relief for you. It was just like you look around and you feel you know you don't have the burden anymore and you'll realize the second that you lose the burden. It's not instantaneous thing, yeah, all of a sudden. You, you win a world series in just you feel good. I feel good, and I was grateful for
I was able to do, and gratitude is not something I ever felt in my career. I was like entitled of man, I'm good. I throw a curveball of this. This is what should happen I deserve. This is a a completely different headspace. So when all that happened in the you know, they had the parade. When you win the world Series in two thousand twelve everyone's chant, my name and I'm just looking at my wife on the cable car going, this is surreal because two years ago, two thousand ten- you Know- forgive me fingers and you know, give me every not vulgar gesture you're, adding get also yeah right, yeah, absolutely yeah, so it mean it was. It was surreal man any in now. You have to see the contracts. You know it's a climbing climb. Are you laughing about how a cave that my country,
Twenty six million 'cause, I remember in the back of my head- Bears Ito signed a huge contract. It was like the biggest contract and then I looked it up before this interview is like wait. It was only one hundred, that's a fucking bargain guys are signing two hundred million dollar contracts. Like everyone is it's crazy. I know it's grown exponentially. You know what the crazy part is to me, too, is, I always said 'cause. I looked at some other of huge contracts that were signed around the time that The ice on mine in a lot of these guys ended up, hurt for half or more of the contract, and you don't hear about those guys being the bus as much as the guy. That's on the mental dl like I was right. I was out there but not doing well, and those are the guys that get labeled bust. The guys that you just don't hear from anymore 'cause they're hurt you don't really call the mad fans about that. So the lesson is fake, an injury.
The lesson yeah exactly if we could take anything away from this. If you feel like you're not doing well at your job, just say your knee got blown on his right hand. Me downs, the rest of the great that's perfect. I always wondered pitching in Oakland, because we're we're big football fans on the show. You see the the raiders field, how you split it. the athletics, was there. Could you notice that in September there would be a difference with the field once football got started there? Oh yeah, the grass was totally just I mean the grass was a joke. You know we come back off a road trip after the first Raiders game in the grass was like, yellow and just dying, Davis pissing on the field is yeah afterwards, just walks around on all fours, and this is like. I have one last question: it's see question put in promo code. Take you get ten dollars off, see key questions so we're here with Barry, Zito Curveball is in stores now today today and it's an awesome book coming talks about all berry's career and he's had a fascinating career. I gotta ask you, though,
Funniest teammate you ever had and also why was it ten Lincecum Bowser Lipscomb assume it was to funniest big time to what it called big, big time, favorite Jimmy or whatever yeah. Yet Timmy L Timmy was special guy man. I love to me here my me a lot of myself when I was young, sensitive guy. You know thinker, but I would say the full: nearest guy I ever played with was a guy named Frankie Menechino, Ok Frankie's from Staten Island out here, and we just come for Manicotti and he was just the funniest dude you ever met and Frankie wasn't a specifically a tall man, but he had you know he had the biggest spirit and the biggest heart in the game. He was our team leader and a lot of times. He was in the starting right, huh. Really let our team in the early two thousands was guy. yeah. You need a glue gun, absolutely not guy that
but that's the only skill I think I'd have in a locked room, should be issues. That's it you just mad bum, wasn't the funniest guy ever hung out. I heard he's just like a barrel laughs, he oozes, oozes, charisma, you were gone, doesn't show it to you guys you ever go hunting with them. No that'd be scary. You hear the story about how we used to date, a girl named Madison Bumgarner back in the day. Are you sure that was a high school girlfriend. He was also named Madison Bumgarner yeah. I know there's a lot of fun runners in his own down over him, saying that there's also a story about how we can like found this. He they caught a snake, open and save the Jack rabbit out of it. Yeah raised it
yeah copperhead yeah, try and if they want to have it like it's hot, let Isabel gave birth to more of a jack rabbit out of this next, not stomach and then raised it and nursed back to yeah. So read, read Ball WAR, Madison Bumgarner writes his book sure that will be fascinating as well. Thank you so much bad Preciado. It best of luck with the book best luck with a music career and yeah. This is fun a ring, so much work. We do this. We do a segment on a show called do your pod, because Hank is a big Boston sports fan. I would you like to apologize to him for beating Pedro Martinez, and so young ward he's still pretty broke up at that page already had two or three
yeah, but that was this would have been a dynasty form really heard Hank that you beat him Pedro is like my favorite picture still so yeah Peter was not happy when this I and when I got it, he was like at this new white, sir for kids, yoga gas curve ball. He was thrown fast. He was definitely a disgruntled yeah. Well, let's see you got to say on your site, young pitcher forever, exactly all right thanks where they set, that inner with Barry Zito was brought to you by simply safe. I love simply safe. We use part might take to provide, but that Hank actually there's a give. We try to recreate this impartial sports advisors and we miss we didn't add the one but the original one has a one. So the one where, where is it one that there is a give a big cat doing it? Where there's no ones that how you got you messed up, yeah, so you're copying your honor out caress up that that's actually, okay, I'm talk about simply safe right now and while we're talking, I simply save layer is going to make another pick so listen in for
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the trial. You get absolutely nothing to lose. Go now and be sure you go to simply save dot com. Slash pmt! Are you guys with Sprint? We were talking about how many ads are left, there's one more okay, simply safe dot com, Slash p m t so they know our show, sent you that simplysafe dot com, Slash pmt and now will fuller Inova, something complete. different. Okay, we now welcome on very special guest. It is, will fuller from the Houston Texans and he has won the snickers chain for the week he's the fifth happy, NFL's hungry as players each week snickers is giving out that big chain. We actually showed it on our show, but he wanted for week five I've because he had two hundred and seventeen yards and three Td Sheesh were you in the zone on Sunday, oh yeah. Of course I mean, but it wasn't You know the show is playing great are all of playing great. So it was a total team effort, but yeah we got at
You guys have been on a little bit of role here. I think the Texans are going to be one of those teams that will they'll be contending down the stretch I saw after game. This is a recent one. I forget who your plan playing, but you lost the game and to on goes back on the field and just practices by himself. Our is after the game is over. It was there anybody out there with them they used on passes to. Did you see that well, you're of them out there? I think he's out there with his with his of quarterback coach right arm. Not he did he did today on his own. I think he was just trying to get locked in and get ready for the next week. So I mean it's crazy to see that yeah he's our his his postgame press conference have been awesome as well, where he breaks down everything. Do you think? Is there? point: where he's? Maybe given away too much, have you guys had that conversation in the huddle like hey Shawn, maybe maybe don't give away?
our entire game plan and breakdown everything so that people get smart. I mean, I know you guys have who do you have next week? Oh, you have the chiefs. Yeah, Andy Reid's, probably listen that press conference at a steakhouse right now and he's got all the information he needs to to be you guys. On Sunday I mean the show the real smart quarterback. So I'm I'm sure you gonna get any anything. Anybody throw that all, but we we do a good job, changing things up. So what have fun. I mean it's gonna, be a fun game against Kansas City uh. you better hands your nuke. Oh man, nothing my boy, they're? In a in a body and a white, a game all to get money and hit, you got better and do come. He only only receiver ever to to not have any drugs or what the the wonder. If, if you get that's pretty crazy, that is, Do you ever secretly get jealous that you don't have a cool, nickname like nuke
No! No! No, I mean I. I appreciate my my brother man, I love hot, I mean, but now I don't get drug habit off, so work friends with Jj Watt we've had him on our show a couple times. We have a long history with him has he done anything lame recently anything less, it's all good and not not in active speaker. Not the target speaker good good? Did you take it? That's good to know I'll rephrase the question: did you take away aux cord privileges from Jj in the locker room after he played too much fort minor or not? pick up whatever you want to log jaded, locker yeah! Well, listen. We think that Jj turned a corner a couple of years ago, maybe small part because of us, but he has seemed.
A little more relateable a little more human and we're fans of his and we're friends with him now so we're happy he's doing well. I want to personally thank you, and this is going to be a little bit of back back handed compliment, but I want to thank you because last year I said that if the Houston Texans win the Superbowl, I'm going to cut off the tip of my pinky, so thank you for not winning the soup. I don't have the same bet this year, so you're free to go ahead and win the super bowl this year, oh yeah, I want to cut off my pinky, but yeah. We definitely doubly gonna. You know continue to do what we doing and just try to stay on on on on on a good track, and just you know, stupid things. Take us Is there any difference for you this year playing receiver? Now that you have like a fully healthy one hundred percent quarterback that that's able to scramble around the pocket, maybe a little bit better than he was last year? So you know the plays get extended things like that. Have you notice anything? That's changed about your game to adapt to a healthier quarterback for years I've been playing with this show on. He he's been healthy for the most part
it's really been me. So I mean like you're saying we scrambling. It opens up a lot of things and and the you know it helps to offer them on how the receivers you know gives us more time to get open and things like that. So it's just it's just fun with him back there him being able to scramble and keep the play. The law as the whole note dimensions are often to you read a four point. Three two at the combine. That's really fast. I just want to say that was really fast and I wanted to thoughts on what it feels like to be fast to be on it? You know I didn't get much speed into college annual people. Don't really believe me when I say that, but if you go back and look at my highschool taste, you know I got a hard appointed towns, but good, it makes a makes better receiver. You know a lot easier when you have speed so the child child and you get to my vantage and keep it depends on their heels
all right, so speaking, a college. My last question we're talking to will fall or he won the stickers chain this week for being the hungry, as players are given out every single week. Our is Notre Dame back. I mean no, they never early. Never worry worry Forney I really don't know where you went when they go for an eight by two years ago. You were on the floor and a team. Where are you none? I was not a foreign aid team, okay but yeah that yeah you look good, I mean we went to. Georgia played game of Georgia? You know tough laws, no, no victories, but I think that you just the the world that we that we Contenders the pick up anybody, do you think you faster in college because they grow the grass out so much at Notre Dame to slow down to better athletes that go there. Aren't you, you talking about, I'm really. All it is is like resistance. Training would like one with a tertiary. Now, it's three doctor of note.
I'm gonna choose to ignore that my point still stands at her for awhile. That's, okay, that's! Okay! Yeah yeah! Did you grow up the turf? Well that you grow up the turf? Do you have you figure out a way to grow up the turf to cheat Notre Dame we legit man? We need a cheap, oh you actually, so that the foreign eight season was after you left. So it's actually. It was because there was such a whole with will fuller. Leaving for the pros I want they didn't mean we had a real good team up my last year we lost a lot of guys so. There's a lot of things that they want it at will. Thank you. So we back now we're playing good now. Okay, all right, we'll out! Thank you so much well, we appreciate you. Somebody ever really quick I'll just go say hope. You score a lot of points this weekend, because this is America is going to be hoping for tons of points out of that game yeah with our pocket and also how many, how many people came up to after the game to like hey will thanks for for for one of my fantasy week. Allow up. You would have said that a lot because
daddy pants- oh, oh, don't bench will that's that's fucked up! You can't bench. Will God all right. Well. Well. Thank you so much say hello to Jj Watt force. Will you I got you got you appreciate it. That interview with was brought to you by fish. We want to make him wait the well I'm wondering I didn't say who is it right? It's very obviously boatman on the chargers bolt up that He was brought in by famous figs is a great great honey. I think there's something all of us can agree on here. That's nurses, doctors, dentists, people who work in Madison and Healthcare are all pretty awesome and all this think of a time when a medical, professional helped us or a family member. When I broke my foot in almost died when big cat got bit by a dog and almost died, if it wasn't for these outstanding people in the medical profession, who knows what would have happened to us, but people that work in health
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Com. W E, a r F, I G S, dot com enter my code. Take a check. Okay, let's get some segments first up, we have a fire fast layer. Plastic will be on Sunday Sunday. Parcels Roberts is probably the most cinematic piece me. Pft ever worked a joker. It was an honor what each gave away, but yeah I mean his honor to we're gonna get people excited and give it away. Yeah Hank all over dies, hey daughter, That's right! Hank, spoiled joker for me earlier this week was how your fire fest. When he was telling me that concept it could be. I might have to fire all right. Go head. You go first, my first for our faces. Hank spoil Joker for me. You should because we sat down to talk about the concept for this week's, where the goldfish and heck is like. Is
if I tell you what my concept is, I said yeah and then boom spoiler boom spoiler. I just stared at most, so were you home and we're even we're, even after every even faster on those of sopranos that we've, given you yeah, actually the the the the pain in your face. When I told you was similar to how I felt that for back to so that's fair as a fullback assist in the Patriots game. Okay, I also was like. Can I tell you, you know what happened so I can tell you that plan. Okay, that's fine, and I said what happens you know to what the, but that's not that I'm sorry that was a good impression on me like that? What's your other fireflies, my other fire fest of the week, is for any parents out there that bought tickets for their kids to go, see. Blippy fuck talked about Clippy before but yeah, but this is new so blippy, was putting on alive tour throughout the US, but the guys
even John, the guy who created blip in also took that poop. On the other hand, you the funniest, what was the Harlem shake ever yeah who's in into his friends? Asal he shot into his front circle of life. He stead really one of the funniest things I've ever. Instead of showing up to these events that he sold tickets for and marketed as blip you live, he put his once, but he has an actor that showing up playing a character lippy an adult man in tight, jeans and an orange bow tie but delights in what way he delights in learning about fire trucks and tractors. Wait that sounds pretty cool actually hold on streaming drains and I'm there spins on this actor will not feel the sudden urge to poop in his friends. But maybe this is the guy who's but got pooped into that's now playing, but I just try to that. It does not act. Yeah, that's how they pass the torch to new blip. It's likely the new, the new Pope when the smoke comes out once the once the
sewage goes out. Another man's a new blimpie has been crowned colors video art, hey. What's your fire fast, my fire fest is that I have to go to Atlantic City tonight and what's somehow will MIKE my girlfriend's going there I'm going with her own nice Euro, Frank, no, not big deal you get right down there get away yeah those little will. It's like she did, whatever our but she don't just go and she's going earlier. So I'm meeting her in people there, so I have to get down there and it's basically impossible to get down there without like taking four hours yeah I think about half hour with all like the New York City Atlantic City. At some point I know it's not as big anymore you, but you would have thought back in the day there be alright, let's just put a train. That goes from New York City to Atlantic, so your fire fest is that you have a girlfriend and you get to go party with her at a casino, but I have to take a bus. to get this far along. We got it
God yeah, that's the socks come back Saturday. Could you imagine being Hank and having a girlfriend getting to party with her to casino away? Take your you're going down listening. I said it anyway. It's a hard thing to do, because I mean I know as I lost weight. I need do gene I would never have said otherwise. I always want to think might take. What's the mood- and I take baseball players of all I've street last night and everybody was like Wow- is that Teddy Bridgewater? How bout you know it's? There are some absolute and their pets. You make everyone uncomfortable with your really tight pants. I didn't buy the spider bought them for me. Okay, my fire fast is. Is you make me a huge hypocrite, but I have to say I fastened my far fetched. Okay, that's fair. It is we have a crew for something I said a month ago, but I have to say it because I realized it inmate palm me out so bad where week, seven of college football season, I don't have to say that. Why are you saying this will happen? Why my my entertaining this conversation, some facts with double digits. I know shut up
fucking crazy, how how week seven it was just week, one we're halfway through a second ago you're not including the playoffs and the ball game you're, not including the bulls, the wonder of it all you're, not you're, forgetting the cheese at pull, most fabulous, safe and she's. You know we do a live stream, for It's going to disappoint you 'cause, there's no way it's as good as it was last year. Well, it could be. It would be awesome if it was just like a shootout in the cheese in Polish schizophrenic bolt are they just bring Frank, Beamer and coach, both teams and it ends up zero tie great google dot com such be into you get to see what we just did it. We won't tell you, but we just did some really funny parts. The Worldcom such pmt are okay. Next, we have talking soccer and boy. Do we have some talking soccer, maybe the greatest story that has come out in the last week about soccer one
Donna documentary that was over two weeks ago. Yeah, sorry, sorry, my statement stands, my Colleen Routing, Colleen Rooney, says Merry way: internees, wife released she has become a a cyber security detective and released the statement that is so awesome. I will read it right now, so she starts with I'm power through it because it's thrilling for a few years now. Someone who I trusted to follow me on my personal Instagram account has been consistently informing the Sun newspaper of my private posts in stories. There's been so information given to them about me, my friends and my family, all without my permission or knowledge. After a long, time of trying to figure out who it could be for various reasons. I had a suspicion, try and prove this. I come up with an idea locked everyone from viewing my instagram stories, except one account. Those are. My private must have been wondering why I haven't had stories on there for awhile over the past five months
posted a series of false stories to see if the aid their way into the sun newspaper- and you know what they did there's, this story yeah. This is where I started going where we go the story about gender selection in Mexico, the story about returning to tv and then the latest story about the basement, flooding in my new house. It's been tough, keeping it to myself and not make, any comment at all, especially when the stories have been leaked. However, I Add to now. I know for certain which account slash individual. It's come I've saved and screenshotted all the original stories which clearly show just one person has viewed them. It's Rebecca, Vardys account. Now you probably don't know who that is. So. I realize that this is probably not that at three but honestly that didn't matter did it. It didn't it's the
of another English star, a new money, English star, James Vardy, who's, been only on the scene for a few years now the rules have been on the scene for decades. She this is insane. This is like Savannah James revealing that Ayesha curry has been putting out. Of her posts and everything in leaking things to the press. It's like, if CR or if Jimmy G's, pornstar girlfriend, was leaking that Cra was hanging out in futures man cave yes, that's exact. but this would be like that is it is nuts and seeing people react to it online. I didn't really or stand it when I first read it because I didn't know who so the two parties were necessarily but then I saw all the reaction to and I was like, I need to figure out who this was so. I did some sleuthing and I googled the names and now I'm like holy shit, This is like a really. This is really into
things, it's a huge story, so she was put in so MRS Rooney was pissed off because all the stores are popping up in the sun, the sun like relative a harmless stories, though right no, I think not raise flooded. Well known, girls listen on Mars because of the fake stories. she's been really ever actually flooding right, she's been revealing real stories of like the Rooneys for years, and now she's. Finally got her red handed in it's awesome. I want to with the with the selection process, was like for figuring how what fake stories to try to plan and also my basement flooding, is such a non story, but the fact that it made it to the One is kinda, awesome, yeah and you probably, if that's how big the Rudy she didn't start with we're back of already either probably a few people. She had harassed first correct. Finally, it's thrilling and then she, when reach, we did a couple of her old tweets from like you know six months ago. We
she basically said like in January, said: it's happened several times now over the past couple years. It's sad to think someone who I've accepted to fall means betraying me for either money or keep a relationship with the press and she kept going off, and so this what they're, what they're calling her now with their calling Rebecca Party wagon party wagon to Christy. Oh, that's good to know I guess they be calling yeah yeah yeah Chris 'cause the mystery novel, it's Rebecca Party and now Rebekah Vardy parties hired it experts to go through her phone to prove that somebody else hacked your account. and it goes deeper than that, because I was doing a lot of reading about it, what it means so she's. She, someone has turned around reason grasping at straws here and saying that somebody had her log in and used it to add, to watch the Rooney's stories and and then leak those it's it's a it's a tank
web. It's also. It's also very interesting because I guess the Rooneys, like Wayne Rooney, is had a bunch of tabloid expose AA lot of things that have gone on and Coleen Rooney has stood by him. They like their high school sweethearts, so they're like the first family of soccer in England. The vardis are like James. Varty is only like big big time for a few years now so they're the new comers there brash they always like to say what they want: they're kind of the trashy new money, like so easy that saying Kim and con yeah yeah, it's yeah for real. That's where I was going to say. Really. We need to get Roger Bennett back on to tell us how awesome this and we do that Shaka. This is one that I could see. Cardi B, doing right, Cardi B could pull some like this on Nicki Minaj. Yes, that's so then the vardis in parties
he's in addition to like hiring it consultants, her response was almost better. Yes, the initial accusation. I am sick because she denied it. She did not deny the night and like a selfie hot selfie. No, but then she she goes. It was the notes app obviously, and then she says your half off yeah. She says I don't know why you would do this to me right now, at a time when I'm heavily pregnant, smart move shows okay, printable regnant, so she pulled the fetus card honor, it's actually a genius move. It is hello. Excuses for life. Yup heavily pregnant is a great fantasy soccer team name yeah now on what is it? What is, can bones Reddit account what it? What happens like you know, obviously, if you, if you smoke during pregnancy, do drugs during Prez's pregnancy, what, if you're addicted to exposing your friend on Instagram to the press during practice on? Yes, that's what a Nissan that's took
son, Dude yeah, that's not good to have your child be around journalists like that. I agree. So this was an awesome story and that's talking soccer. That was talking soccer. Let's finish up, we have our our long. National nightmare is over p, f t. What was this is a big deal going on right now it just isn't three football, so the university Mary Hardin Baylor is vacating their two thousand and sixteen national championship because their head coach, let a play uses car for a year, so his player three people start the school and they just decided to Mary Hardin Baylor, Mary Hardin Baylor. No, I think it was like Mary Hart went to Baylor married she's, like I want my own Baylor. This just started merry harden bail. This is the better version to version of Baylor Mary Hardin Dash Baylor, so she married Baylor University and then she starts on college, got it but yeah so they're having a
Easter. Two, sixteen title, because their coach committed the crime of loaning a car too where, which is been happening at no their college. Usually they just bypass the head coach and go straight to the deal yep yeah, Nick Saban just gets you hooked up with what's the car that he sells, everyone Mercedes Benz, it's like a ford! Oh oh Jesus Christ! Now this game got interesting. So Tom Brady, just fumbled and time to ask the giants are going to tie the game, I'm to ask holy shit. Is it time to move on Hank Thoughts, shared Steadham, I did say now. One thousand four hundred and fourteen cherry ever again, they're going to lose her head, start 'em, they're not going to lose, but if was ever honestly those jerseys like like there's the giants. Jerseys, give you just really bad. The pants Tom Brady is not looked great. Okay, let's do our fa, it's windy.
Do we do we want to talk? It's windy. Indeed, talk at all about China we've done it every good shot, 'cause! There's a bad visual I'd like to bring up about China what so ESPN going into one of their China segments. Today they showed 'em, map of China at the start, right, which is pretty. Small because they're in China, it would stand to reason they would show a map of China, but the map ESPN showed the nine dash line at the bottom right owner of China, which circles this big area of nothing but sea, and Taiwan which isn't on, am, and it's not even a real thing, but the fact that they were fed this map means that ESPN is now giving territorial it's to the S China Sea, to China, which they don't own. So ESPN. Basically gifted China, an island on national television today, and that was talking China, the NASH
it is that we're is that. Is that now we're to anybody else? It's weird! I just think that the like, I always assume the people who do the maps and whatever graphics, will always up no because they know they were sent over. Specifically all this is not a goes deeper. This is not a map that John Gerdes her like she's. It's not a map that you just pull up. Ok, yes, then, I agree with you. It's a map that was given someone get in terms that you can understand. I understand nine dash line is like some restricted, my time anymore, underneath the hoop in basketball, it's crazy, they're, just totally fucking ESPN in the NBA got a mobile goes going to change shot of the guy from Slade, who did a review of our very serious China take for Monday, Shell. That was really nice of him for real yeah yeah. He put us in like he did like over View of Bomani Bill Simmons, Stephen, a Smith. All these people any calls a want to pulled up. Pardon my take the
oh loud ladder of cogent, informed response. Well, to me, but I I respond, I said: hey. Can we use this in promotional material because you just implied we're in for listen to me buddy what you just said. It actually is not a cogent response, because you meant to say the lowest rung on the ladder right of informed right on so we're on the latter check mate slate dot com, we're on the latter we are on. The latter were the the latter of informed with the most important wrong we're on the ladder of inform so you're an idiot. You played yourself sorry slate idiots, alright, let's finish some fa, Rj Ara Jake just sent me these have not went What happens when you guys make friends all the players in all to really be a good coach, their manager and just throw your guy you're, the boss. Before darling. We only have so many more times. I can do that so
what happens when you guys make friends with all the players and all the league's who will be able to talk about if they're, all friends of the pot, I think we got to go with it, not yours, it would have for friends of them now I think we got a Turner sites to non athletes at that point. Yeah I'm just become a music podcast, yes, or we can do with the lazy way. I would be in just cover exclusively sports journalism. Yes, that set yet and critique every critique, which is listen to every podcast and tell you what was wrong with all of them. Give you the ladders of informed responses. Can you guys roughly break down how you build that's two minutes segment. Maybe some pictures of your notes. Thanks babes, I don't know whether that yeah, you want to see some open my notes. I have one. I have a video idea that we might do this weekend. Really it says here we're not going to be together next Sunday we're going to do it this again, but yeah. We basically just sit watch games and for about three hours just make mostly herbal jokes and then every few minutes will find a good one and write it down. Here's what I've got
right now? I do have a document so far the only thing in it. Don't you have one document for life, though I try to clean it up. Yeah I cleaned up every again but yeah, I do have my life document. I've got I've got a fiscal cliff. Kingsbury is, but that I'm going to eventually get around tonight. So that's when young look lookout for that question for Bubba. How can I become a flow God like you, just got to say fuck it and be large. There we go. Could a slim Kat them after and Hank. Why is that when I work out to the podcast that grow in height and add five pounds of muscle, but I'm not complaining just wanted the science? What so we make you bigger, we're sterile hey Natitude, Pft how's, it feel knowing you killed, Tommy Lasorda yeah. How does it feel? I think it was Tommy's time? No, how dare you I think, it's Tommy's time
I thought actually clinker shot killed, Tommy Lasorda yeah, not me probably, would have to go back to death question for, but when you got hit by that car, why don't you hit back fax service on the car? Was a punch, buggy yeah? What were you wearing from shorts and a tee shirt? Okay, so nothing you weren't asked Connor. If you want and high visibility orange, then how I was okay asian elements of provocation under the car wasn't supposed to issue a pmt boys, especially big because this question is for you what's the history of the mustache and what advice do you have for twenty one year old, trying to figure out a facial hair style? Oh ok, question, so I actually had a mustache off and on Post college. I was just thought it was funny and then I grew on out for the Blackhawks two thousand and thirteen championship run and then I just it just kind of I didn't really know what to do with it. It's kind of stuck
I like wearing a mustache it my advice on growing facial hair and take this with the world's largest grain of salt possible is don't force anything that isn't coming to yes and I'm a living testament, so I went there was years there was probably years from like when I was twenty to twenty five, where I was like off and on giving it a shot taking it away, maybe doing it. I did it for like a month and I'm like nah, don't do it. So I also thought when I first got a job out of college that it made me, look a little older, no joke. I was like the people respect me a little more, but you don't want to look older when you're twenty three well yeah. When you want to be respected by like older people in a business setting, it was really stupid. Logic know works. Trust me! I do look older. You look look at me. I look thirty four or older.
hey, PMT boys Pft of now to win the world Series meant dance side or continue to be the owner of the our words the next fifteen years. Would you take that deal? Yes because he's gonna say insiders got he's either made a deal with the devil or he's got like a blood. Sucking operation were gets rejuvenated with the blood of yes thirteen year olds, every two weeks so he's going to live Dan Snyder I've accepted it is going to outlive me yeah, so my only real mental recourse that I have that makes me feel. Okay, sometimes is. Maybe somebody will blackmail him? Yes to sell the team, that's what I'm really hoping for a pmt boys. the car accident survivor, Bubba Death is a real thing that affects all families in your tight knit t family. Are you guys included in each other's wheels? I don't I don't have a will. you're pretty Copperweld verbal well actually need to get away. Yeah, you don't have a will, I feel like it would need to get one I thought I would tell you just like wrote it down and then just like they find it. Alright, probably you get my xbox Hank. You get my son Pft you,
It's still a that's fair, big cat. You get Leroy K, Hank you that one of my guitars Bubba you get my hair products. Thank pc. You can have my tv's, but you already have people need to start six. Yes, I'm going to kill him yeah what the fuck you have yeah. No, I get Rea you have a real But then you gave you my son, then you gotta go down Atlantic City or we have that's true fuck that my fire and only for two nights, as you condition aside, thanks looked at it at the end and I have to come back on Saturday. Yeah only one guy he's only spending two nights. One night, one night, you said Come back Saturday right, tomorrow's Friday, speaking you receive in the future? Okay. Well, what so? What Bob? Again? You got my you know my my gear. You can I'm I my my god, my good clothes, my non Marshall clothes, which consists of Cooper's underwear,
much Liam, you anything, give us I'll. Take your bad attitude. Yeah, I don't really have a lot like clothes and shoes. Yeah. Can your clothes yeah Hey can I the shoes and then I like to sign Migos poster you can fuck. Yes, I love the Migos. I like how black bubble cap, but about giving these clothes because he was like I I've got really cool clothes and if you Warum, you would really decrease the value that they would not be cool anymore pft. Can you do it's more just like it's kind of actually like a good metric system like by the time things get around to you? It's alright. Cap, is over yeah, oh yeah. I know. I know that. I know that what about dry snitching, I was saying dry snitching a lot on the live stream last night, but I don't fully understand no I've reached the point now where I I fully understand how it works. When you're like fifteen two two hundred and twenty two. You have the lingo when you're too early too yeah when you're twenty two to
three thousand and thirty two you have it, ironically thirty who, on every cringes when I say that Chin I'm, I cringe myself when I said no cap right there. I did the sour beer face. Bitter beer face yeah, hey Hank. What is dry snitching it slaps. I seduced are- and I don't know- dry stitches differ, so I might be ahead of the old guy. So you try to make up things and just try to try. Searching is million person thing? What is dry stitch? I that's why I'm asking them out? You don't know. I know I assume it has some to do was snitching put it. I within on lubricated partner, all right last, one pft. Can you do abuse ism for attitude? Take us out, do it never asking to include throwing Unusually, dumb, dumb, what's errors era, having pictures like Clayton, Kershaw love, you guys,
hello, all the
beep boop Boop Boop Boop.