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2017-06-22 | 🔗
JJ Watt interview update live from Wisconsin (2:20 - 5:02). NBA Draft recap and the Jimmy Butler trade has Big Cat Seeing Red (5:02 - 10:16). Winners and Losers from the draft (10:16 - 21:43). Chicago Bears Guard Kyle Long joins the show to talk about training after his injury last year, Jay Glazer, and Mount Rushmore of Brothers (21:43 - 37:10). Segments include PR 101 for Markelle Fultz and Dennis Smith's social media. Hurt or Injured Marian Hossa. Bad Visual for Trump driving his golf cart on the greens. Emergency Football Guy of the week. Explain it to Big Cat and our new segment "Higher Learning" where two guys that graduated college over a decade ago give advice to incoming Freshman and Billy Football.
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Today is part of my take. We have Kyle long from Chicago bears during the Mount Rushmore of brothers were talking MBA draft. I have to see a little red, the big Jimmy Butler Trade that shook the mba. We also have hurt or injured Pr Wanna one and our new segment higher learning, where we give advice to all those going off to colleges fall before we get to all that. I want to talk to you guys quickly about upside. I discovered something really big. The best new way to buy business travel is called upside dot com, and I'm telling you if you're, not a business traveller, you know someone who is you have to tell them about upside here's, what you get every Tommy by a trip upside. You save a ton of money and they give you in Amazon Gift card with one hundred two hundred even three hundred dollars every single time upside bundles, your flights and hotel hotel together for one low price. Bundled pricing saves money, especially on business travel and check out what we ve arranged for. You use the code p empty and your guaranteed to get at least a one hundred dollar Amazon gift card. Your first trip, my code, p m t, gets you at least a one hundred dollar Amazon gift.
Hard free. How can you not do it? It's a no brainer save big on travelling, get a big gift card every trip. I love upside down, calm upside dotcom, minimum purchased required see site. Please, let's go it's part of my right. A twenty third, you will give me
to give you the Sunday scariest for the summer. Can I finish what I was saying: rockwork yeah car form and John packs and remain fuck heads. Ok, I'll go is Sunday Earth, Friday June, twenty third and the bull seasons over about. Well, it never even began. But, yes, it is over their dead, we're gonna get to the whole MBA draft, Jimmy Butler Trade, but- it has now been revealed, and everyone now knows that the reason we are investing would have travelling across the rust belt again, not just for the boat Fellini Football tournament. Young, sound, Ohio someday, which we will be, although that is a very big part of it will love it? Yes, so if you are in the area of come check it out, you hang out with us on Sunday when we play Bonci all day, but we have completed the J J Wot interview. We did yeah, we drove up to his very rustic cabin. Today the wifi was only like medium
speed in the middle of nowhere and we met J J. We sat down. We talked for about an hour in here. His work out room he and his barn. Yes, we move the hay aside and scattered the chickens and in work and we did our interview in is what would you say like fifteen hundred square foot, Barnes employee? I was a very nice proper e g it was actually he was a nice guy. Think people are gonna the interview. Yes, we dug into a lot of stuff that I've never heard him talk about before. Yes, so it was, it was a very fun experience. It is going to be M m. Thank you again to everyone who donated because it made it a cool experience to be able to give back, and we get into all that and the Hague J J and basically everything literally everything that what you know his entire career
and we got like a twenty foot long check that we may add a solitary veins. You can check it out on the part might take twitter apart, might take in put it up in his barn yard in his work out room, and I do squat staring at it what's up. He does is already been through He said, he's going to put it up and do squats while staring at for motivation. Well, let's hope that happens, but either way tuning July, 17th and 19th is going to be a two parter. The reasoning behind the date.
For this is. We are still on the road on Sunday, so you want to get out and we have never really fun guess lined up for Monday and then we're gonna run into July. Fourth and then the boys are taken their talents, the South Beach we're going to the all, starting with our friend Marlins man, Sir we're gonna be busy that week as well, J J Common July, seventeenth nineteenth can be a lot of fun, maybe even about maybe even a bonus, Mount Rushmore. We did with him. So if the word royalists was bathed themselves. Yes, yes, Hoss, I went in for free. I list sock draft Jimmy Butler got traded are next, stop. Yes, he did, and I think his agent said it best that both own eighty two armies, his eyelids, is trainers. Treasure travel gains own eighty, two worse culture and the league
drug dealers with better morals and their gm. He is a liar, and everyone knows your thoughts. A cat well said. Ah, okay, so I've gone through the the range of emotions, Hank. What you say say you, you watch the whole thing go down you're laughing at me, because I basically was on a roller coaster. How would you describe that rollercoaster? What first you were excited about? The annex I to the gods is not that we are at Chile's and first bulwark. Toaster Kenny bottomless chips. Yes pick out just sitting there in his phone, not even looking up hand in his head and just like literally sinking in front of my eyes and the news like you, I forget
destroyed. So when it was first announced I was like okay. This is the worst trade that the problem is Jimmy. Buller has been on the trade market for a year and when someone's on the tree, once someone like out there being you know, hey, you can cause Jimmy Butler four year. Guess what the price is. Probably not gonna keep going up so up take out for what it's worth. Then. You know that the trade happens. I'm like ok, maybe not the worse. You get Kristen who classic Bulls front office have said this before they love Kristen last year they don't do mba scouting, so they probably just think Kristen as they progress still watching. Christy. Providence, highlights three being like all is a lottery peck, even though the guy shot, like thirty seven percent from from two politically here's a lottery, yes, so, rather than always, and then and then and then Zack Levine, he wanted Don contest so younger athletic, oh yeah, I blow Disney put still younger athletic other pray, washing duct tape,
lights, and then I was a little girl had any problems with like super athletic young guys out. The injuries is ok, dissolve, ok, right, we're we're, ok, seventh, pick, probably gonna. Take someone really great, maybe monk now would be great. Then I find out they treated the sixteenth pick, which makes no sense they gave up too much. For that, then the day draft, look, I'm a calm lorry, its lorry, that's how you spell worry Marken in from Arizona I am now going to sell myself on the sky, which is gonna, be the greatest spin zone of all time, because we went to the pact pack, twelve, ah championship game and I've. We said multiple times this guy fucking so yes, one, because there is a lot we are told multiple times a week. This is like the next poisonous
right, just because he is an eastern european guy, he's white and oh dessert picture that he put up his new profile performs viable thumbs. He looks like air trumpet the picture you basically drafted era trump so and this guy lorry market in the worst thing that can happen when you have a draft pick a I just saw like a twitter feed the everyone's like of all the scouts pulled. He was the most contentious top ten pick like everyone thought he was probably not a top ten pick, but he was going to get up there because guess what he's he's young he has upside he's, going to be able to shoot he's basically just like a little bit better a mere teachers socks and whose own right so I'm getting angry and HIV aids out. You took the guy from what they did for Morgan and second round right. Oh no, you immediately traded em for cash, for cash consists of any cash because we're rebuilding. So we treated the sixteenth pick and a second round pick one or two
rebuilding that humans rashly way that's human trafficking is rebuilding. You would say you probably want to get as many young talent you guys as possible about no. This is a half weird rebuild oh yeah doing we picked up his option for twenty four million dollars. Yesterday I love it, I mean, but if you do I mean a fucking sends you're absolutely taken. I d, you think it's in Dwayne wait out there to play one on five every game next year and he would do it for twenty five may and no more. He did so and- and this whole thing like or are we rebuilding of rebuilding? That's fine, but I dont trust these guys to actually rebuild correctly. I mean you're fucking trainer saying that their worsen drug dealers and John packs and sunny hair. I don't talk to me like that. That's unfair John passion, you fucking, choked out your coach vigil, negro and punched him like don't tell me that you have the morals and that you're, like some fucking than you are.
The aim is that I'm see we're seeing red right now. Some of the need to take a couple depressing calm down for a second, let's look at it with clear eyes: Travail gains and Jimmy Butler there. In Paris, usually others on vacation between with us most awkward vacation of pursuing the troika that that railways, soundbites gonna son, was like what midnight in France yeah. So there are probably They had like a glass one with their lunch. Yes, that's when luncheons and perhaps ha earnings, here's my only Lauri Markkanen Spinzone that I'm going to try to sell myself on. I think I'm going to call him baby Dirk I just hope he grows into there's: gonna com, baby, dark, he's, a white european dude, I'm sure com, baby, dark and hope everything. Ok, maybe baby Dirk yeah, ok idea I'm begging, you spun it a little bit. The only thing I can do. That's that's where Mary now, just like baby jerk, I'm I'm not I'm not buy anything that they did. The seventy Sixers actually had. I think a good draft,
yeah, I'm told: let's do winners and losers so will do winners and losers. I'm done sang right, I'm sorry! I apologize everyone Baby Dirk Trust, a process, whatever blah blah blah Posner sucks so bad. Ah, I winners or losers winners. I have seen a Psmith, yes, ok, Stephen a Smith is a winner because we're gonna get the losers, but any time feel Jackson fucked up Stephen a Smith like cock, goes a little bit. He just gifts like it's. It's just his super strength goes up and up and up because he law
us there's nothing. Stephen Psmith loves more than going in on Feel Jackson's ass, its great. I love it in a letter when he gets so and that he does have. Fortunately, for him, a lot of room in his pants first caught to keep growing, because those things are so fuckin. You'd love under the best part about C mere Psmith S arm, I think another winter is it will. Obviously seventy sectors did just gotta hear a lot of people saying that they did a good job. Yet I must be good there. The other gonna sweetening, oh yeah, and the feds are, which is the first initial, the last him the last four draft extra? Yes, yes, yes correct, which is, RO in Philadelphia case descended the founding fathers. The actual seventy structures were in fact federalists. Yes, so aid matches up there. Go. I have another winter big bottlers everywhere
Gus, yet ones. I asked Lazo drafted second overall to the waiters. Laval, then immediately put another set of big bawler shoes in purple and gold for foreign or ninety five dollars that only a hundred people are gonna buy in like night of republican to be some one in the ball family. There at any, also did like an awesome speech where he basically said he predicted this. When lawns oh was born, we and two years he's gonna be doing stuff for W Toby. He is that good at being the heel, I used yelling at the rapporteur for not holding the microphone close enough to his face law. Any also predicts that has other true censoring drafted by the Lakers and Jeff good. For me, as far as I know, you do that you said Balin Spock fucking great line. I love, I don't even think he had prepared that it now. I think that was just like the top of his head soda yeah he's, as you he's doing some weird like he's his. He was doubly more weird than he's ever his teeth, I'm don't know maybe a weird times, but he still.
Bernard, I like you, look a lot of toads and you can get high. I think he licked his teeth or some others like a layer of poisonous teeth. Licks any just starts talking like he's mankind, I have other winners, Sacramento kings, the kings actually drafted. Well, so they got ya, know turnaround vocs. Just in Jackson and Harry Giles from Duke- and I actually like for a moment was like is: is the world still? Are we still on earth right now and then my inception, Toto was oh yeah. Garren pacts are still doing, should each So, whilst guy either winners user, those are my will. Actually, I have one more on the inside of lay is a winner o sixteen freshmen get picked in the first round so like they got their year of internship to the instead of labor. They got to make their bank good luck to those kids bright, eyed, bushy tale
the real world, the up only able to make some money- John Cow Party, we should mention- he always wins the draft. Yes, because he basically he gets us stand there on draft my and get interviewed and recruit for talking in front of the make sure I didn't get to watch too much of the draft, but I assume that it was California, basically doing musical chairs to each around here I don't even think matters if it it's a freshman went to his school when took it turns out. I think you just transferring next a freshman me like hey guys. This outstanding young man, you're gonna, go make some money. He s skin. His eyesight tv hope hugged, hugged hugging kissed the mom I have to go to loot. Before I go to losers, I have the combo winner Loser winner, the Bobcats, because I love monk and he got drafted. He fell all the way to eleven, which is kind of a shocker cuz. He should have most people thought he's going to go like five to seven bobcats losers. They just traded for Dwight Howard with an s.
Was ok yeah, but you know what now we're gonna get your plane, one on one we alight and all back in him down Duncan talk in shit to beat his ass allocated. Kwame Brown worked up pretty well for him. He Jordan is going to the question, though- and this is a question that I out we have enough time to get you. Can you mentally breakdown, someone who has been mentally broken for years. I'm gonna, say, ok, internet rule, crying Jordan has can come to an end. I think you need to be brought back, but only for joy our two? It would actually you're how we actually on passport. It wouldn't shock me if, if Michael Jordan just went to the first practice with a camera and just paraded Joint Howard, Chile started crying, then snapped a picture, and that became the new crying sure he's. Just like fuck. You Dwight undertaken the meme from I. Don't I don't know how does go. Work is Michael Jones, gonna fucking, hate, Dwight, oh yeah, oh yeah,
Oh you did a moment ago. You fellas, be. Let us be clear, like everyone else, I stress, let's not really, his fill for basically taking his one good pick, Christophersen, yes and then putting amount on the trade wire and bashing him non stump of bringing down the value of your only good asset. Yes, as in also filled non standard of bringing down the value of your only good asset. Yes, as in also fell Jackson Cause, he allegedly was falling asleep during our work out for the draft x. You could you could I There's, like a cottage industry, gone railroad right now of people there just weeding out bad stuff about your Jackson, things like Phil was, sleep during the drafters. Am I gonna get to those red with you could just make up a story like Phil Jackson was spotted walking round him. Ass g
eye with his hand in a toaster and his foot stuck in a bucket and he fell off the balcony and his feet kept moving until he looked down and then he fell, like he's, basically become the Wylie Coyote of NBA. We need to just get the price is right, sad, sad trombone. We should just have that just fall in Phila round. At this point he should have actually pulled the trigger on the on the bruising. Is trade gotten like absolutely nothing back a ham sandwich and then just said beer? the crafts eye and then it just retired? I think Phil also, I think he's at the point now. Our he might just be a digital twitter and like throwing these things out there like, why did he get pictured on a bus? Oh he just wanted to become a twitter mean. Why is he just like like people were very, very angry on twitter and rightfully so next fans were regular, like you said, last show even people who worked and expands like. Oh, I don't I don't like the Knicks, but I feel bad for the next.
Villages feeding off this on Twitter. Yes, I actually have a theory. So just came up with this right now either to draft pics night. They went european again a French is actually means, I'm French Pont point our little Dounia only Parker, but in both of whom have such strange last names. Here's my theory, Phil Jackson did mean to draft these guys he was typing in his instructions into the computer or disguise and he's wearing his eleven rings and make him cause. Typo laugh. He accidentally came up with these two bizarre last names. That's what it took them and James DAWN was busy playing concert with his like regimes that I might become.
Pay for James, don't bad, because any logical morass, we should wish you walk around outside gemstones concerts and just one need a miracle. Yet one like we need a miracle for James Dylan's concert and just follow travel around with them. That's that's an order that cares. Jameson is basically just like Richie Rich but like in evil Richard. Yes, a sinister Richie red shoes just doesn't live on this planet. Yup, loser hours, that's it from other loser. I had this doesn't have do battle with gold Mites Vegas coal mines with as those living.
Ass, bad, sleeves, sock, youth. It's like they tried to get as many colours as I could fit on asleep. I think they were. I think they won yeah. I think that's it. I don't think you can put more their EU member liking, like mad men like two thousand, for I think they started letting you create franchises, that the short term to burn shock sharks was not one of them yet, and they gave you jerseys the golden, though the gold nights don't have your that they have journeys that are somehow worse than those two thousand for graphics of creative franchise. A fictional two thousand for franchise in Man has better jerseys There are two dozen seventeen real life French is really bad. I you could have the journeys from any given Sunday knows or better yet disease it is, and the ones that there were Riah. It's basically like just pick a random football movie or hockey movie. It's like the the team that they play, not the team they play like that, their enemies of its a team they play in the random.
Tosh, yet they get no one. It is. These are the jerseys of the team that beat the main team in play makers at the very end of the serious play make that's what these reminder of play makers was so good got too so good and unfortunately, for the whole nights, nobody's gonna be there to watch. You have to look at those well opposing fence. Yes, I, let's, let's get some out Rushmore, we have Mount Rushmore of Brothers with Kyle Long who has a famous brother Chris before we do that. I wanted quickly taught you guys, guess what we knew show we gotta watch. It's called preacher and it's the second season preparing on June twenty fifth in June twenty six a to night premier. So what does that you, twenty fifth, that Sunday in Monday so tune in Sunday a Monday on a m c preacher? This absurdly twisted in action, packed, throw ride, falls a powerful preacher, his bad ass ex girlfriend one hundred nineteen year old, irish vampire, don't miss that tuna premier is produced by the guys from breaking bad in such Rogan. So it's funny. It's fast pace, its violent and suspense full, and the first season was great.
It up for the big moments coming in season. Two, if you want more info, you gotta am seed outcome. Slash shows, slash, preacher, don't miss at Unite premier on June twenty fifth in June, twenty six on M c preacher. We also have this show brought you by eighteen birdies its summer time. Eighteen birdies app makes Gulf even better. It is the best tool for you in your bag. It's a powerful gps. She always no exact distances to the green eighteen. Birdies also reward you just for not just for playing golf, no matter how good or bad you are thus because every time you score you your round on the app you can enter the eighteen birdies dream games, challenge where they're giving way thousands dollars an instant prizes like balls, clubs and green fees and those aren't even the big prizes every month are also giving away a once in a lifetime. Golf experience like one the spots to honour Palmer Invitation programme at the world around Bay Hill Course in Orlando Florida. A little lower speak for you know, purchase necessary void where prohibited restrictions apply, see official rules at eighteen, birdies, dot com saw stream games down.
Both eighteen birdies today, and make your phone the best club in your bag. Eighteen birdies go download that operate now. I we have Kyle Long Mount Rushmore of brothers. I we now welcome on one of our favorite recurring. Guess: jiggling, on the about Rushmore Overcurling gas, are you upset that happened? It's crystal it's it's! It's it's crystalline brother cake. Like Jake long. We know I thought it was just like so par for the course that you guys do yeah pretty. It wasn't like pass me at all, but I wouldn't put a past. You got to do with bringing you it's very simple. It's like you! If you're in our relationship with a girl, you can't keep her at arm's length so wish you want to come and see more. So let a brief yeah but it credit to us. We didn't put Chris on either. So it's like you guys. Now we basically made too
huge enemies of a brothers that are going to come in you know, filter destiny and murderous someday for not paying on the Mount Rushmore of a podcast yeah. I mean I'm just more mad about the promo like yes, so here's what so are in turn enter and Liam made a promo where it has a bunch of our were current gas looking up amount, Rushmore and Hank said we need Chris Long and Karl long and it's a Jimbo em and he put Chris on there with the Eagles uniform and he accidentally put Jake because he thought it was Jake. Long was the brother, so the joke we been making forever turns out people. Actually think it's true yes, so the missing longer right before we get what we do not rush more of brothers, because you do have a more famous brother come. The idea has been geeky. Where were you drafted overall I was twenty years ago. He was a very large majority. There is to add to sports I'll drafted ants
what sport you know if I were a guy you so, unlike what have you decided if you're gonna go with Mitchell or match, I just the eye column, Many things, but not Mitchell Vigil, is what we call that rail CASA, Runnels and Johnson Racetrack. How has the ankle do it's given their united, so tests, but good were making strides? Are you so? Are you gonna go and just fight Jake Laser for a month
and this off season we haven't. We had some guys do some wild exotic beasts that we're throwing the ring will lessen we're gonna do like we're, gonna fight the animals together, though, fight back. What what's it? Like? Those sir said, I training, like you guys, just Jake lasers like right now, you fight me and then Jack you're, gonna fight me again and the next day, gonna fight me and then boom you're gonna, fell, supersede we'll go figure. J has a lot of connections out there and he's got a lot of guys were like former fighters and they still train so chuckled Miranda Tour, all those guys I'll be out there. Rather kick my avatar there about Jake Laser, and that's that he's like Paul GMO.
In billions. He's like this rich dude, who just he gets off on Gettings Ass, kicked all the time so like when he stopped. Hives won't be hired. The biggest people most have led people in America till I come fight him every summer and then AEGIS eat just steps in the ring gets. It asked the eyes of all ages. It he's miserable bees. Also, coming all the time I every time it going on it's like source, namely Arnold Beggar, just coming irritably gets the palm, yet he just keeps coming. He comes all day: asthma. Weird, ok, only refocus here. Thinking about Arnold Schwarzenegger coming all day I switched to it, but to Mount Rushmore a brother. I'm excited for this. I think this is gonna.
One of our best, my Rushmore, who would like to start. So thanks no pity ass. They were about to start your car because you're our guest. Once you start a lot of his house, I was brows and since I'm so about memory, I just knew them as the bash brows couldn't do names and we could be talking bash brows, mighty ducks or bash brooms whose concern our mark Wire yeah. That's a good one on tangible bash brows. I like that, would I I don't think they one else have I wrote down is like its if one of my picks got taken Jose and also because the asset
No, I didn't write those ever thought about him ass. He is actually my favorite consider yeah he's the guy that dead, like gets into fight for Jose admirers of some, was talking shit about right. He's wanna takes hoses story test for always guiles. Yes, yes, I next one probably get out to do look Wilson. Those guys have made me laugh before, a few times men. So weird plea. Ah yes out a Alan Luke, but you know maybe I Well, maybe I should go to give all manner of affordable, sunk ass, a slight that one you like. I was caught. A soft Kyle incur Bush, oh and now your heart again get ivory. Given the low racy out here they ever crash. Each other has Gamma NASCAR guy, I'm gonna. Do nobody as the tellers robins racing they live in Israel.
Ask our should have like a doubles, like tennis as doubles, were two guys ride in the same coin and have to switch every lap. Who I like that. I like that and then the United Europe brothers as well for you to go another field there. Ok, I like it strong, strong group brothers, You didn't want to hurt you and your brother. Now I mean if I say that before though before well pack, if I were, I think there were probably the best brains and at once the hound and the mountain from game of thrones. If I were to do two huge guys that were brothers and do those two, that's a guy, don't watch game of thrones, I got poppy kind of thing. The dogma right. The mountain is the only person I know because, like every he just like goes around two different, like NFL cities just show. Up in Lahore rooms. As that everybody on the team can take like an instrument photos. Look. I met the mountain he just goes to out MAX.
Everybody s clots exactly. I pity you wanna go yell, go first up. I've got the Wright Brothers O first in flight, terrible pad level. But they were really really smart, which Writ worm Irma, not a license plate, slimmer, lashly limpets, when Brazil tried to claim that they created flight yeah else for those crazy. So, like three countries have tried to claim the right for our three places of tragically Brazil kind of they said that they pray had their own right brothers right and then the North Carolina license plates have the Wright Brothers Autumn and oh hi: oh, has birthplace of aviation on their fingers. That's where the Wright Brothers were Borgia homes, Holmes man's is the Wright Brothers Man's. I'm gonna give us North Carolina conveying a first in flight and that's the corporate. Nobody cares. If you like, put an airplane on the ground. They took it often, whereas act together. Ok, my second is the band of brothers, the troops. Oh there, the vessel,
She's right has try to do thou cheating. I we want number three have got Romulus Remus founded Rome rob to browse via river kid swept away. You too, about a story. Man that's out of bounds and my last one I'm going to hug. You be brothers, Oh like how can these large adult sons? Why have you seen these? Yes, scullions yeah, they are huge, the other huge and they they kill dogs due to their kind. Like a combination of the long brothers and VIC Brothers, yeah all rolled into one there's something about politicians, sons that always make me laugh is without doubt from the strong signs gather just over something I mean the bushes or Larry's, Linda, just something still a genocide, qualms about those about a politician having to adult sons that always or just a little weird yeah. I really wish Obama ahead.
Besides, it is that we would have neither motor plateful, no Hank, my first one, the flax case in benefits instead shocker here to tell you neither is it going to them in the Wahlberg since I gotta take it out. I just do indeed have both in London. It now My second point juicy Jane Project, pat those guys, I daresay the hollow hollywood- show no major. You dont know from three, six mafia or yap icy, reverse reference reality from such another names. I knew I didn't think pick out will know we'd okra. I figured that reality shall be more legible. My third one is the girl Caskeys. Oh, that's good, one, good one religion! Oh you know what so I I had this on my my Rushmore where took it up at the last second, the atoms.
Brothers, Stephen items brothers and though the New Zealand version of the grand Cowskin, oh yeah, bigger there like it's, a family of nine brothers at all like smoke and wrong. I like the brazilian version of the atoms, rather gas shit. Ok, that's a good choice and when a brother section right outta, your choice in my fourth and final can enable HU, the original burly original brothers are heirs. That's good about Frank rose. I wasn't fret about your preference begin, but why actually was gonna? Throw on their does audible mention you ve Journey brothers goes Bros for life and work is to browse, and actually we carried on John Vital Burke and call on like ours ass. I am. I wanna be confident here and say that I'm gonna win this, because I can't believe some things were left off. Let me come out just firing.
My own Luigi tomorrow really are. This. Is the super aspirate again what it was a supermarket brothers remember. I was right there and its attitude as I was about if you like. I don't think they were brothers, but like now, like nine games that had Mario browser leading, confirm their refugee little taller Big Luigi and was a warrior yoga he's gotten Luigi has more length. So you lot upside. You could go your your view,
I'll get. You could probably goes either Mario or Luigi Halloween I could or warrior depends on what level of potassium I next up. I have two brothers: destruction came an undertaker twelve year old, big cat definitely thought there really brothers NED. I also thought pallbearers was actually Keynes Father, which looking back that was pretty dumb with me. This, like this, like five foot short pale, pudgy do their relationships birth. A seven foot monster actually thought it that came in the undertaker were brothers. There, half brothers came Paul bearer,
had sex with undertakers mom had sexual. No, he had sex with his with vagina and about one came out to buy a jazz exert brother. I was a big brother destruction guy together I'll go with this one. I came to this. One was a mention: the harbours come on at this scheme and John, I know you're gonna marry. I could watch them forever and then last one applicable honourable matches. I get to nominate, I'm gonna go with John monks, Booth and Edward Booth. Let me explain whose Edwin Booth actor on works Bruce brother, so John looks Booth, murdered assassinated, Abraham, Lincoln, allegedly fun fact: Edwin Booth a couple years after I believe so,
eaved, Abraham Lincoln Sons, life he was about to get hit by a train. He saved his life connection on the burmese ethnic fake news, yet it would seem that don't mean it like the guy. He was. He felt so guilty by his brother, killing Abraham Lincoln that he followed on around waiting for a chance to save his life and, like a train, was near and now in point eight programmes. I guess your life. I would rather be a nice party than thirty brothers and also there they were both thespis. Some actors hunt right yeah, but I had to be checked to do. I had honourable mentions Samuel Jackson. Just as brothers were his brother, I got her brother
I believe the Mannings weren't mentioned manage that can attract. I know the k they like there. The junk yard did the mouth breathing long brothers in they, which is a little bit more skill and throwing the football professed. I had also I had Tommy earn and healthcare. The the brothers who have the most home runs all time Tommy as thirteen to get points, and then I had a dishonourable mention the steam brothers. I would constitute sisters hooker spawning area. My honourable mentions worthy almond brothers. Oh, that's! A good one! Do be brothers, the Rhine, brothers, the I ain't brother y know I will do the Wright Brothers, that's our thousands, my eyes nationally after they got that far yet ass. I ain't leaving a recent Hansen handsome brothers. We, as my last year, image again Bob both via the hockey pushing back the hockey player
I was gonna. Tell you about the young lady here. Did you guys have any other even honourable mentions that you left off as they are doing the Kim's Kim Jong brother? Oh, who killed? Who, while he's wearing a well sure, try you like? I ordered and artillery shall I know now thousands uncle killed his brother by having he hired to women to throw poison in his face in an airport. Damn I bought a box to China through JET and Bruce Lee and his brothers of butter if their brothers out of yeah, I'm trying to think of where we missed anyone any other big sports brothers wrong brothers to grammaticus. That's a mess. Their specific is but which one was the one who jumped in an American do that ticket IRAN, oh and also the Marines fuck em off the catching the catching brothers, the brothers, the catch, the eye that was Mount Rushmore of brothers, all in the long term,
it can Joseph O margin for error called you want to give us when we're sitting with T J laying gave us a prediction for the lions. You want to give us a bears production. Yes, so you know obviously weren't around the table and regular sees that's trademarks. Rogers, he gets it. So I can't just every rule. Nineteen hundred were relax, we're role the whole way down the river clean On the whole, they don't like you now with eyes. Reality call on sixteen Ok, how it gains it for the four this report, like thirty five and now, to win unabated. What are you so? Are we gonna go so how many games, and as my colleague Anna when and how many gives MR biscuit genuine? Oh, I think you know it's gotta be smooth sound for everyone,
we're all gonna win games together as brothers out so proud that the progress you headed monster, quarterback amount, Rushmore of you notice cycle bears quarterbacks into. Doesn't seven current Chicago, yes with also Mark Sanchez. Chicago bears two thousand seventeen quarterbacks borrowed. Or go just Ovum Conor Barth marks answer is too risky in my group we kind of Aragon counterparts are not answer house, I'm gonna go out. Ok, I gotta know combing out, I'm not gonna Barth. Yesterday's solid, I thought like actually talk about kind of burying one's s. Little now Rushmore record about what's edges like it gets party marsh Hinges is a great guy. He's he's a proud, but you know he's like asked me for what he stated my place for a little bit me. He asked me for mission to jump in the pool he's like dad. Cunegonde, that's nice, like Billy Billy gotta, ask permission before it does anything, so I call on recurring guest.
Maybe on measures more Rushmore will say. Thank you very much for that matter. Rushmore was brought by Dennys at Dennys are simple purposes that we love to feed. People are found. Her Harold Butler was driven by a passion for feeding people and over sixty years later we are more committed than ever to upholding that, then it has always been a place where Mary, You can come and get their favour. Breakfast lunch, indented dishes serving our guests whatever they want whenever they created now Dennys undermine we taken that same always, open philosophy that synonymous with our restaurants and applied its online ordering bringing access to a credible, diner, fair, wherever I guess wanted, and thanks to our new platform guess have a quick and easy way to place a mobile or online order for take out or delivery of their favourite menu items all day every day. Would then he's on and new online ordering, your diner favorites are at your fingertips, visit Dennys that come in to order online or download the Dennys up? Fans can use Dennis
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Expensive postage, meter, iu, stamps dot com right now. You too can enjoy the service with a special offer includes a four week: free trial, plus postage and a digital scale. With no long term commitments go to stamps dot, com click, the microphone typing, pmt stamps dot com in rpm, well just don't ever talk to the guy or meet him in person. I'm sure will turn out. They never did interviewed him and they haven't talked to do Hence, oh. I forgot to mention one thing: Baby Dirk Lord market in the bulls foreign office never did an interview with him, so that's that's what we all the old are broadcast Weiler, we'll just don't ever talk to the guy or meet him in person. I am sure, will turn out. They never did interviewed him and they haven't talked to Dwayne Wade yet Baby Turk them just go, get a training bitter, that's way to do it. I segments time. Let's start with we have pr one or one for our guy mark helpful to
we rightly Morgiana. Gallia tackle is on us because we are his pr team but work how false first picking the draft also recurring guest first, while he did do that, he did the the shaken, though in the hug, so we called that put mark. How did the old fashioned? We call this the card ashen. He obviously was getting paid for an Instagram ad and what happens when you get paid for an answer. Mad they'll send you like a mock up of what you need to write Marcel just took that air. Copy and paste it into his instagram and posted it, and this is the quote: excited to head to parentheses city and join the parentheses team name at tests it. What is it what's to such as it does it? You are is helping me get started with my parentheses team name watch so
Oh God, little ok, here's thing beget everybody to ignore everything. Big cats just said because we actually gave Marco force the best pr advice of all time. We told them to do this and guess what We got millions more impressions on this thing, then he would have got if he actually tweeted out the right thing I know you did it. Nobody would a shared it puts it got screen grab. True, we didn't actually tell me do this, but I wish we had because this is a genius marketing strategy by tests it. Maybe this is a false, like maybe there's a tweet that mark I was trying to cover up, so I just did this status through some red meat out there, the internet's unlucky? That's! Actually we gotta the store appear one or one little philosophy here, basically give them something to make fun of so they don't find the real thing. Yet you can get made fun, of which we also probably Rosa Dennis Smith, three Well, yeah yeah, Dennis Smith, tweeted out hesitancy, stay blogger drafted by the maps. Here's a sweet, everybody has
God, given talents mine just who happened to be slang. This would, in my pants sets for a few years ago. We then drop that way. No less a bow Ok, you know what its own everyone thinks that are good at sexual or fourteen, but nobody is yeah yeah I dead. That's it! That's a tough one. Them in this is linked to the mixture risky. I love kiss intentions I only I've got some good advice form. I'm Dennis drop one of the ends now you're danish, the penis nice nice boom also dns the penis. You should maybe tweet out real quick, get a little girl cosy up to the year old employer. Here your new employer, tweet out what should have been using cyber, does
and there you go more Cubans cyber dust at this great so that the tweet actually stayed up for, maybe in our hour and a half I like to imagine what was going on behind the scenes I do. Who was the closest person to whom that was aware of this tweeting LE getting all distraction by them and how hard were they trying to get back stage at the and be addressed yeah like show him the tweet of him talk about slang and would when these fourteen, what hours is, while these leagues, like the NBA they do. These rookie symposium stages have like pre draft symposium, where they just sit there and go through twitter historic interest. We its basic stuff, yeah, pretty pert pr wanna one for a reason. Next up we have a herd or injured the zoo. Weird one Marian hawser is out for the next year and it looks like he might retire because he has a skin disorder with his paths that he's been actually battling for a while. Now, a lot of people out there saying that the Black Box or try to circumvent the salary cap, I think Marian host-
a pretty damn good and he's really really good player for the Black Box for a long time, so it doesn't really add up but still hurt or injure. I would say out: they only hurt because if you have an infection from your pads, its toxic shock syndrome right, whose change every once in a while our national debt, so my ex wife it is this is this- is this? Is the most bizarre like her heard rendered ever? Isn't it? I don't think so! It's well! Ok! So your hockey player, you don't have to wear Patsy. I think you do real. Maybe this doesn't love sport that I play. I play for free, Without pads, maybe wash your pads try that is earned equipment. Major problem: do you guys great shadow, the Blackhawks equipment or yeah? Oh, I ever Michael one name drop, Cuyp permission, unnamed name drop from
You got it cuz, I'm going to miss Marian Hossa a lot, and it looks like he's going to retire, Patrick Sharp, who is played on a lot of three Stanley CUP teams and team. Canada once told me that Marian Hossa was the best players ever played with, and it wasn't even close. So that's the type of player Marian Hossa is, and it sucks that an infection on his pads is going to end. I also think it could be more creative withdrew with your fake injury. If you were actually lying about the right against or dialect hockey player is the real injuries that they too, it out nine times out of ten like out immediately retire. If I had one of those right right in this area, this is somewhat score, one for the NBA issues that this is a diarrhea
a diary and everybody that we all know member. We don't russian diary only just kept on leaving the diarrhoea, yet we have a bad visual. This one is for our present. We're not gonna stick to sport forsake. While we are sitting in sport, yes, because it was down Trump driving. A golf cart straight over the green at his own golf course. I mean that's very on brand formed a reg. He can't take this
he's an follow. The ninety degree rule no cloud change. I I also this is like I mean if you, if you become the president like this, is why this why people get into politics is why you get the power one year or president or like a senator, something it specifically to break the rules that we all know shouldn't be broken. Yet in this Alec this pretty much this up there would like murder. That's the definition of fucking money. Yes, driving across your own golf courses, green yeah, that's it doesn't get more Bala he's a bawler yeah and for Gulf people. Certainly like a ball. If you, if you want a program like a true golf guy, I'm talking about the guys who call in the rules on Sunday when Tiger takes a drop like one in shouted Zonia. This is this is on a par with. Murder is a felony of of the first first degree, so I'm discuss speculate that a lot of those guys are probably trump voters. Do you think the Turner change or too I'm Trump may have lost the scene?
at home. Golf watcher on Sunday rules violator collar on her. Personally, I want my president's do shit like this, because when I watch it out like America's back women as that's how you were, there was also a bonus, uncoordinated moment. That's what we're calling it like. A bad visual, slash, uncoordinated moment. Stuff curry, told us. Alan for wind tromp was playing tennis. His big, alas, was sticking out. If you saw this picture, it's quite ass, like we, if we sit down tromp is do is definitely a thick president is can't you see ya good NEWS, though its ass etons is so then lawyer
it was in the hair. It's gonna take your while the again we get on in there. But again, I don't think that this would this isn't gonna cost many votes because, like you that transport in general, don't want to see him being like super athletic smashing shit like Serena Williams, right like they want, they want to see like an old guy playing tennis slightly awkwardly. Also isn't. There is in the phrase power bottom like for reason: yeah how he's got powerful? U S power bought, and yet he is a power bottom back. That's makes that's how these rightly agar powerful gothic is worse. You get you get all your power from your bottom. That's what it means Reda, don't he doesn't get like that. We have an emergency football guy. What do you got for that? So I have a new phase. But often of lying coach. I've been looking for one for a while, it's Bob Wily putting the market I've been in the market has been absent for for a couple years bomb while hinder for office. Yeah. I do it's just me matching up with the ones that I like is. The brow
get off. It's like I and he's a magician. Ok, he owns a hundred fifty books and mad Dvds he's got his performed on onstage multiple times with David Copperfield. Ok, so you think this is a fact I don't know if it's a football guy I just wanted to. I want to see a dresser, yes pft. I love it. I don't think I don't think it's. I don't think this makes my football tonight. So here's why I think it might be cuz if you want to get into magic. You have to spend a lot of time alone in a room by yourself and if you want to focus on football, if you want to be like a true master coach of X's and o's be able to spend a lot of time studying stuff by yourself. I guess so it's this. This seems like I don't know if I, if I were in office of women in and my office, one was doing like hide the quarter and my got your nose. I just parliament a punishment. If he's not ok, I admit he's not a football guy with this guy
I'm going to be fucking hilarious, and I can't wait to see what happens like you get this guy with the Browns offensive line. This is going to it's going to be magic to watch. Okay, those who else one point five weeks. I'm sure do you know me, I didn't mean to drop down those Rick Riley's so far inside my head. He's is crawling aftershock Richter. It was maybe he can o browns a really good at making head coaches disappear. They go now that one point. Seventy one point: seven, Kate, Upton Boobs on the Richter scale operating in taking a magic, my freshman, high school. I can soon be in a magic. I got. I got a gun, a little trouble. Drinkin got grounded from my and no tv, no friends like nothing after school, and I just like wait. A few parents took your friends away from you dates. I can go out. How does so convenient way? Senora loser can watch on. My friends say you could go on. The internet are like two weeks. Ok try to learn magic. Did you learn anything?
I gotta go with Turkey's future krona according or debit cards were already last through segments. We have explained to big cat. This one's been pissing me off and I don't even know if you guys can explain to me if you can just be mad altogether, why the fuck do I support my seat up when I'm landing in an airplane yeah. Those extra two inches could be the difference between life and what the fuck is going on. What? What is the? Why? Why do I have to do it? I think it's so that people can get up out of their seats after the plane lands, and it's just the gate. That's my best guess: Potter's, there's no real reason, for it was only a fine Indy on Wednesday I had it was like when those seats that was well. This might also come, but because my weight, but as well as seats it like conic creeped back, even without me, pressing the button. So a woman asked me like four times to put my seat up and I can't do anything about it and then I just one big
what the fuck happened. If my seat doesn't go up, did you vessels and ass over put my seat down? You are you're an asshole for donor, not altogether, so that I waited at em up. I am I mean I have their army. Let it go back for rivets no knife flight lean back. It's it's! The reason why we did it was because member I got enough like fight without woman. I got a huge finally kept on Punta see into my knees. I don't life. I would like a five year old woman yeah. Well, you know what, when you see someone who's over six feet sit sitting here, and you and your like five one, maybe not put your seat. I don't usually are your phone round. You player, fallen airplane, no return every I'll, never know that. Oh, I always am come a bad boy life like one about five thousand feet. I take you off your point mode. Try to try to catch that text. Message! Stray text comes through, that's an exhilaration. I got one of those,
yet. When I was listening to the other day was it was pretty nice and then you like, while I've got servers again and now you have all your arm just got your lads strays tax, as I believe that one taxes, a nude men- that is your long walk. While I speaking Inuits Billy Football, eight member, we said: don't migrating, don't don't send your dick anyone. I Billy football higher
so our higher higher educate, higher education, its both we're gonna we're gonna, go back and forth all your source suspending jumbos for a couple weeks. I always say we're suspending keep sending a men, yes, but we're going to refrain from reading them on the air for a couple weeks. While we dig into this higher learning, yes, so arm keep sending men be created, phantom really entertaining ways to fuck up. Here we want a curate some of our best Jimbo, so we can get it. The cram daily friend ha ha from third for half an hour forth, so higher education, slash higher learning, depending on what Motormen Billy is going to college. This fall and we are going to give him advice on how to deal with being an incoming freshmen, because guys, like us, is reached between the three of us. Hank did one your car
gnp after I graduated over a decade ago. So we, of course we all bucket where with it were hip, hey were the cool guys. I was a young weaken. You can just rap with us Billy. If you want more Billy football, we have a behind the scenes, video that we actually just released. It's on the bar stool sports, app or also on the part of my take twitter or the parcel sports twitter. It covers Billy Footballs first, two weeks as Depart might take in turn a ton of behind the scenes. Video of how part my take operates through this Couteau CIS Diet and also our trip up to Bristol with Ryan, were so it's a fun behind the scenes kind of video. It's really really good and Billy football. Ah a plus so far is internship. Let's see how you do with higher education cause, you might screw it up. This one's from Andrew, hey, p, empty
So I've been dating my girlfriend for around a year now, ok number, so next one yeah you're gonna break up. This is our good stuff. Next question of Iceland from John Hey Billy Football, have a question for the guy's. My roommate told me he's going to make our room a trip, chamber, yeah. Finding your roommate Amelia wait. Wait here this one out, I've never done acid. I just need some p empty advice on how to go about ok, only do one tab. First, just start slow, that's but yeah. That's why I'm going to disagree with I'm just here. This is this is the biggest red flag. I think I've ever heard in my entire life. If, if you're senior high school and your calling things a trip chamber in your you're emailing strangers. Building we haven't yet saying that you're gonna draped the wars and velvet and replace all the light bulbs of blue
Glades yeah. This is not a guy that you want to be trying to study in the same room. Ok, so, first of all third man card who the Hell studies in college- I love this guy. This is this is on so jealous of this kid you're about to Fuckin spent a year that trip chicken good. If there's ever time to Jesus, I mean this is probably bad advice probably give it now. This is good advice. Make your mistakes young! When you go to college first year, spending on the trip chamber- and you can, if you fuck up, you- can blame it on another kind of Europe. Should ever my farm on a kid. I walked into the church. A toy deliver the church over. What do you mean? What you expect reveals a poster child forbad influence here. So again there is. There is a bit of cord blood, so you can pull on this one, but I'm dumps could say for the record, looking ass. It is very dangerous. Stick to state safe things like binge drinking your freshman year. Just here's! Here's my last resort by just makes you drink enough water. That's all
but go that in general that as other do that all women, the trip chamber until you're, what please please email, back in a year and tell us how the church might just referring to my desk. You'll live their trip chamber, which is to show from the chip chamber. The trip chamber is our great now. Unless, as Bell is like a full three and a half gave up the number one is from Jake. Taking a two year break from university, I was able to pay off stewing dead.
I am now to community college. First of all, this guy sounds Europeans. Do Jake yeah he's having his name Jake Jacques? Obviously I will be twenty two in a junior, that's only a couple years, older than the average junior, but to an eighteen year old, a twenty two year old is seen as being a different age bracket. What would be the best way of using my older age to get water classmen? Actually fresh, my girl answered by everyone. Beer with this is the easiest question ever everyone actually knows this. Guy, like everyone, has someone on the floor. Who is an older guy, usually hockey player yeah, it's just like ok, discuss kind of weird, but he keeps by his beer. So whirl item be friends. I guess so. Like him for some reason. It's a kid who had a car first. So just I actually think you're, ok and I also get actual about this. He should get a fake.
The younger was guess. I didn't want to rule that he's right about the joint you think you're gonna lie. He's gonna lie about that to say you played juniors for hockey Oh yeah, say your mormon, you went to New York Commissioner, you are knocking on doors, but then it took you spend some time in a trip chamber. It open, Your mormon tell tell everyone here in a two year: Coma! That's a story! You are yours, the thing to do. If you're twenty to anyone be younger, Desir. Twenty one does nothing. I nothing just yet Sayer twenty have great big idea like, while my figured he always work, some assurance or cop, I'm a bad ass. You welcome shock when more. So this is from Rob. What should you do when you bring a girl back to your dorm? While your roommate is asleep? Is it ok?
in the same room, Azure sleeping room, the boys back in college Mighta, we sang a tie on the door. Little boys know don't come in by way. That's classic dad dropping off at college advice from Sancho you if you got a girl, put a time the doors and windows in the rock and don't come a knock yeah. I say just go for it and then I deal with the conversation the morning. If he's I came in, I was a global. I guess I was horny genuine we're both really horny, so we wanted. The fact is that this is one of those situations in, and this is good advice for all the incoming reference is really just feel out the roommate. If year somewhat okay with him, then I don't think you'll care guard windows fresh near some dino. Sometimes you wouldn't fuck over your head in the bunk bed over your head. Sometimes you're gonna do ask for an entire year end kilotons trip chamber if she's a if she's feeling like explored of, maybe
invite him over and see? If you want to join in the oil? Can you gotta worry about is if you do get the one kid your fresh here and there, and there is one of these on every all the dark. So just be careful. If you have the dark and easier go tell your eye, you don't want that to so Sega feel it up if, as if you got the narc than probably are maybe just do mouse stuff that it your homework em and this one from Mitchell MA what sport has the grace utility for picking up chicks when considering lying about playing that sport? Oh, what sport hits the sweet spot of girl saying DE? I believe that he plays that in. Oh. That makes him more attractive, for example, by looking at anyone, it's pretty believable that he could be on the bowling team, but what's Zack it on a guy, they answer obvious rugby regroup. As now like isn't, edges are fraught knots on fragile but differently.
Pay money to each other and we by equipment in beer rehire. We have Social with others, and so it seems we sing songs to confront the problem with this is due care really fake it because, as people college? No, if you play sport, you wear your fuckin like Here, every single place you gonna get you realize you, that's all you do. You'd have to live by the gear across gear or just maybe we're like a Basque Rogers everyone. You say you were thus one day. If you say hey, I play basketball, it's not lie. If you go to the gym every once in a while, you play food. She, if you hoops the best lie. I've ever heard was a guy told this girl that he was an astronaut and they went on a date and then they got married and add three kids like old now together, and that was the relationship was based on law. That was puzzled regions which so it can work. I have sent a friend who used to tell checks that use a gym.
Destiny transferred. So that's a tough one third to shoot down, especially if you're like use a little bit shorter, veer, shorter guy. You could probably get away with you like. I did gymnastic. I might stories upon a horse like who's gonna say everyone. Black hey, show us how to do the pommel horse, that's one! They you're gonna, probably Elsie, Lot Palmer his land around is when you say I did the rings. Yeah and I'd get her a bad shoulder! The uneven bars always forget about the uneven Borgia. Well, things are fucking, those we'll get you guys onto the uneven Marcia chicks. That's our show Monday. We have a pretty interesting guest, I must say when we'll take it, so we don't know, but it can be. One of our more interesting guesser has potential to be said has been
a new law, yet big J journalists by us and then anyone who wants a come meet us out in youngster. We will be at the Bhopal any body tournament, so we hope to see there and will see everyone on Monday. Lovey guess everybody this spike viruses from spikes car. Radio, we're out here in the porch of at the Malibu kitchen at the Malibu Country, Mart every weekend doing podcast my first guesses, Jerry Seinfeld, he's right here. We're gonna have Jeremy heaven we're gonna. Have Chris Hardwicke see you soon on spikes got ready. I think he's over projecting repugnant and I loved to over project for podcast join me every week, podcast wondered come and Apple podcast
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