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Bill Walton Part 1

2017-03-08 | 🔗
The guys are on the road in Arizona after spending the day with Bill Walton in Las Vegas ( 2:57 - 6:33). MVP Talk, Dirk's 30,000 point and a call to brand new Pardon My Take correspondent Lebron James (6:33 - 14:30). Bachelor Talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor (14:30 - 16:51). Hot Seat Cool Throne (16:51 - 23:46). Bill Walton joins the show to talk about John Wooden, his life changing back surgery, and the meaning of life in general (23:46 - 56:25). Segments include Sorry not Sorry for Lebron's hunt for greatness, Spinzone Mike Glennon to the Bears, Bad Visual Ciara, PR 101 for Adrian Peterson, Kings stay Kings for Darren Rovell's Pizza Shoe and Hmmm for Lamar Ball
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urchins apply that's lift our com slash p empty lift a calm slash p m t let's go let's not its parent my table possessed by us wasn't part of my two it is wednesday march eight we are talking to you live from the greater
phoenix area we're in arizona oliver zone is really the greater phoenix airy that's how big phoenix everything's twenty five minutes way we were in las vegas we had an interview with bill walton which was fantastic part one is in this shell i feel i get ready i feel like that entire sequence of us meeting bill one was a dream yes solar quickly talk about that so we had a room at the mgm we were waiting for bill walden he showed up he had his own chair he brought his own chair he sat down and put the chair to put the chair down to put a clock on the bed and we're like what's with the clock he said you always live by the and then we talked for like two hours and he didn't look at the clock once not not want to hear the knock at the door you open up the door and he's a tall guys like seven feet tall and so like the top of the forehead is behind the door frame is like my name's bill would do well to else
and then he was he was just a surreal person it was a life changing gallery he is exactly who you see on tv if not more apt up the al qaeda we actually so we went into the interview with a very coordinated plan we were like bf dna we sat down we have we had a cup of coffee will guide here's how we're gonna attack it like first went to bring up this then we'll talk about you see a way they will talk a little bit about the celtics in the pact twelve within five minutes i just through my notes on the floor because i realized that bill walden was gonna talk about whatever he wanted to talk about and we were gonna maybe get a few words in every now guides i belong as a great jazz saxophone us and i'm plain base and big cats plain drums reactor and we're just the longer he goes in trying to complement the things he sang right but i think it is very interesting interview i enjoyed it yes it was spent us it was it was unlike any interview we ve ever had and legacy
if two parts so part one's gonna come today party is gonna be on friday show so that will be in a few minutes here other updates from the pardon my take crew hank is sick by his own by his own doing he poisoned himself if foisted by his own petard yet he drank forested losses of apple juice and one real i know it's back it up because so hank fiends in and out i'll have you ever had into last i reset your first time i've had ok so every time we land in las vegas hanks always like you we got in and out i thought is weird thing could hang can never eaten in and out before now but so he only eat some cheeseburgers last night and then he is sitting on the john all morning there we go down to the branch or to the buffeted and hanks pounding apple just left
and without any idea that apple juice is just going to make the problem worse trying to be healthy we've had to pull over a few times and i let hank take care of his butt hell yeah so if we need to stop this interview or this up podcast halfway through to let hank run to the the network so that's where we're at we're in arizona reduce some spring training stuff we are going back to las vegas on thursday night will be their friday gambling all day and then saturday sunday we're gonna be at our first nascar event we have a book sponsored cars a number thirty seven car room room because it is barely apple juice makes you shit i do not know that so why are they wanted and listeners learn something new i so to the sports world before we get to the bottom interview you know what season it is ambitious its envy pieces i love this part of the basque policies and so there are basically for choices
ephrem vp it all comes down to what is an envy p like are you a guy that says ftp is the best air on a shitty team no matter what if you just the best plan the league with but the best that's russell westbrook yeah by far has the best stats put his team is not good is he just the guy that's always the best player in the leg and has been for the last ten years lebron james is it the guy that is shooting the lights out and has improved as team a whole lot from last year james harden the hours at the defensive sopor that contributes on both ends of the floor and as a team that's probably towards we make noise make noise that would be quite leonard but you forgot the dark horse the guy who gets injured and the teams not as good kevin grant but when he gets when he gets his knee injury and everyone says will look at the warriors now there too and to since you got injured maybe he's u vp even though is not gonna play the entire season yet call the bp the only place like fifty game yet that's i mean it just goes to show you that workers can possibly be a good team without
draft so and then we're gonna switch wouldn't do the old switch arup so if you took lebron james office have some games where they went that's gonna be a fun discussion is gonna be gone on ya out d probably like thirty carrying salaries or it is weirder needs a ball to score is democracy and then is basically james heart and soul argument is he's not as shitty adee pass along you i'll be right place he tries a little bit on defect was he slope playing us this entire time like certain bagginess on defence just waiting for a season to give half of a shit a little and then we're like well i guess he's not just terrible teammate right we also have college basketball conference championship week which is for all the betters out there the most got wrenching weak there is it's just madness top to bottom so many games its crazier than actual march man is because
the old fashioned these teams know each other yes all the lines are little sharper regimes will keep following through just back up our thing is alive it problematic that recalling madness oh like a little bit against people with mental health issues true so maybe let's find a better turn for demand a true march by the way here slew castle controls in shaping of chaos camping should cast i have some breaking moose did it deleted dirk a risky thirty thousand points out turkey is by far one of the most underrated careers go you gotta just forgot about him after he won the finals but he is been like quietly incredible for so so long we could talk about forever but i would rather get our corresponding new correspondent this is his debut on part my take we have signed him an exclusive part might take deal yep you might know em so broad james he's gonna be
part might take now what are you sure patronymic are you sure that he's gonna join sure now cause he's having dinner hake eggs giving us a signal that he is at dinner but we can you do instead it is from the table hobart omits out it is trouble of known in fact makes pointing things up ok let's do it what's it look this is lebron james our new correspondence on directive excuse thirty thousand points leubronn how you doing with serbia i got to check in with y'all taking a break from dinner hope you all don't mind with the family but i got to congratulate i got to congratulate dirk nowitzki on putting up thirty thousand i want a gay right now the big fella congratulations border big thirty thousand well a fire to very efficient tonight
there there's no way out business moment congratulations bigtime air reservations hopefully you know o blockage or u s appoint big fella while it's it's it's out of line it has happened in laboratories still there what will you have for dinner you always finally back to the family i totally get that united esben time that was really nice from the joyous i think the brunt here's what will have lebron james do he will be our official lebron james corresponding so he'll give us what lebron james would like to say about certain that the nice thing with leubronn as he was able to get up from dinner call into part might take and he didn't take anything away from turks moment there he just like everyone else but he was watching and that he was your sacrifice his dinner to show how
great to show himself celebrating dirk yeah right with the selfie cameron on his very good i would love to be as an alien that landed in lebron james living room for that without knowing what a cell phone is and this like a man enjoying a nice dinner with his family and they stands up holding a black box whose face walking and this house clearly michael lunatic screaming like that would be a real tree debonairly so thank thanks again to the broad james our new corresponding we appreciate you calling in let's do oh by the way we were talking about this on the ride down we have a guest list that we you know like a wishlist there's like pry five guys on it you probably know all the names is like j j waters jim times sometimes you were so wrong we're in a universe got ivan yeah cocoa leubronn james ever on part my take we like through that out there in the car and then
i first we're like you know i don't want policing out of reach workers like maybe other than other than our corresponded by the way in which our interview rightly actually have set it down yes he's i mean you might be too selfless to do something like a one on one thing he does like to make it about i'm so happy uncomfortable situation but we're talking to you know maybe and then hank goes you'll be funny is to google lebron james bar stool and see what would come up if his publicist received in every request was so let's take a look at the first page of google it will give us a couple of lebron james parcel twenty seven reminders while abroad james is still the anti crisis ok is the bad start last night's will braun james theatrical sums up why everybody should hate leubronn ok we'll braun james is a cheap son of a bitch
it seems very about these are headlines through which it so yeah i would say leubronn on farm i take as a interview not a correspondent before we talk about that's bad that's a bad visual only s yokel somebody cleanup russia has just gets a page like ten and i'm sure it's like leubronn actually sitting on a bar stool we should do mammy his order photoshop the first page of the google hits and then will sin just photoshop to the policies to be like hey don't even you google here's oughta give something nice yemen want we got no more lebron james things murdering innocent people is funny at that guy i don't even know what thousands of all i think it's could someone dress like oj at his halloween party so the broader rihanna are definitely fucking purposes
i'd say would probably gonna need we're need surgery to do little scrub on that yes insurgent what's his name is stop sending notifications to our people have download arap instead maybe work on the estonia exactly i before he gets a hot see cool thrown we have bats or talk for guys who don't watch the bachelor quick reminder we don't watch the bachelor but we can the quick notes from parcel chief and parcel trent who have a podcast coming up roses of you do watch a bathroom wireless that do that if you don't want a bachelor wanna want to be have have a working man's understanding of what now the bachelor listed in the office jargon it would be a thirty thousand foot view the bachelor yes our thumbnail sketch thumbnails two very different things but they mean the same thing must go sage trick usually send that choosing this week this is a lot more aggressive ok it was the fantasy sweet episode
nick fox the three remaining girls and trip to finland than cuts rachel the black girl oh wow wait i was very very recently that yeah one number two is so we're just like it's basically prostitution yanks is often also ok nick poetry vanessa canadian or raven the southern girl next we will want to back up your question why are we gonna get reason i want a back up to the fantasy sweet just the name fantasy i just room that a girl gets fuckin will no answer that's ever grows van saw a guy that just got tired of talking to other girl you're gonna come in and factory doesn't i've always been my dream this is my favorite part about about the bachelor as far as i understand it's like when they get like the last few people they have the fantasy sweet and you spend the night with the guy or the girl depending on what the show is and if you don't fuck em you get kicked off and makes us god bless merit
there was also the woman tell all episode oh all the girls talk about their feelings and how they got her on the show and ethnic why he didn't pick them wherein it made tailors were eyes and ears they rehash their fight you guys remember the fight closer checks talker mother feelings rachel was officially introduced as the next bachelor at first ever black bachelor slash bachelor it is only six aim like where we go moving on so that those great thank you for the old so information the guy fact three girls all in one night and then his racist always axes said hey we don't like you blah blah blah but it's not going to create your if you wanna take me back they probably would come yeah they go to the fantasy swedish well no it isn't just like chicks like lead you on and self by going on the show like going on reality in the not fuck you after you fuck to other jake you're right it's called the fantasy school ass a really come lighten up cheese the cool girl for one google governments have sex on camera in front of the nation
rigid women back let's do hot see courts hank once you start how can i tell you what i'll just go first ok my hot seat is pants ok it's pants just passed its basically spring break time right now and after spring break my rule of thumb is i transition from sweat pants to shorts i'm short sky for the rest up your picture it'll get back then we were in short on cabin where short last shorts guy athletic shorts the first time i will i'll call you in genes i was like shocked yet and i both gasp i wonder now i will never forget beget actually stood up from his desk ngos you're wearing jeans here i was like oh shit now it's guy you're sure what happened my cool throwing us premature by their own thing you're wearing shorts rightly spoken dear me in my cool throne is true tv big time here for them basically there sweeps we
he's coming where everyone tunes in and let a jim tvs stay tuned onto true tv in the morning yesterday after and then if you just staring like weird informers knots it's like seventeen episodes of impractical jokers yeah alot of impractical jokers a problem law and order being honoured yeah ok extra cool thrown people in the joke on twitter ha i had to figure out what treaty this true tv was oh what is true tv oh my yearly my yearly reminder the church even exists that's instant like fifty retreats right there is little contempt for anyone out there ah my hot seat is all the snowflake on air personality that he has been oh bigtime cuts commentators there we are where we ve had a lot of european employers part of our european out as we producer should you really be making those jokes this according to some we are actually an extra branch of yes yeah we're on a deep state
yes yes we're on the hot you state that i guess maybe wherever in the hot seat is well oh ok can we get fired by espn even though we were not hired by the minor says that he has been can fire anybody sports media thou definitely funny like we're making big cuts were firing the part my take us there we go we are a combination of two other show surat yes michael thoroughness coldplay oh great band they just came out the new bang without the change will be oh yeah like good they steal this one from yet they came only three weeks ago when they upon i thought yours was very young guy amidst the great on ok i hope like great zack i still bain what you i'm gonna ultra think they got broke up you ever they probably banks to lead their kidnappings in american apple and and i don't think i've read you fancy a quick check right love suddenly i don't think this couples iq susan indicate that i was that was the end of
oh yeah and then arm kenneth potter assert pudding like eggs in her vagina dishes ezra yes you too weird weird spiritual stuff ok usually the eggs commodity vagina yeah traditional issues during the reverse delivers the older take back so we call kuchen god back don't worry about it i wouldn't when a woman you just like one summer seaward as i once a month a woman with her eye glass you how many hours our day of someone with the moon is ninety hot seek my hot seat is calcium him cause he's gonna looks like he's got a trade for cousins big mistake kyle we as football guys guys know
the last thing you want to do if you new coach is get your guy in their day one yet is then you have no excuse you know backup plant which you gotta do is get an extra shitty quarterback instead of just a marginal issue anyone right a really bad when your first year maybe don't even play with a quarterback later it looks like you're gonna do and then your second year you might want i get a free agent maybe a back up and get him in there and suck four year then dry new draft your guy and then please you have your a project i guess so sit him for a year behind you shitty backup and then use second year start to develop and this is called the jeff fisher yahoo coachman cholera kyle big mistake at your guy and this is why we should be consultants for football gonna want your guy my cool throne is bootblue gis so it is spring break for anyone out there whose either to younger too old to note a boob loses its when a woman man and a woman loved her puts our breasts hold her breast together and they
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the luckiest guy honor i'm at the energy and grand i got a view of the statue of liberty outside my room i'm fired up and then with a couple of guys named dan dan ria tat they can you tell me that you have to you have to pay out like a restaurant p of changers you i could think of it that way you actually you know my name better than our lawyer does it so thanks so i'm sure everyone that's how i think you're a broken tell the man on the mike i'm bill that's pill with two out of san diego from san diego and i'm the luckiest guy on earth can be a legend college basketball legend nano manner
lucky lucky cause i had been tasked parents my first thought was to create a scourge i ever had the message in my life was chick heard the most positive optimistic happy guy a guy who had a lot a reason to be sad chick lost both his children when they were in in their thirties and fortys and then john wooden john would news this remark a person that i had no idea what i had because i grew up thinking that everything was perfect did john wouldn't years all we were they always very large
i never noticed the end is the lobes got i think that's all i know your age i never noticed that i made a conscious decision in my life when i was twenty one and i gradually i was coach wardens issues recruit became is worst nightmare and i drove the poor guy to an early grave at ninety nine but here was a guy who when i was twenty one when i graduated from usually he had his pyramid of success which we thought was crazy he had his seven point creed which we thought was what's this yet is through sets a three it did make sense don't lie don't she don't steal don't wine dont complained or make excuses he had his endless maxims he had his tools to overcome adversity and the touch him he wrote everything down and he and he was an english teacher by profession who happen to have young people wonders athletic supervision in the afternoon but here was this guy who won the day i graduated he wrote a maxim for me to be
water it's the things you learn after you know it all that count john wooden and that still sits on my desk at home and although home these days is at the un gm ran where he s like spectacularly our reform and right behind me we have read rock state that you actually said it so when you came in he sat down and you said i dont want to look i want my seat to have it it's back to the window otherwise i'm just going to stare out their concentration focus discipline that's what i really work ok and then the clock what about the clock oilers reality by the clock you sat daily
put a pair is preparing to fail ok and you gotta know what the time is because you have to know this was another thing i got from john wouldn't because when we would gourd play as children then i played all the time basketball was my religion the jim was my church i love basketball and it was the easiest thing i've ever done besides academics in my life and my chirac but my challenges have been orthopedic health had thirty seven orthopedic surgeries both my ankles refuse i've gotta replace me as well now and now i have a replaced and brand new reconstructed rebuilt spine my other big challenge in life was my speech impediment i'm a lifelong stutter and i couldn't say a word i couldn't say hello i couldn't say thank you until i was twenty eight years old and then marty gluckman one of the greatest broadcasters are the greatest human beings ever please check out his book fastest kid on the block please check out his movie on each bio gluckman marty's now passed when marty did pass they came to coach wooden for a comment because yokota so he is so experience so worldly and so old that he knew everybody and sold them a party who completely changed the world of broadcasting in humanity and spirit and ethics and moral clarity when he passed they asked coach wooden abandonment coach was going on and telling a story about how great a person and human
the material philanthropists broadcaster really everything the marty lippman was but then he said he turned it he said but i've got a problem with marty because marty he taught bill wolden had to speak but now he passed away and he didn't tell me will not stop to errors or damn big cat p of tea yes as the restaurant business reference only well good i loved i added i eat so but i wish i didn't have to eat some without it restaurant it would just be nachos just notches buffalo links really ever deeper and i don't know maybe you're so ya you probably not to health food we gotta get into hell we gotta get waivers dana builders i mean an unhealthy like using up the battle we that is the reason no i know that you really you're right to health red arafat your bio you're right you're an avid bicyclist i love we knew we actually have a low connection here you up you lost your bike when you went to hawaii
remember that all one of the work tat not one of the worst custom her experience ever but that is why i have twitter as a bag and i called the resort i call the resort for you thank you and i was i was like my friend bill lost his bike you have to help him get the back so essentially thunder biplane p of tea i had a statue of liberty shine among i regard the statue of liberty when we talk about the day that the freedoms of the choices that we have in life and men and i've changed completely over the course of my life guys from when i was in college of words i am today sixty four years old and so what the rules i have my own life is that if i can't do it for breakfast can't do it all day long i just don't do it at all and so on as i try
move forward and work on sustainability and try to keep goin because while i've spent half my adult life in the hospital all the operations all the problems and all the broken and crushed in disintegrating feet and then the need just wouldn't work and my spine which took me down and out for years and years i am happy to be alive because there was appointed my life not too long ago and i would rather been dead but now i love being alive i'm feelin thousand hours you're back surgery right right ratify them like a pay management aspect it was just that haiti makes it if you ve never had this out this type of problem with the radiating unrelenting debilitating excruciating nerve painted just destroys your life and take you to the ground and you cannot move if you join if you never had that you have no idea what i'm talking about if you have added you know exactly what i've taught them so this is obviously something that comes up in sports today athletes when they retire and their life being kind of a shell of what it was no my you have you ever thought first second like
i know you obviously love the game a basque nobody ever thought like maybe if i didn't play as much maybe if i had only played in college maybe if i didn't played all i wouldn't have gone through all those injuries and all those issues and what you're saying bidding bedridden in and we then i just thought that was all part of it i just thought growin up could we we had nothing right but we had everything we had a family and we had a whole and i had a basketball and i had escaped board and i had a bicycle and i had books and i had the review we grew up in a household without a television set by parents greatest parents ever but zero interest in sport none and my dad who grew up the son of educators and california central valley down at the southern parts he went to berkeley was top honour student there at english which his love and then he ended up in were were to or in germany and france and he came back i completely change person never said a word about it never talk to us about it never talk to anybody had never heard him talk about it at all but he came back and he spent the rest of his life trying to convince people to get along and my dad who is just a social worker by day and adult educator by night the music teacher on the weekend when
with our towns librarian which is actually a spectacular childhood but i never went to the doktor nobody in our nobody wanted a doctor and a shout of bone sticking out through the skin or something like that and so much my feet i heard all decide you started british feet heard all the tunnel that goes our ideal a torrent my knee when i was fourteen taken damages thugs and then i was twenty one play for you she allay high above the basket and making a plan the boiling i've never teams took my legs out from underneath me in this despicable act of violence and dirty played landed on my back and on tartan floor the innovation of the day and broke toward him back and i trust that have reduced feature delta airbus knee heard all the time every spine hurdle than just it so then when did you when you actually go see a doctor follies issues when i could no longer play when i couldn't work at all you know when i couldn't get it gone right because i am of that bill ramshackle or thought of that john wouldn't school after the show
oh go was we gotta be there and we gotta deliver and you gotta common come and then when the times when i could not play that that's when i went to you played hurt till you couldn't cause you realize your data difference between playing hurt and playing in pain because it everybody paying all the time on your part you push yourself you're the athletes you become great because you're in that's what you want to do how do you how do you decide when you're a young boy what you want to do and i was so fortunate in my parents were just a positive and encouraging and nurturing had no idea i never saw the basket with my dad but my first college crazy ciudad literally like you export like music in a book she like singing like taken a walk out a brain shine and i had this is a fantastic life in san diego where i thought that every day everywhere were seventy five degrees and all the girl
for the rest it became he's all the time it is beautiful and if it ever gets below seventy ok is quite technical taken map right and then when it twenty minutes when you wake up it'll be nice again ran in it so bad weather santiago oh yeah i can wait five minutes that's the only time america they don't say that but which really interesting to me is actually set out a year when you were a professional no i shall i miss elbowed out we know perfectly well i purposely get out saying in protein in protest not true what are you talking about in portland when you know i was injured i could not play ok i foolishly mistakenly allowed the dock to administer a pain killing injection into my foot and i had an undiagnosed stress fracture in my foot and it was april 18th one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight was the reigning in vp the nba we had one of the greatest teams ever ahead we were the defence world champions but i have developed yet another
undiagnosed stress fresher my feet which are a result of the birth defects that i've had since i came out and so here it was when i went out there and play it after they put this massive amount of zaire kane right at the base of my foot all of a sudden rainbows calliope s cloud doves of peace flying across the white puffy clouds in this guy or just perfect inert at all and then went out there and tried to play and that has run up another court and bone in my foot this poland
nor stress rasher that both split in half jesus and i spent the next i spent the rest of my life trying to recover from that in many ways not just physically but emotionally psychologically spiritually and the mistakes which make an nobody is made more mistakes in life than i have nobody has failed more often than i have coach one would tell me everyday work near the slowest learner i've ever had in but i keep trying and i keep goin and not make my choices in life based on people passion purpose programmes and projects and salt when i heard about your guys oh my
a young cool friends they said hey man you gotta go why would damage in pay of two european k fifty p of tea ok so pure fine talent is that whatever it was with the lady said while care not happy i'm so lucky if i never thought i'd never thought in my life it s gone through this in your lyon on that ground in the pain is just over welcoming in you in your life is miserable he and you just rather be dead i never thought that i would be pain free unhealthy and i never thought that i would be happy in love
fortunately i am both right now my angelic wife lorry she's wait i'll write all fashionably on its there's nothing like love it it in its hard it's hard to move forward in life unless you're happy in love and that that that partnership i'm a team guy i've always been about the team and so you my heroes i heroes were team guys bill russell mohammed ali bobby kennedy martin luther king sergeant shriver bob dylan jerry garcia and grateful dead neo young john foger de carlos antenna
jimmy cliff the eagles team who carlos antenna rob thomas they had that's all together a smoothly running areas is represented talk carlos anti i was asked contradict shroud how old were you anyone to your first costs remain big our actually i was in high school it this was the cedars nineteen sixty seven so i'm fourteen or fifteen years old the word black speech for the day and black speeches the first clothing optional beach in all of the united states rather sorry it's beautiful it right there below the cliffs of the whole were tory pines his and but back then there was nothing there right is just they just opened the university of california san diego you see a state which is now one of the top ten public institutions in the world but back then it was just tents and quantum hudson there was just gets darted in and so we are down your trip and around on the beach have the time or dolphins and birds and adjust way
goals it was fantastic right so we come a hike as before after you you had the acid ah no i haven't just like we this fact that sounded like that's the way our lives our lives were right you know i don't know where you guys live your day on your big catch you know europe on the prowl i mean you go up in the mountains and look for birds to eat in misery edge snake scissors ok soldier by the first concept i ever saw was phil lash philosopher friends in two thousand and one and alpine valley i've xo we're ok will they regard drawn about twenty thousand ones i think that was more than i think there was more to them three sure to that issue at eight two thousand ok we're resent that now that there was one time in alpine valley i couldn't go because i just i work all the time for alleged a love work love my job i loved
i love life and so here i was i just come home from an incorrect but but you do get worn down you get beaten damn because you're just so much and right now i've got some real forces of evil that are just swirling around my life and trying to get at me as we live as or lay low carbon hand on my way i like while we're gonna get to that little bit accounts or another because a rich should always feel knight of the few rich superman by ship gordon adam north you read john forward is fortunate saunter david actual roger believer or a jane mayors dark money or build ray a robber greenfield story about bill grams lies with ever more suppose you guys you're wikipedia that's fantastic reality a regular what i got this i had this dream epidemics are just finish a remarkable book called the geography of genius i have imagine bilbil dreams are wild with
this was confirmed that sum it up i have sometimes it's hard to get to sleep sometimes it's tough to get done at all to stay especially road and sometimes you don't want to wake up right that's what i like greater act when i love and i hate peeved t pure fantastic and towns where when i find myself in times of trouble and i'm really up against it i know now take me long time to figure this out but for me exercise sports physical fitness with the guys on the team and the longer until i have listened to the music play is not so much the locker room talk but because when we do talk great thing when you're on a team with such a guys you could say anything written
it really is all good it out like my wife for me she owes its two rival you gotta be really cares little guys rise though is the best in the ever played on you play i haiti by outside its loose were i played on three of the greatest teams ever and there isn't count high school or before that does your middle school team was really get well i hurt by me when i was fourteen and i was never the same gets crazy odd die was
on my way and it changed my life and i then i would have you don't have any injury you might have become like an mba and bp lying rationalism early on five years losing their non european pact while but it's not it's not what you ve done it's what you could have or should have been able to do in my dream inspired by my first coach rocky bill russell my basketball shiro s favorite player ever on the court mohammed ali who changed what did because ever been to his centre for peace on the banks of the ohio river louisville we have you gotta go there and do what are your shows there just it doesn't matter who your guess is there because you walk through this place and you say oh my gosh i didn't know i had no white
the things that he did the things that he was involved magic johnson the same way when they put his museum together if you look back at the old video the magic and hope a different things he did and now but but muhammad ali beer russia was a different time and for those of us who have lived through all this stuff who lived through the civil rights of who have lived through the voting rights to have lived through the nonsense of the madness of vietnam have lived through all this craziness do we hear these guys saying out just be happy complete thought dont speak out don't speak out are you kidding do you think that all these guys would have allowed other people to vote you think they were allowed to go sit a nerd lunchrooms and each day in their hotels people didn't say i was i hope is it not happenings has not right we're not gonna tolerate this the war in vietnam would have ended people wouldn't have been marching in the streets and then
does that is actually like an interesting thing that i think is coming up and being more prevalent today sprawly similar to when you need all the sixties and when when all vessels going around its obviously a politically charged climate bright and thank god this thing or sport is the courts the driver rice it's a driver and that's where david stern is at its best david stern a most important man in the history of all basle he's p of teeth i thought i d guy over here in a world built for every school children right but here it even started never shot a basket but he brought the business acumen and actually find it's you announced on whenever i read your eye to reject that for our part we will get back ok not how big rpf key topic
you play exhaust all ok look it look at lunch or ball yeah right now not your balls not the biggest michael jordan wasn't the biggest steve nash little tiny stevie little stevie van cools use already hollering guy were so phenomenal bill russell be russia to go because wilt every game and illicit one of all just incredible champions metal acuity emotional commitment and so that the eu that drive to step to the fore network david stern was willing to do to use the nba make the world a better place lobbyists yes but you're you're such a positive person i'm just send your smiling just listen to talk when is the last time you had a conversation with somebody that was grumpy every day i just heard people actually able to be in a bad mood around you you are like a drug doesn't
actually said sobieski said what we should maybe smoking weed before this is and i think that the world will be on red at all as irish up i woke up this morning fired up reserves are beyond the warsaw i loved it on the bar stolen i love should near the european with i'll be with interesting people and people want a wine and people want to complain all listen to what from that point on i want to talk about the path forward now we're thought about how we're gonna make it better
and so i am lucky i'm lucky that wooden rode all this stuff down and he taught us how to write our own stuff down because wooden who was absolutely remarkable in his kindness his loving nature his selflessness his humbled nature his joy for life his sense of duty responsibility an obligation but also his sense of happiness that sense of happiness that came from seeing other people succeed without dribbling the ball between her legs rent already they never did and we never did it we just bounds passes ornament what work it was skill development was physical fitness and he always had never let the never let the show who get in the way of the game
other things you learn as you go through this journey this adventure in corporate amerika and this is why guys like you or so cool because you start your own while you guys are entrepreneurs and you have created your own culture with the critical dead that's what all these sports and active lifestyle can companies in san diego that i work with article right at the start give us a cot think of it as we got people the peasant panel as this has presented it as another yours as something positive to life force of life you never got to the high level on we never got to this tat your liberty right out in front of the fake one this right out here it's all the same
it's right out symbolise the same thing so it's actually only america's all you ve got a reality at the other guy to read the right of the robber greenfield book about bill grams life is called bill grand presents my life in and out of rock or summer my life in rock and out or something like that robert greenfield bill grand presence anyone phenomenal story it'll change your life what happened to build ram and what he did with that adversity and what he became and what he created and gave to others build now dead and so now dinah plane crash and so now they had this exhibit this museum exhibit at the very first photograph in the exhibit does bill is a refugee bill victim of hitler nazi fascism the war and he came
to america very secure this very dangerous very painful hurtful hateful world that he be entered his way through and then he gets to america and there's a picture there's a picture of these young children all orphans with nothing rags and the picture is taken from the boat as they're coming up the hudson river and the background this is in the thirties and in the background of this picture as it look up the hudson river these children who have no idea what the future holds for there's the skyline of the day in manhattan and then in the foreground as the statue of liberty and so all these children who were five six seven nine ten years older standing on the front of the boats big boat just came across from europe fully children and they have no idea yet their standing there and their standing on the bow the boat with a raised right hand and an open mirror and opens bonds to receive the light the light from the statue of liberty the contrite interim and then they took that light and they did something positive with it and that was bill ram story in life and that's what we all have to do is to fight against nonsense fight against mad this fight against evil and keep trying to make this world this life better and not just for ourselves not the selfishness and greed that is
always the root of all evil because when you look at what goes wrong in life it always comes back to lack of honor selfishness greed which leads to anger and hatred you ass you would works right in life it's all about sacrifice and discipline you have become somewhat of a viral phenomenon with what is ivo i'm a virus no real virile vs ie i ellie you i just had viral pneumonia then it was the worst near the place where this where you are whole unique in the way you announce games and you do your color play with day pass who when you go off in the middle of the broadcast do you ever get lost in your own mind and in you like almost forget where you are i get lost all the time and it is
it's it's unbelievable listen to wipe lobbies a little light on the east coast it's it's fun to get lost in it's important to get lost but getting lost that implies that i know where i am to begin with the natural a giant leap of faith right there but i
of education i love knowledge i love science i love facts i love politics i love music i was just upstairs before i came down here and i woke up at the crack of dawn i was up late last night workin and walk over the crack of dawn no one that i had a chance to be on this special show of all that of all the television shows i've ever done the one that comes to mind right now already stands out as just a beacon of some was so great we're all in new york sometime out it was this big event honouring john wouldn't i believe
and a lot of other great athletes but every is dressed up and that the show is over and show they grab as they grab integration they take us over to the charter roadshow ed charlie on fire this night and it is surely shit where p of tea sittin in over here john would nine shit right here right here a bill russell and like my life in his like what i love what a dream and everybody's just goin back and forth talent stories it is just perfect and then bill russell my favorite player ever please be sure and red isabel wilkerson the warmth of other sons as you and us which is the story of the horrific conditions of
black people in our country and i can't believe this guy what does it wherever the guys they ve been carson just said that the slaves were immigrants work their way out that's not the way it worked out you know you can say that but that is a lie in the civil war was fought over that in their battle is outside and it's still raging and salt here was john would sit there and bill russell victim of the warrant the butter sons who was able to get one college scholarship off one and then he changed the world and so were sitting there and we're talking and is over the top conversation bill russell all of a sudden pretty big hand right out in the middle of the tables stops everybody in mid since what's bilge saying how did we ought to set back and looked right across the table said johnny all the old guys cockroach would johnny wilt oscar bill russell johnny i want to thank you johnny for what you did you didn't have to do with johnny but she did it and it made a difference and what he was talking about was that
it wouldn't when he was common up coach witnessed from indiana right and he's a he was the first great player and in it in all of basque ball ultimately sprang from his high school in college teams and marginal and produce and coach wouldn't change the world as a basketball player then he got hurt and he could play any more than happy to everybody so instead of just wallowing around in the mug said i i gotta move forward does honour to become a high school english teacher and so we did that he wrote his dissertation to be get the credential disutility of authenticity that was titled how to teach poetry that was john wouldn't he was the english teacher dayton kentucky they were paying them three thousand dollars a year that was his salary he had a wife and two children he needed more money so he began
the athletic directly the baseball culture the basketball culture they paid him an extra fifteen hundred dollars to do all that rights and then he got it was so good at everything that he did that he just kept moving up a moving up a bit it gets to the collegiate level after spending ten years of the high school coach itself been central in right into the shadows notre dame now you get to college first college of eta terawatt indiana state where rebooted ended up in coaches he's just building this magnificent team and programme in their fantastic in a completely different world back then in terms of what the college basketball championship tournaments are all about all about invitations then and so that the and she ain t and i t they call them up in a j protrude got a really good team i know we dump you have you we'd love to have to come to our turn of it for the procedure and court which i find that sounds great and then if they'd make them
guilt and then at the very last part the conversation the guy at the other end they had the hosted the sponsor the turnover said oh and by the way coaches come to our attention that you ve got some black eyes on your team don't bring them they're not welcome and coach to said if we can't autumn none of us are coming thank you could buy that's what bill russell was talking to johnny wouldn't about that day and that the kindest up its impact in my life and so when i see nonsense when i see weirdness when i see hatred when i see selfish everywhere we go we hear about carnage crime refugees immigrants terrorist regulations but i go these places it is like ok is ok is fine here please stand up for not did you guys have a voice you guys have a power
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yeah just get your mind isn't sufficiently blown after listening to that when we ve got another like half hour left where i just came up with idea we we're talking about european cutting employees i think they should bring in bilbao check hiram one day contract have him fire everyone softened the blow because when bilbil check fired you it means you could still be at the peak right he's doing a one year too early rising doing you a favor by letting you get on the market and test the waters before anybody else and extra spends own if he s been would hire bilbao check for one day the stories about hiring bilbil check for one day not firing that's hundreds of that's right and if you hire bill belichick from one day to be huge news ratings will skype and then maybe you won't actually have to cut all those people there they should also higher the rock from the rams to be the guy that brings the ethiopian people into bilbil
an oblong twist the rock is the one that fires bilbil check after one day and he becomes king yeah ok yeah he becomes just the guy steps to everyone in the sba from soft lets you some segments first up we have a sorry not sorry from part might take correspondent lebron james he had this to say on some other podcast were knocker name because everyone skin in the pod cascade he apologized to his wife for being for being the obsessive push for all time greatness he said i am addicted to the process of addicted to the process it so funny i just told my wife the other day i apologize to her she was like what are you apologize for i said because the journey that i'm on to want to be the greatest to ever play this
game or to the point where no one ever forgets what i accomplished i've at times lost the fact of how important you are to this whole thing i want you to understand along this journey while playing this game there will be time did i lose the fact of how important you in my three kids are my babies are so he's been consumed by his quest for greatness is up is that cheating on your wife did something else consumes you besides your wife it's this is the all times are not sorry is cannibalism cheating at sorry sorry i'm sorry i have not been paying attention to you i just want to be the best ever for myself sorry i'm not home six days weak em out i'm outside our house twelve hours a day but it's just that i'm the best ever at my sport if you have
yet cash soaring later when i wanna buy gas this is is also at sorry not sorry but it's also not to brag but it's not brag but i have three kids a wife they all love me but i can't love em back because i love being great so much a sober hunches parma take correspondent say what you want about michael join but he never cared enough about his wife to apologize exactly that's true that's a fact we have a spin zone this is my cleanin so future bears quarterback michael anent that work is operating under the assumption that mike linens gonna be quarterback in chicago for the next two years he i wrote the blog don't i heard that lack a road to blog this is a spin zone i've been ready for forever it's like the rule of ten thousand was ten thousand hours
ten thousand hours of watching shitty bears quarterbacks and makes you a genius on how to trick your brain into thinking the bears will be ok right to thing michael and will be ok i am not fully there yet actually i am i wide microloans gonna be great for the bears he's can be perfect and he is exactly he's exactly who the bears would get in this situation because we look at all the best quarterbacks they all sock but at one point you're able to save yourself maybe who knows that's my
mike linen kind of sucks in an especially goofy way too which means is gonna be miserable but entertaining to watch right all at an end if there's anything about chicago and starting bears in starting bears quarterback is it you need the guy who half the city is like i think he could be ok and then the russia of the cities like you guys are all idiots can i give you spent on her kevin white can't get injured if he doesn't have the bonus handsome so get a shitty quarterback can pass it on people forget the bears have basically to forestall texas year because calculates gonna be back again because the last year they also had that for the other nice part about the whole michael and into the bears thing i'm like reading all this news and following along i think the bears got in a bidding war with themselves don't think anyone else's going after my glenarvan rice keeps going i'll say that doesn't like thirteen million fourteen million fifty million and
peace is the only guy at the table was miss routine matter like hundreds even agent you know there's a mystery team at the that's crazy wash away sign in age so mike linen is cold calling thirty two and it fell teams and the bears are picking up right peace is dealing directly with mike lunnon your day and he just keep bringing the price upon himself you know it is this is this is it a donald trump john baron situation mike linen is calling and if our team field places this is showing linen and i was called if you'd ever nutritional madame brother that's that's what's happening ryan pace argentina bidding war with himself for my planet john lynch city de do fifteen million are you sure through your manners i'm quarterback next up we have bad visual slash bad radio this is for sierra she took a picture put it on instagram it is her holding her naked like three year old
oh she's like live who for a path but he's got a boner the kids are red lets you say that which is problematic she's hold there are five year old make a five year old well she's naked she's pregnant russia wilson is naked with his face in her asshole and he he's her pebbly and i hope i don't what of it it says like just the four of us yourself but you know you know what they say about us wasn't i guess quarterback he always keeps his head down field scrambling russia please don't draw on nose into the bottle if you haven't seen the picture russell wilson is giving his naked pregnant life a rusty trombone while she holds their child no future creatures shouted but she's holding their our future child in her belly yes that make sense yes sir to future children same picture wild
actually you think he's making cr chug concussion water just for the baby self probably of aid that is bathing in awe what what what water water birth in concussion at some point is obi unbelievable at what point though is it like this is too much you can't you right out right now urgent business too much pregnancy photos here's the thing i understand women want to make guys take pregnancy photos with it's like something that they must have some guys probably want to insist on that you put on pinterest or whatever rain like bragged your friends that you had sex one time but if you're professional lively you have to say no to any pregnancy photoshop because its i'm gonna do anything see you're not going to come off looking cool see i don't even think that this is this isn't even a pregnancy for this is just everyone got naked for it's like i didn't even notice she was still pregnant until like five seconds after walk looking at the picture because they're just naked hands and like in feet and feet like it's just
it's so weird wilson's hands are kind of big picture covering up her stomach so carefully tell believers alex smith holding her stomach you'd be again at six pregnant yes you out of my way prate small small hands honey as people forget next up we have pr wanna one for adrian petersen who he's at the point now of desperation where he's got his dad doing his bidding form his dad through some shaded seahawks tongue but their often of wine that's when you know a guy's not wanted when his dad asked to go around and taught them the fbi k take my son and all these other d ya ya take him so what do we do pierre werner one for the ass someone someone i had what i think is really good thought here i think this can approve his stock we can help somebody else he should let tim turbo doctors kid the one that he got trouble for beating tebow's thirsty for child you know that
their ship check off america yeah let debo check our north american those marries off the list debo adopts adrian peterson's shout and then adrian petersen gets do a good thing by making sure kid has a good home and get his name and in the press because if there's one thing that we know is that tim debo he sells papers he sees a number one guy in baseball right now and was always in on one guy four points and among our life forever evelyn appear when one is low outside the box will force gump adra patients should walk across the country holding a football people charged triple showing that he can hold onto the rock island tell me someone sign up that's the knock against peterson's re fumbling straight in the news to think about the news buzz you just like adrian petersen he so crazies walk across the country some of
right he should also just shows high school highlight reel because if you've ever watched it it's the most amazing thing is that the old reggie bush whenever people forget how great you are just threw out that highlight reel where you just broke a bunch of white kids ankle and be like i'm the same guy i can do it i can do it tomorrow dude what look at this unbelievable yeah hey you get me to play against division three schools from houston i do this again replay against that school or two thousand people i'd raw i put up five hundred yards next up we have a king stay kings this is for your boy phd out even though we are talking about ok so daring norville this is the most daring marvell thing that ever happened there is now a shoe things pizza hut made a shoe there you can order a pizza from you can order pizza from the shoe yeah it's god walking to the store
buying a fucking pizza for four for the guy who as everything now you he there's issue that you can press a button and a pizza will be delivered to your shoe so of course rival got the first ever pizza shoe and what are the pizza shoe live on periscope from like a strip mall in new jersey and we re so is ricky presses the banana issue and then he waits for fifty minutes aeroscope talking to the periscope about how there's a piece of advice why because he pressed upon the correct electric this what is what a guy this is quite the advancement and technology in our some people like hey calling up the pizza place that's annoying they made that they may that thing we can just text a pizza the pizza hut now that's too much let's make a shoe with a button that live
you pete why wave and put it on a shoe i don't understand why the shoe has an old man like you bond paul you will understand his balls not life real but like forgot like me ball is life and pizza also life so i finish bawling boom need that pizza where they just like put a chip in your brain where if you think about pizza peter shows up now that i would be i would be really too i phoned thirteen yeah say woke war if you have the money lying at once you sound like a guy who just perpetually has a pizza following your out oh yeah what you just have a chef we're just put a chef in your house is alive and launches by a pizza live movement you have here the kind of guy that's gonna where a pizza hut shoe i think you're probably the same kind of guy that would have no problem living in the lobby of the pizza right is reading there magazines and using your bathroom also if you're the guy has a pizza shoe you probably just knock it to work as a feeder too fat sears gonna like keep your shoe ready you don't get to the bottom if its appeal
such shoe it better be velcro because your fingers are not going to be able to sign you liked it better be better be part of your scooted slipper slipper i find the last thing we have we have this one goes out to lamar ball father of alonzo ball lamellosa all he is rather balls to others on the pulse he's been make the rounds so he was like a couple weeks ago said the staff curry thing now he went on coward he's gotta fight with charles barkley any did the old this is why it's it's to be charles barkley damn reno because whenever you gonna fight with anyone no matter who is in some fucking helicopter dad from california and he's like well if charles had had my brain he probably have a title will count the rings on lamar balls finger
roquat has their loaded mba legends lamar bar but it brings up the interesting theory that was floating around who too at it worldwide web that lamar ball is just the basketball christianity and umberto no then means but i'm into it he is basically going to to market these his sons so relentlessly and throw when our face any is already too is already halfway there because like we said he named his kids law though in the mellow and his name's lamar so it's easily you you you said earlier you you called lawns all lamar yet because it's all else he's all right he wants to get that confusion go and so the first thing you think of when you think
of that whole families taken else right that's what i think when you think when you think of these great basketball players you think the marble than that yeah i may i can say what i think he's doing he's stirring up shit the news is attacking the most obvious people that will get his name is the news he like just going after charles barkley that's a headline that is a sports blood wet headline with their right like its equivalent of you know how you can tweet at an airline and you'll always get a response back from the airline right that's ways do he's attacking easy targets is jamie reality school broadcasting yes that's a marble either way we're gonna be in vegas this weekend if anyone knows lamar we'd love to interview so we form in the truck sounds like a great guy yet we fall into the trap so can you google grow quick lamar ball and birstall just make sure that we're lamar ball par stool first result
is lebron james is such a bitch i wish lamar ball would smack him in the face of number two what is beyond say what the fuck because up with her she's countless and i hate her slash the more all in all provide she's she's actually worse than labelling but no wait i forgot lebron james is bigger bitch did lamar ball pass beyond say who recently passed will braun james as the most insufferable person on plan what that is it's not a good look for birstall so ok we want lamar if anyone has a connection to slide into the part my take dams follows apart my take on twitter instagram will be tweeting all of happenings from arizona from las vegas natty tour natty tore now its ordinary tore it's gonna be awesome we're gonna nascar i'm so excited for nascar could it be drinking a ladder natty light we haven't natty light bar stool race car in the cobalt for her
on sunday working to be lived there you better be watch number thirty seven car he's your winner asia wyndham i'm just forget about i'm a guarantee of form i always like to see beer on cars yeah that's my favorite joe name it number thirty so want to guarantee a right now up guarantee personally guaranteed number thirty seven car is gonna win away on sunday i that's our show will see everyone friday we a second part a bill walton and more fun stuff from arizona las vegas
i'll wait for twitter die shall die shall die shown job sayin tee and one male swore reinforce war for shoes are would stand will surely war power generation man montreal changing how your how gone john washroom juicy unshorn be for your chin gathered some would say she died she ran issue war gown teachers should be true that why food you're through jude pungent waterway lies our me would you say you were its pardon my take presented by bar stool sports
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