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Blake Bortles + A Wild Week 14

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Week 14 fastest 2 minutes (2:41 - 8:05). A wild sunday in the NFL with the Miami Miracle, 6 last place teams winning outright, the Steelers falling apart, the Bears dominating the Rams, and Patrick Mahomes is an absolute Wizard (8:05 - 12:02). The Cowboys have the NFC East on lock but is that a good thing knowing Dak and Jason Garrett will get extensions? (12:02 - 27:43) Kyler Murray wins the Heisman and Whos back of the Week (27:43 - 50:09). Blake Bortles joins the show and talks about this season with the Jaguars, how he found out they were probably going to cut him, and we reconvene the Wikipedia Club with topics Poison Dart Frogs and Sports Comebacks (50:09 - 72:24). Segments include Sabermetrics, Seeing Red, Way to stay relevant Baseball, and a Monday Reading about a married woman inviting her boyfriend into their home with her husband's permission.

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on today's pardon my take we have the return of the boat blake bortles wikipedia club we are going to discuss comebacks and also poison dart frogs very fun time with our friend blake we also have a wild wild week fourteen maybe the best week of the nfl season as far who's back of the week and a little monday reading for everyone out there before we get to that though it is the number one app in the world judge by us the cash cap is the number one finance app you need to download it right now it's also the presenting sponsor of the new podcast the corp with alex rodriguez the cash card you gotta get that 'cause the cash card comes with boost you can't get anywhere else because cash app invented it just select a most in your cash app swipe swipe the cash card and save ten percent or more at whole
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if you're an award winning lesser download the cash app from the apps store or google play store and order your free cash card today so do it get boosted cash up cash card do it and let's go today is monday december tenth week fourteen
look up
we start in the tundra where the packers celebrated postcard views and by having their new coach show regis philbin you spoke of his life i'll be displaying red flags in the first minute and a half of the game judge lance ito former u s c stand out steve sarkeesian murdering the falcons offense shop this land is your land this land is my land this land is six six silencing matt ryan gosling on his drive he teach your boom verbal me also the arc for watching is thirty seven asked about last week covering up a bald and this week's merge all over tan starters are josh lyndon baines johnson took over halfway through a young charismatic leaders team truck recount don't touch that johnson couldn't get enough for combat the game was decided in the first half a sick what charles barkley took the redskins defense to the round mound of ground it out glass window all of them might be the radiation from the power plants in new jersey york football giants fans i could play tight forty sold to western new york where the jets finally corners sam hey donald to play in a football game against the bills quarterback who ran so much he might get his own show on junior with a hundred forty yards receiving robert faster is australian for kelvin benjamin if you replace your two kilograms yes down the yeah the jets got in the win column no one the probably about no one gets twenty seven twenty three he did he did he did cleveland the browns looked oxy clean there freddie kitchens full of bad memories as baker billy mays field step that goal line okay jarvis bakes landry told us debates if you if you have a string isn't pulling up his term isaac newton to realize the gravity of the situation and the panthers dropped their fourth loss in a row directly on to ron rivera's had shop after another one twenty six twenty where a couple weeks of christmas as we head to houston and the texans new wide receiver was marlon brando mac told you could not learn after scored zero points next week at jackson the colts qb played a game of andrew meeting his marriage the t y he brought scored all the way to a cold twenty four two twenty one it is a city the chiefs of ravens played a thrilling overtime game and they'll look behold stole the show we go down to the level where we have we're going to what i can practice time to spot ever let one slip grumman which can follow paul for truck driven by trish roberts will do after as to what you need to wait no the gore jamis with several florida it's a center by lowering the sages scored yeah that is great hello drew let's see those marley rose around the corner i love those new we call doctor arizona where the lights at cardinal square off it unbelievable game sorry but you're going to want to light a match in their jerry's world we're a more today's best impression of to boldly and ran to the back end of the eagles secondary terror rebels planes and forging of sulfur to the cowboys on its own bringing his career or next day hundred sixty thousand one hundred eighty four dollars production i feel bad for eagles nation this is tremendous let me be the first to wish a happy birthday scott it's not worth it boom well it's over forty fifty five dollars so i'm saying i published twenty nine forty we finish in miami where ryan tannehill they're not going to although we don't talk about the dolphins on who's
when that is weak white sport utility no i'm just true then we had a running joke all year wasn't really running we just didn't do the wealth and it started out like a lot of things doing the show just us being lazy and then turning that bit of laziness and content and then there was one game that we really wanted to talk about yeah especially in in that game was really meant for boomer to give some looks yeah so so sad a wild crazy week fourteen we had the miami miracle we had six six last please teams want to game out right the raiders the lions the giants the 49ers the browns and the jets wow great day for vegas thank god yeah they all men they finally won that money back we have the cowboys basically taking control of the east the texans streak was broken the giants put up forty our friend joe stanley caught a pass minus four yards will just produce fine part didn't happen and
tyron smith wearing a knee brace on his elbow because he's such a large man that an error yeah that elbow brace wouldn't fit so was wearing his knee i don't know how old are you at work at like a veterinary horse bridge it was incredible whatever they put on barbaros leg they have to put on his quad it was an insane so insane week fourteen we have a lot we have to get to well first break portals but yeah i got had her before we start jump in and let me just congratulate you on the bare statement win tonight your histograms first i think that we should because they are now the class of the nfc i'll just say it sean mcvay can name every single player that pick them off to note that assaulted him yeah tell the police say these are this is the list the guys that assaulted my offense listen the jared goff can't play in cold weather narrative is okay bear whether it's cooking bear weather's then you better strike while the iron is hot by the way
because global warming in like twenty years weather warning one exist but are you know so i wanted to talk about the bears and rams and the chiefs in raven's in tandem because this year has been the year of offense of explosion and everyone's like all men often rules a league yeah obviously the ravens then up losing but they held the chiefs to seventeen point to do that last drive were my homes makes an incredible play right you know what to tire you kill they sort of dominate that game for their defense was able to hold the chiefs down and then the bears were able to stop the rams an end stop jerrod golf and sean mcvay an i'm just going to save boys once the weather starts getting cold still show up so maybe maybe you know all you people who are like oh man the nfl is ruined because everyone just throwing the ball around in the big twelve offenses now in the nfl i think defense still win
game how awesome would that be if it was this whole season we're talking about the rams and the chief say that awesome sunday night or that monday night game and then we get to the super bowl is the bears and the ravens but this is what happens in the nfl you have to like it's obviously the evolution of the season is always fascinating 'cause you have teams that look like world beaters then come back down to earth and vice versa but the defense in the late game situations now obviously the bears are going to have to go on the road will probably have to play against the rams or the saints if they win their first game but the eat defense when you have a good defense have a good pass rush it can beat anyone right would i like
at the chiefs though they seem to i don't know if you want to say they play down to their competition 'cause they also play up to their competition yeah they're like a very friendly team they're like they're like a lab yellow lab of football teams where they're just like they get along well with everybody right if you watch that even the raiders when they're out in oakland last week it was an awesome game they're like a good game of mario kart exactly just keep everything close if you're getting if they're getting too far ahead they're getting red turtle shell yeah well they also the beginning of the season they were so ridiculous and they've come back down to earth and the fact that they don't cover those the spreads anymore but the so the bears defense was unbelievable it's so much fun watching that defense i will be honest i have worries dolphins at times it's all say one you want to expand on that i have look i was coming back from an injury i don't know if he's a hundred percent healthy the offense did not click the way they dot you will be they'll need to click in january yeah but you can write the other thing that we learned on top since you can just have a running quarterback
lamar jackson amidst risky are josh allen yeah or josh and the ravens offense is so fucking funny they had fourth and two on like i think it was the chief maybe ten yard line an almost teams just run the ball there they passed it because it fucked him up because there's no expecting them to pass and they just run and run and run some more and obviously there ended up passing a little more because they were you know down in overtime and trying to come back but it's it like john harbaugh has just found this system of let's just play defense and control the clock and hope things work out was worked out it didn't like those crazy throws them homes was making was ridiculous yes and no look pass a no look pass you by the way it'll pass really necessary okay so the no i don't have it on it here you know what passes real it was it was a hundred percent real i wish you had moved his head at the end to like really show up and you don't want like ron we'll do a password it's not a no look pass and then like snap his head around to be like
look i wasn't even looking opposite direction right so we did that at the end but it i wash it again like know that actually was a straight up no look pass because you saw the linebacker put his hands up in a completely different direction where the past when you're like holy the home just a no look pass down the field my favorite part about pat homes like coming out this season is the true thurs so there have been no look pass thru thurs yep like saying was the truth i was a first down i want to know is like no this is a no look pass here didn't know look there have been a left handed pastor through is like you don't really need to switch the ball to the right like just finding a way to do a reason to like without fun people don't like fun no one can have fun but i think the homes is as close as we'll get i don't know anybody that he's papa homes uh yeah i don't maybe maybe raiders fans maybe maybe maybe charge fans after thursday night if they win but he is cliff kingsberry in there being so good that he got fired the next year it's years later in that that like the bobby petrino effect with mark jackson put that that throw he made at the end of the
came the regulation to tyree kill that was that was an aaron rodgers ask where you just kind of running around and then throw it so far down the field and you say how the hell this guy make this play yeah he is electric to watch but like i said defense you can defense show up the ravens could've won that game they could have so we also have we actually so funny by the way is going to be the nfl like over reacting to one week of really good defensive play beating good teams or like playing well against continues and now there will be like you need to go out there and get events like that you gotta go to the first like twelve weeks when it's like you gotta get the next shot today right well yeah that it's always very easy it's always like ok well you just gotta go get the next sean mcvay or patrick homes and now it's going to be well you can just go get aaron donald or clue mac really good right well yeah no ship should we talk about tom brady's house a horse yeah which actually wasn't his fault at all he had an unbelievable game the patriots offense was clicking but he is now one in five in miami in his last six and a play that
i mean how many times do we see a lateral play at the end of the game i don't know like tee times a season and they never ever work in this somehow worked and they're just that image of rob gronkowski playing safety i don't know why he was out there hail mary hail mary from the injured ryan tannehill was going through a seventy five yard bomb but that was i mean it was fun it was a stunning and 'cause it when those play happened you watch it and you just expect there to be another guy you like okay sort of weird lag yeah he's in why it happened right you like where's the other guy there's another guy but the other guy was just crock and i'll just put he just wasn't able to do it yeah after those players are over it's always you spend about twenty seconds if you're a fan of the team that just got beat just staring at the bottom of the screen hoping for the yellow square book to flash up that there's a flag it is not believing it when there's not now when came in the office hank was you were saying it wasn't that big of a deal they lost right hey
so this whole thing it's a big deal like there was a point during the afternoon where i was like oh great day patrick gonna win chiefs are about to lose home field advantage that's right it was unreal witching hour and then all the sudden it just went from zero to one hundred and two seconds so is bad but it is one of those losses that what i was saying is that it's one of those losses that shows up in the beginning of a change of dvd titled the path loss the doll ends in heartbreaking fashion they fuct up their defence they kind of woke up there going to go into the film room belcher is going to tear into him and that's going to give them the motivation they need to push through the play early i'm going to come down feel like i've got it figured out we're not playing rob wrong kowski at safety anymore yeah an the let's continue to just hang around because we said on friday show the dolphins i think the afc standings now or the culture seven and six the dolphins are seven and six the ravens are seven and six like just just all these teams broncos lost but there are all these teams that are now just going for that six spot and somehow
some way that the miami dolphins are in that position can i say you can also just say the browns are don't look now mode the browns are still in the hunt they are still very much in the hunt okay the steelers have a really tough schedule coming up yep i want to talk about the steelers because i have no i think we all can agree no one knows what the steelers aren't they went from a mass at the beginning of season two one of the best teams in the middle of the season to an absolute mess again at the end of the season and it's like baffling it's me i a loss to the los the broncos in a terrible game they gave up a sixteen point lead at home on sunday night football game chargers and they lost to the fucking oakland raiders who are not even trying to win game now i have a stay woke by the way about the raiders in that field i don't know it wasn't just the last kick of the game where boswell slipped it was throughout the entire game people were just falling down left and right falling down left right slipping on the turf i think mark davis is purposely like fucking up the turf little bit making it bad so that people are like yeah he had
leave he can stay in the stadium well are you saying purposely or just he's not investing any money into the stadium or the facilities he's purposely still not interesting anymore he's purposely making this the field city by not having any money because he gave it all to john group yeah but this time it's like on purpose that he's not right well that's how is justified right this year i'm i'm up the stadium for reese it somehow gets worse when they make it all grass yeah went for it when it goes from a baseball stadium it's better right what it is right now yes if they played at petco field it would be better yes and where it is now so the raiders i mean i'm sorry the steelers i have no idea what they are i just know still spends very mad at mike tomlin and they now think not they now have to like the afc north is is actually a fight here yes because they have to play the patriots i think we have a couple more times change maybe yeah so that's going to be a fight down the stretch was a tall a playoff like do
the last three weeks this season i can't remember the last time we're felt like so much was up for grabs can we talk about big ben today yeah look what happened he just he just stayed in the locker room at halftime his ribs yeah i i pictured it like it was you know that's in spinal tap where they're trying to find the stage yeah and the lost backstage amazed yeah big ben was just like wandering around like i need an adult right and like the halls of the oakland coliseum or like yeah like austin powers you just get stuck trying to turn around in one of those small hallways and you can't figure it out and then he he did the classic big ben he waited until they needed a hero he's like i'm back and then i'll be ready to go guys my favorite part about that was like after he threw a touchdown he like looked up tord god and he's like he tried to do this the cross move on his body but he doesn't know that he's a he's just seen other people do that he really let you like touch his dick his nipples and like his throat use all over the place he is and
credible theme on injuries this guy goes through that some are we don't even know if they're real or not you know it's just when i was his ribs okay yeah so what do you select place you probably just got a cramp he probably just got a side crap like a fat kid yeah like that i like in gym class i mean it happens all the time you just got to go sit down do the do the stretch where you're like oh man i just just go straight a french stretch today it's like no you're just fat in your belly has a cramp it just became fat belly is yelling at you hey stop doing things yeah it was it was a vintage big bang get one i'm so not yet you're right they've lost three in a row now three in a row that's tough so the steelers no idea who they are we also had the philly dallas game which now eagles fans you have every right to be mad about the beginning of the game that that clear recovery fumble was had absolute choke us bad absolute joke bottles that they couldn't
so which of the three eagles recovered right right exactly she was very confusing but the cowboys are so fucking hot and dac prescott now this is the part where if your cowboys fan are you happy or you mad because the cowboys are going to win the nfc east they actually look like a team that could compete with almost anyone because their defense so good but that's dak prescott is getting an extension in jason garrett is getting an extension and you fucking deal with that like that this is it worth it this is we talked about how we're going to do a contract here podcast like this is an ultimate contract your podcast by both images carplay as a a billion years left us drag but he still every year is a lame duck here if you're the cowboys head coach right they those two guys are going to be stuck with them for a long time coming and you're going to have to overpay for dac prescott and he broke so i have a couple stats today the first was dac prescott two completions he has
the cowboys record okay and i still so if your cowboys fan you still would not trust him like he still misses guys down field and fumbles in the worst time sat over throws at overthrow yeah i love these cowboys quarterback stats do because all of them are like okay i like tony romero who i think is probably tony romo has this season record for touchdown passes and then people start thinking well what about trade when he was like really good for locked up and his like season high totals like nineteen yeah right right right because because emmitt smith or just run the ball and they would kick the out of people but are the i'll give i'll give so we just kind of made it down or for all the cowboys fans out there i'll give a little pat on the back the amari cooper trade when we laughed at it and everyone laughed at him down fucking ballsy move and it has worked out amari cooper has basically re found himself you know i was usual injured last year and he was humble before that but man he's fucking good
jones tried his very best to overpay for something that's what jerry joins us i feel like he he feels better about himself if he over pays for something right like hey do so this new concession stand in the stadium it's going to cost twenty million he's like make it forty 'cause he wants the best put some dipping dots exactly i screamed yeah so he tried to overpay for more in the production he's gotten is actually the underpaid saying and i don't took me so long to notice i think it was those slimming pants that he wore out and in oakland the could there's gotta nass yes he's got big old booty took over in my asp power rankings it used to be like the godfather was was it kevin booth the lineman kevin giants back in the day larry fitzgerald fitzgerald amari cooper's asses bigger than larry fitzgerald's now at this really yeah he is the asking
the nfc thick with many many see it is a part might take has stayed second half mvp put someone make a graphic for that that's the it's put it put it on the books but yeah the cowboys they got the i think public the anyone i mean i when i say that not the same i know what's going to happen is we they definitely can't you definitely can't be the same i to happen is that prescott will fumble at the worst possible time but their defense and the that was a game where yeah it was a weird play to end the game if you look at the stats like cowboys demolish the eagles in terms of yards and all that stuff and they should have won that game in regulation and there i i it's crazy the jason your was fired we fired yeah if i'm five weeks ago we fired him yeah and he's back stephen a smith was pretty heated about this too okay yeah and it's again it all goes back to skip bayless he he's starting to address rhetorical cowboys fans on twitter and just saying how
or like kissing him off and how he hates all of 'em it's very clearly just about one person yes and he's tweets in all caps and his wife's name is ernestine yes yeah we have outlets just that i have a couple stops i want to throw out those are the dak prescott's that okay i have rogers three hundred and sixty eight passes without a pick that's incredible they must be this great coaching by filled in yeah they must be awesome the generator yeah yeah that is a record and that they must be what's a record right now they're pretty good right there yeah first place in the book is not worth look it up they must i mean three other solvents house all without it without an interception that's insane what's a record hank this is taking a long time five one five one okay im i don't know what went wrong there and then my other side of the day forty games forty games under hue jackson three wins without you jackson
games three wins ok so how do i get to the exact same we don't know listen big cat you don't know what the rest of the thirty five games are going to result in thirty five in a row could you're right you're right i that's one week pretty much around that's my fault then the machine for this is like one of those things where hue jackson he's been fired for a month and a half but i refire him 'cause i feel like i haven't gotten justice you know what i mean like he is so looking back he is so bad we will look back at this ten years from now but wait hugh jackson coach forty games it only one three of 'em forty years that passes something to aspire to but how many crazy you would coach the browns right now with your level of experience if you coach the browns over the last three seasons with their roster
it had more wins because i simply would have just said to the smart people do smart things and not been a total asshole to all my players yeah i would've just been on the sidelines just moving my lips not saying anything and just hoping for some really hilarious bad lip reading captions at the end of the year but yeah just walk into the first meeting and be like hey listen guys when i do get fired i will not blame anyone here's the deal guys to be honest with you i'm a total fraud yeah and it probably respect you more yes because instead of being like listen i'm i'm the guy who's going to the famous hard knocks when todd haley tried to offer offer up an idea and hue jackson was like i hear you but you're not my seat yeah then like you know what todd you're probably i'm the let me smell your breath todd yeah yeah you're probably
okay you yeah my my nose breathalyzer says your point oh nine that's way better than i am right now you're just you're just regular hungover drunk not actual true yeah i've got a stat for you as well laid on me james devlin yep season totals six rushes for touchdowns one point two yards per carry that is the fullback ist year of speaking of which we have the low man trophy coming up we do its state owned fine yeah next week next week a little treat coming for you guys also got a little something maybe during a little famous bowl game connect some dots here the biggest bowl game of the year how is bitcoin not sponsored a bowl game i think they did did did they ok they are saying that we're going to have to get back with me i have a quick whoa i know we haven't discussed this i'm just going to insert it real quick here so
talking shit about rob gronkowski at safety and about him like he looked on the goal line he looked old hank swears that he doesn't look old i think is i honestly can i just throw this out there before you get your welcome i think his bo braces is so heavy that it's like he's lopsided that thing is enormous there's a bitcoin bowl in twenty fourteen whoa personal one and only damn that's a shame they didn't bring that back maybe robert gronkowski is wearing a knee brace by accident though that's true yeah he looks like mega man you tell your well no milo milo is he does look like mega mart does look like micro no way he's not a good safety hank that's all we said got it we he's really good receiver he's not a good safe his hips aren't oily enough yet to be a safe can't open them up yeah that's fine but why wouldn't he be a really good safety here's my woe if he is rob gronkowski shouldn't he be the only person in the world who would be able to cover rob gronkowski then the exact same skillset yep he wasn't covering robin kowski well is it rob
caskey the best player in the game is that what you're telling me heck no but if you cover you are so you're saying kenyan drake is better than rob gronkowski no rob period ok but he could be do you think do you do to you think god my theory that his elbow braces too heavy has any credit to it no he did kind of fall over that way i'm pictures at all races the biggest celebration well yeah he's gotta fuckedup always gets bigger than that remember barry bonds at the end of his career when he just wore like full armor he was wearing kevlar he wouldn't move when you get hit by a baseball he wouldn't even flinch i mean what can you do like maybe it's he's down in the heat doesn't the heat make your injuries act up more because you go sit in ice tub too like reduce inflammation that was bill belichick putting rob gronkowski in that spot is pretty mean like he should have been i don't i don't understand what the theory was a like twitter this output you have nate ebner on the team if it if your point is run a rugby play
why not have an olympic rugby player that's true hey speak english did we win today we well yeah ask you wait for who's back on that we go ok nice nice anything else we want to talk about with week fourteen it was i mean husband oh yeah color murray won the heisman trophy yes look forward everyone should look forward to that being the random stat we here for the next twenty years and like antonio gates matthew stafford in clayton kershaw i'm a tough question ask for calamari one husband yeah my tough question is so oklahoma is one two heismans in a row now right there are offensive juggernaut they're not really known for being puff smash mouth team or at what point do we discuss removing the label oklahoma from oklahoma drill because they haven't done that in like fifty year point fairpoint in absolute
is fairpoint we need to bring back barry switzer and the boss that's right to make it actually work but yeah tyler is awesome i'm glad that he won i am too if i had a vote which someone get me a vote i'm trying to get a vote please get me about it so it works yeah someone out there with his boat yeah well some will get my vote i would have voted for him to tom tom fornelli was joking when he was saying he had a boat right now his vote yeah that's what i'm saying no no offense tommy's good friend of ours but yes they give anyone a fucking vote don't fence i know i thought it was i thought it was like a i think if you buy a nissan it comes with that now right yeah pretty much yeah if you just go if you go to the house with a bunch of nissans in front of it so did you watch the heisman trophy presentation did mitch the best ceremony and sport oh my god i hate that somebody so much they waste so much time and nick saban laughed which was cool and then the
i it was it was it was very like it made me feel weird to watch him laugh i think nick saban has like one spot on his body where he's really ticklish and he knows when he's supposed to laugh so just said he tells mysteriis terry press my button he said i need to i need to laugh and it's like my knee cap but the guy who announced the heisman who was ok no idea he was he had like a russian accent and he he mispronounced two his last name which dude just call him too we've been doing it all year we have not even attempted his last name but that guy was just so odd like yeah it was so out of place to have this college football award like no the only people it's called football are hard core hard core college football fans and you got a guy with a russian accent come up there not be able to pronounce when the guys names and be like there's been a great race like what what you just be either brent musburger our uncle vern
yes that would make everybody happy that would make everyone happy just roll roll over now rolled out there let him do i know it doesn't need a wheelchair but he he seems like he'd enjoy pushing himself and will say he's his face is the face of augusta scoop yes getting stuck in the tube euroclear he reminds me of this is at the other not know that i'm thinking of blueberries the rich guy from big lebowski lebowski actually the big lebowski your mind who's that guy about ski yeah he does bumps law sir yes he actually yes he is exactly big lebowski was played by uncle verne yes so column calamari congratulations you have just punch your ticket to have nick saban have them motivated team in the entire world i actually thought oklahoma could give alabama game like i was talking about it on our college we went to the army navy game which was awesome but in you got to
to annas i did big ask handles and ask him when you really well but i said i gave all my reasons like oklahoma keep it keep it close again a shootout there's nothing like in alabama team that feels slighted in anyway and this is just like they will kill kyler murray when they play embrace debate the fact that it was entire family moved with him when he went to college do you like that or not i like i like it from the outsiders perspective but if i was to i would hate it yeah but i feel like when you're that level of talent nothing normal joseph it's almost like you you just have a support staff for the whole time and your little crew you can't if you're that level tell you have to have a crew with you at all times yeah yeah the cruise family yeah i moved two hours away to go to college just so that the poppin was eliminated
that's all you need if you're in college just the possibility that there's like a surprise visit from your mom right that's all you need to do is got that do it but to his mom taking it in the morning and she just now well do you think you live together if i do they probably do yeah i think simple about a big house right definitely our oh i forgot i have to do the cq question so see question put in promo code take you get ten dollars off your first seek purchas you can go to a college football bowl game bowl mania is starting next week my c key question is hank who's back there's a lot of lot of people in a lot of things that are back ok let's get into it yeah but the death of back has many different defining character sounds like your song right now my first one is atlanta land and the state of georgia yep you know the falcons georgia they finally got back on the right
the right track this weekend atlanta united a soccer team yeah they won their first championship they did glenn is over and i was talking to you ruined talking soccer that's tennis yeah sorry uh it was justice era it was though cisero it was weird watching a soccer game inside inside yeah i did i bet the over it didn't hit but the crowd was insane and i think that might have been the game to make soccer big in america i think you right i like how arthur blank just went on a mission of acquiring sports teams until he found when they wanted to support them and get a win what he did and he went out he went down the field level with about five minutes left in the game as like arthur don't don't do it dude it would have been if you're watching the game i'm an outsider's perspective not someone you know who is a fan of atlanta what is it and when did united you're just rooting for the craziest heartbreak ever which shipment so
looking for it would've been riddled event on believe i like a soccer teams get they make in addition to their logo every time they want something so when it gets a little star is that true above it yeah well you have you ever seen like epl teams for your team number one yeah thanks i think they actually give out stars for basically any victory like if you win like the faa cop the e p l way for either just like a bunch of stars yeah all of us is trophy trophy culture it is for everyone to give any other whose backs i am others back as usa rugby so despite the loss to fiji seven eight history with back to back silver medals first place standing in the world but we sell is cold that was the house cold the back so they lost yeah but they still made his so how they make us roll out hank doesn't know how do you explain they've got their fur back to back silver medals in first place standing in the world which is the second huge so where the second best team ever know
we're actually ranked number one in the world right now by finishing second yes and back to back weeks the yes i love it well i mean i'd be it if you look at the standing is like us fiji new zealand and there's like one point separating all of us but we felt it we're the only team that's finished second place back to back it's uh u s team that finished second place back so you don't have to win to win in rugby yeah no yeah right if we finished in second place every single week of the world series of sevens we will win the world series of steps so hold on because there are like eighteen other teams out there so yeah it in less we get beaten every week by fiji so so this just everything that herm edwards taught us is a lie yet don't play to win the game you play to finish second or you over and over and over until you win the tournament you play to win the game until you reach the finals and then it doesn't matter if you reach the finals every time
so we're going to win another world cup of rugby by finishing second world series world series in other words the buffalo bills would have won the world series of nfl in the early 90s right those four years on aggregate yes they will be champions they were dynasty how many points you get for winning wouldn't be having points to help you get trophy do you get a trophy if you know i forget how the point total breaks down but it's something like eighteen points for first place fifteen for second ok let me ask you a question right so if usa how many is there seventy seven tournaments another more than that what's the seven seven there are seven players on each side under seven and half of the seventh so how many terms there i need to that all right so it's a let's say over twelve alright so this twelve tournaments if we finished second in every every tournament the last turn
we finish we lose the day of the final yep and then they're like here's your trophy for winning yes what they'll do is they have the first second and third place stand and then they'll they'll have us in second place and then they'll make a switch at the last second your can gradually won the day and so we're number one in the world what i'll put in terms you can understand okay if you finish second place in every single race in a mario kart grand prix yes you'll probably not in the whole thing got it and then the guy with the clouds comes down and hands you okay that makes sense thank god it's like more of them yeah thank you thank you all right well that was my whose back a week was rugby too so it's a thanks you see everyone well i had another one i was going to say five nine guys or back is kyler murray you're saying you're five million five hundred and ninety five sure it division what shoes i'm wearing but yeah kyler murray make it stand for all of us not totally normal sized people out there when it is he actually five nine or is that something just say because he's five hundred and ten and like when you have john
and so who is six feet tall they started calling him like five hundred and eleven it's like the opposite of lebron james with kyler murray like lebron james gets an inch taller and fifty pounds heavier every time i mention him with kyler murray i feel like he gets an inch shorter every they talk about sweet are you saying that short people lie about their height no no i'm saying that other people lie about short people's height to make them feel shorter got it so in football six feet or under you pretty much are basically five nine god if you're six one or taller you're always six two oh okay so six feet in under everyone the same height yeah that's this nice little life packet if you finish second in every tournament you finish first row have you ever have you ever have you ever seen a meme when it when a girl is like when he's when he says his heart rate is rules ever when he says it's hard his height starts with a five yeah we're all in the same boat yeah that's true five to
two hundred and fifty nine who gives mugsy bogues and ray for austin or the darren sproles touchdown he's actually fifty six i can look down on him it's crazy that he's actually short not just not football not yet not short you know athletes short where were you know like a basketball player six two like all that cut short the you know he's not he's very tall there's rules really short what those are my who's backs thanks for taking and okay my yahoo's back is actually hank took two seconds he took my who's back enter talking soccer i want to run this finding it all up yeah using what you go head you finished showing do i do the cats is back to work you probably do you know it you know it the eighty five bears you know it know you know it all right who's back is santa con and all day drinking events i feel like every city has one of these in chicago had t box and we so we were talking about it pfd we were coming back from the army navy game we saw just a bunch of fuckedup up
in the city just like in really long it's weird i have no problem with santa con i think this is this new trend that everyone on twitter is like flux anicon i want to look cool fuch them listen if you early 20s santa con and like all day drinking events they're so much fun just being like you know what i'm gonna wake up and am on a random saturday morning in december and get faced all day with my friends that's awesome when you get older it's the last thing i never want to do but we have an actual who's bubba bubba bubba's breathing was still hungover sliders he's here probably is nervous because he's going to tell us he went to santa con so we have a real live person in studio who attend santa kind now bubba tell us what you did did you dress like santa i had a same hat yeah pretty much all your such a hipster i mean i didn't mean to and then i realize like halfway today i have probably like five
ugly spiders that i've just gone from here and forgot all about him ok so how many bars did you go to once like two or three bars first ones that i went to the lines are just like insane like the longest lines of ever seen and i did like classic the whole day where you're in contact with like five people you actually have no intention to meet up with him now it's like yeah i found one this way i can so yeah i don't really care okay so we you know thirty three i haven't done this in a very long time but back when i did attend things like this the two biggest question how much did the bar smell like farts
pretty bad that's that's that's a big hallmark of all day bar crawl with an entire city that every bar just smells like farts and then barf how yeah how many how many girls were you with just started puking after a bunch of fireball shots at like one thousand one hundred am the the super annoying thing with with at least like my friend group is the girls constantly have to pee like when you're in uber five or something worse and it's like were at three blocks away and it's like no no it's really seriously i have to get out and then i go to this other boy you sure they didn't just have cocaine but ok yeah yeah okay i really had to go to the back i got to go have girls go again okay so well we're gonna say you're quite alright yeah i was just gonna say so when you go on this you're wearing i would imagine one of the most annoying parts about attending a semicon would be you you meet up with friends and you go and then you
it really drunk and everyone's drunk and you're looking for each other and you look around the room and you're like i have no idea where walls are 'cause everyone is wearing a santa outfit and a beard yeah it's fun now ok so you had fun yeah would recommend yeah and then afterwards did the classic we we went back to one of my friends apartments and it's so i started and like army navy ordered some pizza and we're all like talking about the whole time like yeah we're going to go back out and everything and then once you get the food like everybody has like the same intention of like just not going back out and then somebody like is it like a maybe we shouldn't and then everybody
really far yeah well what happens is like somebody passes a joint you're like okay to the couch yes we're just gonna call it was on mtv yeah darko so i do see are you i used to go on bar across a lot they were a lot of i did a lot of stupid in my twenties there was a lot of fun did the bat i'd never want to do again right i've been around semicon and if you're not participating sank on it's awful yes i want to watch the fight from across the street yeah all time for it yeah all right time for all time you're involved in it it's like and here's a here's a city part so i got dropped off after we got back from our army navy i was wearing my red cap jacket this one right here yep and so i was walking down the street and it was one of the situations where like people or or look at me like you guys in santa comment on is like when i was in high school during the dc sniper i was driving a white van yeah and everybody look at me like that's the sniper that's up and so those yeah yeah i was just like back when the ticket that's a real speaking turned from the dark are one check for
they was in trouble for homophobia and i was eating at chick fil a because i love their sandwiches right and people do many people like how many did you just tell me when you were the cornflake kid alright bubba thank you that was a report from santa seriously i really do get mad when i see people bashing these things trying to look cool it's okay to say i'm too old work which i'm way too old for it but fuck man nothing better than being like twenty three years old and saying i don't really care if i get wasted all day and what like i probably hate my job and i'm going to be hungover for a couple days i don't give a full so when you're twenty three it's like i'll be hungover i guess i'll deal with a hangover until one thousand am pm right fine that's true that reminds me of another idea that we had a while ago like two years ago for a hangover crawl yeah people that were in their early 30s i had an idea once or actually my friend had an idea that we should do a bar crawl where you actually have to crawl and see how far we could go down there
i walks you like yeah yeah you actually have to like get on your hands and knees and crawl everyone's got hepatitis by the time they're just a second it would just yet in survival of fittest right like it yeah okay let's do our interview with blake bortles the boat is back we have the wikipedia club back very excited we also have an update on when we're getting our tattoos right yes you should okay we're getting our tattoos we are getting their touches before we get to blake bortles a quick word for mars answer our good friends from omaha steaks omaha steak america's original butcher since one thousand nine hundred and seventeen and we have an unbelievable deal you can use code pmt for seventy four percent off omaha steaks family gift package that's one hundred and ninety five dollars value for just fifty dollars four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine we get our own takes we got a big box it's awesome you get a ton of different things
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thanks for letting the the wikipedia club down i feel like i did a disservice to you guys and in the wiki you did club members but uh yeah no i had you know a little minor set back but it's ok thinking about maybe maybe amid we are position change or maybe see if i go play in the arena league or something i like that i like it what position would you would you change too tight end oh i'm in natural side and always have been i agree i listen i don't i don't i apology not accepted you can never apologize us we'll just keep keep fighting the fight on the internet and you have to apologize for us should happens if i appreciate it yeah
got your back when i did that i thought well yeah we'll get it get it figured out you know whether it's in jacksonville over somewhere else you know get another opportunity and and see what happens bulls first of all let let's talk about that real quick so i guess somebody announce or did something leaked out saying that they were they're probably going to let you go this off season now i want you to tell us that we are not authorized to negotiate on your behalf that way we're gonna be doing a lot of tampering we're gonna be making some phone calls reaching out tweeting a people but if you tell us that we're not authorized then it can't be held against you right yeah i know you guys are definitely not authorized but i appreciate the help wink wink wink so like has anyone talked to you or is this how does this work or do you just see and ian rappaport you know port on the tv and you're like oh i'm not in jacksonville sure like how does this all go down yeah uh my mom actually said because i have twitter so my mom's on twitter and send me the thing and so i guess you're done in jacksonville and i said i guess so
ok now we found out yeah you know i have no idea i mean like i go in there one day and they're like hey you know we're going to make a change like alright cool but like obviously suck but it's likely i'll do whatever i can help cody out and you know help help yeah i was trying to get a win then consider one at that goes on a bus like we were in wherever we just were in tennessee and my mom sent me a text and it was the the screenshot of the tweet from whoever said it the jags are parting ways with with with me it sounds like i cool here i guess news to me but sounds good follow us on twitter i don't know surprise maybe okay summits world's yeah hopefully yeah what's up i'll just make sure i know that now we get your son here's a spins on blake you already signed your extension yeah right dia try tricking be early yeah exactly exactly so you're good yeah but i we're obviously you know that sucks socks this is pro sports didn't go
he did this season i got your way but i do think that you know someone's obviously going to yep somewhere so your you're selling your retiring unless you're telling us you're retiring no no i'll let you that point break the is with you guys when i'm retiring but yeah i mean it's it's part of it it's a business and i'm in jacksonville give me an opportune being drafted me out of college so always be super appreciative to this organization and look forward to getting a chance to click football you know in the future here well i think the bigger news is you're winning off the field you were nominated for the job as the jaguars walter payton man of the year so that was done by your teammates right yeah i think so i'm honestly not sure who votes on that i think that is a teammate thing but yeah yeah i ruined it oh 'cause like they had this big thing cleaned out where like you know they're going to interview most people don't play this video for it to drill case you wanted for tennessee so i was going to take this big thing on thursday night football and then i got so they didn't play any of it
you know the kind of come across the man of the year thing but it was also the school order it now i mean it it really helps out my ambition and you know they give her money so there was a cool deal so you mentioned like i work with cody in trying to help him as much as you can what is that relationship in like over the last couple weeks i thank god we each other for a long time we work out in california together in the off season so i'll know cody for three or four years now so when you actually got to jackson old school because we train together every all student those kind of like you know just having a bloody need to come in and and and in the room with all the time so we gotta we gotta good relationship are you saying we gotta stop being mean to him
buy whatever you guys take on him is whatever i know it's your friends with him i'm one hundred percent behind cody ok good dude and he works hard fine we're behind cody two now i guess yeah no no no yes blake is friends with cody and blake is behind blake leads the charge in the wikipedia club so if you're behind cody were now behind i'll get behind cody but every time i'm behind him i'm going to be thinking about you yeah right yeah i mean you want your on your on you know you're fully jag off right exactly exactly alright well so now that we got that business out of the way let's get to the real business it is the wika pedia club we have not done a wikipedia club in a long time so there might be some people who this is their first wika pedia club how it came about andrew luck started a book
club we joined interlocks book club we even bought the books and then they sat in all of our apartments were like wait we're we're not going to read this so we decided we're wikipedia guys and blake is our friends so we started a wikipedia club where we read to random totally random wikipedia entries completely random and then we the bottom discuss i'm like a book club so this completely random wikipedia entry that we've decided to read this week it is come back in sports so let's get into it yeah go ahead hank to start i want to ask if any of you guys donated to wicopy i saw that every single day i know but really pushing heavily for no no but you know what every time i look at it i think about donating and i feel guilty when i don't so i feel like that's close right have you donated blake no it's like the people at the grocery store around christmas they're like shake the belt yeah
bashan army yeah did you just feel so bad but it's like i like i got nothing i got no change don't even have any cash yeah i don't even know what happens like when you click on that link does it take you to like a website that i know like a paypal or a cash app or how does it actually just realized that like once the world goes without money and we all are just like using our retina to pay for everything most people are kind of oct what you know what we're doing right now it's almost more valuable than donating money we're raising awareness true for the wikipedia strive so good job us okay so come back in sports so just to start off in a come back or come from behind is an occurrence of an athlete and after it's let's just circle that or sports team engaged in a competition overcoming a substantial disadvantage of points our position particular if this results in a disadvantage team winning so like i say just completely random and the wikipedia page has a bunch of like crazy comebacks they have had the super bowl with the falcons i'll kick it to you
the what what do you have notable here that you want to bring to everyone's attention i just thought it was interesting how you can always come back in certain sports that don't involve a clock so if it's tennis or if it's slow god baseball for yogi berra used to say it ain't over till it's over that's actually true in those sports because until you make that final out or you give up that final point in tennis it's always possible to come back and likewise in a career it's it ain't over till over correct right you can just you can make a decision to come back yeah and it it she wild success at any given moment because there's no clock on your career yeah blake yeah so that was good fifty thanks any anything ever built to you so i i didn't know there was a there was like a game called the come back you know there's like the catch michael dell's catcher like there's all these one phrase one minor for you still to come back was was the bills deep the oilers we came back from thirty two points
yes of course that was frank way right i believe so i think so i think it was yeah the let's see i'm going to click on i'm going to do a little well bingo off charging your boys i'm going to click on it yes it was frank reich he was down yeah so as the backup quarterback for the maryland oh he also still had the same thing happened when he was in college too that's the crazy part about it so in college now we're getting down a rabbit hole in college frank he was he came in as the backup the the maryland terrapins were down thirty one nothing at halftime and he brought come to a 4240v over the miami hurricanes wow so and then indiana well he did the same thing with you well bills in that comeback game and when do they come back so he's the ultimate chill out in the first half and go to fuck off in the app and have to that what was that was to come back for their way back from thirty to forty again
i don't know thirty one the thirty one in college thirty two in the nfl that's crazy it's pretty great what's the biggest comeback you've ever had blake oh uh i got no idea yeah i'm sure you just pour it on the first about to happen yeah yeah i know yeah like you get a lead they just got to keep it yeah hold on to it i and i'm going to little off script here on the wikipedia i also wanted to just go and again very random just look up some of the greatest comebacks in american football players ok ok so here's a fun fact no one knew well actually probably a lot of i don't know johnny unitis he was cut from his first team others cut johnny unitis wow yeah crazy right hall of famer no big deal great career i can see him chris carter also cut everyone knows that that's true he was cut by the eagles hall of famer hey blake ever heard of a guy named kurt warner uh yep that was it
'cause like working at a grocery store where he was playing in the arena league that's right he was stocking shelves in a grocery store and got the call back and then he was like he was a backup when he came in and then was it was it bolger that got hurt or green got her yeah so you just opportunity really that's all you drew brees san diego let drew brees go yeah it's true oh wow that's also true yeah so maybe you need to either have sole shoulder surgery for drew brees or stock shelves or overcome chris carter's cocaine problem right we could not do the job right you got that i thought the most interesting come back on the wikipedia page that they listed was in the nineteen ninety five indy five hundred you guys read about that i didn't please tell me jacques jacques villain wave i think it's hard as it overtook the pace car by mistake when the pace car was driving at like to start and then he was the lies two laps but then
recovered and won the race so he was just like he started like a little quickly and then he fell behind not came right back out that's pretty cool wow yeah hey do you have anything you read it at all well i mean of course the two thousand thirteen america's oracle yacht team yeah yeah yeah greatest comebacks in history like no see we'd go ahead like you you read that too no i was honestly just hold so you're racing right now they want it races in a road come from behind that's it so right now that's the biggest boat come back about overtaken by you wow it literally says this has been described as possibly the greatest comeback in sports i mean you could operate wow so hey do you do you like the nickname the boat yeah i i i really don't care well eight races in a row is wild
i don't remember i have to admit i don't remember where i was when that comeback happen do you guys of course yeah who could forget i don't don't remember what i was doing i was i was changing the channel because he spn was covering a boat racer jesus christ wanna come back and then the other one i had the college basketball comebacks their fucking wild the let's see the nevada i've been saying nevada wrong and people get mad at me is in nevada nevada nevada been saying the pod from nevada you say nevada yeah i've been saying nevada and people like do this on how you say i think the state got together like ten years ago and was like we're going to call it nevada now just so we can have some to correct other people and so nevada which i love i love that team they came back from fourteen point deficit in a minute and three with a minute and three left and texas am came back from a twelve point deficit with thirty four seconds left one of my purse
favourites today was actually the anniversary of it was tracy mcgrady when he scored eleven points like thirty seconds and beat the spurs yeah ok that's pretty cool call to sum up the comeback uhm i mean like i said you're probably probably going to be on this wikipedia page in like a year right yeah i think we're definitely rooting for come back to happen now ok yep definitely on board will come back it'll be a real shame if someone put it onto wikipedia she said blake portals come back next year twenty nineteen comeback starts two thousand and eighteen and then it's dot dot dot those who knows when it will end its already yeah we're on the comeback now yes i'll come back so you have to fall behind if you want to have a comeback so you're in a good position to become a legend yes i'm all right so next up the and totally random this one is really very random the poisonous dart frog is what we're going to do for our last wikipedia entry today i threw the
out there because i've always been curious about poisonous dart frogs poisonous read the first couple sentences for the people at home the poison dart frog is the common name a group of frogs in the family i think what you read is one you read this thank read the start dentro by t day which are native to tropical central and s america so it's actually a bunch of frogs and then so be it eat it and they look really fucking cool they actually look like something i'd want to lick and they do like do you think well i can cool us like it's like eating like a cool last like candy or so here's the thing like her head weird thing is nature is like flip the script on us because they make these frogs these bright colors that animals won't want to eat them but then humans have taken over and been like you know what those are extreme colors right we're going to make sour candies those colors and right now it makes us want him right exactly like what
part of this wikipedia they they live lived to be twenty five years old how about that they and they also right probably common sense but they use the poison to put on the end of blow darts to shoot people in killam that's crazy i don't really understand how that works i thought it was also kind of can a wild how they can use the poison to make a pain reliever did you read this part make a pain reliever out of out of the toxin but the the pain relief so dangerous that it's just as likely to kill you as it is to make you feel great so it's very rarely used like a risk it for the good deal exactly yeah yeah exactly so yeah the the let's see they lose their toxicity in captivity and the females get to pick who who they made with just like in real life like bumble exactly it is like bumble yeah
to read that they are when they give birth to little tadpoles get back on their moms backs because the moms are really covered in snot and so the tadpoles just stick to their backs and then the mom feeds them unfertilized eggs like an omelette their own eggs no so it's eggs that aren't fertilized so it takes a little baby tadpoles and then shoot at a bunch of unfertilized eggs to blacks just yeah just firing out a bunch of like empty vessels huh just making breakfast for him to put their come all over like leaves and stuff too yeah yeah is that a problem i don't want to make a harvey weinstein joke right it's very problematic if i were to that would be the place what else do we have for the poisonous dart frogs i got nothing i think i think we covered it i think yeah they're probably the coolest looking at was i would like to see i don't know if like can nfl
maybe when the xfl comes out like poison dart frog in two uniforms are there any animals you'd want a little more that would that is a good idea that's a great idea f t business star frog uniforms so they have a lead that they might hold him i have that in the arena league blake yeah i got you like i could be a future you know for sure yeah you look good in a poisonous dart frog uniform this is tons of options for colors yeah to color rush in those things hell yes it looked better than the the mustard yeah were you upset that they didn't do that no we were all white the other night so it's kind of a color rush thing 'cause we don't ever do that but they technically got rid of it there is no more color rush yeah they did but they did but they didn't they didn't mandate it anymore but now it seems we're just doing it on sundays which kind of
makes it a little bit less special sometimes but i do miss the honey mustard jaguars uniforms those are pretty sweet that once a year i didn't mind him i feel like it would have gone all peel or something that would look pretty cool but there must have run the bad choice i'm trying to think of what the other performance are uniform jaguar uniform do we have a debate on the helmet the one the one in san francisco that may or may not have fits oh yeah that's right that's right the the the famous picture where i was when an extra small blake bortles all right any other wikipedia is anyone wants to bring up real quick before we end this session one other thing yeah did kind doves tail tails off the poison dart frog one other poisons can be used to cure athlete's foot i've always heard that if you pee on your feet they can cure have you guys heard that yes yeah well i worked as a loose
do that here his hands he peed on his hands so he didn't have to wear batting gloves right yeah it cures everything we jellyfish stings athletes foot everything he went in the nfl locker and you guys where do they go blake a dog with their feet in the shower some like there's a couple there's do that too i said most guys wear flip flops are like crocs but there's a couple just behemoth they walk in there with no shoes on what's what's the situation like in in in nfl locker room showers it do you guys like personal showers now or do they still just have like a huge room where everyone just stands there naked together yeah yeah
so it's a big naked party likes it like the sound but there's just there's great combos in the shower you know like everything's out there on the line you got nothing to hide chooses good combos so weird though that like everywhere else in the world you know the locker rooms have kind of evolved where they actually have personal stalls but nfl locker rooms or just everyone just showering yeah it's just a big group shower yeah i saw any given sunday chat room how bad are the uh the away team facility like the locker room and all those things when you go when you go on the road uh it depends like summer night but i was like dallas we went up to minnesota practice their their their facilities are incredible and land like there's some good ones and then there's some some not so good ones one tried to go
reply we played it kansas city and i was like i mean at stadiums old obviously a lot of history and it's kind of cool playing in it but the locker rooms just like man i could feel like like rich and then in some older dudes were sitting in the same bar stools in front of their locker will you impressed by patrick mahomes would pass yeah yeah that's pretty impressive i feel like you've done that though like not that impressive right but it might have gone to the other team yeah but so the only difference is minor detail there yeah florence is of course with filters you guys might get awesome helmet in the other team caught it man i'm well this is been it's always great to have the i will compete you could get back together maybe we'll see you in atlanta now well i can't wait a little is this the third annual yeah we'll we'll do what do we'll club live from atlanta from super bowl we will get that tattoo oh i think it's about time i think it might be i think it might be
they have a w get everyone to get the wikipedia i think that is good for morale for the i think it would too are you are you open to leaving the state of florida for the first time yeah yeah yeah yeah i i've been trying to leave since i was like twelve years old just have really struggled getting out but i think this is my my first real opportunity yeah blocks are going to sign you for sure we should actually make a video they did come back they got it true you should come up to new york we should make a video of you just standing outside without a shirt on in the cold being like i can handle it don't worry guys i can play in that that promise yeah yeah big night video yes come on no don't say that it's come back seasoned starting now
yeah okay now what i can lose the comeback season officially start yes all right all right so we'll deal with it i mean i'm i already said i was gonna cost my pinky if the texans with super what's a what's a tattoo for made up wikipedia club was not made up well yeah what we did make it up everything i meet up with gas right but it's a very it's very real slow it is legit well all right blake blake we love you yeah so i could talk to you alright we love you i see you guys portals was brought to you guys by bud light new bud light lime and orange are out now they're brewed with real orange and lime peels its famous friends you guys know that there's nothing better than hang out with buddies drinking a nice cold light especially with those new line orange flavors it is a real treat
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nike has done a great job of scheming up offense matches played well within the system but i think the ramp to the best team in football i'd be shocked if they don't win in chicago sh and that's tough stuff he doesn't bear you believe there whether not i was you before that i get like i everyone i know like we joke about it but it's also real yes they give you know it's cold today in chicago like it's going to be better whether it's going to be tough for the you know what is people don't talk about it very much but chicago but it's the wind i think there really is no inside yeah yeah i know there was a there is always the ghost the illusion of when it's in chicago it's like the perfect meatball thing that you can laugh at like haha bear whether ha ha ha like it's it's joke but then when you're in your heart of hearts like that's real whatsoever there's two hundred percent between bear weather and pack weather packers don't have the weather now
they don't have no no farewell use frozen tundra you'll see next week when the packers come down in chicago they haven't had weather like that they can't take they cannot take care whether it yeah well they have coils in there in the field that's true i also notice that aaron rodgers when he plays in chicago he always has like the biggest undershirts on of all time be on the lookout for that little bit kind of catches the wind like a sale he's doing the fuck you think all those numbers weren't that great today there are two hundred how about jewel film and throwing his two challenge flags in the first minute and a half of the game he just like in like this my team now he missed it i'm gonna up i'm gonna i'm gonna be the head coach that fox this whole thing up yeah he he missed having control the red flag yeah he's putting is putting the state his like stamp you know there was a like you know like the good the head coach has to basically and still what they are into the team he's making it like hey listen we're gonna up in a different way than michael carter did i feel like such an idiot not betting on the pay
it's my rule of thumb to always been on interim coach no matter who yes and the falcons i don't know what the falcons do they just fold as if we're gonna say at this point yeah i mean it would freeze in his back should lane is a soccer town do they fired him quit yet i think they clean house i think they fire quinn the fire sark it's crazy that that team i know they've had a million defense of injuries but still like they should be so much better than they are i think sark in this game at least he intentionally got julio jones two touchdowns because he's on the hot seat true and so what's the one big thing that you hear about circle that i'm just going to he can't get julio jones involved in the offense in the red zone he must be a city off in school and he's like i'm going to just scheme everything to julio and hopefully nobody notice yes we're saying we gotta dm saying they were getting rid of stock today fake news fake news big fake news that's why we didn't bring other issues anymore we don't do it i almost didn't we
we don't do it so we don't do it yeah i know the falcons i'll eat the eight v i p the over in that game so i was following it on my phone and it was just a classic like the falcons were on the yard line with first and goal and then i then i refresh is like the packers have the ball in the air what the fuck just happened oh yeah they fumbled because they got in the red zone these mother so but we got we got lucky at the end all right let's use segments first up we have little sabermetrics now this one is interesting so this is from text kennedy mba at alex kennedy nba researchers track the tweets of written twelve nba players include lebron james and kevin durant from two thousand and nine two thousand and sixteen when first tweeted did late the night before game their points per game rebounds per game and field goal percentage drop the next day who that is awesome
so basically if you tweet late at night you suck at your job the next day and the fact that someone went through all this that's the job ever yeah but i'd like to see is whether or not it makes a difference if somebody is tweeting late at night or if somebody's faving tweets like if you know the person who plays if you know the person's up late and in there which is at the same effect as i feel like if you're up late tweeting and you get that is been going you get the endorphins pumping it's probably better if you're tweeting if you're just sitting there passively like acting like you're not awake and silently just liking peoples tweets right and this is so this is one of those things where someone spent a lot of time researching it just so that there was one article on like usa today sports that someone clicked on once yeah well it's like ok well now now like the the entire theory is if you're tired you don't perform your job as well anyone could have told you i think yeah i think that's accurate that's pretty
and they also they scored just twenty one fewer points grabbed point one three fewer rebounds that's really oh no that was one year and then there was another years worth more so what we need to do is we need some sort of bot tracks every single nba player and puts into neat spreadsheet for me to consume the next morning it shows me which team had the most players they were tweeting more so you can bet on the other side by the way have you ever accidentally like stayed up late and wandered into west coast twitter yeah it's scary it's a weird place a barren wasteland it is but there's there's some people what it is is a barren wasteland but then if you show us find a life it's like wolves come out in like you know you're trapped on a highway in the middle of the desert like all these vultures like oh man fresh meat yeah them there was tween about weird stuff like the trail blazers or an earthquake or something right the other thing with this whole article i just read just dawned on me this is where we're at in sports now where it used to be
i knew a guy who knew a guy who worked at the club and he saw you know wilt chamberlain out late at night and then you got the tip and it was awesome because you could win a you know when a bat now it's toward i they take into account other social media platforms like if andrew bogut's up late at night interacting with somebody on gab or if that's just like a twitter thing yeah whatever this whole thing i spent too much time man researching that sleep makes you bad at your job yeah you could just listen to a podcast that we do when we're on the road yeah after after a long day can confirm yeah sucks okay we have a all i had to seeing red real quick so i want you guys to get involved because this is fucking ridiculous go off so the bulls lossed the worst los in bulls franchise history they lost by fifty six points five thousand six hundred and fifty six months now this is after the bulls have fired fred hoiberg earlier in the week
they said they needed energy and spirit they lost lost energy and spirit and i lost my fifty six but the real thing here is jim boylen who is the interim head coach he tried the practice after back to back games a fifty six point loss and the team was very close to boycotting engine not showing up in a text message thread going we like let's just not show up i'm pretty sure was just to paris parker being like guys if i have to run wind sprints again i'm going to puke everywhere let's not show up but it is the dysfunction at the bulls organization they are an absolute laughingstock of an organization and then there was another story that came out that essentially fred hoy it was fired because dwyane wade and jimmy butler told him a few years ago that gar forman spies on everyone which everyone knows tom thibodaux spied on every like his moles here i'm pretty sure you wiretaps everyone like he's the they're the most like
they're such like that used to be with us right and that whole crew right in and they're such a little little people like they're so scared of any criticism or anyone having a negative thought about them and and they're so sensitive and stupid and a spy on everyone and they basically they spy on people so that when they trade players they can basham and fuck him over and they do all this they're literally laughing stock but gar forman i guess caught wind that fred hoiberg went to pacs and was like hey as a spying on me like jimmy butler and dwyane wade said they don't trust anyone and gar forman has basically hold the grudge against him since then because he got tattle bon and he's a little for little talking loser i hate him i hate his his hair cut i hate everything about him he was drawing up plays garfield was drawing a place can i just say all time worst name as well yes you're going to trust a guy named gar
they fired fred hoiberg to get enerji in spirit and lost by fifty six points and then the fucking coach wanted to run a practice next year and two one slash two hour practice in the nba in nba well so you would have our problems by fifty six points get the boys out there running the three man weave and fix it every angle organization the nba laughs at the polls it's true they run it like the ball should be it of a big time nba franchise and they get run like they're the indiana pacers or something fence in the but you know what i mean do not run like a big time organization and they are such a joke and no one gets fired no one's held accountable and i'm pastor correct me if i'm wrong but the nba has so many games that eat basically like these december game our like practices right they said that it was it's unheard of to have a practice right are back to back yeah and then a back to back with a fifty six point loss and then so they had a practice a two hour long practice the day after that and then they had a game try to
try to have a voice out the boycott it and then in the jim boylan came out was like yeah you know we decide not to practice i'm trying to trying to communicate with the players trying to get to know them he's been the fucking assistant coach for like three years he knows them it's the most insane dumb stupid franchise in the world and i'm so sick of it i just wanted one fired i'm done okay that's a good writing read yeah i i it's i'm fresh i like my parking and still stud wendell carter was right pick zach lavine i mean we can blow it all up territory no because we have that's the worst part they actually have drafted like decently well it's just everything else is a joke so there's actually some defenders out there like oh they drop
well so they have like a two year window and everybody that the draft before they're totally alienated yeah submit their game plan should be just draft international players that won't understand what pricks they are until they learn the language well enough to be like these guys are job market in was the one who is like hey guys maybe it's unprofessional to just not yeah exactly that's what they should do yeah he's he is he doesn't know how stupid these people are and how awful they are at their jobs and that's the only saving grace yes it is if you're if you're the bulls you just bring international players in and then you just try to convey try to find that once we window until they all talk to each other it's basically to one person says the war years ago hey lori by the way these guys are idiots they actually don't know what they're talking about then you've got him yeah said the address to your window for everybody i hope that that the nba rigs the draft we get signed although no he missiles to docks and have yeah i know is i and and he when he blocks the ball goes out of bounds usually instead of catching it now playing around in the past we've done a good
not that good i also haven't seen him take a charge this year interesting what happened coach kay's team yeah i don't they don't take charge in work they'll slept for i'd rather have that little kid from wisconsin brad davis do you see the note shoddy yet now all my god i should see you you're gonna love it okay live reaction to watching though though the heel bit america like people are gonna hate brad you'd say were never on got on its own on greece in alan's level they're going to hate him that much because he is such it was it they're not good enough for people i'll stop all right that's enough what is going to be around for a five years ready live option it was just it was a dry box so it was so fleet me just watch this tower cock shot at him oh man young people are going to him ok so we have waited to stay relevant baseball baseball now they're all famous this year on
ok in the middle of sunday night football in the middle of the most exciting week fourteen or a week of the nfl season lee smith and harold baines are going to the baseball hall thing yeah i actually think they timed it too and now like as chris collinsworth was doing his slide in i think it was coincide with that it was saying it was like a big announcement to because her old band's it was like a big debate about yeah he's a d h and he like didn't play the feel that much right and and lisa so closer and so the whole thing but then they at you said it to me and i just sat there kind of staring in disbelief like no they didn't actually do this right now and i try to keep poking holes like like no that must be like some other hall of fame but no baseball they announced their hall of famers in the middle of the most exciting nfl weekend and they did
they did their gold glove winner is that unlike some random thursday night two or something stupid it's basically like the d and you member the dnc debates that they had yeah back in twenty sixteen was like hillary and they were trying to protect and they had all of your debate on saturday nights you're out like championship weekend before yes that's exactly what's going on everyones results i i will it'll be commission yeah the deep cut people only raise your hand right now wherever you're sitting if you get that i think because the owners are in las vegas right now at the gyms are in las vegas but still baseball figure it out man like how about how about how about four hundred o'clock this tuesday i know it's got anything going on we don't got anything be there i'll be there looking announce it then twitter will actually talk about now you just got completely buried by twitter and football when are they going to mvp that's going to be like on chris
see if judy i still don't know who won the nba mvp last year one of the announced that they haven't they i mean they did with james harden they used to do it member they used to do it during the playoffs you have time and then you had to one time when i was a who is like bounced out of the first round and he came back for the second also the does mlb even have a ceremony for this or is it just like one guy on twitter yeah it's it's it's out tweets pocket dials and that peter gammons but tweet perfect last up we have a little monday reading for the people so pf i'll let you take us away yeah so this was in the new york times it came out on friday they had a woman write an article about her husband and her boyfriend so
yes instead of like a wedding section now the new york times has a cooking announcement section where anybody who's who's dating somebody with the consent of their husband or wife can announce it so yeah she wrote this article her name is sherry richer ballou that one that's perfect that read that's perfect the title and title salvage title of it is when a boyfriend joins the marriage all right goodnight but not the other one is my boyfriend of ten years the other is my husband my husb and i actually consider ourselves x is but we never divorced we still love each other just not romantically we have live together all these years under the same roof although not the same bedroom would have was this fifteen years ago i woke up in the night nudged him awake and said i need your and to have an affair ok hold on so they live in the same house but they're not romantic listen
sherry sherry risher believable yeah your husband probably jerking off to you having sex all the time like listening to the wall yes you don't know it because big well that maybe is now but at the time they made an arrangement where he said i don't want to know just don't bring it home so that always win this went on for several years and then she the guy now listen this guys this new guy sounds like a real romantic i fell for him
moment he handed me a red gerber daisy i fell for the small gap between his teeth i touched his hand by feigning interest in the ring he had made from a bicycle spoke so this guys walking around wearing jewelry made so far these people like parts i'm going to guess san francisco police shot in the dark yeah wait days later he walks with me on berkeley pier i'm guessing that there we go my gloves arrange in his breast pocket like a kerchief he created a rabbit out of a squeegee and a towel and made me laugh fully married woman ticks look married woman just like it's going down berkeley pier so then she says the afternoon i chose to tell my husband light streamed into our yellow kitchen our son was in his room playing with hogwarts toys this wasn't our agreement he said we discussed it calmly one of us mentioned divorce once said should we move apart basically what happened was going well and i was going to say that the fact that she's like ramping up the imagery
of the moment that she told her husband that she was like fell in love with another man the light streamed into our kitchen thanks you're like f scott fitzgerald is talking about how he cooked he got your husband yeah great basically what happens is things progressed from here and she says that she wants her husband to meet the boyfriend and the huh it's like no arrangement was that i didn't want to know who this was or anything there at their end of eventually she just like harp on harping harp on it and he agreed to and they met at a beer garden that's a very awkward scene to i recommend you go read this if you have access to the internet but then it progressive even from there and she is that she wanted him to meet her son and uh huh and eventually says no
gets beaten down into some issues like fine ok will do it will meet my boyfriend would show up well my son and i would be playing on the monkey bars and i would introduce him as my friend when he arrived he was carrying an old radio in some tools he had remembered from our conversations that my son loved to disassemble electronics he smiled and said hey buddy want to take this thing apart with me buddy i'm i'm fucking your mom but i'm not your dad can you take this radio of this radio on makeup balm so what happens is eventually they get to the point where the guy kind of moves into boyfriend kind of moves into build sheds together and this guy's a cock master yes this guys the uh he's building a shed with his wife's boyfriend yes yeah he said well he's supporting his wife's boyfriend as he builds a shed for his life in his own backyard and like handsome him i can be the three sixteenths wrench
no i said 316th that's the wrong way i'm sorry i don't know i'm not handy so what this does is it progresses from a woman being like hey i think that i should have a boyfriend and i promise i will never meet him and it progresses from there to her writing about it in the new york times under real name yeah they're real name and this kid is wow yeah the kids kind of sucked i hope that this is a trend i hope this continues i hope the new york times does actually consider adding a cooking set an ounce let's yes the cocking else would be we will there's one part they wanted also bring up because i read this are bright skimmed it twice a year we all traveled to my mother's house in ohio along with my husband's parents spending two weeks in a flurry of card games water balloon fights and lingering meals so if you ever think that family time with your family is a annoying or hard
just remember you aren't going to family time with your family your wife's family and your wife's boyfriend yeah that's incredible what about imagine being the pair of the husband brighton showing up in like you have to deal with your daughter in law's boyfriend you know you know that the dad of the husband definitely exploit yeah the black on the boyfriend watches games with me yep boyfriend hangs out he built sheds yep this guy oh my god that is pretty awkward the master cock i can't i have to take my hat off to the guy and also he let his wife right the story so everyone who doesn't know the situation but wait like like old classmates will be like wheat isn't that isn't that gm's wife yeah he took an international so i i'm sure that the idea of the store was probably the wise boyfriend be like hey you tell such beautiful stories i think it be great if you could express yourself and
new york times in this guys just sitting up in his fucking window looking out at their funk shack in the backyard while the kid plays hogwarts like goddamnit my life sucks the boyfriends hanging a tie on the door handle of the shed and taking the wife and their clock this time what a story what a story alright that's our show we have a awesome interview coming wednesday it's a shark daymond jane john image on i always forget his name 'cause i always want to dream on and then we'll go see it but it was one of the most on interviews we've done in a very long time damon daymond john coming the end on friday a little teaser for the people hall of famer hall of famer certified legend if you are a kid of the late 90s early aughts it could possibly be
some circles it's the biggest name we've ever had you might have spent more time with this person yes then your parents yes but once you save in some circles yes this will be the biggest thing we've ever had happen in certain circles love you guys
it's pardon my take
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