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Blake Bortles, Eli’s Last Game + Patriots SpyGate 2

2019-12-10 | 🔗

Eli's last stand on MNF was everything we wanted. The Eagles are sad but holding on. (2:04-13:16) Patriots spygate 2 even though we can't fully muster up the ability to care. (13:17-22:48) Hot Seat/Cool Throne. (22:49-36:36)Blake Bortles joins the show to do the Wikipedia on footspeed, check in on how the season is going and talk about his memories from the greatest rivalry in sports Civil ConFLiCT. (39:10-1:04:32) Segments include the finalists for the Lowman trophy award,(1:08:58-1:11:08) bad visual Lane Kiffin's face (1:11:09-1:14:48) and guys on chicks (1:14:49-1:23:28)

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restore for ten hours ass pisa help some animals today is wednesday december eleventh eli i miss you eli that was such an alike it was it was as close to having your funeral while you're still alive as you can get free like he had his wife there he had peyton there he doesn't go to fully by the where life swore out his wife put a marlins man you up and said that's the one place i will not travel is philadelphia and she said you know what for my sweet darling you lies last game i we'll be there so you i got to see all this family got to see how much we love em how much we're gonna miss them ass now they just have to put him down legal yellow and in the first half whatever shot they gave eli before the game whatever i you know eighty eight shot peyton put in his ass before the game it work his wife put an eu us ass well paid his wife pains wife and eliza ah he was good in the first half
and was like oh my god you lie to touchdowns hundred and seventy yards and then it was back to self sack eli and there was one where he it actually look like he was playing one hand touch in the back yard for like a turkey ball where it's like you have various you know that you have like a fifty year old playing in the six year old plants like let's play one an touch everyone take it slow he had one of those self sacks he had yet where he drove off one foot to me that looked like that was the first time that i've ever really seen eli game where when he falls down when he gets tackled it when you're watching your fifty five year old uncle
all down the rules on my god is he ok hell it's really bad hip yeah that's if he's gonna be out for the rest of the evening eli be played well actually thought he had some zip on the ball in the second half to hear his receiver drop that slant beyond the game winning dr now would socks is now he lies one sixteen in one seventy so you gotta play again right one twenty four and twenty one if you can't play off ok yeah you gotta play again though have to point we gotta give him a shocking ghastly went to limiting one seventeen it was nice seem after the other side of the story unless it do you have anything else about our sweep point out just succeeded to see him i was excited for the shots up in the sweet in you you are right that did you you called up we flickr yet nailed it right off the bat poker had not best game was taoism that clip where he was explaining what how the fuck was a bad call because the defence will stay back on third and long
as he saying it is every single defensive back bit as hard as possible on it what that was any burger actually to stop talking like oh shit i think watching it isn't what i'm saying that circumstance burger was right but he was also wrong he was right because for normal quarterback you wouldn't bite on that running play four pat shermer coaching eli manning you like yeah he's probably going to hand bala he also give that's pretty kitchen and its fourth long you will bite on on a play action fake do good news for blogger is after that mistake he did have the clip where he he said this guy's probably think and how did he come inside me
yeah that was that kind of suppliers the other one twice lice yeah yeah double cream pie yes i got a figure that out book you know i mean room for you man that was it was good way to get the discussion moving onto the next topic or two ways you can do that one unintentionally say like this guy just came inside this other guy i see at the other way would be to just draw an accident or tell screen tell us europeans or far or far i dont think that we ve had to tell us rater penis this year yeah i think eyes are probably their wise to it they know not too to make that mistake when it's like the john man's he's never had a lesson and tell us training he just those on the flow but now people the up incomers probably get trained and how to not tolerate phallic all i think also people that are on the tell us trade are right now grew up in a world where everything kind of looks like a dick on the tell us traitor a roar shack test the ink blood thing where you see what you want to see and after coming up near the less twenty five there's a sale of tell us raiders being on these primetime games people who
booth now have been trained look for other guys terrific subpoenas correct so you're saying the other side of the ball the eagles the season from hell for them lane johnson goes down outshine jeffrey goes down they somehow win this is the annex c east is just a test in our strength of how much we love football and because that game started last night and i was very excited for you i manning once we got about a mention in the first quarter i wait this game is fucking terrible the eagle bad beast the enough see peace which i had a really bad ass the narrative that needs to be put out thirds the beast has backed it has been up on each other and southern worn out by the time they play outside the division just for really good teams it was too watching the eagles there are wide receivers situation got down to the point where was like john mc count they come in and play wide receiver and and outrage wayne even said that he was drunk at a bar right now he could make the eagles team and also yes actually one hundred percent you could i suppose
as the shadow to single hasn't gotten tried out with our two big mrs shadowed you're simcoe didn't jump on this moment and fredericks dinning chime any right x ray mitchell you can usually count ferralti mitchell to insert himself into whatever eagles wide receiver narrative is going on right now through and henry i checked his twitter he hasn't tweet in five days no ready is a guy that will show up around philadelphia all the time someone just on products we need like two otis nixon ay bp from last year let me know that products are still lie tee o to deal where you out man like i feel it tee o still thinks he can get out there and play xo it's it's a bad situation for the eagles i still would probably take them to win the division cuz they have a home gaming gets the cowboys and they don't point they play the redskins and they play the giants so it's a cowboy sandwiched between two those games now you're saying yourself they just barely beat the giants and they just lost the doll so there is no sure win for the eagles but if you had
ask me right now to put money on it i think i'd still take the eagles as bad as look look in the eagles make it at six in tenders only the cowboys the eagles no because i think the eagles would have to wait they had to beat the cowboys ok to have the beat the cowboys so they would have to then get their seventh wet but we can they'll get potentially the cowboys and six and ten yeah that's what i'm open for thats where one in a while you know and the boys to win a home play off game noakes cows rather when they came to a think someone's got site seven where i'm really consult their someone's gonna have to get out of this is this is another thing where we ve wasted so much time on the end of sea east not saying it's a bad thing issues dave trapped us we are we are trapped in the quagmire of the end of the east thinking about it watching it talking about it they ve done it to us
really the aristocrats it is interesting that is an interesting subornation that they found themselves in idea all the team suck everybody sucks in that the proceeds you hear your guy the new greeny rule that he threw out there may be the only time greens had a rule that made sense be careful okay so he he said oh sorry outside of the time he said that he eats his grapes with a fork that also makes sense from his you dont want to push woman what if there's a spider in on you don't know anything i greeny does he is for a dozen years grapes the fortnight heeds his grapes and three bite scott it so we bites one half and then he eats the flesh out of the skin the minerals get can and then the chaser is this yet another great yeah they get confusing so greeny said that the day not recede but home the old advantage should be by best record yet so the cowboys or the eagles whoever wins and if the eu should not get a home play off game i actually disagree it makes perfect sense but why
you take away the stupid like there's some rules that are out there that make no logical sense that i like that they make no sense yeah i mean like his eye like act that the eagles could win the day seventy nine and host to play off game simply because we get to sit here and say that's not fair it gives us fodder but it does give us something to talk about please try take away like inequalities in the world one sometimes inequalities is what gets us through show now didn't did the eagles player a play off game against a seven and nineteen at some point if you like maybe the saints a couple years ago instead with the beast quake yeah was in seattle was in seattle i dont know if we want an answer i swear seventy out onto the panthers did when they went seven eight one i run rivera and still so funny rendezvous gotten one of everyone said i want back to back to back division titles just forgetting the fact that the third the middle one with seven eight and one where it was a comedy of errors to win that division but i live
i like that that that it makes no sense i liked it if you win your division you get a home plan game even if your terrible team it just seems take one of those rules i don't want change in any you can tell me the opposite and all the facts and logic stack up against me but i'll just put up my hand so you know what sometimes life isn't fair i kind of like it this way i agree with the fact that it's it's more fair is more interesting i don't not more interest it's more fair to give the the home playoff games to the team from the he was never going to just be obviously able to pummel what from the universe east if there's a home game and like the cowboys when he goes one day i could see the eagles getting hot there always to me the eagles are all i know is suck i know they sought to know i'm falling into the trap of what they ve done last tiree with you but i could see them just like going on a run right now we do this all the time with teams because are our brains can't adieu
to change and when a team does well when a team wins a championship which our world i'm with college football and team changes their style of play its hard for us to adjust in the moment so i'm watching the eagles game last night and i'm thinking the same thing where the super bowl eagles are going to come out at some point it's the same guys like they are eventually going to everything's going to click and they're going to they're going to flip the switch and there go a great again i also love eagles fans just totally go in and on fire doug fire way howie fire wince fire everywhere every one in the third quarter there like get dogs ass out of philatelic grace period must i cannot get it done yeah as we know doug's propagandistic around for a while but then by the end of the game they one now eagles fans are happy and i love eagles statue doesn't stop have a statue
falls in the indicators and the justice visor dipped in bronze i'd know i think it is that is it the two them calling philly philly i'm pretty sure that's stairs all statue of laura i know force has a statue i just don't know if it's doug petersen and full standing outside i'm pretty sure i don't think to state a pennsylvania could stand taking down to statues of a head coach no no job was to oppose record still count for or not yes it is stuck petersen iniquity get a statue yacu outside the stadium that's forever yeah lit toward bring once bring falls back i mean you'll have that chance and you will have that china they got eyes egos fans would be into that absolutely ok so the other big news from me fell the patriots have caught themselves in a little situation again now for anyone is living under a rock it essentially goes like this the patriots have a documentary peace that they do it's called do your job it's
its into inside everyone's job inside the patriots facility so it will be the equipment manager the tape guy and apparently they had a episode where it was about a scout and advanced scouting so they had a interview in cleveland for the bangles grounds game and how how the story goes is it they did the video for the do your job and then apparent the video first stayed there taping the bengal sidelong dependent contracted and contracting out of her mind and then was when someone from the bengals watched as he just tape the sidelined for the whole first quarter than when he was asked what was going on here dead i would like to just can we just delete the footage and forget this happened me my friend mister washington or mister lincoln will change your mind he slips nice finicky go you're gone
separate ways i'm just i'm shocked that they did to the bangles yes that's weird now that tells me if you're taping the bangles you're probably taping everyone well do you want to defend or do you want me to throw out the theory that our good friend adam ferrone had earlier in the day which i think is spot on which would you like first theory for ok so wrong who everyone noses angelo andrew apparent on this show had this there and i think it's spot on he says the patriots do best when it is the patriots first the world of course and this entire set up the fact that it was so blatantly obvious the fact that their videotaping something that you can't even videotape cause it's radio calls he thinks that this was specifically or by bilbil check to have become a controversy then he can then reverse it and use it as around
in cross it that's what i say i patriots problem yes i the theory is that bela check wants people madam i love and he's sick or he's sick of people saying that this is the worst team that he said while the office can't get it done taping bengal would either be the dumbest thing that has ever done or the smartest thing that has ever done if you try to get baltimore material but i don't even think there were doing i don't think they're doing anything wrong i think they were doing it just to get some motivation in the end of the season in december and get me be the narrative awful of tom brady in the office of wine in the wider savers hank your thoughts my other thought clearly in the statement i stated that an independent contract or so wasn't like to employ and as you know when you get hired an independent contractor and you know you're done filming but you're in the press box you want to look busy like everyone
no one wants to be the guy that's like what is act i doing you just sit and with some up his ass we paid him he's got it he s filming subjects to be like always act i do on filming i'm doing my job for its own your job for his own private real we're getting later jerry and he does did you want to look busy he don't want to look like he was doing nothing and he didn't realize the consequence of his action i like that because it's like bela check has now discovered that by using independent contractors he can get away with anything it's like goober but for cheating which is quite in innovation and went off yet you get a disease technically not employ so i can't be responsible if he gets drunken run somebody over that's you know what that's so brilliant and it be brilliant if if this is the length of patriots nerdy items were were willing to go to it while i'm gonna sit here right now is a member of the media air quotes not really i will not engage i will not give the fodder
because that's what he's looking for i feel like that's what he's looking for people to go on get up in four to go on first take and be like the patriots cheaters the patriots cheaters don't fall into that trap just say who cares now do you think that this was plan specifically for the bank was because they have a rookie head coach no i would take the bait no it's even better its deeper than that is planned out for the bangles because the bengals or so bad a lot of people are saying why would you even have to take the bengals and that's the point if this was the ravens they were taping then you would have actually like media members would actually have to get themselves up in a leather and cry foul i would also say that maybe this is a case of videographer just been a pervert just section try to get obscured shots old stew zoom in on on the coaches asses on the sidelines i think said that we have a conversation about about cameraman respecting boundaries when they're not on the clock he technically wasn't on the clock writing because he had he was finished with his
interview that he did the advanced scout yeah we're here to fill the bureau and severe peterborough you never want to yet you never want to denote if specially independent contractor that's what it's like you know if it's something issue with you guys i know what i do i know they need to get i have all that institutional knowledge you do your job when we hire outside contractors they get extra stuff they get extra bureaucracy they don't necessarily know exactly what we need and edit so there is making sure that they get more than enough that they do their job well because they probably now if the papers i want to get so this is a double whammy for you because as a patriot spaniel like the pages in she and as a member of the video veto community you're like hey this guy is being unfairly criticized i would like to see this for it is well just see now and he could run of me rosea you i have a reliable exactly interesting so this actual dilemma for roger godot right now because godot wishes that he did not have a copy of this tape
you don't wishes we have low now he has it yeah he hasn't got deleted no no no the hanover offered to look and cooperated fully so associate art those narrative so good dell has it and the bank to have a copy to so fidel is in a bad bad situation here because he would like to just forget all this and and pretend that didn't happen but if he doesn't where's the patriots the first thing the bangles you're gonna do they're gonna release that tape and then get gonna look bad so this is a no win situation for cs when i still don't fundamentally understand here is that it is not like the key in place from the sidelines radie their signals though but the but the place still coming from the lady of the players are coming in but you can tape you
figure out what different adjustments that do not make cigarettes that way that they do like in power there still different there still hand signals i'm told so this i don't know it's weird man it's it's this is exactly what this time in need of your needed this actually descend then happened my set out in the initiative to be did the same thing as the dolphins last year like at the flaky need it is true that it helps
bring all the patriots together whereas like everyone's comin out us economist here let me to go to prove how good we are and we don't need any taber any that baby on top of all these theories maybe it was actually brady who ordered this just so that might florio would stop writing tom brady is gonna be the next raiders had quarterback or tunbridge charger so basically haven't seen any law lies and lastly to who off florio yet florio's hot takes roma who han yet get him on get him on the legalities of taping people from the press by or maybe it was brady that was doing this to frame bela check said bella check would get fired
because our czech are there are sick of complete gets all the credit to south wicker yeah yeah yeah brady sick of it i'll check it always winning ways are no moment that's all you got to say though isn't isn't hypocritical that espionage publicizing these reports when day videotape coaches on the sidelines all the time interests during a game half the shots serve the different coordinators being held back are entering signals we isn't isn't there also like a bunch of guys who worked at european who then went back to the coaching ranks when did jon gruden have all the access to the tapes that you know espn taped on monday night football through the years didn't change his login when he when he quit no it's still boo
sixty not now juggler indefinite doesn't know how did your computer is still hooter pass one to jog prudence is technology six euros is just like he knows how to use the coaches clicker that's connected to an old school like actual projector yeats a jungle and deadly does like password like forgot your password and then it says sent an email to and it's like john sixty nine at hotmail dot com is it back i don't know what that there i don't even have access to that grew indefinitely emails means to like twenty people instead of retreating though not me emails ford's the emailed me ford ford fuller forward guy ya art so that's that iced i think it's all pretty much nothing i don't know i kick it i mean you can't get myself worked up about about this because it just doesn't it doesn't feel i've been i went through the deflate gate stuff dave endlessly for about a hundred rundown straight a leg at this
this is not some until we see the tapes i don't think there's any thing also we can say about right yeah so he will see those tapes also never domo patriots fancy just take it upon themselves if you're going to a game and the patriots are gonna play that team next week just bring your own phone record where i live oh yeah yeah record sideline and then send it to bear chicken ernie out yeah gm sure they have its ignore or whatever secure mess messaging system the reporters use telegram telegram union the slack in the slack if you wanna watch us by the way where apart might take down or sorry burst hold that calm p empty partial dotcom such be let's do are hot cool thrones hank once you start ah what are my hot seats you can see this if you're watching parcel gold is so either in that we are so we got the better for us and our building it yesterday and i call you i you got to bend
manage press and i got the benchmarks not me got the bench we i said we maybe means better but sweater and i us it's hard to put together and i was calling the guy mobile that sent the bench precedents and instructions and the guy who was my contact there has not been returning the calls so it's have set up and unless this guy calls me back i don't know that we're going it's kind of like it not being set up it's like we have the bench for i have no people like why do you have risen russia has not set up the ladder without one of my hot seats my other one would just do it until we get a guess who's gonna handymen ok we're so first question routines set up a bunch prosperity that we just the trap barcelona studio lock him in here within fifty miserably said i absolutely
my other hot seat is still rivers eyes apparently not a humble guy whatsoever so there is a marked up clip we all saw it i will put the audio here i found that there were no longer by my own nobody i must also direct some things have been proper one of the funny you're might up clips of all time all guy was heated like stay humbled even the reptiles it get the fuck out of here now a surprising i thought the refugees like shoot him away i thought the rough would say get that should out here yet as he was yelling in ghak ways ear he was not your touchdown then he feels like yams canal yell it i can't take us stay humble is no fuck you i myself a yellow fuck you listen erasing heart day it was his birthday it side now
phil rivers doesn't have many games like this where he doesn't thrown interceptions and actually looks good i love this phil rivers are you tell too because the fact that he was tackled on wednesday is tat along like that you know they're really annoying you know keziah weak i kid do anything he so annoying ners such an annoying winter i have to tackle yes what happened was he was like he was telling people s eyes he won't stop talking tragic past hope rivers like i'm not gonna stop young inured that's what i do is right that's what i do such a great any at all the four of us might is so frustrating to have a guy just talking shit your face when he's not cussing right you just want to get rid of you need you gotta management face right he's just a vicious using words he brings you are confusing because his ease looking aggressive and you know who like putting you down please
actually saying anything mean to you right like a golden retriever china like bite your leg is a widow i do you two cute i gotta get away do anything with us but yeah philip rivers was was so great that club and the fact that they had a mite up after the play was over that makes me think back to mason rude off when they too let us oh sorry nfl films we turned the mike's off after the plays so we don't of any of the audio from avenue whistle blue lou although was ninety our touch on so maybe that was still technically he was still running but even know even when they were going i will touch on a few still well now i mean he knows where he is on the field and you probably know they can see that he's like got enough twenty yards latvia but he was gonna fly around was doing pure watson and they had got we're on the sidelines damn talking about sam interesting ghetto coltrane this leak paul george
back in indiana last night in their booing home and then after the game there like oh why you know does it affect me why why are they doing paul george yea nobody still they got old people from right the so called georgia's interview was like well actually won diameter tell my side of the story and the person you're really booing is still here talking melick management the gm he didn't say what it was and even give any details whatsoever but he was like all actually you don't want me boon me patients fans you only booing you're like management i want to say something but i'm not gonna say right no worse the worst argument ever that's we usually say when you have nothing yeah or that makes up the ads or something super super mean that's gonna like ruin everyone's day i do not feel like that's the last that's the last you can say when you're totally beaten and argument is like well i have something i could utterly destroy argument but i'm too nice so macro say yeah i am i the controlling just fancy play off bad beats
seen a lot of impasse it is that time ear outcomes outcomes crumbling thou starting joshua counter wide receiver surprised they get i need just need two yards thoughts imposed by the way we got the answer to the dolphins kicker sanders name did he rode anyone's fancy league there was one guy but he said he stressed that the league he is in is fc east plus raiders only what is the same in every other if your eyes you could ever imagined personally as you need a fitting for by any want it eddie want it so because the santer so there's your answer the others that yeah them except i pity what you got my hot seat champagnes butcher oh so sharp and went to the grocery store and his butcher was given him shit about going for two and the game so he's like champagne was i tell my butcher you worry about run out to meet our about cuts in the football team classic classic yeah
the butcher obviously does understand math right isn't know that if you go for to the first time you actually increase your chance when all this is like stuff that we learned a long time ago yeah and always last year in year math geier not really that simple how big it gives you hire probability one so he said stick to groceries mean this yeah no i know that's me no like i think a butcher like groceries is very a butcher's very important like you know that's that's a high level guy he's gotta he's gonna cut the neck of the of the pigs in every once again it's definitely cut down he's out your normal is our bagging groceries yea nobody's killing animals and what's going on over sixty ok they imply on sunday turns out that he was bowling which is just a cool thing to do he had flu but he wasn't second off to knock a bowling while which you're really need to be held brown is lady on bell so hidden rack are even play on sunday turns out that he was bowling which is just a cool thing to do
he had the flu but he wasn't sick enough to knock a bowling well which you're really need to be held it well i just thought about this if you're born with the flu your fingers are going in all those mars you're probably passing your germs run a little bit yup so maybe sometimes gonna come down the flu every makes out with another six it was a bad optic is what gay said so not bad there he said just a bad up i've had i've had a word with levy on we ve straightened out but he had a great time on sunday mobile yap boeing is always fun boeing is one of those underrated fun things you don't do enough in and when you do like hey that was fun we do that again imagine how long it takes levy on bell to get up to the line to goes his boy it's it's darling i stepped spoiling is the anti golf where you leave like those little fawn i won't do that again yes gods job its indoor gough that are easier for every but right and you have a good time i my hot seat is i've
not to mention the monday it's geomancy tie because i love you i saw this clip but gus johnson gave his play by play sheet to j k dobbins after the potential championship game signed out another went up to him like unsolaced it and say hey he was like hey young fella i want to give you this you can frame it he showed it to arm and it was very awkward cause jackie dobbins while appreciative walked off like o k that's something tal jim gnats your time
it is now a nazi gus johnson is given away these play sheets to next step up give away your underwear i mean this trip naked give away the picture in your wallet of the bird totes now you come on monday that requires a bunch of us know he's got one have you any shouted for thirty years vienna vienna business card and it was just burnt toast if if jim nance ever lost that toasting he'd have to have probably five conversations with different assistance trying to get them to pronounce the exact same pictures that's a different magazine that use you'd have his assistant like in in the kitchen vernon toast love take pictures try to take personally was from the june nineteen seventy nine readers digest i need a copy that yes but yet so is jake aid i would see a singer junior but he's gonna go to the prom
so he sees like you know next time i see or you'll be on sunday i just wish was a true senior that he gave it to it would have a nice i rather hot seed is tom rickets cubs owner because he's poor so he he missed the budget for wrigley expansion by a hundred percent he said so just lou just hate it when these guys who have billions of dollars or hundreds of millions of dollars when time comes to pay their really expensive players what they're worth don't have the money it's crazy how that always works i love that he pulled out of stadium expansion expenses like it was an unforeseen medical event like you or i would say you know what i'm going to be a little bit late on my rent this month
to go to his and my mom i felt through my roof yeah exactly i dont know what to do the sheer yes all my budgets are sorry can is ok i just too late for a caprice he's a guy had to spend a billion dollars on sea discuss snuck up yet i not only that but i had to spend a billion dollars which i will then make like a hundred billion dollars in the next hundred years it because i'm on this team and give it to my kids damn didn't see that one coming sorry i had to put up a butcher signs that we're gonna blocked rooftops of buildings where people used to watch my team play you is one of the things you understand its brutal its brutal well we all get a balance or check book at the end of the month term that payroll its top fish they don't have the flexibility that they thought they would have most of all this money that they're making a hundred percent over budget and construction really isn't that much over you gotta see if you ever sit down to estimate construction project no matter what it is
you gotta immediately say ok triple it and now that man the worse are my cool throne is sticking on baseball guess or yes your trade reserve nurtured chris bride is the word crispin be in everyone's you know what what happens is whether they treat chris where i do not want them to trade greece bright but would piss me off but then everything is fans were like well got a trade chris brian because we have no money i don't buy that bullshit role by that bullshit like that's it's not just you can't trust you can't sign correspond you always best friends bryce harper strewn always wanted to play billy's or one that seems at even talk about which would vicious outside i ah my cool thrones dignan baseball mystery team mr teams back so john hammond said ah forget call here's are there others there is a mystery team on coal hard to imagine anyone thinks they are coming in late in outbidding the yankees in to allay teams even if ones and anaheim no idea no i
here the identity of said team but that's why it's a mystery we explained the mystery talk to whatever team it is they better have a shit load of trash cans next winter club i say that is what chemicals looking for in his new team i like that the mystery team always comes from john hume i'm pretty sure scott boris just has like he has a phone in his office he picked it up it's the mystery team phones like john do them preteen to eat meat we need to we need to get a little more money out of the yankees here going to need a mystery team tweets if it's a red phone like the like the nuclear phone in the oval office except you just got question marks all over it as mr team ever gotten the guy now so everyone for the misery team that sucks you refer the misery jamie also never lose their true
and you also know who you're ruining forever right it's like the air had where you didn't know what flavourless leaves rest stuck in a black hole you think it was a yes deftly the white raspberry want him thou so so cool yeah there's some hot debates about the mystery flavour had what goes on these winner meetings because the best i can tell is just a bunch of old rich duties that are drinking marguerite is a lobby up and then at the end of the week the one who most sober ends up actually acted transactions so you know the winter made again that since fuckin also sounds astern sending away you saying you don't want a white erhead yeah yeah deaf we not raspberry yes it was look it up google habitual whoa whoa you dropped beware white air do it again flavour weight it says air each white sherry or white apple
white apple flew what is wait out ok so that air had white mystery flavour just left over flavouring that could make a full sounds like you re routing the bitch that sounds like we please retract the bit no changes from batched batch so we're not yet one hour has dark on one you add when i had to retract it no sir i won't retract we re going to get into the mystery to them as well as those like a really good way to accede and ran wrong bitch mystery coach three there's a i'm hearing a mystery coach to co sign with the mystery t it's always jeff fisher and then you just have a new just wherever the exciting happens boom in at least gets our energy what who like to pick up artists mystery who his work on what he's a marine that book now it's just that i can use the techniques on interviews all time game listen mystery say we want about mystery but the fact that he never got me to credit
one thing i would have been a hazard his life was just an entire me to write put its open about it yet true ages wrote about it so i guess that works before we get to our interview with blake portals and the return of the wikipedia club a quick word from our friends at velvet ah you know velvet oh you know the mac and cheese you know the case so did you know tee if tease ads or guess what the unique
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yeah i've gotten my performance wretch again up their software that all council and my son my check at the end of the year we were then we heard what is that mean so it's like based off of how many plays you play like when you got drafted so it's really major like guys went on drafted or got drafted laid in applying a lot like they get you know per play how much money i have no idea how that is calculated but they get a check at the end so you're gonna two or three plays i get one more beaten or more being somebody pretty good enough without comment now maybe get a hundred dollars you such a year so how many more how many more play is you have to get aunt ahead like your next level bonus again i'd have to buy a couple games with pride that way out of the question now ok never never never see them going good seed and going go we had a big one the other night against the arrow
and we got down common offshore gonna feel like an oversight replaced by good football in december and hopefully get rollin at the right time now what about the catch you had on the sidelines that was pre spectacular a couple weeks ago were you you look like a tightened up there i appreciate it i mean that it is my natural position it's kind of funny cuz i knew i had to get the earpiece and so i can i can obviously i hear the plays that been forget the new atomic john and i like that play i was like i saw move down a little makes us think of jerry doesn't like that actually had the thought of it if you don't like it he should control over this got heads saw be standing right here like my moment this year as a dinosaur not lose the primary here didn't like it ah out he threw it over to write to me were duck perfect that on reflection so you're just at me like that something every season i go that's random play caught up are you are you knew exactly where to be
how about you i like i moved to good like twenty yards down beside minded get wrapper i'm vote over that if you don't like it fuck data so perfect house house bald life coronary sticking with it he ain't gonna get like i do like the the half guard like once a week or so so it's gone good you know it's a kind of like i've accept you know you your own occurs when you're balding like people like do what you do and like you still here the hanging onto longer like you need to go you plugs bony shaven issues like this is this is why because what i got yeah bald the tesla how she run just run and beautifully actually and she ran out and use the other day for women do a poem in them i should like us charge your and my garage and like i like to press the boundaries which sometimes if you ever i could go on zero miles like this thing dies poland under the garage or actually add a body like me so we had to give
i'm pushy like six feet into the ground so that the charger could reach it that's amazing so you you you just got a bad boy with the with the charge you see if you can really push the limits on this thing we're gonna live and live and dangerously like that that is the most dangerous thing a test the owner can do right because you don't have to drive the costs that are smoke we don't how it's going to show you tat understand plummet gesture view each week tussle you actually are driving the car at all no so like you care i guess the new update the one that's what the committee a pretty soon a red stop lights and traffic signs are like stop signed a traffic light goes right now if you put on my ways on users dotted lines and the road like you can since all that requires all around it so it gets a little a little sketchy on back roads and stuff like that we're gonna pull out of thanks a kind of students offers got it got it that's what's wild how has the posts game handshakes worked for you this year have
you been just going straight to the backup quarterback or what's that like they made their legs they had a conversation about this week or so ago it's gotta be weird dynamic hooligans starter like you know you talked a couple god after the game dependent you know if you enter the game all feel taken an eu transport then you talk to the beef into gaza therein and you always usa was up to the other start quarterback that is the back up it's it's kind of a free for all by myself talking to kicker that time really really just all kinds of people that is that a moment where like damn where's your life gone blake senor talk no kicker yeah yeah i mean kicker people personal data conversation like i got to spend time with mired after the fianna game allows with its actual for a while but its size guy
it's gonna find others times like we're playing baltimore when they beat the crap out of this yellow night and the like walk out after the game can get you like when you're playing even if you don't know anybody like a still kind of the respect thing of they we just gotta play for courted against each other again daddy attic like when you're coming off the bench in a clean jersey walking out there it really looking to talk to you so that you i walked out they're gonna realize you know what they got to the city i like i don't know shingle person on this theme so then just gonna like job in the locker weight so why don't you every now and then just maybe you know role round in the grass a little maybe get out there before the second half starts in that field a couple of points or something like that work i try to do that
game i used the hidden uptown or too in our programme more multi knowing how to throw it hurts me won't play our part then i get nothing but yeah yeah i drank it a little grass from jersey maybe maybe get on the plane to on the sidelines and on that i was just hand part of the budget to preserve lose a little bit swelling idea spit spend a lot of time behind the bench during keep i'm out you know thrown water on my faith and robin high black on what so we talked a couple weeks ago about jeff driscoll starting for the lions now i mention that he played you in your rival high school you put it on them how can we get the real story about when you play jeff driscoll we rightly like prima grew up with jeff no veto at the gue like six or seven without my baseball against each other grown up and then he would haggerty which was the like i would tell you don't you with agriculture rivalry schools in the same town
and are we beat on how have we been a pretty girl i will say that fifty something the maybe fourteen or seventeen which is my fingers junior year and then following year his senior year he blew up a man he was put up ridiculous numbers adding was an unborn riddick we're back on banana and ice goin all that i think you'd be the crap out of us but my last year there we were reported to justify my head of the best part about when we talk about jeff driscoll humbly portals playing in high school you know rivalry game is after we talk about part of my take some random kid tweed at me and was like hey he didn't mention the fact that we didn't even run any any of our real office in the second half we could have put up a hundred and i said it did blakeney i get back i was on the team is sees right province the kid to his colleagues grab a boy he said he was pretty jus stop that you guys recognise the three yeah that's how awesome
our i will we are having our latest meeting at the wikipedia globally we talk about last a long time to remember balding i do i do think of the wikipedia club where every year braun thanksgiving time when you wonder wizened thanksgiving the same day like every year i saw that always confuses us that was a real like throw back three years ago when we could figure out that it wasn't november twenty fifth every year and also hanukkah's coming really late this year hanukkah's coming late as oh really through me after because i'm used to like i feel like descent nice is when hanukkah give started yearly it's probably totally ride floats ah see already foots beat we wanted you foots because poverty we are talking about it we're like which we do for wikipedia club and fifty throughout the idea of will there a b like what's the fastest someone will ever run and
the human bodies only built to go so fast before just breaks right so no one will ever run a hundred yards dash and five seconds grain for seconds so i'll just read the general topic i think this can be one of those ones where we click on a bunch of links and maybe go down rabbit hole for this wikipedia but foot speed or sprint speed is the maximum speed at which a human can run it is affected by many factors varies greatly through the popular and is important athletics and many sports such as football rugby american football tracking field hockey basketball and based bombast one i don't think it's not baseboard or hockey yeah i mean foot i guess stealing basis we ass running basis the airfield boycott were you when you were growing up where you the fast this kid no goddamn ever really yeah yeah i know i was never good at like running unless somebody was chasing me like i was the only
i'm like i was able to run a facet like if you was a derisory somebody have it here somebody for me a thing a day of mere on the fortieth combine and it looked like like what's his name jason shoot em a gathered for at your more jacket i suggested not a good luck so naturally running was never my back you're like you're like my dog stella she won't run at parks unless another dont chases her remark yeah i'm gonna buy yourself style energy right what is was the fastest forty run we actually are since the language of my high school that it was an older fellow so little late twitched and partially blind caught metaphor six went on oh my god i'm reluctantly i video right now you have so much here in your combine video why do you see us yellow the top one you're looking good right here goes and your off one without too and thousands
one thousand for one thousand five one thousand and you're done about five seconds hand times five oh man you look good you look sweet your tenure was one point seven too and then slow down a little but that's ok not a guy guy nano tenure increments only the hamleys locked up a bit after the twentieth mark the arms look good to idleness did you getting curls and before you before you ran yeah hit a little push circuit before before we started i don't i don't think this is mean but you look like a different person with her or would you also are yours archibald and you can see it i think you said a shadow over the top of his head i think you had better nobly i do to more restricted yeah dante i wouldn't draft that guy draft the guy right now who is the fastest sky ever played with i think it's probably bring
the cooks receiver we about here and allay and actually trained with them for the combine returned it out a funny i got together and i thought he was bestead but he is either or another level faster now like the definition of good speed extremely quick you when you watch someone who's like super super fast aegis in awe cuz i things were you dont really until you're on the sidelines see them moving you like holy shit these guys are enormous and they run so fast nada yeah and then i mean especially what were lamar jackson doing the quarterback like every quarter by playing the nfl wishes they had the ability to do what lamarck undue on every single play so so get the gist of my second plan person was gone i call on colleagues if you thought you were faster applicant anyway you definitely not compare them to say there are two different types of foot speed here there's more of the slow twitch in there is the fast which which is what our assume lamar
jackson as but maybe you're a distant sky what's your which your best time when cross country no measures working i broke down or six minutes one time maybe next seven i could tell you fix an accident good you re cross country elementary school it's crazy that flora hired woe apparent made us away to be active we also maybe getting a little bit on heavy and through their way mechanism exercise will always so young blake portals favorites like afternoon snack when it gets home from school of the mixed the trolls guy was rolled out i had some of those on the wane high office on sunday there about swift role then why does he work eggs was your house that the house like everyone knows the friend whose house like their parents would just get everything in it was a convenience yeah we are we always had good snacks in the fridge is always start with what gateway
people ask people out that every time we're friends over nothing about i feel like every house in florida is like that zebra cakes and yasser sir i am like everyone knows the one house but like florida just has all the houses like that every outfitters stock yeah just stocked with little debbie snacks at everything it says that the fastest that human has ever run is twenty seven point eight miles per hour in that way you say more between meters sixteen eighty see i always assume that like the the forty two fifty meter range be the fastest but i guess his legs are so long he still pick it up speed at that plan that's crazy fast it also have referred it has animals here the domestic cat reaches thirty miles an hour i did not think that that's while that through it yeah fast which muscles the american quarter horses fifty five miles an hour the mongolian wild ass now mc click on this data with forty miles an hour mongolian while
i'll take that there is any reason to include that animal because it was it's just the house cat the cheetah and then they the mongolian wild ass other animal here just the name is rate which is why was included do you blake when you watch guys went when you're like the coaching staff they do they preach speed constantly do they ever like get on guys like hey you're not fast anymore that's got sock of your fast and you lose your speed right
i don't know i'm sure with guys that are getting a little bit older men maybe artist that's it you know that used to be but it got a crazy within the guys talk like that like our receivers you know you're in china there she was going to talk to them and in talk about like you just gotta get another gear you get up over the top of the sky the gaza just again a promo got that right i just take off and run faster so amid begins with the ability to do it are only being of movable impressive to watch but there's no way a fact you're getting older maybe the bang up and not being able to move like the easter windy think that the fastest athletes reach their peak like does branded cooks for example is he faster now than when he was training for the forty no i'd imagine everybody's bobby debit like i think like i'm faster now than i was when i was trained for the combine but i would say this
we guy's gonna the opportunity that is probably so maybe you put in some plays in the playbook where it's like you running the red option you do in the lamar jackson type often because you were drafted is so the play a different our quarterback in what you quick to do right now exactly i do not know if you call if you're not that we tried a little somethin like that against pittsburgh in it did not go well i did i say you are the pittsburgh killer right the african good games against its work by unfortunately they they gotta for sheer china run out there with a little zone reed options ideal in the cab a botched jobs did fumbling another that no didn't fumbled package probably got shelter a little bit i don't know why i have never brought this up and why have never asked you this but it just popped in my head randomly and i need the sir and i we could do the rest of the entire podcast on this you played in the inaugural civil conflict how we
we're talking about that well the u s if you see a game don't you can't you see i've law that would then got your support what is it what do they call it civil conflict body archeo from you conscious made up a rivalry trophy and then you guys just didn't acknowledge it and left it on the sidelines that was the was gone when they did that but i mean we played on those first year the american up but a conference which was though dig each year and that a much higher our now but at that time you can't was what was not very good at another bad now and i know you are they still of yeah you beat him sixty two the seventeen now was that so when they you remember at all was it truly like they didn't and tell you that okay this is a rivalry game like to coach o'leary was he like hey guys i don't know you but where the rivalry now
no no we add where no no idea that there was a robber gamer workplace virtue of another get it if you don't have a clock in your locker room that canada the minutes until that game now i will miss out on our the famous quote from bob iago was there you you see if they don't get to say whether there are rival or not and then the new our policies that it was the worst rivalry and sports history the i think there has to be some sort of like a green it went through teams wanna become arrived late like equal aid or whatever now it needed a form that disagree but apparently not yet who would you say exert go i think if you say like hey we're rivals now and especially because they made it it was genius because it was civil conflict and if you ve ever seen it put its conflict with the f oh capitalize in the city capitalize so florida connecticut right next door
yeah she was interests about rivalries is i don't know if this were the case for you blake put back in the day sometimes we would settle our beef visa foot race did you ever do that no matter who will die packet yeah that was there was a big a big thing on the playground whoever you ever want to raise one the argument yeah then when all a lot about we have bring it back instead of fighting each other had kids don't bring a gun to school just race race your rival i can't believe that you weren't the fat like your pro athlete you worked the fastest kid ever no no not at all i was always like i was average like i was middle of the road i was always allow but taller than the rest of the kids were like found for the past was never the slowest or somewhere in the middle of tat same
play anything else we got on foot speed or civil conflict or blake any questions or anything that we want to bring up has anyone has anyone in the victory formation or another victory formation the meeting in the middle of the field has anyone brought up your terrible performance and blake of the year yeah i get a lot more chirps roma from the crowd there is actually a guy last week on the throne on the field when we're warming up regained at a pardon my take shirt on jesse yelling blake at the u like germany fifteen feet away from a mormon didn't screaming blame the year at me now there was the lisbon people the yellow me from the crowd a couple guys up against which actual we're in pittsburgh not a pardon
take a look at your thing but like i walked over to regard them woman open then robbers burger we stand at the fifty our line we obtain it in a moment for a while they take my home at all for you no kind of just say alone shake your hand and like just the look on his face with eu just go to where your hair go ahead of you notice or not but it's been going for a while she is gone now he thought you didn't which currently have been doesn't understand haircuts out of uses his face regime he just use gives no interpreters are yes yes i know swinging up here just like i hope a technically what do you think is the fastest at a human level be able to run who do not like cuz i how like how low is the forty are dash record gonna go go there's no way anybody ever gonna break four seconds
and i guess maybe maybe i for one like you say about how to run a forty both are really especially to eat more like the back into the hundred guy yeah you s rugby has come about as carl and island perry baker they probably do like four o one eye for three i nine it's also fifty brought this up be before but like the fastball too like how fast the fastest passport gonna be thrown why exactly i don't know i wish i could draw one like strasbourg yeah oh niceness topical reference will go natural life how fast producer fastball i could throw like i had issue a good though it hard but i could only thrown hard like a couple times then by my armed troops are good thrown a baseball you get there maybe like ninety two the fact of she's still faster tat but he i
we wanted down that was all i mean it was all knockabout so get drafted and like the sixtyth round yeah linked to ease will take a flyer idea in this issue little potential yeah yeah if you're from southern california you'd maybe even get drafted like twenty eightth round if you just write about southern california pictures i was actually more of a bolt and get your guy you have you seen the new stadium yet non person women feel like fine overlook finding delay action innovation pictures and videos of it but i have not seen a person looked very often is how are you but it was always gonna be now kepler it there i think they're actually still trying to figure out where they're gonna put the facility could not gonna be a stadium believe interesting ah last question for me seeking question promo code take put in promo code taking get ten dollars off are you gonna be well maybe the rams win the superbowl but if they are not will you be in miami for rough and ready
he has done a super berwick jobs do farmers can fight that damn that's going to best gambler in the history of the world is its yeah we're gonna do a friday night like we did lasher you gonna be there are other the chance that may arise in writing that miami able the propose a beggar are you not winning one towards this year not about it here i think your figure to want a done deal but now i probably would not when the sheer zirks lucy had to figure it out we have to create like a last minute just you can pleasure money to hint that would be actually good resonating free blake pours this year has pledged a hundred million dollars to the p m to charity fund right in the weeks put an asterisk sandra bullock ah debate then on how many snaps he has in that how big that check is at the end of the year and also the pimps charity fondly right just ass yet us
your personal bank yeah yeah oil last last question were staring at a bench press right now we have an hour studio woody bench man i couldn't i haven't been stretched flash six years prosecutor at college i can maybe do want eighty five went on learning to lift anymore it's hands now more or less morbid that will i'm gonna want chile college like you know quarterbacks really bench gets after break when did twenty six rupture with everything the fact that a stop to omit got shut down what are you guys invention don't you ever done maxwell didn't have enough waited to find out what we get this thing set up god the domvilles only two hundred twenty so benches an angel i give you don't pants you can't really bench heavyweights i haven't pensioner while also like soon as i get back on it i'm sure come back to me it's a real bent to like
relax you're one of the real bad shrill pantry go against both stewed nothin now we're gonna liquidity oh it's real got some equipment she's just equipment pig ass waits you'll want this the iron dungeon idea where he has got you because we do have some sort office olympics in there just our studio b an office prodi bust out the five cent five forty the bird the bench and sousa thieves specimen of the office i wonder lick ally i like that of the other wonder lick would you get on the wanderlust blake here europe thirty wow i mean i like you i knew he was really only thirty are you no one actually so we get scouting reports every week of others who were playing the defence and like a person out and we just figured out the other day there's always like it says you know their neighbour number where they wouldn't school when they got drafted
all kind of the info there's always like this reign of their forty time there's always a random number and with the trend is to get what it is we actually just found out the other day that wonder like school now we just go through we go through each scouting i'm trying to find out who's got the lowest wonder exports it favoured something we could say don't oh yes i like down a lot i will blake thank you so much of your time propitiate it pretty always doing wikipedia club hopefully we see soon has been too long man thanks three i mean you're gonna get i love you like i fear i love you i love you i love you love love you tat interview blake portals is brought to you by movement holy shit the holidays are already here you should listen to me when i told you get your dropping done early fortunately you ve still got a couple weeks to buy your love once gives if you have some by the u dont know exactly how to not for movement watches are great damn you
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gotta use that euro me andy's dot com slash take ok let's get to some segments first stop we have a very important announcement tomorrow night thursday half time of thursday football ravens jets we have the second annual low man's trophy award lawyer of low man and phd is going to give us the final us yes so the low metro for you guys know it it's the collegiate or for the nations best full back and the final us are tremble to regard of malice you suspended further at this fine yet who get in the second ok john shuttle wisconsin do good cars and what does that army i'm doing general do hate you i do drummer
lazy to actually drumroll we got to start this over again i need any more theatrics out of you hank will pump it in okay well pump it in later john chenal from wisconsin yes connor's loanga from army awesome been mason from michigan award winner turning champion yeah would be the first back to back from the history of the word against wisconsin brady ros iowa yes that's so far back name fitting radie raw iowa jeremiah hall from oklahoma nice and mason stoke also from constant so we ve got to get to that statue we have two with constant full backs nominee that's a first in this for the word nice guy resigning champion up tory quarter was finally last year as well so was conscious loanga brady raw if you ve ever seen a picture of him he looks like
exert break our unconditional priority rossiya so i m very excited about this so half time thursday football we ve got an award ceremony set up when i go featuring a very special prisoner nice is our main aim and we also want pigs that blanket again yet we gonna build the trophy i would help rebuild the trophy beheld the trophy which is going to be fine and i am happy that we have two wisconsin guys there because the husband trophy just completely never inviting jonathan taylor is a travesty but whatever ah next up we have bad visual for lane given so there was picture of lincoln he is now there notable miss ukip and has not skipped any meals in the last couple years lane kiss in silence
eyes is out of kennedys allowing no yoga salad course off to the sidelines keepin look see with the visor and the fact that his cheeks are his cheeks in his neck or no light like his cheeks have enlarged and his neck is no longer there will delay the device or set up you need to switch to baseball cap because the visor it acts like a belt on the head alma yeah we're pushes some of the fat above it and then some the fat below it suggests a pair shaped thing going over the head i was saying that he looked like a guy who invite you on his pontoon and calls upon tune and then you know i've got him a my tie in their hand right away that famous my tie and there may be some females on their like that is at his daughters that
is girlfriend we don't know but it's the pontoon motorboat crew than a year now hopson this shabby afternoon and goes on home day drinkin so it's not you can get it do you are he does look like his bright red like it he looks like he's day draw day drunk gas and he's got a nice glow term yet he looks like he's leonard skinners account i ve spent a lot of time outside but any likes to party but he also has a very nice home right can be organised when as a grace hesitant as an extremely detail oriented assistant the ass care of things sick he has a sick par in his basement and then also like many bar upstairs so he's never more than like thirty feet away from a bar he's a man of leisure yes looks like can each as these cowboy hat had one wish to become a real boy yes yes so winketh good visual bad visual means great visual fur oh miss yeah he looks like it oh miss cartwright
he absolutely does he sees fit every stereotypes so it's good to have him back in a major programmes like he's been holding a burner phone up to his face and just scalded the shit i'm just so excited ruling given to get that three thirty game on cbs and just get absolutely shit pump by alabama just watch and be mad he's also costs playing is spent yes yeah where he's been doing it for a while but it's really come initiate and now the been has been injured for a little bit ben is cost playing as link if it is well in a race to try to look as much like the other guys possible i just want to i love the ssc i loved lousy see it's like oh it's like ballet for people in the south it is when you look at the door coaches at the ev i guess soap opera its debt you got cocoa you ve got link if you got nick saving you ve got
most normal coach in their entire conference is one that lets his wife make out with all the players when they get off boss yes you ve got the new arkansas hand committed poland have you seen the arkansas coach here he looks like joe passion on steroids z sandpit men is really talking about georgia online coach that is a panic higher for arkansas oh i the tyre that screams sui i saw space like doubts i had coach that's not ahead the hookah pictures was too sweet ours is not a head of arkansas us head coach yeah i think it's a perfect fit for arkansas football apparently because he wanted lane and there like tell you why we're gonna get one guy nor vow unwanted all these guy kick it lay but we can get the guy that looks like he was link if in high school principle that suspended from a budget on yeah he's ease he is the the bad teacher from eighties movie that's that's who he is so i yes m pitman i think is his name man
i just love the ssc silvery agree cares nilghai coaches are let's finish up with guys on chicks hank what you got my husband and i live in los angeles he's huge lines van has never been to aligns game for miss unbiased tickets to fly at detroit lawyer hackers game or even with as bad as the lines have been this year is this a good move now now you want to stay its super easy to them you know game you how easy it would be to be aligned sven in los angeles played a video game or on rookie mode it's fine they lose you walk outside of seventy degrees in lessons about traffic jam on the four or five then you have an afternoon we can be happy if you want to if your lines van detroit and whose you still have walk outside just wait wait wait until next year they're gonna put the cardinals again right we'll go to a game in phoenix or go to a game that they can win or tie but yet if your lines vanity you're taking your husband
his first lions game ever in detroit that have to do it in september when there's still hope here's a here's a better christmas present for alliance pain this is a sick throwback barry sanders jersey yeah there you go real her top of the line bears and season tickets to the ramps get him a get about black light picture of jim caldwell man that's brutal i heard the guy's unchecked episode where a girl asked why her boyfriend locked the door when he poops when i heard that i realize minded to accept and i never would i ever even attempt margin on him i agreed with the all in the sense that i don't want to know what the fuck is happening in there i don't and i want to steer far away from it and however my promise whenever i have to go to the bathroom even just a p he always partners enemy sometimes you will not one time i say hold on continues to still enter anyway wisest at it will stand and where on the allowed to not allowed to do this nor i want to and he's in there but he wants to and on is
my fault for not locking the door to like he does i thought there was an unwritten rule of respect when it comes to a close bathroom door in your own house and not having to take the extra step locket thanks you might have a fetish might just be into watching you yeah p p girl finnish either that or he's just it is probably just making sure that you're safe yeah that's thought i e fallen you had a lock you gotta get deadbolt around people barging in that's that's a big thou o roon relationship very quickly with one where they could item is if he walks end just hurt unloading a giant trap who never gonna get up not again sorry that our baby i got this thing whenever you're a door open it just makes me shit saw had brisket last night honey which is gonna do a wise forget in front of another oh ok her dinner my boyfriend only talks and maybe talk and he wants me to talk like that too especially when we hook up what do i do
also i have a sixty two year old sugar daddy that pays me to talk to him every night online is that weird on earth are curveball i saw a normal that judges do some hot chat room actual exeter listen do it everyone online if you get paid for i think as long as you give a portion of that money without him knowing to your boyfriend like you know whether be date night whatever it is as long as he gets us it back again he does not know a silent kicked back i think it's ok i most debutante baby talk that's weird have a more sustained seinfeld ruby episode they're probably too young to even watch seinfeld but that will make you stop doing baby talk forever it i don't know the whole active getting paid to like sexton sixty two year old that's that a little strange to me i think that he would probably find that we are too few uncovered your chat logs were just hide your tracks very careful yes bigtime hagar
so i had a dream last night that i went on a date with pfc i was so confusion got this morning he was short listen wearing goggles and i recall having a great time is outcome is it right on two have dreams about other men such woman when you're in a happy relationship or does that mean subconsciously i'm not as happy as everything seems notice should i feel guilty when you turn into the palace on half time shown i got the quads go on and on my god was on the winds blow my hair i turn on us yeah the cushions omen yeah i opened the door for questions you gotta say you gotta say open the floor for questions still there's no way please god please therapy nascar hate boys especially can't get it a pang people forget tat i ve been day my boyfriend for three years now and recently moved in together i was vacuuming our bedroom and stepped on the carpet by his side of the bed and does he for both factors for urban issues onto marbles hey boys ever the season
mentally got the truth he told me it's his jerk off spot and that all guys have a part of the house for the journey off and leave it is this true to organise road is jerk off onto the floor claiming spot talk like prevent a crazy person there can be no i please god police heresy mascot boys especially can't get it wanted just people on your own bedroom floor a boy from for three years now and recently moved in together i was vacuuming our bedroom and stepped on the carpet by his side of the bed and felt really rough and different from the rest of the carpet throughout the bedroom i asked him what have in any condemning a straight answer that made any sense i kept asking eventually got the truth eventually got the truth he told me tis jerk off spot and that all guys have a part of the house with a jerk off and leave it is this true
to organise road is jerk off onto the floor and claiming spot tat my boyfriend a crazy person please help yeah i know it's true you caught his eye just aids usually the shower but yeah i guess if you want to just not on your own bedroom floor that's cool too i guess this you are not moving to your apartment and get your own yes loosely obey that's my nothing heart but i do think there is something would like one in ten guys have everyone knows someone hulu someone who's like this like you just like to sit on the bed and just like a distance whom red corner you measure yourself and i'll never clean that eternal beat your record the next second oh my god i pineapple ass nice and we should not get screwed back on the carpet girls that's good it'll be framed for a crime to oranges leave your seem an hour or two great would be exonerated for a crime they didn't commit you said detective go take like to stress
that's my share carpet on the right side of my bed and ethical straighten this whole thing last one hey big a phd in handsome hank i have a boyfriend of two months who i really like parents invited me to their christmas activities but mine are set on not inviting him to ours i convince them to invite him and or how do i break the news to him without hurting our relationship will say it again how he's getting invited she is getting invited to his christmas of ass her family does not want him at there was always a bad boy i think you say this is to write like their ike while we dont want to accept in our urban girl has a serious relationship with fucking deadbeat camp i was gonna say like gis tell them that he might propose two months and then oh that's how long you been dating s surely i tell them that you're pregnant wolden washing ass you invite him he shouldn't feel
you should know how do i convince them to fight him or rod i break the news again without hurting early arab say just talk down how terrible your christmases with your family it's the worst we all have to get out and do like we play pensionary for five hours than we play a game a risk and i d alcohol involved and just do like over and over and over we all wear the same pj's you don't want to be there you don't picture five hours which family or you can just say that you're an italian family and its could be seven tonnes of fish or whatever the fuck did ya incidentally again oh thanks at least stay home any by turkey the cow mari part is good obsolete
but at some point they let you get so like the sixty or seventy ass there's not a lot of fishes in the ocean fifth fish you're like i think i think you following me and this is the same kind of fish that i had on the second plate gazing that weird saying like there's so much fish in the ocean isn't there are finite number i mean i know we will would like scientists always find those stupid tallish species yet logs in the bottom of the ogoni i think we really uncovered like one per cent of the difference me now we know all the great unknown we all need a tuna you got bass yet said solomon salmon you had felt a fish striper how to fish you got her halibut jan fischer flounder red snapper snapper cod fisher derek fisher walks tim santa locate one the shore leave yes
fish are becoming j
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