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Blake Bortles, Ryan Whitney Talking Hockey + NFL Draft

2018-04-27 | 🔗
The first round of the NFL Draft is complete and Roger Goodell got boo'd so damn hard. We talk about the notable picks including Baker Mayfield to the Browns, Josh Allen to the Bills after a problematic Wednesday, Josh Rosen to the Cardinals and Lamar Jackson to the Ravens. Winners and Losers of the first round and Jon Gruden is drunk. The Caps lost to the Penguins in Game 1 and Lebron will never stop killing teams. Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles joins the show to talk about Draft day memories and read the NFL Draft Wikipedia Page. Ryan Whitney joins to break down the suprises from Round 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, who he likes in Round 2, and an all time 60 seconds to bash Basketball. Segments include Sabermetrics for Sean Payton + our NPR Segment to try and climb the rankings.
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on today's party my take is the two thousand team and i fell draft we have a full recap we also wikipedia club with our friend jacksonville jaguar starting quarterback blake portals and we talk to a little weena little draft memories with him which is a fun time going down memory lane dissected his haug with roger adele and we have the number one muppet indian a ryan whitney on to talk about some play off hockey and of course bash basketball before we gets all that awarding listeners as you know we are switching to the cash out the cash app is the simplest way to pay people back friends emily's coworkers anyone sending in receiving money is totally free and fast and most payments can be deposited directly to your bank account in just a few seconds the cash gap lets you do way more than that now you can even buy and sell bitcoin instantly get your paycheck deposit right to the app
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code bar store you five dollars five dollars goes to see some animals and you treat us your cash i can give you some money is well maybe let's go not welcome the pardon my saying that i see today is bright twenty seventh and hey look there's roderick adele
more people to me shock or walker fall and there was a sort of unifil draft roderick adele sounds like big bins walkie angrily i wouldn't work yeah i love the beginning of the end of a draft for that moment and roger to dell did everything in his power to stop at he brought out all the cowboy legends even did the old joke which i guarantee you he has been pretty he's been proxy in front of his wife for a month being like sugar sir boon these guys cowboy all of his wife secret twitter account you thought that joke kill kill the other you'd aloes oh what a moment and it and he also had charity jones did you see this jury jones had to plead with the i am beforehand saint please don't boo which had to be the most hollow
plea of all times like guys it be a real shame now jury if you had a little smirk is a big ass a puerile flame kimono don't do it don't shout out till eight were better than here at excelling your home we don't we don't move people now right era that was the start of the nfl draft and i love every moment he also roger you know he had the kids out he had he looks i keep planted little girls in the front row that were giving a mud gaps did the rhine she's your moment he was doing everything to try to get the goodwill of the fan fans and affect fans and none of it worked what they did this year was really smart they actually had a lot of interest go into the draft because the brow didn't announced they're gonna take if you saw dorsey had done he basically he told the owner he told has them and he told i think one other person in the front office and its own who they were too being a couple weeks ago but he until you jack yeah i told you jackson who they wanna you'd so we told you jackson two days ago
and then everybody was oh i think i'm hearing a browser taken vacant river huge acts as a sieve he if you have any secrets out there if you are a hypothetical the golden state killed at followed happened the guns killer just like confided in a bar room and huge axes again killed a few people and jackson has turned to the cops well you know what he did was he probably told cause the browns were flirting with basically every single quarterback there's allows josh out than was seemed arnold then end up being baker may feel he probably told you jackson that it was gonna be josh on a month ago and just like hey will just let this will just send this out into the world some misinformation but isn't it isn't the draft so much better when you dont know who's going number out all they need to figure out a way to make sure that in effect teams don't say who their picking before the draft as otherwise there's not any meant any mystery you tune in when you tune in its awesome draft was often is your i'm usually kind of the god it's like hate scared done with wool and algeria one and i'm a big mac draft i well know you're because you got areas guys go ptolemy out let me ask you a question
who do you have on your fantasy mock drafting because i had bleach report guys wounded really well not for me a lot of points nice but then the explanation i shipped to bed for me the sir john our guy tom fanelli had a couple pixie nailed exactly i did really well so bigger mayfield first picking the draft obviously brownsville shit on it i don't really know if they have any other reaction that they can like what if they had pics amber they would have shit on it but you have to i don't know what you can do as a browns fan like you have to take a quarterback i actually think this is going to work and oh that's like step stepping out on a very very thin branch saying a brown quarterback that they drafted really high might actually work but i like bigger mayfield lie like a lot i think that he is a very very good quarterback and i like the competitiveness that some people had marked against some i like you gotta go just crotch lucky as long as it's his own crotch yeah you can do it i itself love you
grab at once that's ok twice as fine three time its playing with herself so i can't do that it is so perfect that we basically spent the last six months been like baker mayfield is not johnny man's l and then drafted by the brow any gets up on that jersey so the other there is the run on quarterbacks it was the first time in draft history that for quarterbacks went in the top ten sake one barkley broke that up with the second pick and then the jets somehow got sam donald when they like screwed up tanking and todd bulls had their team playing well and then they end up getting the guy that i think everyone thought was gonna be the number one pig and so good job just said i guess so i guess we can say okay job here and then the other big story was our man's josh only guess we should talk about the elephant in the room yeah he's embarkation buffalo achilles lafayettes great i think this is perfect but there is no if you really want like what the offer in the room
draft our challenge our com actually crash during the drafting so credit to us again so there might have been a couple tweets there were some tweets that they came out and i'm going to take the blame i'm going to put my hand up and say i'm going to say a lot of this is my fault if you're my back when we had shown in the studio yeah before he came in his were put him through like the pre draft the ringer that we had right so i went back through his answer our bank pointed out through the pre draft bs report and i went back to his old tweets and i looked for bad stuff i was going to bring it up to him to his face i was just screwed
on scrolling out twitter take such a long time to load sometimes i guess i missed i guess i missed wonder you know and you know what hand up on my part because i trusted you to find them so i get up telling us we both learn a lesson that maybe i should have taken more time than like the three minutes before he came into the studio to look through whistle to hear that one day listen we live and learn it sounds like there was a little bit more nefarious things going on where someone had taken it's a long time ago held onto him cause sounds like josh allen had actually had someone scrubbers twitter in january hell bondwoman released him a day before the draft now we i'm condone josh on sweet i think a lot of them had quotes random in the context gets lost but there were a couple that were like ok if there was bat yes if their courts around it or if there are crying face moody's followed by who did this family i can't hold him right before those but he was a thirteen fourteen year old kid and i'm not gonna hold it against immature kids that hopefully
joe contrition which he did he called stephen psmith two in the morning you know how miserable that must be to talk to stephen s viewpoint i can't sleep for seven hours after that what yet waking stephen in a smith up from a nap ironic see racist sleeps yeah right he's a fucking vampa what the way that he gets rest is just by staring at a wall yeah you know it great others to spend zones to spend zones i have four josh out number one year liaison with bitcoin eugene now no longer the most problematic thing you did at soils that's good real josh you you don't you know u everyone forgets that you are part of a policy scheme for a little bit of time than number two in a stunning twist of fate he had problematic tweets with we know there are some and racing racist and very bad some you know how different slurs homophobic slurs very bad but now most problematic tweets you had are these two maclarens old lady greater thing
better than greater than maclarens girl though and who is the quarterback at the buffalo bill native fishermen age able care that kind of money that's all week scrub everything like i apologize now he's gotta go in fucking apologised to agent maclarens face he note the best thing is when you hear people talk about all these old tweets and that the people who say and i'm so glad you didn't have social media one thousand that's the easiest way to spot nerd when their advantage fao simonis club in tween nausea some real big stock about by for we are wholly reels live in and out better would observe how much you like something mixture dine at my canadian girlfriend boobs everywhere doubt would have an old man just why variable is everywhere urban so embarrassing when i got drafting the nfl yeah they imagined that's the only reside in planning if i'll ask as i would have had these sort of bad things but he is play
buffalo i wish is great i think that's a great fit for bills mafia i think it's a great fit for people forget its core cold windy its snowy up their begins josh on the czechs off all those boxes sparking off and get it is time to say instead of he's got a huge arm he's got huge chick thank you boomer was shares and then the last quarterback josh rosen so couple things happen here will last quarterback in the top ten so couple things here one josh rosen i i like josh rosen i had him ranked number one on the big cat big board then he's the best passer and anyone who can jim maura do a bunch of energy is where jim more junior admits that he's dumber than the players he's trying to coachman europe i'm a fan of yours to john was just we must stop there is no better endorsement of a poorer than jim more a junior hating invasive
unlike he was too smart for me to get through don't ya like i couldn't get through to him i couldn't i couldn't use like basic language because that's all i know janusz more couldn't communicate with josh frozen or puff daddy son yeah so that's not on me but hey guys watch we play guitar the damned patrick show i'm really relate above is so i loved him patrick show by the way i love my eyes the important does adobe that when you're more junior does items like come on this guy stinks in brussels so that was wont to jordan is officially drunk john bruton
it was trying to trade back into the year ninety ninety eight two hundred and traded the tenth pick for the fifteenth pick and only pics we moved back five spots in the draft and only picked up a third in the fifth which is i don't even know how that worked like you should get a lot more than that they usually get a second round i've a theory on that and then he picked a guy who everyone said would be like a third or fourth round or possibly has that kind of talent or no has that kind of like you can play he's got great talent but he's raw is fuck and john bruton tim and then he traded for martinis brian on the last year of his contract and you're gonna put and with marshall knowledge and learning a fuckin high yeah really like really funny you're gonna have a good time out their material on him trading back is number one we know that john bruton doesn't trust numbers he's not a staff scale not analytics guy so i think he's procrastinator i think he's just like i do if i trade this pick back that means
to do work until saturday he has set us a moment ago to hooters and drink some garage that's number one the thing with john bruton is i think that he's just kind of changing the ghost of l davis yeah this was just a damp up to the old man misgivings i came in i know that you'd pick some guys that no cuyp does he have any binder two francs so i m going to do that and trade for really fast receiver that has some issues yet that's the owl davis's weeping right is honouring about his face would follow how davis is slamming his fiery pitchfork into the ground yet where i'll davis the eight i'm not saying he's a hell no cause i'm a he might be but if he's in heaven the heaven i'll davis would want for himself would be very similar to hell yes it will just be constant litigation against the nfl that's all that that's all heaven is around i do have a courtier from josh rose and i am very excited see josh rosen from media way more often he was i'm not playing behind sam bradford and linen he says
i'm not gonna come in and be an asshole and think that my shit don't stick i understand the situation would be respectful who saw it coming and hot rather that so if you're just the phrase i'm not gonna be an asshole and think that my shit don't think i'm trying to think of you were an asshole is there any asshole that would think that shit doesn't think you're not you're so close this issue as you probably know that shit's you're right there yeah you live next to my other my other great thing about about josh rosen is all the red sea points that are come oh yeah big tanya because it was was the hat with the hats i i don't want the hat said but that's what they call their direct fan or said something about a vital part like part the camera with the hats a hat debt josh versions have definitely did not say part threat no it sets nobody said something like this i said something i weren't after look this yes avis josh rose onstage holding a microsoft surface and he was saying here is a tablet i'm going to the red sea right
the red sea that's pretty fucking close that is working towards candidate opportunity guy that you all your rising yeah that's pretty damn clubs so that's it that's funny hat is on the desert for while poor my climate yes goes anywhere it gets them they're like here we need to fix this a set of we're assign them and then will fix it first salmon three years ago said poor michael and you know what maybe maybe this is like of maybe this is like a coach need a new quarterback and he's like artless get my cleanin because then when the when the gm looks at my gluttony like war we need draft quarterbacks this is a problem will you can sell that this is a rookie head coach steve wilcox formally the jury springer show you can tell he's a rookie head coach because he's a mediately drafting a quarterback yeah if this is jeff fisher he's writing out sam bradford for another two and a half years and then drafting a quarterback to sit behind sam bradford and learn from them and then he's bringing along
then maybe he'll draft or not or make another trade floating around moved yes you have to extend yourself live here but you can't you can't come in taken adopting quarterback in your first year what other draft picture one of note i mean the bears pick the best player in the entire draft for a crown psmith promotion one heisman person has back one barkley say qualm barkley i think that's a good pick ray the jetty ban people our giant people talking should about drafting a runaway guess what we are now living in the resurgence age of running battle i also don't understand i well i guess i get the giants fans are saying it's come snobby them will never be this high in the draft again we'll never get a quarterback like like this again put how like say one barkley being a threat in the back field than odell becum like that's gonna open up a lot of space for someone get they ve got a pretty good office i think i mean eli manning he's one of those guys it he plays really the the worst quarterback on the planet earth for about four weeks
here and then you'll have to games where he throws like four touched thousand six hundred yards yeah so he still got some two left the giants we'll be back in his position in the next three or four years and that the year that eli manning he beheld like bridges billy the break his knee cap and his pelvis and he'll try to play two more games on it and my pee is really you cannot sit eli manning he's got a streak of thirty two the shocker the patriot neither picks yeah i was thou whilst that was crazy to me but they did do the most patriots thing possible and take the most boring pick available yet which is it often of guard that maybe will move to tackle maybe yes and then the round the first round finished off with lamar jackson so i it's a perfect spot form and we won't make the jokes about him playing wide receiver but if i were
to play wide receiver it is the perfect spot for him it absolutely is run deepen runs for longer and then it would at quarter back room is gonna be interesting you ve got three guys probably the three most athletic runners in the unifil up with archie three action and joe lotta so the one thing what made me nervous is you would assume artery threes gonna teach him how to not get injured in the nfl in housing and work runner i think i think this is a ligament situation largely through the same thing the cowboys did when they got vander ash just a basically as a cavern that they can cut open turnout and oboe ligament gives strongly yeah that's what they're doing for lamar jackson olive our jackson and an martyred large ass mister jackson ok i had to others things before we get to hockey in basketball one i think we
have to put our hand up guys because i think dave gentlemen actually is corruption so he got this what people call you and they want the second pillar the draft baggage doughnuts a hot pretzel on a hot dog leave me alone i don't have time to screw around us pretty good quote requests brigitte i expect nothing less from me from the ghetto man the regime essays itself i mean that sounds like a pretty get hall jacobi its draft day even work long hours your hungry he just start looking around the room and seen stuff that he wanted a minute it was a box adona type in baghdad on its means is probably something that you got a supermarket box doughnuts hombre excellent a hot dog that that space is perfectly others not much better than hot breath and your to get hot dog don't go back and yeah true and then the other thing i had was i have mike limburg dumb rule for this little
or that's gonna go on between espn and i found that work and fox for the draft you know how everyone went when the first round picks come up and get a jersey right away with your name on it yeah of course there's a press now that their pressing the names on there and are making him right away i thought that you said the world's fastest sticker okay so here's what you gonna do they should have a room with all the jerseys for all the adoration permutations i think is what the mathematical terminus slowdown ok and then it's a camera in a room and a big pilot jerseys so it's like you know baker mayfield there's a there's a browns jersey giants jersey gestures all deemed an inch the in the room covered in vaseline and he has the floor
in the jersey in under a minute otherwise the attic is void it ok i double down these shovel buncher jersey up a giant no yes applaud about him say authors is running around in slipping i'm an undue and trying to find the jersey for every single drop it don't you think that ike out instantly watches i would watch he has been the entire time that place i want to make a slight change to it though i would like out like it to be true window in all white suit he had tray strikes me as a guy's a bit of a german folk whose ideas like that my green burglaries like my green bergs accountant so he isn't share bowls knows on alzheimer's also so he so put him in a white suit and then he asked a sort through all the stuff and watch and try to knock a dirty while he's trying to find these ass they would do either what we'd actually have that we can actually have it be like almost a competition between the two so tray window and you and whoever comes out with a jersey first gets the player notation do they should just have the picks announced indifferent cities and indifferent nfl cities but every pick has to
he announced by south anatolia so you have to put him on a plane or a bus to get to every logic grumpy ass he knew just every life he had followed him around what a fucking terrible shorten tie myself he looked like the joker yeah he looked at the old cartoon version the joker doubt that that recourse to me of little silent protests by south because he was at the eagles facility wasn't on site in dallas like he was i he basely save you guys gonna simon the jets are put on the worst clothes possible and try to ruin everyone's hdtv exact i'm gonna make it so have yet is weird lines the tried at that you don't want to come back to me on a second shot japanese schoolchildren seizures when people look at my coat yes ok let's what's that got some other sports i mean there was really like going on tonight so we can move on to i want the interviews it was so fast what the penguins the capital site
companies were cruising yeah and it was a blink of an eye the penguins there's like oh wait these are the capitals and it was overcome what to say the thing that i know about hockey in the next ten seconds scans probably all cliches but the penguins are such a good skilled team that the margin for error is easier so they had a lot of close mrs they they'd got up gotta put those in that they were shut up there how to get him enter there were hidden shots off helmets they have a couple life's either here pipes make up a wish for the crease goals that have been put in and
events can have that one i guess was crosbie goal that can almost stopped it lies in almost made big by almost made big play crosbie finnish didn't see their own crosbie made a pink crossly made the big without that within about a quarter second of each other it was my life it was my life in a microcosm it was signed in i'm serious though what to say that the razor or that the margin for error rates rigid than against a good team like the penguins they will make you pay especially if you miss chances early on and they miss that's what the cap was doing they play a penguin begins they they have a shitload of chances at the start of the game and they miss all them and then and i can see the bullet coming from across the room it's like a bull in the corn video remember that disagree here the freak on a leash video he has come at me insuperable emotion i know exactly what's happened almost ass agree little bit i think you are i think you're crews and therefore minute to o or through too periods your feel it it may dangerously denied let it happened so fast and i
your question about the draft the draft is well after like through like four that's after the penguins scored the third goal in you like you i just smash something you can even you didn't even register the ale was speaking to you and i just turn round was like have we got a problem so yeah listen hey listen pay me the only game want we one game one last her gets opinions that are enough for you and you know what you guys played better we did we did what you right now yeah you know we know we laid bare the actually did play but we owe you we wouldn't want yeah we're the better team on the us night were the better team of account that it's fine is one all cap i a lot of people are ashamed to admit this when it comes to a series like the cap's pens this is our stanley cup i'm just gonna say leaving it has ticket i don't give a shit if the capitals lose the stanley cup i mean i would like them to but don't give a shit is loans will be the penguins your casting a mechanic
yeah you are the nba lebron james never die not that was thousands of free gazing a pretty amazing into that game and it was going to how come you can't review that the aid and the dumbest thing in the world i was so angry because you can review like a guy with two minutes left in an the last two minutes game take thirty five minutes because any time the boggles out of bounds they sit there and look to monitor for fifteen minutes trying to figure out if you went off someone's fingertip yet they can't review them crucial part of the game and what was clearly a goal tend in every one thousand and then the nba came out said earlier about it what after docendum yeah even if their let's go tend the cab still want because they had a three point as well
yes yes yes yes you take a different shot maybe us maybe maybe something everytime you ve been having a very well the braun s lot more pressure on law bronze are good under pressure so i dont know how you let the bronze catch up on it you don't guard the impound and wages former team will project is a former wide receiver and so he's got good hands lebron james the best athlete in world history has long said i'm not gay with a nightmare for anyone does my future who is no barrier because it fails to be on the right side a history because if doll brown going to choke which is the best outcome possible in an exact opposite happened in like five seconds and then the other the other series russ westbrook
yes i'm on tuesday and has best plan for forests in his career on wednesday yeah i went to sleep we observe when they were down by twenty in the fourth quarter though they are downright they're down by twenty in the third quarter a quarter of the thunder had a socially given up here and then david stern came in he walked in there and he was by you see that guy rudy go bury place great defence give him another foul and that would happen rather went off it will i mean if you the fourth follow gets really go bear was against mellow taking a jump shot from like fifteen feet awakened and everything in your brain says why would anyone ever have to for home mellow taking jumped shop fifteen feet away and it was that bad i'm trying to think of who the jazz can bring out to get them like fired up you know a lot of times teams will bring out old players who get the crowd into who would link if you're the jazz who's your spark marble on john stockton though gregg gregorio tack who great
undertaker lincoln who yeah ok forty sat on yet another he let his wife what his father that's women that's my favor fact about i gave myself in like his way said he's an athlete so no one final attractive so he gets upset things once a year that yet you only get you on a warrior and gets one here who are disappearing which today is runway i'm sick jury slowed down who trotwood bring very drawn way out and jerry saw together to jerusalem and i know for a fact i actually had this exact conversation my friends on last saturday and we did it larger sloan i was convinced he was dead his life i'm not sure back i was so like ours i know he's been dead for ten years totally life he could coach do you talk as dead and stolen forty five games her aren't you you get to i figured
after sunny michel on his knee said it's healthy let's get a lot of rigging marijuana people are saying at the draft that he's gonna need new concerns he's come out and said he's healthy so concerned that'll be good for the one game a year that bilbil object to run the football yeah possible way any runs it like fifty times yet sunniest three hundred sunny get icy i said he gets six touchdowns four hundred yards a cover on sports illustrated and bilbil check takes body shouldn't shoots of attack him all found cha can we you know it's not found chalk milk i didn't ask why photoshop camille people does that are not found in chicago milk was tertiary shire the basi onomatopoeia job milk may not help with reading but is a great choice to help with recovery because unlike most sports drinks it's got the right carb to protein ratio to build lean muscle and fluids and electrolytes to replenish and rehydrate better than water see the sign
at built which arguments doc on ok so thank you do our friends but which are now can i tell you something you wrote that no the sales team came to me last week in their like hey billy chalk on milk was wondering if it was cool they wrote an ad where they just put a bunch of words and hank couldn't weeding out like a definitely call i told her got that i say yes to that he had started doing boiler bossy knows that barely a passing conversation a week ago like hake we do will add were hanged can't read like fucking my favorite part is that you ve never seen worse yourself it's also good that you are generally like fuck the charter locally they wrote that add specifically to get that reaction so job well done but which are comparable so i know to jokes my first europe that i know is the one but whether and how you don't like it you now and every time i do the second joke i know a guy i was heart goes with some like this guy this guy sinners it is kitchen right and he made himself a burger and he just takes all the shit out of his cupboard mixes it together
stirs around soy sauce baking soda he takes everything i've pantry puts it on a burger but he comes in and gives to his buddy he's ok try this new concoction that are put on the berger i think it's pretty good i think if you like it god takes a bite to assess what we're sure your sauce weights again what a sheer sauce is it i didn't listen first partly from the north i always forget that i forgot to unite our demand talk with soul and is in his mouth when you talk about food which is here sauce idleness overcharge ok sorry it was pretty get pay put it tomorrow's like lives it opens and laughing up as the first part i am i don't i always did ouch just put in a bunch of laughs if it says that's it you made me laugh by not making me yeah so that was a good laugh
do we spanish justify the teddy was released me the guy that says that was really funny that was really funny fifty built with jargonelle darker let's get sore interviews we have wikipedia with blake portals our good friend in their right after that we have ryan whitney talking hockey before we do that though your call football match meets real life upon this high stakes play calling competition your call football put you in control of a real live professional football game make to play calls for than watch the often remain on the field to teams for of nfl quality players led by former nfl coach might sherman inform nfl player merrill hot after every down fans will have ten seconds to choose one of three coach selected play options you win points when the play you call is successful you loose points if the play you called is unsuccessful compete to win for fifty thousand dollars in cash prizes game skill no kicker shipowners always go for
two and guess what we are playing so play with us season is three games long may third may tenth and may seventeenth you can download the right now on iphone or android your call football the season kicks off live games starting may third so go get you see up we're playing were alive street you can play with us russia s the guys from game time will you laugh about your joke those a picture on my time why they just popped up just like it ok where this bad ready man radio in the middle of an ad hoc here what the fuck is got oh my god that's really up your call football starts method we're playing it's free to play for andrew at an iphone so make the call download the your call for bob today and we will do you guys out there may third is the kick off we're gonna have a lot of fun
and make sure you download a right now art areas blake portals are we well come on i'm gonna do you say ease our favorite guessed it is blake portals we're gonna do the wikipedia club he is starting quarterback the jacksonville jaguars he just sundry signed a contract he's rich his handsome balding but we don't talk about that blake what's up of its kind i get so i want the wikipedia on the initial draft is actually very interesting it is but before we do that i wanted to talk a little bit about your draft they experience blake two thousand fourteen number third pick one before like leading up to it the twenty four hours before did you know where you're going was it something that like everyone you talk to people really good idea your agents knew you they talk the jaguar did you have a good idea where you're gonna go
we we literally had no idea i kind of right before the draft i forget her was the somebody there was a quarterback that the text in signs are trains for something happened that data i got it that's out i think everybody knew he was going one and then after that it was kind of like nobody had any idea so we were sitting there the robinson went to the rams and then they have this phone on the table right like the old school found that this was the cause they don't ever call it they call your cell phone so like a nine or for number calls me which i got no pain from orlando was jackson though and i like immediately thought like cheese like good dipshit true enough from jackson about calling me right now he's getting me like i looked at my age at me like that like some somebody i know from jackson was commoner and isaac newton like answer no they ve called orgy of holy shit yeah now sounds good was away yeah i was gonna gravely was a weird and in like a pre draft process when he had to take all those visits and all that stuff were you a little
nervous about moving to a city that get snow or maybe has the weather dipped below fifty degrees more than once or twice here yeah that was definitely a concern of mine you know and like you say you know you said you'd be our aim that you can play in the common snow but no it's not like i had really inexperience and donors afghanis lion so when you're walking into the draft what it is like like this is it this is going bad what was a number that you guys had mind that if you slip to a certain number of things have gone bad and you're starting to freak out see like the debt like i think i when about it differently them you know a lot of people like always especially within those kids now if everyone talks about you i deserved to be there
more pick i want to go to fugoo number one like i was just happy they invited me to the dress and all the girls were going to be incredible me and my brother hit the bar before we went over to the green room like this is just going to be a good time and you know if they call me great if not you know i got another suit back to the hotel room will be back tomorrow did you spend any time before hand meeting with rodger goodell are telling him hey this is a handshake i'm going to go for i'm going to do like a dap i'm going to do the pulley in the hug like what was that like play i had never actually i think i'm better maybe one time before during like it the whole week leading up to the draft you do some charity stuff and then the hospital and go do some different things i think i met him during that but i like i saw a video the other day like you know when i walked out on stage first by walked out days my body was there it was like in the back and i walked out on age and he was brought row trying to get up on stage would like three security guards like pulling off to state that go to get down in me i saw it
you're lucky we talked and obviously exchange word now little conversation and i can tell you what was said between the two of us did you how much is your draft suit it's nice looking out right now and i saw blue looks like maybe some some light pinstripes nice suit you like it come clean i don't know i'm not sure how much that cause you know maybe five hundred bucks as our fellow josie banks nationally indochina again indochina get seven other sorts when you bought that one of the six rolando i like it did you know that you are the last quarter back to be taken as the first quarterback overall in the history of radio city musical deny ass the sun fact yeah so maybe paying your jersey up from the rafters there maybe retired very dead now a borderless number one were you a little confused when you got a jersey that's a number one and you are like hey i don't want to wear number one another five yeah yet that's that's not actually gonna be my jersey on watch
your draft right now the care did you dirty with a little aerial shot of you walking in your how quickly did you rush to put that had on our continent right like they always show you know so like a ball they die like you're always thinking about this type of thing right so everybody now it gets out like perfect shod of them haagen there mom and celebrate and so when they called me i was all i was thinking about with like i gotta get over there and give my hat before they like given him on it i made it anyway yeah hold my mom you know shook a couple hands real quick and i got over there to grab you and full hug with adele you you went in for it yeah yeah eyes at i was excited and indonesia lily watching the replay they ve they drafted you and then they went immediate shot two documents on the green room did you talk the other players in the green room beforehand
like mike evans with at the table next to me in canada said what's up to him and then those about they make their ready i actually rode over they did like a mother's day thank those me and my mom on the way over there and then sammy walkers than his mom wherein the same card i gotta talk to him for a while on the way over there so that's why they're so after egg after the draft how long do you have to wait to like just go out and get hammered just hit the boers and start celebrated do are you like steered to the jacksonville media do have have obligations take care of afterwards that by far the war park like that's all you want to do radishes go celebrate and you gotta go he had to do all these radio shows and take all these pictures item but rather like an hour and a half two hours until we are actually able to get out of there now and go celebrated enjoy it awesome all right let's do the wikipedia of the nfl draft because i like i said this is actually an interesting wikipedia and i'm going to start with the fact that before scouting the draft they basic
did it based on newspaper clothings and hearsay so it actually says on the wikipedia hearsay so my question to you blake if who were drafted on hearsay where would you be what was the buzz coming out of like ovida and a man you see a final think even existed then but like what would your hearsay say i don't there would be out of that could be a whole lot of yours said they definitely gone on draft maybe aside and that's a good way of life also do it i remember on your particular draft day they're making a lot of ben roethlisberger comparison so maybe that would have tripled its way up to pittsburgh and doing it taking you is like a a backup or something like that maybe hopefully you'll get a chance on the practice squad or something up there and the other fun fact i wrote down was the first in the first draft one thousand nine hundred and thirty six the eagles had the first pick so we probably did that guy twenty four of the eighty one selected players error site
only twenty four of the eighty one such players ended up playing in the nfl ever not just like not no thanks i'm not playing football while so actually and you look back at it football has never been healthier because everyone against drafted place hunter percent yeah where's it get drafted try out right is that weird jested entering a profession where you come out of college in somebody just tells you what city you have to live in fear what i'm gonna get that i get a job lower i like in order to have a choice and where they send you the work i guess maybe sometimes today we are you i mean typically people move to a city that they want to be in that they one like existed in the inefficiency cocaine will you're gonna be here like it or not did you did you actually think about doing drafty like forcing a trade like the mannings did now i respect the hell out of them move but now's whoever decided that they wanted me this is gonna be happening or pay for them any any
beef on facts from you guys on the wikipedia anything you noticed i just how many rounds there were yeah that's kind of crazy mainly on ass we went like ten rounds ten round the unifil draft imagine what the mocked wraps looked like that are more capable of doing so do you really mean democracy now but i do like our does anybody fact check these guys aunt joanna on how they are now believe that the point isn't to be accurate the point is to help me kill five minutes at work law and also the minute the draft happens then you gotta go integrating these players who have never put on pads and play the nfl yeah yeah so pretty quick you know we got it we got to make sure that we slap a a grade on on something that no one knows how it's going to turn out
what am my fear of things happen sometimes in the draft is when the minnesota vikings can get their picking on time and so they just give it to the next how does that even happened so that was in two thousand and three the vikings did not get their pickin in time and they lost their pick and then the two picks came in front of them so at all will happen i think to the ravens a few years later puts so the vikings two and three the seventh overall pick their relate the jaguar byron left which in the panthers took jordan gross and then the vikings took tackle kevin williams while introducing an interesting step i go look ok go ahead hank zero about the nfl draft but i've always find it interesting how these spell draft beer ujiji use me there's a drought yeah yeah i think so making more thirsty ay ay blake what's your favorite draft beer oh please spotlight
really outlaw got a nice beach bar blake six every six seconds a but light is it is it happened america i also like other used to have the drafters in hotel rooms yeah so i was just bit it was designed to get general managers and owners to go to really nice ato and then just get drunk i wouldn't be the toilet smelled like those it those conference rooms and like the merrier in times square we matter substantial football guys like overcast needed coffee swilling like forty eight year old football guys and they got to smoke during it yeah they should bring that back be able to smoke during the draft i agree you guys want to talk about a couple first round first overall picks sure so i was looking through it a couple notable bus tim couch and courtney brown back to back years for the browns that that's got to hurt jamarcus russell david carr and eric fisher most rate of reasonably i recently recent recently yeah
so those are some first round first round bosco john carter neither one some really be chrome runs peyton manning michael vick sam bradford andrew luck all those went first overall bigtime players who do you think is the best place to ever go third overall in the initial draft fuck latona can you search automatically oh yeah displayed poorly sort of slight bottles i looked it up with the supplemental draft here's a fun fact brian bosworth didn't declare for the unifil dry because he didn't want to play for the courts or the bills and those guys were drafting second and third so here wanna play for the franchise so he entered the supplemental draft and the seahawks got right to draft him first they signed him worked out great for everybody that did work out a righteous like a classy way of doing what
yeah yeah yeah oh sir sidney you i mean he's not classy interaction our say that those bad word play borderless take shots at manning family less controversial here's a terrific you guys which team there's two of them have the most first overall picks in history a castle gotta go with browns the brown wrong surprisingly wrong maybe it's probably ordered branch video traitors nope it's chargers the courts in the rams have had seven overalls liberal dear but actually that shouldn't count because the rams one of their number one overalls was as the cleveland ramps so its basic esperanto getting them exactly does this basically the bronze who
another trivia for which team has the most first overall draft picks by school who say no miami no you gotta think historical here no doubt whether the usa in order to coca both have five number one overall picks historically there is actually a couple there's a couple of schools like rice has one number overall pick that's kind of weird that's really strange together was he doing i don't know what i supposed to hang up flyers in ya tampa is tampa even a university know well it wasn't nineteen thirty three it's just a strip clubbed its own by randy savage so blake i got the seeking question for you it's chemical but take put in ten put in public but take your ten dollars off your seek purchase ok a question for you
is what should the seeking question be because i didn't write down a seeking question question who is the number one overtaken the to us in ten draft and tat no googling no googly do you know the answer this yeah platonists where'd you play and i'm up on google fischer was now you mustn't doesn't account replaited oklahoma was that same breath it there you go never leaves were really like i've been traded for lodging around a rope actually sent branfords gone number one overall probably three four yards with picks out have been treated true true three out of the top what tricks that year was open
oh let's see who else would that a better must have one on trapping should that year they did not a monkey boy ensuring millions ok boys ok hospice ok what do you think i blush let's move too because this draft in college and everything what do you think about you see f now the day lost scott frost you think you could be will win back back national championships i think you have those a chance you see the unveiling of the fine and the stadium idea you get a ring now i'm gonna get a rank ass open maybe i could get a replica rank or sometimes economizing yeah i think this'll their own replica rings cfo went back to back here you exactly are you excited to go to london again this year wow i get away that's amazon what you say you should get a flat the cult flats and sort of apartment so you should get a flat their knowing that you're gonna be there every year when martin you might winner in the hotel in somebody says hey let's take a lift
do you go outside wait for a car to get onto the elevator o the question i really at their groups and they also phillip we talked about this before but like though there s not enough homophobic way though ass the like but my bag and they're talking about cigarette yes he has to be done with every time undecided excuse me for not just the cigarette what is little its rapid southern let you go what is the off season russie off season look like for you you u s authority in meetings right yeah we're we're
now meeting of four times a week so do i think they do start next week get out on the field a little bit and then the only effect the starting point for weeks i believe has tom cough and talk to you since he stopped binds at hey play to really get first half and the game against patriots now examining fatal knowledge for the next conversation have you had have you talked to leonard format after he said he a bad breath yeah i just i purposely don't break i see that my house i go to the stadium and just brought him in front of his locker everything that's fantastic i will hopefully we see grit week tat we might i might have we might be sought and what are we gonna give that a way right now we know we we might we couldn't beginning tattoos many early in florida at some point yeah will be retained as it stands we could hang up exactly blake thank you as always it was fun and luck watching the draft do you watch adrift
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i would now welcome on rights would be the only member of this pod gas right now in the studio that is from situate mass because hank is on the train shutting makes no hank is on the train he celebrated ruins play off when less i look too hard so he will be joining us after this interview yeah why swore that get it so with this because after they teach you in accountability operational whenever you want to sleep in his defences everything like a million videos for us so i think i'll give you a pass here but which we have you because we have just finish round one we're going ground too i saw you got triggered online because people were following your gambling picks which stink and
how do you what was there surprise and round one how do you how do you feel up all these teams go around to the bruins little bit took him a little bit too long to beat the leaves government gonna knock that against them right were their little whether couple surprises yeah do there was a copy for me i was born for triggered by the way i want some men lose read me sound mad ok fan and we are not now not i was mad and ok here's the thing like i am i beg call with vegas flew away
then gave up like at all for games that one didn't turn out well i picture on all major european cause i was right about that go to seven i do said the wrong thing so wrong is wrong the bruce i mean you're gonna gretna closing about when i had the chance of rwanda dick that's gonna kind of affecting the entire girl going out on picking them still but you never know you never know they have good record in the rigour shooting at them and then you don t have tea with in your camps they moved on there hey don't you all i saw it i saw you at the overtime winter gave five you had like a little like while that death and celebrating progressive loki well yeah that's listen we have to we have to take her celebrations as capital spans when we can get em in overall
i'm anytime you can win it overtime hockey gave in washington you have to treat that like it's your personal game seven ok they're not while you said you should enjoy it because it's gonna come crashing through an end like it always does mangled the supply of natural waiting never play for the penguins did you i played on the planet ok so united jack odin the boy out ok will as an objective and that's never played for the capitals or the penguins i think the capitals gonna shit pump the shit out of you i've been trying to tell him about china warn him that it's not gonna end well tell talk to us about that series the capitals verse penguins i mean is there any chance that history will not repeat itself as it has every single year remember now get time remember ninety four you can't you remember ninety forward even go to the stealing a fine everyone saying it remember ninety four
but only for when we lost in the second round but we leave referring in the first place for me for me there's a chance there's a chance but i am bias but as a minimum put my feeling decided you know my any job analysed financial network seat i sit in minister the penguin deployed them ten times while their nine and one they played for games seven than those sensory therefore now they beat one and on the way to all time understand the cup washington at some point in the early around until washington does it i will never pick them the only thing that worries me malcolm don't want if you paid out gave to a tree the payments could be in trouble but crossing the best player in the world that probably triggers pfc i know what he is and he turns it on and to play off just create your good years again right now can sort this point
like magician and i just did not picking apples i'm not doing it what about the fact that what about the fact that very trots is a lame duck right now so coaching like there's nothing to lose he's i made the analogy this morning on w dvd in pittsburgh but i said very true just like john wikis that he's the guy he's had his wife taken away from he had his dog killed he has nothing left lucy just gonna go to killing spree and he's so bad a game planning that it's actually impossible to gain plan against him very trot because the age alibi them have a nap yes law what about what about what's named can hitchcock become the volcano agent a bit of an active alaska i guess i just to come and go
about this if you dont have a net you can't shook true while i think that a coach there it should happen and pray ended all we keep the girl i'm hoping to be good and wash in eager for the pittsburgh outside but if you believe it good for you you're a fan you're smart betting man like i am and i bet on fire you take the penguin ok whose seriously that when it comes to voting in the playoffs what kin separates a good head coach from her from a bad had got up the great i would say making international like a young people cannot be a term of the ideal agreed back make adjustments in the nba hey my game but an anti it's true like we were out of it
a year i want the campfire in pittsburgh in life after the game changer down to our really didn't just anything in the same break out what a good thing for you got out and they figure out what you're doing and can stop it you gotta make it doesn't that kind of up for the code so that they can do that quick without having relate wicked video the better coaches and opened his coming coaching and for me i'm not a bit coastguard for all yes any others or are you don't forget you got good players good players are gonna win but when they don't know much about that united catch you mean if we generally josiana taxes and we really should he wants to that that bodes well for us are you mentioned the biggest nights so the iron forgot there in the past because they handled the king so quickly is this
keep going on here i mean this is an unbelievable stories in its almost improbable the fact that this is an expansion team that swept the first round and is now looking they have whole mice in the second round mates incredible yeah maybe it'd be backed expansion seamen reproach ports while saying something in the fact that the fact that there is actually put this together in a way that people thought they were gonna stop it just makes it so it so much more ridiculous it before the others tweet and plenty i'm also expose my tat sum up just people being he's gonna lose sixty days so don't look maybe she's in a now we permit a minus one party in the second round like they have worry was playing the best he replied the boy looked he's gotta do you ever look at is right this is its twelve thirteen here in a league so just
i mean and then the whole crowd is ridiculous everyone's crippled and they're just degenerate gambling on the game in the arena like the best atmosphere and sport i guess i do some stubborn i'm not gonna get familiar and pick the kingdom the first time and keep it gonna get in there i do gonna win the copper i'll be broke or at some point i'll be correct about them losing but it's it's really cool to walk even at somebody was getting embarrassed by them i like tat the sound investment tranche yasser yet bruins you got the penguins you got the sharks and now who d of the chechen predators ah this is a problem with the best theory this is this is when people i'm a big complaint over the current format all the time
teams you played in the second round when a pay get more points and twenty nine and other key manager but they don't have all night in the second round so why doesn't make much of what this series is legitimate the classic all centres decent when a peg the best tops explored and leave their goal we carter halibut wasn't even planning on didn't plan on him being started they brought in speed mason duenna pig he wasn't going to begin in your home took off that finally worse national who had the best defence the league the best top for sudan yo yo see alice at home they all play like twenty five minutes again but that classic you know the old football battle with better agreed often offers a great defend peccary days an awesome boy to foreigners smell so it should be clearly here that i can't see it not go and seven and among their spoke about picking the when the carbon i'm a big future that right so what do i tell us why it unguessable yes all you do too oh yeah that's a bad that's bad for us
when you and i'm getting futures right you were when you and i have the same future that's bad but can i just note it caught her hella buck is an all time hockin it back i was don't play yeah yeah that's a great great community bucker he's here there's this date right so we got topics which we will have you back on after this second round is over but before we let you go you know you gotta do and we ask in a lot of buzz probably the most exe having first round in a long time have you watch any of it now i mean but be honest i'm not going to be watching it i'll maybe tunein in the final and even that up three four minutes i'm like this sucks with the whistles in the substitution and with the
but again seven but there is more to be so much better but it all you just a complete giacomo lead that they got that greek three guide duncan were thirty feet out like maybe farm take his charge actually or even know what a charge you don't even know what any of the calls are layman fan what would that while monitored indifferent and he got russell west one with a real boost the guy in red westbrook in oklahoma city you talkin about ricky rubio impress bonds and although you talk about the team that motherfucker down the stairs he doesn't stop talking about an individual battle that has nothing to do with how the team that you have to approach playing the youth i just whoever there on the broad and secondly that of bringing it came running shine i felt like included damage shut up dude like following a kid again you ve been a proper fifteen years talking i give you saw morgan riley fickle popular came back that's it that's the classic were probably have enough of wrapper rather more about what plan who like a bath he wanted to know the battle groups by only listen to games saw the whole thing is disgusting for me i
it is my opinion that any of it i hate the nba would about meat milk doubtless for its anti three dollars maybe your press rohingya take on meat milk and back off for the success of your meat milk and lack straight out of print regarding long showery golden stars in a locker on demanding an eta jumping alchemists soon promoting good work the he had found a ring about out there at the present be hard and modern popularity you can like a little i dislike swinging the bell again trying to chip with sixty wedge under the green maybe it's about meeting all european leaders are that it is so did the boy hired vandyke you apply a tribute i guess the seventies exercise wires friends what a life they have yeah joke about thirty just throw for pizza and beers onto the under the ice of the and what could who's gonna learn in the nba like like on developing miami one big game de way
we get a body no by his wife bunch good at what they lose for straight peering down at last for one more quickly towards progress still the warriors price southernwood yeah oh my god like what you haven't random ah exerts private six or other sections of the calves heavier heard of a hockey guide setting up like burner accounts on instagram going on there commenting on his own post all day i'm glad you remind me that because i said if we did bashing basketball calving durrant liking comments people may garnered russell s before the issue in oklahoma city it tat working there is no like the next came the guy thinks gets up to a warm said when we're therefore together with fighting not like i didn't mean to do it in an unlike my light simply unlike my light
appointing its centre right out the man i ride thank you are the best that we pass a thousand vespasian basketball though we ve had so far i will see you after the second round is complete and just be ready because he is he's gonna be especially sad this year could be really does think it's gonna happen to be sad because a materialise my life's not getting any better from that point because i'll be so happy you haven't you decide you have to be honest don't try to play off like the p the key like i don't really care be honest and so well you'll be when they i listen i if he really rats o invested jump in the east river eyes opened in the east river if they lose i'm concerned about how say he's dublin these river thanks thanks me i talk to you later which you know that beer paler fucker
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he had been more details i do i know actually yet and what's up with our countries national debt from local control are downright endorses a pretty good ok do you know how much money we oughta china will foster the man is a drop in the hat yeah he's just said you know we're all gonna die wonder so might as well just go for this actually all means nothing can't take draft picks with you it's just a game is actually the most new orleans move of all time because it you ve ever been to new orleans and another vacation bachelor party just black doesn't go any i lived there for three weeks in the end i realize i gather the last thing that you want to do is look at your bank account and see number one what you your money on her and number two how much money is left in their so this is actually good culture fifa thing for paid yeah there's nothing worse than the monday morning like when you right out of college the monday morning looking at your bank account after a long weekend or you
leave your card at a bar like you know what i'm just never gonna get get it because prussian have occurred anyway like the allow need a credit card cause it's gettin bad yeah yeah that's a tough it some it's a veritable plays you look at you look at your statement and it's all bunch of red it's all much red and then all your expenses are twelve dollar purchases at the store that's on the corner yeah next year apartment and it's all for like a twelve pack natural light repeat italy that yeah and setting a keg instead of doing something it's more economical each you ve just been walking back and forth or you realize that you ve been so drunk that you spent more money on atm fees than actual money you took out could you just like a ha i mean amongst gonna keep gonna atm at the bar the it's like seven dollars per atm feel ok we next up what we call this segment so it goes by a little but we ve been tracking the podcast numbers yet last six or eight months and
i think we're doing pretty well whereas i think word what number fifty got too bright ass others is new analytics it's called pot pod track odd track pod track they ve got us at number fifteen nationally nationally but ahead of us globally globally of laws are not even sports anything we're talking fifteenth biggest podcast universal down the universe we utilise this universe we don't know valence are pocketing so what they of course do everything has its origin brooklyn in it's a bunch of white aliens yeah in brooklyn here that deliver so where we decide was we're gonna ass kicked by impure left and right around one would admit it there's no easy way to put it i'm not gonna sugar coated yours beating dossiers as they are the acc where the big ten both were but what were but slower cap in open with bristol there were fifty or fifteen over already good for but we want to compete for top spot we want to get up to number one so the only way we can do it is doing
we'll npr on part my take so let's do it welcome back to the show the noted or an be artists in fashion honey west made headlines this week when he took to the popular millennial website twitter com and pledged his allegiance to president donald trump fans mister west showed on the website and spoke out against his crash tweets to better understand what happened we welcome on famous culture opinions based irving tell from the new yorker new york magazine wall street journal brooklyn bailey and leave weekly irving is a graduate from harvard with masters in cultural studies at yale and a phd in classical music from colombia his most recent book titled i smoke
skunk with my peeps all day spread love it's the brooklyn way the life in times of christopher george latour wallace a k the notorious be period i gene is now available on amazon irving thank you ok i appreciate having me phd in the podcasting studio and get back in front of my audience now step to the mic is what they say and hopefully i'll drop it at the end of this artists can you asked has been stirring up a storm online recently becoming somewhere in the doorway of the alternative right going on a few co like tension is legally i saw the tweets for blogging website twitter west is now from support ironic guess so members of trumps inner circle or now concerned about investing listen through the wire kenya is a big opponent
liberal university in tackling nation is well having named his day you album the college dropout it will be interesting to see in the twenty twenty election as kenya is tipped his hand ass he is indicating a potential run for public office in this is creating some beef in community as many other artists to not share his views betty lucky thank you irving and that was the programme today we end the programme as we and every single one of our programmes with our pledge i'm with her and don't forget our pledge dr seuss all your money yes me
give me some money and you will get a tote bag in a coffee mug that will probably break within the next six months but your programming will continue to be free this tote bag will be identical to the other dozen tote bags that we send out every month during our monthly pledge drives you can never have enough tote bags just get another tote bag give us your fucking money and you will be able to go to whole foods and use your toe back everything thank you i did and we know that think outside the record i put this out there that's gonna shoot us up at least topped area and the next month we do it again becoming for that ass and pr commies fucking awesome right how dragon energy i want some dragon energy this is all so i'm assuming where i think we can all agree that it is all just to sell records as either our records anymore waited the page i had again song attracts yeah but if it's not that and instead
to sell a new energy joint call dragon energy i'm all the way and we should just make dragon as reject so green tea and dragged it will just reformulate quotas by a bunch of anyone wholesale and just bark of the pricing that it will save what i do know just put a different label on yeah right that's our show we have steep amy outrage heavyweight championing the world on monday awesome interview with him and we join
erin fosters podcast we're gonna play a little bit of it for you on monday and then you will drop it on tuesday or wednesday really funny with him happy drowned people's what we're seven let me go to love you i love you wouldn't let me guess what we want to make one more point i want to thank you most kept open one paper baden what what what what what what what what what what do you call it
i'm gonna call do its part am i take presented by bar stool sports
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