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Blake Bortles, Steelers RB James Conner, And Baseball Is Screwed

2020-06-17 | 🔗
Baseball is fucked and it's insanely transparent whats going on. (2:40-11:01)The NBA bubble sounds like the coolest summer camp ever. (11:02-16:33) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including officially introducing Billy Football because we forgot some people don't even know his backstory. (17:03-37:54) Our good friend Blake Bortles joins the show to talk about free agency, how we can get his name back in the media, and possibly hair transplant? (40:34-55:20) Steelers RB James Conner joins the show to talk about his new book, beating cancer and coming back to play football for Pitt and the Steelers, and Big Ben being back. (55:23-1:17:54) We finish with Guys on Chicks Mt Flushmore of things girls do that guys hate (1:19:20-1:25:53)
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On today's pardon my take, we have old friend, recurring gasped. Borders. We also have James Corner on the show unbelievable story. If you don't know it, it's incredible yet new memoir out about beating cancer and then get into the NFL. We have baseball being fought. We have mba bubble, we have our hearts, equal throne and guys on chicks. There were earn of Mount flush more the volley back of the mouth flush. Or things a girls. Do the guy's hate submitted by girls, Germany predictions for that one? Ah, taking too long getting ready weight, so it's things a girls do the guys, don't say goodbye girls, so adrenaline and definitely not mill listeners at submitted. The harassment. Ok Hank has done a very deep screening process. Thinking pregnancies! Yes, I before we get
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His ball is for baseball is gonna be back, but it looks like rob. Manfred got caught with his pants round his ankles, and I have not seen in emasculation of a sitting, commissioner, like this, I think in my lifetime the way that the players are all going at his throat and sang like Trevor Bower had a great threat on it on twitter. You know they basically outlining exactly why Manfred changes, stance from a hundred percent were plain the gamester. I don't know it. Basically what it comes down to is. He doesn't want to announce that the league is coming back right now because they would have to pay the place for more money he's waiting until they can only get ready for a fifty game sees the put the owners. If you, if you don't understand the situation, fuck the owners, the owners essentially are saying if we have to pay the players more than the fifty games that we want to play minimum, we organized his money and we don't want to lose money and guess what we said what I say again, the owners will be making money forever if they had any kind of foresight
idea here would be take a loss. This season put save the baseball seats and dominate the re dominating ratings, Dominic like baseball, should have been back a month ago. They should be basically saying here is our opportunity to recapture an audience when there are no sports. This is the law. On play, lose money this year, but keep baseball going. Have everyone triumph baseball and say that is a sport. The came back first hooray baseball instead, there too the short term approach, the dumb approach, where they're saying we don't want to play more than fifty games, because we don't want to pay the players priority, Sally, which we agreed to. Therefore we're going to give back. Faith negotiations all the way through and hope that the general public will be I this bullshit, which they have not passed over this year, is not for whatever reason I then its combination of of social media. I think fans are significantly smarter than they were twenty years ago,
and I think more than anything, if you read the room a little bit like guess what
to guess who isn't haven't like the best time right now, billionaires be words of people of Means billionaires when, when there's a pandemic and forty million people out of work billionaires, let's just say we're not crying for them, so it has been an absolute clusterfuck leave ruined it every which way we're sawyers goddamn, desperate for sports right. Now that we're talking about korean baseball and pardon my yes, ok, I'm becoming obsessed with top chef. I have nothing else to do at night, I'm desperate for I'm waking up at three o clock in the morning to watch Australian Rugby League a sport to I don't really care about that. Much lots because one I'm a Rugby Union guy and a seven sky. Ok, but I'm I'm desperate for sports. We are all desperate for sports, and all you have to do is just put games on tv will watch them. If there on tv, we will support, people will come out of the woodwork people haven't, watch baseball and ten years will tune in to watch baseball the summer because we're star for sports and they are absolutely shitting down their own throats and they're getting exposed for two. Like eight. I can't remember another time when I first of all credit to the players they ve
a pretty good job of holding the line and I'm sure Are some plotters out there that would to say? Maybe hey, let's make some concern. We want to play baseball were already paid millions of dollars. I'm sure that there are a couple players in a league that would ought to go and say that, but nobody said he yet they're all kind of maintaining that line and when they're all unified, like that, it's very, very tough for the owners, put any extra leverage on them whatsoever. So the girl resigned to the fact that it can be fifty game season which will result in an asterisk on whoever wins world series and lessons the nationals of the Cubs with the Red Sox, so just be Orange Worden way out ahead of that story, line right. There yak, and I think this Sundays document really like illustrated this fact even more, but they don't have of you steroids boom to come where they can like look past and be like ours is grave. The sport! That's not gonna work this time so when they come, out of this year, where everyone hates them they're not gonna, have that like boom of sport, that's gonna bring fans back.
Lest they let people destroyed again bright, but they can't be because they can't pretend like they know, but what's going on, ship sailed the I'm trying to find the tweet put essentially an agent summed it up perfectly. He was like the the. Miami Marlins have basically pleaded that they were going broke. For years and years and years gave John, Carlos Danton, an insane contract and then saw the team with multiple offers for a billion dollar profit Oh Crimea, fucking river owners get your shit together. Take won't take one for the team Marlins on, so we had all speak. They had Marlins men and the mermaids lined up a season ticket holders, so that was that's like a little girl of men. Extra monsieur make management retire, he's gonNA, Tariq Aziz alluded to, it is he's thrown out there. They might retire in that sat. So I have effects. Is get cats to feed I've a fix
on Saturday I went down a rabbit hole. I want to buy a whiff of all week. Watch price three hours of this with a ball league in Michigan I wanna buy with, while the I want bring together there's like a bunch of different leagues, all across Amerika. I want to be the Vincent manner with a ball and and bring them altogether and make a national with Bali, because you know what I think with a Balkan just be. The new sport will end to play you all you need is like a long chair with a ball and about these guidelines on framework goes out with a ball is sick, but here's the only problem work after I'm, not I'm not pulling your idea, because I think that it's a good idea, but we have to figure out how to make entertaining to watch, because the pitches are sick right. The pitches are awesome, but if you have a great pitcher, then it just gonna be a no hidden everytime, oh no! No! No now so I actually talk to the commissioner of this league has been going on since two thousand nine and they have stats. If saw young, they have highlights, they do everything. He said
there is a there's, a rule. They can't pitched too fast to make it more in our hitters league, and I also want to implement the rule that every team has to have a three hundred pound kid. Who is under five eight and he gets too. He gets a used, a big red bat. Ok, just ever go, there's instant. I guess he's idea, I'm into that our kids hitting dares. Oh that's America! Baby! You want you want ratings. Have every game played in a replica stadium of immediately baseball, perfect those things are also perfect. I honestly think that there's like I was but I watch three hours of it and it was fucking sick. I went down this rabbit hole and I was like these guys are awesome like this stats. The fact that a sigh young race come on, I think, I like we're heads up nice guy might up in right field
the pictures is weird. Does he was like ten feet away from everyone else? Bryce Lily judgments about whom I can't write or just like, have the camera pointed out of tiny yeah exactly there should be a dad needs a pitcher dad over the age of sixty, needs to be the one on a man wearing the official uniform of with a ball would be no shoes, maybe Birchen stocks, but no shoes, preferably cargo cat. Shorts unlike other golf shirt like a but not as far as viable, yes fobs or find a button up like a golf polo, that's gotta brand or the Chinese be a fishing should be created for too many pockets get a logo on their from one of his clients, Diana S old, something to be sold, some sort of network solutions and encompass urgency at five years ago on his breast and yeah. The pitcher and he has to have a beer and in it Yes, and everyone has to dip. Yes, our judges have a big one which will be problematic, because I also imagine that they will do age restrictions fifteen to twenty five years old. Anyone older than twenty five complaining. My socks, why
Why did you just ages out of illegal work? We're gonna, be the commissioner some care, so we can change the rules whenever we want or the reality is baseball spoken the supper time yet a sock. So that's, what's Goin baseball in another world basketball is seemingly gonna come back, although curving has expounded on his comments from the other from the weekend. He also he now wants to start. Its own league did Michael Scott Paper Company basketball I'm down for you, you can get it together. I feel like that's one, those things, though, that if he is usually life around three league, weakens the other four pointers right like we did our own league like there's. A lot of fuckin paperwork did like even this. With a ball thing, going way. This actually happens. If I tell Erika like hey, can we bugs with Wall League and she's like yes, we should like, ok, great just remind after we reproached it in a year
yeah, don't want actually have to do a vertical lost interest from what I just said, winners, whiff of losses- and I don't know I don't really care there's thoroughly into one of the fields- should have also want of flax yeah when they feel should have a grill in front of them like this are filled. Her should also be flipping burgers during the dog stray dogs, preamble, so so basketball carers, who started only just the mark Maguire out with Bob Ass. You get one swing, that's a thank! You know it's back it back. It gets it real brown kid on? Every team he's a d age he doesn't have to field and he gets used at that and you get to be a ghost he gets. You use goes runners too, and no doubt we need him trot. We need him to trot if he has a dinner, yeah yeah, it's dinner, he gets to go all the way around. Maybe has the runner work that like starts behind the plate and has to run for yes? Yes, it doesn't. It run I like the Billy, where you say the with water by there's no running, ok! Well, there's one way the real of yeah. This league is awesome. You run I so basketball we
add so career was restored zone league and then, if they do play the NBA season, shams recurring guest had a Sham Shropshire bomb, ah, where he just We they're gonna have like summer camp and it looks awesome so hotel meant these players. Only lounge MBA to Kay TVS gaming pools barbers manicurist pedicure will, although you left out trail, frailer, also trails pool slashed trails rails, twenty four hour, VIP, concierge, Daily Entertainment movie screenings DJ sets video games, ping Pong Pool long games for player. Can players can attend other games? This sounds like I dont really need summer camp because my life is summer camp, but if you're trying to get cleaner, mba player you by like hey. Ah, I dont they need some are kept. My life is summer camp, but if you're trying to get everyone like it's, not that bad, they ve done a good job like all they missed, was ice cream machine and
groupies inside the bubble, that you have a question that I haven't seen address is going to be just like a rotating cast. It comes in and out because if so, you need to test them all before the guys are really the ice comes the ice cream machines important to anyone. I dont want amply that either. But what if. The ice cream oversee, if it's just do well in Europe in your eyes, I would imagine that I'm income a lot of enablers I'd like life, I'm gonna, guess the item or some other wrong. A player stir. I would rather years the motor boat and droughts and tits in fifty years will be like big cat. You know what you're right yeah. I don't see James hard put that right now that I scream, I want to see the how the groupie situations gonna be addressed, because I'm it what if what, if the two slick rate of technical fowl, and physicality, the game goes way way up because nobody's having sex inside the bulk now be great. For us, it is young, backed real, I'm a return to the eighties and yeah, and men were men. Rex, Chapman Dogs, brow and correct
average. Nine point content we're here for fuck. Yes five thousand reach. We saw a hundred and twenty five thousand likes like that. You're gonna have ping along a little kid ping pong video games and long games set up the other they're gonna have like I can you imagine, the players are. Actually we know what this
as this is like the world's best apartment complex and when you see the amenities that are listed when you move in Europe that can be sick, I'm gonna use a projection screen room in the common theatre area. All the time will table tables Ruby play on that and then nobody ever medical team in your apartment is one bedroom and like six hundred square feet, yet shit. What I'd really like another route right and it's a fifteen minute, walk away from the ping pong table in the lounge that yet right next to the property manager, and you don't you don't ever want to interact with the guy that you pay rent. It would be really funny to figure out who is like everyone knows, the kid in your freshmen dorm who, like there's a common area, room who basically didn't have a tv in his dorm room and used a commentary room as his room who's gonna, be that guy in the NBA. That was me I'll, be I'll, be here with you. Well, that's not right! Now I had a tv, but no it's different than what you're thinking, because I didn't use that as my common area, I was just I had a pile back, then I've always been about the pile life and then
became the over the overflow, my pile with that's brood people hated, you I'd, ask it out, you know nobody else hung out in that room, it all right probable hated you they motherfucking. Couldn't you were. You were one step below the IRA and if there is a complete were one step above, the EU is the complete opposite of the IRA. Is the situation with the IRA hated me? No, I'm saying the like everyone on the hallway there, like a view, had gone with one bullet who'd, you kill a Buick pay of tee. I now appeal of tyre. I also have any idea, so he got take the good with the bad piles, Pretty Falkland, really willing to overlook a lot of stuff as our first met in ours. If the person can come home with a cuban natty ice as true I too, that's death. Basically everything. That's gone sports world, we're still awaiting pattern. Scully like circling a city in a plane, waiting to land with it to the players, are gonna, go to the games,
they could add to the other day. I guess that's gonna be fun to watch. Yes, tat will be great. That will be great. I mean I want just bring it back. Let's fuckin, do it let's get going. Let's do are hot called wrong huts, equal drawers brought you buy, but light seltzer, but late selfish, cool throne is all the dad's out there. This fathers day make sure that you get your dad, oh but light. Seltzer he's gonna, love it, but light wants to make sure you get dad's what they really want this weekend in ice, cold, bud, light or broad light seltzer. If you really step up your game this year, head to bud light social, to check out our brand new bud, Light Father's day, mugs and ties. If you're trying to figure out what to get your dad, get him a case of bud light and just be like. I love you dad and he was like. You know what I love you too son, but I know the the biography about Babe Ruth know the bud light. Yes, yep Forever, our beers, the best gift of all yes Hank, hussy culture, also
An extra bonus, cool move if you're a kid getting your dad, some beer just home- let's not till my mother- about this year, that got dad just love secrets that they have our house. Absolutely quick programming. Note for the document a review on Friday. I have now watch documentary, but I have it on good good sources. I got a good recommendations from someone. I trust it called three identical strangers. I'm already heard about it at all. Some gas, all fucking awesome, that's fine in it. Also we're gonna fuck you up mentally, even better. Yes, we re wrong. So you can yes, you'll, be able to protest in actually great description of this part. Gaston general, no, like you're gonna, think you afterwards Pierre Gonna watch that Black Fox ever tell you that I saw my to examine Hulu and you can you can no longer time what aliens knows a year that guy I was where have you been? But when I was in fifth grade, I took a sick day as watching APL, because you all the game, should be Anita S paean to during the day. When I was a kid- and there was this
one dude and stands in England that stood up and he looked Zack would like me, except he had a moustache, and he was about fifteen years older than me sort of identical had predators, you'll I've, gotta TWAIN will change one's older. The mere thought about it. Yes, salary watch it it's it's fantastic! It's the best documentary we're gonna, do besides King Kong, that's the good that we need. We need that we need. We know what we need quality for the people. Yes, I I first hot seat, booze bags alcoholics, please and airlines, Billy Billy, God, I'm booze bags darling, I'm like frontier. Airlines or Knocker be serving alcohol on planes anymore. What's because of covert restrictions are trying to limit the whatever you call it airline person and passengers, airlines, person pilot without receiving a blog
let me say that, in the light of this, the S, the flight attendants and the passenger waiters yup, I was an airline misleads reader. Is airline operators couples breaking so we approve banks have to go on flights like you know, I'm sure there is a lot of people that are accustomed to like you, can't that you can get that through air. Only can I it in the very easy to borrow airplane bottles onto an airplane. Yes, the only is actually great news if, if you just think ahead in plan in advance before you go to the airport because swing by the liquor store and you by either their little like a one and a half hour, nip bottles and there are no like one two three dollars. Maybe so you saving a ton of money. You saving like five dollars a drink, bring onto the plane their underneath three ounces, so they don't get put aside and security. The only problem they used to have with them was when the airplane person, what are the guiding airline. Mr ceremonies, earnest. Our artists are Mr Wynn,
come down the aisle and see you drinking contraband liquor than they take it away from. It sounds like you're, not even patrolling the aisles anymore, so it's gotta be sucking fuckin and reconsider her. Ok, that's thereof. There is always some jerk off, but yeah. It's about parts out listened again, gotta take the getaway like old Ladys eating like hot tunafish sandwiches. So it could be, it could get crazy Billy. I'll. Let you figure this out, but you can use Lamar Jackson on your haughty and the mother Haughty was myself. Why I wasn't thinking Tal said I, it was announced in the winter winds and a loss of loss at source bring out. I don't think, that's true I have usually when was it, you say I got what was his ears. Gentlemen. Sweep lie right now and we know it like who hang on board to nothing. Yes, technically The vipers seaboard, talking about your metal weakness, cared a character communist
either to in the series of rifle examine, lap and you're smashing yourself in the face with your ping pong. Well, I wouldn't want I'm winning people say that's why women when I lose people say why lose its fine? I don't care just ahead case, but I will say that the bulletin board material that Hank gave me leading into tonight doubt that put me over I came out of my way. I knew I was actually matters very Jake NEWS by the Jake NEWS media who wrote a blog taking quotes too equally from Hank, was Will you tell me you need to like casually show at a cross party or had to playing somebody else? He named three other people in this office he's looking for ways because he's overlooking tat. This ray of debts, like I M J using a quartet I use and making sure that worsening. Why would you give that? Because I am looking forward to us being back an office in doing structure and other people verbal mean. This is me, looking at an Ipad of Hank, saying that I took always laugh
and then my cool throne is Chris Power Curb Street, even if a cod what doesn't happen. They're gonna be doing Monday night football so, like. I think it's good for you speed announced that if college football isn't happen, only use sir you're not going to be the booth. If there's college football, but they will be in the booth announcing football games for then I felt so there are going to be the Monday night football team. If there's no college viable, I believe so I feel like digitally. They're gonna, use them in the broadcast. I dont know if they're going to be in the booth to how we forgot. You of my gun, you and your article I dont. Ok, how we imagine that was at the quickest like turnaround, I couldn't believe that they had a video He bore glee like got called out by his player and then two hours later
had a video with his play Serbian like wouldn't change culture, they dropped another one today, so he ain't gonna scripted it. I hope colleagues will be ready. Sorry reading offer teleprompter, I don't I don't watch. I think you did. I think you apologize Einstein put in the video. It was him any whose is it to birch about you trouble troublesome java and issue, but I dare say they did. The predator handshakes drew breeze, Photoshop, not utter stocks at night, the white and black guy doing the high five is greater, must be used to say freedom, a consequence that semi nets crazy people camphorated than you can say whatever you want, but you can also have the consequence. Of your player, calling you are also
I dont know when we expected college football coaches in general to be the most in tune on these, the least. Yet they are the worst. I dont think that my Gandhi actually watches away, and I think that he just likes the logo day like oh. I think you must really, I think, he's ornamented on it and then also enshrined rate new yeah yeah. I don't think so. That's why seek opposite debts is crazy about. It. Is that my gun to your right? He was on the record like a month ago, at a noteworthy like by the way, have checked out away and yeah fired straight facts. No frills guns you come and wearing an American Heroes Channel shirt. What's it is funny that, like the college coaches they are essentially are it's like it's like back to like futile feudalism in Europe like there, the kings in the vassals or whatever their little area. They don't hear anything, you don't know anything else. They know that they are like the
and I'll be all in their little college. Town in the world outside just goes on around to me, the story wasn't so much about the actual shirt he was wearing in the objection that the player might have had to what Owen and how they cover the black lives matter. Movement to me, their story is like when, when chubby him out and said that I'm not gonna play and he's one of the best players in the country ass. We came out. He said I'm not gonna play unless some changes happen. To me, was a major major shift in power in college football. Yet because people, because it he said that his team was lined up behind them and if of players were to say something like that. No matter what the issue was no matter what they were, protests answered disagreeing with about whether this system are what you're coaches doing they have a shitload of power I think that this I really think that scares and people. I disagree. I think college players there still such an imbalance like take as their only there for three or four years. If the coach win
they can do whatever they want and even sought in the Alps. Reggie or whatever the video was my gun, poligized chop? It says I wait what who's a pot liked it the imbalances right in front of us and I think I think Gandhi apologize later you're right, there's deftly an imbalance, but a lot of people got very a very scared about what could happen. Yeah they just run. You got these places like they just run everything if they have their boosters in line and they win football games. None of them are like wind, coaches, don't get fired and cultural grow no, not saying that Gandhi was going, get fired right. That's not the rout I'm goin down under saying, like use use. All the players can realise that if they band together that they can make, should happen. And I'm just saying I see I I think I d things are going to change moving for our no one's gonna look like, but there was deafening like a different feel to it so Europe period, my hot c is Zeb as
Zeb hours, other one Billy Billy. You won't take this one now bankrupt, asking to put the ground brothers and the huts yeah. He asked Zeb, they declared bankruptcy. So now this means in the last, like three months has been the x. I fell Zoo Bass and USA. Rugby I gotta figure had us are bidding on some shit. No one heard them all that and whip of all. We turn in on one sport who, like like Calvin Ball and all forms a zoo bass. Yes, yes Hank! Yes, I like it. No, this is, is synergy happening. Re ass. This is this is the universe and it has a big signal its time. Become commissioners yell. I other hot seat is giants pickers, so Rojas got arrested yesterday because, Yes, he drove through an intersection who struck allegedly Teeb own a car traffic. From the police occurred, ass or giants. Pickers have been on a real, real hot streak of running a foul of law. The last couple years that also mean
there's opening in the official. So when another I was just a generosity, bring back a little fun fact from our Norton I warrant. Sharp no team is kick more. Fuel goes with thirty five yards or less losing my multiple scores and the giants last five years. This is where people could excel no pressure. You teams already and crushed. Damn car just say: somethin, I don't wanna play for the giants. Oh I will play for most so big of idiotic, your name out of the ring also that the culture that they have of kicker there. I don't- I don't feel like that- would be legacy that I want to contribute to a new and even Weatherford in the locker room use upon wasn't killers. Cackling appears when one hears senior hunters are killers. Hunters our cookers, no punter Africa. Plotter is kicker that got nothin to do with a loss of rigidity at twenty two, instead of twenty one and a half who I think bigger than might be more Alfred and kick disagree They're always allow many Prager how many men they moist tatters did, but they make tackles and they
here too, has already been their workers are like the last. I feel it partners are in things like market king because Vulcan Bawler generosity. Counterpoint Panax, I'm gonna be Deputy Mcafee, both no no he's upon here. On who is abusing let her l B. I wonder why now, but he was a punter de grammatical brothers oh darling, injured was celebrating a cat. Yeah requires do where's last time upon a rip. The turtle have turtle title. Whoever fraternal fucking man, Michael throne is reality, show conspiracy theories. So, like I alluded to early in the show, I've become big Topshop, fount of actually been a big Topshop fin going on ten years. Twelve years, whenever I back and like two thousand some is when I first got do, but is the finale tomorrow on Thursday and in the preview
for the finale. They have paddler. Awarding the winner and saying: congratulations: you are top chef, but people have gone back and round it and they and tell by her inflection that she's genuinely surprise to be awarded to this person. So now the internet is thinking. The betting odds have shifted that it can be Stephanie who's, not even a chef at a restaurant should private chef was really good speed I think in that Melissa the odds on favorite is not going an empty Melissa through and through. Anyone who knows me knows that it seems like Stephanie might put I've. I refuse to keenly look it up on that you're gonna get spoiled. Sometimes something spoil it for you. It's not. We may ask their under India so you're. Someone I'm into always knows reality Steve some always somebody tell me if you know who wins Topshop let me know second bet on it, but my my money is on Stephanie's the moment. The moments gonna be too big for and she's gonna make a store bought, result own still under cooking. Ah, my seat is us because I realized something
we never. We ve been doing this podcast for four and a half years. We ve got next actually, bigger year over year, keep growing little brag? We brought, our internet Billy Football and we never reintroduced him and there's probably a lot of people who started listening the last two or three years reply. I have no idea who Billy Football is so Billy Football is our interview. Our first in turn, in the summer two thousand and sixteen six seventeen he was. He showed up. For his interview with. Six pages stapled on his resume in about five and a half six pages? We're just completely made up, me was the more staff from his high school for use like I can. I can also high school quarterback. I can you guys in shape and he as a gem of a person. Does what seal the deal for me when I was like we gotta get this kid. I had lost my remote, my tv, remote and the
doing a bunch of interviews, I did Billy's interview and then he was going to bring with you guys like a few hours, and I was like hey. I need you to run a spyware and twenty a street best buy was on the twenty second street as like. I need you, gotta best buy and get me in new remote and he legitimately came, in like two and a half minutes like full sweat as what how do you? I thought
I was going film by rainest as I possibly could you literally rented, like seven blocks and insecurity back with them. Like I really want to the bathroom, it came back. What what we need to do, though so Billy was our first internees back with us, which we always had a job back with us. He went with us too, when we interviewed J J, what he went with a state of how Long's house he he got trapped. He went with us to yes, p and the first time that we rather camp is residential. Almost like be almost fuckin truck. Stick Marcello! In the end, in the hallway he's like a horse, will you bring billion? Sizemore is always sprinting around places and they just like in between taking steps to water he's just always on the girl. So we need to what we're gonna do is: will tweet out the essence of Billy is his first summer he accidentally tweeted a picture of pieties dick and also die. She's phone number? so here within ten minutes of each other, his raised his punishment, was he had to give a powerpoint. Oh well was out small,
enough. You see the angle that it was at you. You understand tat. It was so that he had to do is a powerpoint on cyber security and fire salamanders for these our office, we have it, we videotaped it. It was fantastic down billion. His essence he's a gem a person so sorry by us for not reintroducing him, but he's back he's better than ever. He's gonna get us in shape. He's gotta whoop, which I'll get you in a second and Billy great to have you back pay so much. I mean any also talking the MIKE analyse those never talk to them a little concerned about him, though, because last night I gotta notification, I tweeted at a saying that he wants money to create a different species of frog o on that. For that too made. I wanna here's explanation behind it because it seems like you get into Jurassic Park type situation where you will explain reptile DNA to go I'll gets ever really quickly. I just once you all listening to know that
I'm always on the hot seat. I know, may not do the best on the pipe. I'm always taken care, the guys just like you. I know that, like as long as I can get them, candy really offers a boy I can raise for the boy said. Illegal fiery really also put us on a diet that summer and I would just like hand as food, and I believe you sure this is ok to be on the diet and he would hold on one SEC and then he'd run back to his death, Google, some and then be like ass. You don't eat at thousands, in a room was Billy. What what do you want to do? The summers- and I want to train pig cat here like that, ok yeah, any, would grill show us every day which we gotta bring that back. What have you saw? Grilling forcing, I favour portability was when he would bring, did gallons of water up to us every day, give us a gown, a water. He have all these motivational messages written on the side. Yes bring that back to. I want out her. I want to know why I'm back, I, my culture, does Bryant, he treated testify krona virus negative, hell yeah. So if anyone was wondering what was
hang out is equally just perfect timing. Like ok wait did. I was also hilarious. The hip, a thing to Desert Ryan Committee hinders violation self. Yes, I billy what you're hot equal terms a hot see, Lamar Jackson for political beach, for biological over that good. Do those good you figure it out me. I knew I thought tones to choose its. I chose not to zoom out alive how lawyers I thought we use very obvious, but yes, so he was playing upon the beach and he scrambled and he almost got hit by jet ski, But he's ok, which is good, so cool thrown actual, don't know. Even I thought people internet work, I'm, u way more upset with em yeah. I was a casual like it was a terrible look. Yeah if I was if thou is like in October, was in the patriot, I'd, be shooting my pants and also count how you wouldn't, if Tom Brady, add scrambled and run a four to forty down the beach and had to jump hurdy feet over it actually wish your fancy hours in heated, so hot seat, Lamar Cool, throne,
a but also cool thrown patriots fans because Tom Rageous came out, and me personally. I think that him, the Buccaneers Jersey, makes them look like a total villain has just the colors. He was like a big like scythe Lord Vibes, out of sight of sailor in the longest yard, less like red and re like he went from blue and read, which is like you know like. I feel like synergy good Jedi. Then it's like scythe Lord, but that's just me, but you I'm. So here I can't remember what he looks like a patriot uniformity. More after seeing just like you label nicely greasy along HAWK monologue judgment, about the frog. Yes, okay, so afghan bullfrog really cool there, the heaviest frowsy about this big, which is about the size of a thing haughty turkey, and on
so there's this hasn't, because everything that thing on Netflix of the guy who injects you reject himself with crisper genetically and on hearing will govern our Miss Turner himself into a chicken. You know he did you just say: Youtube, ok, Youtube Youtube. Crisper, I've read the guy's name anyway. He sells United hit. He sells these Jean eying kits and its four frogs. So he does it on like home, lab frogs functions like a Mozilla you're, not in jack you're, not injecting fraud. No, are you buying a kit of dna from a guy on Youtube that shoots himself up with better geologic? Isn't bad dalzell title you just? Do it also crisper crisper technology? So we can make this fraud, which is already giant. We could make it even bigger
by word or genuine, like Kelly's written into turtles, were fraught care. We just back and make a mutant fraga, totally legal with sides, because, like you can like dissected, arrives at this period. I settled where we thereby was a frog. I would be like. Oh I'm afraid, which you can make me a huge manoeuvring. Frog I'd be so in put. Did the frog consent working the fraud. Ok, ok, I'm a girl. You live mice, everyday! No, here's what you do really just set up like a pad in front of him and be like jumped to the left if no jumped to the right. If yes do you can sent to us, making you swore as hell and then just keep you're taping it until he jumped to the left, and I give you look it which frogs you to buy. You can see in their eyes. They won't be an offer. You really want it. Yeah yeah. I get to get the fraud that hates you the most day they re vicious, they have teeth. Remember I ask you to remember: I said Billy Football, we're happy that he's back. I was part of my take. Bioethics I'd so Billy, also before
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well come on, are very, very good friend long time, recurring guest one of our best friend, someone just fuckin, say one of our best friends its Blake born. Bake were calling you because Blake the where's coming up. It might actually even be next week we're not going to release it till July. Sixth, but we wanted. There with all of our Blake's beforehand. We talk to Blake Griffin last week. How are you feeling Are you committed? Are you recommitted this year, because last year you were disappointing and houses providing the bleak portals? Households, it's pretty good. That's your pretty good. I gotta lotta, redeeming moderately. When the do? Last year I had added had showing baron. I regret and problems the record that will never be broken and how quickly he answered. I got a lotta make up a minute, I'll get don't you. Playing this weekend, he got a phenomenon, must go and buy grip, obviously the defending chap. So I gotta gonna pick one. About somebody, the shirt: when will we
it like a week said the upper out. I'm gonna tell you notice you gonna, give us it's gotta, be regionally days could be a three day period, so it's gonna be like the Monday through Wednesday. The car could happen at any time. Ok, I like that. No I'll be ready as much schedule has never been more wide open. What are you so you are going to it? I have a theory Blake. I think that you are being blackmailed by the NFL, because you drive a Tesla. Have you heard about that I have a word. I think it's got argue it yeah. It is what response by all kinds of motor oil companies. I mean they don't want you to drive clean right yeah, they definite promoting the gas from the power. What is the latest, like? I am probably, is off to source, I think, most of the time its source subject, but knowing you you're you're go with the flow guy like what's what's the latest, what have we got a buzzed? We get the boy
going, we got it, we could deathly create. Somebody had got a question. I get asked very frequently a knob got to the point. Now I just give different answers overcome. Somebody says there s, so I may have sent a highly it gave to the larger railing saw how to dissuade and hanging on weight. Given all the horse. You give us to all the answer. Just rattle em, all off that war, for a while. I just pretend it like. I was going back to allay, even though I understand the one year deal and they didn't find me just the kind of harm the conversation from going any longer and then I found the laundry highlight tape out there a couple times. Guy a lot of times I just put em, I gotta hear them asked the question: does not really great I've gotta go to so you know, I do think it out and in working out at the outset, trying to be as dead. Do all that wages, somebody, Kosovo you're from somebody, would you
like us to put together, highlight real for you like we can. We can edit a sweet mix. Tape together, like put some behaving like start in black and white, with a heart beat and then kick in some like India, music catch on the sidelines from from Latvia, which would you like a sea till I get out of my area that maybe mix than a little Lincoln Parker something in the background to Hell, yeah, ok, yeah. We can make that happen. Well, here's the Good NEWS is out of you got any coach dogs, but you actually or the backup quarterback Tennessee right now, so we might just restart the whole career and I've. I say what Tennessee another you'd be my start. They. I recommend that the other day I say what you did
I still what's goin on goods Douglas Career right now you shall be hanging on the sidelines care fact. Man, the funding under my fellow almost there yeah you're you're five star recruit different race, but your five star recruits. So they show they show your graphic after every first extra points to be like look at Blake portals out their holding shoved, perfect deadlier America a little hand early on yeah yeah right exactly. Are you done sort of right now the amended unfeeling jacking up which sound like down there together laser hanging out here are places closed down or there are now no Florida don't know about all the Florida. I guess Northeast Florida. Nothing! I'm really change Now it was gone out like a body is obviously than sharing out when you know I was gonna shut down there. You know those unemployment, things because to be mandatory for people to wear masking amid those whose deftly majority
so you're, not wearing mass in a restaurant had been opened up for a couple weeks now saw a minute, then pretty active till we get you back on the job, I don't know, I'm not sure, if that something better it is in their future plans like they, they were set with the last goodbye and I dont know if they want to reunite hold on. Let me finish what, if we just did a fucking sick, I'm coming home, video perfect. I meant well whatever you guys can do put together to help me. I get a phone call and have a job again will be credible, yellow dot, maroon he's a big like sentimental guy. If you can get him crying about something, then I think you can really control his decisionmaking. So if I may weaken, we can cinnamon I'm coming home video, I'm sure that watching that he be like yeah what mean Blake has great timescales. If you love something set it free, if it was meant to be,
return, never to work, maybe get a mug, give him a little round up emotionally and then just gonna throw the bologna and his face and figure out where we can make a. Maybe maybe we could get the here's another idea. What if we get Jared too, maybe do like an EAST sixty where he comes out and says it is addictive deploying fortnight last year and you were such good teammate that you intervened and got him to stop, and you like that, just a few, guy you are right and that I overtook him fortnight addiction and also the needed yet army. I think that's it! That's it! That's a good story! Time! Ok August, we had had more free time enable yeah. I like that one, oh yeah. We can weaken manufacturer long story less how about how about this one? You, when you finally went to the dentist and you got your- how toasters fixed so you no longer have bad breath,
so don't worry about that. An auto guys right! That's completely taken care of restricting the strictly packet and gum regiment, as well as helping to worry about their that coin. I love that. I think we, I think we're gonna make whatever mortals happen in the next couple weeks, yet appreciate it whenever I would ever storylines you guys cradle Amelia, confirmed or deny what is your official her game like right now, I'm kind of tough, honest, because of its economic, a shave head right. We ve talked about that and then like the the blending of them eared ensue in other short hair on top is definitely an art, and I have not figure that out. So I get a hair cut it out and then I got a shave the face and and looked like a caveman her a little while- and I say it again- so it's look afford actually go no rhubarb repression which ensure their open. So I need to do that. What what about airports I thought about! I feel like once like the brine are like your thanks. Tough
yeah like what you commit to go involved. You can't just pop up arrogant, I guess the opinion timeline by everybody knows, but this is a perfectly ok, I, what about forget hair plugs? What about to pay well does too pays anymore, you did it to pay, said Anne. You set it you're like go. It's a fucking to pay guys like TAT would get so that's great pause going on, whether to play to pay or air plugs? I've always gotta wanted to do something like that. You show a back on the scene with a full had a heritage. Pretend like nothing happened, ass thing I would, if anybody asked about it just say like other allergic talking about always been here, I'm talking something outrageous. You like a ponytail ponytail Blake would be an incredible look. Do you imagine that ponytail out of the back of it until you down the trail in the larger I league you'd have to skin, showing you have to feed in a way jeems with a stick. If you showed up at their like, you did a private work out with a ponytail like you would get offers within probably twenty four hours
oh I'll, work on it like it I mean I could probably girl pony to amend the size of my head. Go grow pretty pretty rapidly, so it's just the cops a bit behind I mean I could get the balding rattleborough for servicing of amazing. What about? Oh, we want a box can get on the box with Brady oh no use when we do believe that be pretty sweet. Thank average other here's. What we do we just mark you, we gotta get you a covert test. Ok that step one. We I get you test for the antibodies and then, if you have the antibodies we just market you as the quarterback who will not get covert s. That way. If there's a last minute sorrow needs to happen on a Saturday summit as positive poor pick up the Blake phone, We need just saved that we already know. If he's cured of this, doesn't have it is ready to go any faster
Fact anybody else rights with no risk in your great locker room, guys who once out of all this, I we Jake BAR Shangri La Jake Marshall, who listens before this goes out, will will actually make a list and will blog at all. So just put it out there like here the story life's running Blake portals and who's gonna, be all like new hair Navy grown of ice Also maybe good breath came from What one at one of these storylines was deafening. The catch on somebody's gonna see Agnelli. Think about, like you know, maybe we should call up the has yes Hausa how's. Your golf came off. Games ok play in a law. That was one thing I mean further restaurants of early close, I'm here, got on golf courses, state open all time, so gotta lotta dolphin I wandered down now, look at its gets a little hot. This familiar so tone it back a dutch yeah. We have Billy football. Here I don't even know if you ve ever met Billy football. Are you guys met Billy? You have a question for my own way,
a biologist Amy wandering hold on hold on guide blink? Sorry, Billy? I gotta tell you this. I felt the phoenix dogs games and the other night, when you gave the ex call right into a credit to the backside cover to shaping over the top one always make informed of your education ex called to lay until August. Yet like yes, I will get really had four He's not you Haven got triggered early yeah you're declared the cat was a touch laid on it. I thought what she saw. Her name is the borders, how I barely four bullets gonna, but so you know and coaches say you can't thrower the middle late. That's a common! You know like, like fire in a car The fourth. You know he saw TAT. I it's a cover to write. Blake in Europe come from somewhere. Italian cover two down the pipes and apply right right, so its wide open. Any throws it like ten
seconds! Afghans! Dawdle requires real, tight and marry. You said of settling angrily for than before us now and you through it like ten exact Gennaro, went we're just one question for Bulgaria was a threat, throw a bender Blake. It was through under numbing, you're gonna, throw it early made. It sounds You like, like the backup quarterback, my need. The ghetto appliances and thank you, Mr Borg, I do have a question for you just return like against you, oh god, ass. My that tomorrow, a boy. What what you're makin want good question, Billy idea, I can tell you that we have we ve got a little baby we'd, all especially the quarterback. We cannot really Maxwell anymore. We do in college all time. If I had, it
facts out right now to do one rep of squat, early. Maybe I could do three hundred pounds now Bobo maybe a slim chance there somewhere around. There would still be a pinch press I haven't legitimately bench, breast and college, big Dumbass bench guy Bands year just get the pliability quarterback work. I've gone through this through what coached. You think that limit press with dust off I mean rebels gotta be up there rightly and for one he played still in pretty good shape in relatively young of dogs. Probably up there is big yeah sure is yeah right after
a brave automatic Grable brother ones like that. He actually I got one last question. Forty Blake and we're gonna talk to you next week at some point out tat. She went when we're gonna do to break the air. Probably next week have you talk to anyone about tightened. No, so I was that there was a big part of really what I spent all last you're doing. Was I'd, get out early to practice and make sure, when shown got on the field. I run a couple wrought by I'm in a chair, drills and let me just kind of get at the back of his head like. Why can catch by? I got up not about so it's still out there. I've got a floating the idea around people, no telling everybody again that it would give me an opportunity I can make something happened, my natural position. I like that. I like that outbreaks, we're gonna, get you out there, we're gonna, get the covert buzz going around you. I mean the anti covered. Nineteen, don't don't actually get it
because we're just gonna say it and then we can fill. We can worry about actually backing up later. So I will ring buzz, go right for you being an anti covert, quarterback immune to it, but also the ponytail breath, willing to play tightened. The breath is great. Securing jeered from his fortnight addiction, yet great teammate, right, absorbing teammates addictions has postponed not that probably not as good as yours, I'm a serviceable. Ok, not bad puts punk got it paternalistic, right, I'm excited, I think we're going to get it figured out. We, hopefully we see you soon as well. It's been too long. You'll have a job here. If you ever want to stop football, so
that's always yeah. I regret that the other day I like that could become an absurd. I might not be paid if I could take Billy for both job here. So don't on insurance up and opens up. The answer will actually pay. You will pay you very remote, pulling take your job, William Blake. Just simply wants it. Your job so now gave a crime in no way. Dude did so much. You off. You do so much better. I plague. Thank you is always we'll talk to you probably next week I'll give you a heads up. Don't worry, Let me know good talking to go to appreciate the question. Billy. I see a symposium Blake thanks, They like me, and these are committed to standing up against hate and intolerance by creating a world where hope outshines. Fear for all people with me, and these gives simply by shopping the unease you help them support, between pride and racial injustices that we continue to endure today, this much
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Something completely different. Okay, we now walkman very special guessed. It is Pittsburgh Steelers running back James Connor. He has a new book out called fear. Is a choice, a memoir about his. Credible story. Let's start their James for people who don't know Oh your story, and it is incredible one You were diagnosed with cancer wow at Pittsburgh in college. You are diagnosed while you were checking your knee correct. You tell exactly how it all went down. Yet it was the year without city. What to see my joy year, you know poise Abu obeyed new year after you, no good you into doesn't fourteen and are you first Yemen, please answer my knee and during the rehab for that
make a comeback just working out a new things, raw, and you know, shortness of breath. All the seconds I was having- and I can't put my finger on what it was and after further testing you went through a little process, it was figured out that it was Hodgkin's. Lymphoma and so it was a great how it came about you know. Maybe I run a back. I'm taking you know my knees, they're, like the worst thing that could happen to me. You know that I do not know what was always next account I'm so you just like a rose. A roller coaster manner with the crazy journeys been agreed journey so far, but units at a story today, and so it is a blessing yeah sorry about that. So you each warrior embassy, alright against young sound state in this area, we'll be fair to say that both police saved your life them everybody play the far right. You knows, was there arm size or after you receive your diagnosis. I think we a lot of us, I have read your story and heard a lot about you and admire what you ve been through and eye. You persevered was there,
we were there any like dark moments in the weeks after the initial diagnosis, or were you always just like dedicated? You were saying: ok, I'm I'm gonna lean on my faith, I'm the lean on the people around me and we're gonna get through this of sharp, and there was this he those dark times. I tried it. You know remove all negativity and I cuz. I knew that could do nothing for me. You know I had a fight ahead of me and it was going to say Genoa this effort- and that is where our folks needed to be Ambrose, deftly not there that's awful my game in college and it happened to deal with that and I'm just watch me although the bags and her body. What's my team s own compete without me, oh deftly rough. So you know a few minutes should have those dark moments and ass ragged settled a book enough there's a choice. I had a lot of fear. You no fear of ivory. Was computer play again on your back to return in the top shape so as to cover things but on a diet. Leaned on my face at MIT Mason, I had some support from really nobody run a world. Will you help me get duet went to you
How can a book about life's plot twists as well and I'd have to imagine you could tell me the the plot twist that have happened in twenty twenty to America and the World Corona virus. Obviously it's going on right now with people fighting for you know, do justice one the police and black lives matter. Do you have a different perspective when big things like that happening? Like look I've, I've dealt with things. I know how to I know how to overcome these things. Can you better than the rest of us that might be dealing with these tough things in life. For the first time, I like to think that I had to mature early from where I went there. You know Jesrad twenty one it and was looking for Do at eighth and grove to surly, but I know still hurt and affected by the injustice is going on in America right now and in and all that type of those issues that they were facing. I feel it and I
Arkansas to people who lost their lives and it's very unfortunate and right now football kind of need to take like a back seat. You got a lot of issues that we need to write this in this country, and so, but I think that's I went there I'm unable to to disappear this out, and I hope I was in a really really dark place and my hope I've seen a lie. Man I got out there in the world in a bloody war in a dark place right now, but they have made a sample, you know and not make positive efforts stores towards change than we think what what has been MIKE Tomlins message to the team, because I've, I would imagine he is he's very noted- players, coach players. First coach, he always seems to have a really good pulse of his team. Why? How is he talked to you guys? After you know everything that's gone on even done a phenomenal job will bring us together knock out. We are affected by. It is his father.
I went through things he went to not his son is seeing things, and so it is tough for him. It's tough for all of us really want a team, but the beautiful thing about football is, you know our whole life, everybody on our team. We've we've been in the first locker room. So we ve gotta, know what a brother who feels like you. So during our meeting we didn't China come together and I think a wage. Make a positive change in endless six EU to raise awareness more than ours has been and is working on something desk in it better in the society and so on? And what should I do? I write things were with definite. Often about it my place theory, it sounds like this. Dealers are gonna, be supportive of whenever you guys choose to do whether that be kneeling during the national anthem stay in la whatever. Whatever outlet you guys are going to focus on here, the stores have you back on this agreement. We had meant our owners. Are. Colleges are stat men, everybody from its now what were are less well
at the moment. We are not. There need to be changed so whenever it out the Steelers organizations comes up with me. Am I say my son overcome beyond bore his great I'm on a little lighter note, big Ben just shaved, his beard and somehow lost five hundred pounds when he shaved- and I dont know what it was about, the thing that he was grown but a definitely it added a few pounds are you have you? Have you gone out and worked out with him yet or are you excited to play with him? Are you worried about the first time they straps on the walking boot after his paw conference and- and I in Canada Daniel- I think around a little. Yes, all we are in a week be linked up will be withdrawn. There was little they regard. Release of stone up, don't feel with Georgia with Switzerland manner. He looks good out there and so were definite a dab, our guy back now, just taking a field Mamma do everything I can to make it copyright and get that wrong? I'm Goin movement as friends, alarm system in better diagnosis, seventeen form. So I'm in another He still had, though those toad butterflies, and he talked about that in annexes- will MRS play play.
You know car or level, so I'm excited for it. For his comeback, the whole team is going to rally around them. To be fine will be song, Have you thought about bringing the mullet back? I had not this, not the one that I have taken. A first name Alonzo my view not, but am I on my am I grow some other back, I'm not sure, but Sars that won't get with it now that that was retired the mola is so nice. So you are. You are like a Pittsburgh legend. You know you're from Pennsylvania. You went to pick your on the Steelers. What makes what defined or explain to everyone outside of Pittsburgh. What exactly is a user and what makes users so great? We love Pittsburgh. Mad joyfully logger, set up by you set up because I M a reasonable, really I'm letting assured the executive. Emission of a user. I know that parliament has to be some. This is best work, don't do those who, in this dialogue,
They were fan. Pirates in penguins noticed this lovely, did he saw one day, there's deftly users everywhere. I love in a city, be ok attributable, so that's it the different definition than I've heard, I've heard it's a user is harder. Gold shit for brains down. There are down just like salt of the earth. People just spoken. True sports bands, you know cut me Paul, sportsmen's brought. We love, that's why I mean we we make for everything here but like at the end of the day we kind of are those people sports fans where we take belongs to seriously and get mad to quickly. Like that's what that's, what I always imagined Windsor is, and I love people like tat because they are true salt of the earth. The wee wee deftly Goslin fanatic fans who, go out for us, and so you know that that's part of I nation. They do the best. Yes right, yeah, What is a more important Pittsburgh tradition, the Rib festival or what
play double renegade at a night game. I don't think nothing really compares to that renegade. You know it seems like we make a big play every time that that that thing comes on. So there's nothing like it. You know. So it's all fans in the screen goes black and you know the Hokages pumped up and I something so do limited due limit your renegade intake during the week so that its that much more special on Sunday like if you hear it, come on the radio do change stations like. I can't do this right now. That's a Sunday saw MA. You know any radio station on parliament. Renegades by not of next gonna play was right. I heard on game Bazin enough enough of me. What's it like
having muscles on your back, I'm looking at a picture you, what's it like having muscles on your back that I don't even think I have. I don't think I have those muscles like. Even if I lifted forever. It's a triangle you attack was it arrived. Work is going on with your back and made. It is worth a begin after a change died of opening up to three times a day a week ago. So it s not defeat at in my head was the more back either so who do again after an unwavering one day s our job. Christ, you're fucking bitch. You actually you're one of those people. We have guess on every now and then, who just make me feel like the smallest person in the world because you had, you beat cancer and you were back the next year. For your senior and were phenomenal and then went and got drafted and play for the Steelers there's pretty much nothing you can't do. I would imagine, then, as well A barrier in armed is undecided to obey Mary. Someday you'll get em is a blessing, so evident
that's a good one as it is life we live, it's been embraced so far, so shall be a beast everyday. What arm, what the people have come up to and been like. Hey man, you saved my fantasy season. I gotta imagine that was big. When lady I decide to sit out it, I don't think I hired for four months and has even added at so old. Although you know he would aid. Are you serious illness as before, but now this year too, are you not performed, so it is dude your dad. Actually, I were caught a joke about that, but that actually makes you a legend for life people, fantasy owners will always remember above running back or why does she were the comes in and saves their season so like in twenty years, people like member that year, James Konrad, I was sick while back and put some more years together, united on one year now. Oh yeah yeah, but I'm saying you have that one like most people, don't have that one you have, that
for sure in its also because that one year you weren't necessarily the highest touted running back or internet season. Your kind of question marks for levy on so people probably pick you up and like the seventh eighth round, something like that and then you put I'd as always there you have the other, learn the live in more body, not up late vanity. For Basel. Never honest, though I was so big within our relies that call steel and all that song, you know I'm starting to of a loop. Have Has anybody paid you money like given you a cut of what they want in fancy for bonbons, Kate, Ferris, fair hearing a little taste now and I guess about me out that so in order thereby to pay saga when, when here playing in big bend comes up limping, are you ever nervous or you like now he's like this happens, all the time he'll be fine, I know if he ate, you can play he going to go so I'll, see you in a couple times, and you know he just continue just to play. Also most of the time a place to it are easily be said so, and I really dont get it
to worry about our resolve is nothing ever necessaries yeah. What about what about the duck magic? Last year, our good friend Devlen Hodges his has. He taught you how to do a duck all maven sign, but you know now on the east export that he got off after trophies forward the ease alleging that name or you may wonder, came and the did or somewhere else has occurred, had a cool. We had a great Robin and we are with you- is rolling. You know for a couple weeks show up, I know, he's excited to get back to it as well. I always wanted with you when you did come in for Le'Veon Bell was the offensive line like really really excited that they were able to bought for somebody that would actually hit the whole yeah man alone. You know I remembered in appreciating game, offer three aims, its aim and we took the field and nothing we scorn, might break free, run a place and we just like mad at you know they are the line. You know they hike me up man, they showed a lot of lovely right behind me with the situation you know, and they will just love. We going to roll with
Moreover, there they still out of love and respect Namibia, but I just remember, I know, is like this round behind me and in that way that needed. Yet when it comes to bill is obviously extremely town to Plenary is an awesome running back. I don't think anyone going dispute that, but I would also think at the same time, like it's easier for an often Suleiman who likes to move forward who likes again that rhythm having to do like you. That's gonna just I gotta go in there and just crack some skulls. Yes and I'm gonna do not forget to let you know it's a lot of hot odor bluff for too long they made. A work will have noted that, obviously you no great season that to see this up. I think couple different styles work, but on something concrete,
keep them again. After I'm sure you ve been asses. Put its first time were asking you this after the famous miles Garret Mason Rude off fight last year. What was it like walking off the field where you just like what the fuck just happen bear it? I was. I was crazy. I was in a locker room when it all happened and went down and obviously honestly couldn't come, blew my eyes, then that I just happened and so on. That we carry out. It's not ever happens again what it was oh always, definitely was instead that the the right back in and all that we just keno kind. What just happened. I was only yeah, but at the same time you're like I'm very I then I'm french, the marquise pounds here has right here. I thought with that. That is surprised about its even asked Moura, regardless of the situation or whatever it is easy to automate see my that's true. I have one last question so we're talking to James Conor right now, Pittsburgh Steelers run
back he's got a new book out. It is called fear, is a choice. You gotta read it incredible story. So going back to your story, your! U get diagnosed with cancer Go through chemo, you be cancer. You come back for a senior year, you have a thousand yards, rushing sixteen touchdowns and then after that or I'll know when you said it, but you are Sixty percent. You said you were sixty percent of your like strength that senior year. That's fucking incredible. Could you really feel it like man? I would have made this guy miss or I would allow- and this guy, if I, if I hadn't, just beat cancer and coming off of that no question. You know that's why, but other the possible instagram about how was feeling during much rain. It Jonathan come back season. You know, even when I say, sixty percent of current stole up don't and about their united, nor was in a hundred early on in his
in Barcelona? What I mean I was, I was exhausted. Nobody knows I was exhausted, ran up the time of the first game, this season and honest, remember, standing the national anthem, like you, know like out of breath. Write out the tunnel. That's how you know still how much snow has twelve rounds of chemotherapy that takes its toll on you and so I'll. Just like. I got to play this whole game. And I'm starving and all of that and I'm already tired before the game started, but slowly you know week after we get start to build back up and and then Vs Clemson you I have some late runs in a fourth some big run. I was like. Ok is coming back a little bit but, like I said people it takes, you know almost a year. You sounded to recur effort from twelve rounds chemo and an eye to do it a light too much. So it was deaf, they rushed, but in a way we made a work here yeah. I actually have one last last question. Sorry, ah, you recently bought your doubted truck so video, but when you buy,
dad truck you. You were doing it because of the kind of your heart, but was there a small party like this shit is gonna, go so fuckin viral and it can be, as those videos are the best. Those videos are not at least not when I first got steadily or minded them last year my boys errand down by his dad. It's rough. And I was recording you like and they ended, and he is dad- was super excited about it and me. I know my dad. I know that he's the one the truck for a while. I don't know what his reaction would have Oh, he didn't know how to be sold in. He saw the well What's the matter with honestly, I was bringing the car up to Erie, surprise him, but he was actually coming down to Pittsburgh to see for some reason to stop and see me, and so that's why? You hit the way they because it was obviously light of. A truly reaction like I didn't, expect them to seek like the scene of that that fast, so it's kind of played out so
You know well that we needed something positive and I gave that saw what a were it's an awesome, video. I love those videos, six million views, thirty five thousand or thirty, six thousand retreats there's get by the Small Party was like yeah. This is gonna, be awesome when it hits twitter. You want me to say I think I'll, listen if I may well what have we will put anything I sort of brain. They hope like that you're retweeted, like it's. Ninety nine percent is like disaster by my dad truck, and one percent is like this going to be sick people going to build a union. Ninety ninety nine, the one right I mean also yeah, there's also going to be like millions of people that see that awesome, Aisy Deasey shirt that you were too yeah society. The bigger flax, I think, is the Asia. On this. I had read that shirt was dope. Did you get? Did you get it fully like everything in the inside all set up like the computer system and everything all the upgrades is? Why do you need to set up the WI fi in there and do with music and all that and you know, he's a symbol,
so you know you never want to order technology stuff. He didn't want it now you he was excited I do, though, is pushed out his. I always the cynical parties like someone buys. You know where those videos Robson and it's like they bought like the based model would not have upgrade. I tell them, you can tell the wheel of the wheels or operate already. I quote tweeted it. That's pretty awesome your life. When I called acknowledges you ass being like hey, disguise, flaxen, that's pretty cool. We do that for like or internet dad might flurry. We should find no right. We should remember truck Uranos rock. We put a beau on it will videotaping dropping off from a bit like your dad and then after you get sentence or travel around me. I catch rented retreats real, yet read you can't take the route. We reiterate that enterprise needs are going to take that up my five o clock tonight. Oh Jane,
Thank you. So much man has been awesome ever gone by James Book fears, a choice. Unbelievable story were rooting for you, I'm sneaky like people make for me around here, because I'm a bare spanned, but for some reason I always fall in love with the Steelers in season layer last year. I was convinced that you guys, if you gotten annual made a run. Cosette defense, we just fuckin awesome. So I always I always so myself. I think it's, I think it's big Ben Slash, the unified! I always so myself on those uniforms at night, yet will always always like late November area. You don't want to play their nighttime, the black data black with delight you no longer feel rain. I like that. Maybe I must have been a boy. Mr attainments, come on let every little dinner for life. That's not the dogma. Dahlia week we were claim, is gonna, see your high school even go on at it. You know people of Burma
you know it's Taylor's bears, even though you know I wasn't playing that year. That was two thousand and seventeen I was. I was sitting, but no, I think, misty. I know I know his work ethic man. I know what he's about to do so he's going to come out, fired up that was essentially like you buy me a truck, so thank you. There you go I'm sorry, I'm just an idea like ours, for that was our truck. Now we're getting retreats off this to you just three years of age as quarterback its mischievous came like you, I got news for you. I love you became somewhat aims. Appreciate your lot of peace that interview James Connor was brought to buy our good friends over it simply safe. What's number one sign of a bad home security system, homesickness? that's so complicated that you never use it. This is exactly the time. Of security system. Simply safe has spent a decade fighting against. They believe-
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hundred or excuse me, free shipping and a sixty day, money back guarantee that the sixty day, money back guarantee with free shipping at simply safe dot, com slush p, empty, makes They know that our show sent you simply safe dot com, slashed, and p empty and save a bunch of money? Ok, let's wrap up the show we're gonna do again reminder were going to do was called perfect shrapnel. Three three identical. Strangely identical strangers, unbelievable documentary make sure you watch it. Or viewed on Friday show before we go Oh though we wanted to give the female listeners a chance to sound off, we did the Mount Rushmore Mouth flush. More of things guys do. The girl hate on Monday shows arena, reverse it. Here we got the submissions things that guy, I'll do that guy's hate the girls have submitted. Hank clapped back, go when girls talk about reality. Tv shows, even though guys constantly talk well Barston drama.
Now I see a very fair point, very fair point light I feel different though I feel so good ass. She went with no sports going on. There's a big overlap there. While we're talking about top chef, you you talk about real housewives. Yeah outer banks with Socrates event, diagram refined in middle Exxon guys what guys hate when I can explaining why I'm mad after he already apologized. I am. I grew, that's like once. I understand why you're mad and I've said sorry. What else can I do? There's up certainly nothing. I can do, there's nothing worse than giving the sorry. This not accepted you like because you know in your head, in a guy's brain its busily playing monopoly, the gotta for a jail free, card is just saying. Sorry like I was wrong. I'm sorry and then, when you get to know
woody even apologizing, for it is just that stomped you're, like I'm sorry you're, mad, sorry that I apologized without knowing what I was apologizing for here. That's on us when girls gas, while their driving Oh yes, tat it yeah! When there's like a person crossing the street a hundred and fifty yards away. Oh my god Oh, when a girl gasped what your drive? Yes, ok, I was allowed to watch out yet. Did you even see that dog? Did you see that box in the middle the highway we could hit it wishes on their gas here something on their phone? It's not even yeah sigh here in New York. What what you like slam on the brakes, Providence, she's talking's, cock a slightly out I like a somebody's response. You can tell that the girls us in real time because she started with like five moves like She'S- was, like
by an expensive ass dinner in you eat like two bites, and then she made this. The I dont actually owners that you say you're hungry later. I hold actually you that that part is bad, but I don't hate of exerting. I just eat Aristide everything. There is no problem I don't really have a problem with that because I was gonna, spend the money anyways, and so as long as I'm get my as long as I'm really mine, the credit alienation and I will eat of another person's plate, no question actually usually don't even notice. I'm just like I ate my food mistake was great yeah.
When you were little when it's a one night stand in the morning you're looking for to some solid sex. You know start the day off right and you cook, you realise there are literally to pump chump and come and two seconds then proceeded to roll over and go back to sleep. But you are your own apartment, so start like you can leave, see, walk or on the bed. Bang should allow hoping they get up and leave and then they have no such or regional raina, so they don't leave another five hours. We this has happened me five. We act as it does that english girl, guys don't know she. Suddenly the guy got an orgasm in five hours of extra sleep, it sounds like she is totally on board the to pump trompe could ass the day now. What is our vision? Girl out is blocking all the girls heresy back in the day we're looking at prehistoric times. It was super advantageous to not early. Can you just move on and you're, not stationary, so that no predators, secular Iraqi dont blocking all the girls? I don't trust in his phone and night when he's sleeping yeah, that's kind of recycled cycle, the path we don't like that things girl
Do that guy's hate when they can't decide aware to eat, yeah, I don't know what do you want to do and then you draw the couple options and its quickly now feel like that's. It will just fuckin, say Cassandra, I'm a guy. I will literally any my response. Is gonna, be either burgers chinese food Yeah right wing, Holly, carbon, I will eat garbage I'll, say I'll, say burgers. Are we just Hedberg right? I heard a trick for that. Ross, you ask them a yo yo. Would you think, I'm too you eat and then where they say you take them, do so then choosing la that's goodbye, shooting site and couch no Another good trick is to say: why do you ask a lot of times. Why do you ask? Will spare you from having to make them like if, if the grossest, what do you want to have for dinner? What he asked, maybe they're gonna be like well, I think that we can order from the Italian placed on the street bone problem solved last to taking forever to get ready to go out the up and then last
on dad. I don't mind: that's one of those things that if you when you're younger it might Bobby you put it as you like, as you get old, Do you realize, like the timing of things and dashes Frida yeah exactly point? That's a rain delay that you get its inward ruling out study. You know at that time is that sit on the couch and refresh twitter. Every two seconds: try right and not have to feel bad not at all. In fact, then shook him out of the bathroom and be like I'm. So sorry, I took selling you, but you know what it's fine and then she feels good because you four gave her. Yet it is also one of those things like, though the older you get, the less excited you get to go places so would the longer someone takes get ready, you're thinking, if this last a little bit longer, we might just say fuck, it must not go yeah exact, which is a great feeling to have its like. Almost it's like those same feeling, the ahead. When Your teacher was like fifteen minutes late you're, like substitute. That's it just fuckin thrilling.
When we ask you guys to take a picture of us and our friends and we use you, don't get the perfect picture until the thirtieth shot? Yes, ass, occasionally bad, but then it gives you the opportunity of classic gag of living the camera on yourself and sneaking one or two, that's just like your chin and your neck into that into that Libya, yup All of that when I those were good, so we will see every Friday make she wants the documentary we getting Nick on we're not to sit at. We're doing tomorrow. I want to I it so Friday, hopefully no Jackson right what what
The document recorded three a perfect fringes of wonder, run for love. You guys.
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