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Game 5 of the NLDS and Clayton Kershaw and Dave Roberts are the heroes (1:55 - 6:34). The Boys call Lenny Dykstra for everyones new favorite segment "Locker Room Talk" (6:34 - 8:05) NFL picks and weekend preview + Friday iTunes review Roast (8:05 - 16:47). Blake Bortles Wikipedia Club holds its monthly meeting and discusses future plans to get tattoos (16:47 - 36:33). Segments include Just Chill Out for Curt Schilling, PR 101 for Ken Bones. Trouble in Paradise for Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Explain it to Hank and Jimbo's of the Week
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violence not hard might like to welcome the poem i take it is friday october fourteenth and dusty bigger has blown a play off series no way i wouldn't say does the big blue anyway them out again let me do it again rock we're going to parliament
take it is running october fourteenth and a team from washington dc has blown up lay offs there's no way that's where i would also add that the odd the replay officials failed view jason worth's close guard the plate and a little bit responsibility on them too good for james luck jason go in for it take a look taken when i paused move great job so are you you're marks added to be seeing the dodgers yet well they do not go to the team so we have a final form baseball we have the blue jason indian set to start tonight and the cubs dodger set start saturday night the dodgers were coming to wrigley field i do think the dodgers are a weaker of the two teams as your question slashing one seeding murphy again how many saves is jake area to have her interesting yeah so don't get another is the bit he's the big story he had a win to stop
a winning and save twelve earnings pitch data runs whatever don't talk about that i got isn't what are you you're supermarket i've gotta go i'm safer metrics guy andy's one now ok so charles the big story coming out of this series i guess he got the monkey off his back i don't know i the other question is always can be pitch again yes a lotta and he came off one day rest right lot of pitches now he's got two days rest come up jesus had three so i think i can get you on sunday i think he programme be good to go to a game for i am supremely confidence which is usually when i get my heart crushed the most yet i'm supremely so we talked about this a little bit but i think i finally put my finger on it i want you on being a hunter there's a genuine i want the cubs to keep winning i don't want the cubs to win the world series but not because i want to see you in pain i like yet when you're this happy i just wanted to keep extending and extending but i just
i want to see you ever reach that goal right you see me not i don't want to see not are you need to for about nine more months until spring training and then he can use blast went all over the sea we not as is a thought we're close but i guess you don't wanna see me now we all i had a little nfl which no one watches anymore member hey remember that league people forget those a league the color rush actually got my attention for about like two seconds and i slipped over and it was one of the situations where those extra point commercial kick off commercial as ike ok i'm going to go back to the eight hour baseball games because that's a lot similarly aspects scintillating stuff the problem with the nfl having with their ratings they really needed the charges to charge that came they almost did they put they really need them to collapse into force because that's what it becomes
the chargers beating the broncos an almost giving up a big lydia i've seen that a million times i want to see them actually fully gloves and if they had you have to fight like mccoy immediately on the field he on my mccoy is the most generic ass look and white dude that's like a middle east a guy that your dad play golf you what they call that what trust from disease pressmen looked vaguely european yeah like mccoy just looks like a guy they spend too much time in the sun and has eight salt life shirts and goes to a jimmy buffet cancer every fallen that's it that's is like one vacation and say that you can look like a nerd in and not be a good football coach but there is a level of like looking very meek like a meek human beings or might require has my definite fits that i wouldn't say yeah i guess trust me was meek yet what do you mean what he looked like a little house i would say that he was like it he looked cunning kind of you
who played like mouse number six in gratitude that was fortress yes or just put it put your coaches through the mouse test do you think a piece of cheese i want just put in front of a call for progress and see what the reactions are my need you rich my knee jerk reaction to microcredit march yeah that's not a bad idea actually just like stick em in a locker room and m just just chop it up would you have always just see if they can banter seething lock room talking right o locker our most powerful new segment hank hasn't unlock rooms walker and sakharov alone let me get let me get money online want he's it takes up like one i'll be with them up when it used lay wakes up at about any
hey what's up its gas from pardon which is why do in a locker room talk with even stroke in a broad for conversion here are we i wanted it because he hasn't stroke in any progress will do without a mine ready i see rig up yes you guys fuck checks far too few humming checks which number hank what's your number which number man but which are so many i can count pearly such a pussy pitch liar you won't even tell us your number my would like three thousand with luck in ten years last week you ass man you liked to slap that ass like the wet it up they tidies take it is like a purse jake you do the ceaseless junior base into a personal these yeah just get the address twenty eight loves and deborah ann falsely brake on the booby ever fall on a bus yeah man
practical skyblue couple a couple years back in the day sees poses a pillow pretty much all that's how much at around just throw pillars on my count you being ass this percentage daft pillows filled with cuba thus it is past whispers in that's our newest segments ahead segment locker him talk some table lenny to stay on the line today was not that day but we're gonna give it another shot so to the next time for locker room talk i let's do two things two things your end of open and we have to our rose so the roses become where my favorite part ok solicited rallies yesterday and this week we asked moms to send us rossa matter if we accept that they will not weaken was pretend that their for mamma i saw the rose from a reminder for rose you ve smith a five star review on the part of my take subscribe on put on itunes and roast us and then we will read them on fridays here we go
p of tea looks like the com on that letter kids drinkin middle school a compliment that's nice that's a nice roast hank looks like he has and cannot define haliae tells us and was funny and i didn't know who is going on an earlier but had asked the circular because it goes was hurried up and so you absolutely now that you got it you actually riper jane now involves fraternal twins take turns looking nix havens nuts oh yes i'm j yourself up fetcher why it is they catholics like pulled a buffalo bill and stretch freddy mercury skin over his body framework is alleging sown thanks i guess pfc looks like julia roberts after she went on sixty nine near crack binge
that's less those less cool them on one day pretty mercury that they catholic psyche masterpiece before every meal and its twelve times a day near before during i don't have that kind of thing and after a moment hank looks like a poor man's michael phelps if he had fetal alcohol syndrome oh i actually i do i do does good progress swimmer i know you're really get a demi buttery swarm of their action and dived him once i was worried about you dive will can offer no swan useful i join the lot of adjoin the slim teams again shape and then i'd what's join the dieting because i was sick and doing i didn't we think that they had pools of massachusetts i thought it was just like wild like a hockey rink that melted and then you just jumped into it through three set my functioning alcoholics harasser goldfish i'll have you know that i actually have replaced all booze my life for food twin those books that hair
donald trump to know who to grow first topical yap tablet off get rugged outlet donald trump grubby just because i could soon be the biggest payday my lady fifty or so the type of kin highschool who'd fire in the home local mcdonald's drive through instead of going to football games ok yeah that means professor mean i mean that's me i'll have the personnel i would never skipper forget it it's me i mean a phd not saying in a like you but unplug your life support to charge my phone but that's also like i don't like almost anything short big always ask who the bad guys today everything the bad guys metabolize my mother was a beggar obese bore obese bora and growth hormone hills
clinton friends on their wanna be hilary producer ok you they want to be held at the end of that put upstart yet i liked it like a lot this podcast hosts miami pete big three hang could be made obviously i mean that's a few that's that's right with the meanest one so far i have actually took us a compliment i well like super clowns i love be easy quite a basket product is your potted what's laziness daughter it is true what's laser big caterpillar his eyes oh ok we get some conspiracies gonna like some weight big cat lichens yeah just you as a resolute mercenary my eyes out that makes sense gotta cleared up fifties austrian since the worst thing to happen in our countries and steve erwin died we can go fuck yourself through i might
go stick it right up your the cat uses wandered make his hot chocolate ok yeah of i've done that is not how you supposed to make our track of burnt city i have no idea how that i've never made how chocolate for myself i have never made hot chocolate without water there hey i wanted is such that one actually is a roast the confused me so much it actually becomes arose because you can overtake yeah you're using because going to wake up in the middle the nairobi like what was that crack about more some hot chocolate beer it right i was fuel a lot better about myself esteem after arose like that suit get her back the nose you read about feel a little down on the u s great about this rose is that usually at the end the roasting get the fire back and we
yet do that at all now so we just look like idiots but thank you guess we're running lesser award winning letters you guys are funny and that's why that's why we do not also for the five star ratings and also not to get her feelings but there will hurt ok i nfl enough picks as everyone knows gambling goldfish larry is actually in first place if you want to watch larry videos era released every week thursday how will the new bar stool sports up its awesome you can watch em right on there you don't have to go off it the train has thanks said earlier everything that happens inside the sports app stays in the sports up yup you your dad doesn't count i think right i don't think that's your one check on that but the bars sport actually gives you data this parcels of ida sure yeah it's an official safe safely by using forgot the lad you get that a better idea to data recycling system not really but
you want to believe it you can watch it i'll do it ok so there's only one in all this week i am fallen where examiner in i put on my list i have the patriots who larry impact i think they're going kill the bangles and then i'm taking the bears the saxons packers in the jets larry let's go i am taking the giants the panthers the jagged the raiders and the packer slew the czechs ghana we're gonna go to that of jack off ok taking the pats jaguars readers falcons heck is literally to sign this as easily navigate hank just if go out there us he picks up patriots every week here and they cover almost every week so i can't really hit on that number i mean remit nonetheless we elastic aziz spent around the table in the way we could really one thousand affected were engaged in each of our grounds we're going to win the war almost one love the colts pop enough the board and colonel i think those
expects it might have been seven so i guess you're just pick your best i too have to face trees five times hats tells good strategy pass jag raiders colds colonels guy there we go i let's do simply portal with pity club but before that you have an ad or talk you guys but see gig we're gonna go into the cubs play off games this weekend and we would not be able to get in without seek their hooking up and they can hook you up do buying tickets online for sports and concerts has always been a confusing process it's always been hard to find the best deal for the amber show that you want to go to another those older
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twenty dollars a check is going to arrive in the mail with your name on it don't say we never do anything for you cuz we're putting twenty bucks in your pocket download the seatgeek app and enter promo code take today let's do some blake portals wikipedia club this was a great one we love blake and we love this segment so i let's kick it to our aid is that time of the month our favorite guessed the blake portals wikipedia club is now in session this week we are doing limp biscuit and poison candy mess for all you trick treaters out there but before we get to that we are actually in the same city we're gonna be at the bears jack's game that's your team blake i feel about the game is my team i feel good about it you know we're excited looking forward to it and i think it'll be good we played chicago like in the preseason my rookie year so i haven't been since so i'm excited for it
it's getting again up there before the snow starts curzio geiger winners they don't play too well for guy from floored i think i mean i'm excited sail for you guys have some more fully it's going on up oh yet look at you let's just pictures taken some things with you from the last one i like that there actually so stadium is right on the lake so it's a beautiful setting and i think there might be some fully it's gone down yes i'm excited for that you know maybe post likes pumpkin spice type instagram pictures and america ok let's get basic on it i'm going through a basic year also coming back from england of big win against the court's how's the team feeling after that good you know it's kind of good obviously no definite and start the way we wanted to but you know we we took some things from the first three weeks and did some different thanks then went over to london in gaza when therein
and a weak oft calorie evaluate everything so excited to start that the second quarter the season and get things wrong in chicago it seems to me just watching on tv that the grass at the england games its it always looks weird like it looks a lot different from stating grassy seen enough l games zeppa case yeah it's it's light is so is actually gotten better the three years that i've got over that's got better each year by it's like i don't know what it looks like on tv but when you are actually like standing on its like each blade of grass is like two inches apart from the next so it's like super spread out and not enough that's ideal for soccer and the rolling of the ball but it stuff oil slick for football yes i had shone like the british grasped at the british crash dust off my tv after the game did you talk to andrew up my did i did and i wasn't sure what kind of moody be in if you know maybe we could talk up you know some of our clubs and share different things and ideas and stuff like that but you i just came the than did the generic a good game amber silicon he said the same thing we moved on but i did regain get a chance to talk to her to pat mcafee and we get we did speak about bar stolen the wikipedia club and united good conversation teller readers here was drunk he's pretty i think he was sober that point how good for him you i'm pretty sure yeah what's up with time zones to get like super jet lag
back at ya coming back for sure going out there is not bad cuz we leave like thursday at like six and then so if you like they give us ambience everybody just kind of pasta maybe and passes out immediately on the plane and then we get there like a normal night's sleep and then we wake up in the rights practice nice are wikipedia pages for this month we have the first one limp bizkit the most famous band from jacksonville florida now you didn't even know they were from jackson afforded until just now yeah no i i actually had never heard or knew they were from jackson afforded what it means is i mean there by far the most famous saying to come
the jackson over shirt right did you guys listeners kids like wimpish yeah i was i was a big limb biscuit and actually get a chance you guys have mellow mushrooms up there like the piazza joint yet so like a year ago fred durst was like dj the mellow mushroom right across the street from my house on wednesday night you're not a thursday night while these treasures in his ipod we're just who at one dollar one i don't think don't think he's saying i think he was just a guy you know hidden the different bodies to play to steal one traders in is a ipod were just at one dollar one night i don't think he was actually dj i think he just kind of like plugged in his iphone it was making everybody he's is my playlist gas it is our did you introduced after i did not get a chance i was i was i was observing the dollar one night but he had unbelievable party mix ok i don't
of that are getting into limp here's some i like from their wikipedia pigeon i forgot their album in two thousand chocolate starfish a hot dog flavoured water would you think that's about hank hake now a great task like yeah hank would you think what was chalk chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavoured water would you think that titles old i really think that titles talking about i think just their favorite foods and drink at the time ok forget it beverages of chile oh it actually says chocolate starfish refers to human anus on the page yet i think that's a bundle hank so how but you really do you do your homework next outward literally you have a rain funny you can't read asking literacy next week with hank was fun fact can't two thousand he performed at the w ex are ex dysfunctional family picnic but he showed up an hour late to their set
that's interesting does know that now blake are you moreover three dollar bill you are a significant other type guy they are more of a significant other type guy that you like tanuki sown oh yeah yenoki scientists broke it what is it again how to go to you know you could take this cookie and sick it up my my so you that much ok now good what what else we got four olympus get anything yet did you know that corn discovered limpid oh yeah are you are you are you corn fan or just like late late year limb pisca guy i personally i don't know if i can name in corn songs but i do have a corn t shirt ok you wear it be i know for sure that's that's thursdays
oh man i feel like now this might be wrong but this also might be just the jagged provide i feel like the van diagram of limp biscuit fans and people who wear shorts on ironically is overlaps alot when we think about that the i may not agree i had it it even for when a wallet chain he has yeah yeah and get it even get that i believe in bigger i liked at did you i didn't i did it i was never wallet chain guy i didn't actually even carry a maybe into maybe i got the college i was just a big like just stop the cash and from pockets holiday
we too really had a whole lot then he started his hand in college and then i want you to take an illegal benefits than divide painkillers where you were you more virgin comment i was it i think i could you say genco in at knees were like one in the yeah jingo at knees vans air walk walk was big for well what about the dead ass the shoes with the spinners on the back i know no that that's a little bit deep into the little murmur that's a little millennial right deeming build one that were like like little skater shoes now i think they were basque bushes allow me too much ok interesting on often have us ah make something i was i find interesting was like they were in this jacksonville says in nineteen eighty this underground jacksonville music circuit
and i ve been here for three years and have yet to hear of that's that's something that our deftly search out now i dont think that goes down it at the mellow pizza why night you can have to get a little deeper yeah yeah it's definitely not at the level of scale pizza yeah maybe you know what leave your garage door open like an inch and people might come find you can we get swingers in the suburbs kind of situation like last guy gets done under cover underground music industry seen ajax about did you did you ever where the backwards red hat and is is that still a thing around jacksonville yeah you know i don't know i can't say i've noticed it i don't know if i have any red hats i do have a lot of hats but i'm not sure if any of them are red so no i think maybe that phased out of it i just have i got two tattoos on my wrist funny story but
computer reading section o a meagre time are you an airbag at yale assert its actually just a group chaired by me and my friends i was a hard it's called the young unconventional for so labour day week in we're we're super sober when we did it nice wait you get you got g chat tat yeah yeah you know it very much us all got the same true now as it was it awkward in the chat afterwards when you guys like who we made this little to official yak as those kind of like enough we ve fallen out now yeah somebody's gonna have to get the removal you know what cow shanahan actually has chris sims initials tattooed on his leg increase sims has couch in hands on his leg ass they were they were like to check gang before teacher like they were the eyebrows and they did that back and like the nineties blake
since we know that you're down for this can we talk hinder wikipedia club tattoo if we all if we all get one hundred percent and now we have to amend now we have to i think we all have to ok while i'm not telling you battle habitat eighty this weekend in chicago oh for the game i agree oh let's do it right well shit beside yourself i wish about those tattoos artless looking for to the second one poison candy miss this one's a duty so it's halloween time and if you shall to max be out there is premature for treating this year view trick or treating either with your children or you are a child you you probably have apparent around saying be careful keziah my put razor blades in your candy turns out it's a myth but not fully a myth you guys see this dentist
in california and nineteen fifty nine you put laxative pills in all the ivy yeah that's canada there is the year but what was angle there slung kitchen the i mean you would think as it dennis though he rather just give him normal candy because cavity so that you can see how many can make money but apparently he just rather see the children spend a lot of time in the bathroom maybe famous maybe also like a convenience store a grocery store in town want to get the toilet paper move not the racks on on the latter law he on the local put upon it shop etc yes i think you might have brought this up cousin ninety ninety aerial cats a seven year old girl santa monica died or trick or treating who i thought that might have been a relation no sure why do how could she has been dead for a long time getting family out in santa monica do not maybe maybe not check on that what do you guys know anymore why do you hear what he gets think about this line the same year media reports of lie filled bubble gum
being handed out in detroit in rat poisoned being given in philadelphia that's us it's like tuesday in both those cities right it was thought there actually giving them the amount to be good right right exact you like here here's the rat poison in philadelphia cease to live here anymore what are you guys think for a favor moment fifty well i just like to say that i think this is where the whole myth of why you need to wash your apples get started o interest they give people just put in razors on them and just lacing the cyanide and all that then i could see may be why people want a wash her apples but these roles nobody's ever poison an apple before except now shut up snow white but in real life
happened and so i think this is where big fawcett really sancho teeth into the situation try to convince people wash em inertia doubts i like that i like that alot blake favour part of this wikipedia page were just talks about like dead children eating candy yeah i think the coolest one is probably a nineteen seventy when kevin toasting ah a young five year old didn't actually candy just found his followers heroin stash directed his uncles heroines dashing just eat all of their who that's a party story does one fact evan classic mix up yeah it's one have a good time there while jesus a deal on oil and he died did you now what's bring it inside circle here did you guys have to use when your kids have to do i lay trajectory
call the candy yeah we had a rule in my house where if it didn't come into manufacturers packaging than we had throwaway oh ok really upper overprotected from appearances solid parenting also my dad on april fool's day took no school to take me to baseball game and thence in april fools and then drove in fact is adding a backlash from yet and so also cited it doesn't seem like the same parent would do both those they wanted to care me they just also like to make fun of me lots of ants bleak what about the trick or treating in florida now what is that like i mean do you just a bunch like all people any like workers and like how do you know who's where youth drops language tat right now to add as a lobbying amulet isaak about unjust the people that are walking on the street it was
me and my brother had like on our street there was like we had a bunch of houses on my street and there was like two houses at the end of the street that would like the classic people that will put out a giant bucket of candy and say please take one so we would hit that at like five or four hundred and thirty before anybody started and take everything from those two and then just go home and really just start eating so that was kind of the day hence our trick or treating did anybody ask about that in like to combine interviews with allocate try to figure out how honest europaea take once i got one suddenly the trick that a gm so you if you are on a james radar back then they might have set you up on that whole thing just to see if you wanna sky right and i mean that's your type a question that was asked to like already knowing the answer knowing you know by having talk to the people they used to put their candy out that ireland would do that you're absolutely right up what now if someone if a gm did that now and they just left a bull currently hey you're going to me with this
dammit combine and you walk in the room and theirs oh a candy and says take one how many taken i'm taking off immediately that's a winners mentality in one place anyway they give you he asked what they tell you do with the d ancona and i'm not like as a gm i'm not drafting anybody who takes one and walks out andrew luck would take one andrew i would take he would give one back later to replace the one that he took her understand guy anyone give for candy bars on your back no but not of emma jane said that doesn't happen that say did that happen when you guys are trick or treat yeah like one every like forty houses would would be a full candy bar and it would be i don't know what kind of neighborhoods like big cat
besides like he came from like a real i still wanted forty hake is nodding his head till i got your view from the wealth is unreal trying to be out of your mouth you ve got neighbours given our full kick cat bars nod you came to my neighborhood you get three milk duds file you ok maybe maybe maybe a hershey kiss that's our if you're lucky yeah if you knew him if you baby sat me what are you guys ever have those people who handed out just weird shit my one guide we just give quarters or like a thing of we voted for there was a big phase that people in my neighborhood winter for some reason about giving up fruit like trying to change the generation that i was like if you gave us through like you were getting some thrown at you oh yeah we blake everyday again hagen ever egg somebody yeah i mean don't like you guys have like junior senior wars in high school road wars hank road we think that if we did that but i would also like toward the paper
my role in people's houses than because egging does like permanent damage new software however is that where he gave a spiral from business was the papers yards though workin on nothing but actually my house got nothing who like your house your parents house my house when was that was like weak three now as it was last season actually whereas it because it was halloween you were given up i think maybe it's because you had your garage door open and ancient people like this guy wants fuck my way you put a showed up in your garage strip naked and makes it was that they were not fully upset everywhere in the world i get a year you know if i'm with you like i was out there the next day and tat it was like you know what somebody had fun do unless it's ok paying homage is out there with a wash clutches does really grind
i love it are you gonna give our candidacy monday night it's a monday night is monday night totally i only know what i want i might just go by a bunch of normal size its destiny pretty good there's gonna be a line up around the block when you get your house but do it i like tat move i'm guys i saw you guys big candy gave routers like do you prefer don't matter rear now i shut the lights off yards islamic creepy if you're in your twenties and your dude monopolies yeah our authority places twenties ok but unless you're like an athlete where people know your house yeah it's kind of weird for just a single due to be given out can't hear that someone worry about you own it just lower men now gives more accidents exactly poop are you are you getting dressed up for halloween this year i probably won't
every out there's not much more like it's one thing to be a single guy handing out candy it's another to be a single guy ending a candy while dressed yes sir i was just ass i was going to suggest a clown good point just stand outside on the street with a sign that says free candy points all good points i i think that's all we got an make we appreciate you come on any last words from any one in the club i'm except for the ceta yeah that's too i guess fuck been more less excited less so all right we will see you in chicago i'm going to say worst of luck even though i kind of i want you to do well i want i share the bursting so private affair draft by canada so like but whatever man was this get taxes can blake think so much will see us as they get
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ability restrictions restrictions may apply see safer details are they going to get into it this week so look out for me on beer shark in the waters if you wanna play against me go drafting our competent that promo code big cat was let's hey let's get it on a stool get it out i was do some segments first one we have is a just chill out man we are a little the audio here for you it's kurt showing the conversation you're having about the things he said about the ten year old girl to me as the very high at the very heart of why this is a problem how many times and i have three boys and a daughter how many times have you looked at a young man it's a why was he going to be easy beautiful young man while he's a gorgeous young man and that man was twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen offering our use of beautiful
yeah i've seen a lot there's no way you haven't seen the young somebody else's status while he's beautiful while coming and i want him in tat no no no no that's not only on this one but no not my on this because i have voiced my youngest son is a gorgeous young man and i've heard women say while he's a beautiful young boy to jump to the point word you're here and sit insinuating like something like pedophilia molestation is where you're going with this because he's joking about what would she gets older data i mean how do you get from there to being involved in disgusted i think any time you're trying to tell the world that you say ten year olds are attractive and gorgeous discharges sociologists church i know what you maybe we'll try i while i welcome it
now that is german that now we ve gone too far still chill out so it also nice dig at your other son i love we put that part of the cap but there but he said i his youngest son is gorgeous everybody caused my youngest son gorgeous like ok well then what about the other to add as a lever raver their self esteem messages chill out on being a bad dad there also maybe if you're the anchor maybe just throw cared about just be like yeah you know now that you mention i did say one time that i want to buy this twelve year old units benign yeah but everyone uncomfortable it was one right maybe actually kurt and let's go to america here america about ten year olds i think i think the points been driven here let's just shut up was a sharp ok we have appear want to one for cambodia yeah good owns own yet frank in bone yup he did a red it a made tonight and what well yeah he
yeah he didn't write him are you sure did and he forgot to like sign up with a new accounts and is already down and naturally people went through his old shit found out that he made some comments on a couple prego porn sublet it's just just normal guys i think if your kin phone and end to me also has been doing a lot of ads he's going to do it as uber as he's been wetting the beak which is america american
burke and gets put people are starting to get a backlash on the bones are no problem with kin do in any sort of those adds i think what he has to do and we gave the same advice to our bread but can is definitely going to get some propositions from a porn company to be allocated hearing what geraghty has yet always now he's gonna get one from a poor going to be like towards some prager porn and you gotta do catch him just got a cash and hears thing can much like an athlete you know what they say like you gotta get to get a cash in on this second contracts you might not get a third can that first born contract my friend the second one not become an altar all that soon so that's pay supper the second poor contracts base up performance the first ones based on name on aim yes he got the name so maybe just
cashion right now and what would happen to him today is kind of like maybe tweaked his mcl just one of those things you got to make sure that you get your money in before you blow your whole knee out i love how quickly we have like the site the ken bohn cycle was so fast he went from random guy on sunday to like lovable you're not sensation to sell out to guy likes pregnant porn he's gonna look like an that was a blink of an eye for an advocate problem by like tomorrow morning and they can be born again by noon and their there
should have combined there is over these words our lord for you bad word for you come out of this year the redemption tour starts tomorrow night i wanna talk quickly though about they woke up and working on i haven't been able to collect all the dots are more like a start the dots guy just do some pinprick swore tat can bone his employer one of the big one of the biggest coal plants in america and also a company that is opposed to climate change and any other regulations i didn't ask her a question about energy yeah and this cope when he works for apparently there were the abuse the environment more than like any call plan america wait a coal plant abusing the environment but they're like you did it not a researcher on the word there on the worst end of the spectrum here so i don't know where these doubts led to but seemed like a plant to me coal black hole plant
yeah well i don't know what to tell you i think that your onto something for sure i think maybe we need to dig harder into kin bones read it the posting history and see if we can uncover some stuff on some climate change sceptic threat let's tell you what we need to do can bone has jan account out there somewhere and that's where the internet money is that you find his finest fortunate account you're gonna get some page views fall the porn leads people by the way that little plant plant joke we made there we should amounts made a jerk here we may joke she announced from so doing maybe not this sunday but bassoon monday night football from the pardon my take twitter account we're going to pawn we're going to just keep filed at pardon my take app on my take on instagram as well we are going to pun the fuck out of the other
it is going to be a paragon steroid about every once every minute or so there's going to be another crazy fun come if you saw it tonight big cat gave you a little taste yeah he said that wasn't worth it worth it when jayson werth gaston is pretty funny yet so make sure you follow the twitter account because we're going to a lot of people unfollow it so you want to keep water at edgewater one eleven am i next we have equipped which are also matthews throughout some hockey he had three goals on his first three shots and then i shall yet she had forwards on the night in his day be yeah it's like hockey need to start up in canada ready oh yeah it's like the middle east has been good for a really long time her interesting maybe a frozen envelope argus is hockey their offer made
you like microwaved envelope just say maybe the malicious ay oh and austin also awesome by way snout spells name like dickhead now easy kennedy austin obstinately sounds like the name of a of of labrador we obviously aren't very in depth with the hockey talk spit checklist though is in its new podcast envy birstall network so network so check those guys they re reoccurring guessed right when an rear admiral whose really really funny we have a trouble in paradise real quick
kevin durrant russell westward westbrook or in a fight i don't think they're getting along guys trouble in paradise you have before you know it those two argovie each other's throats yeah laddie animosity between them starting now so i guess kevin wreck our sins have already been on my durrant kevin durant's is a big fuckin baby and i what did he say he said that there is a lot of selfish guys on the follow on the thunder most of the wars or selfless selfless so implying that the thunder or software complying to you whose oversensitive anything they calendar it says yeah put wrong pirate lastly regarding like you i think westbrook said that i think westward thinks that is well ok yeah well i think everyone kind of put it out
the dots on i think westbrook indirect kind of deserved each other and i'm sad that they're gonna be separated because those two together was it was great tv yeah i was also having direct and the oakland city media that's gonna be just a marriage that that we're all said sego yes and kevin rat being coddled by everyone in the world i hope is something were sad to see fun fact kevin doran had the same foot injury as me i didn't miss any day's work he missed like eight months all you have four andrew and only now you dare tell us like every fuckin five minutes didn't have a clear role to the airport yeah ok why while this old lady we weak hagen i what we want we flew from new york to chicago today fifty had a wheelchair with a person pushing around didn't tip by the way i didn't have no income by the way as reward
we see an old lady literally fall down and white break her hip in the middle of the airport while pfd is eating a fucking prattle getting pushed around his cart noticeable that happened air yet no that's a good point i hate how when you get in a plane in the wifi works until you like fifty feet in the air and then stops i think it bounces off the ground at some point ok that's probably right because one summer flew over water was wild and the wife i didn't work because we're over water and they said yet it doesnt work is well over what ass they lied to you on our they might have lied to me put it didn't work so
air yet no that's a good point i hate how when you get in a plane in the wifi works until you like fifty feet in the air and then stops i think it bounces off the ground at some point ok that's probably right because one summer flew over water was wild and the wife i didn't work because we're over water and they said yet it doesnt work is we're over what they lied to you on our they might have in line to me but it didn't work so so how to how does it work when you are above water networks i i don't know one thing i do know about wifi is that all of us are going to get really weird forms of diseases in cancer and about thirty years away from just like hanging out next all these all this data just passing through our systems like is now you get so much we it proper might be data yeah big data that is one big data big divergences even so much data and that's where you get where digital content therefore dad we're just choppin ones and zeros
i don't like i want to explain more because you keep us of course i can answer it makes you feel them irony gather rose for that ok now needed something else i take this to some job ass a taxi my friend and i thought this girl s next we class was hot and then my face could be her seat turns out my friend newer and sent her the screen shouted attacks next class you sat near the side of the room well yeah you ve got a decade for a friend you're just fridays locker and talk and your friend can keep it in house cut back to your end before that you too you did that are stored on a one he's back after i got my car when i walked up the dumpster i threw the bag my car keys into dumpster for bees we too can operate in forty five minutes of searching to finally find my keys inside the dumbstruck
applebee's yeah well i'm just like off the time i head that thing is right for some pranks like you could really get somebody good with that dumpster do you live in springfield and with homer center i feel like a homer simpson kind of like scene happens with dumps are full of b i feel i get a sugar pile one time here maybe yes you can just just trick when you're friends and go in there are lacking in there and we ll k while you're in there can use bring marquise idea my buddy got back to his car after class us weak then take it on the windshield pissed off he comes up through in his back seat yesterday morning he s another taken the mail for littering his previous take it in his own car was out well that's is poland organism that's a without your question laid off course where'd they was a way out what kind of you what kind of warfare swiftly driving but i know one thing about colleges and tickets on gas is it a lot of em you don't have to pay the same no you no matter if you don't
in a graduated from college you don't have to pay also little tipp if you get a ticket in state they don't live and you also have or i am really not supposed to be in a higher anymore because i have accumulated a number of its actually kind of like the gate and like the monopoly game like when they did that with mcdonald's you just try to collect as may tickets in different states possible yes great last took my wife too
our party she proceeded to get blackout drunk my boss gave us a ride home and she pukes out the site of the cargo and seventy on the interstate puke in the car was stuck stuck up his car for weak we got home she was to marry talk the baby sitter and told me that the money to pare was in the juncture i didn't count at handed the baby sitter turns up my wife had taken up the money for the weekend so i paid my baby sitter through your box for two hours plus the money a payment bicycles puke door cleaned that's on the baby sitter chicks majestick walk away with three hundred bucks area yet say something now it you know what what parties fucking suck can i just say that work party suck there's nothing good that can come from a work party there was like oh yeah holiday party get drunk someone's going to puke some of them be embarrassed some might lose their job
like where further harm to people that hook up that regret it later as like awkward around the array there's always one person whose really into planning the holiday pontio and there's just a guy drink too much we ve all been there so i don't know fuck work parties i don't think that's a jimbo on you come a wife anyone it's the work part that's a gmo on being employed yeah that's jimbo on the culture of american workplace in in europe work party just called august they take a whole month off
people forget that threaten our lunch every day and they just smoke cigarettes outside a drink area glasses of wine and just hang out there and forget that they have to go back to work here and like silent unlike softly fart over the side of their ass and have universal healthcare european people don't actually like ever rip ass you know everything to and then if they get pregnant they have two years off get another work parts to your work party where you just like company breast milk and sleep in order if working year set when you're babies awake it's probably why greece is doing so i cannot explain to now is talking europe agreement my employer show totally undermined him and take people not to watch then cancelled after one absurd that's that's our hate that yeah dash opel yanks ok that's it i anyone else got your mouse
speak now hegyi on hank looks like he's got a general these that the hygiene which emma ok sure like not nothing comes a month i ok i said we have no jim by i got one jumbo item here it there was some the work that took an upper one block vote yes that's not to get to their car to drive home yeah does not really jimbo for you know it's not offer them timber for them that was wild move my flash i we get a couple shouts entering a shoutout psycho do a couple shouts and you're gonna shouts shudder max be max be anyone else shot out crystalline shoe is a story i think your member him hank who passed away a couple years ago from leukemia his buddies it was his birthday on wednesday we miss that but shout to chris and his buddies everyone you know cancer fuckin socks take care of each other she can donate some money
you can make sure that you get off chalk up we joke about all kinds of stuff but it does socks crafts shouts chris and all his buddies who were still thinking of him also just wanted to say we're going to the cubs game saturday night the cubs game sunday night and the bears game on saturday or sunday sorry we're going to eat the outfield collective on sunday night going to be we're going to be hanging out at one of the rooftops so if anyone needs tickets for that you get fifty percent off for the nlcs tickets using code pmt i and that is our shouts we got my dicker coach the coach on the show on monday he cleared up the whole did he far or did you not for it on a countdown yes and we also it was a little bit of some guerrilla journalism by us we just shut up to dick is restaurant knowing it be there sat down order to poor chap and just basely asthma
overall i think he walked by he recognized that wearisome football guys so we talk to him about fifteen minutes we didn't never mike's where we had a good camera so we so we captured at all in its great stuff makes you turn in on monday for that and i go cubs go go jack's go go go cubs go and bear it jack and i will weaken i regret that due account
we have no y know i don't know that's all but a return of the easy in our hands i said if they know that listen thanks
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