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Blake Griffin Comes In Studio To Accept His 2019 "Blake Of The Year" Award + Mt Rushmore Of "Athlete Traits You Wish You Had"

2019-07-22 | 🔗

Brooks Koepka got screwed by JB Holmes + other 2019 "Open" storylines (2:27 - 10:51). Whose back of the week including the disgusting heat in NYC, Football and Hanks fishing abilities (10:51 - 22:06). Mount Rushmore of "Athlete Traits You Wish You Had" (22:06 - 32:44). 2019 Blake Of The Year winner Blake Griffin comes in studio to talk about how he his life has changed since winning the award, NBA free agency, Chris Paul & more (32:44 - 60:07). Segments include Way To Stay Relevant Baseball a Sabermetrics for podcasters, a preposterous Take Quake involving the cast of The Office and a great Monday Reading to wrap up the show.



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on today's part of my take we have two thousand and nineteen blake of the year blake griffin in studio recap blake the year we recap nba free agency starts on chris paul getting traded a lot of stuff they also have mount rushmore of athlete trait that we would wants in honor of mariano rivera's cutter an he goes to the baseball hall of fame one hundred first time unanimous vote into the baseball hall of fame he's back in the week in a monday reading before we get to all that pardon my take his brow by the cash app in the finance app in the app store cache i was in powerful way to send spend and save it's connected to the free cash card the only debit card with boosts just select a boost for cash then instantly say that some of your favorite places like ten percent of chipotle or one are often all coffee shops they're always adding new bruce
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do it for the animals and be a lover download the cash and today and hold barstool gets the money and see some animal okay let's go well go download right now putting code partially get five dollars for free five dollars the aspca today is
is monday july 22nd and fuck jb holmes fuck fuck that guy little one he ruined probably not he ruined the open championship ruin at the british open 'cause it was in northern island this year lowest player ever very slow and he shot an eighty seven yeah so if you're going to be that slow and shoot an eighty seven like that's an issue that's like if we were doing a podcast and every time it was my turn to talk guard the hon i was salt water made you wait for me did over a rail coke off the desk and then when i try to talk i just love everywhere yeah that's i mean that's jb hunt down he was what he was doing and mustard in eighty seven at least at least to speed up a little bit we probably bury the lead shane lowry was fantastic he won it for the nation of ireland even though that was kind of weird that they think you know even revell was like yeah g r shane lowry people didn't back him the hometown heroes like no
when ireland ireland or not yeah please from southern island right just like the sec country of our lease or middle ireland yeah exactly boil their potatoes instead of frying so he was awesome he also shot out to him for being a faq i am wearing it well i'm always nervous when a fat guy i like that that is take well he did yeah i think he was wearing a vast he looked good in the past he's a fat guy and whenever i watch a fact all right like plague do anything when i'm saying to myself he's going to tired but actually we eventually he's not going to want to keep walking around and i thought i was going to happen so one day i thought he was just going to like this fucking sucks my body can't handle this but he was he held on the horse he's a big boy he's got like a defensive coordinators body yeah just like you know that he's an athlete inside there somewhere but he's not trying to show yup i walk around the six pack and his caddy was like looked equally as irish as he did and you just assume that any time they got into trouble they just cracked a couple jokes and like how the yeah that's fine we're we're good yeah so
but yeah shane lowry was phenomenal the course was the true winner awesome on sunday the course showed up when it mattered in prime time here for some fun stats are the 11th hole averaged a four point three hundred and fifty two which is i was a part in raising his partner yes so we don't see that no wasn't dilemmas with was a par four we average of three five two no a four point three five point three five two okay yeah starting on the eleventh hole dominated that that whole one the weekend and then the fourteenth hole was also pretty good and oh gorgeous i love british open courses it looks like they just drive tanks across some implant due out weird grass that they're feral horses eat just in the middle of fairly well the best part about the british open as you can it's the one golf championship where you can watch it and you can in the back of your head you like maybe i could have made that shock because half of the good show
nuts are just hitting it somewhere and then watching it roll for thirty yards just insanely like it wasn't really like it was obviously a phenomenal shot an i know i couldn't actually make any of those shots but the idea of all these shots is rolling i can actually ball roll and sometimes when you shake it in the right spot it just feeds down to the green right yeah you're right it's one of those courses you look at in your like it rewards shitty golfer so that's actually pretty good spends on of why play kept a didn't win too good he's too good for the koran and jb holmes the slowest fucking guy in this world but jb holmes did it to himself so he shot at eighty seven and he went by the way this is not to not to criticize you at all jake but i need you to have this week i needed you to have this ravel had it jb holmes was going to win seven hundred and eighteen thousand dollars if he had kept his position as third place when the day started he finished third to last and
he won twenty five thousand dollars so he lost so much money six hundred and ninety thousand dollars any cost koepke any cost seven hundred thousand another twelve so that's that's tough yeah it was it was kind of like an underwhelming open championship i'd say yeah it when they had to move it up because of the rain and that was it felt a little like at noon when it ended in the early ended earlier than that because she now we ran away with it i just i'm choosing not to believe in time zones and more every major sporting event should take place to best suit whatever time zone i'm currently a correct at that moment like i i don't like a an open championship the major championship ending before i've had lunch right right it was felt little too early and should we mention tiger because tiger tiger yeah i mean credits a tiger being smart enough to just not make the cut so everyone forgets he didn't make the come and we don't talk about him on sunday but like a tiger
tiger woods got his asked kicked by the course on sunday i would've been inside but are we now doing i've seen this debate kind of pop up was the masters of fluke was it was never going to be is you know what i during which time rad that's fine i i know from those and i believe you had a moment yeah we had our moment that's that's what i'm concerned about when it comes to golf i find it weird how how people can be individual fans of a single like a golfer are a race car driver core just kept a stand i would say that we're friends no we're like how we are yes we are we we aren't brooks kept we live we started the show sing but it's it's always funny how lecter phil guys out there yeah like i just i just removed by the way phil intermittent fasting yes sucked ever since he got skinny he is you lost the man boobs entirely you were talking about like that dad bod that you have to have to wait he's no he let me is weird let me defer come here anyone who is overweight has dabbled in intermittent fasting i tried it for a little bit
'cause everyone basically says you can eat whatever you want you just can only for five hours a day well i tried it and i ate whatever i wanted for five hours a day and i think i've gained weight i intermittent fast and on friday night because i accidentally selected pick up instead of delivery on my seamless order brutal so yeah fire fest the week i intermittent fasted for three hours yeah that sucks it was very tough but back to tiger i agree with you pft like we have the masters moment that was an unbelievable moment that was an unbelievable sports weekend but i think a lot tiger fans thought that he was going to be competitive in every single and after that i just don't know if his body can he looked every bit his age and maybe even older on thursday when he teed off and he did the winds because of his back yeah and he also did the old guy move when your dad gets old
the end and like his bones hurt because of the cold and rain when it rains he's as my knees hurt that's an old yeah you if you had a storm coming that's not good for golfers grooves in your neck he has fusion surgery yeah yet tiger didn't play well but you're right like we don't really remember tiger missing the cut because he didn't like flame out specter really he just now we is there we all remember rory missing the cut because he shot a sixty five on friday yep and in possibly the best missed cut performance of all time the open here's the nice thing though with rory i saw the mention this a few times over the weekend from northern ireland yeah yeah for the future northern avenue gates played basketball northern ireland guys he when he didn't make the cut they kept on talking about i'm glowingly on saturday and sunday because he helped get the tournament there yeah so that was a big deal like if you if you're not going to make
but at least be the guy who helped get the term it back in northern ireland because people will just talk about how awesome you are for the rest the week also three or four other guys who is this man makes our house it was a big like thank you for bringing this event to our country yet like putting northern ireland fifty back yeah yeah big time on the land use and yeah huge what tell us a guy those presenting the the claret jug at the end just not having an entire bottom cities that was weird but that was also very irish jerry i i know i liked it yeah you give a little color tall all i could i could kick a field goal through shane lowry big time hunger i think he hugged everyone in northern ireland after that tournament yeah but yeah that was beside that always had in the sports world is is too fucking hot very very i bet every over in baseball this weekend thinking that the heat would help it and it didn't it was logical it would mean the ball just goes out farther when it's hot it's hot out today is that true the air's werner thinner yes is that true dizzy all those moves when it when everything's
i don't like your bucket weather will get our science everything just flies out but i think it was but it didn't happen is a dry heat hank not here not here not here it was issued it was wet as fuck there is nothing worse i was selling liam i went to walk stella at like one thousand and thirty on saturday night and it was ninety three degree that sucks it is hit civil war you know what it's one of the top five worst feelings in the world just walking outside it when it's dark and hot yeah but i can i can deal with the sun in the day but at night time i'm stepping out there there's no sun is hot it fucks with your brain why did tyson yes riddle me this riddle me that if the sun is actually hot then how come it's ninety degrees when it's dark outside yes pitch it i saw a guy today i walked when i was walking in this neighborhood a guy was just puking blood the sidewalk and i was like what's up okay man was like it's hot this is this neighborhood yeah but he's just he it was his answer was it's hot i think the the heat just made impure blood right
i'd rather because they go to the doctor i don't i don't know missing blood like a normal guy you can get but yeah how's that thank you for everyone who reached out i've been clear for three days i think i'll try to get a physical but no merchants are let's be real pissing blood you ship if it if it give our listeners are pissing blood go get a job i'm telling big cat specifically not to get it controls are clean i know his body i have big cats body is it through three years of podcasting we we know how the other person response physically out he had a fine otherwise like number five on the list of physical ailments that you should get i have a lot of other things that have been dealing with a bad elbow some yeah the stuff yeah well it blogging although i texted assessment dan haren on friday and he could you know well no he actually texted me because he's he was nervous about the sick of blood yeah yeah dan haren big time name but i said i pulled in her and not going to the and he said yeah the body heals itself or just
pray that you die in your sleep i mean that's spends that's stand here who just refused to get a new hip i was face time with chris long last night nice and he just set me up and he was like hey there i'm with the guys in here it is not a state right now it's like the lowest of six i i i literally got a face time from chris long and then i i didn't pick it up because i was doing other things i was at a bar and then either so you're at a really nice and then i and then i saw that i saw ten minutes later that he tweeted like nothing so it's worse than face timing somebody them not answer it so he hit me with the salt actually no one nobody else even understood you know what the only thing that sucks more than that is the friend who always face time yes that's the work well no you have to have one faced on everyone has one in the in the rolodex it would rather face time do you know that it well you know like twenty year olds they don't tax the face time that's weird it's crazy
caleb used to do that all the time our coworker caleb we had to get him out of that he would just facetime me randomly but just text me yeah it's always like when you see the facetime thing come up an let's just say you like you're hanging out in your apartment shirtless or you're getting change or something you always think that they can see you even though it's just ring well the cat and i like hide i hide my phone like no nude fit the face time friend is the worst if you are the face time friend all your other friends hate you know i just know that i like we're having one no having one of them is okay but they all hate you they all he the face time for you can have one but they all in when they get together and you're not there they're like yeah billy keeps face timing us and it's so fucking annoyed is nasty big facetime guy big face i'm just which is weird because like with a nose like that i don't think i would ever want people to see my face because that dino filter so you don't have to see his face she would your mount rushmore who's back is going to kick my ask you decide through his back alright ok who's back then once you start
i've got a few of the first one is short because of the humidity is picture big weekend for sure although we can prepare dogs 'cause it's like hot but you don't want to put on although we went to rough and rowdy in north carolina and hank dressed for the flight like it was i'm going to the school sweatshirt sweatpants later on we gotta get company got layerd i want to fall asleep yeah my other who's back was maine because i don't know if you guys sauce over the weekend that jeff fisher yeah friend rico gas was in alaska he out there fishing and i tweet out and i said hey coach do you think that i could catch a fish with my bare hands in alaskan river and he said absolutely i'll loves let's make it happen okay sin hank on little wishes yes vision with jeff fisher yes we believe now no even though i believe the jeff fisher can catch official holler and how long do you get to take to today we tried it we said in one day okay one alaskan day one alaskan debt now define catch two hands with the process of catch two hands one knee
get out of the water kill it eat it oh wow women so you're a murder fish with your bare hand i'm half dead hell yeah all right you're going to be a bear of fish like a bear yes the original no you have to eat it raw ok you're going ok you're going to catch a fish and i do appreciate it with your bare hands just holding out of the water i think that you're going to be able to hang out to like a twenty pound salmon just bear hug it that's they do it because bear hug came from current okay any others announcer are those who hangs back thank you big time my was back to his football yeah football is officially back we've got training camp starting we've got training camp tweet starting we've been inundated with so many cheers of joe flacco in his cool hair reporters on denver can't believe that he actually has decent hair this is the last week that we will not have a football game until two thousand and twenty that's that's got set in but that said in for the people at home
i just peed blood into my own that's pretty hard right now that's pretty good my also all or nothing is back so on amazon i was watching the the story about every ad to no not not for yeah but it's the carolina panthers this year and my big takeaway so far as you get to see all all of cam newton's outfits which you forget just how he was they get especially after a long after all checked mccaffrey mccaffrey fairly jack greg olsen is greg is hamming it up for the cameras greg the program going to get a job greg you did look at you knew the cameras were on the entire time and you were doing your little stories your little jokes you came across so fucking charming and likable jawad it no no okay no he actually came across very like will which is what so and fury in okay because he's young just chill out great yeah maybe say some dumb every once in awhile so that everybody doesn't think they're perfect well have the rap yeah we do have the rap will always up through the
always have their app it also his foot just keeps breaking that's just like remembering it sucks form but it's like every other episode he's dealing with a different foot injury and it's like that in his foot is like less stable than let's growers are and i only broke it once and he got surgery and i got i didn't need so as a fellow foot injury survivor can make these jokes amongst my community yeah no it's just add foot and then my other who's back of the week is devon introduced so he is starting a crystal workshop in west los angeles nice so if we have any west l a listers a want to attend the crystal healing workshop with them could use you can look him up and attend and let us know how that goes let's see if we get in here if you give it to us come on here yet are still gold yeah hey devin could use let's have a little crystal said let's do it and i'm not talking about meth right my who's back similar to yours pft fantasy football and specific
plead the commissioner sending the email trying to get everyone to lock down a draft date a month and a half in advance yep that is back if you haven't gotten that yet your commissioner is not doing his job as always much like the facetime guy he is my facetime thank there's one guy who is just chomping at the bit for football to be back and sends out that emails like hey what's everyone's availability on august 25th like student i don't know and then you've got one guy that responds like really quickly that email i said do it said can't do the 25th at in less we do it before five hundred pm right and then it just becomes this long email adjusting times and dates and over and over just auto track it you know what it is it is it is chain email season yeah is mass email season 'cause you've got fancy football starting and natural remedies that are starting to get play i've gotta plan a bachelor party so that stuff could last up for me will be a lot of drugs
i know you like i feel like you want to get out because i somehow i got labeled as the drug guide is back as well somehow i got labels inside baxter so what happens is like the fact that i've only done india may want to on camera but yeah i'm not a drug guy i'm not i dabble recreationally and some of the more legal drugs it's funny because you probably smoke sometimes i read that i do right but you and hank both gonna tell reason why you we started the drug i think the state i don't even remember it just it was you came back from from netherlands and no no you're like you were saying after the hong kong video like oh don't call me a drunk guy another guy and then like there's a pause and you're like so we're going to leave our july first for amsterdam yeah when you got back from amsterdam like
have you guys ever been to museum on mushrooms have you been like what drug i the only performance enhancing drug i'm on i use pe ds i pray every day here you go all right my other who's back is heating greg hardy because he had a fight on saturday night universally the most hated guy in the world angus yes it'll ring yes i don't and so he beat the guy in i don't know twenty seconds and he licked his own blood i don't understand why dana white like this can be an easy win for you there are so many guys that could kick his and he keeps fighting tomato cans i think is not gonna you just beat the fuck out of him i think dan it just doesn't want to give him the publicity on ufc yeah steep ameo
which he took his give us someone who can beat the out of greg hardy in the whole internet will come together how about just like a royal rumble style you get like less inert jon bones jones and race debate in the ring at the same time you're performing a would tap him would would make him suffer yeah yeah so do it dana i'm sick of watching greg hardy when that is your socks all right sure we do our mount rushmore let's get alright so this is in honor of mariano rivera being the first unanimous baseball hall fame inductee which is so so so so funny that that happens because just it's shout out to all the baseball writers there just as greg maddox not one hundred percent as inspiring baseball hall of fame voter i just want to say that i'm disgusted by it but he should ever be you ever you should always use that vote on like a pitcher named the gentleman curly
bill walter really long way from nineteen oh four yeah he threw see through seventy innings in a in a double header yeah and not a single pitch over forty five miles an hour okay so in honor of our own a vera in his cutter we're doing mount rushmore of athlete traits is that we're going to say yeah yeah you tricks something that an athlete has that you would love to have who goes first who's or they for i go first and then it's me second box okay thank you jack randall okay well i guess i will i didn't know i was going first then i'll start now actually is easy i'll start with michael jordan's competitive drive ok that will get my number ok a little bit of pander but that's fine that's not a banner that can lead to people's death but that's cool whoa whoa whoa i see michael jordan's gambling addiction how do you think that's it all right yeah with the fire them i think it's too early in the morning looking tick for all the people that are you
say if you don't think it's good that some to do a the aliens that he killed yeah that's that's what he meant by that mother jones competitive drive one i'm gonna nick foles dick okay off the bat i feel like that's a big steel like are you wanna talk pander no i'm i'm just saying we want me i'll just do nick foles dicks visit the sunday shekels dick no you only get one our semester you only get one yeah his dick might have some issues so pablo sandoval probably not probably in about one year ebay monetary base got a huge winery base unit huge dick and i'll wind it up with deandre hopkins tickets ok so you have nick foles dick ever yeah i will go with secretary part of that's a good pick and you same bold speed yeah you know you're good picks you would die though if you had secretary start that's true not without hope that blood so hard to your system would just explode your veins
okay did not happen for him he's the greatest horse whoever lived it's true good best athlete of all time true true pft my second one i'm going to go with uh see already did the hard thing i'm going to danny wood head start ok i'm interesting strike that don't know no i think that counts okay yeah that was which is a great but no no hearts heart did it would it's hard he's got a big cars got a big heart yeah okay he's the secretary of running backs i will go with my second pick i'll go with tony gwynn's ice it ability to not strike user decompose compose we're i mean secretary it's dead oh yeah good point so alright so i actually in front of the program ryan spader asus made if you don't follow him he's got like the best stats ever so i just want to throw out a couple of tony gwynn stats because they are always fun to talk about tony gwynn would have to go
well for one thousand one hundred and eighty three to dip below three hundred all time that's insane ok the early pmt remember we did fake tony gwynn stat yeah he's a believe that if you don't go down a rabbit hole of tony gwynn stats and again the asa spader on twitter has the best it's unbelievable three hundred three plate appearances against maddux glavine smoltz pedro he batted three hundred and seventy three with three strikeouts his name struck out looking more than nine times in a season he had more or hit games forty five then multi strikeout games thirty four and his career batting average three hundred and thirty eight is better than of the last nine nl batting champ so that's just one season that they had they wanted nl batting as title he had a better career in nineteen eighty seven he could have gone over fifty six
in addition to his season any still what won the batting title and he was going to hit four hundred in the strike shortened season yeah he i mean if you i'm telling you go down he never yeah he he is incredible if you go down all the the he had won three strikeout game in his entire career all time ones guide to all time out big old butt so his vision alright that's my two i'll go three i'll go cream sky hook it is lockable unlockable the unblockable shot i mean if you you specialize in that you can make one i've just listen i it's like all i try now whenever i have a bass for me and i just take sky hoax because like this is the only thing i could probably still maybe do you and i can't it's funny like in less you have kareem abdul jabbar's exact body type right so unless your doll seem then you look like a weirdo when you're doing the sky hook so yes even the kid at michigan this year that was work
and i was really good at it right he still looked awkward as fuck with him 'cause it's not cream unlockable right pft what he got i saw for my third pick i'm going would you just used it to yeah i did too talking with his eyes are ability not shake out and sky hook okay i'm going to go with marshawn lynch stiff arm okay ok play the one from the beast quake on tracy porter yep yep i will go with pat mahone's arm oh so you didn't want to go tom brady like marino elway jamarcus russell i'm just saying i'm just throwing this out there i'm not sure i'm not saying it's a wrong answer dan marino's like a billion years old okay never i never saw that del valle never saw john the ball like ninety other sad that i'd said what you just said only
i know from them so yeah right now is the station he had in the van yeah you know i talk about crazy stats look up dan marino's last game ever maybe the worst quarterback from a small town that game that they lost like seventy to nothing gets the jag yeah the head the in the playoffs the real shame i also delivering modern medicine and jim homes for with the stronger yeah no no it's it's fair i i wrote on arms but i actually wrote down like three arms to couldn't decide on my that's when i would go with ken griffey junior swing gui that's good hey yeah it's good that on my list here that's good do you think kids these days like they're familiar with ken griffey junior swing yeah yeah probably not no probably not she always gets brought up though i know that if we don't play those games no putting reviewed your base but the problem with that is i feel like ken griffey junior swing is better to watch than it is to do yes like i like watching can grow
do you use when you left you had it yeah the sweet lefties ring is the best all right your last okay i'm gonna go with rose levels dog okay the people are the the bulldog just having the dogs have i would just want the dog yeah i didn't take this month resources what if you don't want your you anti dog we had for the employee i'm fine with dogs i there's a lot of i have a list of things that i want over roosevelt's dog no cuts no never done that's fine but her name is coma yeah i know it's easy to name a dog yeah ok my last one i'll go with allen iverson's handles that's my last pill be sick yeah crop crossover vehicle what are what are we have i have a list of a ton that we i had i had missed rob gronkowski's brain on here because he just happiness always happy his brain is a drug yes jerry rice is route running great imo
catch radius hakeem's dream shake i always wanted to have that drug greens jumping ability show me ikea vince carters dunking would you go steph curry shot or ray allen's right down i'd probably go around so it's just so automatic the same every time it actually going michael reads but rounds tweeting ability as tweeting ability for sure happy guys drip hobby buys drip yes tagged as his rag yeah this tagging he had an old his act this week and it really does i love the no look tags it was maybe his best ever messi's free kicks okay we're not all those are very carlos yeah yes i would take we're now those abilities score like from three feet away and have a room called the go for it yeah run all those weird adam's apple that's definitely not the product of doping let's see
ricky henderson speed berry sanders elusiveness yeah putin's goal scoring ability whoever goes going berries good ones cater berry bonds on base percentage you know looked up that he's not one of those guys where you can get lost in wormhole of lifetime stats alright so i gotta couple for you so hit me the from two thousand and one to two thousand and four his on base percentage five fifteen thousand five hundred and eighty two five twenty nine thousand six hundred and nine in two thousand and four very bonds got on base six out of ten that's incredible and then ryan spader who is the king of all stats had this one too barry bonds had a major league record seven hundred and sixty two home runs all of his home runs were strikeouts he would still have both a high on base percentage and a lower strikeout percentage than willie star stargill reggie boxing mike schmidt sammy sosa and alex rodriguez that's false sixty two being strikeouts that's crazy john boy said explanation did something about
provides a couple years ago where it was what if barry bonds and played baseball without a bat like if you just gone to the plate with no bad news and he walked with the bases loaded yeah and he still would have had like a higher on base percentage than ninety nine percent of people that have ever played the game wings skis vision or playmaking ability yeah that's all i wrote as a homer pick patrick kane puck handling injuries clock management just for fun like for laughs this one is just as good as goofy i'm tom bradys clutch gene i wrote i had so i had the drew brees accuracy tom brady's longevity uh i would go i would rather have fitzpatrick's longevity like being able to he's such a streaky guy just hold on tight do tom brady tweeting out that this is your twenty was such a mind fox video radio yeah actually right dispatchers beard yeah that also this was a deep cut
only a few the real ones will now sam young's pump fake from pit member him he used to do the pump fake we got all the way on his toes his tippy toes would get would pump you out of your your seat you if you look it up you would know you be like oh yeah i remember this is early in the early 2000s odwan blerta on those guys as he had a big old ask al jefferson's szasz frank kaminsky said said it was the biggest he's ever had to play against was his name is hebeos ass let's run maze asks what else did i have oh devin hesters kick returning i thought that was probably too cheap 'cause it's like a lot of skills yeah ricky henderson speed i'll go carlin isles speed ok yeah paul raible's vision yeah to startle new league that's what it really is
thanks his neck humor that touchdown dance yes incredible hardest hitter i was i was between 'cause obviously you could be like oh dick buckius or night train lane but ronnie lott or ray lewis sean taylor shaunte sean taylor matic i heard a sitter and we have but still at this point we get to the hall of fame's first came as as well as the thing out of all right i'm sure we missed a bunch tweet us the ones that we missed our home yeah i think i got all of my list it be cool to make the whole the whole player just sideboard it is a big mish mash of all these people yes okay let's get to our interview with blake griffin blake of the year week of the year
before we get to blake griffin a couple quick ads good boys what if the guys who made some of the most outrageous r rated comedies like super bad and sausage party decided to make an r rated comedy starring twelve year old boys well they did and the result is a whole there is new movie good boys good boys falls three in over their heads six graders they skip school one day to do whatever it takes to learn how to kiss before their first middle school party the thing is they're just completely clueless about all the inappropriate situations they get themselves into along the way like accidentally getting involved in a drug deal causing crazy car crashes and mistaking sex toy toys for nunchucks definitely never seen a movie like this before it's so funny watching these innocent twelve year olds trying to navigate in adult world full of sex drugs violence and profanity it's super appropriate in r rated but there's also a sweetness to the movie with the boys friendship at the center of it all and ever since s by sw early on
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your victory lap you've been on i saw you at disney world and you have been in parades you're now in new york city partying and i just want to say congratulations again welcome to the new studio and we have not done anything new with and it's great to have you here thank you thank you it's been a bit of a whirlwind obviously yeah but our men's trying to trying to like so good all enjoy this moment because you know not a lot of not a lot of likes to to to live this sense very true that is true how come true how is your life changed since winning blake of the year true story i was just i was walking here and a guy goes blake and i look over is blake of the year baby two point eight i was like yeah that money baby how many random people have come up to you so many i was on a flight when it like this the waiter came out and when i landed in atlanta you would have thought i just literally one like a like a low divisions which have yeah that's pretty much what it is yeah
so you know how these get recognized everywhere yeah we were talking before we started taping in it you seem a little bit salty i think you're talking this over the cap before i came in the room but you seem a little upset that we had given blake bortles so much of an opportunity to to reclaim his title to defend it wasn't just that it's just that like you got you know you see we did this whole like hate like if it was a seven blake series i still think you would've had it like well alright man it's not it was the super bowl was played now you're right it's not a lifetime achievement in blake at his big lake in the year it's okay you want i mean i can't take that away from you congratulate which we just like florida blakeslee have a type is florida blix's we like the the memos again here in oklahoma blake that's the florida yeah before nato ally yeah give a little more even maybe a little higher iq alright i'll take that i'll take there's something about the florida blakes they just have a little panache that you just can't you know they don't practice
what they're they're doing it and that's just what they your you are the blank the year so there's no by the way blake shelton followed me so he's gonna be he's trying to get in on it which is bad and fellow oklahoma is he really so we have to we have to do it like the lake of the union or you think i think you should keep it like the year and then we'll do like the whole like road rules challenge thing to border so that's nice that's like that's like the meth cook off championship in the world yes alright so blake you have you're here you're doing you're going to go to montreal after this you're doing a just for last comedy set on thursday night yeah it's my my charity event every year is like a comedy charity event so i have like five comedians come in the past i like john mullaney bill burr whitney cummings
some really really awesome comedians and they sure i part of the just for laughs in on thursday night in montreal i will be doing my set just wondering where you're funny after they stand out there has to be a comedy okay everyone everyone pretend they're drunk and here griffin the griffin the funniest man in what's up blake of the year stuff all right you want talk some free agency yeah that was this league dude this week this league so wait where were you caught talking with tmz about quiet was that out i was a the comedy store in la and this guy was just like hey you mind if i ask you some questions about it just happened what my friend was on stage and i was with one of my other boys here and broke while he was on stage and we just completely did not watch any of his set was just like falling really cool cool
hey paul george and then he came off as like those great men yeah yeah this guy just like caught me i don't know and you said do you do you feel so bad that the late the clippers are like doing all this stuff when your number's retired in that were in that steeple center no i mean that's something they can never take away from me retiring my numbers at all through now i mean i'm i feel fine i'm not i'm not mad about either they'll be fine it's whatever did quite is quite call you trying to do to demand a trade you should have started that rumor quite well yeah because like kevin it's a quite called them and then paul obviously quite called paul george you should in light will quite called me but i just i loved it so much no no he did i was like what now brown yeah come on fool me once yes yeah right shame on you yeah do you feel like you had a part in kind of bringing the clippers to the point where now they're trying to be championship contenders like before blake griffin was there the clippers were all
little brother out no way they were really talked about you got there you guys made it to the second round of the playoffs a and so it's like i don't know there's like a lot of what we're building the french i you you help to build the franchise i i would assume maybe steve balmer would have been interesting the clippers if you weren't on that team playing in primetime and truly email that i mean i always i always say you can't get to the third round if you don't get to the second round true so how is kind of our thing was like take like taking control of the second round space like a lot of people are trying to like win the championship start from there yeah yeah i actually really do like feel like a sense of like pride you know we i think we all kind of do i think the way it ended like with everybody and everybody going separate our separate ways was like obviously like a down point but like at the end of the day man like before i got drafted there people were telling me like june go there they'll ruin your career they're the worst franchise in sports worst owner like you're going to be a bust in like
there and you know it worked out we know we we in the playoffs five consecutive years like fifty win seasons an i think it's like i don't know i think we were part of like putting that that franchise at least on the path and then you know bomber came in and and it is this today so that i don't want it wasn't just me it was a lot of us but it's really cool it's really cool something like something that you you know you feel is is bigger than yours i think i was kind of joking but i am a little bit serious that i don't know that kawhi and paul george would have taken it as seriously as a destination free agency if there wasn't like a little bit of a track record of winning there recently yeah i mean yeah then you you could say the bomber thing you could say you know whatever it is the the sterling thing i guess had to happen yeah but it was a lot over do yeah it was a lot of things that happened and you know i'd i'd i agree i think that we were
part of that that changing that culture a little bit you know what about one of your teammates from the clippers chris paul uh part of it no no no what about what do you want to just teasing open doesn't open ended questions chris paul if your word association give chris paul some advice on what to expect in oklahoma what would you tell him on what to expect in oklahoma where you don't you know he's played there before when he got drafted new orleans katrina happen they played in oklahoma city yellow he's no stranger to oklahoma it's true but i've heard he's not actually going to play their well we don't know we don't know true yeah should we do not know so thoughts i don't know i just can't see him really like i'm thunder not really in a position to to be like a uh playoff team or at least contend so i don't know if i see him stand there at this point in his career i'm i'm i'm sure like the ring is is
yes you know the main objective in the i don't know i feel like i feel like you have it they're gonna have to move him somewhere what are you gonna start ring chasing or are you renting right now is to him right now yeah i am right now that's true do you rose me ready for that yeah great talk to i have okay good i don't do rose it's like high school how does that work when you guys sign a guy weather was of the clippers the pistons like how quickly do you do the tax do you want to seem like your you know thirsty thirsty for new teammate but you also want to be welcoming yeah you like i like give it a night and you you always start with something like some now who's this omaha bg knife vesey who wait growth going to like that you got a really ease into it i'll stop is a good one maybe toss a couple like casual mode jeez just you may yeah yeah i i will i messed up before is going all and semen real thirsty yeah the number you ready to get this yeah that would
a little too much did you actually make any calls are free agency a doing a recording from first i did i did a few calls a few texts of the work he reaches reach reach out you know what i think it was over three this year who did you call you know what like one of 'em i literally i reached out an through thirty minutes later it was like oh so and so's signed with this team was like alright was bad timing one name one guy you reach you can't tamper you can't these free you know that for a fact yeah we retroactive you're an agent do you ever do that in entourage get outta here soon it was his name he really he did say i don't write i will do my all right reach out to you can give us initials and we'll just guess his name rhymes with smith breen
ok well it was great yeah big time with you type text yeah i text him and literally like i think like thirty minutes later it was jeff green is signed with the utah jazz alright out of a nice that would be nice so are you ever like amazed with how ridiculous the nba free agency is because it really it is the best by far in any league the this league and everyone changing like everyone going to next year half these guys are all for new teams it feels like all the power is shifted around yeah i actually think it's great this will mean that the parity in basketball now is like you can see you can save favorite but like i i think golden state would one this year they're healthy yelling nope no question yeah so i don't think you can really go into the season this year being like this team is gonna win and the
missouri are stacked you know what i mean it's going to be like good for basketball even like an east team you know what i mean license for the free yeah obviously the false sis lookin did you see the central division in the eighties really step milwaukee us how are you feeling are you feeling in the best shape your life yes yeah what's that sit me today okay so you're a mean one day you say i mean i i work i work my off this summer and i it came into camp best saving my life and you know i'm just looking to like make it make a statement yeah everybody know will you nervous at all that's actually good right there you should actually say that you gained fifteen pounds of muscle to this or or drop body fat or drop out if it yeah i'm not like change my diet body fat do you do something different in the offseason 'cause he's been in the league for awhile now it's like i would expect that you know what
who trained train to get your body ready to change anything up not a lot like last summer was like a good that good amount of work so i normally start like lifting after like about a year i take like three four weeks off and i start lifting that for awhile and i start doing basketball and i kind of like slowly work into and i ramp up like once august hits i take it to another level and then september like it's full pretty much full go until camp starts how sweet was that the booty party you know what man it was chill yeah that would protest when those pictures came out what is that you know it's crazy process when tmz gets you like that you know it's crazy as i was on the boat when the pictures came out really yeah it was like whatever four hundred o'clock in ibiza was like nine hundred am or out here right
you know so or whatever i don't know call me on that that sounds right yeah that sounds whatever you're close enough so we were like still on the boat and we were just like all looking at like laughing like best day ever yeah like but you see the guy they gonna dinghy no dad i mean we saw guys when we were leaving and we knew that like the probability was high but we didn't really like we didn't know we didn't see you were taking those pictures i'm just passing it wasn't during plate of the year week because it would have been great to see you with a phone in your hand while you're imparting which i know you would have done one hundred percent without a doubt i would have for sure although now that you have one i don't know if you will great yes i could rest on your laurels at fire burns within me born how i mean the hardest thing in sports is to repeat as blake is true it's never been done in string hasn't hasn't been done how is
grants you your little trip to france where you're like oh yeah i gotta go to paris in the south of france in morning i was chilling there with mike michael jordan it was cool i guess i was just me rose what were some of the guys it was this is a lot of fun we were there in fashion we can stuff it was it was wild what's that what's next fashion come out of paris besides nasa teachers which are huge right now yeah the next fashion yeah i'm always looking ahead like last year was the levi shirt this year it's the nasa shirt yeah what's next what were they wearing there because i feel like fashion week that's where i think you know what it's crazy throwback jerseys are coming back ok nice tall teasing throwback jerseys are coming back little blake griffin clippers jersey
play griffin oklahoma jersey yeah yeah both our both were yeah yeah yeah song did you see what they said at big twelve media day today i know this is for football but their talk about the horns down texas warns down thing is that a penalty so it was a penalty last year to this year they're leaving up the rest are saying like as long as you're not doing it in your opponent's face you can still do thought horns down amongst your teammates so it's like somebody next like a player next to me is doing the horns down i would just put your face right exactly yeah do you like taking a charge yeah all the time like when i go back and play in oklahoma you know everybody's like because it's the one thing that oklahoma oklahoma state fans can agree with is like the horns down i like that so when you go back play with oklahoma you saying like with chris paul and again if you want to go back and play with chris paul in oklahoma city well right now i'm under contract to play for the test and yeah that's true i i really i enjoyed my time with this leak
this lead you know know can happen in this league by the way petty wars i saw you liking tweets of people who are doubting your athleticism really yeah some is like blake griffin is losses athleticism is power and then you liked it when when was this recently yeah i don't operate have check is likes i'm on there yeah it's pretty recent hollow under the hot if you ever just want to be like get a life people like you're certain to my likes times to you guys yes yes we have we give out awards in the in the off season i definitely peruse through the mentions that i i get i get some like a like i have been yeah real quick before i pull up your likes then we grow you on those we talk about sign a little bit less than one or the back of the van yeah out you mentioned earlier like some people are in your ears saying you don't want to go to the clippers you don't want to play there did it ever occur to you to do so let's just say like i'm not going to play for the clippers if they draft me no i actually did
like people a lot of people were saying that and i just didn't really did you ever in that deposition that donald sterling did when i'll pull that up in a second we do a little monday reading all right so let's read some of the likes i asked you is this year he is you liked mason ramsey's if you if you don't got no getting up and get out my way hi i like that let's see let's see you like to out of lake of the year yeah you know what people are really making me feel special and i was on a plane like i said so had a lot of time on my hands opponents i don't see any of the dollars no seriously did you on before you got here maybe i accidentally yeah we're like they're going to probably get me so using patty in there let's see tom do you like you like here's here's a good one you were talking about the
trade that sent you to detroit and somebody said worst trade in team history and you like that oh yeah here's one sexy little brunette bich sucking and fucking her personal trainers big cock no that's not all that was james rouse reid is round james brown's lamp that one oct com i mean i was calm i was going to take out my internet history james rock of love that tweet i love that's read so much one of my favorite my favorites is a three on yeah that's a good one thank you together an awesome little i take on me remix with that okay here's the deposition ready is donald sterling under oath i fool around sometimes i do when a girl seduces me and tells me all those hot stories and dirty things and tells me how much she wants to suck on me and take my shoes off and licks my feet and touches me when i'm in a limousine she takes off her clothes the limo driver said what's going on
and she started sucking me on the way to mister koons house ann i thank her i thank her for making me feel good lawyer sir the question was is this your handwriting the best thing ever all right i got one last question for you put in promo code take you get ten dollars off see keep purchase two k ratings they came out you're in eighty eight mmhm thoughts the she kind of stuff that was a lot of rallies i was eighty six last year all that three point shooting up into that athleticism that came back well yeah yeah your toughness probably came back when you just grab your entire leg yeah so are you what do you think about people who get mad about it though 'cause i feel like that's been the hot thing right now is with mac players yeah an nba2k players getting mad about it i don't know i feel like eighty six was by the lowest i have ever
i don't know also i've ever been and then i probably had one of my better years last year so you know hey yeah whatever man i don't care by the way this is the tweet you did like it says the overwhelming night tonight physicality that once made blake griffin so special appears to be gone for good at age twenty nine you like that that was from two thousand and eighteen oh my god you went away no you know you went way back two thousand eighteen i probably like middle probably you know probably came yeah so wait so you what was your highest rating you must know that have no idea i don't really play do you think it's in the people get upset the players get upset area yeah because it has no control over how you actually are as a player that's true that is very true i am pretty sure dusts running game but if in season i can i can understand like if you play two k all the time and you're playing as yourself and you sock that
would probably get inside your head a little bit but i also feel like a lot of guys don't play with themselves i feel like a lot of yeah okay now that and that our is just phone clip okay we in so order yeah ours do home plans really nice i guess when you're in the nba not the mass read it yeah because you're out of bees owned yacht all the no fabulae that's awesome thing is we do nice life lake of the year do you have any questions for us as owners of blake of the year we did this again cuz you come on all the time and you're one of our favorite current guess that we don't really prepare so you could just ask us questions last time i think we asked you the questions we didn't ask manny pacquiao yep there were lots of good that's true yeah what up how's your australian team going good can you have offered new zealand yeah do you do you know do you feel good knowing that like if all
goes wrong for you and you lose your physicality again you could always just play for our team the eyes i see that's like a good like to have the back pocket call back also of all always want to go to new zealand pulled for a structure to it if you zoom standards in the australian basketball in which all that kills two one stone yeah we're the only new zealand team in the australian basketball league little confusing but you know it's like yeah pretty much jazz run that worked out pretty well for them right yeah wow so yeah we're trying to break now we just need to find your you guys a call why we have we have officially made you an offer if it ever comes to that ok and you can send the numbers to ok what about your brother is your brother the plan he could play we could just say that it's you good
actually be awesome i said i did you just put a bunch of celebrity lookalikes in the front row like all the celebrity fans like have a guy that looks like drake down there have a guy that looks like you man frankie moon yes he was a big clippers fan right yeah just have like spike lee in the front row we could do the same with the player x likely with your brothers here right now he does he listen when you come on the show yeah do you like listen to i think he's heard that he knows what's going on okay keep might he can use passing the micro quick hank do you what does it suck that you didn't get the same athleticism get it why that's blake that are you're here he did you ever hear about it do you see have you seen as like measurements of the combine yeah i know but like do you ever think like man that that's bullshit that should be me no
if you had done steroids like blake you could be here i mean if if i had like working probably would've got it ok that's actually the best place to be because you can't you know ones tweeting like hey taylor griffin losses physicality you're just sitting there like you know if i wanted it probably all mba yeah at least what were your measurements at the combine thirty eight less than thirty open thought i was going to have something cool to say i didn't was it higher or lower it was lower sure really yeah mine wasn't thirty i don't think damn okay did you train with a jump souls if you had trained then you'd be up there would be thirty eight at least alright well i always wanted to ask him the older brother that so my bad yeah thanks
real fine well yeah i mean it was for maine where you guys here's a good question to change the mood where do you come up with your material for stand up like you're so good at set up just for laughs on july 25th my kids just observation ull stuff you know i see things i try to make him relatable you know everyday life you know like you know like you know how when you wake up in your butler hasn't like preston and like irons you're like workout gear and you like right it's tough yeah but people get it when you can't put on a pair of pants 'cause you're too tall and your legs go at the bottom yeah stuff like that i understand the booties that worked just like they've talked all they can twerk on abc dot no when you're on a yacht another booties bent worked out so much work left on this yacht get me office
at what point on the out where you like ok let's i've had enough to working for the day let's go back inside let's go back to shore where is it we just look around is there ever a time i don't know i've never had think when it got dark when you can't see yeah we can't see the tools you put on sunscreen when i was in a visa yeah yeah i did i was in the sun today a little at my little red yeah a little what's also hot in here yes it's very hot this is the worst studio and in america okay as people tell you that has nothing to do with the lights because they're allegedly led and they don't put off heat i don't buy that at all not at all he goes or hot they're hot they're hot all right i think that was i think we crushed it i don't want to take anymore of your time go to just for laughs on thursday he is our book of the year also one of our favorite recurring gas and yeah yeah good luck to the pistons also if you're on the pistons this is the league
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all this week it's really nasa just trying to piggy back off of you people finding out to cool their credit their clout chasing me yeah they're swagger jack get back to cloud chasing and tell me some about the atmosphere nasa stay off my drip so yeah they've got to nasa tease their free with an order of two pairs bird dogs all you have to do is go to bird dogs dot com your promo code take they'll throw in a free pair nun chucks to bird dogs dot com promo code take and boom three pair of nun chucks with your pair of bird dogs okay let's get some segments first up we have a way to stay relevant baseball hank let's put in this audio because it was so good
it was aaron boone yelling at the umpire on thursday baseball needs this so so bad i've been saying for years that the one mystery about the game that i think everybody wants to know is what do managers say when they're right up in an umpire's face just like yelling like a word every one slash two second like i don't know what they're talking about but now you do it looks interesting lock in the box my guys are savages so i love it i love the best part aaron clapping like do better do better he basically was speaking to his you know ten year old son when they get report cards like i know you can do better they're savages in the box tighten it up he would do better
is coaching him up yeah he's being a good manager to the empire this in a member asked in the jack pot last year when we get these sound clips baseball becomes more interesting so figure out a way to have the manage are miked up i don't care if we have to watch on a ten second delay whatever it may be i need more of this on my only regret is that it wasn't joe gerardi and he didn't have his brace just because like the the only thing more emasculating than having another man like spinning basically into your mouth as he's screaming correct is having that i'd be wearing braces at the time but that was this had been the most watched baseball clip of here and since asking the jackpot since ask the jacket and these clips always happen there like not supposed to get out sorry for last year i think major league baseball tried to takedown the asteroid video so stop asking why is it mike trout a great are that we can all you market we don't care about mike trout
ma'am it's home runs we want to see two grown men yell at each other i want to see mike social storm out the dog i know he's not the manager for the ages but this inner little correct pft on twitter let's pretend that he is yes i want to see mike social whitewater was fat up to first pochi yeah if you're seeing the video bruce pochi someone like timed it him coming out and running out he's the slowest runner vault yeah you make some weight form yet puts on a hell of a show i just i need to know what these baseball men because they've been in the sport for like forty years they have a very specific set of just like phrases that yeah i heard that aren't uttered anywhere outside of baseball i need to know more of what they are ok mike greenberg's dumb rules how 'bout we bring back sweet lou pinella and have him just be the automatic yell at the umpire guy for every side every he just shows up yeah every team can i have one but we have to have lou pinella in like prime time games for both teams so you just call him comes out of the bowl like all time quarterback yeah yeah it comes out of the bullpen cart and he just
greens at the ump for your team and it's all miked up so it's like sunday night baseball is a loop and elegant i like that i would never want everybody would tunein he's miked up or just have him as like the rules analyst except it's for manager argument analysts yeah so he's their lip readings like saying what he would be saying the circumstance to you imagine lou pinella on that car now once coming in like the fifth inning to just yell at someone for for another
he has nothing to do with his job should be just sitting in the bull pen yeah inside the car to voters yards on with just like course original just the ice cold quarters original nursing it throughout the game and then he gets a drunk drive the car we can go to like to be on par yeah lupin ello cam where it has a little note of how many beers he's had yeah the game and i want to eating garlic i wanna eating like sauerkraut and italian long sauteed onion i was hot dog yeah i need his breast to be like at peak performance was we luka we just fix baseball yeah yeah they'll be so awesome when it yes alright seaver metrics we have a sabermetrics what was the it was a podcasting sabermetric it was yes so this is interesting i'm sure for if anybody out there listens to podcasts you'll find a shout out this is from
stephanie food she was a producer at npr she was a producer at all things considered i think ok or this american life excuse me here are some fun facts from her about podcasting normal cost of fifteen minute long story at a major storytelling podcast two months six pre interviews three interviews seven hours of tape ten drafts two to four edits each one to four hours long with two to five editors in the room each time two days of mixing and don't low ball us the hand motion as a class emerges that she gave it up so i don't know what it's like to score podcast this feels very inefficient this is no i think it is true fun fact about part of my take is we have this exact same process and so we recorded this episode
and one two thousand and sixteen it's not really good at predicting the future listen you should be better gambling this this yeah i know really this american life is very good podcast and obvious they are doing something very different than us but how much it suck for the stephanie foods of the world to realize that we're just two idiots that just hop in here like we do twenty minute we do here's a pardon my take night we come in we do twenty minutes of prep we eat some pizza and then we get into mikes now we do other stuff during the week sometimes we chinese food yeah we do other stuff during the week there's a lot of interviews we do pre interviews yeah we do how many of them are going to be sixty six printer and sometimes those are more potent than the actual interviews in all seriousness like why would you do pre interviews when that's when you're going to get their best right real right you're just tipping tipping him off this is weird that's what you know a very inefficient you're right i think that there are different types of podcasts and some it did favors people that are as on
we yes actually done a very good job especially like with interviews with people that we don't really know sometimes that people like it more when we don't prepare for them yeah did interview with grace and i've seen like zero things he's been in yeah forty code mar that you guys could you some questions normal yeah i'm as readers ordering close questions even turn pro his name is it like four times easily i he's governing think it's funny ever since there's also love here it's like yeah my dick yeah it's going to be great either way i stand with all podcasters somebody whispered suck my dick to me this weekend at the event that we're at on saturday did you do it way more way more no he wasn't a word when the listener got it it was just a guy yeah yeah did you do it yeah i mean it was he was polite it right sky stuff actually just hanging in ac
right i have a stake quake and then we'll do our monday reading so this one pft it's not as much of a take quake it's more of a i just can't believe this is where we are ok someone treated my husband is convinced that every single character on the office except maybe oscar jim and pam voted for trump and it seems pressing the plausible to me okay yeah this is for this is forty years go back favorite show has been ruined because because he took a fictional oh and then put it into present day and got mad at the characters for your assumption of their political leanings yeah that stuff i mean we we can go back i've got some bad news about the arrest of gone with the wind shifts i mean jerry seinfeld trump has some pro israel thoughts
only my shadow knows road every show that's very true we we could go down the list with your friends care do you think though i i was thinking about it definitely did just because he'd like to put like he would like to party probably going to rally i feel like my scott he thought some of like the the debate stuff was the funniest yeah yeah yeah are you do you definitely would be a guy that would start like just a pro trump twitter account and then he get famous based off that right and then he would convince him send not realize what it's doing yeah well what might you as a people of me yeah dwight deftly would have voted for a libertarian or not even yeah dwight was a guy kerry johnson guy yes no chance that he would have voted for anyone any major party can wait this is just so oh angela definitely angela definitely kelly mary ann kelly would vote for marianna yes over there was john i don't think who jim started m zero zero users yeah jim wouldn't he also what i'm safe yeah jim i am an oscar j jim would
for hillary and he'd make sure that everyone knew that he was voting for hillary he had the bumpers he left he still has a bumper sticker i'm still here let's see who was kevin who is kevin vote kevin would forget to vote for sure he would get the day wrong yeah that would be a whole episode boom exo doing so gets made ryan we vote for trump i feel like a truck guy right yeah probably he said he was an art of the deal reader and maybe yeah and that's why michael scott voted for got into first place press right right michael scott about part of the deal yeah for sure yeah we can do this with any if so it sucks but it also sucks that people are letting their brains get broken like having would you go retroactively but because your own brain yeah you've assumed to characters political leanings that they're not even real they're not real character yeah let's let's yeah let's do what would you like a cross stream what's the thing that everyone's man
about about the new disney character arielle under the sea yeah we can do that we can who voted for trump under the sea you the little mermaid yeah our little mermaid yeah that's the song yeah ursula probably did ursula did sebastian the crab no no he was french so yeah no used to make and i thought oh yes yeah you're not thinking a beauty in the meat is we can do that ups yes see how falcons alright yeah the tea party let's go to monday reading so this monday reading was sent to us by schnucks there you go track show snacks my twenty five my she's twenty five boyfriend he's twenty seven of two years is obsessed with dave and buster's fair so far i don't see a problem i really don't know where to start with this and it sounds very petty but i'm at my wits end dealing with my boyfriend some contacts we have been together for two years
his overall fantastic very thoughtful kind funny interesting and responsible for instance you always my favorite snacks when he goes out without me even asking for them to try hard move he'll come for me after a tough day work i work at a call center and get some crazy ones for the most part he is also very respectful of me it sounds like a great yeah pft we were both raised catholic and he's very active in the church in an overall stand up guy which i admire a lot literally the only problem in our relationship is this obsession with dave and buster's i'd say that he's the total package solar baggage i'm only telling you is all this so you don't just tell me to break up with him because although we have problem i really don't want to leave him i guess i'll just get to the bad part my boyfriend absolutely must go to dave and buster's once a week or else he threw
tantrum i am not exaggerating when i use the word tantrum we are talking crying stomping etc it's bad that's again dave and bus so this is a little crazy under this behavior is abnormal to me he will beg and plead in state that the only thing he wants is for us to quote go to busters why are you even dave out of it so like i i i i admire the fact that he's short is that he's lost there's that he's got his own pet name for dave and buster's basically you're in a relationship with three guys right now we're friend buster and dave and it's been more than a if it's been more than a week he'll say we haven't been in quote forever i i best friends this guy this guy is given off major like i grew up in like some weird cult like
right to keep and there's these prize yeah and wave in buster's was gonna meryl champion yeah i like this i like those guys first introduction to lecture city and so we just like fell in love with it yeah scratch engines competitiveness this guy's got mad at us i've tried talking it through with him i've suggested other restaurants even other bar kate's put it how it's not the same it's not it's not that they don't have the same burgers they don't have the power play card they don't have the million dollar midway so many things so many games take me to chuck e cheese and i will i will throw a fucking fall so noob arcades they always do like the hipster throwback games like oh we have the simpsons game don't you love it missed alger dave and buster's has everything they had to hit they have the old stuff they have new stuff you gotta go to dave and buster's stay away from the deer hunter that makes you accidentally play zombies sometimes 'cause like there's nothing worse than going up to a nice game of big buck i know that and then it's an you select your game they give you zombies shot on anyone who still has cruising usa when i tell him i don't really enjoy going with him and that
you go alone he says something like what do you mean you love but i give you all the profits that this is going to give away the price is not even about the material about the process that he really loves that's more than just a stuffed animal yeah that's more than not the the bouncy ball the crazy bouncy balls yeah that's where it's more than the like weird jelly hand things that you can slap it listed on those are only available is it like being redeem for tickets you can't buy those on the normal margaret used by beanie babies knock knock off beanie babies these days no no keychains all better believe he's got his chance when we do go we spend a ridiculous amount of money which i split with him now that now you are a good girl and he makes me follow him around to each game to play together that's it no no i press them about it and the only explanation he's been able to give me is that he had his ninth birthday at d and bs he considers it quote the sink
best day of his life you know i was looking at this guys jim harbaugh yeah he might be i want so much absolutely something at your ball would do shut out this guy because there's nothing like dominating something and then being like for the rest of your life saying i just want to do that again yeah specific thing what like the more i think about it like planning your entire week around one day of drinking food and watching cool like video games sports that's exactly what we do with football yeah it's it's also what's your going through every sitcom you've ever watched and figure out how everyone is problematic i'd go to dave and buster's you know it's depressing is driving past a dave and buster's and not going yet be like man i really wish you and everything that you do for the rest of your drive will not be as fun as going into dave and buster's going into busters how do i help him move past this i really want to keep dating this man i know nostalgia can be a powerful force but this is absolutely unacceptable please help
too long didn't read my boyfriend is obsessed with dnbs and won't accept not going there at least once a week we have a great relationship other than that blah blah blah i don't see any problem with this you need to adjust your dating coolest guy on the planet yes the only way that you can actually beat this is if you get better at dave and buster's than him yeah that's the only way you could not tell him not to go to busters you cannot tell him hey we you know let's skip a week because then he'll say we've been there in forever you can't have them go solo the only solution if you really don't want to go to buster's as you have to get the high score on every single fucking game that's exactly right you have to win more tickets than in the one time yes that's really it and he will never go again who never go again yeah are just like what if they go on a vacation they probably can't go on a vacation i think the price go to vacations around dave and bus only in cities that have dave and buster's in him like you can't go overseas had been a tampa many times yeah cheese campers whenever well it's like starbucks in tampa oh man
that's our money reading shut out that guy if we can if someone knows that guy i would love to talk to let's go to dave and busters within yes i would yes your out we will fly you out i love a body that's driving on where you live is that passion about in these like weird small thing yes i someone and fast someone has to know this guy because there can't be that many guys walking around being like i need to go to buster's because the best day of my life will tell the single best day of his life i mean the staff at dave and buster's definitely he's a regular he's only when the walks into day and buses and says i'll have the usual in all honestly there's nothing cooler than being a regular at a bar no you want to go to a place where everyone knows your name the show up and i really hate here he comes in he probably changes made to dave and buster's maybe maybe dave buster that's going to be his kids name i know you were thinking about that for your basement buster yeah okay we'll see everyone on wednesday love you guys
sounds awesome awesome
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