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2017-06-25 | 🔗
Vanny Woodhead has finally broken down so today's Pardon My Take is live from the side of the highway in the middle of Pennsylvania (2:29 - 5:40). Jordan Spieth's miracle shot and Tim Tebow gets called up (5:40 - 9:12). Who's Back of the Week and the Mt Rushmore of road trip activities (9:12 - 24:14). Former Oklahoma Sooners Head Coach Bob Stoops joins the show to talk about his sudden retirement, the hardest part of running a College Football program, Sam Bradford's sleeves, and where he'll land next (Bears? Notre Dame?) (24:14 - 49:44). Segments include Summer of Paul George, Put one in his earhole Derek Carr making fun of Russ Wilson, Hurt or Injured the entire Big 3 Basketball League, Not to brag but we called it Lavar Ball is going on the WWE, Sabermetrics for Serena Williams being the 700th best men's tennis player according to Jon McEnroe, Talking Soccer, Bad Visual for Jimmy Butler and the return of Spoilers.
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on today is part of my take we record from vanni would head on the side of a highway as we had our first incident and attire blow out we also had a great interview with former oklahoma head coach bob stoops in the back of any would head at the bhopal any bob stoops patchy tournament young so we got some good stories from there we also have some sabre metrics and the return of everyone's favorite segment spoilers so if you don't want to get
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blue bottled lobby dotcom slash amity let's go let's not get lost in the part of my team is monday june twenty six and we are podcasting from the side of the highway in pennsylvania because vanni would add his fine
we ve broken down is dead not dead do not say that you take it up one bedlam just like real day yes so yeah we are driving down the highway planning out tonight show actually and heard a loud explosion from the front from my side maybe i haven't lost as much weight as i think that idea because the frog tire just absolutely ripped off we're on the saw the highway now waiting for aaa blew up it's not it's on flat tire it's a blown up time oh you know who else got advances aaa today simply well there you got really didn't but hey nice the joke ass tat you have to tell the joke nowhere how come so this is i think as forests we know the first ever podcast dawn
on the side of the highway in pennsylvania when your one thousand nine hundred and ninety three conversion van brakes sound like the theme of the next npr crime drama this is how it starts yeah a ninety three conversion van broke down and like six kids ran out and the police are trying to figure out what was going on i also felt my first piece of shame when i called aaa and they asked for the year and make of our vehicle and i was like one thousand nine hundred and ninety three chevy gladiator and that for the first time ever i was like i'm a little ashamed to be in public with danny where'd you stop sailor had started i dont think that were why why were in pennsylvania by the way where driving from we're at both fellini and stoops families bonci tournaments than young sound ohio the cradle of coaches america's code city yes and we have bob stoops on the show today great interview he set joined us back of any would head when very would head was still alive and
like you said it was it was the most it was like football guy central oetaeans basically young start ohio patchy tournament charity botch determent open bar it was every single like football coach within a hundred miles and every football guy everyone was dressed up which while guy dress up although sir you're you're polo with your your team on gay tucked into your khakis with an adult on cnn send so no no nitrogen like hell yes i'm sorry catchy short end you're wrong on sandals it's usually the nike that you dont use to work out you just used to drink yeah so it was funny just walk around the place where so many coaches it's like if you ever gonna chuckie cheese say hey dad you ask me my dad everybody ginger you goin to the bottom of all germans had coach like ninety percent the bar turns around you talking to me
so we have a fun video that will become an out some time next week from the botched tournaments real quick before we get into breaking more of this whole this old trip down one to give a special shout out too will in indianapolis will was actually the guy that rebuilt the ignition on very would head and me the soldier class war we got to think i'm on thursday make sure to gain international fuck you too the guy who stole the key still because you really caused a lot of fuckin problems and it was in pain in my ass art before we get to our regular monday business we have to at least mentioned jordan speech this actually just happened a few minutes ago so it's basically breaking news according to us jordan speeds with a walk off was he was already in a play our seas in a play off round walk off chip shot from the bank from the sand yes so i guess every victory involved is technically well
nobody really you you're and saw merrily walk off as gentlemen yeah as one does began one also great part of his victory is the uncle golf celebration yeah just live alone if you saw what he did when he won he first while he didn't realize abode and work as he was i guess at laura had better pad level than the whole time but he was so excited heaven is caddy tried to do like jumping hip bump would you usually what wide receivers do yeah but the caddy didn't turn so is just like a cross to the hip yeah usually usually defence of women from the bears an alliance does it and blows outer acl area but yeah it was a proves yet again the gulf is a sport not the most coordinated sport not really great celebrators that damning gulf guys like let's just stick to handshakes cosette
the unperfected though they gave me lie fives without eating each other in the face i think gulf celebrations are best executed when it just the two guys taking their hats van tipping them at each other i do like oslo side hug me i'm here just like a real just give us keep it lets let's let's crawl before we learn how to walk let alone run the gulf celebration is just you take your visor off before he shake the guy's hand in athens flash and then he pick your kid up you get the ball out of the hole in any kind of wave too little like you know queen queen elizabeth wave to the crowds knock it fancier took time to the people pay i agree to take away here is the again the whole cheer actually worked this time yeah so added to that guy verhofstadt will the ball into the whole yeah he's on a hot street care he's one at all in his last one and the other big news of the day and you guys know there were huge debo guys we low fallen tebow's queer tito got the call up to able advanced able double i advanced now he's even doublet no advance as it had only one or two differences
so the mets is pretty clear the message is going to keep promoting tim t bow to every level so they can sell tickets including the mats what do the math consulting i was always gonna gorgeous all the way throughout the summer and just do like a little stop everywhere so they can sell a nice weak they have a week of sellouts cash and sell some tito jerseys excellent a genius in order gonna do they're gonna move em up here's what they're doing their move em up to make more money because that bobby beneath a check is due in a week yeah i gotta get then the bog it's always want my bookie when i have to pay my bookie and then you'll see you'll see me throughout like twitter ads for pizza places yes and also the the matter of such bad injuries tebow's just gonna be on the mets there's gonna be in indonesia leagues there you're probably probably hit just as well so that we know what the thing is i hear it was gone i'm gonna call right now the mets right now or in a hoarse race against nasa to get tim debo because we all know that nasa's trying to get their name in the papers but nasa
just sent in to go into space later on this year to play baseball while they could actually maybe have a chance of getting a ball could go so slow with no gravity good duranno kerr balls and space as furniture think about that thank you want to start with whose back the weak pitying offers i thank once again you're really talk too much of our universe ok so we are doing the whose back the weak advisers rounding it's a leak install new gaga matters back the weakest swimsuits oh wow a little bit different than short for kind of the same thing as it winter winters over yes insufficiently candid it's like weeds areas over correctly i want some errand your legs i want to go in the water you gonna want to used once back i for about four years i and i still do it from time to time
or exclusively swimsuits all summer because if you like to drink and maybe or a sloppy fact i like myself you probably spill on yourself seven swimsuit spill and newcomers wash right off i guess they wearing swimsuits as short a huge summer activity for me huh just because you never know yet you mike invite duple right right exactly what i say that by whose back the week is cooling fans at bars so the mist fans wasted side and they are outside us inside were now where they spray the cool water anyone's too hot outside fun fact about that's called evaporate of cooling so does actually lower the temperature the area you just feel the nice miss
doesn't ranking yeah so it also another whose back the week is people rushing out because i thought that they could make it through all summer that american too sure yeah by the way if you go into a bar that his hot like and you don't leave immediately you're crazy person i will absolutely call a night like nights over if i walk into a bar and it is uncomfortably hardener it's not worth it always is now worth it i my whose back the weak angry swears com they're very angry put their more angry they have a billboard up next madison square garden it says don't trade poison gas john mcenroe everyone thinks that when that when you think basketball you think john mcenroe he is publicly blasted phil jackson so now it's it's safe for everyone else to think that jackson's a fool and are it just feels like an expanse nix friends are always angry but this has been a she'll come alike will pay were the angriest and there really gonna take
and the thrown back their mad at dawn the matter bill some mighty matter pausing is enormous the golan chills i'm sure there's a couple their price is kids are eaten bright skids cry haters got to i don't know maybe community log dont james old dog probably thinks pausing this is about gemstones nodded thinks i think james zones dog gets more exciting when pursuing is comes over them james comes this guy's gonna feed me there's absolutely gaze plays kazoo in front of me i wish i were the amazon short orb is coming home yes oh the thing about the poor thing is billboard that was buyer guy was a world where we put no one up nice and i draw mcenroe any chances he gets to drop the are you serious you can't be serious that pursue john macro scours the classified ads everyday looking for something to be to get it to have a commercial we're not just go you can't be serious and collect another hundred thousand yards
son of st john mackerel wimbledon back i think and i was talking to us i think wimbledon is red round now right strawberries and cream i force whatever who for years i let's do are mount rushmore because we on road and we are on a road trip we are going to do now rushmore of road trip activity so this is snacks slash activities anything you could think of that you want to do on the road that is what this a rush moors for including let's just say get other way not on them out rushmore of road activities is buying a ninety three converge van has attire blood and just sitting almost tipping over in the middle pennsylvania i mean it sounds good in theory but in practice thoroughly a bunch of other places i'd rather be out i go first they get
want me to go where you go for not having offers hankow had my rushmore of road trip activities are my number one is listening to our front back yeah that something is happening and have a lot of time to do in the regular world when you on a road trip all the time in the world this noise favorite alms front ok sub mount rushmore of was now my front back give me two albums that you can listen to all the way through a love fluid mac rumours so good how old are you make it is so good i dont be that fuckin music snob like that that's those are the worst i also like to call the way in the car to and the card of three live sublimes blunder guideline guideline raging is a machine self title yeah city self title out and have got pretty much pretty much my number two is tobacco yeah knots i necessarily do tobacco but it's too great
harassment one do you like that i might put it i haven't renault mine am i keep it online yeah yeah i mean what you can talk smokin you can talk pipe we ve done everything on it all queuing dating back or guy loughborough we needs real reevaluated lamb or just get off the road and amber three in this goes back to spend three i sent for months on the road a couple years ago on the dixie tore showering yeah you're never house like when you are on the road to europe that house it you going back to just getting a shower sometimes like two to three days without have one getting a shower on the road is a great great we won't it's like liquid cocaine loan and let it drop on you bonus hank clean socks is i'm not a big clean socks guy on the road i usually pack about half or however many days somebody begone ike i pack half the amount of socks and so when i get when i get those every third day when i get a clean pair it's you here's a little lifehack for all you guys because the last for road trip we ve been on i think we just hit the road and then we buy fresh
ass it turns out that way we have thrown away all the lusaka my but it's a little treat for ourselves we ve been doing my four what is getting suckered into gas station clothes like the cool hors d yeah sure a lot of stuff what goes on it and like a like a majestic long warner lot american flag love it love good not rushmore chicago yet i have the sweet and salty mix when he goats when he stopped and you wanna get snack so i like to go its own way it's a long time tradition on the road you get a bag a sweet you get a bag assault you go back and forth while you're driving i like god checks mixed whistler's and i also like doing the recent pieces and popcorn
the ice or pretzels you didn't you pretzels there in a wild card you can add in is our patched gets sweet but there also sour yes versus our than their sweet yes although we have alive of date from no that's not no we don't have anyone here to save us live up scraps alive update my next one is similar to hanks album but it's more genre classic rock just classic rock in general on the road is the best led zepplin alma brothers rolling songs grateful dad give it to me all all listened with all all day on the road rob afterward ac deasey dating a basically bands and like that late sixtys and seventys made all of their music so that it sounded beautiful in a car going thirty five miles on the highway especially if you're video is from the same year that their yes from yes my number three is
being a bottle slash the woods is being and random shit you took mine it's really fun being bottles great and also i love to just p l sometimes stopped at a gas station knowing there's about women there are still pete p behind the gases i'll say this women have it a lot easier than men on just about everything in this world like they make less money on the dollar statistically but i have to pay much taxes they no longer on the up they get to give birth when he outwards held open it feels great proudly to shoot a baby out but they can't p into bottles yes so although they can adjust problem as it got me a wide mouth and then my last one is scratch tickets because everyone knows it you can't win the lottery if you're in a state that doesn't have you don't wash you know i should think his back everyone knows
to win the lottery you have to buy a scratch ticket either at a gas station or maybe a poor area in the country and so when you're passing through places on a road trip little prototype you buy scratch tickets or lotto tickets at every single stop in multiple different states it's called the device version lying your investment and you will do become a millionaire hasn't worked out for me but i've been doing about it for a long time i was actually convinced when the power of all got up like like a billion dollars i bought scratch tickets and like seven different say you're doing a lot of you played a smart ghettos or don't let go let the results get in the way the process right right so that was my mouth rushmore of road trip active ok i get scramble now cause you took to mine first up i'm gonna go the alphabet when the off became especially as a kid everybody catches up and
we'll get stuck on cue together like if you're in a video game and you're playing against like a tough computer level they eventually see oh everybody else down the racing names you can all catch you ever play the yom twenty crack questions describing something in a grocery store yeah that was thousand game when we use place can i use always winks out do poisonous ice cream so tough to guess is this not edible is also still food thing but the hour so there is also the ice by game yet which i was never fan of because we are on the road you're driving away from the thing that you see so if you spire dairy queen with your little eye and then finally like twenty those down the road you run to the end of like twenty questions you have to get to it they always a dairy queen back there yes sound basic what the hell are at my next one is getting a new gatorade flavour i'll try
any kind of gator it i don't care i could be gate arrayed shit and i will try it i'll get it wants because i'm engaged or its pocket derivable shot out to him he probably the same but i'm a soccer for new gaitered or a new combo flavour somewhere tie that into one composer great road trip snack my next one going to be getting in a fight with your brother in the backseat love doing that it wasn't it wasn't really a fun road trip if you weren't if there wasn't some chaos going on back there big big fight big point of contention was whose side of the car you are on yeah as my side this lies my sight yeah and then my last one i'm gonna go with eating cracker barrel xl emu if you find yourself eating like a week day lunch in your hometown cracker beryl time to revalue with some things but if you're on the road stop their breakfast lunch and
every day and and you dont worry and plain the little gulf t game we used to do that every to start every week in the digital world line a cracker barrel yes just getting a chain restaurants in general is a great roger eating a chain restaurants eating it mcdonald's great road trip acting as you don't usually mcdonald's but when you're on the road kellers don't exactly i that was our mouth rushmore i think we hit it off i don't i don't have the only other one i had was tobacco so and in gaza so that's our mount rushmore of road activities were still stuck the tow truck said they'd be here about twenty minutes ago so that's fine hopefully you'll hear this hopefully we can upload the show before we get to our interview with bob stoops awards quickly chalky guys about seek baseball sir
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a brand new website getting on the hey guys the internet's future i think this thing's gonna take off the internet for future and you can get in on the future by going key word press dot com slash p empty for your fifteen percent off your word press dot com now here's bob stoops are we now welcome on a very very special guests one of the best college football coach is of all time definitely probably the best in the last twenty years it is former oklahoma head football coach bob stoops notion as a former are you officially retired big care that sounds a little different doesn't mean i'm not used to that you it's only been a couple weeks i'm getting used to the about this what if anywhere state university decide to throw you twenty million dollars to come out from next year you saying yes why would i do that i would stay doing what i was doing so why
ready to make six million almost that oklahoma why we already built already radiant really hundred million now honour millions out obviously it's not about money okay so y know i'm good i'm good the professional body player here it's pretty since nice so so you say it's not about money we were gonna get some fun questions but we obviously wanted to talk quickly about your terms i think this is your first ah full interview ordinary say that three national everywhere we also saw a cat in pdf too so you got it talking about right there you shot you shocked shocked the world when you announce a year retiring it was definitely little bit of a shock for people outside of opel homer i'm not sure of people inside kind of how to english of it might have been beggar shock at home yeah i've been a bigger shocking oklahoma so you know what was what what what was it the job that was kind of where are you down or was it just time to walk away you're not
there's no ah there's no stress issues there's no there isn't i think people have a hard time when there is something wrong right there needs to be something wrong right there needs to be a reason but really it just was the right time for the university for me may personally you know from our own time i want long time and and and loved what i did i've been incredibly blessed fortunate to to work with great people had eighteen i have great years there and it just do not like i said my in my statement it yet you know everything has its time to everything there is a season and i had a great wrong
linda you gotta know when the right time is step away was or was it like a moat what was it like coming in the back your head the last few years it was gradual actually its gradual entered entered my mind towards the end of the season then go through the bowl season which we had a great ball game and that just as it it kept coming to me in and made that that's a sign that being to pay attention to it by paid attention to it and then came the decision you know just a little while ago and then lincoln you named him are the school named him too to be replaced with their he's one of these guys that makes me because i really jealous cause he's what thirty three years old and so he's basically the same station in life that whereat and now he's coach and one of the biggest programmes makes us all a little bit jealous how much did you have to do with with naming him as your successor how much was was the eighty in school not the idea in the school but i definitely knew that this was a great time for me to be able to step away that it could be seamless their great coaching staff in place great recruiting class and a great group of players coming back lankans the right guy he's got all the right attributes and character that to be the guiding continue to lead the programme forward and i knew that
i believe strongly that the administration would believe that as well and so on so it could be a symbolises is could bayonets how it's meant really the last couple of waste could not have gone better are you to be upset if linking it's in there need like changes the carpet out on your office first day hey are handed him the keys to add new office that i was in for maybe two weeks of angry life already good so no new office smelled new furniture yeah yeah i might ask if i can't you spend a security in their every now and then when he's not their feet up to speed up if you come home football family through and through all your brother's a coaches your father was a coach i didn't realize that your father obviously passed away basically on the sidelines was that part of you know you're around the same age
that part of the the thought process when you're gettin well i'd order in life i mean you know there aren't any issues health issues with me i'm but it's something that you are aware of that exactly that i am very aware of my father and in what happened so so in the end i think that ever lived but it certainly consider it is so true what you just said was that you know everyone when someone walks away from the game everyone's for like well what's wrong what's goin on making as quite you know just walk away when they want to walk away yeah and and i fortunately is able to do that end and leave the programmed incredibly positive position as as i have walked away so what are you gonna do this for your football guy you ve been a football guy for the last what forty years your life maybe the whole area yeah you're born and young stand around the also you never really experienced that much life outside of apple what do you mean
you doing on saturdays in the forties zombie like sitting on your couches itching that just staring at the tv cussing at it i do not know what i'm going to be doing it's really have you a hobby you can i know but i depending on how you know with the team if i can contribute any way behind the scenes around i may i really don't know it's only been a couple weeks that's a really good question that's gonna be the hardest part for maize when the fall as here in your used to being in the fire and and all the sudden you're not i may come find you guys i don't know maybe and need to ride around in his van who writes how this doubt you if you showed the ban in the main to everybody
this is why you make a good point because coaching on saturdays i'm sure it's a good adrenaline raw should give you some do but blogging and pod casting i would say is probably more of an internal and rush than coaching is like where we re more intense than blogger and podcast to hear our dean of students clark is here with me ok i hate you i run around with the danish students about that as i got so we may be thrown together podcast try compete with you ok i in your lane that we might add on invite you ain't so respectable is young sound young sounds like for summer it's like the coaching capital the world it feels like it feels like a football guys just come out a young so what is it about this city at that breeds those type a guy's yeah it's hard to say just uh
mentality may be blue collar you know tough area competitive area and but we're all great friends you know i love say in bhopal leaning back here my brother's coach trestle i'm sure i'll be back my neighbour buddy bumble man senior madame and throw not a coach but a great fighter right good words on song to exactly but i don't know it's hard to explain what do about the area there's been so many of us and but we believe all had a lot of great fortune for sure you it's a high school with the police you and your brothers who is the biggest troublemaker which family was the family it was like ok stay away from this family well it depends maybe runnin around town at night might have been me what some my bodies i wouldn't say i was the instigator by ran around what a rough grew indiana but on a cord and had to be bow you know bow was always in trouble there
so what do you mean all the quarter inclined court or on a quarter on the field but but you know people really his brother vince maybe even more competitive than both that's even possible and ass i because vince as item or soft spoken person yeah but he's gonna agony when he played he was he was a tough one does does bow we are we ve known both for while now does both still give you a look every now and then we're like this guy even like make as he still gives us that look now you just gives you guys at local or we're all we're on good terms i told you so it goes away after you how about you have you have forty five year yeah he's lying by actually i finally like this guy might like you pretty you know get ten twenty years of the idea of great work towards speaking of your career in oklahoma best clare you ever coached now too many too many die nato they're gonna name can also player and you say you say nothing if
right adrian petersen he's in the top ten tommy hairs top ten guy roy williams top ten i'm a big diane bradford jason white heisman trophy hunters top ten josh heupel heisman trophy runner up national championship quarterback quentin griffin almost a two thousand yard rusher one thousand nine hundred some yards rushing there are great thorpe award winner i gotta get organised valley i gotta christmas sam bradford for iraq work when he was playing quarterback at oklahoma he actually had a normal set a sleeve zones jersey and he gets a and a fellow now he's wearing these sleep like the genco sleeves on his arms he can trip over did he ever ask you for bigger sleeves now i don't recall that about miss that whole deal the sleeves emulous leaves now oh yes i have to pay attention to that you're gonna pay their action on sundays and volume man wise you weren't sleeves
being a triple x l hey man i got a lot to worry but i'm worried about that i now say about i'm ok financially seriously say i'm gonna be ok finale you that's why there's a big sleaze more for his wallet can afford what what about a guy like adrian pearson whose just so naturally gifted did you even have to catch him are you just like i'm getting out of the wage let em you know you don't have to give him a whole lot of poaching in a coach gandhi did a great job with them are running back coach in our coordinators what them but he's what a special athlete not again from the day he walked on campus which enables the man i mean you know it re all yeah you know sums up when all the seniors come through your author i coach have you seen him and at that time we warn allowed to go to work out there that they're all like wide i'd like you should see him work out on like well i can imagine is now he was running the show
from the day stepped on cap so that's interesting because he's going down neurons now and he's gonna have to share time with ingram do you see him being able to two like platoon in the back fyodor see the kind of guy that's gonna want the ball that on i dont neil he'll do whatever he's a great team guy he always was with us everywhere he's been so he'll ill fitting to detain whenever they want to do but he'll he's he's a force which everybody has seen through all these years absolute if i try to tackle them how many bones would outbreak you'd be in trouble just one example of what we were worried but my had little better than his i'm shorter so technically lohmann way you're right you're pad level what matter oh jesus would you give us advice we were an attack later and you get out of the way ok just push
it is out of the way out or maybe just really get it lay down and hope he added lang rumble strips an glaciers so reigned and ankle or so out of the way i do you are you so so you and not your retirement alot of people were shocked i was mostly the first thing i thought of we now have no good visor headquarters anymore so steve spurrier retired you're you're old mentor and then you retired de real as the gap left in the visor well visor less yet doug petersen is basically the heir apparent put it that's nfl yeah or low lincoln whereas visor thou so ok so you should arrive hopefully i'm not sure that might be one of those things he asked it to suck up to you another you're gonna go around like a purse arians angle at that good you liked it call the ideas underlying i'd tell you what ferko jerry's it it's perfect you gotta give it all now at what point where you like i'm adviser guy woes
i was in kansas state back in the probably early nineties others have pictures of it in fact i add approve that some people have thought a copy just from sparrow i say i was a kid estate before i knew coats barrier with visor and you know when you have hair you can whereby right units barrier ever have like a motorway mono like only sidelines only big enough for one wiser now fortunately we ve always been good buddies and we ve always been able to get along and share the sidelined together and we had a lot of fun when we did to so at a really good type the visor is one of those looks like you have to fully commit if you're visor i rise we know what you are you run into trouble though night games it's raining right snowed you still where the sun visor when it snowing would you not i opted for the hat on those even pulled up the load above the hat and so on but you gotta thank you think about that's a lot of tat when you ran out and at what you're thinking i'm givin up the lucky visor right did you have a voice
your guy like fortunately wonder national championship at night the first year in two thousand a second euros there and i was wearing a hat as it was at night why i thought well hey you can't really go out at night and put on a sunrise right right right did you have like equipment whose yeah you're visor guy had a sort of judges through that yell like well do i wear the buys you may get closer someone else do i've made it but i had to converge with showed what am i gonna do here this is a big decisions are the ones that national check it generally aim for each games they set out like three different hats advise and let you pick from not kept the lucky one through the seas and usually same visor area but then of course you have a bad game every now and then you can besides devise or what was the most important thing you learn from coats barrier obviously you you learned on your own that you're supposed to use sunscreen on the sidelines his barriers not a big sunscreen guy oh yes no no he would ask bf like four oh no no no he's he's all in thirty fifty what i've got
did you teach you how to do that thing with his lips at it it was in dc where it goes cameras catch him in slow motion any looks ridiculous it he i don't think he really concerned about it if you ve ever followed a many so well but not telling you the best thing about coaches are competitive he was he was the best and end how enjoyed in me i really gathered that from enjoy and i felt like i always have i thought you were going to say you and from old balko chowder run up the score against arrivals well he has done very well there are already one off and throw throat deep when europe forty every now and then no let up in the time rules and we must not now intentional nervous yes years you had to score points to get out to get the rights would you think like i've got impress these computers yeah oh no doubt in that time you had a pay attention to that definitely do coaches no the points for it
not usually every now and then it comes across yet accidentally okay but you were you're really i always tried not to pay attention to it right and i would say ninety percent of the games i didn't but what it was and and i can honestly say in any game it was not a factor in anything that we did because i was i convince myself for a while there that do you guys knew it because basically the greatest tat it was like three certainties in life death taxes and pet oklahoma in september when you guys would play your non conference are just kill every well sometimes the most of its most of the time we already have not always been at the local whom a game every year as a public seventy five well again you know i never paid attention to it and
never never had any action in a game that was in regard to a to spread whatsoever i've always wondered with you about recruiting has obviously the big rival four o clock every year you ve got the red river rivalry with texas their recruiting guys usually you are fighting over recruits from texas you're ostend pitching you know come to us and a great college sound it's a lot of fun big city europe there are norman how do you differentiate yourself how do you make these kids come from texas across the river token homer you gotta keep winning more more than anything is is to win win championships play in big ball games which we ve we ve had a ton of em you know do you keep doing those kind of things players wanna also develop and players in the dna fell draft right they want to be those kind of guys and play in those kind against you ve got barbecue open oklahoma to absolutely and got marguerite is up there that's not exclusive to texas exactly and end
the big world out there go see it on you might as well might as well be what the winning team you ever do the horns down quietly behind the scenes under a quicker job all their seriousness and sound you gotta noticed the pinkies insolent border areas as a football game hands mangled witten you you had might reach on your staff did you guys ever be like discuss really fucking weird did you just say that you can say that i say fuck shit like the one we were too
how do we want now mike used to try and go walkin buys office made around ten p m eleven and think i'm getting out of here in he'd be just start and i can just starting to pay attention to what he's going to do the next to three hours and you start to talk to me about geronimo like it ten thousand i think to myself on the head coach i don't have to sit here and i say might you're gonna have to get me to morrow i see that story i'm gone so all learn about geronimo mortimer they cast rigour oh yeah yeah yeah i've had some loved this pirates he'll geronimo certain leaders like that you know my couldn't you gotta get have you heard him while we gotta do that you you you can do to you can do to shows what they added
better d ever try to lock and employers in equipment shed dad can canal likewise it off and i believe we did then either i think that got a little bit that whole story got a little bit mixed up maybe maybe his dad put that out there in the news i'm not sure do you still every now and then fall asleep at night and then have a dream of the statue of liberty play i don't i don't never never think about how much have you thought about it since two thousand seven not much i wear that move any other games shrivel were not much how were not at all really that's that's dead and gone and i bet on that game i dont know why all that's why you're real smart like up what he has oh i heard about it all that's too bad big you ever references again that took place more than two weeks ago it's because you lost a lot i say arena we gotta make cat in oklahoma to yeah yeah jimmy williams big cat jimmy williams up and up an oak tree it's good one were given in the us
we have to go you i just want to know so what did you have to snatch profit porthos commentary pure i vitality build up bill on call no doubt that when you're a college football coach is at a major institution you obviously have to weigh public perception at times against what's goin on like in house so if you deal with appeared discipline issue how much energy your head like i
i want to send the right message to the community verses i wanna maybe give this guy a second chance was i think it's always to me it's always being true to your team and the young man the person when i recruit these guys i speak to the paris are gonna be i'm a treat them like my children in every way kara bottom and we have a in when you do you have a little bit different vision of em that maybe the outside community does in and made my allegiance to the university to the programme and to these young men and if the perception out their gets construed someone you know there's gonna be eight hundred opinions of what you should do and they don't know all the facts or they have part of it and that's ok that nay everyone's gonna have that opinion but i won't be true to the university to my programme into my prayers and if that comes off wrong sometimes so bit in alarm human but i'm going to do the best make the best decision and for the programme team and in my prayers so let's finish up with we had we play a game called connect the dots we're not a conspiracy theory guys we're connect the dots guys we're to throw a couple of things out there you can you can just tell us if we ve connected some dots let's say we can write
may we have all but of a rough rough first year let's say oklahoma goes five and six five and seven not happen bob stoops still so around the programme may be put that old visor back on you you need are getting some new dutch maybe even watch a lot of it all maybe you're still in the throne room i am saturday that's not a word about the invite you just up into the booth just as a consultant now huddle again that's it i made anyhow but either way or organ big good team has gone to a great job i will say that was our second connect the dots you grew a ban noted aim household your brother's been per now really i've ever seen energy are you u downplayed a little bit but others are like we i hold no way
not an odour danger never have been never so you hate notre dame not so you never go to in order to anybody but there's no need for any that but not never never was a note or day how sweet pretty you couldn't nicely commute chicago rates itself then go the bow was actually in live i live and local boys in the car earlier he said my dream job would be to be the difference of coordinator for bob stoops notre dame that was really direct while we do not make that up it also known anyone at all in their dreams and those of you to make it i'm not coach kelly's a coach or don't talk about another man now if i were to making if you to make a dream team of coaches whose understaffed stage spurrier baby offers a coordinator who put em no not the teacher the teeth
they soon becomes a teacher yeah make an i wear the visor but don't let em where a shirt he's been danglars short list of recent really he being i was i'd asia south carolina we just be at practice so to show for that assured something every known and i used to do our football campaign is without shoes he'd be in his bare feet there choked instructing the drop back and throw a ball like last connect the dots you have a home in chicago to arms about her i haven't eleven years old you ve been waiting for the bare showed that long now no no no that's just tell her i haven't been waiting for the bears job if i was going to continue to go jaded stated oklahoma then you'd go this is something that i had already saying ready i owe beautiful city their heirs nuke
everybody knows i am did you ever recruit mixture briski no use want to save its for fresh start when you're in the end a felony is had not see that happen and i don't have a i don't have an end i felt background really you know never played in the end a failed didn't as it is then their anything no background and yet it while he lighted and i thought i'd coach is more like a sea oh so you you ve gotta you ve got a background of being that so yeah don't realize employed i don't see that being a good connected dot really i don't know there's next up wears an excellent annexed up wears a next step would see but come back here and coach bonci debauchery turn him go you're ok yeah yeah yeah so what about bow here thumbs he says a barber could use some help on my staff maybe just gonna part time take the penguins what i'd
newt from norman to hear no not normally chicago could you gotta coach the ban on banned because you gotta do your duty as it notre dame and then you come here that's a lot of ground and thursdays like to pose brothers if you as i we're going to ban back together the commission from gap well then you know when you're on a mission from god and announce a different story you might jump in so breaking news bob's new agent is god s old where we're going out with them and then he'll against robots are pop stoop sob this is god i need you to go courts the boughs nooks because while we're dec two thousand at the heavens i thought i heard something inside away i knew that you i mean you're gonna have to buy a house in our private forest says that were yeah me and how it can be tough to commute from the gulf coast up there so drilling tip for you when you guys the guy i got a lot of things to pay the bob stoops former for now oklahoma coach given questions for us
well how long you guys been in this vein i mean is this really run about a week earlier barely it only it is so what we need are likely they aren't very would have only runs downhill so if we're going up hill it goes about forty miles an hour but we ve got about six hours left to get back in europe i saw a problematic not as sweet conversion van it's nice got no raves and everything got two point conversion van so what i'm talking about right here i need one of these the party and now you're retired around where lay the already some games in this yes he ask swing by pick me up here we absolutely i will take you game the good bob stoops thank you so much repression skulls gus big p s t that interview was brought by dennys dennys has always been a place where america can come and get their favorite breakfast lunch and dinner dishes serving our whatever they want whenever they cravat nowadays and a man with
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who's the guy and law and order is always on tv is apologize sweepstakes is he gonna make the cavaliers better duenna i think he would make cobblers better but actually we can predict this that kevin love was gonna be the fall guy everyone knows need a fog ichorous carter old told ever need to fall guy kevin love is the perfect fall guy for the bron beings kevin loves never gonna say anything yeah he's lacheneur exactly like sub tweet is just gonna go about his business and in we can basically ship him off it sounds like the most recent summer of george news is that kevin loved den denver that the mystery team i could sleep i could see kevin love fitting in denver he seems like a denver guy he's got the chin strap he's got mocha shit little we had to get high all the time you write like kevin love he's already if all these benefits guy forever right heaven love i don't have the stats will have to look it up but i'm pretty sure he leads a league in b
the guy that raises hand after replica fell and like admits to making that voting but it's not actually his felt right but he tries to take responsibility for heaven love you listen listen we know you are maybe recharge correspond to ask him how he dealt with being the third third fiddle and yet runs little trio does cigarette point chris bush did a great job after leaving leubronn so well he got sick yeah that's pretty fucked up that ended welfare everywhere while months can well of kevin love go somehow high city might have some long as you stay up there you go kevin love if you don't want to get trade you say you have sickle cell also we're putting together a really nice roster potential free agents to land at pardon my take yeah so we're going to be courting
griffin heavily yes this week retainer yeah we veterans ever going to try to get rejoined the podcast let's get that rumour stirred up kevin love you know if if you wanna if you wanna join two doors open we need a fall guy we resolved ensuring that say of single cell our necks up we have a put one in his ear whole and this one is there a car put one in russell wilson's your whole so dark are big new contract fridays pat press conference out of nowhere he basically we just like i'm a team guy and i don't care about stats i want the team to win if i have to hand it off to marshal mentioned the one your line i'll do that this is this a real bad look russell wilson because their cars
much like great player pretty lame dude and way cooler than russia was put to be like you know chirping russell wilson and paul bus in russia wilson derek rocco wilson is actually like the at the bottom of anna fell players when it comes to coolness if you're getting stunted on by direct cards time to re evaluate our image a little way off but i mean they're a car you don't talk about another man's running back right thy say you you leave that out of it is like a long battle and lay man to man like middle school it's like you know somebody like the nerve so please not sitting with those super nerd at the capture table anymore so many super nerd is just stuck there that's russell wilson yeahs concussion water in his weird futures few
also if your son russell wilson would have the worst trading goods ever at the lunch table yes you it would not be a good idea to sit here is to have my banana and all my parents my parents pack me a banana and some on salted pretzels you guys want traders may actually derek are probably has the unsolved no dirk arduous brings communion and greater use the plane crash i'd still grape juice over been zone for russia wilson though if you if you didn't throw the interception you forget that god talk to him right after the interception i'm doing this detest european well its optimum also recurrent guess god when you piety i'll talk to him when he was looking in the mirror and was like don't fuck cr until you marry yes so he's but all
this talking to god stuff started all this stuff started after the interception true derek carr maybe if you want to become more religious if that's even possible maybe throw some more pics matt schaub definitely going to heaven through a lot to fix you wouldn't be unbelievable of russell wilson is actually think he's talking to god cuz he has so many concussions and then is trying to treat it with his concussion water will that be sad sad but only water i've always said that that the opposing pa announcer should just get on the mic when russell wilson was on the field and just act like he's god and be like i need you to throw another interception russell
we have a talking soccer this is for the upcoming world cup people forget woken alone yeah another one to do it again if it was such a hidden two thousand fourteen they're going to do to get a little some running back i want to get out ahead of this and say we're probably the biggest soccer podcast ever i mean you know locker lad rate we talk soccer more than any other pike and so on the russian team is being investigated the entire team being investigated for dope gaza you thank you and i was talking soccer one other thing established i'm yellow establish time i just so i was turning into espn up in the hotel room is second go and the sounds were playing the timbers nonetheless do they play every week yeah i feel like dissenters and summers only play each other
that's when you it's legal it's like how the red sox in yankees always play sunday night baseball and like the yahoo is giants always end up and you know primetime games they just like hey what the fuck i'm convinced that that that a less was like hey you guys in the pacific north quest you tend to enjoy your scarves in your sire you hid lage other all the time will toe will pretend like it's in the less game but it's not riyadh stadiums look cool so why don't you anyway here too timidly i'm interesting about this would you rather wash your portland verse yadda game or a kansas city verse orlando game do kinda city verse or lando here ok now sucking soccer we have heard or injured for the entire big three tournament our good friend and recurrent guess ice cube his big three tournament the three on three tournaments started on sunday turns out now this is gonna be a shocker i hope everyone sitting down a bunch of washed up nba players playing three on three over the course of an entire dank as i saw that like the games went for
like seven hours yeah it gets ever uninjured is this right of the games or put their plead to sixty leaving now that's insane so can you martin injured jason williams white chocolate injured as a time to ask if there's a curse adjacent limbs curse for every single professional best will burn him just yes cormick getty injured which is entered we showed up i actually have a little pr want one for them for that it's okay i didn't want to get a little more attention going now you know i was going to get injured right so that's the story after this we hire our friend bob huggins on retainer and he just stand on the sidelines so he can kiss everyone who gets you just run out on current gallop now old you watch that i wouldn't look as you know it's like hey have you have the guys you're here to watch you really get injured but you get see bob wigan bob huggins mouth kiss i or you can just go full west virginia with it and have the team be jason williams randy moss and kevin pits not i would
so i would watch the hell it i'm not another idea of judges embraced the whole injury of bankers uncle byways like three enterprises a kindergarten teacher great even better we have a not to brag but we called it because we called it luar ball o actually before we get to that hurt her injured larry final sing place can no higher we had a beautiful ceremony on saturday and look for the video coming out of that because shot out to the old would winning listeners in ohio we had a good crowd therefore is for even a child we had a child come out we had we had some award with winning female asserts two sub to them to do so yet as though few we can count on their supply it now isn't it i wasn't price there was a plaque on a tree
good as we buried him by a river is very loved watery day all know that the dirty water especially yes so he's it i think he's a most famous goldfish in the history of the world is in the shadows of can know i'll the profile paul fame it's finally nice to be at peace and look out for larry three sometime this fall it's also nice do not have a dead gold china freeze yeah those get all creepy by us will end up carrying around a goldfish you know you had to take it home after there was an incident in the office then we're take it back to the office billy forbore to take it to any annapolis monoplane we drove around with it for last five is yes probably good that we don't have a dead fish anymore imagine explaining to a fish that he's on a plane you would not
understand all is an absolute blow especially because you won't even remember what you just said gag is sufficient as executive arm i saw not by what we call the boulevard balls on he's gonna be on rob we think we said that he would be the best w w e character of all time he busily isn adobe ever ye character which is it let us calling it because it's just kind of like it was a disguise but it was the natural progression things i think anyone that some on draft night knew that he was training you didn't even know your training but use is whole life has been in preparation become wrestler yes so that's not really shocked i dont know if they're gonna
we haven't do any wrestling moves are there just gonna haven't be like a presents no what's gonna happen is you get on the mike it'll do good job and then someone will just common like him with a chair or maybe like paul drive will now be the whole thing i was thinkin his finishing move would just be like yell at somebody then have as three sons could beat the guy up or jesse agis yell dumb hey i can beat michael jordan one on one everyone just like ok do you think tat debbie aussies of big bawler ah yes absolutely including mr perfect you he had that shot in his internet where is right behind his back and swish here's what the de free idea for wmd triple age and triple be owing amount together o tribulation still a beast it's getting boggles my mind how travelodge age like whatever forty five can be so jacked and rip demean as we all know that their glean who i think has probably been training with russian socrates yeah exactly in those talking soccer again ah we have a safer match
peggy john mcenroe show your big round were filled up the regular weak yes no doctor up day we tape the beginning of the show on the side of the highway when very broke down we that we now are staying in the middle of nowhere in pennsylvania for the night so the john mackerel story about what what date was so he's got a book coming out in his book is titled something like be serious oh like we centrally takes any opportunity to add to talk about that one clipped eddie so let me get this let me savvee variously you start here he's is says something salacious for his book yeah oh while never sell out come on now so he said he was talking about serena williams non npr which nobody listened to right and he set out while tennis talk on npr with johnny mac i he said sabre metrics she would be like number seven hundred in the world if she were to try to plan the minced work there are that many people play tennis yeah i guess so that's that's that's the store
there are seven hundred men they play professional tennyson what the fuck yeah how what you have serenely so if she were if she was a girl on the men's tour should be seven hundred yeah if she was if she was a horse do you think that she would be able when the triple crown probably not probably not i would not like it if she was in the nfl she probably be like like a nickel cornerback at best for the jets i would love to see of the hot takers tragic milk like a week out it s like leubronn andrei serena williams where would you ranks were unaware of this
was a man they embraced the pit it's impossible now we have next up before we get despoilers are last segment we have a bad visual this one goes out to my former love jimmy butler who is now a member of the minnesota timber walls he what he actually arrived in minnesota today and he had a fanny pack in football so what a loser yeah i guess i got any mistake this is basically a fuckin patsy he's just traveling like any eight to ten year old i've ever seen airport that's actually pretty fuckin sweet outfit to be rock and if you go on vacation within its socks till i see him happy with chips and unlike a warm make fun of em i gotta le real bad ball security with the ball their jimmy constrict that easily and then think about jealousies backpedal plan how baby dirk is gonna led the balls to ten wins next year and i get sad again for jimmy is here
certainly like a twenty first or twenty second best play uglier that's true man's is eyes to rules is cats man jimmy's man's too takes la shop cat provocateur i think jimmy probably will europe delusional lasher you seen red right now my shot jimmy o also justice just let me just say this loud and clear to all the minnesota fats out there actually like statements on you do not get to call him jimmy g buckets that stacy king that doesn't transfer that that does not transfer any buckets state stays again golden jimmy g bucket jimmy gets buckets that you kid then i think that travels around doesn't travel real prospect that what i did and yellow box out a number of authorizing now head right now and officially arise minnesota decorum refugee bug is if you live in minnesota go for it don't you fucking
no we didn't get minnesota nice don't steal things minnesota nice i last up the return the triumphant return of spoilers rim to listen while so if your new listener we have segment it's pretty damn simple it's called spoilers and we just pick a movie and we spoil it important secondly it has to be five years old yes has we have five years are older so we're going summer blockbusters if you want you get us gone ok access are ready the plot down and you follow me where ago jurassic park ok case of chaos theory one the address bar you ve never seen dress part minority guy come on so it's in egotistical billion airy he brings a bunch of dinosaurs back life there
it can and should all over the island and it becomes like this big expensive disaster no once a grocer anymore so basically store the washing redskins call good movie nazi hank hank europe lies the hang over one a whole ok browsers out more than five years ago the world those eleven whatever her bunch brows gotta vegas bachelor party
i stuff lose the best friend and they find him many phenomena and where was he aware of awe is another of the whole time era is it read at betty's pre sunburnt measure like high jinx in between tonnage alcohol is their tiger kidnapping tyres bikes eyesight really is all while drug others no other did is titty guy sties goes down mother so i am i was doing our friend you chris renault and because he is the king of the summer blockbuster i was doing i wanted you inception but then i'd like realize i don't really understand it so fuck that movie is totems the actual they did twists little tops and we'll make may not be in dreams they're here in the movie here's the spoiler for inception does you walk out of the movie theater very confused here but has put his deep yeah so
said i'm going dark knight classic movie batman kills harvey dent but convinces the police commissioner to let him run away batman run away and have harvey dent be the hero even though he's not he's a bad guy what happens the joker the joker goes to jail joker yet aware well he'd ledger died the odor of drugs and had just open up i that's our show big announcement we are guest hosting kentucky sports radio tuesday we got some good interviews already lined up we've got malik monk malik monk and mark stoops so the number eleven pick in the draft which we're going to air on kentucky sports radio and then the second half is going to be a part of my tickets great interview and mark stoops we talked to him about kentucky's football school now sided sophia tune in and i think my my favorite part of doing that last year we can do it again this year we can open up the phone lines yet
but not for you guys i know we want kentucky kentucky college don't call in we will have an accident we don't want to talk to me talk to the real deal so make sure you tune in and we will have some of the best of on wednesday oh may she june is two hours i think it's eleven to one brought a little less follow us on twitter antwerp my taken we will tell you when we are guess hosting kentucky sports radio on tuesday and we see you tuesday and wednesday lovey guess keeping away a lot of work to say say it anyway today is a day to fight shy
come in for your love
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