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Brooks Koepka, Mt Flushmore Of Appetizers, And Deep Dive On Cryptic Zoology

2020-04-12 | 🔗
We're back in the wasteland of Quarantine. XFL is gone and MLB has some weird way of coming back to life.(2:409:41) Who's back of the week including Big Cat's belly button. (9:42-18:40) Brooks Koepka comes back on the show to talk about Golf coming back, what it was like to do ESPN the Magazine body issue, and being part of our Handball team. (20:48-44:18)Segments include Sorry not Sorry for Mike Gundy, (45:44-48:02) Sabermetrics, (48:03-50:03) Mt Flushmore of appetizers and Deep dive (50:04-1:01:20) with Billy Football Cryptic Zoology and the creation of the Beserker Blood Cult (1:02:39-1:20:20)
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A day is part of my take. We have our good friend Brooks kept on the show check in with Brooks figure out. What's going on with him, how he's going to attack this shortened? Golf season also tells us and all time story about yes, paean, the Magyar note his g cute, those he has been the magazines bodies, issue bodies issue when he had been naked all day. Always its catch up with him. We also have our deep dive with Billy football mouthwash, more of appetizers and back the week before we do. All that pardon my take is brought to you by the cash that not only is the easiest place to send money to your friends, it's the safest is the number one app for social distancing, because you don't have to go in hand, someone money or be face to face to do your transactions if you want to
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the app store waste or today with cash. Ok, let's go, let's not at all. How pleasant part of my three presented by the cash out go downloader right now, use called bar story. You give ten dollars for free ten dollars. The airspace yea today is Monday April. Thirteen
It's I don't know we sped back weak, weak, five, weak five to start a week. Five of no man's land Sports are back at the start of the the first quarter of the second quarter of the NFL season of no man's land with no sport. We did have horse last night, which I'll tell you right now I did not watch did not turn into that. It's Zach Lavine, that's really the only exactly being who competes in every single like off the books. Thus, there is a danger that the NBA can throw out you Chris Paul Paul Pierce, really no interest whatsoever, I'm not gonna watch either unless Sakhalin winds and I'll probably raise a banner and United Center. But it is it's weird we're in this I think it was Friday. Maybe was the official month that we have had knows like the official mark of like you- have now gone one month without any sports and its.
Beard how normal it's starting to feel as much as I miss it. I'm getting scared because it's a game. Day after day. It becomes more normal. This weird fucking existence where we wake up and just do the same thing over and over and over. I need something about get up Dana? Why I need you get fight island going? I need something. Even even the M l b throwing out different divisions that they would use where they're they're, saying they're gonna do a short and season and have it be all played in Florida in Arizona. Even that caught me excited I go. This is kind of a coup idea and I'm actually all for this because gonna be such a weird season anyway. If they play a shortened season there, why not have just completely random divisions and have a b? something totally different where we always look back or like. Oh yeah, that was the season debt. At the covering in same vision, is the giants, or you know whatever that whenever they all break down to be, why not do that you'll be funded at least want something called totally different.
Write, the only thing that we have pulling is Ford right now is the NFL draft, and thank God that that's there, because that's at least giving us something to talk about. It feels normal that is going to happen beside that. The only other NFL News is MIKE Florio getting mad about players, breaking social assistance and guidelines. He is one man reckon career Florio it. This is like his time to knock on everybody, that's practicing, so that the cowboys are addicted, encouraging the Dallas cowboys got together. Deck Prescott through, like does Brian. I think Cooper Reserve bunch people and then they had a party. The Party worsen Quarantine Party, which is kind of a weird and to do, and then, if you're gonna have according party the rules to be like, your phone in this basket so that Florio doesn't talk about us all day on Sunday. He was right about that one I mean having a part as presently saying I dont care, I'm rich, who cares about all these rules and I think that we need,
what we really need. More than anything is we need, like a concerted, PS say that gets put out across all messages. Were it basically is all your favorite football players, saying if you don't stay at home and follow these rules, we won't have football years, that's that's how the world needs to understand this problem, because it would clearly like just saying, stayed home for the health of your family members. She would like to talk my family. I don't care about Nana. Well, how about stay at home so that you can watch week six Thursday night football jaguars play the Titans now you're going to stay at home forever,. That's absurd! I'm saying I never want to leave. I will stay inside all summer for means that we have football and the. I think that colleges, there's just no chance it they're gonna give up entire for policies. I figured out a way to make their free money like without a free money, identity and see? What's easy to believe you gonna do that
might be actually silver lining to this whole thing like we saw the exit fell, they had to close our doors of the weekend, a lot of legs sports businesses are having to shut down because you don't have their income The incident allay, if they Mr Football season they might have to just declare bankruptcy can't guinean suitably run out of money. I think they have like billions of dollars stashed away at least eyes at the very least. If we take away you know that with they lost March banners, there are worried about losing college football. Maybe they'll just come out with another. Incidentally, football games like right a break last in case of emergency. Will we need them money, somehow so fuck it. Let's just turned to eastward shut up by the way the guy who's totally lost his mind more than anyone in the world who is invited to come on in an and rebuild state the fact that he can't have a coherent thought any more like more than one coherent thought or twenty four hour span during revival who treated out the ultimate troll about the extra fell only playing what twenty games the f, lasting. Thirty. Four.
And then everyone saying cool tree dude and ah he basically was like. Will the context is implied? Everyone knows the contact such a classic were vow like like king for the negative interaction and then being like you guys- are the stupid ones, because clearly everyone knows what I mean I'm not a ban on personally banning using a meeting replies and personally banning responded interval tweets, because that's all he has gone from right now to dare in his personal sport has always been. How many replies can I get telling me I'm a nerd to any given tweet or calling me a narc are reported to the police. So I think don't
wait, a fight that is just not paid him, so I'm turning a blind eye to there and then and then replying to a few select few being like hey. I was nerd in high school, but now I'm rich and I have a family, and it is a good thing that Michael Scott might. I won't have a family of a hundred kids. That way, none of them can ever say no to me and they ought to be my friend. Existing he's gonna make us kids reply to his tweeting will start doing it. That's genocide and your kid to cause. He controls your kid yeah you guys now, if you dont, like normal thing very did you start well he's going off to deepen big time for any to let the x, I felt its it sucks, but I am declaring see, defenders champions of on behalf the advisory. I am right up to the exit fell championship in DC definitively grassy, you guys to decide how we wanted to when it, but the stats don't lie so first place in the beast: toughest division. Trying to schedule I'll. Take it there, the vipers ass one,
the terrible, marked transaction. I mean ate their asses neighbours, the Chiefs couple games this year to the others they data vipers I'd? So, let's whose back we got it. We got a good, showed up. Bros cap we're coming up. We have how far more than we have Billy's deep dive, which what is really doing today do we know I forgot crypto all maybe that's a good one, and I them. I will try and keep a tightly said. Ok, just big foot then, whatever that means. I don't know what that means, but I just style roads, hurried back to preserve or mode with Billy. This summer I have a feeling that he's just trying to weave that hinder whatever conversation Crypto Geology, we have a bunch of our really good draft content. Come up in the next we get a half. Stages for the end of the show cause lay Kashgar, is do not allow channel
a kick disaster, the Palatine? Yes, yes, that will be a great hear. Him have to sing whose back, who we can't you start This dialogue is a sons. Humans versus guns? Are you guys tunein tuna? Another not not concluded I, but there was the NBA they had. The players play playing like a to Kay tournament in the chamber, Jabez Devon, Biodiversity Andrade? And so they may not be the best NBA basketball team, but they are definitely the most skilled NBA took eighteen, damn Booker one the whole thing and centre back it is this well but I'll, be they should they should raise banner and whatever their arenas called, because we don't have much else going on there is this one of those situations where winning this is kind of like telling on yourself that you're really good at a video game Yeah I mean that's kind of what people a lot of making jokes. I the fact that his two sons in the championship, doesnt work That's not a good thing, I think the other,
It could be a good thing because I think we're descent on your supper is back and are awesome tin Duncan and Tony Parker and nobody ever such nerds and so boring did they go out at all. They just play video games together, Asia, this house's turning their music. You, have an awesome team or that you probably have the worst it. Yeah. I think I think those days a video game, shaming, moreover, over I think I think that's a thing of the past and Devon bunkers kind of like the the perfect like. Genji, like NBA guy we're gonna make sense. The army are out videogame shamed, other back in a video game world than just getting bullied, every single might by a bunch of white fourteen year olds on twitch, like just manhandling me, I feel like that. I feel like step brothers, romanian, take the long round every single might just I didn't. I didn't realize, like I had seen. People say like F in the channel the internet for years, and I didn't realize, like the context of it as when you're playing twitch, and when you do some bad there. Just get overflow
It was after the chat, it's also hilarious, but its eye. When it happens, you it's like most embarrassing that world. What does that mean that have been achieved with worse at an easier anxiety? I don't interception if you're throwing interception noticed the athlete like thousand F play, women are absent rather egg, would you rather hold an after home now? How is like an overall game after just like I'm a bad play like it, but they don't want. You forget that more we're gonna, they're gonna, ask you in the chat till yeah, so you mention it does drowning and ass. He of the who's, your, whose back her my back in the week is Trent Dover he's back in a big way. He he was handling to attack. Leave those Prodi form a virtual Prodi. Did you get that driver differ did not get the jet. He had to walk there yet hitchhike there in the bet you just like loaded up in the back of farm trucks, I think to get Alabama and then it. He reported on the Prodi.
I just like doing a write up in the notes, APP and said that to a went like forty, nine four hundred and fifty two and made some of the best throws that he's ever made a did. The old RON Jaworski trick of saying you is the best workout I've ever seen in my entire life he's got a better on the Dan Marino, etc, etc, etc. So so Trent found a way for him to get his name back in a new? So congratulations buddy. I love. I want someone to his protein. It was weird because it wasn't it like feel be was on. Was it? Was a small training field so they were running plays in, like all the different directions, and I must have watched, do a throw like fifteen bubble screens, because that was how much they didn't have enough room. They ran it, like the other, the opposite way, the bubble screens. It was very bizarre, but I guess you got to do what you got to do right now: yeah, so the Darfur was in charge of scheduling and now According to a I keep going back and forth like for the Redskins, I wanted. I'm a couple weeks ago- and I didn't want him now- I think I will
again, and I saw like some videos of of of college quarterback stone, lefthanded and they look. Weird is shit the way that left he looks in college, but we take the stripes off a ball. Lefties look sweetie, These are watching to throw with an ethical bar, looks good like the witches after Garner, whatever it looks ill, I think it goes from looking like a spinning clockwise looking like it's spending counterclockwise now that it has the the stripes So I'm order on board the two a drink, How'd, your bundle of anarchy partner, fail by your left, handed comments. Fifty melon here great down the ball in the NFL about liner was a great nfl pillar, look weird in college, so it was not much that I think that's been zone back to the sharp did to her. I this is the season. For actually edge. Do this from my, whose back, clicking on the threads of highlights the beach caught. You know like the different scouts on Twitter, like this threat to us,
starts here and then you can click on it and watch basically every throw he made for the entire year. I was watch There is one There is one area New Mexico State where he threw a ten yard, passed a jury duty and no, joke. Not a single person touch jury duty. He went eighty yards to the house and he went through like for people on the defence. And that was how much better and faster like they they are. Then the New Mexico it's the world. So too is back. You can fall in love with two like he's alive, a bachelor was electoral battle over like there's something about that. That makes you wake up. I did do some research, though about lefty quarterback Senor fell the last lefty quarterback to throw a touchdown killing more. Is it worth a drought right now we're we're in a left handed desert gathered around? Maybe it may be too will take us out of here, maybe he's Raj, but right now I am fully back. I'm I'm excited by to my mother.
Whose back is my belly button? I did a shortlist periscope yesterday and showed my belly button, and then I put it on my instagram swipe up and then I did the move were an hour later. I went back and watch it engrossed myself out so much that I deleted it off my instagram swipe up it was that gross Oh my boys is, it was a deep day. It was very back in its. I dont know what to do, Gallagher, porn situation like you're ashamed of it. The second like your financial there's, no one here pretty miles ass yeah pretty much. I was that using an outer, but out of body experience like oh up in, of course, deleting it off my instagram does nothing because there's a video out there like the whole thing. That's you know out there. So but it was just one like you get this out of my face yet pretty much the porn like X, out of it as fast as you can, but for my own body
so you're, just a shit has again deeper, though I don't know, I think so. I think, probably I think is the belly grows. A deeper gets after after a baby to that can probably like wine, the way yeah. Well, I all modem, just sitting down more. You probably been sitting more often if you like that, does something to the consistency around like right that bit section thirty up, whereas if you're so They are walking around your stretching out. All the skin around the belly button sing a big jelly donna yeah, but yes Guess that's just quarantine belly. I should put some jelly in there and see how long it will last wait before it like just before it disintegrates. Just gets absorbed by your body, I actually had the idea that the earlier today, our dietician Billy for possible beyond later. But what, if I just started, drink baby formula every single day, do you think I would lose weight baby? formula, no baby food, yes
Oh yeah, you are eating like the creamed peason, like Blue, the carrots and stuff. If you'd did nothing ever see that movie forks over knives when that Australian, It was a gambler solve cancer by just drinking vegetables. Other items the EU pretty much claims leave out Guerrero every meal. Are you guys the australian Alex Guerrero, actually outskirt you in July, two thousand and one maybe so, he claims to have like solved every single problem with the human body, health just by drinking juice, for every meal incentive eating things. So wait you! to do is just according to his stuff. If you do nothing but just eat puree vegetables all the time you can't get fat and you can't get you'll never die because it just hundred percent nutrients everybody's getting this is like David Poetry, this in the seventies, where he just did cocaine and drink milk all the time.
Because I had seventy pounds, yeah Keith Richards he just state, Doubt too much. The entire life into stone is far just drunk high on met grinding his teeth down, but he didn't me yeah, who still live right now, it's crazy to think back about, like some of those famous rockers like at some point in time there was some one's job in life and probably paid pretty well, was to just make sure that David Bowe he drank enough to milk, two percent milk to stay alive. Thousand, but as an entire job was exact same then, with Keith Richard, except with Jack Daniels, and they probably had people that would just like doubt they would pages roll them over on their size whenever they, like here duchess, make sure like up are another day at the office. David Bowe, he just drank his gallon of whole. Milk were
we're done for the day clock out here, as he likes. Snorts like a kilo of cocaine, are another another held today in the box role by let's get to interview, we got, we got Brooks Captcha Blake, captcha on the show before we do that death wish coffee? wage coffee in the seemingly never ending locked on the world is going through its hard to stay, motivated, especially when it was we working from home, but thanks to the people at death wish makes the world Strong is coffee, even decaffeinated. Do whatever you do when listen when maybe you podcast, when maybe you videogame, maybe maybe when you get on your Palatine, when you do Those things death wish is the best way to get it going and they have the best part of the desk debts, which we got a bunch in the mail they have now is a cake ups. If you ever carried machine, they have beans, they also have the Cannes
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We a sap. You can also see fifteen percent off your entire purchased. A promo code take check it out now until new. If you're sitting you working from home, you need your death wish coffee. It will get you jacked up. Just wish use promo code take right now. Death wish coffee. Dotcom. Ok here is Brooks kept. Okay. We now welcome on good friend of ours, recurring guests. A nominee for lake of the year, twenty twenty, which we don't even know when that's gonna happen now? Actually it's the only sport there is grown, a virus prove I was gonna say we should make an announcement right now, we are going to continue the Blake the year tournament, we're not gonna. Let the virus stop it. It will happened some time what MID June is generally. I please urge alive in June the blame the year competition is on as scheduled. Yes, so we have placed number two last year is Brooks Kafka, Brooks what's up man of guns order, he made it pretty
before, I guess is sought all things considered, not bad. What what have you when doing I'm always like. I would assume that you have to train or you playing we still playing golf now, not blowing off. You got some time also public awkward scroll down, so I figured moves will take a break what you can just chill now work out didn't try to get the Churchill the House to get there that sit back. Are you going get to jacked up oh no! No! I used to have a little bit of dad bot in there yeah. I I need Bryce, Linda Strangler, ailing Hamley, have something to complain about with your body. So dont get back into like full. Piano mover shudder, Rick Riley Shape. I need like. I need something framed to combat euphoric, as you play a little bit better when you get that far beer Jack there. I think that's that's what we're going for a little bit it dad blood, but not to dad bondage. Smart.
I did see that you're practicing left handed, though, would you think you could she left handed. Oh I'll, buy. Breaker don't be pretty yet I'd, be satisfied you're such a court martial. How do you think the? U S open thing. I can go play ordinary lucky added you're such a deck to be like I got my break. One hundred left handed a guess. I recall how the hell did you hit left in it are hidden military or having a hidden, the driver, I mean, obviously only post, the good ones. Can you not can show the bad ones? somewhere, I mean to go hundred yards, contain Christ's
a fair one, looking one the one bite before that or after that, wasn't really show now and then go very far. What about when, when they do the thing where you figure sandwich, and then you just hit it left, handed on the course of your done, that I have actually because unemployment so bad recently too, that a cup more time than of what they would you mean even playing bad? Well, I mean it's not the maiden Isn't that so we're just we're just dropping. Are you worried, though yeah? Are you worried, though, that with the layoff and the season kind of like getting compacted hear that you're going to have to you're gonna have to win back to back tournaments at some point, because it's going to be majors that are like a week or two away from each other. Are you worded others. It's gonna, be a little bit more difficulties dominate every one in the big ones. Now made it. I mean it's made a newbie, give me up for you, gotta figure out a way to get up, but that you know you just praxis, make sure you're you're gettin tuned up one until you do.
So I've been paints into a couple you're rounds recently and when you're not shooting. Well, I'm just like that good, that's awesome, dislike perfect Blake is gained the zone. He doesn't need it. Up until it's out into the lights, are the brightest. Do you ever actually get pissed off at yourself fur put the bad score during a non major tournament, yeah yeah do. I should get really annoyed, but I mean habits. It become very frequent lately that I just I just gotta. Let it slide now. You, like, I gotta, find something get back into it. I mean I was just find in my written two in a camp of those who the corona yachts, finding the rhythm you're about to go off. I could feel in our opinion, man. What do you think your GQ use shoot whenever even talk to you about that, you think get. Maybe little too pretty boy. I would like market
ok, yeah this sea under through the sea through shirt on the boat. I don't know what that look is yeah. I mean I gotta be on. It is not right the new technology, my wardrobe. Before I mean it, was deadly like nineties, Miami Mark Anthony not till it. That's the bad there are going for. The want of the boat, though, would like the robe like a Jack Nicholson was cool, but ones are a bit questionable. Yeah ITALY's yeah yeah, I like the Roma on the golf course look. If you ever actually played around a dolphin robe at that european body at you about it, and then you have to take the robot, but yeah knows the item then in Rome. Who's, that like did, you always have to make sure there wasn't any by standing in funny. That could take a look at you It's in pieces are, was at peace,
see situational about that you're. Funny story behind this we're doing issue whatever it is that the golf course- and that includes the guard, where's down. My coach has given lessons people planning you could see and but they don't tell you. Is that, like the make up, artist stands literally like right in front of you, like frontal, like ten feet away the entire time, the entire time she's going on. So it's like. I don't know it can late in the day we're getting tired, but it's like it's cool down a little bit like sticky degrees and it started. Sprinkle made get cold snack negative recipe clean all there I want to point all day and like a kind of modern, my breath, unlike dams, coal and believe you haven't said, eating all day to get boards out. I can tell her up up up this report.
Are you dear if you'd like no matter good but the that's all. It's so mean, though that is one thing that you can't safety now that's funny. I liked to sensitive moment was beside it made my day out like this I also believe that in the same article big ever so much, if you haven't ready, go red, it's it's pretty good and the pictures or hilarious in it. You ve got with tromp and Obama, whose better, ah trunk trumps butter better who did he d like take any Jimmy's? You give. Do you give Jimmy's to people when you when you golf yeah yeah, you don't embarrassed the guy's, a good cause,
What? What? What do you feel like from takes thirty foot gimme here? What's the distance oak is like I'm gonna get like ten feet away? I'm like you, there's a good and I use occurred just make everyone, but I guess that's good cause. We're gonna fight me about it like Would you be arguing that it out you look when the President ass, you look you in the eyes that girl you really until now, Isn T boxes like he's a good driving after sitting here tat, you strike down the prayer wherever it amazing, there's so much good service. Cannot there never lose the ball? You can't visible yeah, that's perfect, so I ve your brother, we had an episode in the fall. You tax me right after his name is chinks aspects,
Has he got over the fact that we just roasted him nonstop for, like fifteen ministry, yeah yeah gun over, I think young? Finally, recovery are even without your day, the children, and I think it is kind of a given you a little bit what Where are you going to absolutely hammered than ensuring hammered on sound? We all had a friend named chase that was like the first one to give a cigarettes. And our moms hated them so that allow the laggards White Jeddah, yeah Showcase Cheesacre. He stole a super nintendo from the pond charging us. Do it again. He always the guys who are others way more accomplished in him and as a shitload of money in an championships is guided by that he can hook you up by installing, like you're you're speaker system, New Sub Wilfred best buy, but he fucked up. Half a car certainly came at the left side. That's chase is making a compact regular come back. Twenty four is the way to see a golfer to Yo Yo
down corporate nausea nice did for chiefly government. Does he actually like off these that you make an unnamed penetrated? Yes, will become chase pants? If he gets. Do you think he's gonna get to the area to the tour yeah? I think so strictly political. Events in April of this year that right and then rose by one who turned a team of them. Where is black everybody? The king of the chase? It's a pretty low bar to clear, but still you could be the best chase ever yeah we're ruin for chase. Here we got you got it. Brooks at all. If you ve noticed this, but I've been just hammering the shit attitude at a summary. Competition on the Palatine recently been fuckin So I know what you are. You happy Iran. What how many days be done in a row now, a bunch- I don't even know. I don't even know how many anymore. It's just like I, I eat, I sleep, I peloton, that's it, but I saw
Sir bubble Watson's got when just Thomas as one A rory is really good. You have one I do have one year use it. But I've got one you wanna join. My gang is working like too bad boys and we just go around. We smash it up with, like we don't fuck with golfers, really you're gonna like Ipod. No, no chance yeah exactly like. I live to just mentally dominate bubble, Watson you know this? Is u dont alot real estate at their yeah? It's rent, free boat, we're all! I guess we are. Rent free now are a lot of us are, in front of my landlord. If you have a good land ass correct there What we are all happy with the european women name upon with you. Ok just be to be Blake, kept it that's yeah yeah, but Europe, the some sudden, goodbye to a true is absolutely true. Have you been
playing video games. I feel your videogame guy now need I've. Never yonder video games never played, but has actually got so low of watching the sports. Everyday life is currently. Person sports. Even that's! What's going on here. I know what it was, but I'll watch him like the two thousand twenty men challengers hunt them it's rough. It's rough out there think about it. I mean every I gotta have I get everyone While I go online and looked to see what what are you can get one again, a gaming now Yamlang like they're, still go it yes it's basically. Horse racing is the last frontier like on the weekends. I get excited his horse racing, his back. I've been there, it's always running, but it's just shit tracks, but yet some it's crazy to like just just flip. By those channels and like a man that would be cool water to just said.
You're an watch, a game. You know like the good old days. Yeah I mean I'll. Take anything on the Olympic Channel are now on the Weird NBC sports jails. You just give me something. He s got a nice. Would the Ojo came back there? Yes, scared yeah, what about the idea of having like major golf tournaments, but just having drone cameras behind you guys. You think that you could actually playful tournament keeping its feet away from everybody. You were talking about this in a week or two yeah. I think you could work. I mean I mean yeah you toward yet no fancy, I mean you could literally doing down here and Jupiter were twenty eyes. Are here just go play and just drown, camera guy whatever, and you can make it work we need. We need something. We just needs thank you. You actually you're in on Have we ever said this, but proxies one huh, percent in honor handball team, so oh yeah and
and you would. I actually think you would be just as good as anyone else like we're. We'd overtook him to quarterback Sierra fell, but you played baseball You are obviously an unbelievable athlete and it would kind of fuck with the who The ball community, even more for, like oh yeah, that golfer he'll dominate as yeah. It's funny. I remember the first time I ever walked. And ball. I had no idea what I was watching. Odin Sweden watching it- and I doubt was honestly my first thought as they go out and the sport be pretty right. I mean
american throw the ball. I mean we gotta see what we do ray we're point alone into public life, but I feel like he implored might take, would be pretty salad. You absolutely. I gave way J yeah. It was well known. Josh Allen had any would add lakes all the placed him Howard's goalkeeper yeah, it's going to be sick. I mean and then we throw you in there. You ve gone undefeated than we throw you in there and there going to be like waited golfer. The gavel kick your ass of the Gulf WAR too. I think you're, probably the only golfer who could do it undefeated minimum yeah does not a lot of guys on tour road feel safe being like agar spotter team. Put, I think, you're. Definitely in that case I I would agree with that, does not want to go about their better, listen Acme. The Taliban side cheered pumping, but I can't wait to get in So I had some guy from about three the yesterday, the Very act island yeah
give me the enforcer you could actually be like, like, like the fighter honour to wait. What did you say to you? He was saying something: he's talked talked about how Billina start and that are just but I was being used, have been negative in the authorities- are handball guy and also call here we go. We got satisfied with that. Yeah, I'm reading a right? Now, it's actually a great exchange, because a toddler The number three in the World Brooks Koepka on Schedule news today, I'm just excited or something to look forward to so much uncertainty in finally have to set date to be able to look forward to something is a positive news. I think golfers and fans. Looking for that's the most like what you said, there is what we all are thinking just scheduling of things makes weeks. I'd makes us excited, and then this guy David think says too. Dates are. None of those events will happen this year. Please tell me: what's gonna beat what is gonna change between now and the summer. There still won't be
vaccine the virus what to spread ten times what it is now forget about Calvinist. Twenty twenty approaches replied enough. The negativity David. I like that you went full full name team part. My take for your best handball team. I mean it's simple burdensome. I, like your attitude was like when I first saw this game of God. Ass can be so easy to play and that I learn more about it and watch more knows it yeah this It's definitely gotta be easy to come in now how many got home you guys out. He played reading little care in the world yet woody, which, though picking the gold medal day. After all, like we had a handball guy, you're, older they're, all like subsidiaries of Socrates right right, we ve got a ball guys, basketball, guys,
and bore guys. Are you a bit the drinking water food? What yeah yeah did you handball dream to handle regions gonna dummy everything saw it so so Gulf is tentatively, can be back in MID June. Are you do it's gonna, be weird without fans in attendance, or do you not even worry about it like you will be weird without a bunch of people, yelling Blake to you? Oh my god. Ok, let me first start off this whole thing. By saying I knew the Blake effect was real, but I literally can't take four steps without hearing at least fifty Blake's committed unbelief, I feel I sometimes I watch peoples and videos to us and there like yelling at you. It's like the turn out Augusta. And someone's yeah. Let's go Blake and you're, so late, focus that you don't look up a time like. I know he hears it. I wonder if he's secretly, like hates us all know, I just laugh all the time by Cardi B, laughs about it, but I will say that I,
if a golf community is very not connected with pardon my take as every Galbraith not play with their like, where they caught. Wouldn't what? If you can't blame would break the year and then I have to go and explain to them exactly what it is like. Listen for three Blake! Hampton court actually allows the other boys backing Daphne real. As I have a tiger tigress, I don't know that I can remember, but I think we have you two major cyrillic
But that's when you do. I really what's. I think he has ass it before. What's his boy could hear stuff was awake, you can't you Blake so funny, so so what is gonna get all God? Bakers have got big cat. Pierre came up, and I just made me boy has such a great conversation that to have a somewhat on the course What what is going to happen to with the like without fans? Will you notice it at all, or is it going to be just kind of business as usual yeah, it's going to be weird, I think, like we live off the fans and plus every once in a while. We just had some foul balls in the fans. Can I help you find it I mean guys. Gonna lose ball. That I mean the energy that the fans brings. So that's what we all the for. We all strive for
It's gonna, be so weird I mean that's. What's that's what you want to play condemn stretch, another body I cared for in an imaginary, like you think, the part on a lot o and no one's clapping, gasped judges, thereby yourself and you like ass new daddy Just silent always is nothing but an awkward golf high fives around the Green get lost a lot of you like, because if, if too White, guys miss and easy high five on each other, but a crowds going nuts behind it. You don't pay as much attention to it. What? If there is absolutely no sense whatsoever, it's gonna magnify that moment a little bit and then you can like take the body. CUP, and thrown into the stands in like hit a tree. Yeah yeah you gonna, throw the Baltic,
but also at all. You should just thrown as hard as you can just see off into the dislike about yeah, like Josh out onto the stadium here. What about all the guys? They, like the fine Tiger, Woods balls when they go about their thrown back towards the farewell? The through very true we should we. You should tell us should pay us like dressing, Camel Andrews Godaddy? Every of that, Just kick your ball out, because if I won't have tv covers as well as like normal, its will. To start. We just european producers have reporters, you guys you got Don Quixote get like reporters pass or something? No doubt regional clap will clap we just where pollution to say either Security Pga rules official on and then you are you too,
the glass as we look on security guards and we're just gonna. Kick your balls imaginary reporters, and we just followed you just cheered after every shot at the only ones. In my own personal reporters, you like you're, like Leubronn with with a shop, but your shop just travel. The only course we? U should actually get your caddy too, to bring like a boom box like cattle, shack and pipe in crowd noise after every big shot. That is solid idea here. Would you do that with the bag? Yes, you can. Yet you violated cardiac yet get you pumped up like you going to do better. At the same time it do you think it's going to favour some players to not have a gallery there, a guy's it might not be as clutch normally owner or something similar There needs to be off without bans are really do like how we can be watching tv yeah visits
but it's like the one sport that I feel I can kin can survive. You mean, like of all the sports, like football, be very bizarre to watch without fans, but gulf at least the fans are quiet when your shooting, so it's a little bit different yeah yeah. I think I think I don't know as a player it's gonna be, where we, but I guess, watch on and be done much different right. I just I don't know man, it's I guess it's the one sport that can really come back, a little bit earlier than every other sport, because we are outdoors. That is a good thing. You really don't have the sidewalk cutchen a ball touching the same euros. Clubs you around, stuff. Like that mean, you really don't have to touch touch anybody while you're out there, so you might be in those. Hopefully we come back soon. Were you a little bit upset that you didn't get asked to participate in the hole tiger, Woods and Tom Brady against Phil, Mickelson and Peyton Manning thing but if the acting like did you watch the person, I didn't want
Did you hear about it and there are just not enough like trash talking, agreed, I feel like more. I gamesmanship like shit talking in guys ribbon each other, thereby just a little bit afraid to do it. I agree so be Brooks CAP N Bill, Murray against John Daily and also Bill Mary. He plays a boasting. I love John Daily John Jedi is my guy yeah he's avert their he's ridiculous. I got one last question the Ryder CUP. They not team, are you on it? I assume you are. Yeah. I think I might yeah, I think I should be involved, goes yeah
It should be. I think, you're, about zero cap. You gonna annoyed me gap, epithet, derby, that that could have gone and answer could have gone anyway. So member, when you guys got the shit, kicked out, even France thousand buttressing yeah. I do remember that. That's it that's all. I got you all now, that's that's there, I'm a big guy! You guys got the ship kicked out. You know when, when you win in twenty twenty in Wisconsin Blake, yes, we one. Yes, we want on american soil I'm a wee guy when things are going well and I'm a u guy. When things are no absolute yeah, that's the way the fence gonna go. I welcome You have brooks! Thank you. We appreciate. Hopefully your back soon will hopefully will see you in New York. Right. U S open, yeah, yeah! Oh stop studio! If, on the one hand we have advanced press with bent for us now, I dont know that can wait out burn you guys all how much you ve been here right now. I don't I'll. Have you
Jim equipment in my house, and I got like that. Impact on both the much much, I've got right. Now, that's not gonna cut it out bench you when you come as easy got her magic. You got her right for the! U S. Bench depends more than us literally up it looked like the underbelly. Like my cat, like guy, come out, I brooks thanks so much man stay safe, we'll talk you soon, our boys, Togo a better Blake Captcha was brought to you by Peter Miller. Peter iron bars been making epic closed for the last few years. We joint for is to make the core palos in the vast and a ton of awesome, partial golf dear you probably seen out there and one other must halves. Is the Peter Miller? Maybe six six five participants are you? Are you sick, a walk around like a loser, but only for pocket. Your pants opium law has recovered easy care and a two way stretch on his pants. It's perfect for comfortable rounds on the course or out on the town.
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or might Gandhi. So my country had some comments last week about how they need to get the boy back in town that you get the money running through Oklahoma and then Phd. Do you have the quote from my Gandhi, saying Oh yeah. Also, I think what else did he do? Did he also? The chinese virus. Will I e April We did by they Gandhi. The upshot of his comment was: I'm sorry. If you were offended by what I said, it was not my intention to make you offended, so that ammunition, classic football coach answered, but, to be honest, I don't know who expected anything better out of her who expected my country to have like a very reasonable take on everything. I know what football coach, you got yoga. Cape sees me MIKE Leech. Can you give us your opinion on the krona virus now is going to affect the financial? situation in Mississippi. So I yeah Gandhi. Basically, nothing really surprising. Just said I didn't mean to offend anybody.
Sorry, if you were offended, I I can't trust us like to double very last people that you want to Amazon thrown a virus or college football coaches. They can not at any point Understand what's going on to the level like two more then we need to do is get our boys back, because I gotta five star Recruit and hasn't had a look at the playbook yet, like that's all thinking about. So, if you want to quote that will not look good. Just go, ask any college football coach in America and they will give you quote there will not look good. I for one, was expecting a more measured response, lives and still water or for home a nuance, nothing all day, accepting about whether you could get away with murdering Lincoln Riley. That's it a guy. I wanted to go to tend to get my take our attitude it often by the way. That's just that's is simply a side effect of playing. He gets nothing but big. Twelve differences, yes end, I want I'm wondering when we'll get the story that make
Gandhi has actually been going out and getting his mullet cut every single week and breaking breaking sought shelter in place. That way, because you know you keep that thing fresh, I feel Like he's gotta just ass, his wife do it like Miss Sally, takes care of the moment every Thursday night once a week same time while is granted film Next, we have Sabre metrics, pity you had this yeah, so tug early, you're, newest Atlanta falcon. He wanted to wear number twenty one. Deanna Sanders told him tat he shouldn't where number twenty one, but then he said psych and you get so Joking because you didn't in that tweet with hashtag truth liking. On that You can tell that the UN's told the truth is way. Does that so he said just joking around about it and Tiger we can go ahead and you can wear twenty one
and they asked him like will. Why are give up your number so easily? Deanna goes. A number didn't make prime prime made the number. So that's your safer metrics for the week, even though primacy twenty months, not a prime number, not ok, nerd how'd. You know that I haven't even renovation. We're prime numbers guy aren't visible, but their native is whether selves by themselves. And one I think, the lightning reenact Avenant, yeah preacher, that's it! as your man glass Avenue eleven live in thirteen fourteen Seventeen nineteen, twenty three thirty. Twenty three yeah yeah yeah, no thou Cookin were cooking nine, twenty nine oh none of even numbers. Because a resilient revise I'd, except to is a protocol on its prime number
two can be divided by to Tuesday or even number that a number to divide by two, though they want a prime number. Is you can divide empires only by yourself and another and one I am sick of magic dismiss wizardries. Get to a prime number tat. He should have been to twenty. On tat. Girls go where also tabularly get pissed off, as it gets his checks late from rams out I'm not used to tat really mass, there was an atmosphere of minorities. I quote: freedom is like me too, did. He has started rams having some but is found that you are also the worries me all: let's do our mouth flush more mouthwash, moreover, appetizers I'll start was saying this one's hard, because I love appetizers at its heart of well add ones like it really is, and I also why
just before we start Hank you're gonna go first, but were I assume talking not only like sit down restaurant but also like going to a wedding life passed around advertisers and yeah it. Art- is very hard, but hang you want to start a share Oh that's an awful first choice: Egg Kalama! What what's that would enjoy? Sank, What is worse, worst right, oh yeah, Dachau, Mars trash at one, always orders that I'm always tables where they dislike always get Komori. Assuming I won't come our em like no like coming thanks! It's! How can you hit is like it just like a fried ring of ACE, It's an it falls under the category of. If you dont have sauce it's disgusting so I why need it? You know, there's
A big racket for for fake Komori did is just like pigs anus the day just try and they serve as regular calamari whole flock is out there all right. Now, two tonnes were very pleasant and season, so pretty get actual ip. If to your first pick, its also with There are two types of Kalama. We write defective, the technical part and endow yeah the ring part. I like I personally, like the ring parts better, my fur choice down this- is this- is a very, very difficult one. The ongoing to go with any sort of beet skewer I'll get. You do like a grilled glaze b On a kebab or beef, salad do anything with beaten it. Ok, that's a good pick like so carefully. Did come on I'll. Do my number one is and this for probably get contentious, but I
the devil bags or grows to eat like an advertiser form like your out, at any rate, Harold Egg. It's like ok have coup egg, as for the rest of the fact- and I did and then I hate I eat the pin, we'll sandwiches. I think it's bullshit. I hated going always like the soggy in kind of gross and, like you know your time on Hank the wraps that they then cut up and they place on their side. So it's like little Turkey and she's in the bin. The rap discussed Yes, that's like a conference like what you have it like a conference, one rate and Anna Regan. That's it that's a grave! You see a pin will sandwich you. That's a great way to know that they just cheap down on the entire appetizer gaslight corporate. That's the corporate special right written as though we don't give a fuck about you eat this rule and get back to work. That's
number one on the most like soggy tomatoes, a lasting just tomatoes, slime everywhere. I actually think that when they make a pin we'll sandwich, they only use soggy ingredients, because it makes no sense that I've ever had a fresh I've, never had a fresh pinwheels average what are you going with? Sliders beget, I love sliders. I love yeah you watch me live stream to them. So far ass. They when they would. I, when I showed its everyone, there is like one slider that was at forty five and emeralds, like your cheating, and you realize you constituent, looking at the computer slaughters rolling our whatever I again Naraskin bullied on twitch, there's nothing more to it. Ok, experts can be french onion dip, don't like French, I can eat any other. Just did I can eat any other dip in the world. I love dips. French on it
It just doesn't do format it. All it does is remind me of what a better dip I could be. Having should tastes like you, I dip into it. I'm like I wished us was ranch or I wish this was homeless. I love. On the front line in soup soup, guy french honey, soup is very low and my power rankings for soup. I would say like bottom, twenty percent of soups, ok About twenty percent thank you have to God knows what you're gonna pick. If you pick Kalmar number one. Ok here we go fried pickles works. Type. Are you gonna do my bet? You're doing my favorites pigs in a blanket next have from cocktail next, what am I You will be aware. This is literally without order, this it sounds like goose. It will start with some calamari dual shrunk cocktail.
I mean, I guess this programme with you guys, don't like big had orders act has for the table and half time undersides. I wouldn't have ordered any of these by right, because you hand palette of a four year old. No Mrs Kroes, you carried hearts ass, you dont like any see food more is screaming and if my room, that terrible takes their bad takes their horror, which we hope will be number one on your mouth, Rushmore Baptisers MA there are two aspects: pigs, the blanket nachos ok, you should use, have high order after kids menu. I appeal to your next, but no less kids monies anxious. I have good taken from Frank who are not part of it. What do you like? Do you just go between phrases, adventures. How more invite bridges are the same thing come are and pickles the same thing. You would never order them if they weren't fraud,
We do believe you'd order, we'll get some pickles for foreign appetizer. No, I'm pickles. Therefore, yeah pickle articles are delicious good. I don't believe in order them as appetizer, but I e pickles a snack overtime right, but this is appetizers retirement here you guys are getting confused the things you have to eat, but we're talkin strictly as you do so, you would order just a stick of mozzarella. You'd order, string, cheese, ILO Mushroom, she's, absolutely straight! You just order string, cheeses and appetizer. Yet it is other ways they get mozzarella. Two eminent! That's what this string jeez pride Was I loved her a fifty year peck? My ex one's gonna be sources with Peter we need who does that also get the hell out of their wages? to fancy with sometimes, and they serve you these these fried Peter ships and so tortilla chips. That's of
look. I've ever seen that my life yeah terrible terrible it'll ruin entire apple. Even if I like to dip its honour repeated ship chip. No thank you I'll go with stuff, mushrooms, of mushrooms. Every time I see stuff mushroom, it's kind of a similar is like depend. We aware it's like it. Just doesn't hold up in it. Passes by like ooze out a meatball nope, it's stuff mushroom, Conover, just a total, let down and then anything that just like the let lettuce wedge where they, where they do like a deconstructed salad that socks too When they pass at around that that drives me, nuts words like here is a lettuce wedge with a little Jesus, Caesar's Sal addressing and one single Croton bullshit hooker. From my last one: I'm gonna go with dressed up popcorn when they try to do like a shift. The gun. Annoying popcorn. I like that, where you eating a spicy popcorn year with the public
ability to a meeting at non fast food places SEC where they put like yeah do they like does too maybe, like eight hundred sailor troubled pop corner, some some bullshit, like that. No I Hank My last one- and I guess it's just gonna, be I arose to provide- takes by its the the great in theory you want talk about it whenever you order it? It's always disappointment the woman onion, it is already very lively. I swear to God, I'm bad mountain rule about it, you think about it. They get it never languages order. Onion rings just order. Onion rings, like the boon to pieces, are in a new dip on a date, because I'm not short, is never could take it. The way you most Americans of eating, let even lower world annuities, resented Lillian restaurant, but it is one of the top three appetizers in the world. In theory, it is in practice. It's not while
unbelievable mirage. More from you, I was told by the way you my flesh more the the EU could it could be confused, surmount Rushmore like yet I if we don't about Rushmore appetizers, I think every single one warriors would have been picked up. Not by me. The only one that I wanted, my guy? What am I was cheese, Fridays soggy, ok, Hank! I actually put down cheese rises, my Vinnie Chase take afterwards. Words like I could in good conscience, put it on, because I have had your night and I know what you actual you know and Nokia. Listen to me. Can you listen to me. I've had good she's, fries and protein is delicious, but I think this, the d cheese. Fries are the most volatile appetizer out there in terms of the floor to see the floor is so low in the ceiling can be very high. I also fully loaded nachos what you think about that. That's also volatile appetizer. I agree with you there. It all depends on how their
struck it if they do it by lairs and they got firstly fries, then the cheese and the bacon than another, their fries she's bake. Then it's good, but all too often we run to a situation where you eat, maybe seven or eight fries from the top, and then there's no topics left on the entire thing. Den you overcompensate with wrenched it. After that point, you, I've got soggy fries they're, just like making this little puddle of oil in the ramp, sauce, Hank I'll, give you, I'll give you this. If you did amount Rushmore most volatile, appetizers cheese rise, Nachos Callum lorries on there for me for most volatile appetizers Khazars, definitely times when you have Kalmar that when it's bad cow markets, Most discussing thing, you beat its pigs ass. Thank you. I would just just what I've involve calamari.
Now? Because we have good Kiyomori, it's it's it's one of the best for when you have to come, are never all the time of it. Yet cameras, it's very rarely screwed up or when it is. It's awful rightly say that debt meatballs can be very votes. I guess it's me pause to boys extremely if you get a dry meatball and it almost ruins the expectation for the rest. The mill young Lord another drink too early throws off the entire sketch think of your meal or the yeah me pause, like teriyaki sauce that are just doesn't really fully fit together. Those always are kind of disgusting. I agree me pause or another volatile appetizer windy. Really pisses me off when they try to incorporate meatballs into a slider, because your do with a ball of me. It's not gonna stay between those two bonds. There's a reason why you flattened that ball out in May into a hamburger when you put it between bread, don't try to use, it is literally a square peg round a situation? What would your guys go be for appetizers pigs in a blanket? Don't appetizer now, nothing so like it.
Like pigs, the blanket, but our own thing, I would say that's anywhere close to the goat. I would a matter of Jos Nachos great case so great. I think I'll put case. Ozma go! Ok Fair, ok, so that was our mouth flush more of appetizers. Let's get to Billy Football in our deep dive with Billy football. Before do that, though, fifty you got one whereat yeah, most guys out there I've tried different ways to last longer, but thinking about baseball doesn't always work, especially when there's no baseball think about folks or not left and right way too early, but the folks at roman an online men's health company or change the game with the roman swipes, the seat. It's a longer lasting sex Roma swipes basically proven they last long. Her in better effective, easy to use and fast acting, but they dont require prescription, thinking, if swipes to you and discreet unmarked packaging, each swipes packets,
honor to hide in your wallet from every need it, the great they don't try. For your partner seeking last longer without worrying and a super easy use. You just take this website packet, swipe it on. Let a dry you good to go. That's it should go to get roman dot com. Take you get your first motor swiped. We're just five dollars when you choose a monthly plan that get roman dot com slashed take. Ok, it's I'm deep dive with Billy Football. On Mondays, we have are former in turn very good friend Billy Football onto the deep dive into any type of topic. You can tweet him. He will respond. He will also take submissions and Billy can. How long How many times you respond? If I do the handshake Mogi, do you just? Are you obligate to respond to that I'm trying to preserve the handshake, because Doktor Fouche is saying that we should never shake hands again, defending the handshake, ok, saving it online.
I'd. So today's topic is crypto Zoology. So the floor is yours so are criminals who are study of credits, it it's a debated science. It's actually kind like the the bad boys, the size community, because no one really respect some but allow further work is pretty sick, so asked the girl I on this on you for the people who wanted a prehistoric creatures, Ass Gallagher? That gonna too so are It was a highly suggested. It was I crypto and other and other weird stuff not going to Salem. I guess, but I'm. So we start with the big one You probably know SAS squash big for you now Krypton, nobody goes another big foot. The deadly exists yeah nothin
I know that mean when he, when big foot walking in central park and then there's these kids looking at their phone and it's like no wonder we have had no big foot. Sightings in the last twenty years, causing one's got their face in their phone awesome pajamas and on his trail I know that I know that he actually fuckin hates it when kids mess with this beef, Turkey, so Bigfoot here. Right so turns out, there's a lot of evidence for big foot in not from dislike pictures and videos, but there is actually a giant ape. A priest or a college again took pity kiss so gigantic pit kisses, like actual excuse used like like you, would be about six six and sixty eight foot there skeletons are found. Omby scientists found like whether of in a like herbal chinese message shop in like in China,
and they were selling a giant moulders in their like that's from a primate, that's waving. There were seen so these guys are actually super intelligent. Unlike would bury their dead like the relentless knife with tall by people like primates, you're in there more closely relates like orangutans anything else. So people think that they went across the Siberia and also mean the bearing land straight back when, like yours, the ice age in the water was allowed lower came to North America and arm. I gotcha. Humans got to North America and then on light is actually like super sick because, like This aid would be absolutely like the description. A big fight by, like, I think, tat they have a volley from then because of their bearing the dead guy means a day of ways to cover up their tracks. So if they like had gone on this big deftly figure out ways too late.
Totally avoid humans at all costs like like buried legs, secret thousand stuff, like unto the words Johns this is one do called Francis. Why we Billy I am not questioning your science behind all this, but you're saying all this like it like its fact. I just want to make sure that this actually have like these things actually do exist right, a gigantic did the kiss existed. Did I looked it up it did. It was doomed by its own size, too big, literally too big to fail, but the opposite yet and you should coexist with like early humans, humor homo erectus, unlike turns out like They were totally gentle giants likely weren't violate all but like they were lodged It like the ultimate, your soul. China's strong, but all day was vegetation and adjusted.
We'll be bothered by, like our ancestors, just bother them like almost prehistoric creatures. I realized, which is totally messed up by humans language. It became the perfect predator because we knew how to throw stuff all like these like the relatives giant staggeringly like if there was an it, can other path of human evolution like this would be there, like. You know, Lucy, which is like how now I remember well, a careful Billy lust. You have your remark about just gave a bad job while others are certainly come applies across the land bridge. On bearing straight to North America, and then they just get annoyed, it is mass, was ass watch so all the other like humanoid type, human, not humanoid, but other
other orangutans. It went along the lines of evolving into humans, start to fuck with was too much and then sat squash got like speared to death, our superior arm strength. And he was still trying to run the ball and The evolution of a human offence cannot took him out using in writing. De the air attack was caused his end Why? I think it was a quarterback showed up. Everything was fucked. The West Coast off though, but then all but then, then there is a duty in this. It actually picture him. Like Google Eloise, you got time Did you France? While the boy was down South America you'd like him? No bunches of light brown hair is like like went out into the middle of the Amazon or like Venezuela and like like there's twenty do
start then there's only four left bookseller killed by natives and then they encountered these giant apes, who also knew how to throw stuff like well and they shot one room and it actually looks like like south american bigfoot. Ok only Russian. The first hit I got was toys. Ape was a well played anthropological anthropological fraud, that's the haters! Ok, I say no more Billy would be to factor all these giant apes across all these different cultures that you go over to Asia? They have these alleged about the yeti. The abominable snowman is that, like a distant cousin, of these guys came to America way back in the day, No, I'm thinking gigantic pit kiss. Actually this is actually more likely. Just a gigantic kisses range was like South EAST Asia. Was Asia could easily like being the Himalayas like the yet
this, be like a polar bear. Gigantic images a polar bear mixed with a guy like that, how they the growler bear, except this is with a human no like like like holler. Heirs to grizzlies gigantic pith kiss Bigfoot, so yet it knows about it You think that, with everybody being locked up like this quarantine situation, I would do you think these bizarre animals that might be scared and hiding out all the time, because we've always been looking for him. You think they'll start to get more brave and start to show themselves a little more or are they just like having a party in the woods and like Elijah? There are locked up where they did this. I like that so New York City surrogate is so backing like what's gonna Florida right arm like vacates. Land the altar Flora, they'll bought little baby, alligators they'll brought him home. They then saw there.
In way too big or they got bored them with flushing down the toilet. They're all the New York City, sewers, eating giant rat there actually down there, because super hot during the winter is super cool during the summer, and they just dont vie with sunlight down there in key giant rats. We see there are gaiters living in New York City in the sewers eaten sewers, confirmed yet found who found one. He found a couple. Ok, these evil, added to that one back and as you know that don't I like it, I like you. I really would have these indicators that pop up through a toilet once and was taken a shit yeah they buy your Balzac yup. Don't like those tat pass, that's crazy! Ok, let's go with cheaper cars, I, like those going out of a job, don't suckers first found in poor Rico there they were then,
seen all across southern America. There are seen they had three. They give three puncture wounds in large livestock. They don't know if it's aliens, certain table different canine creature, but alive Look like mangy coyotes! Ok, So I'm certain understand is so these scientists did they are what are called Crypto geology. So do they get degrees in this and then they just study the shit like people all think is fraud there, basically there their therein Our expertise is studying myths, science the opposite of myth, busters there, the myth proves and an end other like. Are they well like to do that. I'm gonna like real schools, for this. Madame on rabbit, ok make
that make sense what up? What ok I like you got is: is Loch Ness Monster, one of them so Nessie so necessary? he's an agent clear, sore and there's another one. Election playing in Vermont New York is like borders. Both those states. Ok, they actually disproved out when they think it's a bunch of seals in a flock like all jumping on the water. So it looks like a bunch of Humph said the sea serpent gone through the water sector. Oh yes, like went on windows, spiders, get together and all lock arms and make the giant thing that moves as one that's what the channels are doing so eight Nessie. I've always one is about Nessie, how can it exists if he didn't have like a mom and dad Nessie will think about turtles right? They live on
so like this also lives in the water is a reptile, so it probably lives like super long interests. Okay, so excited That's dial gonna die like four hundred years ago. And ass he just hitting its mid life crisis right now to be or to be a sexual and reproduced by itself. Didn't think about that essential reproduction, its common, the kingdom really It was a more common in the crypto geology. Kingdom feel like they use that as like Trump card to to explain everything, yeah and then waited brain cells yeah. They know they have lost jobs. Notice from say descriptors urologist. They just made up a bunch of species to be like see there, also animals that don't have sex. It's burning normal. I spend my time looking for these imaginary things, hosting for them on, read it and set a bowling
exact because they relate? Yes, I just want to join my call yeah yeah, I so this it can be sick. So I haven't like eating the time of the foods recently and I have gotten out of shapes. I can't really run like they, like all the public parks in Pa to close, I carried you any spreads yourself, that's not true Billy I saw the people have been running marathons in their driveways. Disregarding mental and physical test? Now so so the idea is, we shall I be called that is called the preserver blood caught so we worked out all week end like eat healthy in debt. Friday we donate blood, platelets or blood, and then we like become blood making machines, and then we come back from the donation plants with the money they give. You
and then you by alcohol in you can find less alcohol because your mind levels are lower, so you'd be a, she gets higher, show its economical, it saves lives, berserker blood there we're all gonna get jacked in like shredded is, he said I I'm all that I'm obviously, and on this I have a couple questions, though. So, if we work out during the week and we eat healthily, that makes our blood more valuable to donate is a truce Ernie size. It backs up, isolate I think my idea of healthy is not you know it more like Crypto zoology type science. United I think it works- has real science is really pulled through right now, right was in Europe, show the rebel, before you go, get blood to them when they get the blood dig it out like jazz. I've been getting Edward. I like that.
You unhealthy on the weekend, I figured you could tell us again if you wanna, join your colleague Instagram. Research or blood called I'm not theirs it's gonna be purely like about saving lives, making blood in getting jack? What like is not to be? Do she swore about? Checks, are really checks in this goods and do debts began ok bill you what we should do in Interminei fasting competition like how long can you fast well, what I do is from lake. Skip practice, industry, red boy, milk in then, at about one crisis: I forget crisis, you buy, switch from shop and regular because all the chocolate, though, is out of the single market. I saw then one p m, I go eat my first meal and then, like eight, your meals after that you forgot about. Ok,
but what is always described. If wait, wait, wait. I want to back up what really just described we just eating breakfast kind of late and then eating lunch and then dinner. I wake up early though, do it or manufacture also. But what do you think like how long you did you and I could go issue and heads heads up? Who could Who could go the longest just drinking I can drink is black coffee and water. Mid day or just like know how many days you can we go like we go head to head for like two days lasting near that you lose mass. You got. Ok, yeah. I know I'm trying lose mass ok. So this is what we do this, but we do actually gonna get where get shredded so we're gonna do is we're gonna go back on catalysis, I'd know, carbs, no, no and which can only be preserved like like Peck non perishable foods item like him,
chicken yeah gently from cancer, you won't even much. It's good chosen, discuss, think it tells us tat, method, universe yourself into being healthy by removing anything they taste good from rouse staggering. In you only to stock up on non perishables, because I've been eating them, they serve only bought non parish. Was I've been feeding myself them? am, I won fresh food until retirement kill, laptop snare guy I mean a microwave, probably destroys the virus. Right exaggerate. If you only micro, bullshit, that's good, I, what about you missed the Beserker blood right is early health benefit too. Be giving my blood you don't want, twice a week and then that way, my bodies creating new blood for myself all the time so so late, you can only donate. I've looked suddenly Johnny blood once every two weeks, but you don't eat blood. Playlist wants me two days and then yeah.
We're not sailor behaviour targeting unaware seamen, I'm not sure, ok, haven't looked up yet I like the idea of donating my blood more frequently because it's like a car oil change Right Alec. If my body, if I'm walking around with old blood, then I'm good sluggish is not could be as efficient, but if I give a bunch my blood, the new blood's, better What I want to start giving platelets because they can finally antibodies in there? Shall I, like you, antibodies are fighting fires virus and other people's bodies should like inside of other people fighting virus. I like your warrior them like a super. She wrong, yeah. When a fight the war on corona you just fighting other people's corona wars, its agreeably mercenaries, your advice, like mercenaries, other people's bottoms, frock. Yes, yes yes now upon not you and me a fucking corona virus warrior mercenary reserve blood called member. Just like all yes grams. Jimmy picture.
You dont a blood in what you doing I get like. I think you have me could tell us, is to go berserker because that's like, all the Vikings relieve was like me in state like unawares. Yeah, I mean how beautiful she wrote a pussy, their viewpoint men were all in Kinshasa solve downright paleo paleo for life. I believe we have next week, you ve decided on thinking. Like dinosaurs, as I love love, it lost the twitter thing like that's some sick dinosaurs in the bag, my head and can get goin out taking Don T Rex, we should yeah. We should do. You should learn every single dinosaur and we should try to do Maybe we give us like amount. Rushmore dinosaurs, so you hardly caught him. Ok, perfect,
I will merely word of warning, don't come in here and tell me that triceratops did not exist. What will put you out of it tat for that it? She Rex ever me a treasure, tat, yet drastic park in, say it Billy. Thank you so much You stay safe. We'll see everyone on Wednesday. Have everyone safe Watson, draft of coming up and we'll see Wednesday. Let me guess
know what to say.
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