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Bulls 1st Rd Pick Wendell Carter Jr + Ryan Whitney Mt Rushmore Of Insults

2018-06-22 | 🔗

018 NBA Draft and Salty Woj won the night. Big stories from the draft including Mikal Bridges being traded, Michael Porter Jr's spine being made of dust, Grayson Allen going to the Jazz, and Cal on the hot seat (2:27 - 21:08). Chicago Bulls first round pick Wendell Carter Jr joins the show to talk about playing at Duke, what the draft process has been like, and how he sees his game fitting in the NBA (21:08 - 40:41). Ryan Whitney completes our Mt Rushmore of guests with the Mt Rushmore of insults (40:41 - 56:38). Talking Soccer, Messi is dead. Ass in the Jackpot for Colin Cowherd, Kings Stay Kings Dwight Howard, and Jimbos of the Week. 

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on today's pardon my take we have chicago bulls first round pick wendell carter junior and the completion of our mount rushmore of occuring guess with ryan whitney we do the mount rushmore of insults with that muppet big eared ryan whitney and the return of jimbos with little draft talk sprinkled in before we get to all that if you haven't heard we switched to the cash app by now you know it's the number one ranked app in finance and let you do the most with your money or do you want to pay people back buy and sell bitcoin deposit your paycheck right into the app or order free custom cash card to spend anywhere you like and now the cash card is more powerful than ever with cash as a latest feature cash boost cash card boost program let you get instant discounts every time you swipe your card right now i can get a dollar off every purchas if you make purchases at
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okay job all right let's go june twenty seconds and the winner of the two thousand eighteen nba draft is salty heavy what would your now ski
so if you are an nba fan if you're not an nba fan will explain it real quick so there's a guy who's a reporter named woj knows of he's not just reporter he he is the nba created the welsh bomb so he is the insider of insiders and he always has all the information before anyone else and he got his he he can espn who also has the draft last year and espn kindly ask them please don't tip off the pics so that we can have the draft pick be live and people won't know beforehand if and he said okay i will do that then what happened was nba twitter other reporters were tipping the pics and world is like this is it was basically like the wire he's like this is my corner my name is my name and he went on to tweet every single pic but not actually tip them off just suggesting that teams were going to pick pick the guy that isn't main maine
competition shams worked with them a yahoo so he was like well which is like under stuff yeah yeah exactly so he was the one that was coming toward him which could let him take the car yeah you can tell me on yeah that's not miss it and what words did was he start every single tweet with source and then he'd say he basically had with first lined up i guess 'cause he would say here's an example
the sixers are enamored with larry shipment yeah twenty six pick he actually portland has a laser on in for any simmons yet he he actually just had doc emrick sit whispering into his ear all night cleveland prefers colin sextant with number eight my god that's the best and then they pick up my two favorites one is the lakers are unlikely to resist mo wagner with the twenty you know who else could resist wagner mmhm yeah true we know that yeah and then you utah jazz have no plans to pass on grayson allen with twenty first pick i mean he put on a great show just so so petty honestly it was better than any nba finals game yeah just watching woods on twitter tonight yeah boston tantalized by robert williams with the 27th pick that one just happened fifty six seconds it's great isn't it is so so great so the nba draft and it's like
gsp is not going to push it to him no because quote well and also here than the league so technically he didn't tip any pics no he just says that they are unlikely to pass yeah or there laser did on them would be a real shame if they didn't take bridges here he'll see rd in the nba draft we it was kind of it kind of went as there's only a couple like real stunners the first was obviously the tray young tonsured trade which i don't care if you like if tray young could end up being that of a good nba player but if luka dodgers becomes like an all star they'll always linked together you always have the picture of them wearing the other teams hat and the hawks will always just like be just dragged on the internet for that it's a major phillip rivers eli manning situation you're not going to you're not going to stop discussing that which by the way embrace debate i think the i think the charges one that one yeah phillip rivers better quarterback really manic better much better
more viral knock i know here oh i know the i know the two super bowls i don't like start talking football the line had those little excited but philip rivers statistically better quarterback and way how many super bowls with the giants have won with philip rivers that's probably like nine at least nine minimum nine yeah best team to not make the playoffs last year that's actually a fact yeah that was that was agreed back find me agree that tray young i think he actually stole the show the draft of the shorts yeah sure to back yep very knows that they in my wrong i mean i'm granted i'm not great basketball mind that might surprise all right you're no you're brilliant mind put tray young looks like he sucks to me well i think it's the hair the hair is not and also he sucks yeah he i know i'm not a big tree on guy i was very worried that the polls were going to take him and i was very happy that didn't happen luca don chich i think will be very good it
how many did the spanish league people love these guys laughing at the second best league in the world he's eighteen years old he won the mvp the spanish league in his eighteen that's pretty fucking good we went ok i mean hey look you said you're a brilliant passport i am telling you basketball pretty damn good luka doncic mom everyone loves both dominated spanish league is messy and will get to him later yeah we will he did dominate he did still there now we'll get him later andrea good it would all once going today with the good doctor it's mom he's he tweeted mom's mom decent and look at dawn church wants to go on a date with jennifer jennifer anderson yeah making making double date yeah exactly and then the other shocker was porter junior doesn't have a spine because that's the only reason why he fell all the way to the 14th pick people actually thought like you obviously was injured at missouri he played free games in college but going into
it's like going into the college basketball season he was going to be the number one pick he has nineteen years back surgery falls all the way to fourteen now remember if you remember wednesday show in the quote we're talking about a mix between kevin durant yonas and t mac yeah minimum minimum so the future hall of famer yes i'm i'm gonna put my doctors had a real quick i'm more worried about the hip injury i think hip is it and that's maybe just recency bias because i t just kind of stop playing basketball true because we help but if you're eighteen years old and you have you've got a hip and you've got a back you might read will have already yeah do you basically can't play about you can't play sports and so that's a pretty piece playing sports is a very large part of being a basketball player but that's one of those things like for he he was so post to go as high as one three or four one people talking about yeah yeah he wasn't going to go one tonight but he was could have gone three or four tonight like people were going to people were saying he's a game changer so for him to fall the 14th i'm just going to see just doesn't have a
and there are tons of smoke screens with him to you remember like earlier this week teams well we're not really concerned that we can't get an mri on his hip yeah because he's that good of a player yeah he's going to be gone real early who needs medical yeah we don't need that that's never happened get out of there i will that the other big story i thought was was bridges we kill bridges get drafted by the sixers his mom were to the team vp of hr yeah so i'm a little bit woke on this great moment yeah so she got really really excited and then they traded him for billy sire yeah so the train to this after he already gave interviews wearing his sixers hat talking about how excited he was to stay in philadelphia going over legend yeah like a perfect fit for the sixers all sixers fans are going crazy then boom this even the sixers tweeted out the clip of he and his mom celebrating come in home unbelievable moment
so you're going to be going to the greater scott still so i'm a little bit woke about this i think that his mom might have been behind some of those burner accounts to get colangelo fired so that she could make sure that our son got drafted conceded that glance rate it but then so they found out after they drafted him they found out that she was one of those windows in those ten minutes in those ten minutes when they cracked the case i'll tell you what we need tmz cameras to like just follow her around in the hallway tomorrow it philadelphia sixers she's got to resign she yet resigned have certain ma'am ma'am ma'am ma'am please resigned ma'am how dare you yeah how dare you sir of seventy six we have a constitution with the
they got zaire so i don't know that much about dire but my understanding about him is athlete he can dunk ath so all he does is dunk right he's so he can't forget how to shoot because he doesn't shoot yeah people people there's always one of the one or two of these guys in the draft where their athletic ability just gets everyone drooling it's the length length and strength when span yeah and yeah exactly and can play all five positions but none of 'em well he's a stretch stretch one thousand two hundred and thirty four yes correct just stretch the other about obama's forearm sarah mobile mismo bama has maybe the best name in the draft and uh taco bamba mo bamba mo bamba arms are just insane those are twice as long as what call the up his three arms yeah upper arm whatever they are they're like twice as long as a parent how soon in summer league before you get a mobile on the more problems from his team yeah well that's a good one our friend matt jones
kentucky sports radio by the way we will be hosting kentucky sports radio on tuesday from ten to one thousand two hundred eastern he was in the office tonight and he had a great lot about moe bobby said the best the best you'll ever see more bomb is the first time you lay eyes on him because then from that moment on your like wait he's he can't really yeah he's good he just do that looks like he just blocks people and then he but he's a he's a work in progress i like to workout videos that they have he was doing this thing it looked like he was like on skis just moving his arms and circles simultaneously it's a very important thing to do would learn how to last yeah i'd like to see maybe work out of the basketball his hands yeah or one nearby yeah no you don't have to have one in your hands just like in maybe a hoop around yeah yeah looks like it be standing on a hardwood floor at some point
in that day you actually shot a basketball yes all we care it's not too much to ask yeah i mean look you eat member you you got drafted by just crossing up a chair at st like that should happen those overseas videos or some of the funniest things that you'll receive a guy working at a gym with i get a sixty five year old yugoslavian trainer full sweater just war like following around with a broom yeah and then like yeah we'll get him look at him just like beat this guy off the dribble and it's yeah it's just some fat guy in a puma sweatshirts sweat suit with a broom i'm also psyched about the gradius back or perhaps in nba history with dante de virgin door and matthew dellavedova who who tried try yeah i tried driving to the whole and not drawing a charge of those on the court that's going to be nice it sucks if they don't if the box don't get rid of the old no they're not
although as owner of the new zealand breakers i am entertaining trade discussions with the box if they'd like to trade can i have a will can i just throw something out there that kind of pets com took took away from tonight the fact that dante deven chen's those problematic treats came out after the national championship that really should have been a draft night story you gotta save that like that i didn't feel like we ever had one of those huge you you had what was the one treat from bridges from bridges he said something like i took i took three pills of extenders now might take longer than five stretch limos which you have a good which i said i assume obviously is going to be you know it's probably a leer but that doesn't like what he said that i don't know it just sounds like rhymes because arrives and it is it's on future and then we also had t you actually look at yeah i know i know i know fuckin' know odd future okay a lot of great numbers yeah like like a lot of shoppers right yeah
does manny on what's that guy's great yeah the highs is he with the future that too is awesome yeah he is not yet is because i have not even a human being i mean i'd be if he just told me that he's real yeah god future guy yeah the other tweet that we had the missed mishap was de'aundre eight and treating out this is one of my favorite one players don't know how to do the ads yet and he's tweeted out this is a direct tweet all he needs to tag is black ops four and call of duty partner and the rest can be in his words who is the dish on jackson went from a couple years ago it's like tell dashawn said yeah yeah it's some so great oh man i love when players do that it's a brilliant pr strategy like it gets us talking about that tweet way more we should we should
that anyone who wants to advertise this will just will suck up your tweet for an extra five thousand dollars yes i have real bad i had two other draft stories one cows on the hot seat yes so ten straight years coach calipari had a pick in the top eight this year kevin knox picked ninth by the next he is but being that such a rule that such to sort of random number for you to pick the low well no i this is i this is matt jones again now john said said this that and then i text him asking him what's the status said ten straight years top beat now it's ten and now it's eleven straight years top nine i also another reason to put calla perry on the sticky seat tonight he was on get up this more we have to talk about get up at least once i'm sure it is worth today and he was on there with jay wright former occuring guest of part of my take children villanova no recurring guest yeah but former
who's also a recurring guest yeah okay so close that door yeah cal perry said i always love rubbing up against the coach that won the national title hopefully it rubs off on us just dudes robin on his shoulder just couple did stop docked with cal terry this morning yeah jay right we did is just guys hanging out and then it's rubbing up against each other like a bear on a tree and then come back i went to a yankees game and was hanging out with our good friend tommy lasorda and it was just just years and years of coaching wisdom that's a lot of i being to be in lot of spicy meatballs in one box i had one last story anne it's the best story of the entire draft grayson allen is going to live in salt lake city
take this so far but it is great as fans are gonna level i'm going down from this and hey you got ted cruz emmett rodney tear for the same team there you go who the it i like it i like it i would i do really like about this pick as he's paired with donovan mitchell who you'll remember slapped race known in the face yeah when he was at louisville yes yeah i will that's going to be a nice little welcome to for for ted cruz yes by the way i'm looking at the picture right now it actually was tommy lasorda junko party chasing gerry and brian cashman that's that's a that's a squad chasing garden talk at all who who calls dibs on policy on that one like got to give to sort of yeah you got it hey guys hung like a kid a slim fast and i mean pushy i mean like the spaghetti and gravy yeah yeah obviously just needs nuts deep in it yeah the gabagool tommy tommy gets tommy definitely gets the last piece of garlic bread but they bring out like don't touch that tommy strikes me as a guy that sneezes on the garlic bread right when it comes out so it's all his yeah
spits up on it on purpose or drops on the floor fix it up he coughs up some sort of nondescript substance out of his mouth and you guys got this something that you can go ahead and take that one loves bread sticks hey do you have any other draft thoughts do this celtic who did the celtics take anyone yeah they just took a hold on let me pull it up ok we have wendell carter junior coming up second from the bulls how about that yeah i was we knew that was going to happen that's what we had yeah easy yeah so it's still this is robert williams who which says is a lottery level talent to play with immense talent if you can show commitment to playing hard this could be the steal the first round wow so he just hates basketball yeah actually that sounds that sounds like brad stevens wonder project right there yet does he's going to get his damn it he's going to love that he's going to get a terrible richard jefferson basketball tattoo on his arm goddamnit or no that's luke walton luke walton
all right reserved jefferson had already has a basketball with dancing bears around yeah yeah that so he's going i'm also shout out to bill walton's wife for chiming in that you'll recall the story rachel told us about bill stealing the picture of bill russell off law and his wife tweeted at us and she said bill came home with a picture he just asked him where he got it he said someone gay so how many times do you think that happens were bill walton walks in the door with something in his hands and he's like yeah this was just given to me it was just something he right so i could think like a five year old walking home with like a dead squirrel that he found yeah come on when you get there yeah it's a dog yeah it's a dog putting the squirrel in the mouth yeah come on not again like stop killing all the squirrels in the neighborhood and its origin like when you get to a point in age where you can just start stealing stuff and people won't do anything there's like oh there goes bill walton is stealing our fuqing art again
the maybe is what his wife will probably bring it back in a week us you'll figure it out she'll figure it should be to look at the back of the like should be on the set of the job of the counter what is it dump the judge the judge called the job it is to us says we'll show it in the last two seasons on the us they should take about jumped on that's actually come to jot down what was still yeah the jumped up to par coarser gore all let's do a window carter junior from the formally from the duke devils now are you do kind yeah looks i don't that's duke fan i don't know i did think it was their year yes so i mean it's their year again stukes deaf going to want it all they have zion right yep not don't even roll the ball out yeah also don't pay ten other when big cat talks a lot of shit about duke in zion in this interview yes correct yeah did i yeah oh alright this is brought to by the new bud light lime and orange they're out now the best summer beer you can
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all right let's go to window carter junior alright we now welcome on out what should be i should let's let's guess right now so it's window carter from do you want to just say where you think you're going to be picked on the drop we're gonna add this after the drive okay so where do you think legless project right now i have one pick you have one pack on with a chicago okay i like that all right so top five right yet yeah yeah okay i like that so we do that like information have you been have you heard from mark cuban us a part of our legal has he texted you yet the
i have his email address on email and we can see them right now is be like hey make the call have you the more the more important question though have you picked out your suit and are you ready for draft night with everything you got wearing yeah the out of headed picked out for about a month now who is with a lot of thought put into it so it's going to definitely some different okay not bring back the kerr kind rick look are you close to anything i don't see that come back yeah what color anything special and they were going to be ready for a i guess this is all black okay i like it like it is a dc style even the church yes sir okay that's joe prunty special okay so so you are so we're we're sitting here on tuesday it's a two days away from draft were new york city you're motions must be going crazy right
now just waiting for thursday night because you've been looking for this moment for a really long time are you excited nervous like what's what's going on probably all in one okay cited nervous happy on yeah may this sama can even put words into out feeling like is this site this really ready for that the next step have you figured out what type a hand shaker reading your gift to silver when you get up on the stage i was thinking more formal about a day i got a feeling once i get up there right i'm i just switch it up late right the and so just pick him up and give a big yeah you'll be excited that way that way you'll always be the awful if you can lift them up on stage you get drafted him never find you held ever since i like this through ads put him in the chest little anthology house yeah so you have to be the only person ever to be decide who when they were going to college your decide between harvard and duke what i like what i mean
are you that close to going to harvard so mom dad both wanted to go to harvard like really bad like even at that commit to do they wear in the harvard jackets and like let people know like that's why that's where they really wanted me to go but it was a it was a real thing for me i just wanted to explore something child something different you know not the norm so i looked at it i know
about duke was probably the best choice i mean it would've been all it would've been incredible yeah halted due to the north yeah i called due to harvard in south river her that they would have been if that much it would be great to see you dominate the i've just helping out about like five foot nine white rapper to thirty five points a game yeah that was a sliding doors moment so you know leading up to the draft obviously there's you're thinking who's go pick me who's going to pick me up have you ever just give any consideration because i've seen this take more more recently like what if there was no draft what if it was just like a free agency like you come out of college and you can pick where you want to go like we do where how would that factor things with there be like it is are certain style plastered team that you really like or certain city that you like to visit that you'd like to live in the city would be if we play take then of in the style of play the the the people in my position on a tank and so like for example i thought i would too it's not open to the free agency by at last year so i can learn a lot from him
and they don't have to know a lot of big so it would be like a perfect situation for me yeah yeah i'll be good to talk to oprah what's hot what's the one part of your game that it's put under the weakness category that you think people have wrong marvelous isn't okay for sure by in the workouts davis said you cardinal you that let it go right into me i just i guess i didn't show it as much when i was a do but those devices on them at the show yeah because it is what the one thing i mean i think it's also probably because you played with marvin bagley and everyone kind of put you guys in two camps like your he's you know when does a better defender martin by was a better athlete but as we both can probably do both via have you have you stay tight with marvin you know going through the whole process yeah her we talk pretty much every day no he's a he's a real close friend for me yeah what about greece now on yeah early everybody who who who came out to see
there are people who are still at duke like we're really tight we got a group chat we probably talk every day like no this is surreal like when people say yeah one and done there's no way you can be a brotherhood like we still talk everyday like we still have each others backs i even we're far away from one another we stood out for one another what's what's grace known like in a group chat he strikes me as a big emoji guy he is yeah yeah which is most commonly used emoji the blue heart is really i would love that do you think trace amounts misunderstood you think people thing is just to heal who trips everyone is actually exactly what he is not he's misunderstood for sure well he he definitely had the perception from a lot of people switch on i came right i was told i he's a bad person right from whole bunch of people around me but as i got there i got to really known as i spent some quality time with him like
he was just because i am bad situations on another guy was running yeah and it's fun just allow core strength three months yeah for was out on the news yeah yeah use this is a competitor and he does i mean a lot of people have the the what they do is lie sometimes they just made a mistake are they made done on purpose for sure but it was just a mistake so people thing like he just so bad person just wants a garage for people which yeah he trips on peace for if not lie
that's that that shouldn't i shouldn't they shouldn't allowed it to the final right he's a competitor he's like a hockey player wearing a basketball so you actually you roomed with him at the combine right yeah what was that like was like ted cruz knocking on your door at six hundred am when i get some tips from work in this post game no no i mean he's he's he's good people so i guess he's good he's fun to be around here we always have a good time whenever together so
i've always wondered about the like in a situation where you guys are obviously about to go pro you're obviously about to you know do very well for yourselves financially and you're still in your room and with the guy at the combine is did you just like want to go down front desk okay just amount of i like a light amicably allied being around the people so yeah at what who is this coach k still these keep in touch with him like to the draft process is the help you guys through that process as well yeah for sure after every city i went to work our data call a phone call from no actually how to work out when it though briefly tell me you know in every if i need something don't don't hesitate to reach out so he's deaf we've been involved in our group i'm in my own draft process but i don't know about anybody else yeah what kind of coach was he would it like what kind of coach was in practice was he angry to yell a lot or was he more of like a disappointed guy i'm disappointed
yeah the end at times he would yell but that was him it was more of a really is that we were going to india which is right yeah just make yeah me to run it out of yours so what we did with coach k it was there any point in the season where he like tried to give one last try to convince you to stick around it was just obvious from the get go like you're going to you're going to go pro you got what it takes to be pro our our work to hear even make an effort to be okay months maybe more so we had a after the season media like each person did and then when i went in he was fine just you know help me with the agency process an audible i came to me like your clothes on my b span of the year could i see one i was thinking about it for a little bit so it by he he was even planning on talking about me come back what he thought was a done deal i'm not even so when i told him that the in the whole the whole screen
clip where we were just talking about the benefits when we come back the pros and cons of both situations so oh yeah what was the reason that you were thinking about coming back you want to get a championship or was it more about like personal growth wanted to be closer to my degree they say like by zero point one percent of people who are wanting done get their degree marvin williams was the first one in like two thousand and fourteen so oh i just want to be closer to that and then with that will come you know the extra growth on the court off the court older wiser stronger are testing all those things so there's all took place in what was the deciding factor for you to be like alright i'm going to actually go to the nba nba sweet dreams for wanting to do this i was a little kid so i thought why not do it now while i'm young fresh and healthy was it i mean obviously your projected to be in the lottery if you were like maybe a fringe lottery guy you think you would have stayed is that
is that part of it the projection process yeah little bit do you talk like how does that work you talk to scouts took a talk to scouts for you like who tells you that ok when you go to the draft you're going to end up like i assume you're not just reading mock draft for the spn right i'll talk to coach k here just tell me how you feel about the whole situation if if it's a good situation for me i'm going to be paid at the spot where he thinks i'm be picked he thought it was yeah i'll be made very hard don't let me just jump it but don't make fun of mock drafts you know i'm not very very bigger minecraft guys and you just because well i went through so i write all my red thirty month would you say just like looking at us he thinks a bigger mock draft guy he pointed me
point it may all really so yeah it was a camera the point of me but we didn't see the point right there i don't know if you're sitting right now so you get the tv actually had you in his mock draft going to the bulls would be excited to go play with the fin rebirth the finisher yeah marketing yeah i think you guys are being new twin towers yeah but you gotta be dope it would be awesome i'm rooting for that if you can you're dumb like it to add an extra element to your game just like getting a shitload of weight getting up to like three hundred pounds or just get a new shack convince every big man that we interview with the nba needs somebody would like a huge asset just fax people down and dunks on him and it does the step over on it like it would be fun to gain that much weight wouldn't know i disagree i guess maybe that's why i'm not a professional basketball can you shoot the three yeah you sure 'cause you have to now
yeah i mean i don't know you didn't take that many three so do you know what your three point percentage was like forty some is forty one point seven i think so you should actually just like put that up around your neck like i shot i shot the three or forty one percent equipment because that's really all anyone cares about it feels like now yeah this effect so i found a typo in your wikipedia entry on your page there says that you were born in nineteen ninety nine that can't be right that's right that's such bullshit yeah you were born in nineteen ninety nine have you ever seen a funny simpsons episode our relationship yeah yeah because you're born nineteen have you ever owned a vhs tape hello cd yeah ahead okay all right did you go through your tweets and delete any problematic tweets did you have any problematic so you have my number was out there oh really i don't know why was enter that put it out there as rapidly as a hitter
or so yeah yeah yeah yeah victor i saw one that you might want to look look at so december sixth two thousand sixteen you quote treated a for diverse do came and said money time was as close to me bag got dropped off and what's going on just ask anytime seems like you're hiding in plain sight interesting coach k's new strategy just like everyone say money time all the time that we will know yeah that's the queue for when the direct deposit hits yeah you actually don't you don't have any bad you don't have any bad to me so i went back and just like you only have like seven or two hundred and fifty to eight
well that's a nerve wracking think ready one is getting traffic yeah you have to be aware that now and we tried to look at josh hours tweets and we missed a few when he got drafted well no we're not we're not gonna we were not very good at reaction to the time he had to leave them by the time we have looked at that's very true yeah speaking of the bag and there's a huge controversy i guess your mom ate lunch one time your mom had a lunch paid for to leave at night i would you order he didn't even eat the food that's the crazy ohmygod so she was just making a mockery of ncaa and they're fine institutions as disgusting i'm sick and what what's the first thing you're gonna buy the already book mark what i want to buy for my first car what what what kind was it a mercedes is about fifty which i tracked by the next so can't have a card to your city
yeah i mean you have to park it i'm gonna put it up somewhere you could probably actually afford a building that has parking now that i think about it i can't afford a new new york city is too expensive yeah that's i mean if you're getting drafted like that still live in hoboken that's why i like the young kids live in paris or get like a fifteen thousand square foot mansion in sacramento in sacramento yet they think about you live in if you got drafted by the knicks and you live in the suburbs you have like a million of these articles about you would say oh he takes a train into work and then you become like a working man's here and then you're a fan favorite new york and they're probably going to raise your jersey up to the rafters no matter what because they just need somebody to root for yes yes very badly what's the weirdest question you've been asked in the draft process
armed with the with the s saving we're like i was going to let any of you think it is grant's for some weird because i was told like yeah more questions but and there was there anything like the nba soft like that the nfl will ask you like the army or something number yeah that's and this song too what was the weirdest place you ever saw coach k fagan and did you think i enjoy your you know he didn't i don't know that he set out to be not coach again yeah i was wondering ok so he did take an injury or illness or whatever it was yeah yeah yeah i've yes yeah when things go south these like all my arm i feel i feel faint tell you that like those for the recruiting process like listen i want you come play for me and when when things go bad i'm gonna have someone else coach because i don't want that on my record no i was actually when when he when he got hurt yeah so you probably probably some
all the losing streak coming we can tell nothing wrong he's like how dogs can sense earthquakes yeah and they started limping around specially lose to bc or something like that because i see some weaknesses in the schedule come yes exactly what day of the week would his hair go from like slightly a little bit gray at the roots to jet black again i was like what was it so again every other tuesday i don't know he probably died in every other every other day yeah that makes sense do you think it's dukes here it was dukes here all year and then you guys lossed but do you think this years dukes here this depends on if everybody buys it like you definitely have the talent like it's no doubt about that but as long as they don't let he goes get involved they shouldn't be beef honestly do you what was it like playing for duke and knowing that everyone
did you including myself then know that phone yet no hey yeah hey it'd take actually like hey did you i mean grayson took a lot of the hate in that skinny what's a skinny white guy's name yeah yeah that kid yeah for the most part we just hate everyone on duke no matter what it's like like macklemore with kool aid lips yeah yeah so it's like yeah you're just like part of part of the most hated group ever i actually don't mind doing as well as as as much as big cat does but i think he actually asked about question there which is like you know that you got target on your back play do great you know that every single time you have a road game you're going to get you know the loudest boos from the fans all year long you're going to get you know target from your going to get every other teams best shot did you like having that like us against the world mentality or how did that factor into your prep first i don't think it would have been
bad have grayson allen wasn't planned for us 'cause i think like we went indiana to whenever he caught the ball the ball those fucku i said by that was a every time he caught it like you at the the game all that so i think with him gone i think it's difficult to die down a little bit no no no you guys have the number one recruiting class i'm going to hate all whoever comes sign williamson bust big time pass that guy he's got no explosiveness that's what i'm saying because i've got a ton of explosiveness yeah so if you just say it's not mba explosiveness people like wow that kind of something that you don't i think he can doug college kids so give me a holler the exactly all right well any questions for us because we're media so do you have any questions how to deal with us because you could deal us a lot more yeah how do i do it so have a good job interjected job yet just if you have any money yeah if you have to rely on in your wallet okay give pay you could always pay off the media huddle
for sure because like i said just give us a cash either that or just like biased dunkin' donuts yeah or bias lunch will eat it unlike your mom that was very rude about it 'cause we respectfully yet we were spending respect the ncaa is an institution alright window thank you so much man oh yeah see question hey give me hey gretchen recorded promo code take ten dollars off of route sse question here's my question on that i i notice that you wear and like it a sweat suit with shorts is that like you are you trying to say something like hey lebron i like wearing suits a short low comedy for you no problem if you're met lebron i have wait what is your tattoo say fear not fear what pier one
i like that could you say every across your chest or yeah that's actually cool so you start flexing yeah ok so you never met lebron you know i mean i have once but i was like he was he big time jail he thinks he's like oh stars something that's crazy i think it's gone to his head is crazy right now so see question put in promo code taking at ten dollars off right window good luck hopefully the bulls or the knicks or the sixers draft you that way this is a lot more relevant 'cause like the magic we probably won't even run this but i hope it's matthew miller tradition for the magic or the hawks or like the kings like we're not even gonna run those aren't really miss you don't really care but good luck with the draft and i will be rooting for you appreciate that that interview with chicago bulls
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ryan whitney and ava something completely different alright we now welcome on the final member of our mount rushmore of twenty seventeen eighteen recurring guests it is ryan whitney first time mount rushmore recipient how excited are you stick tap thankfully clock guys i have a i'm excited but i have a couple beats one or a question my first is what what is this only because i threatened threaten you if i wasn't on mount rushmore this year partially no i've seen you fight i'm not worried about that yeah i know your little scared it's light rain big cat big cat am i think i box those years in pretty easily second thing second thing four people on mount rushmore correct but i'm like splitting it
hello i'm i really on it yeah yeah yeah the ranger on the rear that's a name on the wall yeah yeah i could see you guys right now all right i'll take it i'll take it okay i mean come on like this you know we we we there was a lot of special moments this year i think that do you know the two you are perfect to split you know it's the ryans it's actually the most powerful i've been running for yeah i know but i would actually take your spot on the mount rushmore versus the other three spots in a fight you and rosillo verse one on universe any of the other people i take you in a fight i think rachel nichols could kick your asses actually yeah maybe she goes straight for the growing weed yeah we know you could beat up blake griffin 'cause he's a basketball player and borders would probably just be whatever man just chilling right if we give you a full spot on mount rushmore this year then you wouldn't have anything to work for next year it's like giving an athlete a big contract so we give you a little taste refranchising you this year and then you can prove it maybe get your own spot next year
yeah like firetrucks wanted on now he's gone from your clubs fine fine with that i'm fine with that totally fine yeah sure yeah okay so we're going to the mount rushmore of insults and we did this because it's like you know you always have your hockey words that are great pigeon or whatever hank is upset so hank has a has a bone to pick before we get started we switched it up like ten minutes before we taped
yeah a lot last year i it was pretty pretty known well known how much i dominated now rushmore's every single every single episode one and the best not rushmore's this year began pf even pulled some weird was it weird day is a weird i thought i our four reasons why we hate hockey with right when the ha ha so i get ready i do my preparation like i always do a luncheon given to us give you do that yeah i'll do is i'll do is i'll get in but you know in thought and felt that would be a quick you know part of the more you can't prepare you to begin and end yeah i'm not getting i'm not gonna payment but yet i'm all right we were chris take so yeah let's do it let's go wet and then we'll go big cat ok then maine then hank and then thank you go twice and back alright let's do it so i start yeah ok alright alright i was just going to use this one it said
time classic it goes around locker rooms like wildfire and what it is it's like europe god damn pigeon no worse create a page in your a complete joke of a bird you got no place in life changing my number one ok that's a good number one hockey that's a good number one my number one is going to be can now it's basically the same but it's like you can you can go back and forth with the name do i have to write so it's buckhead or should head but i guess i'll pick one i think you want i do want it so i'll say i'll say i'll say shithead shithead is my is my first one ok ok dollar one it's that sting to it yeah it does right like you're just a shithead yeah right buckhead is more like the remix yeah my first one this is a favorite of mine clown
your clown that's good because there's so much to suspect loaded at the outward that's really good don't recline but i okay well to their own yeah that's also the remix my first one i'll go with buckhead because it's like should head but fuc is like a more and he's not mad either yeah hanks not mad though it's like yeah you're not matter not know there's like there's like levels of squares yeah crap my second one is going to be triggered for hank right now there's one on my second one i don't think that's good thank you my second one is bum bum that's a good one you're a bum bum bum hurts alot bum hurts a lot ok i i'm gonna go with the mouth breather is my second one mouthbreather some it was just breathe through their mouth you just know it when you see it you lie manning yeah big time mouthbreather that popcorn popcorn hey i'm i'm not gonna dog you would think so
gonna go very far along not that powerful my second another classic it's another call i think you come off the ice you played one ship this is an old iraqi with anything and you know yes you know you get yeah i didn't know yeah combined with a combined with the ship had my okay by number to push my number three just being a snake draft i understand after hank went by so i wasn't sure what that was my number three this is a classic and you might not understand but all you got to do is go up to someone and say you're such a and not like indian bread who that hurts yeah i would no no one's ever called out so yeah just so do you want to be called in on yeah and when a nun means that your virgin to us it was like coming on factor
exactly it work either way okay alright alright my third is going to be just calling someone a liberal so just say liberal that's the biggest put down you can ever have just libya lib lib or liberal libs are at it again yeah exactly that's pretty much pretty much pretty big butt down yeah exactly ok my third one is fraud so i'm and with one syllable is again i got clown bum frog really him a fraud it's like a delusional bump yeah yeah that's that's a good one hank so one of my head i mean just calling someone ugly just you're ugly no matter no matter who you are no matter how far self confidence you have that gets to your head a little bit yeah i agree hank if you see somebody who just like what's up ugly yeah that that follow them around for a couple days yeah yep and i guess i'll just say call someone short
oh yeah that would be bad hypothetically actually you know it's not a cut down it's also it's also another thing you can just say whenever you whenever you are going with someone if you have the height advantage you say well you're short that gets their head every time yeah also means i'm closer to level so easier to have sex with yeah ok there's that your fourth not brush my hands thanks yeah no no one said that was you still very much yourself my last one i'm surprised this one last until four who it's so much fun yeah it is fun to say it is fun to i think you i think you misplace your hand by saying live instead a i think a little bit let me leave it to people people get cut kinda had it's hot hot in the streets and it faded a little lib lib lid keeps on my cell is bigger bigger nice thing about as it can always go back to like the original definition which is music hey someone's plan your wife yeah yeah like true
i'm all right my last one this one not saying anyone's ever said this about me but i just call it just telling someone pitch tents no one hurts a lot call yeah that that one says that one must stink yet i really like mickelson mickelson is like calling you dumbo yeah but you know what i hear very well out of these things so i don't take offense to abitfits dot com at exactly my one i gave pigeon i gave pedant but i love when you combine the two and it really changed and you're just a pheasant and in a pendant combine pheasants are very beautiful birds that yeah if you know that if you've ever seen a package in the world but your kids in absolute you know he comes back from that one do you realize when you come do you realize when you combine those words it's actually another word like it's not yeah i think that's a bird not the not the insult world
double whammy so what have you ever called somebody pheasant and they're like hey wait i i did hear you would you call me a peasant yeah and then you have to like go back and like re pronounce it explain it because i feel like that would lose a lot of the state if you like now p h it's a combination had to explain it i've actually called people a frightening and they were still in shock because there used to be calling a peasant and they know pheasant even worse is an absolute disaster ok i like calling i like calling somebody you just you know it's some kid you can't stand you say ok such a gary he had such a gary yeah i was insulted over here gary over there oh that's good so you call any white girl becky yeah kennedy like it's either a dog or a gary i had seen some guy like
not dressed well look at gary that actually hurts do you have honorable mentions we have honorable mentions i got one ok just a journeyman anybody journeyman ryan that hurts yeah like a hockey player just journeyman just means you can't stick around anywhere because no one loves you not heard from the better it's more than the dumbo actually actually that cut me to the core and then my love journey men dot scrub yeah my last one was very specific when it was actually just the time that bill belichick was asked about fred x after the superbowl about like what he thought about freddie mitchell and he said he's terrible and you can print that i was happy when he on the game in fact that it came from bill belichick yeah and he said that makes it really really bad i had a honorable mentions tool yeah
calling someone bottle yeah but but cheeks she's deck knuckle dragger in thought up a gag gag knuckle dragger yep big brown sexual that's pretty bad one you don't want to be like liberal liberalism liberalism the meanest thing you could say to someone who got hang liberal liberal look if you murder someone if you call him a liberal that's fine they're allowed to alex call someone bad a mop head that's good mop heads good i like that never had that yeah what else call it what about what about like i i get the guide get like a body like a bag of milk who's like a mega milk that's very specific to canadians here when we don't have bags of milk or milk milk milk bag alec on skinny fat people come belly at all it's always a good one
what do you call somebody from such as scituate situate scituate situation the the opposite of the opposite of and that's not non you know yeah i'm trying to think anything else i mean there's a million others that we probably can't say but yeah so many you can't say i i mean i i you know grocery sticks always a good one yes grocery stick that better who selling played at all yeah what a bender what a bender what about just six o'clock you save yeah what yeah i mean what what what an absolute like you know what what ensued joke you are you call someone a joke that her yeah joe the you just being dumb there everyone knows you as a muppet that one hurts do i made it off for awhile it was big acting like the early 2000s now
play duche bag just like you're not creative douche nozzle yeah i did get suspended for saying duche bag at one point that was a bad word back in the day like a bad word dykehead i like we said dykehead right know your coach was just like a ride the the nhl totally suspend you for saying duche bag he just didn't want you to play yeah you you cock you're a coffee i mean if we're going to go down that road i can't sit pretty strongly yeah actually if you're over to england it's it's really not that it's just like how they say hi scumbag to scumbags hurtful scumbag is like you're actually trying to hurt someone i think it's come back just like yeah yeah you're at like you like big cat you probably call raffi torres it's come back oh yeah for sure although hank is bringing hang up the wind dave called me a scumbag because he didn't know what how to tell the difference between one when he was eighteen years old which looking back dave was kind of the scum bag in that situation
dave doing a wine tasting test verse in eighteen year old and then calling him scum yeah i don't think dave was the scumbag what about when your parents say i'm disappointed in you that's a cut down yeah that is that is that count that's a bad one too that will leave a mark my dad would go so psychotic on us that kids told me it was actually worse who had parents that would just go dead silent from parents will be even worse than getting screen that i never would it not yeah but when your parents go silent that's bad it's silent the number one without yeah it just ignoring you and i'm probably headed negging yeah yeah yeah ignoramus is all right helen keller was actually the world's best put on our yeah that's true put everyone down whitney thank you helen keller joke to coming back thank you for being on the mount rushmore thank you for being such a great guest this year hopefully use now you really got to stay on it though well i'm
i'm gonna go around and just be calling people names and hopefully people laugh when i say it and i know i have a new one for next year because you can never really you know get too quiet or get relaxed in terms of put downs i mean god knows hank needed three hours to find a couple he love you bye you buddy got together when we had we had you on since the finals ended no sidewalk water sports goodyear in the nba has six hundred and sixty six celebration out was at the end looks like they want that fuckin' saturday morning mens league get back big cat poison but they won the third nba title it checking their phones to see how quickly their own instagram if they got any pictures up yet let me see resell for nothing that was awesome good games vegas vegas washington biggest washington at people on the answers are steep people people are sleeping at the golden state warriors arena snoozing they won the title water league all right thank you whitney will talk to you later man
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brooklyn will select is at the last pick in the draft though that's the 29th that would be a nice little cherry on top yeah but it's sad like i wanted to see him keep going yeah i think he just got pist off and gave up come on wotc his pill to pisses me off his picture is a little high strung punch in the face it's a little small i know it sounds fun it's it's the the the buy it the body language is turned to the side and then is heads back it's it's like a linkedin profile for a guy that senior vice president of like a institutional research right or like a or senior vice president of of a bank he thinks he what he thinks he's like he's a big way get like jp morgan chase on like what on wall street but he really is like omaha mutual well in it what it is it's definitely a finance company
he's a vice president at it but it's one of those companies that has like ten thousand vice presidents they just give you the title handles they don't want you to kill yourself sales person right and they don't want to give you equity yeah yeah so everyone's vice president here you take a vp he just looks like he knows something that i want to know and he won't tell me punch him right in every draft pick yeah exactly alright let's do some segments first we have a talking soccer messi's dead messi is ed dunzo list go back support go back to argentina messi ok steam support the argentina's thinks that she's great yeah enjoy mess easy way for titles love ronaldo is also no no rules titles and european championships appreciate landon donovan you're right and ties all really cool your you got me unless you never won a eurocup wow there's room for all three yes but yeah the world cups been going great and messy yeah i like it kind of sucks art
you know what you know what i do level at the world cup credit to argentina they are in the group of death yes because they stink well yeah any team here's how you can tell if it's the group of death with nigeria they're always the group door mereka isn't it yeah you too we're not in the one on the world cup the greatest part about the world cup is i think it is the saddest fans in the in our work argentina's fans today were kids crying there were like popping cyanide capsule yes like you know people will joel embid said he's crying too hard she's got a little yeah i know that its history
that you're born with a side i capsule underneath a false to yes exactly they had like guys like guys with face paint price spent price but the whole entire life savings to go see argentina lose three nothing to croatian russia and just are so sad and so funny yeah so far and then there's a twenty hour flight back to argentina that you have to so yeah after dropping like five thousand dollars to get over there right and they ran out of beer and rush so that's even worse well the plenty of vodka yeah but they wrap beer yeah well that's love that's because are serving beers in those big containers of those like contraption hold do you like it at a time doubt it though only when people forget you can do cocaine and heroin in the stadiums and yes true how can you run out here if everybody's on heroin you could do basically free illegal action possible in the stadium at a russian soccer you can hack election yeah you can just get right inside there twitter rushing stadium yeah exactly yeah start live
good news good news for for funny because i was under mount rushmore yeah of lives actually think lib is it sounds worse cuts little more it cut someone tap on the liberals you live yeah but the good news for argentina you have a country full of beautiful people and grilled meats and and dry robust reds yes and mountains beautiful mountains that sometimes soccer teams to that happen in chile or are it was on eight your la it a uruguay and rugby team i think but did they get i think it think in argentina date each other at shirt and that's great wild that's already a i read that book did you
oh yeah i saw the movie i didn't visited by read some of it so i read the cover of cooking wild all right we got asked in the jack pot this is for colin coward because baker mayfield put his ass in the fucking jack pot he went on colin cowherd show and coward tried to basically say baker was a bad teammate and bigger just dunked on do you want to play the audio yeah we play little audio and i see this play right here now watch this baker and you tell it touchdown instead of i don't like this i'm going to right now how come you're not want where are you going what were you going over there our band is over there are student sections right there and then straight back to our sideline what about your teeth did you watch the rest of the game i watched the whole again you did so you saw me celebrate my teammates like the three touchdowns before that too i don't like that oh ok yeah you pulled the one clip of me running right there to our fans and people to travel the world of that game first of all and then you didn't show the
this clip of me going to our sideline no no you got i have to go to the assignment you didn't spittle or going to go after the touchdown you're not going to you're acting like i just ran away from everybody well you did but then you came back encircled with the sideline this is i ordered the five clip of your showing me and then i'm off the screen right there i'd like you to be with your teammates watch the rest of the game i was i know you went back to the sideline no no i'm going to watch the other touchdowns i got very excited on that one so you think my accusation that this doesn't this is in fact i feel like you're going for the fact that i'm not a team guy i'm selfish is that where you're shooting out here it is a no i don't think i think you i think sometimes your judgments just a tad off and i think the nfl to judgment league the game is so ask you have to make the windows gets really really tight and really really small you gotta make decisions really really fit in college you got that orlando brown guy got a little more time i don't love that decision i don't love it the celebration you see what people do in the league now celebration wise hip thrusting not a fan
i'm not a big fan of hip thrust i'm not going to lie to you i don't like when antonio browns doing that stuff i'm not into it you know what do you have your celebration and i have nothing nothing is going to apparently i think i need to just run away my favorite about that is tower delivered probably the most colin cowherd line of all time which is nfl is a judgment lead yeah like what what does that mean i don't like guys thrusting the nfl's a judgment league what people judge you for actions in the nfl that jerry z weird that that all while on sept hold never happens in any other part of life in by a guy who's basically his entire existence to judge people yeah and he usually gets it right like when he talks about john wall or when he talks about
john taylor being killed because it was his fault yeah he does a good job yeah so called hours you knows which way the wind slowly being dumb yeah yeah thank you that he does a great job yes so i'm going to defer to him yeah you bet we'll get a name is baker yeah it does a i like it when we got greedy coming in here i like it league the cream rises to the top not the yeast over and also bigger word on draft pool switcher which is also a power move because howard said i think the i think the exact tweet was something like you can't like undersized can't be number one pick in any league not athletic he's like well i was buddy yeah he replied yet it just happened yeah suck it
so i love made me feel i know he's he shot up to my post draft big board because number one right because he he he it was more than just like how he be calling coward he was so calm and cool about it but he didn't get mad he just like your idiot man and so cleveland i think you found a on the back is christine lay still on that show trade off on the other side she got her own show now that huge studio would like an empty chair on the other side was used to banish church is probably just if you were calling probably was like all right so if christians leaving i'm just gonna put a mirror above me so i can jerk off and watch myself i that sounds pretty hot actually i love to have a good look at talk out every time it jerked off will i hear that here that ten and we just want a left turn right here right before we get to jimbos we've got a king state kings dwight howard the worst can we say he's the worst made of all time benedict arnold was pretty bad really bad
yeah he's up there i'd say he's 1a behind benedict the the best interview ever for anyone who doesn't know google stan van gundy and dwight howard when stan van gundy gave an interview and said confirmed that dwight howard wanted him fired and to the media and then howard came up put his arm around stand vans like we're good and then stand van walked hey and they said dwight you want stan and fire is that that's not true that's not true who told yet like will stand a gun he just told us that that's the joy that sums up dwight howard right there but either way he got traded again and then to his new team the nets they just ate a salary and cut him so kings takings dwight howard just become being the worst teammate ever and no one wanting him he alienated maze before we met him yeah that's pretty impressive i don't know i'd say actually it's benedict arnold one delonte w too something legislate don't go away yeah yeah and then dwight howard three he is it's exceptional like he
it's kind of he's the robert griffin of basketball i think put eat put but not i see what you're saying but like he has there's these not even an ounce of a sympathetic figure like robert griffin is somehow now become kind of like a never griffin right our if you're not one piece swimwear mike i feel bad for quite hell is dwight howard lost an arm and an alligator attacks then you would be robert i'd still be like that kind of deserved it like all the time to trash of rough outside that i'll get into long term contracts yeah i'd give the the end of dwight howard's chris gonna be fasting because i could not hear already well no that's i think he's going to like and be like one of those guys who ends up in china and just like dunking on people and bring up ridiculous numbers and ever like everyone flipping out about him in china it's like oh two white howard like he's still out there doing it huh i think what he's going to do is i can absolutely see dwight howard say i want to win a championship i want to go to golden state
steve kerr's like we don't really have a place for you out here it would or steve kerr being like you know what let's take a shot and then two weeks into the season being like the bottom line golden state warriors cut dwight howard it's like yeah he actually was that bad of a team what if he went to cleveland with lebron james the two of those together so my god he's super t antics i actually think he would work on the celtics call me crazy you want that with young price yeah in kyree he dwight howard would definitely think he used the alpha but they wouldn't let him be there and if i mean if you didn't fit he won't fit but i think he could fit either way wait who got mo bamba the man the magic no sure the magic the magic
got no bama he should go to the magic and teach and just be just have go back to the batch yet just have the key filled with arms at all times she left it would be like those flailing car sign people that just like advertised car sales just down in the low post at all times yeah i mean i don't hate it so dwight howard i mean kings staking's forever i maybe actually do feel sympathy for him by the way i'm confirming sources in ok moe bamba to the orlando magic as first reported by part of my take a last up we have jimbos yep i got alfred by rick reilly in burned on twitter by darren ravel in the same week yeah that sucked yeah be tough for that guy okay so so you wanted the revell lake revell does this thing he he response to all of our tweets first while he still like very scared of pft like shaking in his boots when he sees pf i
done today when i came up to him and he was afraid i was going to do something weird with my handshake right so like i could've responded be like dude you you really see me when you were you had tears in your eyes at the sight of pft revell does this thing where like he's texting me before we like that's too far when i like come back it up so i can't really do anything like he just he gets his nerd it's everyone's like he rose mean i just stay silent yeah i'm i don't really want to get text if i remove the rebel is half way back up list because he's still one of my headlines for the rebel times which i sent to him yeah granted yes i sent it to him you said that he was like what i said t m pft commager please credit right and he goes yeah i stole it and i think if you had to i'm sorry right and he yeah he he like was just basically i stole it no i'll let revell have his phone he can't really respond he i mean what should i say i can respond revell he like when he tweeted me i'm like alright then and this is you don't know me good job real little text me if i see something need to our interning for the summer in and
office accidentally said i have nothing to do all day too loudly to another intern has in the last six hours copy and pasting excel sheets yeah that stuff here you got to do as an intern you got to establish yourself as like the top intern they granted nobody will give you that title or that responsibility but if you just take it for yourself and you identify a weaker intern and you just take all the work that you get and you say hey can you help with this project and then you just give that person all of your work and then they do it for you or you could just like complain all the time and just be ultimately lovable because you're a big lab and then go off to college and never hear from him again yeah fiance leaves for girls night after five minutes i pulled the laptop in lotion and she walks into grabber keys deer in the headlights to say the least i had nothing to say to him here's what you say in that situation i was going to back off yeah and then you just looked at hang out there
and then you get what you do at that point you put your hands behind your head and you lean back in your chair and just see where that goes i like going around leave set the mood pride fighting my newspaper delivery guy when i came home late one night because i thought he was just some asshole trying to litter in the yard wait here with me how late just throwing paper here that is literally actually yeah how late did you come home i mean if you live in the morning yeah i mean that would make sense if you're that fuckedup yes i guess i guess that guy does deserve a little piece of your mind that point didn't want to room with another dude in a work trip so i told our corporate office that i had a history of night terrors and i needed to room alone i thought they knew all is full of shit but gaming room since i made up a solid excuse when i saw the event coordinator and floor she told me that her son also suffered from night terrors that require treatment and asked how i was coping nervous i told her that they weren't getting better
or but now as a file on me in my night terror saying i'm probably not fit for a promotion whoops i don't know if that's legal to not consider somebody for a promotion because of how they sleep yeah it's your business what you do in the privacy your own bedroom that's persecution love is love men terrors terror eda regulations you're actually doing the terror victim i net now patricia water are a couple weeks ago i stockton for a solid three minutes just following behind him because he's with his wife and kids i didn't want to see him in trouble yeah no that's much better i eventually got his attention and shook his hand however my wife saw me tailing him and saw how creepy i was being wasn't trying to bother him so i just stalked him yeah i mean you get caught in one of those weird moments where it's like you missed your shot probably saying hello in a normal way and then you just in a good rule of thumb is whenever you see somebody that you'd like to say what's up to do it within
first five seconds to see them or else it's weird yes just say what's up at the moment passes it passes but one thing that i love so yeah go ahead well i was going to say they know that you want to say what's up you just say it just say like they can feel it but don't like linger around just let's go up and be like i got this will appreciate what the thing i like about water parks so much is you see truly every single walk of life at a water park you always go there and you see people who you see like gang members but they're just having fun on the water slide is a great equalizer yeah it's just everyone goes there like water when it's hot out water just cures everything yeah maybe what are the middle east water bills airport yeah huge waterpark just turn the entire united states into a water park at work soon enough with global warming yes i got super drunk at a concert i woke up in the middle of the night and shit in my girlfriends laundry basket
i immediately realized my mistake and had to hand scrub shift out of her clothes at three hundred am this knowledge davenport yeah i'm sure that took it all out too she definitely couldn't tell yeah shush it out of water smells so bad human shoot out of water by the time we were in philly and you saw that humans yeah those really bad yeah yeah horsh it smells so much better than human journal incorrect oh i see that she got a water is the worst smell ever i put one hundred and fifty eight orchard yeah but what about when you saw human ship item puke therefore porsches worse put pfd to need it it's true you guys try to eat it though it's got really close to it now we just say cincinnati chili which is the same thing just to see if that guy was still healthy alright last one i went to the atm to deposit money i got approached by a stranger who said his card wasn't working he asked if you could deposit his check in my account and have me cash it out for him i did it
it took two days for the check to bounce and now i just gave a stranger with three hundred dollars with no way of getting any money back never never trust anyone in baltimore you kind of deserve that yeah lydiate one time when i was i think seventeen years old i was walking out of a restaurant in strip mall and this dude came out to me he goes hey i'm trying to pawn this necklace but i don't have any id on me can you just take it in an pawn it for me and i'll give you twenty dollars the guy says it's worth one hundred i was like yeah it sounds good for twenty dollars so i took the necklace in pond it course when you pawn piece of jewelry you have to give like your id and stuff so i gave my deep on the necklace went out to the guy he gave me twenty bucks cops called me like a week later then ok
yeah you do turn in stolen property to upon your crime yeah except you took a look like the person at the pawn shop like wrote down this very shady dude walked in yeah and i didn't let upon it and then my kids five minutes later this seventeen year old kid walked in on the exact same necklace so i i got away with it but it's an all time dumb move i mean that i think this guys move is even worse than mine yeah but the twenty dollars you get to keep it yeah oh yeah oh then it wasn't remove yeah so yeah it was a great day care in my favorite and you got to talk to the police yeah thank you for their service is pretty cool yeah that actually is pretty cool we should anyone have stolen ship they want to turn in i will probably do it yeah yeah for a small fee and i also have to get to meet a cop yeah exactly the real gun all right that's our
monday we have vince carter vinsanity yeah big time interview coming so we will see everyone on monday let me guess
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