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Blake Bortles is a hero and also leaves his car unlocked with the keys and his wallet inside, but he's a hero (2:57 - 6:33). The Conference Final matchups are set in Hockey and Basketball and we preview both plus PFT gives his final update on the thing he needs to do but won't do (6:33 - 16:11). We've created our next huge moneymaker, MJvsLebron.net, the one stop shop for all MJ vs Lebron debates where you can run our high tech algorithm to find out who is the GOAT once and for all (16:11 - 24:32). Former NBA Player and National Champion Carlos Boozer joins the show to talk about his career in Basketball and playing in this year's Big 3, the time he spray painted his head, the time he punched a ref in the balls, and the time Prince rented his LA mansion and changed everything inside (24:32 - 56:51). Stay Woke is Marlins Man about to become President Trump's lawyer. Well Actually for Darren Rovell. Take Quake, Steve Rosenbloom thinks Roquan Smith should be blamed for getting his car broken into, and listener FAQ's 

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on today's pardon my take we have carlos boozer seabus awesome interview with him he tells us some funny stories about the time he spray painted his hair and got roasted by i the cagey celtics he tells about the time he punched a rough in the balls and the story but when prince rented his house and change the whole thing we also oh i have a little brain idea coming your way and fa qs to finish off your friday before we get going it is the weekend bud light lime and orange are out now brewed with real orange and lime peels famous among friends make sure you it's summer it's the weekend you got to get your bud light on i'm in orange the perfect summer brew bud light alignment thank you to bud light one of our favorite sponsors get him now bud light lime and orange we also are brought to you by the cash app cash out for switching to it we've already switched to it
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your cash tag apartment equipping given away every single episode every episode free cash given away to award winning this or so do it get on it down the cash tax cash out and tweet us your cash to all right let's go well part of my he today is friday may eleventh and guess what
the leader of our wika pedia club is also now a hero capital h here oh yeah so here's the story blake bortles was with a friend at a friends house teammates house on wednesday night little party little shindig maybe a little barbecue we bud light lime and oranges i don't know you know getting weird with it no but bush yeah bud light lime and orange is between also yeah wink wink ok so he noticed an eighteen year old who probably had a bush can in his pocket rummaging around some of the trucks in the driveway way blake was blocked in but he had left the keys in the truck and his wallet in the truck that's just the kind of guy blake is he's trusting almost to a fault no surprise there and the kid lossed he stole blake's wall it dropped it
and then they saw him and blake made a citizen's arrest he went back into the house the kid did they get the kids scrambled you know what i think that might be partially our fault we blake bortles so likable that people like we can just steal his truck yeah 'cause look kinda feel like you can sorry i think that if you just got into like blake's truck and start honking the horn at him on the outside he probably just like pump his fists in shaping ok but yeah that's why trust we truck right yeah right awesome truck so he's a hero he apprehended the youth actually not
eighteen adult tried as an adult yeah and dont tells me that's an adult yeah so blake i i'm in this the i a a lot of people in the inner saying why would you leave your car keys and your wall in the truck you know what that's victim blaming it is victim blaming it's like saying he's asking for or he deserved heard did you see what he was wearing yeah i was not his wallet in his keys a superb weight breaks the truck was provocative so all of a sudden blake bortles he he mature as he grows up he stops wearing cargo shorts we don't have anywhere to put his wallet his keys so he leaves in the truck so how you can't have it both ways here i i'm firmly on team blake in this i also kind of feel good for the kid yeah so one he's learning a lesson but to being like kidnapped by portals inside of the house must be awesome yes just hanging out with them for awhile just chill i know i made it alpha dog reference with our last blake interview but it would be like alpha dog you just hang out you play madden
he's i came in do watch off dog last week and now it's just it's it's a center right fits to perform live yeah so that's the start of your friday a great story to get us going on a friday purple story they should they should give blackboards akita jacksonville what do you think the key to jacksonville would be it's just a big huge thing of computer dust off whenever you know where you can now stuff at all it's going to say it's probably just a key just a kilo yeah yeah there's a key to george is a key for key bump don't snort it all in one place for exactly the keys in seattle hollowed out yeah little white powder in there here you go here's like probably he's probably so chill with the kitties ok man i'm really sorry to do this yes you want pizza or something i know the cops are coming but i don't want to be hungry i'm not going to press charges so sorry we're out of bud light is bush ok yeah yeah right so that's a great story to start one of our own being a hero of jacksonville to hero jacksonville deserves let's move
on to some nba playoffs so the process is dead the celtics have eliminate the sixers shots jet jetblue for having us not tnt for an entire flight not a complaint we watched three plays of that of that game we watched we watched important part of we watch the sixers win three to one and marcus smart trap travel he took he took four steps he got her wish they called that holy schedule magic as he did catch the pass and then he did travel so policy is called of all time at any rate yeah is that is that game played under protest man so we got so hey how are you feeling now so i said it when the celtics signed carry that if the us that they can run the bra and the cleveland in the beginning of his career you run it out at the end it would be the sweetest thing in the world and they don't have you're going hey but they sold chance yeah you it would you put the percentage of right now sixty percent
are the celtics the celtics winning yes i say i'd that's insane that's one thing i would say the celtics or more and don't look now mode like they've made some noise yeah thirty we are making their their team destiny but lebron james this is more a team of destiny i'm going to give you a james the player destiny it's a team game brad stevens has proven that by being the better coach on the team and the celtics have the bed team and they gonna win this year it's going to be so funny to watch people be like well how is brad stevens gonna shut lebron james down in you're just not going to be no shirt on and he's gonna get this issue yeah all that doesn't that doesn't work anymore yep the the story line i'm most interested in is tyronn lue is because ones with jason tatum do you know that i did yeah so that is be great be great because be losing be like hey this is my known i've known him since a little he's little a little kid i got him scouted perfectly in like i don't i just don't give a fuck we're going to do whatever i want i'm a little concerned for all these systems on the cavaliers because if we're going to be thrown
soup boston chowder is a soup that that will stay with you that'll like hang on how it's handled it's heavy yeah it is a hobby also just i mean the brad stevens terror and lou match up is going to be phenomenal to watch to say the least yes absolutely so we're getting this year is going to be i think it's gonna be for one cabs and six cinnamon sweep at six i think the i think the celtics won one of the first two i think they'll win game five what if they win the first i do not think they win the first two i think they'll win game five and then they will lose in cleveland in game six that is my prediction the west this is this is are this is the one time of the entire year where we can all sit here and say maybe you will beat the golden state it's fun you know it's like a couple days until them analytic skills till they tip the ball and they're like oh yeah i forgot
that everyone on golden state has won a championship and is really really good and james harden just going to dribble around and shoot threes jumping back to the e real quick which team do you think isaiah thomas is written for oh celtics you think it's worth yeah celtics yes even to impress you think yeah yeah yeah press even to be coach of the year he goes he's a better coach he i mean he pressing is made as a top right if the end of the day even though i was a thomas like lost money this past year the money that he lost was gained because a brat stevenson here i mean so he eat it's definitely the celtics but it is the i say i don't want somebody to ask that question it's it's also here's a fun thing you can say about this series carrier being was on the cavs last year the car thanks former team and carrie irving's current team and kyree is not playing for either meeting in the conference finals so is carrier irving the problem or is he
this solution is just having carry on your roster disease dock you for the next several years ago it's true but i residents if you get caught reading just don't have if you don't have calorie you once had carry be don't have them your team is good yeah yes that's yes yes though some would think about i would do can still good with about it right now yeah so yeah the w is going to be fun because i can't wait for people to it's one of those things where people are going to try to talk themselves into houston just so that we can have a good series and i hope it is a good series because we need one really really good series but just know watching watching to vail mcgee
i get upset at james harden for doing a little bit like lean into him elaine is gonna be so funny to phil's head is gonna explode trying to figure out how to defend james harden the pain yeah injury mine is going to get mad at chris paul for something and it's gonna be great like at the end of the end of one of the corners are have still don't have like a chess pumping thing going on have you seen have you seen steph curry's mouth piece antics recently all my it's getting worse she's chewing on its own worst he's got the mouthpiece hanging out like by a thread as he's dribbling up the court now yep he's he doesn't bother to put in it it never goes in his mouth all the way yes so the yeah you get that you know nice little little bit just like on imports a special occasion just put like thing and then yeah you can you can possible tonight because i got in hook up but we just cast it was in his kiss a little bit was in texas it doesn't count as california and then hockey the national there's hate to see it they got pumped on their home ice game seven tough winnipeg canada's
hopes are still alive adverse las vegas what yeah love it winnipeg were sausages washington verse tampa that sound hm that sound you hear is gary bettman his pants in anticipation of the winnipeg tampa all my family because when a plague tampa is going to be if the man tasked if the caps don't make it then that's what i'm rooting for well the caps are like the perfect you because you you honestly said to me all fair i think it was a couple days ago two people can multi capitals and i was like mean ovett skin yeah i i think people do care about that's good because he's so much generalized we had nobody gives a out to watch it happens but it but it caps vegas finals i think would be addresses that's there that's our best chance for ratings is the vegas to to keep going and have this crazy crazy run which i think if you're a
true blue hockey guy like original six guy wear your sweater over your button down to the barn every night and you got it
i got a root against vegas because this makes them a little bit of a ricky dunkley given extent it is an ex expansion team to come in and just steal the show i agree i agree a hundred percent with that it it there was a take quick on espn the other day but i forget who wrote it but they said that las vegas winning the championship in their first year would actually be bad for las vegas yeah for the franchise yeah i agree how to percent absolute can't set the expectations you don't you the last thing you want to do is have a resounding success asal dari establish immediate dominant i have from the get go yet generations of fans be you know tied into the team well i mean that's kind of what happened to the bush family the first one to run for president a first son to run for president one and then low energy jeb comes around yeah i never was like wow the family sucks yeah so yeah i don't remember this all right so and then the capital's verse the tampa bay lightning game on friday night tonight are you excited i'm very excited okay i'm i don't know if i'm excited or terrified probably a little bit of both can like you know
but my love life in general like get your you're anticipating something great but you're also expecting i'm a very embarrassing result yes so where are you at with the other piece the curse so okay i'm going to talk about this for thirty seconds then we're going to be done talked about it because time to has come for action not talk future we made a promise
pass me made a promise for future me uhhuh i tried to get out of it this morning by drinking should call many times from copied lock i think it was called i don't know if it should coffee i don't know if you noticed but hank and i have just gone silent on all your you know tactics to try to get out of no that's what i'm saying i i try to access this morning you're like hey i'm i'm gonna drink the chicago hey can i just didn't reply like we're out of this i drink a thirty dollar couple should coffee to try to get out of it it would which by the way was thirty dollars was bananas i think i missed that i now that's new york new york you do a little you know sell you in a cop and be like hey thirty bucks yep no best couple thirty dollar coffee made out a i've ever had ours is corned beef here's this here's is eggs and we're gonna charge of forty five dollars for to put on a slice awry yeah new york would eat yeah yes so i realize that that was kind of circumventing a little bit so what i've decided is i am going to eat shit now
is going to be put into a capsule so i'm not going to taste the shift but i'm going to put the shift in a capsule put it in my mouth swab oh it it will be a not insignificant amount and then i'll just shoot it out later set up the circle life right that honestly sounds worse than eating should yes so now so much worse you've gone so far to just some of it could be over in two seconds but okay are you gonna put in yourself you have to do with my going to put it in the context of somebody put that capsulin army push it in the caps or if i put that have nothing else i suppose it upset you know what i'm going to do is ship suppository i have a feeling this is part of the get out of it because you've already said who can who do we know that can get us schitt now said no you gotta go do that put the schitt listen like i said i'll handle it we're done talking about it yeah i miss fraction i'm going to put the shift in the capsule myself and then put it but i'm going to put that capsulin ok this is just capsule
it seems like a man alright ok thanks for coming guys love you guys see you monday ok before we get to carlos boozer that's going to count that as your jazz joke yeah absolutely jazz joke there you go there also be the whole the whole summer that was going to be looping overhead like a sort of a thread ok before we get to carlos boozer we have a new idea and we're unleashing it so you could probably maybe go see it right now it is roll out the roll out the rollout data it's a beta testing no it's not bad okay is not we only do offer so so f if you've paid attention at all to the sports media in the last i don't know five years but especially the last couple months the m j lebron the bait has reached a fevered pitch ever it's talking about it you can't escape it so water what is our solution we're going to lean into it hard and we purchased
a verse lebron dot net so you can go right now mj versus lebron net and what you will find there is all of the michael jordan versus lebron hypotheticals that you have always desired and you click submit
and then you find out who the winner is not definitive winner every single time it's totally not random we didn't set it up to basically mock everyone who makes this debate and if you died pick the same thing over and over and just hit submit it will give you a different answer every time because this is all really stupid that's not sunday and we literally have an algorithm that we work hours and hours and hours of work we have a model that we've put together statistical model using numerous spread sheets that took up several hard drives yeah so this is all totally well research stuff you can enter in hypotheticals like i'm in nj in space jam against lebron in space jam two yeah has it come out yet but so we we accounted for that our model yep you can put in am j but he spent the hour before the game repeatedly punching steve kerr in the face first lebron but he spent the hour before the game repeatedly sub tweeting kevin love men who wins that in your mind i think the i think lebron does i think that's engine said because images got a sore hand for you lebron just have cell phones yeah but in the bronze brains i mean so i we let's debate that who has a minute we can we you can do in j well bill cartwright is having sex with his mom huh versus lebron want to launch a wes is having sex with his mom yep mg
hey but with skip bayless is brain or lebron but with nick wright sprain so and here's the best part we're going to keep adding this is just like i said the first run of it or roll out we're going to keep adding so eventually we're going to have i'm going to say something we're going to probably right now this is future us ok well i was going to say thousand yeah we'll have a sound so no no variation we're going to have five hundred variations for each guy that's a total of how so many that so we can do it we did we spent we literally sat here for twenty minutes and we came up with seven and we also put one of those i can just say one of those disclaimers really fast about how the website is probably not going to be up right now this website is probably going to be right now when you're listening to radio podcast tomorrow morning yeah
wizards mj verse old brown can gradually young lebron older brown's accomplishments we got i think it's a toss up that's a draw i mean if it is old m j but it also you're kind of playing like thirteen year old brown but he doesn't know that he's accomplished everything you know what we should do like one out of every thousand submissions a click just a kobe yeah i know i was thinking what we should do is by it's still not kobe and have it redirect to it will do that so we'll do that for so please not my will help us i dream for the site is to have an interactive video segment on it to where we we have an instagram account that's always live in that you can
interact and have a debate against just a basketball where you know you can you can click if you do is instagram lighter than the the same we're doing five hundred patients social expect no no yeah yeah so exactly you can do like an instagram live or you can accept somebody to join your instagram live from the the basketball will allow people to join their instagram live in just to beat it who is better and then that will be live broadcast of the website hand what we're also going to do we're gonna do we're gonna have like attenders kind of set up on it where you can meet up with people and fight them in real life about mj lebron i'd actually be great will be like to macula may do not just with that was that was that was one of our brain dump ideas was to just have a tender for fist fight yes so now will be a tender for families or so hey lebron debates yes it's just the tender for people that want to get together and j lebron yes we have a lot of ideas that we're not going to any of them but we don't the web it is not even up right now what what okay here's what went on so far just so everyone knows we bought the website i
send an email to someone saying build the website and hopefully god willing it has been built and we got a text back from somebody saying i wake up at five so i'll put it up on the ice yes gentle giant hasn't been built yet are they gonna building as we speak okay there but as you learn progress i think it's ready so people go just click on it's definitely mj verse lebron dot net am j versatile but get it the net dot net what basket wish i want to get dot e d u because we take people school one one last yes actually have a university yeah one last question about this do you think when greeny catches wind of this this is like is like going to browsers or you just leave at night when wife is a sleep is like i gotta go check out i gotta go find out mg personal brought because really in my greenie heart i actually do want to find out who's to go i do care it's like people who are homophobes yeah it turns out that they're usually certainly guys with it yeah so so greenie is out there he's green is the most public dis disavow
the mj lebron debate which can only mean one thing he wants maybe he started maybe patient zero he needs it was mike greenberg the first person to debate mj jefferson lebron maybe i think chances are probably yes but either way this means that the greedy will love this site because this site is the be all end all for all mj versus lebron debates it's going to be everything literally the only place where we're going to do the final act of this site is we're going to make all mj versus lebron debates happen only on this site so it can happen anywhere else we're going to trademark mj versus lebron then we're going to just fire the entire website into the pacific ocean will just be done with it all is going to be great it's actually a great great move by us all right so somebody out there take all those ideas that we just came up with and write him down so we really do the kobe thing though it's still not kobe direct and mj abroad on net okay all right we have
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it can it's risk free modeling can't guarantee plus when you use our dedicated link candid co dot com slash p m t that's candid co dot com slash pmt you save twenty five percent on your modeling kit is candyco dot com pmt get twenty five percent off the price of your modeling kit and now here is carlos boo we now welcome on a very special guest to me it is carlos boozer he is two time nba all star national champion is also in the big three so the big three is back this summer the big three you can get tickets to the three dot com all games friday nights fs1 or fox carlos is going to be the ghost ballers you should check it out really fun little league that they started last year and i'm excited to watch you carlos so let's let's start there are you in game shape are you ready to dominate and you know get your fifteen and ten like usual
i said lovely on yeah absolutely amount before so i don't understand what i did now but i've been working out like crazy trying doctors out there but i might rain about five days a week and i'm in good shape now i'm looking forward to playing three on three i got my could be a ricky davis with me in a couple other guys living young studs and that would be a fun experience love it how does the half court game translate your skill set i would imagine pretty well yes this i mean obviously it's going to be a lot more space three or three yeah i want to operate i can play it on my new handles i've been in the gym cooking up some stuff watching all these you know young black men cumming the ranch creek free i don't got that kind of stuff but i got some stuff on my surprise you always kind of cool thing about it is they got the four point balls like working on my four point three so like it so the real important question though is how many hold that's are we going to get
all day this is you gotta come you gotta come to the damn with cream of all that from the rafters i'm really scream ahold at all game long that i did for myself i make a bucket and for all my teammates how did that start so long story obviously with the chicago bulls we had a really good team and it was headlined by d rose but we also had defensive player of the year joking noah who was known for his defense he's not really going to be a political score however one game back in boston we're having a real tough game at him and katie have their own battle from there from years before i even got to chicago
they battle it out they don't like each other which is well documented and it's a hell of a game it's like eighty eight to eighty eight nomo storing an i think we're down i want to say we're down some fireworks were tide with eighty eight to eighty eight and there's like thirty five seconds ago be rose drive to hoop get by rondo and obviously boston with their great defense they all collapse pick out the joking he's the only one that's really open cajes run sprinting out there to get to him joking shoes with tornado kind of spin talking about you know kind of spend any hits it and he screams out hoarder like that and so we go to the bench we went again i think we need to go into overtime but when the game overtime so on the back of the bus on the back of the bus you know which is always dancer you know just talking guys being guys and my task i still joe i said what if you scream it at that age i can hit that shot he said no i said a whole lot and so that's
hold that was born and so we ran from twenty ten from there we ran without obviously machold out of everything i don't care if i was shooting at the roads were shooting it luau dang taj gibson was dunking on somebody i wish him a whole lot the whole rest of the whole rest of my career love it i didn't really enjoy that did anybody scream hold down at you like would you allow somebody from another team to say that it was at your word oh yeah i remember i remember we played okc andy rose in russell going at it dallas creamer hold that every time you want to do something and then rush came down and it seemed like he thought we had back in the day we had omer asik on the changes like a seven one guy from turkey and he just dumped it right on oh man he screamed whole at the whole bench and then you could even do you like six thousand four hundred and seventy one guy go back down and try to get back at him but i remember that
that moment though that i mean that makes sense at russ would do that i want to i want to talk about those bulls teams but before i want to i want to move back real quick so you went to duke a national championship duke but you also left a year early i was before coach k had guys leaving early before the one and done era it was coach k mad when you told him that you were leaving for the draft this is funny you bring this up because me and me and they robson talk about this on it we have a whole that podcast that brought you by sports illustrated and being him talk about this quite often because we were coming out of college it was kind of a rare thing if a guy left early like i remember right before i got to do to him again he spent one year at duke as a freshman left and got picked in the lottery or first like fourteen ticket address something like that when i sold coast out with leaving it wasn't just me read it by committee because we had won the championship in two thousand and one we are all sophomores i mean michael mike
for my crew being myself jason williams i'm you guys normally say well he's looking to commentator recurrent got some pretty much all the college basketball exactly phenomenal guys just break out in a more cycle actually one of the best players on planet anyway him myself an michael don't eating so we were going to leave out there are sophomore years after winning the championship and coach k talking to coming back trying to repeat like grant hill didn't lobby well you know that did so we came back for one more year and then it was it was great for him because he was able to collect the future recruits now like i did read it can show the williams dallas and these guys are all going pro would it be program when they leave blah blah blah we got we got with us out so i don't know if you see eclipse ecu she got drafted by the cavs and you and you play on the couch if you seen this clip going around the internet now but there is a clip where it's the cavalier locker room talking about the potential
drafting lebron james and you have the line we have
better players at his position on this team right now all members are going around okay do you what what do you want to okay yeah please wait you got a lot of fans out there got dismissed hello one of the interview took place lebron with a high school he was still going to there's this thing your high school and they interviewed us after game i'm so i'm my my locker mate not right next to get their smile so we got there miles and a hundred other traits the clippers and he was like at the time you would like our upcoming stock right three he was you know i think you might want to dunk contest or something and you know you're really made a name from forever young up and coming star in the league at the time someone asked me this question you know do you think we'll be back with robin at a table i would assume we got so we have we have you know great for that edit the dishes miles with my teammate locked into practices where i wanna love games with who are you know got a chance to become friends with a bomb what a blast so high school we had to grab the get out in a blue
incredible things but again high school talent now clearly but once you got to the practice that we drafted him and he came to practice it was it was it was a no brainer that he was the best player on the floor but this just just interview with taking like a year before he was even in the nba well joke darius miles hasn't us i was gonna say hasn't lost as many nba finals as lebron james so the jury's still out on the right yeah but if it's a no brainer lebron is ended up becoming one of the best players in the history of the game and are you know up there with mike at the same time you know not no offense to the mob your friend of mine but right away super brown was also on that team one of the best events in nba history in my opinion was when ricky i think it was yeah ricky davis tried for a triple double at and then you guys were like blowing out the jazz right he tried to lay up on his own basket to get his tenth rebound rebound
were you in the game at that time were you on the bench i'm not a little i don't know what he was doing i i didn't know if it was like a new trick he was doing and then when he came down and my teammates are like is he trying to get a triple double like that and it was just like really like it kind of i think dc i think the sound sequence one thousand percent remember what he did but it was one of those moments road look like you really can't respect the game like that you know go get tripped up with the hard way i can you see russia best books knowing all these guys lebron and so on and so forth but i think ricky was really wanted to level the shaun stephenson really bad fouling ricky davis on a layup attempt on his own basket to try to get a triple double is the perfect basketball moment that's it yeah so hey i so two thousand ten to go to the jazz we i mean i'm a good memory by the way well i mean i've been a i've been a fan of yours and you know the the bulls the two thousand ten free agency was like the
it basically change how the nba worked going forward it was like a seminal moment where lebron's going somewhere d wade chris bosh you're part of that do you what was your memory from that summer and how it all went down not horrible man because i was you know with utah jazz and we were struggling trying to get past spurs and lakers and i thought me and aaron williams had a really good thing going but we just didn't have the size you know we needed like a seven foot like marcus camby kind of player and we just you know they didn't have the budget to go get that and so look at other teams well the talking to lebron and talking to be weighed and seeing what they're going to do because mean
jonathan is also crazy about summer but you be fine with the hawks like one hundred i don't know twenty seven million or something it sounds pretty quickly i mean the more he signed with the knicks so it was pretty much you know maybe wade and bosh kind of waiting to see what the problem was going to do and so lebron was very clear he was like dying gotta do what you're going to do and i'll make my choice so you know then bashian be wade sign with miami heat now this issue at the same same agent and then i love the bulls not be honest
i like what they had moving forward yet heroes who are working every year joakim noah was a real six hundred and eleven at play bigger than his size luau dang was in iron man he played both sides of the ball he was no offense and defense and then you had a great bench with taj gibson we have cj watson so i just i love the roster and then obviously not playing for kids but obviously you know playing against doc rivers and knowing that is what was the brains behind their defense hinted at that job as head coach for chicago bulls made them extremely attractive to me how powerful are looking to win a championship i signed with the bulls and we had enough cap space i took a little bit less than to give enough cap space for lebron to to make his decision hopefully to come to the bulls but i mean obviously i saw you know the show when he was like i'm taking my talents to south beach but there was a good buzz around chicago but he might come join us two oh yeah but obviously everything worked out for him he went to got to championships and we had a lot of battles with the heat man it was it was tough it was tough we had a couple of series and we thought we had it
i'm gonna play break forward my number if you guys remember john lucas stepped in one year and had a great series against the heat trying to make up for the loss of heroes but it's tough to beat the best player in the world when you don't have your best player during the tips error bowls there was there was rumblings that maybe he pushed the team a little too hard in the regular season and they didn't have that extra gear in the playoffs do you think that was a air criticism how is you know how to be coach keep day to day practice to practice the problem is not operated with great no no you back close that will stay in around the turn said which you will be at the gym at five hundred in the morning watching film and all the lap the last twenty nba champions and how they were successful in what the common denominator was he's like that will bring you in and show you from what he thinks you can do even better like he's a guy that would help you reach your potential if you put the time in with him that being said he comes from the van gundy
jeff and gundy you know that kind of error where you practice three hours a day and it's not just you know you don't rest their stars everybody had the same workflow you may have different responsibilities but all fifteen guys are equal you share the same workload so you got a guy like be rose plant forty two minutes tonight he's also packs in three hours today you know and that i think unfortunately ended up taking a toll on us i got there was a series where like i think i went through the whole playoffs with planter fasciitis which if you guys don't know it's like you're stepping on glass every time you step on your foot extremely painful i think joakim noah had the same thing i'm remember logging having anything and obviously the roads had you know the worse it works you know
yelling in seattle in a whole bunch of knee surgery so it seemed like there was a point in time where we have incredible regular season and then during the playoffs there was either one or two or three of our major guys that place the heavy minutes would be banged up so there has i think i think the there has to be this balance between preparation and game absolutely come back on that do you think that that two thousand and eleven two thousand and twelve 'cause the twenty ten having team one hundred and sixty two games and that was like the ascendant team log log to miami and in five any sir conference finals finals then the next season it's like all right this is the this is the team do you think that like that to compete it's for a championship an can can can do it to go all the way if that you know derrick rose injury doesn't happen in game one of the first round he rose doesn't get hurt i think we i think we break through that year you know i think we also we also assign rip hamilton who had any nba championship experience with the great big race by
or you know we had kyle korver we had a we had a group of guys that could really you know compete on both and we had a last day where we could play i think the number one or two defensive team in the league were top five and also i mean we were very complete team that year and then boom heroes gets hurt and it just it took the air out of the balloon don't you want i mean 'cause we all we all thought that was are you doing the whole thing yeah what was your foot was the team like that sure though with the willie come back when we come back he's see how you know the doctors say is healthier what is his brother doesn't want to come back what was it two team like in the locker room and was there frustration towards derek being like come on man come and play were all going through stuff get out here and play with us i would very tough because you know don't get me wrong like but let me just make make this very clear to eric with a guy that will go to a brick wall if you love basketball are you guys could probably sure you have a lot of basketball that by
know him being in your all those years of technical and like a lot of kids great baller there's a lot of pressure on him being from chicago you're not that many people the weight of the city on the back now that he was he lebron do it but ready do you see a guy like you know like the rose from the city of chicago care that you monitor back but he was trying to you know so imagine going through all these injuries and what happened and uh you know or obviously we desperately desperately need and we have guys that compete don't get me wrong i'm not saying our team wasn't good without him we you know we did the best we could but clearly we're a better team with their goals in the lineup
so with him not being able to go and he's you know he's out there practicing and you know does he looks great but only he knows body you know so he knows you know if you can go compete against whoever we're playing against two holiday i think it was a sixers maybe i'm not really i'm not really sure but at the end of the day you had to do was best for him and his body looking for the future and no one could predict that he would get here three years in a row and missed the rest of the season so it was a tough situation for him and it was for us because we really need it really bad try to move on without him you know we just continue to fall short i know you've addressed this before but i need to ask it may be a slightly different question state slightly different way okay who did you actually you are fooling when you spray painted your hair abraw this story is crazy so obviously i'm
ball headed as you guys know we know that's why it was like who is sebu fooling yeah so they just think you're basing it come out right and so my my my barber had been talking about this thing for months and months and months and i'm like yeah you know i'm cool whatever and he's like now listen i could do it just right so it looks like it looks natural like it just blends in some like i i'm not talking let's do it so i do it right we're in boston and he comes my hair up i can't really see obviously is cut my hair i'm on the phone or whatever he doesn't he doesn't think dies or whatever i go in the bathroom to look at my hair in the mirror and i'm like what just happened it's because it looks like it's like a whole payment like painted like par hard black on my head so i'm trying to shampoo it out and it won't come out and i'm like oh my god like
say my my scalp so then i go to the game i'm going to shoot around the next day and my teammates are handing it could be like looking like booze what is that like would take that take that wig off on my bra wish i could take it off so i can't they're not not not to mention were playing the celtics and it's kg paul pierce ray allen rondo the whole crew nationally televised game on espn and i'm having a hell of a game i have like twenty points and twenty rebounds so the camera was on the head the i can't even i still get i still get crap committed date people get me up on much what are my my answer i'm like food relief so anyway i'm point to be made is unfounded played what's up man and that's how my messed up that needless to say i learn i learn my lesson and they will never be amazing again i'm sure that cage didn't say anything to during the game he seems like a guy that would just kind of off this
actually that's the worst team that you could affect up like that around oh i'm trying to tell you is incredible bro is incredible did they notice right away did they just go after you right like right from the tab you did you see it yet i walked in the arena he apart the trooper like boots well what the fuck is that boot after brown i messed up bro i would have called in sick yeah i mean i remember the picture the bad thing about it and i really try to sample without like seven times like literally in the shower seven time spanish up and it would come right before they come out and i think you actually made it worse because our report the by the way the barber the barber was fired yes never never you i think you made it worse so because i remember the game and it was the shiny as head of ever seen in my life any remember that and you know it's funny i want to feel like a year ago i saw carlos beltran yes yes you did
like a psa commercial be like hey guys listen don't let your bald don't even try it your barbers won't try to sell you on this ship yelling you fake fake hair not once did you did you like look in the rulebook to see if you were allowed to wear a hat during your game oh my god now but i do i should have thought about that hoodie melo yeah yeah right the other the other the other classic boozer clip that i have to bring up when you when you punch the ref in the dick may be the greatest our celebration yeah so how did you how did yeah how did you walk out one back how did you how did you get out of out one after like in the private conversations after there was one i'm saying is like we're in dallas on the road and and they're taking it to us like we're down by like two thousand and twenty
points and we're making a comeback so that was one of the like mean i made a move on dirk him with his spin move scooped it in and danny crawford the rest all the air once i got hype you know i mean i'm screaming and one and i happened to feel like a like a air fist pumping the air and it happened only alright this chicken nuggets man i felt so bad for danny brown like danny i'm sorry man it was just in celebration of us coming back from being down by like twenty early and i asked him if he was ok and thank god i took a little bit off of it 'cause i saw the problem on my father stretch a little bit but he was ok but it's one of my favorite my kids fail pal item yes looks great yeah i mean how can you not love it everyone loves everyone loves nut shots and it was like the perfect almost like a arresting everybody loves refereed right yeah right right by loves referee exactly right
key question you put in promo code take you get ten dollars off your seek purchas purchase this might be a little bit of a weird question but do you think garf meeting john paxson were wiretapping tips deliver why it's not available right at the pretty sure who said that tip still i don't think so not i mean the i i don't think he did all right at it not obeying orders or not john john paxson and gar forman are are very that's about what i got a really good job acting on a project joking and he wrote them in a loud bang they've done a pretty good job over the years kurt heinrich they got some really good both players into chicago the character they got me to come there as well but anyway my my point is i don't think they were happening seven two in order to convert i doubt that do you think they're putting like mold i have no idea you
but overall i would like i would work or you never know what someone might do i just don't see it i don't see him i don't see him doing that but you never know right so so i guess a better way to ask questions do you as a player do you feel the tension that can happen between the front office the head coach or is that something that doesn't really come across yeah yeah you know you go to the tension between the front office and kids moved over chicago they didn't see eye to eye they may not have agreed on a couple of different last minutes heading will have you like for example you gotta ask you gotta ask it but you know kids may want to certain gotta be the 13th and 14th guy on the team and they may want somebody else at the same time you know they may be trying to you know put somebody in a position to be on the rocks that says we don't want to be on the roster so this tension and think and and also i'm sure like a member a couple instances where you know what we need what certain rest days that
you know kids one of us to have this point office want this to happen didn't see eye to eye on it would have you there might have been some minute restriction things for certain guys whenever coming back off of injuries and but there's definitely definitely still the tension between the front office an and again the code and on the on the flip side of it like i remember being in utah and it was awesome to see how you know those guys larry miller would just let coach phone do do a thing like he hired coach loan shut out the colts loan jerry sloan and he will let him coach a team there was no interference at all it was you know this is your team coaching how you want to coach himself but it's interesting how you see nowadays coaches coaches want to be the gym in order to present and the coast now right i think kids have the minnesota yeah yeah it's it's always a string to see i always like you know how players get kind of stuck in the middle like do you because you you obviously the coaches your guy but the guys
brought you there the guys who can trade you the guys who who sign your paychecks are above your coach so how you deal with those relationships and how you kind of walk the line right absolutely i just want to show are you big cat and i are partial owners of the new zealand breakers we i'm not going to be making any basketball decisions for our head coach we're going to let her coach coach that being said would you like to come play for our team let's do it how much you guys saying however finance guys worked out you'll get involved in like the nitty gritty we don't do wait are you trying are you trying to do anything are you trying this thing that you did in cleveland where you just agreed to play for a team and then we're going to send you the contract and you're going to back out is that what's going on there you go now i'm definitely not doing anything like that it's crazy it's crazy about that is it was like it was like this so um they they they take away my option for the third year and i become a free agent and obviously of the hope to me we shine
how to change that they make me an offer and i'm thinking i mean i'm not a millionaire i'm making a couple one hundred thousand dollars a year i think it was like four hundred thousand five hundred thousand dollars a year so they make a great offer an then i'm getting all these offers as soon as it hit the wire that was just created i'm getting all these incredible offers from other teams from denver from from atlanta which at the time was was a new from the bobcats which was like a newer team and it's obviously from the jazz and so i go back to management i listen guys i'm getting offered double what you guys are offering me and i talked to the front office and talk to the players association and their and they're like listening carlos did you do re sign with the cast is going to be an incredible invent jason you guys gonna be under review because there's no way you can eat there's not there are no handshake agreements and if you guys remember before that a couple years before me there was a situation in minnesota where
i don't i can't remember the player i don't want to name somebody the wrong name but there was a player who went and made a handshake deal with the team and they got penalized for it so when i had that information i'm like i don't know i want them to come up in that if they match your coming anywhere close to what i'm getting off and i want to say like we want to keep lebron in nc without road and see if we can win a championship of course i did but it was such a big it thirty nine million dollar difference i'm not going to turn that down but you can uh three thousand and seventy two zero point yeah that's a good point i think is joe smith anyway i think is joe smith with the timberwolves i just i couldn't remember who the player when i just remembered the incident happening it just know these are new zealand dollars so they're essentially worth two there are twice as many of 'em but they're not worth as much so still double
oh that joe hold that joe rings in my head forever one last question for you about your time in cleveland did lebron ever make you like read weird books that he was reading man but i was including he wasn't really reading books yeah i mean something he developed i think later maybe when he got to miami and i remember him really nothing i can't remember exactly what book it was god who never being on him in the locker room maybe back to like it was it into a movie was one of the movie that came out got far too always read the book step brother yes i think it would remove my brothers in the locker but that's i like that because it was like he was like the calm before the storm or something yes yeah exactly right i have one last question will you go so the big three is number one yet another one a big trees coming up you can watch it friday nights on fs1 yeah will check it out absolutely i think the championship is in new york it's in brooklyn
oakland so will be there will be at the championship and will be screaming hold that when you may want to kogo i'll be there that i'll be there two things a lot that one will be sebu going chicago will be a hell of a hello we got it we got the right to hell yeah hell yeah all right so my last question before we let you go i actually mention this to and hank before we got on here and they didn't know the story so i think some people don't know the story but you have to tell us the story about prince renting your house so great by the way so as i go to utah with that with that awesome deal that was almost doubled by how smelly and it's in bel air and it's beautiful and it's eighteen thousand square feet incredible house i get the house i decorated and this year the pop star in utah so it's like i don't know september close october and pharmacy all the links halloween start fall back and you saw are gonna
for the season are i got you this probably seven eight months you know open in the playoffs and have your contender what have you my first is like my first year you're talking anyway during the course of the season my even in adelaide my real estate agent named roxanne nelson called me up and goes hey there's something i want to work in house now i'm like oh my gosh i only spent like a month in the house like i'm i'm not reading my house out and she goes oh but it's ninety five grand a month i said well you know what i think i might want to rent the house out ninety five grand
you know and it's for the year and so that means i'm gonna make over one million dollars just renting my house out of somebody so i'm like ok i'm in so flat out find la gotta paperwork or whatever car pulls up in his prints bro and i'm like actually actually that prince is he goes yeah that's great i said well so i'm all excited i don't i haven't got much broader but only found for my life very cool guy and sign the paperwork no problem sticking around the career which had a little bit of hoops upstairs on a basketball court that was on the rooftop and it was cool so then i go back to school and during the course of the season ice cream i sprained my hamstring i tear my hamstring and so judy's pizza who is one of the best physical therapist that we have in basketball listen lan now she's one of the pts for the lakers so i go out there to see her an i hit i hit print so i say prince i'm gonna come by the house so if you need anything let me know blah blah blah no response so i get to
i get to the address and i look at the gate and i had two big lions on the gate at the black gate with who go lions and they're not there anymore it's like this symbol and i don't know what i don't know what the symbol i never seen it before i don't know what this is so i got this i like this is my house and so i drive up the street and i come back and i'm like this is my house like i don't know where the lions are at but this symbol is the gate that's on the gate to my house so i put the code in opens up it works like drive up the driveway long story short prince changed everything on my house i had it all decorated like pretty cream and neutral colors earth colors he ripped all he took all that output black or purple everywhere everywhere
stop all over the house i'm like what is going on getting kinda hot too because this wasn't part of our agreement yeah yeah i'm saying like we didn't have no agreement could change his house around so then yeah i'm trying to call him like your psa go listen you gotta call me names switched at the house that wasn't part of the agreement like i'm calling i'm calling i'm calling like six seven weeks is owned by someone for two months and i my lords i really gotta soon who really wants to sue prince and then like i really didn't want to print so no who does that right so finally he called me back and he's in asia on a tour for his album three one two one and he's like close don't worry like when i moved out of there like i was never there you want me five hundred pages to ease my mind
struggling with number one no my lease is up you got nothing to worry about so let me tell you how much money currents that guy he spent over a million dollars what let reef using my house out for the year my house is fully decorated eighteen thousand square mall thank all of my stuff and including the carpet put in storage okay reformists is the entire house so it looks like his house when you pull up on nine why aren't you five hundred grin eva mine by the way my mind would be use and then when you move out thank you all his stuff out and put all my stuff back in like he was never there abbas out why the money back
incredible brown so anyway so he got a farm again it but he was like a ghost he was like a ghost you basically like never like even like i heard that there was a one room he made into it like a full barber shop in a salon and there wasn't like did you walk in it and like yeah salon in one room tenement five father made my weight room into a nightclub with a disco ball actually pretty cool i never saw that before but i mean it was like he had one year we made one little room he made it into a toy dance floor for him the band will perform at like it was it was i mean some of the stuff is pretty freaking cool but it was it was just the fact that he had the money to do that didn't blink an eye so it was it was definitely a shocker when he found the try to do that his death but prince is it was awesome dude great
my mind man thank you so much crosses been a ton of fun and we look forward to watching you big three i'm gonna get i'm gonna i'm gonna go to the one in chicago and then you hopefully being the championship in brooklyn and then we'll see down new zealand next year yeah our league backdrop that interview with carlos was brought to you by indochino a made to measure suit fits great compared to generic off the rack when i've had a great experience experience with indochino they made my go to wedding suit i wear two or three times a year it looks great get a lot of compliments in the process of making it is super super simple they are the just made to measure menswear company and they've been featured in major publications including gq forbes and fast company they make suits and shirts to your exact measurements for a great fit guys love the wide selection of high quality fabrics and the option to personalize all the details including your legal are your lapel your lining and your monogram here's how
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who came up with that i think it was linda cohn probably his parents no i think linda cohn circling see bill is like that's our data actually plays come okay let's get to some segments first up we have have a stay woke so what's the what so i don't know if you watched if you watch the wednesday night baseball game i think it way when we're on a plane back so yeah they'll be wednesday night and marlins man our good friend we sitting leave behind home plate guess who sitting next to who rudy giuliani o rudy giuliani was heard remark later on i think you to give like an interview to the times or the new yorker he said that he spoke with donald trump the night before fifteen guess where rudy giuliani was eight hundred and fifteen behind home plate sitting directly next to marlins man huh do you know what he's doing for donald trump
lawyers don't know he's what is what he's one of his yeah legal representatives isn't is healer yeah okay that party was the district trucks right yeah yeah her locked on crime very tough person yeah i don't run windows yep and you put a gun literature and then the other one stops with crime that's crimes diagrams done you spray pretty you're a you get a sharpie you write a little something on a wall your debt yes st you stand up against that wall will shoot you i'm so rudy giuliani is donald trump's one of his legal advisors marlins may and is also a legal advisor he's a lawyer people forget it very successful and a lot of horses my theory is that i think that lawrence levy marlins man is joining the donald trump creek dream team trump can't get anymore lawyers to represent him he's been rejected by like five or six of the top law firms has meant probably number seven and number eight and if i built a spot and i needed somebody on my side to just like harass
my opponent until they got so annoyed where they just getting out of lean on him a lot yeah i'm going to marlins man probably first could you imagine marlins man being trump can you imagine world yes i actually actually i can do it will be on believable i mean we would we would then we we as a podcast would be like one heartbeat away from the nuclear button yeah just think about that yes and it and if your robert mueller walk into that office and you see marlins man in the oval office shapes sitting there in his visor and his orange jersey you turn right around and you walk right the fuck out along with that because yeah mueller you might have served in vietnam but guess what marlon and supports people who served in vietnam he almost went to vietnam but did it but he didn't because he when he went again as on a trip anyone to lie
some really nice resort some of his horses come from vietnam yeah he's taken planes with really bad turbulence true yes in all levels five plane crashes listen and was almost aborted so think about that morrow's men might not have been to vietnam but you know where he has been the virgin islands yep to do some investigative journalism sasha and i'll tell you what the flies down there who really known really bad yeah you think napalm is bad may get burned you have had a sand flea collar up your toes seattle my tie for clock and forget forget to output on some sunscreen fall sleep in the sun like switching men trails and have anything on some of the lagoon smell in the virgin islands this thing or is there i i i'm very excited to keep track of this because it is one of those crazy crazy things that could actually i would love it so much of morals and join trump's hey by the way i know it can you imagine the that you know because you got a lot to have cameras in the supreme court
for some reason i don't know why they do that but you're just not allowed to videotape it imagine the courthouse sketch of supreme court with people arguing in front of it and you see marlins band in the background with his yellow with his orange visor in his jacket sitting back there in the gallery i mean i can jim because you can be everywhere his everywhere at every time and know where ever history textbook writers are going to be so confused when they have to write the chapter on how marlins man got donald trump out of getting impeached i have breaking loose goose did did did did did did the british breaking news the haters the doubters all of 'em which is really just hank and a little bit of upft mj versus lebron net is like the shape it
hold that is nice ok will i be going well live alright so here's the first simulation shaver mj is a large pair of acid wash cargo jeans verse lebron is a banana boat lebron in six oh okay i am one okay i'll do one real quick i'm going to go with a goat named mj with a gambling problem against the ron playing tight end for the browns okay who do you guys have
yeah it's a name jay is in jane a sweep yeah and that's a good name him j this website it's gonna be we had so many tomorrow we're spend all afternoon adding these section to have when this is kobe just pop up never we were to do some good by the kobe say force right now i don't know where to put that on someone else i'm just saying yeah well i'd that what the future we this is remember we're adding this is just a little this is a little baby there's little it's just it's just hatch the butterfly in the software business call this agile development start out with the small product and then you build on it adding that inside out i'll do a simulation okay khan i know proporcionan days trace call heavy car had cover doritos tell us what protein they shock a lot s baby ideal car par displays day as cco
in any in any language drinking low fat chocolate milk post workout can give you a true competitive advantage it helps with recovery to build lean muscle and helps to rehydrate better than water want proof check out the science at which milk dot com all right that was breaking blues brought to you by built with chocolate milk comma it was very true breaking news because the fact that we that website up somehow during the show a miracle
and it's going to be added on i'll tell you what by monday this site is going to be something else but go around check check it out one of my favorite parts is we have the same gorilla in a hard hat that we had on draft josh allen that's just cranking the ur visitor numbers that never stop becquerel is working over two years we have to pay that grill at some point i don't have to pay grill no internet girl oh yeah good point yeah tweet us tweet us your simulations when you go on the site tomorrow make sure to screen grab it in two to three minutes i could say it looks so bad it's a brick wall this so bad is the worst website ever it's worse than trapped child but it's so good oh man also have to select like it should be random like it should just
no you should select bill because you want to select the match up you got i mean you got to really get in the debate come on like this is we're not we're not just half i'm doing more you too okay this one is bj armstrong on steve kerr's shoulders wearing an m j jersey okay against deli on larry hughes shoulders wearing lebron's jersey who who is lebron and seven oh yeah deli factor i meant and that bothers me ok back to segment we have a let's see i lost my notes because i got so excited about mj will personal brown home we have a well actually four derna felt so v people's past i think this week should call their often on the people's past their novell got into it with marvin jones junior wide receiver for the detroit lions on wednesday marvin jones
and something awesome so he and his wife bought a cupcake factory or a store and bakery well it's a cupcake factory it's fascinating yeah and he was very excited by between we picture said look this is awesome my wife going to be running this cake shop really cool well here comes bump bump bump darren revell from the there's telling him that the most important part about opening a franchise to understand the franchisor fees come off gross sales not net sales this franchise or for example takes nine percent off gross sale for a marketing and a royalty fee is the brand that valuable verse just opening a new cake shop and basically schitz all over marvin jones junior's dream and tells him that he made a terrible investment and it ends with darren inner fighting with people online and events i'll be telling someone i've read more franchise disclosure documents in any journalist on earth and seen
he is debbie downer realize what a yes of course i go over i love rebel but i hate revive of course they're aware of the fact that they have to pay franchise fees it's kind of the yes the decision that you way when you decide to do that like rebel has rebel ever seen somebody to to picture of like the new steph curry shoes yeah and been like actually you know you can make your own shoes for about thirty cents on the dollar for what you pay to go to a store to buy those he's just simple rubber and fabric is just a walking around well actually it will actually i don't think that you read the franchise disclosure forms closely as i'd i love marvin's reaction to him too he's put in this place is a year where he was like i feel sorry for your wife yeah exactly just that it's it's yeah it's true it's very very true good point marvin jones you won that one okay next up we have a respectable this is for peter king who it came out the peter king offered to resign in two fifteen during the play
eighty four shoddy reporting and it is the most respecting of the biz that has ever happened yeah i love it i love it so this is this is not only the most respecting of the business thing it's the most peter king thing yes ever appear king treats football journalism like he's the secretary of state he he definitely came i just imagine the scene he goes into his editor's office it's like what's what's called in japan so pucci suppose a poco saputo he just learned how right he said he gets down on his knees any kind of just he like hands over his his resignation like sir i resigned from my post i am no we able to serve this this tag zine i've brought great dishonor to sports so he walks in and he he like tenders his letter of resignation to the guy that's like air brushing nipples off the swimsuit calendar he's like sir i have brought shame to yes sir please hey take my resignation i apologize i will you will never hear from me again and then as others like peter you justify
did the nfl like to show that you are yeah well like what what what's new here how much you'd go back to work so what's what's the issue here peter is like i was wrong by several it's of a degree on the ps i levels of football is any game that new england won by fifty points i took the nfl side for a change well now that you've pretty much and then insert peters picture with the lobster bibs roger knows exactly what i need to do is have regrets i was is editor i would have accepted the letter and then let peter like walk down the hallway and be like peter we need back yeah and your thank you so much sir late i think peter needed thirty it's a punishment yeah just thinking that he would resign that he did the right thing yeah and then he comes back but yeah thank you peter peter to go out that door we'll give you your job back
and also we will regret it sir yeah oh my god i gotta get back to the painted on swimsuits to jerking off to those real quick so just get out of my office be hands he hands over his old timy newspaper hat that says press and his big camera with a light bulb is like certain take this i no longer can use these i need your recorder in your football phone on my desk peter give me your allagash white disarm yourself peter alright last night before we get to fa qs we've got a quick take this comes from a quick take take take take take quake it's late and i'm going to sinus infection minutes gummy bears yeah i mean i'm fighting this i got bit by a dog two years ago and i got a sinus infection today and you've had a rough stretch is really really hard time sink about that you'll me take this one no i i got all the true then you can take it so this comes from steve rosenbloom who is per pocket or
the chicago tribune if you know steve rosenbloom this is kind of what he does he likes to just figure out the most nonsensical take out there and i went out there for the people on his rosen blog the one he had on wednesday was started as far starting he he if the the purpose of this article was rogue one smith who had his ipad stolen his team issued i pad with all the plays out of his car along with like everything had like all these georgia jerseys and a bunch of shit he it was it was embarrassing for the bears and it was his fault that he got robbed i don't know if it was his fault that he got robbed but it certainly doesn't speak well to the fact that he wasn't able to apprehend the steeler
take him into his house the entertainment till the police or sorrow like his blake bortles a better line back at the record smith so even that would be bad because you're basically saying this guy got robbed and while the bears really drafted a dummy okay but then he throws in a little cherry on top and he basically accused him of getting a list of benefits by saying bears first round pick record smith who had items of great value stolen from his two thousand and eighteen bmw x5 over the weekend at this point you ask how a student athlete the ncaa is so proud of not paying is able to four a twenty eighteen beamer but that's not why you called
so just gonna throw that on talk to the somehow even though if you did two seconds a research you would know that record smith when he decided that he was going to go pro signed a deal with a dealership in athens which he has every right to do but steve rosenbloom he's on the case and by the on the case meaning he did know fact checked whatsoever and wrote the song he he was just like there's a young black athletes it it what was he selling drugs for this car yeah what the hell happened here yeah just doesn't add up i do respect the hustle to take though to lay out his jump to that conclusion over diving he issued an apology the next day which kind of takes a little away from from the quake of it it goes you know i mean they're shot yeah but it yeah but it hurts a little when you have to you know say sorry because i want you stick by this terrible take but guess what the final ratio was she's okay so ratio for i'm gonna learn on twitter when you get ratioed it's when you tweet something terrible
the retweets and the likes are so low and the responses are astronomically high so just give me give me the likes and i'll fill in the rest four thousand two hundred and forty two likes i'm going with twenty three retweets and i'm going with two hundred and twenty replies all boy are you wrong thirty two likes seven reach we six one hundred and ninety two responses that take is so bad six hundred and ninety two people would tell him and only seven people retweeted it and i'd imagine the seven people that reach we did it were like his they're all either eggs or like his mom what a fucking waterfall can take bill walton never gets his car broken into 'cause he rides a bike truth is roquan smith hate the environment will rockwall and got his bike stolen though that's true pickled you there alright man well know his bike got lost
slash told because he loved it so much she was trying to fly his bike to hawaii yeah true 'cause they don't have bikes in white true all right hank let's do fa qs rap up the friday alright so i think you people i don't know are just quit it's a w does have maybe they haven't listened the whole time so here were you were you were two and a half years as podcast so if you're just listening to it now if you pop in a month i'm i'm to and you're like hey why do these guys keep making this joke well here is a little backstory why did you name the original larri larri good question i think it came down to like larry goldie and some uh we just want to stupid short name for a while so we just wanted to name after marlins man now that's actually
right definitely thinks we need about her so tell marlins man yep tell miles but if you see in that we need to our goal to shop from but no it was really just i mean we thought to be funny if we named it just a regular person's name like a old jewish guy named larry is actually a gold fish with cables for yeah the thing is like just pet names in general after named after humans are ten times better yes when i needed not ugly right he ever need me to dog like me bob it's the best awesome aj to billy football update how is our son doing on a sad been a long time coming we've we've tried we've talked ability to try to convince them talk him out of it but really hard he is my the decision on his own that because of football he wants to concentrate on football focus on any i want to be a distraction his team or coach so he is going to be coming back this summer i don't know what you gonna be doing but we're going to see billy this summer he'll make it a yeah i don't know if he'll come on the show we're going to see billy he's still our favorite song of the show
we're going to have him back no eventually we don't consider you 'cause you're still in house well and also your competent yeah he's are except for the time he got hit by a car which steve rosenbloom's wondering you probably asking for that billy is our our favorite prodigal son you have the show and he's going to come back we're going to talk to him we're going to return we're going to try to mental and if you let him into joining the show against as well and if that doesn't work then you know we we wish and certainly the best what's the old saying if you love something let it go and if it was meant to be a come back so that's what is going on so with that said we need new intern yep so in turn seasons open it if you want to be an intern applied interns that partial sports are commonly going through doing interviews next week so best way to get shot we're not looking for someone is done this bill passed ready are forced the door do not email back i want to be billy football because that email will knock it also just a tip don't you
as repeat a lot of our jokes back to us now will probably not get you hired the original beauty not be yourself be yourself is bp your own social snowflake don't try to be original or unique just be yourself be yourself and we will hire we hired billy honestly because he was himself he came in with six pages of a resume and he said he printed it that morning and he dave just the worst answers to every question i think we're all honest kind of i think what ideas you have for sure he's like i'm not really a big deal not as his eyes ugle and he was like yeah i used to like two summers ago yeah he also said that he either one of his ideas was he could play basketball on the team all right that's all summer interns a partial sports are called i do wanna summer interns apostle sports icon it would be a bad way to get your foot in the door if you showed up tomorrow with some horse poop and some rubber gloves and put horse poop into a capsule filling do that don't do that ok what else sank i
as you know the stuff i guess i should clarify that you just you just qualify you did a terrible thing right there will be disqualified from the internet if you actually do that actually we're not going to be in the office tomorrow yes so don't show actually what the office burnt down it's gone we're not we don't even live in new york anymore how many pairs of sunglasses is pft gone through is partial career load yeah i've gone through a lot what's a guesstimate i would say probably fifty or sixty i'm awful with sunglasses anymore and my rule of thumb is to never spend a lot of money on sunglasses but i just got these ones like two weeks ago and i was like i'm going to keep going keep good track of these because they're expensive i don't want to lose him and then a week later i lost him and i just happen to randomly find him so i go through a lot of sunglasses yeah how the mark cuban feud start i remember hearing you guys always poke when he was in the news a wrote a questionable tweet also he's been on
podcast how is he not gone on pmt well so it's not really a feud it's more kind of a jovial back and forth it started with i did a video i did sure we call mark tank so i pitched mark cuban a bunch of my ideas if we called it mark tank thanks i think was mark we are pitching there's a video out there on youtube you can look it up i pitched him a ton of my ideas back in like two thousand and fourteen or fifteen and i got yeah i was on an email like a forwarded email where i saw his email was also on it so i julie just email him randomly out of the blue every few months and say care to come on the podcast and he always replies and he's like no
think when he does reply but he does reply and so it's not a feud i think he'll come on the podcast sometime fun little behind the music fact here is when you were going on mark tank this is like after we had met each other one time yes you told me you text me you were like hey i'm going i'm going to meet with mark cuban pitching ideas do you have any ideas and so i sent you and so some of the ideas are rotating little seeds from would soon germinate into pardon my take protein was one of the ideas which i stand by bro teen is a hell of an idea yes yes it's called mark tank do you know what protein is saying yes i was there when is david wallace coming back on the show who whenever yeah whenever he gets a wild hair yeah there's also a question asking about saturday get let's get weird why we did it and why we don't do it anymore we did it so i we have a blog site etc let's get weird i used every saturday was the weirdest video you can find on the internet post it on bars
and then we thought maybe it'd be good idea to get our downloads up to do a saturday show and then we realized that's a shitload more work of which already do a lot of and it didn't help the downloads yeah because saturn nobody listens to podcasts on saturday so it's fun though we do one i think we should do i think we did two of one with david wallace went portals yeah yeah yeah last one why don't you call lenny anymore for locker room talk it's just kind of a sad deal with lenny yeah let it was it was it was very funny because lenny it was kind of a back and forth and he seemed like he was in on the joke somewhat because he would text me every now and then and be like you fuckers are he was actually say that you ha ha ha it was fun and then he came the office and were like okay that's probably not as fun
we also learn good run we also learned that lenny carries a piece on him at all times so we himself doing on him showing up to the office strapped yeah we hope he's doing well every now and then he'll dm me and asked if you can come on he does do that maybe we'll have months i think i think if we need financial but you know what schitt bitcoin two gin bitcoin jan it should be a lenny dykstra cryptic cassie yeah we'll get so i'm shocked at lenny dykstra has already into introduced what was his name dirt dirt point yeah a probably yes he should
nail nail snails in one's nails yeah those marquee nails corn i'm in last last is this part of my take all right that's our show we will see love you guys yes yes yes we a it's pardon my tape presented by bar stools
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