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CBB Insider Jon Rothstein And The Brackets Are Finally Here

2019-03-18 | 🔗

It's bracket time. Breaking down the biggest stories from the March Madness Bracket. Pitino Revenge Game. Cal's living room. Duke looks unstoppable, and Jay Bilas is preaching too much (2:27 - 17:37). Who's back of the week including Ryan Fitzpatrick and his tour of the AFC East (17:37 - 30:32). CBB Insider Jon Rothstein joins the show to explain his wild twitter account, break down each region, and give you some picks to help you have the best bracket (30:32 - 76:20). Segments include Lebrons James, Respect The Biz, This League, new segment "AAF AF" and Monday Reading "I spent a week in a club where people drink their own Urine". 

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on today's pardon my take the brackets are officially out in this is march we have jon rothstein on the show to break down the brackets with us also to address whether or not he is or is not a robot we have who's back of the week of monday reading a little respect the biz a pack show for you to get ready for a huge week in sports and what better way to get us ready then forty one henry lockwood to do the first ad read let's go hank that hypnosis am i tripping part of my take is brought to you by the cash app that's the name that sits download cash app get the cash card then start saving ten percent and more every single time you swipe dip or tap at whole foods pull a chick fil a taco bell duncan starbucks in more download cash card get the cash app then start saving ten percent or more every single time you swipe dip or chalk at chipotle fillet a shack bell taco semi whole foods foods starbucks starbucks in more download fully get the whole foods then start saving ten percent and more every single time you hit one from three point line at dunk dunk
buck buck taco taco in wild boar download cash out from the aps or google play house in order the cash card cash hard cathcart day ok let's go
i beg your pardon my saying i visited by a long chalk its job now its modified don't listen to a right now and spotify today is monday march eighteenth and our brackets are busted how's your bracket pretty bad is pretty good ox
this is your comments on the south this is my third will first of all i want to talk about that ok i feel like we're overdue to rename the different brackets they go into the different regions yeah is very confusing the trudge switching up a few years ago right we'll know so the way it works is it's the pod the pod system so the first round they always want to make it so that people fans can travel to the games yeah so they do it like a game hartford could be the success region yan when they get the sweet sixteen it's the reach yes i don't like that i let's make it standard because my biggest problem march bateson whole bracket system in general is there it's usually not standard across all the different sports websites out there you don't have the same you at typically do but there's some variation terms like right duke his top left yad and they should always be top impressions ever knows there are a few that's which ups which find it
god top left bottom left top right bottom right make it easy for okay there we go that was our first great modernize box there we go step after off down that soap box so the tournament is set the best week maybe the best we can sports amene is one of the best weeks yeah ports the thursday friday sat and mean that will weaken there's nothing better you price sitting in your cue bright now it also is like there we we'd mock about like talking about brackets and who you got in this region and what upsets you have put everyone it's one of those things that were almost everyone just keep making for themselves because everyone does it and its awesome yet as you spend basely monday tuesday wednesday just obsessing over something that you know is going to look like person to a huge ball flames within the first four hours of thursday
but i have no other way yet it is amazing are you bigger pronounced bracket oh yeah how are you getting on her fingers young man highlight her it gotta highlight aha let yourself no and the the guy's unlike on cbs and he s pierre werner generosity in in a minute but i do sit there and they break down every single region and dv picks all the one and two seeds and it's like none of this matters because tal gonna blow up in our faces all can be the best sports of the year i was so awesome seen dickie these bracket and because the running joke every year a key just goes chalk and this year he literally went gesture some one point out though technically dickie these being the boldest of anyone by going just chalk every year without is the most is the riskiest of every ever of every one because it never goes jock so what i'm doing this year because i do respect deceiving committee so much and i feel we should i feel like we should pay deference to them i'm going
a hundred percent chalk except i'm gonna pick one twelve over five because an average area the alvar five check out that oregon wisconsin game wishes to one and a half point undertone for organ huge upstate coming so there was actually was weird zoos this was the first year in a long time there weren't many gripe satan have your usual j business i think he was exhausted from complaining about every replay that's ever happened in the world you won't make up on my so box j bills chill out dude you're everything's a fucking lecture with you now i'm sick of it ok but they're they're didn't seem to be much you know who got left out the committee fucked up so basically we just got into it's about seeding nan michigan state got screwed even though again never this matters because he still gonna win six games and it's gonna be chaos no matter what sorra who you think you're gonna have to play in the third round is never gonna be that team but that is where we landed with michigan stake out screwed so because you have to play
in the end the allowing suddenly they jumped tennessee but there have to play ducas like what the fuck you you have to play duke anyway i might as well get out away when you're fresh yes because playing championship games on sunday does matter it doesn't it has never mattered at that bubble burst from me a long long time ago all way back to two thousand three when wisconsin one the big internment gonna succeed and so like that's the everyone thinks it the converse championship games matter like a ton put if you think the committee the committee's just like us their fuckin lazy there sit there and watch the pig ten championship will now we got change every everything we ve done all we can they filled it out the ready to go they could be like every every player get her and they would probably i will let's move
ah michigan state from a two in the south to a too in the eu are to be had to be like the two a and so the two b s right yeah they should they should just get real granular with every single seat should be one day one be once ie or one day the other big news we have from the bracket the wreck patino revenge game you hardly the greatest set up they have besides the jammer aunt verse marcus howard first raw match up that game minnesota repartee don't junior play against louisville repartee rickety is gonna be there i would assume and worry at so many shots of old slick rick and i hope you ve actually where he topless for the game so we can see is tat too i was actually thinking maybe if dora pull down real low he's gonna try to blend in the crowd somehow he is going to mean i'll be was a white suit he refused to go back into state of kentucky does your own he doesn't even wanted her i'm pretty sure i read a story we're like the dingle fiery left louisville any hasn't backs more broadly adversaries doesn't go back yet and i like that you can throw the seeds out the window and those two teams its guardian
the window or down your pants like yeah whatever you want so that one was one of the stories the easy getting three out of the four us seeds clearly there is a european as an acc bias we can all agree on that rice absolute limit aces for he saw goes c4 atlantic those are coast bias yes and we also had a coach cow in his living room with every jersey from every mba stories ever cochin just casually is living room with saran rap still on the ground always deviating up against all ups o shoot yeah oh you don't think that in my six million dollar home i dont have a buggy cousins usa jersey sitting right next to this this six thousand dollar arm chair
did i did happen a coach john while why'd you ass light ass there was another one particular writer you didn't take it easy to get a framed derek rooted s eighty hanging upon a picture of derek roses armor on william h macy so good i love colleague just always be recruited motorways be recruited one other stores we got we have others coach k i now i noticed at the end of the tournament his hair is turning gray it's very solemn pepper now so
the time for the reader job so just beyond a look out for that very first game it's gonna be jet black yes absolutely let's talk about it because we have the duke hank in his cat first of all we should mention that zion was unbelievable nisi tournament that was like anyone who thought that zion anyone rather take design should just quit the rest of the season and never play again you gotta feel foolish watching how much funny had an like how much a mental jack is of course these games dont really mean anything for guys but make like a hundred million dollars really mean something ham and it just shows how much of a competitor he really enjoys winning yes let's get you want that and in one of your ass i was too if i could just jump over everyone at all is not really sick i haven't seen a plan b that dominant in opposing interment ever maybe jerry mcnamara hemingway magma to best basque bottlers less twenty years it's there it is one in two member will need to be sure tat we start the jury mac
on the show what gives you oh yeah beings your in latin america we had no idea that we just start like whose comfort tat another thing about like rumours that's some and am collars basle or where you understood the power that cephalopod gay idea was of a we would start rumours that like random basketball players college vessel players from fifteen years ago died as you get us rending us want and we did that and then people the jury mac largely haywire people ask from that debt as a uk maybe we do to that end as a bad i not a good idea it was funny i thought at the time there's no chance a jury mcnamara wasn't related to jim bay i'm and so i mean have you seen body behind yeah the funniest fuckin kid ever i i think i'd better duke encircled settling of body bay i'm beats me i'm gonna fucking flipped out it is pretty larry's watching hank getting very very upset at this duty me though he likes them yet apparently but he's
i upset that agencies and get the minutes that isa get science taken his men are yet so let's talk about duke feeding we have a little sweet this actually is brought to you by a friend of ours it is brought to you by armand hammer clump in seal so big credit to thank for were big adoption guys and hank is going to adopt a cat in armand hammer life stepped up the clump conceal has the cat litter has stepped up and they are going to give him a year supply of armand hammer plump and seal cat letter to make hanks life easier armand hammer clemency catheters revolutionary catlett her that absorbs seal is a shrewd real yours very real we ever had first for tat letter now seals industry goddamn it is so affected that its guarantee to keep hanks home odor for free for seven days carbon seals the first and only later that use exclusive ceiling technology plus baking soda seal and destroy odor so they don't leave the letter box is also one
hundred percent does free so if you own a cat please by armand hammer compensation and tweeted to us and let us know to support both adopting animals and also hank the future the brown lockwood an arm and have also figured armand him for stepping up for this picture and has actually been resign on is perfect that they stepped up this because fifteen i before the show convince hank that he had to och his cat twice a day it was like when you walk category reduce it's gonna get it where else is gonna go the bath like don't you see guys just walking their cats around williamsburg which i'm sure you have seen and and is like animals i gotta get used like music shit why have i have a porch so you can just go out there no hank don't worry you can do a cap litter boxy dont have take your cat out on a walk
armand him competency of communities and you can't take it out and walks down as an precluded from do that do you think that we will by your we throw that into orbit hammer colleges buying you a full fucking year of cat litter i'm buying your full year of tuna and parties buying your cat leash and the catnip yeah yeah that's on do you think it are you now do you think that you could failure bathtub with cat letter hank and just like person pooping there without work probably i used to turn your back on a cat you should kill you should use you got a little train yourself pierre de okay so he up i'm not worried it six games a lotta games fourteen the catch you threes put thinks they can shoot threes and virginia has just and robinson back we gotta scare you and visa you havoc even though shocks
has been there forever they have a baby you sire havoc ok but they did it mean listen ducas obviously insane and what they do they see tournaments was incredible and their very good team put they can't shoot so i went back and i looked at the recognise your will it would happen when they played on the plate earlier this year i e g tack and james peat to owen resting signed in play now tat he talk we're not we're not talk we all over hence gonna play well get these here listen his injury problem can zaga beat a fully healthy duke team and zog is trying to get there first final forever so you don't think about that i would be worth that thou be passed the worry point that's and i would be in the final for why you field of real about to go into this tournament the only way that like i'm not worried at all michigan
that is a very good team but they are passed the worry pointed out but is always and he's not built he's our cheese cushion the hell out of those boys in zaire somehow gets like three thousand the first five minutes and they go ice cold from three like maybe somehow that ever happened and i'm not allowed canada has ever been word at any point there in this process i'm happy you guys got u jokes out unhappy you guys look i wrote down tat they all say on provide some enjoyment for you guys like no doesnt you can i am happy that i was able to bring some joint here guys life give you that idea like but it grow in your minds but i'm sorry that's also do listen do is very very good but they're getting all the accolades right i think they might be rina press clippings too much i've seen em all over the network shows this is their setting themselves off for failure as on the nervous buzz williams is the guy to bring down that's our friend buzzword yeah you ve already setting less time when he trained us using what the hell hank
he has no confidence in the background for that was hake rolled up into buzz williams legs in almost no i tried to disguise the anyone he committed office of foul personally aware no i'd get an end one will be lax in your face looks like what the hell i will get us on the show if they survive the first weekend and they have to go face duke in the second round or the sweet sixteen we have now been worried it we're gonna go three them half i'm sure harry oh eureka listen to assess davis the batteries are banged up even though we have no injuries pressure just meant there banged up cause i can't if we possess the score forty as it is they must we're always being it's ok we are so the brackets out i'm just excited i think there's something about this week where she can't be too bad yeah i think i've said this everywhere it's a vacation you know that no one their worries starts right doing it i guess it is every year on the show but this is the time to quit your job right now if you if you're on the fence quit your job you will never
let's see walking awaiting my job i disagree i think this is the time to do so just not show up and see if your job will fire you seeing it the severance ok yeah wit biomed when you don't quit you stop rap work yet because maybe you get lucky in their like oh he must have had diarrhoea for two days there were also the first to raise its yet to stop working listen if your boss doesn't give you d like at least a half day on friday then you need to quit your job is that everyone in the world like in also especially if you like in your doktor member the boss button backing the jailing come on you need a boss actually brace everyone's watching it your boss is probably watching and he's just going to pretend that he's not everyone's going to be watching it wasn't me filling up but i can even teran rafael which actually makes me want to not fill out a bracket this year he's back yet it's not even back
first break of his life doesn't there's no way that's true he definitely neonatal rackets but i know you ve just love the chaos i know he route for the upset because i didn't want to stress of his bracket being posses he such large as it does so much for us he probably had a secret bracket every single you that he would go slick tiptoe upstairs and check that overnight as his version of porn like something naughty he should be looking at what he would he doesn't realises that everyone's bracket gets busted like it's actually the other way if you have a good bracket by the second we can everyone fucking hate you cause you to walk around the unlike still got my whole final forts action i'll do it what are you the guy that is doing well after the first week he's the guy that just ask somebody else who has brigade has a broad open that you'll ask him bow yeah how's your bracket oh i still got all you had oh yeah michigan state they lost o guy wife i saw my terrifying fort yeah fuck you man i'd hate you i do whose back sure let's do it do oh no you go
go back i want you go now stop whereas doing this every time come on go heck my has actually gazette thomas which won the nuggets a small but not problematic why did they make his his tribute video form he's playing the celtics too or they played the video they are i know what they're going to have to i i think they have but the video is actually kind of sad what's happened was items like i feel bad because like do you yeah do you really you ve also be it danny age who will attend age pollack no you can and also data it was right that i say thomas is also great whereabouts are sixteen data last that after he left the celtics he's kind of got a raw deal and has really done much you know with his career sardinia was correct by not giving a mass contract but right after sister tat now they wouldn't after cicero
but all i'm saying is he deserves a tribute video here is a great celtics player and he's back tonight i hope he gets each should get to video tribute and the lakers should make a more to end the cavaliers yeah absolutely isn't it whose back yeah who's that our only multi or at least go head why whose back though this is a huge when jim nets yeah gymnastics back it is officially gymnast season his voice the smoothing hello friends the music that plays over them the masters footage that they show in the country commercial break everything about this time of year is right in gymnastic we'll house and that also means that dad napping season up when you hear geneticists voice he his voice is a small for debts yes it is put to sleep a meal it's not about i wish we could get by the way like why can't gus johnson get like of attending contract pcbs for the term i always you're probably need those we need the best announcers the guys who are just going to give it everything to me bill one to yeah and like the playing games should be built yeah why not right or prolonged give us
talk to quotas you they ve been over here the nine thirty you know one sixteen game that's going to be hard to watch anyone give us bill walden is going on here i want bill talk about india s you and end the majestic legacy of the north american bison yeah i want him do in a deep dive rewriting by going my other is back a week is impracticable jokers because those assholes roomy oliver the tv again a dude where's true gb hard on our channel this causes i refer first time owning a television shirt damn i don't even have a guide on my television is this true tv this is the season to figure out what your tv there's no worse feeling and passing out drunk and waking up like on a saturday afternoon to impractical jokers yeah itself
there is also by the way this behave broadcasts also charles barkley trying to jim in all his research area an charles barkley commercial season which actually pretty good that new leary burden and thus by glee larry birds dog is is charles bark lee you ve seen it and get name charles partly gets a burning named it larry bird and then labored gets a and larry birds like he has the most obvious here for the fucking paycheck lease of all finally lattimer slurry bird turns out not a good actors it's like i don't want to see that the page i was to go there a bird already looks like a cartoon he should be in live action movies he was so now i love a because he looks exactly like any rich very accomplished guy should look like
when their when their duty commercial that they don't really need to do the aspect was do good about how my twenty minutes of work unless you think they paid larry to do that i hold a whole lot probably like alot hundred grand fifty grand those like i just lost a bet barkley in his payment was yet to show up it's like the larry bird need tom brady's kind on it georgia where you just don't do anything because you don't want you and then when you get to do one thing you get all the money because it so rare legacy reverse paid manic would have larry bird became this generations george foreman and distort himself out loudly every product and became the most per person in exports america am i might have either three whose oh you know it now but i didn't ask me if i was done or you don't i'm dying city a tuna counted in my hand ok i have three sorts were gone back i'm just giving you one of my others okay yeah you probably are trying to stop yes so we'll do you know what we'll share this one venn diagram this is a visit
we should pass the baton of whose back and in the middle are whose back of the week is verbal name verbal meme once hissed may appear he handshake in in the middle it says rife its patrick's back in the area of sea is rife is perhaps somewhat the two offence i don't think there's been a more perfect move in the history of the nfl then rhine fitzpatrick gonna dolphins for so many different reasons one like the dolphins are actually have a plan in its it's the giants alleged plan to win while rebuilding yeah right it's patrick is like the perfect we can rebuild but he'll give us four or five wins there will be awesome to watch so people dont get so pissed off above the team sock yes if you don't think that ran fitzpatrick is being the patriots once this year you dont know football beating
a patriots and then the next week like losing to the jets with six interception yeah it three to nine to the judge is is the greatest quarterback of all time because he can t literally can be he can be joe montana and one half and then like markers russell in the second half that beard in that south florida humidity is gonna be somebody wasn't it oh yeah yeah i think is way more humid i've done though research into such him can torino your big fan sheriff you can correct making but the humidity in miami is gonna it's gonna just look like he's gonna afro it's gonna look like his puking an afro out of his face ma i'm just happy would we're never gonna be done with rights and it's gonna be great zeal be ones
go next next all on a monday morning we're we're like dr has foundered did it again and there will be another shoeblack rife staff did again he crept down his pants i'm traffic who the most perfect team for fitzpatrick to play for next year would be i mean out and i think i gotta go the cincinnati bangalore back out you said the patriots of tom brady retires and then he just completes the fc eastern and like you know the cycle well he's been swarming the the patriots for awhile magic play for every team the nfl by the end of his career so if he throws a touchdown this year he'll have thrown touch sounds to eight different are on a different initiatives which it would be record that's impressive that is crazy he's just such little slut nevada molly i did he threw for ok
the jets the bills are disaster had settled right jets bills dolphins pirates rams box bills and we see the jets are judged pills dolphins rams parks bangles was the only thing i think he was titans zone titans yeah he's been everywhere with other taxes he's been all the worst teams of them all his teeth egg do we do we say taxes we say single good team did i think his first game ever he three aims bangles bills titans texans jets aside to vietnam wall of unifil franchises unbelievable his first connemara look it up real quick but the like
i'm fits patrick's values on taxes to his first two games are the funniest thing because it is ryan fits patrick's entire career like he could acquit after the first your games yet fitzpatrick led the rams from a twenty forty three have time deficit to thirty three twenty seven overtime win throwing for three hundred and ten yards and three touched ants any earned and of sea often supplier the weak and then i'm pretty sure in his next game oh yeah he was unable to dip duplicated debut performance in the game to start with the rams coming in two weeks later in which through over five interceptions yes yes he's gonna look so flaring up in that candy as dolphins jersey to baulk is like an old guy just retiring and going down to date county to hang a mother never leave us rhyme fitzpatrick my other whose back to more one is a former for being old because marched nora saint patrick stay weekend was this weekend and fuckin sucks being old seen everyone like states refugees awesome and its more foma for not for living in this terrible city of new york
where i just like i did not want to be there no the parade yesterday had been very haulage is watched watched its register freeze all day is like tat i wish i was twenty four again give blacked out have a great time saint patrick stay hank did you do it but it would offer microbiology above a definitely not fucking lit the above you hung over above you huh you hungary's need united how do the like i'm sorry overrides guy jerk off in the morning now ok let us not allow bro you don't drink audrey hard enough that you got a jerk off when you wake up the next morning pussy mother whose back is millennials killing everything including the mob boss what it was three was shot by millennia twenty four year old wow ethnic camillo that's it sounds a lot like carmelo every week that's a suspect so is its alleged ok with irascible distinction memorials kill everything including mafia had they tracked
down he probably my they have put it on his own social media council yeah just killed them a boss he did always cloud book live or away out i got so much engagement on my tweet when i murdered the head of the game being available millennials man can't do anything anymore body was cover of a kind of toast we knew right away that it was a millennium random over with a with a bird scooter yeah yeah we actually tracked down from when he went he checked anyway checked out from his divvy bike or whatever the chase what does the bikes called here is that the bird scooters zone
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yet its march and let's do that first so we want to do two things here but first of all thank you for coming in grab me felling eleven o clock at night on sunday i am sure you know what i tweet we sleep in may we sleep in may this is march we sleep in may so one alighted and so it was eleven april through a little girls will be an i watch on the final for romania go away you're like a net get away from here i'd so let's start with extra want to get to turn what why do you bracket any upsets it didn't give people but we first have to start with your twitter are you robot i a robot ok i've been asked several times and i m a robot yes i can confirm or no sources confer force confirm i am not a robot so let's break it down though so if you are not familiar with johns twitter account it is very very the informative and also funny in you play the hits you have a few treating you play the harass what's the thought process behind
my first boss ever in media mike thomson who was a programme directorate espn radio here in new york who gave me my first opportunity about fifteen years ago he said to me buddy you're gonna make it in this thus you better have some opinions and you better play the hits and you need to find what works and it's kind of like all of a sudden you note you get something that you think may click and you try it out and it becomes party or brand and another thing you know that he told me which i still remember is you got a parrot yourself you have done that you have given up over the years that you have a brand new and branding as important but you guys to anymore i am i just respect i know it is getting out of the first night i respect people and i think this a lot of people like that in this business you guys to them as well that kind of just come from not a lot and work and grind and if you ve been
through the gamut like in this business yeah where you're suffering in your work and other jobs and you're trying to make ends meet you know the journey and the process of getting we re above the process of becoming we use both becomes much more rewarding sometimes where you get the girl s i think you know you learn you got a separate yourself you can't just be somebody who's watching a lotta games and getting your share a news you ve gotta be more well versed in that an that's another thing you know might thompson my first my first boss told me make sure you up to date make sure you up the damn movies make certain references not while you know mccrone and more consistent and if you ve been millinery sunday located at the right way way put that's not up to date why's that
you can read it i came out like ninety five was not up to date but you have been situations i'm sure wardsmen a rainy sunday unlike any you can't watch you can watch the frank kaminski high lightly to let you like you normally doing things like and all of a sudden you while you could men's on amc i'm gonna leave it they are grown and you like with this generation of kids growing upright hank for example when you say who ordered the code red hank is thinking in due time among do yeah vernacular de i ordered but i like that i am delighted to see you again you have the things you love and that's it comes its own brain like you're talking to a guy who college who just wanted to work in media and want to live in new york city so bad when i had like time and i would watch movies i would rotate between the cocktail wall street and secretive my success ok would have liked a deserter go use you stay hungry you stay humble that's another one that you tweet out would you do that every morning every morning everyone what between debt out everyone it's a reminder and you guys know this because there is proper
play more self promotion now with social media i think a negative ways than there are necessarily of being somebody who's trying opposite afforded greer in a positive light the reminder daily when i start each day that everything you have done the day prior is over and done with you break a story it's a vapor you have a good show it's a vapor goes away each and every day is an opportunity it better and really start something new hungry stay at work we stay hungary we ve got half always longer yet it's also a nice way to let everyone no like if you ever get kidnapped legged tweets not there some call the police exactly i've alternate plans for then re aouda i've contingency plan would go ahead well i mean you know if if i lose my phone somebody knows you know tweeted at seven o clock it shut up will you gotta get now come on i've i believe you have someone i don't have a contingency plan that's just what i was at its like it's like meditation for you where you tweet
same things everyday lives like a routine i will say a virtual that you had i will say that i am an avid reader and one of the things i remember you know i think go in certain cases you know and you guys are probably like this too when you die every year in lhasa entire arise but you're like this no sense when you want to make it in this business yeah it consumes you and it's all you think about when am i going to get a call whether you're in radio and it's a program director what do you want to be at you know on tv and so on and so forth and i think for a large portion of my life it was just like college basketball college bethel college basketball in about two years ago january two thousand and seventeen i got a really bad car accident hit black ice i told him my car and everything like that and my perspective changed drastically and i think you see a little bit more the forest from the trees and you started having a greater appreciation for other things to try to
you start to get a little bit of a different perspective and you start to see that other thing so you haven't changed about you bounce your perspective changes the reason why i like you john is that you you basically like we're sitting here in this room together or we're all in media in new york city put the passers oh different and you are basically you're like a perfect say robot but i mean an enduring way a robot of like media put together like i pray you could create a perfect college basle insider you'll be very shipment yeah you just like mash it altogether i actually we were before i was like did he go to syracuse now you want to ethical else enough whatever get close enough antiochians what i opted to go to war against us there
having taken gauge again i got us they're giving wages are not your that's like pig j interest either but i should think you know at the time i probably just was ready wasn't ready for school that's eyes but you know tat my life it got lots happen between canada announces what the final for twice showing we decided we should want to twenty coty k paid off the rafts you done second half was called differently you would admit i was like one foul the first seven like second level i knows this big cats anatomy cheese girl before yeah they're always but i just think for there was constant fan like you have a nine i led national title the architect of the early i get away you're doing this i like my version better i before we gave the racket let's i want to talk about a couple of these tweets and get some explanation for the hits this is march that want to take on its own life is this is
arches language and then like what have you if you have like rights that are the right so you can we should do that we got it so actually just learned that we got it maybe down the road and nothing yet ok and then you also have the spin off this is only know but this is only december i let you know that it's not march correct right see you also almost price they unbranded you're like a calendar to let me know what month it is if you follow and you know i always sleep in making we may ever fucked up and tweeted this is march when it's not march like accidently maybe in the final for its own able and like a really is an awesome game goes over time is only take this march eyes out myself but if i said that i was gonna be like mobility in space balls mrs i'm sorry certain micro converter malfunction
yeah ok yes answered whether eighties moving around what about tougher than along we can a european laws for west virginia best what when they use for washington oh you have robust ok here's the thing about west virginia interesting i went to practise a couple years ago you know when i was a hug was the coach and its three hours and it's all the three hours youngest i was like sitting there and its hand to hand combat discriminating and they go through nine possessions each for a team in a keeping score and it's two hundred and twenty two like i'm sitting there and i'm just like this is like russell crowing glass the eight hour there we go and i got a little bit about what i was that was like when it was getting into i couldn't believe it so i was just like you i'm just sitting there practice hugs is walking around he's goin hard after remembered cigar cannot they who remember john carter was on the tea up out of fifteen year and i was just kind of like this is like this practice tougher than a weakened some reason was not only the mariners like wait a minute
he had already gone for the first game with the first game on get a tweet it does right down wrote it down among the best part is this year they were struggling and when i tweeted it or the west regional vans like god help me miss this tweet and want to take it for granted miller i like that like the fact that you're not even married but you know how tough dependent running oscar have restore them in sing on the or for long singled out ok i've got i've got one here that i actually have a boon to pick with west virginia is like a fortune five hundred company that's milliners villain over is like a fortune five hundred company it runs itself do know how fortunate
hundred companies work like with like yeah imported dragline eye to eye tweak that i tweak that one announces villain of a basketball has become a fortune five hundred company and now it has drawn up a basketball fortune five hundred million that was in the early stages like i'm thinking like toper grace in good company remember that when they started moving with dennis quaid poor scarlett johansson before she became scarlet inroad johannsen but that was more the early stages zone and so how can see the movie the last five years in the last five year i get it i see the recently agreed to i was very disappointed at the original creed like you give me rick but that seven envy from eighty horse you saw that we do not say like it's the rocky jurassic world yeah that's it gathers from the mid nineties he may idea i read that you watch a part of rocky to rocky three a rocky for before every time you go on the air is that soldier
that was true i've been i've had to decrease my rocky influence because my girlfriend was in my apartment i had his big plaque in my apartment of rocky two three and four on one why given every single for this long and then on the other side there's a picture of rocky for as well i mean for a while that rightly consumed you're like those in essence you'd ethnic over the top was underrated overtopping graham there were the best one wonders how little kid is such a eyes so annoying gave the world those me nobody headway here he got a great granary what about the original rocky slow without a trace in point of watch one of the more up to let go of montana sooner some here i would say like you know montage too i think when he's running up the steps always kind of get a juicy flown buddy i always felt you know the rock
that i saw in the first part of rocky three rubber orbital mickey died he wasn't the character was likely was he was feeling himself yeah that wasn't like who we began i know until he went back to the beginning when apollo train them in their right mind about althea what about the vizier calm game more life altering than a ten day trips europe's couple questions here one is heavy donna ten trips euro never been europe i've i've never lived near no i've never i ve never i've never very i've never been to europe i've never had a cup of coffee i've never fully governor mitigate nevertheless one ok now i try to wanted and stick ok he eyed so so you ve heard that going to europe for ten days like parts or restore i was back and forth with a girl for two years hand polar opposite
the nice girl or whatever but this was like peak shaka okay and like here we would get an argument to those you going are you gotta get more cultured like you haven't even been the europe wherever a kid you menachem gave it the seagulls and i would like this was peak shocked at this was trade beyond ram bryant they weber like you do pushups unpick offences when i put the press on with this was going to my subtle way after we broke up the kind of like sending shot across the bows treaty or hope now i really like it every time you put that out there i know that somebody just gettin like a knife to establish explain these greece are so great like these make them so much better monitor but please go automatic here's another one we ve got a few these virginia basketball a thing of beauty to as in fourteen fifteen season kentucky starts out thirty eight now and people are killing virginia aberdeen as the other team remember until just an anderson guy heard people assembled virginia could be kentucky and i'm watching them game after game only wanting kentucky that was constantly fellow
how can we do it i'm watching you know virginia play throughout the season and its if you're basketball purist you don't turning it overtaking good shots in the way if you're gay you like better hack line deep down i have great respect and look on our tables for the unseen tournament be virginias what thirty three and three near cc rate was you know the last two years writes that it's not do you have to tipp your capital that one so i was just like this is a thing of beauty and wait a minute ever say it's ugly and allied i wasn't going to drop this they always ended up you know joe no book on you right now i have one of my bag case genius strikes and one i always sleep with a note book in a pen you're not for my eggs and a unified holidays i had thought we knew that you don't have to as often as cycle
procedural checks down as echo for everyone or just one pronounces angel the guy was just saying ass he got so many the double double sport weight so can we bring their back or someone else like that could have worked for ethan hat with a double doubles could of i just you know i just don't want to do that sad to see it gone that illegal seinfeld still getting residual checks fair enough fair enough so maybe we'll bring that went back what about tee a project life altering i was told years ago that ts is i kept talking about one final for i miss my flight back as i didn't have to use a project and i was stuck in hue stunning was a two thousand and like all day near project and i didn t say project i never would miss my flight men lose all day in the airport so summers i gotta get to you as a project so now like getting dropped off something like oh my god i'm going dropped often in four minutes yell so i'm going through the first summit like that's life altering those like the and the gordian
wait a minute wait a minute and know how can i just dropped it needs a strong what about have you ever heard of clear i've heard of clear as well as our really boy you're mine i know but then i have to think of a new you know twitter hash like tat oh yeah that's ok that might be to move that might be too much to greater going straight to the front line like clear preacher throws off the tire rules whereby this one here period we period go period heath ledger from the dark night circuit two thousand eight ok here's the thing i was want when i was working on a european radio before went to cbs or that movie that's good we aren't i love the trilogy i actually was more surprised and pleased when i saw a dark night rises than any other movie probably analysing ursus cause i'd such low expectations because we don't grow up with bain as avail
right and then you see bain show up dominate batman and put him into that in a prison which obviously we know he escaped from but also in other thing top three goosebumps scenes in the last three years christian bail makes the jump and chanting that we see ba that's a lot of goosebumps i shall explain that one sorry i interrupt your way out you saw that movie so and here we go i was doing a show i remember and like one of the times you know there is an intro to our show it was in here we go and i like i just you know thought about during you know and suitably tournaments star the nba draft and i was just like
i'm gonna go to go to it and here we go in here we gotta you also make winners lot like in a college basketball where the unexpected becomes ordinary shadows eurobonds dear there has yes ass you always put circa two thousand eight the movie it just came out in two thousand a rational like approximate we can get we can pin down the date exactly i always wanted circle tweet so may i hashtag our ip in their programmes let's keep it up beat but you could do it yeah yeah would actually get him any argument for european parentheses yeah that would work will amend the branford i have a serious question how mesmerizing our wally's reacts eyebrows wally's eyebrows i've never really like really scrutinised honoured now are you coming around and see what is a great guy what about actually like this
because a cost sums up your whole brand of people are going out of your way out of their way to tell you what you're doing wrong then you're doing a lot of things right to people come out you for repeating plain the hits you i just think and you guys can attest as soon as you guys are obviously in a great situation on your part gas is doing great you went through the struggle i can tell it to get where you are and like i was doing interview with jean oreodonts foresee bs and he would just really getting into schadenfreude and it exists and nobody wants you to do well and people have to try to sand at your feet and i think one you get over that you realise that that's the case a coach i was visiting with once said that he said if people are going out of their way to tell you what you doing wrong you don't allow things right i like no one now yet i once thou ones really good let me see if i last one i had was moreover must watch than seinfeld them its prime so who's out one specific standing about duke s
how do we have never seen a player in college basketball that has i think really captivated the college basle audience like zion williams like there has been great players there's been great themes but there wasn't one guy that has been this down right yeah this unique so you think back again to our our formative years seinfeld and b c when they night swell and miss it well similar than thirty four but i think for the younger audience that once we need to update that one for a blanket then i wouldn't be on my brand and at a lady maybe enamels legato or something we have so light luring netflix and instagram women grown from the guy in the realm of any gonna tell us that we knew that you also like to use the phrase no words after using a lot of work so it's like you and lebaron james are all time leaders in words used after no words can
explain the no words tweets sometimes when things are so like unfathomable i think no other words good for you i just i thought it was a word here near now you're right you got any gonna have noisy with perfect i let's talk about this tournaments tat was now is greater phenomena rosty twitter like go two's i think have taken on a life of their own and people people to follow you are you are like a fortune five hundred accompany you run yourself i don't i amended he run yourself like i'd say you don't want it now it went from has had a fortune five hundred company runs itself that has become a forty five hundred others villain of a basketball fortune was on that you and i did that because villain over thirteen for
in that i could come back here yeah down for a year in the case back and then i was watching them the next year fourteen fifteen i think that one thirty three in threes when they lost anti at a state i predict that i myself up those mouth and then i want them the title deduction yet but one thing i remember watching was unlike us they lost james bell but the product is the same how is it that there is the fortune five hundred m in areas like wait a minute that although we also want to go my eyebrows first second was that what are we just do we did dogtown yet document dogs pound death and john ran down here two years one encounter here is all about her ears want they i began now i've thought about this all season long ere one of the great days bent on the gallows basketball be for cbs was i went to a practice in full fourteen in madison up and you're a bow was the co gee up and it was awesome just because i am so appreciate i did it now because he's not coaching anymore i think you look it purdue
with you know they're losing players at least for starters right there are three seat i think a lot of ways matt painter is the new bo ryan that's why i had death taxes bo ryan for a long time and you have silent assassins gregor regarded the sounds ass right but so what's my painter map painters death that painters outside i have cited suited all i've substituted mad painter provider is met ain't it means a newborn hinted wow evergreen touching me ok what's up man that's my crazy i would say that i brought up once that young that pay there's a new bahrain and bow texted me from california affording said appreciate the shot out but everything's going well you know i'm here launch a dead now though not possible all this great how often you texas coach i heard that you tax coaches like good luck in the morning i do that summits it takes them a lot of things and game this year a text on like this
yeah that's all you're you can take credit for like a lot of these wines i would on your motivating the concern us how the guy behind the guy i wouldn't say motivating but i would say i've daily can communication with you know almost every seven if they don't black guy now as you they seldom ok lately i was i sat alone are growing about but i would like you i would say even on non game days i'm i'm communicating with most bus and coach companies some free oecd advantages that dunyazad ones come on my part gets come on toys this year what about cow you touch them yet jessica buzz williams in front of us
i'm sure he tax back alot bosnia me buzz is somebody you know is the only path sleeps much now where this way at all costs the energy how he got his he ever told you this story about how many letters east writing to count coaches when we looked for their first one only great yeah but you know it was one a week to like twenty different coach here i two hundred yet abide by the if it took him like maybe three or four months of doing this at the college's workin out but eventually the the nice ladys the post by we're just like we're just gonna give you free stamp but because he sent out the way these there is is one of a kind night let's do this tournament so big picture no one gets not right i had sixty eight teams on my ballot today like that we're gonna make the tournament i'd sixty seven in i've tc would set a belmont so we're splitting atoms we worry about that
i think the commission did a good job ok and then any other i heard a lot of people i wish you were complain about michigan state i am in the mindset of acceding doesn't really matter cause at all blows up anyway like if you wanna predicted michigan states gonna play a tough team in a sweet sixteen that team might not even be there so do you think any team has a legitimate without now i dont like i think you know you look at things right now like i look in a lot of people think that north carolina had the toughest raw i should think ins agatha now i also have names for offering oh oh let me with it i might hear you wanna hear my name's forget into mine my dismay cut you out of this year mine is top left bottom left top right bottom right that way and standardized across all the networks yeah i like that now i've got in that the east region i see duke with all their mba prospects i
they see you're gonna kill alexander walker averaging tech reggie period you know mississippi state also bruno fernando yeah marilyn ls use got players and you can say the same thing but other things at the regional prospects ok and then you know you look in the west region and i he just so much pop john moran marcus howard too i use battle rui much more jarrett culver chivalry ponds lou against dort but more twins jordan caroline long it's the region of sizzle ok what happened in nevada this year i bid for big nevada guy but like dave conor disappoint little they also tough for them in an argument i'm not in the same opportunities as utterly true true so tell me right opens up sizzle region prospects and region of says something like and then rest krispies could offer snack whether in the south region
these teams cincinnati tennessee virginia purdue estate wisconsin the region of grind yes he grinned grind right there you know score and then bottom right as you would say pfc carolina all burn kentucky houston can shit or in i do see the region of pace yap pace in spain as a love haste grind sizzle and prospects highlight those those actually all fit so give us the what were you gonna star while you give us starting with team you see lower seated teams that can make some noise were big make noise guys so we want to give people some tips when filling out their bright in the region of prospects i think maryland east the east region a copy i've got do i've got duke obviously go into the fatah for running the maryland is you know that we forgotten because of the way they play in the big internally nomad painter told me a couple weeks ago he thought aside from produce is she gonna michigan state he thought maryland could make the deepest run the answer lieutenant that's an mba for five
a role the dice on them i wanna take maryland out the marilyn wins two games will be playing in washington dc young nominate a duke over maryland in there in the east regional final in the region at is about out i got is about out in the sweet six like you see that you think he's over it now it altogether gonna get that buzz don't take squatting down you know a cow calendars our and state of michigan lancing january february it is a little may issue so i was is is this is actually good will do it this way the by region so michigan say why do you think like what's their weakness well as you know look at michigan state in their team of let's face it is you know been a teen that's been battled and that battled injury they ve been banged up and i always look for certain circumstances where you know teams that may be having performed well but have tremendous town can shine through and i also thinking this isn't the upset i'm going to pick you got to roll the die somewhere at the lsu you guys know we'll wait isn't coaching you have suspended indefinitely heck of a coach he's not going to
this team since ls you has you know not had willed aid they beat vanderbilt team that didn't when a game in the assisi and they lost to florida yale has an mba prospect in me a ony which generally see at an ivory team that they push it to their top for scores are juniors and seniors i just think that one of the things that isn't gonna be talked about a resume a what do does not lie on nellis you'd never coach right and i'm gonna take yale to beat ls you and now i'm gonna that opens the door from maryland threw out to want a couple a games years irony in the region of prospects i got duke over marilyn in these regional final either i don't think that there is a matter of schools and are less alike than ellis you in jail yeah does general overthrow has already now mellowed put decided if ellis you winds at first game do they match up better against maryland then they match up a good deal i mean i think you know the thing to look at is you're not going to see rational things happen in the incidentally
grain ls you matches up you know really good with maryland but i just think you know james jones is a coach gales wanna gaming insipid having got a role that i somewhere i do not like the optics remember alice you i thought they became unravelled at the end of the florida game they data they did they had that came are it so the sizzle region sizzle west west region ok dangerous game for organs ag in the round of thirty two against syracuse yet especially on a quick turn automata take this action that gain nothing zack normality good i've got inside against florida stayed in the sweet sixteen letter hamilton kind of the sentimental favorite in astonishment do not have an ear seventy years old and that's a rematch of the sweet sixteen we saw last year i floor to stay for the
i can see your beating in zaga they will take on michigan in the region of sizzle and again another team off the rate our mission has lost a mission and say three times but be line we no great in the tournament veteran teams aver simpson out of the regional sizzle i've got michigan okay dancing in the final force i got duping its michigan duke at the regional prospects michigan other regional sizzle what about our talk me real quick about this game to everyone's got circled thou marquette verse murray state jammer adverse marcus howard do you think mercies chance they definitely gentlemen how rare is it that a mid major team at twelve seat as the best play on the floor but one thing i think you need to take and no count the big difference that you need to look at when mid majors play i majors is size up front the up the au john add more on all wisconsin fan doesn't want to hear that now but i just think too much inside a month ago at market ok i liked i mean that's very small my rules with with the terms you give maybe some big picture rules but i'm always the size up front but also veteran
point guards khazar began that's big and then free throw shooting is always a flash player no question i a region of grit and grind retirement age to britain right ok you guys i run you can do except rohingya we're not gonna shit we're all gonna die reprogram no one hold on i will make you sick written grant i just somebody characters in it you don't want you to get you gonna throw me off that was also they drive by the grizzlies right yeah i certainly immigrants samuel your grand year ok my brain through in this region i'm gonna take organ of the swedes yachting china has via their their play in hot but here's years my question to you about that they play in the pact twelve correct so they ve been unbelievable bet on them a bunch the last like i basically this whole entire pact will terminate was busily putting organ in england likely will you like point or in weekend i do pain pressured play and i let me ask you a question though do you not think that the pact twelve liked of teams were playing its step up when you're playing a big tent
like the big tat was good this year now you're good like sixteenth that were very very solid but using organs defence yet has been you know sensational they held washington under fifty twice and as we know was constant has struggled well i think it's really pretty announced eight hundred zero match up and they ve got a guy up fraud there are multiple players button kenny wooten that can protect the front of the rim i mean i like i like the make up of the first two fifty and that came first to fifty so a region of krajina got virginia against organ and then produce than young matt painters and around that taxes methana against cincinnati cincinnati did not get a great seed but they are playing columbus traumatic purdue against us
as we have seen i got virginia overproduce virginia fittingly comes out of the region a grunt ok now you have since natty over tennessee in the second round laying in colombia playing club that leg two hours away from since in camp us now do you think that's where things part of the answer tournaments you know was constantly remember it was i know we say to dollar fifteen when they beat organ in milwaukee but they also lost in milwaukee we address how browser when jamie dixon was the coach is polls show that we get a sixty died she talked about this at the beginning of the show that the sunday don't mean anything the championship sunday doesn't mean anything because they won the championship remember that year against illinois i was to those two thousand four yet two dozen three four year two thousand three to that force a pit went on and lost to oklahoma state who then laws to sing jos in the east regional final when john lucas the third me
the shot up the soil or comes they beat saint out yet so i saw tennessee cincinnati ices areas played lights out since macrones that you can have for players common practice open try and is more consistent and a few good men on racial wait wait till i measure gotten so whose come another bracken virginia and they grind virginia ok so then the region of pace i've caroline against auburn which could be in the first two hundred sixty wins they're gonna take houston against content d i got carolina kentucky in the midwest regional please now would be that's got sunday five o clock on here yes that's gonna be awesome last shot craig it a kind of england
water quality and we got your friend sancho it doesn't happen and outbreak was actually like where my fear movies walter i rated ronald reagan ruggedo mediating around everyone is ground affair had it been until she likes it she got to disease at the end she start look can we have the nay they got them they undoubtedly in the city the monkey they got this year about those tough to watch the monkey get shot one was about to go after the little girl gripe cuff cussing dan was at length we just pulled it off and then everybody dies i got carolina over kentucky now my thing is this the world is going to pick duke to international standards are correct i so yeah self i've got to get to the region of prospects michigan other regional sizzle north carolina out of the region of pace and virginia isn't grinds yearn acc a hollow wives
about a month right now that thought the aces had a chance to get three once they got three ones virginia as always in north carolina number but i felt we north carolina against duke in the acc tournament kind of like i felt during round two of rocky drago in rocky four okay because was always like on a different level this year that you normally veterans it on grayson allen quinn cook but carolina traded blows for forty minutes and it was kind economy of the russians taught you and it's a bad caught the rocky balboa going after i've and drag okay so north carolina over virginia duke over michigan and in phase for awhile north carolina do coogan we haven't had that in the end suitable eternity i know the duke as i am williamson and always more machine than man just like you know what we want kenobi told lucas die skywalker when he was describing adequate skywalker in star wars observed for i think north carolina be stuck international
which could be one of the great national title ever got rid of we have the army that will be just huge ratings of whose do you insane caroline in phase for yet please for i was pushing jesse nowhere gather from into doesn't fourteen duke me was contemplate kentucky nevada fall in the whole next year you up there was talk that there can be the same region and i don't know it needs to be face too it's a fond of organic and twenty fifty one would face to ok his face for how much college basketball do you think like is just bouncing around in your head when you fiercely yeah but you watch other sports no none i'm not i decided it was pointed out earlier fell socially i should think it like that we want our best our cultural socially i well but you know no relevant out just like basically just to have friends still yeah like exactly like john champion oh there's a great job that he has been
he's a body and mind like one time like in the former watch college football like bore coastal me up reside get the wings carry style of vigo ok and it'll change your life now is that the lesson i remember watching and non college basketball my watch eyes it's because trade and what do superbowl party last couple years ago and there i was like why they take an instrument so far back in there was another chain the rule i don't know he watches you boreal you're a great part in extra do you want right is unbelievable tita will make sure check it out here your humble if that off your hundred doing do you are like the rest of the plants that are far worse in a socially social concerning means ethnic conflicts with college mass was like i'll be tweeting about you know the cincinnati use e f came over like you know the paddy eric mahomet wherever cigarette you'll be in the same room as television that showing in unifil game but you'll be watching like on your phone pretend
no not even that like i would say like if if there's a big college best bogeyman watching a big old rascal game where i live i care about the non conference game between you ass you see if in alabama right there is on the bubble and they like that i reassure you that's why you're that's why you got sixty seven sixty eight correct my appreciable progress should wash little more tissue i watch levity see you and i do not think i use that you know what if jail and fisher was healthy the i might have been the best team in the big if you get a little they they fell part at the end but they got desmond bain them over the legal shadow here so i determined tvs you have in your house ah to two how do you keep track of all the gapes what i've got a computer my girlfriend as a computer i've a and sometimes you just reaction on their yemen she's not a big fan of the citizens how does that possibly work for you d with somebody that's not a fan of thought about she's a very independent girl she gets it and just you know when the seasons over you know i just after candlelight cannot be more meaningful to being a normal
billion we actually would you would you talk about whether though it seems like you'd like your brain is filled with god basketball you talk about other stuff you know these things out and say more like mid nineties maybe nineteen out things like that i have one question about the was the prospects region that's what this won't do great give me tell me the formula for how duke will lose in the round i say sixteen again for jack let's assume you not virginia tech beat do good zion please think does not only due to the losers came but you see if i have over we see you in the first round of the region of prospects now you see f as a team that makes you go over the top of a defence costs the show physical taco fall seven for the end and the power forward counts met the transfer from g dhabi they another browser chat brown that game if it comes to duke against you see f johnny
hawkins against coach gang that will test dukes outside shooting who like they're gonna have to go have a soccer right now that's the entering on other they're gonna lose do you see up again the scenario they'll have to make some shots rose you know right below score how many names do you know how many players names to you know in college a lot a lot you forget the ones like you get rid of the ones that you don't need phillies season no not really i think you only storm somewhere like i remember like you know the first time i really kind of really decided to so long to do with march 23rd one thousand nine hundred and ninety one in the final four seventy nine seventy seven your laettner made the two free throws and ever since then i just kind of toward things in different areas ear robot outlay moreover name five player that would be a wood a robot with five pleasant say marries saint mary jordan ford malik fits ah my room agrican russia having like about your job perry ok three good
good for you name are jordan honour ok to fifteen rebounding atkins agony of course oddly enough wraps ok the railways data cribs actually played really well against this union see a terminal couple years ago ok that's it as i remember i wanna without a same areas work out of that northern california last summer when by modem crystals works which must be good player you get hurt yeah and if you go to every jim basically right i gotta see about united thirty five forty brought you do a whole tore it or that like one is it start i'd say now i think i need a little bit of time just decompress emphases i don't know he's aren't you i do some draft stuff and things like that and there's always if there's no you most coaching self done after the on a foreign terrain news but i don't know a pro may after the nba dressed up as done you take a little time and then july when i really like to do is one teams are taking like foreign tours and even go see me still see in practice it's like i got out there in july last year went out in july to the mill
as i saw cincinnati ohio state xaver talk you with great trip right ok you know i know we re kentucky bright to re write is that would mean foreign tourists are getting ready to like tv every four years the unseen let you take a foreign tore we can play a couple of exhibition games and you can obtain practices ok so it's like you know you're starting to training camp right and so on and so forth but i knew those teams at a chance to be good three or nancy illiterate that's a productive week you should try to go on a foreign towards these you too you oh no no no he's not let go to graduate with these you didn't change your life i have a passport i once went to a wedding for my boss also i love to decline in the dominican republic as climate the walls have you ever had a conversation belong now i'd love to i would love
see that conversely i live tweet him in papua thy love boredom passionate love was then a great guy are my last question it's actually the seeking question if you want to go to a game who i go to a tournament game putting promo code take at seek you get ten dollars off that's promo code take seek ten dollars off see a march mammas game since you know every player and you have all this knowledge tell me you're all time favorite big big guy from wisconsin white big guy from wisconsin why ass a great question thank you also for your wife a big do ye do can count de yeah he's died i sort of our forward centre its kaminski ok it's comments when o brien butch
you tell us all marital it showed that playfully against pit in the non covered from one olano talking out under the us that that day he had a big aim but it kaminski ok prime putsch was just the funniest because it was like he was a mcdonald's all american because they gotta like space it out and his like this guy's not mcdonald's all american but also the whole time isn't he could be good eventually and he wasn't meant disappointing but it's amazing what both did there yeah i think you know great guard at the injuries last year but he's done a good job and i just the fit the team for me that i thought had a chance to maybe get to a fund for was a team of lost a notre dame they add the yes veto brown makes that three and then they gotta gave them i'm goin we know wisconsin this is the first thing i remember being a practice they would go crazy when there would be a turnover falcons that's a system
i don't turn it over your valuable the team of bonus right yet a great chance to went right and i never plan from coach k paying the rest at half time that off shore villages in it that way john rossi this been hilarious awesome i hope you had one i had a blast goddess resolving the arch this is march the best a three words mortal and twitter they march said again overturn this much are you just so excited right now i feel like i tell people all the time you know everybody says will you wake up like your kid on christmas you know in our house the big night of hanukkah with the eighth night and that was the night of like we got the super present in our house and so much more excited than a night i ever got the super presence in the wrong was the whole month now i mean that this is a thing that's a great about march man is everything logically that you thing is going to happen the polar opposite is going to occur last year
i remember studying so much about vermont the american east because i loved anthony land they were old as it maybe this team could be someone you pick somebody off lose to this you and be seated wasn't the top team in their league and what happens right when we see the unjust beat virginian be the first sixteen be the one that when by twenty right only twenty crazy i may like this is something again and you can't projects you can predict but this is what makes the next three weeks the best three weeks and sports inside it close yeah i like it i love it i do have a favorite moment for march great glass in greek let me thank you begets i mean i mean you wanna get gimme like you mike i could get a few or no now i want you to get me i'll give you three but you have to pick one that's your top favorite top favorite
you know i mean it's hard to pick one for sure i remember of all the players i covered i just loved washing shabazz napier more than you know i think any other guard that i covered so is greatest kemba walker was in twenty eleven i loved watching shabazz and i thought that two thousand and fourteen run was pretty special when i was starting my career i was doing like for jobs i was doing updates and string and for european radio new york and i was working for my friend brother ran like a real estate company and i was free lance right in colleges for voxforge dot com but i had with the money i was making i was by airtime time on a radio station westchester counties like yet like you know a demo and this little you know radio station west african you know it won't dentist off it's gotta be like five hundred watts but i got billy donovan on tat you know the year after they want to know
i'll championship nos six and then i remember the following april i was the first final for i went to as a member of the media and i watched them win back to back and you you guys notice like in the journey it's like you feel at wow it's like i got i got this guy and my shown and i'm here i'm asking a question a press conference i just i remember being like really really just you know mesmer for just how good that team was an they play ohio state who had odin and calm young and it was just also came and odin got finals lee humphrey mrs three that year from paper first on end with that was the team and i might be making this up but they broke the net with a switch one time right yeah i mean that team was one of the great college teams are we seeing and i think in only team by the way that's that this year will be the first year i assume duke well maybe not three top ten guys but this allows the only team ever that had three top ten guy
the draft gear and crazy to think like crazy you and see if never had that and i would say other moments that stand out i know he has for three budget stand out just remember nobly would happen when indiana be duke in two thousand to jerry jeffreys the uptake came back that was amazing yukon beating duke and ninety nine and then do i just remember when i first got into this how good vegas was with l jane stacy often gregg anthony and you know just duke ending the forty five year mornings tree i remember this vividly goes on my parents who i love to death they ve been married now it's gonna be forty four years and you know of any interest a handful of fights and my father you know learned early the you know don't you know put your foot down too much my mother had a plan to go to dinner like with her friend from college in her eyes
and i remember really meant my vavasor am i going i'm not missing this game right it is a chance to be an old time game and i just remember you know late nor hitting the shoe free threat she that you for life jamie right and then you didn't like really i mean i haven't really stop kind of having rights is more twenty third ninety ninety one that's it i loved it john thank you everyone farm at john raw seeing you can galen jet you can check it out cbs s eye w a fan and also as pod cast college hoops today john thank you keep your guts are you guys are favoured beers back its bud light and just in time for the college basketball term but let's keep it
bill and changing the game by being transparent and putting the ingredients label right on their packaging brutal barley hops water and rice that's it no corn serve no preservatives no artificial flavors who else is keeping a realist week while we know that dukes keeping really knows i am keeping a real we know coach k is keeping a real with his fake hair we love march mass and the only thing that we love more than march madness is but light also were doing our but light busters bracket its can become an out on tuesday where work and be drafting underdogs for that we're gonna be rooting for in the incidentally term it and if our underdog makes it the swedes exceed week to go to vegas four days birthday party how awesome is that pretty cool so butler passion but for that on tuesday in the meantime keep drinking that but light remember you gotta be twenty one or over to drink and nice called but light as long as you are then you should just slim home then review was also brought to you by movement
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billing watches great quality get fifteen percent off today with free shipping and free returns by going to envy empty dot com slash pardon for launching new styles all the time to check at the latest at in the empty dot com slash pardon enjoying movement ok let's get some segments regrets and breaking moves though fur the minutes from christie t again she said recently found a sort of machine at the airport to let you add flavors two different sodas as doktor pet where is the best suit i made vanilla doktor pepper it was a delight i've been doing some research and see what doktor pepper vanilla float used to exist can we have that back so breaking moves chrissy taken has recently found out of something that's existed for like a duck yeah call the coca cola freestyle machines that's why i'm here in every movie theater america hot that's so also be that goddamn rich to be that behind the times for that is
the sick man like you just don't you never are in public what so you don't go to movies you don't do anything like everything you know yet all the screens in your home movie theater and all that shit you off to the fly in these poor people airports you just found out about this chrissy taken yet spreading credit tat remember like george h w bush when he is president he found out wouldn't what a supermarket scanner first time i'm just i can't wait till christie finds out about goober it's gonna be insane yeah we're going figures out that you can call car call a cab to your house that's gonna be wild good for her yeah or less or to set about chalk on milk o which that britain is limited by for real recovery that take real good dairy cow like it i like his property we got all the integrated adds the ads awesome and that that is pretty sweet that's not know what a soda machine is like how do you go how do you go this long i mean i would guess like five years ago and it was new
me i've got very sad every cheerfully there and everywhere there and everywhere weighty each super healthy overtime if it's true so she would now will show you she was she gave of the year that tells me that had a doctor pepper tells me that john legend doesn't take her out to watch movies yet when on a single drives another don't gone dates anymore it's sad hither breaking up tat term that is an awesome existence i let's do some segments first that we have a broad blames he was caught sitting at the end of the bench in mecca he loves played in the mecca and i haven't really far away from all this teammates clyde frazier took him to task and then he was blocked for the came winner who walked home mario zonia yeah so leubronn blames i just listen i'm not your leubronn stampede lifting up the broad on i'm taking teen don't you think that he was sitting far enough away from his teammates because maybe you want to give them their space
he's been respectful of their personal bury law let me finish you sitting in gemstone lap whose like i wanna be a neck ok yeah even better i like this different gandhi put it out in the universe link last week that the lakers should treat the perhaps in its awesome this should not yankees better hang afraid of areas that are there listen there's a little something as contracts protein no trade clause i don't know it just billy halo brown sorry that will be pretty funny if they wanted eighty in l a if they snuck a contract pass in that didn't have no trade clauses and then they just shipped him till i has are it we have a respect appears this one is for bradley is the school and they they made the march they made the term for some twenty years and their coach basically band one of the writers from writing about but because he said he had a bad attitude budget yet what was the exact quota the court was he didn't do enough to promote the bradley brand which
as we know that you like if you're a local reporter whereas bradley located in illinois ok that's you know it's interesting is its basically if the united states gets into a war with a country or if its march bandits those are the only two times you have we ever learn about geography right like i know where so many shitty wofford school circular dago ya gotta garter web no idea where i don't either here anyone gardener web good answer piquet oh that's that's a nice our north carolina ok ice very interests yeah even those who like the only two reasons for us to learn geography obama if we're balmy your country or if your parents aren't you play against my team in the second round gather fifteen see plague kansas and they're gonna in there we won't even remember that you were in the tournament after forty men right you'll be the team that that was down five points to kansas with ten minutes left ten years ago and we all forgot your name bs
we watch him oh yeah you're the only crop back in two thousand we also great they call it crosses close yeah i think they took an overtime as a fifteen seed yeah i was actually looking up i love the sorry i look up the roma's whatsoever marking look it up taylor carbon wrath you gotta vermont is automatic like right into the next room just for just metropolis just because they'll cocktail carbon rats twenty years ago the files course seventy two fifty nine kansas and pull across his up at half time results are granted this day yes exactly so that those those those teams in those guys live on forever so eight saw the bradley guy would have this story and he's busy backers ina yet i guess it all big jays cause
they re too big stir they get the united behind their prescribe and some suggested that as a symbol after their first game in the incidentally term and all the other journalists our covering bradley should stand up together and collectively walk out when their coach i liked the microphone a walk and walk out good old fashioned walk i mean this is the basis of the dumbest thing you can do it if your small school yet because everyone loves rooting for the small schools everyone wants to me you know the next sister jean story real but the bad way to do that is to piss off all the journalists who would cover your school like add nausea linked to the point rowan sick error was sick of a fucking nine year old lady last year you think about that you could have that dude but you ruined it gives you because people were promoting the brain and whose the new sister jean this year if i was a coach are definitely pay and none too just hang out or am i to la
cat hence we should get a whole similar syndrome abroad yeah yeah with we were we record genre seen after the show but remember the time in the interview when we told them they should read about hanks cap yes ok awe of real powers it was while the world though is a weapon we have a new segment new signal or a f f gentlemen cells in the air yeah i'll do it sighed over this second his f remember that many member when we got into air for weak ass well they run into every day you never did now ok well very very will act as a sports by gas you're higher bragging about how you don't watch sports well nobody at one point on which i wish to record laid on sunday because they often we are like that what can i do they live or why they decide to hang out like europe we have to do this if we record laid on sunday night for the air from a chemist
law and that was i got a little over mosquito i'll be honest but yet they figured out what i like to call the golden triangle they're starting to to approach my theory which is if you can get gentlemen's l tim t bow column cap ethnic it any two of those three if you have two of those three quarterbacks in your league people tune in droves to watch yeah and they ve got one of em and end if you think i'm not gonna watch john men's everyone is we place for the for the memphis express my memphis express you're insane also him we might single terry's gonna be just italian chef kissing fingers this was there last move for two i gain any kind of relevance especially during march madness and this is it like we will watch a christian akbar i'm pretty sure got hurt no i'm pretty sure we need no now ok are met and burger got prozac member browser hack and berries find and put him in a safe room but having johnny manzella play a game like everyone will watch yes
that is what johnny means l is that he is like they should play this game on cbs before this rush you played on monday afternoon after the tournament even something you should just be all time quarterback forebodings zap and and so the f hats off to you one do little air far stat update ready for this trent richardson five games played tell me how many touchdowns and how three yards he's rush for ok i'm gonna say that he has five games he has eight touchdowns and i dont know how many yards but it's probably an average of three point one oh you are right on once we as eight touched ass he has seventy five four hundred eighty one yards for a two point four average perfect trent redress is almost a human first down if you just ran for dance yet rang gregson is he's like on the phone right now you that trade yes anyone that rate if you look at it you see that's what stands for
aims a concise and say what you want to buy me a very efficient he doesn't need a lot of yours he has touched our two point i'd rather a running back works smart and work are longest rush twenty two yards ten yards that was a ever f does so good i ll so we have a this league yon as duncan bent simmons and said he's a fucking baby a baby this league man this leagues crazy it is it more disrespectful to call somebody fucking baby or a baby back pitch like fuckin baby is pretty pretty disrespectful shall katy for shouting us out then he has his watches our every move back bitch i do like katy i swung entirely for me i am simultaneously leubronn stana katy stand both to future new york well he's starting to embrace the fact that he like talking about his burners me like tat i read everything i think kevin durrant is actually does
my purse yeah he just doesn't act like he's the problems for a long time he pretended he like he tried bob ride to say was above it turns out no he's just a normal right he's exactly like us except he's got a slightly wetter jumper than me and sweet tattoos yeah business tax and he'd camp inches much as me no that's actually virtue alright let's finish up we have a monday reading this one's doozy it's coming from vice we actually alluded to at last week it is titled my month inside a group of people who drink their own piss right so i started off the first line alright everyone let's start off our day with a nice tall glass of piss okay dad is sounds good to me that's it's another day in the facebook group urine therapy the real universal remedy of form i joined exactly a month ago when i noticed a drinking one's own pee was in the news as it is again today
and it was really than i don't think it was ever than no wasn't the news he saw blake i don't i was recommended on his google algorithm form hat so we have constantly certainly there is anybody drinking piss yet in america in the facebook description the groups as a current therapy opens the doors of your soul healing every party or being uti refers not just to the drinking of one's own pissed but also the bathing in it and its consumption through the nostrils by the way when the things i nordic it's not your story like with a straw hat chopping up in line freezing it and then using his eyes cubes one of the things i like the most in this world is when people jump really quickly into their own little acronym for whatever weird thing they're doing yes like they mentioned urine if he wants glossed over that and now all of a sudden were calling we agreed to call uti taxes back its rays we hope as you d let's go hooty i should call ceo it goes on he's in this facebook group every posts in the face for group is capable surprised me surely
after i join someone ask a group what they most like about urine therapy it gave me more energy more flexibility more clarity of mind more ability to fast for longer so it's so it's helping you fast you doing like one junk sign things to facilitate another to make you more efficient at a different it lets me put my phiten necklaces on much more easily it lets me drink my cauliflower juice that cures cancer a lot easier yeah so i could actually understand why would help with fasting because it's probably going to take away your appetite cuz you're drinking a glass of your own hot pissed some reason i don't feel like eating much when i'm drinking my pistol all are alright so more ability to fast for longer in a great understanding of how harmful food is to our baby this guy has somewhat this and other adds that's why i love about it it's a feedback loop to measure how your body eat beef and fries any urinal tastes like ass that's
you can tell like that you shouldn't be eating someth all one song i saw one meal i can't do that because it makes my pistol spent then someone else says it does asparagus make your pistol great i bet it doesn't really healthy here so what else as they like the increase vibration it's very penal bland cleansing its leading to spiritual enlightenment for me i had the ceiling open one morning in love just poured out over words cannot describe what i felt it was real yet real while we are so love dude i think you drink your u ecstasy pass you're trembling too much e e you went to a brave and then he pissed into it and then he did it again and then on a sunday morning you woke up and you are still role discuss needs a hobby more than anything that's a bunch of people by
we have just get a hobby like you you how board you have to be to resort to drinking your own pissed for fund yeah not because you have to not because you're you're dying of thirst but just because you're looking for a weird outlet in your life for something to write about imagine how many things at disguise exhausted like different hobbes and thinks he's got a gun into to write about on a shitty blog that now he's reach drinking piss ok quicksighted tension i've i've drank one shot as before i have also try ass i drink or disclosure yet full disclosure of reverence there it was actually won in college roused it was a can explain it it was i was doing steroids so i provided clean piss my own clean piss and saved it in the refrigerator and then that's a bad thing to have around
like when you just drinkin in college i saw how would it be for hey if you lose this bad you got drink the pessimism and sit in the refrigerator wasn't good i've been was clean no steroids i've accidently done it before okay so that's a little bit better than my on matters like yet passed that i drank because i was also try steroids yeah what i think that's like cooler actual yeah probably always loosen its true i was just like you and i was under the damages giusto edges had a lack of awareness on my part if i so generous so it s a group of they can drink someone else's place because bringing their nephew went down so much easier and what the fuck someone pops in the comment that the post is being reported in the people are uneasy with the bull thank god there rules first listen the guidelines we are here to do it in the past guzzlers form ok you drink your own piss about why is it weirder to drink a young person's pistol the dragon old persons pass all we're gonna get that we're gonna get that don't you weren't
perhaps it was the way you worded it they say in early february someone else says i've been fasting during urine and eating once a day for a couple weeks now yesterday experience something very different my vision started to flicker it was i could see another dimension to matthew just your die guys you're drinking yourself to death with your own piss drowning yourself in piss okay so can you oil is it possible you know you can get that thing that syndrome if you drink too much water yourselves flood and you die right can you can you drown yourself by drinking too much of your own piss i may i would assume sylvia tabby b i that's actually pretty fuckin metal waited die so will it will not shock you pay fifty to learn that a lot of these people in this group are paranoid of big science so the guy goes on cuz he starts interviewing people the paranoia in the community is alarming if you're and therapies is as effective as people claim i ask allegedly day that's his name
the same is so period already allegedly hasn't me my parents call me dave i did not elect at name of my own i asked day why doctors wouldn't simply prescribe tells me that i have a naive view of the world and that the medical industry is trying to reduce the population by ninety percent fat red the u n security council kyoto seventy sub section five c three pro humanoids in china as per the joe rogan pike access i ask him what he would do if you got cancer tomorrow he says it would never happen if it did he would follow the alternative health teachings of doktor john beard doktor otto war burg doktor ernst t crabs doktor bruce lipton that's a fake name when i look up doktor earns t crabs i discover that he was
can't man who wasn't a doctor and promoted all sorts of bogus treatments that's fucked up yes really fucked up doktor brunner guided does that soap with all with a manifesto render has lived in one of the facebook group submitted traders ass to remain anonymous i wonder why says the group isn't for promoting urine therapy simply for discussing it she worried that people were ridicule the group members yet us we're doing right now they conflate urine therapy with anti vaccination yeah they don't want to be there goes the crazy do we not want to be associated with it and if you were to look at the membership in this group probably ninety five percent them also or members of like one of one of the framework baxter event diagrams one big circle also if you would ask the members of an anti vocs group they would probably like no we don't we don't be associate with ruth restricting their impact of those people are snorting pests
just the wives are oriented actors in all their husbands histories unbelievable wrap up here unity yang i ask i asked her why medical experts wouldn't prescribe urine if secured almost every disease on earth medicine is evidence based if they haven't got evidence it is effective they cannot prescribe she answers i used to be able to be open with my doctor and tom about europe therapy and he would take interest now he just gruffly says don't drink your urine or don't stick your you're an appeal fuck man i last up liese partner in urine therapy fabian fargo horsemen is thirty seven years old and from the midlands he and now a talk show called alkalies to realise that's fucking pass talk show alkalies to relay ever defined talks will you they do have faced bulgaria do this programme as well as an aged urine facebook group not not a facebook
that's old yet the urine his old and it's a face like like whisky or wine get better yes fabian says he'd like to help homeless people with age urine therapy he says it started listen like that's like your basically you're one step away from being the world's biggest jack ass being like you know atlas tested on homeless marie antoinette said let them eat cake that person saying let them drink their own piss no let them drink their own aged yes oh yeah good stuff you're on the street peasant mason jar like hiding under some leaves for weak very her grandmother ferment for a little bill and then come back and you ll be good to go he says it's starting your and therapy around two years we don't get some eliminating buy me a beer as part of his spiritual practice increases energy when i ask what treatment he would seek if you were to get cancer he says he would shrink age during i used to think the same as you lee tells i did i really did until i got ill
everybody that goes on it it just changes their life or hypnotize you and tells you a load ally's it's one of the two i love these people because if you talk to someone like this like these crazy people long enough will eventually just tell on themselves so he literally just admitted that it's hypnotizing him to the point where you just telling a little lies that like urine drinking your own urine good for you what is sterile very dangerous line that came out is everybody always says you know pee is sterile it's fine to like if you pee on a cut or something on a jellyfish stings yep it's fine until we're got out that p is is good for you in certain medical circumstances and they just took it to the next logical step is like let's just let's snort it let's drink it let's do it up let's mainline it remember when the kids
if you go were were dipping tampons in vodka and putting up there but ya do remember that i was watching kip put show you with wine as i but has made jackass but we know cameras yet honestly like i would much rather butchered gimme in arbour missed up my but let me get drunk out rather do that and drink my on p but shucking chugging urine is definitely a acknowledged your your crossing all the wires that isn't your body's not going to a certain liquids and i'm prepared to be inside my colon and i would say that piss is the very last one all right so i want to do a call out if anyone knows anyone in the greater new york area who has a friend that drinks his own urine on the regular would love to interview have them come in we will drink our own urine test it we will yeah piss vampires a grave we finding ranging indulge that's how he can tell if you're taken recreational marijuana yeah just sips your pay
let's somalia we're doing it for the people you know we need to find some one of you no sir whose big into you t because and it had a familiar yet no we'll drink each it will do like pissed rula ya know whose picture drink to swap yeah i'll be able itself it's my past hopefully it's awfully it's like an elderly person that age urine gill your piss out all your muscles in the iron yen aright that's our show on wednesday we have our good friend mark titus joining us so will do some more bracket talk maybe he'll apologize to everyone for his last performance and how terrible that went i can't believe you have in mind so soon it's actually kind of crazy i use a thing when yet anyone have an interview liked out when your guess really
explain his mouth usually give it some time in and let them me i'll do the public apology tour i dont know if he's change i don't know i don't know if he's like accepted responsibility for we'll find out we will we will demand an apology on wednesdays interview see how we react guys it's part
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