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CFB W/ Tom Fornelli and Andy Staples, Fyre Fest + Worst Mt Rushmore Ideas

2019-08-29 | 🔗

Football is Back (again). The Colts are bringing in the best backups and the NCAA is stupid. (2:48-12:45) Fyre Fest Of The Week (14:40-21:30) plus the Mt Rushmore of worst Mt Rushmore ideas. (21:31-32:08) CBS CFB writer Tom Fornelli joins the show to preview the season, tell us who is winning the Big Ten and a guaranteed lock of the week. (32:08-58:08) The Athletic's Andy Staples joins the show to talk SEC, his final four, and how crazy college boosters are. (59:22-1:18:08) Segments include embrace debate carli lloyd,(1:20:20-1:24:14) sabermetrics, (1:24:15- 1:28:00) talking soccer (1:29:28-1:31:52) and Jilly Football's exit interview.(1:31:53-1:44:09)

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on today's part in my take college football preview with our good friends tom fornelli and andy staples they give you some pics some winners preview of each conference some insights 'cause college footballs back we also have fire fest of the week mount rushmore of worst mount rushmore topics we could do and a special bonus jake is compiled are worse pics of the year to end mount rushmore season i didn't have many and then at the end of all this the exit interview with jill chile football we say goodbye although she can she's going to be around but we say goodbye officially to the summer intern julie football the shooting star
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are you ready for what i'm about to say i don't think so football is back for the 16th time we're actually we're like we're like the eighth out of sixteen future ones 'cause we do footballs back when the preseason starts we do football back when week zero now this college football we're going to do it for thursday for sunday sunday monday and then also the first color rush game of the year that's going to be football you hated hank football is battle is back kind of though right now it really is although i'm kind of we're recording this at two hundred and fifty three the crow flies right now yeah so we're going to do a little choose your own adventure but i'm looking at this late games for tonight not great and it looks like clemson beat dish it out of georgia tech texas state covered against a and m okay because alexis i was a lost money on that okay yeah well you know the lexus texas give a pump up speech to the nice the wildcats were the bobcats a river there a texas state
and then i'm gonna go with b y u covered against utah but we saw one the mormon off yeah okay yeah so yeah we're doing this little early this actually like our last basically our lab early show that we're going to do until after the super bowl yeah hey yay we're going to be here every night hank love it you love it so football back college football i did wake up this morning and i know i think we're joking but
i do wake up every time quote unquote football is back with an extra pep in my step because you wake up and you're like there are real college football games i'm going to bet on all these i'm going to watch it saturday has the worst slate of college football games except organ in auburn and i'm going to watch every single one of them and i'm just ready for it to be here but you know what it's not even about this later games it's just whenever you see the colors of football powerhouse back on the field again yep it feels great the song is the song the college game day yep me waking up at one thousand am perfectly on the dot it's actually nine hundred am desmond howard have to choke a bit desmond howard will have to djokovic yeah it's going to be a great weekend i'm very excited about an it's labor day weekend which means that we don't have to work until monday night so there will be shows tuesday wednesday and friday of next week and i
i can't wait to get that extra sunday in i can't wait when the lord rest i can't wait so the other football is back brandon weeden well let's just say the three kings of backup quarterbacks all converged on indianapolis today brandon weeden you had let's see who else you had broadcast brock osweiler or jesus castle in matt cassel all in india on the same day vying for the backup spot to swag kelly do you think swag kelly knows it one of these guys are going to take his job hey what's up man i kelly doesn't know much about it party leaders why kelly lives is like second to second so i do think you struggle it's got this in the past you think swag kelly is a bag of vacuum cleaners like your dog is absolutely sees one as i go yeah i got to get out yes the here yeah do you think it's chase out of a house that i should be in wearing the costume so i saw those three names right das while at the castle and we didn't we didn't and i
to imagine that they've run into each other in airports before audition for the exact same backup yeah like a club there's secret society of backup it's like amy adams and izla fisher running into each other in the audition room for the same role in this type of thing has to happen all the time form they probably do like the jeep wave to each other that the backup quarterback way they're probably all shooting is taking off your baseball cap and rubbing your head and put your cap back there probably all staying at jim sorgi's house yeah there's just like hey jim where the backups are here let's all just hang out and trade stories at the times we didn't play yeah i'm excited though whatever happens to the colts backup quarterback situation this year because man that is that is a murderers row of guys that aren't very good let me ask you a question now that the dust has settled do you think what would you put percentage wise andrew luck plays another down in the nfl like this game because i have after the dust is settled and everyone got their takes off and we did the whole thing i just feel like he come back next year i i would put it at nine percent
really that low yeah less than ten single single digits okay because i could see him being like you know what i feel good i took a year off i traveled i did architecture we get all the stuff in the nfl or the accent now no in the nfl nfl xfl i would put it at twenty five percent you wouldn't play any acts of wanna i'm not even for his dad because he wouldn't he's a you know a leader of the elite he's like a plane xfl league even if you don't ask except none of his dad was like hey andrew we can make to sleep together we can build it does that equity in the xfl what if these dad was like you can't get touched then yeah he will andrew luck gets to wear a reservation if they did that if they did the xfl was like hey
we wanted some we we want the routing quarterback no yeah it is to in touch with their with andrew luck what if they just made and you look all time court date yet for whatever game he was in right yeah that's a good idea a place full size two hand touch i've been saying for the longest time but the xfl if they want success they need to get two thirds of the golden triangle of johnny manziel calling capranica robert griffin and some tivo it's a weird up triangle but if we can get two slash three of those guys playing in the league and people watch add andrew luck to the list so if they get two slash three of the triangle of those four plus andrew luck that league is going to be a success ok so i'm going to put the percentage i normally do little trick little media trick for you out there i'm going to say there's one hundred percent chance to andrew luck plays another snap in the nfl oh that's good you know why because i can base we keep saying it for the next ten years and by that time i'll be dead and yeah and just be like oh my i put an expiration date on my own life
and andrew luck's like potential of you know who's out there andrew luck that will last far longer so not to take take too much i had some we can't because you don't know you well we'll have we'll listen well year do you listen to whatever sanders just apply interesting connect the dots is we're not conspiracy goes to work at the connect the dots guys there is a doctor out there he specializes in holistic medicine so you know it's legit he he thinks that andrew luck shoulder didn't heal correctly because indianapolis was the first city in the country to get 5g service ok and he thinks that all the data swimming through that city interferes with the regeneration of stem cells so he thinks the andrew luck's his shoulder is actually never going to repair because of that i didn't know that alex jones god his platform back our he's had a long long well actually he did you do and and he's got a big line of male in his
products that i've sampled out there so humanoids indianapolis alex jones is basically a doctor if you want to get down to it but then i thought to myself wait but he's got the flip phone so like how does the data work but then i was like you know what maybe you're saying you're like i'm too high for this may be our cell phones that connect to the 5g service maybe those draw all the wi fi and all the data into them if you have a flip phone it just goes into your body instead so i'm going to say you know what i'm gonna say zero percent ok gradually other side you say one hundred percent well you already said nine one of us is going to be right yeah exactly it's a zero sum game here it's either going to play again or he's not an it's going to happen in twenty years by that time i'll be law yeah i just don't see it happening okay so the other news we had was the ncaa continues to be the ncaa and so explain this to me you you briefly explain to me before the show
it's essentially the college football in the nc double a just keep finding ways to get in the news for ridiculous stories that everyone universally says is bull yeah so this is why it took me a second to truly believe this but virginia tax often sulaimon brock hoffman he transferred there i believe from coastal carolina a transfer to tech to be closer to his mom who is recovering from she had brain surgery she had a tumor and so he did the medical hardship thing where he wanted to be closer to his family and the ncaa won't let him play this year because he's one hundred and six miles away his parents house is one hundred and six miles away from blacks burg and
have to be within one hundred miles and they just issued that ruling like a month ago after i had already transferred so now everybody is being like ncaa what the fuck what are you doing and you know how badly after fa cup to make me feel sorry for virginia tech like normally when i heard the ncaa is screwing virginia tech football over i was like yes and then they said because one of their players mom had a brain tumor and he wants to be closer and i was like damn it i can't i can't side with the ncaa on this one so i actually think the ncaa depicts these stories specifically they're like we need to find a way where everyone would think our ruling is completely unjust an bulshit rule that way so everyone talks about that and not the fact we make billions of dollars and you know like extort everyone in and and basically running entire corporation that is bullshit right if you can put a couple high profile ups out there right like this one getting rid of the nc double a video game still wait on that to come back then people
will spend their time complaining about that and asking jay bilas to commentate on that as opposed to just be like hey what's up with the cartel right and then what they'll do is they'll be like you know what after further review we're going to let this kid play it's the old roger goodell banning celebrations in the end zone have everyone say the no fun league and then being like guess what i'm giving you the celebrations back yeah you can't you can't say i didn't do anything for you guys you're right it's like the actual cartel in mexico having that like two billion dollar shipment intercepted that was going to chris long probably in philadelphia and they're just like hey will sacrifice this two billion dollars if we can keep flooding el paso and keep flooding right all these borders red herring coke yeah we're onto you instead of light well done that smart okay so before we get to our fire fastener mount rushmore quick word barstow goal dot com slash p m t we have next week a fire writer coming into the studio and we're going to interview a firefighter in the studio hank we're going to say
rushmore thing to we went to mount rushmore thing to be the month after so make sure your burst will dot com slash pmt bonus episode next thursday and you have to just put on sale the pft is modeling currently show hat our shirts or sweatshirts we got some new stuff coming a lot of old a lot of our line we got yep short sleeve sweatshirt sweatpants which sources watcher does the other over there shut up like bills are gonna go get him go get him through me one go get him let's finish if he's going to get him on a live neri pft is searching for running already do a snap it's not like a on the wall cut back with you guys wearing no oh no no it's keep this all in okay 'cause it's funny it's stupid it's funny okay bob how your voice oh hell yeah all these are sick okay all right we're back one them do the snap again
there we go and have it be like if slowly putting his on and we're wearing our pardon my take if you plan to challenge flag right now right if you short sleeve sweatshirts sneaky the best way to look like an athlete without being one you put it on and people just say well where you coming what kind of training regimen are you doing it got awesome you guys look like you're part of an organization all right i am part of an organization yes sir those least organize organization of all time but yeah if you wear one of these shirts a matching pair of sweatpants and then your buds but we're gonna go out five hundred today you're basically on an nfl team at that point yeah i feel very good about this okay fire fest the week hank why don't you start all right boy
i mean you guys won't have this problem i've been grinding away for the past two months ever since my ad rita i took a notice of my follower shout at everyone that has followed me since then henry lockwood one instagram i finally got to a hundred k and i was in our time to apply to be verified i figured once i get the triple digits that will you know push me over the edge to get verified i finally applied we have gas a social media guy who's like supposed to be in with instagram like has all these connections and i like him up as a you know can you know help me out grease the wheels a little bit il got ridge no shame no blue checkmarks i don't want one on twitter like that saying that one is done but instagram is a good look it is a good look why why is it good luck but when you slide into other peoples down who is dnr move who's dms do you want to be slightly would you like it if you even if you like celebrities like pictures and stuff that like oh who's this blue check mark like oh shit oh it's hank locklin yeah damn ok he's the one who's been sliding into my dm s and liking every bikini picture that my name is sophie turner but now that's
i'm never going to get that recognition so rachel bush won't reply to your dms is your fire festival week that sucks i'm so sorry hank thank you yeah i apologize firstly your hardship i think thank you pft what's yours up to maybe heck maybe it's because your name is henry lockwood one and say just henry lock wouldn't like something nice and clean like that look at the numbers and the numbers is really j i mean there were more time yeah my fire first of the week is i have had to come to terms with something recently i think it's actually like a good life skill to have okay but it's tough to pick up it's i've had a hard time learning how to not disagree with somebody who's making a valid point just because i don't like them
no no i'm saying that's stupid it's tough but you're saying wait hold on you're saying someone you dislike they say something that is correct yes and you now agree with them and no and now i like i find myself not wanting to agree with them because they don't like them but you're i realized wrecked actor making i'm trying to no don't so that's so stew so you're basically saying you have learned to not be petty exactly in now well we were students tough so fleet my inner pettiness is is fighting against my per it's like my brain and my my balls you want to say who you're speaking of is just well yeah it's basically like every conspiracy theorist in the world the q in on people are saying that jeffrey epstein was murdered and that he didn't commit suicide and i'm like i kind of agree with that i think that all hell like i i think there are a hundred percent correct but i don't like them and
so how do i how do i stop myself from from thinking that way this country's all about though yes so what are you gonna do to to fix this i'm gonna go back in time and murder jeffrey obscene myself so you go that way i know exashare at been because the report just came out today that two of the the cameras that were monitoring his prison cell just happen to be malfunctioning just have them more time hello yeah let's talk yep he come on pete imagine if pete was just the the center of the jeffrey at mac magic if pete was the clintons like assassin he be pretty good at it that's okay now i'm yeah now i'm now our relationship with p is up yeah just keep an eye on how we hate pete now is going to kill us as we know too much but yeah it's it's a tough skill to pick up and i think i'm learning it now you can't do
so it just fight against it if you don't like someone you just have to disagree with them at all costs they could tell you dogs are cool and you be like fuck that maybe march curly was right about jacking up that drug price ten thousand percent yeah no we don't have an open mind no don't open minds are for suckers all right my fire fest i got two one is hard knocks which we talked about on wednesday to watch it in our later 'cause we don't have cable that's i now know what it's like you know the old saying like walk a mile in another man's shoes i know how stupid it is for all you anti for all you cord cutters out there yeah you're dumb you're you should listened to us yeah and then my other one is jay cutler announced that he's going to opening night packers at bears and prefire fest i think people are going to build oh really you have a real shame i don't i i don't know i think it's going to be a mix but i think
would be great is if everyone just yelled out in unison don't care but i don't think that can be done so i think people are going to boom it's going to just depress me i think that that chicago bears season ticket holders are within their rights to boo jaco no don't he holds all the records i think david hey you were the one that was to fit you were standing in the fan since you were a big time no i i'm not saying they should have known once so you will be it will pull me out yes a jay cutler guy yeah i'm not going to say oh my god how could you i'm saying it's going to me out if it happens you need to make sure to take to twitter if that happens and just let everybody know that it's a classy guy you're right stay classy bears yeah god damn it yeah that's going to we gotta get jail put a shot in the line for your franchise yeah really we're gonna get you on the job i'm gonna work i'm a work as much as i can and by that i mean i'm gonna text him once every month and he'll never reply he had really comes on he had a fake mcl injury that he i was real that he played down for you that was a cat that was real our list to our mount rushmore sure we
you jake first should jake tell us the worst mount rushmore answers we had to have a compilation let's do that so jake so we're gonna do the mount rushmore the finality of mount rushmore season is going to be the mount rushmore of worst mount rushmore topics we could do we haven't done i've so great we do have some breaking news spring those that did as first reported by welch on twitter spencer hawes how to work out with the seventy sixers yeah they they brought him in for work out i've just heard from spencer hawes it what it went well nice will see hell yeah so the workout went well the moose and that was brought you by choice you for real cover that tastes real good and we skipped what's it that's most important
i was aware was leroy on that i i don't gives i don't give it iron clad scoops to leroy i give the half ones that have like a ten percent chance of coming true by the way we raise the states of the leroy was right and wrong simultaneously this runaway use runners dog he he said that the game the fsu game was gonna be moved to a friday night telecom let the storm turns out it isn't that what gracious of them to accomodate start yeah they said we're gonna have we're gonna welcome you here but we're gonna get the game in friday that was incorrect on his part but he corrected his school
and said direction moving the game to tallahassee on saturday instead shot at leroy for nailing that one wow wow one group all right shake our worst mount rushmore responses as decided by the a w also yep so first off in general everyone's colors because why the colors one was great read good pick right now he can't remember we're likely i'm ready to do that yeah that comes on right yeah yeah j o sees levy on pick you hans see that's where it's like that was the best pick but it was the worst but it was the best yeah pft goodell as a future guests yeah that song i think every no this is not it don't have an awesome i'm surprised at people and say just all of p if these pics they're all gonna if goodell that they don't like you guys are you didn't ask many hard questions i'll try you literally couldn't we had a gun to our head i'll try to jerk him off try to sexually so okay of when hank said the people who clap on planes aren't psychopaths street all right
that was the wrong by the end yours i think you should clap on plants always in the feet it's a modern miracle it really is big cat wanting cardi b on the show oh why bad another bad taste of my love him deeply he's on the bad worst not rushmore pick i saw to it the other day that's a car to be just talks like she's ordering in the drive thru but per all the time and pretty funny that's because yelling really loud yeah yeah how convenient is that
ok in the mount rushmore of meats hanks meet up for tickets before the big game i've forgotten by now that's pretty good one yeah ok last year but pfts hornet got a lot of thought that was the best pic i've ever had in my rush work and then overall there's a conspiracy all of pfd's fourth answers when he tosses out something horrible so when he loses he can blame it on that and other things are not rushmore ding ding ding ok let's do it though mount rushmore of worst mount rushmore topics some of these we might do next year we'll see mount rushmore season is always fun but it's always good
it always feels and right around the time when it and it's like yeah i was ready to go there's a reason special yeah birthday was every day you and give a when you turn a new age yeah so it's like mount rushmore seasons great when it happens and then by the end of it we're all ready to go home be on our way start with football because football's back okay mount rushmore of worst mount rushmore topics i go first i think it's me then pft then hang up all right let's go i think it would be a really bad mount rushmore topic if we did the mount rushmore of racial slurs sock i had that one okay that's a great bad no rush yeah that would be a bad one i do you agree or disagree of course i agree that it would be good or bad bad bad bad very bad why would it be bad your pics would be good because we get cancelled i don't even know any racial slurs so right same research so they would be bad because we wouldn't we just be like our first pick is i don't see color i don't have one yeah ok ok that's good you get richie on
ok my first time going to mount rushmore things we would change about each other oh because that would get heavily for that either yeah because we wouldn't have anything i think that might be a good one that might be it would be a bad for the show's health would be good for the listing be bad for the future of the show but the listeners would love it in the moment i don't think she would be ripe yes ok have to the mail more patriots okay wow you i really don't like to patch on damn i just feel like people would get upset if we did that okay okay and then i'll watch more of astrological signs okay okay is there only twelve right yeah yeah that would probably be bad that would probably be well thirteen with equipment i yeah the best hey come on you know crimini
okay somebody educate this man my next i'm going to go with rushmore of worst beyonce traits just because the bay hive will get after yeah that was too and we would get yes that would that would be a roasting okay mom i'll go so i have two now what the mount rushmore of most gruesome child abduction cases you guys have any on top of your head i mean right off the bat yeah the guy the guy go lindbergh baby member yeah i wanna be back go oooh boy that would be that i can't even say the go it would be best yes if you go to it's the what okay and then my third pick will be mount rushmore of reasons why the pay gap between men and women is actually understandable
tell me about what i would be i'd be a really bad that would be a bad one today are really bad talking problematic about right yeah we really i mean it would be that it would be very bad okay okay and we again don't have any answers for that uh what are you looking at me for it when you sold me about this you're like yeah well just think of ones that we might actually do in the future but no i said it just worst once if we could do it if you wanted i don't want i don't want to either in the worst mount rushmore topics yes we would never do them ok ok my next one is at the beginning that we might do these actually no well you kept on saying we should do them for the gold episode i was like ok well we can try but you didn't explain that you were going ok my back my next was mount rushmore of true facts about why vaccines are bad so ok that would be that would be bad do you want to take a second i think no i'm good crush so now russia or of types of hats
dang ok ok it's also bad one yeah well actually i mean now that i'm thinking about it you got your sombreros you got your dad hats bucket hat yeah if you had your hat on the handle actually as we're saying it is bad ok top hats or like or like you wear multiple hats like my political what is it like political people wear two different hats should never had anything with maggie hell like different hats in different branch red hats yeah you know what i'm talking about okay and then my last actually like he wears multiple hats so that the thing that people say jack of all trades master of none yeah sure yeah because one i will go with great yeah i'm just a would be on the yeah they're not rush more of the worse mount rushmore's we could do oh so this just put pulled like the trump card on all this we're getting we're getting very metal with this yeah that actually is a good one though i think this has been going swimmingly uh if you wanted to do a more contentious one okay since my last one
i'm going to go with mount rushmore of dreams that we've had because nobody likes hearing about somebody else's dreams yeah i had that as well all my last one i don't have a crazy one last night though ok want you want me to get into it i dreamt that we're doing this mount rushmore and it went way off the rails how 'bout mount rushmore land my last pic mount rushmore of favorite porn cream pie scenes i mean yeah now would suck when it you gotta go with china trump on that one right that suck
say it again mount rushmore a fever cream pie porn scenes that i mean that could be at their educational do muddled huh alexis texas it's sports related are what other ones we have that miss lewis religions religious re bad hakikat no i think gives would actually be good about it i would be very tough to like explain it though not the video that we would make out of it would be good i think best fantasy drafts we personally had yeah i think in two thousand six i got with danny and thomas in the fourth round aha that's pretty good how bout mount rushmore of episodes of mash agreed i mean i don't want those shows no i haven't either that's one of those shows up we would we would really lock in on the seventy plus audience mount rushmore vegetables
yeah it really is trash now that mount rushmore of tragedies were over a hundred people died uh mount rushmore things that can melt steel beams not rush terminal illnesses yeah these are all great bad choice i would suck it would suck these are all really bad right these are all very very bad mount rushmore of people on pardon my take yeah yes that would yeah mount rushmore of authors i don't think we do well on that oh you wanna try do you wanna try to put together a lily shakespeare just bronstein rl hearing paulson jk rowling ok done i don't even get one in there so it's not really an element gary gary paulsen toddler shakespeare rl stine i was going i was going say mike greenberg from mine is the book of his name my wife won't let you know it was like is like my wife makes me wear gloves to type this book that yeah
we could just we just do a reading about mount rushmore favorite my green word passages from his book so it's definitely the one where he talked about getting his hotel an not having wi fi and trying to zhirkov to internet porn know what sorry was internet porn it was the hotel dirty movies that they show yay and then going down to the lobby and seeing that on your list when you check out what about mount rushmore creed songs i mean there's is to put out there so many hire my own prison not rushmore of npr hosts ira glass that's it yeah that's it there's only one he just they'll one song yeah what is one so usually make him in a factory it's so great when you hear an npr voice you're like wow that's the yeah perfect away npr works is they just have somebody that just inject some with methamphetamines every four hours and just keep going yeah but but
then also maybe doses them with night quil so they have that like subdued voice yeah i have to have that laid back subdued i could fall asleep at any moment yeah concussed but also on mac right right all right vote on the last mount rushmore of the year yeah would you say this is contentious by how mad you are at main wouldn't that would then we solve hanks issue what he wanted to do i think so like you're furious for this one yeah you keep giving me the finger hank really didn't like the hank light none of them except for your cream pie one size really why did we do that one yeah hold on i gotta couple pics already alright before we get to our interviews we got tom fornelli first then andy staples a quick word from our friends at directv for over twenty years directv has been the exclusive home to nfl sunday ticket the only way to get every live game every sunday
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check out all right here is our good friend tom fornelli okay we now welcome on our good friend and college football writer it is tom fornelli he's also oshit you just tweet it a second ago yeah i think you just really lock of the week a second ago while you were all that was timed oh ok it was scheduling tweetdeck i thought you were ok alright so he's uh i like to use yeah cbs sports writer he has his pics on sportsline which you should get and you can see all toms pics he does great college football gambling and i didn't realize this because you didn't make an announcement of why you were going to the athletic but you right on the athletic i don't write for
athletic i host a white sox podcast i'm your competition now got it yeah how many people assume that white socks and intriguing upwards of fifteen or sixteen everyone who goes to the game gets a free subscription yeah okay yeah they actually hear about episode right let's do some college football because tom actually is very very smart when it comes college football his pixar always sharp where do you want to start out actually i'll tell you where i want to start are we going to buy the nebraska hype because i'm sick of it what's your level of hype well so there are my dark horse this year but i feel like they're everyone's dark everyone here's my level hype adrian martinez is going to get invited to manhattan they're going to win the big ten west and it's going to be the 80s and 90s all over again and people nebraska fans think i bash on them i actually like nebraska but i just am not ready it's one of those programs
that you are what you are and holding on to the glory days is so silly to main so go ahead and tell me i'm wrong what nebraska like become the big ten's version of texas in which everybody's always proclaiming its back and it hasn't been back yet so i get why you're tired but i do think that nebraska could win the big ten west this year and i also think that if you look at them adrian martinez could be the best quarterback in the big ten and i think that's a big reason why people are so overhyped on him i take them to win the division but i also think that the or six teams in that division that can win the division illinois's the only one that's not doesn't really have a chance if minnesota wins the big ten w i'm not going to be surprised well little surprise but it wouldn't be that big of a shock so when i look at it
offense is going to be very good scott frost wherever he's gone the offense has been great and the defense should be improved with another year of experience although that's still kind of a wait and see kind of thing but if that defense takes a step forward as far as talent level goes as as far as how explosive that offense can be to the rest of the team in that division they have an advantage there so yeah that that i think they are legit threat to win the west i think they're a little too popular so i agree with you on that tell me this tom because i always struggle with this one with college football when we're judging going into the season when the defense stinks but then they're like they're returning ten out of eleven starters where do you usually weigh in for what they are because that happens all the time like well they're returning a lot of starters but they fucking sucked it depends who the starters are if i would rather have if my secondary sucked last year but all four of them are back that's good if my defensive line sucked last year and all four of them are back and there's nobody that's able to take the job
that's not great i'd rather have new guys in those positions were secondaries i feel like are important and the more experience you get the more valuable it is so if you're young and stupid you're going to make mistakes that you might not make yourself more to new year so it depends who's back but the same time like you said it is one of those situations like yeah we have ten starters back from a defense that allowed forty four points a game last year old boy is so it's it's really hard to judge just based on that how good they're going to be so i look at the secondary i look at the defense of line that those are the two most important things to me as far as which starters are back and trust before we go any further i feel like i've wanted to ask a question for you for the last two years but now it's gone so far that i'm embarrassed to ask it but i'm going to ask it anyway what is the cartoon dog in your avatar that you always post who is that it's mister peanut butt from bojack horseman ok that's that's one of those shows that i know i would like if i actually sat down took the time to watch it 'cause everybody talks about it yeah i just haven't gotten around to it yet give it time you know
get through football season and then when you're feeding for more football in like what february third or so they just try it for a little bit and see how you like it so i think you will enjoy it what is the significance when you post the picture of the avatar of mister peanut butter or whatever does that mean you just want a better you lost about uh it doesn't really mean anything i mean if the winning the bet is the donald duck if mr peanut butter just kind of became a meme okay as people associate it with me now because i think more people follow me then probably watch patek courts like so i i think that they just a so like a like you a lot of people don't know who it is they think it's just my avatar so i just you guys didn't have kind of what's the correct we had to take control yeah there we go i've appropriated the cartoon culture okay i'm glad that we clear that up because it's been it's been bugging me for awhile i earlier you said that you think six teams can win the big ten west yes is that accurate you really really believe that yeah i mean i
thank you you look nebraska we already went over i think wisconsin it can win the division again i don't think that they're going to be as bad as they were last year i was still going to be good northwestern is still northwestern it's a team that's going to win games by three points but it's somehow going to find ways to win them purdue could take a huge step forward and i think minnesota you can look at what pj fleck has done he's really increase the talent level of that roster over what it had been in previous regime so and they have a really good quarterback i feel like in ten or more gonna guy who could kind of you know eamer just one of the top quarterbacks in the big ten so when you look at that division top to bottom like i said earlier illinois is the only team you look at and say i i don't see a path for them there but when you look at everybody else if things break right like they're not like a baby i title contender in the conference i don't know if they would beat ohio state or michigan in the championship game but every team in that division is at least capable of beating every other team in that division so which are we saying now that there's a chance that big ten is better than the sec can we get that rivalry going
you can say it but i'm not going to but i'm not going to agree with it but yeah i mean i think that if you look at the top of the conference is i think the sec is still clearly better than everybody else but once you get past those top three or four teams you know just three or four of them then yeah the big it is pretty much on a level with the sec outside of ohio state michigan the only thing i'll say in defense of wisconsin obviously i'm biased this is the perfect situation where last year they were ranked number four everyone said this is the best offense of line and whatever history or were you know they have the they had the sports illustrated spread and jonathan taylor the hype was too much wisconsin succeeds when they are right where they need to be and that's rank like anywhere from fifteen to twenty five and they can sneak up on a few people so i'm basing it solely on that and plus
defense with the ship because the difference was really good in twenty seventeen and they lost a lot of important people we all just kind of overlooked it for all the reasons you just mentioned hey it's scouts an offense of line they got jonathan taylor is the best running back they've ever had we'll just ignore all the sacks in defense of you know the tackle for losses in the interceptions that left that defense and think that they'll just be able to maintain it and wisconsin is not a program that can lose
that kind of reduction in just maintain it at least not on the defensive side of the ball so it was somewhat of a reset your i think defensively i think him whether it's still a very good defensive coordinator so i expect that unit to improve again in twenty eighteen i don't know if it's ten eleven twelve win improvement but i do think that with what they do on offense they have their formula they follow it it works for me if the defense can take another step forward like we saw in twenty seventeen this is a team that could easily end up winning the division and getting the indianapolis jim jim leverett letter is my favorite badger vault always best he's the best he's the better than jim sore g r just because you wanted the punt returns in like manner you never got show you out right there when i was in school and all that stuff so he he's a legend i want to do the other side the big ten real quick everyone saying michigan is the best team in the east obviously they have the coaching change at ohio state
jim harbaugh is never going to be on the hot seat because michigan has no moves besides him but what happens to michigan this year if they don't beat notre dame beat michigan state beat ohio state which they have been able to do and since he's been there i think that i if you'd be on the hot seat but i do think the natives of start getting restless and start wondering if they can maybe you know exude bowsher backers corpse and have him run the program again it's just because it is the perfect situation for them where you look at how state ryan days in charge now so that's brand new thing we saw what happened last time ohio state head coach resigned and they brought in you know one of his assistants to run if they went six and six and now they've got the transfer quarterback and justin fields who is all the talent in the world but you know nobody's actually seen him do it and you look at michigan they've got shea patterson a veteran quarterback they've brought in josh gad to run the offense there modernizing it they're going to move quicker move quicker they're gonna spread things out it's not gonna be three yards and a cloud of dust stuff that we kind is seen through most of our bus tenure so there
in a position and they get those games at home dames at home so how states at home so you from you get that sense that if it isn't this year man i don't know what's going to happen i have them winning the big ten though i have been getting the playoffs so i do think it happens a sees okay so well last question on michigan because i've been asking a lot of people this and i would love your take on it fourth quarter michigan's de on a touchdown four minutes left in the game do you actually think that status is calling the place 'cause that's really what the season kind of comes down to to me like michigan has all the talent i think they're going to be very good will it be jim harbaugh calling the plays when the rubber meets the road or will it be josh ganis i think it's going to be i think that harbaugh is going to entrust the offense to him and he's in the i think i think jim kind of had to pay for me where he saw that what he was doing wasn't working it's not all that dissimilar to what say we did a few years ago you know same it's got a lot of national title so if nix saving could look at his office and say you know
i've got to change things up if we're going to compete if we're going to stay at the same level i think jim harbaugh is just as smart as saving and he can look at his office and say hey this clearly isn't working for us it hasn't been able to do what i wanted to do we have to change and maybe josh gad this is the guy that said there's still a lot of questions about gaddis because while he was at alabama last year he wasn't the primary play caller so this will be his first season calling place so there's a lot of questions there but i do think that harbaugh is serious about turning the control of the offense over to interesting so if we go to the team down south ohio state what is their biggest weakness besides institutional credibility
there's there's a lot of questions i mean ryan day took over for three games last year but urban meyer was there so that the the winds go on ryan days record but the fact was there but my might not have been on the sidelines for the games but he was in the building he was helping put the game plan together to you can he was just controlling things just as much as ever ryan day was just doing his normal job he's the guy that got through a challenge like if you wanted to but we haven't seen him do it over the course of the season and like i mentioned to with justin fields we haven't seen justin fields take on the role of being the five star quarterback yet even at georgia when he was playing in there was hype around him it was still jake fromm's team so he did have all that pressure on his shoulders to carry it and there's a lot of pressure at ohio state because there's still plenty of talent elsewhere that defense is still going to be really good they've got plenty of five stars that receive or five stars and running back five stars on the line everywhere you look it's it's probably the most talented roster it's up there with alabama in the country this is still going to be a very good team it's just as we saw that with jim trussell resigned and luke thick
took over he took over very talented team in the bottom fell out i don't think that's going to happen i think that with ohio state this year they still should be fine and long term we could start to see a little maybe slippage but i still think that the roster right now is just too good or i guess too big to fail it's just i don't know if they could go to ann arbor at the end of the season if they're going to win that game ok let's go to the the go west i want to talk a little pac twelve with you oregon auburn obviously is going to be a huge game for the pac twelve every just picking utah as their dark horse which makes me scared of utah larry scott his ruin the pac twelve do you see there's any way that it pac twelve team gets into the college football playoff or will this now be what it will be three years in a row that they get left out i think it's
if oregon wins against auburn on saturday night i think all they've got a very good shot because i think that would be a very good sign for them click for but i love it when i look at this conference as a whole i think the team it's most likely to get there honestly is washington the last team that did get there they've got usc at home they get oregon at home they get utah at home they get washington state it on the only really tough road contest that they have is stanford the problem that washington is going to face the problem that any pac twelve team is going to face is the narrative surrounding the conference they can't afford to fuch up they have to win every single game if they lose a game they will find an excuse to keep them out and especially if it's not a it's not a one point loss to oregon or another top ten team the committee will look for reasons to keep the pac twelve out and put in sec team in another big ten team in because the pac twelve just hasn't shown in recent years that it could win these games when washington got there a few years ago it got buy alabama so they not only
i have to go in to feed it but they have to be very impressive while doing it and that's the pac twelve problem right now and the other biggest problem is that usc has been so mediocre over the last five years they really need that dominant program to emerge but they're too busy worrying about starting games at nine hundred am local time for some reason right i hate that it's the worst idea of all time i don't know why do they think that's a good idea for in terms of like even revenue generation i don't get it what process is if we start games at nine a m or noon eastern the
coast will watch the games that will have more exposure but the people on the east coast are already watching the teams that they watch so if you're in sec fan why the hell are you going to watch and oregon game when you know auburns playing or whoever you root for in ohio state fan why are you going to watch usc play at night at one thousand one hundred am instead of the buckeyes it's it's just a really dumb idea from a conference that has floated out a lot of really dumb ideas well larry scott's an idiot and he's basically running the entire conference into the ground it sucks because i love college football an i love when there is that team out w that feel it just feels different when you see or organ is in the mix it's just going to i think the only thing that's going to fix it is urban myers going to coach usa yeah so what's the over under like six weeks seven weeks when is the first official report linking urban meyer to usd going to come out
from sub supposed it hasn't come out yet but if if you look at u s c schedule look they start off we gets fresno stay on saturday night which is game they should win because i think fresno state replacing a lot of import players but then they get stanford and byu utah at washington at november all by mid october there's a very good chance they've lost four or five games you know halfway through the season clay helton is going to be out of the door at that point in some somebody we don't know it might be gram herald the offensive coordinator is going to take over as the interim coach but as soon as that begins the urban meyer talk will start in earnest and i think that you know i a lot of people want to deny it and say that it's just too obvious but i think it's too obvious for a reason because we've seen meyer do this before it i don't think urban meyer is serious about not coaching is maybe he thinks he is right right you can say all the right things right now but once the game starts well it's starting to hate being on tv i was going to say it's not the game start in fact he's on tv there's going to be like this sucks i'm going to put a name out there for you ready not a lot of people are talking about it
usc starts to tank lane kiffin it would be it would be funny i don't think it happens but it would be hilarious when they realize schitt we probably shouldn't have fired him because things really haven't been any better since we got rid of yeah we should have kept it around 'cause i mean he did take over that program when it was under ncaa sanctions and i don't think he really did get a fair shake because if you look at how usc's been since then he was recruiting well he just wasn't winning the games that we have a limited amount of you know scholarships he was able to get out you given the full slate of eighty five maybe he puts together a winning team okay can you tell me why we were so very wrong about her med was last year because we we had a lot of fun at old herms expense when he was still appearing on first take a month and a half into his tenure as head coach today as you but then then somehow he put together a pretty good season by being like the ceo of that program why were we so wrong about him we were so wrong because our expectations were super low i mean it was
just the idea that they were hiring him straight out of espn after he'd been at espn for what felt like two decades and hadn't been on the sideline forever and last we saw on the sideline it's not like he was winning a ton of games in the nfl that we thought oh my god hears of the state's gonna win like three games a year is gonna be a huge embarrassment is gonna get fired then they go seven six and you're like hey this this wasn't that bad but the truth is seven six is a very good it's really no better than todd graham was doing that got todd graham five years of this first let's look at seven six yeah well time grammy good because it was five more wins than we expected that's all it was right in todd graham also had the clear head set which if you are a school like yes your school like yours on a state you need a lock and that was the look and in her arms got like a look but it's more of a book of bewilderment a lot of the two men right all right so my last question actually of two last questions one is please tell us that it's not gonna be clubs in alabama even those could be comes in alabama what your final four
my final four is clemson alabama oklahoma and michigan own i see i picked oklahoma and claims and be in the final i think home be sell them in a semi this year just because it we saw with dylan moses injury today he's out for the year torn acl that's a huge loss for alabama at linebacker look at their problem last year that defense dipped off another losing one of their best defenders i think that this year oklahoma's defense is going to be better i think the office to still be very good i think you know maybe they they catch oklahoma semi final and they get revenge on chelan hurts revenge game yeah i'll be great and holy that i i get goosebumps thinking about that i i actually live by the way i have two more finally when i have yeah then you have more questions on those after i read your own full my final question i think will be probably i'm probably four to have
you take the over if you take the all right give me your lock of the week a lack of the week i talked about it earlier i've taken usc minus thirteen and a half in fresno like i said i think that there's we're just under rating the trojans but fresno state with one twenty two games the last years but everybody on that team that mattered is gone and fresno state is not a team that's just going to reload so usc is going to be by far and away the most talented team on that field saturday night ok and then give me thirty seconds about illinois football so that we can say we talked about in louisville is louisville still going yeah you still going lovey is recruiting very well it's got a bunch of interesting recruiting rankings twenty four slash seven sports does their talent rankings of rosters illinois now the eighth most talented roster in the big ten more talented than the wisconsin badgers tom that's interesting lovie smith showed up and started recruiting well that listing huh are you done
no i don't know why but i hope it's true one more thing yeah i know that's the thing like that's the best part about being a college sports fan is that i actually kind of wish wisconsin cheated like everyone kind of hopes that their teams who cares ready cares no if your team wins games does love yourself the beard yeah yes i can't wait to see love in the snow with appeared again new facility in illinois yes it's a very nice new facility to and they finally caught up to everybody else yeah okay go ahead give me your lohman trophy watch list who are the best full backs in the country last year i think you told us chandler cox and ben mason and alec ingold i'm devastated that ben masons no longer playing fullback this year uh i think you know go
espy is gone i don't know who are placed in the texas am but it's it's your usual suspects that the suspect there's only a few teams that are still using the full back so i think we have to look at issue we have to look at texas a and m missing it's not gonna have a full back full back though he's always hopeful that supplies go both ways but they're going to be in a shotgun most of the time maybe he'll be a goal line fullback so i hope i'm rooting for ben mason i want ben mason to win the low man to be the first two way player to win the low man i wanted to get a couple touchdowns a couple fullback assists and i wanted to get a few sex okay that be something that would be awesome my last question is texas back no they might be third place in the big twelve really so what part of the team don't you believe in because they got a coach that well i guess he doesn't kiss the players anymore he should start kissing the players more i don't think
going to be bad it's just i don't i think that while they are improving their not improving at the same rate that oklahoma still improving so i just think there's still a huge gap between them and oklahoma i think oklahoma is on a level of its own and then tax this is kind of fighting with oklahoma state baylor and iowa state to be the second best team in that conference and then we had one last question so i guess we had the over yeah you got it it did you ever question the question now i've learned a lot this this this interview ok so i want read through my tweet tank he's actually figure some ask he's doing that right now so will cut this part out the rivalry between hank and tom stays stays lit are you excited here's my last question tom
are you excited have you noticed you need to tweet more information not links like i'm not clicking through anything that wasn't a question that was just a critique hankin mean yeah i took i'm taking a mental note heck once the season starts and i have information to tweet out i will be you will be the first to know ok alright well i guess that's it i do have a question though that since two thousand there have been seventeen to turn the ball over seven times in a game and still win the game last time was when e carolina turn it over seven times in two thousand eight hundred and twenty three win over uab oh it's funny you bring that up because hawaii almost pulled off that same feed on saturday night we have finished with only six but that's that's a really interesting fact thank you for that way to go interesting so one of my favorite parts about college football season is big ten guys like media guys having these little side battles against sec guys so why are you why you bring that up with me and tom here 'cause we're gonna have any staples on yeah
what is not a battle because better no but i like the media the like picking out your opponent going head to head i want to give tom in open florida trash in the staples and then we'll let him trashed you tom i won't let him trash you just so you know i got your back are we talking about noted food blogger andy staples i didn't know he covered wrote about it yes i caught him i like it got i won't let him trash you tom don't worry big ten guys gotta stick together he probably doesn't even know who i am i don't know yeah we'll do exactly however the message yeah well because that's how is there i've read our big shot yeah yeah z work that's what it yeah yeah no work to the athletic he's got podcast now too so you've got you had a lot of competition now boys so between the two of your athletic podcast you get like a thousand downloads yeah probably
fingers crossed i mean good we check still clear sushi time you've totally funked up not doing a why i'm going to the athletic i'm not going to the athletic i just freelance the co hosting a white sox podcast which cbs sports is like yet tom go to content for another company uh yeah they allowed me to they're very nice very accommodating cbssports dot com you ever think about like maybe when you get a little too high like the athletic is just a dark star black star what do they call that black hole black hole and it's just sucking every media member in there and eventually we will all work for the athletic ocean is going to be like the amazon of sportswriting right and then it's just state controlled sportswriting and then they just take it out of your paycheck every month you don't even have to your taxes five hundred and ninety nine a month goes to the athletic i don't even
about that till now jeez all right the work all right tom thank you everyone follow him at tom for nellie f o r n e l l i yes he's italian don't make italian jokes or use for me yeah we're just fall hancock files all that all tom for nearly it at ag n underscore e a s e yeah but he really does have great pics and he's very very sharp so do follow him tom thank you very much will hopefully talk to you again this season thank you very much i look forward to coming back love you don love you too those quick that interview time for no was brought to you by let go let go is the s growing mobile marketplace to buy and sell locally their vision is to create a more sustainable future when
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okay we now welcome on andy staples you can find them on the athletic on sirius and and that's it now you've moved why did you join the athletic this is a theme of your interview and tom fornelli interview realize everyone eventually their fate in media is going to join the athletic so you're on the athletic it's sort of like listen man you know how all restaurants are taco bell yes no all sports writing at the athletic that the way it works so now i i just some of my best friends are there they're like hey come over right whatever you want do it the way you want to 'cause i got ok that sounds really good so and it seems like people are are willing to buy it which you know i didn't know if people you want to pay for stuff and it seems like
people are willing to pay for stuff so i'm i'm i'm kind of happy about that okay so you can write whatever you want and i'm happy you said that because i have a bone to pick with you i got to get out of the way right now one god you cursed wisconsin with your a huge feature when you went and ate with the offense of line and then they had a terrible year after being ranked fourth and then to you wrote a very interesting article which i really like this thought experiment if you put dabo or nick sabin on any power five team which ones would win a national title in the next five years and you specifically said wisconsin was not on that list so fuck you man that was a compliment to bury alvarez and bret bielema and paul chris that i think they have got wisconsin at about as close to the ceiling as you can be that that's that's why because the natural talent base isn't there
you gotta have some natural talent based to be a national pedal concern out i included nebraska that list because of the brand name is so big but i think they could they could get people to come i just don't know if wisconsin right i feel like they they've got him you know the when they were rolling one thousand and eleven wins every year i think that's the ceiling right there damn damn so that actually i mean i had the on wednesday show i said a hard pill to swallow is the fact that wisconsin will never win a national title if you i love college football you love college football we all love college football do you think it's a fair criticism of college football to say there's really the only may big ten teams that won a national title in our lifetime i think it's the most valid criticism of college football because that's complain i get the most is people feel like it's preordained and from different fan bases you get this what's in it for me
is there teams not gonna compete for the national title and it seems like that group at the top has gotten smaller actually have something out about this week a reader me the same things like is there anybody else is going to join the club because right now i think i could name five teams that you national title this year and i don't i'm not sure there's anybody else alabama clemson georgia ohio state oklahoma uno maple michigan in there i noticed i got gotta see michigan beat ohio state first i really do i just i don't i don't get the people who are single myers gone now but you can get on with it the big tent well the talent gap that was exposed very wide during a game last year it's still there penn state is actually better than michigan has
so if anybody is going to come in and step in because overmyer is not there anymore i would guess it would be penn state which has a coach james franklin with actually won the big ten but it would michigan i just need to see it the other one that i think maybe could join that club i think ellis you're getting closer but i don't think they're there yet i texas might be getting there auburn the interest one 'cause auburns the weirdest team in the country the highlight highest ceiling lowest floor there ceiling is national championship their floor is five and seven and they pay gus malzahn twenty eight million dollars to go away but they have the talent went so
jumping back to your original take that you just brought up about how you think that you could take any coach basically put him anywhere no need i have always exceed ours are not not you could put dabble in x even anywhere in the united states i actually i actually think that any power five school they could win like no matter where it was because you don't necessarily need to just stick to regional recruiting anymore especially if it's a guy that's got championships you know like you could be based in the upper peninsula of michigan and still be able to crew in southern california if you've got nick seems track record right no because you're still gonna run out of people for whom proximity to home is the most important thing that that has always been the biggest factor in rikers decisions overall and it still is not less important now
you do have to think about yeah how you grew up where you grew up if you grew up in the south are very unlikely to go north and freeze hey this is not not in their dna for the most part now you'll get a few of them it would be hard sitting there in in the u p to get players from georgia to come play there because somebody sort of home is going to offer them something almost as good and i just don't like being cold yeah that's actually a good point counterpoint i hate to say this but south carolina we moved to florida when i was seven i've never lived north of knoxville tn and knocked it was too cold for me like if you tried to convince me to move to madison when someone said i could live in athens georgia ga there's it's it's not happening
yeah i okay i can see that being cool does suck yeah let us eight months of the year old girls trash me bear weather makes you the man it does make you a little bit excited stepping outside get like slap in the face by god right you can i say this but we say this now now in florida when i walk out my door and you can drink the air when it's ninety five one hundred percent humidity that's what makes you a man no that stuff that makes you annoyed yeah and you stay in your ac all day no no we just take her clothes off it's florida yeah we have no proof no qualms about nudity iolaus tuneup basalts you think it's winter so speaking of florida your big florida homer it obviously clouds your journalistic integrity a little bit are you able to say that phillipe franks sucks stinks stinks it's funny they got so mad at me last week all those four people because i predicted they go waiting for
and then the miami game happens and they're like eighty four thousand six hundred and twenty two good we're gonna be like maybe like six and six and yet in on a really big frank he's fine it's not a great college quarterback is fine you've gotten much better the old fully pay franks would have run five six and gotten sex five times the other night the new one only through the two progress that's you right now are you like paul finebaum and you think miami is one slash three world program no no but i don't think i don't think they can get back to where they were dominating before it's it's so weird because they have so much talent around them but the politics of recruiting miami are so nasty like i wouldn't want to be manny diaz trying to recruit in miami because it's always ever everybody from everything you offer somebody like ten other people get mad and every time you don't offer somebody like a hundred people get that so that there's no winning there but i i do think i do
man is going to be good at miami and i think that quarterback could be pretty good if somebody would block yeah he actually did impress me i was i i was like there's no way miami feels like we have had a good quarterback in forever but he was impressive in a yeah i want to talk real quick about the sec and georgia is this the year the georgia finally can get over the hump and beat alabama and kind of exercise those demons or is there may be a dark horse in the sec that we're not even thinking about you can freely say lsu because we are coach oh homers of course i i know i know how you feel like hotel so but ok so here's my thing georgia is farther from the rest of the e than alabama is from the rest of the west so i think should probably has an easier path of going undefeated regular season in alabama does now do they get hump is another the question
they should have won the last few times they played you know i still can't like my mind is still blown at the whole justin fields fake punt thing yeah how they ended up losing that game i don't know but you think if they play again eventually they are going to breakthrough because as we see the last couple times not level not that different that my dark horse i love lsu and eat there it's going to be a little bit better but i feel like they've improved everywhere else since since coach oh took over auburn's the one at this bone x kid the true freshman in play quarterback they got the best defensive lineman maybe baby they could be really good and they could be alabama in the iron bowl in auburn and then all of a sudden everything's different i mean i'll tell you right now he can play a he's the son of patrick nix right right and bo nix
cause your eyes bo nix quarterback in the sec great name i mean that's that's it right there i don't even have to tell you anything else about him he's going to be successful absolutely i mean he's patrick next his kid named after the best player to ever play at auburn and my favorite athlete as a child growing up the except for steph sandy hill the greatest college football player of all time but yeah your name will you play for auburn you got the right last name your dad was a coach he's coaches yeah i love it in the stars it's old coach on the field yeah well they don't have one on the sidelines so it's a good thing he's under center is he getting fired this year piling on gus so i don't think so 'cause i think they're going to turn out pretty good but their schedule is so hard that it they drop a few and they're sitting there like eight and four maybe
because they were they get these itchy trigger fingers at all and they were ready to do it last year it wouldn't like thirty two million dollars yeah he looks like such a nerd library he's got a bad look to him that he is a very fireable face well in part of it is gus gus is all about ball and and waffle house he doesn't care about anything else and it makes it very hard to make lovable and i think they were trying to make him a little bit more lovable this offseason and going to work the only the only thing auburn fans actually love is winning so if you do that great if you don't do that don't write you one gigantic check ok so the check thing i wanted to actually ask you a question i think a lot of people maybe the casual fan doesn't fully understand how it works maybe i don't but i'm going to throw it out there 'cause i think i understand you can correct me when a team wants to fire a coach
it really could only take one or two huge boosters who basically say they'll come to the table and write the check in my right yes and there's there's a story that enough people told me is true that i i believe that that kevin kevin someone the texas am and if that's time is by it was twenty million dollars and the way his contract was written was it there to pay it in one lump sum within sixty days of his firing which that's not normal usually you pay out over a few years so this was a big gas twenty million dollars in one shot people stepped up and were willing to write those checks now they did do it that you're they want to you're a couple years later but people were willing to write those checks they had i'd had enough who could just you know enough checking right now to make that
it's crazy in in gus is actually a similar situation doesn't gus have a clause where if he gets fired he gets thirteen million dollars within thirty days i believe so i mean they had him in a pretty tough situation when jim directions to that contract because it's this and this is a very auburn way of doing things it's two thousand and seventeen a gauntlet that includes georgia and alabama in two games in three weeks and the thought if he loses both those games he's fired well he wins both those arkansas yeah he's from arkansas people actually you might want to go back to arkansas and they just gave one everyone and it's crazy this is such a arkansas at such a sweet gig to be head coach yet but isn't it crazy just to think like there are fans their boosters who
if your coach is on the hot seat he's on the hot seat literally because some rich dude some oriel due to taxes or some guy who you know has a huge corporation in the in alabama is saying i will write a check for fifteen million dollars to get rid of this gotten it's it's insane and i'm pretty sure that check which is awesome hell yeah you can get a tax deduction for firing local football coach believe so i'm shocked at t boone pickens is kept the old gun the around for that long if that's okay schools to be like hey i can just fire my coach yeah the others he knows he's got a good thing and gandhi yes you may yeah you know flooded with the end of the of the tennessee at and and say hey yeah i'll talk to you but at the end of the day we know his mullet will stay in in still water as long as they just throw couple more
dollars on the contract yeah right see boone also loves a tax deduction big fan of that yeah yeah that's true that's true who is who is the best former sec quarterback transfer in the nation right now too at u s s now it i want to feel the last day because you know all all indications were he was pretty good practice last year couldn't be that drake from which look you can't if you don't need a guy who led his team to them little title game true freshman there's shame in that so just really big skill set i i i am interested see him in that offensive did ryan they run because he i mean he can throw like dwayne haskins but he can move like jc bear it if you put those things together any process as well
your heart stop do you believe i was never a big jalen jalen hurts guy but i believe in lincoln riley and making it very easy for the quarterback in that system i don't think he's going to baker kyler but are you buying into the fact that like oklahoma is going to just basically roll on from this yeah link it will find away to you emphasized windows well and minimize what he does it well so i will say if you go back to the game last year there were some throws he made he would not who made those stores is fresher software so so there were some improvement last year that if that is continued we may be a little surprised at how well he throws the ball i felt like i went back and watched his horse game at alabama conspiracy last year 'cause i was curious and watch you can throw the ball in that game it was almost like he progressed over the next two years and then
you stop again playing his georgia he then looked like he'd actually made some progress so i'm not not so sure jalen's going to be just a run it and thinking dunk through guy i think he's going to be able to throw a little bit he also squats like six hundred so you're seeing that video no that's exactly fuckin' better or worse than lebron dude it is insane how much heat jalen hurts can skwat do not even even squad twitter didn't didn't have any criticism for that no seriously it was i've never seen a team so hungry parallel at least that's saying something 'cause squad twitter will get after you yeah and i got one last question for you give me your final four in the champion and i mean obviously you're going to just say clemson alabama yeah i had the most boring final four known to man i have clip alabama oklahoma and ohio state with
once in one international but great good another electric season the book i know i love college football though so i don't care to watch every game and what are the what are the odds just give me some daylight here yeah eddie give me some daylight here what are the odds that ellis you gets in the final four it's not impossible okay yeah but they got block better it's not impossible though but if they can beat alabama they can beat anybody that's the one they have enough talent everywhere else we just gotta block ok and they need the sec to not screw them over on these like terrible missed calls like they did last year with who was at devon white and dealt all that white free devon white white yes yes free devon white oh did you want to ask me want to bash tombo yeah so tom bash you when we had him on and i love nice little sec big ten media beef so why don't you say some bad should about tom it can feel like a real asshole well
i mean if i actually read anything to never road i probably have more say let's go he actually burned you pretty well he was like andy staples the food blogger please write about that better at that than writing about football i would say i'm going to score this one to one you guys both got a nice burn that didn't hurt anyone's feelings and it's been a good time mr fornelli is wonderful and i hope will come on my radio show again i think know there you go you can always have hank have time won't do it yeah basically the same yes yeah john yeah andy thank you so much man hopefully see it again this year all right assuming thank you that if you have any staples is brought you by palatine why does mens health call the peloton bike the best cardio machine on the planet well let's break it down
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okay let's get some segments first up we have embraced the bait carli lloyd is going to try out for an nfl team in twenty twenty she says that she's open to it so she hit a fifty five yarder in practice at the eagles training facility ok it was like a five step approach to it as opposed to like a two or three step approach like morten andersen did but morten andersen says he's going to teach her how to hit the middle because the middle never changes now i'm assuming that there are a lot of people who are very mad at the idea of this even happening there are ok why would you think that because i've just know the internet in twenty nineteen and i for one hundred am all for this because it's entertainment like if she makes a team awesome if she doesn't
we get to talk about something in the middle of the summer next year yeah who cares if she doesn't make it seem like it is yeah right she should get a trial why not right we also have no problem with that no she i think she could actually play quarterback for some teams out there probably the boxes cults yeah well now swag yeah but v this is one of those stories that if you have a very like like both sides right if you if you say she's going may the team guaranteed or this is an affront to football how could you let her come out for a tryout you're a loser this is a story that it's it's similar to you're most pft ten people playing baseball yeah like just let him right idea thank you yeah great idea right and tim tebow would have a fun time with cross bar as well so i agree i think like letter kick why not i think that women actually might have a natural advantage in their bodies when it comes to kicking 'cause they don't have
those clumsy testicles that you squish them through when you kick true it's like guys can we can rest beers on our chest more effectively it's just how god designed us they're probably designed to be kickers i'm all for it let her kick butt hurt letter kick why not her i mean as a bears fan would you give her shot yeah i would give anyone who's ever kicked a ball ever a chance ok just like morning anderson actually morning anderson should be on the bears why not right let carla let it be a situation where maybe carly for two thousand and twenty is on the bears and same with morton and she it's like a brett farve and rodgers thing like you already yet let her let her learn under him and game speed and then will pass the torch anyone who could kick a field goal
any kind of efficiency should be on the bears what what i love about this argument is people saying that she would be able to tackle players on a kick off will let let somebody else handle the kick off what have you seen kickers try to do as a former kicker i break these jokes right and it's not pretty we we aren't good at tackling naturally that's like park it's part of our dna i highway from its just one of those stories that like why would anyone care either way just let like if if she's awesome that's really cool story if she's not okay she's not who cares yeah there's a lot checkers out there who are floating around there probably like one hundred stickers out there who are just waiting for spot and trying to get a tryout why can't just be in that pool i agree let carly kick hank your thoughts damn we are so progressive definitely let her kick falk yeah damn i just pat ourselves on the back
good job good job anti woman women kickers in the nfl where when do we get like all the retweets in the lights from the blue check mark great is that happen now yes we've made it ok also it's like she's used evan rose center on to say that just have rose beer holder the c word the cat what after my fire fast kind of up yes sure would you sir the the the b word to blue check okay oh yeah sorry thoughts and prayers ok thank you just totally derailed the whole thing because you aren't verified on instagram and you can't slide into dms sabermetrics yeah interesting sabermetrics we talked about the seven year bump and how some more players are still waiting derek carr is heading to seven year bump this year right the classical on jay cutler's not immune to it so
somebody actually put the stats together out there shot out the geico gecko i don't know if that's the real is a real one if it's the commercial gecko but they put together spreadsheet found out that nineteen out of twenty two quarterbacks entering year seven had a touchdown and attempt our touchdown per temp percentage everyone except for jay cutler had a better completion percentage fifteen out of twenty two had a better interception per ten percentage and per game in sixteen out of twenty two had a better yards per attempt i got a i all those numbers just wash right over me i'm just hung up on the fact that like we actually haven't seen the the geico gecko for a long time and what if he is just sabermetrics of football sabermetrics guy now i could see that like i i'm trying to think the last time we saw the gecko the geico gecko i can't remember it so you
i think he got laid off and this is his job now i don't know i could see flow being a number cruncher two yeah i could see flow putting together some i didn't it's just one of those lipstick when you say four numbers in a row i track okay so basically the seven year bump is real and geico yeah cobain guy i know i know where he is confirmed it yeah all it is so i agree those percentages don't make sense to me when i hear geico gecko i just think a fifteen percent or more of car insurance that's true and here's a question for the for the team do you think the voice of the geico gecko has used that in a pick up line absolute hell hasn't worked yes fifteen minutes yeah and i could take your vacation that climbers soul in a crowded bar smells like steel farts peanuts on the floor boom commercial come i can't even hear it because it's muse it's playing and he's like you see that gecko on the voice behind it
i think you just i think you just tell girl like he would walk up to a girl and say the guy who can work commercial like all stars are signs i'm so caught up in my work yeah you do for work at all on the geico gecko funnies that absolutely i one time i worked with the guy on it a temp job that was the voice of the dogs that did the jingle bells the dogs barking jingle bells song that was his that he record like ten years ago and every now and again he just go with and people look like why do you keep saying wolf is it well that's actually my dog impression that i did i like when i was the voice of the dog singing jingle bells we need to write this down hank for us future bar so gold episode we need to interview a like a medium famous voice from a commercial like a commercial acting voice where he's got one claim to fame in that's him i will love to get the get together he's actually though he's a weirdo and also he gonna times than any single working i want the guys you do what he does
sports supporters of i think you also do like one told radio stuff either way i want the guy who it was ten years ago and he's now just jerry is subway yeah he was like tackle interview him yeah oh no his his video cameras outside cell turned off ship mount rushmore of reasons why jeered from subway wasn't really that bad yeah that would be another i worst progress not much more of a shared holding a different pants jurors held get up stephen curry free agent the guy from cnn this is cnn interesting interview the cars for kids whole thing the whole they're probably grown up with separate that one from the jerrod interview now it's in my head all right should davian clowney update he there's five teams he wants to be traded to and
he says no to the dolphins were so he's doing this like antonio branded where he's he's willed himself into becoming a free agent right through his contract situation so yeah he said he doesn't want to go to the dolphins but he met he with the dolphins even though he's on the texans so i so what that's all about collecting info behind the scenes ok i don't know but he wants to go to the eagles the seahawks and i thought those are the two ones that he really wants to go to this classic case of the dolphins like you can't if you were the dolphins you cannot make it known that you want to dave and connie just in case he said
i don't want to go to the dolphins and you cannot let yourself be out there like that this is like a buffalo bills situation where a bee was on the bills for three hours do yeah and there's like no i'm not i'm not allowing myself to be traded to the bills right like don't go ask the girl out because she could say you're gross and i would never go out with yeah general rule of thumb don't say don't say that you're interested in another player if you are a team in the afc e right ever general rule of thumb don't ever let yourself become emotionally available ever people to crush that emotion right that's why were dicks all the time for everyone just prior to our struggle side and just tell everyone to off talking soccer before we get our eggs interview with jill we had talking soccer eric cantona who is legend of the game as soccer fans we know that are not so beautifully yeah he had this one's are a wagon
update his stuff in the championship league i think this actually the fa cup first couple rounds anyway he did a speech for the champions league draw what the fuck was he on can we put actually audio input the audio in there uh us flies to wanton boys now for the goats they give us for the spot pseudoscience we're not only be able to slow down the aging of the cells soon the science will be will fix the service through the state and so we become at one thousand am only accidents crimes walls
still kill us but fortunately crimes and walls will multiply i love football thank you what the was he on whatever it is it sounds excellent i likes i love soccer yeah do you know how he and ending it was saying i love football really tied it together for a second i thought he was going to go off the rails a little bit but then he brought it back to football at the end and you all the stuff about flags or flies to want some boys that was
it was very busy basically eric cantona thinks that we're going to evolve as a species to the point where we don't die right ever in less were killed by something right and then ending it with i love football is such a sneaky great move like jeb bush should have said i love football set up please clap yeah 'cause people would have cloud that's just a great campaign slogan for anybody i love football i love football too ok cool that guy smart we should put that on a shirt yeah i love football sunday funday cool shirt that would be all right let's do our exam talk to julie football don't talk to me until i had been the most okay eggs interview with jill plus some roast jill i'm we i we let you know that the internship is ending this week we thought we were going to do this on thursday and then you haven't come until today i thought you irish goodbye dust realize i was very worried i felt bad well we were very nice racial slur hank who yes no i have
other interviews you know cbs cbs sports called the l s p n e up for l michael called only once okay on monday night football i mean i had things to okay so you came in you showed up you basically like a big smoke food some awesome cookies you did the classic move we're i called it a gramma move and i'm sorry for that because you're not actually grandmother correct i am not a grandmother ok soon to be hopefully someday listened jills kids clock is ticking add to fuckin' she did the cookies with the reese is cooked into him which is a cousin to the sugar cookies with the hershey kiss in home that's why you have to be i don't know that we have over sixty years old to cook that ann it's always great always thank you leave your kids in danger of having kids in danger are you are you certain pressure teacher the pressure is on
the pressures on get to watching those cream pie scenes already married nobody's married ok so then you have a big problem we gotta get that happening first ah okay so jill your your entire internship what you learn again you are good you're welcome to come back anytime i think we'll see you you'll just called in you better okay better asked me to come back yes the i'll i'm around what we might not ask you might do is open well i will show up we will ask for you also can show up and absolutely i hi will okay so with cookies yeah anything you guys are great i just i saw jill at like eleven o'clock this morning she was drinking a truly hello yeah part last day school last dance gets in your eyes yeah all right so what do you learn before we do roasts and and everything else okay well i learned twitter yes it's pretty cool and how crazy it is it is clear now i mean i would say
ninety nine percent of it was really positive but then you have the dicks who don't wanna be dicks yep you know so i learned that and i well i also learned that pizza bag yeah pizza is to you out and possibly the assassin for the clintons yeah yeah you are all about that six in the telling me not yeah we have an id yeah by the way you have sixty thousand twitter followers that's all in one summer that's pretty insulting right now i mean i'm and i have to say meeting some of these jelly beans up on the street an amazing i mean
so keep saying hi to jill if you're julie being serious yes absolutely i will stay on twitter because i love it it's kind of like a back handed skill that we taught you in twitter like congratulations we ruined your brain here's the worst app that's ever been made but we're all addicted to it jill you are legitimately very good at twitter i'm looking at your twitter right now do you see this one she's great excuse me mam do you know this trip yes train stops the courthouse in arkansas and this old guy who's going to serious seersucker suit like you just came up with that that's actually a fire tweet so again great job on twitter we're going to watch a lot of old movies so yeah if you're going to keep doing twitter do you have any worse mount rushmore is we could do do you have any ideas that sprung up during that actually you kind of mentioned him today which ones i like the kind of like the hat one i know this kind of you know it's really bad but good and the diseases
yeah that would be a bad one really bad all right so you had twitter you do twitter you learn to whether you are great in turn anything else before we do these rose what do we wrote you a roast us what you can yeah it is right to come on okay well can i just say that again that i'm not mad but i am disappointed that the intern ship is over and waiting my seventy thousand dollar officer came up so yeah it's a yeah check yep you know it's on the way okay yeah you get it by the way i'd ninety nine point nine percent of that goes to your union dues well that's right i am rise me you know which i will what do you call it is right ou strike you put a big rat in front of the whatever is needed but i also say that you do realize that istic show that when someone
oh my god that they die so i think you're kind of killing me jobah mean let me know joe pass paterno bear bear bryant i mean come on ok so julie doctors orders i'm you're not allowed to do any strenuous activity for the next week 'cause i don't want to be liable for this second we're leaving it open door so you can come in if you want to we're not we are not retiring you were not pushing you out the door so don't put that evil on me so i'll go the other way i think it would be a fucking power move you just died right in our face in two weeks ok come in and i yeah just come in and i and make sure you bring people funeral pyre and like you guys then i think that's like a diary you know yeah yeah that's a very funny last move to just be like fuck you guys why the internship end boom i'm dead you know
roast you guys though i mean come on we love you i have to say thanks hi i have a lot of things to say but one thing i don't know half the things she ever talked about yeah i can understand their grief i was nervous doing the that my first time some the podcast yeah never had a microphone in my face before nine but i really want to know what what it what it really is a karstic oh hank i pretended but i have no idea and nobody nobody has told me whatever you pretend it is probably exactly the galaxy brain like qualifications so it's understandable not many people in this world fully understand the capabilities of it but essentially it's a it's like a like a swiss army knife basically there's so many things that you can do with it that it's almost limitless it's really like the human brain we've only locked a small percentage of its use as we invent more things that karstic will become more useful to interact with those
things so really it's just an investment in the future have a soul how much can i put you down for let's draw you into drive she'll do drive i do drive have you ever drop your cell phone in between the seats and the center console i have and how hard is it to get that phone out of that spot borderline impossible would you say actually actually it was quite a real stuff so if it to deal with that almost near impossibility okay and the stick was invented helps you fish out your phone yeah right okay yes that note that yeah i know that that that is what it is okay courses in like you don't believe me but i don't believe you that's no that is that is that is that is it well thank you not all of us are blessed to have such skinny arms and a toned physique as you and we get our chunky little risk caught in between the the gear she
left in the seat so i keep a back scratcher in my car you have a car stick yes that is a car yeah then i got him or the cars that can be the back scratcher yes like i said swiss army knife it's everything already spatula murder weapon yep mini hockey stick mini hockey stick which is really what it actually is yeah flyswatter yep who car jack house yeah we could definitely be a spoon or if you're stuck in an extremely tiled tiny boats will influence yes if you broke your leg and you need to split you state the car stick to your leg this is blowing my mind uh huh yeah that's pretty much it there's actually only like fifty left on sale in the in our warehouse so if people want to buy and i can't believe this
now that sold out this is the fifth the rerun that ok well all right hank will send with some roasts my one stop shop for all packers news yep i have a spot to lie funny inspired by the way did you see our rogers today he was dressed up like that like the orderly alright i got really more he looked exactly like a bunny it was pretty funny just came out i wonder if he'll stop doing practical jokes and actually listen to his coach for once june elements chubby older brother a greasy drug guy in a bearded fourteen year old with a cat talk about the bachelorette and sometimes sports that's not true i'm julie nimmons chubby older brother that's that's not a bad is awesome i will sign me up june i'll make put on fifty pounds and still be a man rocket
that's so i'm willing to bet my net worth will be a terrible father are the grungy hobbit with possibly no oddballs yep in a vacation addicted millennials i can't make one joke of the for every conspiracy theory imaginable yeah i mean that was just as on that route as you know is a brisket yeah well what it coke in the on and you put in your green ag yeah you just wait for it to come out although i'm not a hobbit because how it's actually can grow body here yeah any does have eyes they're just little mall the eyes is really good yeah an instagram models boyfriend jesus is drug guy in a recovering choco holic as famous guess how much money they make okay just a drug hello this is that show jesus is drug yet jesus yeah that's awesome i can turn one and one like that there's a lot of nice
quick party train thanks guys we appreciate that there's a podcast for impact in my life for the better constant last for waibel guys would like to get appear with you actually may learn a thing or two in the process i probably i probably order diet coke but yeah i would drink his beer actually diet cherry coke yeah a cat guy i want to be kept guy i always do enjoy well for beer so like it's like a power move when you orderthe dot com slash get diet coke maybe little grenadine on top i'm not driving a cat guy wanted the cat guy that could use some roman swipes and a drug i talk about life and sports ish the most reliable journalist of the crew is a dog that doesn't delete tweets please boot okay okay that was a good one let's do two more
pretty alright guys mostly funny some the time the one guy hank needs each verse brain i know you don't because you need to understand it this is not helping your case hank sad people on his there's so many nice one that's like us one episode one nice one produced by the least qualified person at the company trans gender freddie mercury and animal the puppet simultaneously jerk off to their twitter fall into good very act i and with one nice one okay i this is by alice the goat july 18th nineteen says great
things out of the out house to go you know your they go knowing where the you're the you ought to go you're the goat for yeah a knowledge and all right everyone have a safe long we can move you back on tuesday recap all college football and then back again on wednesday yep thank a labor union member for if they're giving you this weekend you're welcome love you guys thank me thank you big cat you're welcome thank you hank
thank you bubba yes i'll make
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