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Chael Sonnen and PJ Fleck 12/07/16

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Hot Stove season and the guys are ready to talk MLB and College Bowl Season (3:03 - 12:12). Hot Seat/Cool Throne(12:12 - 18:27)). MMA Fighter Chael Sonnen joins the show to talk professional fighting, arm bars, Mayweather vs Pacquiao (20:30 - 41:23). Western Michigan Head Coach PJ Fleck joins the show to talk about motivation, bowl season, and rowing the boat (41:23 - 51:23). Segments include Battle of the Sexes, Kings Stay Kings, Hurt or Injured, Sabermetrics, and Stay Woke
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let's go part- is Wednesday December. Seventh, if you're cold out there good news, it's Hostos season,
yes and it's advent calendar season, which is nice hello. They get on quite well chocolate to start the day yeah. I would normally have this piece of candy but Tis the season. I actually had a lot of chocolate today, no surprise. So, if I sound like, I have little frog in my throat, it's actually just chuckled, I mean you should try. You're celebrating admits she ever so. You had the advent you real chocolate syrup. You can feel you can feel it all right. Hot stove, Bryce, Harper, as the Nats have said, they're moving on is that what they really said? They kind said that one hundred and forty million that's a headline. That's what the headline said and that's. As far as I read into any articles, so prices are we're going to written pinstripes. Ok, so is there ever? Has there ever been a move that more people? So when Bryce Harper signs with the Yankees is there ever going to move that more people are going to say they called them? Bryce Harper did the Yankees 'cause. I think I think ninety percent of the world has called Bryce. Harper is going to look good in Pinstripes atzompa,
yeah. I think I know you're probably right like if you look back over the course of history. This is the biggest predictions. Everybody will get right, yeah, it's absolutely it's. Basically, the sun will rise and rise. Herbal couldn't have trips yeah, and I mean I'm gonna hate rooting for him on the Yankees. But I think when I have two kids just gray afterward, he after you have to root for greatness we have to go against on the hill move. The other big move was Chris sale got traded from the White Sox to the Red Fox. Nice only has to change the color of socks. You can say that one, that's nice when a hoe be cutting up the is make alteration alterations to the Red Sox once he was the original because you guys remember that, yes, so I looked up his stats, the dude is six. And weighs one hundred and eighty pounds yeah, that's ridiculous! Yeah he get the hell yeah. He could fall into the no crack. His bmi is like five. He also is a white sunglasses guy, so be careful about that Hank. What
This is you got to watch out for what's what's on this guys got weird. Had to they're always looking for a fight, not really the barbed wire to it's like the tribal tattoo yeah. There was around where the bar right they had a barbed wire tattoo to the like. That's it's! That's lame now upgrade to a travels Friday night out is like drinking in the back of their F one hundred and fifty that's a white sunglasses best friends with the fourteen year old, but they're not yeah, girl or guy was the battle as well. What yeah yeah, so it was you right here is straight, come entirely meant what some guys guys, because I feel like what sunglasses guys always have some underage girls around. They do. Are there they're always calling underage girls and they never quite get right there, but it's not what he's done? No, you know what it is. Yeah yeah, I don't know, I'm gonna hang out with this check. She just wants me to come we're two cases of beer and then we're going to hang out later and then they dropped her off.
and this leaves yeah she's. Only sixteen she can out. You have a couple beers. The only couple could only white sunglasses guy gets used for beer for high school. That's we just without so so. Drake is probably coming to the red. Sox draft is gonna, be live in and I got assume that they they travel as a package. The question now is Are the red Sox in win now mode? Who yes thank yeah. They've treated all that window. Luckily, the third best picture just want to Cy Young yeah do that window or what it's like two or three years so their win. Now Should you feel bad for white Sox fans, because Chris Sale, you know kind of a not a once in a lifetime picture, but he's the site is CY young pitcher. You know Dominic Guy never play in the playoffs. It's always tough yeah. You hate to see that, with a with a great and I also hank- are you at all nervous about the clubhouse going to be talking a lot about the clubhouse, because you take away David, Ortiz Clubhouse Guy David put in Chris Sale, not a clubhouse guy, no, not word.
on this when David Ortiz might pull Roger Clemens come back halfway through. I think yet another issue I think he'll still be in the clubhouse. In some capacity yeah language he might only Dunkin donuts commercials in is a baseball lifer right all right. So all- Finally, we have to say Andrew Mccutchen, there's a lot of mystery teams out there for him. So Mister teams are back. It's not as It- is the trade deadline in the middle of summer, but there is some mister teams for hot stoves he's now. Where did the term hot stove come from? I don't know yeah feel like it was like the Lincoln AIR thank you, okay, hot stove to heat up the winter yeah back in yeah in the eighteen hundreds you needed you hot stoves to get hot. I nineteen nineteen century, small town, America withdrawing people gathered at the General Store Post Office sat around an iron pot, bellied stove and discuss passing parade baseball along with weather politics. The police in the churches belonged in their company. It was original water,
yeah. Is the original comment section too? That's true, yeah everyone just sitting around the hot stove talking yes saying. First yeah right exactly yeah, alright! Well, maybe Prague. I learned something today that, yes, that was great okay. We we just taught everyone hot still, I'll give me. I was really nervous. It was going to be just like someone we all should have known, but that's really dumb piece of trivia. You can now talk about your water, cooler, yeah or hot stove. I'm you know, I'm gonna bring the hot stove back. Let's get a stove and and replace the water cooler with yeah. Okay, it is whole season. We want to do this little game bowl seasons upon us. There's a million bowls. Every hey. Have you ever heard about someone complaining about how many bowls are? No that's another one that people don't do great. You know what shut the fuck up. People who complain about too many bowls, there's too much football
free. Football is always good. If there's something, oh, my god, I don't want to have another game. I can bet on a Tuesday afternoon when I don't want to talk to my family over the holiday season shut up. You know what my favorite partible season is it when the teams there figuring out there finding out which bowls are invited too and they the thing like you see in when the selection committee does March madness, now they're all in a room together and there are dozens city, bowls that are coming out, that they're really hoping not to go to and then there's the Bahamas, bowl yeah at the end and that's the one. Everyone wants Popeyes, it's a shitty bowl, but it in the Bahamas, not in Idaho, so go ahead, a whole potato bowl going to dip the tip went to Beacon in the Bahamas right. So here's the game because there's twenty balls nor can keep track of the bulls. I have five bowls written down. You guys are going to say fake or real. That's the name of the game: fake or real, pcs or PS. There we go Bc S or bs. Ok, let's start ready. You ready, yeah
The Franklin American Mortgage Music City bowl- this is Nebraska versus Tennessee. That sounds real, not real. Ok, it is real yeah by the way Nebraska Tennessee, that's going to be a fun time. and if it was one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, those are two teams that are always on the cusp of being back yeah, those teams. They should invite the old coaches back. For that one that would be fun is the old timers game. Maybe Nebraska you can start doing steroids again and they'd be good love it. San, Diego County Credit Union, poinsettia, bowl. Byu and I'm pretty specific audiences at the San, Diego County Credit Union yeah so They are targeting seventy thing, I'm going to say, fake. Ok, it was real, wow, wonder one. Here's one! Here's a mouthful The ray com, media, camellia, bowl, app state versus Toledo. It's real bake, it's real fuck! How
but the New Mexico bowl. So these are all real. That's the goal of the New Mexico bowl. It's real New Mexico, verse, Texas, San Antonio, real, real, that's fake? No, it's actually real in the final one is the Nova Home Loan, Arizona, Bull, say: Alabama, verse, Airforce! You don't want to that one! That's real! Okay, as real trick is. There are real yeah and that's some random bowl games that we have out there. That was great yeah. We don't like that. It was. It was like chipper chump yeah, her we play that would be again yeah right exactly so. There are some weird bad bowl games that I also like that they have, I think, there's some five and seven teams symbol. Well, yeah! You got to make some room, no it. My second favorite part behind finding out about the Popeyes Bowl is finding out, what's in the bags that the gift bags that you get yes, that's tearing revells, that's his Christmas is finding out like how many pairs of Bose headphones. Each person died. How many gift cards to best buy and watch is that you don't want and you're not add to resell the things that again, those gift bags, several, how states violation,
I also really enjoy the the jingle. Espn plays every single commercial, yes, full season all could call a that is my favorite and they have all the like random teams running around. It gets the juices flow. And I'm just like oh wow, I'm going to lose so much money this bowl season. This is usually the time of year that I do really well in gambling. Actually, we first two weeks of bowl season when you make your money That's that's is, if you say it confidently enough, people will believe you, like, oh yeah, bet the was easy, smaller, the smaller conferences in college basketball. That's where you make your money. That's right! Yeah they don't know it's see those lines aren't sharp enough. That's right, yeah, I agree hot seat, cool thrown a regular Wednesday, hot seat cool. This one is sponsored by the beef O'Brady's Brady's bowl check it out. Bowling green versus Washington, state balance fake. That was real,
on his fake beef, O'Brady's yeah, it's big did they cancel video break. It's now. The Saint Petersburg Bowl without the Belk bowl. Is that still around love the bad bad memories about there, but that's the thing I have all like: even the Popeyes bowl I had a western Michigan or whatever restaurant a key. I got screwed so bad in the all games, so they all it's all. I'm triggered all bowl season, I'm just triggered by bad betting memory. Well, that's the it's a chance that you take when you're sponsoring bowl game like you could have the worst. Out of all time, and then everybody out there will associate your brand with losing a shit load of money right exactly and that's the Belk, as opposed to the other mortgage, do besides mortgage and loan companies that sponsor where you don't associate it with that. Ok, let's do Hotsy Cultorum Hank you're going to start yet my hot seat, Shyla Buff, he was kicked out of Atlanta by soldier boy. You got it
rap beef. This soldier boy, that's the wackiest rap beef ever heard in my life yeah soldier boy in Shiloh, but I would take shaila buff and that be flies soldier boy getting in in a rat before Shaila Buff, aka child approved by the way hello, the stuff he dissed am on radio tune. Promo can have that child off mid it I mean soldier boy made Instagram video, saying he's not allowed in Atlanta and he comes in and he's going to get rolled up on. So that was a rap. If I didn't need to know you know it now, I'm here his shy's last name. It translates to the beef in French. That's true! So Labeouf saw this one coming cool throne, Pablo Sandoval, yeah, the Red Sox, traded, Travis, Shaw, Pablos, Back Pappas, bat houses, no he's not skinny. He lost like four thousand and fifteen years who are than he was last. Who is he getting his picture taken next to? And you saw good question:
It was probably because Ortiz and he looks skinny we actually so we have PJ fleck on the show. Today we went up and there's a coaches conference and I pussied out at the LA second, but I saw Brett Belama. I was going to get a picture next to him. Just so I could frame it. Yes, I'd look pretty skinny guys have the same body type he's just like, as in all the way twenty percent bigger version of he was also wearing a really nice leather jacket which is office. Suites is removed when you're that big. You know, as you look like a cat, he bought that jacket just for New York. That's it New York trip to. I mean you know where that she I can see how you leave that in New York and no one can fit into it. It's a tent! You keep someone warm for the winter. He should donate that. What do you got hot seat, hot seat, trees, Christmas tree season are so they can cut down, left and right. That happens. The trees yeah I actually used to be Christmas tree salesman was my first job really yeah I'd I just went off the road
convince people to buy Christmas are you'd, be surprised. I got you got to burn, you gotta talk him into it. Sometimes you know you got it yeah, that's all! Really. They come with a lot for the Christmas trees in there like they don't know if they want one yeah and then and then they're like you know, I'm I might just go down the road and get a Douglas fir and said, I'm afraid you're for you, like now. Here's where I get Fraser for the St Kicks, because the needle smell better it's real production, yeah, okay, You like the Douglas trees of piece of shit. I wouldn't I wouldn't let my mother by a Douglas FIR, so I'm not going to let you buy right exactly hey trees, yeah Michael throne, is eggnog. Thank God yeah. I am a huge eggnog Sandra call that come yeah. I'm we act. So I I I got a big thing of eggnog. I went to a friend's house yesterday and she made her own, and so she sent me home with some of it right, but as a top, where thing so, I'm riding the subway with a big Tupper Ware thing,
looks like I'm caring, a good sixteen ounces of jizz home yeah. I got a few looks, but you know: hey: only New York Eggnog season leave me alone. I'm going to drink this gross thick creamy liquid, it's no poison I'll do it is delicious yeah okay, I actually had before I do mine. I had a question for you guys. Do you think Ryan Fitzpatrick might be on the cool throne now back up yeah yeah! He saw he's getting he's gonna ten years later in this league is back right. He is a he. He should be back up forever because he's smart enough, you what's Harvard it I and he should be back up. That's were saying earlier with a case Keenum, you get your name out there as a starter, for, like four games will fill all of a sudden you're one of the Premier backups Lee right. Matt Barkley Store right now. Alright, so my hot seat temperature wars, we actually got it one in the office just a few minutes ago? Okay, it's called now. So that means it, whether you're in the office or at home, with your family you're, probably in a pretty pretty bitter temperature war, someone
a little too hot. You maybe want a little cold, old people in the women not to point fingers usually want to heat up. I like no woman move. I like to I like to just feel like I'm out in the wilderness. Kind kind of a ass move but yeah we have a temperature was going to the office and I'm sure everyone else does it their office yeah. I I'd like to keep it below seventy yeah at all costs. Most people I find women do like like it like. Seventy two hundred and seventy three degrees in the Bahamas, the Bahamas. Camaj give me a break also how human society, not not the point where we have like dual comfort zones for living rooms. We have an cars. Would it kill you to put one like bed. Yes like have one side of the bed set to a certain temperature of the other different. I like it. I like it hot, that's a weird way, that's very weird, but you guys are also a lot thicker. What are you trying to?
Thanks also alleges that Hanks millennial so is from softer generations, so he you know he would have liked to have is to have his skin coddled guides and more blubber. That's when blubber, okay, okay, I called mass yeah, I called strength thrown drinking on week days December you can get drunk every every single night of the week, yeah it's just how play parties and outings and catching up with old, fresh yeah. I think you know what I do instead turn the temperature up. I drink a beer to stay warm, but drinking on weekdays is back and you don't feel bad about. It did Everly brothers doing it. It never really left night sometimes leaves drinking on week days. That's that's just living life in America. At some point you don't want to be the guys always get drunk on a week day but December. You can be that guy can can that guy's a fun time. Alright, let's do a couple quick interviews. We have Chale Sonnen talking about Bellator and fighting
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on Shale Sonnen from Bella tore and he is actually promoting this submission underground to which is live on flow grappling dot com December, eleventh at five thirty eastern time, talk to us about that first, because we are not big huge, like were mm bands, but we don't know the details of the sport or tell us what is going on guys I'll, give it to you real fast and in this case on Sunday we got Jon Jones versus Dan Henderson. So what we do here is we take their best weapons away from John Jones his diverse and unpredictable elbows and knees strikes. We take that away Dan Henderson known for that Right handed he's put so many people to sleep with we take that away. They can grapple only now anything goes into grappling route, any takedown, any slam, any suplex to cold joint manipulations, armlock leg,
no one in your name and if you can make your your opponents say all call your career going, but no strike. Okay, so is it? Is it so hybrid wrestling. Yeah, I think that's fair, yes, hyper is hyper aggressive. We call submission grappling 'cause. They are looking for submissions as opposed to scoring points like taken olympic Wrestling Atmosphere breakdown and it's pretty well, I love it. I've been doing it myself for a long time. I love it. It's a lot of fun is a very high pace. So speaking of submissions have always kind of wondered this about about training for a big fight. You know when you're going the police academy the make every officer get Tay's, so they know what it feels like. We are training for a fight. Do you have to get put in like a choke hold? You have to get arm bar to know what your tolerance for that pain is and know what to expect what you search
say you you get in those positions more just so you know the application of a holding and how to get out of them, but not not purely for a pain that perspective. No, I think it's great for the cops they do that so that no your clothes around. When we know we pulled out the skaters there and it's pretty serious business a and even if they want to it, is going to feel that. So, no, I don't know that it it's completely the same metaphorically, but to your point, yeah you got to go through all of the spirits of all those practicing. There is anything that you think happen in the cage are in the ring and try to get it out of the way in the practice room. Here's a great question to follow up on that when you're getting choked, have you ever thought about just like reaching down pounding off real quick just to see what autoerotic asphyxiation feels like? Did you declare your question a great one before you even asked journalists told journalists who do it all time I mean I have to
you think all your questions are great. No, no, no will tell you. I will tell you when a great question. It sounds like you're ducking the autoerotic asphyxiation question. You answer the question answer the great question: do you jerk off when you sometimes you acknowledge the other way right before you ask it where you said you know this is a really stupid. Yes, yes, I've done that before yeah. I have a stupid question coming up. I have a stupid question. Come up first answer this one you ever jerk off, while you getting choked out now. I gotta tell you when you said you reach down and pounder. I really did think you meant, like you, know, the mat or the ring. I did not know that it was going to write it. I did I didn't Underst. yeah. So I'm going to I'm going to pass ok question, but let's hear the stupid, oh yeah, so here's a stupid question: how much does a armbar hurt man it hurts? It hurts pretty bad.
So you have to understand what you did your arm, which isn't a terribly big wom at against the pressure of the other guys entire bodies, rapid blades around using his hips he's pulling down with his arms and every bit of strength. He has versus your one arm, yeah, it's pretty bad man. This is there's a reason. We guys get stretched out by tap. Have you ever gotten your arm? Broken I've never had a broken arm from that I've had it like amateur wrestling, which is a different part of the arm, not right there at the at the band, but I've seen other guys, and I I don't and be it got it got it. The fight that everybody is talking about this week is the human versus the kangaroo. Have you seen that yet. No yeah check this out, so there is a kangaroo that was trying to basically take out a guys dog down in Austria and the guy saw it went out and just squared up with it and just punch the kangaroo in the Jaw and Andrew just got stunned and stop, and let everybody go so I was, I was going,
give you some animals and just imagine that they're all the same size as humans, and you tell me what type of strategy you used to fight him as an art, all right. Okay, if a dog human sized dog, what would you do? What who okay? That's up? Man yeah, I mean Uggs Man's best friend, but yeah. Okay, hey, I'm, not crazy about the question I'm playing along. You know we're just we're. Just like the card yeah we're just we're happy you wanted I'm likely to have appeared on. I don't want to the real answer from a real fighter myself. I would just snap its windpipe boom dogs dead. Well done. Okay, horse shot, gun owners, okay, spider. I'll get you know, I gotta go back to the foot. You didn't. Let me finish it. It's Anderson Silva are great grammar port still use the foot yeah,
that's the end of my life when I was going to step on its head for the second question. I'll, stick the foot straight up his ass, but yes for the same ok, so Conor Mcgregor, obviously one of the most electric guys in all of sports right now. You actually, I mean you kind of work on Mcgregor before Conor Mcgregor. Do you ever regret not having an irish accent? No man, I think he's great. I think I can keep tension and saw what was working grab. It ran with it. I think he's taking it to a much higher level I'm a big supporter and I'm a big fan man he's entertaining follow up to that. Do you think that he is sometimes embellish? Is the irish accent just to kind of stand out a little bit? Conor Mcgregor also foot straight up the ass. So chill you have cauliflower ear. Do not I do okay. Do you think that that intimidates people yeah? I
I think that definitely intimidates well may print it out in this atmosphere. I don't know, I don't know if the rough guys that I associate with look at that, I would be intimidated. But yes, when I was walking around school at twelve years old, with a cauliflower ear, it was. It was a message to mess with it back. I agree every time I see a cauliflower ear. I try to across the street. Is there anyway, like any tips, you have for guys like being big cat here, to give ourselves cauliflower ear without having to actually do any of the work of fighting people yeah. You know those years. well it pretty quick if you irritated, if you just reach up with your hand and rub it a few times pretty vigorously it'll pop up, but you don't want to do that. I mean just for the internal walk around looking like a fool, US wrestlers think it looks cool but we're the only ones that you babe Do it are babes kind of creeped out by it? You know,
I suppose it just depends. My wife daughter were kind of cool, but are a she's probably die? I would say that it's, it's probably not a great thing eight, so I don't know if you're familiar with a show at all. We do most of our research before every interview just by reading Wikipedia. So this question might be based, not in fact, but I I read that you at one point considered running for Congress. Is that correct? I ran for Congress. I won in the primary I was in the general election which which I would have swept as well, but I had to pull out 'cause. I had a legal issue. I will office the only way you should leave office gentleman and that in handcuffs, you have an email scandal like that. Did you bring it in when your job you're, leaving there with the boys in suits? I, like that? That's a that's is that I, like
a lot. That's my strategy like if I ever go to a Strip club. I never want to leave just like on my own volition right. I never want to be like okay, it's time for me to leave. I want to be asked you to get your money's worth yes yeah this is anybody could do that yeah? This is also a dumb question because were at like what, like, I said, we're MMA noobs. If you will I just logistically speaking, how long does it take to train for a fight. Well I mean if the skill set, that you work hard your whole life or, for example, I started in in the combat arts at nine years old and I think most guys would have a story like that where they started his children over now, once you establish those skill sets and heat your techniques down to actually train for a fight, would you know Eight weeks is pretty common. Manny Pacquiao spends about six one slash two. He recently shorten that Freddie Roach, you training about ten weeks. He realized he could peak in about six one slash two,
but anywhere from that that eight to twelve weeks and all your time out there just get that shape, is really pushing that car you'll get a check. So you so no eating, you know fried food and all that stuff drinking beer. What I you know, I think I think you could do that? I don't know how much detrition has to really do with anything. I think most, the guys that preach the book and nutrition are going to do just that sell books. I I'm not sure that there's any validity that you can't eat. That's are saturated or carbon that followed by strong greater than strong agree. That's I need you to be my trainer eat whatever you want and just you gotta jump rope every now and then yeah. That's I mean you got a weight limit. If you're in France, you gotta make the weight limit, but there's there's really no proof that bananas and nuts, or any better for you than big maximum right. If you can make the weight you can make the way what's a heavyweight. What is what being way at way out when he was fighting butter?
Oh Super heavyweight, which is a class at urgent, contested, very often, but Super heavyweight. I don't believe, has a limit. I think that's even called unlimited, which is the reason promoters don't get behind it, but heavy weighted. You would know it like take my Tyson, Hamid Ali or what we use in the UFC would cap off at two hundred and sixty five. You can make that I can make that make that way easier to jump rope a little bit. Yeah give you couple weeks. I read that you lost thirty two pounds in twenty days that true thirty six point two pounds in twenty one days: every single physically, the single worst experience of my existence on this planet and uh, how to say it any clearer. It was terribly what what did you do like you just didn't eat what I mean. How do you lose that much weight? You gotta rub one out, like all the time, get all those oz out. That's the secret to put you over the top
two thousand twenty one days her car wasn't not eating, but it was. It was different, a calorie deprivation, mall or work out the day and then about twenty four hours for the way- and I only had seventeen pounds- I shouldn't say only seventeen, but I had seventeen pounds to go in that way. is water weight. I lost that in about twenty two hours and it was suffering man. It was tough feel like a sonnet likes in a trash bag inside of a sauna. Yeah. I don't do the trash bag but yeah the hot bath in anything with heat seeking, you know using well, but eventually your body quit sweating. I mean that's the other thing too. It's not like you just have endless water at that point, like you're dying right, we adapt
yeah your body starting to shut down if it's rough. So what do you guys eat when they weigh in and then they obviously have 'cause everyone? You know cuts. Wait, then? What do you usually? What's your plan like twenty four hours before a fight? What do you eat and like? How do you get your weight back up to a comfortable level where you feel strong again. My my post Weiner meal with the same for the big part of my career, which was just a a club sandwich french fries, with a side of ranch in a Coca cola, big enough to swim in, and that was that was the immediate meal. But you know when you're starving in your cannibalizing, your body like that your stomach shrinks immensely. So as hungry as you are, it's it's very tough. To get too much food down does Dana. site where, in Ed hardy shirt underneath his ed hardy shirt. I uh
No, I did, is he wear Ed hardy? I I don't even know what is the tire is consuming. It said harder give his own printer. The only make sure it's for him. That's. Lastly, when you see a Danish, are you can't go to the store and buy it there there all uniques. Do you think entrance music matters? I didn't hear you what that do you think entrance music matters? No, I don't I think so I mean I don't. I don't know that it that it helps anybody for the crowd seems to enjoy it. I mean I've heard some real Doug songs get played I've, never Bj Penn was walking out for the world title and he was playing Phil Collins and I just know being live in the house. How's it it kind of brought the move down a little bit so music, fun man, music, Spotify, but I don't know that it helps the athlete see I've. Usually I have a little bit of a gambling problem, so I like to bet on fights just based on the entrance music. So if you're saying it doesn't matter, that's probably reconfigure. This whole situation, hey man
It's really not a bad way to go. I am an analyst in this sport. I get paid as a professional would know what I'm talking about and I'm a single worst predictor of fights that I know it drives my mom crazy, she's like. Why are you so bad at this? But you know maybe actually go to your way. Maybe it should all come down to the interest meeting, so we've had John Annick as a recurring guest on this show. I'll talk a little shit about him and, like maybe stir the pot a little bit annex a man he skilled? I used to work at the matter. Dspn and yeah just watched him grow the thing about annex and the reason he's made it so far in that space he's the hardest working guy who's, the first one in the office every day is the first one. Preference is the last one to leave the sack. That's now we said about you yeah, so you should buy your call for you early morning, puke, and so he said his words, not mine. I understand ok
get a get a quick follow up here, for you you've probably been asked this a lot. I wanted to see. If you wanted to ask us if Floyd Mayweather Mayweather could beat Conor Mcgregor. Do you want to ask me that yeah? What is your opinion? You guys Floyd Mayweather could become a great I'm, not sure. What do you think? I actually did that back to chill yeah. I see we did there, but I actually do have a real opinion on this. I think Conor Mcgregor. If he had a box we made where my the Mayweather in actual boxing rules, he would get beat so soundly and he would not be able to touch Floyd Mayweather yeah. Well, I mean here is worth on the line there. If, if corner could go with them any capacity, it would ruin boxing yep if you could take a guy. Who is never done something and put him with the greatest of all time.
That's not great! That's not great! For this. I come from an amateur wrestling background. There's not a man alive, no matter what kind of athlete he is and what he's done in any other walk a life, they could walk onto a wrestling mat and go sixty seconds with the best of the world by sixty seconds. I mean it's much more like ten seconds so yeah I mean that's really what's at stake is the entire reputation of boxes of frankly, you know boxing men. There aren't many guys. It would, if you want to be a top ten boxer in the world, raise your hand. I was twenty eight years old when I met my first boxer. Twenty eight years delivered the Olympic training center. When I was twenty two, they had a boxing program and I still never met a boxer. I don't know no one in my family box is no one in my neighborhood box is not at my school, my high school, my college. I never met him
in the box. I I can go a step further. I don't know where boxing gym is. I could go a step further than that. I couldn't tell you where to go to buy boxing gloves and now that I just said it you guys and all your listeners are going yeah he's right, nobody boxes, so there's really not a lot to it. May what is very good at what he does, but he is not a sport that nobody participate, put a put a hold on now. Let me back up you see. Your Mayweather is an exceptional athlete and I think more than anything, MMA fan don't realize the hand, speed that goes into boxing and how Mayweather we wouldn't get hit like Conor Mcgregor would not be able to hit Floyd Mayweather, I'm convinced it. I would only. I would only correct you on one point, which is yet and then they fans do realize that there is not a mma fan out there, including Dana White, who believes Conor Mcgregor could go with Floyd Mayweather all understand what a spectacle it is. That doesn't mean
You want to throw our money in and support our guy right. We were all very well aware that Connor Destroid alright, will wrap this with the final questions. We ask everyone. First, one is: do you wash your apples of course come on? from your from apple country onto the Pacific, NW yeah. I can tell you for then. Yes, I will rent that thing off. If I go pick one off the tree, I'll use my shirt but that waffle that everything's get washed before goes in my suddenly your call fire doesn't seem so tough yeah, that's right! Yeah, I'm not eating dirt men, I'm not looking to eat, exercise! Yeah, ok, fine! I could take you. I guess second last question: who is the most famous person in your cell phone. Most famous person on my cell phone on, let
see well, I had Donald Trump in my cell phone for a number of years. I would assume he's got a new phone number. Now I haven't tried it. I would go with if I'm taking trump out I'll go with Kenny Chesney. I try calling Trump's older relishes, Adam agency would come in as it turns out. I do not not want to do that right. Well, keyword, yeah! Ok, so you don't wash your apples and you don't want to call President Trump President elect sorry. Final question: correct crap question: I'm gonna ask you don't have to answer by mask anyway. How much of a dick is Dana wait for real. Off the record, selector will cut the speed. The bass. Look, I don't know you guys had met him he's the best he's awesome, but if you, if you're asking, if he could be talk when he needs to be top yeah, I mean he's. The manager he's managing, not just the company, but entire industry and yeah you gotta be tops. Okay can be, can be, can be in a can Dana do its job and be a deck yeah. You bet, okay,
and that I I have one more question. You don't have to answer. I'm gonna ask anyways, you don't have to admit to any wrongdoing in the past, but they can- and I have always talked about like just recreationally- doing some steroids. If, like a Fisher price, my first PD, what would you recommend a two out of shape? guys like us, not saying that it's something you would ever do, but as a coach Oh boy, I've done I've done 'em. All, let's see here. If you were to use, I would say, use testosterone and see your couple of reasons. One is very effective, but two, it's also very affordable, one of better ones out there, but it's a little more design on all designer means. Is it's more expensive is growth hormone which gets a terrible reputation because athletes have abused, but as far as the medicine goes you what you want me to doctor, that tells you anything other than you know. It's it's one of the greatest advancements we've made so I'll go I'll go with with with testosterone and growth hormone is the second
ok. I like it sounds like a good start for us. Yeah someone, who's just doesn't even try to get in shape, just maybe have a little more energy than no enerji get that t up a little bit over here, alright jail. Thank you! So watch everyone check out, flowgrappling dot com December 11th at five hundred and thirty eastern or you're, going to be part of this whole thing. You're going to are you going to be announcing I'll, be there live and in person? How exciting is that I'm excited submission underground? Two, I'm excited I'm watching this. So John VON Jones, Jon bones Jones Jon, Bon Jones is the drummer is dead. Rest in peace he's dead. Just so you know Jon Bones Jones will be there. It's great fight jail. Thank you. So much really appreciate it another something completely. Diff.
Alright. Now welcome on a very special guests who we've actually been hunting down for a little bit now coach doesn't sound creepy at all yeah, it doesn't sound creepy, I'm not stalking, just hunting, pursuing coach major difference between the two yeah right right, coach, PJ fleck from Western Michigan, I'm going to say it right now the hottest coach in the country's f. There would not say that I think my wife calls me, maybe okay, because it could not proceed that hi all right over here. My life so yeah sure is there. Is there a coach that has lost less recently than you? Maybe next save ok, so you're the same conversation Nick Saban,
you and him are one in one- eight right now yeah another way. I don't know about that. So, let's start there western Michigan, the only other undefeated team. Besides Alabama, do you think you guys got snubbed? No, not at all I'll, be honest with you. I think we fit exactly where we need to be. If we didn't make the cotton bowl, yes, I would have thought we got snubbed, but I understand the whole playoff system. I understand what it's about. I understand the strength of schedule. I get it now. If you go thirteen and thirteen, oh, I think you deserve a shot in the final four. I really do same thing with the Boise State or Houston or a group of five team. That does that. But if you just do a one year, never we've only been that we want one one championship: Bowl game right in our entire program. History with this is our third MAC Championship ever so I think right to put some strings together for that to happen, but I get understand it and we're extremely pleased to be going to Goodyear cotton balls. Do you realize that if you beat Wisconsin in the cotton bowl, you are then big, big, ten w champions 'cause? You basically beat the whole
the MAC Os chance, plus big big together. What or five northwestern which gets we produce even played in Vain Illinois Illinois. Why yeah and then he beat Wisconsin so yeah you do you. Do you have that clean as well yeah? We would, but I think, Paul Christmas. Some say about that at all. So that's not a football coach. Do you blame Washington for not scheduling you guys on their schedule? I don't even I don't even know if they ever would schedules on their skills and to be honest with you, because they are afraid or not will homeowners Peterson and the boat yard little home, and you know that might be nice. There's a lot of boats at pull it over there in Seattle that actually might be a nice little match up there. You can go all the way up in the entire world right and then come back over to Kalamazoo Michigan that the perfect right right, yeah, the sale getting seen over there is pretty wild as I want to know more. So, let's talk about row the boat, because it is captivated the nation. I must say that I'm a MAC guy, so I I probably a little biased, but I think we're the borders captivated the nation I explained
to us in you know a few sentences. What row the boat means and are kinda how everyone has bought into the to the program. Yeah. Absolutely thank you at the wrote about marchers in never give up Mentre the or is the energycap that bring to your life and everything that's involved in your life. The boat is the sacrifices. What are you willing to give up for something that you never had on the third part of the compass and that's the direction of your life, which will be surrounded by the people that you put yourself around? So if you put yourself around, the people are going to believe, put yourself turn your head it or start Ville, it's very simple, and when you rowboat, you can see where you're going and that's the future euro in the present, which is only thing you control. Looking at the past, which is the only thing you can learn from it is not that hard of a concept. It's a nursery rhyme for gosh sakes. It's not that hard! That's why I picked it. I'm kind of halfway between turd, an elite myself for or our listeners, who, I suspect, a lot of them are out there. Like me, you know we're trying to find you were trying to use your compass and get the right place. How can we become more elite and get yourself around amazing people?
Make sure that you have a vision and work yourself backwards, make something I had in your life come up with a dream or a vision that absolutely scares the heck out of you like freak you out, okay, okay, that you actually want to happen, but the process scares you and then that's a perfect one, because that's been okay so that that's that yeah! It's that scared me a little bit. So I think I'm on the right track to even consider exiting. I even have a gift for you, my pocket. They won't give us about that. Alright, here at a real quick all I got a compass. What is that is? It was an apt we do not have. It is all going. That's in my pocket, the gift is we have it on the show we replace it now. Thank you. I'm a LEO just hold on to that. Put in your pocket in just happen. Naturally, is that how it works yeah I was gonna watch. What happens tonight watch to flock around you? Okay, so I'm I'm here, I'm a big, I'm a big Joe Flacco guy. I'm I'm a big time
Flaca videos or direct yeah, so I'm the one out there I'm trying to lead the charge to convince people that Joe is an elite quarterback. Do you see Tom becoming a elite quarterback? I really do. I think there are two different style. Quarterbacks Joe is big pocket. Passer Tom is a little bit smaller, incredibly competitive and more of a runner, but he's got an incredible arms come very accurate and the future is bright with Tom Flacco. So I'm kind of a lazy guy. I want to go back to the boat thing for a second, if you ever thought about a motor boat, like situation, maybe like. Let's just hang out have a couple of beers, maybe a pontoon yeah like like steer the pontoon and turn it.
Yeah chill on that chair and dress your in your motel yard, yeah yeah right right! You know what you might be right most of my work. You know I think you're right right now. You know if you do want to stop growing, just sit the Middle Lake and have a beer you're more welcome to do that. Okay, no! You just make sure everybody else. The boat knows that, so they don't have to work as hard. Okay, they have to at least everybody has stopping a beer that yeah, Everybody can't be doing yeah. Ok, that's fair, don't be the anchor yeah, don't be the anchor alright. So can you you guys have been very great for their time you're going out to dinner tonight. So can you who quickly motivate our listeners. A lot of them are kind of lazy like Maine. So can you give like a thirty? Second here's how yeah? I want you to stand up. Ok, walk to your bathroom, going to give you some time walked your bathroom. Ok, try at your bathroom right now. Look at him and I only want you to do is pretty big house for you get a pretty fast. I want you to look in the mirror. All I want to do is tell yourself I can do it and I can change my best.
And I can do with with a necktie mentality, Prefontaine Pace and farmers alliance? I can row the boat dammit. I can row the boat, I I'm ready. Yeah this through so tell is not even built out of brick, but I'm gonna run through a brick wall right and you can get about your house. Yeah actually can get up out of our church. Yeah yeah, the grate. All right final, three questions: we ask everyone all of our guests. First question: do you wash your apples absolutely, but I only for a little bit of water running into it and I think that's version. What do you mean a little bit of water? I take the apple, I I put it under water and then I take a bite out of it. He was a little afraid of her yeah, not no just just weird and just Vira. It is and and bacteria that will be what doesn't kill. You makes you stronger, though, that that is a vaccine on it, saying that rest interesting, you're, right feeling his growth. Think about that. Okay, maybe
no! No, you save us out. It was a wash them yeah. I know. Well, you know, they're sticking with our we're sticking with our culture and religion. I'm not going to do your job, but wherever you, you know, throw the boat. If you end up going to another row, the boat, you know situation need to have a maybe you retire row, the boat. He got a new thing, it's don't wash apples however, that it that hasn't offering it yeah rowboat, don't wash your genius yeah, I'm just these issues? Yes, I got my flu shot the help. I actually got my flu shot too. So I'm I'm a walking contradiction with my non apple watch. there we go right, then I knew it come out soon, not really not really walking that yeah, mostly more sitting. Contradiction. Second, last question: who is the most famous person in your cell phone rocky Balboa? Who can we call without so much as long as it was in the car, the most popular guy? Yes, did he? The US will give me a call your mind? Actually you know he wouldn't my guys. You know he
well human, my rowing the boat for us either. Just talking about maybe give us one thousand five hundred and twenty minutes on the show you know here is who was only apartment. Think I'm big fan. Oh, go away thanks for joining us or final question question: I'm going to ask that you don't have to answer, but I'm going to ask anyway. Are you going to run chip Kelly's offense in Oregon has come up with these questions as I just ask you to go to such as we run our office in Michigan University House that all right, that's good answer! That's a that's a great answer! Pj flak! Thank you! So much for letting us track you down. This was actually the most fun I've ever had in my entire life. The maze I wish every one of our interviews with like this yeah. Now your recurring guest on the show for into the program so we'll just talk. You
some other time you track down like a hat for me, or so, with his shirt we've got to do it. We've got a gps coordinating thing that we put on your person somewhere. When I stopped on the track. You download that yeah we're not sure they check your purse, your check so PJ fleck. Thank you so much. Thank you for motivating our land. Thank you later. Thank you for the compass. Is everybody still in the bathrooms? Actually, can you tell me all of our listeners to subscribe and unsubscribe and resubscribe unsubscribe and resubscribe n roll the boat read about okay, I feel like I'm on off on off. Yes, just keep wrote about whom you got it all right. Thank you! Thank you.
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that was PJ fleck, and I just want to say that I'm going to carry that great going around with me and if I don't have it I hey. I want you to call me out so one thing that PJ taught us about accountability. If I don't have the great coin on me and big cat has to do So we were holding ourselves accountable each other. I don't really like this deal. Okay, all! Let's do a few segments we have to start battle is, as we haven't actually had this segment in awhile, but pat more in from the sorry maroon what lame last name from the Edmonton Oilers had this to a the other night. He said this is a man's game. People are going to get hit, get high, stick they're, going to go through the middle and get hit. That's part of hockey and that's why we have all this gear that protects us, so it's a man's game. Women not allowed women need not apply well technically, the NHL is
percent dudes right its major sausage. Fest sounds like he's right yeah. He also did you see the the tweet three, deleted. I did see that one, the one where he said I play hockey not school. Yes, so if you also Cardell Jones in Cardale Jones, what was Cardale Jones? I didn't come here to play school, come here to play school, so yeah he in the tweet that Pat maroon deleted. He said first of all, I'm not a sexist by any accounts, so his mom's, a woman happy we cleared that up. I respect women have the utmost respect to women hockey players. I was referring to the NHL when I said it was a man's game not hockey. So like we set right. Here's where went wrong anytime, you want to say something like it's a man's game or anything like that. Just put the word grown in front of it say it's a grown man's game. Because at that point now, you're talking shit about kids, kids and teenagers likes kids yeah. No one! No one gives a shit about teenagers. So that's a nice easy way. I get the same message across, but just gently deflected.
He also then said a second for all the people who are calling me. I will keep the p g, not smart. What's the on Pga, dumb, hello, I'm sing who's going to come, tuck is done, took last time. I checked. I hockey not school no degree needed here. You should try it no degree here. You should yeah yeah great if you can get away with not having a degree and playing hockey not school, go for it and finally said. Third, the media quit taking this out of context we're the reason you have this great job. Don't words in my mouth, you knew damn well. What I was referring. Respect to bid is coming right back at maroon. Actually, The media is the reason why he has a job if it wasn't for the journalists covering him, nobody would care you beast
we played in your dad's on the backyard you're dead, Ponton Debbie grunted, hose on to your yeah and then once you're, clear Cleats will soon be ice back there. Yeah, yes, worry so Pat want to back off Kay, and so it was just a hey. Stick to attacking women. All right in an austere, clear of J journals and not playing school. Okay. Next we have king ST kings. This is quick. Jeff Fisher he's kings that he is the king, so he signed his contract right or his contract extension. This is why Jeff Fisher's the king, because most people they signed a contract sention. Maybe they go out for a nice steak. They get a little lazy for a minute. Jeff Fisher he's right back at it cup. Things. He sound bites owners. I share with you Jeff Fisher three of our next, Four games are at home. We don't have to leave Pacific specific your time anymore this year than all blame.
I don't feel bad record Lehman the Sun ACT, yeah the it because I wasn't thinking man the ram sock, because you know Jeff Fisher, sorry, I was thinking the rams suck they've had to play in like every time zone change. Like I told you, traveling e, it doesn't matter how far e you're traveling it's just if you travel e at all here's another one Rams head coach, Jeff Fisher were on on a record setting pace with our punt team yeah. Please give a credit to Jeff for that yeah. So he puts it. He he puts a lot of importance on the punt game and Johnny hackers been kicking. The ball like seventy five yards, that's just good coaching, campfire coach to set records. Now and finally, we have this quote from Jeff Fisher on being the losing yes coach, NFL history, you can look at it as glass, half full or half empty. That's a great point. It is so you can be
negative if you want- and you can say hey this guy's lost more games than anybody or you can say, tis the season to give it's better to give than receive and coaches given other teams more trees. Anyone else he's like he's the Santa Claus of winds. You can also say glass, half full Jeff Fisher has somehow kept the job for twenty two years of very high paying job, even though he's borderline incompetent at it, glass, half full and since he's been such a bad coach he's had to cut a lot of players, which means he's Cree did new jobs for other players. So really it's out there he's lowering the unemployment rate yeah more jobs than Trump and keep in those factories carrier, yeah, yeah, so Jeff Fisher him. You can be a pessimist if you want, but I'm gonna get out, has got keep keep making fun of Jeff Fisher. Keep making your Jeff Fisher, jokes yeah, you know, Kirk Cousins said like there should be a separate twitter for positive and negative okay. We're at right now we're in positive podcast class. You
listen to negative podcast yeah. Take that down the line and and tune into serial yeah glass, half full. We can relive the past and try to uncover who murder was are we can so here talking about how we'd never killed anybody and don't plan to in the future. An optimist talk water, glass, half full coach, who's selling records. Yep. Sorry, sorry for sounding record stopped. Isms twenty twenty? Yes, he tried sometimes sorry for raising the bar, so much that people want you know will now have to achieve greater greater things, also, glass, half full for Jeff Fisher. He is so bad. A coaching that is gonna be really hard for any other coach to be as bad as him. So several oh good, which yes, so you've already you've, always got someone to point to be like hey, I'm not as bad as that. Now. Actually, that's brings up a great point because there's very few untouchable records out there. Jeff Fisher is losing its head coach in NFL. History might be the untouchable record. He's Rasputin man think about it, though, because they're they fire coaches, now like instantly,
If you lose you, you get two years MAX yeah. Just look at Jaguar's. There is no charge yeah right sign up for the first sign of turned down hill you're gone okay, so actually that's a good point. Once Gus Bradley gets fired, then there's no chance. Anyone will break Jeffords records like when somebody has a hitting streak that stops like twenty second game. And you like, wow? That was a really long streak and then you look at the all time when you're like holy. Jeff Fisher lost a hundred six Joe to Maggio Jeff Fisher. The two records will never be broken. Tom Brady was his record. He most records in NFL history, So his record is that he holds the most records in the NFL. No most wins. I want to buy one game yeah five, far of not are all right, her injured the mental health of the Panthers. What's going on there so RON Rivera. He said that after this most recent loss, he was concerned about their mental health, so I got to say I got to say that they're hurt, but it's because they're not dress
well enough, like cam just got in trouble for the time being, we always say on the show, look good feel good, so they don't good. So they're depressed disagree, Kammoun looked good, so we also have it I'll put it in the ear hole, 'cause, CAM Newton, the whole heating wear a tie is not part of the team. I think, if you look good it doesn't matter. If you wear a tie or not, there should be a level of put wrongly that path. You don't understand RON Rivers in military guy. You have to wear a tie. True, that's what he equates with looking good, but you don't understand. Cam Newton said that that I didn't go with outfit, so I think cam been watching too much film on our friend, Danny Canal and seen the turtlenecks necks he's been rocking is exactly guy, looks really really really really really good and not like a clown. So I'm going to dress up like that too. The Panthers, though I would say, they're injured. There are more than injured. You know what why, like debt, what is Rivera lead by example and and
can wear tie on the satellite Jack Del Rio, Rio. Yes, MIKE Nolan, he was a great coach to the all time greats still it Coach MIKE Nolan was that want to spin zone I suck, coaching, so I'm going to start wearing a tie. Like my father, my dad yeah, you guys going to fire me now when they actually still did saber but your extend tivo this one's. While this is a huge one. Okay, so TIM Tebow win on the Harry Connick Junior show today and he told a story to go. which I can't believe I missed a great great show. He told a story about how he wore the John three hundred and sixteen I black back in college right, and he said three years to the date after he wore that by the way you said: ninety million people googled John three hundred and sixteen when you were not to brag but isn't Austin three hundred and sixteen yeah either way say it's the same passage, and so three years later he was in the playoffs in Denver playing a little team called the Pittsburgh Steelers
remember that game or happened? I came yeah. I won that playoff game people. Don't people forget that he won a playoff game. One time so that was three years to the day after he wore the three hundred and sixteen so he's walking to the media room after the game and the the Broncos pr guy pulls in the sciences TIM. You know what you just said and I'm paraphrasing TIM. This is his way of telling a story. Yeah we just wanna playoff game. It's incredible! No! No! No TIM! I don't think you understand. Do you know what just happened was it would be to Pittsburgh Steelers still home new to you, don't get it. This is why three years ago you were this. I black and TAN was like that's crazy. No, no TIM! You don't get it. You just went out there and you pass for three hundred and sixteen yards. You just went out there and your yards per completion was thirty one point: six TIM, you just went out there and your yards per carry was three point. Sixteen TIM, you just went out there and you're
the position. Was thirty one point six minutes. Thank you whoa. Now, quick sabermetrics, I died crunch numbers and went back check. The box score is actually five yards per carry and it was actually fifteen yards per passing. Attempt about thirty one point: six and the steeler time of possession was thirty one. TIM said all these things with a little fuzzy math, but that's okay, but It just goes to show you yeah, who is all in the numbers and basically what we found out. Our TIM Tivo has severe eighty d theory, the adder all brand. He is now in the portion of his career. Where he's just a Derren, Revell tweet yeah he's a walking. Derren results, wheat, so that was that's fun for ten tee ball yeah. We need to back up for, yes, what well or he could he could play for the Brooklyn Cyclones we could go out and be is best fans at games and pretend to faint, and then he could come restless. We we gotta do that actually, actually don't
anyway. All you got there right now, another code. You pretend that you didn't hear that this is a plan of ours, we're going to find TIM Tebo and I'm going to pass. I think I should because I'm fatter those with more examine you. I think art attack on the heart attack. You just wanna, get math math in the US. Okay touches me and then, if he's, only God, I just saw a man be revived by TIM Tebow. Yet so that's our plan, honor code, don't ruin, and if he does, he could do it face down. They think the girl, oh yeah. What in the you? We also have a Sabermetrics Klay Thompson. This one actually is wild, so we joke about sabermetrics, but this one's crazy Saber
Thompson had sixty points. Okay, sixty points on Monday night. He had the ball for a total of eighty eight point four seconds and he dribbled a total of eleven times at five. Thirty, three shots. That's my favorite status! How major was it's like in a football game? How many jokes did a guy So basically, Klay Thompson is not that good. He can just shoot a basketball he's. Not his teammates do everything else. He barely had. We had a triple double when you count the dribbles right, they are fairly. It was like one of those ass tricks triple doubles. I also maybe it's cuz. He doesn't smoke weed so he's not with Rj. So that's why I was so efficient. I hate that the warriors are now doing what we all thought they were going to do in there like killing teams, there's going to be they're going to hit their low point. Just wait: yeah Kevin Durant lurking baby back bitch,
we have a stay woke. As always, the rules will stay woke. We don't tell each other's stay works before this is a fresh one. You never get in another man's woke Nissen, that's a rule! Is man law yeah, you don't you you, don't plow, another man's field. You don't take another man's conspiracy way from before is yes tell us right so well. I think we should do it different you a little bit here between connect the dots and stay work. There's a difference. Stay woke, it's just like hey just keep your head. Yeah keep after yeah watch out, so just watch out Regis just think about this. Okay, so there to fans on the field at the jets game last night, yep right, camera cut away from one show the wanted courage that type of behavior right this they always say, even though John Green was like talking about, like mainly the guy band, this guy. I got a call this guy, a whirling Dervish man Logan. They want to go to the because a lot this picture of me here, all so young, so they don't show the fans on the field, but.
and if you watch the news, it's all school shootings, it's all sex scandals, it's all arsons! It's all clowns, scary, clowns out there. Why doesn't the news want to discourage that type of behavior? They should just stop. The new should stop showing all the bad stuff that happen, so it is work for they should follow. The NFL's lead once again, Roger as a thought leader trying to improve society. So hey news, big news producers out there, maybe stop leading with mass murders, cut away from them and have Gruden just talk. That's right and and then there won't be any more murders. I don't I don't hate it. It discourages, and I bet used fan streakers are on the decline. Yeah apps and life is a copycat league. If you see somebody out, there dress up as a clown on the news you're going to do the same thing. True, the cons are gone, though remember those part of Trump's presidency. A couple scared I get. I gotta feeling come back. Ok
Alright. Alright, that's show we have a shout out to Jj Watt right. I do yes, really. The victorious fat secret fashion show was last night so shout out to Jersey, watch rest yeah he's got, he loves that show he likes doesn't miss it. He loves that old too much remember he did you want to watch porn not so this is as close to point as you can get on. Regular cable without his without Nana. Finding the on demand bill You know. Do you don't want to what you don't want to? Let do you want to get his hands on the the Macys coupons. Coupon owners know the Sears catalog has years now that that's what it might be, some flesh, colored, bras and there are legit- is gonna start jerking off. That's why? When and what he's so good intercepting balls with one hand, it's got that sticky hand yeah the eggnog him to night, right. That's our show. We have West Virginia coach head coach, Dana Holgorsen. He was in studio. We have him on Friday. We
we did some sabermetrics with him too. We're going to tell you exactly how many red bulls he drinks in a day yeah, and we will see you on Friday. Let me guess sports