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The guys talk Joey Bosa contract (4:56 - 9:10) and Rex Ryan gaining 30 pounds since Rob Ryan's move to Buffalo (9:10 - 15:52). Mt Rushmore of finger foods (15:52 - 25:51). Charissa Thompson joins the show to talk Seahawks, her obsession with showers, working at FOX and a VERY famous person in her cell phone (15:52 - 51:31). Segments include Talking Soccer, Respect The Biz a,nd Jimbos of the week.
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the home cooked meal they got menus to change all the time great ingredients blue apron dotcom slashed pardon do it right now let's go i too welcome the pardon my take it is slidy august twenty sixth this right here my friends is our last official show there were doing on skype rejoice that just by the audio quality number one and number two like talking to my computer it gets a little like a doll my senses all about you know like the human element i also think that we should do a segment
once we're in the office together where we all have to stand and we're on the mike and it just called not taps and we just try not tat each other and see if anyone hits it that's some good radio yeah you know what we can't do since we skype that i'm really looking forward to is when you see the studio shows like espn countdown when like he shot nothing has really important point to make he'll reaches arm out and grab tom jackson on the army's self embrace them if it's great like just watching them grab each other on the arm i'm gonna be a really hands a guy whether into the studio just fair warning the up or order the shuffle papers i like that you know it you got the papers you're you're make a little ball out of whom you sometime around you you just want to look busy at all times with some else's talking like what i'm getting my point red baby girl here i am referring papers i'm taking notes like him
circling things on my shoe to paper like the old john stewart trick to release beget yok allotted accurate so this is it actually everything you just said but cut out for me so that was up way to talk about our last episode with skype i really didn't hear word you said i do sir john stewart so armful will move on right like last time with skype that's that's the expected i'm gonna miss you skype scan on women like that it's not i i won complete before we get into everything today we have a great not rushmore we have a great interview with well an interview with chris thomson you'll see why we have one classic you know before we can fully get to fall we have one lass campo about and they show a bolsa it's gettin spicy down in san diego usually it gets figured out pretty quickly but joy both
is in the news the san diego charters and both are now getting to the point where there just like releasing it's always bad when yours releasing statements they just released things statements in the news back and forth to each other non rocking ears like here's my statement here's my statement to your statement ok well here is my counter statement there at that point yeah exactly it's like when marlins man and zack ample were doing screen grabs of each other releasing goes out to the public debts which are both in the charges are up to now the releasing each other's nudes but what comes down to is that both sir what he wants all of the sun bonus right now he doesn't want split between now and six months from now and then he wants all of this contract through four years to be guaranteed are you wanted guaranteed money to actually be guaranteed through four years instead of like being able to cut the fourth and then not having to pay money so i guess pierre werner one advice form number one
is did you have to shape the guilty no one's gonna be lining up behind you to support you if you're wearing your tea right now joy bolster he looks like the evil dimension version of joy bowser not do it yourself favours the fischler so you to explain the situation me i've been traveling abolished i haven't fully followed it just knee jerk here gamble on a gambler something truly posts as gambling problem like i need the money now man i need it right now that's he thinks he's being you know sly near but has again the more i can see what he's doing he's clearly got some big debts he needs to back right eyes so if you look at bobby beneath the need in heaven
i'm getting paid money down the line no no no i saw joy boasts a pr i also want to say that said eagle chargers hats after them the only p r u no time did they get discuss nationally is either their stadium moving philip rivers having like his fifteenth kid or them screwing over some young player so a good for them this is a great peat is a windfall for them there in the conversation you don't want to be the combination of the year the chargers you leave now wants to it as if their doctors sued for malpractice by like gas eight people so yeah this is this is really the best you can hope for a few the chargers i've got some really good pr advice for joey though here's how you get the public back on your side it's very easy you really do statement saying i will accept the charges offer under the condition that they agree to not move the team to allay next year all in one way
all san diego loves you and there's nothing that the king can do about it charger man would would actually boatmen sorry would actually weep ring that statement i also think our joy both suggest simple add a couple letters to your last man no one really likes the shorten let me last night you remember him too easily euro but jolly most i shouldn't remember that aim but i do maybe make it a polish then maybe like you know about people so which year something like that right so i know that maybe boasted just hasn't been able to make it to the stadium yet because you refuse teased likely sorry that he is being so safety conscious also you could just bring a couple maybe like orphans to send it to the practice of rivers here is a gift to you some more children and that could smoothed over pretty quickly i like it when other option you can put out a picture of an ugly shoe and say hey these are the new bosses that's like the new
i get your name in the news these days as if you drop earth really hideous shoe dropping a trash signature sneakers like the new sexy that's how he get people talking about you we should actually do that we should just really shoes and take pictures of like arm i don't know fishing boots and they like here the new pardon my takes use that intelligence and send people like some like ten dollars fastenings hasn't huey barbara staying in the football world i just quickly wanted to talk about this charlie why story the came out he finally is done getting paid by notre dame they were they were basically someone wrote a whole story it was a job interview charlie i want to get a job again so he let someone you the media have access you had some big j journalists come into his home right a story show how he's reformed the story though goes that he
every year when he got the two million dollars from notre dame he would have a toast and his wife would have wine and charlie would have course light and i just thought that was nice that's a football game of heaven having a beer while i was what about charley wade screams beer and what about him screams light beer to me he seems like a guy to get around you know it you know the like alcohol milkshakes that they serve at some of the obscure hours that's charlie wise move that charter and speaking as a guys the trouble with his wait maybe not to charlie's level but i have often times been like another drink tonight so i can eat a ton ice cream like the powers that the same i would assume the charlie's like that where he's like you know what i mean i won't do the hundred and fifty calorie cor's light but yet let me have that
seven thousand calorie frosty i've earned it any i can treat my saved this so patrol is get alot of should act but if you really look at the facts which charlie's done with his career is what we should all strive for and that's he's getting paid twenty four million dollars to not work and in what world he's basically had life ok and a lot of haters out there saying ok you are good at cannes you're getting notre dame but in the end he is basically what he's done is he's become the producers of football he has he has figured out how did it design an offence that so bad that people will pay you not to implement its it's a snake it to make a move it's the most american move possible to get paid for his little work as you can
my biggest take away from the article is that he's not gonna get another job until he gets rid of them bird and his house to dream about out he had a book yes burdens yeah so he lives on like in a question he lives in a questioning gaiety community specifically designed for horse living which number one right there's extremely creepy corp versus actually you really easy charlie wise doing research although i would pay good money to see that another think about it you like if you're a horse any charlie waste moving jeer question community is like this does not ride me i'll bet you lay down and just you commit slow horse suicide by laying down you read out you never get back up now but you're not yet he has appeared a guy he is apparent its sancho and the dives bought dive bombs anybody that walks into his house so i think tat
a really great way to not have any i had i had a parrot for a short time growing up and he was an asshole all parents are assholes okay nobody came over to my house when i had that parrot because it would attack people it's a great away your we're birket worry yet bird people are extreme weird we got rid of apparent because it was it was like an enemy that lived in your house with you with a sharp big settle as always is obviously sab thousands of i think he got the parrot to get himself fired quicker kansas stimuli he'd invite the president the university over for dinner and the thing would go in a shorter should all over the place and vitamin a year i control you're going to do about it that this just shows though call crazy charlie weis says because he he wants another job he knows the route he's got to take his let a journalist into his house but he didn't think about getting rid of the parent that attack
when you walk in the door roadway now you're not ready for a job also could look i'd love to hear what that says when it talks about how a mixture otherwise it's like forth in one on it probably just sports events supporting parrot clashes himself and moaned and pleasure out speaking people that had latvian surgery i didn't take rex has gained thirty pounds since rob join the bills yeah you think about the basic they take nature walks together but that is such a great story it's like you know you hear about people having simply wait when when their wife is pregnant rex
as we just by being around rob like he just gains weight is made from being around robin and you know it it's happened just for my robbing a you would have another cheeseburger let's have another you know big man while we're we're working late racks come on you can have another one yourself and also if you looking at your identity twin and you're a difficult twin ways a lot more than you in your head you thinking i've got i've got way despair i can t myself to sexual thing because i can least on that that big before you know it you guys you looking like a fun ass mere again actually rob is is a pretty good looking due for a football guys knees like conover strain in looking guy so rex is probably looking at him and say well that's exactly what i look like and then just keeps eating because rob where's his weight very well it's got this like very very pregnant looked
that it's kind of a classy move yeah and what would really concerning here though is the fact that he's put on all this waitin buffalo in the summer time that's a burial did you think to brush off if it's the winter time as i go i've got my hibernation weight on it keeps me warm its insulation in summertime above oh if you put it on weight it the winners gonna be mighty mighty bleak for you you put a little lord put a little but in your ball the smoke from the listeners out there is robert i'm the original feminist to hunt i mean he's pregnant basically yes to walk around with that we right he's got that belly i think he's in a happy to all the women out there who have gone through childbirth and the beautiful charlie thing that is childbirth rob stands with you
absolutely and you're not gonna find somebody that appreciates your feet more than rex either so like you get the swollen angles guess what rex thanks that's kind of sixty the wright brothers irrational feminist i think i was wrong i let's get sore mount rushmore will have four left just remind i feel like i need to keep reminding everyone because there's gonna be a lot of where's my mouth rushmore the day after labour day so more rushmore seasons labour day it'll be back next year after the nba files is over but it's over it's essentially like you can't wear white right labour day corrects it's the same thing we can where i am sure no no i don't know about that can we get some hawaiian largely shirts what they how come they exist but it's like after memorial day wise wine sweatshirts wine hooray oh now a cook and you can start do not rush moors after memorial that yes we have to stop at labour day job
such a thing is too much of a good thing we want one wanted to do so without said today we have a special one near dear to my heart its food related it is finger fruits and we actually had a little debate you had the definitions there's finger foods in their hand foods big difference so like a slice of pizza that's hand food or for four therefore quite accurate not if you're like a pussy ok nothin's sergeant raise appeared anymore i answer hotdogs hanford hanford what about pigs and blanket now that's a fingerprint because a smaller now we got there we answer do you want me to go first we started with
yeah picks up like it what do you want me to go for things that pigs in a blanket either pigs in a blanket problem actually no one ever yeah well it was actually think too summers go on my boys got married and he had pigs and blankets and i stood right by just quit for everyone out there maybe our younger listeners you don't go to weddings very often you don't want to find the door to the kitchen and chill out right there when they come out you get all the fresh advertisers go to the point where the waitresses in the waiters start actually like avoiding you they see do and there like no we gotta give it to other people so i did that i posed
i probably it about thirty pigs a blanket roma home i couldn't dance couldn't drink but it was worth it in the moment right i did the same thing with this meatball thing at the when i was out there is like the entrance centre that the waiters and waitresses would walk in and they just saw me and they would make like hard rights yes yes i i also think that the pigs in a blanket get a bad rap i think people try to be really classy at their wedding these days and they don't you pick them like it we need to like rebranding pigs in a blanket to bring back because the best finger food in appetizer out to make a call you know it who needs an app there i found you ve got an app like pigs in a blanket that's how you appeals logan its and high slogan time colleagues area technology there we go all you millennials out there they only app you need is a little in case piana be clearly cased pig yes just put that p and decide that a billion insoluble if not worse
our vision of what always shit next one for me the big scallops that's what it s about the bacon asparagus hated absolutely hate it don't make me eat vegetables where i want to pick up so i've got bacon rep dates on my law which is a great want that's a good one yes sometimes the bacon you can't make everything good just by putting baker right i got many crab kicks always big many crab kick i think that's always a hit when you going for the finger foods and then there's little wildcard three guys we back for second get about crime
makes you know some restaurants or like we have ninety five percent lump crabby aircraft gigs yeah you don't use filler i can i like that i'd like to filler it's friday stuff yeah yeah basically just give me just gimme a hint of crab taste i don't really care about the actual exactly i want seventy seventy five percent fill my graphics i want a crab french fry in a burger patty have you ever tried to eat like and ninety four at present because it's like eating all here spoke to refer to just tell you why doesn't count s fingers off disgusting many crab cakes and then finally the a little bit of wild garden off because you think i'm crazier spent a cobra yes it would be crazy colenso what little greek spanish pies its they got the m what's adele called it's about the girl i know i can t walk out of here you got
click the guy's gonna get i say two things are always looking for once in food good crunch good flake here's my problem with that is spanish open it can be really really dry by ninety percent the time it's almost inedible because its super dry so like if you know a great guy that makes it go either so harry people forget that their harry because the spanish open his dry just coffin makes sense me so i'm gonna amateur challenge you on our ok but i guess you don't you know you're sorry bulgaria guy this enjoyment and finger foods like aside myself a spade a company it's actually literally close to your heart right and also spend a cobra get your greens it don't have teeth salad when salad comes carried cream spanish in the same way at boston martha exactly
i'm gonna go hank yoga mater aspects hank was gonna have a newt great lousy sixty four articles that now hague you'd let you would really like to state of wisconsin texas to let me ask you this are you moreover fried pickled ship guy or fried pickle spear guy that's ok yeah good good answer you you can you can keeping our producer muscles finger food muslin gown her man of the fingers no muscles are one of those says you have to be in like the mood for muscles totally wrong here just be ok here's a muscle i love good muscles are really didn't we shall be ready for but i dont think that their finger fruit right and also you guys get what i'm saying like you i'll eat a pig in a blanket like
six the morning i wake up and like boom peers big in a blanket bob done muscle you'd like i want muscles allow muscle in item is my things must finally slaughters watch riverside cheeseburger yeah so i actually had slider sue initially it's great i like to pull the move we get the order sliders and then the order french fries mentioned time you know that's your appetizer but those i think those are good except for muscles the muscles while come muscles as my spanish oprah forget this is so reasonable inside these values i think i'm your predict right now i've easily one this my rushmore number one is buffalo wings and i feel like that you ok so this will get rid of this this is all i know today a ploy yeah you
you gave us a little misdirection that was able to hold back misdirection right there is it the pitch yeah you're like we had a whole discussion before him what's a finger food and i was like is it like a wedding advertiser you like yeah wings there the dick you little feedback intern big i try to get into like a twenty minute conversation we just talking about the difference between finger foods yeah yeah and i had no idea what the hell are you all right i was like it's pretty obvious what its which is hard to do food mount rushmore they take them seriously ok you will i don't know how you can even claimed a straight face it buffalo wings aren't finger they are through their ok boy were under we were under the sun was doing a thing or food non muscles right but we wanted was for some
i was under the assumption that this was appetizers put ok go ahead you you know what you make the rules on the fly butler bay if you look like the best a better you looked it up buffalo wings or ninety percent listeners appetizers so just some think rather number two so things are only s egg rules ok i love it grows well hank you take it easy working for sound is looking to behaviour i hate her hater hake in the building this my muscles stamp row or third one crawfish i love crawfish boil not enough not enough progress i don't know that's ringer fruit though that's a wild finger food years throughout their i think it is i think it absolutely is ok crawfish you're weirder bacon rap dates mine and then oh this is
ok you're ok yasser arafat domestic matters this when the war helpless the most is that your source is very you claim that you want this after you just made up the rules is how dare you ok i'll give you i'll give you nachos natur should count but i had sliders online so i had to either i d go deep into the well on my last one so we just take this is why we think of bacon wrapped aids disease riders or soft low wings and agro this is why you rules this is why we need rules in this society you can't just below was due finger foods and you're all over the map all over the map hake back me up here this was wild you like to do them that's it you're thing ok well we can we can put it to a ball and we can see of people think that buffalo windsor finger foods i'm pretty confident about this one is not to be repeated in the case of reactor that we had several pigs i was you i always muscles just my fingers just not lend this muscles
i embrace debate this one this won't you go any direction i think we're gonna get some in fighting amongst the award winning listeners after this one i let's kick it now to an interview with cressets absent from fox so we got up we got our bee jays take away when you say that we were riding high from the tiger and of you chris a snatched up she showed us what a real journalists is it coming got off the rails but i think we brought it every now and then you need to have a better view to remind yourself y y you strive for the big jack we now come on chris thompson she is the host fox nfl kick off on big box the big fox every sunday morning eleven a m eastern leader in the fox and i felt some delay and the host on extra this is an easy question to start with whose crazier football
ends or fans of white the gossip celebrity world easy answer about balance ogre that's burning like the battle against other well no cause there's not as many of them must be were so here is my actual first question it was is sometimes i get my own view no questions get caught up in my head and like all fox extra this is really an interesting thing the lead with when you come into the studio do you take over the same stew our discharge or even the guy's takeover same studio is that you have been in another still ok as you said rob i want to share a studio with jerry bradshaw feel like he makes a mass how do you know i'm obsessed with terry yeah some ass come on yet liner needed make glaser makes a mass generalised is messy est ok hansel and gretel means a trail
his clothes everywhere like gdp is always moving that guy's did not stand still in one place though you know we're glaciers been where these are walking around nude accompanied we're talking like underwear paths what are we talking about here is not afraid to show his body hard for that body he owns in lisbon that their is that as you have seen brethren how you ve not afraid to show it obvious that echo body and we had actually makes sense if you have nothing one guy one why that was like mad read a nude all day on sundays and j glinda laser all the time yeah you used to share asylum with surgeries right now i did observatory like you don't let me rephrase you know tony syracuse right don't smell more like super set our pepperoni i think he's not like potpourri
elena tony men on hang out he's always on the side and on the sidelines anymore you're gonna love watson work closer i want to apologize we are coming off and air you will not to brag here tiger woods ever heard of him so we started to read our clear our press clippings a little bit we got picked up an like golf digest would we the news attires can be back at some point in the future i want you jack feedback for back and i want to apologize for this circus question but i know that you work at fox at the time that he did and i regret that you are correct about that leaving all the same
there is one i didn't know who was on what squad that information is not publicly available yes keep that up you know it you can do no wrong in my eyes and i want to ask the squire i know that the euro diehard see oxfam i want to talk about the seahawks first i want to talk about the two thousand sixteen sea is an upcoming gave us a protection while their easily the best team in the annex ii not a problem what do you think the impact of brussels and having sex
no comment i will lose our eye which was no impact they wouldn't asylum package yet interesting i regret and all eyes when you lost your virginity where you more productive it works on debts to be determined and yet he was turned around and yet it probably had sex i have you ever he kills or coach i am sure that you love him as a coach because he brought you as a simple title have you ever like just been like you know what i'm just gonna go down the deep dive of work in full wars in nine eleven true there's just to see where my coats headset no my favorite thing when i worked with conquered who i now work with again but he said this when we work together its words nation colonists also from seattle we rounding a conversation about be careful i wasn't it
a girl person i thought he was way too much the raw that you know our drugs related three down amabel jack kind of person like let let's be militant i like that stop calling brought up with that valid point he said he care wakes up many high fives the lamp it's the kind of guy he is and i appreciate the enthusiasm it is infectious and i think that his personality works very well with someone like a rustle wilson not necessarily martian went with it doesn't matter now as long as you can motivate your team in whatever capacity that's fine i've learned to love p caroline all of his raw antics ok so you think that they're gonna be able to be deficient rams this year i don't know if you ve seen hard knocks but he's not gonna need either i all of my money all my ship certain was the idle not just cause i'm from their their questions of always
on the opposite line they continue to have a rotating cast that's fine that's not an issue russell wilson it out we know what he can do in the fourth quarter any tend to fall behind which isn't that often he has an ability to come back he i put my money and on russell wilson and i don't think there's any lapse in terms of their often by having marshall knowledge not a bit we ve not at all are you at all concerned about future hanging around locker room he is he's not happy with wilson now actually having sex with sierra and being married he said publicly his own up futures webcam newton and carolina we know other dating no that's not gonna carolina you all know that what our back now i'm back doing
washing stayed here what is calling you into washington state how are you doing you search you wikipedia pages as you want ws you by way of giving a page also said i was a forty four year old adult film star who had three kids one time you went away you haven't s and i couldn't be happier for you guys but i'm going to help us but i don't know how you're successful you guys rule is definitely a story word were successful in spite of ourselves wherever it can i can i do
asked by w s you question like thompson the great i wouldn't want to which like being the most famous w s you alone i besides the guys they go to college game to hold up the flag behind well let me ask my brother is causing great my real question was my actual question was where'd you go to college now the real question you see santa barbara research i also looked up some fun facts ready for this you are a compulsive shit
i am a compulsive shower i am obsessed with taking showers in them problems related to food related to the compulsive shower do you wash your apples it would lose your lady i'm waiting for this comment seemed and when i was wondering if there is a delay in escaping i have come it don't know what's real do act you physically washer apples before either the area where the notion that we ve had without some different opinions on the show i likely asking why these kind of questions ok
here's what you set your arm an hour before you get up every morning you realize that makes your psych up what's up with actual why what is i wouldn't be ok so you won't kill anybody tat life at this hour before sometimes even earlier because when the alarm goes off in the morning for example for you are you excited that it's going off no he never no one's ever excited airlines going off right be my alarm goes up and my first thought of the day is positive signal sleep another our positive thought through the night he was happening is when i wake up and positive anyway i now in the in the midst of waking up into disarray you're like a man i gotta get up and am i wait a minute no i do not run under our i love that move then here's what you can do you can send alarm to wake yourself up
in our early where you can get a snack and then take a nap and then you can get back up ok well i dont actually set alarm because i have a great human alarm clock and i wake up and need to wake up i hate that i hate when people say that i go i just naturally get up ok we have to get up earlier because you gotta be somewhere sooner you do and how does it all now i just don't sleep i'm freaking out there in an hour then that makes you a psycho eyes so let let's move this long real quick you know you did take over the sea from michel belong subordination right when she left i wouldn't say take over i think she laughed and that's the only reason i got the chair where you got the chair on what type of arbour miss stands were there on the chair arbour miss no i there is no there is no stains issue yodel jimmy was good we're talking y hear resort at home
what are your home than ever drink why with michel what kind it wasn't you guys know her so well we're gonna when she i don't want to i heard that you like the party did you want an argument was about frontier what the white in the bag bronze renouncing a kindly his friend your action all other carlo rossi for those vietnam on anyone yeah the guy regional to bust chap i will take our taken trouser be rockwork in an iron isn't going well i will actually do want to get serious for one moment if you will allow me to briefly events are a porter anywhere you want to die no i want to talk about so we're gonna be shows can be on friday
no when real sports airs but i did see you were on real sports you were talking about i haven't seen the episode i saw a clip of the episode you are talking about harassment on the internet and also just you know the struggle it is to be a woman in the sports media landscape i really appreciated you pointing out the the comment i think was about you were getting harassed for change your hair color back in two thousand and eight and i think a lot of times dressed up out there on the internet and don't realize it there's people on the other ends would you know what can other people do on the internet better because we have a big audience with a wide audience working people do like data day to be better people online i how serious question now it is a serious question and in illicit a serious response but i will say that everyone is entitled to their
you never mean another sound you generically it's a free country and you can say whatever you want all i would caution is that there's all out and ramifications of of your words and you would be surprised the impact that they have that being said i also though given the profession that i chose to re enter the last ten years and lucky enough to be and i also note comes with the territory and i'm not even on a level of being anything i can only imagine what at the people who are actually famous get but i would just say be careful and realising sometimes your words have a greater impact than you actually know you know you may think you're dead
writing it but you would be surprised how it makes somebody feel i i absolutely agree and i appreciate you getting real with us for a moment ominous switch back to not real so what do you think you're slots will be it by frosted by tips let me ask chris rose eastward to him yes talked about did ya don't you think calling coward would lose its letter when he dies her to do things and save up that that's again were working on be nicer so as not to do this but i will say this college was bent ass it were joking about it because last year as you guys remember we
i'd randy moss on our show who i will miss greatly because i dont work later what we're friends were personal friends with the way one oh it was it was the other one ok collectors declared ass former wondrously vigour familiar with his work on the field so he sent you as we watch the show was on the show with common and we had a lot of conversation about collins hair color and call and has since thou back on the just for man and a woman you know did you i like a salt and pepper hair with no one like when calling went with that dye job no one can figure it out we'd have conversations with my we don't get it you know what he needs to go back on now can you give him this message throwing away and the weather and our face a little too much every weekend it's like it like all look at the peer thy love this after all the things that are going to create a thing it unease caused you know inclement winner
you know it feels like you forgot already like he forgot what let it whip let us people were you not to deal with this whether give us but all buffer here to live there thou yeah i guess that's true that's gonna try you said at one point you sat alongside stephen smith and skipped bayliss for a short period if you were to pick one of those two too like insult are threatened athlete for not having the clutch jean who are you going with level of wrangling with its let it they were athletes and i'm confused i'm just like if you needed somebody if if it came down to it you needed one guy to her allow one and saw a natalie who regard with i'm going to skip understand our inner wasn't gasket has more of a track record of doing that
yeah i think is better at it in general i think well ok they're not gonna take the other side backers didn't hurt and restarting argue embrace debate stupid i won't say i wanna go stephen aid because stephen i will pontificate and will use a lot of words and i appreciate some with an extensive vocabulary suggest for purposes of the vernacular side of it all goes dna he might move i hear you're trying to convince me i'm more are moreover short word tat guy because you can screamin better stop here
onward that's arms at the point where my favour word nationals i am i gonna be smart now grit oh ok fresh gradual to rush through having at that fresh is always positive yeah does address trash yeah positive positive rapidly rush pile crap becoming positive about something negative light dramatically make them
positive brush off bankruptcy d a positive dynamic waken up where he point mrs waken up again fresher an hour later always practice rush don't wash my apples feeding fresh or can i just say this week this abuse now like one of the best interviews with no decision in the person of use ever taken let's go back to tiger woods i forgot i forgot because we people who were long birstall vans know that we did these spelling bee together i forgot you google told it up like you keep us honours tells it we need to review that spelling makes them on attitudes describing it as there is a lot of confusion about the rules
yes there are large vision as very inconvenient about rules i spelling bee you'd be surprised it was found tat it was found out that the people are stalling words wrong and getting panic the wrong categories like the word though is easy was hard and hard with the is a whole mess you get out a transfer insulting the sounds like a judging problem not light was not me you're saying that there is confusion about whether not a word was we're spelled right i've brought me the card you said you'd a pile of easy words is a pile of hiding determine what words were neither category you got came with all the supplies the bill bradley or game i opened it up and that's what i was working with ok what are you coming back in the interview i want to talk more about you the very very very interesting job ok i think like people out there i want to know more about your work on what's the wildest thing
you ever seen on asylum and you don't have to say names i mean you can't you should today be dont have two cops had a very very very very bad seas i might have been the worst season of all time you guys figured out and instead of an i covered most of the games so at half time taking one of the games late on the season and they still weren't winning this coach there was no even there weren't were no longer questions about adjustments at half time because there was no adjustments we made they were awful we had a full on conversation about the perfume i was wearing as both the game plan for the signal
that was very composition you had when he was coming out of the early when i'm wearing their normal where there's my really like this but i did have it with makes it can travel to three ounces it was the whole breakdown of perfume not the secondary so weak ass was rug myrna we obviously do not happen again we know that do you ever you were married lopez i'm pretty sure that's right you work with mario lopez correctly he had expected it scared all my facts of scared out guns i was on my back you put us sort of its own right off the bat for espn right we were over three red of that
you are very lopez do you ever like our markets are you a merry or mario mario mauro areas area guys postmaster programme situation right there some to marry again about the building do you say tomorrow i promise i d like hey listen man like don't feel bad that you boys screeching becoming like one awareness by people in the world yeah dark eyes weird you like stab someone is weird using a sex tackling a bit area that he got arrested a we're trying to figure out how to get him out of jail mario line to bail out there like still friends using wisconsin you wanna bailing out well why do you talk about it i know they wouldn't and they ll about because he had to stay there for some time he was a level out that's got fucked up are you not what i'm doing it was that it was the one you're not listening skype and joy bridge
you have a question about ninety television you name sounds like clarissa like clarissa explains it off is start garret does he look like producing drug testing still so bad you were you don't want the right person i was talking to christian have larry all about it you are i've been i love prison so i apologise to you i forgot how good you are putting other people off after dinner i guess i've made up labelling around to us at this point we got there instead of personal balls were this together i mean i'm here for you but you albert i'm carry ability it's it's it's true we is truly something ok back the tiger woods interview
i want to talk i wanted to ask you what questions are you sick of being asked which question do you know when we asked these ones
old washers they will want you couldn't you can't say that because you have but ask that that requesting that began i filed you questions if we actually will let you go i do feel bad capers president in yourself on most famous person in yourself depend the way into the famous famous is larry i guess laramie larry david who you are you listening to me plenty dying a vegetative state how is your trip ok how's jet camp
he trimmed did he trim the beer because you asked him to or because he heard you didn't like the beard and i wanted to ellen i wanted a picture that identity antennas bird dinner i'll call you when i'm done with that will make a plan to put our talk horizontal council yeah sweetheart you're loaded i'll call you i'll call you have turned out this dinner will make a plan i know he will get word here here you can't you can't he's weird like that the bombing but i'm a speaker from yemen is you gotta be weird than fees on this package
no i'll tell him ok good very david is responsible for fitzpatrick trimming the beard that's the news we can we can break onto their airports rarely whose very dave you ve been very vocal about not liking the beard occur that gap we got a final question before sleep question ass that you don't have to answer but i would ask anyway amy reached on how do you like us yet like you going to let you know i like you i love you you know you didn't you just did they like telltale alex rodriguez i looked up the laughed a little bit like i didn't you steroids now as a true i was thinking about why i like you ok yeah so if i wanna mindful of lie like you guys because i like on
people you didn't do your research in your own up to it and i respect that allows for he had always s policy what do you get you need to quit you need to learn how to take a compliment i have noticed that about you you're very matt liner right now i've actually uttered a cat that lighter it i'll call him the greater he drank a little too much a little too much scott hippolyte for cars either my dead on that line and after that i think it right after all those that right after that the seven having qualifiers able for me i'm gigi idea can grow again exactly christen thomson thank you so much it's always the always a pleasure spelling bee you guys were great nor everyone should watch corazza levin i m eastern all the big box on the big box because of the big fought for a reason
because it's big bang aims and industry tunic extra to an extra thank you very much drunken trouble you don't we don't want them figure without the cairo can devise it's been a pleasure thank you for having me we'll do it again some time
the current guess if you're looking for seeds online the only place to do it is seek geek dot com i have a new promo code for you if you're ready for it you're gonna take it and you're gonna get your play off based baltic nature and get your anna fell tickets to love you download the seeking gap it's free you go to settings tab click add a promo code enter that promo code take and city geek will send twenty dollars you made your first ticket purchase so that's how you do it seek has the best tickets for every event you're looking for they take em all and they may show you there's a nice little dot is its color coordinated which is beautiful it says like red is a bad deal green is a good deal downrange like myself super easy seek eager com you gonna get to seek app you go to the settings tab you click add a promo code entered a promo code take tea
a sequel sinew twenty dollars after you made your first took purchase that's promo code tee a k e on that free suki gap do it right now and goodwill game on us don't say we love you i let's get some segments hope solo suspended for six months from the u s women's national team and that was talking soccer don't the strategy from the fact that the unifil has yet to spend their money in this well i was gonna say it's you know re rice gets two games and also get six months whereas the justice in that i don't see it and the natives gets nothing and hope solar suspend for six months for talking i was actually hoping that twitter had not taken away and renders account it would be great if we still had a blue checkmark that would be like an all time low
as of like a year ago we still had anything i think they believed in account and i also want to do now nobody okay we like to talk about how twitter doesn't do anything for harassment and that sort of thing look at this one they got rid of eminent minnesota oh i do love you a job the argument however whenever something while i'm someone get suspended on twitter for saying like mean shit like while this person and got suspended but they let isis rick good on twitter that's why am i feel i've has anyone ever seen ices reviewed on twitter is i certainly i'm scared yeah i've got so many people that i follow that have slowly gradually become just a hundred percent isis related account it's disgusting they need to get rid of it it just means and isis recruitment that's what your router is to have a real problem out ok so the re rice thing in the hernandez thing you know what else is high on the streets for comparisons is to just say don't let this distract you from the fact
the goals they warriors blue three two one led in the end i finals hot right now bubblin up so just keep your eye i like that one is well i move on we have a respect the and this is actually close to our hearts because its other people having to respect arbutus after the tiger woods news we broke it tiger woods is going to be back in the future breaking on pardon my take wednesday episode gulf channel golf dakar there's like seventeen golf sites did brutally rivalries between like i'm a gulf digest guide price outcome fucking sucks there are too many gulf sites on the internet so anyway one of the gulfs quoted us and quoted the tiger woods things me back in the future he also called us irreverent and
that's right but it too close to a relevant i don't like that is better than reverent would you rather be a irreverent although they also call those jocular i like i like our gives it reminds me of just being an athlete it makes me feel like talking about sports might actually be a sport also ok so maybe we're not so much i don't recognize the site the coldest jocular day respect our bid is the one that says irreverent you're you're getting close to line their buddy here's the respective is out of this one just consolidate all these golf sites we don't know in seventeen gulf separating the same goal stores ok oil was the remnants i think i'll be the biggest thing what do you say we oughta caprio was the red men so i thought yeah maybe a complement their use the word ravening we're not irreverent sir who put down your pipe and smoke it got also i dont think that is that big problem of the goths
it is calling us irreverent because in the world of god the line of what's irreverent what's that is just ridiculous it's like if you wear shorts to a golf club you're like the bad boy oh i'll i'll gladly where that had coming from a golf redder or if you wear genes you're michael jordan there are huge genes i've got another respect busier huge new and the sports world sports illustrated and fox sports the emerging so finally clay travis and rigid each are writing under the same headline oh i'm sure there was no let's say about that yeah so the vice president of fox sports pete lestat clear here just adding sports illustrated articles written by quote journalists with a capital j oh all air does that shortfall fox sport is digital editorial
strategy has been driven by cheryl social news and short form social video we're not news breakers so getting which illustrate with their capital j is gonna increase voxforge brandon little bit so that's just an example of a guy respecting his own business did you know that there is a home burglary every thirteen seconds most of a map during the day when you guys are at work he said nothing can everything's fine dust somebody's taken down your door and you're not going to find out who is with ring security kit they're gonna hook you up ok they're sending especial deals everybody from port might take ring video doorbell it's been proven to stop burglaries before they even happened what happens is somebody comes outside your door you get a buzz on your phone you get to see their face they see the camera they move on to the next when they're going to rob somebody that doesn't have the camera so don't be a sucker sitting out there with no camera outside the door so
what happens when you get this kid is you get a ring video doorbell for your door you get a ring stick up camera then you get a wireless weatherproof hd camera that keeps nigh on every other part of your property day it takes like five minutes to install it awesome i wish i had one about two months ago when i and i actually had the another set of curry shipped to my house and somebody took from outside so if i had the camera out have that person's face it's probably the day i want my street that most alone that guy would be lost it in jail right now for still my curs offer
at a time we're gonna fuck you guys up you re a fifty bucks off the ring security get a guy fifty bucks off lowest price anywhere go to ring dot com slash pardon sir ring dot com slash pardon fifty bucks off i it is everyone's favorite time of the week we have jimbo let's go hank a dropped acid right before fancy draft and took jimmy graham and the fourth round is that a backpack allowing a fancy i thy back yard i would say it's a pretty bad pick on it i'm out his more concerned like with your timing of doing this like that's something you should definitely not do you have any other commitments right yeah i thought maybe he was thinking that news like the power of the famous pirates pitcher dropped us into a proper game i'm gonna drive ass yet drag and drop acid and
maybe have the perfect draft yet maybe he was thinking he would invent a whole new style of drafting i like this because i am in world spots where i find fantasy has started to get a yellow boring for me maybe throwing some recreational drugs into it would spice it up that you know but actually pay to watch a video of an entirely that was all on acid during your draft hey why don't we just be that league we're gonna be in vegas right yeah as legal in vegas anything we do in vegas you can't talk about after even if we videotape it we can we can laugh about it for like a day but scout's honor to our word with clinton listeners you can't break up ever again i say we drop some acid than we i'll find a bachelor party tell everyone like we got like spanish names and see whether my takes us what in vegas and then we actually just end up direct
he team with them and they all leave us immediately i have heard dating site my buddy decide to send a dick pictures girl and snatching five i am doesnt realize that it goes on his story till later that morning when he wakes up it was captured feeling myself i was with him because of the dream on aspects legwork everyone does it now like feeling myself that's really tough caption nobody masturbates like everything that you know now i know you're trying to mock me now but i think a dick pack
it's like a deck pick out the ocean squires yet right there's a certain there's a certain generously qua you seem to have a task to our lord again right a hard debt which is out there but feeling myself that's you're gone another love i think that's where the jimbo comes out of my best friends going away party at his parents house we all go wasted around ten thirty decided to bar when we got there i realized i want at the house i went back or on eleven then not before open the door and when i got the living room i walked in on parents having sex they both eye contact me from us
four seconds i immediately left forgot my ward and went home i haven't spoken to my friends since did his prayers when an mba championship shortly thereafter thou i would call back i think now maybe this is too much internet pornography but i think you have that we still need a hand i like you gotta take their that's your what that's your one opportunity they get down with some strange to interest because that is where the gym welcomes any coward loot if he'd here's the thing if you walk into a situation there feels like you're entering a porn or a spy movie where either one of those two you need to act the part where i mean what's think about this thing the syrup what's the worst that can happen in future
i need a hand they say get out or they're just like disgusted they already are thinking those thoughts they already are disgusted you're it's already awkward need a hands down through that how merit it also just like us say that began maybe that maybe they do actually to hand over they felt their abd al you write in someone broke their help and therefore i get up first day at my new job all gone well i gotta take a shit in the office bathroom ass my morning coffee you some whites montoya to clean up our turn on my desk my ass starts burning turns out their clorox waves and inadvertently bleach my own bottle on the first day
i didn't it didn't work i get anything star backer what the planning what your job is that might actually be a good thing but are you ports are that is if so you just gotta cheap waited give us a bleach bundle silken growl and that's that some day one scares this new office you believe it i spent a long time had new job you get that new up swag like maybe get some new clothes you have a bounce in your step in yourself like i'm new no one's going to ask me to like do anything for at least six months i can coast on this will be rattle also i'd be interested to know what position that guy works and like is he an entry level guy the hours are we talking like our you see up oh yeah executive the skin after round introduced everybody because the last thing that anybody is thinking about you if you're in the opposition is this guy just what does it ass with clorox how many
what fortune five hundred ceos you think with an assurance members at least one or two i think the guy probably this guy i think i've got from that's knapsack chatted his dick a couple cambodia oh that guy's probably like it he's gone goldman sachs material the guy randall self over where the car he might not be a c o now but he will be someday our last three was plain portmanteau that's why you got that god is i agree y know ligon weird place literally savage biggest it yes if the biggest ever for the x or doing exit
ass it both your gray back isn't you know those key parties at european level but the keys unofficial jimmy different drugs used taken was plain programme on go the playground my my house at one i am i stepped off a carbon broke my foot and could walk had to call you had to call him the cops came romeo ticket for trespassing at the school after dark yeah i'm lucky to get shot jesus man get you life together around hate this kid aside your whole life is a jump up your entire existence is a jumbo
spends on you broke your foot so now you have an excuse for not going to the gym wicked several poke among children through all doublespeak how would you know egg a varied and offered an amendment i made this also with my girlfriend and in our opinion it thing sergeant frisky later in the day and i proceed to go down in her thirty on she tells me to stop because her bad things into perceives the cry of pain for an hour did he right did he actually write the word badge edged things that's you could say the forward man safe space for men to talk about women's day tell you ok ok so anyone who's gonna write in for future jimbo references when you read that spicy salsa and then eaten that spicy vagina say the whole world
it's ok you got weep grew amongst us has not had an encounter with helping user like olive groves that's good now i've never seen it never touched one that would it never transfer any space time i've alarm oh god i have i have taken a p after eating something hot and handling something hot and i can confirm it it's bad it's bad news that we talk about crawfish less time than crawfish festival one time and were to go p touched the test wasn't was not was feeling myself no no i was not feeling myself as paying but the entire it was just really really bernie afterwards you know that doesn't happen to you gotta help me
before my friend washers everyone so ass a good friend uncle chap says i was just sticking my dog in milk for like three days afterwards to swim in milk he says a chap says it yet i am writing now and i'll be careful to stay away from chaps he's probably out his penis in a glass enough yet he he can have sex with anybody that's lactose intolerant in our last when my favorite once in a while i friendly nation he lives in a three hundred thousand dollar houseboat cider a good idea to air through rented the air being be the person who run it through party and sunk the house air being be will not pay for it there's a picture and it's hilarious oh that's a hell of a general right there by also an awesome story brian that lives sunk it through the africa summit you don't even by a houseboat
that thinking in the back your mind i'm gonna think this boat someday like houseboats i really appreciate value the son a nasty for you you're buying a houseboat to destroy it i don't know man or icecaps or world of the ocean eventually i'd say houseboats action try to save us investment out there taking like a water world type scenario i've just saying like if you actually think about this big picture not talking about your little you no one to your plan on talking like three four hundred years here you might want to be the guy without spoke sphere four hundred years from now we finally interim so in that thing you be some pretty nice cash cow my friend in the bit benjamin's role in unless you run on urban vienna get sung by some idiot
the stranger i like that you know i can't wait to the picture we got it let's get live reaction to the picture great radio about is a second how about you know what we would like to hear how the logical thing hank when you told this story i like envisioning a sunken houseboat and that's that's it right there i wish you all gmos pity i know you got a good one i do yeah so i was at a wedding over the weekend and and things go around rowdy on the dance floor was really really into it and the ban stop lying like eleven o clock at night but thus in the wedding we were ready for music sob so we started doing little stop the yard like yeah yeah grass your class question did you have a at high tide around your head
report nobody tie was off ok yeah i was out for the party starts as use is the time for the limbo stick and all that's where thanks thing so yeah was gone and then we're therefore we were stopping we're do not stop the yard the precaution stuff in the research lying songs buyers like ten of us maybe twelve hours and for about fifteen minutes slapping my leg while we're singing songs slap in my leg on the on the one in three nor on the tune our slap in my life for the snare and didn't realize how hard i was having myself until i would you the bathroom later on took the old drowse off and i have like i look at the surface area right now it's about the size about a soccer
size bruise all over my leg with like blood blisters just from hitting myself repeatedly that was too dumb to realise that i was entering myself so i got deal with after the next like two weeks i saw you showed it to us on rock on tuesday night you literally beat the shit out yourself yeah that's how come i am that's how come we allah is like you know a dog that keeps linking their paw until the early wrong they're bleeding everyone they don't know that's essentially no smarter than that dog which we need to put a gun on you gonna go into my hand on your j i j p p like a rat oven
on my hand that added so i can't know rose myself with it no more stubborn hank what do you got for us is how to do this episode from my new apartment and had room turn around so no mike huddled up in a corner in upstairs really can tell yeah yeah yeah you also pretty what what what are you so ashamed of what you roommates ashamed of us
i just don't want to come in the house and you know bidding adage takes over and you didn't even offer to introduce a cylinder although not when one person can system would have been denied them quite again madam he was a canadian aboard ever i met a preliminary second i didn't like a baby out of mustard yellow shirt on legged weight should to a tree after an hour man just really was a bad taste in my mouth my jimbo is i shut off my my sports perfect up bearing rate went to another bookie who s horses and i'm back so early
betty horses are weak even rates is alive and watching those you say so called so long as does it all mean teaches you do so when we're in vegas you're gonna be a hot streak hank it can happen that so good things around for us true true that is the show like you just said we are gonna be in vegas plc from vegas on monday we have have a huge announcement for you for the football season and our store opening we ve fourth member a fourth member part might take that will be joining us for the entire football season so i hope you guys ready for another member of this crew gotta be a going to be a pretty full studio wouldn't you say huge i huge item our we're going to fit in there and we're gonna be battling for time on the mike row really looking for here too it i'm sure you guys you're gonna love it tune in monday for that huge announcement and
i say this right now i know that we're gonna like a guys the endued let's all be nice to the new guy hey them through much however is becoming its part by ten percent by far to sports
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