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Chicago Bears GM Ryan Pace

2018-03-04 | 🔗

The Oscars happened and they were boring. College basketball is awesome and March is our favorite month and this isn't recency bias. Tom Izzo back on the hot seat? (2:10-10:50) Whos back of the week in honor of Phil Mickelson including Lane Kiffin and B words(10:51-20:55). Chicago Bears GM Ryan Pace joins the show to talk about the combine, the draft, Bear Weather, is his hair too nice, and what does "the process" mean in Football (23:00-43:54). Segments include PR 101 for Josh Allen/Sam Darnold (46:32-49:11) Talking Soccer (49:12-50:35), Trouble in Paradise for JR Smith and the Cavs (50:36-53:51), Sabermetrics how many times would you punch yourself in the balls to draft Saquon Barkley (53:51-56:10), the debut of Hashtag Hyphy, and Hanks hot in the streets (56:11-1:00:35). 

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they actually sponsored are aware lepus we tried some devour and i'll tell you there tagline it's true the taste of your dreams let's go lance none can have any idea how are they welcome the part of my tape presented by sea geek today is monday march beth is it i'd march
the eyes of march in ten days to minus ten days until cedar get stab boiler which is also happens to be taxed day that's racked yes tat is contact your account and egg so it is monday the oscars just happened to we care about the activity oscars i did i realise this is probably the most boring slate of movies that i can remember that you know it was a shocker me was at the shape of water was actually about like a reptilian like tat lived in somebody's little is actually the sequel to avatar that's ok now know that makes a bit more sales that was shock avatar too i was a great this move is really nominate yeah so the oscars happened i know why people hate the oscars because they say like all the politics and all the stuff i just ate the ostriches are boring as fuck like it's it's really really boring does grammys are great because there's music the oscars they just did everyone's been really nice suit and they
up there and they pad each other on the ass in and they give their little except in speeches thinking the academy in their family and then we're like okay we watch out for hours young couple things they could use number one is just more bands they do like the thing where they have man's playhouse antenna they had little reptiles set call center rob thomas dies we must watch i mean more animals and general against tracked me a little but i can't of my brain is
reach the point where i can't watch group of humans on tv for four hours and less their hitting each other yeah so just gimme some animals like maybe a monkey wearing a suit smoking a cigar someone arrested or detained in some fashion for me to be like i wanna keep watching yeah just be cops its guard dog about they should just have cost if we have a sort of cops we link picture picture jimmy kimmel handing out trophies and about right including my green bergs dumb rules it should be they give out the award and then dog comes and tries to arrest you and steal the ice on your pocket goethe christ bra i'll be there will be an award ceremony and are so we watch the oscars we're taking this rate before it finishes so if they doing hygiene it was validated jimmy came all you know prank we're not gonna fall for at this time jimmy i pray you make some fighter jimmy got low preach unite gallo preaching
he did scatter what the authors of forty eight hour week as much people that that all believe the same thing in the same room and then you just talk to them yeah right and then the whole world outside its like what the fuck are we watching so the other big news is this is march i guess was march on fraud it is it really march john rusting channel to him for i was doing that but i it might be the
why i mean i think october's prime i favour month in terms of sports because you have been a football and baseball players but march is pretty close because there is nothing like wall the wall college basketball and championship weak heartache championship weak might be better than the tournament you're just saying that because you pay attention and championship weaken lotta people don't know a lot of people to pay tax would i all the people a gamble know your gaily at hamley warm they didn't embers prepared at his again verse parent as you know you actually can you actually know the teams unlike in march were new in the march madness when you're like i don't know what how these teams in a minute this is exactly like when i start to get into cod basket and then when the term uncertain like actually like college basketball before was i will last week yeah it's i watched the entire forty gulf coast game today i watch entire game in which tat they also is the return of the angles i a treatise on saturday the angles that make you wanna puke that they go do on cbs words i hears the game from someone sitting front row on the baseline and action is three hundred feet away yeah let's watch this for possession it reminds me of the cameras elegant fell teams use for their own light for the vikings website or whatever the chiefs website to see a sideline camp and then you have to watch play this isn't that aims below here's an overhead can where you have no death perception so it looks like it's gonna be going in and up it's an airport issues be drone yazzi you know what if you play in what is liberty what's out was the liberty radford final raffer one on on a well gaza victory that game should have just been exclusively broadcast via drone we're not liberty fanciful yeah famously
there's one famous no one famously enough also i don't trust any school it was invented in like nineteen seventy yeah that's fucked up i think they dont let their male and female students walk on the same path yeah so i'm just stand on the sidelines so good for you ran forward number one rather fans and warns highlanders yeah that what they are like the oddest island like the islanders any daughter team like color is what plaid from bad ass rice that is about so are you here nobody would you got out because they march is also great because so many other sports going on so you get that like gambling rushed there's always think too like keep you gone yea i suppose like for policies and just like pupils on yes it yeah you get like the nba and even though spring training baseball boomer come out and has caused great concern which i had two storylines for you for march that happened this week and i wonder just kind of pleasure tower with cows were an oscar season one is greece now and played his last game duke
very sad to see him go i feel like he stayed one you're too long because he was not as haiti balls i want them to be this year so it will be sad he's like one of those just consummate college basketball players so when he got like like fred van fleet and when ron baker when they like graduate earth or a favorite perilous when they graduate you're like a college best will feel weird this year yet the disgrace nouns not there the next year that it actually feels like there's you start to blame someone like the one don jack when in reality you just mr supersede right so loud so conall of the evil that for he were a quick on very excited for one duke loses and we get see gracing cry with coach cake is out will be an all time do kate moment and then the other one your team that you ve been squatting on for some time tom is oh bounced in the big tent moment they were the favourites to win it bounced by their rivals michigan learn rather now you gotta wonder cause they have mission state has a final for caliber team file for bus
is tom izzo on the hot so you got to say if he gets bounced before the sweet sixteen he's on the hot seat yeah i mean there's no and now they got a lot of rest so he might they make it bounce because the rest factory restaurant across the michigan is going to have that i love the rest rest with the big ten championship happening a week early because no matter what happens we'll just a sign that like if michigan goes to the final four like wow that actually help them if they get bounced in the second round that was all
is the plane crash magic still happening right now i think so although it right oxygen on the team anymore i don't think you need i think andrew was maybe the one the crash the housemaid lost we are in the forefront we're still look at a play magic ok i do anything else for march madam mina hasn't done storyline i'm paying very close attention to is how closest sean miller to owning espn very close very close it sounds like so he's got the keys he's gotten he's gay he got a swipe carded it's the bristol cafeteria yeah just whether he's deciding whether to just eat at all or maybe she saved a little for bill poland who still think something's for you know what i learned from this is if you just deny something hard enough then all of a sudden everybody will believe you again as i we don't have any evidence one way or the other we just have espn story than sean miller was hot hassock he said hasten we're saying like well actually espn does have president so commit slander now true smart move any assets coordination yes yes vienne if your listening just run or of the facts for you you wanna nobody can make his offer new concept yet you can you can then do the self imposed you know like he eagerly like i org and have rachel nicholson out the first quarter the jump next week just distance themselves from sean miller's content we get hit exactly thou be easy hey they don't have the tournament so it's good they can you stop talking about college must maltese income may be shown miller it if he sues and went against espn he's gonna completely remove the east coast bison heaven only cover the patent packed off conference champions and just have bill won't be the presently espionage girls gone wild sean miller what he should additionally who i that's a nice little late night treat for our ability to say some on the broadcast lastly yeah i feel like he has to be torn because his against like the roughness of valencia and meanwhile is absolutely is absolute torn artless get too are whose back the week in honour not tiger woods phil mickelson is the film
percent whose back a week he won this week the old boobs came out and he fucking did it i dont like how the boobs of certain go away like i want filled a chunk it out a little bed and i want to get him at least back to pick up all member male breast reduction surgery is actually hot mistreat so maybe that's what you were going to dovetail answer my new my first his back the well and operate robert in saves perceptibly smells set me ok benign sternly time yes close it's all the guys know if you need to get your balls cut off you gotta do it at first weekend so you can you have permission to so the couch in which he has asked for today's not yes you here you gotta pee the frozen piece on your balls and i would also got below my second one is lacrosse home lacrosse is back to being sport the future because rugby is now officially the sport of the present sport are now in the united states is now yet rugby as whose now they are our guys danny bear perry bay and i ve been
pink men they won the household names yeah they want the ages busy seventh vegas greater shout out to them so what are we when we want to turn of it but isn't there is at the so we wanted all seasons over we wanted no we want the bait we warned the big tournaments so homely terminator right now like nine it and so we want one year we want but this the big deal ok you ever did we wit sore we lay offs in evian we'd never wanted for a reach happy it sell the middle there let's not sure they said that we ve already we want to other term is still the middle the season of how does it affect the plastic somewhere in the play off every week everyone's interplanetary yoga got it but we but we beat fiji which is going to their national sports have while so oral bigtime rival genji u s first fiji will figures everyone here to fiji verse the world so naturally wish to stop downplaying assigning i am not i deal was asking if we want at all yes how many one we want an open at all this week of one of them this week here ok my next whose battery they say just one one game the nfl no we want
we want a very big game in the car so we want a week ten eu member game where many demanding beat bilbil jacqueline when belgic went forth like forth in four yeah that's kind like what we always one thou art really big deal got it gotta ok my other whose back in a week is chris berman yes our guy boomer he managed the giants at their spring training games day they loss but that's ok be looked so caught you it looks like a duck and water when he was walking out of the mound did the pitching change
being a manager is worth chris berman was born to well he's he has the perfect manager bonnet yes and it is still so funny when you think about it because we are so used to managers and baseball wherein the uniforms but its absolute ridiculous than manager where she uniform i guarantee he's wearing a cup underneath i would love to see the other sports actually take that because it is just so stupid that they have to wear uniforms by that we lost crisper amid imagine any redress up in like pads and common everywhere i can't and my life would just be complete i cannot like who sang can you imagine reaching nirvana yet yet if i would ever see anyway drawing up examined how exactly i can't really matter any others does it ok to have three big o you want me to go i've got a few a few homes backs
my first comes back is actually know it's a combo the first is trapped in the combat getting trapped in the combine is back a today i watched line backers run the same drill for about an hour and a half without realising that i have been doing that there's nothing like putting on the combine indra zoning out and just like they just there's like fifty of them running the exact same drill over and over you learn nothing but it's great to watch i d football pseudo phobia you noted is its because they might may oc announcing all that and mike may i get so excited about everything that you're like oh if one person can be this excited about an event it must be good so tricks your brain is not changed in general also that one guy what's his name from museum to keep checking griffin game griffin watching him try to catch the ball was awesome it was so much fond while i got every time you come up i was like art is coming up soon come like he's number fourteen lie backers gonna come up soon up now caught at once it's actually in advantage for linebacker right like you king
imagine being a rough and throwing a flag for defensive holding you i did he can't i can't we actually can't grabbing i can't wait for people to get mad when he falls in the draft a little bit like look i think he's a good player and did well to combine but he does not have one hand so it i think i try foma golly from wisconsin i was talking to a scatter the combine like do you like him he's like i wish he had ten fingers yeah that's that's a fair criticism to throw out there that doesn't mean that he's not going to give up their but i think most sky
surprise a i'd prefer to hands and one for linebacker hospitably i ass a big is gonna be good but don't let's not do the whole like it's a four it's bullshit that he's dropping in the draft it depends on what system is and it is in a system where you need your linebacker to be able to wrap somebody up intangibles onto the cloth and yeah just rapid objects like all club they gave him a prosthetic for the bench for anyone that looked real again he fucking rock that you should be allowed to have like like a little robot hand he also ran the faces forty of any my back rubber for three eight percent is it too fast i myself my others combine related whose back dumb combine question so we got our first batch dumb com can combine questions revealed here's what we have alabama running back both scarborough he was if god by the browns grounds always seem to be at the centre of these things the dumb question he said he was asked if god is an auburn fan so that's all brain buster for you he said
definitely not i think that's the correct answer think it is a mean what are the odds that god would be a specific auburn also water a guy i feel like you it would be more likely that he would be one of the other like a hundred sixty two schools yes he definitely is a fan of one college football team the apple just call auburn out seems like a weird shall laura probably for tb yeah florida o brien slow yet kobe bryant our pot art
quarter does one an oscar austerlitz right way what do you mean ice water who worry about gas were go who am drain the brown trash what did we are like he's he's our goat he's argo and this proves it how many how many oscars is leubronn an empty threats zero such you know i m j baby frustration now the o in ask that's that's the own go to his right after it's like they ve got ya look at cobia out their good for you kogi finally finally catch a break guys it's good to see the oscars do the right thing this year now there are taken the right side on the meeting of liaison copious ask do occur we speak for the people out there exactly art the oh so the other questions ready and nfl team asked texas punter how long go without blinking i respect eight how are you
yeah i think i got radio i see how long i gotta get it i have to blow ready go linked i've linked whatever that was hank wonder what i'd say what if you want to have like a real like hated dopamine he had to go to minister blinking that first blinked honk work orangist hold your eyes open the blink gazprom is pretty girl yet is feels good men and the largest lighted a new drug braxton barriers for my army was asked what is bitcoin and what is isis two very good
how should i think those questions were more like the nfl exact was actually trying to ask a question like i dont know now like a kid you guys export could you explain bitcoin to be wrongly in watching the news earlier the millennium here let's see if you can tell us how bitcoin war against iraq chain there absolutely not going to be able at the neck and want to draft the sky they were just killing time in the interview yes i decided i have made my will educators yes yes i will request was bitcoin to jan invest now
on twenty six days away john cigars election our money let you know what it is when it comes out my last whose back is linking juciest story he said that he looks it is assistant coaches wives to tell if they're good recruiters when he wants to hire them that's totally all normally and given is doing when he looks it is assisting coaches wives he's just seeing strictly to judge you as a whole which she has nothing at all thing you don't listen i so yeah lane ass to take your wife to the fantasy sweet but it's a football fear he's gotta make sure that you picked the right you know wife when you went out to the wife picking draft right an end so he also needs to take a look at her pubic care the up and see what does are you hey just be no way just because he needs a guy that has a good eye for detail right and someone then you know it appearance is an important part of this job laments your question would you buy a car without checking under the hood i wouldn't exactly so lincoln's got take a look see guys criminal to the king of england and i was just so that he can tell you know how committed i got word to the ground game i honestly think languages trolling us like being like yours lay up for everyone i will i took up my assistant coaches wise and for hire them what is their tongue tastes like there the questions i have to ask myself yes hank
what do you got for whom spat my whose back is the letter b o bought on bees are back this week permanent back buzzer beaters were back up boxing's back while it is a great fight bruins are back through i went second place in ireland a conference by hamas about the always asking these in the b lines or back john villanueva big ten tournament in his son patrick one that any ten tournament dream do the job you i was allowed me john belies an unbelievable coach i do not refer michigan but john bee line is one of the best coaches and college must take my agricultural same how did you put all that together cassettes that's a shitload of bees i am going to join because you jim
please just keep going good news bees are no longer dying at an alarming rate and brought him back good job hank thank you you can spell anything else now that's it that's just the bees drop in the beat of a lot of hamas a hum i only have one whose back and the yet three point out three porno heck he had heard his let's get to our interview we have ryan pace g m of the chicago bears on the show before we do that felix gray you guys you we stare at a screen every single day you look at your phone you look at your computer or guess what your eyes shit and grace here to help you out no matter what you do work you're looking at that computer feels great lenses are suspicious specifically designed to filter blue light and eliminate glare from screens which the two main culprits behind digital i strain
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or the hardest question who the best fancy nfl chicago ok though you pause therefore second thoughts as an easy one good i'm out it was a little bit pause and you haven't got a clear positive welcome the body s that and i want to make sure they want to make sure that you are i'm testing you out makes you not aspire anything like slipped up and said all the passengers or some other than to give away i would have you said that you were kidnapped you follow the question do you prefer the title general manager team architect the geo ok king likes to say team architect i'm not exactly sure with the differences maybe you can help me i haven't heard that i think it's pretty simple is as they would gm as usual cleaner so were here in indian apple us we're at the combine eugene did a bunch of media you announced that you are releasing mike lenin so you also have released pronoun mcfee you have a ton of
caps makes this year and freedom probably hasn't i mean you can probably met it hasn't got exactly how do you know bears franz wanted to go what plan this year to make sure that you know things kind of fall into place question will first of all with the media year set up over here is way better than what i ever romania compliment you guys the osprey sweet over here so the i know i know you we talk about them we do a lot of cap space then there is a lot of research ability with that we know that and free to see can be dangerous as we know these guys become available for reason so ideally you know we all say he built a draft about your players as you continue to do that maybe you have to dabble in free to see a little less but we have been in that position so you know we just gotta be smart with it i think we have an attack two situation this year with a quarterback we feel good about head coach we feel good about and we just have to be
connected on the vision for each play we bring it so you're gonna need a backup quarterback can we picked you some backup quarterback casket okay so charlie white horse he's probably still round her thoughts on him i can't talk but individual players ok oh yeah that's right that a temporary diana league he's nonlethal yeah you can i haven't seen you around tape on him ok good so marcus russell not only gives other football eighty yards on his knee chaz batch how important it is to see to watch quarterbacks row of football from his knees yeah good question that's none born at all ensure zurich is josh ellen it across balboa there until we don't put a ton weight or mr what do i want you to take up what about what kind of like watching three going through the back slipping its impressive but at the end of the day had illegally a huge factor new evaluate as a human being though it had us
like a little bit of seep into your brain like you know like when a when a prospect jumps out of a pool you know and they do it like that does that affect you at all cuz i know it affects me if i watch an instagram video i'm like i want that guy i think i think it's pretty cool to look at but i think at the end of the day you want to see how they are his football players in this is really in a pool or what about johnny manziel they'll be interesting not enough that's not enough what so talent evaluation what the combat is kind of we ve poke fun at it because it's a little bit ridiculous to judge guys to play football while they're not playing football how much we do you put into the combat we ass we get ass a question a lot i think you know our scouted put so much work into this that we already know a lot about their backers
owns and you know any issues they had their personalities from other research we done sometimes years in the making this is the first summer coaches are involved so we try to really gathers much football intelligences began so these he's interviews or night only the minutes you'll understand it all right these guys come of the room it'll take handed you sit right down in a coach emilia adam there on the boards are going through the video we're just gonna feel further football intelligent do you judge body language yeah you can tell me you can feel that your mind right now very comfortable out about mass relax i'm i feel like i'm a little i'm leaning in aggressive in this interview and so were the interviews with players how is that process different look different questions are you asking them as opposed to when you are looking for new head coach the kind of two kinds of questions you can i
see the type of personality type of demeanour he added the interviews with players here the combine are all football related question so cycle k that's that's install this off into play and in let's have some kind of regurgitating back to us or let's let's watch year plays in college and talk to us about ok what was his play called what was your responsibility here those kind of things and because you know these guys even they been kinder on script from the agent through pre prepped once you get into that element of that kind more often gripped in better fuel for is not finding a kicker is that like a prank on us because it if its a troll i actually have a lot of respect for you like tat would be a masterful troll like i'm actually that's just a prank we're never gonna find it will you mats mats approaches to go forward on port town rights area anyway sets out we're gonna find coquettish you know it's a priority for its no doubt not i know it's a of the import forest is that its primary need so yeah although it
actually if i was a gm would be a smart strategy they always have a bad kicker so that you can just pause love to blame pickers socalled takes a heat off you maybe that's doesn't ravage caskeys available here yeah i can't talk about him no tanner it everyone on one side don't you ever get married you can't tell you can't tamper touches we'll talk about i fear it easier area should just be like magic and just pay manage often just pay i am just talk about who you should actually what are your thoughts on yon us as a player for the box i am so locked and this is where europe gives are used to see if you're gonna get find it but he nba so bill personalities famous for saying when it comes to changing or organization change carpets first thank right yeah
get a new feel in the building was there ever any consideration before you brought nagy it by the ways nagy maggie how she he goes by the way i i guess i say maggie now but that the sounds loudness now i yeah yeah i know i did he goes by either and i need you know that i shall get so when you brought nay jane was ever any consideration maybe just having dick i spent a week in his office just like farming locate cigar changes smell of that office should break it yeah never that's a good idea when it's too late for that now there and i'm sure he be happy it is even more onerous and foreign and thick exactly you let's talk about mitch so ten got mister bisbee year two i a lot of people are saying gonna be similar to shine mcveigh with what he did with jeered golf
what did you see and mitch two young jump up in the draft form and what do you see what you seamen in him the first year saying he still our guy get i think you know you go to the draft process reflecting back on that in all the traits you look for a quarter record straight agriculture let us ism but unlike a lot of these college quarterbacks he can process alot information fast we can see the field fastened go through progressions quickly that's very actual an instinctive for him i'm so those physically it's those all came over and i don't think we were surprised but what's good as well and the building and you feel is work ethic and how he is in the locker room and how he is with his teammates although things are really natural for him know how he is when things are going those are all good things you know i'm so you know his work ethic sarah's focus there is is leadership is there and now we just got to continue upon us so i always punishing the nfl when a gm takes up a quarter back in the first round you guys are now tied together do you ever
of a moment like late at night it house how you look in which his eyes like yo we're in this together like you you you think i sank trustful big just gonna understood a hooker here yeah you just just a silent like ok we gotta do this together because it is its aid not many yeah gm seeds the oppositions are car like that because in others variants in the nba for non the top five it doesn't but but when you when you pick a quarterback it there's a there's a added pressure the kind of comes with the whole thing then i think we all know like in unifil especially now i mean it all starts with the quarterback veto had that position right in your swimmin upstream so he did it there's a there's a good whenever billy building right now when we feel like we had a guy and of course he's gonna get better and he's gonna develope easy young players he'll you u parent with a head coach you feel good about everyone saw the ball he had occasion on first out do that this year we had a majority to give a mature and the office where every time somebody says mitch you have to put a dollar as opposed to mitchell who i've always called
sorry i'm there is a middle went against which no i am sorry that won't yes oh i get about i'm all the way to my gm serious course we actually get we had lain johnson on it made a few headlines because he took a couple shots at the patriots organization he said that what they do over there is kind of more fear based culture then what he's come to women with the eagles were all about what type of quartered you try to fill in your building like whether its pause reinforced our there's a little bit because i feel like you have to have a that element of fear in the file you know everyone's out there for their jobs to physical game but like what what type of culture do you try to instil don't think that's a good question i think thank you we talk about positive energetic you know those glass half full optimism those things are those things are all there but there times too when you get a buckle down and its serious and everybody understands what is at stake in owen and their does feared past exist a little bit
we ve seen that are on the way i think your parcels was that way and i think i think that has to exist to some extent but you can win this league and have fun doing it you know you'll have to be miserable even when it was leaning upon doing it and i think we have been environment that's that's defiling johnson i just want to suitable so that makes sense so we talk we were big football guys guys we love talking a football guys how do you test prospect on their love for football because i think that's that's something that we ve gotta pick up through the years that anyone can be yell we ghastly anyone can have the tools but if not in love with football
going to be hard to to succeed in the nfl it's one of the key things we look for is the passion for the game right so i don't think there's any tests we can do here at the combine i think it goes into the research that we do is scouts in our coaches do and and going through their schools and finding out about it cuz you got people from all different different demographics and different walks of life but in but if they love the game of football through except for the game of football the commentary did you want to know and i think the players that we have now others successful with us all of them were passion about football so i think you if you can determine that in your right on that then you can hit on this but what about cataloguing he likes playing video games learn that flag like maybe not a football game well that's his one hobbes i'd rather have doing that and a lot of rising go so many plays railway lived in his house like three days he ain't even though the where they're playing video games you know where he's gonna be a yard of i've heard about a set of as many sauce over his pursuers pretty awesome are we gonna get a wider seaver this year thus giving me
i think we're were we tried to be overly transfer but if its priority ok it's a buzz reagan news yeah there's gonna try to get a virus round spinning moving up in the first round you know why do you have any do you have any regrets with how the al shunting played out in him winning a suitable having a great year yeah you know there has been so much us return over we ve been here i think if you went through all the players and that have come and gone is oh ah you know and as to the expected malone came into this in your occasionally that's gonna happen you no one in one though those contracts were going on so many factors involved that the agent the club in the player and so you really know we're happy for him proud him and network in goma google
when he said we're gonna go the several next year when he was stolen the bears were you like what is actually drug test ashikaga puts goin on here acknowledge that was let me call the shot did college shot he oh yeah he called the shot how much how much fishing goes on out there you know we just saw trade last week in their hardly any big name trades but as a general manager how often do you pick up the phone and just make a phone call and in just just to see like you might not even be serious about the trade but just can like feeling things out that's happening more than people realize genes are talking cars only it is torn out ideas specially guys you have relationships with on a it was in this any interest in that lot of never come to fruition obviously but those conversations are always ongoing john when she he caught up belch agony said he wanted part ways tom brady like you would you pick up of funding and call me ok what take up what i think you not know
has any player in the league i think it doesn't hurt to ask you know what i think i think those things were going on you know what i think because you have relationships with those are just organic conversations and unfold is it is it nerve wracking to the patriots being like whatever if we do a trade you d j mc clellan right like if you do that trade everyone's gonna just assumed a billboard check one the trade yeah will shape she went there is a free agents area but i think ill with the patriots humming locate you can argue with their success in what they ve done and tunnel respect for every there i'd get up close from the kosovo and in so when new england one thing they're not afraid to make trade in right i think you know in certain aspects there can be times where people are free to pull the trigger knowing that are free to pull the trigger new respected what do you think that allow a lotta nfl genes are a little bit afraid to make a trade i think you always you always worried ok whose kitten
he's getting sort in the light of this guy wants my guide and what does he know know what's goin on here you know i mean i think that's why sometimes tracer easier when you deal with people you know and you need a little bit more what's the hardest part by job hardest part is probably just delhi everything you know you have so many things to come across her desk you know like when you meet a part of his job as a as you come up and scouting you can close your door in disgrace on tape rail in and in its uninterrupted and then when you get in this job there's something every second every known so that the ability closed door that isn't really exist anymore what's the easiest part
she's beautiful paul is doing something that is as good as it were a question and you answer correctly has been rather guys is being love in football is really the answer that that's absolutely true i seeking question put in promo code take you get ten dollars after seeking purchase do you believe in bear whether do i believe in bear weather or as we say this is an important question you believe and bear well yes so do would you say that one of the keys to next season is getting more bear whether forebears home games yes to question that's i mean these are your answering all the right so you're was passing this tax matters and global warming is having a negative impact on the ass you could hope it's not the case though i mean when you think about it like the packers come down to chicago if it's cold over cast they don't know how to play now they don't know ideas fairweather right okay that's
there's a lot of people listening to this end there there were they held in the baby breasts ransford about so that was a good answer people in your position they always use the word processing pressure you views at a couple times i don't really know i like saying and he doesn't make a sound some are because i hear nick saving say right yeah so he knows we started our process guy i don't want it means but i say to you what is a process what is your process i think you are like gruber are in the process of play requisition right the combine as part of the process right he's doing stuff yet it is a step by step but thoughtful play and they get us to where we want to go you know and so the draft the end goal of this whole thing and this is just a small part of the process is calmer so you know going off that i've noticed in football it's the one sport where or owners and jams dont really come out and say we're doing a full rebuilt like baseball you tear it all down past while you tear it all down
is that like some ways at conscious are you just kind of is it because the sport is you can go from in our last to the play off so queer i think you ve seen tina turner pretty quick you know what i'd every situations differ only you come in different situations i think i know when we got to chicago hills and older team in their there had to be some turnover there's other there were some summer additional attraction little bit you known but the good the good part now look at our locker room and had feel that it's a good luck room lotta good guys like good character it is young were really young right now so forget about that ok what is success look like the bears in two thousand eighteen i just think it hey look we have young foundation is added a right the continued development of our quarterback adding weapons around him and let's see how this new office comes in comes in sync with with our current players who we were able to maintain some continuity on defence ok let's go with fans you're still in place and we get one games
and we got a win games and i know that's what it comes down to it and that's on us and really it starts over the next two months and who we had aroused ok see failed that question you couldn't just said beat the packers happy there would have been fine wooded now went to go to and fourteen you already have a fine what success look like in two thousand eighty beat beggars exactly also could have accepted a certain amount of bears are back tweets from me because it's like if i can tweet that enough on sundays that means the bears are actually back does it say there's that that little zone where its clearly that i'm being sarcastic with them when they pass into actually been good then we're you're already area so from your perspective leading up to the draft how much of town evaluation is part of like match play against teams that are in your division so do we want like a specific guy because the packers like to run this type of offense we want to draft this guy cuz he's got experience in this defense upset because we know that that
vikings run this like how much is in fact very jim you just try to build the best thing we can build the best thing that fits what we're looking for and our office in the defensive schemes is more the focus on me of course we talk about our division what it's gonna take and when our division but at the end of the day i think we're acquiring players it fit what were trying to do here early windy in chicago so you need a guy with a big arm josh alan just what are your thoughts on joshua yet so fairly software is josh i was drops theatre you talked about the prospects yet we yeah so without getting too many details you taylor gentry entertain you play with them some your big armstrong arm because i've seen that how tall yeah taught in so in iep he played while the senior but also its just there's a lotta intriguing quarterbacks this year this draft in it for our sake i hope we all go really high yes it'll absolute was your plays out my last question this was god you see the john hammond tweet kind of game to summarize it out loud so you can hear a gay
never mind that ryan paces fourteen thirty four and passed on to sean watson he's a good communicator policy as a cool name the great hair he came at your hair was this recent this was like three months ago i don't really know where he came up with the cool name if you think you have a comment i soon that ignore expert your idea i i agree with that will you do have nice hair so do you think that that was kind of a cheap shot for him to come at your hair like that glamour gray hair i know they're that's ok i got grey or to its distinguished here have polly walnuts yeah right you you won't go winked at yeah yeah you your watch sopranos policies i want the oie characters doesn't give you pull it i'll tell you close christopher now if you said yes but you should do try there it's also you can do you ever think like even though this job is hard even though the nfl is like it's impossible to kind of way through everything you could basically winds
i call bears fans if you just come out and say we're just gonna run the four and play defence it is a good answer i think the i think there's actually like a certain amount of america's friends it would just be like that's fine we'll just where we can be people ninety six and is run the football and play defence will be five ok up to throw that others and yet how many documentary how many eighty five bears documentation we watched one right now my room that i would like to say so i saw a deadly checked it out this week yeah yeah we were we not talk about that enough and i got one laughing like me who are the worst fancied the unifil good question ex fear the worst man i can i can't go anywhere you're going away for a while right has just say later yeah yeah falcons france keep the rivalry there
say greta yachting i absolutely whether or not there are seventy technically they can put some protein you're probably have a league office meeting about banning all those owners azerbaijan is very short by your plucky seven or eight ryan pace thank you so much vessel work this year was get that kicker for a gotcha thank you for these guys attitude in tat interview was brought to you by blue apron blue apron is the leading milk delivery service in the united states and while men people know what we do many dont know about the different types of meals you eat when you cook with blue apron you're not just haven't burgers for dinner you're making short reburnishing the happy chatter sauce on a pretzel bonn here preparing seared stakes in time pants off of mashed potatoes green beans and crispy shallots off an under forty five minutes and without a trip to the grocery store blue apron is the number one fresh ingredient recipe delivery service and the country their mission is to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone they achieve by supporting more sustainable food system
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lay and matching deposit bonus petty aside at eu promo code take artless gets some segments first up we have appear wanna one for our guy joshua so apparently a scout watched joshua alan and sam donald get into one of those moving doors the sly what are we revolving devolving doria it with all legal grounds have at quarterback oh very gout like one point you raised was at the time i had some one point to sex okay so who d i caught in a revolving door and apparently one of the quarterbacks we won't name names we are she don't know try to the door and knows why those electronic once i actually that's bullshit because they just recently made them all electronic right i agree so i'm actually very glad that josh allen or sam darnold did this because i didn't know that you can't push revolving doors anymore could have been me
but i've used volatile before so thank you to those guys for for showing me what not to do i think they d probably save lives today i want to say that it was probably josh out push because guess what he's a leader and when you he's a problem he fixes so seemed arnold we d be a beta broke out bay sam darlin just go let robots run your life and if it was sam donald who pushed the door what an idiot
no need to push those fucking dummy of aid actually sounds like a cartoon doesn't yeah i got an issue that would happen like in a road runner excel josh alan through pass so hard to his receiver the head and he got a big red bump on bird start flying around of what i like to do when i get in one of those i just put my foot in the back of it and stop it i'm gonna go shit we're fucked come closest gagner i actually like to get in the same revolving door as somebody that's informed me just a fuck what i'm here to force it really really pisses let us yet did germany but it almost sounds like maybe they were being tested by general mandarin or would you do if you were stuck if your trapped in clothes space i won't be shocked if the browns organization just sat at revolving doors for an entire week like listen
someone's been nothing is worked there we ve watched all the tape we ve done the combine for years and maybe if we just watch people go through revolving doors we can find a quarter if you get too if you get your top two choices at quarterback stuck in the same revolving door you watch who's the alpha watch like who starts to make a fire first who starts dropping into our maybe they fall in love with the same space together for a loan to exactly little broke back door moreover revolving probe backdoor yet brokeback revolving door rules right off the tunnel folks were in austria seasons movies on my mind to arms and i never saw broke background you i do not see why it does not have all of your homophobic not picking out of touch his eyes he saw it's my favorite movie loved it yeah talking soccer what he got talking soccer russia is actually
when a great thing to grow the game for the world cup they are allowing people to bring in cocaine heroin and pot in stadiums natural yeah so in other words it is holding it in holland the rushes going too well i think in russia they just don't give a shit what you do as long as you're not get well it's that and the is aren't you by the heroin cocaine everything from one of the oil therein from an oligarchy that runs a country tat has to be got by area from right from the re purse and actually i'm not exactly heroin its austerlitz yes they're just letting people do drugs in a stadium as long as they're steroids that are manufactured by one of the top three gabbler principle that dealers who just like every dragon in russia was just there it's ok try this new coke it's great and it just it's just this happens we went straw onto russians ones that are also doing crocodile ah deal
and i think that was russia slash downstate illinois which concept things sometimes ok so yeah and there it was doubtless fucked up thousand when they're just ingesting like gasolene gasoline mixed with like now remember surely it should actually had not down safer juliet shadow juliet had a little crocodile problem yards it's sick they i watched probably will deftly more specialists and should on crocodile but every single one it just a montage people injecting needles into their skin and in their skin developing scales on i don't know i kept watching it we asked me why must we have trouble in paradise for the calves so the calves were fixed but apparently there not they are losing again and j smith through a bowl of soup attainment damon jones member damon jones that's another classic leubronn just keeping damon jones around but yeah so i guess there they're all fighting again and justice to blame so i love it i love it
to copy of tee what it would hear what aristotle at first i was upset about it because i don't like the idea of wasting a good soup right arm but then i started think more by we don't i'm a big wait till all the facts come out guy ok you're both life isn't bad soup life is always spent waiting for more facts to emerge so i need to know what kind of soup away as ms agus patch of one or two if i care yes refreshing it's almost like a gateway for water it s good for him if you use he was sending his buddy nice cool chilled soup some sort of french onion soup when did have raw meat and it was it a thought it was like a clam chowder thou would just be that now you just now is really hate everyone if it was your ruling the whole facility yeah yeah yeah exactly and plus you're not gonna get that out here you're closure not gonna get that out your hair claims arup cream who brace debate yeah honey represent a soup wasn't what's what's look out really europe is really a soup chile's not assume ok is it what is it chile is it it's
ok but why is it called clamped soup then wiser called giveaway on y a charter is a subset of soup way but why should we not shillings analyzed now with a spoon and supervise the ever hear somebody called culturally chile soup now now you don't know you don't call claimed chowder soup no it shouter which is a kind of soup ok by so do you do with the wood with a spoon looking at all mostly likud with some meat the us like the area office as i said a website of what's beef stew stew as a soup but it's still stewards a thin soup ok just absolutist beef stew and chile are pretty similar they're both due to drive just trust me chile's done so if i say that shows a soup you how many chill events or on the internet i'm just saying to the fucking worse i'm just several with is it don't come after you to shut out buzzfeed we just did witches basely gotcha pages next week and a half years it till it like remedy the situation you should just let all the assistant coaches throw superdome yes
you're lying down clown yeah yeah yeah just throwing during super have jerry psmith in a dumping booth just like a nice little minestrone beneath them maybe he has to make soup for everyone to make up for thou wasn't yet i would be really good or chile it just gonna be like a shit load a weed boiled in water yeah he's is hennessy yeah hennessy we'd hennessy in a budget stems couple jesus christ chair psmith i loved i will miss him so much at unawares going out while his progeny kicked off team throughout super people eventually you throw you met you through throw one too many soups it someone there are five you threw out the hard way throw one deadly scenario j smith you have a demon joneses guy he is scared of a because he's going to he's like i don't want to get super strong and i think lebron just knows that if they did if they cut jerry smith
the browser to get clowns publicly their smith is nothing to some very clownish things about man is it'll solana coil corny corny any drinks a lot of wine we know that she's same metrics a scout dead that he would punch himself in the balls repeatedly to get a chance to draft sake want barkley yes i was an assistant coach okay and he said i would put myself in the nuts many many many times to be able to draft an ok so it's obviously todd healy we can review sample stay up by just by the addiction in that sense but i think i don't know totally likes uses dick you know i'm saying well yes that's what i'm saying punching yourself in the nuts many times that's just masturbating
i dont think masquerading as you say i die don't think you know how to mass really easy itself and not until they explode yeah that's yes we're gonna throw that scan hank will teach you a catholic say yeah so how many times have you punch sovereign the balls to draft sake what was so my whole thing was off because i thought those masturbation no it's not even matter grinning inter three times in the past we have jordan how're punchers over the balls like what is it the hypothetical woody drop to you because i really feel like you're the brown is brown scale classic browns guy being like a punch myself in the balls i hated you got to want no more i don't have to have to put yourself in the boss but it feels like to do that feels like you should actually it feels better if you dropped him any did do that yet i would put myself in the balls twelve times
firstly on barkley magically just beyond the bush to be on the bare idea just magically too many that's a crowded bashful yeah debts but that's ok your assets comply you trust the process like grandpa soulless my question would be left hand right hand on the punch yeah i mean you have to do your domino hand otherwise the punches not like you're not meaning it but you could still pleasure such rights a draft upon has to be with their dominant ok railways you can't really power yourself up can we all punch ourselves in the balls once just to see it just one time ready one two three i actually did it myself lillian guess she said why really massively one bright actually
you just mass rain fell us yet you guys don't tell me to a vs or oscars where's our invite yet and i guess i'm a little lucy came home i we gotta do is redo hashtag ivy argued hashtag typheus eyes just you cook hasta we talk about it i had some all click on this one random hashtag oscars so asters are going on right now are happening right now are we still doing the hashtag asters so white there was a time last year oh here's one roseanne do you guys watchers in particular that i did not i i was only troezene elegant top five theme song about me but i never actually pastor yeah and more n what's names back now john coups other weak yeah junk john goodman chunk rodya jogger try a junkie meant not dead no ousting john candy recipe i sure i thought maybe john goodman they're going to do like the other the bomb from the sopranos and second season and just see gee i know is already dead yeah
i heard her there make it a fresh prince bela remit to so that there are literally remaking like every single show that any popularity but has run out of run out of ideas are out now here's one walmart a small town kept warm or out now faces amazon oh that's a pickle right their body should have done that would see i've got oh here's you could have checked hashtag yet no oh i've never seen it so here's a example am i the only one who thinks it's beyond um2 in soccer in a tie i mean they're running around for ninety minutes to indignant i hashtag yeah no yeah i know its payment because your say like yeah yeah not say not wow american airlines i have to rethink traveling with you for a while this is been irritating check in process for the most part yeah i know that didn't that doesn't make that person didn't do it correctly i think it was why
it's just a very very confused devil's work as has been an irritating checking process for the most part you know like their complaining so together using our regular like you know this is the worst i mean we ve ever done we will see everyone on whence hey wait forego i have they are hanging on the streets for saving them they were saving the war segment over the hot new mean patrick star he's looking evil whose patrick star ease the starfish hendrick from sponge what i thought was a porn star hey hey footman upside down i'll extols the now looks like a dick like ass like ass i sat on the penis shit my goal for the sum of the shares to hire monitor cut this border in a higher and in turn he just gonna watch cartoons for like forty nor you're not gonna cut outlines the rise of kyle trying to invent a meme i dont get how someone like sir
the screen shot an old spongebob in like i feel like a picture and then put it out i mean i'm a coma show here i feel it blues whose has like a million means in it that guy steve with his fuckin stupid old maybe shirt back i for sure has a meme will face ok i can see that i also thinking of the hill as one that's just like it's ready to go yes like varied outrage the peggy great point peggy just like in the kitchen disown yeah that that is available also would be great if i king in the hell was liked or like inverse simpsons and just predicted everything totally wrong yeah like that like everything they they said king king of the hell was wrong about how can you explain to me what the meme is like i get that its patrick star but what am i supposed to put that with out like when you like i think the mean that like original enviro with with someone saying like yeah i'll meet you guys over there but patrick stars in bed so what you say when you're like being evil ok
you make plans pacifists patrick star face your lady says you got it come to bed but you're in the middle fortnight game shows don't you say no you say my lady i admire immediately after she way joseph o my lady ass we go to bed i'm individual for nice game yeah no you know when she ass if it's the last came a fortnight but you really have three more dams and you say yeah sonia you're lying when you say i gotta go sir cycle so so when my lady ass it were if there's any of a left could she wants breakfast and you're like because you want to get married now the area like now but really you actually have an entire creative on that you just bought from all foods such amazon sorry ok we
it's good i've already i'm ready up we save the shock of copyright will see ones that bobby s ball shots at la swear swear
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