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Chicago Blackhawks Goalie Scott Darling and PMT Lawyer Mike Portnoy 12/16/16

2016-12-15 | 🔗
The big news is here, Pardon My Take has officially purchased a bowl game (parody law) ( 2:48 - 7:19). NFL picks and the return of Friday Roasts (7:19 - 18:06). Chicago Blackhawks goalie Scott Darling joins the show to talk hockey, goalie eye tests, and the return of his man card (19:21 - 28:14). Pardon My Take lawyer Michael Portnoy, esq joins the show to discuss the legality of squatting on the rights of a Bowl game as well as what's been bothering him recently (29:33 - 47:06). Segments include That's on Us, Sabermetrics, PR 101, and Jimbos of the week
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let's not its part by sports welcomed a part of my take is friday december sixteenth and the big announcement is here we ve purchased a ball game technically sorgen our conversation with our lawyer about it later on the young by
yet this is huge news if you paid attention last week they announced that i think for ball games this year didn't have a sponsor so thoughts and prayers to the ncaa i don't know how they're going to make any money with all their labor car number what they are mark emmert he'll find a way your kids probably getting coal for christmas but this is where he a step in and that's why the pardon my take boys are here and quick eu drama we first of all it has no formal stop the bars sports presents pardon my take presents the boca return whet the big ponzi scheme awareness ball tuesday night western kentucky verse memphis huge invoke over time is gonna be an amazing show we ve got western kentucky we ve got memphis squaring up these are two teams i ran the stats they're both currently tied for them
appearance is in the book or time both so these are two programmes yes the first of it still like historically their tied for the house to parents is in this book it's very store match up as i'm sure you know at home we want to go out there and we wanted we want to do a favour to the inevitable a year because are struggling to make money so we're sponsoring this we wars reproducible were fucking i'm honest larger ship here we take we didn't really pay any money we and ass many want either plus parity boss joke yes parity law but here's and that is good news word we're not we're not wasting it any dollars here with our sponsorship we are we have a logo women trophy its bernie made off trophy okay we have a live show we're gonna do on tuesday night for the game were sent
kill presley down as a corresponding sideline correspond i have a high course bond and also to meet with some of the elderly folks down their re educate them about the dangers of ponzi schemes and worth thinking about starting a go find me sovereign kin donate to us so that we can reinvestment right so my idea was we want we want to raise awareness wretched lot of elderly people down there i want to offer them maybe some sort of seminar maybe like forty nine ninety five where they pay as to teach them about the palestinians and the boy if they want to recruit other people and educate other people then they charge fifty nine none and they take a little what they want to be on top of that people helping people up and people so we were trying to educate of south florida about policy three age rather the especially for those on fixed incomes be careful yes oh that's the big announcement i you know i think probably some people thought we're gonna announced like oh pardon my takers going on you now you'll be all get pregnant
we i'm pregnant we're going to be a wednesday night her there's an open slot but no it's bigger than that a much bigger we own we own a ball game we can in the name of the committee on the bar stool sports presents part of my take presents the boca return whet the beak policies some awareness ball also i've heard that we are not saying boca return correctly i don't give a shit we are we also have a trophy now it's a legit trophy and we're gonna be dubuque out on monday ok the up so yes stay tuned yes so here's the schedule we have we're gonna debut we're gonna unveiled the logo on friday why you see it we're gonna have height video on monday and we have a couple other videos may become an hour two's there so they were doing a facebook lifeward were i lay said we are not wait anything we're going to facebook live pre game half time show posts game what better thing do you have to do then watch depart might take ball on tuesday night nuthin
absolutely not nothing so i'm really excited were boys probably the biggest thing that we will be if we only goldfish and a bowl now so i mean twice exceed been a pretty good year also let's all but the over for fund just together the air which might be illegal to reopen the baltic the under another when saps forbidding the ever everybody he'll remember you're going to hammer the over hammer big time let's get to the rest the show now that i mean i hope that this ball ownership doesn't change just put it might become big deal snivel were scattered changes also we come up with give back we'll drink it gives gift bags i just want to let people know we're not cheapen out on it if in fact if you want to contribute to it and sinister money and then met recruits mother april will invest if we have some b
we get to or any fell pick some were bring back roast today we have to quickly talk about la bron not going to memphis big deal big deal he sat out sitting out fine didn't even go to the game disgusting gear many people drove with their families to memphis to see that game probably at least one no there's one guy with what what ass old does that like i'm gonna buy a meaningless take it before christmas for my whole family braun notoriously sits our game here and then be like i travelled all this way to see leubronn a damn he didn't show so it's honestly eluded disgusting on the bronze parts to take a day off spin it doesn't take it off its troops perspective also hey part i take we're gonna take we got around christmas oh yeah whoops right after christmas but leubronn i mean he knows that he's superstar he knows that he is
be doing this type of thing just he's taken money out of kids pockets he is and i actually think he did this purposely to get the story about him missing this game soapy would stop talking about his sportsmen of the year ward where forgot to photoshop his photoshop his hair back on you saw so he so forgot to do that and solar bronze china you think ok you think lebron maybe have a hare procedure and that's why i didn't show up like seem sort ashes you bought yeah yeah the braun was in surgery someone someone rob leubronn in france while ok i actually like iraq on yeah i do feel beverage air psmith he actually had to go inquiry and kevin didn't so shares my
well i also agone here it's it's the christmas season the braun had a lot of movies to watch with his family so the only way we are not all that might take you off home alone also the bronze strikes me as a big homo on three hundred and three to enter now he's three he only watches three is a big almost three point as they wanted to exert he probably likes the the cat the hat with mike myers areas dressed up like a real creep around yes i do and the us he is a creep imagine watch now one on lsd or canada for given us that also buggy buggy took a day off yesterday the buggy a hank here the rumours bulgaria celtics yeah it's only been a rumour for six years now so yeah sacramento they could have paid i think three hundred firemen are two hundred teachers salaries with what they paid buggy to not play last night what about what about what a bomb clay traps
but he's gonna get arrested are they are they could have hired a new mare to replace kevin johnson done wrong not nothing proven exactly alike generally allegedly he's an alleged piece of shit up a legit multiple piece of shit yessir what is many times over piece of shit and allegedly shit he's a shuts is a piece of shit i we also have life after fisher so just go
mention it color rush happened last night best color rush uniforms ever seahawks look pretty good seahawks green algae green daniel old rams uniforms that andy reid when he was like three hundred lb to use a three hundred pound twelve year old that he was wearing that will flashback i think the reason they chose that color green is because it blends in seamlessly with adderal piss so their defense they can take all the drugs they want you not going to be able to see if it's pants i like it so without fisher sad quadra which of seattle see ro phronsie house that's pretty good the cheat ox chief farm farmer cheat hawks well ok were firing with that let's do or nfl picks i want when you guys so before we do on weak fifteen looks a little one give me i never bet weak fifteen actually its wall so this is this is dangerous turkey or other question i want to ask are we sure the cowboys are good but before you
that are we sure the box are also good we're not sure that the bucks aren't the best team in the annex ii south and then you got to look as falcons nosegay park another focus falcons remind me a lot of new kids on the block if you actually say is it the block video but it also reminds me of the crowd kid one and two and the reason why is because it just takes me back to that day you know the feeling that you had when you saw your first pair of boobs yes yeah kind of like that i would agree with you on the falcons but i already put them i scratch them off scratch off list through their wits record our sarah schedule from here on a hold on one sec giving one second report while you're pointed up i just want to shirk story i was i had a barbecue with the lead singer smash mouth the other weakened and we're just hang out and we'll talk about forty niners law wait let me quick so the falcons have the forty niners while thou freaky elles walking at the panthers and then verse the saints one
and what one was maybe i'd say one or two things have dared to and one wonders if we want to do and what actually i've won one on one chat with sue our picks real hate you go first i got the dolphins the ravens you know met more starting right what about you know hank definitely did not look at ravens readers panthers tightens up the change that dolphins pics to the patriots classic ok ok we'll hag you'll be happy no i've broncos i've got the cowboys the law i and the ravens and the falcons and not to brag the last two yeah i'm one eyed and warrior what's the point you have bragged you normalizes justifies our adjusted to brag yeah did you not hearing ok was what's the score i think i'm now and i think i am now in last so i think we're all within like three points each other larry's
chicken shit others kicking the shit out of us i have the bears ravaging doesn't really matter houston andy detroit tipper back ok detroit could pick thank you bears bad pick one cubic robbery game take the points ok let's do friday roast oh if you wanna get larry's pay tune in we're gonna periscope larry's picks alive today at one o clock so we will have ria phd in myself and we will do larry's five picks for everyone we didn't have larry pick a third and i came out of respect for fisher i think that's the least you know what jeff fisher isn't a bad name for goldfish just thought quick thought we say what's wrong with would have an larry them since it has the word fish
i asked a shaggy homeless bomb and off we're back shaggy homeless bomb in a fat degenerate tread a mentor stupid millennium with work which i haven't i circuits shaggy one but i have been working on i don't think you're stupid hank be your millennial we're all millennials true ah fat bora and kid rock make nostradamus like predictions regarding mundane sports topics while hank pretends to be bad at reading justice irrelevant so the prediction thing we didn't get it on the air but i swear to god after sunday night's show were set out in the main room talking about it and i said jeff fish is going too far this week this is the biggest regret all the icelandic i was in no way and as i also know i said balin muqtada intuit african countries and their committed to winning yeah that's when you do it after you announce a two year extension yet i hate next
imagine every hawks poor you ever had now imagine those takes all being placed in your brain visa inception style dream podcast by an obese faith attic tools like the before picture in a workout advertisement behind this obese manner like with all large men who cast a shadow theirs has been looking woman who dresses like kid rock cross with a disgrace our rotc cadet that does now imagine those heartache artists are produced by stuttering mass whole can't read this review without assistance and that your standard panty absurd ok that one i've no stung little cut a little deep but the whole head that's the point of the rose you don't keep us down where borders you don't want to get us to high fat freddy murky roger caught fire of hard hitting sabre metrics as an illiterate kid who probably tell the showered p produces roger clots anthea now that's hurtful it's very helpful but thank you in fact get others share to pay now shows that in her paws
sometimes i into the shampoo bottom just kind of his phone our body chaps always software but i'm a big sink peers myself i'm not sink peer i i've been known appeal send down sometimes we are less tells that one i just thought of something half time overboard we need to figure out some sort of scholarship game to play yes yes we will give thanks our ship to maneuver say we have to pay in the sink on air but yes i'm down the other idea who figure a college for how to go to a little selfish bigger have two scooters when some people don't have legs drew cells i bought a second scooter if your foul sorry you know what i it's my scooter it's not your scooter i haven't decided whose scooter it's my scooter i might let people write it but i am a scooter
emperor you're the jailing of rascal school yes some i'm planning my idea arise filled with economic keep buying scooters until someone one of our also says hey dan too many scooters in the office so we'll see how far that goes austrian we need we need more views ok over the rest of you for the reviews that that's our one really hurt got i tunes leave a five star view and they you get to roast and combat section keep assembled that's emission so subscribe part of my take on itunes tell all your friends subscribe leave five star review let's do we have to great interviews we had scott darling chicago blackhawks coolly and recurring guests in the office on wednesday we did ten minutes with him that was and then we will write into mister port annoy our lawyer and i
say right now that was the best we had of mr prodi was fired up he kept i kept trying to get him to get to his stir porthos complaint yet but i realized that numbers two and three were kind of the same quality i spoke so statement yeah guess what tommy it is that's right pull season plus you get the ineffective i have taken centre stage and i've got a great website free as too used to put some money on all that is bet ds i d come they ve got over twenty listen business their top rated on most sports book review sites they ve got a great mobile product as easy to use on your phone she can do on her couch without having to worry about your laptop and all that garbage they ve got live game wagering bazaars me can make plays throughout entire games and events plus they ve got great customer service
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and somehow i somehow got my shirt reinsurance that's on this is back in the days when we first out when it was basically i guess we're just whose in our cell phone the lottery knew where current guest and personal friend i'll say eight this big j move by media ominous it scots personal front go biased so i'm wineglasses interview and sit on the sidelines as personal friends i ll start with an easy one scott you're gonna be a free agent this summer where you can assign you know as much as it may i have no idea ok schedule they may giving you sniff i apologise for taking on the hot sets i want to go and do you favouring give you your man card back since we will give you a t shirt i think you're the first person whose mankind we took yet the yoga the yoga right has he sat down here have you stop yes ok that not every manner but everyone our voice my ip address
there are still too flexible for a as a rule i get holier no boy how supported our you that this is definitely the cap season that what this the capitalist season to end the same look up i mean there the garden but i mean that all the measures like creating have it's a capture ever years this different reasons alone this saga good for them ah see even playing a lot recently could grow crawford is hurt are you do you have any special pads coming up for the winter classic i do i do krona are gone retro is we got though by all alone on our jersey so or doing the old grandmother i like mother you know where took
i do not want a cover up my my cubs the mass on privacy have they really say it now oh outbreak russia show idea showing off the air got donnelly's me were cubs the mass person lawyers day can you sinister teachers we can give you a brief look at it in amerika the editor river maybe just or since there is usually the cubs last we saw each other actually the last time we were together it was like rock bottom yuck as it has done before we went to game for together every turn around after that so slow cubs won the world series we're in move on from that dexter flower is he a traitor i may have stopped assumed go to say louis but it remains my money money training you're gonna do somewhere sailors prisoners got darling also trio's they lose this is also a serious question here alan thick just past way playing hockey it could have been you did yeah we
hockey at a horizontal went aki what the fuck hurry it could have been you is what i'm doing here had at last year made through the game last night i may it sticks his is the guy's a legend young child his eyebrows dad visa stuff but you haven't beardless ok that's a survivor or ip i played hockey before i put up his were applied will video games and rocky assessing shrigley tussle i've always wondered this was goin how so you get after you mean mean we we have more like dehydration issues we sweat like crazy we're gonna gear on superadded saw a narrowly or after the game more dislike depleted if i lose like ten to twelve pounds and again what see what's like the immediate after the game you knows much gatorade as you can during what's your favorite favor it would be a melon melons i'm a white jittery guy i'm pig
why do really real cool my man honest it is not the way that i don't like others adviser if any version or read not a fan of ok but i'm a consulate my guy ok back your bear you are wasting like a person of colors i've always wondered thou ghali's do you guys get looked at as canada and we can get looked at on a football team like or not it is the other side of the spectrum where they like that guy's golly he's the coolest gonna team probably not the coolest guy on the team but i would go as far as it were like a kicker they might get your like wanna girls kind goin now also special teams are going to make their own yard knew before you don't really fight which is the most important are happy i mean i thought you have you when she the spine like that you did last week no but they did correct me if i'm wrong ghali's they're not treelike pickers put
you guys are all like a little crazy so there's like more like hey don't like be careful to mess with the idea that the measure the bad boys of the team right could be read your little off all boys are a little bit about his yellow but also due to do that relevant where you do i exercise a little bit audio visual trains before the game bleak luxuriously like what went on hi guys do i real visual train with my body my condon what he was now he's not how do you know who your friends so we don't want to get reconnected in the off season friends which will rumor that's ok you know they are worth as autonomous car or visual training like the goggles like all this light stuff and so i mean things you can do for me just like visual tatra stuff like
moving your eyes round log in and on targets and like water what about like like a red dot like with a cat like a laser point of view that i've done an adult eel inversion devious like a lilac i'm like a cat right now kind of added so basically you look around remedy start fixing her eyes on different thing if it helps you focus yeah disappear like visual tracking it's pretty cool yemeni school can we do it we have no more things out and this saga radio but when we believe that we have to combat radio habit the four things will be hanged tat the beyond hank sat ok that orange on the other the smoke detector right area and cultural and culture girls video you just go oh get ready gaga and you attach each one should provide in austria ok i'm locked in
yeah i got individual jointly she i we're gonna now go do the global challenge with david you ready already is oliver be you're in a week hears it in don't you go watch it scots gonna be doing a video areas can be shooting pox on dave check out so sports app for it but you're in a no lose situation right you're golly so known as expected anything anything out of you but i think you're gonna surprise who's who saw the lowest scoring guy i didn t know egg to call graveyard jamie i think i got one yet one yeah so i get to a better more than if you get one i think you're google who
lay off season your agent should put that in the little book that he's gonna shop around with things like better forward than davy are driven by the barston goin that's noticeably in austria on the paths is after what bonino didn't like i'm not playing its part hundred shot i would be the david that situation where you can't win yes how do you enjoy play in the garden loves as is special place you have treated with more respect and other place you know bottle flipping similarity their flip your bottom i do not entirely games in the garden i was in the garden you can't be ground wrench lee about the garden if you don't respect not take my gives very seriously i allow respect for the game in the garden in the garden and more about what about brooklyn whenever stupid car unlike the corner yeah it's over it's weird set up i've only that we play the first game there we were going to shut up really what thou hast i like your interest and play more games and garden maybe next year maybe a little right sailing a house van suck i'm a ranger now
i was rapporteur and i was senators now scott is i'm hoping gonna stay a black hawk the two here yeah he's having a great season and keeping us afloat with grow out and listen if you want us to be no beer agents for agents little pr wanna one guy we as what's your percentage retail percent yet we can let the beat top of your tigers but we'll get you a little bit more money here and basically all tat was just do some box europe's on instagram also this access in florida no state income tax remember so died you saved you like a hundred thousand look we're already worth already argument guiana yeah i it's got darling thank you so much appreciate wouldn't get your shirt promise of heard that before tis the season of sharing and shopping and no matter who
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i've been pardon my take that's pardon my take three words sweet deal from shares bears a something completed differ we now welcome on our lawyer it's been a while we ve actually stayed relatively clean that we know of i think our see our biggest strength is since we don't really have miserable on that much other peoples i don't know who to send their legal complaints to how we might have we might be in the hot seat but we have him online michael port i ask where our lawyer america's where how you doing first of all don't find remember anything i say parroting up you but against me and shot out the max and out of the way right dairy i alone am i sign up you speak too quickly though is max how what's christmas vacation looking like from expiate well i think it is i have a good time i open my go away
ski french fries and pizza remember remind him that i've been scale oil is the first time what's gang yet thanks i'll women you back i've seen him that much but i think he's pretty good i could also say allowed it was a little sister madeline be mary mary be many eyes very b i like very much to the legal issues ok we we are currently in though let's just say were in the early stages of sponsoring a ball game that we do not have any legal rights to sponsor an is that illegal
maybe they don't have any legal right to sponsor you can explain sir sir there i think like forty ball games every year official ball games at all more who might be more i don't have the sabre metrics and firmly but felt there are four ball games this year that didn't get a sponsor because they were charging like five thousand hours whatever companies in one opponents the cash to attain the bulk of what it up the bulk company what one in five hundred thousand all sponsor solar squatter right yeah so in a race to their ford therefore games they dont have sponsorships we want sponsor the boca return bull and we're just but the big were now we're not going to say or neglect again touch with bull committee we're just gonna say it is now officially army are but yeah what are you
think about what i think is a great idea but i know a classic that's it i'm not actuated great idea what do you think that or do you think the reactor the ball company that all this is gonna take the somebody else basic but you said squat is oh by the way people those hundreds of right you don't you want it you money to use it to use the name and everything about the guy came along its ok sent you could find a spot we thought we just move in and by the way what i'm gonna pay anything for the use of it i'm sure you about they well i took you forgot one part parity lava what their authority law parity is a joke also first amendment adopted i didn't a large chunk it's a joke and me we're gonna work to try to make money off this put if anyone's like hey that's illegal
we're just gonna like yo like satire upon the also is the first amendment free speech also were journalists so that's all price of all their double or double hearse amendment square web cutbacks but may i want to show my ignorance you use the word parity will hold up it's when you just joking open already fear our o d what i got you a vip r p a hour i t why i did know what value a tart appeared like when you see the higher the knights errant listen and asylum it is its money alleged com and he alighted sky its joam it's a gentleman's cameras everywhere you humor is that really hillary clinton is assistant what they're all you maybe you can have repeated spokesmen caesar are humor humor how much how are you how are you doing by what was at first i mean less instruct became president probably
i do not i am still i have a very difficult time every time they say president elect crump yeah i did have a difficult time with that starts in europe today i heard the across i know you guys don't wanna talk about trump too much but i just want to say this i thought was very interesting people say in athens quote because everything he says it's people say that the fellow they got appointed don't be the secretary of state the the guy that was gonna in the morning was set at a quarter he did not get the job he did not get the sectaries day job because the guy that got it is taller than gorkum apparently crump fancies people four billion closer together guys a short guy and cause i'm sure so i really at all and i all apparently appear short
you go nowhere in the trumpet major asia now did it take you to launder realise that sure people are handicapped compared to tell people my i'm just want to make sure because a mean as a tall guy i do think lesser short people the auditors of your new year any new media yeah maybe that should be things are the next time i come on about this time don rowan ok that's do so for the ballgame think we can all agree your advice was just stick to the parity law aspect and you'll be free include absolutely again i don't wanna be a responsible for many of my opinion you can read it sounds like every time we talk about anything you guys when i went there all is said and done you rely on and i wish you know or a parody because i'm gonna keep getting confused over the word parity humor you sat so now thought you more satires defend
but we do just try using parrot parity and people to go to compete like bananas with parody doubts also that's also part of our legal training is trying to confuse people as much as possible and you might be ever very good point you aren't law yet will it would give us a marlins majority one might have a different legal opinion right yeah ok stu we haven't on us in a very long time i'm excited i would assume you have many complaints less three basic one ok so so this is what i think i've got a really kind of shock you a little bit of a problem five weeks a hold on before he saw be if if people dont remember this segment or didn't listen to the first time these are poor those complaints and
its things that are just kind of bothering you are you got mad about people called audience you got what you got mad at people hawking when you're sitting at a green light and annual matter people taking too long in the in the aisles supermarket or the check out i'll sometimes you don't you if you're certainly remember some of my more you might contradict yourself but that's not the point it is important to get some stuff off your chest so that you can survive trumps presidency right ok you're ready in my first point somebody is using and i know the term port noise complaints oh i'm not happy about i do have a trademark infringement i know all using it whom i was using it before that individual is using it and i don't think it should be allowed to do is he claiming paramatta whose using it someone so with one of the
employees michael twitter account got worker rights one of the co workers have died then he can use it ass he knows i asked my promotion and i don't give it ok i eyes rattled daddy's fair complaint i'm gonna call that complaint because it's the name of an employee i'd like you to go to court yet i'd like to see low kramer's kramer actually anita quietly i owe the automatic does allow other individual thinks you're smarter than i am but i don't don't even think about the other individual think smarter than everybody true true ok number two number two and this is something we really up to discuss because by them and it's going to involve you too in the pay of the old eu i met one you are one day younger than dan l olonnois and mature sought for you guys
i walked only one or two one can be throughout to any general thanks for the birthday present when tat monsieur le my birthday the last week you're out it was in may apparently it was in october i just found out from the same individual back about when you want to be happy birthday we thought it was ok but do you know any of the background that he always forget my birthday so i really it was good that he remembered it where you can get yeah month early but yeah i like tat okay so nothing so we're both thirty one this is in our day why asked the guy i am i dont like people your age in above maybe our borderline you to individuals when the word dude
becomes part of the vote i speak i don't like that i don't i don't even here females calling other people how do i do it all the way were years ago you go to a dual rich i don't mind i really don't mind when someone a teenager or early twenty uses it but when you get older i hate the most if someone might use that to try hard movie if someone europe but you're about twenty five years living on this planet what you take that the wrong way just maybe this is more of an attack on all issues around twenty five there i'm excited for when you are when you want to do the show in twenty forty and you you get upset for people college other bro you come up i rode at them
wondered whether the me as much but i will say generally i don't like people inventing new language i dont like this i don't you know it's god is long gone along nobody's got it so i dont want to criticise them too much but i hated him that's very kind of you signal visa you were going to criticise them too much well do you put it you put a nice you know enough well i couldn't stand in this delicate thing to criticise them i guess but you know invent new language yeah man was picked up on either side by ali's sport gathered i'd very yards i very really i'll listen to sports are aiming at god i can't stand it i can't stand the hypnotist ever since she had area landing only one yellow you ok
political point what what i want to ask you to to do yet our i studied it to see if you can stop using that you're you're recently by the up and say that guy that get down dead dead i may add without now pow or trees the boy do it how much say pow pal these young how chief i can live with that scout i invited i don't think sluggard at the term the term you'd have to check that our number are relying on you to do ok i don't think that general use the word you're in a way which is what you have been around fauna here said twenty five i think has been round that i don't know i didn't i should start by three what would you do a job turkey by the way you smell like that
i think you'd be a guy like that that right up they were cancelled lackey who these poindexter man that before did steroids churches to relax i would like that but that somehow strike three different yeah you know i've been calling someone a pencil different somehow my my anything hey do come over abrasive yeah i got you i don't know what it is and i want you to stop we're done and i'm gonna be lifted ok which is completely inadequate i guess i already cover this when i talked about two with scott idle i know that one that does and i think this is good cause he still alive don't you finish i bring gripped the guidance on cbs sports another one he only too bad you ve made a lot of money only re thought him room
yeah yeah hated audible yeah and i mean no one would have to invent a new language speaks in a whole different we'll do the juvenile used rome rather observed that we want to take a fax now don't lie quiet and knocked a crab travelling on into the jungle you want to go back to the chris everyday i like it ok right have you no doubt smacked our bracket towards excellent that he's doing jim room i guided me it is pretty good is preliminary irritating pierre thea about was still talk about your moral i think jim rome is a treasure i think that he is he's done more for the human race then just about anything are you outside of bristol connecticut
tend to agree with that i wouldn't want to go to further in bristol kinetic what about complaint number three well actually three that i got it was poor toys complaint do i thought we i got due to the very big issue the up man the other one was just these people inventing generally inventing language got note which i dont like ok but if you want more i'm sure you could come up with some way we are what we want we don't force it on you somewhat lee you you know like us it will have you back when you get what say three we always love haven't yon let your three other ever pay flying and i have to come up with a way but i'm gonna be listing yet it you'll hear from me you guy now if i you using that term you i bet you can't stop the other one what we dont say do i know what the other one was yet which is going to be very difficult for you to do that my son
you got a little better at it but you people your raise any agenda do this the word like you're right about the real world we're trying to stop if you're gonna have to do both like endued at the same time that's a tall understand her speak what s the matter to eliminate have you are a lexicon lexicon build got down the amount of time you create exactly that's why jim room has so many apps that's when you would be saint dude or like right heads jerome firmly jungle a hum
i can tell you tat i really can't even listen to him i just can't as note as aside note i can tell the pierre de enjoys is general burgundy alot of coming to unleash the monster bothers me yeah then you ve got those horses stood i know i don't good they want either we won the breeders cup when we were out went down even and i can i wrote their yeah that that is really discuss gross national puke ya see somebody in sports media that you know like winning things their horses at cairo arts the worst fortunately there the relative that i have done when that much too oh you hear about unwanted true true ok so when we get to three you're gonna come back on we really appreciate it i think you not only got us a ball sponsorship under parity law and parity law
person i've ever dilemma parity but we also use that word humor human cumuli yeah issue marianna so might port annoy our lawyer had dude and chief thank you how much for your time and we're not going to the dude we're not saying the d word in my i don't know if you noticed but we don't say we don't sweet a tookus now instead of a word so now we're say the de work i don't the prom with look you don't you don't care opera and the thing what happened but i like to take a bad or whether or not you can stop doing neck abounding either wanting it can i will have will have ado jar and some swear to donate money to ourselves if we don't say do you work for an entire month we get ownership to max p m you know something
the ranger we would put enough money and you might be able by that's watch sponsorship yeah yeah troop okay so finest i were done with the de word thank you so much support nigh we really prushun it we'll talk to you when you get those complaints the quaint our filled up ok that interview was brought you buy mac weldon mac weldon is better than what everywhere in right now that's a fact and they are the best gifts for this holiday season you don't want to get someone well get him some stuff for mac weldon they believe in smart design premium fabrics and simple shopping they have cultural underwear sock shirts undershirts hoodies
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her segment ah little somber that's on us so how do we left death we right after literally right after we left death our thick passed away and then on thursday craig seeger also passed away to engines so we're kind of cold streak right and i feel like we didn't do enough over there yet we know what happened was we had two specific with who we want to save and we used a sniper rifle we should introduce a shocker we should just said please protect everyone all people into into that six it's two thousand and seventeen no i'm going to lock myself in a room for the rest of twenty sixteen because this year it just sucks yes it's the worst cut it but in on a serious note craig savior venomous there its at was a shot even though he's been sick reliant on time shocking it would be the same yeah
i saw andrew sharp from sports illustrated tweed somethin end it was along the lines of when you think of craig sector can't help alike smile yeah but it's a lot that is like you said it great leg lastly by it seek first reactions our second reaction is damn good poverty is real dickhead centred on other craigs like you i am so that let me in big cat to get to talking and a lot of people have these deals with her friends were if you die erase my search history if i die roast the shit out of here i want to make sure they happen roast my dick roasted yeah yeah literally have let you on fire guy that's fine give my body if i can feel it we have a similar we choose him metrics i wanna hear years first cause it sounds ok interest ok so i want to pick up here to hear some here's some sabre metrics the scots since me looks like from patch propaganda through weak fourteen this is bilbil checks record
in terms of what he was wearing on the sidelines broken down by if he's wearing the gray reebok hoodie with the sleeves cut he's thirty one in nine that's huge if swearing the hot jacket he's twenty two and eight the gray rebar cutting with the sleeves eighteen in three now the worst one on this list if i'm reading this correctly is pro ugly his blue reebok hoodie with the sleeves cut when he's wearing that he's only seventy five and that's why get lost in the apes egyptian came to the jets some sir civil metric someone actually spent so much time letters actually like their way more just lessons iver metric slash gesture yeah just job so still gotta broken down he's got the gray twelve inch by fortune inch nike hoodie with slaves cut he's not into without one so what you gonna want to look for with bela check if he's rock in the gray honey with sleeves cut or the gray honey with the sleeves on
and i told you i truly believe when peoples either this shit matters yet because psychologically they ve done studies entity a team that where's like red uniforms in their more likely when two journalists science that white cleats make you faster that's just i mean that's pure science you weren't black leads it looks like your feeder and like sinner blocker tar white lightning yeah so i fear may look good plague we safer reason also if you like please you can sit on the sidelines sometimes it won't be able to tell true also great pointing look good play good or embellish ex case look like a homeless person i'm coach like yeah the more i actually review these outfits it's just the worse he looks the better they play it makes a hazy opposite of look good planted but out of this one guy but that but that is not though because look good plague autism is a mindset
i think the worst bela check looks to more confident he is because he cares that little about looking good that's why does i kissed his daughter on the lips rain from gambling at the old tom green i have a safer metrics for you jim or say has come out foresaw he this is a great your mercy quote he said not entirely had picked up he said not anticipating making any changes but that can always change so low market twister for you there sounds like pagano and grants in our on good good food here the most eminent agencies as a buccaneer each had a good cry compliments before but here is our sabre metrics back in october generous i said
the bow to the ball the colts could be six now ok yeah but this week he said with about the ball the colts could be tenant three so he's emitting three losses so that's that's will save metrics up for he on the cold season there's three losses we can guarantee where losses but bouncing ball goodman ice with those here's nosair measured but the with that's the ball the culture foreign three in the last seven not so good with basic law that fake punt were worked lesser if it's just in voting right back to the first item with someone holding if there are plain soccer where the ball bounces normally the court to be much better to have sung attack little little checking to make sure everyone looks out for jim or since the not making changes but that can always ginger we have o breaking news
that is why did it not fully break loose but can't break loose time has been bridgestone furs new golf balls was breaking news we're flippin out of our way bridge sonia may scalp ostrich stood the tired you happening they'll say we got us so the company that makes tyres that list ellie explode and kill people they are now making tiger woods scoff bs ok breaking news migrate what man made and have it here and i like the choice by tiger because you go off brand can always blame the boss yeah right i hate you know why i trust the wrong people right right i thought these balls
the us spin and distance in torque that i needed for my game i was wrong that's why i broke my back again and it had no do the steroids or my divorce right and bang dennys waitress in on top of deprived and then passed on some people call myself obliged the ball shows all the boss as all breaking news there it was bright p were forbidden by this like tie your family he picked up a great awesome is the only one that rock in this night so there's other if we're keeping if we're keeping count tiger is banging monster energy ranks and swatting bridgestone branded ass his self like someone to back out fell version of tigers me wearing like coals shirts and our heart jacket here sam's clubs khakis tigers back be careful guys ah we have a peer to peer wanna ones yes the first one is for jamal anderson who former atlanta
falcon who reportedly walked into a was seven eleven i think they have gatwick trip quick trip store does asian upside lana industry jerking off yeah so as one does you know what my pr want to one for him as i actually thought if you ask me before this happened like what's jamal anderson doing i think even said this to you i'd like bees jerking off any accusation or off like any public like that makes sense you know you feel like he's bulgaria brand for right so it's like one who even cares also masturbating in a gas station outside atlanta sounds acapulco album so could be some cross branding opportunities riser also that's kind of which you do us overland re write what else is there do you i gotta braves game you get horny him now you jerk off you crank off where you stand right andy's the dirty bird maybe you just doing the dirty bird who could be a great opportunity for him to do when this ban superbowl commercials with porn up yeah he's
ready for optimal innocent here inside of it circle k for pornhub and i'm just jerking off is jerking off into a loaf of bread yeah hey look at me you hate you you want to buy that drink over there will guess what i put my penis on here i'm going to teach you how to make a fifi out of a slurpee cup and today sponges small anderson dirty burn a couple of days that's not a bad idea haven't be like anew this journey bird to point out just him like doing a like the dirty probity i stuff teaching you had a jury off better days during the dirty bird daniel and armand than jerking off for the fact is that why we sludge aiming it's true he's a sexual being right let him expressing so i guess it's ok for women to have cosmopolitan magazines pinzato gave mall anders jamal anderson
louis anderson have we been saint louis has always had lucid engage minors into just pansy other guy who gun jerry pan went out and exxon yeah ok i mean to undo it women women can wear whenever they want in the offices days now guy can't jerk off and seven eleven yet he probably the cashier is probably wherein like a little low cut cleavage shirt was a gas supposedly yeah that's not his fault you basely forced them to do it i was i don't know of those peer one or one that was so we recognise charge of my colleagues have your people go the we'll go people resources that's dirty bird to point out slash we'll go is i think the way to go here and there i also have a pr what one might antonio coach of michigan state spartans he d did a review of the whole system in all you gotta do operational of you see what's what's good and i did you say might antonia marked d artagnan i was you that's not fair it isn't a worker is not fair that both there
so like that so i agree i agree that software that's not i mean that suffer one of them should have to like and changes aimed steve steve antonio coach of the mission states partisan hee hee hee fired himself i know he said to be honest with you have taken the approach of hey i'm a new coach coming in here i'm in a fix the things in the other guy did last year monarch off our mark did it steve new guy and that's how i'm going take the approach on the take the approach i get this fix in this will be its a bit of copyright infringement against bobby between us to claim ahmed changed man that's gonna his thing yet so cease and desist on that one but it's a good spends on on his part yeah fire self yeah it's avail legal offences to be like that wasn't me your honour that was my former self before i change now i'm here and i'm here to fix everything he really should change its name they should have of antonio or dan tony their baulked if i know they're denmark anthony here they should have a fight to see who gets it
the similar sounding we can play worse defects yeah area the person that allow as opponents to score more points has to change and it has its l james harden get back on defence without him flipping out the i think that's it right we have gmos we ve jumbos on oh no forget i can't believe you're gonna late breaking people forget that come in courtesy of tailor twelvemonth he's it is crazy how short memories are locally the patriots michael floyd were not so long ago air hernandez fiasco happened and those tiny soccer and people forget that the answer is obvious do people forget aaron her dennis i think so pale blue air internet us whose interesting people forget people forget that michael foot he's
yet i do i do it we also killed two people wait another let's earnest this guy got rosy mix up here let's do our gimbals we are good ones hang out but once i wonder a final exam having memorize the answers from a friend who had already taken the test decided who intentionally get questions wrong as do not make suspicious i miss com did and got a seventy and drama file great a full letter grid outsmart yours out lazy yourself yeah that's me we're gonna do colleges mean shit i went to college we always well a little bit to two thirds of us went to college outcome for you put on my job as may two thousand award winning listener for the taking of words yes employ interviewing the question what that was after he looked up and saw was where did the part might take by partial sports he told me to leave as he was considering this a joke
wow kind of a kind of a stick in the mud please send us his name we'll send him a cease and desist for being an asshole took his whole sorry has taken a final earlier this week and saw tat the girl next me was cheating instead of calling her out or doing nothing like a normal person i decide to write fuck you on my exams though it she looked overshoot see it completely forgot to erase it internally i accept that somebody gets this girl was not good looking because there's no chance that you feel about honor if like a cute chicks pile on the paper yeah well or she was so good looking in you're out of your league intimidated sudan nigger good water to get married i know it's my tolable had that off colored line where the water sits soil loaded the ball with bleached clean it real
they had to shit so i sat down and mealy had poop splash austria from hell at burn so bad i to hop in the shower mid shit to turn rode away well free bleach ass we are your porn star now that's great that is a god smiling down on his own you ready first a model that is the luckiest coincidence of my life some girls pay like i don't know two hundred dollars for they maintain their asshole yeah you just do preferred lifehack i want to go by door with my girlfriend we had to go walk by some kittens at the pets or to get to the dogs and my girlfriend sar kitten yelling at her she started crying because she felt that it was in a cage we bought the cow without even looking at the dogs the worst case scenario you know how i said yeah you said last week that as mere my platform would just be more dialogues load also be fewer catch the eye would be like the gestapo
or for cattle them up yes i man that's you gotta have a little bit backbone come on a cat over dog also girl the cries of the cap pet stores yo at this furthers my theory that cats are witches and it had some sort of a spell on your girlfriend to make her cry above all it is true that cats will when you sneeze they still useful yeah and they still babies breathin if you leave a cat a room with a kid so just get out you bought a actor child murders are ass one i thought it would be fitting to pose a baby for sale in a garage sale site on facebook having called by three different police departments there's a picture to ok out so i wrote it facebook priscilla garage sale it's a small child fifty thousand dollars needs a good home just can't afford to keep them why'd you use your real phone number ok let's leave my facebook profile we owe before we see that though that is a funny joke he's any thought of me if i do
it actually turns out it is any hashtag jimbo hashtag still hilarious yeah here i agree a yak trying to sell baby and do yet i wonder if this guy got any like hits cuz it would be nice to just know where the baby markets at what's the going rate for a kid what's the price of oil what's the price of a of a of a bait of an inch white child right so since two thousand sixteen socks the futures market for kids his way down yet right now is every kid born this year's evil yup that's a horoscopes work by the way you every one that's born in like march there all jobless the same time since i know it's rear of the rat in china i think ass he sings knowledge it yeah that's jumbos good jim us good jimbo us i appreciate all of our award winning listeners so you actually teased it for christmas week we are taken the week off but we will have shows yes we're gonna have
to best of shows who best of shows austrian release a cartoon i think and we're gonna be doing a bracket yup of football guys which wheat sixteen of football guys and work i have people voting on them on twitter toby pulls set ups are you gonna actually elect the football guy of the year for now they'll be christmas week and were also than a release are unreleased lenny dykes your interview we keep saying we're gonna released but we never to rush into it that is unfortunately there like later on like marcher the aura these were released melon inside joke that real what iceland's except the three of us a home thanks everyone for listening make sure you subscribe follows on instagram the part my take on twitter at pardon my take
and will see monday morning i love you guys also hank donated out my love you guys i wanted just let everybody no stay work i've said i love you too you the listener to
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