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Chris Broussard, Mt Rushmore Of Juniors And Jilly Football

2019-07-18 | 🔗

Dog days of summer and our guy Brooks Koepka is about to win the British Open as first heard on PMT. (2:30-10:28) Big Cat survived Jury Duty and Fyre Fest of the week had some doozies.(10:29-22:49) Mt Rushmore of Juniors got very contentious. (22:50-30:27) FS1's Chris Broussard joins the show to talk about his career, the things he's gotten wrong, the recent comments by Jay Onrait calling him a fucking fraud, and the Brou Crew.(31:41-1:10:40) Segments include Stay Woke (1:13:04-1:16:28), Bad Visual/Good Visual, (1:16:29-1:20:28) and License to Jill with Jilly Football (1:20:28-1:29:10)

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on today's part of my take we have mba i insider not just reporter opinion that distinction chris broussard brew crew stand up very interesting discussion with the brute and go through some of his highlights we also have fire fest of the week and we have mount rushmore of juniors and on top of all that chili footballs here who's been just roasting people on twitter left and right or we get to all that part my take is brought to you by the cash at in the number one finance app in the app store cash app is powerful way to send spend and save it's connected to the free card the only debit card with boost just select a boost in your cash app then instantly save some of your favorite places like ten percent of chipotle or one dollar off at all shops are always adding new boots so check yours often best
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do it for the animals and be a lovers down with the cash up today enter code partial get some money and save some animals okay let's go welcome to part of my tape presented by cash app go down with a right now we are we're we're new cash app studio right now today is
is friday july 19th i don't know where we want to start get excited i just want to say right off the bat i notice something when i sat down here to record the show we just had chris broussard in the studio brew crew you'll here in a second just realize that we left this little sign on the table right in front of chris by accident says pmt now three years without eating each others asses and you'll find out why that might be chris was probably pretty happy to see that at least in the last three years my lip i'm steering clear of big cats rectum i do know where to start on the air on the air i want to start with a little warm up for the show with some dabo sweeney okay i know it is hard i tell you what it is football guy season because the media days yet for college football they give us some of the best sweet nectar like the pure uncut schitt yes
actually from the mouse football and then we'll get to brooks in the other stuff is going on but dabo sweeney said here the quotes in forty three seconds these are all the qualities we live mod but we train old yeah i like that fall love with the grind they don't put and she brings on smooth hands you have to put the work in i like that too except the kicker well no because it was true that if your alabama's kicker you've got your hands because they just have you run the ball at the middle yeah and it will time sneaks the quality of the construction is based on the commitment of the crew yeah i'd also say that mixing the concrete like you don't want too watery well yeah mostly yeah the concrete through but i mean just look around this room the construction of this room commitment from all business pete
has really come together that well yeah maybe he could go spend a couple weeks down in clemson with dabo it would be nice so we have chris broussard mount rushmore license to jill before we do all that though brooks koepke is back and he's going to win the british open he's killing it killer he's three under which is not in the lead to strokes back putting his caddy is like basically cheating 'cause he's from portrush she is apparently in northern ireland i learned all this this morning yeah also game of thrones one of the castles is there and they had your boy stannis doing some voice over work so game of throne still finding its way into meeting i think is interesting you've got a bunch of guys parading around northern ireland just lurking around there going for long walks with big metal sticks seems a little too early after the whole liam neeson thing might want to give that a couple years to simmer down but i'm looking at the leaderboard in front of him who's ahead of
koepke i'm glad that you asked who's ahead of brooks koepke s lowry oh aid noren from sweden i did know that webb simpson give me a break wet sergio garcia from banja and he's never going to put it together in major championships so it looks like as we say is in the cat bird seat yeah also if you don't call them brett it kept cap got do you know can so you guys something that's crazy that i learned yesterday brandley chambi he's he doesn't have an accent i thought was english he said that name to me just screams georgia do i think i was like i don't know the country has made some reason i thought he was english or scottish the whole time no he's just we're just a do
so the like he's got nothing it's just due to bad opinion well because if you're if you're talking about golf or like soccer and you have an english accent i always just assume you know more than me yeah tommy smith writes in the back of the old onion by exactly so then i see brandy chambi just looking like a regular old joe this guy sucks i can't believe you don't mute it when he comes on tv well i just find a clip where he might accuse brooks doing steroids but i couldn't really don't know so he he's come back around and he is he's trying to get on the on the blake train a little bit too late yeah sorry buddy that's left the station long time ago and you're in the dust had some all time meltdowns at the british or skews me at the open today tiger tiger melted down the courses dominating out there to david duval i think shot what like third thirteen on the for but the first one there before it had a quad on the first hole yeah the best was i think it was the official open maybe account said david duval shot of thirteen
reply here if you've ever done that's like to do you know that like everyone sucks a cough yeah everyone is shot of thirteen also i in addition to thirteen you're never gonna write that no nine eight yeah but you can't get higher than in my theory is that nobody except for professional golfers have ever shot a thirteen that's true because you just pull it up after awhile that's a good point yeah i do did someone fell in the bunker over i'm gonna get back to the iphone yeah okay circle back he moved hank what do you breaking news my twitter desktop just updated it's i'm shocked i feel like you like people say this every time there's an update but this is it's horrendous i have not tweeted from desktop since because i'm too scared i don't know everything moves too fast i even tried to do dark mode which i don't do that usually and then boom it just sucks it sucks is this
boycott as you had you had it happen no i'm home now sweetie you see it it is so but they made everything white so it's like it's all the same color as hard problem and it's hard to read anything yeah it's too white it's way too high reminds me of a good so bad my time i was i was working out i was dehydrated hydrated silica in the desert and then someone gave me a nice cold chocolate milk it was delicious and it was delicious dessert are your driving the dealing in the desert no i felt like i was in the desert exceso de hydro i'm very similar to a montage scene from the rocky movies got apollo creed that's a good one but it is working out and like a jungle gym in the desert but yeah when after break comes around the store and was saying learn more bill giacomo dot com no you're not worried that you just found what do you think the words were i think the word didn't and doesn't i think it was desert how many esses were in that word hank two yeah so it wasn't desert it was both
has he had okay has he hey whoa okay good job i always you guys learned the trick the has to us is you want more of it and then i was like well i guess it will what about content and content same word same spelling it just it's a choose your adventure it's confusing so when you're you have to know that some of your readers will just say content on the content creator yes you're both unhappy as a creator of content your content content creator and it content content creator nice it's awesome here's a quote david duval by the way back from to the open
you have an obligation as a professional athlete if you play you post your score am i happy about that is there some embarrassment to it i don't know but i teed off in the open and i shot ninety today so put it on the board and that's from doug for any says this is solid from devol so like shot out to david duval for not cheating today yeah for just saying yeah i suck but at least i got out there it is not the least i signed my score card at the end and the and so shot in eighty nine correct correct ok so we have the guy fall i didn't see oh is awesome he just he hit the ball i don't even know who it was because it's one of those golf tournaments where everyone has to wear a ton of layers so at first i thought it was you speed than i didn't even realize who it was something i'm not going to let this but he tried to hit a bunker shot and just fell down look it was one of those situations you don't like your dog falls off the bed and and you know it's embarrassing he was very embarrassed but he had to sit there and had take it again 'cause you didn't hit it out is that a violation
i grabbed a hold no i i don't think so the ground is ask the marker his swing just put him out of his own shoes wow willie mays yeah at the end of this great star yeah that's tough that's also bad for him because he's not gonna be able to clean up that santa for like the next three days tracks we just gonna play three more sense sandy sandy rounds of golf the other thing we had as i got out of jury duty was the best day of my life getting out worst day of my life have you had it yet i've well i would ask i've been asked to go i just figures were the situations where if you don't respond to the postcard they just let it do they forget about us shout out this show because that's how i ended up getting out of it not because anyone knew who i was but i was at the end where it was i was a jerk i was going to be a juror i was in one of the the numbered seats and there was like the back up jurors behind us and i asked to see them side and i just told them straight up i have to for grace tomorrow if if you pick me going to try to decide as quickly as possible and get out of here and like so you just are
make up your mind right away i was like right away yeah i mean at least in your place you you had air conditioning true you're getting paid you were having lunch is paid for no that's a lie really well it's because you were on the jury yet no i don't think they ever give you watch i saw the oj thing on on yeah that's different over the sequestered them in a hotel yeah i think that's the tacos really long yeah yeah either a jury duty socks i don't yell that for dipping yelled at for being on my phone putting my feet up it's jail yeah so you acting like this was going to be a big inconvenience from your normal day you actually tweeted more you're already doing nothing yeah and i did the classic thing where i got there at eight hundred and thirty in the morning and like well i have one hundred percent battery i'm good and by like nine hundred and fifteen i was down to like twenty eight percent battery and had to do the game for the rest of the day where i was just trying to conserve battery
he is a great excuse so if you want to get out of something yeah is your your your civic duty to do you can't be mad at somebody got that yes all right so let's do moving remain would be the name a great name of podcast we should do that as a bunch of dudes room yelling about by the way it's if you want to watch we have a new studio we alluded to it at the beginning so if you want to watch our shows we have chris broussard and he came into the studio partial goal dot com slash pmt and then on top of all that rough and rowdy friday night fort bragg to know it tonight i'll be the call me do the national anthem of you get barstow gold you also get that for free so you can get all of our you can get our interview with the cuddle or yeah you get our interview with the game of thrones language guide dungeons and dragons dragons all sorts of stuff all kinds of and then rough and rowdy also is in there so go by personal gold right now personal goal dot com slash pmt and watch this whole episode our first running the show too yeah that's true yes well did was sick last time so converted to i should we do
or should we do mount rushmore let's go far fetched that's too far for us had your first all my ifs for the week i got it was like a bajillion degrees in new york this week was absolutely miserable and i left the studio here at like nine o'clock on tuesday and i got stuck in the subway for an hour and a half i like no air conditioning was hot as fuck on the train at like six that waited twenty minutes for to show got on the train we went in one stop and then we sat at the next stop for twenty five minutes you run hot train that's just the worst is getting on a hot training general now at some point after twenty minutes did you look around and was there
one person who would like deputize themselves as trained captain who started trying to open the windows all that stuff 'cause there's usually one person that stands up in like takes charge way too early now the doors were open so i was like we were waiting in the station for a long time and it showed up it went one stop and the doors open and just stayed there for like twenty five more and then on the way once i got back into brooklyn a girl like passed out it was fucked well i totally would have pretended to pass out and you can make some money would you have you help i was i was like chester but they're basically thankfully she was when she passed out because your breath no she i mean what does that really was hot for your chest to chest waders and you have a talent judge buyer looks who's over heated okay a few shoe you
but your chest to chest with her and then boom next thing you know she's on the ground no i wasn't chester ships with her but she was like two people away from me but she was always like looking at her and she also just got dehydrated like passed out was like oh my god this girl like what the fuck just happened living in the city baby love this place in the summer how did you do anything to help yeah she's like fell on me i lifted her up and like a guy got up we put her saturday and she's with her boyfriend and boyfriend like splashing water in it so yeah thankfully like came back 'cause it was getting to the point where i was like she's still like unconscious i guess my stop i probably have to stay in like help or maybe like the good samaritan i am calling thankfully thankfully by the time we got to my stop she was awakened like back you save her life you know that if you were tim tivo and this happened on a train with him the headlines and actually be tim t bows saves woman's life on train yes so hank thank you for for saving a life that's very big of you during a far fetched you are here out that's i mean that use thrilling to be in that situation i had one similar to that where i was like the fifth guy though who showed up i just handed the person my gatorade and left that's pretty nice
yeah i'd want in college in my human sexuality class the lady behind me had a seizure in the middle of that and so i rented out a merger she started to pass out i was supposed to do i went behind her and i was like let me get that tongue yet let me hear that they hold that tongue real quick and then fortunately it was a special were doing like a class that day on french kissing we will hold it back up in college yeah you took human sexuality class in college yeah it was basically late learner it was basically like it goes here this is where you put it why in college because i had buried the lead here with the seizure girl you took a sexuality class in college it was great we watch porn ok
i took the class in college because i had a lot of questions about the human body to know do you save the woman's life or she don't know i save your life ok good yeah well i don't know she might be dead now right because you just haven't kept up with it retroactive i saved her life that day she was alive for at least twenty four hours after that the campus was talking about me that day there like hey did you about this kids dad had a girl that had a seizure behind him he grabbed her tongue and grandpa jones and then walked around the classroom he dog walked her with his yeah i thought the worst part was when you're in a situation like that especially if you've never been around that before and you hear somebody like gargle ing behind you you don't know how to react like well you weren't sexuality i was a sexual yes so you know you know did you ever know what somebody's choking on that class could be something else so she was a gargling and i turned around and i like i she fell out of a chair a little bit i i grabbed her and then she was like on find the sap all the time and then she just went back to the back to receipt and then we resume class like everything was well man are you gay far for us yeah my far fetched of the week is i
i kept myself up two nights ago because i watching seinfeld's was trying to fall asleep in the thought entered my brain how old are the characters on seinfeld how old are they supposed to be on the and it blew my mind trying to figure out how old they're supposed to because growing up i was just thought they were adults right and then i start thinking jason alexander jerry seinfeld probably my age yeah they're in their their mid a yeah or some people younger no i think remember the third roemer does not look like he's in his mid thirties i think they're all in there because she really to mid thirties because michael richards grew up in the jim crow south does not mean that he's in his mid thirties what what what part of this would blow your mind like what would you what what was all part is like if you told me twenty eight to forty i'd like yeah sure i would say yeah i would say like forties early forties because i don't want to imagine myself as being the same age
as that is so hard not part of them reach me out not for not knowing their age they feel like their ages very agreed upon no it's not i i don't either i don't think that it is agreed upon because it could definitely know how how old are they during their mid thirties just mid thirties yes somewhere in their mid thirty yes somewhere in this yeah exactly there anywhere you when you hit your thirties you can just be anywhere i don't know about that what do you thinking how old do you think they are mid 30s probably younger than you now that's in that framework problem is probably like the framers probably like five or six years old there yeah that's for the flagship not what age they are 'cause i feel like that's pretty standard queries are third one yeah they're in the third i think kramer's in there for dreamers in his 40s i thought for a second george might be in his late 20s he just looks old because of the baldness no i think they're just all in their 30s it blew my mind i don't know and then i tried to look it up online and then nobody knows nobody knows real answer to the only thing i know for sure is i will always think that they're older than me i will never
it's a point my life yeah i mean rise like alcoves older than me i i will always like i could be fifty years old i'll be like oh jerry was in the sixties yes you're far fetched is getting old my farm has getting old is to help women on seinfeld no i'm blaming me a little bit on side roads they never had a birthday party and they try to do is a simpsons thing where they were the characters didn't age at all i don't recall a single birthday party in that show for one of the main characters i don't know they'd christmases occasionally but i don't know that nobody ever turned a different age they never said it it really it kept me up for about an hour hour and a half i was doing for getting old i think you're just coming to grips with the fact that you're getting old i don't like it whatever it is yeah you are it sucks but you're there you go it's been about a day behind me in maturity i know so thank you for so you experience the all i today yeah today i was given up a good all i've been good since monday okay i it all this street i'm a late bloomer yes art my fire fast i have to just preface this to my dad is for
we listening and also to mike florio who might be listening do not fucking text me after i say what i'm about to say 'cause i think both of them well i'm i have been peeing a little bit of blood okay so it sucks i don't know what to do about it i mean it happened i people blood before right it's fine good yeah what are you looking at me like that hank should i go to the doctor know if all they were going to text me back go to the doctor it's not a joke you probably should start in the morning and then it's gone time in the mornings over once i get liquid in my system no more blood are you feel like regular p yeah it's just like you like scared to shoot out of me the other day on wednesday morning 'cause it was like it looks like it looks like the ship that comes out the the strawberry lemonade ghostbusters ok i would have been watching stranger things so maybe that's what it is i wouldn't worry too much about ip blood a few times yeah i even got some news day i think that might have started to have might be it
applause you don't know what's gonna happen your body it's just too hot out i think that to i think maybe it's the height why you looking like that hank i said don't she means no football your body is all is very confused right now i looked up the best as i looked it up and there's a bunch of different things first one is is the have though when you work out so hard your muscle slash well that's probably not me there is is brown yeah it's like a dark because a different i'll probably okay maybe it's like that horror movie where the wall start bleeding blood yeah as as an indication to like get out of the house maybe your dick is just saying like quit having babies yeah which shouldn't sperm out of me because i'm gonna trickle blood into every it's just it's it's one of those minor inconveniences that we're gonna monitor your honor period yeah that's exactly right all right maybe i'll sync up tomorrow because i'm a day younger than you start if you start peeing blood what hank judging me still yes never come close to your you thank you so you also your this the times that it's happened to me it's stopped within about a day or two and then i looked it up 'cause it we're being in the
here this might have happened like a couple months ago too but the it said if it happens see a doctor right away even if it goes away now i don't buy that that happened to me in my mid and late 20s i'm gonna try to get a doctor though that's one thing i order them seinfeld yeah now you are very much alone so yeah i felt maybe you got kids don't stop yet now these are you content if you if you passed up can you start i also had diarrhea right before so i figured it just like it like transferred yeah it took a left when it should have taken the right right you see i'm saying think if we power rank the holes that you don't want blood to come out of i feel like dick is number two like knows everyone has a bloody nose from time to time never have especially if you're a drug i like hank i've never had one never had a bloody nose never in my life i've said this but you've never broken your nose right into my nose very very hard and i'd literally just cannot believe out of my nose that's weird they've never
it would not a problem if you believe that your nose if you believe that your dick i don't think that's an issue if you believe your mouth usually not an issue eyes would be when i start to get the eyes ears and wipe their i'm not thompson's been but blood yeah we're closer has all right let's do mount rushmore mount rushmore of juniors are who is his start yeah okay so hank to me here we go i was quick we had the end of the week he sports been we john three so it's kind of way that just blew my mind the fact that we are now in the rotation that like in okay can we do to right yeah okay ken griffey junior for one ok good choice good pig basic choice the bacon of juniors i'll go with junior soprano number talk
but if you like like what are you about to say hang what are you about to say we don't get contentious anymore but no pft let him go what are you about to fucking say your words wisely but we don't get contentious didn't even eat pussyy that's very true and he shot to know we did eat pussyy oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah can't yet yeah yeah and then he shot tony and then he died of dementia home all my first pick is going to be w blue market it gets martin luther king junior oh wow yeah pander much no not that i think that solid solid pick okay the shame of racist and vote for my my rush who and what's what's what you're saying my second is going to be our
i'm going to go with this is a big one mel kiper junior ok ok uh i'll go with my second pick i'll go dale earnhardt junior junior junior ok it feels like a junior that's we should have that discussion after two 'cause there's definitely people who are like that's junior yep 'cause i actually have some people who are juniors but we don't know that their juniors which i don't think counts as junior ok ok i'm with you yeah you got me you feel that vibe i will go with birdman junior ok ok lil wayne yeah i didn't know that and cal ripken junior good one good one hank good one all right i'll go with uhm maybe a contentious one you guys
junior mints yeah i had that on my list too here yeah i love junior mints also it feels like you can't the one thing could you miss i don't think you can get it everywhere you don't yes mostly like a movie theater that art is a vending machines snack right exactly it's not i like that i've never seen junior mints stocked in a grocery store are you going to like even a liquor store you can get a snickers bar you know i mean it's just too easy to get i like the fact you going to work a little for your junior and it's like your candy and brushing your teeth all the one that i don't have to take care of those later only problem is when they get clumped up that sucks that's fine just bonus meant yeah all right ok my name is hank is looking at me give me staring daggers you give me ice you look you look like junior soprano and i'm big big give me give me those eyes big pussy to be killed no but he added saying he was acting boss true my next
what do you mean is a bad boss who's your full name only use it was old school hanky don't understand anything about that my next junior just going to i'm going to go to the value pick on this one go with joy foreman's junior because they're like five of them he's got five sons all named george but they can't all be junior i think they are i don't think that's how it works and you only have one june they're all i don't think they have nicknames okay but they're they're all george we can you do more junior george foreman's junior my next one is that is and accurate no i don't want to i just don't know if they're not all juniors i don't want all of them but they're all named george yeah they all all named george will have to go to the tape afterwards but go ahead in a way i know some of them are three four five ok strict that from the record right now wait no we struggle forgot my hands up baby my hands off the pc also my turn it's still my turn so instead i'm going to sub that one out i'm many to junior the movie
ok schwarzenegger where he gets pregnant as a kid i thought of that but then i realized that were fucking old but i'm yeah it translates to anybody or not working or and he's pretty i literally had arnold schwarzenegger i haven't seen that many arnold schwarzenegger really thought of it 'cause i obviously remembered as a kid and then i put my brain in hank's head and i was like he's going to be like what wait so you're pandering to the younger audience know know know mitted pandora yes yes sir audience on tape it oh yeah so you're so you're pandering though i'm trying to be relatable turano well that's a big difference all very pandering big junior still stand so we figured this i like great grilling was a page report on your member out of people don't know my next one is coach joe it osier
and petit bay bay he is a junior are you sure he's a full officially june yes he's a junior okay did you check it yes ed orgeron junior you double check it yes okay you should check it no okay pandering because i was the f one seven so my coach pick last on wednesday was awesome all right my last one is you who you want think i'm on this is the anti anti pander pick bronny james junior i'm going to squat on that one i'm going to buy that stock what you think about i think mount rushmore is a mountain that was built after great people he is great here had like sixteen year old on a mountain that's about table that are comp seen his highlight tape you are forgetting that this is all about a mountain of greatness though i know this now in tyler james podcast future great and i still went with ronnie james june plus he's going to bust oh wow damn well he's already alcoholic yes painting pick i
go with my last one i i i'm torn very torn dogo junior sale okay that's a good one i like that rest in peace recipe had he had some issues but he's a great tackler what do we got for things that got left off junior cheesecake use cheat cheese cake i was gonna say a college junior yeah i had a summer break after your junior college that's a great break that is a break our goals junior just studied human sexuality race offer new moves do you guys have you guys like carl's junior college junior good i'm more of a hard he's got a commercial gym okay what about robert downey junior that's a good iron man iron man haven't seen it but i heard it's good what would you what would you say if i said j r smith since our june it i to what about the prince junior it's pretty good he used to be a hoe super gooding junior here are some juniors that i got that you wouldn't know or juniors will smith
junior do know that snoop dogg he's a junior perez hilton does raise yeah that's huge that's huge press are all our girl who were you know in the celebrity gossip that's a huge one our what else any other critical resolve what junior we should lead you yeah but these topical only as a home runs do we have a do we have any juniors and been on this podcast cal ripken cal ripken junior dale earnhardt junior turn anyone that we haven't named no i don't think i don't so i think that's it cream yeah probably ice cube yeah he has junior right i thought he was i miss you i think he has junior o'shea jackson junior okay sammy davis junior that that once that will help us out yeah alright let's get to our interview with chris broussard junior do you think he has it junior no he's not junior no he's not
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wine when you want a delicious lee bold flavor of port wine and cheese blended together so go check him out right now mercs cheese spread one hundred percent wisconsin cheddar go get it thanks to marks a great sponsor ok here he is crisp start okay we now welcome on a very special guest he is the co host the odd couple radio show with rob parker on fox sports radio monday through friday four hundred to seven hundred pm pacific time he's on fs1 he's on first things first he's on the herd with colin coward and also he is president and founder of the brew crew my fan club that i made for you it is chris broussard thank you for coming great to be here man appreciate it pre she ate it well i won't actually start there do you are you aware of the brew crew the fan club card
i'll be i seen a reference to an online some but i don't really know okay so now the office trying to dis me well it because it's a ball it's one of the leads that we have all the words of all it's a litmus test you can look at it it whichever way you like i think the you are an underrated genius in the in the world of sports media and sometimes you get things wrong but i don't think that that's what matters i think entertaining people and being part of the story is more important so yeah sometime you get things wrong that doesn't matter the brew crew still writes right let's start okay i don't define myself as a news break and i'm not even a news breaker anymore there you go i mean that that that's what one reason i left espn was because they wanted keep me in a news breaking role and i wanted opinion analysis you know i wanted that role it's kind of like the difference if you remember newspapers yeah
beat writer not ending in this yeah right you know like yeah beat writer you got a report and try to break stories where is a columnist you just write your opinions and that's kind of a role i mean now on tv array so do you think that that's a it's kind of unfair because you you transition jaylen rose let's let's start with the choir stuff because everyone got that wrong jalen rose got it wrong he he said i got it wrong he came out and said i got it wrong do you think it's people treat you differently because you used to be a reporter and are now in opinions and maybe they haven't like maybe we need to make an official announcement right now a christmas art is not just a reporter anymore i do think that some of it i do think people tend to think it doesn't look i'm not saying i would have broken the kowhai story but i wouldn't try right you know i mean i've been doing shows weeks lead to the free agency like man i'm glad i don't have to chase the news y'all the reporters now i can just talk about it when it happens but i was you know
will have connections within the league i talked to people and so i was getting info so i tweet it out little stuff i was getting at yeah i think there's many reasons that people jump on me um i think some we don't believe agree with my social views necessarily as a christian so i think that some people would want to ride me for that and then i also think you said some people still think of me as that strict reporter not realizing that i moved into a different role so you think that you get more crap because you're a christian because of your beliefs i think some of it you think it makes you target yeah yeah well you don't believe in gay marriage that's part of it right right i mean i look at it as a christian i mean i i'm a bible believing christian so there's a lot of things i don't believe in you know i don't agree with no it's not that i don't agree with premarital sex i don't agree with its own might be out on agree with homosexuality so that's you know that's living as a
i don't make the rules i just try to follow the rules that god said according to the bible and then some i don't agree with that and then jumble me having mainly for like you said gay marriages yeah have you softened a little bit on that because i know was a little bit more hard line before but i mean no i mean it is not on on me to soften i mean i'm not gonna lord jesus christ as my lord so he hasn't softened he you know look i i don't have a problem with homosexuals or i got my do my show we wrap parker who part of our whole intro is that he goes to strip clubs right which i don't agree with it but that's my boy we france i mean i don't want to sound cliche i've had homosexuals at my house that are friends and we cool so
not a matter of me not being able to get along with anybody and be friendly with people i may not agree with your lifestyle you may not agree with mine but we could still be cool and you know i don't expect everybody to agree with my beliefs and i don't think everybody should expect me to agree with their beliefs either but we could still be civil and treat each other with respect a friend you're on a pro gate podcast right now we're in and i'm going in and out know if you'd want to but we can hang out afterwards and go go kick sure so i have no problem with that hang says yeah you name recruits meet up were and yeah so i mean that that's interesting you've kind of adopted mindset like you're not for gay marriage and so you're going to show that by not getting gay married but people around you if get married to somebody like then that's fine and if they yeah i mean look everybody has the right do what they want to do tolerance right now and
just like i may tolerate something i don't agree with somebody else can tolerate something if they don't agree with me okay i mean was was wrestler realistic society so that's what pluralism is we're not going to agree on everything right sorry that's that's just a matter of fact but i do i think that like you shouldn't be able to tell somebody what they can and can't do in terms of marrying somebody that they love in like st ceremony like religion stays a little bit different they don't they don't have going to church if they don't want to if they want to get married in front of a clerk i say absolutely one hundred percent and i don't i don't see where the crossover where that would be with religions like let's make that totally separate can still get all the rights they can get you if their loved one passes away then they're entitled to inheritance or they can make end of life decisions for someone they spent their whole life with that i think i think that i think we could probably agree that in that kind
ex gay marriage is probably a positive thing well and i think like you said if you want to separate the church in the religion then the state did enforce or the government should enforce religions not just christian jewish muslim whatever may be islamic shouldn't force religions to have to go against their beliefs either right i'm saying so eight eight again tolerance goes both ways all right let's go back to the nba yeah i mean that's i i think we're on the same page again you're on a pro gay podcast what more can you ask right not the service game we are we have a pro sacks were anti we have a lot of beliefs that are very contra manta i'm not yeah you got to go over there right now we are current anti racism we will we're great pro blake yes i can yeah just place and
all right so the co i stuff did you see can we start did you clap back at all at the what's the guys name in canada dan whatever i've got i've got the quote right here let's cop show i wanted that was bullship i was pulling his jay onrait i want to know if i want to know if it's on site between you and jay onrait because he took on the entire brew broker he said chris broussard who worked at fox is the biggest fucking fraud in the history of sports media ever now jay apparently didn't get the memo that you're not news breaker area that you're an analyst first of all i did see it and i had google j first yeah let's go no real talk yeah i don't see your name i didn't know steelers yeah i know jay and dan yeah so i had to google him to find out who he was and then i laugh
because to me it was like somebody in the g lee who criticized the day me a little damian lillard hey all damon i'm just saying okay yeah i'm a little romp bruce all go with your day but i'm very alike g on rate is that his name yes he had a couple as my partner rob parker would say he had a but coffee in a sweet roll in the majors he was at fox for four years i believe yep and he got demoted back to double a ball okay can you wait from the nfl to arena football team tlc like that but he right from you know nba to the g lee and i'm i'm get in the majors and stick yeah before you criticize yeah i mean real talk i've been in the majors for over twenty years i worked new york times for six years okay
won awards for my coverage of the new york knicks one awards for my covered the nets the knicks and the nba went to espn the magazine wrote for twelve years one awards for feature stories i wrote their trash word or or morph into television and radio i have never been fired never had my contract not be renewed an so i'm in the majors an i've been here for more than two decades use for years there and got demoted there we go you're criticizing meet not my career cannot be defined by breaking trend actions or missing out on transaction making a few mistakes about transactions like i said i'm proud of the work i did at the new york times espn the magazine espn on television and now fox and the irony is that jay onrait in try the critique me forgetting something wrong he two things wrong he said
espn kicked me out check me out yes we espn offer me a multi year contract and was surprised when i turned it down with the facts he's a fine kick me out as you said i'm still at fox in fact fox kicked him out and didn't renew in this is true i'm not even trying to fax a pissing contest with him fox did not renew his contract and i think i think his i are with me stems from two things one bitterness that fox one didn't bring it back ok and two i during the play yes i call canada soft i canada is soften the raptors are soft and
brake is off that's when they were down to one kilogram seems like the last one is like empirically correct yeah i'm drinking nothing drake is an awesome rapper this is a dope you are definitely an opinion this now right right right i will start yeah that's a great candidate jumped on it all of canada have rightfully so but here's the letter app apologize canada is not softap drake is not soften the raptors are not softap but j jay right is soft so ok so what you just said makes a lot of sense and i liked it because i feel like you don't stick up for yourself when people do that and maybe it's just the type of guy you are but i also there's an element when you get something wrong do you ever come out and say like i like june rose came out was like i was wrong about quiet have you done that because i think that would soften a little i would say that about coop yeah i i sent out a an instagram and twitter video and
did you know i got it wrong i own it i only it i i understand why but when when people do that like especially not a reporter you're not pertain to be wolves if you get it wrong and you say you got it wrong and you're like hey hand up i got it wrong it's very it's a hard the one i i will not begrudge like i said this even when jalen rose said he got it wrong you guys i have to go on tv and say something interesting every single day for hours a day so what would be the interesting this thing to say i don't know work wise going like you can't go on tv and say no one knows where wise going that's not interesting if you're hearing something in your in if you think it's real you gotta talk about well and also a lot of times stuff is fluid you know i still believe that had the clippers not been able to pull off the deal for paul george kowhai would have joined the lakers you know i don't know yet i don't think he wants to be now i may be wrong yeah
but i don't think he wanted to live anymore in toron toe nothing against the raptors but just the cities from southern california i think he wanted to be in so cal but he also wanted a second star he didn't want to have to try to care get team again as the only star with all due respect to his teammates in toronto and so i think that's why he was thinking i'm going to the lakers and but then once the clippers got their second star it was a no brainer ann look initially b bomber didn't want to give up as much as they were given up and finally late friday that friday night he decided i let's go all in and the deal was made in it and it was an easy decision for co why not think it was the right decision yeah i it causes much better for first warts man agree yeah i think so too so now we've got la with lebron james anthony davis and the paul george and quiet the clippers
who would you say has the advantage going into next year like i'm interested to see how those matchups shake out because you never really know until they're on the court but from your perspective not as an insider but as an opinion guide an analyst how do you think that's going to check out i think the best duo is lebron anthony davis but i think the clip got a better team right now you know because three reasons one their pieces fit together i kawaii apology are going to be dropped into that system if fit in and all the role players lou williams mantras hero landry shamet submit all they all know their roles and there's going to be no problem when we look at the lakers we see questions all over it what is demarcus cousins doesn't start or does it ice games is he going to be happy with kyle kuczma doesn't start or finish is he going to be happy frank vogel
when when we know if lebron had his druthers tylo would be the coach maybe jason kidd is his second choice and he's an assistant right there so how's that going to work out so there are a lot of questions with the lakers where is the fit is right the chemistry will be right defensively they're going to be tenacious with kowhai leonard impala george arguably the two best wing defenders in the league and then patrick beverley probably the best point guard defender at the point of attack and then the coaching rivers versus frank vogel as i said there's a lot of questions around the lakers coaching staff so for all those reasons i think the clippers have the advantage but it's close i think at a two best teams in the league yeah and i think that you know we have to see how it comes together for the lakers but if it comes together well i think they could win the championship i think the lakers will win it i was gonna say that over under lebron james championships for his career four and a half i will go
i think he was one one more and more is there any truth to the fact that that a lot of guys don't actually like to play with lebron james because he will get the credit in the event of a when and if the team loses it's like lebron did everything they could he don't have the support around i think it depends so first of all role players definitely want to play with okay you look at miami say bad he a an older ray allen mike miller you know guys have taken less money even cleveland when he went back here got to take a less money to play with lebron and this year once they want to sign of the veterans for the veteran minimum all of them went so role players a guide that need somebody to create your stuff they can just i can defenders or they can catch it at the rim jabel mcgee and score they half player with lebron is going to make it easier for him stars are the question and that depends on the star i love it that if i'm a call leonard i was saying this even as i'm saying he was going go to the lakers
in my mind i was like all season i was saying he's going to the clippers because if you win a championship with your own team why in the world would you go to somebody else's team so i didn't make sense to me but i was just being told in here in it so i was saying he's going to the lakers but if superstar and you respect that you want your own team and so some guys who want their own team are going to play with lebron but their other stars they will anthony davis anthony davis risked his image his public image you know took less money to go play with lebron so it just depends on the circumstance where we at with kevin durant
as far as relations yeah he's our future gas cars are requesting a are you making in roads in well we we had a story this way we've been texting with him yeah are absolutely emi g and actually i have is there a big difference yeah you yeah i mean see i didn't know the difference our loss they do frankly i i think it's a natural that a man would do him with another i mean if it makes it any better he reached out to me i think that time okay okay so i this is why we're gonna get into more of my my brew crew why i am the leader of the brew crew but this was a vintage brew crew when you're like we've been tax thing right but you've been de that's just you have a little bit of extra like hey you don't know where the target is you guys figure it out so i like that by you are you guys cool or we haven't talked since then but here's the thing with kd he goes back it like like how many media members including expo
yeah like when they say something about him he will go back at them i'm not going to name name is my server cuttino mobley said he did but i know there's other players that he's gone back out immediately and so i assume when i see him it'll be all love i mean i got no problem with him and even in our dm ing as i said is well it was the where you could say what everyone we we go back it we were going back at each other right now he was critical of me is called me names and then i'll go back i will call the name is but i'll go back and explain what i was saying in and we have a long debate and what's happened with us in the past is that we've been able to come to an understanding 'cause we do share as i said on undisputed he's a christian as well so common faith is enabled us to always be able to let cooler
is prevail and come to an agreement so hopefully that will be the case when i see him next time do you think so the reason i started texting with him dm ing whatever it was i just did an instagram story of a basketball playing pickup hoops and he just replied you all are trash which i thought was funny but do you think he responds to too much because what we've done is a podcast is we used to think it was a little much but post burner i don't know what it is but he's just kinda owns that he will mix it up right you will go into the comments and mix it up not you know what and i i've come to see a similar thing the burner cal obviously that's way too much and hopefully don't have anymore hopefully has more listen if you have one brother account you have many nodes how are you can't quit the burner life cold turkey we gotta clean yourself out there but that's a big time but we talked about on our radio so to a couple a couple weeks ago i was like look is kevin durant sensitive or is he just gangster is he
so look you put my name in your mouth i'm coming at you i like that and i like that now the burner account obviously isn't gangster but outside of that maybe if he's moved on from that then i liked fact i mean i is not for everybody like you said i don't go back at everybody that goes it me but if that's who we is i'm fine with i'm fine with it there one thing i was worried about with the rent was just that and take away your own happiness and quality of the time will you let all that get in your head it can also add to it though because what i've seen from him recently people send me screenshots all the time with him replying to just random people in his dms like he's firing back on anybody could be oh some instagram user with twenty followers and he's like of calling him a little punk bit you know stuff like that i think for him i don't think is too sensitive i don't think he's a gangster i think he's somewhere
between which is like a pretty normal person human child who social media in real life doing yet who realized at some point that replying to people who were talking should about him makes him feel better yeah i think i think a lot of people out there given if they were put in his shoes would probably do the same thing like if somebody slides in your dms it's like hey fuck you i hate you you're going to respond to them be like hey your punkass bitch and i've got one hundred million dollars more than you yeah i think that's human and it also think i've kind of settled on this as long as it impact him negatively import which i don't think it has write it clearly has a we've seen guys come to new york and with the backpage then the pressure not be able to perform to the best of their ability you can't say that about kevin durant and i know he hasn't been in new york yet but wherever he's getting the pressure he's getting the criticism and even though he reads it all season all here's at all it is not
impacted him negatively on the court he could still go out and ball so if he does that and he's happy i'm cool do you think he in kyree are going to get going to work like together well because that's a very interesting dynamic between the two of them especially with kevin durant not playing for you i think kevin durant's game fits with everybody when you can shoot and you're seven feet tall it would everybody the guys that are hard to work with others ours are ball dominant guys so well now we wonder house westbrook and harden going to work because they're both ball dominant lebron and won the championship i had their issues 'cause they're both ball dominant so with three is ball dominate but i think you understand kevin durant is the bass player maybe best player in the world and so i think they'll work well now they're fully capable of winning the championship and they out i love i would like to see them win a championship if you the gun to my head and said will they win the championship god would say no but
i hope they do and i know capable of doing ok so it's interesting 'cause kairi you know he did have that experience with lebron he's going to be playing next year kevin durant's probably not going to be playing at all next year kyree will probably get into the playoffs i would imagine getting maybe when around maybe two rounds in the playoffs and then he's going to have to deal with he's the for now we've got another alpha coming back now is it reese team or is it katie's team and that's something that he's kind of had a problem with in the past and i don't know if he'll be able to like deal maybe he will at the start i mean winning like yours all the problem right so if it works then maybe it's going to be good but i have my doubts that he's going to be able to become ball submissive if we're talking ball dominance is ball sub now and and just let kate katie take over the team that he will have a i have a feeling that he helped build that team right well it's easier with just two guys you know you can i have two guys both get their twenty
points a game you know it's harder with three 'cause typically one has to step back in let's he's just a pass first point guard type player so i think there work fine i think the fact that they're good friends will help them and i think i re also was humbled a little bit in boston i mean for him to call lebron and apologize now him say it publicly i think he did that with all tier otis i think you did that to send a message to his younger teammates hate you need to get in and i needed to get in line once you need to get in line now however it still took humility for him to call lebron and apologize the way he didn't recognize he needs he needed you know what lebron was saying so i think i'm going to say they can make it work okay can i do great moments in brew crew history real time
it is it is it gonna be is gonna be take a shot that no it's not that will listen i'll i'll explain how much of the positive that we will have the brew crew started maybe as a joke but now i actually think that you have an entertaining way about you that like is interesting because you're not a reporter why don't want to be a clown no you're not a clown so we'll still will do you can stop me if if if you don't want to do anymore but the first is the lebron reporting the news after the si story that's my favorite quote espn asked this to confirm it anyhow yes it near on this one the one the desk right away towards myself in a mate marc stein and they wanted us to confirm yes you know it's just so you know that's what i alright so here's my favorite one this one i think you actually will like when you did the ranking of the players and you said i don't know if i was the first person to say it on air but i was the first person i heard say it on air steff curry is the best shooter in nba history
i think i who was who said it before i don't know but i love that line that's a great line i think i like the first time yeah i was first person that i've heard say i think yeah i know mark jackson said to the best shooting back court with klay thompson not the same but i think i was the first brands we actually say that all the time yeah if we have to take that sounds good but it's like maybe somebody else's use it cover your first first time i heard that one so i love that one and the other one i had was when you when people were coming at you for the tristan thompson signed a three year fifty three million dollar contract with the cats people said it hadn't happened yet you said if he's willing to right that's a great qualifier seat that's not bad you you're dunking on the haters yeah yeah i mean i was a miss that that there's a whole backstory that but yeah yeah not that i listen i i think the brew crew is the most misunderstood like crew out there on the internet hey i'm not part of
well there the leader of the group you're the leader of the model which i'll do with the brew crew lead it like i said don't don't plow me let's go expect each other and it's all good so when you get things right like what's the one thing you got wrong that you like just eats at you man i got you get wrong eats at you you know and so yeah i mean one that sticks out the like man i really wish i had that one battle right now is the call i yeah right right at this moment in time right but like i said a lot of times things are fluid and so like since whether it's me or any reporter if you were that the lakers i'm just making some up but the lakers and the cavs are talking about a trade for say say it was cow just before collin sexton just to sort out it have as far i heard and it doesn't happen
it may look it looks like you just got something wrong they actually may have talked they the conversation they did they didn't go ahead with the trade so you understand so when you're reporting things as they develop some things may then some things may not happen something's changed i mean the thing is with the choir thing you had a seismic change take place i mean the clippers got a superstar paul george reggie is everything if paul george had been there from the get go it wouldn't even been a whole big drama require where where's he going to go so that's that's something to take into account too back in not i think is a twenty fifteen off season that was the movies where like blake griffin deandre jordan that'll say was going down i have i took your side in that when you were saying mark cuban was looking for deondre jordan like because he was in houston
was he doing in houston at that time besides hoping for a meeting with john george that he didn't get what cuban try to go in cyber dust which is a very successful out through our aim is to do stuff with that yeah in the end he fired back on you on that like in that situation even though i feel like you are correct in your reporting like at what point do you have to let a few go with somebody like mark cuban well myself i don't hold on the fuse you know i mean even the conrad brew crew is already moved on i mean really like i don't i don't waste my time holding onto a few with somebody worrying about what they think what they say whatever so are cuban i went back and forth text was it texting those black yeah it would it would be it would be yeah i mean it was texting or we'll say black we met last very messy wa often yeah right we were
back and forth the week we were fine you know he came out and said some things even after where again we dark conversations were fine do i know for a fact that i was wrong no i don't 'cause a lot of people that were telling me this stuff went dark let's cuban got loud about in that people in dallas went dark you know an so he and i went back and forth he asked me to retract it i never retracted it 'cause i was like i'm not sure it's wrong and i haven't been told by these people an so we kind of settled like we're alright i saw at a dallas game i was there doing sideline reporting we shook hands it was cool now he like i said he said a few things about me since then but you know and i i take the high road alright when he had his issues with the franchise and all day it wasn't me too at that time but the sexual harassment you know not him but within his franchise i didn't shoot at him you know
mark cuban when when he came out about trayvon martin and he said he's this was before obviously the toy i put out about the andre jordan but mark cuban if i see a black guy in a hoodie you really cool i'm going to i'm going to go to the other side bizarre if i see a white guy with choose all over his face i'm gonna walk to the other side street and i hit mark you i texted him whatever it was you know it must have been taxed and i said look i don't think you're a racist but that was wrong what you said i said notice the black guy just has to have on a normal article closing rates are hurting everyone wear white guys gotta you know put tattoos all over look like system innocent yeah for you to a he came out and i'm not saying i was the reason but he came out a day or two later an apologize for that and so that's looked i don't know where i stand with mark you i haven't seen him in awhile or
to him in as far as i was concerned we left the good and last time i saw him we should k as it was good but you know i don't i i have one last question for you this is more about your days when you were kind of like an insider when you were maybe writing for the times that sort of thing we have a lot of insiders on this show whether it's football or basketball i'm we is curious and i asked them this question why do people talk to you why do people in the business in like on the team in the front offices why do they talk to these people that they know are going to write articles like what is the motivation when you're reaching out to them how can you know this guy will share information with me well i mean i've covered the league for twenty five years since nineteen almost two thousand twenty five twenty this so you just develop relationships and now most got his talk off the record you know
i first our governor league it was rare to see anonymous quotes peter vessey was doing it but for the most part a lot of people weren't using anonymous quotes now that's all you see are sources are anonymous quotes so now everybody's talking off the record but you one is this the relationships you develop to its some guys may want to use you to get information out they use you to give them information it was a back and forth you know so it's just you know guys in the in the league understanding the game too and understand the power to media understand that you're going to be on television or in a radio talking about them perhaps shaping opinions about them and they may want to have a good relationship with you 'cause that is human nature that if we get along it could soften what somebody says about you now you try i try to be objective no matter what you know whatever our relationship is i'm going to try to tell the truth how feel no matter what but
i think those are motivations that guys have you know last question see key question put in promo code take you get ten dollars off seatgeek purchase so you said earlier in this and i respect the hell out of it because i think it's it's worth noting you know when we get in these moments where people get things wrong people clown on each other and all this stuff you've been in this business for twenty plus years you've done all the things you know you've been on espn you bet on office one deal those are the big leagues and you've been successful at it what is like the one piece of advice you would give someone who's trying to get to the big leagues like you better because i think i think you're in a specific situation where some people respect you some people don't but you've done it and and you can't you cannot deny that you've been here and been doing it i think there say two things one wherever you're at like if you come right out of college and they got you covered high schools for a website or newspaper don't be focused on espn or fs1 that you do
excel where you're at like you know you're so focused on i i gotta get up there and be on first take with stephen a smith or whatever that you lose focus on what you're actually supposed to be covering 'cause the best way to get to espn fs1 or whatever is to excel where you're at dominate your high school beat dominate your college beat or whatever and that's the best way for you to move up and get there i mean i start steven a i can name a host of people start out cover high school sports yeah actually start out part time in the the cleveland plain dealer news room you know sitting there for three to twelve answer phones move my to cover a high schools then move my way up from that to cover in the pro so that's and then the second thing i would say and some writers have done it don't let yourself get kind
like i i i have one of my biggest mistakes was i let myself get kind of pushed into a role i didn't want and that was with the news breaking because as a beat writer you know breaking for his part of it i broke my share stories at the akron beacon journal in new york times and then when i left new york times with the espn i told espn is like i'm done with the daily grind and then i was writing feature articles for espn magazine and i still on tv they have me on television for information and things like that 'cause you're talking to people around the league you're getting information but i wasn't breaking stories and trying to break stories i wouldn't even concerned with that i was doing law form stories on did several with lebron james allen iverson dirk nowitzki things like that i really enjoyed that and i enjoy going on television given analysis giving information that what
what turned me my career and it was it was great for me as well was the two thousand and ten when lebron dwyane wade and chris bosh and all those guys were free agents an i was i asked you know what this is the biggest story of the decade and i was i wasn't one of our you know marc stein was the major news breaker at e s p n you had rick view chris some other guys here and i was work in around the clock to try to break stories and i book several stories during that whole time wade and bosh going to miami all that and so i was doing really well that summer with with breaking a lot of that news n s p a began to look at me as a news break and again it was great for my career a raise my profile i got nba countdown with magic johnson and michael will bind and john bearing on it but dave
i guess they they kind of saw me in that role which i never wanted it that point i was done with that but i kinda you know never really say it look i'm not this is not the role i want and i kind of let it you know and then i was have you know worked hard and other things i still was writing some for the magazine i still was you know given information on television but i wasn't really fully trying to break a ton of stuff and then i would try to hustle around the did a trade deadline or free agency and get some stuff but you nowadays you really gotta hustle like that year round yeah which i he wasn't doing you know i was doing a bunch of little things all that and so that's can lead to some of the mistakes that i made and so that's what i would say don't that was one of my mistakes is kind of letting myself get pushed into this role of
yes p if you were me maybe is the act he can be our adam schefter and right yeah which i never want it i just that's not my lifestyle that's not my personality i don't want to be as much as hard as i work and i've worked hard and work hard i don't want to be working twenty four hours a day right and and when i'm with my family i really don't want to get a tax of something break right you know i'll be able to expand x with a rather live time he's great my kids and with and not that those guys don't but that was a mistake that i made and that's why i'm so happy now to be in the role of an opinion it's an analyst because i do have an educated opinion i've covered a league for twenty five years of twenty six years later i think you recognizing that this was something that you didn't want to be stuck in it is something that doesn't always happen to people just because like your your you find that you're good at something and you get the position your bosses encourage you to do it this way a
people just stay in that lane for the rest of their careers and be silently begrudging of the fact that they're there and just deal with it but good for you for recognizing that is not where you want to look at a zach lowe who does great stuff for espn he may have not get not get here there yeah he said he doesn't want to get into it not yes breaking wrote you know a ramona shelburne who she breaks is that but she's not trying to get in the trans action right newsbreak story and i never really defined myself at at point saying look i'm not trying to be the guy to try to break every trade or break every you know free agent signing i kind of just let it go let them perceive me in that light and you know it can it can lead to making some mistakes all right chris broussard thank you so much your recurring guest now so you have to come on any time we ask a man like i said i'm i'm
would be aired out the good stuff yeah i appreciate it and we dm and tax so i understand how it how the line got blurred so quick right thank you for coming all i'm i'm i'm not a child in the social media that's rare i'm a grown man right dm in in texas it is the same yeah even though it is a site now they just why you got some models on both sides yeah it is kind of the same thing you're talking directly someone chris for sorry you can see him on fs one on a million programs thanks so much ma'am iron that interview with chris broussard was brought to you by reykon it's two thousand and nineteen everyone needs a great pair of wireless earbuds but before you go dropping hundreds of dollars on a pair you got to check out wireless your buds from recon we can't earbuds start at about half the price of other premium wireless ear buds on the market and they sound just as amazing fellas ladies wear ear pod flexing this summer but flexing skews me this summer we need to show off that were listening style though
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recon dot com slash take that's by khan dot com slash take for twenty percent off your ear it's an amazing deal check it out okay get some segments first up by the way till one will just not stop tweeting that's if you're you're stuck in a dead or alive ski he's just weren't are walking in knowing about it all right here you go the debt that mike rabal cutting story was on his podcast bob was it was called passing with the boys with the boys that out hank so yeah there you go there's the credit and we can move on okay yeah taylor taylor please stop tweeting if you personally cut my krehbiels penis off then let's come it will will go on your show to discuss yes yes so yeah shop you have to go for john bobbitt on him yes all right first up we've stay woke pft what he got big
big stay woke so this comes to us courtesy of twitter user maggie kurth baker okay there was port that in one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine the cash strapped v union paid pepsi was seventeen submarines a cruiser a frigate and a destroyer in exchange for three billion dollars worth of pepsi causing see to become the sixth largest military power at least navy wise in the world and so she says that she's decided to become a pepsi still has a secret navy truth and i'm i'm all on board this is an ultimate mid july story i'm all on board for it like i in it i i believe it for one reason if you remember there's a super bowl commercial back in the late 90s we're said that you could use pepsi points to buy a here yeah i do remember that yeah they listed all the shit you could buy with using pepsi points yep it was just normal stuff for the most part like binders shoes whatever but they all
at the end kind of as a joke wink wink a joke you can buy a hear fighter plane and then someone got like a big financing crew together and bought as many pepsi points and pepsi was like no we're not going to give you the jet because they need it for themselves and if you at the competition coke has a navy you saw that video from the coast guard yeah that dude just jumping on the submarine banging on the door trying to get access all that proving flake that was inside yep so password had she needed to start a war against coke so what so now that you revealed this what next that's a good question i think we live in fear i always use that was a huge revealed in okay credit okay he got exciting what's not i'm excited it feels like a big thing where do we go where we go when somebody asks is pepsi okay you say sir yes sir used in the attention you take that fucking pepsi i don't know are they ok if it hauser navy doing
they haven't lost a war since then interesting think about it so who came up with this this just passed along from maggie kurth baker but this was an actual story from the ada yeah right i got this in the old admit like july treating him has to start and if i could tied into football real quick you saw that big like one point six billion dollar bust of cocaine that came into philly chris long at jp morgan noted drug user chris long is recently retired he doesn't have anybody else who donated salary too so he's probably funding a bunch of drugs being imported how 'bout chris long like not reading the mount rushmore that we did on wednesday that was an all time high moment yeah very high put down the bong chris all i'm saying is pepsi i am i'm so squarely in your corner now okay i'm done with coke because i'm in fear of your navy i actually don't mind pepsi honestly pepsi is fine
i like fine it's fine it's not like great i'm a mountain dew guy does pepsi make mountain all we love we love pepsi here it's great it's better than fine it's better than coke yeah hits we were telling the drink you have what is discovering anything that we drink this cracks faltered body armor but now but okay all right so all right so yeah we're good we we like every drink exactly the same because they're all delicious except for pepsi a little bit more because they have a military accept gatorade bucket yeah you know what actually if you drink coca cola is disrespecting some troops until body armor comes to body armor comes back alright we have a huge
we will say this is going to be we're going to do is bad visual know it might be good or bad visual so here's how we're going to frame it ok it's like if you go to a beer companies website nice fuckin' sirens i just lock eyes with hank every time the siren is there i know his nothing it's not his fault at all and there's nothing you can do about it but we just have like a a silent we need this fixed moment every the siren goes off okay so this is like when you're going it onto like a beer company's website and asks you how old are you yeah make sure that you're twenty one to get through it if you're less than eighteen years old you need to fast forward to the next thirty to forty five seconds of this podcast if you're over eighteen then you can listen to it because it's a good visual he sees a bath yeah yep for packing the biggest dip that i've ever seen on tv on tuesday night or was it wednesday morning whatever it was it was like half a tin of school they just put in there after he got kicked out of the game and so
or did the horseshoe it was the whole thing yeah he grabbed his mouth and i mean it was it was so a good visual from where i'm sitting but if you are younger than eighteen or also just pressure bowl in any way no matter the age it was bad but it was an impressive feat of athleticism no matter how old you are true that way you can you can separate the physical act and how how crazy is that if it all that stuff in his gums you can separate that from the product that he was put out he could put like a water toilet paper i would impress yet he just go bomb or did he did he started out like horseshoe song it was a bomb yeah i called like on bcc so back here because we were supposed to see that yeah exactly alright probably joke so bad sportstown wrapping wrapping it up before we get license to jill in here that orrstown the city of new york yes and is it why because baker said what baker was
happy to have odell beckham in cleveland and he said i'm very excited for him to be able to play in front of fans that will actually come out and support him i love it for two reasons one bigger just always a lightning rod to this is how old l beckham feels because he definitely told baker this like this is one of those situations where bakers kind of speaking for odell beckham didn't support me yeah i i also don't didn't realize that i said when we had dr phil on wednesday 'cause we take these things and then they go away for like two months i guess i said i don't like cleveland i don't like lebron in the cats fans are not the same kids my here's what you do because i find myself in the same shoes as you when we tape an interview a long time ago and then something that i say gets brought up give me one it's i've off since then
yeah it's a wall evolves and what not i have always stated that i think cavs and browns fans are not the same thing yes even though they are they are but they're they're not different modes we write for one team right because the browns i like the browns like i want them to do well the fans are was like bundled up like real snog in big khaki coats all the time yeah great and it's a fun sport style when when you have the plan also maybe does have a little bit of weirdness because here in new york we have some of the nation's largest sporting goods many factors and the way that he treated sideline equipment was disrespectful to the jobs in the work that they put in so naturally he lost the audience there there just true all evil and they just have quick and so as long as you don't just respect subprime mortgages and gilbert then you'll be fine or the comics owns all of cleveland and detroit odell beckham's hair is the is the hairstyle equivalent of comic sense that i think about it i don't think so i do i think that it's got to be something a little bit more well known he cut it
cut it you're saying now no no no no no the old one was comics and all right is it more like winding winding didn't know what was going on yeah wingding jill you ready license adjustment sitting here the whole time and then i say her name is what me users have not been listening this podcast that's ok she'll come have it just sit down where you live is joe to wrap up the show rap up the week monday i think we have a lake of the year and maybe uh show open winning blake as well calling in will see if he wins well i'm first run by take brooks koepke has one the there you go open championship it brand must must credit us that's ready to right there which one the guy when i left yeah he looks like a brand lestat radio lobby yeah we're just watching tv all right you know what's up hello hello hello
call me back hello jill hello what's going on what's been what's the buzz what's going on in julie football world i i have a couple of questions for you but of all i want to get to the time really not mad he but i am disappointed in what i never took you missed big cat yeah anti baxter yeah i don't you know what it said but i just it's a lot of my believe have you read the new studies that have come out forty years ago by discredited danish dr hi joe i have read all of them and are you sure you haven't interviewed jenny mccarthy no we have not interviewed jim cried we don't want a lot of single outgrown shows so good that i don't know if she's joking are you joking more okay good all so we're on the same page i am yeah very much anti facts yeah even lebron james gives us some shots yeah alright go ahead ok this one is not so
i'm not disappointed but i'm more proud i pointed proud little to proud of hank for not yourself coming out of this three year drought of now getting a boner congrats am i have no idea where those girls so proud yeah he didn't mean he finally did it must have been hard an you know well it wasn't awful or something yes yeah we call hancock would now roasts going to be back it's good to be back yeah exactly anything else you're not mad but disappointed well no
that takes care of this week okay great so you want to some license to jell o okay because we do i should you have you you do i had us i'm not going to be a snitch that sounds like you didn't listen in years past year your son for no no no i'm not that disappointed oh no i have listened i you know dr phil everything i listen i listen i listen most disrespectful would you like to apologize to your mom joe thank you that's not good radio yeah you built all right solved i'm sorry you know but okay no it's all jill do you have the question i have okay okay right hey so that's good jill what are the best flavors of jelly beans to give to someone you hate whole whole definitely licorice yep
yeah i like licorice now you can have more never more like you know the white the white ones that the peppermint or something yeah they don't have much flavor goes red ones such as former red ones that they make to try to be weird where it's like boogers and dirty harry potter yep the harry potter one oh no i don't read books yet but you see me yeah i don't watch movies about books okay alright it's too close siege elite my mom's 50th birthday is coming up what should a poor college student get her i have a brother but i'm clearly the favorite son so expectations are high a trip to europe oh ok very in line with the family which is awesome a lot of money problems tomorrow her credit card you know borrow it and then you can return it later anne charge at all that's good so what you can say in that instance you be like
mom i know i use your money to pay for it but my gift to you is letting you treat yourself because you never do it so it's all about the love and also be like you can blame dad that i did it it's not you doing it good pick ok dearest julie about ten thousand dollars deep in credit card debt any advice on how to get out of it if it's possible i'd like to pay any of it good that feels very impossible go to vegas this is go to vegas try to win it back take a couple one hundred but no i'm saying this is jill you guys you guys are was supposed to let you sorry sorry go exactly you could go vegas you go to atlantic city you know take a few dollars try to win it back or move out of the country there go do legally go to italy in those heels you know
those hills in italy everyone knows him well you know go to tuscany and listen to people to go back to other countries in the hotel so not very proper punishment well one other suggestion is just declare bankruptcy so in the united states we have this great thing where it's basically like shooting the moon in cards where if you just get into enough trouble you're in no trouble at all anymore correct it'll say it out loud it used to be easy in florida all of that yeah maybe we know it'll get no finance have large yeah all time favorite movie for jelly football for which cast in sundance guy true file newman newman get out best lines in that movie what about what about cool hand luke when luke okay what we have here is my all time favorite is a failure to communicate shake it off your boss to get off another one would be weekend at bernie's
that's one of your flight if you love week at bernie's okay that's that's basically what we have to do with hank when he's coming off a bender in the office just walking around damn that's why your favorite movies all right billy beans is it true giving birth hurts if it is painful is every woman describes it why did you decide to do it five times who can remember it was the for this 80s actually but now who can remember i'm sixty nine years old but but in the past she cares for you didn't answer the question at first which was does it really hurt yes it does okay right all alright mister bond is we give we give that person drugs yeah then it drugs now i'm interested
it didn't hurt when i did in junior that's true call back titus alright last question subject if you could change any one thing in today's world back to how it was when you were in your 20s what would it be when were you in your 20s sixties one thousand nine hundred and forty two yeah i was in my 20s in my in the 70s i would go with cocaine the forty niners will be good again that's what i think is better then again give me joe montana any day i think i would go without
tops no no laptops correct okay that really makes no sense but it probably doesn't make sense you know i can't figure out your laptop i barely can figure out a personal thing you just can't figure out a laptop you know what are we gonna watch rough and rowdy jill jill jill is trying to get me to set up right i don't know if i was trying to ask girls like joe how like if i send you this log in are you can watch it on your on your laptop is like yeah but i care but i could also come check my darling jake and he can set me up this is true also if nobody had laptops we won't be running this issue with a whole new twitter design true good point the ios my god if she'll if the if twitter changes anything on on the phone and she'll have to deal with it in that because i can't do it on the computer i we know so but if you twitter likes to change things every now and then just fuck with people yeah when that happens you you're going to have a meltdown yeah and you should go after jack just at jack on twitter he's the boss everything
oh he is not ready for that jelly beans you just shut the whole thing down next week ok alright will see everyone monday blake maybe two blakes on monday at least confirmed one blade yes on mondays show love you guys
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