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CM Punk, Paul Rabil, Week 8 Preview and Picks

2019-10-25 | 🔗

The Vikings win in a sloppy game on Thursday night Football. (2:40-5:18) Nationals are a team of destiny. (5:19-12:10) NFL Week 8 preview and picks plus Big Cats can't lose parlay. (12:11-38:18) Fantasy Fuccbois.(38:19-41:44) Former WWE superstar CM Punk joins the show to talk about his new movie, his relationship with Vince, and the time he and Big Cat partied with the Stanley Cup. (43:38-1:10:29) Paul Rabil joins the show to brainstorm the new name for the expansion PLL team. (1:12:53-1:40:14) Fyre Fest of the week, (1:42:30-1:47:36) trouble in paradise (1:47:37-1:51:44) and FAQ's with Jilly Football (1:51:55-2:00:24)

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on today's pardon my take nfl weak eight preview too awesome guess i think is a few weeks ago we ve done to guess fridays which is great we have cm punk legend and we have paul rebel who we had on wednesday breaking moves we alluded to it but we have decided the t name or at least the list for the expansion team in the p o el we do a wide brainstorm he wasn't ready for that no he wasn't but i mean you come on board my taking messenger boy get the horn yeah he was like what we were doing this right now you're fucking me right we're doing right now so we have all that we have fire fast we offensive fuck boys and we have some they accuse with a very special guest who are just stop by the day before we get do all that the cash app former takes brought you by the cash app cash app but wait a second
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thank you as always to the cash ep are presenting sponsor are serious sponsored by the cash out so shut out the cash out ok let's go all out how welcome the party might take presented by the cash app go downloader right now use code bar story you get five dollars for free five dollars the s peace yea today is fry yea october twenty fifth and kirk cousin
continues his dominating performances you really piss me off tonight because i thought for sure that this is going to be the game that he sucked that he threw four interceptions he was do it was a triple revenge game yelp you had cousins get revenge against dc you had case keenum getting revenge against minnesota at adrian peterson getting revenge against minnesota state police you had everything going on tonight and kirk cousins absolutely lit it up and now in full disclosure we actually taped in early show today because we have to pick and choose our spots in october so we did was we should we we actually taped to alter things so little choose your own adventure so whatever you listened to right now the vikings beating the redskins that happened if the redskins beat the vikings you
probably listen to that right now but either way the alternate entering will be the end of the show have not put it in yeah see gets here what wife would have been like if the opposite has happened about mugs numerous faced tonight you talk very red skin down swagger jack and straight up do you see this is like mike shanahan if he fell out in the sun for to me daiquiri yes so pity i have a question for you kirk cousins yeah are we now fuck him fully buying in because this is now few weeks in a row that the vikings have looked great and kirk cousins are we saying that a third in football game against the redskins is a prime time game it is technically a prime time game but it is also the two biggest weaknesses of both sides going up against john who so i'm not ready to crown crew cousins i think he's still gonna break everyone's heart
gonna happen eventually have up my horse have on my three and a half years ago but hitting the hours you easy easy what yeah turkey as a member to do the alternate on that yes it s out of her cousins is a piece of shit and his peace a trash any socks and is going to suck and i am not nothing that asia is harsh nothing that he does he read it was these kirk cousins he saw lame you're ok that was too harsh her cousin stanley who care yet you know it nothing tat you do against the redskins counts towards anything in my record book yes so but the vikings now sit at six into and work a lot of pieces like at the vikings remember them are they for real now they for real because they were actually really good two years ago and then they had a very bad year but now it's kind of the same roster will get those stories and yeah it will be fun to see everyone get their hopes up for kirk cousins only to have them crushed in a big big moma it ought to be continued the kirk cousins strained ok other news b
we get to the nfl preview the washing nationals we set on wednesday its it rings true today they are a team it s a big do you know what's crazy i was thinking about now i've been on the nationals both games and i also have a future on them so i'm on your on the bandwagon spend wagon you're wearing a uniform full kit wanker every single game you are propelling them too great height and drive in an hour it's crazy to think how good the nationals have been and how this off basically would have happened if the burst in heaven her yeah legacy it feels so long ago that that error happening in the wild card game but that happen clayton cursor you know and paid dearly incursions and since that moment the nationals have not lost and they just went into houston and fucking took it to the actress like shit shove shoved shots ordered two things the nationals are do two things well this world series and really this whole policies and one we're shovin to awaken
so when you get when you can reckon shove at the same time that's when you really makes things together and you get a magic moment tuft zone were reagan were shovin were twirling we're doing all the small things to yet were button weekend guys on base were hitting working very lucky with our backup moslem plot yet from saint bath if our back up is off the charts it we're hitting balls were getting infield hits at a rate that has been seen since the mike socialism days of the inn i'm angel forcing the ashraf to do things i've never done before by intensely walking guys yeah it's crazy they walked they walked want soto in the world series and they haven't issued in into to walk all year the the old saying is in baseball like momentum is just the next day starting picture but i dont believe in that because i am sitting the nationals what they're doing right now the like there such a thing is momentum in terms of everyone on your team hitting at the same time yet it doesn't really matter who europe may just be gear coal and just in berlin in houston that's dead there
something that's going on with that line up with the guys where they're just all kids are all seeing it it's just piles i mean they jumped on them in that seventh and fair play loose to play lucid i have bryce harper making everybody all tight nervous in the club outbreaks harpoon rights i'm fine i'm happy for them these deadly watching right laissez definitely sat he's hate watching it he's thrown out a lot of mother freak or syria as aids it's been a great couple nights when we try to bring a broom down the game bryce harper in a dad dad moment price harbours definitely cause that after the football we can i had last weekend i did the like let me look into my babies eyes and realise that there's bigger things in sports here i saw pursuing that ought to be asked yes get us like worn and he's like you know what my kid healthy and he's here who needs
it be great if he had another kid like if he got his wife pregnant right now and did i get gender reveal that all things right he went completely off the map away from sports talk about this at a crazy idea the other disease actually nyc will idea while i was watching us flipping back and forth between like cnn and not play game at one point and there were talk about like to trumpet peach meant the impending impeachment down tromp okay if down trope actually thinks he's gonna get peach nobody should do he should just say that my son baron mrs me very much and he he said a prayer angel told him that if the nationals win the world series then i would come back and be his dad again stopping president but why ages in that
it's a plot of ages in the air he should say that that actually happened to god in if he doesn't want to go to the whole impeachment tahiti resign wasn't rational into the nationals so truly wasn't likewise it was a very nice corridor for sure does i think you place i think you please listen burns been missing dad his papa ensure he set his football academy really think he's liquids you like the next emulous superstar o analysed play off who spoke out of a flock unemployable having for that its yet how do you even the that happening because i always know what's going on if we want to gamble on in new york last last night did he see lost on sunday yet this gave up four goals in extra time rather than it while iran onslaught that we always one one in there like not done yet and then the next update was five to one yeah i don't know i'm sure the saunders are probably do in some it's probably only the sounds of the timbers
they played niner doing here i'm out west all atlantis point philadelphia rivalry game oh no i know i daddy's arrival regain yeah so that would be great lawton does to allay teams yeah the foot the carbon than the other our galaxy what the welfare rules the welfare rules and tom cruises that's who they allergens scientologists yea you're probably right yeah he's definite soccer guy tom cruise does not watched for he comes is like u s watch in sports and suchlike thrown off upon his somewhat chandelier are item yeah you maybe get out of here these his ease one of those like remarkable alias actors that hasn't played a superstar asked wasn't worth all the right move pre empting what are you saying and watch them ah
not only will movie you're dating yourself no i'm not because that's a gravity tom cruise law the right moves he was pretty high school football in pennsylvania steel tat ok love it also in a rate move in elite volleyball pillar and top gun true true i let's do so if you want to watch us we're at barston bull dot com such pm too you can watch her interview with sympathy you watch her interview with paul rebel those are both coming up we're going to decide the p l t name in a second so barston gold dotcom slash pm tea pot before we do that let's do some weaken preview lemme jumped back in the eyes of real quick ok because for net fernando rodney is wraps eminently absolutely lighting up at the bullpen his bow and arrow celebration is given me life i'm really enjoying that you're trying to talk me out of supporting fernand rodney no i e the air listen the air place he does it all the time he doesn't whether he had a good outing bad outing either sat arrows he
if he's in important game he is a white fuck like that's he was he was up when there were twelve was like twelve the three ass a thing be hilarious its national somehow like stumbled their way and ass backwards to figuring out they don't actually need of open and baseball young just put your pit your starting pictures and to be for when the entire time that's when you don't actually need three days rest or forty rest its i hate to a bullpen start where you have the us though what do they call the opener hazy open or not the starter if you only pitches toot it's actually make sense because once you get to the third time on line up don't care i look at some fucking analytics one title come on i must use in football p m as new home for sports betting this year you need to check out better mgm sports up in new jersey the same guise of bringing the world's most spectacular casino resorts and top notch entertainment have new sport sports betting app you can download the deposit check outlines from anywhere but you need to be located new jersey to place your bets this weekend
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bet mgm we'll be live on sunday use code pm see that's an awesome awesome shut up for the witching hour on sunday okay so preview tristar reminder can't lose parlay cannot lose it cannot do how did your one last week to a lot but this one can not loot through close no but this one cannot lose i've looked it up and down left and right here's what i've been doing wrong too many gay in too many time slot so i need to earn a double games in one time slot yeah we're gets confusing so of space it out here of speed they also we can just deal with one problem at a time i like like that the guilty to problems that time sometimes what comes gambling also doesn't matter i think everything i naturally that is down a matter i think everything i just said is wrong is a first you games are actually during the one closely we're ok so careful everything i said here is the can't lose parlay the rams they're not gonna lose the bangles now
that's easy that's hang on you right now egg there not also a mass for student relationship between mcveigh and the guy the coach of the bank yes taylor i know that exactly would know without ok yeah weirdo ok the bank you're not gonna lose bangles yes it's in london but i dont care the rancher knock a loose the bangles oh shit in london javert gulf they might lose no don't worry i've travel so far easier stayed in atlanta yeah little accuracy i think about the countless together you use your little your logic when the raiders went there like once you're gone for more than a we listen tat was immature that was a mistake and i screwed that often material change an immaterial change the next whose parlay team the seahawks are not going to lose to the falcons no hank you think the falcons are going to beat the seahawks note where they playing around might imply any linda i don't
you're not schaub that's fine i don't see that six it was minus three minus three and a half to this parlay money i'm probably pays a little over even more money supply plus one ten or so now did the two the falcon stayin later this week the falcons did not they've been run out of town okay so that yeah that's a weird loser left town we went to london okay then my last one so you can wait i actually didn't cuz i do the right and teams know i didn't wait hold on the can't lose parlay cancel to see who has already lost kids i rang the ox you're not on the can't lose cell yacu hank you work is eight again you don't polio the october this year on the you know what you're right hank i'm not going to the court so tell me or my second part of the scant lose parlor what's the unknown being offered the culture at home against broncos they're not going to lose love that's not gonna lose ok swagger language though that's fine rams colts and then finally the backers
packers we're not gonna lose to map more if less let's or from the can't lose launch after this discussion young the what what hank go ahead say it nice that game though their air is starting to do the aaron rodgers thing where he's gonna be the best plan football for while i can feel it it the winds are changing and then ill delusion horrific fashion the plants and they'll be the best day of the bear slit let's all remember though that the game last week was against the raiders that's fine whose leaders rate ruined the can't lose partly on multiple i say again the raiders yes okay so the packers at the chiefs of cheese actually gonna play
patch me is happy the dumbest save andy red place patrick homes this will go down as the dumbest decision that he's ever made in inequality that's been largely defined by singular dumb decisions that he's made during games insane and it seems like it actually could possibly happen i think he's he's practicing why would you practice if you're gonna play i dont know that injury i don't know but either way that is one of the dumbest things ever i think they're just point of a rope dope or they're trying to keep the packers on edge because if you play how drama homes especially given the fact that so the raiders just lost last week the charges are done the brok done it should not be thinking about anything besides just getting healthy in winning that west which which they can do pray with nine when they're not going to get home field throughout the playoffs doesnt matter that sakharov that's rising like i might as well look tat go the patriot claret unlocked down and
oh tom brady leaves new england and goes can sitting extra will get to that later hank about ass laszlo leaving tass and they probably can get the two seed in and have a by just by being a winning the bunch in november and december like this doesn't ultimately matter because when it comes down to it the the the other best team not name the bills because bills i was cancun abides ravens they beat him had head but is earn of tape on mad more out there to packers the first matter more yes i would say is there i think there is enough tape ok enough tape on the more i don't know because matt more came in performed admirably he performed he performed matt match or believe reform he threw one touchdown pass which i think he was shot throw away retired kill so fast that he caught it yet that's was great about that more if you never it's tough to defend against a guy if you're if you're preparing for patrick mahomet together like looks away and throws passes madame stairs down every single patsy s like you have to pick one guy or the other to prep for maybe the
from a homes and then we'll get stuck in that more yes okay so that's why can't lose parlay rams colts packers take it it's not you cannot lose this week it won't telling you cannot mustn't cannot lose if it loses so fucked i think every week also fulfils an icy parlay plus tustin seahawks too it is partly plus you it do that or if you really want a plus it up tossing the falcons now shut up hank ok so let's do before we do our picks i have a couple games i want to touch on fifty we do have a loser leaves down game the giants and lions know either giants are already lost now known therein it i might please town was raiders taxes i think the raiders have down there on their on their way to las vegas there are literally leaving town the raiders in texans both the rigid three and three taxes or foreign three yet i feel like loser least town in this game ok well sure i think that the raiders in detail
the texans going to stop the shit out of we'll see by this i mean the readers of one weird gapes right then one weird gay they have been when one day namely an apple in london bears right they ve won weird gapes yeah i think you're fully over valuing the raiders because they the bear asp ass hey cake dear card is an idiot that game changes they beat package probably easily is reverse have touched on the aircars done he's done a jungle does a fourteen points going i just hope that he gets another touch back i hope it continues to happen to you and you know john bruton has sat him down and showed him the last time you did that almost like don't ever do this again and then he did a little tip i was watching money football and the patriots running back up forgetful was michel or if it was white but he was reaching use like diving towards the toward zone and you now built his prayers don't reach out for the go along as you might committed touch back he like
started to reach out and in mid air you could see bilbil checks face just on bialik put that football away just talked like right back in went out the wonted slimy ass is beautiful watch ok i mean is it is that every dream winning and loosened tv the other one i wanted to touch on i do have an hour sure they're good game i do too ok what's yours i've got the panthers and the niners interest and the eagles and the bills ok well i have some special egos of bills my irish or their game is cardinal saints because if the saints are very very good stop him and if the cardinals are good which they're not they would maybe get keep close you ever we we're not sure that we're not sure that the cartels are good right now to cartels could be good they also we're not one that we're not sure you right so i don't think that this is are we sure that are good game yet oh you're saying they're not good not good enough to to be unsure whether or not good they ve been terrible teams they won three neuro that's true
have they been they result in worse lie in the world spangles yes i like your panthers for minors but i don't know why but i feel like they're more teams unusual that have just played a lotta shitty other team because there's a lot of tat you get you at the bills yet the patriots and you get the cardinals at all just feasting is crap team i liked the panthers forty niners pick though for our we sure they're good i'm cool supporting minors are good but it will be interesting to see what the panthers due in the sky we do respect forty nine energy assad gastric momentary spat yet match up of two over favorites guidance gregg arson and towards the passing of the torch yes they should play for the like they should swap names thou it actually cool i thought gradual i'd per second when someone tv last week oh yeah young guy we're but our jobs then gregg kittle gregg kittle actually craig ilva george but gregory's whenever yeah g kits its georgia's such weird name you see george
i cannot think of tat name george nobody knew is named george yeah besides tidings from while public george buggy everything well like you george kiddo is not george georgie hey george what do you think they call i dont know g g kits hit was gets but like thing about he's he's an unbelievable tight end who loves rustling in is really fun guy and the like george yeah now you can't you can't go by george now change if your came on george yes i have a great often been up in the booth though any is like doing prep work before the games talking to coaches why i'd say a word to gregson if he came in my luck guy was a big controversy last year this year they made sure that they gave him a game where he wasn't playing unity ok so that was was made sure until the playoffs total until the giants and cardinals both make point yes i'm ok my other game i want to talk about it's a new one the line in the sand game fifty ok yeah
line in the sand game eagles bills the eagles are going to either be an absolute dumpster fire after this game or their season is juvenile needed and they might actually make a run of the place this is the line in the sand game cause they are if you read the quotes around the eagles locker room it feels like those games and you throw the bears and this makes where the players we gotta do something and if they don't do it now it just like i fuck it we sock right eye i've for some reason the eagles have six of these games every year yes where it's this is again it will put them on the right track but then they usually lose one of those games rhine they get another one later and the inner being good making while condemning this is it's not line san it's a guy in old roman times julius caesar
ass the rubicon riah is crossing the cycle yes causing skype wherever this is software visit this is it you got across adele wherever maybe i think our europe think there's no turning back in which one will you be eagles and next week will give me another shot yeah i think the building and when i think so too did you see the bills in very bill mafia sent they have the bills organization is letting our fireworks to signal when when bills mafia should start heading towards the gate to go into the game that at noon so we're in buffalo now clocks are out there just going to splore some shit at the time that you should start
looking towards the stadium that's amazing that's it it's like an old church bell at on people to come in and evil time re say has time to put down the beard this actually do one like a warning shot the first time you sent off the fireworks should actually be ten minutes before you really should yeah and then people will start to make their way there and in the second one that's the real well it's genius because i would say a percent of bills mafia will be so drunk to them when they see the fireworks and i fought we just score and they'll start running it yeah does the kicker alonzo oh so first first set of fireworks take your jersey off and find the young lady who like an echo alonzo georgette filet did i was too some picks hank house you're doing with your underdog challenge i this might be the weekend i slip it in reverse it but my hands and forbidden reverse it we're georgia video chat and is gone
favorite i don't i don't i don't i don't love it this week so for me what do i do that great i did it for last for weakens i bet every single money dog anyone undermine underdog supper like the patriot and a couple the dolphins games like twenty dog honey don't gotta ones i don't think you're not higher now nothing to do with the sweet happening i stand by weighing did was he took his system and he moved into the india so he's doing that same system for the nba now it's actually fund get gives this happens every now and then where you get like addicted to under did to you know underdogs you are addicted to money lines and its sharp it is sharp this year i've staff for you hank does not keep up but under your fifty nine forty forty two against spread that's insane and road teams sixty four thirty eight in two
until we talked about sunday bloody sunday coming i think that could come this weekend and i want to be on the right side of its ongoing flippant and take all the hand i don't i'm not i'm not going on the record is doing that yet let's go home old until hague lights the firework yes it's time to ask who is as big as just gone shitty or the regularly big zones vegas lost a step yes they ted take your favorite vehicles in the money like paula yeah broncos branches are bad very bad flak as bad pneumonia sanders through it through o fun fact did you guys see the thing going around about jack del rio when he said when the asked came around john away looked at rest wilson any met every checked every box except type c up past you think damn that's draft at year matter now are we not even a quarter probably fifty your favorite my favorite this week is going to be the saints central the cardinal
to raise the oh yeah droopy might be back at our own really character respect or not because worse vs i dont know if he's gonna be back but i will take them any ways as is the catholic church battle going on between the saints and the cardinals so i need the pope to weighing on sunday morning let me know who to bet on just give me like a just one last like little nudge over the edge but i'm very very confident element of balancing safe you know what the pope really let me down because the pope had any sense of the moment he would be giving out a funny pick every sunday more and people would be gone crazy the public go vibe i but then what are you hated the pope one of the few out there with a lot of it we'll talk who hates mechanism could hate the catholic church has vanhecke stem why would they that would be the worst thing the catholic church has ever done if you give the poky about to lose its a pope lost money tat thou it says integrity anymore it's ok i'm gonna take my favorite any
did i say that this is bullshit from taken but i think the barons are gonna kill the charter's i do i do it because i think the bears is the perfect game for the bears the charter's often wines terrible the bears are gonna feast and i'm gonna get sucked back in for them too then sock later on but is one of those games where they win and everyone's like the bears or back including me they're not the other when this what you're describing as your own personal her cousin corrects yeah ok so i know i could see it all like i see it all in front of me that doesn't mean i will get duped but i see it all in front of me they will win this game easily is the chargers office has proved poems are often wine as problem there's charger soft football team the bears defence will show up and cause there's been a lot of questions like is we know the bears often socks but is a defence now overrated they'll fuckin shot for using funds tat
the broncos took brok as weiler at fifty seven in the same draft at the seahawks took russ at eighty okay well both superbowl scenario that serve the one one also has been paid more that would be an interesting sat agro sal but for a while now he's guarantee more but brok might have been you might still be a hen incurring sciatica his rank account should probably also had more sex ok hake go ahead takes really high one or two in the show arena i gave hank the special brownie i said make sure your according have you not been recorded island give a special brown happened two hours ago total just as well as the thing i hate this would be nice for you to take before you go to bed one night and that's not how you said his mouth that's not what you said i forgot your according so early but you're like here i got your brownie as a great i ate it and then whatever but that's not that's my bet
pod casting well high hake lock pot or talk casting let this be a warning to all you monsters out there that think rugs were cool it's your fault once again pay if these influences portal you are a drug dealer i am iraq i'm a drug chef yeah ok hake your underduk chiefs what do you think my question for you is what do you think the line would be if mahometans point it would prove may be well injured as he is now like if he was if the weak as a laugh ok where was at last week out she's try my story i thought you were seven points i think i think it's worth a little bit worth a little bit less and it reads good coach i think i went out right okay okay is that it for you wrong no yes underdog your hundred are you
did you have grown is now given that a single eradicating instead of knives high haven't touched a single browning ok pfc your underdog my underdog it's my fault i need to widen and walk you guys you're not even in very good erecting africa has really hard to be i take your underdog in knowing you don't actors definitely something about being around somebody that tie that makes you feel like you're hot for sure content on the same wavelength yeah my underdog overdue down under speck we should do down owners again at some point sure my underdog is i jets at jacksonville so i like the jets i like six and a half weeks imperilled i likes it seemed arms knockers he go stone floor than those we i do i checked the humidity too much immunity for ghosts among jaguars feds actually should dress up his ghost yes abbe fucking funny one yes there's sheeta where sheets the game well well we probably
check your grandfather's closet deep and yeah i'd my underdogs and be the giants plus six and a half on buying as low as possible and i am also the lions here's a little whenever the your team trades a team captain midseason that's not good so lions traded quandary digs and they had the classic every guy on the team react on twitter nimby like what the fuck something that patricia really has also thou death dearest lay was not happy so i the giants are gonna be pretty live underdog their epic over my over down over is forty one bears ok ok worst there the bears the only operates in the nfl not her three hundred yards game yet but at the saint over was easy overhaul tat through using that logic and through the skin of remembering what you did last week ok i just know she felt
where's being able throw pass longer than twenty five yards also true neither quarterback yeah not a dutch not a passing gaze perfect match up my over is denver and andy forty three at numbers is way too low yeah and as i said swag color reggie yes to paint manageable aren't i'll take over raiders texans over fifty one and a half hours can be issued at once began to hand both of senior horses to the broncos in the court's that's wilder the horses and back ass wild hake you're under to finish off ah the patriots jobs landry gave voldemort material even though it was a really guarantee it doesn't really matter because whether not the cause what he said the patriot players and coaches ah the quotes onto what are being like jarvis landrigan victor against the patriot that's all they need yes so he said we're going there to win
we need is essentially saying we were your plane to win the game you want to win when you play how dare he how dare he put then it became jarvis lindy landry guaranteed a winner gets patriots any trend it on twitter and the rest right the doll you that's all you really need her eye the patriots like you just need the car it is a matter of its true or not but if it's the quotas there you can take that news corral like other blaming shame media works both ways to motivate the patriot so if it the blame and shame media blames and james a patriot it becomes fuel on the fire for that we can bolton bore material and when they blame and shame somebody else than boom that's also baltimore mature varieties do you think the patriots actually have a bulletin board and what percentage of innovative teams usable to board i'll bet early additives yvonne kaufmann has won't ernie adams entire office you also people have liked to chalkboard paint laws is just bulletin board we are like on every single war patricia has bulletin board yeah for sure is
there was probably made out a bullet in the out and he just yet at that we're done whatever that closely board borgia by the way little one fact for you hate ready for this the patriots if you are someone who likes to tease teased patriots and the yeah every single time this year seventy seven an onlooker so just loaf on fact for another call you a fund fact explained the hank quickly because i've been game i would do in the gambling games like five six year yet tiered she gets out and i never out twenty eight days i never learned about you and i feel like i'm too late in the game to understand like what they are so teasers when you tease your only teasing yourself because you get to move the line six to seven points depending on what your book is and i think it but i'm gm at six so get a move the wine why you have to win both gives
so you could if you if you're doing it for the patriots game the patriots you could move the patriots would be minus seven and the over under would be fifty to say do under fifty to pay might have seventy have to win both and then you're contractually obligated to say so it's a ruined my teaser right no one's ever quantities are that's another fund fact as you just said people complain about losing because they seem like such an easy back right in the only time you really should tease is when you were teasing plus one and a half plus two plus two and a half because then you're going across double for barnum's you're going past three four and seven you know what i mean i might just he's everything's we could just make it at an edging weaken for myself just tease myself so i can't stand anymore listen medusa reasons we might caesar s fun you never and put it is fond because you think yourself wow the forty otters i could teach them to zero or plus a half on when you all lou know what i'm gonna do the big tease right now ok later
do it exploits big tease wearied let's finish the understood either pigtails right so i'll do the panthers for minors under forty joining politicians can run the ball you're you're run the bar on the ball run the ball pont my under is gonna be the giants at the lines for united half ok as we discovered last week daniel jones does sock yes so i think the i think that lies deepens come out swaying i big tease phd accounts but through together let's everyone thrown a tease peace eleven p m t tease ocampo pm tease right so everyone thrown one tease peace and that will be so we were given you winners left and right is actually insane the teaser and the the money on parlay the can't lose money line parlay ok i have my teeth peace i have portion of the cheese peace ok go for it i mean it's the opportunities the box plus to have two plus eight and a half box to a
two plus eight has one piece of our teaser ok i'm going to take thank you your heart is our fathers minting he's high he just learned what teachers are this may not yet right mrs haug by to have to i've got seven afro here what the box yeah are seven right now the tease i have right now it's plus wanted to have two plus six because i have an idea so takes place seven half ok hake your piece of cheese is charges plus fourteen right now this is just our second you tell me ever tell me you give you giving my charges you can t deny it ok do that pay of teeth on confused we'll do the big tease next week ok we'll keep the syn with a view to the big deal that we were ready for the teases we weren't ready i let's get too are interviews before we do that
so bet mgm like i said we're gonna be live streaming from the this on sunday in the witching hour remember
you gotta get em gm its home four p m t this for positive your new user sign up with code p empty and make your first the positive ten dollars or more and get twelve free ten dollar bats hundred twenty dollar value so you can bet the boar this weekend and get your witching hour insurance ok let's to fancy fuck poison it's simple what's up boys it sooty zucchini my stardom is mixed up yeah that's right streamers the game i named shroud joint ninja did twitch enjoying the next community oh shit benedict arnold you'd statement ads and mix i don't know what this is also good for vodka canonized mix up to cool down when you get to sort out the gums and clubs out of girls becomes almost horizon sidham zadok circumvent log off i was on a hill this week is haircut spock instincts looks like see it looks like his forehead is eating the back of his ears might sleep is court when sutherland coil and sudden cheese jeez between thirty and annual sand as he's a wider shiva number one died get em up not asleep so that you can save me and now to get in my earlier you are what sums you packages appear to lucked out i'm starved of weekend short guys that's right short gaza shocking season to recall and he's gonna without back guarantee rose the cow roby comment we get about hot girl somewhere it's time for knocked off all that's what i'm talking about let's cook boys i'm sitting o dell backup juniors vast since that's right vienna belt they find because his past and cover up his knees which words lots which words peddled pushes exploited up they'll complex back scattered again sidham short and he also when it got tom brady how big a big kept you got about a pair of boots our main goal here to seize this go i'm gonna give like bottles apparent topside species the pull my sleep is night well yeah you been taken alot deities dead what
whose name viagra like dollar badges like will double appointed voices weakens that called off with the size of the pony items is david ros why we will never be a bad idea to hire everyone's pressed branch manager and passed out your grappling you know said don t j mostly other judge rabbits board reported that they do the deed die they do is growing as we see that guy's about saw they were never able to do the diamond breakfast going my sleep is badges the badges and not gonna beat ohio state what baby no probably not idle point would be a poor tell you really by way zuckerberg did you know that his hair cut yeah she's like obsessed with caesar and that's why he has the hookah yeah what are we to somebody in congress told him there
ok you know whenever i put a picture up on your app i always get roasted my parents just like everybody out there is making for your hair cut right right to say that so lenses he's a robot he didn't understand it it was a joke but he just identified her as an enemy that he will kill music oscillation when when i take over the capital will be the first she has ok let's get your interviews first up we have cm punk before we do that need but like to tell you that its beer is chris we already know that the days are getting shorter the leaves are starting to change and football season is full steam ahead making it the perfect time to enjoy a crisp bud light you do need a watch to tell you what time it is especially with daylight savings coming up that could get confusing yes you already know the politest christs rather than spending in time brad reminding you but that is given the other half of its add read to small businesses but no free adds the red the red must include the words crisp and but light this week's winner
well watches well but yours is a company that uses its time to make a difference every wash they sell gets a per clean drinking water in an underdeveloped country from wedding to wineries skiing to skydiving the signature crisp blue are banned will match that bud light you're holding while looking effortlessly fashionable in any situation where well watches dot com where well feel well she's got a movie commoner its girl on the third floor it's in select theatres on the twenty fifth do people still cohesion punk everybody that bother you though now ok corner owing go see him punk okay so the movies coming out the whole cm punk ok we well come on very special guessed you know him as cm punk he is filled he's gotta move become enough it's girl on the third floor it's in select theatres on the twenty fifth do people still call
the impossibility their bother you though now ok corner owing go see him punk okay so the movies coming out the hold the whole reason i got saddled with their name is his punk was my nickname ever since i was eight years old anyway riots dinner i ethics fills a great name that lights it full name i love it really is wise guy you know that's a guy's got that's a good that's my weight account name is anybody you know now just fill fills a glue guy that you you you call fill and he definitely comes over with like at least twelve back we have not made as i know you civically i'm saying fill in generals like fills a guy you can like hey who who should we take the gave all feel can come i've no i've never
seen from this i guess you are bad example of e filling dogs and really were i would say like a dog at a phil are always welcome in my life i just think it then maybe because of my image because of the way i look at my everyone knows me as punk when they're like names fail yeah oozes level through the little off putting so the movie let's talk about that first so what made you want to get into it like you know make this movie what's the bin the evolution since cm punk was no longer seem pumpkin is now fill well just being asked to do this movie at that was very flattering i've been asked to do by numerous projects and i have always said no to stuff for one reason or another but this one was hard to say no to for a million different reasons it's very chicago centric
eva stephens is the writer in the director and he has produced some of the best horror movies in the last ten years in my opinion he produced you turasky's dune which is in a horror movie to documentary about the movie dune duyn starry eyes we are still here steve albanie his attack doing the soundtrack and the score and just honestly based on all that i was like i'll fuck em in ankara don't gotta get on a plane that's big it's a huge stay out you know i get too good to be in bed with my wife and my dog every night awesome let's let's do it and then i read the script and it was good to see those who lets us do
performing in front of a camera because it doesn't give you the same reaction that you get your coming up the wrestling and emma may you're in front of an audience so will you do something awesome you get that instant feedback yet in greatest got gratified one of my friend ladder vacation grant a faction gratis ash gratis of fat address snacks fashion strata travis forgot it but you don't get that you don't get that immediate hit of your you don't get the endorphins of somebody's born you or somebody's cheering you right you know you're performing for camera so is that like how different as everyone which one do you like better it's it's extremely different and its it can be a little jarring especially in this movie the first two weeks of this she was mean a dog did that's kind of cool i don't have any you play with yet coon until you realize no not my dog until you realize what you do to shoot and there's literally its literally live ok look at doug cut and i would be it was that they be like it's fine we're moving on and i would like if it was ok
was one of those really well trained dogs yeah right that the dogs name in real life is riker he placed cooper in the movie did change dogs name in the movie has got fucked up mad dog was such a pro honey you decide the dogs name like we knew ascription like i need the dogs namely be cooper that would be a question for writer director producer travesty i would just role with riker that's the name of the dog did you think that the dog loved you the dog for sure love or is it just a really good active outbreak by hired you ever found out if the dog saw you right now you think it's a high pure you
so you got down the street analogues rikers common and your life riker was like a retired i don't know he was a police dog earth he was in the army i can't remember o cap of light riker was legit okay now more more legitimate main is better after they may to i've always gave us wanting to meet these dogs that are like super won't ivy dogs which italy not trained at all use of alsace yes so i always us wonder like all that's kind of cool to have a dog that actually listens that's awesome regime and acting dog on the show sometimes gets thrust the interview with dog question yeah ok i want a kind of dog you have he's a mutton ensue might yet use rescue from we rescued him from pause and jane lobbying i with my dog i always i always do charity stuff with them all the time hum clay born one yeah
the pets my readiness to step up their that used to be my job i sell use dogs for budgetary still huh yeah i would take homeless dogs i've sub little kennel foreman further petsmart of the pact go and they had way that did cars passing by with little puppy wave is israel and yeah yeah then they pull over and then they look at the dogs and mobility is a great dog for you sir you you could use a malamute bootleg dog sales began exactly i virile you'll probably have with pauses that they give the dogs names in there always terrible yeah where's your dogs mamma mamma and would you need noah stella loud or yours my he was beller ok yeah and we need them larry larry's crazy that's fucking like larry that's good that's good what is it weird to be
you're not retired to you're obviously doing this moving you're doing a bunch stuff but is it weird be retired from your profession that everyone knows you from at such a young age be strange because i do feel and i make the joke with my wife all the time i am like i don't have a job but in reality i have like for right you know they're just not your normal jobs you know who kept sometimes i'm just what are you doing that a baby i'm writing that's my wife she writes would you doing it wrong doing anything i don't have a job right right there could be a little weird yang community can be strange pretend that you have something to do during the day so you like leave the house and you're gonna work honey
and they just go out like me i gotta coffee shop i don't have to lie about and i just go to go out and do something you now but i'm the one i do most of the girls for shopping and everything like that so early so i have something to do during the days of a crazy do you i saw that you made a comment recently that you would be open to go back to double debbie for very big bag on a bad we talking about we can negotiate eggers bigger they don't ato and another thing to have them with my so oh they don't have that much money you sure got new office they're moving answers are spent in somalia have something to you check the stock everyday in your like ok no they don't have enough my old today that you have enough money back and forward how most or stock is eddie i could be paid and stop it has the largest sync your vincent man how much would you pay you to come back i think the conversation we have to start somewhere like i don't know twenty twenty five whoop
can we saudi arabia shows they have to do to bring the housing employment a single they have to do to get the money to pay you i don't know what's the deal i got i they make so shady yahoo it's very from its very shady side backyard wrestling for india right you know we need to do though they i feel like they still are currently using maybe this is and i was a big attitude error guy but i watched here and there in the last fifteen years the problem is every time the chicago show ever is like a punk might be coming back i remember like two or three years ago i watched an entire raw expecting you come out at rosemont and you need to that would be like do not let them make money off of the idea that i could be coming out i'm saying i know you think me addressing it
i feel that i owe you re known as is its this really weird worldwide sideways rumor is is here with non you don't addressed the rumours because you add fuel to the fire is gonna let it let it die and there are there always gonna be there in there i was gonna take on a life of their own in a me coming out in addressing it i think puts a spotlight on you convinced ever does anything that's not for content i think that's what he's in that business yeah you know like like that whole with the network and all that i guess it's all content but i think that's the world we live in two i think everybody has their own streaming service now everybody needs content everybody's producing their own tv should hulu what the fuck who lose producing their own shows and movies netflix is producing their own shows and movies instead of paying other people for their stuff everybody wants their own ip and that's the smart way to go but yeah i'll think vince does anything without a camera
involved here divine and make a show out of it or do you think he last vince questions i know it's probably annoying i don't care what he did he fire you from the devil terminate you from the w read you think that was planned to do it on your wedding day nega total fuck you yeah yeah but my perspective was it was a gift so he's probably like a gallop and i'm probably like and online magazine guess pretty sweet royal now now i know i've talked about that ad nauseam and there it's impossible to think that it was anything but done maliciously and purpose but i've also forgive him for you know man i don't hang my head on and we get there it they didn't ruined my day and you know like i've i've just learned from it like that just like forgiveness is is for me in that damn and you know i can forgive but i don't have to forget that i'm
talk to aaa two days before that and he was ok let's talk now i can't talk after my honeymoon my wife work there she asked for the day off to get married so the idea that they didn't know that that was the date now getting married is impossible especially i still have the facts envelope it was bought and paid for on that day sent in two days ago did it is what it is that its whenever who yeah ok so funny fuckin storing yeah i know it's a mean though your attitude for doubly takes it almost cuts legs out for vince being like you i got em like no deanna because he counts on people to just get mad ryan unlike respond to what he's putting out so if you just run if somebody like yourself years ago it is what it is like a fire my wedding day it's funny swords that's like it s also a way to take the piss adam right right we ve we played nice here we ve asked about the dogs have talked about vents let's cut to the chase how big is but he says dick oh man huge she here
turning to other round look i gotta go they would use arm see that that there was a clear ox disinfecting wiped yeah yeah throw that over here oh my god when we see first sign that virtually useless rice nice toss out ok moreover hockey guy here more of beer dice i gonna i gonna hold it away that's it the minutes that's close the volume ok it's close by the way we have now the same two i we're gonna talk about the parting with blackhawks after the one stanley cup yes we also have something else in common we both feed john siena you do in the ring i did it because you want to fuck my belly button and broke up with nicky bela greater on olives actually right before he broke up and expel but yeah i've
the belly button i showed it to him and he there's a club where he was like i wanna fuck that thing that's so he just share that with you you wouldn't you and be the ugliest thing who is very now ok i'm let's talk about us our young we too that's emma s good he's a great guy we are also we parted with the black oxen two dozen thirteen that too we ve already got into fifteen maybe now ok if you are on the item i was over i then euro relative wanted to go home and go to bed that was fun time now desperate immerse question that's does that eight men tell you that i was another do you remember how this i hardly i'm yeah i was now is that it was an insane he was an insane blast and i was the only sober guy i think in the city that night no kane was not sobered all
yeah ok like half did does ever get annoying just hang out with drug people because i think i don't hate hanging out myself if i was drunk knows it was amazing what we were also eat your you and i were the only two guys words part of the team or like family members on the team on that bus and i remember looking around is patrick sharp brought me and he brought his brothers well enough like why have i make the front of the event we get harp and his brother but that's the same thing i sent the whole night i'm going playing my here right it was incredible and we're just driving around with the stanley cup i remember the best part was everyone was trying to figure out where it was going and i kept on tweeting where was going and people like he doesn't know and then i just tweet a picture of it like in my lap and i got to know and it was let me know so ridiculous night yeah it was it was a very ridiculous night without making it more ridiculous is i had to be in court at like eight a dot m
so i literally stayed out with the cup and you and the team all night and literate i went home i put a sudan and then i went to court and i wish i must have looked so strong out i was like like issue this guy street edge know exactly but yeah i slept like a baby after that was yes absolutely so did you go to it once abrasion or two of em i went to the one you are to the thirteen yeah ok do they make you where big paths to get on the bus now i heard that that sometimes they do instantly co here just united on the boss s was crazy so so patrick sharp invited you young and then who invited you patrick show how to translate the goals we both were project europe cigarettes are sharp rose and seen abroad yet we were invited together a lie i you know a life debt to patrick short all fears wedding may experience yes the mating absolutely the bus yet because he just pick usually get come meet up at the bar i thought i can get one picture with cop yes go home and there's a guy we're gonna go on the bus now as i do what i mean we're gonna go on the bus now is ignored
we're going on the bus everyone and what a ridiculous process like up somewhere get off the buzz yup walk into a place everybody does shots drinks you therefore like made a lot of places where you there for maybe maybe fifteen twenty minutes and then somebody just go and come on let's go brennan always like let's go punk like our aid and you want to walk back down you back on the bus you're going somewhere else and like that's where near me and you like a guy contact and out just like what am i doing ones like ten different bars and in the night into every single one use walk in ever like fuck yes it's incredible i don't know how they did it like a like i was shot and i wasn't drinking but like those guys like it's it's crazy i guess they're like athletes and also they worked so hard to day i know that being around those guys after like the second or third day they all just basic go to sleep there
yeah but then they gonna go do the parade how i don't think that's always vonny the everybody's just drunk hung over figures sunglasses you can find out just sit marietta while capitals i think stay drug for like two weeks ago atop the others will never online as pretty big big deal i was just some research on it turns out that punk is a fan of pop music asks that's interesting what's the what's the best show the verb enter good question is really what does your the rancid show on saturday i was there i was it was great i mean brand rancid is banned that never has a bad show they never sound bad they never have a bad said they're just always good they're like that the new clash you don't mean where whether dislike super professional but still wildly unprofessional and away from the best i
i think my stock answer is i went and saw rancid play chicago and i want to say it was ninety nine five or ninety six i think they play aid i've seen a play everywhere in chicago they played the rev and they had a rocket from the crypt open and slapstick the local chicago ban open for them and like that's the biggest one too bree punch i i have ever seen aside from going alike festivals where you can be like i saw rancid and there are some bad religion or then i saw wooten clan you know right just one solitary show but i've i've seen some i've seen some bankers i've seen some like crazy crow mag shows you know i've seen great sick of it all shows the bouncing souls always do really really well it shows you see here i don't know
it depends on where i am in the countries where were my friends are you know he'd like that's a lot of the time that's how it goes like i was gonna be here in new york doing press for my movie anyway and i came out early so i could go see rancid and the misfits right because it have a real job right right you can hang out with yeah i just had a train everyday really here before anything in particular or you may be trying to fight again nice don't want to lose my mind ok you know what i mean it's in the back of my head like i haven't closed the door a hundred percent like if i do fight again i'm sure it will be in europe see how they should be either do you regret a mainly now hopping up gazelle guys kid it's very very hard to use obviously happened to the i don't regret it at all you know because it's it's made me it made me such a better man and i met so many amazing people and have like life experience
susan by great friendships with like my team and my coaches and everything don't regret i mean it's a admirable thing i can't imagine we have of immature boxing lee that would do paper views and we own the boxing league and i always say anyone who gets in the ring it's like you get an old undying respect for me because a lot of people talk but to get in there and no like hey this could go badly is a totally different ballgame sir i wouldn't worry us i'm u get punished i just took a hit i wonder i speak last last week sometime you you are you one of the guys i kind of like a feeling a panel wit thing everybody likes pain definitely one of those guys that it i need to get woken up here i need to get jobs in the nose really quickly oh yeah ok let's tight let's take everything up here you re right my s question you tattoo
which are obviously a big part of you and you know what everything in rustling in and you know you have seen everything do you regret any touches no none now have two years it's isn't respects i think when you have as many as i do i think the joke is you don't you know you're not you not tattooed enough unless you do regret a few of them right but that makes me like i'm all the more you know any mean like going to a tattoo parlour and somewhere in like southern indiana with a couple your friends on a whim and like picking something off the wall that's like awful that's fucking hilarious yeah it's more about the experiences and the people you go with and get bro tattoos with than it is about the actual tattoo because when you this tattooed europe you know it's in
respect your work your argon should not respect anybody who s tat no i saw its zeal but is it so stupid which one which one is your favorite that's a fantastic question i mean i have my first dog my dog when i was a kid kelly i have heard her palmprint that's your name my wife's lips right here nice and then next to a rising knapsack next to it i have a bowl of roman because i love romany up i mean there lie in either fuckin pepsi turkey like one why we love pepsi which your dumbest broke tattoo the roman might be my dumbest that's you i like nokia right now it's like well don't you know i mean i mean i got some well done one year ago someone is an awful i do have i got i got the tattoo tattooed to come because you were here now share that me says my summer vacation that's us yeah because that was
it is the first time i was ever off the road rarely have you we and i got to go to all the play afghans and i went to every single one of them and on they one and then i got the party with the cops i like to me we had the trip over time game against a rebel against that one year yet elements of albania that one was a long game in this style having beer or lead the one matters you won the triple owed o t with the bruins too yes yes said he i might still be the longest yakking the black oxen replayed i went to a private like four five games during that run it was a good many people were sleeping they were like wake me up when the period starts i gotta go to work in the morning and they would just like throw their winter jacket enough instead thriller jacket over and their despair i go to sleep right out of the leg nudge people s game starting in it's nothing i get when it when there's like a deep laugh run one no matter the sport it feels like you're just eat the wave that you ride during that like me
is just something so special what everything changes right i don't give a shit about the nationals no offence or the braves you know and i hate the cardinals but like i'm watching cardinals braves games like everything changes when is the playoffs rise shit mean something i think hockey is even more that too because especially overtime hawking the playoffs its ivan i don't even enjoy watching it it's just that the tension is so high and somebody is about to get their heart broken but you can't look away from well that's what people s military though make fundamental you blacklisted make play offs and i'm over here like i'm like good like those i could break i just watch the play of hockey just watch it and enjoy that stressed out on that pacing in my living room in less you when the stanley cup the play off sock yes romani really nothing criticising caps fan i've dealt with that for many many years lotta shit but
it was well worth it when they did when one last question whether tattoos was the spider web design we see the elbow spiderweb on people and i'm always afraid to ask what it is now so i i got my elbow done because it's supposed to be like the most one of the most painful places things right on the bone right now do you like hey now i know now i had fractured my skull right odin the paint yeah i'd i fractured my skull and i got my elbow done to take my mind off of the fact that i fractured my skull and nobody has that citizens yet an awful but i was like i don't know twenty twenty something years old at the half the hath a bad idea about tattoos is the way you have to position your body when you're getting them united states so i'm not
this like first three four and a half hours and like just dear arm goes nom and then it just its super super painful and the whole time unlike emma head still hurts this is stupid sets out what the hell i did and my arm her it didn't work at all should adjust done drugs man i will thank you so much girl on the third floor come out twenty fifth slack theatres precede stop by video on demand you can get it on you can call it itunes anymore right you can you get all your call it what do we got faulty that was not even able to see him park and riker and riker riker who start i dont know if you would recognize you i think he's just really well trained do they give you like ahead not to be like a boy it would be a full on gallop into jump chest level does as i do take you're gonna take a bump yeah you nursing legacy larry nursing larry
the story with larry is my wife and i were laying in bed and we're flipping through catalogues of rescue dogs and she said oh look at the sky and showed me i am and i went from he's cute and then the next day one got em because i'm a huge horror movie fan and i love the universal monsters and larry looks exactly like the wolf man who so i have oil paintings of all universal monsters wolf man creature buckled doomed geller frankenstein so this is the first pillar i ever took of larry i brought him home and i put him right next to my oil paining of the wolf man and this is why he's named larry tell that after the wolf man ah hell yeah lairs bad ass who is she so inflexible kate that's amazing i go man that's awesome and paul chicago his attitude and i know you can zoom in i'll put it in their air right there
cameras area i have actually won one last question what was it like been on a bachelor party with rome was he cool you remember i wouldn't use cool so wrong or something i don't know rhone went on john mayors backs report knows whose bachelor party buddy jensen jensen his bachelor party john mayer was on it and see him punk was on an erroneous on it he it was who is it was crazy is a very sober bachelor party we went to a pinball museum like a pinball factory and then we went to elect we went to a socks game it was it was wild and i super enjoyed hanging out with john mayer because normally like i'm like the focal point the room right and it was nice to be this super gigantic celebrity so like people would just
flock to him and raised out just be over there you nachos like this is pretty cool ray i do this more often and i knows you mention road so that's that's all he was that he was that forgettable but john mayer cool braun was busy taking pictures with men and john their role very good guy i was surprised that he like just likely i was on approach on where he's it was though these being a little bit of a coward cause we keep telling him he's i think there is a group text chain has already come on textron mare he won't do it just do it once again he has one you can do where you can be like hey man em in the same you know cities you what's up and if he does
spawn you'll never touched our mayor gandia but you get one needs won't do is what it's ridiculous yeah it's all of us that were at the bachelor party right touchett pop one just do want abuse the text chain want one tiger i wondered how get that i will thank you so much repression anglia yeah there's a lot of fun and ever go check out girl on the third floor watch on apple tv now so do it that interview with cm punk was brought you guys by vineyard vines let's talk for a minute we recently got a care package from our bodies over vineyard vines we gotta say this rocks i'm going off you have a big rubbed here for me but you know what i'm going to use all their talking points because i won't tell you about the pants that they send us amazing pants amiss in dress pants the most if a ball dress pants i've ever put on my life that's not alive got like this cool elastic ii type ways it's very very comfortable forgiving and it's god moisture winking technology i'd shrimp took a bottle water and it on my crotch and disappear
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it okay we teased we seized it on wednesday we have paul rebel here he came back yes crazed that you came back two days later actually actually having learned the same clothes i would never knesset so if you miss wednesday show first of all fuck you second of all paul rebel has announced that there's a seventh piilau team we are exposed thing as elite we because we own it and he has left us to come up with a team name so that's right you but we do have to like be semi serious about the right way can we take our branding very seriously i think we should do is let's start with the worst names that aren't going to get picked and then we'll work our way to the good nets okay okay so you guys have a lisp
well i i just i don't really thought start here i just five minutes ago i wrote some things that they're all bad might all about so i can just get story i will let me actually speaking here let me ass you like is there anything specific that you're looking for a sound animal do you want no names sarkozy communal zebras we like to think about animals way to think about time and space or moments okay hey ass for example miracle on ice the mere annex a very different oconto cities so that sappermint out ass his out yet and not out althea beagles are gone to viewed food dangerously watermelons that's it one likes watermelon yeah they marched the march will be hot it's a half time meal what about like i think aren't there aren't you name it hot dogs in that it makes people want to go and buy hot dogs at the concessions yes cleaners look back one of my team names was just the docks the or dogs
dogs carrasco everyone loves dogs you just make it dogs right it is docks you tell me that when work on the internet i think it's on the table ok we'll about mad dog twenty twenty i like mad dog here here is one other wrinkle is that we have to run these names through legal has i think mad dog owns it was re was actually it was really challenging but they may not in sports ok the trick very we first had our six clubs named we had probably two hundred different names with em down to thirty and then we had our top fifteen with legal checking of all of them because you have high school college is pro semi proteins and depending on who built the teams filed for trademark
so let's get let's let's get free will cut will come up with three and then you can do the whole legal mumbo jumbo and then that one of those three will work so let's start with the bad ones the rain city jack's yes i like it why radio telescope it's a masturbation club in seattle yes you do a good job pretending not to know what i've unfamiliar with lovers out once again that extra oyster rain city jack's what about the vine stars cause economy have like there's you know like divine nets and everything and then rise or similar divine no longer exists but when again rate it was great aunt em are sure that a bunch of lacrosse dude tried to be vine stars like my back a plan is lacrosse right i'm stars divine i like these guys are going with two names to start to be stars lacrosse club yes who yes vs
ok i'll see now and in an instant didn't land about redskins i know well would you know it's here redskin we grew up in dc that short answers now and then i'm especially scarred over the last few decades of daniel seiners ownership of the washington rescue has i think the washing lets you to change your name i do to the any it has not even if you think that the name is great and not offensive you should still a change in the other what river ass yet rational which makes great name would sue daniel snyder ok yeah fisheries how to do that let's see what about the pipe fitters cause then you can get the i think that's what lacrosse vernacular right pies pollux young hit the pipe yet whatever and then you can also maybe get your local union to be involved as well interested pipe fitters right right unions hot in the streets hype hitters or fitter
provided it enters but then you're better than we would have to be at your irish long about pipers note that's too much on private papers i dare not gonna help are staring what about wesley pipes like that and that's actually somethin their people say often in the cross hit the bar flies out that's wesley pipe leslie pipes and he's i think i don't guess he money anymore so we could probably get him for cheap pipe it up painted on saving pipe and yeah bagpiper slippers just the papers and they were kilts so back to pipers piper ciphers pipers pipers lacrosse club it's good to put that on the iron i out there the thanks but i look over to the hammer and eggs i love it the hammers i love it amazement
experts have our interesting case murmurs basel for grown the sport to this way hammers what about ah what about jenner cheddars who across redder yet girl stinky good thing to think he cheats stinky cheese tat would be good cause it also would be like if not although it's the you gotta think of the name and then will cross club coming after the stinky cheese the cross club the up i want to just thinking when it also would be cool is like archers atlas chaos right aims sock i think you're right and it is a good piece of cheese as our love would abandon bearing the desert in the first interview we had a european ice erika told us that she'd bessie reflecting on this team oh we are however like a horse racing ideas just keep being like surefire winner
we're trying to figure out a deal of personal bets right now ok just ordered let's about eruption oh i like it's a young one way or volcanic volcanic or value but then people be mags like oh my great great great great great great grandmother dynamo vesuvius yassin toss a few more grates on their great great great great yeah time some european macro club that's pretty erupt the disruptors the erupt disruptors with no let please you know you had a goes in a cross are oh maybe arm are jerseys or are turtleneck rise black turtleneck what's the name of the book fucking scheme that the woman had a blood one thin us
the third area there is right there in her and steve jobs iron i would about i was using the artworks because get all that phone book clout go and worse than first alphabetically always shows up at the top the table gap week one there always in first place like that what about the pigeons that's interesting yeah pigeons don't get alot of love and we could make a funny like looking you know it's a it was it was a big street brand right was it yet pigeon was that goes the pigeon street where brand of those staple pigeon stapleton checklist ok like pigeon i have so far we have nothing wrong hammers i thought hammer like murmur hammers what about i don't know if the copyright but if you just called it marvel
larval whitcross club we would ass soon out there like that i as an marvel like there are less aiming your marveling at someone like marvel is just a word isn't it we could say it and satire home absolutely yet jordan brand lacrosse gloved about the the great regret grit lacrosse maria would be good grinder gazette actually falls into like the atlas the chaos grit grew gee are i and ii are now now rightly lockers out what it is i think one of the seventh at least the that the team working on the outside are looking in from the outside when we announced our first six clubs was nervous
i get over now merrily that makes it easy i was going to have an agreement that will we didn't go with it right it's developed its easy to plug in weighing up in a spanish that means doesn't go no yeah i think that's right brand over there right nobody i don't know how i never saw the chad's chad wicks who the chadwick what about what about the fin arms that's vietnam across i think the letters i deserve fino for their loss club the receiver sophomore game isn't like the financing and somebody gave it is not a team name how did you come up with three hundred names is the hardest thing i've ever had to get the vultures miss global choice we took that api and where they say no thanks they were interested you have to play lacrosse on a pair rollerblades had to pay the stones pay who were not the wit
stones with away but it ain't nobody nobody beats them right but its h instead of the wizards its cheese yeah i guess i always use whack you ve gone like cheese what was your last one i don't know what do we have a saying i know not what have plenty to say stones yet arm stone you could works of how a keystone for sound but stone to just cool there's extorted means balls it could mean like that rolling stones can be made stone is tough so rockstar yeah rhymes tough rocking it out the stones of the waves risk aggressive yeah you have heard the waves like that we don't have any good water he's doing we have no water one of these
got a water crack is an animal the water stay wavy the waters of the arrogant eagerly odors we have an inside joke at our office when when someone really off we we tell them that they need to go drinks from water in summary i think everyone everyone back at home probably gotta kill animals they forty eight in my pocket i need some guilder once you said there we were gonna have you don't i could see the funniest thing ever not gonna sell that wicked tuna the tuna south salmon what about salmon are salmon's did he say salmon salmon the salmon common not as i like that the water beast water be not a thing you just a bit
i always i don't like it you have a you're like a man i literally journalists in here you're pushing you know now i said i have a less but which i would do i wouldn't i would do the water water bees we can get best of both worlds there is cash theirs and there is a water animal what about fire salamanders oh that's there is some type of aid you that angry salamander out there that is also of native american dissent or the fire salamanders their immune to fire right we learned that measure we learned about cyber alimentary we would actually be very much into doing the fires yeah manders if i could actually has a lot of owning to us who hears one hears a salamander mug puppies tat would be a signal because now you got the dog you got the it's cool name sounding name might poppies mud puppies yes it's a type of salamander dna we get push back from
and he like animal protection agency now be snow and then we could make a salamander yet we could make like it could be the logo could be a puppy wearing you're with a salamander on it i waited a march on we're headed down the mud poppies we hope to see a dirty dog yet do not just have done that's been run you like i will i do like the dog to people of dogs on dogs across his dogs look is that it will not even a retail wranglers rest demure you are your support and one right down these are good or dogs i think dogs were just play dogs plays absolute mastiffs we're not the underdog so much money yeah erentz thoroughbreds some people out yeah breed breeders lacrosse club now again how dangerous kind area dangerous let's see bees i ain't salamander parties
i think we go solomon we gotta go fireside when assessing the kicker mud puppy sounds pretty damn good are the oddest guys i did not expect in a wide open brainstorm session like he had noticed you said ok cool we're gonna bring like two ideas and then just start yelling shit who i'm looking up types salamanders right now that's where rat i so let's recap what we have so far we have the dogs narrowed down what do you think our best ones were so far i like mud puppies i think mud pop is actually have it be a mug puppy not a salamander but you know it's a summit i like mud puppy like fire salamanders i like grit read just plays always jaap stones stone owns financed we gotta leaving i'm in there at that one word from you a little bit about the wet dogs i got a wet dong sweaty fact ice the waves waves was in there the waves we can't you colors
four waves really cool without would be step to as identity build woody mean typical logan color sign we provide passengers around i'm they puppies everyone gets round vote was thrown out there so take off worthies i'm gonna take the war to the people and we're gonna you're going window it down i think there i don't want to sell this whole process short meaning you guys have a ton of created creativity upstairs so i want to take these names and then i want to let them simmer come back you guys text see if there's anything else that circle back put opinion it see if there's any other names that come to mind add them too
are potentially take it to the people but i'd like to make the decision between us yes ok about i might come back with a few names to but here's my problem with what you guys have right now the logos are a little too like harsh so we need something that can be we're gonna be solid showed off your beagles logo i did like that sells i do like that i did like that logo soldiers legal we could just go beagles and you have a beach she'll ass beagles you guys are primarily trademark that it hurts me we owed all does the world but it needs to be a logo that's like we need brand synergy though with the with the rest of the teams right you can't stand out too much i think we should stand alone the problem is though i'm looking at the logos right now to industrial for my liking i need something about like i want aware a goofy kind of cool although i gotta think dive bar that's all we need to think we'd better
the huskies but it's not like a dog is just a picture big cowering sweatshirt ours too that would not be where we are seeing it off yet husky visited you'd corner the market of guys you're just not okay with themselves and i love the huskies yeah but it's taken by every eye what nobody gets s case ah yes right this is husky isn't like that you have had as ends wild law maneuver hath husky yeah husky the husky huskies just like i'm lookin out right now i want our logo to totally stand out i want to go to be you got harsh industrial look and stuff and then it just like acute ass puppy boop boobs what about the boot there's definitely room for a dog on their yes i like the idea of a wave some type of care fire salamander what about we're we're midway wrongs certain yet your hundred on our godfrey absolutely without charge adopted
the waves would be good that's a cool me because there's no no one has used wave dogs right did exist every german presidency ass if that's my bosses that's my vote waved we'll get a dog would be the use your imagination it is an outline of a direct and then he just look at it run you just get the color and whatever dog right we can actually sell more shirts outweigh its people can do their customers doc you put your dog on your dog he resigned yeah terrorism terriers turf dogs turf dogs who turfed but what about the latter dogs and its people get a kick out of turkey is that something that lacrosse we will say yeah i think a turf dog bread correct me if i'm wrong but is that the idea is that something like sock worn a certain way to prevent the black beads and the turf to getting anywhere cleat called turf too high
in their nerve dog good dogs i think we're logo could be a dog like scraping turf up like between its legs reagan whole right or left who played out on the turf throwing around a net could you get an apt in a huddle yes your hundred hours on three absolutely but having to charge it up to where dog turf daughter dogs are three one two three turn us having a allies that does meagre parker roy you say terror and then use are barking the term yeah it's a little due to turkey and then we sell and like i said it's the logo is like oh really cute dog this totally different in all your other in those sports idols you can get away with and convince anyone to say anything if you say confidently quickly through each other hark on three one through the dark i think about going through i said bark
it has certain right so robotic at this stage and on top of that turf dogs used to shorten it tee is now we're talking about real sport right or how to write books so now it's like we found our way to football and now we're actually selling stuff i don't know i'm stuck on turf talks are now this is like my my brain wants finds one i like i'm kind of tat house shall we but an up to your audience we could but i think i think we ve got some gold and these hills regularity definitely restaurant in western lowland drilgoes oh yeah yeah go wrong bay are sweet princess saw ramp pay he's always be asked the devil g guerrilla would make an awesome across yeah oh the goal railways asked the girl goal rose and its
its golly that's also guerrilla yeah i like that ok i am i know i just i only like down that's why no no no no big deal swine psyche it's hard to say but i like a gorilla so yeah yeah right as if it is just that rose the goal guerrillas that's good that's hard to dinner i saw what's our let let's narrow it down to four of them are we getting out you're taking these four to your people ok wave dogs fire salamanders fireside manner financed lash mud poppies pits those together because there is a mud puppy is fires because all and waved our reserve the right to go away i want my team to actually sell march dogs is the best way wave dogs fire salamander mud puppies turf dogs we also have female venus grit you're gonna end stones stone's throw phenol em out
feel tat was not my idea y know you don't was why the ideal but he was on the three hundred board yeah you said is needed i liked ellen seems like a good one morning locality locked up he covered that time and space category that moment no no locked out who much like the other names we got it a gun and will never george you're thing but the board backup now these things are not through the board always vienna shows our general grant grant the greyhounds i'm just like that like all roads we draw the bolts rely ryan i think gray aren't grounds are taken by loyola university but i love greyhounds as my first dog what are we rescued agree on what really i the ground you what about him was prince prince lacrosse club now that's pretty good me to buy what about one anxious at the bolts i
you like that because we have a guy named bolt man in san diego doesn't have a team cause the charter's left we might be will bring back out of retirement bolt i actually really like that ports you see what i was thinking as if we re all clubs good if we were able to like back our way into a name here what i was legitimately concerned about is a rush to the u s tpa what's up traded had got it the boss sports boats across club nuts and bolts you know there's someone is listening that's that's rush ordering this right now people will be nice about yes i hold i really like it ok i don't know where with land though hire a legal check but i could see a logo being fucking amazed when he had lain boat or would it be too pisa hardware i think a lightning bolt just a lightning bolt would sell so much here like that's a cooler
that is also the grateful dead we have promised apple that's ok we can figure that out right we know bill on the his head we could definitely call belong hey man and back here your declared aim is a friend of the cross is india here are just like its unsure whether it hey promotion or by is he's been out there with a stick promoting indoor lacrosse ok cool aim is the rainbow warriors because it takes one thing they don't there that you don't associating fierce and you combine it with a fierce name so something like the pillow fighters who pillar fighter sir fighters pillow here's the ep or even better reiner presents the pillow by eight so we have bolts mud puppies wave dogs turf die bugs fire salamanders and vietnam grit and stone grit grit grit stone fino
i think that's good that's good let the cat typed all those into a google search google that's that hit that's his version her john how often do not know what we're good on all those few mud puppies bark mud puppies me too late for we would the emails do not lay their eggs until the following spring mud puppies have no skill in their skin is very slimy but puppies are also called water dogs because the barking sound they sometimes make while as water dogs your water dogs do what they wanted ox water dies across got yeah it's we gonna piglet people can get around on water dogs muttered dogs are great dogs yes there it's not just like there's something called a portuguese water dog that's what oh bomb ahead as his dog but it can also be a newfoundland you being majestic peak che chesapeake bay retriever she had got a nice course coat on them that's in europe you will have the right yet just eat jesse's have sweetwater dogs would go head to head with whips snakes that feels a similar type of
yeah name in and we also the rivalry like a really funny mass got that and we could also com short fertile water docks like that when we got you get that selling i wouldn't have drew in the office your carried out a great name would or dogs and all that so funny the guy reactors one path they would love it puts you write that down form so that when around sooner cooler doubt different like damp always nails the inside jokes the bottom line i now think we're good so you're gonna take this to the people yes we're gonna get a name out of this and then all the data we also all know across him yeah that's how our shit if you come back with me not learn about you i would disavow you will by willing i won't i allow back no i'm unwelcome a huge whip snake supporter of they beat the shit out of vietnam sticks fleet size were giving that i won't go on the ally ok if we do feel
but if we do the water dogs yeah you're gonna go please note or right come on in a fully people love it just like water dogs boom done have is it very clean though bolt is clean water docks and its dog inside of a future steak eating a water ice and then we'll get to a place soon where will make a decision to make official you know it is in our view be it's a dog eating a cheese inside of a dumpster that's been filled with water as a pool yeah old philadelphia ok let me be clear the air for second if you were given the up turning to rename the washing redskins yes would you go about the process the exact same way raindrop europe
it would be named the water docks advice is going down in history as i got it in an undertone ass long yelling that now you just be paratroopers uric it be sick you just have a dog and just like each walking on water they are and instead of having just one dog mass got you have like twenty of them that run out to feel before the game yes and take shits all over the pitch lean into what the internet likes docks and water cats on occasion and i can one muster like ferociously wines we tie our unless we even went to hack because do lost that that's another caballero yes us ok so we ve given you enough i think one of these i was gonna be the expansion team the water dogs are gonna be the name i'm excited for it grow excited for it the water docks yet only twenty of already but let's get you guys on the embassy brake s time yes i'm not in college for
or when you're having your second kid corrects not happening for white don't do that that would suck ok paul rebel thank you so much and i will let everyone now because we're gonna sell shitload of march we are really an assault on what they have in the eyes and other fino yak gave it to me now we're gonna burn the march that's fucked up it's a game that he go you dig fucked up that interview parable was brought you buy politician i am a big fan of the pellets on bike i love it means health the two because it best cardio machine on the planet and lets down why it is the best khartoum machine plan i've got one of my living room right now i write on it all the time i've been on it as much as i'd like to recently only one or two roads this week i can change all that when i go home today before i watched her cousins throw for
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is your firefox that you're so high you can't figure out how to fire fast now what no oh god ok ah my fire i spent a week in a half one thing why i just picked up the other day but i was my headphones and per week and half of coming to and from work without had that's the war and i i forget i go to work and i'll just you wait to the last minute so i like timing out so i have to leave right when i leave otherwise i'll be late so then by the time i remember my fuck and then when i'm leaving all the stores are closer my fuck i'll do in the morning and then i forget and it was like total it took a week and a half of commuting should know how it was what are you a psychopath i would rather odd rather forget my shoes and forget my headphones i would earnestly gis i would buy out pay like as much money as i had in my pocket should get headphones right away yes what hawk the morning
currently doing our does great thing about headphones sometimes yes ever do this where you on your computer and you realize that you haven't actually played in the audio there's no like podcast from music going but you still have your headphones oil and wait till great yes because everyone around these things they ulysses of the cool and you get to drown out the noise is very thing this not in your own agreed a great big time that's crazy mother one is my corcoran marijuana chamber who endure anti drug dealers the other one your kind of stock in the middle of that success i'm not a marijuana shimmer i just who i'm just allow me one i do audio ashamed i feel i just want you to meet high
i'm a drug area lighter yet that's good i want you to be i don't want you deny i gave hank is first taste for free i wish our next right now so far i gave you want to i know i didn't even know we were doing a fuckin part my bank we're not we're long overdue hang we are hanging i knew that personal arena is it is it legal honest authority and only when you just give his hand he hears round here's a brown like i cannot i i'm not i'm not a safer dog i am shocked i was proud of my of my baking skills he knows it's gonna poisonous brain but he still eat it ok if ie or firefox my firefox the week is my teams are so good at sports that i have to stay of late all the time i haven't been able to get healthy it i've been trust shake off this cold for we can have and it's not that i'm always having these night we'll thoughts i'm just always in a state of like half way conscious and half wages hallucinating my way through life for the last eleven days
i think i've got about an average of two and a half to three hours asleep sniper coughing so i am struggling through a plain hurt but you get suggestion to go the doktor i thought about doing that i don't coding how do you know how to go the dockers given coding and then i give hank a taste of it for free earlier him fuckin hooked home and then every single take on me mash up at the inability to green jobs unscrewed whom yup do you think i do
the voluntarily doing edward forty hands like yeah that at all it's tough to be like man i'm so tired and working so much hey let me drink eighty ounces of beer yeah and then complain about being set without an interesting one because twenty that's a nineteen year old movies so i knew that it was gonna be a blow out for the national cohesion i wanted people to tune into the ariane programme accompany man when he had finished so beer visualize it was a blow job i knew was gonna be a blood anyways but i do i just figured that the best way to do that to give to viewers at home a little extra visual treat we need to do something like duct tape forties to each had on somethin i haven't done since i was twenty two yeah yeah have to be like pour me i'm sick but i'll call of the hills germs yes definitely does deadly does i maya fire fast is i've had a squeak my shoe all week really north that is tough it's everywhere i walk everyone
like here come squeaky she'd be gimme a roll back and i actually stopped i stop wearing them the shoes and have this today no i couldn't handle a squeak anymore been wearing juba hey arnold closet of air air tech challenges words like ocean no that's not a shame that's some respect your gadget is really what my are generally and that's all shame at all the air to put here they threw know they are two challenges squeaky once so i that's actually the lesson is i should never go off the air tat challenge they never squeaked on me
you're having a squeak issue though it's a nor everyone looks at you to their like duties at you is that you squeaking and you can't do anything about ruining everyone else's debt people's heads baking sort out on a whit where would you put it that's just a train the shoe making soda the marketing team behind big baking so did such a great job for convincing everyone that cures everything cures everything and if you have a science project with volcanoes yeah good day if you have baker s oda pirates if you're baking soda and like apple cider vinegar according to ninety percent of mobs facebook pages you will be able to fix everything duct tape throw inducted octavia for the dad for everything ok let's go let's finish applicable segments and will do our f accuse the very special guest for sub we have it will in paradise tom brady adam chef reporting that it's the least likely thing is for him to finish with the patriots now this is able to give credit to get up and he s paean because they basically guy
halfway through the season and pictures haven't lost yet so they can't do that the patriots done so instead there during his tom brady gonna go somewhere else kings they can't now really well if you look at the facts behind it adam schaeffer said he is selling his house which has been shells resources now times only house actually private six seven but he selling one of his homes his aigner is selling his house so connect the dots road there and then this offseason when he restructured now i always restructures so that the patriots can cheat and pay them less money but secretly paying more this time he demanded that they take out the it's a franchise or transition tag them which is never done before in all his restructuring so you can see pretty easily by those three facts that tom brady
is going to be the quarterback for the less angeles charges next year oh i was gonna say how far you would be if he just went to san francisco like i want to finish my hometown team jimmy you're out just cox shimmy again would be hilarious it'll be money yes yeah oh but if you want to big stoutly cool now would be to fell needs a winner in vegas and strip star homes call you tom hank are you worried i'll know what if he goes jets he would never ever the giants the dolphins he would never go any these places onward and where would he most likely go the charter's actually one be that you have a thing is i cried caso iraqi either have i percent chance of that happening that's that's why i put it to the five is you bet bigger money once yeah yeah i sort of panic this morning because i read that filled rivers in last year's contract i didn't feel any thinks yeah yeah i had to put
and would you would you say if there is any truth whatsoever to these rumours like we're the house has been out there since before the season we talked about in the summer and it is exam but bigots edwards like their dominating teams are night there undefeated what are you gonna say which make this up push them some news such acquire canoes respect schaeffer said twice though he doubled down on i'll think chapter i like my fear is that i think is a good honest people journalists but the fact that he asked a lake take it yeah comes down from the topic chapter like put this out there we need we need to push readings any does it still damning society they do to mcgruder better than that out of aid to do this thing it's so great the best was the current cap ethnic one a few years ago when there when one yes reporter report something or has an opinion on something and then they report on the opinion and then they basically twenty four hours new sang i think jaws was the one who jaws convent africa best quarterback vienna fell and then they basically headed on the bottom line like is the colony
bring the best quarterback vienna fell the guy's debate it later not only that he's the best in the history he could hear us to play the game it even when the eighty four ounces of then gone another show to defend your take and then somebody makes content out of that appearance at your genius it is virginia so up i'll say this about adam chapter and his appearances are get up however i think it's beneath adam shelter to appear pretty short in the north to be benita what the new york studios beneath them because when he goes on that show he doesn't where the thai oh when i see item shelter regarding about the affair i want him in bristol and further like a giant metallic like seventy foot young each de screen that they paid a hundred million dollars for that's where adam shelter needs to be not would like you're his arm around greeny with little tugboat go up and down the east river yak round that's not that's beneath you adam and when i'm doing right here is just making am chapters life miserable because if enough people say that young odessa
keep going i cannot imagine that he's gotta pee all time as a lot of travelling if you have to go it is a lot of peace thursday doped up in the back along tankers i put up i let's do every cues we have in walked we're about to get aviator view interview dog which dog body hurwitz coming next week and before dog walks in in walks a ghost a p empty passed it is julie football where have you been patented julie's pause vacation vacation i bet they had to take me away i was so depressed yeah i had it in i think they took me bellevue ogre and so the metal
rob that's a mental hospital i do you now have another breakdown when i left you caprio was actually the middle patient the whole time that's so do you wish to europe you too to prague prig prague prague and beautiful country full city like to sanction however i have not that i don't know not that you would know you know i don't know that i did i could have i don't know i want a lot of places so good i don't remember what your food like in czechoslovakia their known for their life oh i know you think of hungarian goulash do you wrote this is it is i do not regard siberian do what they say the czech republic or czechoslovakia originally is the home of the life of enemy this beer beer beer
everywhere were they celebrating october festival not yet ok look related outlines although i saw you and i was in october and but that wasn't a big deal i thought i saw you in that video that we postpone the ira is check it out ok ok let's do symmetric use right you didn't write it i'm a high school for office of alternator as do the julie pause first play call our next game is yours what do you got a shovel shovel pass should pass through to shoulder what i need to know that some specific smathers seventeen seventy four football shall carry out what what person just do a shovel dress is really to try to note that is during the novel pass which favour plan for some of us a he was an man who shovel pass out of thirteen personal farrago shovel pass is taking
i like joe buck and making him like a born showing side to him nobody thought he had the best success you can have the pod cast yet not again paid seven a thousand oh yeah that's when when the direct apposite hits not yet and when we do the job market a review is there's your back do you like him i loved your back ok so when we do the job market or view he pays us about seventy five thousand how many episodes have you listen since you left jill that's a moment when whose aim was that they wouldn't let me have anything in the house a good plan of course when i was in europe my farmers can you go down with an island checklist walk good point debbie predictable that will have an area will i forgot to notify my carrier that have to be a rock and read i will not be the case
twitter you ever fallen off on that as well you still don't let her go viral i've done a few things nice guy not to brag but i have a pretty sweet three tv set up for anything else on this i have four bite himself over every sunday comes over empty handed and stays from ten at west coast on eight p m when something that ends how do i tell him take a few seconds off without being an asshole somewhere yeah just say that you're goin to two fronts ass you know he's from canada that's a tough spot because i used to have in chicago used to have all the like my friends come over for sunday in watch every single game at my house said multiple tvs but you have to be good enough friends that you don't care that there in your house like some i frederick just take taken out and i wouldn't care or i'd taken up and they wouldn't care so you need that spend an entire someday
it needs to be such a friendship that you can just not talk to each other you just in the presence of each other yet so one way to go would be to just order a lot of really shitty food may have a terrible experience one sunday at your house maybe have to the tvs messrs may not work for summaries right cables out and stuck on the jaguars jets game and yet we have to sit there watching the entire time yours appetising yourself as one or one yeah but you know what sometimes you get to heaven you got to walk to a little bit of hell it's true and you need to know when to cut people off in your life and sounds like this guy might be a cut off situation the other option is just pull all the all the blinds down in the shutters then just act like not home jack and all the lighthouse bring food yard maria argentina be were a jewel brings up a good point is the big problem here that you don't like the guy or is it just doesn't buying foods both you gonna fix both fixed both a what's up drug guy fifty in some cat oh i'm going
up to an amusement park this weekend that does a halloween theme should i eat some shrooms and go on the rights no yeah i say as a big as can be me for me dog ok it's i can't think of anything worse actually than taking shrubs and golden roller coaster send signals rollercoaster good point wash could be all week bringing moose the fire to fired assistant general manager brain in tablets oh so z out there doing this trying to try to change the narrative tat was all aid to lay a karma is they're trying to win the karma back so they can win some games too late too late term raves brought him much welcome note for recovery that israel has anyone handled something worse than that nl i think that denying trying to do misinformation then doing a half apology then doing
apology of the half apology then firing it's become very clear to me that every organization a vice president of pr is not cutting it anymore every big company needs to have a vice president of apologies just a vice president sorry you hired the most polite canadian you can find them in that position have them look over every time you want to tweet out a notes app apology up look at over edit it and say no desire crocker shit just say you're sorry and that you fucked up sorry goes along that's it i have a question what does the firing of him what does it mean it means that the ashraf potentially have a chance come back in the series of delight is now because they had really bad karma going as now and deserted the guy was a fucking piece of shit and they are trying to defend them so basically just say they visited an exorcism on themselves and their children this is a panic move ok sutton attitude dude
who decided how to make word plural the wise it mouse in mice but not moose and meese goose becomes geese but fish doesn't come fish noah when you got two of every one of them onto our he said i have the option to rebrand all of you and you did what am i going to call you i never seen two of you at the same time mind blown and with this one would you rather have front row tickets to this money in its dolphins her steelers game or a fifty dollar amazon gift card his dog plan no misery back yeah so great a duck was electric though ass a great great big buckler definitely the gift card you are even a question how close montgomery scented duck front row from us about four boggy doc you'd you're listen right out let me know how close if one can be hanging out during the game or not and then i can answer i would say i would have to i'd how you'd have to
the hypothetical would be like you can either pay five hundred dollars or you have to go then i would maybe here's the thing i said i would go to the game as long as i didn't have to actually go to the game meaning i trance trends for myself there you snap your fingers you that's not my fingers on there for the duration of the game and then i do now to value teleport thou be worth yet sure you'd have some were you tell it ok we will see everyone sunday remember witching hour and whoever lost the game listen to the ultimate ending right after this because do right now let me guess
i welcome the pardon my take presented by the cash shap go downloaded right now putting code bars till you get five dollars for free far down
ass pc aid today is fry yea october twenty fifth and the washington redskins have shocked the world seventeen point underdogs they went out right yup it shades last year when the buffalo bill when its minnesota seventeen point underdogs when our right so that done chain is hanging pretty heavy around the necks of the misery i think i think you owe me an apology question p of t yet is washington d c sports having a moment while some braced bait i think they are having a moment right now what kind of on what is a moment of they in i think this is a this is a seminal moment in dc history i dont do the new american and so no seminal as in like oh balloon disparities you'd redskin are built on sand always know so this is a big moment for dc sportswear now their revenge acted against her cousins were so it was beautiful i cannot be they lhasa game like
how do you lose to the washington redskins on dwell action i give her cousins on primetime gate that's exactly right and then he have callaghan running the ball ninety times in galvin cook i dont know if his leg is still attached but that was groups its outsiders what's happened to the usage of cow rudolf yes he's a great tight and a big osment emitting a quarter by her why would you have em kick vehicles doesn't make any sound it makes no sense atheling ngos like zimmer you ve lost your brain like shimmer i think that he needs to eyepatch is now as retinas are just so burnt out from deterring and heat lamp order right itself it in its tougher by the good people minnesota cause i like alec minnesota eyes feel bad this is like they were five to run into this game and boom all everything
falls apart and now you have to ask ourselves questions about like what's the future my zimmer i think you're gonna blow the whole thing up blow the whole thing and then you can have a loss like this especially when you feel like maybe you can everything right and then you ve taken such a big step back yeah i think it's hit the reset button treat everyone startle also massive credit dan snyder from putting together this team for making sure that his boys stay on track went after jig rodents firing i mean he might have the it might be an interim had coachsteps into the full times how his that'll take any one else is gonna want take that job and no one thought he was gonna run the ball sixty times but he did he during the ball sixty times of adrian petersen he average two yards carry four hundred and twenty on it's been a goal of his for his entire life to do that to running back its employer okay so let's get to the nationals
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