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Coach Bret Bielema And CFB Writer Andy Staples

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Wild Card Weekend Fastest 2 Minutes (2:20 - 5:14). The guys go game by game recapping the first round of the NFL Playoffs (5:14 - 19:48). Who's Back of the Week including OJ Simpson and Shorts (19:48 - 29:35). Former Arkansas Head Football Coach Bret Bielema joins the show to talk about how to gameplan against Alabama, what it's like talking to Nick Saban before the game, and the Karma tweet (29:35 - 42:04). SI CFB writer Andy Staples joins the show to talk about the National Championship game, SEC Fatigue, and who the best coach in Florida is (42:04 - 60:08). Segments include Not to brag but we called it with the Patriots in fighting, Grumors Finale, Respect the Biz, Kings stay Kings for Jeff Triplette, and a full CFB Title Game pump up. 

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today's part of my take we have get in today's part of my take we have coach bret bielema and college football writer at stables we break down the entire national championship game and we have a full recap of the wild wild card weekend who's back of the week and some good segments before we get to all that felix gray my friends it felix gray i wear felix gray water felix great feels gray's lenses are specially designed to filter blue light and eliminate glare from screens which are the two main culprits behind digital eye strain don't be a sucker dryness migraines blurry vision or just a few of the reasons you need to protect your eyes now you can look great doing it with a fake pair of computer glasses from felix gray fields grazed frames are hand crafted from premium italian acetate this is
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dot com slash p m let's go tools part of my today is monday january eighth wild card weekend
we start in kansas city where clay travis kelsey try to dominate nashville but unfortunately ended up wandering around making little to no sense derrick henry ford drove behind his offense of assembly line can you read was snickering in the first i wasn't looking so smarties after the fourth quarter as a chief scott what you might call it what you might call it what you might call it the rescue marcus luttrell mariota in the titans are the lone survivor from the slaughter knocker and let me be the first to say congratulations congratulations to jon gruden on his head coaching job with the
yeah raiders titans twenty two chiefs twenty one go down falcons way down to the rams land tell a pharaoh cooper to let my footballs co doctor dan quinn medicine woman had all the antidotes to an up and down season with a dominant defensive performance on the slip inside payroll of the colosseum sean connery mcfe was unable to fit barack blood is our i was pointing up on this rams team and this won't be the last you hear from these kids they've got a roster so young in la that the only thing that will stop it is at hugh grant tries to fuck it falcons twenty six bread thirteen soon spread pills travel down from lake erie but they didn't count on the blake effect win the greatest dual threat quarterback blake bortles had the buffalo defense in fits all sunday afternoon leonardo
or dicaprio fournette played catch me if you can and it looks like bills mafia will spend a long cold offseason eating off the floor as there not a single intact table in western new york one last time teach no one circles wagons like the buffalo bills we now kick it to my colleague who is doing sunday night countdown tonight though we need himself mike greenberg thanks boom the panthers saints game recap is brought to you by christian mccaffrey mingle if you want to go along with your love life go to christian mccaffrey mingle and put in promo code mike
the game recap is also brought to you by ted seagram's gin and seagram's for that smooth taste i won't fall into your hands luke kik lee's motor was so high he is to go to the advance auto parts and get his oil change a promo code greenie that's greeny alvin kamara his pad level was so low he was riding the subway fresh take hotline finally this recap was brought to you by my wife and my new morning show mike it's just gold mine starting me mike no other mike just one mike me mike greenberg coming spring two thousand and twenty st thirty one panthers twenty six alright wild card weekend mike greenberg actually was doing so he did primetime primetime sometime so we thought we throw it in there just to spit in chris berman's face so wild card weekend a wild wild card weekend let's do it we're going to go cry
a logical order talk about all these games our first stop titans chiefs i would like for all titans fans listen to this right now to say thank you to me because i finally motivated the titans to play a good half of football well we've been we've been very anti titans of last week's well i'll change that we've been anti mike malarkey uhhuh because he's boring and yes he invent exotic smash mouth football is just like our lease national you get around you could draw he'd smash mouth you get drunk and then you call running place yeah that's where you do it fast yes with with a lot of pace so the so another alike all time she smell it this is this is how long any read but i actually think any reads one of the best coach in the nfl but how long he's been coaching in the nfl that this like meltdown didn't even read
mister unlike the andy reid meltdowns no it was relatively born it was kind of like slow death were like ok i think yeah they're probably just going to lose this game he didn't waste a timeout in like a humorous manner so it wasn't like it doesn't go in the pantheon of bad andy reid playoff losses but andy really i think he actually has it all figured out better than most which is why would you want to work for four more weeks yeah the general just lose a first round you made the playoffs go someone got a feather in your cap could go over re up on on your selection panama which is a really tommy bahama sure you're probably gonna lose the patriots so why not even don't even bother exactly i just take an extended vacation a go go in hibernation does this game it's it's a different game of travis kelsey stays healthy i mean he got knocked out in was the first or second quarter yeah he's like the one guy the chiefs can't lose because their game changer but i will say marcus mariota
that's me that's the guy i thought i i like believe in that's the guy who i've whenever someone says james what's a verse marks very often my answer is always marks mariota but that that was a great performance and i don't know why dear country hasn't been there like feature but i mean i know he's good i know i know that what's the name is hard work is hurt now but there are countries fucking get derrick henry runs like a brick paul it's crazy like he'll just run you the fuck over so fast he so big yeah he's he's awesome to watch that was kind of a shock at tom brady the way that marcus mariota was able to throw and catch the ball was gisele watching that yeah i think she watched at home he can throw in caps she does not even know you maybe if you tried and could do it so that's that's very
that is the the this game also proved that the best way to win a game is just go on one of those like ten minute drive so just sucks the life out of holding that the whole game change when the titans started the second i'm like we're just gonna have the ball for the entire third quarter and then all of a sudden like what's this is a game now we just came out of nowhere you know we did it took the crowd out of it yes it's at kansas city the arrowhead crowd i've man i'm i'm upset that we don't get like a an entire post season of kansas city fans and seattle fans going back and forth at each other claiming who has the real yeah what does apple title of the law this place my question to you two questions one is how many points will the titans lose to the patriots by zero it's going to be zero to forty so forty points and how many first round picks is alex smith going to get in a trade who is he a free agent i know but there
try i easy free agent i'm not sure let's check that i mean they're gonna try to trade him if he's not a free agent right like they have to move on it's one of those things were alex smith and is not bad but you keep doing the same thing over and over and i can yeah we got it we got you some different and pat my homes whenever he gets in he always says one through a game that gives you just like a little russia blood your dick like wow that's a little that is football a little bit a little bit of extra peeing in that people peak region extra p3 agent nineteen to two thousand and nineteen so they will try it will try to trade him they'll trade him to the vikings they'll get another quarterback that can throw the ball i would actually be if i can just keep getting them all and hopefully all of them stay healthy next up we had the rams falcons i love a game where the field becomes the story we had it you know with rg3 anytime there's a playoff game at soldier field in chicago where everyone just like in football on this yeah like this this is this is the national football league how can you let them play on this
i feel it was a shitty field and guys were slipping everywhere bad sports town but this also proves like everything we basically said where the falcons are still really good when they just like kind of you know put it all together a little bit and the rams were too young for the for the bright lights a moment was too big for gumballs a kid yeah yeah yeah it's just too much i might my favorite is out people are blaming son okay for for like for a cooper fumbling the ball yeah what what do yeah i i think the rams are gonna be really got really good for like the next five years really really scared off a lead quarterback yes i often off i'm ready on and off but the falcons now go to philly their favorites against the one seeded philadelphia eagles i mean this is exactly what everyone's been saying for the falcons the entire year like they could put it all together they have all the talent their defense is flying around i don't know matt ryan matty ice you don't believe in big dick nick at home has matt ryan finally shook off the the soup hangover well that's what we were talking about last time he should lose another super bowl
yeah i hear the dog harder yeah exerted much harder much harder i don't appreciate you saying out to jones without on twitter before the game oh yeah you also don't talk by chat as my new thing how do i get cook much he did it like one slash two hour before he really i didn't see that yeah yeah so and then but he also who else did he do he did a couple cuts and he was well i've got some i've got some hot ones i've got a matt ryan is out for this weekend's game against the eagles with turf toe that tasted number was from two thousand and nine i'll be put in that out later with that one out to get ready for that one of the worse is that people actually bet it yes like someone replied i was stunned i was like oh like i want to watching the game was like wait a second and then i went back and looked those like fuck you i checked off my new year's resolution box i i did one of those quote tweet this with xyz and i'll tell you i immediately regretted what happened what was it it well it was just klay a bunch people quote tweeting might my tweet and i just wasn't prepared to look through my lost out on that what was the question also think of are also it was a it was viral in my in my
your world to my my rotator mentions it was wrong yes it was the most everything is everything it was like i how would you die if you got paid a hundred million dollars to go move to las vegas and coached writers on like that okay i'll die pretty quickly yeah i bright yet probably maybe like four months yeah once at the generation yeah yeah for instance comes i my new year's resolution like fifteen or twenty crunches so i'm i'm you're just you're collecting data yeah i i probably some interest on interest rates that's fine the best game of the weekend the jaguars verse the bills first of all let's just get it out in the open right now because i know there's a lot of portals hate going around the internet if you you to the the game you watch the game it was windy it was so when he was like three three miles or signs augusta were five to seven five mile per hour winds throwing that wind so go ahead and throw your head out there but just know it's probably going to
low like a little bit to the right issue receive it's going to sail yeah right yeah well that's the thing like he was not only missing receivers he was also missing cornerbacks so they don't get any interceptions so yeah i thought blake played well he had eighty eight yards rushing eighty seven yards passing he was on fire very balanced attack out of blake you don't want to be too reliant on the pass if your quarterback you want to keep the defense on their heels and this was the greatest nap game of all time because i fell asleep in like the end of the first quarter and the bills were on their own thirty and i woke up and it was like halfway through the second quarter and the bills are on their own through still there just like
eight okay yeah i just i time travel book where i just slept but i didn't lose any time must be was basically like the late savings it was yeah it was like groundhog day except bill murray wakes up as always thirty seven yeah and and you knew that the minute there's a touchdown the game was going to be whoever scores first we had the need to monitor men though the right rhythm yeah we're co so we came in for one play use it for a couple ways with the first play we got the first down he got the first down he looks confused with just the snap of the ball like the the ball being so up to in confusion why is this and what the hell's going on we're playing hot potato i'm on the side yeah usually and then he ran for the first down and then fumbled for good measure out about and i'll tell you those scramble that he had for the first time was the slowest run i've ever seen in my entire life yes you he didn't know like how do you look like a learning how to stand up on ice for the first time and then we had tony romo god bless him he it's just isn't the worst he is the absolute worst human being he was he was trying to like dole his criticism of blake bortles but he was so
matted plates yes an easy throws me got a head to toe he's had a long sustained history of post season success so he is the one to make all those chriss do you think that roma phobia is starting to grow yes the internet yes because we're we're a usual we're initial room a phone yeah big time and i his i actually he does give some good like analysis hill sprinkle in some you know that you don't get you don't usually seen in phil simms would never get but his fucking this analysis when he first he's a snitch he snitches on the fucking game he's like well we gotta check this on jim and then you owe it he's gonna end it right god here he fumbles the ball just a little bit the bullet to back going like he stepped out of bounds he makes all these noise for fishel yet he doesn't any any announces it in slowmo he's like he's got it's a cat right here and then it's old oh yeah i don't know jim
it is always i don't know jim and then he's wrong so just chill out with the replaced only yeah tony's get like you know what this was like the perfect game for tony because he had the tie rod didn't play well blake didn't play well it was a and so everybody wohl wind played up recently talked about the win wake with it had to be very us the wind play kind of very efficient game a quarterback a win is a win tony was it the whole time he just wanted to be on the field yes because he was that probably thinking that if i was the quarterback for the jacksonville jaguars and there was no wind and win this game but less what that week one in winter lake yeah blick put the team on his back yes i'm a mother back the the scene to just the the bills fans the jags fans like just the blue meshing of like the t ought to hot dogs in the in the bills fans going through tables it was a beautiful beautiful beautiful site yeah i like i already mistake it was and we predicted exactly i was going out so bad that it became good like it became one of those like running
some twitter where everyone towards the second half is like whoa this is must watch t yeah it was it was great like seeing the the jaguars fans and the bills fans in the parking lot just basically doing the spider man mean like i'm yeah you don't need it yeah like it or not and i'm northern use like a bills fan with a suntan yeah so sorry bills mafia i think they kind of expected not to win that game i mean there's happy yeah i mean this you know the droughts over that i did have one one bills fancher me being like what times what time the bears play this year what is pretty good you guys in my class for twenty years but they've made it now so i guess they're hot right hi jack by the way the jags going up to our pittsburgh that's going to be one of those games where everyone replace the jacks beating him in the first time and then like a circle completely
yeah it's actually like the jaguars defense is so good one of the best defensive i've seen in like the last ten years they are really really good and they've got a lot of young guys yeah do you see it out there's a coughing up in the booth yeah doing a major football guy move they just quarter touchdown and shot khan started doing is tony cahn his son tony contour tony concert to do the little home yeah with the board's total and then you know dry hump out there he saw tom coughlin next to him like taking a note yeah he's like we scored a touchdown yeah i don't know what he taught possibly could have been writing down yeah we scored a touchdown and tony constructs are not deep in and remind remind sheila pickup metamucil later final game saints panthers good game panthers like the both these teams it felt like one of those games where the winner of this game could still like is going to go on a run because they both are really good teams i still understand what sean pete was doing gold going for it on fourth and i like it one i like it at the fifty yard line he is he is he out river voted
riverboat ron riverboat shawn yeah and cam newton the guy gets just fucking crushed he's he's he's like the shack when everyone shack used to get fouled all time but because he was so big that was like shaq doesn't get fouled that hard can get smoked and because he such a big human being it doesn't really kind of register but every now and then i'll gets one like you got that one up the middle where it was just holy shit outside not still since i did not to block for him whatsoever and then he got he got poked in the eye well they said my new favorite euphemism for a massive concussion is he got poked in the eye yes so cam got poked in the eye and then he got poke in the eye so hard that he was like dizzy and vomit
and that happened seeing quadruple yeah and yeah and he couldn't pupils were dilated that other pupils dilated count backwards by sevens anymore that's how badly as i was scratched the bad that's a bad poke in the end so they put him in the tent for a little bit and then they're like no it's just scratched cornea third leg greg is back by the way he had an awesome fucking game i love seeing that because i don't want greg greg olsen's one of those guys that when he retires everyone is going to be like you look back and not appreciate how and now we've got saints vikings next week which on that's in the basket weaving owned by anyone that was the phone the bone of the week yes and that well we're on a collision course right now it's not gonna happen this we can but we are on a collision course for the afc championship game to be jack's titans
the third time played on thursday yeah date it's the rubber match yeah one one one yeah you can't you can't beat the jaguars three times a year to possibly yes exactly hi this saves writings will also be not fun because we might get the adrian peterson duster to sean payton the reply yeah that was weak one that's really good yeah and that's another one where i was going to like well the vikings beat to the saints week one so we can take everything we need to know about that that's so that makes me feel really old that that was the scene this seems like ten years old you are one of few hey one field since kings is this what year is allen was watching saints vikings when they wanted peterson was on the team from his dorm perry ellis was still kansas would saints vikings play week one arm excited for another we commit to tail girlfriend jokes yeah see can't get enough all let's get to our who's back who's back of the week hank once you get going my who's back in the week i have a couple my first one in honor of who's back of the week segment is tiger woods
after him i don't know if you guys saw this but he is generating ball speeds of a hundred eighty miles hundred eighty five miles per hour with his new driver is that a lot that sounds like a lot somewhere like if he was on all right now the third highest on to sounds like a fake what's that yeah what's the exit velocity on there was the example to launch angle yeah i don't know i just because she's right yeah well that's that was like oh my god i'd like to get a perkins waitress to verify the ball speed yeah i just put it put a like a little meter on the thought yet just so just so we can figure it out wow i want a second opinion all of my other whose back the tmz is shorts so there they wrote an article that said odell beckum hits la nightclub dot dot dot in shorts yeah you never know when a boat is going to break out that's gonna be ready with a swimsuit that could be the best part about being famous like there's a lot of cool parts about being famous but being able to just wear whatever you want and not have to deal with like oh you can't come in here sir now i'm odell beckum yeah where would
one kid it did sweatpants falls in that category yeah i don't could wear sweat pants up i was in a blue plaque classical burst it it was it into barks as one in jobs i was in a bar sweat pants i just felt like everyone was staring at me look at this yeah no i usually think it's like look at this king yeah he does cover book yeah probably got a diaper on right into crunch is to die i'm i'm about i'm a hard weekend away from wearing a diaper yeah i'm getting close i understand we we have bret bielema coming up i understand why coaches might gain a little weight it's tough to be a diet while wearing a jumpsuit sweats comfort all the time sweatpants diaper basically i want to live my life like an alzheimer's patient the browser dark on it's going well today was my first you today i didn't cheat that bad would you eat your pizza i had pizza and three doughnuts so what was it what we were pretty well the best part you have to jump through january is doing the like if you have to shower in the middle the day see you wear jumpsuit shower them go back into jumpsuit
yeah we really good what's really nice about that is you don't have to worry about your out for you just change tee shirt and underwear and then you put the same jumpsuit on time sometimes you don't have to jane you turn the underwear inside yeah those are optional change yes is that a heck okay okay my whose back of the weeks or things good job thank me john hey the sec's back we all know the sec's back so don't tell me about anymore we get there back not really but they didn't win the most polls also also bologna sandwiches back doug marrone is chopping down on some baloney tonight is to celebrate he went out he got the extra the premium cut side treat he wraps itself i mean these are in restaurants and can i have some baloney and on and a piece of italian bread published it sir so everyone in florida talk about great publix's yeah published to make like a doug marrone baloney sandwich or something like that that just pretty
primo baloney male and white bread and i said i cannot believe florida gets a bad rap when the thing that people you know tout is there a grocery store we have we have a super market that has everything pre made sandwiches cambria others imagine that imagine that imagine living in a world where you can go to a supermarket with everything it's basically sheets without a gas pump that's what you get there my other who the week is coach k coach k is duchies have been getting smoke recently that a bad loss to insist you will speedom rbc beat him a couple weeks ago so it coach k is at the point where he's going to start making up body parts to fake injuries on now it would be a real shame if there was like some ice in in north i know we had the the nuclear bomb or whatever yeah the cyclone cyclone bomb would be real shame if there's ice in durham north carolina this weekend coach k just happened to slip walking all out of his house you're all going to have to really sit out a couple games
guys each of these youngsters unless you really uh oh we don't think we have a national championship team on my back oh i sprayed both my mcl so man i gotta go to puerto rico where the number one recruit happens to go to high school to get this fixed is that it isn't it goes in my three who's back ok my who's back i have two first is oj simpson is back the juice goes back he was was he at the game was just said bills no he was in vegas using vegas but he was dressed up it was like a bills watch party god i guess you can now o'jays reached the point in his life where he's think that is harmless enough to like sell publix p if it's too i don't know how that how we got over that pr hiccup of the whole double i think yeah but now it's like people spend money to hang out with oj and hopefully not get killed by hey i mean he's probably otis probably just walk around like there's enough people in there you know early twenties that just have no idea they then they're like oh that's a famous person they don't realize we don't know why what we are what
hi he's really really you miss so much is going to reach a point where it is used to be like a social media rockstar where he gets paid to sell like fifty oh man him on instagram if you just yeah o'jays you wake up in o'jays like i'm having my nice smoothie with t as it berries outfit this t that'll make you yeah power power ninety three work out like it's got like a he's got the booty shorts on with the incident with the logo's he's taking the shot where he's like pouring is fifty with one glove fear with one glove and then his booties poppin yes just got ads that where i love how i love the instagram models have become like new nascar drivers is apple logo on it take pictures and there's like sixteen logos in the picture is like there's the t there's the cup there's the booty shorts there's the fucking top that they're wearing a hat it's insane i just want to say that oj would have been so fucked if social media exists in like one thousand nine hundred and ninety four 'cause oj you know that he would have had that
account pop in here but i g yeah it would have yeah would be hard to have an alibi yeah yeah i think i would love to have oj on twitter here's a fun joke okay great what can you go what's what's oj simpson's email address what enter slash slash backslash escape that's actually a real old school joke thank you don't no that they probably think services like that right now through school joke then yeah it's good one that's oldie but goodie telling he thought that i was like a gene
oh yeah sorry hey i just woke up speaking of which you know who else is back geniuses so donald trump may be my favorite tweets ever did you guys read this you see this you hear about this it's ok to come out as a genius now down trump said actually throughout my life my two greatest assets have been stability and being like really smart and he said he went from a highly successful businessman to a top tv star to present united states i think that would qualify me is not smart but genius and a very stable genius of that so as g this is our selves it's okay now to say that we're geniuses thank you for being brave and making it okay for me to finally so i'm like that that i mean i'm like a genius it is something that's really nice and also procrastination nations back because donald trump had to push back the fake news awards to wins
what's yeah shouldn't so i'm not sure he did i'm really excited for that he did not or did not want to compete against college football and so he pushed it back and now it's gonna be i he says it's drawn a lot more interest than they could've ever imagined so i think they're gonna like ran out all of card or something i mean now i don't know not to echo what donald trump said but the the fake news board is genius like that is a genius move i'm just doing a fake news award show to basically shame people is absolutely for the fake it's it's it's called your enemies it's a roast of your enemies that is a genius move just be like here we go i'm pulling my own roast of my enemy i'll tell you what if donald trump just got up every if there was like instead of fireside chats if he just did a friday roast i'd fucking watch it every single frame ratings banana unbelievable i would be all over it and maybe did the instagram model thing we just put logos all sponsor screen tv sipping tea when it gives you diarrhea and then you lose ten pounds and you get that flat little tummy he's sipping his tea with both of his hands
but all the way around the cup alright let's get you
interviews we have coach bret bielema who shot out to hanks best friend dana holgorsen because bill maher bret bielema i've had maybe some past where i've tweeted that i you know pictures unflattering pictures of him but we coach dana made peace maker and i had beers with bill maher last month and we we kind of i hate your football that i am a football guy and we both like to eat and drink so we hey we're not so different after all alright we got puma and then we have any staples before we get to that be a hero you want to be here with t k m s you can be every three minutes someone in the u s is diagnosed with a blood disease and every died minutes someone dies you can change that young men are the most desired donors and fourteen thousand patients a year need a transplant in the u s from a total stranger who is their perfect genetic match that match could be you go to d k m s dot org to
order your free swab kit swab your cheeks and return the kit to dkms to get on the bone marrow registry and see if you are a match if you get a call from dkms say yes your life will be changed forever while you are literally giving someone else a second chance at life text barstool two hundred and fifty thousand five hundred and fifty five for more info this is a really great cause everyone do it you got to be an organ donor you know organ donor yes not just on the weekends yes text barstool to fifty thousand five hundred and fifty five for more info do that right now and help someone help save a life ok here we go coach bret bielema and andy staples alright we now welcome on former arkansas razorbacks head coach for wisconsin badgers head coach future film i go ahead you can tell us where you're going next to market tell us i'm going kind the play out down here the coaches convention
a couple things pop up recently but uh just kind of taking my time figuring it all out and make that next step a great step ok so it's preppy oma i was trying a little journalist rick there see if he would just tell us give us the breaking news and say you're going to be the coach in waiting at kansas state right it is not the case okay okay all right then approach those other tests the two front lines of the test no but we got coach all we got about ten minutes from here because we thought there's no one better to talk about the national championship game then someone whose face nick saban face kirby smart's defense is so let's start with that how this is a crazy question but how do you beat nick saban well you know that but we're that play bam iran and i think especially this case this year i played in the last five here's this year's team is probably the the best all over just offering
the friends of specialty is is not like last year they'd be prince was freaking i mean they had a couple guys couple back is inside there were as good as i've ever seen in as long as they're often sort of ultrasound win a winter game you know but this group it's a very very good unit in all three phases but the key i think going to be you know george rush offense is top ten in the country got three run facts that are ridiculous and it's going to be that alabama defense and how well they stopped at georgia run game i really believe is going to be the tell a story if you had to pick one guy on that on that georgia rushing attack who would you say is the bell cow who is the guy that you give the ball to fourth and short you know what i either one of those senior running back i would i'm probably a little bit more is only i think he's got a little bit more extra you know what i mean but even freshman i was number one i believe he is got some gifts in the open field you know but it's going to be and i tell you what
when georgia began to change the game last week it was we were there and you in studios in and just watching i am physically take over the game up front offensive line wise and then their d line on the flip side control the game in the second half against the oklahoma so it's going to be interesting god that georgia line handles that alabama front when you go up against next saving is there one thing that you know he's going to do or take away from you guys he he does at defensively their game plan is always try try to make you play left handed they always want you to know take away with you best i think most coaches but they do the extreme but here's the deal about beat bamma they've been there done that so much that their kids don't flinch you know i think a lot of teams you know there in big games and their feeling great about situations and then one of their kids influence you know it might have a i miss you hear i missed you there a breakdown alabama
wait for that moment and then they then they throat punch you you know what i mean they just did they come in and take advantage of it not just tap him a guy from behind are going to hit the ball is going to go on the ground there going to scoop and score they lead i forget stat but i mean when we play them they had something like thirty eight on kentucky like unconventional touchdown not offensive touchdowns whether it be special teams or a defensive score and that's kind of what separates in my opinion than other people you brought the coaches room when you are i guess up at espn last week for the semifinal you're going to be on it again as well so everyone watched coat she's going to be on the coaches room tonight because this is going to be airing on monday for the national title yeah i was wondering what does that room smell like it's a they have a little studio what was hilarious is i was in there with pat then will be a bay bridge is in there and i was in there in august a major was in there so it's kind of just like the
big studio and it really was like you're in a film session it's it's kind of cool in that regards they brought some pizza inn but i tell you what was lawman we did both games there last week that the chair we were on was not we need to do that scene from a couch do you think the adjustment for georgia from going from a team like oklahoma to a team like alabama 'cause the one thing that struck me is oklahoma's defense was just not discipline on full game and they were able to run wild they're not gonna be able to do that against alabama so what is that what is that like going game to game where you were able to do something so successfully and the next game you got to kind of re imagine how to do it will it i do think you know these two teams are of all the national champ ship game since they brought up the playoffs you know since we've had this format these things so each other as much as any team that's ever been in a situation you know so even though it's only been a week preparation you know just 'cause of the relationship and they and kirby have and jim chaney the oc this at georgia before he was there he spent a little bit of
it would have been here with maine there's a lot of crossover the sidelines with the coaches which i think is really going to the i think you're talking about kind of really may get's minimum is there is just because i think there's so much familiarity and the players do as well you know so it's going to be a physical game i don't know if you'll see a game of this man to the bee's physical these two teams are going to make it that's what they both pride themselves on their pretty clean or i tell you the guy has been amazing to me and this is run here is the freshman quarterback from fromm georgia just to be a freshman add a composure and the ability to make big plays in moments it is pretty impressive how do you think nick saban is going to go after like freshman like that somebody who might not have that big game experiences go dial i always like to say dial something up is going to also yeah the that's a great point i really do think that you know the point of a fresh
i mean you know being at that level and then again i've been very impressed with him but it's still the big the one you know what i mean and and big lights a lot of noise i would expect that alabama defense will be coming with some pressure think they'll do a lot of stuff that you know maybe try to get him out of the pocket that makes a move around a little bit just 'cause he he when he sits back there to get a little time but again there's i think there were like eighth or ninth in the country in rushing in like one hundred and tenth of passing often so mine i said there's going to be a lot of bodies at the line of scrimmage makeup try to throw the football what's what is nick saban would you talk to nick saving about pregame when you're standing around the field watching every warm up he's not big talker if you can imagine is a little bit a little bit different uh with some of the other guys but he just didn't know if you ever actually smiles you know only maybe give you a courtesy smiled on the greeting but but he pretty locked in
and you know for me you know i must bigger guy so i always try to crawl up on people make you feel little uncomfortable you know but he likes to keep his business is that a tactic like get that get that belly up on someone just let him let him know that you're going to be in their kitchen today appreciate the reference i was thinking more on height but yeah well i'm a big guy too so you you know that are good so go ahead please what is the post game handshake like with saving what do you guys say to each other you know it's kind of been a a little bit i mean i would so my first year they beat us by fifty pro the worst thing that ever been a part of as a judge in the next year we actually lost by one we lost fourteen thirteen we had a deal will be a block and a phd mess and that really probably you know it this thing is on a little bit different could i could've got one there but as the case you know they wouldn't buy one and this that win and i think that's when he began perspective we did a little bit you know but he's he's he's a good for
it's been fun for me is sec meetings you get around and you get to know these guys a little bit different and nick is a very he keeps to himself but he launch the game to be great you know we got a great game you guys know it have a wire fans love it and he does out of things i think that people don't realize you're trying to make the game is possibly his best of the camper everybody yeah i believe that so wrapping up a couple quick questions we talked about it so when we met this is like a dog meet your don't meet the people that you might have like a different opinion about because when we met through coach holgorsen had a couple beers in manhattan i brought up like i'm still a little mad that you left wisconsin do you have any regrets with how that all went down the only thing i regret is probably the way that i left it you know i'd love love wisconsin i again my first shot i was d coordinator for two head codes for seven hundred and fifteen i want three big ten championships and a lot of great things and
it's kind of the way it all went down i think uh there was obviously i left and that was my choice and then it you know people get mad they get their frustrations but co alvarez now i've rekindled our friendship just awesome couple days ago paul chris and i are very close and several of my former players i miss you turn her house so jimmy leonard was my free safety one of the coordinator guys on that staff and as you know that place is special man uh that's probably the only thing no i i took arkansas i want to do something kind of a change do something i done i was trusted married you know and want to do something with my life that was new and refreshing so loud great memories and and those things will never fade i think it was mostly because i always just envisioned you being at wisconsin for like twenty years so that was kind of like why the hardware that hurt came from and the karma tweet did you ever bring up the karma tweet uh them on my phone why yeah yeah
well that was a one of those i don't know if you guys are married or not but one thing i've learned you don't correct you wise very often so that's that i might get her attention that wasn't that she was you know it yeah people get you know feet you know feelings on twitter i i then tweeted karma sometimes back so you know like that's what happens that's that's the game we play real quick what so like it arkansas did jerry jones ever like poke around the program yeah actually quite this guide is very unique they were made to me growing up i'm from illinois but dad is where is family brother the dolphin so kind of a cowboys fan was kind of freaky the first time i met him but yeah they were unbelievable they gave us a large chunk of change would build a so it was kind of have have dining hall in half academics that his name on and and actually stephen and on what was around quite a bit
good morning it will jerry grandson and so it was and we play one game of year and you know that probably but arkansas plays one game a year every year in jerry's world play every games at once a year so that's that's pretty cool but yeah he he's a big fan there at a lot of game actually quite a bit they their big break i think three of his kids the arkansa got several grandchildren there so they're there are razorbacks through through alright last question why didn't you run john claymore against tcu in the rose bowl absolute a you know a that game that game we had john clay already had like i think i'll rush no john might have been a leaderless yet hundred james white had like over over a thousand in moneyball finished the year with nine hundred and ninety eight yards and should add had three thousand yard rushers
but john clay when he really got wrong you could actually like here is pads kind of like clicking because he was running so hard and started the fourth quarter i was just like said man i said these guys can't stop the wrong man and then that last played we know i was patterson last week that at the film room and the same thing he said and was it was a well one of those games that we i just had the ball up every time every internal pass might have that win yeah yeah yeah alright will coach thank you so much i really appreciate it we're going to love to have you back on when you are announced as the coach in waiting at iowa you're going home you got the tattoo you want to confirm that now confirmation great woman great to be an appreciate it alright so much coach appreciate it for something completely different
but we now welcome on sports illustrated senior writer andy staples covers college football for si since two thousand and eight andy let's start with this why is the big ten not represented in the national championship so you think that's kind of bullshit well i think committee put their little heads together on december third and they said we got we closest number one and now we got to figure out who's going to play him alabama or ohio state which which of these teams actually has chance to be clemson and i'm sure that i know they're not supposed to think about what happened last year but i'm sure it'll thirty one and nothing fiesta bowl crept into their minds a little bit yeah i'm sure i'm sure getting wax did iowa crept into their minds little bit and i thought alabama might have a better chance to be clemson turns out there were
yeah it's right but do you think there is so really the question is do you think the sec fatigue is a real thing because all absolutely yeah i was yeah i mean i i this feels like a lower rated hyped up nash a championship then like there has been a long time the ratings are going to suck there's no question there either to egg because outside of this your quarter of the country people just don't care and they're tired of hearing about the sec beating his chest they i want that anymore but here's the problem they had opportunity to have a national champ game with zero sec teams at an oklahoma and clinton blew it that so that's on them right i love it i i think that it wouldn't matter to me it was too big ten teams to ac he teams to as he he can't i love everything about this play
stuff because it drives people insane they just can't handle it people don't know how to deal with two teams from the same conference in the files you write it they can't possibly be the best do because in one thousand nine hundred and thirty three they decide we get together informally yeah maybe there are in twenty thousand seventeen eighteen whatever hear this i think i think you could say what year is it hank two thousand and six seven eight is that we said two thousand and sixteen seventy hank invented a year on the show so we're just going to run back we're going to run with that who do you got the cards on the table all right i picked out damn it'll in one thousand seven hundred and thirteen i have absolutely zero confidence that pic i am always wrong in these things if you go back to the last regular issue of sports illustrated and you look on the cover will see me picking clemson to win the national title this clemson team that alabama just destroyed do you know football so did they give you one of those i still have not gotten
also i'm not going to fleece i have not gotten squad i want to football so terribly really watch football so my ten year anniversary tomorrow at si who matter be sending me a football wasn't diamond anniversary wow i think that's the paper anniversary they said they said they wanted a piece of paper that says you're lucky you still have a job yeah this is you bring it back to work they just send an issue of sports illustrated yeah yeah they said no they send you the extra swimsuit with the extra fold out yeah i think i stuff like one of the old school kathy ireland ones from when i was elected middle school for the memory ok i like that so the kirby smart you know whole the students becoming the teacher he's beating nick sabin you know recruiting wise in the s do you buy this do you think kirby smart is going to be a big problem for nick saban going forward i think there will be a big crowd
for everybody i all for the last five or six years i've said george is the best job in america and the person who convinced me of that is nick saban you know he always thought that georgia was the best job in america if you really got it rolling because there's so much talent in the state data georgia produces more power five talent in the state of california despite being much much smaller population and it's more like ohio in terms of recruiting because georgia tech's not really your competition in recruiting your competitions like alabama auburn florida state clemson so i'm kinda own the state in the states big time when it comes to play i mean look at the draft last year more players from georgia got drafted to any other state right so if you can get those dudes and killed people i think kirby's building a monster now that's not going to stop alabama from being good is not going to stop constant from being good there still get good players but i mean if georgia actually performs up to escape
ability they could be as dominant as alabama is now that was like one long indictment on mark richt pretty much and i like margaret and i think he set up he set him up nice but his biggest mistake was he stopped calling plays he not being very actively involved in the offense all the things that he does target at miami and well look at it my name is better right so if you if you got back to that he probably never got fired we had with your best friend danny can on the show last week and i loved it he gave up probably the shittiest power ranking of all time of all the coaches in the state of florida so i'll give you the opportunity to correct him you will see that you played at the university of florida but is a relative term i was a tackling dummy for the starting defense i'm going to count it i just got thrown around i'm going to count it so with the caveat that you are definitely a gator homer and we should listen to back that power rank those forward head coaches all right uhm
i'm going to wreck number one right now these accomplish the most and then now i gotta pick now are we talking just pure coaching ability we talk in what they can do at their respective universe everything yeah yeah we'll do more quarters for state and then you are you see up and at u s f so all right well the number two i will go willie taggart because i i don't think people understand how well willie tiger is going to be able to recruit in state of florida that dude comes in with an fsu logo on his polo shirt there are going to be guys jumping to sign with him so will put him two and don't forget he inherits a loaded ross i get that sorted out terrible year they still have really good players so i like the idea of cam akers running his offense of of andre francois for that kelsey and running his offense they're going to be good i put dan mullen three so i think he's pretty close to willy i think
our time there he was the second best coach in the sec behind save it but the degree of difficulty at mississippi state is obviously really high what mullet has to prove is can he get those four and five star recruits so that was the biggest problem florida have a gym app i know everybody thinks it was all play calling stuff let me talk to shar you hope that shark allegedly he says he did maybe you fuck this truck would you admit it now is if you hold if you hold a press conference to say that you did for the shark that means you fuck the shark things took a hard left at some point the peter people hate me enough for all the meat that i eat i couldn't i couldn't live through that i mean it would just be awful so yeah i deny deny deny so but yeah so that i think is mulling could prove and get those prize we know we can develop quarterbacks we know we can unearth those diamonds in the rough he'll be all right next up charlie strong at usf i love charlie he can get a ton of town
there and they're going to keep being good did you get laid right now ok there is we got lane and i think lanes a good coat i still still it like yo what happened at usc when he had the cadillac job the great roster and they went to the frickin sun bowl i can't so with that little southern california lot of things to distract you a lot of people would look nice with people walking around that's right yeah true what do you think about that dynamic between lane kiffin and nick saban where like he's almost he's needling nick like it on a daily basis now in the national media do you think that nick pays attention that stuff now everything knows about it really he doesn't care now save it actually does a pretty good sense of humor that's a couple of the things he might he might like like when when lanes referencing all the rat poison stuff but most of the time nick save in is not
pay any attention to anything lane kiffin doesn't social media when we are yeah what about when lanes like i text his wife all the time with fairy is nothing he got other word materi writer di okay but you'll see a lot of person you want to talk to your wife is lane kiffin absolute partner just saying i'm just saying back to the game real quick i have take i'm squatting on i think jalen hurts sucks and he is going to do in the alabama 'cause they their offense actually was not good against clemson's defense really really good but if they play offensively like like they did against clemson i think they lose this game i think you're right i think now if he hits the the open calvin ridley on the throwback pass that type of often offensive performance will be enough to beat georgia if they have a similar defensive performance right and that's a big if they may not be
specially quarterback much this year they used to do it they did a ton last year hadn't done it much this year and all of a sudden it gets clemson there killing kelly bryant every play and so they get five stacks in that game if they have a five sack game tomorrow night monday night whatever i did i know we on monday night time and podcasts but if they if they have a five star game against albert gets close against georgia number one again okay i'm tied i do agree with you in jail hurts can't be more accurate can't hit the things that are open when they dial up a good play they're going to have problems with his both these offenses play into the defense's hands the differences are identical they've been taught it to kirby smart eco resort run that and jeremy pruitt also recruited half of george's defensive players so everybody knows everybody and so yeah he's got to hit the things that are open 'cause i think jake from the true freshman quarterback at georgia is going to be able to hit that stuff as long as he's not on his back if
watch him in the rose bowl that dude didn't phase by anything yeah fun joke you can say jake from state farm it's a fun joe dirt in saying on his twitter handle that's good who's your favorite quarterback in the draft come out of college baker mayfield yeah yeah take baker mayfield over any of them i i eat it i john watson last year i went nuts last year watch the draft play it it drove me insane that people trading up take mister baseball wall when one on one sitting there which is good i know that you may always good okay i know your son had weapons also gets to play more games here trubisky watson well if coopertition often need to play mortgage mess abilities availability mistrust if you get out there every single week and loose not profit not i'll take baker because that dude he operates as quick as the good nfl quarterbacks when you watch the guys you watch on sunday
you've got to be able to improvise a little bit you've also got to just don't know you gotta have some dog and he seems to have that i don't i don't know about that with rose and i has that to roses too smart that's what danny kannell said do you agree his mind now we know that rose is like a little jack russell doing radio shows with rose in after i get done doing radio shows going also what about lamar jackson people just kind of sit on them are jackson i think is going to be a good quarter before i think lamar is going to get them salivating when they see him at the kambin because his arm strength is we better than all these other guys maybe maybe him and josh aller kind of close but the more with a flick of the wrist yeah your fireball fifty yards down the field and here the elite speed sir his skill set it's actually kind of similar to my
vicks button and it's other than other than josh allen he's the only one who's run in kind of a pro style offense because well i guess isn't that a little bit with judge issued at ucla this last year but you know but i'm just really the head coach of the falcons obviously he adjusted things when lamar was a freshman to kind of simplify things but no right they were running offense it doesn't look that different than than what you see on sundays that year and i think he kind of improved as a generous this is the town around and went very good in the nfl i actually have better blockers they he had a little good point for i they've got kind the three headed monster in the backfield we do
like if a guy who's man's it is in for nba teams who's the alpha yes take the last shot who's who's man's is the backfield in georgia if you're taking just one of those going to sell okay okay and it delivers graeme yeah in this game because he's he's a different skill set and you say yes you saw the last play of oklahoma but there are very few backs in america who get the corner gets alabama's defense so you michelle is one of those people so if the tight ends in the in the chapel simple if you can get out fine you can actually do some damage running the ball gets alabama defense and hardly anybody ever does that to pull okay on to some real solid college football talk here you are a big fan of eating you love what is the best place to eat in the atlanta airport the best place to eat in the atlanta airport is everything's one flew south which is kind of a generic sushi bar everyone says he yeah i don't agree you know i think maybe
a great house burger becky g or what for a start at so in atlanta place and there's there's and see not open on sunday people forget it's not ready for the pros on a on a monday at six hundred am and just walked into chick fil a or and let's not forget there's a popeyes in d oh my that's critical there's also popeyes in a if you can't tell me to pop up which is the best popeyes the one in a or d yeah one in a restaurant i don't know i don't know why more sauce options you can't tell it is a big year at the so i would need you to confirm or deny this story you once went out to dinner i don't know who was there i'm not gonna name names you it was maybe a pizza dinner and then i'd italian dinner whatever big big meal they came around
but after them food result was done and said anyone want some after dinner dinner drinks maybe some friend jellico maybe something like that to you know easy digestion and you said i'd like actually some potatoes some after dinner potatoes yes if its trend that's going to take over the country this is the new hot dining trip no i know who told you that to know names will be named no names but but but here's what happened i ordered the pizza the potatoes to come out before the pizza the waitress forgot but i wanted my damn potatoes so we'd already finished pizza and i still wanted potatoes notice but we have to speak potatoes now are these just roasted potatoes are they fries what like style potato were talking they were little rosemary salt and pepper okay actually i a great post dinner what's that called it's not an apertif yeah what do you see a lot of work but when you get your call block yeah it's one of those things cordial i like to eat soup after dinner because it fills in all the cracks yeah
and we like seated before two yeah i just like to an soup for dinner you soup than any yeah i love too played a chicago cult soup box yeah the other guy and bread i got like a hundred kinds of soup hello yeah all right last question is a cd question you can download cd ccap right now put a promo code take for ten dollars off hey any do you have the secret is in the question did you have a cd cap i believe i do okay there you go putting the problem could take you ten dollars off your c keep purchase i'm a wisconsin fan i want you to tell me that wisconsin will some day win a national title i'm thirty two going to be thirty three in four weeks and i'm about thirty five pounds overweight but currently on a diet will they win a national title in my lifetime yes because because you you are a beautiful people you love beer you love cheese you have sausage you are the best kind of people you love off
it's alignment yeah there's nothing fullback one of our guys you can maybe run fast no run it never yeah that hurts like sometimes when you run away from no face is probably the other team runs fast yeah they keep going yeah but no absolutely no listen will bet anybody a scrambler make use bar right across the randall camp randall wisconsin national title in your lifetime it will happen wow in what sport for basketball i actually think football better chance probably because you may have blown your chance in basketball decorative thank so last last questions last last question are they when are we going to eight teams in the college football playoffs there's eight more years of this tv contract right after that are you serious here to wait eight years on and you have your life i know i know all your what i eat neither am i but that's
that's that's the way it's going to go because the the old guard the old guys are going to try to keep the rose bowl relevant they're going to try to keep the balls in the in the next when they go to a doctor in the polls so once they do that you got to take them out ann you're gonna need a new generation of commissioners to do that i think in eight years you'll have that well i'd like to just throw my hat in the ring right now for that position to make the rose bowl national championship every year the groups of people get victim commissioner i'm in so my yeah every game is played in purdue and west lafayette is the football capital universal beautiful alright andy staples thank you so much for appreciate have fun at the championship game and hopefully your prediction one thousand seven hundred and thirteen alabama comes true i'm going to yell at that person who told you about post pizza potatoes now there we go that interview was brought to you by my bookie the nfl
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immense you'll too much vino this weekend shoes shoes had some robust reds on saturday i'm still there to this she's but i'm worried that we have to ration are she she's out yeah so i i thought i still think we just hit the gas and you think we go as far as hard as we can yeah i was going to die soon we have we her on may the out of okay so shoes yeah okay this is it's i like i had a moment on sat okay where i said it like three times around like okay you got it like i will inner dialogue was are you there don't stop with she should not too many she you told us in yourself in your other side was like she she's wanna fuck your pussy i'm all about that she she slept i am not giving it up for at least another week yeah that's the best part is when people 'cause you always whenever you have a joke like that you don't want to be the guy who's make
the last guy to make the job yeah we also want to be the who's like she she's run its course one two minutes after we started joking about his and you get crying jordan yet just find people that know how to make that yeah yeah so at some point this week she she will bond and braces yeah let it die yeah let it die yeah lead into it here's the thing that she is you can't you can't lose all we can pull back and then a what we can make a draw out like we just out of your entire sheer shout yeah so here's how it works you say sheesh and then somebody that you're out where there's like hey why you keep saying she's sounds kind of stupid and then you like well it's got this something that lebron james says in and they're like oh that sounds kinda dumb but then they start saying like this is really fun to share sheesh sheesh yeah you just pay it forward setian pyramid scheme of chichi you us if you can find three friends to shishan they can find three friends will be
june ball be she she will be speaking the same language imagine how much greater the world would be all and how much more harmony they would be if the only thing we just said to each other she have k if kim jong un and president trump or like you got a nuke shoes you sit down i gotta nuke shoosh having now is it there like right we won't fire these newton is shoosh little bottle of pinot noir get wild with vino cross you know life alright first up we have a not to brag but we called it the patriots are crumbling the dynasty is over it has nothing to do with the fact that tom brady is a forty year old quarterback and bill bella check sixty five that they probably could play for twenty more years right know it yet it was not at all you know what the pages are always going to be what what could have been done to see like do they count as a dynasty i don't know right yeah i
you have some on the table they did yeah they walked away the it's like a major kobe shaq so hank so that this the big expose on the patriots inner workings in the strife it foxboro came out on friday morning it was funny because it like it was almost like a know you think article wherever like ok well so you mean like three guys who have had crazy success over seventeen years probably have egos and probably don't get along all the time and their windows closing because one of them's forty and quarterbacks age at forty but even still it was juicy as fuck and i loved reading it i loved it i loved every second of it there was a lot of fake news in there
like the fundamental it makes sense what the guy was trying to not across if you like if you were on that team sprinkled in like some serious fake news josh mcdaniels line about josh entails getting yelled at by tom brady and josh daniels father being in attendance was hilarious dad hurt injured chris hogan on purpose whatever what editor read that back and was like yeah let's go with that were like a fucking grown man is is this errors 'cause his father was there this is where hank where his inner twitter tom brady twelve avatar comes out because amboy yeah the article yeah dan was gonna see would not be happy with you it was a hashtag will never be taken seriously that's why i'm slapping on you right now 'cause the hogan thing was just an example of like a bad throw that he made it wasn't it was like trying to hurt hogan on purpose if you actually if he was trying to hurt
purpose and got hurt i would say that that means he's a really fucking good quarterback if you can intentionally get your receiver hurting my favorite part was how jimmy grappolo showed up to the tv twelve center and they just lock the door on him and they pull the blinds down shut turned off all the lights and like everybody shut up i do totally think that bill bella check was ready to go to jimmy grappa low this offseason i absolute yeah i i that that makes perfect sense because like even if tom brady with the superbowl he hit bell checks one mark is that he always gets ready guys before they start to decline in what he was probably mad but they like it's not gonna affect him going to the plan no i'm sure it belichick probably told brady like iowa probably no it's one of those already yeah i don't want i want you to yeah it's one of those ones where the media is going to make and i think the media has every right to do it but it probably won't have any impact on the guys that in fact
i think it'll probably make the patriots better they'll probably be more angry sucks they're going to win another one fifty burn they're going to win another super bowl and then there gonna be like nobody believed in us soccer top racing to play for five years and it would fucking do that nobody believes that hank's going to walk around just rubbing my face in it all the time or not tom he does not need your help oh trend how is that the hashtag looking now have there been any other days on two there's two when we checked on it is it trending is going viral so to see if we get a lot of these ventures everyone treated right it would be real shame of people tweeted that if the if the say arm the other not to brag we call is actually not to brag everyone called it love our ball is breaking up the lakers so he came out and said that luke walton's too young to coach and his loss that control of the team and then lonzo basically gave like an an answer when addressed with it so i think everyone called the
levar ball was eventually going to have a problem with whoever was coaching lonzo and make everything super awkward in la i'm really excited see how badly he can screw it up though because luke walton seems like a guy that won't take any shit yeah so i wonder if i look kind of has to challenge him to a fight right something great meet me in temecula maybe they should be in temecula i really just hope by the way genius idea thanks donald we should do a rough and rowdy in temecula that where it's just people from san diego it's just in la i've drives yeah twitter via twitter feeds on blast nobody this idea this is my not steal this i think this is going to end up at some point we hopefully will have lavar ball coaching lakers i feel like if he just wears them down and just complains about every single coach there's gonna be like you know what you fucking do it luke walton if he was smart he would get make an offer to him to become an employee
given just some bullshit title visors are wearing big ball bryce pressing on a big ball yeah vice president of big of being a big baller at the la lakers right exactly where you live are ball xfl coach when you think about that us people forget he played on the on the panthers yes yes he was young do you see a picture i'm back in the day yeah that guy would've been awesome fitness tia that was that's definitely a picture i would like him as my avatar fight like that at any point my life over under five and a half months we get a picture of oj simpson with love our ball and under under yeah it's gonna be under strong that's got five and half was a strong under a long time for those they will try to going on we have the the groomers finality jon gruden has officially agreed to coach the oakland slash las vegas raiders ten million dollars a year for ten
years it's unbelievable shoes that is a contract that al davis would not even doing out that well no let's come on now there was out there is we get a contract out and fire jon gruden after year and then sue him for the money back yeah he'd firing then give a press conference with like you know had projector to circling all the ways that you all had while is like skin fell off his nose on his face arms retreat this is such a classically we need to sell tickets las vegas because i don't what is what is ever think like jon gruden like as a coach like he wasn't one superbowl he was he won superbowl but we're a tennessee at he him coaching tennessee does that rumor yeah water kind of see like help them i'm just sad because now water groomers now are rumors that he go back to the broadcast booth yeah so i guess i will be the new grammars but it sucks because we'll groomers was like a integral part of every
i fell off i think it's it's something tells me the groomers will be back next year okay grimaces who's gonna replace groomer in the booth through yet so i think i think it should be paid paid manning his job it's his job he was i think it's actually gonna be house back from the which one well both yeah twins not guys love to win no i think it's gonna be him because what i like they they're kind of stock he's out of g color jekyll ob drink louis riddick mmhm yeah that could work but i think had i don't know i i think it's me house back end bonus if they bring hassle back up to the booth they gonna blow up sunday count on that be real shame re change the whole real said just shops on the news of people out million people and that yeah real soon we have a respect the bit is this is for a and now sir of the syracuse notre dame basketball game search you
a woman espn play by play announcer mike cousins proposed to his girlfriend after searches loss to notre dame on saturday so you can't do that for loss now that's number one number two is so there's this guy did it like at the arena right out like on the court basically it's disrespectful is disrespectful to the game boasts portly is disrespectful to the profession of sports writing in sports announcing which is full just chalk filled with virgins hand you're just spiking the ball and being like i get to have sex that well look at me this is also the most syracuse like journalists school thing ever it's basically i'm surprised this hasn't happened already rebel is sitting somewhere like pounding his fist on table like dammit i should have proposed to my to my wife after northwestern
lost you know to wisconsin in evanston yeah hey i talk about how you whether or not you'd get married to me yeah how you propose yeah exactly get once you talk about it we are how do you how do you think it went out there today when i proposed to you we have a king st kings to finish the show jeff triplet is retiring referee jeff triplet if you're not a football guy you probably like who's that every every real football guy needs to know all the names of all the rest so jeff triplet you probably remember room for any kind of he had like a million ups he also was a guy who memory through the flag in the browns players either and he locked up the chiefs titans games a million different ways and then said guess what now i just paint my masterpiece and i'm walking away is beautiful calling for progress on a sack
this is mona lisa that is as a up that i could not even can making guy and he made it you cannot designed more jeff triplet call than calling for progress upset his pager any many has a role in walking off into the sunset this is exactly what is the only way it could it could go on worst if like as he was announcing the the penalty all right as he was nothing ability or his explanation for that call he had like his phone bluetooth still hooked up to like the microphone to start playing porn yeah that would be perfect yeah besides that i mean this is pretty good i'll take it let's get you have triple a back in the let's get maybe get him on on my kerry's old job on cbs yeah we're that's what that they should just send to new york and have him do the all river on jobs and then just go the opposite of whatever triplets you know what i'm really gonna miss is him and philip rivers just like staring at each other not really i
understanding what the hell the others doing those two they were like to perfect auto alien landing on earth yeah they would like who are you he would fuck up alot of phillip rivers calls and the phillip rivers what the fuck are you doing man come on god damn it we put screen we just put six on 'em you took the six out all right that's our show we have the bus the bus stops in it take studios on wednesday jerome bettis great interview with him we also left you guys a little treat at the end of this show little pump up for the college football national
jim ship were next saving he's gonna get his pocket he gets as many as pacquiao vastly now just loops of the hog and just goes a town self one day of pleasure year so get excited for that here and i was mad because it while he's cleaning up and spew jets time could be yeah he's a he's he needs to build our accent to be more official and the system probably hold the phone to his ear while he doesn't know i was gonna say just what problematic is this is a holds the kleenex yes so that is our show and like said here comes a little natty title preview love you guys college football monday monday night these two teams hate each other
more than that doll nick say bin in the crimson tide it is killed by the whole goal is to lose this game this one is going to be a blood kirby smart leave his name's kirby nick save in well this guy was pissed off here's a guy hitting another guy well the music get let go and this sounds like this is thirty seconds to mars but with a if you live in the north midwest or the west this his throat the south open wide and swallow if that's not enough it's easy for you we have twenty eight going on all the sec coaches that are coaching the subtle game are going to be sitting in a room talking about this haven't heard from him at all he's got a pebble grained these two teams don't like each other very much it's part of my take presented by bar stools sports
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