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Coach Bruce Arians, Blake Bortles And Our New Rap Single "Drink Paint"

2018-05-23 | 🔗

Grit Week is live from Jacksonville. The Rockets passed the MANalytics test with a huge Game 4 win (2:27 - 8:12). Lebron is all up in the Celtics ass and PFT is officially worried about the Caps (8:12 - 16:23). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (16:23 - 31:05). Coach Bruce Arians joins the show to talk about his life in Football, the time he drank paint as a kid (twice), coaching Peyton Manning, Big Ben, and Andrew Luck, and why doing it his way ultimately paid off (31:05 - 58:24). Segments include the debut of the new hit single "Drink Paint" shout out Sonny Digital for the beat. PR 101 for Brandi Chastain's terrible plaque and Guys on Chicks with Blake Bortles. 

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Today is part of my take. We are in the middle of grit, weak we're coming live from Jacksonville Florida as we make our way through the dirty south. We have coach, Bruce Arians on the show we actually went to his house in Georgia, shared a beer with him and had a nice time in his living room, really fun conversation and a little extra bonus, one of our favorite recurring guess, maybe our favorite recurring guess: Blake portals were alive from his house and we do a on checks with him. His top to recurring Blake's ass easily until we get Steve Lake on oh yeah, Steve there he's gonna, do he's gonna be a big Blake invaded analogue lie, God before we gets all that, I won't talk to me as well body on Have you guys noticed in the office? There is a refrigerator that has stocked full of body armor it is delicious. I've been drinking all time. My good friend apathy, Rizzo tool.
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got body, armor, Sophie's choice, staying hydrate use, key visit, W W w dot, drink body, armor dot com to learn more. That's w, W w dot, great body, armor dot com to learn more check him out, o let's go down and have no, it's pardon. My take presented by and bye stools. Welcome to pardon my scented buys see. Geek today is Wednesday. May twenty? Third? In the rockets are not dead,
Oh, no. They looked to be totally debt after the first like seven or eight minutes, ol man and James Hard, and it was like James Hoddan- got stronger as a game went on like a reversal. German button, yes, which would make him just a real person reignited regular got regular human being, but yet he got on drugs as the first quarter wound down and woke up, and I think damning the voluntary Margarets face through him. It was light through have room. It was like taken a big hit, a metaphor. I've never been so wrong in in games, and I was in this game because now this game was because if you saw the quarters it was, each quarter was like crazy swings. The though the rockets, one, the second court, thirty, four eighteen, the third quarter was worth thirty four seventeen and then, though, the word score twelve points in the fourth quarter. I saw arson What's that happen, I actually have something more throughout but James Harden First first, while that three that
basically just sat. There was like no, I don't wanna take the three thousand. I thought that was the end of his group. That was not. I thought that was like James harden. If you don't take this open three, when you are not covered five seconds in a play off and must win play off game, you just should toppling basketball and then he dumped dream on green and threw me and all the haters that have been accusing him during designer drugs and the Rockets have passed a monolithic test who hasn't one winnable I've been on the road. Yes, big play off. That was a good check game for them, and I have to give a shit load of credit because I do not think they have that in them. I still wars when series, but it's Because of a lack of mental at my favorite part of the game was when that got committed point five seconds left in the rockets. Try grunted locker, because you knows you get to lock room nuke it make a man leave a lock rooms to say
space for drew, and you can't make them almost for an extra point that could somehow screw up the spread right now. You have to make an account in their banks outnumber then, and then the Rockets try to give it away yeah. They missed the front end and they re all year, and then they made the second one. Inexplicably dummy you got it. You gotta, for once in your life, respond to six genetic step. Had it one has wanted that what point as fair game would have been over? Yes what he had to go on and make the second prices? So here's my theory. I think this is one. Those situations where, like the hot, take sports media culture in reality, have likes how kind of blood together and there's a little bit of truth in the middle. I do think the warriors have a whose man's problem they do want because Kevin around its clays team. Its wool is quite clays, it was stuff, but you know that third quarter was stuff. Just going stuff was not injured in the third quarter, tied using during a couple other quarters, but Kevin Terrain,
not taken the last shot like that's. Why you're there, when you need two points, governor is basically I think everyone is the one guy. I would want to take a shot when you team needs to points just two points: the pudding overtime, any past the clay, and I think we officially over who man, it's clay Sienna, it has to be his team. I want to add in that my favorite part about watching golden state lose is their crowd watching their crowd lose you'd. Listen. I don't want to crowd. Shame Not they were silent. They were on their hate that they were so on their hands in the last election for the Rockets you're doing bad sports. Yes, I'm that they were site like that, and I want to go there just yet. How do you, I'll go like, as you know, crazy defence- you, no one ever going insane for that. Last rockets. Possession listen you're, getting your diving way too far into the actual events that happened in the game, I'm just strictly talking about them from this perspective of they look like they just left,
jobs in Silicon Valley will be not only an app to find that. Yet worse, yes, they do have TED talks on the way home in their core telling them. Why actually losing is a good thing? Yes to convince them, but No, I am going bad in my knuckle bats. You know what I'm doing, I'm not going back to work! I'm going spoiled fan base. Spock giant, but their spoiled very are spoiled and they expect to windows can know what these are. The same fancy came out ten years ago when the team sock true true. These are the cabin grandfather they're, making the team soft eyes from the alleys I didn't. I do. I made this point lower washing the game, because Kevin Rant went off in the first two games and stuff had his has had his game three, which is ridiculous and ever like staff, unbelievable. I love stuff he's the best Kevin. It's gotta eat at him a little bit, no matter what he does for the warriors. It will always be steps team in the fair in the fans eyes and whose not everyone be loved. Having just know that stuff also had one of his all time. Mouthpiece games that yeah I'm gonna, get when we get later in the play our sea just goes. The thing was
England, by a strike you remind me of sometimes Leroy gets really long, drool strings yeah we walk outside and if there's like leaves on the ground is draw, things will pick up a leaf angular raglan it that's what it looked like with mouthpiece night side. Good thing, we have a key issue for Hank, the bronze Buckingham woke My forward he's all up and now strong he's all up in that ass. The brine love in that actually works to the brain, somehow has made the menu pointed this out. Like two weeks ago. Phd of forty four point:
and for the broad is not even know what ok, I expected Leubronn off at home when he only dollar. Forty four point. Eighty four boys like love me, that's a decent, can't run. He is basically made it totally normal to just dropped. Forty on the rag and he's all up in that asking you gotta, be a little word, Sotherton listener to best players and he's a year ago now I who would have thought anything less migratory mark, a smart were no careering cornhill. It are you are you. I to me, because I told you exactly what's gonna happen. I said that the cows were easily gonna win three and four, and you were like Cannot we got is a battle issue, the battles of the current one and you never got it within seven missile. Ardashir Timisoara dunks looks like we are a little bit ahead of the curve and ask about bread. Stevens Bernard take was correctly for his job. I mean, if few loses, a serious you gotta chalked up is when the autumn
top jobs right, and I think the seller Selwyn Game five and a close one and then they're gonna, just as that's gonna break, will broaden the calves. Now, little back to Cleveland when Game Sex, just like I said before, I do have a question for you: Hank Bread, Stevens and I've said he is the best coach, the NBA, but he was putting some weird life. Is he is bread? Stevens does account? Do road games com for broad Stevens, the genius? Yes? Ok, because it's like a different, I mean the it pretty crazy. The cells in nineteen o at home in the past one in six on the railways. Among these Mama's boy, he needs home. Cooking yeah does not have anything to do with our best players being like under twenty four years old sleep around me like will the night yeah, probably little bit, sprightly could fair point I before we get to little grit, we talk. I had to seek a question of the day, put in promo code grip and twenty dollars off and we're gonna use seek equal, seek, reuse, Suki gap. Why
for game, seven in terrible bay. While we might meet up with eight up. U else will we have time? Will wool tweet out where we're gonna be, That leads me to my second question. P of t, are you worried I'm gonna have to this truthfully? Ok, I am worried real. I am very worried and The reason lies. I saw this coming a mile away. I knew the capture gonna lose game. Five, I knew there. When game six, just so that they can lose in seven in my face it let's face, it is gonna, be interface, my destiny, to witness this with my own two eyeballs ultimate disappointment you up, because I think if we get to the Stanley CUP, if we lose a state cup finals not like that broken at the other day, but now we're so close that I it's gonna break my heart, I'm already having a heart attack. Thinking about walking arena. Should we,
we were driving through Georgia today talking about what our plan for what would gain we're gonna go to in Vegas. So yet you know you like. I don't really want to go to game too. I think we should go to you know. I'd give some we'd pretty for food. For the sake of our audience, I was doing it for the award winning wishers out there. I'm trying to plan in advance near enough where we can make the appropriate arrangements. Do not miss show not to have to do. Is Skype show yeah so credit to me for thinking about them. Ok, every bone in my body says there don't count your check for the hatch, so
I'll answer out I'll carry the torch for the not worried caps fence in the group was so I am officially without worried that your docks in your self right now we are being not a real capital. No, I told you, I told you ultimately, I haven't been worried once this entire plants with accounts, because I don't actually care so does really mean anything so to be worried about would be really stupid of me. So I am not worried as a cast phantom outward that a couple bad week, some kind of banking on this you very cash ticket Anthea. I'm a little worried become pretty were egg- is like Artie spend that money that we haven't one from the gaps running this ethnic up, I'm not worried, so we're going we're gonna be in the building for game seven Thirdly, Gregg no, you listen as you fucking Bitch, where they called it. The Tampa tablet irony centre, or sometimes I so stupid here, maybe a living. Your neighbor stadium after bank, like a real team, yeah hard Ben Franklin that the House, a Ben Franklin, built
oh. I like that Ankara, that's good! Why? Because its electric night, though the key the waking, the kite the bottle that are the key than degraded and turn right. He invented lightning, listen little tit for TAT day, maybe more millennials mover if you spoke to be a member be a wider more here or b b, and all Europeans who are dying wrestler, so you're gonna need to refit woods millennials or be why I'd be why and have become chose down. Timber baby bear invest culture, so I was sidewalk grimwig. We had speaking of go job. Yes, we gonna culture, so we had cocoa. On Monday, we have Bruce Arians. Today, we also of the debut of the song of the summer called drink
and it's going to debut right after the Bruce Arians interview. So Bruce is going to tell you guys about the time that he drank paint when he was a good to get tougher and inspired us to write the song. We got into the studio in Atlanta Georgia with Sonny, shut out sunny day. You didn't know, Hank explained to me who said it was a most schools are used to be. I used to be pretty fuckin cool, but I guess he's a big shot producer and he was the man who is awesome using studio this he gave us this beat that he made. We got the box with Tyler, I am shouted from others, and we that attract sweet, Sonny, Tweet, Sony, Digital Tom. How awesome is Jack cuz? He made the beat and if you do that then I think you will. Probably collaborate with us. Is that the right things they collaborate he's globalized fucks with a vision. It was a hell of a lot like there's every now and then there's a few moments round like what's going on with my life sitting in
Lana RAP Studio, and just like passing blunt after blunt after blunt around was definitely one of those moments. Let go gay this is what we're doing now. Wherever I go, we I we walked out of that studio at five o clock and age. What are you guys and ass? I am so fucking, although windows, that studio. Also today's gonna be big day for music videos for me per year, so we ve got the grit weak rap. Come out, remain, look for that like tomorrow afternoon, some time also the world premier of the new Papa music. Video, yes, is coming out today, Wednesday around noon or to called it's called. My real girlfriend inside us having a real girlfriend is totally rats and you guys just on our two. She lives in Canada, it's comin out at around noon and we have a big announcement. That's coming out with it in really. Two are debut concert. Loo and all that's. Ok out us what to say that that that song it pretty close to home except Morocco from those from Canada shoes from
Well, that's where, in the song he meets the girl I don't won't give away too much of it. She has happened to be got a nice arts of chicken both out the Birstall sports app. We also treat him out so paint. Is they doing right after the Brazilians interview be care? because it is maybe the hottest song like it will get stuck in your head forever. It's been second, my head for three days straight it was funny. Was we're shoe the music video today Jacksonville and we were dressed up in painters, outfits, drinking fake paint out of like think fit? Paint brushes and paint travel, whoa, whoa people walking by giving it up real Israel may do so. We drink paint was no not have led to suppress for a calm, were drinking real pay, drink paint, usury, leaded, take extra lead on the boardwalk here, and the people just walk by not really looking at. Second, I'm, like other dogs, looks like and bring to which Spain yeah I hearing pay. When our kid you need anymore gotten. My friend I got a guy, I got paint painters, happens
I shall artless you're hot see cool thrown in they will get worse Arians, hearts, equal thrown, Hank, washed up I'm just going to I'm just going to get out of the way I'm going to preemptively put the patriots in the hot seat. So you guys don't do it for me, because I pray and growth are not going to o t is ok even on the passport has talked about how important ideas are from team Europe, but they are working out at that TB twelve facility, which is no joke like two hundred yards from where otiose? So that's that's even worse, egg? Yes, now I don't know, maybe that's why you ve websites eat. Unless I don't think it's a big deal, I let you go Adam. I think it's more discuss, grog started figures. Contract ambrady is travelling, he's gonna spend as obsolete or the family by the media is obviously make it a circus about it. They think it's about the the relationship and all that bullshit, so I'm gonna preemptively put myself in the hot seat, even though I don't think
It is very sound like an outward love there now is Jimmy droplets locked out of it. Now. How will it he's not and locked the door just in case right. That's it. Grapple alarm. That's not If a dude, whose over nine point five walks through the door in alarm, goes kick him out, get amount or a crock, sixty nine, some Hank, what else gap in them cool throne is the car stick. Yeah fifty is holding it. Sorry, doesn't ideas podcast, Our two years ago I was like the first or second episode, and after I mean that we would have a better spent. The last twenty four months is working with the team of talented developers and builders going through my the latter model after model and finally is the final prototype. We have perfected. It has taken so that it can be so many prototypes, but the car stick has been made its live, we're gonna be selling it so What are the parcels war store if you want to own a peace? If I mean
it's unbelievable everything, everything we could have dreamed and more my questions. What company do we by these many hockey stick softened screecher logo on his? Let me it's good. We didn't want it all happened. I, like others, a little hole at the initiative of no real results. We rode role chain, Hog, veer. Leather would never guess why you're never gonna lose your keys. If you buy cars to actually make change architecture for market for like their voice, no steals the key for the key for the bathroom year rate exactly and by its far it is by its its. It was you'll, never lose anything between your seat in your centre. Council, again, probably will lose out either. Yet now you want that. That's the fact that Amazon patented fire stick before you gotta, just who is a disgrace. I think any judge would give this to you on the mother. Cool throne is Sully.
From our favorite movie. So we saw a murder, so centennial airport we're not in his sober to help. Oh centennial at airports, which is one of the busiest general aviation airports in the country, their hosting their fiftieth anniversary. A party and salary is gonna, be shown up. Look at that all good physically. Good for something we were very happy form solely as you it's great goose with a splash water, are also good for the sombre yeah. Ok, also, my hot seat is fun who funds on see this week band. No that's funny. I share my behind is fun. Comic. Opera comes my explanation, because project Adele is in full on protective shield mode, he's you actually using himself as a human shield over the shield, because sport
Gambling has been legalised and so he released statement as he is wont to do and I'm going to read you the statement. I challenge you to keep your eyes open. Okay, as it was for my predecessors, there is no greater priority for me as commissioner of the National Football League and protecting the integrity of our sport. Our fans are players, and our coaches deserve to know we're doing everything possible to ensure no improper influences affect how the game is played on the field. We spend two weeks will invest more in court, has no effect on the unwavering comment. Ok and had an amazing I cut out a time must be substantial concerns over marinated short legs can protect our continent intellectual property from those who seek to attempt to steal misuse
and then it did the ended. It say and please everyone come to the Superbowl in LAS Vegas in twenty twenty two pieces lawn forest, but we have the resources, monitoring and enforcement tools necessary to protect our fans and penalised bad Anders. That's all I'm at home and abroad, who so he's Roderick Del rewrote constitution, swore swearing to protect the National Football League from all. He's domestic and abroad, and I actually think this is a tactic that KEDO users he does whenever you release statement, he tries to make it so hopefully bore yes, that you just your eyes glaze over after the third word that is so does matter we're gonna bullshitting spewing, because you just you, stop caring graze, like listening to been stunned and first Pillar classic lawyer track rather does my lawyer, but he learned from someone else. Roger Roger though one ups Laurie by being so boring when he tells you that he's not a lawyer. Yes, you forget that, sadly, he once looked at a what's the test. You have to take verve Elsie,
he looked at EL sat back so is basically a wire Roger Adele. Yet so this is my fear by road. The NFL that they're saying all this shit there We will franchise to LAS Vegas. There have a warm LAS Vegas. They know that the basically the NFL as the biggest sport for Gambling- in the entire world and fit people also has like basically kept them alive for in our like in the last ten years, is kind of give him a nice push, but no we're not doing any of that. None of it. Certainly the NFL will have policies in place to protect the fans. I think there's coaches training, staffs equipment managers, I think country Joe was just became NFL referee. He saw that he just signed up like where I bade. Oh shit, are gonna protect me from
random guy. That's gonna club my knees because the Blue Jays hit the over yeah. My cool throne is Pfc media feuds and, of course, some time, uproar, football talk and his feud with MIKE silver. So Oreo gets into it yeah, so what he gets dirty he does he got. He had his reply told us he desires all. I love it about. If we got down the mud today, Florio called silver out for being like a mouthpiece of Hugh Jackson, which is really like redundant to say, because every That is a huge you Jackson has the losers lips in America. He has a lot to become a confident right of but you're, actually, not journalists. If you don't get to scoop from huge access actually so. He said that that so her was getting all these groups from Hugh and just wouldn't,
by the way the soup was at the browns might have been interested in this falls left the browser getting. We bronze getting hard, knocks yeah how to scoop and then MIKE said floor. Go said: two silver does like MIKE Mike round to flourish. The you basically is agent and everyone knows it, and then silver comes back we're tablet, is I'm basically your daddy? You can kiss the ring next time. You see me wall and I'll. Put you on my knee and teach you about journalism, night son, my son. We're feels himself a little too much. I wonder just a little too much swag man, he is. He wears the hat. Yours fedora he's at the picture him with Aaron Rodgers do in the face like what has happened and worried. Like still reliving that moment for five years ago, my sobered feel yourself. A little on Twitter did his also translates to backup singer, true, like silver and the fact that correct translation on my other cool throne is earnest steam, ok, earnestly Bay.
But our night and losses referred from the up skipped weeded out after the game, as my wife earnestly in always reminds me, there's no such thing as a sure thing. That's wise words, slimmer, Pierre. You forget that stylist. Stop me the y yeah! It's bottle! I skip so earnestly in you, wise beyond. I don't know how old you are actually but your wise. Beyond your years. Four hundred years old, There is no way that anyone's been named earning a twentieth century. No chance. I my hot seats I got to. Ah the first is Our website and reversal Brandon NET because get up is getting really indoor territory. They did a six four minutes. On. Who would win a one on one game, M J, versatile? What's the answer, I don't really got to an answer, but we now did choose out procreate of video game on M J, versatile brought. This is me cashing a cheque for running a cheque for future us. Oh, a fly
hush videogame member likely like the Java Games, that used to go to when you were a kid to displaced all your time, coffee break dot com or whatever deleting games that yet games outcome we need to create. That is just two guys. Just like running at each other with little ball bouncing there, we could do that or we could cash and big time and sell its EU sports. They can his license our idea for video game yeah, it's like when they licence a tv show or they let or yoga that something had Brady NEWS is really hit hard on his good, It's like they licence a book for a movie. They licence movie for a video game. You out there just licensing our website, our idea. We were the first people to come up with the idea to pit in Jane Leubronn head to head and so all cut. Must be thus we're ready to open Hanks, not ok, my other hot seat these are fancy teams, because the four Henry the year: how no one cares. Hunter Henry
That sounds Asia that sucks deterioration may know that you're out for the whole year put, it does make me laugh because then people say oh wow. I got to change my fancy projections wow, I may yeah. I had him, I gotta update my it might aniseed fantasy draft, oh my god, cool thrown two of them are. The first is the bulls because lorry our good friend lorry marketing was named all rookie team, and I got a letter Johnny we're gonna, we're still do not know its body, it's funny. Until Thursday, you gotta get up once get up. Does it they don't get? Oh yeah sure there they cash in no way I've gotta, Norway, yes, my grimmer probably That was his word of the day, my green republics. Yeah he's never been so stimulate and was like I'd. So I got this little kid bit here for a friend lorry from our other friends, SAM Schwartz Dean, he told me, Dirk his rookie year. Put up,
Eighty three one on forty one, two thousand one hundred and seventy seven shooting Lori was one thousand five hundred and eighty one on for thirty six. Eighty, four. What I'm getting to hear Turks peak was twenty six points for game. If you do the Math by the lorries? A season he's going to be averaging fifty points again holy shit, yeah, pretty good thou be like a decent game from Leubronn yeah goddammit. My lord was mother. Cool throne is Hollywood. So tag is a real movie did you guys know that it has been running nonstop in during the NBA Conference Finals Tag is a real move, your it that way deserving that person gets touched comes a clown. I have no idea that I dont know how this became. I cant do the clown.
We always clowns artists, freaked me out when they started doing it like marketing. Why? Six months before I TB, like six months before I don't want to go back, I've seen a good cloud and while what's up with you America now young gave up on you out after talents, don't bring the clowns remember when people freaked out so much about clouds that people are called the cops on clowns. Just hanging out yeah and like Starbucks was like that redo their whole policy. Ok, but that was a problem because it was definitely some, I t promo, but there was also some like John Wig Wing Gacy guys go out and be unlike while now it's called me a club, and now it's ok, that's why that's not cool, don't fuck cloth, so So tat is a real movie. I dont understand how this became movie. It donors and how we aren't like rich movie producers, because we could just do like what about freeze tack without saying that the sequel but what about you? I also make it what about dodgeball with wait, backup gathered?
yeah like all these could be movies. Dodgeball could never be moving now know. Could, if tat, no dutch policy, no chance dodgeball could be so we could just create all these can yeah. All these all these stupid games. You played as a kid, Do you want me to do your homework before would steal the bacon when you run in the metal up men, whether they name every geographic and marry, you guys name every activity after eating rabbit in the middle. The the ball sitting in the Middle EAST. Iran runs and tries to grab it once called or dodgeball. Now dial I retorted, but our dialogue, often not that I don't want to go back to dodgeball. Can never what about, like God, do your homework before you watch TV, that's new movie. Like all ideas, we could listen, I'm actually accepted for tag it causes based on true story stoop. No, oh yeah, the is Jesus Christ. I forgot entitled of the movie. It like hey losers, played tag for,
a hundred years. It's like guys crises like the league for people that didn't Pekin high school. This is ice carefully. Generally guess. Why are you get irony I retract my league, several, like opening being nine eleven, as that was hilarious people for the harm. I let's get to our interview with perseverance before we do. That bought up by did you know that every single episode of part my takes now one Spotify? Yes, the same apt that has millions songs now also has thousands of podcast on Spotify, you can listen to all your favorite shows and soon to be the drip drink paints on yes and pop punk songs and discover new ones, just not too many. We get vigils very easily sold subscribe to our show, search for part. My take tap. Oh, and get every new episode delivered to you. Pop castles I defy their streaming right now in now, and now that's what it said in their add copy. Now and now I use
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a lucky award winning listener with cash. Every single episode, downloader right now, the cash app and tweeted pardon my take are. Areas head coach, precarious Murray. We now welcome on a very special guessed. It is the second episode of Grit Week and we are sick and maybe the Grotius Office in America. It is coach, Bruce Arians, surrounded by forty plus years of football. Thank you for having us coach. Let's start with great, how do you define well, I think something every quarterback has to have especially its the tube two muscles are the hardest wants to evaluate the brain in your heart. If you got those two things at work for you, you can do them, nor any sport play quarterback
sure so you I mean your career, I think when we are trying to put together grit weak we're like while preserves and no brainer, because your career Qana personifies grit and the path you lead to become a head football coach in Vienna. So it started like a what point. When you are growing up. Did you fall in love with football? I realise that you wanted to learn, for I knew I wanted. A coach played every support when he's gonna, but everybody I looked up to in life was named coach I didn't realize half hour more, so my dad it has given up his tie right, but he was coach and it was cool, and so I knew I want to be a coach and, as as I turned towards football and dumb wasn't gonna have to go on. I know I wonder coach and got a great opportunity.
For genetic rigidity, sharp my autonomous in year in and then started coaching. You can honour soldier self little bit there because you're actually or till recently you were the number one to thread quarterback in History Virginia attack. So you were better than my back I still have the record for the most rushing touchdowns quarterback in a single year, and Logan Thomas Doctor. I think he got closer time my career, but single season, even making
The original do throw quarterback out to back up your quick because beget jump right in, but I want to make sure that we didn't parking spot, because I know that that's a sensitive subject you- I saw nothing this. So we d parking spot outside of your guns were great. Ok, we got all that cover or let a big time cutting a loving. So we will talk about a little bit about your book, the quarterback whispering by right now, Amazon by actually read it. So that's the last point that I read aloud. I read it last summer: reach it was nice? You totally anecdotic a little press at the time about drinking paint when you were a kid because you didn't make it hard to tackle. Can you walk me through, but I was allergic to milk. My brother would get these big glass of milk. My older brother and dad was a hate drink that milk make it big and strong Isaac.
What I do I didn't give a man a so their pain, the kitchen and his big. Can a white milk and were white paint as it looked just like men s turn it up, get my stomach pump. It was. Three months later, my mom was eaten pistachio ice cream and green paint. Look really good. Range now that that lead paint might have got me. But I think what apparently, when I like this kid, we got a kid and he just won't stop drinking paint. Give him some damn milk find something looks like milk will have on milk and unless you know, did you think it any pointed drinking paint, would make you better. Football player is out part of the reason you did it not just make a big strong yeah about
two or three years old I stole my brother was get not wanted. An axiom harbour said: yeah exactly lodge a marble, believes and made him grow up to be six three yeah just getting drunk enough and that after you did that you are, you tried to jump off the roof house, because you believe in yourself enough flies out that was, Obama was like. We had black and white tv I can the day you know so grand was big and he's like my hero, so I got my my red cape. A red tat allow the closet founded on got our own roof jumped off black and white, I was working in a grudge cross highway, eleven West Virginia, which is dangerous island and one of his men. They bert, I think you kids, jumping off the roof and he took off across the highway, run it and I may add it no longer hit the ground and he is he's there. You're. Ok, ok,
however, you, five cheese, the pay, the panes rigging, roof job on it. So I will point: did you stop being a problem for your parents? Never It never is that that lasted prose. Surprised, Oprah wrought up today, you would have been on like you bout riddle. India are why those drugs- and I had a letter ineffable yes letter now they're here we wouldn't know coach areas they probably instead they just had to sit sit down a bit o k. Please stop treating painted the worst punishment you give me you can beat me. That's the point. Make me, but my nose against the Wall stand there. The nuns Do that to me after they beat my knuckles what the ruler that was like. Ok, let me get put your nose a at war and its you'll go nuts.
Standstill, solitary cut off worst yeah you're, coaching career starts, you start averaging attack, then you end up with the legend Brian is lot. You you're just therefore his last season correct, less tissues, last two seasons Intimidating, was walking into his office and you know, being in the shadow of a guy like that. It was amazing because when I wanted for the interview, the guy's, a you'll be maybe Teghmus ten with go to this website like an hour and a half we just hit it off, but because I had this big moustache and an alibi,
at that time, no said the Yankees, no one had fischler outfit everywhere, and so I do I get them. Look I get to job private there for five days and Gaza. Ask is coastguard, change and said they came down on we'll have fish were here, so you might even ass. I get it tonight, goats, you bet a shave, it off. My kids were still open and start for they drive over must answer three and I'm sitting on the steps you got right. Pass me as awake on end up my daddy big mustache was gone. Irrationally crush me when I'm. What am I wear? The things I remember from reading the book was how, when you, when you start culture with got Bryant you actually went to him because I you had a misunderstanding. I guess he thought that you're gonna be ok,
time guy you thought you were before time and what do you mean? You said? I'm not gonna. Do this a time job. You get give me full time. Job are about modulation. Free is weird the balls to say that the coach bright and that without that, that's kind of who you are- and I was hired folder. That was that I was hired for time. They had a new change in the anti about about recruiting and they decided to make me the part time guy, because I was a nosegay stare ass. I may well understood
if that was, the jailer still be amiss, mistake and I basically quit walked out and thank God, my wife was a home. Some sent her home. Like oh shit, would you just do Sakharov Jimmy Sharp, who was my head coach? Who it was right, could brass confident and a toy? What happened? Is it good for you? Next piano, I got a call from Kosovo to go back to the office goes rascal see in about ten minutes. I don't know I'd get him off the golf course. Oh, so he was Pierce ha. It was bad. So he came in Ghana gave me the hook, call and every good at it, and he sought out what is all this about who the hell likes recruited as part of my job. Unless why you hired me get recruiter our full time coat of it, this part time jobs
Job you'd offered me has to be admissible state and if either by coach Brown. He had the sulphur that when you said in your sitting on the floor and coach was a big man had a big desk. They still up over that desk on that shit and it's a boy I don't talk about it out of both sides of my mouth you get your ass in a car and you start recruiting your photo. That's thank you and asked I headed out their data, come back for about three weeks loved I mean that's. I mean that's a great story because it is like you said that you are who you are standing up to me. A lot of people probably would have just taken the parttime garden and shut your mouth, and you were like no, on the side of a steady job, Turkey, under an end report that I trusted him because of that, in that interview we had been gone through a lot of them.
Talking about and under we hit it off that that I could talk honestly back to him at which a lot of people think really thought they could write, and we We had battles, love test in me and safer. Ever give you so when you enter into the NFL and you get a guideline, the Peyton Manning as a rookie Did you know right away? I mean you obviously watched him. I actually read the story, how you called up our she and asked him if you could recruitment for missing estate and arduous, like come on serious, like get out of here Bruce, but you you get a coach, let you and you get a player like payment. You know right away that this guy's gonna be off the charge special talent, oh gosh, you mean that the person more than the talent you ran leaf was a hell of a talent and
the only thing they came down. That decision was the two people in eight was safer and Peyton had a will about him. He would never fail and from the first practice to the last. He was that way. I never get it. He said. Near the hotel at nine o clock tonight? This is our first manager. I live animals out under a lot at three in the morning, so the he'd knew the script. He can call every play without looking at anything job and I put a direct resumed. Another place. Yeah, this is the first he jumps any goes. Diatribes got right now to act together. Dollars you just did the bird Syrians Chipmunk for any did every AMOS won the first base at both the guys had many. I was amazed even though he couldn't use can over now
now get dressed so tat. He had so tell that you go over to this house and you earlier it was those famous but actually and his mama Libya would put pictures of what went down without this goes with those where this shirt with these paths and some a man get dressed like God, that's it. That's young paid man no sooner because he was just football, I'm, u wired that I mean the fact that you couldn't you can opener when he was soon twenty two. That's that's a lot of problems for most of the. I guess I guess I can offer you gotta be taught how to use it right stress it opens yeah true. So a guy like paid Manning, I'm curious, because this kind of came up in the news this year with kid like Josh Frozen and the story that you know he might be too smart for coaching speaking was there ever that feeling the Peyton you know is ahead of the coaching in
You know we all deal with someone who might not listen, because he thinks he's always right now, because we're way was brought up. But when patent I meant to the combat a bill point ass. The first question: Peyton had a yellow hair, just like you and he took over the interview. He has all the questions to the Hornblower coaches as no more questions and he walked out there who just get air viewed as our young men. That's ever, that's it just to get our put nowadays right. That happens. I feel like that now gets leaked and then on twitter people are saying so and so quarterback doesn't work. No authority and took over the interview with a bit. You were hope so bright. You hope one of those guys we're coming grill you that actual to me, that's what I'm looking for right in our agenda amidst the shares, because their soil quality quarterbacks draft.
I really miss issuers. Combine rata yeah, robots guitar were with the with a group of quarterbacks. It came out this year. What's one guy that you would want to coach Well, there's like six. I liked your hand and I didn't get a chance to go really like him in that meeting where you got one are ones and get to know them, when their family global agenda, but the guy that really intrigue me was Lamar. Jackson me. I said Will the legs heading? I know SAM Santayana will, I think, he's a chemist, allow bakers, grit and his fiery attitude. I thought Josh rose, rose by the most Reva play. Josh Alan problem had the biggest talent, but Lamar was just while those guys I am a David Johnson in the same backfire for some speed outside and how much money
electric ocean, I remember, are never win with Carlos traded up. Everybody thought they were to take him. Will you watch it? practice. Her words were you thinking that he was gonna go to errors are now at those will be Josh rose. You probably had a little bit more inside a thing had stated how they see the fifteen. They did secular yeah. So you just mentioned that the way the leaks going. What do you mean by that? like. How do you see quarterback play will involve the collars game is starting to get in, because that's the players Adela WWW Della guys, I've never been an huddles limit. No been in three points: dances, so you have to adjust. You're coating style too, to allow these gas supply contracts or high. You got you gotta just to them. They can adjust to you're. That's going take two or three years. You get fired some ass regards, so you gotta. Just
where they, and so with Lamar Bobby between a runs a problem. That's what he's been profits now is also electric and spread away with his life. But he can throw unequally coverage and when you put life, stolen, suddenly got us a hedge agent, Lawson and David Joscelyn by feel ass. It would be a lot of fun the three that you ever get anxiety when your coaching. If it had been a few points since you had gone deep where'd, you get that tab the other. There were in our times, no hope fight, and I find it off. I tied him yet do it, because if you know every pass that we had an office, there was a deep in right is just matter I coverage and take you shot, drew it. Quarterback said Carte Blanche to take the decision.
What was the success now for Emma? I like how many deep shots would you want to see your team have in a given game at least eight eleven? If I'd call sex. We had six on a game plan called home runs. I'd call all those our just raised about which we could have a play that was designed for five or six. Large about control pass, but there's a deeper in a white coverage and Carson knew it, and Carson Palmer is private prettiest, deep water, I've ever seen. So you get to Pittsburgh, you have another rookie guy, come in big bang who Pino stays in the pocket gets big heads has been injured, a bunch. How many times you see him have thrown out walking after gave way too many boats, but again He wears a Superman cake and you never want that got to take that cape off and change the way place, and so and I'm probably too many.
They know missing next week and heat he played on an echo in Baltimore one night. You know as explained in the guy, so we and the shot gun any Baltimore on one leg. Injuries bothered him cause he's got kids in one play was gives us. I can pick one up and that shocks everybody, but the game of a boy he's into it. So much, and I think, with Randy figures, quarterback coach now and coordinator your play- vivier yeah, we'll have a whole new ice too, so he can get along with tat helium. Guessing Read it ass, these guarantees Bray annually rented retire notional play five. You read it. We read it yeah, so we finally get a crack at a full time had gotten job. It's something. You have been preparing for your whole career. What was one thing about gettin that job, finally, that you weren't ready for that you didn't know is contagious,
Yes, there was anything because then through so many I've been so different NFL teams and organizations general managers and owners, and saw how the do it. How not to do it and so. It was kind of easy and I was sixty years old and I don't give a shit. What do it my way? So it's my last job So I got no way we're about to get another job. If this ain't workin fire me don't, do it my way she s ensuring, because I think that a lot of times and then you see obviously guy like Bilbil Jaguars such great success. He eat. Oh, he has control, he knows that if he goes for it on fourth down and a game he's not to lose his job over someone like You know it the Steelers, how they operate, where they keep their coasts forever. Do you Having that attitude words like I'm gonna be me
Let anyone else dictating. I feel like a lot of coaches coach out of a position of beer. In the end they do. They do just despair to keep my job. How do I get another job with my family and Wendy get in that position where this is at this. My last one and I had a great honour, Michael Bidwell and Steve Time, my general manager awesome guys you could ask for better guys to work, for and- and I think it to me it added alone- agar, a mobile swagger, to our organization that I was gonna. Do it my way asked our smooth, say what I wanted to say. Do it my way and I rubbed off on a player yeah yeah yeah great that that first season special- I remember now, did you rock the candle in India or do you start wearing? That is always wanted a purse coffers Indy I've worn it all. My life even announced measure under its a good luck: great
and you argue yet have hat when warrior and big apple or something you know, and so yeah agenda, so not till sounded at a word on the son did so famous tangles due to Amerika, kill you Samuel Jackson date MIKE from the Office of guys, I'm takin mine. I mean Mary years. They saw my new era yeah. Official NFL licence product it sought in stadiums and our set him anyway. So candle gets a lot of credit for that when for me not where there had yeah, that's ok, so the record has been set. Its not actually came solely by the key word is down to see its down the same, your Jackson and date MIKE from the oft you actually officer a little which will you take on tickets. Samuel he's got to any good, he's got, swagger has got the Gulf stories, good street style
took cedar style. You allow the anxiety for the Congo like world. Are you? Are you gonna keep the candle in the booth? When you see bs yeah, I love it alone. How many motherfuckers they let you say, per game CBS. You can't even break. I want now The problem for me is, I am worried. I love it when again makes a stupid playing re more her mother fucker. What do you think that they get a button? stay away so, but a burly practice to launch new words. Yet we have this branded question the LISA question for great week you can go to LISA and putting the promo code grit weak, yet hotter, sixty five sixty dollars off, it's a mattress company. So the question LISA question is: do you dream about football ice. The dream up place: ok, they're betimes, it's funny because
I went over to the arrest of Alabama and played their government and the euros elfins coordinator. I was dreaming up place that last night in a hotel of what I should have called are what are called or I'd go back then in eighteen. Ninety, seven, those crazy, so easy, play who's. Your quarterback. At that time it was John David, Philips or Andrews out, was a refreshment freshman and all Now, like you dream, if tonight you go to sleep and new dream butterfly whose whose plain quarterback adversaries are now depends on the color. The t come to me much can be Kelly, Holcomb Eugene, that's so it all around it. That's kind of a sad! No! That's always rinkitink governmental technical. You can't live like being in order to pick up to me to me one: a lotta games with me brother to lose worse quarterback that you dream about running your office me,
Better than Michael, but do you have nightmares about full, backed Ives? We're never had a full, I note that I'm about to take with you about that, because I think plain haven't full back in your office. Can teach you a lot about not having high expectations is a stand off. We of course use theirs. Expectations, you will give it to a full back right. You get two point: three yards precarious, and you do, that, every single down spot not the flaw in my office put report every time, we're so by you control the clock. The pact on me shit Ask the people to talk about stop sub as production time right. Will you do when you have it? I do we want to score
quite permitted possession possession time nothing, you get no point for possession, yet you defence it over here. Well, if you ain't, Goin delusion sixty Nuthin sixty three, if Europe, if he's gonna point per minute and you'll, have it twenty eight minutes? Twenty, it's hard to be beatin, you are for poor guy, but you don't sleep in your office. You are notorious for I'm Goin home at a reasonable hour. Do you think that takes wait here for Poor guy credit. I wouldn't, I would hope not I mean my website. They know that without a night for fifteen years If you sleep it on your office, you really happened. You either have no offence or no defence, because you're still somebody else's you're watching all the film the steel somebody s place. Could you ain't got no place? like that Serbia is whether you gotta go. If you got an office run, your office is good enough to change it up.
Where they don't know what you're gonna do this week, but at the same place, o coach, see this play those guys rail, yeah. That's a good play. Georgia has no. The techniques have blocked happily have we ve ever practice those techniques to block their plane. We teach him in three. The on Tuesday and Wednesday how to block their play and what have they change looks. Ok, when we got some real close to it must run our shit. I just run our shit outta. I like that out through the light, is like, if you spend that much time still in somebody else's than your job. This I mean that its poverty, because its if from the drinking paint, jumping a house in pretend Superman to the day you head coach and job Bruce areas. Basically said: I'm gonna. Do it exactly my way and eventually work out hopeful What was there ever memorial like? It's never gonna work out,
As there were years, when I say we went super forty three and a joint you, don't you interview, don't you gonna call for energy we had also guess we're never gonna be one did Everything think like. Maybe I should change my strategy, maybe dont, maybe dont, say mother Fucker like those in the second life. Never, if, if you don't want me, I don't want you What that means is that this is now. I want you to catch me. Do you because of that you just let me into this up. If you mean, if you'd never coached down a football, would you be doing right now? What would you have done for the last four years where I stood to be a guidance counselor, and We want a coach accede. A junior high coaching job interview. My senior year in college had I've gotten it. I would quit school. I feel like you would have been an interesting guy.
Counselor. Just by like you know what we would ever. You want equity plus you to your boss. Whitby innovation go get what you want exactly as Brazilians guidance counselor as pretty simple alone. My guide told my guys. My door is always open to product like what you want, what you hear when you get in there and I'm watching the fuckin. True, it's always open, does more effect on there's one other thing I want to jump into so we we had coach. Oh, from Alice you on the show on Monday, and now, I've got you. I think you guys have like the two most football voices. Of all time for very different reasons. Cocoa he's got that caging. That, yes, though, grout cordial welcome grit week and you what I call a non denominational voice. Southern Frankie, I would ask you how you describe it as for other regulate. The other way brother came down from Pennsylvania went to Virginia take. Has red since red eye gravy set with them, because if a pretty good,
it's the Emmy you're? U basely! Your dialect is proper notice. Locker room fluent in Lahti. Actually eclectic! Yes, absolutely are a coach! Thank you so much they ravenous over. This was so much for a punch, their performance absolute of Galileo without fail on the town of its all those you'd? I'm ok knows I donno that interview was brought to you by hymns a new wellness brand for men. Sixty six percent of men lose her hair by age. Thirty, five. The thing is when you start to knows her loss, it's already too late, it's easier to keep the hair. You have that
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Ah, yes, said taken over the course of the two thousand and three, this grid drink giddily drink. That's my drink! This grid severe now glossy white washed down stomachs, type heaviest drop, DS, Lite children's rights like Sprites Britain, like you for breakfast, come on your head way. You tell Montgomery, naturally, give you see did you forget: did private obviate free, rather wrangling drink? This really does not treat this really big count. What a juicy tie, I'm goin hard in the blood of Occupy Montoni, bore no sign of perfumes on to laugh. I got applied finished one day, my dad watch. It replied Tom on pain of paying him almost paid. All my talk grant pain only might not through this dream. Does my shit? That's why you taught him to buy you a targeted, and let me tell you a little about the time that I have seen it all the time
we've been through it all, and you know how it's supposed to be a good thing. Dundee grit, the neediest of the gritty, was that tiger he never gave up. He had the eye of the Tiger Jeff Van Gundy Celtics by five. When he came out and we got the music video drop in his great work. That trap is a trap. The new trap, music saw your summary minutes. So up on Spotify Yelps, even listen to it, bang it all the time shudder! Tyler! I am yes and shut around, ensure around shouts audiovisual shot out short wetland shadows, learn about it. Where are we elastic recording artist? Yes, the shuttle Atlantic record, recording rich white due to underline, imagined, dragons, know those someone guy at the top right David get Virgin Islands guy. College Branson really right. I think
you know for a fact, Overture Britain, he so he so rich he's never shit in the same toilet that always shooting totally different neutral. That's honestly, my dream, yeah how fuckin cools that man varieties is based I fear that is artless through segment. We have a pure one and one for brandy, chest stain she had a plaque for her? What was she being put into his beak ducked it into the Bay area, sports, all family, the illustrious barriers of and it was the words you ve forgotten about sports down early. I did know spoiled sports stars point of difference, the worst the worst picture, a plaque you can ever make him a person. It was originally ugly and she's, not an ugly person. Now it was worse than the Rinaldo. It was worse than the Tom Brady Courthouse picture. It's funny bring that up, because I think that's an actual great pure, wouldn't want spends on four is, if you look at that,
there are three artist renderings that everyone knows sock. It's the Rinaldo. Tat you it's the Tom Brady Painting and it's the guy that redid the paintings This is made. It look like em up it yeah, so you're, pretty good company there would Jesus, Rinaldo and Tom Brady? Yes, I'd advise on holy ghost can also brandy chest in I had now we all like anyone who is probably older than I do not think he remembers you in your eye conic moment in the World CUP winning the gold, but I We have to imagine brainy, cestius name, hasn't Brooklyn brought up that much recently. If she gets, black and it's a beautiful, beautiful, most beautiful plaque. Heresy does any. And talk about her getting inductive the barrier. Often no. This is like this is actually a few little tip for everyone out there. If you ever get inducted into a hall of fame, tell them to purposely fuck up your black coverage is stark yeah and then have a go viral
fix it, but everyone talked about will and also, if you get your plaque, really fucked up everyone's like directly very beautiful. That's a bad piglet people Joe Other, waited right how attractive your real life yeah, so which one, although really needed, yeah. Exactly that. I was ok with how bad that's that, yes, or no to India and taken down, but like that, I'm restart hanging It should be hung out with two people that kind of looked like you, but were much less attractive, yet you shoot up like five, points like if I was children with David, Spain and Ed Sheeran, all they be while wow Pft's kind of a baby. You're saying very looking than a cheer up way better. Looking at a journal, Roman ensured, Hagen, Egon, saying, a million per se. Also I dont made about the euro that one time comes out at one time. Everyone else it Jesus what one eye upon song in your fuckin, better woken lineage way better. We also that didn't it Shouldn T Taylor, Swift, do kid even p. Next to me, I made that up to now I also made up that Richard Branson fact
They just send the same time. The only way that our good rationally, what sounded record Sally somewhere, where does make it should. I was really listen folks. It's too in the more we drove through George all day or sitting in Blake Portals living room. We're gonna make some shit up person. There's no doubt in my mind. I I'm way better looking guide and ensure this is what grit is grit is sitting. In a living room late at night like running out of things, talk about interest, making up facts that's? What grid is folks that is great, weak art with that? Let's finish this week, This episode off with late bottles and guys on three, this green. It we're gonna, wrap up the show, with our good good, friendly portals, who I People know we're staying in your house, I think it's become unknown. Because we had no less than like. Seven Bush lights dropped off your ass. I don't think it's art the problem. Isn't it the worst thing in your house. It's that everyone knows where you live,
because people start only to stop, is that it also. We just said that work on the Jacksonville we did today that we will be at your house. People were just like. Oh there, Jacksonville they're, probably sleeping on Blake was floor, which is ridiculous thing to think, but it's a hundred percent. True yeah right, Were you ever Murphy, bad idea of mercy, but that's pretty sweet people need to stop. Stop we Blake alone. Actually he moved. He lives on the river now so go visit him there. He keeps up of Bush lights, others with pride, that the person who buys a south after use could be so confused. Citys have the Bush letters every. I think, there's a ghost of a guy that like died in a strip of across street, so before we get to guys on checks, I half ass. Your question you deleted twitter. Why I like freaked out like oh, my God is because the actual thing here there's a couple people. So I hadn't been on Twitter in Black since, before the special policies and probably
and not like the other day. I was kind of like sitting there and, like I haven't, done a whole lot on Instagram either but, like I still have instagram, obviously like a big fan of the explore page I think, like fervour guys there was like you, so I find out just like I dont like at all. Quick care. What anybody else is doing like I don't really care to have anybody know what I'm doing like I'm. Just I'm going to go ahead, take a break from social media. So I just kind of deactivated that okay, you should set up a burner account it has a direct Rodya troll Chris Sims, a halter behaviour replied everywhere. Causally carbon had been the seventieth, but long it takes for Christa blocky rough and ready I also want to give a shout out to Blake. When we first pulled up to his house. We went up to his truck and we did a little security test on it. For you and we checked the doors checked all the handles
It was locked, so lesson learned. So let's stop that rumour right, bleak locks has struck a majority of the time. It's locked the majority of the time? It's like any lives by the river, but if you want a drop of Bush light, you can I, lest you guys on checks. You gotta, get questions Yanks home to me. Hurry answer these together is like this is the age you ask him, and then we answer me. I guess I've, u work, that's what are you ready, yeah? What's the best way to meet a fireman, become an artist question. No honestly, just like the psycho yeah, like shit, the fire- I would say over cook estate, go to a lot of good a lot of fun. Razors softball came fund razors, I feel like that's. A big thing in the fireman community
We actually play like a Jaguar users. Firefighters, softball charity, game of yet more european, find that make your niche be like the person who who brings really good cookies to this. The softball fundraiser firemen are just porn alarm, YAP polish meat. What a ton of five an hour of obey their quickly. Some boys thoughts on grubbing up. The throw better sparrow than her boy does, though, she show it off or keep a hidden, so not embarrassed, definitely asking for a friend If you want to yeah you, I don't know, yeah. I have anything is awesome. I gotta girls, you dated thrown a better spiral than you know, seven data. However coordinated girls, but all she could have just said. I you throw
Smart yeah right can without an. I was all that, like I throw six did not just like. I played the ABC championship useless. You know what the reason why I love you Blake, as you need to just like every now and then remind people that you actually are, and I fell. Quarterback just select the shovel in their face it. You don't even tell us that right, but it's also, like all other methods, dogs, all his I accept Wakefield was little. So what would your answer be for this? I think your letter, rip. My ass, a dude like not able to handle that made it has, I think, like a dude, should be able to see that we require, like that's incredible, confident enough. I'm comfortable enough in my masculinity that I can limit the protein ninety five percent of women throw better spiral and also makes me a big man by the way you act, and I can say that a little secret frolic checks out there who can throw like us six spiral. That's a turn on
My god is that when you see a girl just throw one just deep in a perfect smart, you I could, I might have to start a colored flag football team rack up some points right. Nobody calls for rope like quarterback great, is actually an excellent yeah. I'm not sure where to send woe topic. So it is, can croutons gets stale there already stale bread, I'm lost. Well, that's a real powers across. Not guys, I checks. If the well croutons are crucial stale bread, yeah, that's what they are. He just take like a for bread people. What are the ones you buy in store? Yet that's just old bread. It's like a lot of water, the genius markers! No, ah, you been justly
Raisins or like razors rotten gratefully? I know that it is true that is true hate in Florida. Do you have the grapes with us? Spiders? Oh yeah, that's their state burden is a spider, great spider quickly. Those aegis, actually some skater, get ready yet so on? One is supping empty, fellows, especially Pfc son, his first day on the job. So during dinner with my boyfriend, also up on his first day on the job, So during dinner with my boyfriend's family last week we were talking about the dog we are considering adopting when scarlet there, my camera, my boyfriend's parents, all bunch.
By nudes his mom reacted by saying, oh, my god, and throwing my phone his dad's jawdropping we're. There was awkward time, the rest of dinner and haven't spoken sense. We usually talk almost daily help, overcast where sex, positive pod yeah, which you choose to do in the privacy of your own. Dining room is between you and your family pots. However Stephen Psmith, however, you deserved every little bit of this because you have to be an absolute psycho to hand someone else. Your phone like that. You gotta do the holding your phone and scrolling for them, but I think that if you never give anyone anyone your for any no at the fact that you ve got the lie, Picture on an Iphone right now, anyone can be a corporate of having nude on their do. I was taken a picture. My tv the other day, and I like but my camera down after I pushed the snap
and then I wash it again and I watched you tiger. I thought I hold the button and I was a quote: there's an accident mood accident, accidental nudes, oriental problem deserves yeah. I mean this. Is I asked? I think that I would rather like I would probably rather die than hand over my phone unlocked someone and be like go ahead just search around him a bit. I phoned roulette. That's a wild areas with it. What do you display your phone roulette and call of duty's to play when you get really drunk you go through the person's phone and you get to call you stop at a random number. You just called that's why I really bad way to end up calling like your grandparents at four in the morning, give him a heart attack. All my grandparents are dead thoughts and prayers thanks. All right guys on checks. I caught my boyfriend sexting. Another girl. Now I want to do is have sex with them. Why was that
This guy's here's hears a real answer for this women forget after they get in relationships that their boyfriends are sexual people. His guys are so gross that yeah spend enough time around him. You just forget the fact that they have working yeah and so every now and again you need to be reminded, like oh someone else thinks that my boyfriend's attractive, not delay, carry fart machine. That I live here. What it looks like for him to spit game yeah like oh shit. I forgot that he at one point said that I am so you're. He won't, told me that I was so hot tat. He came quickly by accident, likely forget those banks and other those romantically. All the blood rushed from my heart to my penis. Like I only issued on you, because I love you yeah somewhere. That sort of thing you, because I didn't want to use a hooker yeah yeah. That's how that's how much I respect you. Anyway,
hope you ve especially Army three, who try to keep my not a mainly here for That's it! That's a tough work, a lot. I learned that may be either in an abandoned, Emily, an anomaly anonymity and amid the here for my husband and award winning listener, how come doctors, are your weeks pregnant when your period ends instead of when the sperm meets the egg doctor say I'm for weeks pregnant. We only tried two weeks ago what the fuck, that's it less complicated. That's a really good points
Oh they want this time stake. It is because the moon- I don't know exactly why not the moon has something to do with the air. No I'd I'd this. This one confuses me. There's no year zero doctors are actually one year and to express this is world situation Seward doctors for the most part they can just before shit and around like our at five, because people don't have money to go, get second opinions and shit like I trust the sky. You could tell me anything a doctrine. Tell me anything. I think it's just the doctors like to get the knowing nod from the from the happy couple when they say. Oh, it's like this It was conceived on the twentieth and they look at each end IKEA. We definitely born disasters like nice, but then there are actually we worked together on the twentieth is about about the eighteenth. Oh yeah, we're there.
I see ass nice ass. Why do our boyfriends? Never listen? What were the games on? That's pretty much games on a fortnight we have here are you for. I know it. Why do hope monitor? I do Us- and I was just thinking about what I was going to do for your birthday. I last one supports especially the boat? Can you please tell me how give my boyfriend or one of more sex checks, have needs to does for himself. Sex drive loss. I saw us someone save me someone special Hank, save our ship shiver through until your answer, now? Why do you ask me that ok, serious here tips,
I would say: let him can you sexting another boy, yeah and then you'll be I go as as the man I need to take care, some four star watching porn, just randomly. That would be good. Yeah, the dirty little secret that our society tells you is that, like men always want sex, but really men are lazy. So we don't really. We would You also get. Oh, my god. I have a headache. I don't feel what I feel fat tonight like that kind of shit happens. You know I just ate a really big dinner. Workers have set for the morning and then actually that's that's you bring up a good point, so sometimes men against their will even get bonus. Just wait for empty at asleep owner.
And then just climb? Yet all just masturbate. Shame him be like. Why are you masturbating for time? Stakes has definite what's happening or just you start masturbating line. Let him know that way when he walks in the door to publicly yeah alright that Social Blake Facial. Unless there was any time, will you Mina beer? Really. I will move in here then. So is pretty SEC? We're gonna river we're thing about in Wikipedia Club Tattoos, but we have to get up like Super Whittemore yeah, so maybe next time Orange next time already doing nothing to do with pity it catches. I said I proclaimed tonight that if you win the Superbowl, I will get a tattoo of your face somewhere, my body wrist, preferably where we want you pick maybe your face on my face, I just where the mask face off from every fuckin movie. That's our show. We will see every Friday foul part my take, because we might meet up with some people in temper love. Yes,
Ah, yes, I might take taken over, but also the two thousand and three, this grid drink giddily drink. That's my drink! This grid submit now glossy white washed down stomachs, type heaviest drop, DS, Lite sugar, throb largest bright. I really like you for breakfast time on your head way. You tell Montgomery, naturally give you see. Did you forget this traffic copied free, rather wrangling drink? This really does not treat this really big count. What a juicy tie, I'm goin hard in the blood of occupy momentarily, bore no sign of perfumes on tuna. Fine got applied finished one day. My dad watch grew bright, outline paint paying him almost made. All the more talk grand pain only might not. Through this dream, does my shit? That's really by you taught him to buy you a targeted, and let me tell you a little about the time that I have seen it all the time I've been through it all. You know how it persevere. Jetting. Twenty greet the nitty gritty with it, he never gave he had the eye of the what hydrogen Celtics by its part, mighty presented by the bar stools.
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