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Coach Buzz Williams + Browns Tight End David Njoku

2019-03-26 | 🔗

The NFL world is in Arizona and Andy Reid is a bitmoji guy (2:52 - 8:51). Jon Gruden cried and Antonio Brown definitely doesn't want to be a Raider (8:51 - 16:04) - . On the eve of Opening Day we do our too late baseball predictions because opening day already happened in Japan (16:04 - 23:44). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Big Cat having a kid in June and PFT getting a Sugar Daddy (23:44 - 37:00). Virginia Tech Head Basketball Coach Buzz Williams joins the show to talk about the upcoming Sweet 16 game against Duke and how he controls Hank's cats destiny (37:00 - 51:03). Cleveland Browns TE David Njoku joins the show to talk about Browns hype, Baker as a leader, taking his shirt off all time, and whether or not he's been hypnotized for the last 15 years of his life (51:03 - 76:10). Segments include uhhh ya think Mike Tomlin is getting replay help Embrace Debate the color of tennis balls, Mike Greenberg's dumb rules Eminem edition, thoughts and prayers to Stephen A Smith surviving a turkey vulture attack, and guys on Chicks. 

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on today's pardon my take we have a two fur we have the duke slayer coach buzz williams head coach of virginia attack mascot ball and we have tightened david did joe coup from the cleveland browns the hottest team in the end i fell great interview with him he was in person we i think we're friends issue yet were friendly yet were friendly we have a ton of anna fell coaches meetings and gm solemn arizona get in their drink on we have our two's too late and they'll be predictions to seize and actually technically started and guys on checks before we gets all that sometimes the cash card from the cash out the number one finance happened the aps store for reasons the cash partisan
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will play an order the cash car today you're not gonna ward winning listener unless you go download it now ok let's go let's not its pardon my presented by my info scores check out these new imposed cores on our youtube channel right now the part of my take youtube channel today is wednesday march twenty seventh almost tax day very very close to start get into a tank were very close to tax day every day so you gotta get nervous you know what i'm playing on doing this you're turning over a new leaf i'm gonna do
high taxes on time not fell for an extension or makes them lie wait wait it but then it went to realise like at eleven forty eight on april fifteenth then i don't have one piece of paperwork and i'm gonna do the extension until october yes that's what i've extension life is worth it has just end up being locked for fifteen forever the government doesn't really care they don't write so we have a big show for you we have given a joke you from browns we have coach pause williams from virginia attack who is going to be duke and get hank a cat but before we do all that we have the nfl having their big pow out nurses arizona arizona all the coaches together they in front of the sun and took that picture where everyone just stairs directly at the sun looking like idiots why do they always some fish oh it's awesome
it is an honour all their alike closing their eyes all the way they are what's going on jake rude and looked like he had just gone down throwing up dead andy reed had his hawaiian shirt and the largest ankles of team we actually if anyone wants to make well now we should make this video just have like stuff currie in my career irving and james harden and a bunch of guys trot across up and break any reads ankles and it's just like over and over implies never happens impossible his his hawaiian shirts are really the highlight of pig every single year the up yes like an unlimited supply freddy kitchens wearing a hat to let her know that he is in fact part of the brown organization forty kitchens look great in this picture he was almost like a smock that he was wearing two and then i noticed that sean mcveigh bruce arians and champagne sean peyton were all missus carroll tom went the lot that's right tom kaufman probably wants wants to suspend a four day for missing pictured it s like that a lot of picture
a lot of people who who didn't shops the picture day map patricia were in a black undershirt he it's the edifice coaches having to dress up like you can see obviously cliff kings bury us two fuckin smooth map patricia definitely looked like a hot topic manager that was going to feel he has the exact using are gonna throw this sugar has misfit shirt eyes the one but not that he owns black shorter rhythm freddy kitchens had had like a three excel but now ensure that he probably bought for like a frat formal twenty years ago is i got the only sure have i just where swept past so its body to watch these guys have to throw on somewhat nice close and looked a little bit respectable and also looking at the new geyser you like like oh yeah i forgot floor and you know zack
taylor out there like that's what they look like yeah it it was nice or fresher it's actually good for my brain every year to see how much of the offices moves i've absorbed and retained in my own head when i can light if i can go through every single coach and say them by name yes i feel like i'm an expert about and i found it on reason i think i missed out on one i think you pointed this out your blog it was like isaac taylor and low floor wasn't sure which was one of the two there to them are in those young there we just don't know which ones which i think the floor is the better looking of the two le flora like your hands you mean to you know if i type of suffers subjective p of tat is but it's like if you took a if you took a photocopy of cliff kings bury once you get matlock floor if you then copy matlock floor you end up was acting right just keep doing it yeah he actually balfour does have a little bit of it he looks a little bit too pretty my cliff ain't kings very is the perfect case of a guy who if he doesn't gained twenty pounds in the next few years
he's beata weak link you can't win a supernova can that pretty i want you know me i am on the other side that i don't think they cliff kings bury is as attractive as he's getting credit for parties in good shape and he has like the nice tailored like having tailored clothes in the interval had coaches picture already means that you're trying to you you already think you're better than everyone yes there's two different schools of coaches that job to this picture not wearing socks one is cliff kings where the desert to be stylish the other just a guy that forgot his socks and went out to pack socks on this right there was andy read the there are also a bunch of white socks with like treasures would yes always a great look very underrated part was that the greens redress identically yes in chagrined shown those guns he's right and john bruton and vic fan geo fighting over leg space the fc wes robberies back on their arachosia raider san frank right is
big he's a big dude big do did not realize yeah so all the all the coaches are down there we had some funny like little snippets from all their meanings they all have to get in front of the media so the first one was andy reid this actually came from matt nagy he said that andy reid has his own bitmoji of himself wearing a hawaiian shirt and holding a stack of pancakes okay i'm first of all this is big if true this is very this is me he showed it to the media men exited i'm showed the picture i am shocked that any these coaches know what a bit more jeez i thought those exclusively link if owner toyota think link given popular lies that consumers like while we gotta get an get with a given the coolest tucker and the world's copycat league everything urging college makes away to the procedure any read what you said he's holding a stack up taken its wide sure it's all so i would get that as a tattoo well yeah ok we i said i'm not sure i think i said would know norms i'm with you but
all i will say that i would say that as a whole should so my question is do you think wash isn't even a question this esteem in fact anyway that has attacked you guys tattoo andy red definitely sends that bit mogi to his coaching staff at like seven a m being like pancakes today and when you get that text hearing pankey as a feeler since as a failure and we just needs one person to be sure is a goal if you guys want i find it will make a glad it acts agenda if he's got one probably with double stakes toy punching catch up on the present kicks out here so that that that might be my every little like snippet that i've ever gotten from from the interval had coaches meeting than any red has a bit mogi that a text to other cultures we all who had john bruton still not over clio mackerel i guess maybe he is now but he said he cried for three days after trading mac and mankind hi i'm joe bach
hand over your man card i hate it's tough for me to take john groomsman card cuz i know he's got deuce right bottom like ready to attack like his old pitbull yeah but i feel like in this case it's warranted he these are just the overcome getting raiders that's all they are z antonio brown is still sub people people still going after people people john knows how bad the the clue trade looks in hindsight so so just just can be by the time we're done a clue mac trade john bruton will be like yeah i didn't leave my house for fourteen months after i traded clue mac liquid gratitude you fucked up i dont think you cried for no wage younger and cried while the nice yeah he doesn't he just like his his face secrete corona yeah i don't think that actual slaughter comes out of his eyes but it actually know what it was is probably use out hooters and he used the napkins after so a lot of wings and then it was like the moisture on his hands maybe guys eyes like what is this salty feel of of moisture on my face either that
he wiped his eyes and he had wing sauce on so then his eyes started to tease out everything it try then it's not crying so the other thing about john bruton and in this trade that is so it was what three first runners yeah that that went out for the gloom acrid yeah no two first round her centres and a second or third no they swapped the rate or sent back a second which made no sense okay so yet it does make any
i think i've been pointing it out over and over if the bears a good next year and the raiders or bad they literally traded like seven spots in the draft budget but the nice thing about tat for john bruton is that we're not going to be able to actually say definitively who won the clear mac trade for another four years threats by which time who probably just retire right i killed her beyond vegas unnoticed fade off into the desert somewhere but yet he he's bought himself a shitload of time the other big raiders news i don't know if you solve i talk to you about this earlier but i feel like i should put it out there for everybody antonio brown has a podcast now if you like me you're probably saying what the hell why does antonio brown a pocket or act as one episode is called making the best decision
on the booming experience with antonio brown and dj legato weight so called on he has one pot one podcast episode rapporteur on monday i threw out the theory that no slogan he doesn't want to be on the raiders unease over compensating and he's released a pod cas called making the best decision yet he's like one step away from being like i of the writer so much and this is the best move of my entire life i'm so happy and here's a pod cast telling you how happy i am yup any dropped at midnight so he's trying to get on that levy on bell tipp of of releasing new tracks but he just essentially sits down recording of him talking to drew rosen house i don't even after rose announced new that he was being recorded but it just a speaker phone conversation would you rose in us and drooping like yeah the patriots are interested the titans are interested in the eagles are very interested to and then its owner brown
feel like yeah that's what's up yeah that's what's out so so more like my dears right he doesn't doesn't want to return he he's back into it with junior psmith schuster antonio round are we gonna do this forever yet are you gonna still he's gonna keep fighting with the steelers for the rest of the for the rest of his career yeah and in fighting with random people the demon on its grim rash got into like four i've seen like four five screenshots of him just like replying to people it's insane the last thing we had from the nfl owners meeting was bilbao check so two things one is this comes from jeff be how he said that he asked bilbil check if about odyssey a billboard get ready for his forty fifth and offences holy shit there's no way this sure yeah i think it is forty five exudes like a scout and everything and he asked him if he's got another forty five more in the tank and belgic said probably not avail and definitive not we're on a close the window on bilbil chuck coach until he's a hundred and twenty or whatever may be but
that's probably not for me the every time the nfl coaches meeting comes rises and owners meeting to yes yes he owners meaning that happens in the spring and every year it's something i say fuck we gotta go that next year yeah and then i forget that had ever happens until the day that adam chapter tweets had a picture from like landing somewhere where short yes the until the end of all had coaches picture comes out like oh yeah that's this year mrs again but yeah about belgic was he was notoriously gruff was a safer metrics on so jeff beheld said bilbil check fielded a hundred and sixteen questions over forty three minutes this morning two point seven questions per minute he said seventeen hundred and ninety words in average of fifteen point four words per response his most frequent phrases were will see twenty one times or and i dont know thirteen
like a calvin coolidge press conference collect kullak elinor peculiar without reference he also said he doesn't deal in hope authentic calls when someone asked me rock which is going to be the best story next year's bilbil check verse grant rumours and every press conference ever here's what is gonna say retirements brought up verbatim were certainly gonna do its best for the sake of new england patriots entertain so who i think he's going to add once he gets but once he gets ass it like a dozen times he's gonna say robin costs is not anti were annoyed about my robin hood sock but for poplars aroma too actually rather rob was a great a great pleasure for us yes but he's not on the team i'm so that was basically all the nfl news we have to do quickly before you hussy cool thronged with there's also a real quick there's a silent struggle going on in the inner fell right now and then over the replay
oh yeah so a lot of coaches have put forth measure saying that they want to put almost like i just you could call it a gene starts work or might pereira type guy up in the booth whose only job is to overturn obvious missed penalties like in a passer feared skull like hypothetically might have happened at the end of a championship gamely dogma adena i saw who knows you put this forward maybe was who knows who knows who could have been any coach from the intimacy south who does cross from the western part of the intimacy south and put this forward but i i guess mostly coaches liked it but there are few that really really really disagreed with it maybe a coach from the end of seawater
might not have really liked it ok and so they decided to table it for now even though i think was like twenty eight to four wanted to move forward with it or something like that price so this what happens in the unifil one you you get one call that screws over your team and then he spent the next like five six years trying to rectify that one wrong that already happened you and probably won't happen to ever got the other just chased the dragon we gotta fixes even though it eminence the funniest thing with all these bad calls of cod their call was terrible put it happened once in power over many years yearn mean stock and it doesn't happen every day and the other thing this does is it gives the city of neurons carte blanche to complain about that miss call if they dont actually inactive rule right so i'm i'm excited about that about seeing the continued animosity neural yes the power struggle that are before we get hot sequel thrown it is technically baseball season now it already started so these are too late predictions are midseason preview
i just as a as like an overarching theme though i really struggle when seasons collide like when the when nba and hockey start during football season i can't come and like baseball season is here to early i know that always comes at this time my brain can't hold these many sports at once they have just dealing with march vanish right now so baseball opening day great i love baseball but then i'm gonna need take a break but we'd like to my we do give baseball permission to have opening day on the monday after the first round of the incidentally turn shouldn't you can have it this week yeah this can be your opening weak and then just kind o eight no no weird there actually doing it on
thursday which is right up against march madness again with zero vessel like you see you're so right discontent arch gimme doings paul this week do today and what tomorrow wednesday you you can have monday tuesday wednesday this week and then just gonna don't show up until mid june yeah so let's with that let's do our predictions these obviously are very serious predictions and i can't wait to go back and look at them some i'm in october and hank once you start give us your give us you're a give us your division winners and then give us your world series champion the red sox kay the tiger tyres in central right allow tigers ok on under strategy teams in the central ah that's gonna be there's gonna be some detroit
you're like fuck yes hank thank you finally someone the tigers have their wine total in vegas is sixty eight that should get him the central is vague is always right yes area then i got houston in the west ok then in the end our east that's my interests ass they grow unbelieving debo yeah but we have always i've always big has always been the one that's been anti table i've always been tebow's can be approved in the japanese it gives clear reality it is not it is ridiculous i expected more from an organisation that gave all their money to burn he made off they should known that if you want to make some serious coin you bring tim team up to the majors a sadness possibly yes by the way the mets jacob no safeguard wins like wing men of the year for basically speaking jacob diagrams new contract hindus estimates that women in the year
but he wanted hook up at the girl though will he wants a money to does i'm saying but there is also himself over well there's a running theory the actually did a great job because now the mets don't have any money left so he doesn't have to be met for the rescuers yeah come a smart one ease playing two steps ahead ok then i'll central got i once favorite cardinals ok and then in the end a west we'll go with giants will rebound the giants are there are hoover under four winds seventy three what yeah you got some gets longshot there that's final i what do you want to yours i'm going to take em also gonna take the red sox in the east of england to good call by hank i'm going to take the eye words in the central and then out west i'm also going to go with the asked rose i think that's a good pick by hank again thank i then in the
at least i'm going to go with the attitude attitude is back of heard it here first the nationals are are finally going to get that monkey off the back they might even win two postseason games this year so i got them in the central i'm going to go reds my wretched looking pretty girl she can be taught to gather the yap wig people forget we which we gonna do in cincinnati probably eat a lotta diarrhoea chilean hit some home runs and then like not run out to first base i feel i can get like ten speeding tickets yeah i'm really base path now just deafening cincinnati am very much looking forward to family because it's gonna happen yeah he's gotta had he that just waiting to be chalk yes and then in junk framed in the inner west i am going to go with i'm gonna go with diamond backs denherder i'm gonna go with our guide dan here earlier that's that's a sleeper picked for i am
go a lease i'm going to go to the yankees to hit four hundred home runs in wineverygame twelve to ten and then lose in the first round of the playoffs i'm going to have to go to twinkies in the central i feel like haven't heard from them in a long time your mouth and everyone's like hey he's retired everyone's like hey that's the twins are building something i just base it off of if you said your bill play something like two or three years ago i haven't updated my brain yet so i'm just like bows in here yet they got kent hrbek still write chuck knobloch back before you forgot to read the first page nabi i'm going to go with in the al west i'm going to take the case i like to eat i don't know why i just love their fans and i think their fans are hilarious and that guy plays saxophone in like they all go nuts in that big thing you know and obviously the huge stadium yeah it's like maybe one small it's great yeah the raiders are gonna be plain they're gonna rated at every point arrogant the enemy
tell me to take the phillies so now we have covered all of our losses except for the braves nl central the cubs are going to win that this is the read out here can feel it and then anna was somebody i u darwish first pension gathering and guess what hank he's healthy swung he did a pitch would you do it do you someone somewhere minor league your fuckin rotten centre field seven hundred zero pitched prospect but guess what if you darwish like tat if he does that it still would be better last year we did nothing at if it's a windy day in chicago you gotta eat up pitches do innings eater sets a can of corn right there right we're good yet the seagulls are flying in is perfect late afternoon and where some ago the rockies so those are our predictions that known who cares about and i also predict
price harbours can retire by mid season because of philadelphia media and fans will be too much from the hand who that's that's the funniest the funniest part about like him getting a hundred million dollars less than my trousers the fact that he is now going to deal with the media like filled up immediate just gonna be up his ass by how much money he did make for the next thirteen year yes i'm kind of joking when i say that because i guess become the take when i do believe that the philadelphia media make no mistake about it is much much different than the dc media and the dc fence yes in an hanks right like this how it works with every theirs in sports there are no contracts that are at you never look back on a big contract nine thousand great deal theirs it is very rarely happens you just by nature patriotic eyes for the things in the past around the outbreak idea i mean that's the first one the big one too he too it's funny i was just thinking when one when we're going through these that's right one one when we got through the list of of the different division winners i saw the angels i was like
i can't even aim is certainly not a lot less i've already forgotten about like my truck trachea by trick yo that's but much better naming names of my trunk mike the trick mike mike recipes let's do hot see cool thrown tuna and for our world series picks in october first show will do them fair deal huts equal thrown hank gets going my house it is the big bawler brand robocop neither one fuckin both ok are big bore brand is in its in hot water might be the ended they bore brand yet so lonesome one balls manager apparently stole like a million and a half dollars from home so there was you got fired at the hold the controversy and then the lakers apparently like one's own said there's a chance that your ankles fucked up because i ve been wearing big barbara shoes which we all knew ah happen and then once was
a manager was seen thrown pair of b b b issues in the garbage and yet there just it's probably president barroso is anybody followed up on this and seen we're gonna shoes he's actually wearing around i don't know well she titles nike he liked deleted in the very petty move petty wars petty league he deleted the pictures he had in his incident like be murray stuff and then he put up a picture where he was wearing like a nike shirt when using kid there must be a lesson to every kid out there don't let your dad try to design a shoe company that's gonna fuck your ankles up just have your dad asked the college coach for a lot of money goes for a new house and a big bag yeah then you'll be so much easier thou us especially in other avenues he's going to jail yeah and is the explosive report that the andrea got paid no way very great sideways my cool throne is nike oh my gloves naughty came out with a
scalding hot report in saying that the phoenix sons the andreasen was accused of his mother allegedly taken cash payments from nike before committing dares on us that there really shocked the college passport camelia basta no way but then like about ten minutes later there was a pause he was arrested for china embezzled money from nike yellows gmail or off the hook bought dodge another boy and i was never gonna he's never gonna get in trouble for that is also the funniest
i'm when these things get like crime and are using quotes here get announced in a player took money in everyone's like yes yet more power to next he's gonna have an exquisite by reggie bush moms house right nowhere this will shock you the person whose super talented and didn't wanna play for free got a little money i am i am personally offended i thought it was amateur athletics dams editing all done ok my hot seat is the dog rates twitter account again ok so we re dogs and we'll get to that a little bit later with joke you but they did spawn con yesterday loose boxer
content who dumbo movie paid the dog account remember the one that took a hiatus for or no doubt another's racism dove yet on the other is that we re dogs are scattered daughter structure dodgery rate dogs account untroubled because they were whitewashing to name two dogs or being submitted to them where i get more engagement he calling a dog that was named i think like who joe calling it the hat peter yeah right christopher really white name like dear henry or something like jazz us yet so exactly latest person of all so they get paid by disney to do a dumbo ad in the internet was not happy with them just completely roasters like an unfollow we rate dogs move oh now be cancelled there there cancelled yes because they have no what is leroy standing with his brothers in arms or rwanda leroy does not get paid battles in time to be a dog on the internet that being said if anybody would like dispassionately rose account all ears all ears
he's blind you hear literally we all is that you can't take we were chaotic monies journalists he can he can and he will go about that big tat he's a big j journalist i think you d get sponsored a couple years ago while you're not a cop missouri compromise but let it be known that we re dogs account is fully compromise now ok you can't trust what this item on my cool throne is passport day so i am once again vindicated i didn't want to talk about this a lot because i i did get the boss boy story of his very boring that it's just something that addressed i grasped onto it's boring to a lot of people but i receive probably like thirty or forty messages from professional athletes college athletes tell me don't give up on passport day it's a real things as we had it oh are you know what will wilkins so that we don't have to talk about act on variety rank gonna get into canada because he and have his passport so blast where your lesson you should always have passport i always showed
as my other quarters my bank account so i have a very generous benefactor whose back much if i told you guys about this guy but four years ago when i start covering the presidential debates i attended a debate wearing a big inflatable bud light shoulder bad thing that i found at a bar that was like a quarter mile away from where the debate was so put does inflatable thing on i took a couple pictures winning covered the debate whatever two days later when i finally post my article about it i gotta dm from a very mysterious person named halo reach that was his his twitter handler whatever behaviour who is extremely sexually turned on by inflatable plastic items i looked as twitter account and lady oc yes it was all just like retreats of people wearing just like float like adults weren't floating pools and he
not stop deeming me any easy the chant video no heed it but i'll tell him about it so he paid me i think like fifty bucks to send a more pictures of me wearing this inflatable solar power i still sugar daddy i sugar daddy they weren't like sexual nature i was just never horse thus always just like you said to get your dick are just because that's all just because he jerked off to it doesn't mean that i was jerking off right anyway so fast word for years and he slid into my deems last night out of nowhere asking me if i've bought anymore inflatable shoulder pads very honey i tell him that i haven't yet but i'm gonna get some more money order sky while this relationship based on trust yes to crumble war exacts i'll get it by some inflatable sorbet afterward train dizzy easy into like heavier guys we i mean i want mine a little cash to we lay do like all of us dress up and inflatable stuff i'm definite we you'll have to only be wearing it like i was wearing
it over my clothes he just like the look of guys wearing right i'm saying how much for a picture with four guys in inflammable stuff see if you can really two hundred probity gets if you can milk ok i'm i'll send the chalk video to limit as us you're really good idea to actually let's make a private and senate omen charge him first he might actually he might hate that because it's not traditional inflatable stuff yeah or he probably is counts for like a hundred and twenty thousand hundred and twenty five thousand views yes so the screening that i gave for my left out some of the numbers and a bunch of other stuff so no one can be able to find a note is you only follows like three people but yes oh i'm going to be making i'm going back to the well on this guy ok i like that i like that i my hot seat is me few for me cause if you probably read the blog i tweeted about an eye instagram did i put it everywhere i am going to be a father future means fucked bigtime fucked i am actually very excited it was on purpose unexcited terrified
past you was fucked yeah that's why he cared for me is also foxen because time management father of a child's father of a child's yeah sorry tank good could call that not a cat role very proud of you thank you yeah i'm scared i probably would probably won't be making much content if any maybe every now and then an anecdote but we don't really do that stuff here but i thought you'd probably needs to be said to the people who lived in a part of my take maybe dont have twitter instagram bree blogs who are you people out there right now when you get when you say that we could be met making content part of my take his still gonna be making content you mean like we're not going to be using your future child when concluding yeah obvious stay at home that we also need to figure out an emergency due date podcast we have to take beforehand so who we should interview or opened ears on that one let me ask you
yeah dad dad are you planning on letting gear future obama's son playful yes if me tying his right hand behind his back doesn't work needs not really good lefty reliever ok that's very or the punting don't worry we're gonna play saw there as a kid and then when i guess it's like middle school just only only punting wars like would like the one kid that debt fox up and then the next kid you just like put all your dreams and wishes in that like billy refuse to be a fucking long snapper so my real child they will now be along step we do have practice though with billy billy some text a realization congrats knows that i miss you dude and they didn't respond glad to hear you say it now plugging classic bill if you start missing shows i'm gonna have to challenge your child's roughen round i hope totally there are totally in there will be no shows missed my other hot cedars phd because his girl court
b is very problematic yes turns out she is turns out we got a problem scottie b is drugging people now she apologized oh she did she got the best you can do it move forward so my now currently being is cool no military also stripper like oh oh hank hank you won't don't don't judge william about our girl i don't judge exotic cancers don't you know better than than a strip of nice saying that i am a people acting like their surprise was crazy media do you think every stripper fox in an drugs people know that's exactly what sounded like interesting listen cardy b we ve all made mistakes in her past i think that what she is it's doing was probably pretty bad but it also was an episode from seinfeld so can be up at exactly exactly george was changed his bed and eyes or horn of naked
yes i'm we'll have to re evaluate my relationship huddled up in arms at any time you that i'm sure behind her hank that's my girl unless there's more facts come out yet i will was light would represent or rather no guns and they get arrested for conversion to my point yeah great point hey point but what i'm doing i'm pulling hard to get you cocksure just go right back into your going to be gives me spit my mouth also without of course if you want a little stay woke she did just sign on for a stripping movie o true isn't a halo isn't this like the last thing that my dollars top of publicity that needs a gleam neeson when he was doing that that cold version of taken any talk about betaken with snow in northern ireland it is going to look for an african american not only a black person oh you're talking about real life yet has real life is real life when he wanted to commit a crime
he got in the news but it was for all the bad reasons in the in the movie sucked and didn't do well so i don't think it's for publicity i think it cardi just made some bad mistakes are past and i will forgive her once she slides in my dms liam neeson doesn't get enough credit for just being like sick and making the same movie over and over and over again so i went to see the worst possible thing that i've ever thought out loud and then every cancel me yet perfect it worked good job liam my cool throne is heavier owner robber craft not guilty mr craft that's his plea he still probably is guilty buddy bleat plaid not your he pledged not guilty to not being sorry yes he's real sorry he's while he's he's truly sorry he's truly sorry for disappointing people what he has played not guilty and maybe we'll go to court i just i needed
the video we're doing enough pussyfooting around this video those see the folly city i'll give us the video you know grog is fuckin excited to see that video her one of them is gonna try to get a tattoo with a video mr graf got his dick whacked incisive crocs gone although he's gonna more around anyway now hopefully come on the show of actually and come back ok i thought you don't talk and political interesting so did i say here now going against her coach bell check he talks about who's on the ross right now he's not gonna talk about you weren't listening now i was but belgic doesn't talking apathetic poles right oh you do ok ok so you not about jack i know i am but i couldn't be enlarged union i've had also be my own person you just go against everything he says no he too has its own philosophy i must this is having a pretzel right now
let's do our interviews let's go first up coach buzz williams duke slayer friday night virginia tech verse duke we make a big announcement about hanks future cat on air with buzz before we get to that then we'll go to david joker tight emphatically the browser before we get to that every guy wants a last longer but thinking about baseball doesn't always work the folks at roman and online men's health company are changing the game with roman swipes the secret to longer better sex saying the pledge allegiance in your head
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shipping by visiting get roman dot com slashed take that's get roman dot com slash take get roman dot com such take check him out right now ok here is coach buzz williams okay we now well come on a very good friend he is the head coach of the virginia tech hockey's men's basketball team sweet sixteen this weekend it is buzz williams coach very say to have you on and i also have a little stat free ready for this younger you are wanted no in sweet sixteen games played in washington dc in your career yes i remember it up or or more accurately one in one and a regional no
no i said sweet sixteen as it is actually from generosity in its recent seen your own one in elite aids in dc in your career that grey or one in oh and sweet sixteenth that means guarantee our regret there will be an incredible incredible spurious obviously we have our hands full but i remember playing miami in that game in that same arena obviously i have the same memories two days later when we didn't play as well again turkey is so so friday night obviously huge game ducas come of the story of the year story the tournament how do you got
how do you get your team prepared for that you know you play them in the regular season but without zion designed in play for duke just robinson in play for you guys how'd you get them are ready for such a big moment big stage when everyone knows that like all eyes on duke sir i mean look at our respectful way obviously coach courtiers arguably the best coach ever in college basketball and history will speak to our good design is banned but its heart argue with what he's been able to do i hate that he got hurt to interrupt the momentum that he had their deserving of all
the notoriety that goes to them where a custom did not receiving any were were always the last one to the party that's kind of the collection of our programme that's my story that's my staff story in many respects most of our kids at that same sort of stories i dont think that will be caught off guard that every question we get will be about duke or be about zion or be about how many lottery picks or on their team i think will hand all of that very well i think will handle it an honourable way their deserving of all of that but i think to some degree that we're in the position that we are to some degree we also accrued some level of respect to be able to be indisposition so will handle it
fine i guess we'll be excited to play in their there a custom turn being there you know that the last person to the dance i'm gonna bring up a topic dead i'm not sure if you'll get asked about again but certainly not necessarily about duke it's more about the fact that you have given nation of the supporters and fans are now counting on you to ensure that our producer hank lockwood asked to get a cat he asked who adopted council not only are there are millions of people that that are rooting for you in poland for that might not necessarily be hokey fans are to begin with but you also get gathered responsibility of you can save a cats life if you win this game does output
the extra pressure on absolutely our kids were a little upset the the one that listen to you guys they hours i apologise because i should have handled it better what you gotta stop through campos i should have had our kids over so that they would have the opportunity to spend time with you guys and take a pitcher but i'll make sure that when i see him later today that i'm that they understand what is at stake and arguably that would be the most important thing that we would save a cat life and that hank would be become a proud cat owner young yes everything i wanted i don't wanna put even more pressure on you coach but i want to do it right now i'm gonna fifteen i didn't discusses beforehand but i think he's gonna agree with me the name
the cat is gonna be leubronn lockwood but i'm thinking the middle names can be bought yet so it's gonna be leubronn buzz lockwood virginia attack and upset duke on friday night one and at that middle name that that's what he should go by right yeah that's true that sure got your call it by yeah but he added the legal name is leubronn lockwood but walcott possess a great cat named sizes again the azure yet you don't have a clue syllable cart berengaria last report so yeah so they get the cat can learn its name easier i oh yeah yeah i care not very smart right now definitely not we need one syllable yeah and if we use with cats are always one syllable strew it's true and hank he's gonna it's like an eighteen year commitment or twenty year commitment tat cats live forever
so we're exciting for they have as a one syllable day therefore the catch it everyone i love it i love it hey i if she had a random question do you guys do you ever look at can palm yes i do i believe and kim palm study it alot there's two to gaza must step that have been with me a long time are our analytical and how they approach things and so for sure it's something we study throughout the year not just now yeah kissimmee we you know can bomb gets a lot of recognition especially this year because its veto the top fourteen teams in his rankings and then and then not i think i think it may be ellis use a few after that and then organ who's out in morocco michaelis years eighty yeah so it's been pretty amazing like you know how the analytics of kano showed truth brought the tournament i just always in various if you guys pay attention that you like hey you know we're doing
something right because word top ten can bomb and were top ten in like these rankings you gotta get we daddy it throughout the year you know obviously as the sample size grows they become more more accurate in my opinion how how he goes about all of the different categories is probably the most accurate reflection of what a team is not necessarily what a player is but what a team is and all of the different things you know every coach has a different philosophy on what's most important to them are in how they go about winning and as our teams have changed here some of the things that we emphasise more are based on what we learn from the different parts of kenpom that we think give us our best chance
when i read an article that said that when you when you coach you typically teach ninety five percent life lessons and just five percent basketball would you send out a very good i'm not a very good basque workshops are you sure i mean you're the sweet extensive probably you pretty good right yeah i think i think too much notoriety is probably given tat coaches and so much of it is because of their personality europe
their accessibility and i get all of that and i am thankful for this opportunity but i think that daily work that your staff does i think the older i get the more i realise how important a staff is in its not just the recruiter it's not just the quote coach it's all of em pulling in the same direction and i think it's the connected newness of your staff and the example that your staff sets for your tea right eye you can't you can't be in the sweet sixteen or it's rare if you're in the sweet sixteen if it if you think it's only based on talent orbits only based on coaching there have to be a lot of other intangibles in order for you to be playing in the last week of march and i am convicted not because i'm a good person i'm convicted that i think
my most important responsibility is to make sure that everyone in our program including the players that the experience that they have your when they leave their better for it they're better for it for their life not just their basketball career and so it's partly because i have such a long way to go as a person and so many lessons i need to learn a lot of it is my children are growing up and children are in the same generation as what our players are and so i think i've always been that if you talk to somebody all guys that i used to go to they would say the same thing it's not because i'm
trying to be holier than thou it's not bad at all it's just that i want to make sure that my relationship with those kids with those staff members with those coaches that no matter how long that there with us that when they leave they feel like it there better prepared for life and i've got an older the cat i probably do less and less schematic things or strategic things i'm aware of it we still do it but probably overemphasize life and the wisdom that we need to gain from ball and under emphasise here's a new out abounds blake so what are you working on more this week are you are you back to ninety five percent life lessons fibres and bass bore you do and more by our rapporteur to get ready for duke wagner think that there's so much from this experience right we were san jose we went out there on wednesday of last week obviously replied friday we plates andean
you know some of the media that are there obviously are not the people that cover us and so if you don't know me and you don't know maybe the or have a feel for the culture of our programme when you were on the stage
you being interviewed jerky maybe you're caught off guard and one of the guys ask a question similar to that to a mad he'll any said does yeah coaches taught us a life lesson we just be liberty you go to the sweet sixteen and coach was tell thereby calm down and want to teach us a lifeless it at a follow up question was to be in the same guy said can you teach it to me and say what i tried to teach our guys those were clearly do that does not change what i believe my approach should be what i am thankful for as its another week that our teams able to beat it's another week that we can practise obviously were assured at least one more game and so
i think this this experience in and of itself is life changing for all the people that are involved i saw that globally said basically use one key plank one keep hanging out with your guys and i love that that's that's what it's true yet it is the true fight i wouldn't say that i felt that away and my first week sixteen or the second one
even the third one i think i was morphing to that by the time the last time we read pc but no i never thought that i would coach atta for your college much less a division one colleague giora a power five none of that was ever read my paradigm growing up and i think one thing that as these opportunities have presented themselves are i've been blessed with a more and more convicted that maybe the wisdom if that's the word that i have learned from the prior experiences that i'm trying to pass it on to ours
just that i'm trying to pass it on to our managers i'm trying to pass it on to apply players and that's the truth i know it doesn't come across maybe in an appealing way but just an opportunity to be with them another week we get on the plane from san jose and come back home and we know we get to work today and the team is still our team and we still get the play and there's only sixteen teams laughed and when we wake up on saturday morning there's there's only gonna be eighteen laughed and some guy i think that's really cool i my last questions niven a question is just a tip before the game think about maybe going off to
large a barren zion indian like hey i watched a lotta tape and i don't care what people say your lot better over three point shooter than people give you credit for you should keep shooting just shoot truth i know i don't know if our very or art corroborated those guys you know my name is marked after i reintroduce worked out the coach gay every country come back to you i probably since your million letters handwritten letters back in the day i do think the pressure off every body but but for me to think that any of their players even know what my name they probably back out you know something this came out of the sphere that we thought me crazy i don't regret even know who i am i will we love you but we're gonna be room for you know me and our future leubronn buzz lockwood will be born for you i m why does it called the cat was working
problem yandah nobler than when you go when you gotta stop through on the grit tour yes surely were approaching tour level with our relationship young yunkers not calling the cat buzz them we're sobbing kate in the producer i like an aching stay back at home i like tat and i like that i got so there that's where i coach pesa lock on friday will be written for tomorrow i almost forgot could be aren't i
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have to pay for almost everywhere else clinic armed attacks of the smart easy and hunter percent free way to do your taxes go to credit karma dot com slash tax and file for free today that's credit karma dot com slash tax and now something completely different ok we now welcome on very special guessed it is a tight end for the cleveland browns david a joke you and he has been doing a bunch of interviews today i told you beforehand will i'm gonna work smart not hard so my first question is gonna be what was the thus question someone else asked you great question thank glass artie firing the best question so i asked me was probably to give or not a question per se more extreme and give an embarrassing story and i may do that when you say no comment no you got to say the hague next question david what
the most embarrassing story i love i can't think of any other matter now ok we're you did you ever think about doing the same for crew read out a sucker goggles our guy a rare i like you should done that artless actually start air is is the you back they use back so does that mean that wisconsin every ballgame or what's what did you find despite what role did you go if not in vain now look ahead boy on the idea of while you obviously we haven't trouble episcopal years but you know we're gonna get back together ass you are you tear the turnover chain big then it is a pity
a little bit how other colleges can cooperate and they tried to do their own like to turn over backpacking all this weird stuff i mean it's cool that everyone wants to be like a scientific in that serve as a good point it did bring back a little bit although the turnover chains in issuing thing because if you have to really you have to win if you rose with turnover chain then then drove at eight hundred percent here now here's an easy one start i was so my dog reported that berries got us i was brown that accurate requested that the dominion i don't know i wish i knew i hope so but that is a great great player souci ok number one day when all the news break he was crazy so to us like the odo becum saw a kind of game are nowhere but everybody on the browns had been like your tweeting outer cryptic little mode visa had a time do you have you had an inclination etc as happened at a feeling ah duty
you own apology to your fancy owners to june scorn of touchdowns into doesn't eighteen ok that was easy because it weird follow up is it weird being like a fantasy you went from of kind of a fancy sleeper the sheer do people quote to you in and say stuff like every month as its exact gonna happen this past year with you where you could have exploded onto the scene was like a gotta get you gotta get david joke thank you approve sylvia oh did you ever use crystals with devon conduced dead he acts it gave me a couple really do have money now nominal back unclear what kind of christians they give you a bunch i can't think of any of my head those lagging like you know christmas for like you know good healthy no good good spirit he seemed like a really interesting garlic very unique can apparently is fisher yeah it's weird
because you you guys we're on hard knocks this year so we all feel like we know the brown more than we know a lot of other teams out there i i think they're america's team now i think everybody loves browns you guys are really easy charismatic group to root for but allow with that you know that it's not going to be the same old brows anymore if you're going to get the best shot from the steelers every time it comes out like every other team now you've got a target on your back feel a difference of stuff season definitely a bigger difference than i felt after my first year going on sixteen i was gonna tough but now you know after this past year ago and seventeen and one you know we'd be doubted bigley from my first year now integrated barely upcoming your letter for the what was it like having baker show up and unlike turn in terms of energy and and leadership because obviously he started as the backup was he able was there but in a locker room with baker from day one
you know being the number one overall pick and obviously we are expected to play no early so i'd whence he came on the jet seed that is thing in and really happened is he as a yell at your costume our law killing of gore area it at its back and forth its volume send you do you can't buy this bore with us off skin you know it and they will also do the same thing which is wind so yeah yeah i've heard that good friends miles garret which one of you where the shirt less mao's bather me though i would i would say here but note being ball hula really never reassured yeah you loved a u have to practice with your shirt offers you just flaxen on everybody on the team i just i just like facts and come to be as yet how cool is apt to be able to offer shirt unlike have absence you containers review one
i love you know and i always thought i don't want my good shape i would always have much i'd be focusing on my shirt it's fun i guess it's one seems one man look at these muscles cynic right forget raised that was right is probably great yet some awesome i've never been assured off guy that's not really surprised us not break news but yeah norbert shirt off do you do a special exercising give yourself bigger apps or more to find answers that part of your normal work out work out awful problems genetics whom i think that as the last owner how many years sagoth furlongs member i've always wanted that about football players because as the different work ass it you from your coaches are usually a lot of course stuff alatas watch that's worthing laura body but you guys are jacked up and have
biceps you guys like sneak off to the side and get in like a quixotic girls do i would think so things are probably the made himself ill butter and yeah see said genetics year your family your parents or from nigeria originally right have why were they like introduce to football when they came here and became fans of sport are they still like none schemes crazy they think it's very dangerous obsolete around my my parents screw up playing soccer so obviously less contact so well yeah but when i saw playing they weren't you happy about it did they try to push you to play soccer it was meant to disenchant play football is thought and anything before re rare i led the sport viewplate soccer we probably when world cup though i mean i would with its big officer yeah i was doing some reading about your pre game and like your off day training and you do a lot of meditation so explain how you got into meditations i think i have a theory for you than if you thought about
i well i was maybe like eighth grade and grant summer something as i could oh like school whatever and i i offered to be hidden hypnotized ok now during that process i was not happy it and instead i found myself meditating and as you know i don't talk to me body ahead and noticed just worked for me and then you ve been meditating ever since tricks do you think there's any choice the person who hypnotize you hypnotize you to become addicted to meditation that's a great at that's a great theory i think that as a result we would have to be you know because you're like all i wasn't advertising out be like i love to meditate correct correct you been hypnotized this whole entire time
bore me mine blown yeah glow thirty wiles away what mindset that he put you into were like how did you know that you're mandating if you had never meditative right well but he was telling me he first hand me sit sit down with a bunch of other people that were my classmates and noticed he was talking to her going to do certain things you know if you know put your hands on your on your lap feel like your arms and legs weigh at the million pound then you cannot them up but love you know freedom you gotta be more focus on relax asian and breathing everything and it worked out for me yet the plot to office space you near your hypnotherapy currently you are always been happy love got me here so happy about through good had high hopes great after a good head coach is nothing but a hypnotist really true you james you think you jackson had jimmy hasn't hypnotized
i mean why had rather owner hypnotize me i think so no eight so so talk to me about meditation for real though see it you know i don't feel like a lot of people not least the nfl don't talk about meditating in and you know using it before practice and all that stuff so you do it every single day i'd try to try to it if i dont forget i tried to and what's a process that like you know how long humanity for i could be five minutes it could be fifteen minutes ago depends on how you feel per day and in the end is heavy noticing the house what am i gonna do meditating about catching balls and soft meditate what everyone meditate permit me personally eyes admission myself in vienna failed to making play through their just noticed pigment set more relaxation state that's right awesome so hastily play madden in your head in theory the tina that you're not really animated more lagging over life you have to be
you have to be by herself in the quiet or can you do this in a busy room with other people were first to know i would like to begin by myself but after doing it for so long in o eaten focus result we can focus on you know just herself and ignore the outside noise in the no can do those will do in a minute they re now for a minute already meditation gloved you know how yeah how i know it's me because you focus on your breathing right we're gonna breathing s got correctly ok and then lay home at some point not i don't they all american failing which you have a monster that isa as they give a mantra earlier recalling that you do not allowed on doublespeak and even a minute so but we close our eyes we focus on a breathing i mean you know ethical issues room glasses you can didn't give you this fair gag on my ass close now what now focus on what you gonna focused focused on on this package
wanna focus how you make this park as long as you have said embarrassing that appear on asking you really get where you get out of my meditative state ok poor so what was an emergency well i guess you timothy showing him a damn i'm restart meditated just drive away great question i do like swagger or move the dog better whose most the dog but you didn't watch argument i mean how it is done on playing ball and network within hours but i mean it was a great it was a great show this is the best you have also eight you're telling me as professional athletes you're more focused on being betters pressure athlete than the cute dog walking around anxiety that dog yeah i know i know i dunno there was moved by yeah yeah i know i never that swagger right which argue it better
for slaughter doesn't like me too much when ever i comes of authorities you know when i lose my mighty he always the bark them in place is a guard dog year so he's like a twelve out of ten very good popper and then muscle fourteen i attend would boop that's how you that's how accurate dies you have you this area armenia i've talked and bribed to treat the anna is the hours that did you submit to tampering who so what did you talk about before the third bout everyday stuff like colossal misbelievers browns yeah what is e i saw that like tweedy had her answer grammar he was like saying that he needs some time get a mental vacation or something as he is your case you ready to go with the brown undergo he sure said about it ok but we don't know about what about factors
this one's i'll tell you where you go you tell a guarantee to guarantee guaranteed ready to go there's just one bother correct just one by lot held on the whole competition for i mean you guys i think without a doubt have on paper the most talent add at the still positions on often decision are you guys excited or you like ready to go amongst them did they answered our questions yes yeah re to go better go you also get also yes ok are you a little bit afraid they like landry end and back and we're gonna be boys because they were so close together back in college left out they won't like in the movies terrify you are going to carpool together like i want to knock over dollar we should die your hair blonde unlike the first day of my eyes it hey are you stay here my hair was always like this you wearing in l a huge what's up got tigers running her now go go came from me real question about like you know we talk about there's only one bob
what do you do when you feel like you're getting open but you're not getting the ball what about a year and a half hours i worked as it usually like the leg in terms of just in the heat a battle if you're like man i can kill my guy one on one are you are you going back haven't coordinator like hey it's all about communication yeah live if if truth really opening a new to believe it than you gotta say how is taught alias communicator right right is highly his cool no yeah yeah now for me ok not a lot of plan of abrasive different style was urges a different mood in the building could you just since once all those changes happened last year was gregg taken over in friday on which freddy like his ear he seems like a real me out i mean i'm answer first question when when there is tainted and everything happened we aren't we kind of took it upon ourselves to i know for a get together closer and and get this going and obviously we could have
we ve been like a right well this as an excuse for us to lose everything about reading do that in a way we focused on what we have to do to be out shudder when each week thank you for answering my question because i just realized asked a second one year you have some use that good as two questions and want to be the answer the second one that's not really it's not in that area are react power i get up together but i ll be better arrears judging me on the rest this interview i've got arena party is malicious get up first question as policy on aid honestly i like this this laid back look yes lot lot is likewise mean do is talk about as these do not oppose irene elaborating give any locker him talk like a joke around allow with sitting in my green bert he was cool ass coolly i wasn t shake your hand he's covered gyroscope sky like a what fish and chips to remember him oh god into first what's ready she's like as have only seen em like on my door
on the sidelines where they just gimme ten seconds of ready as a baker making fun of me you're joking around each other what do you like what are these very interesting you know he went to school in alabama so here that no accident everything though he though he duffy a character you guys com thick in writing i was do you do you call any any guide thick that was is and here i want to tell you what you call any guy thinks he's called something before i see i have i wouldn't go you have that's that's great for you i ve never call in amerika before bruce i gazed down like a mean increasing the percentages and isn't a football guy armenia i didn't do a booth earnings you said you call from a man there yes that's a month a look it is to reach out to zaki watch him walk away if you know what i'm saying you later go but you loved him on all my god is let's play us by one game called over under over under twelve in affluence for the bronze next year
over wound saw divans yahoo has guaranteed at least thirteen winds from cleveland browns next year in just one word to say under the guaranteed over under twelve touchdown passes heard catches real thing over everything why ok over under fourteen touchdown passes for you the y yeah i'd leave me yowling cut out as eliza have you ever thrown all you don't ever leave and i are ever thorn one custom packing europhiles though to say over that would be just as no downright have confidence and i was really i just i just don't overboard customs the yet thou that attitude you don't mean yeah i do the bubbles right now without attitude yielded leather who i mean i could i know you if i put my mind you know you can power of the mind about it i need to be hit em down you know yet what you're nobody much prove you wrong you're you must use may the hate her list
oh yeah how thanks hater saw her baker s hater list do you have you ever seen nope it's gonna burn book of anger from a great many types of list of every journalist to talk shit about thirty now as our own but do not work on the matter i wanna hittaways gimme odorless are you anyone here list he go whose can be tat he would not be me ok he's got his hater list and the first no one is going to think about it no more about it only about who is better whose better passer odo back a more generous landed they both gotta cannon or david joker well i've always seen jarvis stone person so i can only speak honor me not to see or elsewhere first i've watched tape on hotel he he's gotta can't he's better core back in july was lesser yeah statistically true that actually sure what's good for them what harm censure where do you live in cleveland
the nine propaganda moves in the alps everyone just market down prodigal moves levels are you really nicety allies is it's cool yet it's it's gay advantage like club area and now that the bronze gone other people can actually shine cause he was he was just haagen it is he's the goat the ongoing arguments on commodity cleveland benin cleave unable to go have you madam i have here did you talk to him one of them went with him no you're not as far as i know not enabling that's actually get do you think that kyoto this was the reason that the brains work good for so long and then he retired you guys got good will question is that health is at all the problem of every single year that is winds and is often to tackle winds and i mean statistically not that great then he leaves and you guys a great season you position yourselves as you know the best office i think in the agency can you see me
i mean i'm gladly and enduring found out for many other women you know me like you said it use a problem or a rear that individual citizens is yeah i don't i don't think i'll think about that's why we lost oh yeah that's amazing the blame now you are you are thinking you just thought about it because you had to say i'm not thinking about it yet there's a constitution round man years we end up off the here beyond the red cross me i can cause meal but that was your island elsa quickest man you would have been a trouble two of your on the eight or listen out of it you know what i'd do if he sees hash i don't care about no matter what what's he's hashtag done with you who do you think that iraq is the goat yes i'm i'm kind upset he retired i wish i wish she stayed omar york has replaced the a the this year or in boston i wanted to see him alone the traders with them one to be them but i know that's right
so you guys are really gonna get a lot of prime time came this year the girls go to the dark my skin the dark i mean jerkily not your own sunglass rain it's right i am regularly and as he has already got insert we talk people got night vision as they actually trains me at night i company fingers i can t bear to three rounds i was really the asshole handle was american did you do like playing my games more than than us on african games
will they might mean not game is prime time so you know it's more exciting juice phone you got you gotta go right up into the camera when you're stretching that's how you make a name for years i will listen isn't like douglas for you it's thursday night with its ten then dan divinely night that's how you get it but that's how you know you walk up your site nothin like mundane i football and they'll definite put on the broadcasters are basically plugging their products and then everyone will allow you should you should be this is you want me to be wearing idea you at the june list i've got it for you sell you a low slide and video before you guys you son i four point chris cause what does a slight do you watch like you watch the knife a ball for not plan yeah do you like to slide and would cause worth he sees all michael's interest can like wedges but anything hey hey i'll love it i got one final
question time is antigua seeking question put a promo code take you go see the browns play next year ten dollars offer first ticket purchase seek promo code take how much money to miami paid to put up if amy zero dollars watson who you got a raw deal no man keziah actually pay everyone i walk not me i wish me but i know that it is that kind of awkward be unlike the like when you see like michael urban you like i may not fake it i didn't i may i got pay now so how's it while i can i hate are you big using many ds got it oh yeah the other do cells weird martin rather vague unlike how fast to come and i mean it happens no life life happens you play with it play for him for you did you did it for two years one year on year when you how do you like my coach good good coach yahoo recruited you
from miami than off real ok al qaeda miami the use back maybe you can always i think i think is back there was a went away for like a week announced back here will many diaz de winter when many left so how was i look around like today's do you guys don't win that notre dame game two years ago i was there tat was the is the you back that was and then everything else after that was like you asked the pit however now whatever my did you get it gets no the whole time that breaks in various was gonna get drafted by the patriots i mean i could have told you that i can assure you that i definitely saw that come in i mean those of ben unbelievably firmly yet a ring i was asked to call them yesterday he's using cup when you wanna ok now did you have again invite onto the army with baker and broken i do to ride i did that what was that but would down on their ivy nothing has happened
guys hanging out call each other oils the boys out i mean it's just like this is it tehran or tehran is to run ok and shoes we're not everybody like he just he just came out and told everybody this year that we ve all been mispronounced throughout finally had enough furthermore i would do i would soon gathered for sure i that's all i got i disappeared they're off the head or less than half the hinterland home runs now we can become out too maybe of brown game this your fingers are like we're best friends them we derive his phone number she spoke to him today because he had trouble with an airline i told my skull fought the airline forms you talk to i deemed among other things my yeah i did with an emerging goods which motoring one really yeah that's that's emotion used when you just don't want off the air we can actually i fill a bond of love it make sure to look at me when i walk out the room will be present
go back and forth from pigs version
that interview a david and joke who was brought to you by post mates other than your absolute best friends who could you asked to bring you red wine at four p m sheesh that just ask braun his propaganda many was hooked who could you ass to bring a sushi at nine p m and a breakfast brito at eight a m or post mates that's who i've acts i use post mates twice on sunday that's what kind of a sunday was for me use it twice before even came into pseudo it's great service i loved it's your personal food livery grocery delivery whatever you can think of delivery service all year round no more trips to the store you don't even have to know where the store as post mates will deliver anything to download the app for i s or android for free brows local restaurants and businesses and track your delivery twenty four hours a day three hundred sixty five days year postmen will bring you what you want within the hour anything you're craving posts mates can deliver do the largest on demand network in the known universe with more than twenty five thousand partner merchants for limited time post mates is giving our listers a hundred dollars or free delivery credit for your first seven days to start your free deliveries download the app right now use code p empty that's code p m t for a hundred dollars or freedom of regret
for your first seven days when you download the postman up get anything you need any time you need it here's a code one more time is you're gonna want it for a hundred free dollars worth of postmen credit download posts mates and save with the code p m t ok let's get some segments first stop we haven't you thank mike tom one is going to get help with challenges you think no boy and why we say is thirty two and thirty nine in his career and challenges but here's the fact that is simply incredible you ready for this mike tomlin head coach the pittsburgh steelers has lost every single challenge she has thrown
in the last two seasons holy shit he is not one single challenge in two years that's that's very tufted if that's insane i love coaches that throw challenges on plays it make out they might be right but they make absolutely no sense a challenge like for a frustrating yard yeah yeah area they throw just to get another look at it yeah but get tomlin is historically bad it's like him lovey smith i remember i'm being pretty frustratingly that's impressive to miss to force is impressive so by talents gonna have helped with the challenge who says the steelers can't change look at them in all kinds of che instead of firing coaches just keep adding new ones into the mix to just being near my tom hopefully one of em will change
try to get him as a held the cap as it now that healthy yes and down yet up you i mean you're like yours lit were little weave sit the entire pot cast oklahoma and clemson are going to be doing a home in homes series oh that's yoda ball yeah starting in two thousand thirty five and thirty six ok resubmit your hotel rooms now falk for
you're out your future kids might be playing in that gave my kids a prodigy long snapped cvs sixteen lying in the uk longs navigate limbs and is going to be little kay i love these fucking you know these these series it they throughout their dude twenty thirty five yeah that's not real you better believe it's real that is we have to have just ridiculous lake technology at that point i don't even want to be watching for paul games i want to have cameras virtual reality that puts me in the helmet of the quarterback there's gonna be another stoops like a younger generation stoops coaching for opel homer by the word on it to save and have any children save it yes he does he does soil we have some no signal actually always know samuel robot there will be savings sale battle now clever
clubs enslaved think saving will still be there as they say to save it is like a lion like an alpha line he he will not tolerate male heirs to his throne random held just rather put him down that will be the seventeenth consecutive year that lincoln riley's the hottest name to pass we jump diana fell and and he'll beginning arrays that's how many that sixteen raises from now yes from zero national titles and it can be hunter reinforcing if mrs defence always socks and other info yes exactly that breaking mousses brought you buy chalk look ok recovery that take real good thank you hank those great you're welcome ah thank you i next we have thank you henry you're welcome or to seven years thank you off so what you so far hank is more thankful thank yous true henry from the barn my heart thank you oh the catches to believe you're ok i want to thank you off my green bergs dumb rules this comes from a very rare
and in place it is eminently your favorite wrapper protein atrophy wrapper because people listening showed i remember that eminem was wrapper marshall mother they probably i bet you if we pool our audience there be like ten percent you mean the guy that was superhighway curb street that michigan game now i think most people know i'm gonna put his but the gift lives on the girl they key the gift he needs to get a new give out their supply now i don't just over give himself maybe just walking like a straight line sobriety testing i'm fine looking i'm totally fine i so eminem tweeted dear the f please entertain this thought regarding the f iron f express game allowing the players to actually fight would be key to league success like hockey i would watch every game even though there
no detroit team yet hand don't blow it sincerely marshall heed this is actually the first where that he put it in his original quote was high kids do like violence you wanna see trent resin richardson sick manage nails and johnny fore paws eyelids he he's i think he's got a good idea but they should like reverse hockey it so they should the players should have the referee should have gloves boxing gloves are enemy gloves that they keep on their waste so if the players like pick up the gloves then they can fight take their helmets off and let him fight who what about santa gloves there every ref has a steel chair attached to their back and you just rip off and boom its arm wrestling yeah yeah i'm ok with that maybe maybe we get a ladder it's a mid field a ladder match ladder matches the coolest matches i mean i think we're probably more likely to see that type of thing happened the ex officio giving that there has been some man
but i'm i'm totally fine with two guys fighting if its if its consensual yes they have to both agree they have so maybe that's what it's like there's a theirs and motorized public a notary sits there and he has little desk that just goes behind the action in a two guys want to fight they have to both come up present two forms of and i d sign of form sign a waiver piss into a cop hastened to assist us in nevada lot happier inadequate through the eyeball retina scan and then they can fight ok yeah i mean fighting would be it would absolutely give the f a little edge it's also very funny that like
its dumb idea but it's brilliant i think like we have no one ever thought of it like why i shall invite i don't think there's any thinking about it i think is a great idea just let him fight yet let the boys fight contemplate it also was all capsule you no serious next we have embraced debate you have this p of tee what are you gonna embraced debate this is a hot debated springs up once every four or five years but it's making the rounds again and i was intrigued by it what color are tennis ball so now you might think that's a dumb question i already know the eloquent another green hank three green you think you're jealous interesting i google can i go what fifty two percent of people say that tennis balls are green forty two percent say that their yellow so i'm like a genius
no you're bored i don't recall with the sheep notes yeah i'd rather be six percent say other what would that be a guess dogs docked probably dog eat dog they loved tennis boss their colorblind either probably green we u s a green gather green the other product are definitely look here i haven't seen it has been a very long time and i can tell you you do a lot of work with temples could exercise just throw off the wall the chase i actually want to get into handle amble have great heavier seeing someone it's like sick nasty on the handbill courts outweigh stick by the sheer jack maybe like it we gonna like sand lot yet we go to the bronx employ like on a dilapidated street i don't think they actually play stick born bring a bow put on a new yes that's your exact place stick lacks yeah maybe rob like an old man undisguised wonders one place some stick barack obama ourselves a chocolate milk and a coconut bottle yet
create little saturday afternoon through if it's too hot will open up the fire hydrant it doesn't like little tiggle bath yeah and then we cannot steal a shopping cart filled groceries and try to wheel it down a subway like the stairs yen actually lose control than yes and until someone near us movies moving smoothly was sleepers brock's tale i think sleepers scissors area all right last stop before we get the guys on chicks thoughts and prayers to stephen a smith what kind of animal was it a turkey vulture a turkey vulture flew directly into his window at his office in bristol and put a huge hole in like the the like completely shatter the glass and essentially was trying to take stephen a smith out oh yeah we're had bad intentions young could see there were no brakes before when in the window it just flew directly it was actually accelerating yup when it went through it just like very scary scene
pressed very scary seen in any divulge survived it did which makes me terrified of turkey vultures now makes me terrified perceiving psmith yes someone's out to get him here where was john skipper this morning skippers guys new network what about soulis skip was on tv is not convenient ah why anyone could see him yeah yet an alibi by the way stephen psmith use the turkey vulture news is i hey look i almost died even though i don't think he's even in i think he does mostly shows in new york i think he's just got a room with a camera it just as life it's booty cam yeah he's actually not a camera it's it's of like a computer that is booty can just people skyping too he's a cams elderly is his looked at so many cam rosa he's become one yes and so he just dials into whoever wants to debate but he used it
however the forever the entertainer stephen a smith said hey look i almost got taken up by a turkey vulture so i got some goodwill gone on the internet people like dumas lusty may psmith so he then used it for one of his hottest takes what time did you see this one he said today about is so what hell is wrong with your what is wrong with you all you can't yell at a player now i don't even know what move to blame this on is this me choose fault john or whose fault is it i don't know what the hell is wrong with you i don't know how it is how he got from point a to point b with this but god bless him yeah i'm really glad that he wasn't killed by the turkey water right we just need when i think we need protection on stealing psmith at all times can someone's out to get him give berman protects do just in case he s like i can't handle either one of those guys get no projects like the idea of stephen a smith just like going throughout his regular
day stubs is tell damn me to make you here maybe maybe it's like his car is car like the heated seats don't work properly fuckin me too got me again blame it everything on yeah it's either meters fall are a burden for he s one of the two one of the two are less wrap up guys unchecked oh you would you have now about just gonna talk more about turkey voters i learned a lot of facts oh yeah give now then i just realized now i'd rather do guys on checks now give us one turkey vulture fact their voters there not turkey ok so they don't really look anything like turkey's i was hoping for a more majestic bird with some plumage where they found in connecticut yeah inside stephen s miss off assets it yeah ok their native turkey vultures yes there endemic to stephen s medica booties desert any big surprise tat actually like thoughts and prayers to that bird because if stephen smith had been in the room we probably would affect it yes it's a mean gotta
so what the turkey walter does to pour in provocation yet the turkey vulture crashed through my window looking sexy like that with a big fat ass you know that it wasn't a skinny asked turkey voted i was breaking a window i nature hell no i ain't guys on checks a boy's especially be cat in future will brown lockwood six months ago i started to secretly listening p m t because i wanted to understand my boyfriend and hiv well and his friends also it of you else we're talking about disclaimer i'm not one of those girls who can't there a football doesn't pillar march banners brackets are falls asleep on the cutter among people it just felt like he and his friends speaking in a code and i was sick feeling clueless i was stuck in clueless i think about you was going for about two weeks in a listening i was finally able to crack your code in about two months i began to realize it all my boyfriend's one liners i thought were so funny and original or ninety nine point nine percent puts me podcast that's ok my question is are all guys unoriginal or is it just a dozen aid of usa interact with no we are listen
everything that i have said has been said by somebody significantly smarter than meets him all once on it is all one saw here's what you do get back and be ready for this you buy marshall gold dotcom slash p m t and you get the jokes it he doesn't even know started ports are putting an extra jackson jokes that only you will know about only you will know about but yeah not i think this is actually a smart move by hemp you you found out too much like you you are basically jason bourne i run free life you know too much some boys especially soon to be new pussy owner hank yes a couple days ago i call my boyfriend being in the same tell me the next day i decide to do the same calmly squatting over the sank in paying insider dealing and economy discuss our i see in the wrong way yelling at me when i'm trying to be eco friendly to i think his his problem with it was most likely day your ass has to be in the same way
you do it also with us when you squatted looks like you're taking shit yes so he wasn't sure maybe thought it was a bitch is amid miscommunication thought you were sitting in the same right just let him know like hey i only forded well i peed in sync it into hate is just a number one yeah don't worry i'll save the brown stuff for the toilet yet tone that come here i love that i still don't understand how much are you d works it's been two years and no answer from you what is i please
how can we then you know you don't want an ideas but cat is it the thing people thing in iraq now that's idea they very similar but it's just something that in the uterus that makes you not have a baby got it so large a question is female conduct i dont understand how much are you d works yes with just a piece of metals like a tuning fork metal yeah it's like yeah it so if you go through metal detectors not you can't actually you can't fly for seven eighty of his also interferes with pilots and yes but yet hank assign the vagina don't worry you negro stab yourself i saw the very worried look in your face i would just doctors don't you think doctors actually dont know how night eighty works out at all they just another does that's perfect s good enough for me for us do you guys unrelated but you talked about the instruments and airplane did you
i used to think when you were a kid like when i had my game boy when they told you turn it off that it was because my game boy can control the plant of exit i always i always still keep it on this hoping that somehow like yeah i hit up right now we're just knock on land member airplane mode yeah fundamentalist suckers we were felicia gathers nothing worse when you get yelled at four that's what what's the purpose there is no there is no we don't that planes that are no thing we don't actually understand how planes fly now we just thrust we are just pray and throw you thank god after he boys what up sup spontaneously burst into tears i work after reading someone i'm never met having a baby is this normal bodily reaction for a woman in her early thirties yet time for you to have a baby up that's what i mean that feel i've actually a pregnant deprived of his checked out yeah shrine stop drinking well you don't have to stop drink you can selling that that's a myth have a class one that it
oh god oh there's more than that and i quote oh god what more we would do well more ok guys especially dad cat and soon to be cat daddy friday was my birthday my boyfriend told me he can go to dinner because the gains wrong he offered to order a pizza to my apartment but he couldn't come what is an acceptable way to get back in and for their that's also that such a fucking great move we're ok i'll just get your pizza that's the best part about that is like we ve all been in that spot in that actually in our dumb caveman brains is actually a super nice thing like yo i'll get your pizza extra pepperoni baby like don't worry i'm gonna go without with boys you i'm gonna get you your favorite pizza place is gonna be said it's a classic move of giving you the gift that we wish that we have ourselves like you'll enjoy that i fear that this is a tough move form
you know what he sounds like a nice guy actually yeah i think about it during his heart's in the right place he's just a dumbass congratulations by the way on your future birthday gift of a vacuum cleaner that's going to be great and he really means it one time i almost did that to a girl but the thing was it was it was a rumour so is gonna be losing a sick ones can we really nice like i say one hundred copyright box yes and then i was approaching the cashier and i was like you know what this is it says the deal's arable had even no wide felt wrong i just knew that did and i put it back in and later on it put the pieces together was a cardiac donnelly dashboard ha now and really dumb i that's a chauffeur today we have seventy sixers owner michael reuben on the
to be a very fun one will also paid after the games to watch march madness recap and then see everyone on friday love you guys
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