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Coach Mike Leach and Dana Holgorsen + Week 2 Picks and Preview

2019-09-13 | 🔗

Cam Newton is broken. The Bucs win on the road and the Panthers May be done (2:27 - 10:17). Sam Darnold has mono, yes that's real (10:17 - 14:13). Week 2 picks and preview (14:13 - 31:38) . Fantasy Fuccbois (31:38 - 35:33). Houston Coach Dana Holgorsen joins the show to talk about his relationship with Mike Leach and their matchup Friday night (35:33 - 47:24). Washington State Coach Mike Leach joins the show to talk about Gardner Minshew, Dana Holgorsen, and which mascots win in a fight (47:24 - 66:51). Segments include Fyre Fest Of The Week, put one in his earhole, PR 101, just chill out man and FAQ's

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yikes cam newton is broken it looked tough out there he's broken he he had bad body language the whole time he looked like he was pissed off i don't know what was but when you get in one slash and hum situation and you don't just hand the ball to cam newton say hey just go fall forward forward this thing just jump up in the air and stick the ball out they got cute they got cute and it's in serious serious like cam newton just doesn't look right right now every receiver receiver either miss the throw or put it where they be like thrown like he would just simple passes they were not thrown in the right position and the whole night it felt like the panther should have won that game they didn't win that game because cam newton is broke
and there is i tell us and tell us okay yeah yeah i would to a tank cam newton was talking to the press and you start one norv turner not rivera but he said i think coaches scene back up for fantasy this week he picked up see mac for fantasy i went over and seeing who used routing this league that's probably why we aren't doing deep passes he should pick me first quarterback well either that's like a sub that's like a ha ha yeah i think him and chris recovery goes from two hundred all purpose yards to fifty all purpose yards and cam newton tries to throw the ball deep in the camp to camden actually looks injured like seriously yeah i don't think dole has to get his soul he was doing the thing we're in the huddle he would take like an extra second after he broke the huddle on his knee and just say like to seek asylum maybe maybe kim noon as model too it's like when you wake up in the morning you have a big danger site here we go and ask him noon he his soul is injured here bodies injured as souls injured he is not right i am done thinking like that's one of those teams where it's
who's with your brain if a team goes to the super bowl and then for the next five years when nothing drastic changes you're like well there's still that super bowl team but they're just not in cam newton is not like last year they look go to the start of the season he gets injured they i think they've lost eight straight wouldn't start i think it's seven no but tonight was eight tonight was a tonight was eight yeah they don't look at it all verbal mimi ready for thanks cam newton is one and then jameis winston is the other and there helping hands in the middle and then until it says not being good at throwing footballs and also stealing things in college at florida credit to jameis winston he actually played well tonight not great but he didn't on the ball the very best thing that jameis winston did tonight was get sacked a couple times yeah and getting he's getting good at knowing when to just get hit he is also jameis winston is the number one in the entire nfl the number one faller when he falls he looks
like the guy in the information who just like dumping all the stuff all over his car it has a handful of cheerios and it just works that's him every single time he gets pushed even a little bit i think his with his limbs or start flailing everywhere i think we're saying that he is the most slapstick quarterback yeah saw him and then you lie yes like one and one a yeah ms of like how holders they are to get it yeah but so so i will give credit years was were not turned over the ball because it did feel like all night that we're just waiting for that jim is winston interception didn't happen cam newton just didn't have it and i don't know when he'll her have it again like that's a now how old is came in thirty three thirty four i don't know his younger he's like give me that give me at him give him notice like twenty nine i think they don't make would quarter gail make earning quarter thirty eight so yeah you don't make cold running quarterbacks for a reason yes so in a situation like that every other year i feel like they just give the ball came as a run for it run directly for camp and this time the a fake philly special and
the timing was all off on it cam got up to the line and just kind of hung out next to tackle for a while it was just it was a slow developing playing credit to bruce arians for making a big steak and calling two timeouts in a row that actually gave them a look at what the offense right i think it actually was not a mistake he was trying i think he was in a bad set and he's like you know what we'll just give up a yard here and hopefully get in the right defense because yeah i mean it it was oh i knew what i wanted to say as well the other thing that happened tonight 'cause it wasn't a great aesthetic football game but next thursday old on titan fuck you everyone who says thursday night football sucks
fuck you it's football it happens every single year though i put this is thursday night football this is atrocious you really want to watch this yes i do i wanna watch it every thursday if there was not thursday night football and have nothing to look forward to on thursday this is thursday night football i don't care if it's bad i really don't i just want to watch football and you assholes we're just looking for retweets talking about how bad it is fuck you right it's like being on my ranch like being stranded in the desert and you're so thirsty you haven't had water in three days and that's what someone hands you a diet mountain dew it's going to taste awesome diet i'm gonna drink the i'm your blog i might but phone right now and do you know like all you did that you didn't have any sprite yeah exactly yes i i agree thursday shot all is good will always be good especially next week when it's jack's titans garage he wants bad it's good all right so the other books a shot at michael oren suit yes which
is we're looking at it right now and joe thomas for not only getting skinny but shaving his head and he looks like a completely different person yeah he does he he looks like trent dilfer after a weekend doing crossfit bucks fans that are sitting in the stands right now because we're watching the postgame that's gotta be the weirdest collection of fans the diehard bucs fans that stay like who traveled to a road game and then stay afterwards like i just saw a guy look like a pirate jj hot yeah but it is i mean if you if you had to rank all i mean i guess raiders fans but we already know what they are like that eh bucks fans that are still in the panthers stadium right now i would like to pick
well they're just waiting like hope against hope for the bucks to come back out of the tunnel to give them high five for being there right that's something that the nfl could learn from pro soccer is doing the hands over the head applause to the fans when they walk off again that's always a nice little touch oh my god look at that suit nfl fans are just such creatures i love him because i mean i am one myself and i could say that but man there's just something about him like the die hard die hard die hards that travel and then stay and then go to the draft for their family man look at these look at these guys it's terrible what these guys do they all they're all dressed like it's halloween they got tired of its on all right other big story we had seemed on has mono probably the most embarrassing thing that could happen to your starting quarterback that's about to make his big second year leap and the jets were about to win a super bowl on and they were gonna be good this year and then mano takes your dad
takes you down so adam gase showed up at his apartment knocked on the door like it's love actually with a bunch of signs to me you have mono yeah and let him know face to face i guess that was like a real classic thing for him to do but at the end of the day sam darnold is going to miss like six to eight weeks because he's tired adam gays got the news before darnold yeah is it a is that a hipaa violation house work adam schefter knew before anybody yeah because i'm just really made out with yeah he was he was missing yeah given mono spin zone for the for the jets first one trevor simeon not terrible northwestern guide greedy should be over the moon about what he's not terrible trevor i don't insure simeon is not good but he's also not terrible right he's not a huge huge downgrade over sam's arm of what's in arnold currently is yeah our number to spin zone see as far as we know the jets quarterback
who is kissing our girls of each which is an upgrade from former jet quarterback sig times yes so boom that's a nice spin zone yeah i love that good good job sam your real man's man i like that this every quarter back if i'm drafting them i want to know if they've had model before because when you get to the nfl in the national football league you make out with checks and i wanna quarterback that's got the model in the system already so is immune to it yeah i i just wonder the biggest question is not like the fact that how did you get my notes when did you get mono did you get it after the los to the bills if you went out and partied and like hey i'm going to go suck on some face we need to do some like backwards math here and figure out how long does mono stay dormant before you start having symptoms of someone told me it was like lyme disease you have forever no but when you first get it well it's in system forever forever so maybe he's had it may be no but it just pops up that's what we need to figure out what's the incubation period like on mono nucleo
bless you as me i was a big time so can i can i give you know the spends on i have a model you might have mono but you know make out checks now i don't okay so here's the thing jets missing their quarterback the coach of the jets is adam gase yeah you know who else is available that used to play for adam jay cutler jay cutler who's basically played with mono his entire career he is personality and make fun of diabetes bro no i'm saying his personality is monet he's just got diabetes he has bad insulin maybe it's just mono blood sugar i don't know which is that the diabetes of the soul i'm just saying you just made fun of a diabetic no well yes i did but i didn't make fun of the model yeah i would love to see jake i'm always in for j colored we better let me get out there slinging around a little bit i've also heard that sam die i've got mono maybe from jewel from juuling too much
it with the singer know could you pass it all yet she probably hasn't she definitely has mono if you live in your van at any point that's a symptom right there that you currently have mono yeah i looked up some of the symptoms it sounds pretty sweet honestly mono hang out years time just tired all the time you just tired and yawning i've had mono for thirty four years it's basically hank shows i've never misses mono when you yawn that's a yacht that's a model yamaha it is so i'm just so chill so the chill oh yeah so i don't know where the jets go from here but i do know this i'm going to take the jets on monday night are you really yeah do this is a classic situation cluster on everyone freaks out and everyone's like oh sam darnold out the jets stink now is six one slash two points and then you're in trouble she means even did not win the game but it'll be good stuff to keep him around ok so six and one slash two is too much but this is a brown statement game it is
it's a loser leaves town we're going to get all the games but yeah i i will probably take the jets because i just think it's like like you even said sam darnold like what he play the level is playing at right now i'm not talking about his ceiling is it that far off trevor simeon if trevor sherman plays his best game it's not it's the same it's sam dong good trevor sibi in is better than bad sam darnold right is mono sam dong yeah right ok all right yeah i guess you just talked me into the jets yeah okay let's let's do some pics in the weekend preview we as a team did not do well i was one and three you are one and three i think your own flaws own for your own for i don't know but that's okay i'm not actually i i you know what we were only work one is seven we were owned for on this side of the table the other one and three on that side hank i don't know what hank the tank did even though the lines he wasn't prepared for the segment he got lucky are you have to teacher that's like you to come in here that's mine if you don't do the reading hank you didn't do the re still got a on the test okay so we're gonna do our
vics were new little weekend preview should we do should we throw out a couple loser leaves town games we could do something like that before we do i want to tell you about our new partner we're very excited he teamed up with bette mgm for weak to ah you might remember last week i told you put a dollar down on bed mgm money line against l s u you're going to get one hundred dollars in free plays you should have done it i did it one money big time pmt has a new home for sports betting this year and you need to check out the bet mgm sports new jersey app the same guys that bring you the world's most spectacular casino resorts and top notch entertainment have a new sports betting app in new jersey you can download the app deposit check out lines from anywhere but you need to be located in new jersey to place your bets new players can make their first back completely risk
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the bears lose on sunday that's a mayor's bed situation it's a meltdown and want me to tell you how the nfl works again i'm promising a meltdown so when i say that i mean i will we're gonna probably be on a live stream because our lives were taped i will my feet i will say mean things to people around me that i will later on regret but also it will be a little truth in it whatever eyes is different from any other side right exactly but it's going to be a full blown meltdown so usually i hold back a little i might even cry a little i'm going to say i'm going to yell at people i'm going to eat it people really mad this cannot lose this game you're gonna be very triggered if they do so it's also record the difference between a male hey come already trickling in his face okay yeah he's got a little smug eleven that i can be stupider default back i don't see why that enables back between a meltdown in a wry it is what like we say if they if this doesn't happen then we write is it just like a low t right it's an emotional personal
i feel like it's a right where you pull your hood overnight right yeah no it's it's a it's a ride it with my own emotion and and bad posture that's not always not done is just like sinking and yep sure backups yep okay yeah i can get in that but here's why you have reason to be worried it's
to win on the road in denver yeah we all know the stats they'd golf like two one two two one one or something ridiculous but you know not goes at sea level none of those games were played by joe flacco whose socks so i'm not worried you do mers bet on it i'm not worried what you now have the broncos die i just don't see how it seems i didn't i didn't like you disrespected wacko well it's deserved the other loser leaves town game night yep that i had thrown out there well actually we already talked about the box in the in the panthers out without was a loser leaves town games or box akan yeah a lot earlier tonight jets browns will be the other loser leaves town game but we won't we'll talk about that on sunday but that is definitely lose at least i can be that's a dungeon game yeah i think we can probably put the dungeon on the jets already but yes if the browns if the browns lou that game they're going to be some issues in the front office i i wouldn't i would
would pass past john dorsey to fire somebody if they lose a game i love this sunday slate because it's the perfect amount of like decent a few decent one o'clock games it will get should you stop yep some late finishes and then it rolls right into a really good ram saints game rolling into a really good eagles falcons game so it's like the perfect set up for sunday because you don't want to have your premier games at one o'clock no i don't you want to have yet to really you want to get it going really feel good about it and then get into it so let's do some pet here's another one though yeah i'm ready for the san francisco cincinnati
you think that's a loser leaves town it's a loser li li sound game niners were not even allowed in the town in the first moment like they're not really in what town you're like mercury morris saying like don't call me when you're in my town call me when you're on my block yeah like that at the town is the playoffs like they have no chance anyway ok that sounds actually a great movie starring rear admiral alright so let's do some pics let's start with favourites hank go with your favorite i put this in your favorite favor just like your daddy taking the patriots you have to take the patriots michael do you i it's just like principle wise i know it's a crazy line it's outrageous but it's one of those things where there's going to be no better thrill than rooting for the patriots to cover eighteen and a half here's a little i'll give you better throw right already off the bat it's going to spoil one of my pics i like to golf
in my case for this yes do you also see clearly buys the your let me see when the other bias they tell you that the patriots are gonna cover it in half with these heck i'm give in the first half for do your pod right now nobody believes the patriots i've got a two and a half to the line that i'm looking at right now but it's like one of these things where the universe is taunting me saying you won't take the shitty dolphins possibly the worst team in the last five years the nfl you know what this is group to tell you something about football everyone is talking about how bad they are how everybody wants off the tv 'cause they're bad they got together once he got the guy name ryan fitzpatrick this is this is when one out of seven i'm gonna count wins against the spread as wins for it's rare that you have a team in the nfl openly taking this early in the season i can't even think of like most teams they at least pretend that they're doing they're going to try to compete or pretend they're going to try to play team has already given up and i eighteens a here's a little nugget for you hank
for and for all the bettors out there in the patriot games when they are favored by ten or more it might be fourteen or more but whatever both apply second half under our ten you know in the last ten because they just they and i think that actually applies even maur with bella check probably not trying to show up brian florist so take the second half under right i think they're gonna cover in the first half and then just take the foot off the gas and that's what i'm hoping for that they cover in the firm this happened they they take the foot off the gas got yeah got it okay i just needed in saudi team give me your favorite look you have these extra give me a favor my favorite i'm gonna go with the bills minus one half on the road okay so little road dog for you i like the bills i hate the giants a he pat shurmur i hate you lie manning stupid faces game tan it's the end of shorts you give us a pet is an end of short season
so this is where josh i'll need to really get it in i like this pic yeah i like this pic as well all right i'll give you the game that hank can't even be paid to watch i like the bengals minus two i think the 49ers little bit of a fraudulent win week one their defense played well but jimmy grappa did not i don't know who their wide receiver like they don't have i want to throw 2d boost debo samuel who's dude but didn't complete a pass over nine george kill yeah i know you had jimmy grappa low is like i think is average pass was five dot five yards the bengals you saw it they actually run two nineteen offense now they ran like infinitely more plays and they have the last couple of years so i think the bengals are going to cover home home honest to i don't mind that at all i think i think zach taylor it's one of these like first year coach type thing
yeah there's not enough tape out there on them yes so he hasn't called enough place he has and there's not enough to look at in to study for the tendencies also brian floors for sir coach not enough tape on an andy dalton the last two years i think the bengals were like second last looks and my brains second last and last in ah like pace in terms of offensive pace and plays per game they had said and he plays against seattle andy dalton kidani andy dalton don't let him think just let him play yo lemme point just be like andy throat of this yes don't take too much time yeah just play play play i like that do you think that bill belichick has every single coaches dna on file the ones that he are that have coach under him his coaching tree yeah so because i mean he is dominant against everybody else
this is one of those things where are conspiracy theory i'm starting to believe that it's true where he just sends people out to just tank other teams for the patriots last year they had a meeting he lost the map patricia and mike vrabel that's right was that weak too weak to was matt patricia okay there we go the weak the weak to bump for ah former belichick coach is yeah interesting interesting there was that are barstool bets go ahead and follow all of it barstool bets but some kid is tweeting week two trends like this team is ten on their last ten week two so yeah the dumbest trend of all time i hang your underdog is tough i'm is tough i'm to go with the soccer pick and take the colts do you know that they are retiring steve mcnair's jersey i didn't know that but i forgot
and i already said it so i'm sticking with it ok eddie george and steve mcnair being retired eddie george i would assume is going to come out in steven bears jersey not a dry eye in the house comes too many distractions because during halftime ceremony okay that's a good point interesting so all right so you like the colts you like to go we were set on the road okay potentially swag okay potential i'm a guy is the only thing i'll say is to be a half point built into that line just in the events why gets in defense of this is the the mike free will rule i made last week where if you doubt might for able he will embarrass you now that the the titans are favorites you can go against that role because everyone thinks are gonna win especially the stephen their retirement came also i don't hate that pick now that i'm thinking about because adam vin to terry really shot the bad last week like they should have won that game but he it what he missed like three kicks actual point two field goals do you think i'm going to show up to eddie george's retirement why probably not
probably not in accord okay so you have did you get a plus one if you have you have the only one that you have the dolphins as your underdog yep i had my bonus underdog is also the our words redskins plus if we can't we'll it's a government we're not i'm not this doesn't count towards my picks it's just a bonus okay i'm put out there for the people okay well like that techno our words we has good for okay the plus five and a half plus six will give plus six for the bonus i'm i'm back on my bullshit taking fox is my kind of give i don't i don't hate that picture well i mean i just i will bet on falcons you need intervention i do but here's my problem is and i think most gamblers can relate to this when you lose on a team you then chase that team forever until you get get satisfaction like right now
i have lossed betting against unc and i am now like i'm going to chase them for the rest of the college football season until i get i demand satisfaction right you could get yourself in trouble that way oh yeah if they win the national championship i will i'll be broke yeah you start chasing the washington generals i don't kiss you with the falcons i agree with you i think that they're actually could pick this week there staying there you know what their death they're like a a siren song just enticing you and a hat on i mean if you try matt matt ryan who joan i'm watching you you're you're like a bird flying into this nice open air i can see that there's a window right in front of you i'm trying to tell you to window you're gonna fly into the building and then it literally last week you i did fly into the u s bank whatever it's called the minnesota vikings that's what that's the idea yes i was that part all right hank your under my under
i will go with the forty niners and bengals game just because i'm just that's just hope will hopefully it doesn't show up on red zone got a like if you do you hate it so much i like to write a letter to the city cincinnati and complaining about like obscenity anvil gerrity yes i get mail there this game is scott josh had really gone is that its hand no i know you're what you're saying though since you already have said that is gonna be shitty game that you wanted to be sure to to feel right about yourself right i get there going towards all time and like fox like mind might be interested in this game and i'm going to sound like an idiot yeah you want knows i don't want to do that the game the red zone forgets but it's always nice we kind of feel like you were bad boy though they put it on that game you like all this is kind of exciting this feels naughty and wrong 'cause i said how bad it was that's doubtful though 'cause you can probably stick my over yes i'm gonna take
under my under i'm gonna take titans colts forty three nine i thank god that i think the titans are going to put up points like he did last week okay all right my under i'm going to take also sorry to interrupt with the titans coach just feels like it's all yeah i agree a seventeen to ten i agree matter where it is i the broncos bears i think they could play for ten games in a row and they won't hit forty and a half okay i just don't i don't i i don't trust you offense and i trust both defense really hate your flag i really do
he's back you haven't and i don't think people are talking about how bad you haven't seen them through to a ball in that thing here though until you change your mind i will continue to until you say hey i think i'm starting to think for joe flacco might not be good anymore i will have to keep saying it for us i am chasing the joe flacco was good take like for eight years not now what was to be thousand eleven twelve twelve well for seven years all right hank your over to and the pics see this is why it's actually probably worse that i did actually look at this before this segment because all my pics our soccer picks but the saints and ramps i it feels like in okay yeah here's a rule that here's a rule when you see a game like saints and rams and you say i'm going to bet the over an you lose you still one because you can't take the under in that game like that so rule where if you see that it's like it's like when oklahoma state and oklahoma play when they play bedlam
you either take the over or you don't watch the game yeah and if you lose on the over guess what it's the it's fine because if you did that for a hundred years you'd wit right if if you bet the under in this game you're essentially rooting for america to not have fought for and that's up to do there are a lot of other people out there besides you don't be selfish so it's a free back in my opinion but you out will have to pay if you lose yep but it is a very bad but technically free free back all right up to your over my overs jags texans forty three and a half i like both offenses i like the texans on your like argument you know what the texans off type texans offense speaker may i don't know i just hope they don't ruin to sean watson for the rest of the
it's like you're gonna ruin this kid i'm really broken up about that and so i hope they don't wait but so here's a fun fact about the garter snake that i picked up this week you ready yep this was tweeted out by antonio bryant sewed misleading blue check mark next to a bee wide receiver pictures actually not until your soul from story but yeah it's it's it's a b eighty nine garder menchu's dad so good to meet you first of all his name garter mid carder meant you the second course his dad is named flint perfect so there is no gardner been chewed the first he even yes sees gardner shoot the second which i guess he was such an alpha as a kid that is dad wanted to change his name and name him
his grandfather's off after his son his grandfather carter i don't know i don't know what his grandfather this maybe that's maybe his grandfather's garden is seen if he can you skip a generation yeah i think so yeah i can do whatever you want that's pretty cool yeah i like that the government you i will guard to meet you sticks he seems like a fun guy like him okay my over is going to be e actually i'm gonna go i'm gonna go with the cowboys and the redskins over forty six a half okay i'm a believer in case keenum putting up numbers okay and yeah you know darius guys is out there right yeah the heaves i think he had eighteen yards rushing so i'm not hurt his knee yeah okay well adrian peterson back is pack huh yeah jay gruden was that quote he had where he was like if we had a situation where we could ride adrian peterson for fifty carries we'd play him like two you did you did that last year yeah you could never get it was called two thousand and eighteen you can do that yeah the thing about you allowed to j just doesn't know what's going to the entire prescott they might as well just be him going you guys so it
yeah like i'm i am the head coach of the washer redskins at this time i'll do bonus lake as well i like the cardinals ravens over two forty six bono bonus i like the bonus pick all right so we're gonna probably win this weekend i would say twelve now yeah we're doing well eleven am one because you guys are opposite sides of the patriots dolphins but true a lemon and one is still pot as we're sitting here right now could put eleven one as possible yeah for looking at monday and looking back on us winning all these games were up her up on the seas yeah it could be easy money yeah big ben when he said that half the teams lost last week which wasn't true not true there was a tie but that would close and i still give big bank credit for that because that's the smartest thing he's ever said yeah and it was wrong it was wrong but it was wrong but it was still smart we're getting there but yeah that actually that should just be big ben's new concussion protocol how many teams lost last week exactly doesn't matter every team could tie half lost big ben get smarter when he has a concussion yes absolutely all right should you fancy fuck boys before we get to our interviews what's up
it's salvadorian tangelo my starting this week is the situation what that's my started to ooze out he's better than ever he's out the slammer keep pete taxes he's my fucking hero absolutely hell yeah so is this is one of you what's up everybody it's salvadoran tangelo in this week my system is kirk cousins fuck your cousin's stick with your brothers and sisters immediate family is greater than extended so you're fucking your brothers and sisters gonna fuck the people closest to you know i'm saying don't i'm saying forget him forget about it incest is in my sleep is louise everyone's talking about spit but people forget once you're going down it's nice to walk down the street and given that okay all right on kati bee's mouth she hates that if it's a pushy our dick that's a dump oh yeah alright what top this is poppy pop perella i'm starting hanging out in the line at starbucks and making a cool comic everybody that gets a pumpkin spice latte oh guess it's that time of year again yeah we ourselves big chest i was back i'm gonna do until they kick me out or i'd get a date whichever comes first boy fall fall it's going down i'm sitting john bolton day johnny boy you piece of shit you look like andy reid got a tapeworm and stood in front of a candle for thirty years castle oh your entire life's mission was to work in the white house and then you got that you got fired before you could even start a coup or you stupid fucks my sleeper i'm sleeping taysom hill this weekend i love him you know sean payton loves him the more man that's right he's a mormon because he's more man than you are he's more man than the rest you chumps i love this guy but more importantly that squirrelly bastard champagne loves him he has him do all the household chores for hey shot hey more hey go drop my kids off walking over here hey barely known hey taste him on a lifeboat for me hey go get a prostate exam for my taste will do anything for that guy champagne hey all right what's up i'ma wrap it up with my name is tony tony mama tool tommy tommy to eat what's up seventeen right these i'm gonna start kobe bryant he's the best coach ever yeah he coached some sixth graders and totally shamed of girl for like in ballet more than basketball in his whole team is grounded and looks like they don't want to be there because kobe kind of a widow but he got them to the fourth place quote unquote winners win as kobe bryant water coach job kobe might think that dance off your team saver for your nightclub my system is jimmy guapo whoa because this san francisco forty nine didn't go home after the game and tampa bay they stayed in ohio all week long in ohio fun fact about ohio it produced the fifth most porn stars in the united states of america that's inspirational really i actually looked that up and my sleeper is poor stars and presidents ohio does my sleep is lenny dykstra don't sleep on that fucking creep because he's tweeting some weird as shit and i'm a little worried lenny eighteen year old nine eleven thing yeah my own morrow crossed the line you crossed many lines daughter was born nine months after nine eleven okay oh man lenny dykstra what do you do it yeah that was weird
acres were but then but then when he pulled the expert trick of saying that his intern tweet it out and let's all take a moment to think about what the job interview process would be like to become lenny dykstra's and can i pay you in twizzlers yeah ok you're hired
by the way did you get you guys obviously saw the kobe bryant instagram post which was just so ridic i didn't see it yeah no at what point did being a motivational coach demanding like one hundred percent loyalty to your team become a bad thing well we talked about this on monday the mama mentality that was the picture was the fourth that was their fourth place picture he used that as motivation and then the team ended of winning the championship wait so this is okay so the fourth place picture is because he did here's our fourth place quote unquote winner's picture and then they ended up winning yes and talked about how there was a player who cared about ballet more right he said i love her but then he updated it was like she she only liked doing ballet when we're in fourth place so she was a shoes a front runner but now they're winning she was like now they're winning she loves basketball oh on the winning team now okay she missed the game when they lost your ballet but now that they're they've they've turned this season around and now they're winning and she's back and she's on the team god i thought kobe was thrown under the bus for them finishing in fourth place it's up to you some instagrammed one slash seven grader but yeah that's what i find that who amongst us hasn't you have to get sub tweeted sometimes yes yes we'll learn it early i will say that for kobe bryant if he had been like i love i love these kids they're so great it's great coaching for them and they've always been great we'd be like ok kobe what do you really feel you know what you're
really feel is that this lazy ass fourth grader like ballet more than basketball fucker yeah also why do you have to practice dancing uhm i don't know i feel like i feel like practice anything like darts do you like dancing is one of those things we should have or you don't you don't respect the arts actually should be answering yes i never had to practice self taught okay let's get your interviews we're gonna do coach dana holgorsen and then coach mike leach are before we do that another larry's pick and post mates post mates is your personal delivery grocery delivery whatever kind of delivery service all year round anything your crew fucking postmates can deliver the largest on demand network in the us and offer delivery from all the restaurants grocery and convenience stores and traditional retailers you could possibly want or need twenty four hours a day three hundred and sixty five days a year post rates would bring you what you need within the hour no more trips this
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t v one hundred and three dollars okay here he is coach dana holgersson also hank's best friend okay we now welcome on hank's best friend our good friend in preparation for friday night football against mike leach it is coach dana holgersson the houston cougars coach ah our good friend so coach for of all thank you for not being so hollywood that you could still talk to some old friends there was a moment there where i thought you had forgotten where you came from and we just were never gonna hear from you again look guys this is texas not for now so it's all good man you get you guys can come down here and see me anytime you got you guys are the ones that are hollywood not me we had a little too big for bridges yeah so coach you're going to be going up against a against mike leach this weekend do you guys yes i would assume are familiar with each other yeah we of go way back you know he's
it when i started studying this stuff it dawned on me that you know he's been there for eight years now he's been stuck in palm and won washington for for eight years is pretty amazing to me have such a good run at texas tech for ten years and moved to keep fast i mean i've i've been you know shoot we go way back to one thousand nine hundred and ninety ninety one hundred and ninety two and their back iowa wesleyan valdosta days so yeah we're pretty familiar with each other you know when i took the houston job you know i know he he pops through houston every now and then so was looking forward reed acting and then i looked at the schedule and washington state was game three so we had a trip to the bahamas plan that i canceled and i haven't really been able to hang out with them here just because he's back on the schedule but have hung out with him a good bit here over the last five thousand five hundred and sixty eight years tomorrow night
when you guys are sorry friday or no tonight this is going to air on friday can you guys like before the game just agree to always go for it on fourth down no punts that would be fun yeah i like our partner though she yeah he's he's a lot better than i am on offense you know you've got that thing rolling he's been there eight years they throw it every down there pretty efficient with what they do uh this is your one for us all that we have a spectacular quarterback and derek king our our our roy is this thirty year old australian guy who's incredibly interesting to talk to
i used to sell ice cream and got tired of doing that so he decided to become a partner which was there was a strange grew up playing catch with their feet so they're pretty good at it i these these these pretty please go to he's fun to talk to you get to hang out with but the the is a pretty good plan as well you can get help you can get mike to agree to that you know i was in the bird with him for eight years and one of the hardest parts of my job was convincing him upon on fourth down even if it was fourth in twenty restore struggle to get on the bus i love that i love that he always want to go for it i i can see i can see my please just like having a disdain for his for his point and grew up there how what is the story with the australian part is those are like a pipeline do they have like areas lies camps or how's that work are you just order them online just one click yeah that's true you can just order him they did they they grew up playing catch with their feet so
they're good at kicking kicking the ball so you know the it started become popular probably i don't know ten years ago or so i remember a brad wing for lsu he penned us inside the five when you know back in two thousand and eleven or something like that it turned us inside the five like five times on like jesus and and know that the texas had a really good one a couple years ago years all pro first here i can't remember his name but they're they're they're becoming much more popular and really quite frankly they just grow up running and and you can call this a certain service over there in order you once we got one coming here next year after mr graduates yeah i think was dixon the guy that's up in seattle right now he's a beast yeah really good yeah really really good coach what's up with the hair these days you looked awesome against oklahoma you're letting it fly what's our what we think it ever you get a hair cut anytime soon are we just going to you know keep going crazy look
you know big cat so i got my hair cut before the ballgame you know my my players last year at w view wouldn't let me cut it and after we lost oklahoma and we're out of the big told championship i cut it that would have been around december first i didn't get it but until approximately august first so it was really flowing towards the end of summer you know so this is this is actually what you're looking at is a pretty freshly cut cut you know so it's gonna probably go for a while you know unless unless i have some bad luck then we'll go ahead and shave it off you do you ever go back and watch the tape of how awesome you look when you when you pop the visor off because you did it in the oklahoma game you i'm i'm gonna say this don't be upset about it but your your nips were very direct and um your hair was wild and i was like holy shit this is the coolest coach in america
now i don't go back and reflect on that stuff i can sure it yesterday it was it was one of two things i was really excited 'cause we scored or i was really pissed because we turned it over or something like that so it's hard to tell i'm glad you get through a lot of big cat but i don't go oh yeah yeah i'm going to send you all the pics i take like if you ever my phone roll would be actually i probably get arrested by the whole sense because it would be like what's going on here you're taking a lot of pictures of coach there's something when you have company houston yeah well we'll get down there were get down i'm excited be down in houston get down the humidity a little bit big catches a big thumbs down i gave it thumbs up 'cause i'm so excited to go to houston and get on one of those service roads and don't forget about the concrete how do how do you like to concrete overpass is down there concrete here there there's six million people and it it continues to grow i've
at a place on the 19th floor penthouse deal that's like ten minutes from university of houston so i'm right in the middle of all that concrete but it saves me on a lot of the i i don't i don't have to travel on the concrete very much i look at it but i don't have to travel jim this do you miss having a backyard because you had a sweet one in west virginia yeah i do hi there i'm i do i miss that i'm a proud of what we did there at west virginia and you know the met all kinds of good people and had a lot of good times in that backyard you guys were part of it a few times and you know we had we had some killer parties back there you know every time we win we had enjoyed it you know and would have all the the donor is encourages and families come over and would build that big fire and would reflect on a good victory so you know that's always something that's going to stick with me and i'm going to remember that forever and yeah i do i do miss those days but were you were trying to
something something special here down here at the university houston it's going to take some time you know you forget i was there eight years as well so they'll fit into something pretty good and trying to do the same thing here at the university of houston were cooked fans now last question for me do you have anything you want to say to your best friend hank he missing here are my own i know you do you you fight anybody here like work no not not anytime soon maybe from miami though super superbowl you're not a fit you're not retired then uh no what no hank you should retire and then it will sell more tickets if you say you're coming out or environments were tired there's nothing that could get me to fight again unless you need me to alarm at this time why you know cross that bridge when we get there into your opponent is right yeah exactly exactly i just realized that it's going to be cougars against cougars oh yeah who's your favorite cougar coach
battle of the goobers man yeah yeah who is favor cougar john cougar mellencamp jennifer aniston yeah she's a she's a hot one too yeah there's a lot of cougars out there alright we're going to be rooting for you just so you know we will have coach leach on as well but we are rooting for you were dana guys through and through and hopefully we see you soon so are you going to tell leach that you're you're cheering for maine oh yeah i'll say yeah he probably i mean he'll probably just go into like a long winded answer about pirates or some kind of weird history thing we don't care will talk about here in here until you well yes yes yeah yeah alright coach good luck on friday will be watching i'll be alright sounds good guys always enjoy talking you all right now that interview with coach person was brought to you by quip the best way to ease by
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e m t g t q u i p dot com slash p m t and you can get your first refill pack for free do it right now take care of your gums take care of your teeth get quipped dot com slash pmt okay here he is coach leach another something completely different okay we now welcome on coach mike leach he is a recurring guest of our show has been on the show washington state head coach we are prepping for or the washington state versus houston game on friday night two of our friends battling so coach we start there we had dana on we're good friends with coach holgorsen we have to old coach roberson that we will be rooting for him but if he had to lose to anyone it's you so are you okay with that no i guess i don't care your route four obviously gotta root for us but but each loan you know because there's you know there's
there's good decisions and bad decisions in life so hopefully you make a good one but nevertheless it's a free country or used to be so the old time's sake you know maybe you can go ahead and root for us okay but here's the other part when we had coach holgorsen on we he has agreed to oh punts for the entire game are you in agreement will you do know punts for the entire game if they do not punctual do no point i love it we got you there would be such a great game we gotta do you and him obviously go way way back how would you describe cultural groups in your experiences with them you know used to be kind bouncy guy uh it was funny because it you know you kind perky he would you try to run with cool crowd there lee said he thought was cool
that was hard for me to take seriously at all and then the and then you know but he was kind of a people he liked football the best he liked football the best i always thought he was a little better at basketball an 'cause he played football going to football practice letting go you know pick up in the gym there die will wesleyan with a basketball team needs better most of them listing interesting now what about his hair he was a high even the high vertical jump guide that was slow oh that's a killer combo it is big rebounder killer combo bound you mainly was elusive when he dribbled the ball and could shoot it real well
um what about his hair do you give him any uh any you bust his balls at all about his hair 'cause we do that from time to time his hair is has its life of its own i don't know if he realizes he didn't have much of it left but he still rocks adviser and looks great doing it um i don't i don't mess with his hair i don't mess with his hair that's a sensitive subject is some he's an easy target although i get my share from time to time and i don't miss you does hair i messed it up by from time to time but i haven't i don't really come in on his hair okay okay when when you were working together was he getting into the red bull habit that he has to this very day but he didn't did where the visor that was like kind of a rebellion issues so coach mommy war advisory
where's advisor i've never really reconciled wearing half a hat and so i've never wanted by so i like that that's like a football coach going goth as they decide to put an advisor to rebel against against the head guy i saw i saw a quote earlier today i want to talk real quick about your guide gardner minshew had a pretty good game for the jaguars the weekend and you look pretty accurate doing it i saw i read a story that yeah i broke a record yeah he i think he's gonna be a pretty good player and i saw this story that said that he used to do band workouts in the locker room naked or just wearing a jockstrap did you ever walk in on that uh yeah he would uh well not really band workouts is a combinat should've dancing and running in place so he would like game 'cause he's out he's a very he's like when the most passionate players i've ever coached so he's one of the most players
time that i've ever coached after games we get trash you put on his aviators he had a headband on you know just for the keep his hair out of his eyes you know everybody thinks a lot that's for show but it's pretty functional under a helmet and then then we have the aviators on the headband on the jock on and music would be loud you know and then the b run an influx of readers run in place celebrate the wind okay one time i got a funny story for you so does she do for your senior all came to watch our game and then we kind of letting patrol the sidelines and we had a thriller against utah so we play utah here in and you know it's a back fourth game and it's a war and they're like the most physical team in our conference but we
add their number over the years and they always have been close games but you know we've come on top on a lot of well several in a row but anyway so then um the ah so it's it's pretty much the last drive okay there's not much time left and they're good at eating up the clock anyway so we're on the minus ten yard line or so uh let's use is an eighty nine so anyway gardner goes back through sets of esop winston pictures of it goes up field makes one guy miss makes it makes another guy missed twice eighty nine yards for touchdown to kind of seal this thing up so after the game code
in coach spurrier's like i consider a told mentor he's one of those guys that you know what a coach made you want to be a part of the game so it comes up to me so great game great game he says had it in the bag the whole time didn't you then he goes out can block room he says where's the receiver was i wanna see the receipt you're so he stops taking his gloves off and says goes over these up all right my man good catch great play we're going away to play because where's the quarter want to be the quarterback gardeners in his jock aviators and headband running in place to the music you know arms high the whole thing you know an eagle
sorry sees him and just sort of points at him and says iraq my man i write my man not gonna go over and have a great extent what conversation one but we want to touch it but yeah i would i would imagine so this game on friday night cougars first cougars you are famous for breaking down mascot battles one how are we gonna break down a cougar verse cougar who's cougar is tougher and two can i throw a couple of mascot battles for you and you can give me some uh some thoughts on him like the live mascots are automatically quite yeah um the i can't remember what their mascot looks like imagines a guy with a tutor costume definitely touch which iconic iconic some bush wins battle for sure yeah you there cougar i'm looking at their cougar looks a little meaner than your cougar i'm going to say it right now
but ours is ours is a friendly happy cerebral but he can get down and dirty when he needs to ok and plus he's got an actual name butch t cougar ok so so he's disting which then he has a name and his and those internationally recognized okay so so so you know washington state you've done unbelievable things that program but we want to see washington state get to the top get to the college football playoff so i'm gonna give you the the top five teams right now you tell me who wins cougar verse tiger the clemson tigers well they don't have a live tiger and his heads more top heavy than butchers it appears blue all it is often a tall guy and they try not to reveal their identity i have caught him a couple times because you leave because
razor in a fundraiser is usually an older crowd which will be at some cheerleaders will be there waiting for the ride from the facility all of a sudden you know there be a guy that looks like a student and be like six three or six four sometimes and and just sweaty as can be i mean just still sweaty you know and so on thank you know who this guy be i mean just some guy came by took a jog i mean what is this and then it occur this has to be butch 'cause you know you know 'cause underneath all that carpet everything in the midst of this event you gotta sweat under their assume and son of a gun it's butch and uh so our butcher's tend to be uh reasonably good size sized dudes too so i to go with i've got to go with bush
okay and then what about the cougar verse the elephant alabama crimson tide well if they get a real elephants were in trouble if it's a real genuine elephant were in trouble say i've seen the elephant mask daughter at least i don't recall but if it's a guy name
costume i'm going to go with the elusiveness of butch okay the elephant's trunk is it leaves something to be desired yeah alabama it's kind of like this floppy thing all right okay you've got to carry that around i wouldn't some people have that problem yeah i would assume bush takes down the georgia bulldogs we'll we'll give puts that it is a live bulldog we do have to say that we do have to say that i'll say ellis you will kill butch because mike the tiger is alive how about a little yeah i'm with you yeah how about this one notre dame the leprechaun verse bush t cougar well let work on better actually be magic because otherwise i'm gonna put a good answer right so that was a that was the break down of the of the top ten and we jumped around there of bush versus other mascots do you know what bush t cooper's middle name is touchdown that soon
i like that that's a good answer yeah that's also i just looked it up i don't know if this changes your mind at all shasta is the name of the university of houston's cougar and i think they actually have a live cougar shasta four is live on campus but they also have a a guy in a suit that comes out for the games obviously i think so we try to avoid the live cougar yep there's there's one up here allegedly running around my neighborhood you're in pullman which hopefully they that guy with the dogs on chasing around a little bit the running up to the high country but uh from what i understand they used to have a life cougar here uh when i was at byu they had a life cougar like a year or two before i got there but yeah alive
figure that you have your hands full and that tigers i've been passed that tiger before coming up the tunnel at lsu yeah and that shoot that tigers huge all right my past questions see key question if you want to go to the game on friday night put in promo code take you get ten dollars off for scikit purchas i figured you would be the perfect guy to ask we have a long running thing with our producer hank he is convinced that he can catch a fish with his hands like a bear do you have you ever seen that and do you think he can but yeah i've seen people do that i don't know if he can or not because i don't know it's experience level he's probably a really quick guy no um you get um but you tried ah there's guys that kind of the patients and technique you know 'cause there's a point where i'm going to try to hit
fish with a rock or a stick you know i mean i'll try once i'm like the the old show that they had on how many licks does it get to the good the server tootsie pop right so you know the everybody's trying to lick and they bite and they take the tootsie pop the wise old owl yeah in the paul says he licks on it once says one looks on it twice is two licks on it the third time says three then he bites into it he says three it takes three and so so my pay patience levels about like that al's and um but those guys with the hands will do is it just kind of back into the corner of the and what's essentially a puddle there in the stream or whatever and some of these guys can do it you know i
still don't believe hank can do it's gonna be tough for hank yeah yeah i don't know think it or not what lefty but i would well that probably helps because i'm left to oh lefties are crafty people fast exact through fisher used to going against the righty probably yeah yeah are you getting crossed up you could get you on alright 'cause i got one i don't know if fish can can fight against the southpaw probably not probably not i got one last question for you then will let you go i know he taught that football an insurgent war for a class last semester up there are you going to use any of the plays from that class that you would you put out as an assignment for the students to draw up you know we've got a little while and which we look at the service and not always exact but some have some kind of clever concepts you know 'cause
the other guy always see something you don't you get caught in the middle of it and you're wearing about where somebody's foot is somebody's hand isn't as their ass too high or something like that and you know sometimes there's some obvious things that people can see but there were some good ideas and they weren't all just double reverse flea flicker triple passes in that type of thing you know what i mean some some were pretty sound wealth a place plays i love by the way just as an aside the last thing i love that when someone asked you i don't know when they ask you what your favorite football plays were the number one is four verticals at anytime oh yeah everybody runs it everybody runs it verticals you're always open at some point you're either open underneath the coverage or your rope when the coverage transitions are your open behind the coverage and then or if you're cut
cross seems you're opening the windows you're always open somewhere the difficult thing is executing that execute and where the quarterbacks ready to throw in the receivers ready to catch you at all yeah yeah our coach will good luck on friday night say hello to our good friend dana for us and we we we're not we're rooting for cultural person but if you win your are goodyear our second place in our heart if coach holgorsen doesn't when we want you to win yeah all if doesn't when we probably will all right well ty ty would be great now you can tie in college okay so many overtimes that everyone falls asleep well we can do so as long as we're gonna be up all night we might as well have some overtime yeah yeah exactly and remember no punching yet no punting you just gotta go up to him and say hey pardon my take said we're doing nope until now
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i don't know i think it's early in the day i think i think it's so i think it's ten parcel but you two on friday night watch it anytime you want this weekend ten am i think a little hot leaf watch it not now we don't don't be too that that show made made for they don't do that no it's not going to that you're telling people to use drugs and watch now than daughter get on the phone hey if you ever watch purses was visors on we need to forget all the pics yeah that's a good thing so do you do that take a minor pacer before you watch bar get really high smelling salts and bang your head against a wall yeah ok let's get some segments first up we have our fire fest of the week fifty what do you have for firefly my fire festival week is literally a fire fest they canceled area fifty one festival to the storm area fifty one thing is officially shut down i think you have to they got to the guy that was planning it the government did and they told him to shut down although i do respect this quote from him he was saying it's a fantastic relief
a lot of concerns leading up to it just to see those come to a head eleven days before the event and then cancel it's kind of a relief that's got to be a pretty sweet plan like canceling a giant festival that you helped to promote a week out he was telling everyone in his family like can't do it that week gotta gotta go storm area fifty one like i gotta plug into flight gotta figure out food and all that stuff to cancel that yeah it would feel amazing like leaving to be in charge of 10s of thousands of people i think there were like over one million people that said that they were going to attend on face so this guy actually probably just work for the government all along and got a list of people that we can then arrest yes a list of people that should not be allowed into that but there's nobody out there like you can go ahead and still storm area fifty one if you want to there's not one guy
i that's gonna be leading the charge right that's true it's the people's fast well i say it's like a if you build it they will come thing for randy quaid they'll get it have enough r v show up in the desert at once randy quaid and tom from blink one eighty two will show up and play a concert there's never gonna be a couple random people who show up who like start you know like i said they were going and then hop in a car a week ago or like we're gonna just had there going across yeah there like fuck it so yeah well those people might not have the internet yeah right it would be my hope at least remind me a lot of gathering of the juggalos the way that it was set up that that event where it's like ninety percent journalist now free fago ten percent actually yes it is that's what this is probably going to be every protest slash right in portland exactly yeah mostly people trying to get retweets based of videos of the protest last like a hundred journalists and then five people in anti phone five not season and they just push them together yeah i like look at how flies you this is slight yeah okay hank far fetched
on my far fetched of the week is that the usa celtics lost to serbia today and you your tea that there was the worst basketball finish ever tough week for serbians first you got joke of it we actually they maybe the usa but now they've awoken a sleeping giant in her basketball team and you know what carmel is coming back on the fly there no i'm serious go shut up carmelo have you seen the gym that we need to go to this gym it's ridiculous this gym that has like runs every day so i think was bleach
report posted a james harden has found new ways to dominate and it was the first two things are highly to james harden in this gem and then all of a sudden just mellow like going to the whole i like mellow so it's going to be sneaking its way into other people's highlights about who's that guy he looked good i love it i love that camillus hacking into other people's highlight just doing everything you can but yeah so basically the internet and be a twitter at once it's been roasting the celtics because there is for the home so what are your teams and it's our it's tough to defend because it's like you know save for do your part it's the worst finish up here that know their stuff so are are we have the mindset that kawhi jb liquidity season for the celtics with usa are you okay this is the house starts today on it so it's not brad stevens coaching will might be an issue it's pop but is kawaii going to play for pop
no no no it was all but it was all like nobody's i'm saying when i count well when it was nobody when it gets down to not cutting time and it's not the jv roster for brad stevens like look in the olympics ones and i don't think twice ever like known participated so i don't know yeah yeah i saw that i think i think tom thibodeau did the he was like the color guy on one of the games because he was trending and it sounded i didn't listen to it but it's not like you snort into a microphone for for two hours that's a pretty good idea when tom thibodeau's trending you do it i like i'm very nervous that because he's not getting another coaching job he was a finalist for the two thousand sixteen us men's olympic team oh okay i was so there you go was that popper co ok that was i believe his pop it might have been coach k coach k
is this thing where he just coaches everyone in the u s and then has like lebron called these recruits and then lebron tells him that he's going to get paid by coach k and no one seems to care so yeah it's the conglomeration of two people that are really good at paying people under the table right exact a lot of money being funneled my fire fest is ah the chicago cups they're the most maddening team frustrating team i've ever watched not really ever but they're really they're getting pretty close they just want toy with everyone's hearts and the win one game lose one game lose two games don't score for a week then they look awesome yu darvish somehow their best picture i ah point where i'm just i don't even know what i want anymore because they're fighting for that second wild card spot which is pretty much just way to lose in the first or second round but yeah and on top of that i was like having a bad week 'cause the cubs were pissing me off and then i watched the new dog the bounty hunter on wednesday night and it was not good i'm sorry to hear that well the fir
episode was good the second one he was going to fight this dude the dude just went into his house to try to get a gun and dog left but yeah don't think don't go get your gun bitch and then they just high tailed it out of there and i was like i want to see this yeah that's that's really tough but back to the cubs real quick do you think that like all the speculation about theo leaving and going to the red sox have no speculation no the speculation that joe man is gonna get fired is probably true and yeah he's probably get fired okay so and a lot of things we're gonna probably change and jorge soler has forty four home runs whatever okay so that was my fire first also i'm addicted to saying i'm gonna melt down we need to start from falcons the falcons got you and dad was a start and then i threaten to meltdown if the bears lose and then i also threatened i threw out a meltdown i was watching the chicago sky in the playoffs and britney griner got hurt in the first half and i said the sky can't beat the britney griner lists mercury i'm going to melt and at that point i was like saturate
a meltdown mark you've been watching chernobyl too much yeah so it's pretty much worked its way into your brain i pressed what was it cammarata sees as for about yeah yeah the office said for the carbon tip progress the boss of the into your brain yes so minimal down all right i put one in his ear hole justify justify is a cheater the horse i hope you're sitting down if you have kids in your car tell them to shut up and plug their ears horse racing is not on the up and up yeah i guess horses can't be role models anymore but justify tested positive using a banned substance yep probably knowingly and then yeah he definitely was like give me all the stair and then he hasn't come out and give an excuse like whether he had faked cancer
or that he was trying to recover from an injury or pretended that he didn't speak english yeah exotic on chris yeah or that he ate tainted horse meat mexico yeah none of these things have happened in so as far as we know justifies guilty is as sin and his triple crown win should be what vacated are we doing that yeah i mean i can't remember who i bet on but i didn't bet on justify also i would like my money back absolutely my book if you're after listening to me they should have about they should do they should brand him with an asterix yes like a cattle brand yeah i have to wear that on on on his hind quarters for the rest of his days i we should have known when his baseball cap didn't fit anymore because it's skull was so fucking huge yeah it is yeah it's fucking i just don't know how i'm gonna watch horse racing anymore now that i know that there's people cheating yeah it's fucked up all time worst horses number one nyquist so we agreement number to justify number three re john elway yep number four
or never like mister ed trojan horse the trojan horses are at no charge nurse is cool because it got his condoms oh that's true yeah the whole thing okay good right there good point um number four i don't know there's gotta be a horse out there that's just kind of annoying i wasn't a fan of mr yeah it was me because i he i thought way past her i thought horses could talk for a time actually yeah that's when i realized i did and i was like fuck horses um all right could you imagine just going back in time like you're on lee option for entertainment on tv is to watch a show about a fucking talking horse that was it
holy shit you had talked about going back in time to the only way to get around was a horse yes but i actually think it be worse riding a horse would be fun being like hey what's on tv tonight oh it's the fucking talking horse again and that's it that's the only channel that was as good as special effects got was a horse with peanut butter and its mouth yeah it was moving it start around so it looked like it was talking no thank you yeah there's one nfl game on a week one college game you can watch usc play and then they cut away from the nfl game to switch to fucking heidi sometimes damn i don't know how did it have a green zone no they do not how could you ever survive without a green zone pr one hundred and one miami heat so bangbros yep offer one million dollars to get the naming rights for the miami heat arena they did you gotta take it yeah i mean why not
you've got to take it i don't see why not it's it's great marketing for your city great marketing for your city you are kind of a porn city it's like l a maybe fans actually come early yeah there you go first time first time so i love this move by bang bro's i would like to see one place this seems like a minor league stadium should should do this like are you have nothing to lose it have bangbros night or bang grows lounge yeah because you know how many horny dudes were like oh i'm gonna go there and there's definitely be porn stars i could fuck all the fellas just take a break from their families in the seventh inning stretch to just go hang out and it's literally just be lounge yeah it's just a bar like what it's a bar with like a bartender wearing a bra yeah fellas this is this is heaven am i right you could probably actually make the bang bro's lounge also one of those places where you know like when the iron bowl comes around and they say well free tickets for the iron bowl and then they just arrest everyone who hasn't a child support the bang bro's lounge if you go if you pay for a ticket at the bang bro's lounge you should just be arrested
because you're too much of a porn guy it's pre crime after you walk in the door that they should sponsor the black hole that'd be that would be a natural fit what about rose present check this out bang bro's presents the black hole and then one section is called incognito mode what about richie the bang bro's we make instead of the dog pound because cleveland hasn't done well without the brown hole if that's good or the cleveland in the dog pound ohio porn stars dog pound town yes go pound town well dog dog pound town yeah that would be a little doggies do you pound your dog we give you enough to work with last before we get to faq you just chill out man dwight howard bought a car because of fan yeah i got a purple car because he wants to be like santos he's inspired by things us which he wants to destroy every wants to destroy everything so he went from be including tony stark to being yes his dog or a p tony stark tony stark so
yeah but dwight howard i don't know he's doing the thing that lebron did when he went to miami it was like i'm gonna turn myself into a villain but what's wrong with liking a hell you liked heels debbie w it's same thing i mean too soon boogie cousins just that's fucked up pink dwight howard literally took this roster spot the other just the other just chill out man was peyton manning joe thomas told the story that peyton manning called him up when they wanted to trade for joe thomas to the broncos and he told joe thomas to go poop on the gm's desk to demand a trade so just chill up the hill out i mean that that is peyton manning yeah i'd like to see all the presidency go put the put your balls on the trainers face yeah all those good ideas start with take off your pants inside the team facility provides a one trick pony all right let's finish up the week with f ecus we got no guest monday and then big guest wednesday so we just start calling a big guess wednesday shall we say who we have physically huge
or then gronke keep it out ok yeah that out but keep it in ok speaking of the browns pick at odd they can secretly hate the browns it seems like he's very quietly reading them for for them to fill this year no i actually really like the browns and i'm always i've long said that i like browns fans not cavs fans which makes no sense problem with browns fans right now and we have one office jeff thilo who who's very talented you can't spend all offseason saying you're going to win the super bowl and then after week one be like i didn't have my hopes up i expected this this is classic but they're already saying jeff told me this earlier today if they win this week it's a reset on the season right he's resetting right but is going back to zero is not despairing you you like needling browns fans well here but do you understand what i'm saying like the browns fans if you if you get super super excited which you have every right to do you can't backtrack it that quickly and be like well we never x
affected anything to happen 'cause we're the browns just to own it just right you know what that is dumpster fire of a week one we thought we were super bowl champs were not it's reset time that's all it is i'm just saying just be some be consistent i'm cool with getting way over hyped for your team i do it very often is the vagina area triangle but we call it a box i don't know what kind of like geometry shaped people you're sleeping with i don't think of a john is a triangle it's more of ah diamond it's a diamond yeah lumbus yeah so it's definitely a sideways box definitely is your water lateral of some sort and it's like an oval it's like a kayak there you go do you think anyone has like a box like a box like a box shaped vagina just so square just a wreck perfect square probably points are from ohio jeez don't shame that is a good question though the
i think anything that a guy can put his dick into qualifies as a box yeah that's our rule of thumb hey guys someone with big nipples i've always had a problem wearing the right shirts if i wear one that it's with the rest of my body well my nipples will still poke out which is obvious to my friends and and pictures my girlfriend recently i said getting this product called nipple tape that's apparently a fashion trend used by me models and celebrities to hide their nips do i give in and my girlfriend suggestion or do i own it and let them fly well i have big big nipples cell big old pepperoni nipples dark nipples they are like spoiled pepperoni burnt pepperonis we should use someone should send me those i'll try him out and i'll let you know i do like how they've rebranded from being pasty used to being just like cool fashionable nipple tape no it's just a pasty have you ever thought but getting the bases with the tassels on him yeah i'll do that i'll do whatever send me some nipple stuff so for supper question for you
is a dog's tail always wagging and they make it stop or is it always still and they make it wag whoa there's nothing better than your then your dog's tail wagging just by like the sight of you or the or your voice that's like the best feeling ever that's that's when you like when people freak out dogs or everything dogs are everything when you say your dog's name in the tail wags and so leroy as we've discussed has gone blind recently so if he just hears me walking by him if he can hear my feet on the ground he doesn't get up because he's too lazy but he just stays laying perfectly flat on the ground agents here to the best it is pretty cool the best it's like i did that yeah hank your dog i don't know you hate pets no ah so what's the answer what about it what was a dog's tail was wagging and they make it stop or is it always still and they make it whack they make it they make that's them asking for boot and morse code after this week's shirtless embarrassment what will pft
getting a spray tan anytime soon well first of all i think you if there's an opposite of spray ten that's probably what i should be looking at i was very red it was a terrible visual i'll be the first thing they might have tried to get that visual bad your viewers would imagine you were like since you look like you're taking a you're right it would it had a lot to do with my body position if you think i was trying to look like that absolutely not i do i had a bad neck positional i did this i did that yeah that's that you can not do they don't screen grab you tried to do that or you know a but i did it on purpose but i feel like you know when you're doing that i know i know i did not realize i was gonna look bad and then i had the the big red body looked like i had all this where they call the thetans from scientology looked like i was just swimming and things like i was alex jones or whatever as to the he has a mixed body read when he gets mad so yeah it was a it was a tough it was tough experience for me i'm not getting great stuff not for but i am on a diet i'm on i'm on our eighteen and it sucks nice
probably a jimbo i recently route relocated for work and don't know anyone in this dirt bag city louisville i met this lewis well i met this check in my apartment complex when i moved in and one thing led to another and we hooked up now she will leave me alone and pretty much spies on what i'm doing or who is coming and going into my room no clue on how this crazy lady away from me what would you do in this situation it's going to be a long year lease smh i merrier yeah you either got to tie the knot scare her away by marry her you gotta start stalking her mail her either that or you could just let her watch you bringing a lot of really weird shit into your apartment that nobody likes like bring a big like a tuba one of those like sex like swings like drag it in yeah so she's like what the floor just k you in like a whole bunch of rolled up rugs so it looks like you're bringing human bodies into your apartment that's not a bad idea either yeah
i like that i just like a bunch of corn cds and limp biscuit albums yeah never shower again ever last one in honor of sam darnold have any of you guys ever had mono and if so how did you get it no now never had mono told me i was not cool enough to kiss enough girls that i was always jealous people that did 'cause i got to miss school for the geeks and just chill does sound pretty sweet i'll be honest with you of all the diseases that you can have mono's gonna be top five for me yeah yeah the well what it would look as he's what cities don't lupus is bad it yeah exactly what the disease that were robbie fox as was like kids circulation when he's in cold that's a seems like a pretty sick disease could you can basically guardrail i can't be cold now he can't be cold and he can't be hot either right he's like he's warm temperature control yeah he's he's cold blooded he adapts to his environment worst disease to have betting on the atlanta falcons every single week and expecting a different
that's pretty bad also having big nipples is a terrible one and also faking how you're looking at a picture then saying well it's so bad you know you did it on purpose i would be the first person in history to fake half a double chin yes you should admit it you should admit it alright will see every
i love you guys it's part of my take presented by bar stool sports that fire episode of part of my take was brought to you by cbd md theis
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