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Coach O + Joe Burrow And We’re Still Drunk In New Orleans

2020-01-14 | 🔗

The LSU Tigers are your National Champions. We recap the national title game. What it was like inside the stadium, the after party on Bourbon, Big Cat dabbing too much and we're still a little drunk from the celebration. (2:28-20:29) Hot Seat/Cool Throne. (20:30-31:29) Heisman trophy winner Joe Burrow joins the show to recap an unreal season and night. Coach O joins the show to have a laugh and revel in the perfect season and the fact that he's now the King of Louisiana. (32:55-50:25) Segments include Marshawn Lynch, (52:23-54:43) the Astros cheated, (54:44-57:15) and hank shit himself in the shower (57:16-1:00:51).

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on today's part of my take we're live from new orleans you know that intra were in key my bourbon there will be four shadowing i'll be on it i might throw up during the actual shares your game was unreal recap it we got cocoa angelo borrow on the podcast which is stupid just even say that two guys as big as they are they went to national title and not like ten hours later there sitting with us to fuckin idiots felt like a dream literally yeah well you're pretty drug owing to the interview have all that come up and is brought to bear the cash poor might take is always brought about a cash have knows only is easiest place to send money to your friends that's the place where you can buy fractional shares of stock with as little as one dollar haggard invest oh yeah maybe in
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and you can also have technological airspace yea which is awesome so downloaded cash out from the app store blue placed or today ok let's go none at all welcome to part of my take resemble cash app go down on the cap job right now get ten dollars
and ten dollars is peace here today is wednesday january fifteenth holy shit were hung over this is actually a remarkable though that it is taken about three and a half years for us to do half drunk hung over episode like this it was so we're in new orleans if you then living under a rock we went saw l issue the dream season and to set this age everyone knows like when we tape were taken then i'd sunday night so we don't get work we have goes oh no it's from that off right we don't get too like go out to sporting events like all the big so bring events we have to record after last night was big sporting event that we didn't have to record sure say things got a little carried away we vibes or an all time high it last night was
it wasn't me the last night was such a movie slash a mood yeah so it was a movie we didn't get home like four in the morning i slept in all my clothes and we went woke up four hours later and interviewed coach own job or else that's coming up incredible i want to put my hand up and say i apologize to joe borough so we were there to interview cocoa and we were in the lobby text joe and i was like hey where you live when it comes to high i met him outside i was i hate could see a shot the shit for a second you wanna go say what's up the hague in big cat and he was sure he walked into the room you guys up and then immediately just sat down in the chair and picked up the microphone like i entrapped em in high reality because he has just drunk as we were now we ll parents leaped through his goal can win go interview i would ever that was supposed to be whoops sorry sorry tray american step that but he came into the room and you just like that that we start asking questions on the record so shut up
am i right along so the game should we talk about the game should we talk about the game was it was credible incredible environment loud is hell and what i actually was nervous a few points during the game now joe borough you'll hear him say they were never nervous but i thought clubs in that started the game ere they had them pen in it was a field position battle and then even in the second half when clemson else you gets the balder up eleven everyone like every one of you notices his pft we were sitting in different spots but going into half i felt like the entire stadium was like ok this is going to be just a coordination in the second half because they're gonna score they're gonna be up eighteen when cleansing scored and got two point conversion got a little we like they work on some weird vibes in the stadium people are like wait what's going on i also think that when you're in new orleans something happens where you like out drink yourself and
of those moments like i was a collective moment in the stadium wherever like fuck i'm drunk and weight is a three point game just call let it get away from you i guess you put doubting them was i mean they are in the conversation for best college football team voltaire they beat five out of the top eight teams they destroyed everyone they like that which today are the best residents have any college football team to ever exist they just one than is one the national championship in the college football play off the semi final by like sixty combined points n n n joe borough i looked up and our view those if you goes a little bit of a choppy weird game at times i look up here over four hundred yards passing and forty four plus dvds and it's like we tat what he'd it was it was it was like a quiet four hundred yards is cruelly such sound performance tests of irish so in the first quarter when there again there are losing the foot feel position belgian pen deep other first like three
arrives in a row i was i was yelling i was screaming the old because i was like you need to have a running back in the back field at least pretend like you're gonna run the boy i was questioned the play cause their motion already hugh reopen albeit in the booth bigtime i was question all play causer like motioning edwardsville air out of the backfield a lot and i was like you need to be able to at present the illusion that gonna run the football that's not able to advance ball and then my friend hard factor will who's sitting next to me who's actually played football and i know he had a high level them and went to lsu he told me he was like actually what they're doing their using and bring in safety up to guard him now they're going explore decide the fuel that has that has gone safety list and then the next dr weir they do just joe borough running dives that side like and then actually this is fine i forgot about the still just now i saw your brady when i was
getting joe borough today and i was i came i talked a lot of shit about your play coin i thought it was bad on the first couple drives but i guess that's why you do this for living and i just like burma saw he was wise is drunk i talk of yeah right now he was a big fan listen there's show of thankfully i dont pay i don't actually take any veered places where they really it was one of those moments you i'm saying words area sometimes you think that you know what you're talking about and at the end of the day they usually you're just an idiot if the whole thing is just insane though like the cocoa it's it's basically it is a success story book of ending and of course he's gonna be the coach forever now and i wish you he's lying of louisiana i think about how big of a joke he was after all miss and fair
players there and ever was like this guy's not a head coach and even i was like you know back in the day when i loved interim i was like you can't be a head coach like i i love at and it was wrong and i had my and what everyone else thinks there is so many people tweeting about like that one where are the two reports like alice you hired coach at osier we laughed about it for about a half hour like this is she doesn't seventeen so for him to night get the job at usc go to alice you be the interim there the job when a lot of people i know this guy shouldn't have the job what team that is now one of the best teens wall time fifteen you know oh yeah when a national title in new orleans in louisiana in his home stay and he loves which all loves wheezy anna more than any one loves anything like you can feel it you can you can you could see it in his eyes you can hear it in his voice and the whole thing
there's a few johns us i was like a cat a kipling's up in its why you route for sports it's why you watch sports threat to have these moments that pay off everything if you're in ellis you fat and we're we're coach our friends were job girlfriends they were you know i'm not going you stolen bower were arena we were sitting next to i'll do it three generations of alice you fans when we were pre gaming like those guys livin live and die with alice you football we were just kind of along for the ride any leads dumbo credible to watch you i was great an end it is even if you're not a fan if you have no dog in the fight that all washing culture when the national championship is something that you have to appreciate and growing have to cry we could show cries you cry those are the rules like that's geico i do wish that they had the president of the inevitable i present the trophy just so everyone could boo him
those are those are always a good party like championships like when the admin comes out adele comes out at once but when the shit out of them that was the only thing that i missed the troll numerous documents foreign aid and therefore the only problem with this trophy presentation according to hank as it was not enough like patriots trophy presentation no one except they do at eighty one and eighty two every letter does he was other things from the game yes so first quarter dabble punch the ball twice inside the forties david shine he was a whose bill o brien bigtime possible twice on their first like to drives inside the forty our line there he kicks us feel goal that was longer than one of the points but that was set course you had the windows back yea need another way in the dome there also i guess was a suspect often surpass interference i was too drunk to know whether it was right or wrong but i saw people complaining about it so this is me commenting on ever closets now is now i'll show you how do we haven't right don't yet i don't remember the result
target only i remember where they s day adhesion to the guy with the neck for targeting and it was the environment's superdome was such football environment that even ellis events were booing that rejection zero like now let the boy stay and lend play they let the boy put his head on a hat at least is that's all that's a wild place just in general also i dont know if this is what happens every single game in gaming superdome there was just standing water all over the place lay out a court yours i watch people just slip and for every single every single two minutes i took a shit in the superdome bathroom which was favour my service that was a ballsy decision i part raw dogged it was too drunk to even be like who cares supply guidance was on july a beer in the light of the dome is amazing
and i had mean all day and i was spake wait acres like emergency jumble liar didn't go so why are you you broke you smashed the glass in case of emergency and the hunter jumble line of football stadium but it is actually good like their jumble others pretty good i also took a shit this superpower last night but that was more or say where i went to the bathroom i was up actually this is gonna turn into longer visit and i had a land it was not premeditated shed was it was a great time loathing was seen the people louisiana are like the nicest people in the world i went down in a monday morning to eat breakfast the bar downstairs our hotel i was sitting there the guy sitting next to me was pray above five six years old in the twenty five minutes i was very had four beers and talk my ear off and i was cool like he was it was
an annoying talk year off he was just fund to be around like talking about the game dogma strategy nine hundred and thirty in the morning is four beers deep where does chop it up football who was funny was yesterday before the game before we went out to the tail we had a little drink upstairs on the roof of our hotel and like you alluded to there are three generations of alice you fans were just occurred to me was that the oldest sky was probably use anywhere between sixty and ninety i can't be sure what his age was and he had his son there and then his son had his son there and this the middle child father father was appalling you're lost again because it always apologising for the
and fathers behaviour because he was drunk voyage sighing us and then the seven was apologizing for his behavior it was a human centipede of being sorry and drunk in louisiana was created in mind and we always sat next to the this three generations those you friends for private a half hour while we're pre gaming and i think the grandfather had twenty different high five from each of us as every few minutes he hurt by enemies he hurt my hand but a kind of felt good also sidebar sitting with eyes did get slapped my faceless oh yes let's talk about africa so aptly here after the game i got damned it was an insane seen it's crazy to be in a city where everyone mean this is pretty much it's many new orleans in vegas where your inner city and every single person is black out drunk with you like the whole the bourbon street was an absolute scene
everyone was just so so happy greatest greatest vibes ever greater time we're good crew we had recital chris long every result showed up like we had a good crew they were walking around with i would like to apologise because playing back last night i got a ticket dabbling fell back on my old ways where job like four hundred times yours or one point at the first brought though he went through the tsar coming back to me and i started i started the limbo line was thrown right yeah four times a year we have grown and kill with so so we started the level i was always ahead if you had a wedding earth anywhere just like in limbo i go with your belt people love you think that you really fun so we started that and there is like a line of four people going energy that i look over
to the other into part is just solo dad it's best occupies it will use it was so for last night i'd like to apologize to steve levy you guys so i've met i've met stevie twice now back to back nights the first night a minimalist blackout drug and i remember well i was talking to i was wearing my words and i was like steve are appalling as for me and black drunk when i meet you the first time and i have some again last night and i was so i like to apologise for my behavior last night it was seen even sunday and i would even because we did the show before without we saw charley wade horse at the casino we i mean the whole thing was a ridiculous we can that's actually that that was one of the more surreal times my life's whereat the blackjack table you're winning
yeah winning or you want a lotta manuel are right my friend rich asked me to get from one year was kept on you and he was like you won't be won't put more n you will put more so than ages had bets it i just didn't i was putting all everything on every hand right in so i turned around at one point in the night and i see a dude roccanera swag e flat build cowboy style hat and i was like that is a sweet charlie white hers tat in my initial monologue and then he turned around and it was truly why you jarley way or skype target charlie writers and he was then is his brother like introduced themselves i'm just whiter sling of supposed housework i did that's cool can i can i introduce an actual sports statistic right now please joe borough new segment actual sports status joe borough was four hundred and two four five hundred twenty seven on the year seventy six percent
two thousand six hundred and seventy one passing yards sixty astounds six interceptions tee for russian touchdowns diet is probably don't fuck em up cincinnati there's probably the best college for policies of all time and i think it's time you have the conversation whether or not urban meyer if it's a stay on his legacy that he did not storm charm bad talent evaluate us we rose as nation nita that conversation is true neither fanfare do your pod tom brady when he broke the record for touchdowns in a season the touchdown factor to go through now he'd gone spare was there was he threw a touch on a rainy moss and pass last night though give joe borough the college record was too ready mosses son oh that is a fun fact toolbar or destroyed the all time he's chasm yards whose rounded uruguay when you see who's second place he beat it by
a thousand yards i also like toby j just slate treating it like he won ring when the sea water has money that was awesome just to handing out money i it's fine if its guys you're i don't know if he checked the roster was like art these guys are gone pro i know i said it was fake after he did and covered ellis you did they have their base it doesn't say views i might start doing that like printing my own money with my face on understanding it out till i was console somebody mentioned our ability to coax and fences walker out you dollar bills i lose kept on a lingering bills i i tipped the blackjack dealer a lotta to dollar bills and i'm sorry if his fake but that's a day i swear it is it a clumsy thing i know what it is they just were handing out to dollar bills it's a high islam nation they haven't south carolina real i started talking to you about south carolina on the interview stanford stephen i think i'm riddle lean into it and has been anti suffering on a guy the yards fucking weird to destroy our to our both also everybody that was wearing clothes and orange yesterday
they're all wearing just golf shirts tucked in their tat yeah that's a lock it was kind of strange at work is let your hair down point we decrying kid in front of us that sort i felt apprehend the clemson kid he likes seventy progress on the show how you know is he had a bit i was a little kid he had like a million autographs in short his dad was also wearing a hat with a million autographs on average and is also would the most random thing ever with two minutes left my hot who wish to god of us at the outer rose in front of us might be they live seats to the right i just europe pig even didn't hear the whole time and i look it's fucking billboard he was sitting like
ten feet from us the entire game with his parents shot out billboard to heed the eventual pelicans game he completed all nba stayed out check so that's moody king i billboard loves just sports i love that about him he just a guy i'm this year for the national title gameless where the fuck who gets but he was right next to puts the whole game we figured out till the fourth quarter i had joey chesnut and dairies linares right ice at areas we adjust interviewed earlier in the day and when he sat down i i talk some shit to him and at first he did i don't think he remembered me from earlier in the day and then after like i talk to you little have to listen to interview but after i talk to specific shit that he was like okay yeah i got your keys so weird cuz i think it's such a big corporate thing where all these celebrities and athletes can't and then sweets like came jordan was right next to us to its its wild to see it's like a crazy seen the whole night was just on my eye is by my house throw up you have three
is there a trash can in the smile and i'll do add and they will do whose policed take the wheel parcel doc such be empty by the way if you want to watch us just die in this hotel also can i just say that are suitable dotcom slash pierre glimpse and i think that we should revoke the nickname tigers from them yes there no longer the tigers they got out tiger the i think that i'm gonna pick contrasting second we should call them the elder dick limbs and elder like right now ellis use efficient take my son i listen would put the mai answer that we don't have to redo and add while you throw up you guys check it out philips morocco has most innovative electric grooming tools to help goal in the other room go in the bathroom go in the bathroom going that's remind you the ad please now you're gonna yeah it's gonna make everyone it's all its leaking trash cans leaking so yeah that's bad huh it just went in the city of new orleans just where i am
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video coming out today it will be out now if you listening to this of phd training today ready for the acts of fell have caught some very special guess hall of fame guests we say who it is their homes hopes out they are a whole family and one future all famer flash coach probably jeff fisher turns away from the top ten all time but i die i was working on it on one day but i kind of i kind of like minded awful relation eyes peering at me you know we get into houston alec eight o clock availed of paying out all night and now i'm only zero sleep and all i want to do is go to houston sleep so i'm on the hot seat you when the hot seat for just disrespecting and not appreciate all things that are wholly with jumps january pioneer inventors is enough i wasn't
my phone last night i was wasn't gonna have happened rats why i just see was simply sweat pants situation when i'm drunk like i would have lost everything just like we did a parasite last night i deleted it i dont know if you and i did a walking periscope and aids because i woke up and i was like where the periscope on my why what periscope i also thank you were getting up at what like seven o clock tomorrow yeah you got this the trout rather unrealistic they probably not even i might not even sleep again your escapes legal sleeve don't you worry be sleep when you're dead we know sleep till brooklyn on what are you don't even becoming more were what you called her our heroine culture as arguments because good thrown video out be raining relax i'll go watch it very my heart's is me
our thinking is running out for my position and i guess i found an earlier today the chad cheesacre is also trying to be kicking the exit fell against great minds think alike but i saw some videos he sixty ardor spare impressive chad but i mean six yard no pads outdoors or is probably some window your back i'm not scared of you chat i'm coming for you chad a than you are more accurate they call me mister thirty five yards that's what they call me cause i go i go ninety nine percent thirty five yards so i don't care if i can't kick a sixty order but i can hear two three five yonder twice right yes my other hot seat is actually i don't have another nazi morocco throne is the chair know you're hot see was vince wrong oh yes
no no no you're wrong my cool throne was going to be the defending vince vince bond online against an army of attackers yes so vince bond was pictured talking to donald trump last night i guess the only sweeter superdome they hanging out he was making jokes trump like them people like to people when accidents bonn and then million people went after all ass thou went after events ball in the end he was only too so he was trending because people were tweeting its bond is trending because he's being friends president yakking was he was threatening because people are tweeting that's one is being attacked because he's waiting the reactor the rise of yes and then work that such statements can we had issues in overreacts right you're not saying around the other like carefully people are complaining about this like there's two people complaining about it and in their seven billion people complaining about the complaint
i'll be on us that's kind of what we do about dugout leap and danny cannot know doggedly doesn't get interaction etc as soon as you have the two tweets tweets into the void tweets and new ways rocks rumours phone into outer space analysis of just a professional provocative he's a professional turtle is the people go my other courtrooms coach hair so co chair is the throw through early if you guys notices but during football games whatever camera angles and and camera filters or whatever they use to focus coaches on the sidelines they can take a coach that is probably not losing their hair and make it look like that coaches balding every coach looks balding on cod football broadcasts cocoa his hair overpowered that geographically was the only person that i've ever seen not look like to go on board great how to use that using a camera straight looking men
local throne is giant state troopers escort in coaches ultimate field yet the chance that also includes run and seek for hooking us up last night and use promo code take pretend hours off seeking per i should say that gonna see seeking hunted up all his time through the best yesterday thereby your tickets from anywhere else don't onawandah fucking know you delete my number of you if i see you using the other guys it's on site i mean to quote dirk rose kill yourself that's it s a sliding from chicago that's just dirk rose i wasn't me i was dark rose that's quoting him my heart c is no nick savings you next even got roasted up not be mixed ro said they were like right in front of us do saving and why did seven do that what did you do the telecom
i think he did it just so that he can talk shit to members the media just to get closer to the tv personalities and dont like em it's like these as moliere i don't i mean tat your rival win in your doing that i don't know i don't think i would do it as soon as lsu's there i think you know what i'm going to sit this one out let jimbo do it cuz but as we know is a weird move so save and became a meme i think for a minute i don't know we were really following on twitter and then my cool throne is imaginary waiting to sixty seven what a meme is and how he is one right now he has no idea what's goin on here rossa forever often that conversation noack immediately maya what's wrong is magic johnson he's back so he said a very great personal odyssey aids a hot seat aids and i'll sterling cool thrown magic johnson great personal anecdote after the game he said i want to personally congratulate coach osier on for winning the national championship
i met him when he was coach at usc got those pretty nice get so really that really put a personal like at first i was like why is magic talking about college football and then i met him at usc and it's like oh now it all makes yet why are tweeting this i love that the editor of a magic johnson anecdote is the beginning of a normal person anecdote caesar i met him at usc is done that's the final part of his story that historic i did see a shitload of people tweeting their encounters i was wrong last night and everything water was just like arrows run is god i love i'm in love with coach really should be like a picture in every single house in state of i'm i'm a little bit worried my brain activity and so on my brain has been broken by the internet i'm a little bit afraid that that
i'd war of diesel or turn on culture zip i'd always enjoy my i'm trying i love you i love the moment i'm i'm getting prima donna don't that our own maginot do not do not he one title less than twenty four hour ok then i must talk it shouldn't matter i don't know who you're to point them jars advising vampire don't do it you're in energy there's empire yes we don't need energy vampires here let us do our interviews what we do need guys what we should have and we do need a c b c b c extremely busy we d m d i wish i had some see beady andy right about now because c b see zebedee emily handy is now it's advance you must stop it were due to its new year those you
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you say you just woke up ten minutes ago were in the same clothes we were last night he slept through the golic and wingo interview or whatever it was on purpose or banging on my door at eight hundred and thirty in the morning so i didn't really want to get up on that day they make you do interviews now like you don't you have no obligations like a malady on camera and i would look like crab because i had i would have lilies you asleep yeah now begun on camera these people when look well now you urge us and were josie still exact same as yet the black ass anymore they trust me we're drucker than you are you can't see my be little eyes right now so do you want to national title yes as we know is crazy pretty cool were you ever at any point in the game worried could you guys did go down yet honestly never not even
no raw speech so raw speech we move seventeen so we didn't even say anything on asylum i really we knew we attitude that seems like you prizes like talk about the place when we really didn't do it without their started play football age we know we had to do i was the second or third play the game where you rolled out first by the first playing your flesh out the pocket and you roll out you write it received outfield they called it back at that point i was so mad because it was an awesome play is was dead i don't care this penalty on it to play with so awesome that they still said let us remember that play a tough one first play the game and it three instead of plus forty five years
therefore we also have like a thing going right now d and i'm sure you ve recognised it maybe you haven't but like you just can do it every one ends up here goodbye here i thought you did against oklahoma when you just running and you just up like what we will do that near fellows monopoly where you find it running ok ralds worth like observer would up my way i get it will be talking in meetings about like protections and get the boots has picked up and i'm really get it there but i also say if i don't get picked up they still have to tackle me back yes and they can't do yes how he was there was there aurora speech they could show gave and have them now i really i mean when sat in their went about our business drink or water these guys can measure listen when back on play football guys can't messages i am she was more nervous for you guys at the second half when
and have starts and i was like they score elegy scores seven here game over but cleansing scores report gaming attitude version you know nerves then now like a danish if they macedonia they on the same field can't touch us some and yet we were playing us we were playing with so much confidence right there i really don't think anybody ever could have stopped us and we were a mood is rolling we had i mean i i just over four otherwise those mercy was running catch it less that's how we phone marriages so much confidence yasser the definition of the goddamn machine elysees off maybe burned him volta s use our talks about there has been a machine this entire year just steamroller everybody so it makes sense that you would be confident even after elegant start the first couple drives that you able to put together future
do what you did all year leading up to this point so right now this is why himself vigour your landscapes we are about it was a question it is a good question did you guys if everyone could see all of our faces right and one with a bunch of whales are diverting saw guided side of your question why are we so beady here's here's your question could ellis you it the bangles apparent that we should talk about nokia
what about when do we get our check what do we say what we decide to ten percent represent oh yes up it's always it less energy as after like ten thousand year old guys we saw how long do you have to have to start doing combine should ask unknown probably celebrate for about a week nice and then go home and celebrate a little more nice and then go california and start domicile the football pervert eat it's not like i really have to do a lot of things at come on get yourself ready oh dont bunch press no i won't like brain we re land when twenty four here vision he had traps for coming out of high school i honestly said gonna combine we can break the measured every giorgio behalf i have lost my bench so will the dont do it yourself
sewers grows river walk walk me what we threw away what happened last night after the game's over and then you have to do like interviews and shit like what is it what is your last twelve hours been like will first fathers about forty five minutes of sleep we got in a like seven thirty last night i don't know where he went don't ask me relax i you went out to bars from somewhere he judged get mobbed java police s word into a bar i think we had a little section men we went out with like all the former players so those are finally i'll give you money you i am
i'm not i'm not as do not leave any more so i can say yeah that's eugenio cash i was thinking they would have an awesome evoldo dislike printed vacation sort handing out floated say on looking at each other paper drinking weakest sir monopoly my service more than we again that sick that you just now cash how much cash you bring no so but you you got your own like private section of bars last night i am assuming you oranges like out walking no words like in the in the marsh pit i'd through the then you barely slept i don't sleep there's no reason sleeps so you batten rouge night that's gonna be fine apply after so this we have a parade this weekend so i might have to save
so i can grant that parade yes was nice because like one when i feel like they college championships in italy really boost the same cause or something but i'm graduating tragedian i'm twenty three or else i can do whatever ass man whatever the hell i why do you think you're too old i mean anyway it's really not fair owl diane playing in cities but also like for the draft you like as a draft a guy i look for potential your turn treated ninety three rachel that is going to be a question going to re like oh you wasn't why as you have seen why asean you're entering the draft is as i say i suddenly plenty of money had i think you're going to do to arrive has have you thought about i had spoken fiercely but be on about them support to be on the bank account it's about to be what's he gonna be like going to class on wednesday
yet ass soon ass someone else i do my two s gonna be here you're there were no you you told the online class michael michael s baby hooked up and it fell quarterback cause is odell still here can we get him to give us the money is he here how come up reviewing the wonders gums lady i got a couple residual ago would serve mainly because a nickel each like years twenty i said was up to mad at the alabama game last year and it was a disease she begets technique that he taught me yes is odell can see again yet it's like you say that seems a he's met you before and he was a consumer as green senior man that's where i sit every single like famous person that of remember feebly views that technical me plenty of times and it works i tell you it's a sucks right now to because we're saying a lotta think we set out before were now people use it on us and i get very confused the other great see anyone like shit
you work on edward he's gone to the point where it is going to apply right to say that every time i me somebody in case i met them before yes i just get senior man who had seen it pal chief in terms of your body right now i know i know your bank sounds a wonderland i know it's amazing given amazing body joe i know it's banged up but is just the high of winning the national championship only overwhelming your physical like campaigns are gone you guys it's we're coming my violent hang over now sir i'm failure twenty two you don't get final hangovers i'm getting pretty old just just wait till your thirty rigour ribs no request i tore some carla's okay cuz everyone is freaking out and then i freaked out and i wasn't in the state to freak out and i was just like he's broken ribs very weird feeling
have like injuries happened while you're at a game and have no idea what's going on here and mostly look at me controlling the pocket like ok one hundred years of dude the hours that's really of doubling the cartoon knocking on the door here that was the most go get em those most casual four hundred yards plus performance like i looked up as i wait joseph water plus yards fuck i was can especially after those persons especially after this first like three drives culture cultural common we common heritage i wish to keep this now alas how bad was up no
the role of those growth i got a i will do anything i hear you re egg i we now well come on man the myth the legend is our good friend code at around national champion are the king of louisiana your borrowers other users you just after the kangaroo louisiana and now he's a prince you the king let you get back i'm pretty sure you are the king of the state of louisiana love but they grew to be a louisiana love the snake stay law that you cannot legally purchase here for the rest of your life i think you were going to be paid for and taken care of from now on actually though it's going to be interesting is like
eighteen years now you see a lot of college recruits coming into force all community believable better named ed that has been made as a kind of dropped off i think you're goes its analyses babies eighteen years it is back are you i mean is insane have you not going to be like this is if they wrote this script about you they wouldn't make movie is beast like now he can actually goaded ella she would win like that's too not believable have you had a moment to be like holy shit this actually happened bird thankful bird like political role better scrutiny but you know what you have i need a place do we not what your tractor great to attract a great cultures the crucial have you had a chance to sleep yet no one is about three hours i really admire go did you put a warm in your mouth before there were no more about it on the road to stay very motivated it's crazy
i mean it's like a well all machine tat was what joe assembly just talking to me said there was no there's no raw speech at half time there was no talking mose like we're better than them we just gotta go play our game execute and you know we gotta believe in our plan of culture little fundamentals not only did you you set your jaw last night i said module several to set up half the marshal of mario biggest wonder did a sort of most for from you understood understand what we're talking about cultural punched himself well you ve got a shovel yes yes that was literally just putting yourself there's two get go gorgeous salubrious like mine i could not much do you ever get we idea your word that you're a knock yourself out now because you so strong that you can be yourself i gotta pull with a view to utilise you get in a fight you got a big plan thing also than the first book or but all you then you can get a gear yes and elsewhere
on august to kick in another gear mentally yeah at the way the game started you know down early not know feel position was was struggle it was you guys didn't you unflappable it was crazy not now better quarterback like jewels you believe you believe in your player that we got when you also bullshit bullshit just figure him up can we get joe to get like a masters degree or something ass down varvara doc did you cry after was a geographic game now i didn't love good not my mother my role handed it is a b emotional do believe when we get back to town but rouge tiger stadium no will want to come back
fifteen alone dismissal at one or should i say the people are saying like maybe one of the best if not the best champions ever you guys beat five of the top eight teams at him the pulse of they went to cover social incredible shore it cannot be ass you look very put together now considering what time it is the day after winning in national title you you so he got up early took care yourself we're we were literally rolled out of men are three parties harder than you deal backed out of feel bad and i feel i feel bad coach oh we we when we had joe on he told us this
right after the husband re baker we got our rebate baker man rebecca great great friend your rebecca you gotta be offer encouragement i'm one ozma time wearily beg you ass joe joe actually told us i think this was off the year after we're done recording arpa gas but he said the first times he met with you you asked me what you think about re beggar and joe is the commissioner whose can abortion is way through it and then you walked out of the room and then he looked to his body was a good whose very big an easy oh that's word cocoa cause the son a big yellow ball of sky raises the sky will bake you areas they were men i why no you gotta get goin we appreciate eightam cohesion do go tigers like twenty times in rome i lucky i mean every time i love do you get mad as i get mad when they don't ask let you seek reactors
yes you're walking in the lake when ok so their interview you at half time and they don't want you have that go tigers do you still say it is a solution of the ever done ok good that's good to know because i always get so upset when it's like we even let him say it put them right back in front of we need to build a sago divers gotta die if god area one last last question have you figure out where you gonna buy withdrew millions millions of dollars that they're gonna pay you now you're gonna be a rich man a contract for life will do it were building you got out really sure i wish you would take care of me and not about the bills will do and will put her with watching good lord answer level get it will get caught your cash our voice because once you want to look at our last for life through your own forever that will be the name the head coach forever will be on funding you're a door i cocoa congrats again unbelievable so happy for you they give
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hundred percent says vaccine guarantee good emilius dotcom such take that's me undies dot com slash take home i guess your breath segments we have two one we should news men called martian lynch those awesome the carrier monies your bread your chickens look after your chick that set us a segment that's good if we can also money bread chickens mantles i love money already against gaza carrier metals half so that some live my twenty twenty this i love that i love that he's the best marshall english is is the king of speaking as effectively possible using as few words as potter acts he like confucius he can say oh that's what confucius deal was but sends a very definitely martian wait wait he invaded willing confucius to plato he's explore
we saw this right you burn is both confucius burning measures being like plate or socrates and just sit around and just thinking d for then everyone in the entire world and then having like really sketch little boys party and your fuckin vomit our m p i wasn't thing about that i was absolutely right yes it would be a big flax back in the day to be known for just being super smart saying war bomb every very until you just walking around the streets and everything that you say hello somebody's miser rick riley right now crazy them on this rick the two ok we answer when the ashes where new segment yeah bachelor talk for guys don't want a bachelor there was a bachelor s at the same time as national we should then somebody decide to do that water no one alot known watch it but i did i did find out that mattie gun trouble because you name she used to burner account to reply to a video of her date that she went on
the american she said it was night she thought she was using a bird she said beautiful date mattie you are genuine and real and then she deleted it immediately because it was from actual cow come on man so that's there's nothing more genuine and real then tweeting from what you thought was burner account that your genuine real yeah so real she keeps so hundred are the ashraf cheated and i was reading about it this morning really understand it because again it was of rough morning pots seems likely off the hook in a weird way so they fired their manager and general manager but no players get anything new players in it was and they put the blame on the gas in the organization rather than just oh our day i'm gonna get fired he's writing it's crazy i made so we'd make sure make clown tee shirts for whoever the commissioner baseball is yes rob manfred
we should then he heard the craziest thing is that they busy it is they cheated or that the findings were they very much cheated during the policies and it was kind of a player run situation and then the astros owner was century like just just suspend aj hinch and the gm and i'll fire him and then we'll move on and that was it and now it's over so i don't really care but if i were to care i'd have solid base to care on my favourable the story is that asia hinge not once but twice smash the tvs that cora was using to help cheat mikey found they put the tv back any smash it again i don't know what you what your job duties are as a manager but impression smashing televisions should be pretty
i up on that list of day to day responsibilities is charles amateur especially one tell it's it's pretty great delight thinking that he sighs acknowledge again oxnard just ruins at these fuckers instead of actually displaying body so alex cora i'm not in fact of a lifetime ban but i image favor of hearing the term lifetime back the deadline of its awesome hearing alex cora has been issued a lifetime banned from baseball like i don't think that he deserves it and what i deserve to hear that and get sold the old pd back in the news to we'll talk about lifetime bans yeah kind of like that that's true lifetime then there's nothing more satisfying than just like we read that the words lifetime bans you see a get it like gets you pop various media endorphin hit
anything else i mean this is this city is unreal i don't know how anyone stays here for more than like we we came for two nights and it feels like we've been here for a month feels like we've lived in new orleans for a month and that's just what this city does i mean it's unbelievable are you now is re humbly by an awesome time is incredible i can't we often showers morn oh yeah that's right you are discussing how were making those guys x or a thousand this year i was able to earlier this year savers show you should both in the shower ya think it was like i think i did i know i did break added ship my bike broke my virginity of shooting weapons last year we remember we shall make sure roadways rigidity i he shouldn't cessation report your own cherry we should celebrate that year and anniversary allows
this morning and i i probably news a ship but i was just so lazy united daughters of fire then it just as it was a large one like it would solve it wasn't like south we landed did it didn't make a plot the gag my alarm went this morning i was i was very very drunk and urges that what is going on at fully clothes didn't get it off my shoes what if i could not have been much more counterpoint to jump what a weekend it was one of those nice i got back to the hotel thought i opened up my laptop browsing maybe i'll peruse pornography maybe i'll hook up a letter and i was like you know what it's or thirty and you know it be after you are too drunk to do this i closed my laptop extreme sulphurous laugh is probably not the exact that's another he watch licences
i would also shot out you use your phone sometimes for shy seven the screen special shut out the nap god papa slipped his way multiple things as weekend he was that guy i got back at the hague i got back at three thirty in the morning in all the equipment was in his room so i d like big the front desk ass i please let me of a key to this room because we have cocoa and joe burrow in the morning as regarding as i was dabbling and they gave me a key and then were we turned around to walk in and there's a guy the other person in front of us is on the phone and he just like yeah he's not picking up there's a fucking delivery guy we choose huge bags of food and the like he's going to liam crowley we're like cable there's take it publishes passed out we left the food or you seem less you ordered is quite you so much food and you were so passed up yeah
say like we very rarely weapon i social media at this company but i want to jump back a quick we are do i am doing the traps the excellent anders tomorrow wednesday and when we kicking in houston actually trying off the team chad johnson is trying to do the social media access fell game does everybody tweet a tragedy just let him know out of sync oh that he cannot out kick mr thirty five yards get is seldom get help tell em because his mental fair game right now and i'm not gonna lose them on right on on writing was right asia on friday we will see we will we will be doing friday we'll be hung over on friday still man i love you i'm not looking for it is over i love yes this was actually a fund show em up against its only we should do one of these every three years every
ella did you ever national title in new orleans we will do it this was every thing you'd probably haters fun guess paint on purpose read it
today's debate with you
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