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Coach Tom Crean And Rapoport Calls In To Tell His Side Of His Firing

2018-02-18 | 🔗

We started a Nascar drug scandal and NBA All Star Weekend bored us (2:10-7:13). Who's Back of the Week featuring penetration, Tiger Woods, and Tebow (7:14-13:53). Coach Tom Crean joins the show to talk about the wild weekend in College Basketball, how to properly prepare a team for a conference road game, what happens when the refs aren't calling fouls for your team, and which team he likes as his dark horse this March (16:17-45:26). Rapoport calls in to talk about his firing from Barstool (45:30-50:03). Segments include Mike Greenberg's Dumb Rules NBA playoff seeding (52:27-54:35), Respect the Biz for ESPN deleting an article because of advertisers,(54:36-56:45) Olympic Update (they're still going on), and the debut of "Top of the Charts" where we look at the podcasts above us in the rankings and try to figure out what they're doing to beat us (56:46-1:02:55).

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on today's pardon my take we have coach tom crean on the show our good friend back to talk about the wild weekend in college basketball who he likes coming down the home stretch we also talked the rapporteur who has been fired by bar stool big news in our world over the weekend and whose back of the week before we get off that were excited for college basketball tournament march manasses coming up but light is given wait vegas experiences to winners and their friends this march scan this code on butler bottles and cans to play a game and enter the sweeps only on snapchat but lay is always there for you and your friends remember bud light is famous amongst friends and you can do that by scanning the code on your butler bottles and cans and you can win a free trip to vegas this march
best time to be in vegas and bud light is gonna hook up boys that sounds like a good deal in me
the daily yes was so do it again scanned the step could on bud white bottles and cans to play a game and enter the sweeps only on snapchat do that you might win yourself a free trip to vegas this march alright let's go all out how welcome to pardon my tape presented by sea geek today is monday february nineteenth happy birthday ben franklin president stay here is my favorite premier him in hamilton i think you have to take your hat off so just a shot out ever lose not working today fuck you i don't i don't know who takes who gets well our presence there d most faye cholera yes fake actual hollan right so if you are listening to this in your bed i hate you but that's what
we ve got to actually love you so we had big news this weekend and a lot of things but none bigger than the fact that we started a full on drug controversy in mass car so we had any him went on the show on friday and we had him talk about outer all in mass car and
slick nascar not so funny little really like the joke snow they call them into their trailer we as you know when things get serious you called principal's office and they asked him to clarify his remarks and said something like while i was making them on and not serious podcast yes so the exact quote and this is our new tagline its bureau did the beauty of all this is we got a new tagline out of this headline grabbing didn't even try to get what we tried but whatever gender we didn't think we're not once they tried to get it we actually retract nos four percent i'm doing apply gas or the lack of his uncle group guys if i don't feel too the that's hand operate there that have fun talking about sports in a non real way so we are the first non real sports pod gaston so that's pretty good that's really good do we ve had real sports prank gumbo the opposite grid gamble those brightening up here and now we ve got non road matters gumbo yes yeah i'd rather watch nano sports every day that we yes so we are not real sports podcast and shouted any him for almost weighing the data on a five hundred still be joy lugano that's the important part of any so fuck joy laval joey feel i know your lists are generally ulysses shit sliced bread the other news anything maybe he should take a more radical yeah problem
that's maybe when we probably did the instant not the time release at shirts along race gotta couple gonna have speed weren't you exactly need for speed the other news is the nba also weaken happened and it kind of sucks now it was great fergie was electra oh yeah the owen kevin how did the team choice awards or before the game kevin heart did everything i think that like there's gotta be a rooney rule in in sports and just movies in general for kevin heart like if he's not affiliate with a project a project here you have to lease call kevin heart for an interview to see if you'd like to do the press absolute joyful gonna actually are beaten him when what the fuck he came and sex than hammond came in i know
ok sally tee to import from that crash yet we are currently ass that's we're not went on real that's rota stats thou not real process any help would be joy slogan slogan by the way on the fatter gumbo it doesn't really worked so came like i don't wanna hank what is the sar is present stay brow the day off home so yeah did you watching the i'd like to three point shoot out or i shall not contest the iran was missing and then i don't know who want to send a counter i saw that there's a guy that did it don't like his dad did you learn ancillary on these that jersey yeah one
hey emily and do you know donovan metal i want good up all i call that that's right but i am glad that these powers rooms mike wasn't even on when you gave the mitchell broke the news there and then they decide to play defence in the ostler games less not fund especially for those who had the over yes will take away all the fun of their head up we should probably figure that out when the over underwent from three fifty three to three thirty three gather some fishes your wise guys yeah shit what i'd do anything else most are weak and we wanted to recap
i mean really is they ve ruined it i don't know what the hell happened but they feels like us are we can use all motivated excited about we next may that that dark eyed did check twitter first second young and i saw the nance was the second most running topic i thought the gymnastics calling slammed on confidence in that in my mind was the only way this could have gotten more born here well the thing is also weaken i used to be really excited about it but now like why wouldn't you watch college best wild west virginia cans games goin on which unbelievable game villain over xavier was a great game like there are so many good games why why would i watch like half hearted done contest or you just watch porn on saturday and also the judges were given our way too many fifties and i was like for dancing
that some i saw mark wahlberg was a judge i did see that i saw them announced the jersey a cat college magi there they brought out kevin heart to jump over kevin heart which is possibly the least impressive dark of also we owe kay connell like as they use them as a prop yeah that's what's this hey i'll take a look ya there was one aqueducts yet we jump over cars and the of tall people now we're going backwards in our view are the small chemical rina smudgy bogus book and also we got a bunch of allah brown to allay chatter because he then he's playing team of bronze plain for kids charity in any say before the game he goes allay one of the greatest city in the world all show that yes is brought hampering with ella he's temporary with himself and making go blind these tampering with an entire city while he's doing the work for magic i let's get to our whose back of the weak because it is monday hank once you start my whose back the week is papa watson being a weirdo dink face the thirty nine year old thirty nine he won the genesis open this weekend and i started hysterically crying right after he one said he was contemplating retirement because you didn't know if the physical toll on his body was worth it i mean governance tough especially when you when you wear that button all the way up to the top yeah that really chelsea our collation probably ass yeah ploy baba's partly had bad blood flow for a long time i think baba's i basically david carrying auto erotic exceeding himself on every single whole not to turn bubba into my only ailments put did you guys see my foot is called in people are saying that i might have like a serious problem my left toes quality of gang remain wet gal feels when all the time so
this regulation they get sweating now it feels like what i think those haven't warmed up since you boy what job back to bubble roof work i liked it just playing golf lefthanded united but that just goes to show you the demon bodies not meant to be left errors true if they don't make left area cannot push for reason folks sets right yeah starfleet you haven't own whose back
i too have another whose back here now while we really taken this day off my whose impacts of the weak movers all you have to o percival i'm innocent arena segments any know what not only do i not have one bubba i kind of behaviour that i didn't say because it known whose back my whose back a week's are baba's oh some one upping you bubble watson and also at the data or five hundred bubble wallace and a rough and ready to which was a great event little bubba verse big bubba yeah babo put a little above in the hospital so that got a little awkward and above all how sets tough officer back officer back in a big way i'm worried about yet sports or a better place when baba's our succeeded i wish i had a friend name papa that's
a cool papa like you need a bubble in your friend group has arisen unloosed secret people named bubba snacks into name this nickname ok but i wish i had assumed name but you can get you can get a free imbibe maybe just are commonly emma blameworthy bubba wow are right that could be the least fitting out i m sure i only bubbling gets fits all here the monotone kid from mr mass but only about suffering my other whose back the week is tim turbo who didn t most back big time he knows exactly when the sports world needs when there's like a little law he'll come back so he made the news this week is that he's down and was saint lucy or port lucy floor like one of those places it sounds like has got a lot better whether we want those ways it sounds like it's not in america but it s yes and so i so he's it examined in spring training for the mats and their gm said that he thinks it can t buy will play at the major league level this knock
this is ridiculous and why not if you're the mets i actually think it's borderline negligence that they haven't had tim turbo play
initially game yes i'll take you sell a shitload of sale a shitload of tickets put man wasn t t bow i hope i see the day because i refer to empty but because he makes sports weren't realities but holy shit will that be a circus any stick to he's a bigger than he was ass oh yeah real thick yet even in a little too few too many jesus he looks like he's gonna get so thick that like he can't swing back like it's actually his muscles are now getting in the way of his swing that's ok i'm ok with a beautiful i just want to be just a freezer here is that is at it yet why i could go on ok i mean i have others off what i'm gonna do we have enough time o eight we also having more our little whose back the weakest incest ices back because its eyes dancing and not pairs figures can always audio pics and you get a lot of brother sister do owes its like i do like trying to see how close they can get to kissing without going over it so creepy and i know their competitors and all that jazz but man like just just pick any one else like you're in a country if you're in a country like canada you know sweet in any these there's a lot of people you can i stance with someone else and rice thing about ice dancing with your sibling though is that even after practice you go home and you can still practice year at the house launches always around right see i like the ice dancing that are couples cause you know they like fuck like they ice dance like they do we're position why should it be both
point two thousand eighteen yet is love is love love is love his love for sex positive my whose back home every eyes someone sister yet true yet we're all related somehow familiar here real thanking you got far my whom speck i have first up tiger woods and bad boys in general i had to go into my less but i wonder under other bracket now so there's a story about president trump blake i think he had an affair or something and basically they saw a tiger woods out one night in the woman's like who's that and and troubles like now you're gonna wanna stay away from that one ella well he said oh allows doub embrace debate to down from say ella did he say lol lol big difference
sock but yeah but either way the point the story is taiwan's bad boy status when when other manner saint watch out for him like a standpoint on the eighties jackets like you gotta watch out now how long ago was this i don't play back in his batboy yes it was before this night i'm getting isn't back into circulation is good for he scratched regret its great and also speaks highly too that judgment skills of one donald trump who says he has one of the all time best judgments in the history of humans younger yes if he was able to sniff tiger woods out right we note when all of us thought that he was you know mister all american father the right you know big bang safe towards now yes yeah that's exactly sir problem not been was never convicted my other whose back is penetration so finalizes i think this might be an old article but i think if the vice posted it as a new article yesterday and it said would it help men understand what it means to be a woman should every man be penetrated at least once in their life tat s most masculine thing how do the ever ever guys go get peg once in a while here absolutely tough question what would we start to understand a little bit more you started getting wished flippant and boiling every woman every woman hit a train a man yet every woman should yes should jerk off and watch football day see what it's like to walk a mile yet my shock mama vaseline right exactly so goes both ways rooms are let's get to our interview with tom cream and then we have on the other side of that rapport calling it about his firing for
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the timing of it i don't know yet an end things could start to percolate more is it obviously the end of the regular sees coms good that's when it usually does and you start to hear things but i have not been is driven by that as i have it really getting better at this and and not even the teams in the games and being prepared for the studio or being prepared for whatever game i'll get it dance to call next showed no doubt about that had been i totally see myself it's coach and like i tell my wife are we going to get to play when on tv room no overall i still see that and i still see that is definitely a part of my future if not sure exactly when ok so we're gonna continue to call you coats tom queen and also to differentiate you from the irish explorer and abuse of yes the other tom cruise you're actually the frontier atomic you're not now
you're the first non cream one i got a good eat what he was twenty nine he was drunk and depressed yeah like i've never i've never wanted to be did some amazing things than ever want to be identified would admit that point ok so you have surpassed him in our mind yes on ass a lesson to you like pm member the media you were talking to us before we start recording bout you get to see your family you to do all these co trips of do you like it being in the media i like it absolutely because because i have a lot of good friends that are in it something you get to be around them i haven't really doll van and a sense of like
i've got a lot of questions media wise are really trying to tap in the sea were coaches are thanking earth try to break news at all so i may i guess i have of total respect for the media in the sense of the work ethic that they put into it the time spent and on spending a lot of time at this but if anything i've gain an even greater appreciation for what goes on in the end the broadcasting world that certainly for what goes on the journalism worlds i wouldn't even i wouldn't begin to call myself somebody did that understood and all of that but i have even more respect for what they do gearing up four march madness we in a while weekend i wanted so we won't talk about a few games and a couple note said that we made the first is the west virginia kansas gain bob huggins its kicked out the free through prosperity is thirty five to two thirty five do which was unbelievable what do you do it
ouch there when the right are just not even calling fowls on the other team well i think probably his frustration at that sense boiled over to that point because that's not bob you know bob is bob is is it is a very aggressive coach obviously needs is a guy's demonstrative but he doesn't he doesn't really get that act without cause i made an end maybe use to betty certainly does it anymore so i think again with what i learned its coach i think it's very hard to argue that you're not following when those files are being called against you but your argument becomes there's no way a game could be this physical there's no way to teams can be this aggressive and it be this different they're just no way and i think i've learned to see it probably even more so from from sitting out of it now
been watching it i can't even more appreciation for officiating and the fact that debt but gives again in its in real time and when on sitting over there were the monitor i can see it so much better because its clear ok they got one right they get a lot more right that they get wrong but it for as it as a general rule i think but without last night there's your question that he had a legitimate concern because both teams are extremely aggressive i just think it becomes the issue if if you try to say that your following any other team is think you have to accept that you are they're calling it that you want the same thing and dumb could they have driven it more could they are posted more probably but you don't do that that that amount of free throw difference that that was the most that was the biggest margin of fritos kansas has ever had in a big twelve gay
he's a think about that yeah maybe that's amazing stuff so so legitimate right yes are you you point out born i was kind of my follow up question when you're when you're getting when you have a game and the rest don't seem to be calling any thousand other team do you tell your team be more grass go to the hoop force the issue here because i do think there's somebody said with rest get kind of load when teams aren't aggressive to the hoop and they're like very well we don't really have to call fouls on this side because this teams taking jump shots and not going to the hoop i think that's true and i think the same thing happens subconsciously with his own if if if the if the referees herman that a team is in his own and there are now following they can get away with the law that's just the way that it is men and in its dropped to deal with it absolutely right you're gonna get isolation situation where you can get the post up you're gonna try to get some type of clear out will you can get a
a bad defender in average defender even start offender if you can really clear it out but i think the best thing to do is go one for low and not settle for the jump shot like we're put at down a working to drive it an down to me that that's that's how you if you got a port it to where so few people around the action that whatever type a one on one you can get that makes it obvious and tries to force that it right in india the other game that i pay close attention to this we can was northwestern michigan state hats body on north western the first half so glad that i just kept to the first half bet but they were up by what twenty four points have been voiced about twenty two points you have time they end up losing by five points to michigan state i may have coaches though on the hot seat a little prematurely up my hand upon that one but if you're coaches and wept what to tell your players at half time too to make him bounced back like then and hold northwestern to only eleven points you know i think
comes hall of fame coaches everybody knows but i think going in their lot of times my best half times were win people thought i was gonna blow up the team was looking forward and i didn't do it not and you gotta go in there was something concrete as this is what i think happens especially with a team like michigan state they were not ready to i am neither the only people that didn't know that were them because it was so clear from the very beginning but there also smart team they ve also a lot of pride they ve also been in a lot of big games and i think to say that a coach makes the changes at half time and then and there it is is not fair to the pliers because their smart too like they realize they getting beat up in the sense that they didn't bring it mentally and aid and bring it physically and then i i think if you get a couple of guys that can figure it out it can change that dynamic some but what they had yesterday was a team of guys that decided to change your german jackson was to dip requires
the first out nick ward was the only one that looked to me like he had any desire to get hit in the first half that he was gonna be aggressive and and the rest of a more they came in there i always said this did you come to play or did you come to fight and yet they northwestward came to fight the second half misconceived didn't in the first half muskets they did in the second half and i think a lot of the subconscious started to kick into northwestern a little bit where what was so easy and what was so good now the sudden those doubts crept back in and you start missing shot but you are making you can stay guarded m much better much more aggressively but michigan state that they also miss from shot that they will make it in the first half specially ec law yes oh there's a lot of different dynamics to it you gotta get the players and i would say the same thing about cochin smart pliers top players deserve the benefit of the doubt to take it
would you like those you have consider bringing a bat into the lock room at half time to motivate the date that bad i would have wanted at four do yeah yeah i beat the all out would have added the frigate yeah that's gonna game you bring it for young you think your team is gonna be late when you think you don't human nature is gonna kick in north western it is not that the biggest game on their schedule right now are had a lot of big games there there there are mental let down there is no doubt about it you bring the bad and you bring something like that to get everybody spoken scared and and get him alone jumpy and now they're ready to place i brought the bats i brought numerous bats in beginning of the game you bring up a good point that the metal went let down because i feel like february is a real likes you know sweet spot for a lot of teams maybe a big went over the weekend at home and they go on the road in the week how did you
how do you get your team to keep that level up knowing that college basle i feel like is the one sport where home home court really matters because you know their eighteen year old kids the rescue influence the crowd goes crazy how do you keep that you no noise out of their head when are you trying to go when a game that might have a let down well i say when you don't have a group of mentally tough guys resilient the to all your ticket take each game for what it is that's called speak ok because the pliers yet we want the mental energy right the players have got to a really good job of trying to work on their energy were counterfeits go energy that's all part of it and i think even in this day and age is you're so many distraction you gotta work on their energy too but the mental any emotion play the players have got to do a really good job of trying to work on their energy work on their physical energy that's all part of it and i think that even in this day and age is your soulmate tracking you gotta work on their energy too but the mentor
the emotional energy i guess is what i should say because that's what it is how many times go to the well in a month in a week in a game you got kind of pick and choose so like what i would always try to do it is especially later on is if we had a tough game if we had a big when i didn't come right back with that felt i went right into i'd start the next day when exactly what we had to do and sounded at next game and it would really be a situation of how good that next team was no matter but it was so like you if it was it was average we weren't going to show me the average clips we're going to show them at their best if it was a team that was an average shoe michelle mulder makes makes know we could do to get the teams attention we are going now what i ended up new and more and more is showing that game that we just played that night b
for the game or maybe the afternoon of the day before the game because i think you can go you gotta get their emotional energy right the closest you can't game time so let's say you have a top loss and you come back then you're on your team and you shown the foam and you're gonna have those knockdown drag our practices will you now you're gonna get a great effort from your tea ok and an end their expecting that i was studying lose that age before they get into the next gay special offers there's a couple days in between one day and between a little bit different but i would say we had that job game and we came back and we got right to work and their starting to feel good about themselves will now we're gonna come god show why we lost that last game cause i want that energy that it it's not negative energy its realistic energy like you didn't bring it here so we cannot allow that to happen in this one and i would really
if that there were many a night night before gave on guys would sit down expecting to watch the game where plan the next day it's nice and i go back with our low light are highlights from the game we play couple days earlier to have it fresh switch gear so quick unwanted take it down to the a c c ms virginia really gonna win this thing the whole is virginia are they gonna first why do you think it turn when the issue is determined and then second do you really think that they have a chance to to win the whole thing i don't know that when eighty it turn about you up with a one thing about there's a couple of things about them they're really really good day day day they take good shot they get great movement much better movement of what they that they got three shop or is it there really relying upon and it's easy sometimes say well that this deems got a lot of freshman was soft force when you are expecting that much from them that's tough to and they have a day of a potential they had some love and their human rights
like last week when they played virginia check because though the hardest thing for a player in a team the over the a game is in failure because they fear is the worst thing they get this urge when really all it is something that has happened and again you mr shot you're you're cold you missed a couple free throws without a couple a bad possessions whatever it is to get through it and figure out how to win the game how do we move on and win the game players have a really our time with that sometimes it even last week i'll guy goes five twenty wanted that gave a gets wikipedia check without affected those guys on decent i don't care what anybody says that they rarely ever give up back cuts colleague i gave up a bat caught late in the day and in how different than anybody else and you can have seniors that can do the same thing if the teams that can put away in games failure the quickest and realize it's part of the game move on and get back to what they do
that makes them better and here's the other thing with with virginia as i really like em but they ve got that reputation that they don't but a lot of files but i don't get file going about you so like they're not shooting very many free droughts and on those nights when you're not bacon your shot you ve got to have something else that you can go to and i think that's gonna tell me that kind of sums up the season there's a lot of teams really really good teams that have flaws and if you take away their strength today have those secondary strength so they can get you and still win a neutral court tournament game or win a road game and that's why you're seeing so much home court winning i think it's one of the reasons you see it so much home running especially layton games yeah so interesting you brought up like in game failures what's up a tree young he is the almost now five game losing streak they have to play kansas tonight monday night their progress
packing cuz that kansas and he's for four hundred and twenty seven in three pointers in that five game losing streak how do you correct this or is this it feels a little reminiscent of the ben simmons lsu get a team where you got one superstar in the whole team can't kind of get up to his level now i don't no i wasn't around that one in five watch for college basketball this year that i really ever happened my life because when you're coaching your wife your team you're watching the opponent when a lot of time on your league in for me like i didn't go home and watch for hours ecology basketball when i home at night at my at any time i'd watch me the nba or watch dwayne wade or coyotes zeller victor somebody like gotta try to catch them on television i don't think it's that situation at all an end but i do think what's happening
that when they're not getting their move it like yours an example from from the game with taxes the other day that that they're their spacing got a little jumbled they r us some shots they got on the brakes for a tickly not like they're capable of cuz he's like his good at they have passed her that i've seen a college bass like your memory body throws it had like that and they're not getting that as much though i know that he factors are better and people are locked up but they are not getting as good a movement there russian their shot the little bit ah we always talked about saint committed to your spacing they're coming she nodded quarters here and there i'm getting very many stops that are allowing them to it out run so too many times right now
taking the ball out of the net and have to come and get the set defense which is always harder but i don't think when you talk about trae young specifically i don't think he's separating from the defender like he can like he's got to move he's got a left foot step back that is darn near unguard like when he dribbles at ball and and he can get it off so quick so it doesn't matter if you're five thousand eight hundred and sixty eight if your hands are any are neutral on him he's gone up and rise up and i don't see implanted quick the last week
so i had a game with them a couple weeks ago when they played bail or not that is extremely quick he was beaten people to the rim so i think like the whole ah mental fatigue fiscal fatigue everybody's got that in february sometimes you just gotta get back to playing quicker and if i think if he really looks it himself on film and seized it he could separate better that he can get back to that step back but he can set his ball screen up better and his team can stay committed is facing an they gotta start to strength stops together i think they'll be just fine i say that you're goin in kansas ravages that's that's the opposite of a picnic there so that'll be hard but i think they can control a little bit more than what the what the what the players are control the right now and i think they start sue that shot go in their body language or change a little bit and it'll it'll feel better
real quick i want to see what you're what your big j journalism sources were telling you about the report tat came out in yahoo sports think last week talked about the fbi investigation is saying that hall of fame coaches should be scared lottery picks will build would play and almost half of sixteen teams he unsuitable i showed its tournaments show should worry about having their appearance being vacated i was one what i what was good on streets which would have you heard about this you know why fifty i haven't they came out this i've talked and nobody in the coach you world about that i really have it maybe some of its good up so locked into it up the films in vietnam in bristol for a couple of days then an and having the game the other day
kansas i will state i have talked to couple media people but i think you know who whatever the sourcing is that be the first right because that thing has been so air tight all year yet again there's no names come out i think it i think he got to follow the fact that they ve been pretty air tight the whole way what they did is been pretty obvious and are there are there ever been rumors for years on programs coaches players absolutely and i don't think that's going to change no matter what happens i really do end till they get to a point where if you're a player and you get caught of your family get
taken somethin above and beyond it and you don't lose your ella and division individual one i'm not sure it's gonna really make a difference because there's always gonna be somebody out there that is willing to change the rules if it damn willing to sugar coated willing to give you something and the bottom line i'm not sure if it again it and it's not like a book college basketball on some stand by himself and say that this is only an error because anyone who follows sports you guys it's the same will pay you know do you probably know oh and hear more things behind the scenes i got you this year when you're not in it than people had already take a lot that's just mostly from hanging from cats from us at this point we are not about culture a happy new year
about me i know that's ok yeah might hear my theory on this is that syrian forces are different and my very different yet my theory and again i have no sources really on this just i watched a lot of cop chosen uncle sam source notices differently like a watch lotta captures and end shows about fbi work my theory on this since you're right coach it has been a very tight lipped investigation i think if somebody you know i think it's worth the ages it's actually working on the investigation who is trying to scare coaches into flipping like leaking this out and say hey we're coming for you we have a lot of we have the goods and putting this report out there is just a way to kind of manipulate them to have one of the coaches the fbi that's just my theory that i don't know that's it i mean you would think that that is what san and you're in an obvious there's a lot of showed that would cover that you know this would be like lawn
order i would want to know like what what with the practice to ride because they can always go to plan b remember that you never the practice della mcdermott those guys with tat they turnout moroni otto not would as whatever it is i did they would always go into plan b that that's that's your theory right there when you may not be wrong but i think at the bottom line is you can't spend all the time that they have spent on this and not have something what it is i don't know i think the timing they i think it seems really dramatic to me to say that the timing could how do we get close to determine saw i mean again just us sit near were no differently by elsewhere to speculate you saying the last thing i want to do is speculation teams because you hear things throughout the year are throughout the years i should say but it's so much of it ever it gets unsubstantiated right
if i have some more find out outlaw gonna find out together but here's the thing back to change the fact that the college basket games are still going to be a highly publicized highly attended highly rated thing just like same thing if it was in football not going to change it right right the second question put in promo code take you get ten dollars off first seek purchase put in promo code take seeking question what thus a team that is not in currently in the top ten or maybe your dark horse team that you really like that you ve got kind of circled to make a deep run in march where's can dagger rank who if there are the top ten zero youtube or not i end up whatever it is that would be by miss your reaction to that question would begin bag i think they are really good i think they got the bench i don't really i chimera is as a potential broke out star and i'm sure
a more well known on the west coast that he has brought the country i think kelly until he is a fantastic quiet about john perkins senior guard jonathan boy it's been consistent the whole way i really like their team zog is now in your right on that line up i'll get you know i like i think their deep enough i like virginia check ok as willing i've really haunch greatcoats the agriculture with me for a year i like their team because that they can beat you're different way now they gotta defend better the on going at last night they ve been given up ten eleven threes a game with it with when that they lose their given up it percent from the field in other like anybody else you go on the road you gotta be to stop people and you still got a bill that make jumps shot you gotta bill would get filed and and i think they can do that so that would be a team just off the top of my head in n n that rome that i would look at
i would never and not just because they wondered day and they ve been a little inconsistent but wichita state that anybody i'd want to see not only the first begin at parliament but the second we can hear their off i feel like they they can really get hot and they they could do it all all different ways but i think he's got a lot of sense they've got a lot of different players he's got different guys like the other night when they came back and i think it was a temple and and the forward well as an shack where the guys that worthy of a leading scores they got hard match up and i think you got comic shops on the road you got to be able to get filed on the road you got to be able to win the rebound game on the road and you got to go to stop transition on the we ve also got to have a couple guys that the other team is real gonna have a hard time match up with special when you come out of time out or when you go to the bench that's one reason lichens ag gonzaga and teams and i don't think so
here's regroup like if i was looking at a team right now and i played outstanding yesterday but a team that may be had while a bit because he had the injuries and they weren't as deep as they ban was was oh i know about when they get booth back and now that the freshmen have been able to play these minutes a past go back like i wouldn't want to have to deal with them the dna can beat you so many different way yeah and they are also nova has that extra year they did in the first half yes or a no on saturday where if they had all if they hit the reason they got a lotta guys you can shoot they have that
sure gear where they can just bear you and you saw it because xavier made a nice come back but they couldn't they had to spend so much energy getting back they couldn't get all the way there you're exactly right and i said this last night fell in over makes you chase the game when you play them by your costly chasing the ball and savers not great xavier gives up too many open shot i think their fantastic offensively and at least so full of really good often it is that's crazy how many teams scorn seventy six points or better on average but this also teams are given up all the points and you're gonna build in a gate that but i think fillin over can lock you down he's got different things that he can do defensively but again i can about tough match everybody looks at bronson booth some of the guys that are shooting pascal the tough match up spellman omar spellman is a very tough match up because we ve got scorn inside he can take you outside any can do it from one possession to the other that's that's what makes unique
and two years ago when we add when we went to sweep sixteen it we want the big ten thomas i could quite in and out max be felt could play in and out we could bring some shooters off the bench that gives you a chance and end it really does and i think there's some teams that there are like tat because there's nobody that it just you look at them and say ok there's no way we can beat them right there's nobody it's like that right now and i think that's why you see so many different games but there is also a bunch of teams who say you what we can find a way if we can get to this business men and dublin over i shouldn't enters a lot of things like that but disputing like that berlin always what i last question now the you're on tv all the time how many times you thought about me taking a big head picture of you my son murali monitors that oh no oh yeah
and it turns out i know i'm not near joe bach right now but i know that the chain yeah outside age it really is a big fan you know yes oh yes and it was against this the judgment for me to ever get in banning would put inverted aimed at ease its ground so good you know what years i've let you could do it you are and i know it be out of love and french yes i just i wonder because i know we ve talked to joe book about it and he says that every now and then a pops in his head some of you know a once in a while parliament all alike and bitter cartoon else that's never going through my head when i'm doing what i'm doing gave her due in the studio ideas row now brought it yeah yeah you wait you're so you're doing the bet you're doing the bail game on tuesday night i have bailouts the citizen body if somebody were to do that at last yeah i think it would be cool perfect followed
actually so that recently so big head out o b a wild one yes so just just remember when you do the intro there be some pictures i'm not saying i want to do it but could do some big had swell got a love and it all now this citizen body if somebody were to do that at last yeah i think it would be cool perfect follow up question have you given more thought to our line of tea that we propose to ukraine tee with your face on on i gotta went on the remaining murder man everybody got busy yeah but he got busy but i'm open to it you can't we're prototypes yeah we're ready for i'm all about being an entrepreneur right now may not learn a new professional drawn down i'm i'm i'm but there's a fire lonelier hell yeah i or coach thank you so much taken some time out with us we are always appreciated hope we will see soon to now appreciate it yet thanks for at me on tax cuts another something completed
all right so the big news in the bar stool world this weekend everyone's favorite cat killer rapport he basically went rogue on twitter on saturday night had a meltdown for the ages said stories are losers then was summarily fired on sunday morning so no longer with bar stool and we thought it's only fair to let him state his side to explain what went through his head when all this went down so bring him on rapport thank you for joining us let's start right there what went through your head on sunday morning when you get that tax macedonia you find out that you ve been fired from parcel well one of the weirdest most surreal moments of my life in i was playing legos with my boys this morning
we had we been out late last night went to a call basketball game pretty rigorous activity and activity and i get this tax measures from from port annoying i couldn't believe it i mean for me in i've never been fired from anything and consider the fact that i dont even worker bar stool right i can't even but wins it probably the weirdest part about this right i'll be sound healthy lagging did you get a unit of fires up in your voice are you not coughing well i try to keep myself and really good shape i do the palatine the commercials column make it seem like it's your maybe for someone is probably not sure this topic with it is is i am but i really like it i'm gonna body and we have pretty billy dude do sit on a bike i mean i i push the the seed up to her i'd fifty yeah you know it's probably higher would you six three six for well
probably not now i would say that all my wiped as a to her seat the knife that's right it's by drawing a line are it so you got fired and then immediately after you got rehired well now you got the fire revoked so that vat rate that must ve been a crazy range of emotions farmer john whenever hat right i mean are you get the tax measure din and first of all in us the elephant in the room here let's be honest who fire someone protectionist yet none of us good point you know i won't think about bars to one reason i'm so devoted is its class organization and the firestone over text you know honestly it really hurt your besides the fact that i don't even work there that was one thing to get my job back over the span of probably forty five or fifty seconds you know it's i saw my life crumble before my eyes and then read
like someone hit you why it was you know i may have had some good moments in my life some it was a big stories i broken in getting some some really good jobs some real fish pond producing things and out to get my back today which i don't really have was one of the more amazing gratified moments mamma you my one update their rest may so it says impartial sports employee february two thousand eighty two february two thousand and thirteen then back parcels port starting in february jasmine to make sure that was actually one of the first things i did just in case i make that happen again in the firing sticks with a mighty for you know whatever the net employers are last question with wrath poor he's given us his side of the big drama over the weekend i what's the market frage emma karen no one's actually wants him right is somewhat gonna give him a ridiculous deal
someone is gonna give atm occurred some legitimate money i would say my guess right now is he's looking might gliding plus online with black but as a better player the browser interested enough to show that trade form for two or three the vikings you're gonna be interested if they don't sign kane i'm only a democratic gonna get some some would yet money and i know he's already got a thriving restaurant business at tuskegee loser have some more money that's more restaurant the sushi business rice was recalled adrian the agency's yeah yeah that's meant aspect that he's got the best tat soon the unifil let's not forget tat i will thank your rapporteur i hope we receive any for the combine oh god help me ah ha ha
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a play us saying that we want to make sure the best two teams are in the finals and sometimes it might be the best teams are in the west so might go just away with conferences which i don't i mean it's kind of a crazy idea i'm down with it is he actually gonna fall through illness i dont ask doesn't sound like a real ideas which sounds like something that may be david stern might oppose interesting so we might as well just cities if we're open for ideas minimize will throw you out there and when he got just oh you where you can do is on i dont night games following hockey games you just don't put the wood down so we just have the place play basketball on ice was skate site i like for play off seeding i think we should do instead of best record it should be best record against spread let everyone start actually playing for the spread it would be unreasonable if teams are up by like seven and the spreads you no nine and there s gunning out come on let's do it record against spread
i like that i also think that maybe on the owners should get a spot on the court ok so put them into starting five yes if you tell me that you would now watch like steve bomber plan of laughter when they are having to be based on defence of rating o interesting whose number one difference rain assure check the southern pre high up that ok we'll all maybe they do it off of best team with best finnish drastic traffic in the last twelve months who that's a good idea that's a good one about kevin heart is the point guard for every team yeah all time point out i like that yeah i'll play half court no running full court and somebody get slimy or we could do a team that can watch the fergie national anthem as many whoever can watch the most in one season without killing themselves that's really get to cosette was a terrible national anthem israel greater yes he's regret it is out of silver i know you listening get it you years are big away or that's just getting rid of of east and west is the first step towards globalism i don't like this one
south were i still hope that here we have a respect the biz this is for espn so turns out yes paean deleted a blog posts because our sorry up oh article not everything's a blog posts the change the headline because its pissed off or their sponsors so the regional headline was how avoiding wendy's help pressed in brown become an offence led tackling and then one wendy's got upset they said how a diet help turn brett preston brown into an offence leading tattler as a journalist this discussion its absolute discussed and yes but he lay skipping wendy's right a terrible idea well you don't you don't just bout your advertisers lawyers imo like four year affix algeria from an ethic ass anyone to list yet no absolutely but i am sitting here i got my movement watch on i would like to have a cold refreshing bud lie in a second after this pie gases over and then maybe when i wake up tomorrow get on my palatine bike and i will never ever let advertising
dictate what i say no absolute i think it i think is absolutely gross that you would let somebody just change the editorial direction
of your organization pleasure paying you money and in the first place is wendy's as alec rotumah delicious healthy nutritious end and sustainable products like blue april i heard i heard and trailers farm to table quality food not just fast through this is good food quickly because studies show that families together they actually stating that true i heard a rumour it's absolutely yeah it's with more easily better to cook a meal thought and mortar out and much better yeah i agree and then you just sleep or nearly so mattress nice little in o ye go homey your meal investments and tom is your family and when you see brilliantly some mattress you know no one's gonna raw because you get the ring flood camp yeah absolutely so you can see people come in india and you'll be lay in there and ben are you if you think o crap you know what it's almost the first the mother i need to pay my rent you can just he's a cash i owe you or i ll just as good as cash aid or i like to do when i do the cash up i was put on my indo china suit feel like daddy war box and i pay my rent with cash out those bloggers already is pain when o eight and put on a suitor just where swept man this is sad when it went to journalism die we have an olympic update souls
olympics are still going on that subject the autonomy a guy i've a shirt was taunter guy update so i think we were wrong i talked about em low but a week ago i think you asked if he was in these olympics are future shitless i think i said he was gesture atlas he is he's a cross country skeer again and how to ski by like running water it for him and tonga and i he finish in a hundred fifteen politicize how many computers i think a hundred seventy ok nice in wipeout nicias i'm what do you want definitely like broke their like oh and also we also one of the russian athletes got busted for using drugs and was colonel you think so curlers are now taking provision is in drugs awards russia admiral you have tat you have to u have to dope if you're in russia i also watch that stupid thing where they were they ski for twenty minutes and they lay down and shoot for like fourteen second young they ski again it he's got a phone
like if you did you know that if you mrs schreyer you do have to a penalty lap than if they were in no there's like many little circle right out of the shooting range so you have to go into that and go around its like twenty second i love that incite design yet like bob huggins were designed to act i get on the treadmill he s pretty cool and there was a photo finnish today in the french guy one know is it just me or would all these like cross country skiing events be much much more entertaining if there were like a pack of wolves chasing the scarce or some kind of some kind of like jumps walls maybe like a portion of it works just concrete in they forgot to get the snow we had having gracious gotta run like it's like picking up your canoe here say yes m logs guitars diana you have to step over make it just basely crash bandit i watch that should that's born for the entire located they should just design the tracks based off mario contracts yeah i i'm gonna men i have not been into these limp excite i tried is the time to light was awesome i just
why yes you re sometimes there have been some shipowners at times also messy up when hoddan hockey games online at the right time u s socks at hockey deanna we also by russia no sorry dealing pickering russia snow we got beat lies yet big we happy by the drugs i let's finish the show we a new segment it's called top of the charts so we pride ourselves on being the number one sports broadcasts we ve been the number one sports podcast about eighteen of the twenty four months we ve been around to brag not to brag but we occasionally see another podcast hop in front and that has happened for our former colleague michael rapport like ass not our colleague anymore no he's not my way i there is if there was a hot hot twitter night on saturday night i said that i was gonna have rapport on evening yak to hear his side and then shit just devolved even more
i'll have my hand up that i probably shouldn't have you know even said i would give him an option but at the end of the day the fans the stoolie's all the people out there that have supported me i am where i'm at because of them and so when you cross them and you insult them you insult me you insult my co workers and that's fucked up and then it's done and it's done so i should have try to salvage it there it is done and you know i but he was great guess when he was on a few times on part my take but that's
that's what we do in this big if some was being controversial get him on the pie was guy discuss i was gonna have him on the radio shown below yeah dude why are you being so to dick to everyone but why are you spitting in our fit right so in the last twenty four hours he has shot to the top of the charts despite getting something like twelve thousand one star reviews yeah but so nonetheless that he is still above us the only item shirt so we're gonna listen and i'm gonna take it take a look at what he doesn't see it or something maybe we could adopt as part of my takes that we can learn from what others than us yes oh it's sick little listen her a i saw a solid you saw it it's all your fault you see what you can do so it s the past job after the cats then i kill the birds you sick for art so
that was a little pieces pot cassa hank what what are we what else do we have to do to get better what people say about the pike s online i just tat we could reach some reviews cause i do know you have you by learning about makes his shows us how to it and how it got up there that we could definitely get our show back up their one day in this podcast allowed no talent ass clowns screams room like about this book and continue to yell with a mouthful marbles about us washed up miserable shame of life it was at this he knew he messed up now to be fair it's not marbles it's his own mucus yes let us go at five point this do talk so much smack and the second anyone challenges in only has a say is you fuck you due to fraud i so we gotta start doing you phone fuck you ok you wait you fuck you like i'm like instructions i m saying you fuck you you penetrate you lose any new eu darbyshire
ok imagine the sound a wet fart makes prolonged over the length of an episode that's what this is i mean we ve we far didn't i stood here before usually just go silent the deadly we usually just let it linger and employed on each other that's our mistake yankee start making our farts audibly i let him know let him know this guy last creativity or fresh in content swearing is only gig while he lacks approachability or personal treats fuck and they feel good about us after ready i guess we're gonna be ok i just can i somehow lack more approachability yeah just a fact every approaching my team you fuck you yet far more far more diverse my teeth and then blip it my own snouted everywhere back boyce rack are more this feels good so that's our show o one last thing we're gonna do recurring guess wednesday
so tell us who you want on for wednesday show has to be recurring so we're going to give it to the people all award winning listeners out there tell us who you want on wednesday show tweet it to us at pardon my take and we will try to get them on the show it's gotta be recurring guest and with that for hank phd big cat and baba
we'll see on wednesday level yes today is because you
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