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Comedian Pete Holmes + Zion Gave Birth To A Cat

2019-02-21 | 🔗

Zion Williamson blew out his shoe and is injured which is the craziest luck ever because Hank now has to get a Cat (2:27 - 12:02). The fall out from Zion's injury including Rovell's big night and everyone going after the NCAA (12:02 - 26:15). Comedian Pete Holmes joins the show to talk about his HBO show Crashing, stand up comedy, why he didn't vote for Trump, and how much money he makes (26:15 - 67:14). Segments include Embrace Debate, trouble in paradise Kyrie, mike wilbon's name drop, new segment "we read a headline", and listener roasts. 

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Today's party, my take Zion Williamson below Sir Issue, what's gonna happen to Duke, what's gonna happen to Hank and his cat, we also have an awesome interview with comedian PETE homes who joins us show. He is he's the star of the hick. The hit show crash. On HBO. We do a lot
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download the cash up from the app store Google play in order. The cash card today you're not award winning lesser unless you do just download it now. Thank you to our friends at the cash. Ok, let's go. It's pardon my team presented well, my by. Are you to channel Download oversubscribed, actually right now to or Youtube general, we have hit twenty four thousand pounds
well that keeps scribe get new stuff common every day to day is fry, yea February twenty seconds exclaimed, I'm gonna do something right now. Fifty I did not discuss this with you, but out of the kindness of our heart Hank, and I are going to give you one year supply food for your cat. Leubronn awkward credit does credit to us. So you know what Leubronn is actually a great name for a cat. All jokes aside, cadmium Leubronn, you can't hate that cat writing. No, not at all the liberal
you're gonna, be a hilarious name are unfortunately, there's no chance. I'm gonna get it okay. So, let's less back up so Zion Williams in the Big NEWS, obviously design Williamson went out of the duke you and see game posted through his Nike. These big come up. Not that which we will get to. It is unclear how severe his injury was. The question now turns wills. Ion on sit out for the rest of the season, because he is definitely to be the number one pick he's gonna make so much money His new shoe deal why risk injury and potential the euro. Whatever may have. In the end, the recipes and why not just sit out? Let dukes lie he's an the tournament, let Hank get a cat and we can all be happier that's corrected it's not a question anymore of whether or not zine was set out its now. How long was I set out for Is he going to sit out multiple years into his NBA deal until he can get that second,
interact and signed with a team of his choosing and get that supermax? So I think right now, yeah zionist planet, safe. He they say these data day like in reality. Were all data ya know I might wake up tomorrow and not be able to walk anymore. I might have to take a poop and I sit on the tour to long. My legs go to sleep and I trip overrun feet and hit my head on the ground, so we're all it a day in this life. I think design, especially for young man. Outstanding young men who has so much again. There is really no point. And him playing another second, the basketball this year and that's a good point pft and I'm going to go a little bit further. Why should any guys were getting drafted in the NBA from Duke play any further because of his lions going to sit out? What's the point You you're not gonna, win the title now so maybe of camera to sit out. Maybe have our J Barrett
Rj Barrett actually hurt his own draft draft stock by even playing at Duke this year. He was going to be the number one pick he plays it too and then Zions better, and so he actually proves that you should never play college basketball for Duke mind you for Duke and maybe just pulled the whole the programme and let everyone else just go to the NBA. I agree. I think that what will end up with here in the finals is gonna be Kentucky Verses, Duke are probably the elite. Eight Kentucky This is doing just Alex O Connell. Is Brad Calipari because they're all sitting out for the rest of the year waiting for the NBA draft, one of my favorite things recently about Hank is when he tweets about how AOC is going to save them and even though the clap exit that they get from, that that's always retreat for us. The people get fired up, they they dont understand. I'm quitting it like at eight o clock on a random Tuesday night there like fuck fuck you oh politics, twitter only undermine other talk of ale, see it's hot topic, so Hank. Where
sitting here right now, Zion, we don't know it's a wonder two weeks, but the discussion like the basically the debate has raised on in the sports media world. Should he set out for the rest of season which I'll give a real take on. But I want to hear what you have to think right now. Personally, there's a couple things: the first one I actually agree with his I'm not playing like you're the number one guarantee number one traffic, like everyone seen what he can do he's proved himself like there's nothing left to prove really to be the number one traffic so different than like argue bear. It came reddish who, like are still we. Like that they play while that of not either draft. Nor did I have something to prove people who are doing the revision. Is history being like, why did Zion even play one game for Duke that's crazy me because he was dumping on a bunch of like five short five. Eight white do right high school and you need to know that if he can play with the step up and competition any proved it like, with
Obviously insane grades, he was the bees are best play on the contrary, an MBA players analysed alike there, all they all in agreement that he is like the guy things you gotta he's the future. So there's no reason for him to keep playing on file that I almost agree with it. It's like, if you play that would be great if he doesn't play this is where I was getting so much enjoyment from these hilarious cat gives the people keep twinning me every time a saving is very unclear so funny, if you guys are hilarious, very original, ah ha, not mad, knows not matter Ducas, one national chairmanships with way worse, talent and without, like auxiliary loss last night, when you lose your best player that show shocks, a team is to combat from right away but coat case the best coat in court. Basle he's gonna, now have two months to get this team with the number two in number three recruit innovation out, o Connell top five player in the nation. In my opinion, Elsie, I would set Yossi yeah
The green new deal come out this committee, big for everybody, so I've always wanted to how it saves a better cursing think o k by the way, really not only that's where bloody. What would I do like tracking retract? It stresses better yeah, you listen to me, I'm saying his jackets. That's the only reason that I'm giving you right now. I think that he's been put, the next level, by MAC Brown, who came into Chapel Hill, China, one of em in the Argyle Department and Roy Worm, said no notice board, not unwashed sombre some will, be God, damn good dreading again, so I really like Roy Waves, but yes you're right, ok, so they might lukewarm that I have with what you just said. Hank was the fact that Europe trying to just patriots your way into Duke winning the battle championship, because you happen to be correct about Josh Gordon, and in his misstep earlier this year and an end, the last play against the dolphins being the the start of the dvd yours,
saying that you know what losing side this is actually going to be and then bidding with loan out by your which nemesis at home, like you're, right that co tradesmen, hey using that. If our motion for the rest of the year, like you guys want, has, I knew, came when you don't use, I and you can't loops Blair's, probably won't even get to where the any of their shirts or or short for the next probably know he's gonna get fired up its if the same, what you'd failed? For some reason, you failed to see it with the patriots. It's the same thing now they have the better coach. They have time and they have the talent to win and I'm not worried like there's. No, I was acting like all. They lost a player in February. The seasons overlooked that this case whatsoever yeah, you just happens to be the best where the country, the that's true, so, unlike without obviously in a world resign waves and doesn't exist. Like imagine that Jaycees now come the games in February, like Brok Obama's Nelson Court side, will bronze now come into games, but they would still this team without Zion waves and still like a top ten team they'd be contending. They probably have a similar record like there would still be. I would still feel confident about them doing performing well in the tournaments alike.
Just because they lost I wimps it. I'm not gonna, be a long standing at a cat, not worried. I think Obama would be more likely to be there without designers. Presence might take blue eyes so so so, as I like legacy in all became the big topic. Like should science it out its forty two because air then everyone it it starts to and the one in done thing which is stupid. I think the wonted done thing is going to be done soon. Bookie cousins, like ripped it peep, Saint Colleges, bull shit, no need for college in which is kind of weird, because people have all their anger, forensic lay, but the NBA. What created the wonted done role, but that's a totally aside. I am, I think, Zion should sit and then come back for are the tournament and in the words Billy Macfarlane, just fuck it, let's be legends, because there is something to be said for the incinerator, from it, for winning a national title, like you know, is it might even be the peak of your career Carmelo Anthony
oh, it's it's. Why those things where to view one three Olympics yeah! It's not just olympian, therefore fall for. So it's not the same as like random, citrus ball or something we're a bunch of guys set out for the draft. This is still like. You know you're playing in the tournament its. It means something culturally mean something for legacy, all that something to mean something. This is the inner competitor which I think Zion has so I think that would be the move, but I also have no problem. I have no problem with whatever scientist. It's fucking life. I think our eyes when I could see the two which were coach k is the one that's like you probably should play in science. Can we go in a play, our sleeves up, shot out I'll, say our saying how or lay shut out? That's not true. He's gonna, I'm saying the tournament like he's gonna, he had lain converters, so lighting or gonna lose all that aim to days. He had to be talked into letting Lou all day go to the NBA said he could send millions of dollars back home to like starving communities like. I don't think that coach k is gonna, be like you know what towards on
this one's on the house. You go ahead. You ve done enough for me, so I think that's gonna happen. So I think I'll, probably supported on Google, I'm saying like it's like zionist camp- is that we want to take away the risk of getting hurt before play. An mba coach case can be like will take away the risk of playing the regular season, and then you play the tournament That's what I was getting. I actually think that's the best that that would be the best course actually, because I do think much matter still mean something, but the other thing that happened we have few things. So it was like one of those were nights where thirty three set the game he blows through issue shoe and twitter erupted, no, no more so than our friend well, not really are for. Dear unravel going person, we know per person, we know going insane on Twitter and he was on fire. He was absolutely fire talking about how much people paid to see Zion play. Thirty three seconds talk about Nike Stock, going down talking about how bad of a look this is for Nike, the
All Georgia's, which I play ball and so could have been me all these tweets, and then people were roasting. Him so is busy erosive Hank and dare Novell last night, yet this was their reveals superbowl? I would actually say that they give your durability. You should be able to get insurance like Zion has used. Get insurance for everything. The year just in case a player doesn't break inexpensive piece of Nike equipment on national television, because that did so much for Durance Personal, I've stock last night, like his engagement rate, was through the roof. Is It was not like him talking about Nike stock going down the next day like thoughts and prayers. Them is just like. You is a clinic thoughts, oppressive, huge corporation that might have a yet not like dip at nine, a m on Thursday. First of all, let me say that buying a pair of Paul George sneakers and then expecting your knee.
To not explode. That's like buying is like buying firecrackers from J P p you're right like don't. If you want a good me, then, or maybe switches and copies only resources, similar bronze, Colonna Corbies, come with the the surgery gotten. Germany still a suspect the best. The best way we have yet to best reaped by far was reveal sank. Thirty nine number of days, Duke students camped out in an k veil to get Duke you and see tickets. Thirty three number of Second Zion Williamson played in the game, because if they don't do that, every pray ride like what are you fuck you talked about, so I wanted to say this as someone who also got bullied online last night universe kind of the same guy. Now, that's not true but I do I can I can relate to reveal like he. You know he was mad- that people like the Watercolor joke has been in the grounds to ways of kind of attack the social media and, like I can relate last night. I just I was just trying to send out
thought and I could even according to collect my thoughts about is getting older alone. In my misery, like you, guys, are destroyed, my entire hold on hold on no other way. By the way we just listened, not targeted, harassment towards saving police gas sources not found anywhere is not lost on it's not funny, and by the way that we should just note that DARE Marvell can come on this pike ass if he sends a video to Hank appealing his suspension of part. My take yes to appeal directly to hanging a video form, but we- take a step back and you realize how ridiculous this whole thing is that we created this stupid, did you should raise your bid, yells and saying you're? Gettin ratio left right, stupid insane bet about a cat and not two days later cycle gives imports up this issue. I can't hurt his knee. This is the dumbest luck we have ever had on this podcast yeah I mean and gathered you're talking about a pike ass. It had tiger woods like accidently call back into a ram
Michael Jordan pick up a phone call and it is. I think that this is definitely more lacking any of those things, but it was like a perfect storm of shit and you know what it made me really want like. Ok. First, I started to think that we should start a part of my take sports business analysed account. Can we just we do like dare reveal style, takes on everything but what I really want, I think, is revealed throughout history. Twitter account so like what would what would reveal tweet the night after the Titanic? yeah, like oh as bleak as times may be. This is gonna. Make two billion dollars for permanent pictures. Wonder yeah hitherto hurt the newspaper safely. Hidden in the charges, Hindenburg blows up, blimp blimp stock is gonna, be going to check in stock market. Tomorrow morning I wouldn't be shocked. If nazi blips are going down, I want to see how much box seats cost for american cousin and a stove by pat? How much was justified by Pat the John will expire,
shot a bullet through. I wanna know those facts. Man now would be. We should someone's gonna created. So someone do the workforce. What two other things I want to wrap up before we get our interview. We have dickie v to charming, in which we talked about lasts podcast that I am officially on. I'm worried about TGV watch antenatal help because he is he. Basically. I think someone told him that science sitting out there s the year, which is not the case because he went on an absolute spree about millennia, and how stupid everyone is, and then he had his one. I am he tried to say so, but he typed it s p. I am S. P, fed up with Oh, they preach to be selfish, quit count the cash hey. No problem with that is. The goal then did just do not put a college uniform on this me me me mentality, socks, all caps which in the dickie v world that's swear, work. He just swore on my feet. So am I
have to block him on Twitter. Ok, that's tough, that he needs to realise that their kids out there that their readers tweets that's number one. But I do think that this is as alive as I've seen dickie v in the last couple years. Sure Charles who, like you, Elysees animated about something it loses passion about something he could have been ranting this to his waitress at Hooters done in temper. But instead he's got wow. He feels I'd what he doesn't go to whom she goes egos to every meal with the Schwab and his wife and they go to the same. Actually like know the place very well because of his periscope signal. Is it any national advertising campaign for whom ripening isn't eat there? He said only the finest establishments, not that capital, oh who nausea so and then. Finally,
shut out to our friend recurring guest, Carlos Boozer, who gave thoughts and prayers desire national parks last night, which was such a fucking as such a perfect Carlos Boozer tweet like he is that is Carlos Boozer. I hop on Twitter. I'm wanna get ominous, send out some love for my Duke brother whoops, it's actually a national park in Utah. Yeah does. Does it also mix up, but then I think I saw the park system can play back into. Yes do not on for low anymore. They were like yeah, you know, it's been a tough winter. We ve had more snowfall than usual, but yeah we're we're looking to get back on the right
cracked ex colors? Yes, so this it was wet mean all day it's been just the same, like Zion has basically lit a fire in the sports world wherever one has to talk about the incentive late. We said this before in the park ass, but it's crazy to me. We're not smart enough to figure out the and suitably not be able to pay players. Put some one has to be smart enough, because every single time this discussion comes up everyone's like well to heart of a problem. The figure out as a whole. Just keep doing that. How can not like fucking neat silver figured out dude like melt, I've gotta go I've gotta, go easy, easy solution to this. It probably won't work, but it's easy and that's just Durban, Moser always open, are the choose me. Their cash app accounts are always open track, always public and then just anybody that watches them. That wants to give the money if they do an awesome Duncan game. If
they tear through a shoe and get derivable on a fuckin heater on twitter, and it makes everybody's nice so much better and you want to kick the guy a little bit of money it just like tipping your what tipping your server Barton Restaurant, like I would last night what a game if I knew would die, has been more account or cash epic hours, I probably some twenty bucks. So just like open up to the general public, the other one that I just never understand is why can't they just figure out a way that you can go to the NBA stray out a high school, but if you're not allow, battery pick. You keep all your eligibility and the team, the trash you keep your rights and then does not like the not fix a lot of stuff like a guy. Can basically, if, if dig if they get the wrong information, if they get told by the wrong people, that they're gonna be a lottery peck and they end up being the twenty Eightth picking the draft, the team, the Milwaukee Box, pick em and then, like you, know what we will have a spot for. You right now go play college basketball in a year. Use we still on your right,
it's an you can come back and plot, that's very complicated to me. Gap dies out, we're we're sorry we're trying to get into like the different rules of the cat ownership bed and that's already over my head. If I can't keep track of whether haste a cat or not? I can't not track of lottery. Yes, you are he's not worried official statement from Hanks camp. He is not words I naturally more excited like and makes them more funding rude forthcoming. More fundraising, your tears, like you guys, are gonna beast matter now miserable you already gonna, be when they, when the national shaped by twenty. Like now that this happens, you guys got the excitement of the thing
Elliot for me, so much worse for you. Ok, that's why it and put it in a one either way. Everyone who listens. Podcast wins because that's kind of what these better, like the poop at the pinky bat. This bet it's now every not the duke wasn't appointment television before, but now things like this become even more because Hank is gonna, have to get a cat, and eighteen twenty years can be sad Pfc. I thought about like the day that Hanks cat dies in twenty years and you will be cut like it. We will have to have a huge memorial service, a greener over put further Bron loud. What is part of my cat? Don't you? Why don't you, but you know the worst part about it? A cavalry realisable live dying in a canoe instead of taking in a given some love for fear. You know to do, though, have no I do want you get. Can I get an old cap because they will be much
much messier and smaller, but like a cat funeral, you don't realize you have to have nine coffins are yet to do at nine times yunkers they all all nine lives are expired. I just want to make. One addendum to what you said earlier. Begat you did not concern we about buying the cat food, but I'm ok with those that's very sweet and I I agree that we should do it. I just want one stipulation its wet cat food, not the dry, stop so asking you a lotta cans of Catherine. Yet we, you know what I'll go. One further point: fifty we're gonna make sure this cats really taken care of we're gonna just by Hank three hundred and sixty five tuna Kant's. Ok, the men feel legal Hank, thanks as precise I, let's get to our interview. We gotta PETE Homes, comedian, PETE Homes, he's got ease. The star of the HBO show crashing very, very
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His serious crashing is out on Sunday the new see new season season. Three very funny show I've watched the first who sees the banks, and we just said he got the screen I have described earlier on the end. So if anyone wants to buy the screen or off me, imagine if there were support screenwriters, that you can watch a season of baseball before anyone allow watches Superbowl before it comes out. You're fat guy that stands up and funny you during a play, like addition beyond yet could make the argument all sports scripted so yeah, one eye they script in Armenia. Stay will die each day and you guys have yeah. That's it. We're in your basement lag behind a violent like round about Algeria as info score. Yet when you everything goes by the Manning family and kill her sooner kill in it, and this right so PETE homes crash check it out, and I dont mean I won't tell jugs. I was he's gotta go to know you gonna tell July, where I am. He laughed funnier we're gonna work. Please I don't mean that the nightmare I mean this is the literal night. Reality is mismatch. Do I'll start with your best mature worse from your work? Now actually will judge it. That's a good question: what's the worst joke you ve ever told
I remember it. I went on stage. I thought it would make sense. I go my name is I some of you might recognize me. Some of you We recognize me for the first time. That's a terrible idea. Rick I see ass. You might be. You might recognize me hungarian, recognising me for the first time analogy to each other. I know that before I started blaze in the crowd and so what the fuck me I'm writing down now bad. It actually is good because it makes you think like do I not get it no get it. I have one like that now, where I go to Woody Doll in Toy story three, when you pull a string, he goes there's a snake in my boot and I'm like his boots are glued.
What happens here, who air snakily looted on boot? You judged go so we need a broad orders. Will not act in other, has actually impairment. We're gonna save this. For the end, we're gonna say this for the end, but would do a right now because we have wanted to pitch. You are sure I love it. Ok- and I mean you ready, get its hauled, sorry not an sorry sorry. Now, sorry, I would add. I think I gotta get so similar to crashing that it's the wife of a comedian, but the comedian is the opening out for Louis e K and diseases. Sorry trying to do an apology, tour around America. Sorry not Ancyra, yes! Well, yeah. I think the time
don't need? No, not only ass. I am happy to him a prior yes and can see K. I'm so are I'm sorry and sorry, not sorry, just move the answer to the front yeah, I'm so uncertain and sorry, not sorry can't you see k it's not the best disease on. Sorry, I'm sorry! Oh you have all heard the show. You sound like this. If you see K, yeah, thou art that tweeted. Ok, how old? I absolutely not accuse me. Can I tell you that I think you guys might enjoy that out even highway alike nine times out of ten when people like joke thief, I'm like is the joke self fuck it
magical right. You just said: if you see gay and if you tweeted that people would be like you stole the sky, suck get the fuck out of my dick face rain. Can I get out of my youth things to go, not intervene? That's what I'm saying that catch rates and of this buck as I now yes and I stole it, I'm part of us can only win people like our great examines the great comic he's one of the writers on crashing music, somebody with Talkin about how they stole my fountain bet my bit about fountains, and I was I do the bed in fact: don't do the bad? Is it this and he was like a kind of that, unlike gas, we all have the same thought. It can mean get ten comedians in a room. Go right, a joke about fountains someone's gonna go! That's how rich our country as we throw money in water right. That's just the anger right! So everybody on the internet is popular. Show unhappy to get this out their cool it. On calling agreeing on my last special me in a bar gets you both have a bit about shaken baby syndrome and just because it was the same premise, they will give stall at right like guys nature friend, fuck off. We don't do that right, that's exercising our career is. Is there a moment? Did someone actually have stolen something from you like I git stolen? That's
just saying I'm always very liberal, even if some people sometimes text me that I got in Cleveland in this guy that this bed look at your bed and I'm like kind of right. You know what I mean. Wait. So basically you can have my men. I really wanted. Was summers easy money, while my woody from toys story three bit I'm using now, God bless you Cognizance Rica, get it! Oh my gmail. If ever I m ok, you know I saw in Chicago yeah you're all over the place. I am have your Wikipedia literally and from his own all the. What is this welcome d, W C our baby page you go in there. Toiler show your point and Mars way weakened by the toilet to be legitimate, yeah you're, not the toilets redress, and now we did you second city, I got rejected from seconds denied. I actually did a class wants a second city and then I left at like the piss break halfway through the first new around
I paid for like six of them and it was just too many. There were like kids that were twenty two and I will reach when you I don't know Lang piss Break, oh yeah. Well, so I got my Artie store yeah. I guess so. I got already so crash already already is our dealings in crashing in its we should go back up. A little crashing is a semi autobiographical stories. I my erotic, ok yeah! Well, we got it. I have another question your Faso already is in it is you know it's life of a stand up comedian, trying to make it in New York City S and there's a scene where he just no shows like a couple right like variant party agent Zeke has already is inadequate. We, he actually was re helpful in writing that episode, yeah and, if you believe it or not, me enjoyed Appetito who produces the show. We were like Artie How do you like people too,
steal away and do heroin not to be funny to be real right and he was like. I do this. I do this. I do this and we rode into the episode was like a co creator that, yes, I watched. It was almost like. The exact same time owes watching that episode that we're trying to get already on the podcast or somewhere down which go back, and I talked artes people I had the car they had call them a car. We had everything set up yet Artie. Doesn't she? Oh, are you doesn't show, then, like maybe eight hours later, he taxing just like I'm. So sorry I threw it out like well, I guess the traffic is very true to form. There's a lot of you know it's a disease. It really is. Is I'm not trying to be correct? Your polite? It's a fucking disease and nobody wants to get over it more than already, and you can feel that sincerity coming off of them, but it's gets got you. It gets you by the way he says it's like breathing right I say if you say, don't do heroin he's like that's like saying, don't worry, review and he's like, and I get this out as much as I can don't fuck with that shit. Don't fuck with open
Yeah need actually gets you known as sole similar math. So how do we have the whole gonna said we'd here we have some pianola equalising day. So the whole you alright have pursued a fat. You look at the final tabled a world series of coal gas. I should give us dinosaur glass, relax I'll. Have you always keep us out, as I do? I gotta glaucoma think really right. So I was gonna. I didn't realize I guess I didn't actual international idle declared as beautiful green, blue, irish. I I didn't get. I assume I didn't put it all together that the crashing was really your life. I was going to ask before you came in what did you do to like practice being a guy
cocked. You happened when when twitter people got me a gun, likenesses literal, yet the guy you re eyes that Arafat can car come like yeah, that's been true for a decade, my wife such another, big old actor, and I live like you like you, didn't crashing. No, no, no tv so interesting because we have the guy on crashing very, very different style of guy. Then the real life guy cartoon their catch me
you couldn't was way. Guy runners rose was like a little italian guy. He was gonna, get any have like hair and just really rise. He look not jewellery, they know. You wasn't like that you, but he was. He was what I'm not that's. What you think I like you, I like your right. She left me for another. Soft go: do doughy, literally hundreds of joke younger than you made a better right, that's exactly right. She went for like a man's mail and God bless her and guidelines. I mean that's entirely, but on the show, the guy that that Cox me is like a hippies name, is leave displayed by George Bays and he's just so fucking funny, you can introduce that guy and then just be like and then pay did what you would do and never talk to him again. You gotta and that's all job is like they have to become programmes. In your view, one though, because you made a story out of it really good show out,
potentially gets your social, allow even enliven relied apple. Yet when the buzzer went off, you weren't you are, we are due to the poor. Is it actually therapeutic for you to get that all on the open, or is it just like as committee Sometimes we just use laughs like cover up you're right. Oh that's underneath. I think you could do it either way, but it is, there appeared a we do these scenes with like completely lifted from my life fights I've had with girlfriends fights, I've had it with my parents, and we re doing them you're in it you're fighting swearing, you're having this very surreal almost like black mirror moment and then some of those caught and then you go. I vow. Like the most expensive therapy and HBO paying for it. As I can
Zack I tossed and that we as, unlike we comedians ideas, whereas I really, I really feel really hit the stage evidence Vienna. I've not understand. I bet you be great. I don't know what you're not into I have weak bladder, unlike Jim behind when I go under spotlight how to spell it out for you, but you like doing then ya like doing his life has just made my body. I understand, hang out nobody listening everything out, use our nation. Without doubt, if you'd just walk around Wrigley they'll, do people ask you for taking here the doubling of the radical change. Now it's become very corporate, yet I know you, I really did. I was in Chicago in two thousand, when I watched J tore down everything the cubby bear across yachts. Air is one of the first places. I did a tangle bells gone right next to it, no more bad nome, seven, I'm nervous about wait, Annie's noodles! Yes, the back and great. I used to shore with my
but I used to order chinese food for my favorite chinese place and then pet. Like the one dish I liked from penny sword get which, while you different collaborated, hop ever noodles and ill travelling guns to say Iceland has never extorted, don't struggle with your weight. You Chicago I mean it's, the Avis coffees bout endowed up and down up and down so that we all want to have a crash or no for a second. I love that this is the only interview they don't, but otherwise I will know because you just said that a lot of it is like from your real life and character and crashing, which is you if you have that ability Do it's almost like eagerly see it may be. Curb is the same. Hey where it is so cringe worthy, sometimes that you like, I can't watch slant on watching it underneath a blank adds. The whole message is like anybody that was doing stand up or even interested in pursuing any type of dream that one of the underlying
he was a crashing is if it sucks, that's how you know you're doing it right right, not like this sucks. Why me it's? No! This sucks, I'm in the club right, like that's the path that, like every one that did it Dmitri Martin, used to tell me Jim gaff, again Bill Bur they're, all like if your shitting in your pants and think you're a fraud you're on the right track towards the lowest point in your comedy career like with like coming up, because I always some cures, but that consent comedians themselves out there. Such the incredibles, what's, what what's interesting is you're, never immune from it. It doesn't matter like I could go to a club tonight and yeah. Maybe half the crowd like. Oh it's, the guy from crashing. Some might be like colleagues, I grenades L figure, it's like a confusing time for them, but there's a moment of grace and then I'm just is susceptible to a bomb, maybe even more so than some people. So like comedy, never I get. I think there
he's probably a sports analogy here, it's a little bit like off, I suppose, and that you can't master at right. You you could be the rays golfer in the world of the Grey stand up in the world. You could go up and told led a shit sandwich, and that's why it's almost like superstition. I don't wanna talk about the worst moments, Gaza. My for all, I know it's ten, I write. An amalgam too, has a high doing all baron two hours I mighty apologized brass bird is a winner. Yolande single say that you're you're doing here there's like a life with an oath. Did you did you sneak in good God? You should be little eyes bragging. You should be long very happy for you awesome declare that your presidency will lay down on that follow. Obviously just declared is black Fox outdoorsman. My had the right, although the what's on your writer, this war, and I guess we're pretty sweet mountain valleys spring water. Get that out there's some me some Freemen Valley, ok, when you're doing where I went fruit, fruits
What would you guys I sought to remedy? He has a song just like two new. You know what I mean new paragraphs is Colbert their socks and give no sale. I gotta get over there. Now you'll love it. It's a great gift. You ever know, you want it, but your feet or never as good as you want scratch. Tickets on here now be funny lot lot like hey. I wants dysfunctional advocated by palaces. She could make that keeps on giving large you imagine bag mad dog. If you want a mega bodies, you know who has a great writer. I was doing a college the week after AOL Cool J was it is ten years ago. Another brag, I just said. Ten years ago. So you would know that I wasn't she had not that I'm shit now come on I'll call. You did. I named dropped the Lincoln Restaurant New simply put down your arm seems numbed he's so anyway, local J had been there the week before and they were like. His rider is a full thanksgiving dinner. That's us and it that's all it's
as and he wouldn't go on because there was no pumpkin pie. Oh my girls apple pie. That's worth Jenny settlers give I and the show was delayed as long as it took a quivering college student to drive to a market and find a pumpkin reacted, ghetto courtier cornucopia. He won't take two stage. Allow large abound to perform a horde of land, yes I'll, be. Allow loves HIV as amaze. Do, unlike us, show the stack line up your time, Alex comparing Sports commentary Asher
Is there any element of you? That's like I won't be better this guy. I won't be. I don't like you guys, averages encouraging. If you do it, don't tell him, I knew it. I knew it out. This is all over nothin to Caesar asked atmosphere where I know I'd reveal because I feel worse reveal of all time. It took me a really really long time. My whole life, if I had done the show maybe ten years ago, I would have told you- I don't exports, because I don't like competition, but the truth is I love competition. I I guess now, I admire that athletes are honest about how competitive they are yet with weirdos from Fuckin New England like me that dumping its polite to say you want to do better than the guy before you in the guy after you act like a sweetheart, just like the guy on crashing, but secretly yeah, you want to tear the plays down. You want the guy to go up. It's like. I remember gears and killer of the thing about how pitchers want to embarrass the batter, and they have to come to terms with that, its cruel
Not only do you want to strike him out, you want him to strike out swinging yeah and you have to get in part in touch with that part of you and so do stand up. There's this there is a competitive you're playing you against the audience. Are you against the show and obviously is good to be kind to everybody, but when you up there, there's something athletic going. What about if you're the opener is in there like a rule that you're not supposed to steal the guy and eyes laughed, isn't that great yeah and then, if you do idiotic, had deal if there is a real thing totally we deal with at an episode of crashing this season. What you'll see before only by the screening overkill where to comedians gettin a fight, and then she does something called burning premises. I'd say. I know your x ray I'm going before you and you have all these jokes about fuckin submarine sandwich.
Without their that wasn't a vat, no hay sounded like a vat Joan. I really like my sandwich. First read it it's better than my wits. You're talking about woody dont forget to hack. I need your material, but whatever you're dying by the MID West, and then, if I know that I'd go up and neither do bits that sabotaged the thoughts or just straight up, ruin the joke tab and that's called burning, someone's premises and you're not supposed to do that or the openers also not supposed to do crowd. Work is supposed to say that if the rag liner and a lot of people don't follow that we're gonna, get back to their homes and just a second prefer solar talk. You guys about Spotify February is Just about one supersize football game on Spotify, there's thousands or free sports package that agonize over the priests off seasons and plain old, regular seasons of nearly every support imaginable basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer curling, even hurling yup, that's real sport. Now
it's so easy to say, updated with the latest trade, rumours predictions and scorching hot takes from sir. Your favorite it was biggest names? So take it. What episode of time give a hundred and ten percent of your attention to thousands of free sports podcast on Spotify after You listen to parliament take because the best office is a great podcast and now more perhaps what's a hack, I mean it as somebody we're all a little bit yeah. It's ok to have an effect: fluoride in natural water, a little doses tainted. Ok, what like vaccinated spring, what dunno swap come on in four words swallowing flurry does not help your tea. They became controls. Your pineal Clayton makes you complacent, but flora does occur naturally in spring water and that's about as much happiness you can have had just means like premises that anyone could think you know. I mean sometimes people pitch me a joke and I'm like yeah. My mom would write back like no offense, but, like you can't do some.
Thing that the audiences like there is most need comedy too. That's true and they have Caroline. I guess he sorra you're sure drinking wine she's right, but you know there's a good way that the audience can go. This gallery landmass, problematic areas, are younger, hashtag, there's a good way to the audience can be like this guy saying things I've thought like shit. I thought I was the only one in a bad way where your life It is annoying when there's a baby, audibly rhine- I'm here I got those words of thanks- is rising. I did a sketch on my its best for growth control. That's good in Aragon, say you're smart, it's not easy to think, and I am has scheduled. I didn't talk, Show called baby safe and it was a safe. You can put your baby in Accra and then there is travel baby, save which is like a portable save and every bakeries crying and aflame. You put the baby and save spin, the charm of the overhead
and now that I have a baby, I don't find they have ever get hit vehicles for dogs in Brooklyn. I didn't. She got rid of him. They had these little like dog houses that you could lock your dog in what you go and get a cup of coffee, but that's just a crazy. No, but it was it sitting on the street. They got rid of it. I think we work on the wet my dog. It was an open, well yeah, yeah, that's like a refrigerated, there's, always a story, so we interact in a fridge in a garbage file, he thinks funnier premise: you're your baby! Safe? Are your shaken baby bit Cassie? Both
lower promise. A bribe me. Why am I already film works? Ok already felt it it's a baby, we're? Where did you film? It am, I suppose you have primarily those anyone I dont. Let you make that maybe did. That is the funniest way to tell someone to go for things tat. I ve ever heard that shaken baby bet on your HBO products. Where do you see that paper going like? I already represent new idea, and then you could tell me if attack you out of here. If you seem to rekindle the title expert, yes, Marie Condo acceptance for porn collections- okay, so it just biggest porn guy in the world comes any tells you what to keep what it's actually had any back zuma. Does this give you join us? Does this give you about? Yes, what gather yo? That's entire! Thank pack. I sought hack it's just. I don't think it's bad. I think it's fine
I don't know. I don't even think is bad means is worse than bad. No, no. I think it has a potential look. I don't think it's gonna like blow anyone away what at what I would do is american watching them Rihanna. Ok, so what I want to say, as you have a sketch idea to parity them, yet that can be one of the beats. Ok, I got it you known saying we have to come up with a couple other, what the other can be. I got it out like instead of hands blood she's a weapons inspector, so
for the EU and she goes to different. She visits dictators, yet I will rise would affect muster gather one word and the third one has to be the most genuine Gacy. That's when it would sound body like you, gotta move, you hold that up severed skull, and so does this bring me join now we have a sketch of. God is what a writers Roma time I thought. That's all you gotta do is easier to resist best pictural it picture Nagel with interaction back to sorry, not sorry, yeah! Oh! I am sorry that we have read out so the promise you that I knew there like break it back out now he regards I love, so it's actually not about Lucy, kerosene. Sorry, it's about the opening act and he is a terrible comedian and he never gets better in its every episode is twenty minutes of his terrible comedy and then lose again and his refusing to say sorry and then its legs
Evan Seasons long so that in the end, the jokes on you for watching? That's? Where do you like it? I mean I love it. I think we can get that on one. God would like it broke up. I know you're good at their Judd, wouldn't like it. I was guide you guys sketches do because that was good. I do not have a leader who both their faces were tv thousand, a river commercial ones. You were you look like a Reebok commercial, unnaturally, quick, those MILAN, unnaturally quagga. I love ass. I nailed it. I love it. I gave him like twenty. Did you know that frequent be? This? Is a sports broadcasts either Parker called you made it weird. Did you know how sack on how dare you
I don't understand the jug. What is I don't know? I don't either, but we laughed I love. We did not hear me that I didn't want to point out that Aaron Rodgers did it. Did you, as you have shown their leaders on? How do I get out of my fuckin fate? Would you have you got that on the Wikipedia pay? How did you get him on he's a friend of a friend, so we're friends desire works? It's our friends were where was Aaron Rodgers, yet it's where we dissolved Erhard opportune about how to make for him. We ask that early with you he's a surly guy he's not sir. Oh yeah, yeah he's military overstated coach. Why do you say standoff? No, from I mean I don't even know. I've never been in Green Bay with yeah. I've only been an ally with ok, where he's very cordial. When we go to a restaurant owes you actually have extended this relationship we ve now, maybe four or five times
come to my birthday, which is weird because he's friends with my friend Rob Bell who's an author. It was one of my best friends, okay and that Aaron is a friend with him and here's the thing, because I don't care about sports. I think it's fun like you know. I mean here he probably what her eyelids and I said some mean things about where you got to get hacked into. You would understand you. I mean I don't think he'd be insulted if you didn't critique and it also our bodies that oh that's nice about, they also nobody learn right. There were not a sports pike ass. We had pod calves never heard a ski might. Do other sports isn't resorts all as you throw the sports voluntary popular in. He talked a lot well, two things one. He talked a lot about thinking about a life after football, so of course you know he would be interested in old, breaking news. Aaron Rodgers set to retire. Gone well he's considering recurrent even now the jug is. If we want the news, I brought it home area whose kindness, ok, you got it. You ask yourself how shag, what's his number twelve twelve, no more you up to twelve, no mo
now is the hashtag. Mme also I do not seeing an alien. That's by doing that. I, U S. Oh yeah, he tells it in the first ten minutes. Yeah! That's right! about even trying to put your fans of now you just did is enshrined the elder J J. Here we ve got him he's not a deal. It wasn't that great earlier nice guy Eddie, what I like you better when you just burning shit down here like the real life Joker you're, just like some people want to enjoy a shitty jeered. Let over oil condoms to people. Aren't you grab rank just gave me hepatitis. Dad is so far, which you don't even know like Gigi Rhetoric, Duke Jijiu Rennick. So that's why he was comparable going on your part cast, do away, he was gonna. Yeah loud lie all hated him yeah, that's right and we talked about where there's something about hang with somebody. That's not a sports fan, but I've done too. I talked to decay.
They Mattel bow on line without an area with a guy right, yeah, good, ass, hilarity, one I've, a guess areas, James harden at him, shit, critical fuck, I won't know about it- was Now that we have covered heart, you read Kevin Heart, no man! I guess I thought that's not even on doing our work. Blue did you yeah yeah, actually out its actual right now, oh yeah, I can't I haven't told I'll. Try Higgins But if you look at all, you guys want to talk about a second spots widely the Superbowl might be more united, just fucking. Ok, I get in them like. It can only be here for fifteen minutes and we see misguided schedules, reschedule Spock, it's fuckin library. I sleep twenty two! I'm losing my boy at the end of our design with Martin Wahlberg. He asked us like point like: do you guys actually do this for living and it was the nicest I love you. I found out after Stanhope shows a go. So what do you do like dude
come on? I was a man without it. It was weirdly a compliment, though, when he said it, I got one because it was like we are so now. I believe there are some in cigarettes and workers like we asked to do those questions and we love asking dumb question. I love it really with grand, so he was like IE can believe that this is actually to complete. Its job is, after sunrise, burst onto this. If I send you an apothecary Hoddan one. Second, before I go before, I send the release. What is a bike We must clearly budget review has locks had body had body had boy had bought it from the fire. You and light ass. His words exploit I'd another chemist. You know I was just being the collapse in Chad. They just for me. I'm just walk in the irish flag. Over my shoulder. I don't give a shit. That's what fucking mathematics? Don't you don't give a fuck and shit NL there is a good question: uber you're, the EU trade baby yeah,
You are on my Wikipedia page you'd. What's next Batman yeah, I was gonna gather, annoyance and right that will not here to judge your technique. It will ya mean we were very open about, or techniques that it's like you, five beforehand. Look up. I like I get the show you're, not even at you wanted for their parents yeah. You must give ahead to the people of dude. I'm honored no say you know any so when you go on you and here the train, yet you go. If I were you, I'd have to say I don't know how much fun you're having a they. Actually american raids, better Archie De Mer prizes. You try to get people by becoming too Jen Bitcoin to geographical crypto currency. If Europe had retired to taking advice from a baby, Stephen Seagal has some pet coins that he'll chronic and your fuckin face. If
bottom Deasey cannot, as all that when I heard a voice, it usually takes me back like disreputable, yeah, yeah forty minors, raisins Zunino, put upon entailing ahead, gets him a good head spread. You know it had spread is, of course we get older and all your part start moving away from each other, but lacks Andrea, Genji and reverse. That's what happens to cigar he's got get headstone yeah he's a small town sheriff now, but You have got hatred that concession russian spider is eight yeah. We always in Russia, not exact embarrassed mobile is indirect, pretty sure, weird time, yeah yeah we're dime very meant him. A dentist Robin like quietly became America's most important diplomats of yesterday that, in a kind of like Terry Larry good for our country used to break arms and we love debt. Remember when we loved shit yeah like ever watching
old, moving your like we just like movies once more, because it was a move. It yeah now they're. So many it's like this better, be good I'll. Give you ten minutes yet Netflix Cairo. Do you have any like resentment towards said? All Hollywood hasn't what you will. That first of all, I know is that you won't say yes to some break your arm and half. Could he said Oh you have you seen those videos of him doing the? What's with the type of march I kido acute a key to master the all found what you just spread at him and yes touches them and they flip ok channels. So much energy. Well, we're gonna, tell me, and then, if I touch you follow, yeah action movie gets made? It has got away Babby voice when it comes to like movies easy come out and in Hollywood is our part of you. That's like I wish there was like a little more space for original ideas to be made. Her like his all, can become. It puts us here that the idea I did it you're saying you see. When are we
gonna get tired of it. I think I'll. Every time I watch one, I'm like that's the last one in theirs twelve Warner like two tickets beer is, I think, right hypnotize. We can't stop it. Just simply give it be frustrate our be tougher to pitch totally original idea to somebody else, Like every other do Armand seven right or you have to at least be like and it's a reboot of blossom like rats out like nostalgia, riled into it, because I think, there's probably you know the brain, loves numbers and stats and end those things. You can prove its hard to prove heart and my good soulful ideas, but if you're trying to sell an idea- and if you can be like the blossom, has this many fans and did you know blogger, com, which rife conference for sex fans and United made, and then you can sell that idea is like economically viable, but I think I saw the movies that we loved as kids and unlike they would get made today. Not absolutely not you think somebody's gonna make space balls
you gotta my dead, most Alice Gimme a break cowboys only went right at point. This one goes right next to deep throat cause it's Susie such things? That's Ruby, the Suzanne S right our personal problem, lesson or sense, but I understand saying no sports. I know sports jokes ever just like groundwork double every one and enhances Ngos in this area. Even then I take to MAC if you could go back in time yet and all over again after of, if you go back in time, do all over again we're still vote for Trump you are. I would have put your face on my birthday, gay, Google, I'm gonna, think of Europe, which would you vote job. Are you sure you Wikipedia page, as you did this is why it is
Let them live regulator you I wanted to do I'm a right that compete homes did not you're. The guy did. Did Magda version abandoned that in a magazine, develop now wait a minute. I don't agree with that. That was you. I was born into the darkness. You merely inherent maggot Batman actually to higher. It is great again. I actually have a real question. How many needs you can try these taxes reach way that the Dutch me tat? I have a request. I have been wondering. Do ok, forget my real question is what is it actually like to work which adaptable and do you ever sit back dyke man he changed comedy and how
watch movies are shared, shows his where the movies that I would actually go to that they are you talking about Ireland and serve its hard to get a comedy out that people want to go and see, but back when Jed was making a lot of movies making lots of stuff now. But you know forty old virgin knocked up. Those were movies. I was living in New York at the time it seemed a billboard. You like well that's what I'm doing yeah and it so happens. Easy train wreck well. Well, that's what I'm adequacy and nobody really exists like that, so we really is like a web. What's it like someone nosey easier, everyone has ideas: what's your Morrissey have a vision and just see dick tat? No, he is absolutely the most collaborative most like he wants to ref and play around and if we think we have a perfect hell smash, it could you when anybody be precious and then we rebuild at constantly trying to push you like, like a boxing coach out of your head, yeah, I'm not joking zoo that causes this this place not, but he wants you to be out of your head and when I watch the takes
make it into the show its often when we were improvising, it's often when general, common and it'll be like do one would be angry like hell. Day for no reason be angry just to give it some energy just to give it a different take, and that he's told me so many that the other thing you told me was like, if you think, if everybody's like well PETE like A news he's probably be sad. Maybe he's happy You know what I mean is that our life right very good going of an argument. Sometimes you don't even know why. But you kind of like relieved, you didn't get something you're right. I guess this was more importantly, that that's one of the main things you taught me as a storyteller here's my question, for you guys. Ok, if and I am genuinely interested in so much to say- with sport like it, if you could be the best athlete in any port, but only one. What sport horse racing Israel? Yes, your horse, you compete three times. We they wanted. We don't you
Finally the horse, yet not the jockeys hunters, jock dude awaits you taught me much rooms. Are you so you are like horse racing? Don't I'm going to these rights? Pretty obvious? Europe is no brainer. You have a three year career if you, u retire at the top of your field and they just fuck rest your life. That's all you just Capades. Fuck fuck fuck, oh, did you say, worried earth like two hundred fifty thousand dollars there, not unlike a rotating silk bed in Vegas. Like in the corral with their daughter iron, long, Khilakku, grass yeah. You have reflected bluegrass, you guys all right. If you went out in the night, he asked her outside of a bowling green. You would not be talking shit about it. I have to say a big yeah you're, demonstrating a level of creative thinking that is backs level so loudly rating as yet and jobs with judge you aren't. You dont want to join with me what each Africa China would he make his wife feasible? How can you love Leslie ashes, ASP
I know I do the core IBM quarterback interesting has for me it's between quarterback or basketball. What what Bosnia aware, though Jordan? Oh saying a person like racing? A position, I'm saying like be like considered as four years is I'll, be how I'm thing, even though you ve already one year rudder? Yes, like the ones, could communist treatment football player wears a helmet, so it's a different kind of fame, the ever beheld her back is a different level that true you do commercials and re off and is the pinnacle of american supply, get it square jaw. I talk with Aaron Rodgers about like. Why are all these quarterbacks good luck? You actually talk about testosterone levels, which leads decisiveness, which actually leads to attributes like squared just crazy, so you will use our views junk science, and would you tribute is bad seasons? Loki
I love you, so you have a bad. He had a very bad I dont. Even now are you certainly are using Aaron Rodgers. A group believes in was for knowledge. You know the little man eating Danica she's adjacent Crystal Crystal loves grist skull nurses, like change your not to have what you could hear you. They give you power either type of her. She actually be harnessed the power. The crystal swear, I'm you know what I am somewhat open to it. What else are they doing right? They look pretty fuckin cool right courts. When are you coming attempts at accords recently like if you put it in your, but you might shed a unit right, yeah, my old, are you my you'd guy? What are GEO doing, if not as our fees exact, doesn't touchy? Oh, do you see how you die or a jerk off with you broke, but if you're Jordan, your sort of like the most vain choice nor a helmet? It's you
dominate in a way a quarterback ass to collaborate for the most part yet to pass so it Orton does have the ball in five you're asking like a specific guy. I don't think I've ever want to be the like. We know the greatest of all time at any sport because I feel like there comes with that, like a ton of pressure and a ton of like the fame is so crushing I'd like to be like Robert Ory, who has five championships, and he was he made a ton of money and he was like a real player on everything. Answer well borders, passport! Okay, so I e just hit big shots. He alleging DR put, if he goes to, if it goes to a restaurant people, aren't gonna stop and just U Mob, you wanna be the cow. Like me, that's me I wrote an iron. I have a lie. Look even should honour. No I'm just saying I'm not famous yeah. We think about there's been real, but you can be in comedy and make your art, but nobody gives a fuck that I'm a Disneyland,
terms. I am your thinking Sagen, you guys are both exactly eight of thank you, but if you did have to be the biggest star in the world, What about just because there's something about football in America and Superbowl AMOS danced a different level orbit, there's also baseball, which is very important. You work too much and you probably dumb its The basement. Participation without his breathing down, you don't want to acknowledge the you know. I don't think that's why cause they're Dounia. I want our interview, Thomas guess. You ve ever had on your show. That's a good question thanks. I dont know why my thing about nor, as others don't answer, I honestly don't know, I don't think I've ever had the experience to be on the bike. Isn't being like this person dies. Being real. I have heard that in life younger dynamism in the USA, where you say why you looking right at me when he gets out every is aware, like a simple word you dislike, and that I was
I guess you know we don't actual every effort when he said COD nice. I was like where he's using a word. I don't know where it pretty dumb guys Solon. We do like, I think I said atrophy the other day in a pod Cason ever like PIG were Oh yeah, you know it well, the Igor heard. Isn't that what's nice about sports? Is you don't have to think in language? You can just go grunt. Yes, yes tranche. It's nice the basic to turn your brain offered through my last. What am I dead met it really. What defend we work you see, I was again, there was always a good at how do you feel any was like I'm watching the gay, yet the great point. You just stare, you don't air, often the distant you don't own asked in a bureau belies. What's going on, you just walk in life as it your Gower blew a moment like pure emotion. We gotta wrap up. We ve been told me have to run time. I was rude, have yon forever. I love they even get to the glue frequently asked questions on
ok and next time you come on. Why? Because no require you guys next time you come on we'll go, I will just mean alms, I'm thirty, nine, how tall PETE homesick six, how much speed alms worth? Google it that's the coup, The question that you got a penal also ask peak poems its audio. You ask questions people also earlier it up for everyone. I think it's wrong. I think it's way high. When we talk about what does it say mill, I bet it says. One point: five million homes, net worth net worth three million: woe yardstick, What did you gotta podcast money coming in Kashmir? Logic is at a real question. Are you sat? Are you at you owe us for? Our rapporteur is on my ipod gas and I would ask them how much cash they alone Do we not take isolated I've? Six hundred. Can I say that because you know why, because I am travelling, you asked him.
I saw you see PETE Homes, not you know. I just know that you can mug him for decent size money. That's actually true. I am like someone was that you should get a chamber just a way of saying: hey it's worth at scribe, like everyone else, I do not normally carries exhorted. That's gonna go to what we have all these cars driving around those guys get little Christmas presents from old Betty cs? I repeat, thank you so much Edwin Sugar crashing, it is a hilarious- shows, do this, which we, I guess it's great you're, welcome back any time. I really appreciate your probably never see us again Why would I get word with Aaron Rodgers at getting her iron? Bring I'm gonna bring you a sausage. Ambled allergies tell you that on the show? Ok, ok, high tech savvy, while reply, but also okay. That interviewed PETE Homes is brought you guys by simply safe here something interesting. Studies show that security systems deter burglars, it's a fact, but there is still a burglary.
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How can a similar line was frontier, but I don't wanna dance on me out on them. That's on you do I dont yeah, it's absolutely army and in fact, like I learned something from flying frontier and that's that I think every political candidate for president should have to travel around the country exclusion. Leon Frontier, it's like fight club in the sky. It's amazing like it's no rules on our frontier airline, it was only it was only flight. I could find out late enough that I could leave after we did. I think that we don't Windsor that you gotta find out about, but so I was flying out of So we got delayed for for a few hours, and I get a real hot debate going what's the crowd that was that was sitting there waiting for you guys, went away and on it are you ready, yet you rather be hungry, are thirsty outside the next.
Dreams. I'm talking like a moderate severe. I would rather be hungry and thirsty because I feel I give you are probably hydrated like you're you're. Ok, you can survive for very long I got you can drink away, some of your hunger to write proposal, but if it, but if you're thirsty- and you just eat a lot of food, you can't get rid of that. Third in fact makes it worse right. So the answer is easy to me away but there were some people that were saying that they would much rather be thirsty because they get stomach ache from the it was you'll. Have older people are saying that echo us yet what the other prejudice issues I love being hungry, because it means I haven't, eaten some feel kind of skinny you I mean you know when you haven't, eaten for likes eight ten hours or to three hours
You start feeling really new Guinea and Fiji light on your feet. That's a great feeling to have it is, but counterpoint hungry dogs run faster. True, that's also true, deporting so yeah and the eagle said they would disagree with us. I know tat was my. I was a joke. If it we next up, we have a trouble in Paradise, Prague, castle and dark, be if the he is he's fully in the dark business on the site has gone down sunset. He started like ass it just the shadow of your face, a hum I next up, we have trouble in Paradise, which is actually has been. An ongoing trouble in paradise, is for curbing in the Boston selves. Curving continues to talk to the media, continue to talk about himself as a leader what was his recent roses recent interview he sat down with recurring grass Rachel Nicholls. She asked him all the questions. Anyone should ask him, but he was like he kept referring to the young guys. Like me,
a young lady young, guys who think they know what they're doing, but they don't like I've, been there I used to not know what I was doing like now. I do indeed just kept like he kept separate ding himself from the rest, the team which, after doing a hall, the to MAX contract. Troll with Kevin, ran and keeping the free aid see this summer by this summer, for them. Everyone sees gonna fucking suck this gimme, the worst like there are so many free agencies, and so many stories and all this shit and it's going to be insane but Kyrie Irving continues to. I don't know, I don't really know what he's doing he just he like one real leader. He says the leader and then he batches guys than he says, there's a problem. I actually had a theory Phd I don't know if anyone has said this, but I thought of that this this morning I think Kyrie Irving has just thought he is like now uncle drew because he was in that movie. He is like,
a guy who's, trying to teach all everyone else on the team and he has basically like the uncle drew filming stopped, but it didn't stop for curbing and he doesn't really know how to be like a true leader, except for a really bad Hollywood, That's actually very good theory. I like that. In the end, it was a good movie. Saw a you did you do not see it? I I saw I watched, you know. Yes, I saw them so for good. I saw the original commercial that lead to the trailer that I eventually watch for the movie that I haven't seen. I saw it all commercial was amazing. I saw it was in Jack Ass to where Johnny Knoxville Spike Jones walk around with your balls out of their pants right. I saw it when was coming to America and Eddie Murphy was in a barbershop screaming at himself for data, characterised, not I mean, listen, I think curry is whales. The scheme on this one. Ever since Kobe talk to that's what it is we ever since Cobia
Like you have to have an asshole, I'm a team, and you were the prime, Canada to be that asshole work, it's not can be Leubronn and carry was like Jack or we would every say, go we sure thing I ever since conversation happened, curry is like a different kind of guy and I dont think that he knows what he said I think he's like that. Michael Scott, seen from the office where he just starts talking is sometimes a just start saying senses hand I figure out where I'm going halfway through and I will get there by the end of it. That's what carried us when he talks of the media. I think I think, there's a element of truth. What you're saying peeved, even more so in the fact that, like he's answer the questions so many times so it's like when people can, ask him. He just kind of making up new answers. Each time cause like He said and beginning the ears. I want to come back and then it's like they ask him again, ass again, ass again ass again, so he like at this point.
You know. He said what you said last Simon, then still ask them. So why should need just keep trainees answer? I just don't see other sense like well unless the Celts when challenge- or he reasons, but I just don't like what? What is the play off loss look like that has caribbean like I feel like. I really would like everyone else, no ok hang on real, quick, Hank impression this interview today? This was start of the Celtics, getting it all together for their playoff run. This attention that they have right now is going to really it's going to bring the team together as one they're going to unite countries going to be later than is going to re, sign and he's. To stay a celtic until he actually dies until these seven years old and he's gonna. Have twenty championships so we have a new segment alert tank. It. The new said Miller thousand noise on us really
I saw the new segment alert. It is the new segment. Just called we read a headline, so that's it! That's it don't die. No one, no one go crazy. Here, it's just. We read a headline, so today's we read a headline is on cut this. I don't have it up. Syracuse coach, Jim Bay, Haim hits kills man walking on I six ninety, and that was we read a headline. Was the man in the restricted area? he read a headline pfc. That's all it is don't go, don't deviate from the segment its. We read a headline I'll do one more time for Syracuse, coach and mayhem. Hits kills man walking on ice. Sixty six. Ninety, we read a headline. Ok, next up, we of microbes named job in a week. You had this one, fifty yeah this goes out to Jim.
Butler his he put a great name drop. Actually it was yesterday. He said that marking marks. Year. Old daughter is his best friend in the world, so hell the name drop but we're seems a good cool guy ass, normal stuff, o J. But you know what you should when we started the whole is Jimmy Butler, atop, fifteen player, if you had just gone with J but from the gecko, you would have beaten mean that argument. That's a little. Second, I said it had. I realise that I am such an it. For, as I haven't gotten better leisure guy stands in the church. The right China made holds. You had that that was waiting a view available as it can. You build a team around Jimmy, bother you, but I was just about right I thought that me saying that he looked exactly like fry lock would be not from the gecko, but I needed to combine it with J Botch block so J, but is best friends with a ten year old girl man totally normal acts,
So if you're gonna be best friends with someone's daughter, I actually think that marking mark is probably a good choice because Mark mark is not the kind of guy. That's gonna. Let you do anything weird you I'm saying like Marcie Mark absolutely like ten different teachers that say like I don't carry a weapon unless my daughter gets home late in our own eye. Tat sort of thing right, he's very protective, while more than anything is peace. J, but being like on three teams in the last three years and is best friend in the world is marked bulwarks. General daughter so well that makes sense that really does make sense J, but you can't you don't have any friends. I last up seeking question real quick promo code. Take yet ten dollars off receipt, purchase, go watch, PETE, home, stand up or go to and suitably game NBA Games back hockey. Everything seek promo code. Take.
You get ten dollars off Pft. The c key question is: why are you mad at Slipknot, because this was the segment that you threw out there? That seems very personal, and it's not who I was. Do a put when, in his ear hole for Slipknot, ok, water lead singer get well! Their lead singer said that Imagine dragons has taken the worst banned in the world baton from from nickel back and it just seemed like an unnecessary shot like slip. Knife cool, hey you guys! great, like I remember that song waiting bleed that came out and ninety ninety seven that was cool because all war masks because you you're ashamed because you were such a bad band, that's very cool, for you just take a shot right, I'd, imagine dragon so I just wanted to put one in there your whole roquat, because we have to get our boys and ideas back. Through the other, the alternate segment name for that would be hey. This guy still alive lead singer for Slipknot. Yet you know it
as Slipknot, never got the backlash that Merlin Manson had you're hoping to get some of that body like they wanted America's parents state them, but no you whatever you do. You can't listen Slipknot right, nobody cared because they were good enough or rather taken out yet again It's got a sweet, ass, big drum right. They also didn't remove a rib and suck their own dick. That was their biggest mistake. Marilyn Manson! If you grew up in the 90s, you know that was a fact cuz the whole world before social media before the end, was a thing somehow that rumour got to the whole entire world, so yet myth busted unless it's not and we want to get suit. I would also like to say that this is mean plagiarism by Slipknot, because I saw that means of I think it was ray breaking into alien Gonzalez. This house knows, I imagine, dragons, nickel back were spent in the world somewhere on the meme. And so the guy from Slipknot saw this maim and now is
giving interviews where he's verbally reciting a mean that he stealing from somebody assumes like visa fees, a real life fuck Jerry? Yes, yes, I, let's, I wrap up the show with F, accuse and grab Hanks grab and roast ok before we get to the roast, though a quick shout out too all the award winning listeners. The pod track rankings came out. We were seven overall in the country, seven, not general, not world, not just sport galaxy, it's insane. We keep growing month over months. It's been three. Straight of this now. So we appreciate your support. We appreciate you subscribing on subscribing and telling people to listen, and I we hope we will just keep keep ya drop and stuff for you that you like, including a new song that fifty alluded to earlier, that this should become an out in the next few weeks, fish right that they wouldn't next. Two weeks not next week to week after ok and when we say
At the end of the show that we love you guys, we actually do love you guys that serious, except when you take at its out sometimes yeah someone- you say just love you and others creepy elsewhere, because you look right in my eyes: hey go ahead a mustachioed, Michelin, man, debates bridges in tunnels with a man from witness protection there, twenty something future cat owner friend chimes in about Boston here and there. While some one shot out about Hitler and other each Doritos. Ok, those pretty dislike Yet those pretty vanilla run of the mill you gave. I've been held in Paris, a big Doritos, eater yeah huge, honestly biggest waste my time just to do to cancel out the fact that they are old and out of touch a third guy nation, occasional parents, but sounds like knives stabbing my ears. I pray for those who actually listen that actually gonna herds I will now is nicer than it was nice of you, praise for the lizards yeah enjoyed that part of it now unheard of
from the mine sorting starting arose off would like honestly. This is a waste. My time here that cuts pretty deep. That definitely stinks from the minds brought you born dogs and how its made caustic come to heartwarming tale about overcoming height weight and illiteracy, to become the world's most populous poorest buys gas that also gives dangerous female health advice star wars. Guard brand. John Candy, pillar is, alas, ugly sister and front running sports phantom incarnate in theatres. Never ok so no roses are very funny. Thousand very funny rose put it also like every and then we'll get a it's very funny, but also kind of a compliment because call me a Walmart brand, John, Andy is like the nicest compliment of ever got that that if my life p Walmart, bread, John Kennedy. I had a great life you're. Also Hilary Swank was inspiring character in nearly every move that she's been, and so I should be so lucky
Your sister tom, petty and billing maize team up to try manipulate little boys to pretend to be girls and ask them questions hours. Good allies really good. A frequent bar where you spy in his extensions wearing co host, make real famous people uncomfortable while taunting their preview Besson, Bearded now's aim possible. Creepy vessel bearded producer and forcing them to adopt a cat. Currently terrified refrains livelihood, it's actually leubronn, so you should be more about the bronze. What are you gonna feed, Leubronn wine. I'm not getting any other part of the food plan that we put a lot of their put it on carbon neutral system, which is just to inefficient one. You just missed what has happened there Hanks brain stop for a second, because he was gonna answer, and then he remembered that he's going with the I'm not worried, I'm not getting a cat, I'm not his
hey we're gonna will count white wine pairs nice with tunafish. I warned that European I'm not I'm not worried at all and I'm not getting cat. I will say that I do you know just in case you always gotta have a good plan. There is a major problem that my girlfriend is like very allergic to cats. So, if which again, it's not. And I'm not worried about it happening if by some miraculous happens. There's a does happen. I'm gonna have to get a non allergenic cat, which looked like the most disgusting naked rats is yes, I was late. I was Lurie lying in bed last night and like midnight and just giggling to myself about Hank. This isn't a roast. I just can't wait until Frank and Hank our sitting next to each other, each other drinking milk. When Duke lose you go
Thank you know we gotta get you. We have to get you one of those tongue, extensions at all. If you ever saw the infomercial rican pet and clean your cat with your own tongue chose a plastic thing. They cling onto your tongue, isn't lick Sarka, the last one and so the little serious, but we get a lot of these. I wonder who want to put this one of their my brother dot? cancer. Two days ago, he's been for the past year and had been hospitalized for the past month. P M T has, in those have been incredibly interkal and help me get through this time. Can you please help me get through some very dark and emotional times and provided a big outlet for me to just laugh and escape my own reality? Thank you, Dan fifteen Hank. You guys are brilliant and making unbelievable strides in what you do. We get, we get a decent, not of those like every now and then are going through our damages. That's I mean that's kind of what it's all about like. Whenever someone hits us up and they ve been going through something early families been gone through, something they say that we can give a laugh. That's it right there I mean that sweet that makes
our day and makes everything we do worth it yeah. Hopefully we can take a little bit of this thing. Offer no help. You forget about for a little better, give you a little bit of escape and if we're able to do that and that's pretty much the coolest thing that we do so all the best to you hope you and your family is doing well, take her and with that we will see everyone Monday and just think if you're going through tough time its world and I get even funnier when he gets Leubronn Lockwood Bobby Guess Mmmmm yeah, Yes,
You remember, now, you may remember male female, remember now, then male member looming no man,
Now remember, remember me now new. His pardon, my tape presented by sport.
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