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Comedians Cody Ko and Noel Miller, Mt Rushmore of YouTube Videos and Jimbos

2019-07-25 | 🔗

Steve Ballmer is a life force of energy, training camp opening day, and the lost art of college dorms for football players (2:30-13:36). Fyre Fest Of The Week. (14:47-21:20) Mt Rushmore of Youtube videos. (21:21-33:18) Comedians Cody Ko and Noel Miller join the show to talk about their career on YouTube, feuds, internet culture and more. (34:47-1:04:24) Segments include explain it to hank “Clinton Body Count”, (1:07:04-1:09:04) it's Louisiana who cares, (1:12:10-1:13:39) and the return of Jimbos (1:13:40-1:19:09)

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on today's part of my take we have cody co oh well noel miller if you don't know who those guys are they are very very funny they are a comedy duo that does youtube videos think similar to jimmy tatro who who's one of our favorite guess we had a couple months ago they actually work with him on some stuff so an interesting little bit of a different mid july interview with those two guys because of that mount rushmore of youtube videos fire fest the week and the return of jimbo oh before we get to all that part my take is brought to you by the cash at the number one finance app in the app store cache app is most powerful way to send spend and save it's connected to the free cash card the only the card with boosts just selected boost in your cash app then only saved some of your favorite places like ten percent of chipotle or one dollar for coffee shops always adding new boo so check yours off and best of all booster
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i'm not lock problem on the part of my take presented by the cash app go download it right now putting code bar stool and get five dollars for free and five dollars a s p e c a today is it's friday july 26th and i just want start this show with the same enthusiasm and nrg that steve ballmer had at the kowhai leonard and paul george press conference
now just fired up to be here today pretty cool pretty damn cool i love that guy he's howard dean as an nfl or as in nba governor i almost you see word word right thanks it was great like watching him at the introductory press conference he just like explodes with energy he's got laid it strikes me as a guy that has like a taser hooked up to his genitals every time his heart rate increases beyond like seventy beats per it just keeps on going until he passes out he is are so much fun we predict the i mean we it wasn't like a big production because everyone saw this coming but the cole why leonard robot mixed with steve bombers over the top insane insane energy is a match made
in heaven and it's jay and silent bob yeah pretty much i need quite a show up for games in like a black leather duster yeah and then in ansi bomber just going absolutely insane and on top of all of that credit steve ballmer there's definitely like an owner cool that associate skews me fuck that out there's definitely a governor cool that happens when a guy you know 'cause a lot of these guys made there pre either you know being nerds or whatever it may be they buy it to a lot of money and being a nerd yeah there is there's a shitload of money being here darren ravel tell you every fucking day in his instagram story so they buy a team the first few years there still themselves then they get a little cool mark cuban member when mark cuban used to go to mavericks games with baggy terrable jeans and maverik football jerseys that look yep steve ballmer credit to him he still looks like he is ready to present like the new update to
be in microsoft ninety eight with his blue button down shirt khakis and sweating through all of it and he definitely still works on slide shows in his spare time he has like a million people that work for him that all do slide shows he is still like his home screen is like the powerpoint website to make sure there is no upgrade form but you know what i mean to you he hasn't gotten to know he's not too cool i hope we never ever gets too cool i'm nervous i can't wait for the clippers to make a deep run in the playoffs to see how ballmer talks about the officiating in between if he gets screwed you cry cry how he will just that's what i'm sober you can't find a man for crime is not a fact that's the that's the last thing i'm so over whatever do because he is
a full war against toxic masculinity in mental health hazardous hash tag let balmer cry eve i can just imagine yeah he would he wouldn't have any coherent like statement to make he would just get in front of the mike start to talk and then you start bawling and sweating and saying how much she loves the guys and how they work he had that corporate work work work work yeah i can't he can't not give a microsoft presentation from the late 90s and everything he does he's got a great nerd body type too i don't know if you notice it's about steve ballmer but his looks like he wears like a large from the shoulders to the bottom of the nipples like i store axes a large and then everything just below that is like a double xl right anywheres these polo shirts that look like they were at one time full button ups that he
had him together and got rid of the bottom buttons i love him i love him i love him so that was fun we also have training camp stories by the way if you want to watch our video or watch our show we had i forgot to mention it on last show but parcel gold is the best deal out there personal goal dot com slash p empty yeah you get the rough rowdies for free you get everything you can watch every single episode of part of my take you can watch over interviews we were training camp tore coming up so you're gonna want to get by still gold sometimes i see these football guys that's right it's going to be great content sometimes i wonder how many people that listen to part of my take have no idea what we look like whatsoever 'cause there's got to be percentage of our audience out there right yeah that just doesn't know you probably are for the best not knowing sometimes but i'll say this today we look good we were really good lot of swag in this yeah you're rocking a hawaiian polo i'm rocking a collar collared which is always first time whenever you have a caller on hank and i both like you got court today yeah exactly what you would you got how
the life of leisure how many of those shirts did you buy a lot double digits yeah well that's my style i'm just guessing when you when you're overweight you have a choice and that choice is lose weight or where designs and patterns that shield your bant it's thank you neglect on the latter you feel like you're neglecting the shirts that you used to wear before you know more of a summer thing i mean it's on the seasonal i'm not gonna wear this and january you look like a like a senator at a jimmy buffett concert that's exactly the vibe i'm going for i want to be the got like if you see me you're like hey that guy could either you know go have marguerite or smoke some really shitty week exactly that that's a perfect image for that is but that accomplished i think i've just picked as a human being all rights are training camp yes we have the classic training camp what outfit slash vehicle do people come in jalen ramsey came in a brinks truck yes the packers are riding their bikes like always every summer you've got for
in fact that richard so cute so cute matt patricia is crushing the arrival game this year he's got a motorized golf cart as you know the half the divisions of the nfc n it's becoming the division of carts yeah he's got the flu who's out there driving his golf cart around with the achilles injury when you've got pictures for sure he just he just constant state of like i don't feel great for mattress like i just saw what we he was hurt feels like a bowling injury he strikes me as a guy that at one point dropped a bowling ball in his foot this offseason didn't want to make a big fuss out of it yeah but he's showing up in a cart i want as many coaches possible in that division to be driving around golf carts put like little balloons on him so it's like mario kart if you get hit by an errant pass it pops when i hit three times practice is over we had to rico and came in one of those very unsafe like weird cars the road stirred that where there's 2c in its three wheel rear wheel or scares the out of me yeah i don't like that get
it is that i don't like that i mean it's probably more stable than a motorcycle big thing was driving those for years true true to rekey that when you see it person driving one of those things you just think like okay nobody is ever resold one cars you just total it right you just drive it till it's done yet please please get rid of that and then we also for for running backs career not sure about it it's actually perfect metaphor we have injuries and then also suspensions till one from the tennessee titans he got popped for des seems like he might be innocent so we'll just say what we have is back yeah we guys back we got your back man he said that he took polygraph too yeah he's prepared to turn those over for goodell will take that two girls are always a hundred percent he will yeah accurate these pool in the oj defense right will spend the rest of his life looking for the real passer correct so we're you got it we we we we we will also got every morning looking for and we got your yeah also ezekiel elliott holding out he was not on the plane to go out to are they
ox nard boxer california so he did not get on the plane we got plain watch but there's a good chance that is equal might just be on the no fly list yep given his past indiscretions don't want him touching stewardesses mitchell showed up carrying a cooler mitchell did he did ok that works i like i like the old ceiling pack a lunch or some will know it's it depends because with their some teams that have sold out on training camp and it's the worst where they basically just do it at their practice facility and then everyone gets to go home the old school like the bears still do it on a college campus so do you guys you get guys like these three hundred pound linemen walking in with toilet paper and fans yeah it's awesome that the best that's training care it's just they're just like us yeah the pictures i think you posted one of how long walking out there's the old picture of charlie whitehurst right yeah i don't know so i won kyle orton caring you get a guitar with a literal gender it's like that picture they got when they are who they catch it was like dan zig walking out from a store carrying a big
a kitty litter graph it's always funny to see like these legends just like us yeah there's millionaires like what i need to bring my playstation and a bunch of you know like a bunch of bull like diet cokes yeah and i kept first day at school so we brought it was it a nice cooler lease or was it like a classic coleman yeah the yeni that's a little so that was easy and add do yet he seems like that's a classic gift for a quarterback to give his office line through yeah he doesn't need to like pay people for apps like there hello above it like to get to the opposite red bull yeah that's that's when you know you made it when you could no rebel does neither they just give people red bull right and they're like will you just you have a the followers we just tweet it out there just like dana holgorsen still alive and he's just a walking advertisement for us so we don't want anybody i sometimes think about that
coach dan i think about all the times story my lifestyle front i was watching get up this morning as is protocol in my household and green he was on there and greenie was lighting it up as usual had booger giving their training camp takes will just say like seeing the footage of the players out on the field with green erie to invoke a reaction to it my t levels are at an all time high i am so ready like we got a real football news going on right now i was watching that and then i open twitter and then greeny re tweeted his wife who is on an airplane watching greenie on it up nice relationship goals human centipede of green yes just where you want to be exactly you want your head that's nirvana i want to be at the end of that suggests because they eat very clean that are very healthy people all right should we do fire fest surefire fast one more point yeah i thought i went through and it was jimbo's no jimbo's in at the end
as the people yeah i have our own you are part of fast on it it's their jimbo yeah i wanted to address big controversy brewing at giants training camp already fans are chanting for daniel job of and and we don't can blame them this guy is a walking bundle of energy he's the future of the franchise i think we're all behind daniel jones that's up that's you know what that actually might be a plan for archie to motivate eli that's as we come on a bad idea is rattle that cake i was actually this is going to be bad news for daniel jones if he does get the starting job just because of archie yeah because the big cash cow they've got it's going to be tough to believe aebli market game worn fake eli merchandise if the backup yeah now they'll find a way i'm sure they'll find a way for spot duty at the end so that they can sell those yes you'll get either get him in for what you are maybe get him in for a wild cat play you know yes out wide just
is it i'll say this u i manning would be an excellent wildcat quarterback were your jobs just stand up and look like your mom lost you at the mall yeah i get one yard yeah that's exactly what a wildcat quarterback needs to do i before we get to fire fast a quick word from this is kind of funny we were talking about pdas are the voice it's an amazon to these are yeah so super heroes everybody loves them they swoop out of the sky and see the day they give out they they give you that warm cozy feeling that everything will be alright bought one of super heroes weren't all the scene what a super heroes embrace the darker side of their massive so pretty fame abusing their abilities and manipulating the public recklessly vain ego driven image obsessed and all on a quest to gain limitless power who would stop what that's where the boys come in a ragtag group of vigilantes the boys are out to say
the world from the good guys they're not doing this from the goodness of their hearts they've got bones to pick with the soups there ready to expose the truth and they're willing to fight dirty to get the job done our heroes have no idea what's coming for them based on the selling graphic novel the amazon original series the boys premieres july twenty six only on amazon prime video so check that out july twenty sixth fire fast hank and we'll do our mount rushmore alright have a few the first one is that i thought we weren't doing fire fest yet thankfully my life is a fire fest so i am moving next week or
only the place i moved into someone now they told me that i create moving movers i can move in no i don't need that why do new movers both that's on the that's on the table who buys a pizza ease case there told me that i want to move in like july twenty ninth and my lease ends july thirty first i was like that's plan than yesterday my building told me that the person who owns the building has a friend living there so i can't move into august first but my building currently is telling me i have to be out july so you someone just so everything you have to move out at one thousand one hundred and thirty at night and then drive over and move in at one thousand two hundred and thirty in the morning get a truck you put everything in there and then you just park it overnight i've had to do it sucks yeah it's terrible it is terrible but that's what you're going to have to do just put it all in a u haul and park it somewhere safe for the night and then move in the next day if i can sucks i've done it just sleep
truck to cyclical camp out 'cause i'm going to have to do it a moving company might be able to handle that they probably deal with that stuff all the time so yeah they might be able to do it so yeah figuring that out is my firefox you have enough for a moving company that's not me i i hope that i my money i don't know if you can forward his actions no like hanks possessions how many tions do you have gained some cabinets okay x like have you installed you have required cabinetry wired cabinets whoa so the plan was all one lack of a drop of pre built and when i put together a pre fab the play moving into doesn't have a cabinet in the kitchen now would like clothing cabinets oh dressers dressers ok yeah yeah whops euros to put your body car body plates in shirts so so how many two of 'em what else tv's got multiple tv's don't feel like no big deal alot of clothes
a couch is mostly for the t shirts i don't know honest because like the amount of t shirts that you acquire working at this job it's astronaut but my point is he doesn't have it currently run it's not like you're moving like a big dining room table and the huge sectional couch you might be able to i don't know you might be able to look at this then we'll talk off there this is exactly why i never plan on moving even though i don't really like new york that much i just i hate moving more than i this is also the first five years ago i moved two years ago ok this is the first time i lay on my landlord keeps raising the rent and i'm like rental came here i guess i guess i'll have to stick around because i'd rather not move when i moved here i literally put my stuff in the back of big cats cars moving into a loft so i had i had like a small cars worth of stuff and then i borrowed your car to move last time i've never move oh for real small it's a compact suv but it's still the bigger downside mall sounds like an average as you can so that small
toyota corolla s through the compact suv world is such it's fraud city yeah because it's just a car and then you have like you actually don't have as much trunk room as you would in a normal can you put a dog in it and it's too much and it's already crowded you get to feel just like a little bit taller than everybody else right around that's basically what you get are any others not okay if you would you got okay my fire fed of the week is uh i agreed three months ago to play in a rugby tournament next weekend and i've forgot about it until like last week and then people started making travel arrangements and i haven't rugby in about three years and i haven't really kept my body how do you say in shape over those three years and i've got two shoulders that needs surgery that i forgot about and if i come back the monday after this term with no broken bones that will be a tremendous success i'm putting a i'm putting you on pre alert for
big cat pft just don't go we talked about this you said you already paid for the house that you guys rented that means you can more so don't go by saying hey guys i'll still pay for it that's my favorite spot to be in one night when i cancel like a bachelor party and i'm like well i already paid so you guys can't even be mad at me so that's is i know i told you that i had paid it i plan on paying so paying bills no i haven't paid jairo penalty fee but i will be paying for it yeah i just it's going to be bad and it are ugly terminal like this is like a fire fist 'cause it's in a tiny town they're going to tents and weird hotels set up that normally accommodate a lot of people can be shity meals out at the field i just i that's my game plan is maybe play for the first twenty minutes fake an injury a nice movies you get too drunk on accident yep i had too many beers so i can't play
and then you just sit on the sidelines rest of time yeah or just don't even play just get too drunk skip the fake injury i'll just drunk desires show up hammered yeah my livers she my letters yeah i'm throwing up it must be yeah allergies are you getting others no that's not that's a pretty big sorry once again unless i i am going to go and i'm probably not gonna like it apart art my fire fast is since or like halfway through the summer i got my email for my pickup basketball game runs in the fall in the spring and see who's in and i think it's a joke but the i was running it said we're going to bring back shirts and skins okay i like it i think it's a joke we just have to there early enough to make sure your insurance every time i don't think i can play if and skins now
joe so there there's always an outlet for that like you sometimes when i played shirts and skins you get the guy that's wearing the white tank top the wife beater no that that can you tell us no you have to go shirts and skins you're really get you one of those teachers that's just like a naked ladies body find your skin tight suit that's that is the worst there's the it's a joke it's got to be a joke but i it is far yes 'cause i'm actually sitting here saying i cannot play basketball anymore fit shirt so here's what you do you offer very generously to buy jerseys for the entire league dude or the thrown out every time is why does anyone bring a dark shirt and a light shirt you can do that and it's easy but everything i maybe will go back shortly it like a sick designed for jersey then you can just show up and be like hey yeah but then i have this will track which percy in you know you lose that's for the i would love every saturday morning i'd wake up just furiously looking for my jersey yeah but i can't find because i don't know where i put
because i never put in the same spot in india everybody else has to remember the street yes or no chance all right sure your mount rushmore hank you ready all right so so this is the mount rushmore of youtube videos in honor of having cody ko no l miller on the show their interviews coming up there to really really funny comedian supers tubers so we thought to be a perfect time to do i can't believe we haven't on this that this seems like a no brainer one that we just missed i think at one point we did mount rushmore of early internet video okay which is a little bit different little different videos yeah well you know what we're at the point now where if we repeat we also work we're gonna definitely in a do not rush more mount rushmore's again yes another time is yeah absolutely all right a lot of people don't know that we did it yeah with that's we peyton in secrecy sharks ever see okay hey you have the first pick all right first pick i mean i
this is all like personal stuff obviously but the first video that i watched over and over again know all the words for unforgivable i forget yeah i remember that guy yeah number one yeah yeah i remember that guy okay okay could pick invited by the way will try to slip in a few clips from some of these videos into the audio here alright so i got the fir my first pick who there's a lot of fucking good videos out there i'll with a classic i'll go to boom goes the dynamite let's check out the highlights steven jackson's david reggie miller's looking good he says the three and it's good
later he gets the rebound passes it to the man shoots it and boom goes the dynamite is a horse that would have been a good pick me up to i know it goes down to my first pick what happened last time now i'm playing on tilt got set to get yourself back together gotta substitute okay i'm going to go with this is a classic one okay i hope to go with never going to give you up the rick roll the got it ok yep so many people have been pranked always funny still funny to this day ever annoying never been annoying i'll be honest it had never understood the origin of that it's it's just that no one does still use it it's not it's still is a little bit i'll put it this way it had a longer run still being funny than you would expect her to be like it's like crying crying jordan but it is a classic it is a real classic yeah my second one i'm going to go with keyboard
good and i had that on their keyboard can obviously the sequel or yeah the sequel with haley joel osment which we brought up to with our interview with him when it's water only i had eight in this dead dead dead okay i'll go with i'm going to go with loteria milton that's that's one of my all time favorites that's name right who are you seriously not nick
which kid is that the eyes when you heard right yes yes sorry i don't know if the video is seven year old takes car on shore yeah his name is but then it's not worth more view to be okay so there you go that's the name of the video what is it seven year old takes car on your ride any and i just want to hood rats things with my friends i want to do it because it's fun it's fun to do bad things will call did you know that you could perhaps kill about it yes but i want lower stuff for my friend i know what i like doing could read things my friends i just wanted to do hood rat yeah my friend and then he hit my friend he smokes real cigarettes yeah and he just was sold not remorseful at all and just a funny funny kid and then i think he got arrested like later on in life which sucked i mean yeah that's right okay what it i mean he was stealing cars at seven years old but maybe that's why he took his grandmother's car hank yeah
i'm just saying this signs were there it's different i think that's where you actually put a pre crime on him the signs were there no i was crying this crime crime crime crime all right so i had that one i will go with leroy king's hd 1080p eighty p are far better and we usually do okay classic yep that you were drinking school for like every all time obnoxiously you yeah shocker time obnoxiously you
and then greg jennings broken leg scores on the saints great gina scott dash it is very loud paid again but though earlier do they never broke his fucking leg how is he running with a broken leg make it is mega holding his shyt though doll he put the team on his back though let's go inside the mind never greg jennings dog how to do his ship i put it in my fucking back door my leg broke i don't know how to flick i'm running right now though i do this shit for madden oshit darren sharper one of the most hard hitting safeties in the league but i put the team on my back dude you can't stop me cross the plane touchdown okay
the monochromatic now with darren sharper and they're hard to sit in safety in the league the march on which ones great too yeah okay i'll go with i'll go to it's one dot okay what is it what is the what is line now how did his wife yep well obviously we have all right in gift card he's claiming windows the snow to your people log trying to write so yeah i need to add you kids had to wipe it had because they rape in a body out here he says something else after that yes he says some things that you care okay we'll put that in so we didn't say it now he said he's fighting against israel see that's that's the best part about the old you to be like if you got viral you became a celebrity forever you were really really dumb you are dumb you are really really dumb alright so now at two wrapping around the snake to go with
so i've got my last two alright i'm going to chocolate rain ok taison day ok anger of a song if we're being honest okay and then my last one is going to be sean taylor bodying up the punter brian moorman in the pro bowl okay with the japanese version okay and at the end of the announcers freaking out after the hit okay okay my last pic now what do i do hank so i'll explain the problem i'm in pft there's one video that i love more than any other video on youtube the in the video has recently unblocked me and said that i have no more chances left if i mention it here you want me to mention that we don't know 'cause i think even you mentioning it might get to go get block no i think i'll get blocked too i think that that's how the block
and we're working you're already going to get blocked just for going saying this so let me just say that is why i'm leaving this that's why i am not saying this video okay because i he also said that he would come on part might take and i think for the betterment of the show i will take a bullet here and not say what i want to say okay and at no point will you know for will you say well i say it at no point pick i will go with who i'm gonna go with that zombie kid likes turtles back here live at the waterfront village with my friend the zombie john is saying you're looking good jonathan just got an awesome face paint job what do you think i like turtles all right you're great zombie in v reporter just being like i fuckedup up so bad interviewing this kid is her face just makes it makes it
i don't know see i'm i'm gonna go with my actual pick i could go with the pandering pick but i'm gonna go go with everyone the wiz khalifa eighty l freestyle okay okay hey no we'll miss you yeah nobody on top that might have been you know what you just did your hand just to be up to what he pandered but we are we're too old to realize you i don't i don't know how that's a pandering right he went no no i could have i could i was going to do with it is it over now yes share itself i was gonna do not unless i was gonna do see dollars going to drinking out of cops which we are more volume the general general well known video the way really i'm not it means that hank just did though he just has you hate she's like i'm not gonna pandered any pandered to a younger audience that we aren't aware off so
he threw us off track pandered yes i agree fake bastard yes he's like oh my god i'm not gonna let him not going to pander but here's a pic that you guys are too old to know about but everyone else will mia khalifa spits hot fire cool hank yeah ok i'll get that one misses i'm going outta cups drinking out of cups grape lady great lady was the first youtube video i think i ever watched like two thousand and four ok goes entire catalog ok put out like oh we videos that are running in the treble one then they did the one where they're doing the rube goldberg machine yep dramatic chipmunk yeah that's a good one george brett shooting let's see i didn't know is that like a you known as viral youtube video or not i think it is i have no idea don't bus face kimbo slice just the whole his whole now scattered around through the yeah its whole catalog my salad fingers who were members
on fingers now i don't know if i remember salad fingers it's kind of like a weird trip cartoon the entire genre is smart for think of hitler reacts to things yes santa getting shot you guys know that one i don't know that one well like fighting who else in the leprechaun say yeah that one box and getting shot in washington dc that he's walking down the street like waving to people and he just gets shot by a pellet gun in his ass i have not seen wow yeah he's doing the news report then also usually david after the dentist has little g for me no no because i i did i put that when i did put charlie driving record don't tease me bro don't tase me bro is vishal here's one that i've i contemplated leave me alone yep that's one i the best street party kit corey worthington australia is famous glasses selection now know that his glasses off yeah i have me through the body
because you pose i survey for bring me i guess a bishop all right so i'm sure we left a bunch off you can see it tweet us which ones we we messed up winnebago man was the other one i have yeah i wanna be amanda allah the alabama leprechaun yes we saw shirts yeah yeah we'll do it good yes he the i will it blend segment gay i used to do like it was a recurring thing yep and it wasn't that great but i'll be damned if it and watch every single one to see if it was going to blend yet deep cut the case stross guide you member him he he's basic comedian that got on local access news channels and like said he was a yo yo master yeah experts in one of the funniest things at one of the funniest video series you just basically showed up and would just suck it it and then and everyone like what is this guy for real he just hacked his way into these things right so will put that out there tweet us which ones we missed let's get to
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take over by a ruthless texas oil and gas family vip membership to the dymaxion resort also includes access to v the lounge is high limit tables in a range of special services via the penthouse phone including aircraft and losing services and more experience in the never ending universe a multi player game play possibilities in grand theft auto online in the latest free update the down because you know resort access is free with every copy of grand theft auto five available now rockstar rockstargames dot com okay here they are coded no well miller okay we now welcome one no well miller and cody co was good they are yeah i was yeah we have got you guys a very good camera where yeah we lack that two should i say you guys are tubers what how do you i mean that because you guys are very funny guys in you are really good at critiquing the like back
parts the internet so then to introduce you as tubers kinda seems lame yeah thank you all right so this professional youtubers yeah i mean like yeah i would say would we on the other show we we describe ourselves as the the bad boys of the internet good we're gonna have a bad winter for yeah but they said do yeah basically our producer hank said that you guys are us west coast us okay without the sports so yeah okay yeah so yeah about sports is just like more curling in yeah yeah yeah yeah all right talk to him about anime and his eyes go glass and i'm like yeah you let's talk about dicks yeah yeah okay really what happens yeah so ufc guy yeah yeah yeah yeah what a great hearty and socks bro i don't know why they give him with we're say
that would be nice to just having give is asking why would you want to see him they put him in the ring with like a bunch of wolves or some now kes colin yeah why why does dana give him a chance yes yeah alright man that's our ufc talk to you tubers yeah i feel like sometimes youtubers get a bad although yeah it's kinda deserve at times but just the name youtubers yeah it's like a lame title right yeah yeah i mean we are you two words but like we do now we do a lot more than that like obvious like wheat podcast time yeah yeah usaac we do live shows all the time so it's it's some entertainers i would say
yeah i like i like your song short kings anthem of thank you hello sure king myself it's like half a year we've got a bad rap for a long time is like we know we can get sucked into the standing up yeah yeah yeah yeah is it open and they go boss one it all up did you really you set us back three three hundred years well he's also declared himself to be the mlk of short people i only saw the act better yeah to disavow we have to uniformly all this real sore kings disavow bagel bar yeah i looked up us looking at don't ask me why success short dudes and like top ten was like gangus khan hitler in the polian i was like oh shit all the most horrible people angry or do i need to james madison though there you go he wrote the constitution there you go ok shut out so i wanted to talk quickly about the transition from vine to youtube that you guys made yeah find
every now and then i'll actually sit back and just like man i miss fine yeah that was the whole world that i feel like we don't even have any of the content from it anymore yeah it's like it's like you have little like floating bits of it but now it's not like that yeah and i miss it yeah it definitely was like yeah there's definitely still a gap like like vine you
he right like nothing is filled it right like a tech talk maybe like there's like there's a couple good videos on tech talk now those people are still here yeah yeah i do now i like most of it is bizarre against by an android phone is pre loaded on there right that's how you get the weirdest people it's like a it's like the u two song that they gave everyone when they bought like an i pod yeah yeah it is i don't remember looking windows ninety eight thousand was pre loaded with back yes yeah yes like would lead yeah it actually surprised me the nobody's recreated vine it seems like a be a pretty simple apt to like just redo right because people loved it i think for the most part vine was a popular apps just wouldn't want to keep it up you know i feel like vine was it was just like shareable snapchat's like yeah posted that now that they would they would not want lasting forever but that's what's good about vine is somewhat like a hundred followers really looking me bashing the cigarette on my friend in the yeah a million trillion lasers that there's there is a second version i think that the guy who found that is working on okay was working on and then shut down and now he's back working on it again yeah and i don't know it'll be interesting it feels like the biggest gap is like the whole vine stars yeah people who became super famous for these like six second clips
and then never had something else you know what i mean that they are lossed is well you guys obviously went to youtube podcast are successful in a million different ways i feel like there's a whole group of people who are super successful on vine and then history is just lost them yeah yeah like our yeah we started in mag con that's how we got our stuff yeah you don't act on it don't make on it now i feel like a loser not on us talk about you have see again yeah trust me you're cooler for not knowing what is it yeah no mac com was a weird thing where they took like basically want to boys from vine is awesome dude and he made like a touring business out of these like
the boy band with no music and he would like to lou pearlman of i know yeah yeah yeah money off all their names i like i like the business model yeah he he took like these young dudes around and like he would just sell meet and greet tickets and it was like real creepy but they were in there always at like the convention or like the convention rooms that like the hilton and stuff like that yeah yeah and then like girls would line up to meet them and then do they do this thing or like they had like a lot of moves right they're pretty sick but they had one where they have wrapped their hands around someone's face and put the thumbs on the lips and then kiss wife thumbs so it's not why is sexual assault is the real thing on that seal is this is this is what the world is meant like vine is great idea damage that run by the same guy that started that apartment complex that he just went out to vine stars i remember reading an article about that yeah they only one on vine street yeah no no these stupid dude but
for maybe the same maybe a male run all right on so do you guys you guys obviously like live online in a lot of your you know this is cringe videos that you put up our talking about the inner and the weird culture on the internet sorry for the sirens we have a suite at studio where you can just hear sirens everything sounds good man do you guys ever get like bummed out looking at the internet because that happens to me every now and then when i'm like man this socks arm yeah i mean like i don't oh no no don't do it ok i'm just good that's a good answer i think i've seen too much we had for instance on last show someone tweeted that they figured out that the office free character except jim pam and oscar voted for trump and now he's like depressed about it it's like really that you're this point where the internet like depresses
this much where it it's just such a weird concept to me to have the internet fuck your brain up so much that you can hate something used to love yeah i feel like that's how you get deep into the internet you get to these people where it's like well how is this real world yeah i mean like one thing that kind of i guess like would start to bum me out is when i'm like digging too hard for things to let's like that's what this format sort of like requires you do you like after a while it's just like so that's why we started making like different types of videos and stuff like that and you know making more music and stuff because it's like yeah
the just digging for videos to ha make right enough right yeah right you get to a point like to press you a little right you get to a point we get to almost like too deep in the internet these people are real yeah yeah yeah ever have a conversation with a friend who is not online at all and then you realize how trivial and consequential so some the that you care about yeah yeah yeah there was something i think usa today had like a front page article last week about what a wife guy is there is this like trend on the internet of like people making content other wives wife that fell down a cliff the other week yeah oh yeah oh yeah i see here what they got an email sent to him and and they call these guys wife guys now which i guess really are just husbands an internet term for it now and there's an article on the front page of usa today and
if you were online and you read that you would be like what world of my little so what is it two down into the weeds to like really understand how up your brain gets all right on line you know yeah yeah yeah yeah definitely you you we it it's funny now because there's people watch like you know us like reactive videos and stuff in the send stuff and say you guys should react to this it's like some person with like one thousand subscribers whose maybe just like little clueless or like not self aware and it's like just wants to blow this guys life up and right yeah like yeah what he's doing is weird but jesus christ they're not just going to look at this moron over here right right have some responsibility finding that line how much you guys are both from canada how much is that helped you know like pretty i guess internet culture is internet culture but i feel like a lot of this is americans being very very weird yeah i'm like fake canadian was born in toronto but i moved to la like really young okay you're like why
yeah yeah pretty much yeah cody your real canadians or real full blown canadian you're all the way there yeah canadian internet different is it the same it's just everythingendsin dot ca hear this weird instead of this comet fuckin' it's the wild what are the canadian pranks just like paying for somebody's paying too much for some coffee for someone's tim horton's yeah exactly as it is used in your backyard actually saw an awesome moose content video the other day just a moose chilling out all i saw the front yard sprinkler it was so hot that the moose was just like laying down on the sprinklers yeah we get all the time they're like dear but really there now i have seen moose like like plenty in like banff and oh yeah that one yeah it was
it didn't snow white just moves instead of deer and they replaced bambi with the most disney just doubling down honestly told me anything about canada and i'll believe it i know that it's only a couple one hundred miles away but you could seriously be like oh yeah moose are actually the ones that animate all the cartoons that makes sense i'm curious with this because i think we have a similar feeling of at what point would you like yo this is actually a job and we can do this full time because we kind of got asked backwards into this profession ann eventually along the way were like wait this actually pays well and telling people you're a podcaster super embarrassing even though it still is what do you do i'm a podcaster but at what point we like this actually is a profession now totally new do professional ten years ago yeah weren't real yeah yeah shoot well it started with cody had he
is visa change so we used to be software engineers so he because is a change he had to quit and he had become like an entertainer those kind you can't make videos together and he was figuring it out and then we really weren't making that much money that i wasn't enough like coming from being soft there's really having a salary salary and then basically switching to okay let's like what's really trying to figure out how to make money on and at that point it was like you know youtube videos we were like monetize but like not nearly enough now right lives that way right and and and so then i got about a year into that i got laid off from my job as an engineer we organize the same company and cody said don't get a job let's let's go for broke like fuckit and so we started a podcast and then thankfully like we started patreon in that kind of like put some stability in there from there were able to build on top of that i guess we both would
a little bit like because they're so new to it it's not like official is not there yet yeah yeah so we feel like we have to also real hard yeah make sure it's you know it's lasting right right what do you what would you describe what you do to somebody just like meeting somebody new on the streets or something i said out software engineer i said yeah yeah i do comedy on the side was there ever any point where you were like a little bit nervous to putting it to be putting so many eggs in like you to spassky doctor monetization baskets like if they change their algorithm or the business model or something i mean it's gonna with us yeah but that's the reason why there's there's so many like ways to monetize now if you're like a creator that it forced us to like figure out different streams like yeah want you to be like when we when was going to that ad should that's why i started a podcast because it was like longer form stuff was easier monetized and and so like this forces you to kind of adapt yes i think is like any anything yeah
yeah do you guys ever do the fake videos on youtube where it's like an explosive headline and then it's just static picture someone tried those when like the mafia boss got shot and killed in staten island we can put up a youtube on our channel that was like explosive footage of mafia boss gunned down no just this picture wikipedia underneath those always get me it's always getting after you've been in there like you paid him yeah one hundred percent yeah such bullship it works i'm looking at like rapper beasts like yeah lousy vert knocks out
cartier oh is a picture of his instagram yeah he's like thoughts on news u verse yeah some random dude what about it it's headphone microphone grant you yeah yeah you're not to wait awhile i watch the whole thing yeah you have to see like hey what's up guys is that like that's code for you yeah you haven't said it's you too bro choirs at hey guys it's like a pledge of allegiance hello yeah you can always also just like if you're if if what your videos is doing as well as you thought would be just add gone wrong at the end of it yeah like like a banned commercial those yes do also yes toss those in headline you have gone sexual yeah yeah gone sexually wrong they have gone sexually wrong yeah good one yeah yeah what do you think is the reason why people do so much dumb online and put it that's a that's a good question i mean i think that's kind of so we do like a
sears costing me too it's on my channel and at the way i would describe it is like people don't realize the internet's available to everyone i think it's like some people upload stuff thinking that the internet is cut like it's just they're part of the internet it's like now man so it's going to find that put that on a blog as as i think that's what it is also just think they're people that just want that attention yeah true there after it true have you ever uploaded something that was actually cranes on your part that you then you got roasted for you like oh is not so fun being on the side of it arm we've done a bunch of crazy stuff yeah but if you if you like i think if you make yourself the of the joke like we don't take ourselves too seriously like what we do i think the way that i just said cringe as a thirty four year old guy was probably pretty yeah well it's true though make yourself the body your joke and because that's i love the internet i've laugh about all these idiots but i
as to if i were twenty two i'd probably do the same shape yeah yeah yeah exactly yeah it was a bored teenager i'd probably be safe same ship yeah i mean that's also it like you think about i don't know when you're like fucking sixteen and someone's dad had a camera in your like let's make videos like all those videos are dumb as fuck yeah awful or your favorite pornstar on twitter like maybe i'll just shoot my shot yeah might work something off your amazon wishlist yeah and then yeah he shot at it actually doesn't work doesn't work so you just send her the follow up cash app like hey thank you miss my amazon gift just want to say again yeah i got that for you really love you yes we really want to see your feet just show me the feedback or would be just you know i could just like you yeah whatever you want me to send you a bunch of money so hank wrote a bunch of questions for us here because hank is a big fan of yours thank you any questions for just the ones i wrote for you guys
well thank you here's a good one from hank you guys make your own beats by the way do you guys do know pro tools oh yeah can you song i've got a seven music video coming out tomorrow if i can studio guy just decided not alone today i'm pretty terrible mixing yeah yeah i know we have two producers south spock and dining pistols they they make caller beats i'm excesses a suite for yeah that is pretty so yeah sonny digital makes all of our beats in and i said yeah yeah yeah i think he actually does some serious yeah we're on track we just want to hear him again before i said we back into this ship we've done two songs with him and like to hang out with them anytime when it was at the one coming out tomorrow no this is one that we just record like down the street yeah we've only called project it's chunk came out in a february the sound for the super bowl i save all my trap shoot for part of my taken then i do pop punk songs on my own so yeah it's going to figure out a way to get that fucking song mix no
i have to apologize to you know well because you got verified on twitter was a few months ago yeah yeah right so you treated i'm just verified on twitter and now i'm ready to yell at some airlines and that's been my brand for a really long time that i just hillary no no it's you were spot on if you're verified on twitter you are legally obligated to yell at like delta and american airlines when your boarding takes ten minutes longer than you thought so but i yell on behalf of other people so if people are having problems blue checkmarks i always hop in and just tell like delta i'm going to skull fuck you alexis and then you asked to collaborate i somehow missed the message but i also remember looking in are you actually a vegan and not
okay so you got to got out because once i review goes like this guy saw i swear to god i still have you given the profile is like i don't like this guy i don't i wanted to do with him swear to god i love this orgasm was obvious yeah you can understand my sarcasm i didn't understand your that word jumps out though yes if you see that in a sentence or whatever it's like that's the one usually take it out yeah all right missing a lot of business opportunity yeah said i'm differs vegan with yeah and i've i don't know he's like never mind is that we can look at any given i thought i thought being of fake vegan with s would be is it would be if it's a like a i know a first yeah are you are you have yelled an airline yet yeah i got good in america american airlines over dm's yes they've got locked our day up there all day i wish i had found out a lot of school for
yeah yeah i'm actually probably on the list because i actually do tweet like errol i'm gonna skull yeah they definitely try to fix on the f b i no yeah yeah if you look at my g m's it's all to like delta american airlines asking them to to telling them they need to fix someone else's white so never mind yeah is that where do they fix heightened well what the the joke is that they will usually respond and then i'll just take credit for being like see got it done obviously doesn't help it gets fixed ever on these stupid lady online you know they don't give a shame they don't give a fuck i always love how when airlines response you on twitter the person that does it always puts their initials at the end of this week yeah yeah it is from hk oh yeah i know hk yeah yeah right right yes you did a remarkably good typer i apologize for that because i i'm being told us the vegan thing threw me off i don't think i'll ever collab with a vegan okay got
being totally how well you can you can know that i'm not vegan thank god yeah probably have led to the v and you just don't know yet well i want to take that back yeah that's a great restaurant for her cringe what would we people are most commonly recognize you from if you're walking down the street uh it's a mix like like we can tell who is it like sort of like a fan of what like based on what they say yeah so it's like a come joke podcast listen right if there's a claim saturday you too gore said yeah and then that no one like really like knows just for music so i'll i'll get real grows yeah yeah which is weird because like people will that one takes takes a second for people to look at me like one because like from you are you to like their water should all the time they look on my face all the time right now so it's like they're they'll just freak out right away bill now but like real brothers it's like the people just like
i think that's it yeah the cause of it wait yeah what's up there do you burn which by the way there's no funny answer to that no no no it's not that fox me up because i can't say anything that's funny in response to that well you could just be like of course of course i burn yeah but then there are like now you know what am i supposed to say just put it back on them just build you burn yeah yeah you don't know you should just carry a bong around and be like yes right now yes is it weird for you guys being in that this is probably another similarity where your you have a level of fame where people recognize you but i like we don't feel famous but people look at our faces all the day all all the time yeah recognize us yeah but in in it the best is when someone will say something to us and then they'll be a random person but who are you yes and i'm like well
well i can't really explain it yeah yeah yeah yeah totale we just i hate that it still hurts so much dude that happened to me in starbucks other day this guy like waiting in line it's like you know peak ten am whatever peak times like giant line and i'm waiting there in this girl like walks by the window and she's like and she runs in an it's like can i get a picture and i'll make sure so she takes a selfie and leaves in the guy behind me is like you do man yes i'm like you two were back at it is like really is like a war okay cool yeah the steps in front of you yeah a little yeah i mean there staring at you trying to figure out what it is you do that person just recognized i want to always know what's going to their head like a process of lynn limitations like for me the guys usually like that maybe kid rock stunt double like that but it's like it's never when i tell him like oh i do podcasts there's like such disappointment or like oh i thought it was next with celebr
yeah it happened to us in the dodgers game we were out in el a and we both had taken edibles before we got to the game and we're in a long line for concessions in these two kids came up and asked for a picture and then there's two like sixty year old dude standing next to us asked us every question god is guys who like what's your what's your roi right now in new hires like how do you decide when to hire like a new producer for the show i don't know i just want ice cream like yeah i wanted ice cream out of the helmet that's why i'm just trying to get fucking helpful and we just tell everyone who makes seventy five thousand dollars a podcast each year so there's an article once that was like pardon my take make
fifteen million dollars a year and then everyone did the math like what you make seventy five thousand dollars a podcast like yep yep give us a big check right after yeah yeah it's wonderful it's like an actual lottery style right yeah every single time job he did another episode of fetty we take a picture every single time i got one last question seeking question put in promo code take you get ten dollars off or seek purchas who are you guys beefing with we want to get a beef like going to shoot man is it always is good when you get the when we get the residual so yeah you go off on someone on our show than ever but you got to listen to what they said on part might oh okay you guys get real big guess i feel like we should just aim for some fun mass jake jill
all okay yeah yeah i'm sorry he's kind of like the whole method acting thing yeah like to chill out we get and we're actually in the military yeah yeah yeah i was okay but you really don't know we don't like no no no we're on your side like that like it's stolen valor basically what he does just trying to play bad characters all the time this is a better actor than his yes way better magazine that yeah yeah jaysh i've also is just riding his sister's coattails everybody in hollywood and they always talk about it but nobody is has them all to say but we do have a loss for ho yeah there's no law watch and i got no problem i don't think it's got in peace like internet peace now but i have to say italian actor he that he's doing a military movies stolen valor so good yeah i god for bid i ever run into anybody well if i can get him yeah who who did a chris kyle was his name yeah yeah because his out yeah please do i mean also they're taking jobs away from veterans that are actors yeah cat is a house play as a soldier yeah right yeah you we yeah looking pretty on camera what what did you do you can do jar had sought we just got to get better internet the dark it was a fake deep movie to everyone always
these are given that yeah every fourteen year olds favor movie exactly i thought yeah he for vendetta my hair eats i like yes you think are the guys were to bunny had sick okay yeah but i mean something all right so we're officially before jack jill now whereas as you got us in yeah talk we're trying to get your okay internet is a joke and now we're actually beating with jail holds on as a youth with on the internet almost got me other tubers everyone that we like everyone that we make fun of his is pretty cool like i am you saw the computer video that we did but we like base you read on this like forbes video that they did on the founder of kombucha the guy that first bottled it in america so he's a billionaire from bottling kombucha ok and so forbes video makes him out to be like this beverage villain
yeah he's sitting in his like house like petting is rabbit and like that so we we ripped on the video and we're like making fun of you know we're making fun him a little bit too yeah and he damn that's right afterwards and was like the nicest guys like to this is so funny come over to my place let's let's from a follow up video yeah okay like that's mostly people that we like yeah are like you know in like fig beast whether whatever like a really cool so you guys are us yeah i do the exact we only jj watt where we basically only into an interview yeah and they want to yeah and then we raise money for his foundation so that he would do an interview and now i actually like he's a good guy we are live said is there any point where like you meet somebody that you've racked on you like i really wanted to hate you yeah barnes arms are cool yeah i mean like it kind of starts that way we when we start uh when we wrote
the kid maddie smokes we thought he was going to be like a bit of a division like like a like a shitty kid and turns out is like the sweetest kids so nice man just like you had a sub like you know you wanna play for night yeah and yeah but you're gonna be like yeah it does yeah it was hot boxing jewelry yeah yeah yeah like i said i feel like that's perfect internet culture though to where you just hate someone for a video you see i'm in and then you meet me like okay you're nice person yeah yes all the time yeah yeah which is kind of cool right it is i guess there's more like content and stuff it reminds you house fake like the internet world is slowly yeah one hundred percent yeah alright walk doctor phil oh yeah we had we had yeah we really do approximately that you made yeah i'm actually we walked in they took him in advance yeah on the whole yeah if he got him on reverse psychology i just kept on in the middle the interview being like are you okay you have
what so we destroyed his brain afterwards he was feeling so low he had to like show us is clay court tennis court that he plays yeah basically challenges to game of tennis so he could defeat is it something right yeah we were we offer the mental yeah we do you i mean we do that thing in the back of the van where if you're in the back of the we we like cram people into a van so they really have nowhere to go yeah and then it just becomes the physical closeness makes it so they cannot dodge any quite yet yeah that thing is actually very good and yeah it is wow what a thought yeah i wanna i wanna do that parties yeah we do it next summer in la will we will bring the van because that's what we did we know you really do that yeah we have a show that i can't on espn but i yeah in this issue of all be yes yes yes yeah there i don't know what you know what you know what you has been with the do the ufc you that's a yeah arms stupid model makes no sense where the you put the fights some five i can't find it yeah you can't buy it well you can't buy it at its own slang then you go to sling and it played three hours early yes that sucks a regarding better there's a banker check out his own instead yeah there might be a spin yeah i'm gonna get yeah we get people in the back of vans and then we just kinda
mentally right into this model yeah yeah it's like a bang bus was just your mind yeah mobile verbal bang but yeah school for already pull up in the van in hollywood yeah they find celebrities like kevin hart electronic you wanna make five owner bob yeah you have a lot of money okay way yes there's a camera and i get paid for it yeah alright boys thank you so much as or something on you yeah she stopped by and we we got a clap on some school yes do it next time yeah let me know i'll get in i will i may never fly again anytime we have airline problems now we know on the one yeah i will get an answer okay and owls pat myself on the back like job well done i it was think thank you thanks guys that interview was brought to you by no bowl it's time to demand more from your work out here i'm actually wearing my noble shoes right now they don't even look like they just look like sleek sneakers but they're super comfortable you need to demand
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yeah i mean i thought it was talking about sex i thought it was like you know kids these days and they talk about like what your number is the be like what your body count right so i thought as in like a funny hash tag with like it you know scandalously which could actually it could have been with right bill clinton i thought that was like oh is gonna be funny ha ha for brace to be five thousand tweets and i was like a has bill clinton killed more people than he's noon so i don't know so so it just it's a theory that just started so yeah this i'd say back to like the mid nineties people freaked out because they thought that the clintons were murdering all their political adversaries right and former friends it started did the guy that made the whitewater deal with him should i forget i'm about two guys named skippy my mind right now but its pursuit of this day and so anytime anybody around the clintons dies do like oh the clintons killed him again this is this is hillary hillary can beat donald trump in an election but you can get away with like two dozen murders so this is because jeffrey epstein was like maybe committed to tried to commit suicide
i beat up i think he was just jacking off who was doing nadarajah if for me in the worst of the worst human being yeah he was time he was on the floor of his jail cell and so that's why i got brought up again but this is i always just assume like house of cards is written about clinton's at he kind of was right but then restore it but then you have to think like biopic if this was true anthony weiner's dick would at least be cut off by now if not killed entirely true true so there's like some there's enough so basically we can prove that the clintons did murder a bunch of people by the fact that there are still a few people alive yes anytime after could defend anytime anthony wieners wiener pops up yes it does several times a year that is all the proof that you need that there you go although i would really like to see hillary clue try to kill somebody yeah oh yeah oh that moves what do you have lot of
in the kitchen today the celtics actually just signed talk of fall which is exciting okay and that was the breaking that was expected right well that just happened to send literally like as i was saying breaking news but the other breaking news it also just happen is that the song of the summer music video has finally dropped nine did finally drop a drop today late but it's i think it was worth the wait well worth it shout out to be the best partial video i've seen like quality wise there ever to ban really strong together for us at the song of the summer is out now we just decided that we would write a song called the song of summer kind of a little like cheat codes there mark i mean you listen if you're listening right now and you haven't heard the song in summer you're a loser and will put it at the end of the show and will put at the end of the show is only one way to fix it and then will make you a winner name of the show yeah look at that and pft don't have a concert coming up good question big kid i do saturday on long island right yeah
that's on inside of long island at mckay's saturday night we will see you there were planned i think like twenty four songs you'll know the words like this concert and if you don't that's fine just get really drunk and puke on us hello yes punk as song of the summer can people sing along with someone someone you better sing along hell yeah hell yeah they will what what was that we was at hank way point yes play is supposed to read me talking thanks it does yeah i could have a cut the surprising no keep aside and actually bring keep all this in so what if he looks for the chocolate milk ad song summer okay he's yeah nailed it and on long island in long island okay barstool built by chocolate about hank you've done a great job dictating the aws about how chocolate milk is delicious and it helps with recovery since this is the last story for why don't you tell everyone would they should go out
why they should go out and buy more chocolate milk using the words capital and sabbatical let's go you got this you're at your job right now is summer it's hot as fuck you don't want to be here you're about to get it you're going to want to go into your bosses office and say i'm taking a sabbatical yeah see what they say what they say they might just be alright see you in a year picture hank knows what's bad ok and then just with a capital f say f you on the way out on chocolate milk and enjoy the weather hell yes that's good hey to go to art teacher take a sabbatical ones your inspiration i knew like everyone says like they're like oh my english teacher in ninth grade really made me love books your art teacher taking a long vacation made you love vacations it's just not how i knew what it meant i think that's part of job description like if you're an art teacher you just end up you get high for like a month ago a sabbatical yeah you're on yourself sabbatical actually just means like if somebody's too important to whatever company for you not to fire them you just say they're taking us about
you still things things cool down for awhile or myers taking sabbatical his entire life is just jobs and then something happens and it takes a sabbatical and then another job so learn more at built with chocolate milk com thank you hank is wonderful all right next up before we do jimbos it's louise who cares we know louisiana louisiana who cares who cares louisiana who cares in louisiana in louisiana who cares who cares good said which way i do it yeah good point where nobody in louisiana does right because death valley just announced today they are going to sell beer and wine inside general seating areas how your stadium in two thousand nineteen i love it i love it to take every ellis you home game not the one anyway but the crowd is going to be very loud never going to never gonna weaver and some people are saying it's not a great idea to them i say
who cares and also fuck you walk you you don't know shit about louisiana if you think this is a bad idea go take a sabbatical bit yeah because would you rather have ninety thousand sober louisiana's in a stadium probably not nope would you rather wander into a grizzly bear pin if they're really super hungry and they haven't eaten in a long time or if they're all fattened up on salmon yes exactly you want a car you yes you want these louisianans to be nice and liquored up it'll be more fun everybody else i'm excited for this finally millie ncaa stadiums like this is ridiculous it took this long from like hey maybe we should sell beer at the fucking foot i can't wait until some drunk cajun that's been like sneaking this stuff in for years calls himself the rosa parks of this law like i've been staying up this injustice bullship one four years by coors light hank jimbos let's do it the return submit kat boss baby the and hank
garden i have to watch little kids learn to swim the other day of preschool were standing next to the pool and out of nowhere he fell in face first so instead of jumping in i just want to see if he could swim back up he didn't after ten seconds i went in is that dumb or understandable no it sounds like you got a football coach immediately understandable 'cause you just assume then he's gonna be able to swim right why would you be a pool if you can't swim you know what you also probably save that kids life because that going to be terrified of water and he'll never go near another pool another lake another ocean again so he's never going to drown you did your job this is this visual is very funny because i think i'd do the same thing like kid falls in your like well i'm going to wait and see if he not so much you get big is slowly sinks to the bottom like oh is someone going to get that kid alright next what's up guys i was drunk and i was impulse buying plane tickets to go to the t t u n michigan game at ohio state they are
employment and then wait a cottuni don't know what that is the thing about north of those jobs thank you jake that was very useful idiots wait the games not even the games in in our continued right so that everybody missing in your car this is not a cop pulling you over just as pete tweet at all business pete and comma fuckhead they aren't even playing the game at osu this year it's in ann arbor ann i accidentally bought plane tickets to colombia the country i bought plane tickets to fuqing bogata full flight insurance either i booked a hotel room in bogata as well on fuch ok alright little spin zone for you buddy just go i've kind of been in the same boat because i actually have two tickets for michigan state at ohio state this fall that i bought last fall when i was trying to get into the michigan versus ohio state game so i have those remind me to sell ok yeah you gotta get rid of those soon that's that's tough break but i say just go to columbia it's a wonderful one
again not a drug guy but if you want a country to go to you could do a lot worse than columbia yeah really yeah i mean there's trucks that are well listen i want to just make it clear it i think next entire knowledge about the country of columbia comes from vince making metagene in entourage and it's not wrong though escobar is is that it's wrong to escobar's thirty for thirty now and that is wrong no columbia columbia is a wonderful place number that is wrong or right i got the back seat buckle down this i'm going raw dog here from jake so bear with me i got in the back seat to buckle my son in his car to avoid a florida rain storm i buckled him in and couldn't get out of the car because the child lock was on to climb over the center console into the front seat of my below average starter vehicle toyota corolla
and then my son told me he had to poop okay sounds like so yeah that problem so you put your son in a flood yeah sounds a lot like the first person yeah sounds bad that sounds bad all right let's see what who got the sink measured noah just instead of an had just a toyota corolla okay guys ever get in i only got real drive only got room for insects cd player six this changer the world will be filled with insects is small lizards i have one had a six six to stranger talk about luxury i want to the back level of a photo of the machine here to put in there yeah yeah that's so that that's pretty sweet god damn it that's that's a big time like kids don't even know uhhuh and it took like six minutes for it to change from one doesn't get out of the car and go to the trunk to put in new cds alright this is a good one sup pmt but especially pft i mean impulse decision and bought a puppy last week because i thought she was cute now i don't have
time for literally anything she bites everything in my house ships all over the floor and listen to nothing i say i know once i'm through the puppy stage i'll be happy with the impulse decision but for now it's overwhelming pft did you get leroy when he was a puppy and do you have any advice on taking care of i did i rescued him when he was a puppy from his parents yep they weren't a breed i rescue him from his parents and the best advice i can give you about owning a puppy is just take it with you everywhere that you can and just hold it and walk with it and people you can walk into a lot of places that like i took mine to work all the time take them out like no ten times more often than you think that you have to take them also tips i rescued stella when she was nine months old she was not house trained that's probably why the family that gave her away gave her away but get like roast beef or some kind of really good meat from the deli and just give your dog a little piece every time they go to the bathroom outside
they're going to bathroom yeah that's how i got a house and we should lily be peeing eating roast beef out of my hand kind of a weird visual not i'm saying it but that work well it helps if you like big can you just walk around raw much like the actor tommy lasorda right happen to have that on you we have make a big deal out of every time they go to the bathroom also leave your dog in front of a tv with with sports on the green so that hopefully at one point your dog will acquire the sixth sense of breaking news yeah and then one day his instagram page will pay for his future son's tuition that's perfect that's perfect okay that is our show we have david spade and three jordan on monday big couple it's coming up little training camp stuff will tweet out if we're going somewhere we might be going somewhere come into your sit down pretty well now probably not your city yeah no i have good yo you're talking exactly that i have a good feeling that guy we are going to the city particular listeners of this show
we will be in your city are you tom right now we're coming your city see buddy love you guys it starts in june and then september remember when i think of where i start to lose my temper yeah the girl he scored twenty yeah right september remember that
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