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Corona Virus Has Cancelled Sports Plus Jon Rothstein And March Sadness

2020-03-13 | 🔗
Corona Virus has cancelled sports. We talk about the wild last 48 hours as the Coronavirus reached pandemic stage and what happened in the sports world. (2:50-23:50) With no sports for the foreseeable future we gameplan what we'll do on the show to help entertain the masses and provide an escape from what has become a crazy week. (23:51-35:30) CBS Sports Jon Rothstein joins the show to break down the decision to cancel the tournament, what would have happened if the tournament had been played, and planning his bachelor party that will now be hosted by PFT and Big Cat. (37:45-11:46) Fyre Fest of the week and a special outro songĀ (1:16:04-1:24:50)
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On today's pardon, my take sports have been cancelled. It is one of the weirdest part my takes. We will do. We will move on. We have big plans to hate. Make sure that we make this show a place of people can escape too. We have John Rothstein on the show he talked about what we try to get him to talk about what the term it would have been like do worked it and go through
brain too painful for him, but it was also a great interview and big news out of the interview. We are possibly going to be planning John Rothstein's Bachelor Party, so that was a good thing that came out of a crazy, crazy forty eight hours that no one really seems to understand. We have all that coming up and we have firefest before we do that part. My take is brought to you by the cash app. Not only is it the easiest place to send money to your friends, but it's also a place where you can buy fractional shares of stock with as little as I'm going off script right now for the cash app cash that people. Could you don't like me going off script, you let me know, but I think you're going to like this guess what coronavirus guess what that means.
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Now the krona viruses going everywhere. Remember the animals so thou o the cash out from the APS or Google placed or today and get involved with the cash. Ok, let's go None How do you have any idea how our work on the part of my take presented?
by the cash app go download. It right now use code bar stool for ten dollars off ten dollars. The s peace here today is fry, a March thirteenth in PDF tee. I do not want to be an alarmist, but we are all going to die in the world is coming to an end. Today was the day the Jack germs died. It was a harrowing twenty four hours everything I cancel. The good news is The good news is. There are no more sports left to cancel. You can't hurt me anymore yeah. It was what I actually take that back, because I'm getting really into Sri lankan cricket. So that's the one thing I think we can still bent on right now. But basically everything has been taken from us and sports world, but this in a weird way is where I think that sometimes we have the most fun yes and- and we have had our share fund at the expense of the corona virus, if I may just get serious p of tea for a second right from the top, I solar respect virus
It's like a it's like a raven steward thing like no love lost. I hate it so much. I want to beat the fuck out of it, cancer and I'm going to know. I'm encouraging everybody to do everything that it they can't. Yes, even if you're a healthy young spry twenty year old, just don't stay away from public places, because you're gonna run into people that have come. Burma's immune systems that you don't know you might run into me could be sick. You dont know if you're walking past some somebody on the sidewalk if they have type one diabetes or are lupus. If they're going to like chemotherapy those people, work or save lives together as a pike ass. The best way to do that is just listen to a shit. Termite at yes, let's do a shitload of pardon. My take all right so we're going to get to our plans and we have a lot of plans for what she probably is going to be a long time without sports, and it's going to be very weird weird in the whole last forty eight hours have been very, very surreal.
Since the moment that I said I would inject myself a coronavirus if they cancel the NCAA tournament from that statement. Every single second, after that it got exponentially worse shades of Laker Dan, and if you don't like her Dan, you know liquor Dan and those not get into that, but it's kind of reset will start from when it all went, started going downhill, hear the NBA on Wednesday night Rudy Gobert, who is public enemy number one in the world who, by the way, I'm going to defend him a little bit here is just to prank it. When I watch that video I was like that's exactly something I would do now. That's exactly something I would have done three days ago now that I've understood the severity and what's going on. I would not do that anymore, but Rudy Gobert, like I'm, not going to
just pile on this guy for doing something he thought was completely innocent. Clearly it was not so that happened in short sighted, shortsighted stupid, but also no knowing offspring would do the same job. We not malicious. You re the cough joke in an elevator. I did write like that. It's not that crazy for test for us to say we would do something like that, so no more, but we would- and regardless of- You did the microphone thing or not. If he had grown a virus or cancel the whole week like even if it came out, he had grown a virus and he didn't fuck around other journalists and did that we have put down an unworthy. Georgia said, though, that what legal orally blaming him- God, damn it it's like this, because the world's poor, where he said he had been careless over the course less like three or four days, but everyone like her, but you do in such a people, seemed like he was going out of his way to like touch people's faces and we'll go you're scared because I got the virus so yeah, its. It was unfortunate August, shocked at the first NBA player to have this disease wasn't chair Psmith. This feels like some that J are word.
Does it not only on the ability of the donor he's in these and when I certainly somewhere somewhere out there, so that have in the jazz game was very weird cause. They didn't know what to do. They rushed on the court to basically stop the game before it starts. The NBA quickly says we're suspending all games for the foreseeable future. And then from that point on it felt like every single sport I mean the incidentally, it already said: they're gonna play with no crowds. It was weird watching games go on like conference tournament, games, gone Fred, Hoy, Birgus, basely dying on the sidelines here end up having influenza and this all happens. I just and influence yes Inscribes, whose influence Louisiana it's when you drink too much fifteen just should I have so that happens, MBA cancels we wake up the next day. Thinking, ok things or bad. Things are crazy right now, but they're gonna play conference tournament games with no fancy. That turns out to be not the case because everyone basic domino
all in every one, Kansas except the biggest while they started doing in the biggest with it. We were there like limited fads, was like family yeah or is that what it? Well? Yes, they put a mortal half, they play the first half. They cancel the games. The sad mascot Saint John! Already in the in the upper deck of the of mass and square garden was that was quite a site. I don't know why the big ease decided they would just like forge ahead. Who is there is crazy? It's interesting a sea like an entire conference in Phuket mode, yet where they're, just like you know what I just do it, because cancelling this seems like a big thing, it was James DAWN was probably on the phone. I beg you please I need. I need some ticket sales I need. Some concessions sailed out was the best report, the G8, the the report than all the owners. Gonna conference call and in the next we're the only team that were like we have to wait until there's like government mandate. Otherwise we gotta play, but so all
things he gets in. Also last night after Goober was was diagnosed and a clear, the court, the Utah jazz, had to stay in the locker room for hours as they all had to get tested. Somehow they found how many like forty, immediate task, weird for for the covert virus, and they brought him into the lock room test their body. Dublin Mitchell has the corona vows ass. She surprise I thought it was, can be more players would have it by the way they sent made it sound like Rudy go. There was basically just tongue, kissing everyone right, a prank. We're saying like eight on sports dinner, they were talking about how all the players would have to citizen my circle. Well, they dislike jammed Q tips down their throats, wanted to get a gag reflex Adam and then finally get a test results back before anyone could
Leave the arena. I guess the thunder got tested to everyone on the thunder was ok right, but yet now it was such a bizarre. No less. I that's what it felt like. I was half way between an acid trip and has been dead. You just cut you. I don't think anyone fully realised what was going on as it was going. We all we're just watching appealing, wait. They cancelled, they suspended the invasion. Ok! Well, that's fine, but like there's still gonna play college vaseful than the council college. Vast body took where the fence in the Big EAST they hand the one talk about visuals, Saint John Mascots, about efforts you getting the ac championship. True They handed them the trophy, which was ridiculous. I guess I d in terms the NBA, the Finns Carter yeah, getting orgy last time like the farewell towards those crazy right. So then we're sitting there and any cellist cancelling stop and aunt. Em, alas, cancel them, and you know what I'm a less still romanian exe
Well, we're gonna happen further foreseen out that that was still on the table. They, we all think that maybe they will suspend the tournament push it later for clock, hits cancel the entire and suitably term cancel all Spring sports college. Baseball done and they'll be done, we're living in no anyhow, no shall it's it's crazy. We have no support this. Wireless man's nightmare. We we have no more spanish. We are a country of results. There are no brackets we're bracket less well, think about that world Brackets Campi, dumpster fires and true, but yet it's been of looking weird day, just like it was one thing after the other, you didn't know it was going to come next, but you knew was going to be bad news. There's been no good news, that's come out at all in the last forty hours or probably won't be any more good news for the next like a day or two, I don't
What the hell is going on if they're gonna shut down your oh, I know, there's one good news: do the biggest fuckin, Pre Madonna's drama, queens of all time cancelled their own season before the unstable? I could try to upstage everyone and be like look at me. Word do look at us. We're Duke, then. The term it gets cancelled and than ever its make the joke do gotta. Let me first took his at first. I was the only good thing to happen and we're going to get into a John. I can do to try to figure out who ended up winning this, incidentally term, and so should we talk about that Roquat? Yes, all and artists bracket, yes or Jovan already did put out a bracket, thank God. So we can get mad about seeding sets. That's have to fund a march. Bandits anyways is to just debate that on selection Sunday, so his one seeds that he has he has paler. He has Kansas his day and he has gone more than that. Regions Anna more than Indiana. I appreciate the fact that he put the times for all these game and
like I'm. Looking at it right now, Illinois was going to play USC at nine hundred and fifty p dot m on Thursday night. That game was going to be bananas. You know what the nice touch at the end of all. This is he's got the the last four at the playing games and then he has their time a tv south where we're never ever going to know when the winner of of incest, state you see allays gonna play this been state, was consequent foresee that way nor taxes lands where I'm all when Vermont Sea were Vermont was from so called sugar played nor texts. I think he's Europe up the ceding here. I think he had Auburn as a five seed in that same bracket, which would have been great for me because I've been calling albums frauds all year, so it at a personal revenge game. We had Vermont Goin up again Maryland, Greensborough Scobie Power, melted down in Vermont, Bs Vp, that's brutal! Let's see
Virginia verse Cincinnati. Doubts have been like forty two to forty one great game over under set at one o clock. I've Michigan Yale, Michigan Yale. New blood's do promotes, Burma would have done it. Belmont would have done it. That's probably why You did that. That's probably why they eliminating themselves, god dammit. This is brutal to walk Saint marries. Rockers at nine fifty on Friday night. That's the game that steel, like this game, stinks. What's a bizarre my brain where's, the worst. I think that's like the best part from me at least the Thursday Friday is when it's like, feel you washed cod passports like they're still for games.
Tipping off at nine o clock and they're all as important as the game. Will you take that break at like five, forty, five and there's only one game being played near like we were about? Do it all over again, yeah? It's it's just in its honestly like incomprehensible that this is not happening this year because it becomes a- and I know that there is a lot of things that are bigger than sports and the health of human beings is a lot bigger than sports. Think they made the right call knowing everything we know, but I can still in the same vein say that sports run my life and without sports. I do not know what to do. That's really what it comes out like. I know it sounds simple minded people will be like. Oh my god, you know get a life dude sports. Aren't that important! I'm sorry I'll admit sports. Are that important to me Basically, our entire lotta has like it because it's our job, but it's also every single hobby that we have a people.
In my four you see me, look my phone a hundred times they just looking too, that I keep opening up yes paean to see. Oh, what how my best to it. Just not there are happening. You organ, we rush Yad. Well, maybe I would have been richer. Although gets my fire fast, you boy was high. Real. It's almost a good thing for you. I think they like like eyes. I think they said guesswork. Bigeye firefighters done, but this is its aid should create
I saw a pity. I asked you before the show started and we said we would save a show. But if you had to guess when the next sport will be played on american soil, what would the date be? American, soil, yes, okay, so that could be. It could be an island somewhere. Why do we not if we the reality if we learnt any they ve grown of arson? I hope everything like I hope it doesn't get worse. I hope we can figure out a cure in an event. Seen in all these things, but really what has to happen like when all the dusty settled in a year or so whenever it may happen, we need to have someone Bloomberg looking at you, many MIKE
build an island, a bio dome, we'll talk about jargon. That, basically, is, if anything happens again sports played here right I mean I was looking forward to Sean Miller in the tournament just basically playing inside one of those giant plastic bubbles. I knew right people play bubbles. I know he would. We will push on Miller and like the atmosphere from american gladiators descent sweating around on the sidelines like that. But I think the answer to your question is the x. I fell. I think the excess fellow what date so the day the date would be mid may early may now. I think I think you'll be difference. I think I think. Feel like baseball or soccer Ma Am annoys me. I am us MID mid too late April. An extra fell, because I think that Vince big Man did not want to cancel either the x. I fell or razumihin any. They get, you know how events feels about people sneezing and general right as a Christmas. It isn't it
it wouldn't say, isn't believe that Hilda leave an illness right, so he was definitely like. Let's keep this pump goin for as long as we can. I think that he's gonna want to play the semi finals and the championship game in the ex officio okay. So that would be what made mid. May I perhaps yes, while will be back before that, I'm still absolutely claiming the excess fell east for the decent offenders. Ok, for losses vipers first place. Nice allows Slawson lighted dynasty Lassa virus. I just don't understand why they couldn't. I really I understand why all these things happen, the last forty eight hours, because we do not know why how to stop the virus and it seems like its exponentially growing. I know how how fled the curve when I don't know what it means, but I've seen people say need to flat,
the curve and answer has something to do with how many people are infected immediately, as opposed to over longer distance of time, because we're gonna occur, they're gonna be a totally with infected. We just don't want em all at the same time. It is all we have to say just let's workin flooding the curve. That is the part that we should just get a little series for a minute like I know everyone says that there's or not everyone, there are people out there who are still saying it. Just the same as the flu you know ever get sick will be fine. That's all fine, because if everyone gets sick in the hospitals are over capacity and we don't have the infrastructure to get everyone well, at the same time, a lot worse things are gonna have. I think we ve got something like a hundred thirty thousand ventilators in America. That's not nearly enough! You bought it S. All boys been doing. I have been a watch out. I haven't. I've been listened to a couple podcast, some I'm educating myself and I'm learning that we respect.
Where we respect. I don't want it. I dont want to use the r word, because you respect always way at the end of world war. Two did we do a Jersey swap with Hitler's body? No, we don't respect our enemies, they want to kill us. Ok, you didn't have which is now I respect you have Macarthur whispering into Hirohito his ear on the battleship. Hey, hey complete with us next year, like he was doing we are talking about James. I really don't respect our enemies. We want to kill them. Ok, I want to eliminate, should fire I so with all that said, though it's obviously bet. I do think there was a little bit of everyone rushing to cancel everything as quickly as possible when it probably will relocate to just say: hey we're suspending the and simply term it like give us a week, we'll figure it all out later like you could see, you could cancel it in a week. I don't know I just felt like everyone almost was a competition who concur.
So fast. I would have rain analysed, joined in everyone's right who care I wouldn't have others article I would have almost. Rather they did just we're gonna delayed two weeks and then to extradite, we're delay another two we gas until I get to foot posses. Let us do not addressing it throughout the entire summer and give me and give me the hope, give me like, even maybe tweet brackets once every month right it just just. Let us know like hey we're going to think about it. Let's let let's wait and see how things go in the next. Forty eight, hours week or so and then will reassess it just felt very rash to be like every cancelled forever. I am of the mindset that there are a lot of smarter people out there than I am believe it or not, and I think they got. I got think they got
Dick to the sea. They got addicted, cancel culture. We ass, I think they gotta dig souci. I think they're just a bunch of people in no way more about this than I do so, I'm at the point where I'm standing back, I'm saying I'm gonna. Let you do your job, you. Let me do my job. I guess yeah, ok as well. If the CDC presents comes in this office and starts, tell me to use the sea word less, then I'm gonna have an issue with him, but I'm not gonna go tell him how to do his job. Yes, ok, ass, fair, I I J Bill is kind of pissed me off so because he was basing the first one demanding that the council and then when the cancelled he's like they could probably just wait and see what the fuck did theirs to my people,
And that was all across media erroneous, like they gotta cancelled, I gotta kits we're gonna kill every bigtime cool thrown. Although the NFL has a really decided exactly what you're gonna be doing. I think they're, probably gonna, have the draft for the no people just gonna be Fidel, which is a major cool throne for him, because he's not gonna get booed yeah first time, unlike will finally here who so pipe in the bows for Roger De Las Vegas. So that's what we can eerie doing in a draft in LAS Vegas with no people around here. Very weird, everything's gonna be weird fur like at least a few months earlier front. I thirteenth fronted thirteenth, wherein I'm really right now. Hank do pressured ACC into cancelling Turner by Having done all blue double sports, that's on you, Brow, Duke ruined everything. Comment power, move they save there are. You can also see her acute case so elderly that we were going to do
elderly. He soiled and he's always sick after losses, and so you might have to get a cat, because I think we agree that if Duke was eliminated before the sweet, sixteen Leubronn Lockwood would become a thing I don't agree. We didn't make it to that point. Where we made that agreement, no oil sit here and pressure. Anyone in any doing anything they might have said on a passport cast up by the way, I don't know Oh, if I saw you explain to me, how I can come about, I will look into it because I actually read. I did some red last night does get a vile of corona inject that into why didn't want a beer. I did do meeting last night in the end. It basically actually be better because the people are paying to have grown injected. It was only in England, not in America, but they inject a less
strand, raids like the movie opera? Is they don't even know who the fuck you up at the virus before its meeting right, but you still get immunity for so if I may have some one point me in the right direction, look into I'm gonna go ahead and say I don't want you to get injected with the krona virus. I'm gonna, I'm gonna, give you. Everyone gets one get out of that free card. I feel like this safe went. I has. There might have been a discussion at the cat cave last night about the fact that I am a father and I need to stop putting my life at risk for stupid things that involves sports ideal. I promise I just don't. Don't want the narrative, going that I wouldn't cut off my pig because I would have you know it out a second peggotty mixture, fair or no. I think you keep it at one, because you'd almost rather have submitted
each or missing a pinky. Now I'll know below one can keep a Tutsi. Ok, yeah double my doubled. The chance, I think, that's for I know at a pinky team. Officially I will add a pinky team next year for the ideas for a friend. I also by the way I'm gettin corona virus for the karma. Everyone agrees I think we all right of Adam Morrison is obese. Sin prettiness apocalypse bunker the rest of us or marks right. So it's actually transit is perfect transition when you're anniversary, one Europe Rear adversary, parcel Golda com such be empty, watches, pervert transition Phd, because we should get out more Sinon to show in the next few weeks
the check in with him, but here is the Good NEWS is going to laugh at the entire. You guys are budget suckers. You thought I was insane four years ago. No well who's, laugh and now. Look at me now here is the Good NEWS. So there's a lot of bad news, but here's the goodness the show must go on part. My take will not stop. We will be putting in all the protocol so that we might have to a Skype show, but we will do a show, and on top of that, this is actually a beautiful setting for us, because I've watched around twitter some unlock a name names. Some radio hosts out there trying to cry
source topics. We have brains that are built for sports lockdown. It's almost better Riyadh. There's, no sports right now in a weird way. Don't get me wrong. I would much rather have sports, but when we first started part my take it was like the beginning of March, one year ago, right when there was absolute, that's it is when we thrive right and where we are going to jump. I wordy ahead of the competition, but we are going to reach up ahead of the competition because I think we have things plan No one else is going to do so. Don't worry we're going to give you probably extra long shows we will always have the shows. Maybe I'm gonna show Savannah, show some bonus. Live streams are going to watch an old football game. Where should we start with what we're going to do? Let's start with the movie that we're going to watch, which one the garbage picking up Oh yes, we had that sent to us today actually by the Dallas renegades, because they thought they thought that this was one of your I'm really add Phd gotta doubts, runagate short and also do what size that, assuming that he would want nothing to do with it and he kind of
mad and knows ever through the internet every week. No I'm pretty sure the doubts renovation still it you don't want it because I was taking. I was literally taking the shirt out of the third Xbox, would know what sort of dolphin as as removing it still halfway, and because what size is that. Why is it so that's? Why was I remember nothing I saw. Was doubts renegades like, of course, fifty one want that? we have emphasised it up. You know what I like: there's gonna, be a toilet paper shortage and there's nothing better than in Dallas renegade shirt from its use of Asia, just copy the movie, our indigenous eyes organ and be able to upload it to a burner. You two page in all red everyone now watch and then we went to a watch Alonzo. It's gonna be great serving to watch that movie. We are also we are going to do this in the summer, but because the summer is basically now and that actually is sneaky like this could be unbelievable. If MBA play off come back in like June and July, and then we just go right and an offence, can it be incredible. This is gonna, be like a spring break
away from sports, and then we just go in and spoons summer, because the dog days a summer Rushmore season right, you weren't you yeah, I was gonna, say we're going. Where are we going to do this summer before we do the bizarre world not rush where we're going to do we're gonna get mad at all and if a one huh Yes, you're gonna get matter for one hundred percent, we're going to do it. We don't have time for December. We now have more than enough time for so we're going to pick a position group to get mad at every single boats to get mad at the rankings. Sure we do. I say we do since we don't know how long this girl ass. We should ration this out. I think we should do it. Every Wednesday we get mad at one of the positions of ESA Thou beaten. We'd have tidy out of the games aiming at the play. What they did top one hundred plays in top on all ships. Oh, so that we might do that just everyday different, the top one hundred games,
one of the most ok, so I know he's a will figure out a detailed plan that corresponds with guess that can also get mad with us. We won't stop, will start on wednesdays. Will let you know on Monday. What to do your recent? Had we get pre mad about stuff, there can be a lot of homework is. Are you guys writing this down? What we're gonna? Do you know what this pause for? Second, let them right down: ok, Oh, look at a real we're, gonna, no one really unwincing, don't let no! I know this is the part to pause, just working to pause so that so they can read this downright now. Ready are you got your pen, Macy's swatted, off I'll call, swab, ok, Likud, Likud, wonder that is clean, ok, now, like your thumb. Nor would you and rude Eagle Bear Julia. I don't know no duty that rewind so that we were fifteen seconds. Don't do anything just ok! Now you get your panier pad, go where you say
for what we're doing. Windsor. Oh yeah, let's you type in someone's titans, ok, titans are one sided on Wednesday and I didn't want. Maybe we'll have somebody on to discuss. Gotta have a bunch titans that we now models. Yup they're gonna harm artsy. I will Titans way. As they get ready for that. Some people who suggested now Rushmore season begin early, and I see why you did it because my Rushmore season was invented to bridge the gap between the end of NBA season in each l season and the start of football season in the dog is a summer. This is going to deal with different. I think we're gonna do our bottom, for my Rushmore surmount flush more yes, so if it's worth it
Some of the best topics that we had in past couple years: cereals, Absyrtus, Werner, sorrels, hypothermia, animals in a fight. I would share great on me a single nord it'll be now. It is your misunderstanding. What the worst is the worst for animals to have on your side of deep just pick up from your last pick the hinges. Third over natural, yes, overdue mouth flush more season, starting Monday, we also are going to throw out. I think everyone's gonna be spending a lot of time on Netflix trying to watch old, shows old movies, so we are going to throw a random shows that we will do reviews of and because this is the first week out without sports, and no one knows what to do we're going to start
if you have homework this weekend, love is blind. Review of love is blind a Monday, I'm very side for the Monday. It is such a fucked up show. I haven't even started it, but I will watch it all this week and love is blind coming Monday. It is. The trash is show that you'll ever wash Hague it's to trash even for Hank. Ah, it's stuff. We also were like shooting the shit and trying to figure out what to do, and we did say at one point what about if we read a book- and it was ghost town I mean it's crickets, might my thought is that in the United States is gonna get exponentially smarter during this crisis, because Rugby shut in our homes and people start to really scary We are now we're not saying that we're gonna do that they get set. Am I read a book? I was that you do not guarantee that if you guys you're gonna stay there and then said, and then I shall I've collected an incredible. The only books I own are books from guess of the show, o geologists buying power, our share of all power shit. You have beauty isms, I d
abuses and oh, I do have Julian Settlements Book Keynes book the bathwater one. Yet at one calls bury you up a very good one. That's emotionally s mostly like pictures it's only like down. Yes, we're not going to read that the growth of ours could take our bodies, but, as I could take, our tv sets actually not. Sir, are internet pornography Rooney to ration internet porn We might be registration, America, where they're going to stop production on those same without your re election. That's right so her if you're at home living yourself, because you don't want to get to the end of the internet porn- can survive anything cockroach snow. I know it will still be out there, but my fear. That you'll burn through all the porn on the internet tour within the first couple days through eight, so information Monday love is blind. Wednesday, we're gonna start are getting out of the NFL one hundred list and we also going to start mouth flush more starting on Monday. We have good guess already in the hall
Glazier Monday was electric and we're going to also reach out to some of the recurring guest and some different people will we we are going to choose this, take this opportunity and be like let's fucking knock it out of the paw Play portals MR port noise, Border Eddie yeah, we don't have any sports Ella Whitney out. We should actually just have Whitney ANA. Just ask him hockey questions and he probably it didn't we last disease had actually is a sick league. That's pretty good! That's pretty corner gotta geared to ride with you who wrote that form, because I noticed thing this. You made a pretty good joke in that New Amsterdam. Commercial about about business, said more like Paul, Miss than that and is ok right. When you get a ghost writer in its it's, my life's mission to figure out who did Whitney was gonna win. It was going to come to the office and watch some games and gambling. I take it back. I think a lot of gambling with any tells me the first
yeah hockey tell her I'm surprised hockey, even they also this shift their like the money coming in his way more important than like ticket sales and self. Where I have a big of like tv deal so there that's why it took so long to cancel. I agree that they'll be back first year. They were we back for Asher right, we're gonna do were actually gonna watch in old football game on. Yes, you now alive strain of your lives from that we're not gonna score of it and we're gonna bet on it. How great would it be washed play makers do be so great if they use like tomorrow, we woke up and the incinerator nervously. We reassessed and everything safe for playing, and then we just through The shit we just set in the trash, the hot just getting out we're gonna watchwords we're gonna wanna call because you airport reviews
actually airport of Euro, now be great. I just want. Would I just want to sit down and watch a ball going back and forth on my screen? Yeah. I won't be here. What kind I wanna see grass, I would watch sock, I'd watch Emulous so hard. It's really just about learn all looking at a tv and seeing that beautiful she had a green seen, seen blades of grass, maybe with the Champions League music. In the background, the inner coaches picture got cancelled. I know I know that stuff elegant cancel that it wasn't just the two pictures, entire spring meetings. I think I canceled so given its owners religious, the picture like they're not does not meters. Also the pictures Isabella checked. Having Gill's report is a breakfast
That's pretty funny raise art is still go on Darth still going. You know we're living in a weird ass time. I would, I would kill two just have like a live stream of anyone playing sports against each other. That could watch that could look at even just like people in the office. I agree with you. I
I would suggest a ball move back and forth. Maybe we'll do maybe argue like a live stream of us competing against each other, that you can watch if you're home from work if you're home from school. I'm just talking to my ass near by Way Tom Hanks should die. What that rockwork first of all signed his name Hanks with an Ex power move. Yeah, that's funny thing about doing that. Now: hangar hadda me ok and Chet Haze, his son, maybe the good laws of all time. No, as you say, the the most like holy shit, we're living in the zombie apocalypse assimilation when he did a press conference shortlist with his horrible tattoos, it was like, what's up guys yeah, the news is true
My parents got corona virus, but I think that it is all about listen if Tom Hanks has grown a virus. Now it s a major wake up, call those a slap in the face to America. There is a good didn't, ok, you're, threatening our most valuable resource and that's Mister Tom Hanks. This guy was enforced. Gump disguise, save private Ryan, he's american hero. So Wilson, I hope, he's ok, but if there is one person that kind of shocked American to being like this is something real that we should pay attention to. It's probably just it. It's it's Tom Hanks he's a most beloved person, most beloved celebrity played Mr Rogers, yes, is as close as we get to Mr Rogers Numerical FUCK man.
It's all crazy and I feel really bad, for I mean we could do it forever, but like the trickle down like if you're sitting there and being like hey, I'm a young person, I don't have to worry about this there's so many trickle down things they're going to happen. People in the service industry, people who worked at these games people. You know we were talking about it before, but if you're a parent that has to work and has like kids that are now off school, what do you do there? So many you know people who are elderly people who live with their fam.
Fuckin crazy. Yet coal oil is companies that are gummy quarantined in place together and get into huge fights and can't leave. Well a fear that person and why don't you listened to part of my take and we will make the fights for you when we do or any fell one hundred list and get really fucking piss them here. You guys can fight over something productive like like in a foul regular power rankings of slot wide receiver. Yes, ok, let's get let's or interview with general scheme will finish it at the end of the show with our fire fast the week, which I think it's all this week is Firefox, but must do John Rob had now to hear my five, oh, isn't about separate eye before gets generosity in a quick word from our friends at arm. In here.
Cat litter, Quick PMT flashback, think back to the march of last year, you'll remember one of the greatest upsets two thousand and nineteen design in the blue devils ruin poor Hanks's chances of adopting a cat. Lebron Lockwood almost became a thing to Hank cat. That was one of the biggest storylines two thousand and nineteen was all power by a friend's arm hammer who offered Hank a lifetime supply of their clump seal cat litter. What is twenty? Slash, twenty and arm hammer is back again working with us. No bet this time didn't even know. The tournament was canceled, but they knew here. We are at PNC and we're huge adoption people so anything animal adjacent. We are all behind arm hammer, clump seal cat litter, so effective in eliminating odors that people won't even notice. You have a cat, I'm going to go off script for arm hammer hit it. If you are quarantined with your cat, you need
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we assume more serious and march. Ah, I don't know where to start, there's been a bad day for a lot of reasons, but obviously the tournament has been cancelled. Why'd you walk through last twenty four hours and how quickly this is all happening or first of August. You dont mentally you tonight, I'm ok got know, I'm guys. I think the big thing is this in this is, I think, we're gonna put me at peace a little bit. We are Stan why the decision is being made. People are dying out there. People are losing their lives, people are losing loved ones and so on and so forth. But I think in this kind of what put me at peace, we can understand that. And still, at the same time, be overwhelmingly disappointed that the greatest man of the year didn't come close to heading its apex. I think that's the best way to sum up the way that I feel, but I'm ok, I understand the decision. I think the thing that truly change for me was when we got through the first couple of weeks it if first couple nights a championship. We,
and then we saw on Wednesday a major shift in the vibe of everything, and we saw the announcement that came down from the agency double lay that there was going to be a situation where the we wouldn't have fans at the anti doubly tournament. That was the first you start thinking about the term of being cancelled and then once the NBA suspended it season. I like it was inevitable. I woke up, I have to go in the bed in a pre, depressed state. I woke up with some hope, because I started checking in all the different conferences as soon as I woke up and everybody dead were honest, scheduled we're going to play without fan so late morning. I said you know what there will be an empty w, tournaments hopeful right now, that this can continue will go through conference tournament, weak with no fans. Just you know a hundred two hundred and fifty for family members and in the crowd, and then once we saw the avalanche about noon with everybody cancelling you start the startling Anna
you know a cancellation, and then I held out some hope that maybe the term it would be delayed. I don't know how long and then, obviously the news came. There but for thirty that was cancelled, was that ever on the table, the delayed of delaying it doesn't sound like it. It sounded like he was going to be pretty cotton, try their way and obviously, in the best interests of everybody involved that was cancelled. Now it was there any it in. I totally understand Bruno having to cancel the tournament with the krona virus. People don't really understand where it's going into fields. I would on the grass money- and this was there any feeling, though, with the people in the room that making a decision definitive like this, in these. Twenty four hours might have been a little rash just because, like hey, while we wait, let's see how this progresses and then figure out, or was it they had to make a decision ready line that I got was once we saw all the major conferences and hold amid major conferences that had yet to decide a bid cancel their conference tournament. The end see dub allay, had to come out and say so
they are all those gonna happen by in the business on Thursday, but I thought by Friday we would have a firm decision, whether or not the incidentally term it was going to be played, and I think once we saw that avalanche of news with all these conference tournaments being cancelled, we need a decision either way the terminals gonna go on. So why? Why not the possibility to delay for two weeks or to say hey will play the tournament YO late April, early maize, edges logistically impossible, given schools and students utopia. If the one thing we have to remember the inevitably tournaments planned out years in advance, and one thing that started to happen last night was the Seed overlay from talking them, nor numerous people close to the situation was looking at switching venues for both the elite aid in the final for because they were going to have crowds, that's what they were working on yesterday. So when you think about all the logistical things it has its place, nothing had they place was
you guys know the rules work, the automatic qualify for each conferences, the winner of the conference tournaments, for I answered a delay, would have had to make an addendum to that rule of conference. Tournaments warrant play. They would have had to alter pre existing rules. Are there so many different variables, but the most important thing was. The health, Everybody involved are not spreading. This virus right now, which is really taken over our country, is Many back cease to do any backs he's on this. Could they wake up in two weeks ago? I k I thought about it. I don't like that. You're array and organised crime are ready in my head preparing for the two thousand twenty twenty one season. I love that it's been like two hours and you are already thinking ahead. I saw what they can do the eligibility again wise man, one call me a long time ago, never to speculate on speculation, shall not gonna speculate on speculation. I could see obviously certain circumstances where there are exceptions made and so on and so forth, but in my head right now to the nineteen twenty season, happy trails to you
so we meet again our guy. Have you turn the page is quickly I sitting here being like they're gonna, wake up in yeah two days, but I turned the machines back. I can't control what happens to you in life. You can control how you respond, why you have to learn at some point the compartmentalize and say you know what it makes: zero sense whatsoever to be worried or be concerned with things that you can't control up. We can control this, so we look forward to twenty twenty want. That's where Pep Hamilton Tubby there two things you control your attitude and your effort that you wouldn't every don't. What's the opening game for twenty one I haven't gotten there, either Let there be no brings up a very interesting, so I will use the champions classic over. This is a million per cent gonna be speculating on speculation, but we do have to crown and inevitably chipping away, so does that go to Kansas
does anyone know if they were your lady? It argument that was caught. I think we're gonna deity is national champions. Were they were seen asterisk there for twenty twenty? There will be an extra season cancel judging star easier? Is it still you ve got to be the man you gotta be demanded of us just pretend that it's happening? Let's talk some likely sock who you like girls, are all issues. Those men decently hey one year so Dayton, one seed come along the east. What do you think look Dayton. Some may I just say that aid and to me was going to be the one seat in the east. Asian me, you know, was having the type of season that which it stayed Haddan thirteen fourteen before they got picked off by Kentucky and round of thirty two, but these right now or all stories that are never going to be done. As I now aerials arms now really, I was the one eyed blue blood programme that has under perform this year, but still has the horses, were you could see them making a deeper and Germany? That is,
your perform this year and I thought if you got the right match up and will not I'll they. Actually they took himself needs have themselves out before the sermon do limited. I'm aware of that vote on came at my back and that plan will what I'm saying those it. I thought all season long that if do, could have house somehow found its way into the east region and played games across the street, the garden which is Cameron, Indoor Stadium North, that we would have seen Duke you know in the potential of the final for because, if a date, nurse Andy Agar stayed got the one seat in the EU then do I thought would have been waiting on the other side of the bracket play a pseudo home game to go to the final up. How do you beat Kansas? What's the recipe for beating Kansas in this tournament, Walk and this has yet to lose a game obviously this year at full strength right and you know what. The things that you know we have seen obviously this year from Kansas at their an elite, defensive team. I think you need obviously people that can drag you, don't
as a bookie away from the rim, because he was so obviously key to their defence and vision of the rough, and so you need obviously a capable big man on our fence to drag you doc. As a book your way from IRAN, but also somebody strong enough on defence to deal with him in the paint, but unfortunately the questions I have this for a few minutes, let it I have a few minutes you minutes of women who minutes I have future on Wisconsin a hundred to one. The one I got it. I was Europe hundreds level with Wisconsin. I had bought all the way and that team was passionately Hyaena one year after the Indiana win the way they finish the season. This was gonna, be there year. Do you think the you see them with the draw? They got there, the foreseen in the MID West region? What do you think it's wrong it? Do you think that they will I have a chance to maybe get to Atlanta and the final debate,
but I see that will against Burma in the first rank of Roma would have really scared layer in Davis was the guy at Vermont that you know my well embedded moulding the America ease were telling me was gonna, be the next door that programme really good combo forward can pick and pop. Can you don't make shots from deep, so I was prepared to go deep on Rhine days. That's when your potential thirteen for upset. You mean that all sides, as we all know every year I beggars while five darling would have probably been- will be eighty s you if we get, and I thought that would have been the team that people would have jumped on, but unfortunately guys know, Planet Clare determine who got Obi top and a no stop, and I was I was prepared to you. Are prepared to work in order to Sir John. I was going all in on LUCA Garza as national player. That you're not tell you why when you look at, right now the Atlantic ten there was. One team that was a long for the Anti doubly tournament Dayton. When you look at the big ten you,
a guy in LUCA Garza that was putting up historic numbers at the big ten had seen fifty years and think about who he was doing it against Marilyn, jail and Smith. Illinois has Kofi Colbert. Obviously, Ohio State has Caleb lesson. There are capable big men in the big ten million stouter MIKE Potter, Michigan sadism you're Tillman Michigan is John Tusky. You have all these players that are capable their position you have outlined in his Oda Minnesota Daniel Letter of Samuel. I live and you have an ice Matt arms as well, you are you have all these guys were capable their position. You and you have LUCA Garza. Putting up insane numbers would about. I would about caches, are really do another year at a ham and Michigan Sate. I feel like we give him another year of eligibility, come back with a happy like sent a one thing to which I've learned, which is unfortunate, but we are really going to see here one of the things that has really come to the fore,
the last couple years in college basketballs that the majority of these elite prospects just wanna start the professional clocks because they're so obviously consumed with the NBA. So you, I think, will see again situation where people will now bypass, obviously their eligibility, even if they are ready to be an mba to try and start the professional career which crazy This felt like the year to four forget. Zagat fell like this. Maybe they're here, they're gonna get to the front of four and were never
I would say that Maryland also, probably would have made the championship this year would have gone to a national title game and it's just not going to happen yeah. What team do you feel like it was with prime to make a runs turn that maybe was flying under the radar? Who was going to be your your cinderella like a dark horse? Final four team. That's somewhat off the radar! You know it's a great question because we saw that a lot this year here on terms of teams that probably were off the radar but could have went to a final four. You know Kentucky. I felt all season long what hiding in plain sight, because they were hiding right in front of America, because this was a Kentucky team that wasn't getting the type of attention that other great Kentucky teams were. I thought of Kentucky got the right draw. They could have gotten the final four. I think you look elsewhere around the country. I'm not saying that it would have happened, would have depend on the matchup, but
three weeks ago, I thought that was concerned. The with MIKE Potter atheling was corollary, urging them to think good news, though only one senior hold while I'm in you see, obviously in the next couple of days, my top forty five for next season. I think you're gonna, like what you say. Oh number, one haven't say number one: I'm sure you'll see it seen that's going to in my thing with this Wisconsin nucleus, there's no decker, there's no Kaminski, but everything else. He old, an old Wisconsin, Decker, Pre, Kaminski with Pre, Kaminski Ryan as bow coach and the coach and great guarded opposition, but outcry Garcetti, zounds S, and how many times were you, prime tweet? January February, is until they lost and do you think What are you gonna do? Fine, for I couldn't you don't I thought just give like. We should use them safe. Sixty teams, we're gonna, go to fund afforded just pander to all the teams, either
at that meeting? I create artificial bracket, my name! That's what had on that's. What would have happened. I had was constant guns, Agora, Organ Ohio, state, Michigan State Maryland, Kentucky not Duke Virginia Dayton and also Florida on the final for good can't lose without the idea that Europe kids then make it. I think the one thing that you know we're gonna look back on is remember the unpredictability of the season, but I think, although in the last month we saw Kansas Separate, they were as the best team in a country they were cut above everybody else, but unfortunately the only thing: and was for sure, and the last forty eight hours for college basketballs that nothing was for sure analogous to the result that we have right now is actually can like the perfect ending to the most chaotic college, bad policies of all time, things that too, I think all of us I was so locked it. I was literally doing better gambling this year than I have ever done. Last
three weeks, amazing, already amazing, considering the way that the sport was a you're doing better and gamble. I know maybe I love chaos. What is the eyes? It's out anarchy vows mask of airlines and arouse looking for an eight. So what does John Rosty do now we start preparing for the twenty Twond. One season you start obviously trying to take on right or not. May not think you start right away. You won't be asleep yeah I mean I try to go to see me. I must be restless in whose hearts large, who knows maybe went up in March. I have never tried it. Oh that's disparity that are so. Why don't you start preparing twenty twenty one and you know you'll see, I think different scenarios were kids, will oversee start the process of this. Whether or not they want to test things in the NBA and but we know that that process has become somewhat more fully. But right now, because, as we know, kids can sign an agent retain an Asian go to the process and then obviously disengage with the agent and go back to school. So that's gonna be a fluid process. I do think that, probably what we're seeing now for my health perspective,
it change, obviously what jobs open and one don't there wasn't a lot of jobs open to begin with. So that's another thing that gonna keep in mind, but you start preparing for twenty twenty one and you start trying to be as sharp as you can. Obviously, in preparation for that season and cover the day to day news alone, the wife was Arkansas going to make the tournament. I didn't have Arkansas my bracket as of this morning, but I did play much better this year and are fully a good job. I say Joe indifference, obvious bomb, because I had all these things ready for the two of you are selection, Sunday Bracket break down, I mean or fair the goodies, give you guys ones like an apple. What would have been? What? If it's? Ok with you at some point, but when I get them in my Hank of their office, there is most arrive Friday by male like to drop em off and show me because I had all these goodies lined up free at some for you on Sunday, the waters actually getting shut down in this building all weekend and you're gonna have to piss in it
ugh with us really yeah, yeah, that's what we're not right. So what about you? What about your honeymoon, That is how things are going to Europe yet to be determined as of right. Now we may have the pivot. I'm gonna have to discuss that with my beautiful fiance alone, as we go to visa you. Instead, maybe we see you were in our coastal law, all learn how to knowing wings bar coastal. What you guys still have not been too, which is the best wings on the planet. We know, especially when you mix in the waffle fries with, carries out I'm going to go right after I finish this interview, because I'm going to celebrate the nineteen twenty season and I'm going obviously
a fair well, but I'm going to celebrate a great season that just did not have an ending diagram goes to bar costly. After all, he does lie, loves it published Barcoe, stop ism because they're all the great American there once when I was there for one Saturday, it was great, is delightful. It was college football Saturday, so is that all you can drink and all you can eat chicken wings. I enjoyed it and I still want to go there with you and eat was like all. You can eat still area style wings, which is an off the menu source, which is that that I, for its out, you know it's a bar coastal and seventy eight and first as the best wings in the cities and allay style bar. So I think maybe you know, maybe after we all get over the March hang over. Maybe in April the three of us can go. We bright Brad have have some wings have little wing eating contests endured for the people yeah, because one thing I've learned more than ever this year's it's about giving back it's about being about more than just the sport. So I think the three of us should do that again in any does elevator the margin and look forward to next year, because here's the thing to and I've talked to a number of coaches. You know today and I taught the two on the way over taught at coolly from Providence. Did you take back into your good luck? Text swept like these and a good luck in the games
cancel your like now, man, good luck stands or maybe I, like you, want everybody to do well anywhere for everybody, success comes out and so on and so forth. Alleged coolly, our friend great great guy at other ed cool. It ought to some other coaches. You know he was just talking about how busy disappointed he was for his kids and so on and so forth. But I just kind of sad: you know this is the bottom line right now, if you are players right now with what they are dealing with in college basketball, if this is the worst, thing that happens them in their life to great life, and, as you know, that's that's what We all have to remember at this point that this is all something that's unfortunate is disappointing and so on and so forth, and that's why erect the big thing right now? It just make sure everybody out there is healthy, wish them look in their endeavours and so on and so forth and just keep moving and, like I said it's, it's an end to the nineteen twenty seas,
but we just recharge, we look forward to twenty twenty one. What about Might Bloomberg says almond, if a billion dollars, I'm going to create a biodome we're going to play the tournament in the Bio dome. Also, I'm back in their dumb is just a big bubble. Where it not know nobody, can get and will bring all the teams will wait. Two weeks first, we have Ireland, Ohio, Domed YAP, go here we'll do it is that the money right has won the Regis weighing go to its just go, and we know how possibly brings hermit thanks amounting determines, don't you didn't say no, though I didn't say no, I don't think I think I saw you if my Bloomberg just put a pile of cash out. Unlike Sinner court of Basque records, it best team, whereas big power cash, we could actually get some court some catch him again. I think rightly, that proper good I mean, but we're not gonna have what we had our it. So it we're not gonna, have March now I've and say that we have more, maybe we'll have April yeah. Maybe you have Maggie, you don't know. Stick it out happen
I just need a John Rothstein certified NCAA champion who won the tournament. This just chronic champion. I would repeat: Kansas began ass, not to have its say our begins nationals happening as they were. No, I wanted everything literally everything they were, though, juggernaut I that everyone was like there's no good team. The Sheer Kansas was Annie you have any John Rosty Isms that you were holding back. And you have our innovation march- give us one in exclusive now now to be asked whether the biggest thing the support about? Is you no one? You guys reached out? You know a couple weeks ago that we are going to do something selection Sunday. I had all these things, for the two of you and I'm gonna have to back at a different time and drop em off and so on and so forth. But really it stands, leaving his hat dry hang out advice that reference right exactly, but because, once I use a jerk quarters,
you're, not gonna, run it. So, let's talk about doubtless thought about what people can do now they marched. Madness is not going to happen. We think there could could still happen what we think in movies the good man with they gave you good man, I'll, send and Railroad Man Wall Street. You now seem a priori me. They said the odds, never Baton, the watch, the godfather. Up again, I said Hyman Roth, when you think about everything, was a hundred percent correct. Good health is the most important thing
success more than money. More than power, if you have you healthy, get it off yet it all you gotta, do you have to tweet out like every day like today's were watching this movie from ninety? Ninety four would not shouted out of the brand of we do we get. You shall hear you Jurassic Park Van. Why actually thought about Jurassic Park a little bit during this whole instance because remember and the scene when we see the power goes all never see ya, never soldier s Parker! You hate on Yahoo. Yet, and I was already this is not really catch up. You never saw Jurassic park. Mister Greeley move in a movie since two thousand and two malice, not true of lady give the Oscar militaristic world and create you see any of the Oscar movies at LA now during the season. So now you, yes, I will fall short of it. Great move, yeah great it's the way Jurassic Park, the what blood, seeing the lights go out delighted when their thinking about obviously trying to restart the system and put the perimeter,
It's his loud on those exactly any notes in John Hammond who created, dress boxes, people are dying, please shut down the system and I thought What about that in reference to everything that was going on, because that's the big thing right here guys we're in a state of emergency. Now not just in New York City, but nation, wild and in the world. So that's the bigger thing right now. It's a razor! These bore, you created a alive action, targeted meme, John Hammond is the instead of allay keyboard. I just found out about it and then they closed down the tournament hold on the abuts. Logistically speaking in this little more of a serious question, I know that the ends of lay obviously makes a lot of their money from March madness. What is this going to do? I feel like
Can I throw this out there? I think the until they probably will use this as a we can pay. The players we lost two one t20 tournament is: is there going to be like a trickle down effect here where they start crying poor or there's the other things get caught because they missed this much money? I don't want to speculate on speculation. I'm sure that you know, and in this is enough for my bosses to handle to CVS. I'm sure that you know if they tweak things on the deal it with eat with CBS and Turner, because they obviously I didn't get a year of the term, but I dont have any information that four people, while about my pale resides, are actually here. Doubled zone amenable to that? yeah, a hundred twenty eight d urges double elimination has run it back to the time it run it every day. Every game is three games area. How very rapidly A guy about John One and dance about no come on man? We're? Would you won't need Jurassic Park and hold on you also sent the next time. There's a blizzard thought. Would you want in done one undone tournament champion
warning done not only by its arable champion lambs again. If the one in Dutch, I will wait until the autumn, a champion, I they want. Twenty twenty now the ultimate warrior name, one. Twenty twenty and I went about frequently ultimate warrior for Romania's moments: ass. Well, we around and around them, and then washers many I can write. A word is not about right. Someone using execrable long point everybody's. I will watch as it when you were a sports fan before you got into like media, that what was your Lois moment? It wasn't Lena, Sir, like the Knicks and ninety four was Russell mania. Six, when hoagie mostly alternative intro too, for that it was just that it had like that Galaxy of STAR was a champion versus champion title four tied all pig is the ultimate chap should have ultimate warrior sprinting into the arena, with Jim Nancy tied his hand, giving it to the best in your. What oh, by the way who one Geneva silencer, there was no no who one who will allow would have been divine, Dotson Grass, the divine dogs you graduate of and that's the day, but I mean
so I'll. Let you how much I appreciate the analogy as there is, are such a difficult day and you know again. I think the big picture thing right now is like I said when I was on some, his coat is if this is the worst thing that happens in these kid lives there going have a great light, but am I will be back to give you guys that apparel? Because you know what my own, a lot like a lot like your TSA Precheck and clear when you get this apparel will be like all three. I love that you include clear in an hour yeah. I know the way I've been a massive upward, csi preacher on steroids. Last time you came here, we we discuss clear for it believe no less than five minutes in clear reached out to us an hooked us all up with clear. So thank you. Aren't you ve got your life. I was trying to always run home on my for how it is me that I paid leave me. I Patriot clearly of night took Hanks hundred down than us in assigned you up how who makes the Rosty light videos what this guy that others were from? He works for Keyser Sosa. Oh,
and you get that reference. Yes, I do get out of here and city. Italy's I'd like you to address marginally move feminist movement, Miss DE, do Rosty life, videos or unbelievable, appreciate him, a gesture just trying to climb MRS Rosty life. Watch out it's trying to go out. If you don't know about that life. Alright, I got one last question. Seiki question, promo code take use promo code take to go to see a game at some point in when they play tournament in late April YAP when they play determinately. We wish whom Bergs Biota just pretend that they could wake up Mombi, like hey just kidding, it was our fault incidentally, was just like on a bender today through regular, rather I'd I'd. Our. I think I think I think together and I feel the red Hair Mccaffrey said that if they played in June, been we'd all being and that's the thing saying that I was really disappointed about, because I felt when we had more
m shifts about MID day to day, with everything being cancelled. I said: ok, let's just take a delay and so on and so forth, and then rather than see my guys I wanted. I don't really like chill out, take a deep breath, but that's actually probably the worst advice medically to give somebody at this push a also big, missed opportunity now and I'm thinking about it. For some of these teams like Nebraska, should a comma been like, we are not we're not going to be in the assembly tournaments. Have you before it could go. They want this single videogame yeah, exactly exactly art. My last question, though, for real is now you texted me before you got here. What our dress was cause removes. Yeah of zero you, ve been in this. I was you I'd want to in a show we did in the preceding either I saw you have been in this house. We forgot to address. Is that why we haven't gotten, save the dates for the wedding? It that's great, Since I mean, are you guys, gonna crashed? You want to come when we would think about it? Yeah when, where when is it, is going?
be over the summer, I'm a grain wedding, guest, interesting. I've got we'll kinder to your suit, which is perhaps a good one of them is came in and we came out. We showed up like, like I'm sure you have a bunch of different mascots that are going to come in and dance on the floor. Mascot yeah. But you know you ve ever been a wedding with Moscow chosen Electric, but I know the buggy management is awesome, so milk we will wear. Utter. You pick your favorite. Your team swede I visited genes but will put will whenever basket will show up we'll dance little and we'll get up I'll, be the eyes the thing from Providence, wherever that nitrites, friar guy I'll, be the western Kentucky Guy, the big red guy got her up, not the mountaineer from US region. I can do I think, as a beer for the mountaineer regulated, not better, you have been robbed of. Yes, yes, was that I don't even have to put me down for a plate. I won't eat any food, just Iraqis open by right. You're talking about I, you know, I, like everybody, wants to do the yeah. I was gonna, do like that, like the posts
getting branch or whatever I was like. You know what, instead of the posts, wedding, brunch wanna, we do something like at bark stall serbian sleep until they have all you can like eat like that or you can buy your ways we're gonna get out. Will you ask- and I were regardless of what data the summer we will have a long as it's not a Sunday Ogilvy Yo Yo Yo either that regards. I will now I'll, be there and semi we're not gonna. Do like the thing- and I want to be part of that- want to be like I'd and go to the wedding gift with actual party were even better private thought about it because and to find out. If the idea was glad we're you, that's what I mean have you people call my people we could do. A bachelor party is in New York City got out. I just think of us brief over the whole affair. We could do with everyone out. We will, if you
our students to like videotape it. We will definitely Lydia now as regards everything yeah ways of providing the ought actually would be an incredible content thing. We plan your bachelor party, we we we do you Bachelor Party Nokia and all we can re discuss this. When I give you guys your peril, this guy, I like private eye marrow you're, very sorry about that. We will Taylor, make it for John Rosty, like we will make it all over the world. Would you do and will set up of beer pong accepted just peach baskets that are nailed to each row? I sit here. We go just off some ahead. Saturday morning start off coach K comes in lectures us on how to be a good sport hit them right. After that we go to. Let's see, let's go to maybe we'll have
Sean Miller show up. We'll goes first fits with him in the same room. What did it make it all? I call it a basketball. Would take you to Hooters Annual sit down for some wings and Dickie view pop up? Yet? Oh it's all some airlines is oh, come he'll yell at us and then we'll do a press conference. After saying we actually like being coach that hard and we will make it like a faint handicap for John Rosty, you a u s. He had all those guys chauffeur about yours. If you, let me use your phone, yes and no have all their number. Nobody! Nobody! Nobody is my buzz. Williams comes wakes up every morning for thirty in the morning, we venture to organise William nobody sleepless them, but this is odd, but let us out the invitations who write out all the letters, male nonsense, which will call it, but Buzz sends out a Christmas cookies every year, Chris.
Remedies every year, Hannah nowhere is of Virginia. That gave the remaining today will finish today, will get big venal frame pictures of us and will finish today with cow, doing a press conference in his living room with us in the frame pictures being like these are my guys. I love these guys. My number one picks and look at all. They just happened to be here in these pictures. This is awesome hobbled that for I meant you guys can make it happen at dinner at all garden, rickety those picking up the tab. Grass is all says, a bachelor party, New York City needed the olive glad we can win. Rex bandits were running this bachelor party. Italy's. I really like, with your hair scope, dickie view of garden I'll buy. You earn a lot, you one lap dance I can be one shiny moment right, we'll know all by the latter No I'll I'll, say our words. I just trusted him too much under. Jane Austen. Thank you so much.
Sorry. This is all I mean. This is why we said bigger than naw it's bigger than boards, our basket. All it's a sad day and again we have a right to understand why the decision was made, but we can also feel disappointed about the wider decision when my way, one last question yet what happens tomorrow morning we wake up your wedding is July. Let's say we want to have specific day Mark Emirates as we haven't internment July We got to postpone the wedding LA hours organised on the wedding day. We're not talking about kick bull here. Yes, yes, I remember, we know what that's like it. Now why we don't know that. Let me has anybody, told you specifically that we're not going in July. Yes, has any y know, there's the NBA draft as the last week of June right right there in eliminating all out of the top level. No, they can push that that yeah sure o your lesson of this vote, which it let's just keep going and pathetic. They're, not gonna that embraces into longest. I don't feel really bad for data
That's it that's a year they have once every twenty members, even even San Diego state, like here's, the nine they were fraud, but here's the thing for a moment. Progress that here's the thing things broke right, run out and I've been saying this run more weeks that San Diego state never wanted to truly be the one seat in the east to want to go to a fine afford. Should the two in the West Beata. What kept them in and allay there were played guns, agur whatever, and then you know other schools right like date. Unlike be why do they once and next time in a day and age that were in right now that be while you're gonna player, like only child. I now I mean it's all disappointed. I was a team that was fond. That was all that was an unbelievable three points should be deemed a breathtaking offensive team, and you know there never giving an opportunity but again and the moral is this, and this is again when I've gone from a lot of coaches today. If this is the worst thing and the biggest disappointment that you know these kids and even in our os, like you, don't get to come
ITALY tournament, like you work all year. For this I got a forty practices a year. Just you know watching writing tweeting for this and you don't have it right any book. Writing a book do a fan thick of how the and suitably term it would have on all did find not going to do that. I'm just flipping the paid I'm gonna do want to know what you want per niebuhr you little everything had to twenty one: a driver, Kansas yeah, twenty twenty National James, causing probably would have gone too far for and then broke my heart. Well, fine! I think for was constant April there's a likelihood of either getting you a final four or having like a a loss in the round of thirty two comprable to what Vanderbilt had when Wisconsin beat him in twenty twelve member that game. In the round of thirty two in Wisconsin, then subsequent subsequently had a tough loss against Syracuse. Austin in the sweet. Sixteen worker won the game. The amazing thing about all this guy who, as you know, the Ivy League, set the precedent she
it believes that the present any end. The ivy league. Ok, remember this up until a few years ago, did not conference too, I know everyone roving renounce our so sad said. But, as you said, it's it's. We can be said about this happening, but it was right to say it was the right decision and again every day is a gift effort. Is our lovely John Rossi? Thank you so much. Thank you felt. Tat Interview John Rossi was brought you by simply safe with home security. There's two ways you can go about: protecting your home, there's the traditional way where you wait weeks for a technician to do a mess, installation and it costs a small fortune or there is the other way, Scott simply safe, simply safe is everything you need and home security system, its award winning protection there to time. Winners of Cnet Editors Choice award, simply save blankets, your whole home in safety. He comprehensive protection for entire home outdoor
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On our self quarantined is just a ridiculous thing to say regard like that's gonna be asking to be something gonna get over used. Now you were deaf, we get a view that can be memorable, yeah, I'm sorry. I've been self quarantining, my penis right right, DEC on a shit, so self quarantined, Charles Barkley. Ah in and I just getting so fat. It just touch his. I am too. I looked in my freezer by the way I think I'm set unintentionally upset. I just got a ton of meeting there. Somebody go KEDO, Kido, Kido, Embryo Kido, none of the course of this self court. I am putting myself how about. I just realized this talking about people who, like this actually is positive for the Houston astronauts
they're like and hardly wants an army wide steamy fuckin that sorry. Why? Since probably try to sneak out of jail right now using this as a cover, I we'd we did at the beginning. The show is obviously little doom and gloom. We're gonna, be ok, we're gonna be ok people we just we're just gonna take precautionary to flood the curve yet wash your hands social distancing, follow the regulations, but don't get so down on yourself that everything's gonna. Maybe I said that we're all going I and the world's ending at the beginning, but I'm we're all gonna die eventually to families gonna end eventually, Netflix there also probably feel pretty have battled out through the roof. Is a song up with Ireland's probably odor soon so that in our american duty on back and we get back on the sticks, decent quality for sure I'm a red shown that was to our fire Festus finish their fire fast. We have Jake laser on Monday and
ever we're going to do. A love is blind review for Monday. Hank, so I prefer before as tough, I usually sometimes on oil on the fire fast. You know not a lot to complain about last week now is on long island in online. I would instead longer Glennie Balls who inventor of the ball scale. We ve talked about him with miles tolerant and Zack Efron. He lived, I knew where I was and he has been talk mothers, Delhi that he always goes to his favorite Delhi in the world and he's a food exports are like that August. I mean So I went with them. Please my hero, Delhi, very good. I gave it like four point, eight balls very good. I took a picture of a purely instagram story and I didn't put the song
There goes my hero, so it's just I was just a picture. Did you really do music, as you do? I can be here run into any. I didn't do any type of like hero joke level. What do you mean I mean and mark when all been thinking about really had suffered. That's how you can get a rose to the common section. I mean yeah, I gotta get I'd, find friend reach out me like textbooks solitude? What do you like, are you mister prime opportunity. I lied. That is why Turkey, so on reduced vat rates message and I had to sit down on the subway yeah. You took you while to get that hundred k Gander years ago. If you were able to come up with stuff like that presented wishers. Is that not enough is eighty five us, that's more money, Our first of the week is, I thought that we would at least have some some reprieve from having no sports on tv to maybe
heading into EU sports. Maybe this was what was gonna get involved, but Zack largest said daddy, and began to Kay League is expected to announce night that its supporting the start of its season. That was gonna begin on March, twenty four mercury for those yeah I had that circled, ok, yeah delete again to Kay are working closely to see if it's possible to play the game mostly the sources of currency or hopefully video gamers can figure out how to compete against each other, the privacy of their own homes out. This seems like a pretty big technological step. We're gonna have to make, but I have confidence that the people in ok legal figure out a way to let people play video games in their homes. I'm Novell sports expert, but I do I'm pretty sure that the 2K League is five players you're only One day I only have one player, so they actually do kind and need to be, as one guy gets his leg.
And the other leg. Now they live on finding its five on five in your own amendment, one player, oh yeah, but you can do that are Molly. Yeah squad up, yeah yeah, I'm an idea, but yet itself. I hope that they can figure out a way to play video games separately here. Aren't I got too far. Press one is I actually and I'm not like you know, there's no hyperbole in this one. I have never been hotter as a gambler, my entire life twenty years, a gambling. Then I have been in the last three weeks in front of our stopped all sport. I think we ve. Actually, documenting like you. Do not imagine, show it's like up it's. I don't know it already unit. It's not like hyperbole yak on doing well, it's like its physically on record think I honestly have to losing days last twenty one days. This is the universe,
forcing you to quibble your head. I feel like no, if you like, you were about to turn the coroner's, nor even the gay, even the biggest game I won. I was gonna win that bet two half time one after he has that's probably ones it didn't finish. I was gonna wait. I was probably going to be a bad beat and was gonna start of bad losing story. One euro police- that's pretty impressive, I mean I'd, say we are waiting soccer. The only good stop me is is grown of ours. I was that I was in the zone. I also watched so much basque college bats well this year and just watch all that knowledge down the drain Sosa. Although you ve watched a lotta college basking in the past it, yet how can I think, but this year I was hot- is one of those things where, if you, if you become an expert at something it's almost like you over, think it and you become worse a gamble. I was so hot this year by the fire presses administering Hank to paint three down an email that I guess we weren't on, but everyone else gotten the office that everybody to clean up their work.
Space survivors reality out. I can you analyze anymore, so I didn't realize it till after the fact is, I kind of causing hysteria. You think I choose cuz. I got the emails on the way to work. I like traveling, got the email, read it and it said hi all and it's from like one of the like head of production people and it said hi all and it was like. I was going to clean up their space bubble in the office like exterminated, and then it puts people content people like what the fuck. Where was that from, and I look back in the. Email was only centre like video editors in some the producers and the control room. People so might not have been meant further content. So what are they gonna? They know it out on my own. I know you don't we should clean the pile? No, I think, oh, if egg it do not gonna get exterminate. So we have to use, is open up the windows, spray late or take care of yeah I'll self quarantine pile. I will spray a whole cannon I saw on the pie. I actually think that being around the pile has probably strengthened our immune systems. Without my mom
saw that on twitter and text me also. If and when the pile in your office is cleaned you will find it is full of niceness is perfect for them. Now I think she's. That's she's been dad. I was also, let us remind everyone, the pile is for charity. That thing is re D. Go for charity. Now, I'm not gonna. Let this cleaning forced my hand cause is not ready. Yet it's close put its not rights could have. The piles can be ready to be auctioned off. Some around our say, may the finals as soon as a fine? Yes, I will. I will auctioned off the pile as soon as the NBA play off start the. If they don't have the sheer that's gonna, be a hell of a pile through serious at Chose, Barclays actually he's. Waiting the results of tests wanting? I know I knew self Quarantine, he actually get tested, yeah cause rich people get tested, but no one else can as pretty sweet cough right. That's pretty
I saw that their injecting one point five trillion dollars into the country. First of all, what the fuck is one point: five trillion dollars. We just had a lying around you, Sir, how works you throw it in its like it's a chip in for pizza here go here. Oh banks, here's another one! I will I'll. Ok, I ll just give you one point. Five trail is pretty bad ass, though, that the garments, garlic, one point, five trillion that they could just drop right. That's that's retail therapy for the United States government return. You want to take a I do. I love you,
read this bad Rudy Goober Microphone, quarantine, stale about shutting down the Disneyland Bludward Turn on Lindsey Grip, no more college basketball, foreign observers, gay couples will be shut and locked up. Nova sector means you're, not a big external make just one game. It's such a rip off sadness. Cats in the state, no crying girls in marching bit stacking sanitize are checked. My bracket talks, for example, is closing race. Please God just don't take time
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