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World Series Recap as the Cubs win their first title in 108 years. Thunder/Warriors choose your own adventure. NFL Picks and Stingray calls the Cubs final out as well as a great moment in history. Curt Menefee from FOX NFL Sunday joins the show to talk about Aliens, working with Terry Bradshaw and Jay Glazer and his new book "Losing Isn't Everything". Segments include the debut of "Kings Stay Kings", "Bad Visual", "Respect The Biz", and the triumphant return of "Jimbo's Of The Week".
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you free super cuter dotcom such p m t let's go let's not welcome to part it might take it is friday november forth the cubs artificially gucci they are now gucci and i'm words that the show is gonna turn into strictly cub stalk
no i said i live i want to talk about it you ve been a gracious winter so far and so i just want to say we appreciate that gloating in fact what i've would i've learned after this world series is i'm sick of the people who are really sick of the ass then happen too fast haven't you fast who over played your hand a little but if you had waited like till may be that the parade were you know four five people get run over by by the float begin right you're drunk at that point then you can say backup cubs fans but right now just let another phone i know when i can be i'm an annoying eyes to the flag on that well i argue segment through language like wait we'll get annoying constance get annoying time right now let us enjoy this was a hell of a night it was maybe the greatest games evan i've ever watched i mean it me am any sport but definitely baseball these are exciting how little that everything open everything it one
one of those games it was it was one of those games it was like tat was the best play games because i think both managers made pretty big mistakes but it was the drama was out of this world did river find out what happened with hobbes bunker hobbes bought we didn't know that cedar solely little things that i just thought of my jason heyward the greatest pop up speech a hundred eighty four million dollars speeches for theo paid for players only meeting in during a rain delay that's what you give the guy the big much to the guide hey guys just a reminder it's game seven we're going to want to win this one i like it lose situation you know i arsenal must win its we're gonna wanna windows so they bring back next year you gotta make jason here captain yes i know do the cubs who captains i know the the teams gotta vote him catholic teams gonna be like hey guys was put to sea up that yes i think jason here we're gets see easily i am really looking forward to a cup things were number i want i want to draw back real quick because we did a facebook live here and play we saw big cats die and come back to life we saw jesus life
occur over the span about four hours on facebook love you died in the eighth you came back he rose again in the tenth and i looked at the stats at one point with forty two thousand people watching you die it was so you could fit in entire baseball stadiums worth of people into what and just like tuning in watching our watch the game and watching you die so i mean they say it s a great thing to be at your funeral iq people are saying we you feel less and people are saying pickets you're so fat fuck big cat what happened somebody flicked big cats tit what happened to assure you can see the bottom of it because his bellied s it s people who say zero cigarettes also quick opted to hank hank if you listening i hate on your me i know maurice hanks better half yet so this would give a shot out to ahead and say that lacrosse your favorite sporting has officially been surpassed by
watching me big cat and dave sit and watch baseball as the next popular sport in america so we sought out a baseball same forthem across all we actually might we might give ye supports a run for its money to get this watch out now we get the gaping down that the first thing he idea also just want to say that schwarber looks really getting pinstripes i knew really good and pinstripes shape by the way we would see the yankees countdown clock on how to use three or how about everyone will they gotta get brace harbour first how about people doubting swarm of you i mean that the cubs on without that with the world's there's a cash warmer you can say that's make yourself you know as i do in fact i may get tenets whose good i just through their number out there he was good sabre metric for you what else i mean it was wild it was crazy the oau he likes to swear we'll potty mouth i was going back and forth between whether or not i wanted you to win and whether wants you to lose its how i ended up i ended up the side of you because i wanted to see you happy for the first time in her life and i had this
planned out if you had lost i was i was in touch with some that some local vets here and i was gonna go to clinic and i was going to see how much it would cost the euthanasia for your urging aggression i have a big cat i'd like to see how much would cause it put it down because you saved you seriously would have been that those who as i will give the cubs it lost the way they were gearing up to lose that would have been thou i think i even mumbled i might just quit sports like i might just and another heart no you remember not worth you u proclivity i'm sure everyone can out there listening that they ve been in that moment before you're like why why don't i just you know like go to the gym why you know take a walk outside get some fresh air like sports are the worst but then when you when you give up on sport they were you in that way and it was a sports are the best kind of home just you know what it costs about seven hundred eighty bucks to heavy put down so case you need that seems pretty cheap i ve got a lot of mass i feel like that's where those situations where they put me down in a week up like
the coffin well then you may i continued i maybe we put a little maybe maybe go for the locks privately where these trials on railways and let us make sure your top marty that would allow for me if you're gonna if you're going to kill me with poisoned please just make sure i actually dont use double poison that's fair what else we have also own thank you by the way everyone who falls along the twitter at part my take do that or at port might take on instagram pfc got me a beautiful gifts in september it is a cubs two thousand sixteen world series championship poster say we gucci it's all the cubs in my face and i shall say thousand isis rene once given you welcome so backfired horrifically for you it sits right next to danny would have injured because what year did any they get injured or i don't know every year is i've been injured twice he's recover right now it so he's on his way back so it worked out great for both was danny what has back a hundred percent and the cubs rules
serbian surged up what can we do a quick cool thrown by the way you're cool throng it's your day cool thrown warriors three one jokes yeah dream on online without came out with it that was really you could say that all chicago land and cubs fans and like all old people who have been ready for the cubs forever there are the winners wednesday night but really the true winner was deaf curry because any cleveland person who tries to make fun of the warriors can get that thrown back in their face and i'm not gonna say to cleveland cause i i have no reason to sew it just paisley eliminate the joke solely at the warriors expects also cool thrown chicago newspapers i don't know he saw this but there is a line outside that young today to get his paper so looks like a newspaper business back they just need the cubs too the cops alluz four hundred eight years then then when and so all they have to do is just cut it they have to hold their own for the next hundred years journeys first you make it you'll be fine and then the
and again you'll feel like an extra fifty thousand disparities so we're taking the show we know you we do this show little early night were to give ourselves one eyed officer been workin basically till two in the morning every single night in i wanted i want to use this to make a point here we ve talked about this between big cat we recognize the last week i'd say probably weren't or our greatest showing some spin it were brutally honest with ourselves play off baseball has warned me down to like a little knob mentally not fire and also under sombre amateur recapture some energy by garnish recapture some energy get blackout drunk all we cannot totally get it then you're gonna be to go i might yeah real good to go on no hangovers ever gotten in the way of thirty one year old fat person that's right yeah i'm always high energy so that a region batteries starting right now now shows good training at no great make part it might make take great again well down sympathy loses were someone's gonna have to make something great again so we are
so we are and we are doing a little early night workers states are one of the morning to get game for the nba but is big game the thunder verse the warriors kevin durrant nolan lost between those two no love lost first russell westbrook so let's will choose your own adventure okay so it's pretend that was put in their rust dropped a triple double and lost why what a statement game while you know russ he's really shown its his team now they might not be at the same level as the warriors but russia able to turn our when matters and you know what boy would not want a playground i would not want to play oakland city there they are if i'm golden state ship on the shoulder that's right you people forget they were up three two one last year against yeah that's all i'm saying oh so cool see three two one jokes this might be last year it was crazy to and rosters didn t and didn't even damp katy yes i did
rise call does a big thing is i think a shape before the tap a note this co who can tell creating katy wanted to shake and rush was no ah ah ha i bigger westbrook impressions probably the best one though do ah that's russ westward ok so now let's pretend that the words just bloom out and they kissed it sent a court lips can andrew johnson in i say thomas y see that govern two thousand what made you don't remember me kissable if that was the weirdest part of the game probably oh yeah well but you know what to those sixteen let him do the thing and then magic johnson was like i just just a man he put that on twitter yeah we begin i'm saying that they actually did that happened yes ma johnson i say it and then come to rent russ westward did the same throughout the meda so this precedent who cares
wait i'm confused manager let's cut and how it started this scourge is good matter justifies thomas once before them finals kissed basically on the lips it s so kevin to read and write westport did that last night it was wild but to start this segment over i think we're good we're gonna go i think we're good ok so you think about that i mean it's weird that you chose to compare it to something happened like thirty years ago because i mean just seeing russ westbrook and kevin to rent make out etc court that the first thing on my mother was a pack no there torn ok there was able to put tat you gotta be worse he gave was westbrook usable teeth data and went for you at sea is a scrap anyhow i did not think where they both to know where their head was gonna go in there they always bass noses yeah was can awkward fourteen year olds in them in the movie theater yeah
gonna stay one by forty while so pew night in the nba served up or create wrap up let's do some nfl picks we have the las vegas super contest shuts odd shark for hooking us up with las vegas super contests we're doing ok right we're doing ok i think i got three into last my want three and one what kiss my sister with the tie our she look in these it's ok a saloon mother for me my ass gilbert ah let's do are nfl pick so i when i go with the dolphins and that their office of wine is fixed in going to play well and i think the jets are frauds niven frauds they're just bad the prague owes defence defects travis deepens travels together again i yet do you know i think i've heard it defends travels the sea hawks i think unfortunately my bills mafia
i know about the team i think there can smoke and mirrors the eagles i'm the guy is a bank you think that this is the weak that they put together and i like the panthers panthers did the old figure it out they figured it out their defence figured it out of the back to where they weren't fifteen feet they figured out no more would you got really give gambling bulgaria having really just use cash raises he's got that right sales that's their outsider fails never fails and i have some similar pick actually hang what he gets here hey hey tell us we got the patriot either broncos as well differential tries has travels i've heard it's tough a mountain team going out to the west coast great minds yeah altitude to lie about it here what's your point what a pleasure to pressurize what the arrogance real soup
rules sort sorry about the heiress really soup you down here views very heavy ok backs i also the panthers ok i'm gonna go at the bills and set up the sea hawks oh yeah i think we're in trouble mean those random games like that i'm gonna go with the lions ok and then the saints ah you three and a half on the road and half in the road carriers should kelly offer by weak think i'd just like to say how can i get you just egg is offered by like you know we'll figure it out it fair where'd you go i've got the chiefs i love andy read at i can't read at home against the jaguars it's halloween week he's had a huge recurrent he's been all hype these good he's got three sacks of doesn't match clayton living and he's can be sugar hide answer love candy red get the giants get the raven at home over the steelers those teams dont like each other laws now people forget that geophysical come socks by the way we ve got
chip kelly off by week before let's go marching oversights yes and then i've got billy rivers beating the titans at home what's with the leinen that plus five reminder charges recharging charges are five point favorites over the titans i don't like to tax havens coming off an emotional color rush game again jaguars of arrival remain so that there is a lot of emotion spend that game that democracy will pull out through let's do we were able to get stingray on the phone but he sent us his cause of the week let's do that real quick my montgomery with the pitch and it is head over towards third base chris bryant picks up rose it first came out cobb
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he empty to activate your offer visit my book you today at my bookie dot agee that's my bookie dot agee or call eight for four nine hundred bets you play you win you get paid let's go to kurt murphy really good interview yashiki in sauce in studio which is always makes it much much better interview but really interesting got some fun stuff got some serious stuff and we got to observe you look out for that on day which was while in turns our kurtz an award winning listen yeah he is here he was to use rattling off segments insane all kinds of stuff yeah when he knew all the questions were coming so here's kurt duty o host of the fox football show you see him every single sunday before all the games kick off in your studio in your house his studio kurt mcafee thank you for joining us my pleasure guys gonna be it yeah we approve
you also have a new book out there we're gonna get too for sure but i think first work in it do you know us where football guys you of course talk a little fat lasher were football guys got yes ok that's from practising actually know what let's start here you probably consider your secrets yourself a football geier football guys guy what i see i'm probably a football guy ok because i hang out with football guys guys and some one has to be just the football guy oh ok ok let's deep you don't think i'm gonna comes nor my guess is put my enterprises not prefer this interview right i'm so you hope you don't talk like that to tarry is he can't you can't follow that others do can be adjusted around lost a whole my first question so that everybody wants to know who doesn't where pants under the table what does underwear account
yo you like early totally news i am answering on the railways because we try to mix it up we have one pair of wonder whether we rotate around the gas one guy where any wash it after terry uses every other week every now and then what whose best storyteller of those are some good story tat wretch offshore really i mean you can't you gotta understand you live with the chickens and the goats and all that stuff right but he's a great storyteller ok now half of them are true right but he's a great story talk ok i would have our definite worthwhile jimmy johnson but what because everything jimmy says is one hundred percent true though right and jimmy's got some girls schools at me jimmy was the miami right yeah mean in oklahoma state before then he was back there when you could get away with staff as a college football programme and alone had the money behind the tree in those nothing he did that right
just so you know stories of people the did those geier eggs now miami was clean programme everybody knows we actually talker j glaser a couple weeks ago and he knew that first order and so he also said you were probed how deeply where you proved a reach or are you and follow up you an alien well brooch washer human is what really has done what it my human if i got probably if i did the probing which one i don't know which way i won't you might have gotten probably now you're an alien if you flip the script on the aliens than you become thereby also your kind of an alien just tell us about tells about being tell us about your experience was less time you cried thank you for changing the synoptic those thousand alien human question last time i was the last time i got probe maybe that those making the programme real quick interrupt your story here
that's a great secondly how where you going you never heard ebay start speaking probing so i come i come to your studios your beer fancy digs here and ear and what's the first thing i asked to do as the used amendment right ok so i go into the men are now if you're going to have guessed tat to your men you might want to get where this kid marked let me just while i dare say the cameras but ok i guess inside so here's a little you know what this is actually we could probably get oh we probably find some common ground here this office has two bathrooms in there's about thirty five deeds ok i imagine nfl sunday morning with the guys you're wrong around with things get
harry i recognize this get much right awakened i've seen those you know what it is we have dressing rooms and and i share dressing room with jimmy and michael terry and how we share dressing room together because they're just to judgments on that floor that's convenient sob always with their from five thirty six in the morning until five o clock in the afternoon pacific times or twelve hour day so you go out and you may go to use them and from whatever useless number one right but every week gentlemen goes in yo does the number two is one and but it's it's always j we always know everyone unless it is always jail but the question is which one did you go to sleep alternates it and he goes it sometimes hours sums in the end we come out and
myspace today you know right away what their mad about because he does it every link j j glaser me seems like someone who's like a fashion or two he doesn't enjoy he's never sat down and like let his legs tell us all about that yeah you know what you ve legs falsely absolute jays guys use it strictly to marcus territory where his he's an outcome that is to say that our time i've always wondered at the fox and for sunday could you guys actually do watch all the games or do you have read jonah
the us on that i don't know what that we have every single game on em you know that the magic is you eventually learned a watch nineteen gonna same time but we're all the deaths that you see us on for the pre game oppose game we sit right there and they bring this giant monitor wallet and were able to watch every single play of every game and that's when we're just shoot the crap like regular guys we have our lunch will eat an agency that happen they came and we look over there and so we have our own regiment like all school reds right discard moving your eyes area here desire does jimmy gamble on a games no genuine no no game
now to the now out of the wood elsie gamble on you have really what we want gambled on whether that will make it through the show that what we came out of the back ok no it one last thing let me jimmy i think it's been pretty vocal about he's a fan of las vegas yes but for carts ok but you know nobody on the show we there's no sports gambling going untruss interested i don't think i can wash and i fell games without having action on every single one every single not at all nine i'll i'm a big if i'm watching game i want to have some action on it sprung you just cared offence now emily's vat van yes it is the difference between guys like me and you guys i can only if there's money involved as he interests and i'm motivated by the loved game speaking i love the game how personally responsible do you feel for the decline in an authoritative you know what see i've been preaching this people does about people that i was in the fox news generally everyday and i made this point and lots of people that wants to pocket news handle worn happy with me
and like it that numbers don't buy it out the numbers on the big aims monday night game sending a game thirteen again the national games there down dramatically but those that have been crap game this year the match up a horrible need no fence but not only our tennessee and jacksonville it is i have time rating cholera is cholera nettle rash but if you look at the ratings on a sunday afternoon when we're doing games and cbs doing games which is when people are watching your hometown teams foxes raining down one percent cbs is down single did is as well so that people are turning off those games in all these people that going but were boycotting we're boycotting the numbers don't show that they're not watching the national games and watching the crab games and the numbers that show that people are watching just as many men are not not watching as many minutes as they have in the past so they're watching your hometown teams that does not watching the out of town games okay so another known i was accepted a lot less than one percent of us ox buys the third energy package next year we have you back in what was then arenas go up yet
doesn't look just look at what happened in the world series this monster waiting so i dont know if people cannot that's a nice journalists trick there you did kurt it said you basically said i work for fox and the rings or down on cbs nbc unless he's basically saying like all the non community football gas way wait any network does or does not have prevented the honest corrupting roca that's right yeah j b overrun cbs he could take notes do you guys want film on cbs because i'm a big fox in a false on again i think you're coverage is here
shoulders burma as you ve got cleanest someone you ve got your own injury music directed as this will really understated omber version i see bs came ass an end if you ve obviously at current if he but you guys watch cbs discovered yeah of course we see every game emmi rightly we also were watching every single game it goes on to the matter what am i also football fans write me so we watch it like you guys do and we're sports fans period was baseball bat squalid with including the eye the cbs pre game and half time showed women go like that but you recording go back and watch film on your poet scatter what you know the old woman who say that sometimes you gotta stay in their own world because you get wrapped up in in you know if they put their chairs it really high and we see that it could intimidate us the next week i answer and we can never take us out of the game and you don't want that in your head right winger embellish ikea and a very fair power rank these real quick the the scoreboard around holiday times when they do the thanksgiving they do like the little leaves falling in this one i will be a
christmas with the snowflakes in the presence or new years with the lights who i i'm gonna go with the thanksgiving cornucopia that's not so as not to color rather dramatic power can take you back your child i mean you grew up in the mid west had snowed a whole lot yet right to brood wrangle still hope so to take you back there then i'm gonna go with probably nor do you set christmas will be second ok because yoda holiday time gives everybody's nice to want to happen i was kind of things and then i hate new year's yet news i hate no call an amateur night it is it like my anchors like it we now it's my least favoured holiday new year's eve and my second least favoured holiday is how we can either for kids it's great adults who do haven't we drive me not but i met my wife and how in party also aware india here she was dressed as a naughty all worry dress ass i was just comment
elsie i really have worked you haven't we knew just you're like this is yet another you guys on this now arose last question about the guys on sunday
how he long is actually a recurring guess and i know the elles wanna have you had him on multiple twice y ever got up i don't know it's crazy pies dizzy ever mentioning that was my question yeah that's what now he doesn't look i thought i would its accra quick about building a run enough on every just got suspended for six months which way which is great a youth work when we rank he gets his units with i dont know how broadcasters can gather interventions for six months but it's amazing i want to know his as these not being paid as now each island hatches wanting to turn break he here either break is ism yeah ears a thing and i know it's gonna sell my come defending it baldi and i have been friends we auditioned together at fox in ninety ninety seven did it in a fellow europe together for ten years and did and if our game together think we were to go for six or seven saw him in the travel the world with a man i use when my favorite people but he got caught up in being on local radio and the conversation started about the philadelphia eagles in the dallas cowboys and and buddy ryan and how these have the bounty bowls and let these planet to hey you know they should put about out on then next thing you know is equally ellen
yo if you're the defensive corner you gotta say take him out of the game and then a kind of expand on that then he got into how he's not a big fan of his equal but that's how the conversation started out well then it comes out that he said you gotta put bounty out on him and he's in if ye and if you got a firearm so who as you said about iran who did wanna see into outside this room right now would hinder fell blared you wanna see injured pr wanna one cause he's your friend he's just for my people use handicaps got there not love very go and in effect you're right i just i don't know they send out scheduled mike mars on account of the i passed this one up along to body i came up with a theory is known as i called balding yours cat it's not schroeder's balding yours cat its winter quarterback is both elite and not elite at the same time and sewed but much of lack of power
example gardeners zeilinger already i saw your face is that given that one that one's on how to use out if you want i let's talk about your book as is actually i'm not just bullshitting here can sometimes people on like we had a rustle and we we pitched met men are acts we didn't give a shit about it this book actually fascinates me losing isn't everything so the premise of the book is you basically went out and talked to some of the people who were on the other side of some of the most famous plays out there and also retold some historic because some of the people are not alive anymore so like you oh when jordan scored in his face he talked ronnie harrison so who like that you spoke to is still not fully over the plague that's always with interest
is how long it takes these guys or females to get over dislike tragic moment today have in front of the world we can be serious yeah yeah we'll do it i think is it it's interesting in that the first chapter of the book and this the reason i start with him calvin ferralti who was the picture for the red sox in eighteen eighty six everybody sees that buckler play and they go that's the reason laws but if you remember the game where you go back sorority blew a one one leave in the seventh ending and a two un led in the tenth earning sending everything in motion so he lost game six came in and games seven three three tie gave up a home run the first battery night so he loses game six and seven went into this funk only pitched in the major league for more years retired they to twenty nine and admit it mentally he can handle it that it affected him and in his terms he put up these walls to defend himself to protect himself because the media was so bad on the fanned russell rough on i'm starting and eighty seven the next year well once he retired those wild never went down and that the aid it wasn't involved in his kids life
his wife told him in two thousand thirteenth or twenty seven years later look we're gonna divorce unless you gotta therapy could you not the same guy new you're not the guy before that before losing those two games louts at twenty seven years when he sent me is this why is it a rowing through it back there it woke as he's there'll be right and i am still going through its own law is not over so young and the animal has guys craig yellow neander going to drug rehab i dont direct blamed directly on the jordan shot and now have dealt with that why had he buried it within himself right away then i'll just read the wikipedia for cleveland and get a list of what we want for the cavaliers this year i mean you look at the indians holidays in asia it does because you go back to the browns and all her today it's the narrative of the city not everybody had a depression some people were able like ok gimme couple drinks and i'm i'm fine so who is a key that john vanderbilt offer a kind of british open all he had to do is get a six on the final whole years par and you want to get in
seven go to play off and losing his french because you know what we really we had its iron video you so long as you talk to anybody from the french army he would be my ebay their representative alone represents over loss as well but it really is it's been all over the spectrum of people like you to marry decker slaney who fell in the aid for low because it took her away
to kind of get over rodney harrison yes and even a salary i you know he was a guy that you look back and he had won two superbowl rings before that and that was gonna be the culmination of the perfect seasonal detect the giant scored the last minute became the when it and it it bothered him in one would think as he once you propose it would be a big deal he said two things one because he wasn't able to break up the tiree play the helmet catch and secondly when they score the touch on the political births touchdown reception he was responsible for the defence when it called in the blitz and he saw five nine ellis hobbs lined up against six with five political burress he should called awful but the blitz and he knew it the problem was junior say ah who had taken him under his wing when he came in his ricky was andy ego was on a team had never want to superbowl junior was supposed to blitzer play he call that roddy says hey don't run it and do goes no let's run it he knew the wanted to run it and he said it was his love and respect for junior why did he didn't call it off and the touchdown happen a net why he regretted he ate his eye development anybody else hetty bruce you anybody else he said now i was in short i think i will just said no we not run in the defendants being held up not personal exactly but it became personal and that would affect him that's an entity doesn't waned junior ford that decides on your fault right is that he got outside of his own element because he loved juniors blames his own emotions for loving another guy too much for doing that juncture that hasn't affecting mushroom frazier relationship that's that's amazing while ok so that some in this is so the book is littered with stories like yeah you know it for me it was as much of a psychological experiment as anything else because you find out how it affected them in their lives and i talk about sorority and his wife and how to fix it not just him but his family as well and you got people like that but then you also get people that are able to move forward and indian put it behind them pretty quickly and i was interested to find out what's the difference why some people able to just young john van de l a week later he's these over it and other people thirty years later there still dealing with the desire to any kicker ass you know it no i didn't the idea one kicker that i wanted to do why take it back i talked to none in if i'll kicker i talked to mike lanfrey he was a kicker with a university michigan he missed to feel gold at the end of the season in nineteen seventy three that would have helped them when the national championship against ohio state came back and seventy four same situation same game missed again actually miss twice and so he's had to live with that is but it causes kick it that's why salvatore but michigan ohio state number one number
three all that kind of thing so he's had to deal with that from from personal stamp when there was another two eggs interesting experiment was people that are involved in individual sports not the kicker tsar but they're kind of responsible for their own that their own self but yogi erin christine john vandeveer mary decker dan janson how they look at it is totally different from people involved in teams portsea because it's just you re you're the only one solitary will now you got an yeah was with the team is like well maybe that guy did something wrong or you take it the other way in that i let those are the guys that written interesting that's grammar school is the most serious file we like ever rather than its interest in here would people go through when they lose because i'm not a loser and i haven't we bearing i ever done this is all new uncharted like the moon rattled i'm feeling like worrying coming to earth and meeting had been robbed lizards here now
well i've noticed but our lives right now talking about losing i feel like an explorer but i do think there like lessons in there forever by the learned yesterday you look as realistically we all have bad days right you know that weathers work home or whatever and you gotta find awaited take gonna keep going and this is what the lesson is how do these people at least attempt to get going if they didn't write so i guess i do the superbowl this year at yes are what's that gonna be like firefox probably hopefully as good as the world series was as you are we get a monster ratings and if you think we're gonna win the superbowl private this you know i've heard good for rating any team can win ratings they say any tat can win becomes our team up zone actually we need a prediction we get predictions from everybody we homes and we love prediction of java zones can be the patriots again too i think you're ready the patriots allow where the gunners pages we are trying to get it i'm takin seattle
i think you have already met john they're off into line eventually get straighten out and they go back now very much of the game to your russell details in the book talking about their game by the way oh yeah yeah tell us about that what you know of means not over that no chance slow no chance at here only one of the great urging from him he goes i will never not remember that but thousands of that crisis here yes well beyond himself in a healthy their possibly not gone how to find a way to move forward so that it doesn't negatively impact you for the rest of your life right and that's what he knew he talked about having learned that remember two thousand six in the national championship game taken out and you see up they lost that i'm a heartbreaker vent young at the end of the game and lessons that he learned from that and applied it to this i got a lot of efficacy to vacate it cause all the moaning that was a different type of that was the one they want yet did you talking about that long without we didn't come up
the guy is already blush about losing their husband traffic that now that those then come up a guy i e how onto peewit what people say like the immediate aftermath of one or two weeks after in the he talked about one of the first things that he did was a meet every year on the road for the superbowl so that sunday night they lose the game they fly back to see i'm on monday and his meeting with the team and he said he went down through the sequence of that final dr play by play explaining why the coating staff ladys decision because he knew that once everybody left for the next five months they're gonna be with their friends and family magna begone hey they should have run the pollen marcia machine or why miss guy make that play so he wanted that to be the first mindset secondly he went on the today show that we could most coaches disappear if the superbowl right he said because again he wanted to get that message out
to his players and his family and their families in the people that would be around them that look we made the right decision sometimes you make the right decision and it doesn't work out your way so easy felt uneasy makes right these don't selling althea is nile yet and i have done to deal with as they did the same thing earlier the season that nobody remembers but it worked out a real say yes so that yeah i wasn't politely when you aims they too book when you go to soft copy raise our hardcore market furthermore a paper bag really go not big book i could not have you do you guys when you go to the paper back you can update it with p carroll and see if he ever these finally got over the denial phase has clearly not re talk i still thinks he made the right decision i cant open knows you haven't missionary hockey player i spoke with an that's probably because when they lose big did you
handshake line after we had that exactly so completely eliminate all the hockey may be about the only sport that we don't have representatives because this does not an iconic great hockey botswana things i did when i started out russia you know what i take that back we tried and we had an interview set up with a treaty i coups the
golly for the russian hockey team you could us at any name by the way like to try to make i went up you don't love ski song i will not only drunk to goodness has ended and the guy who co wrote the book with me his was based in russia for a couple of months his wife fortress statement using saint petersburg so he was scheduled to moscow we had to line up an interpreter we had to go through the russian government all the stuff and the day before they said no peace not doing it so what i got from that as you ve been working with the russian government life or the state department not my white his y yeah italy s only male covert agri now he mounted to hear i final three questions here we go first one most famous person yourself i know because i know the show i thought about this in advance and the most famous person myself owned you pray
neither believe was khalifa ah william com can go was companies before eight p m he's not i guarantee ok side second last question do you wash your apples you know this housing big explanation why yes i self in your chair drawing on the answers i don't watch my apples ok without violence so when it tastes like a napkin or paper towel and rub it you the the joy yet it it's the dry yes right you breathe and then a rabbit so does that cover i am sure you will have to sort sometimes that's ok i don't i guess not hurry washing your ride augur well i can't do i cant do with going to get the paper towel and than using the pivotal what use your shirt that's fine otherwise you're on the fence neither fish nor fell so pick a site where are you going to ruin environment if you'd just keep using paper towels for apples and thrown away that's actually good pointer true my last question question when i ask you not to answer
i would ask anyway actually this just popped in my head will you start doing like a little sign to me and phd on sunday morning light jason kid member isa touches like cheek before a free throws ruse kid case are tuna for us you know when when ever i say fox nfl sunday that's that's that's what i call out i sat on a you brother haven how are you say yeah the fast real hard working glare scores touch uneasy we are all greatness is yet if we mustn't at my favourites bar you ever think about is angry hardworking player ever brother big guy i mean guy could be terra taylor terriers evil ready mobile elbow yeah they are there because it can player ever a brother big yeah i mean yeah could be derived or terriers immobility mobile girl but they because it's almost kind of like that crafty left hinder thing it's all right i don't know i don't know where you're probable than not that were general we are aware that it's mostly white people yeah yeah
one other guys hostess faster than you think we're right looks when you re right ok i know it over the metal that constant wait i had one oh do you ever think about put in a little boomer no no can we get that was gone that ship is been on the sail away how can we get you to introduce or facets two minutes every every monday at uses so you don't you know we do the recap can you give us like an intra like here's pardon my takes as its tasks and i'm kurt manifest and here the fastest two minutes re irksome and officials facets two minutes the fastest two innocent football yeah ok ready yet i'm colonel gaddafi and here's pardon my takes fast is to medicine football i was also love it and i was also get really girt manifest thank you so much let me see you at super i'll be back we will be there as well
yet it altogether you could take artistic dinner with the boys don't what's good marks let you pay for but our answers fallen all this that will play connachar roulette everybody listen up there there's also going to be an ex interviewed her we're about here is that right now so that should be upon the website soon it's can be interesting it can be you ready for this i'm ready for the i'll show you ready for this identical sunday that's my shadow to yeah i'm giving you as much a shot out so sexy their view yes and losing isn't everything i'm i'm actually i've prophet who also promises we read a book jobs are not real job spock unlikely ever an hour this was your comrades i told your back to his face of readers bugging taken that back not read your book shoebox i'm recruitment of facebook minds already out too so you need it right now like an hour i shall read it out when i get around ok next week will have lenny dykes room he just wrote a book in big cattle promised to read his book and he could sucker decks suck my dick and our rights
was kurt munifi shouts occurred for lane up a world war two reference for me yeah about that end we just wanted to do curtis solid because we we weren't able to connect with lenny we take it too early in the day so let's give him what let's give him a real quick call to see if we can get it done to talk to ld nails does he saw his self aware psych in open doors yes i'll start expand or start up so quick in baseball here we actually ordered burner phones just so that we could call leigh dykstra like once a week and he'd be able to pick up and he would be able to trace your number back instead of having to block your number every time and
we were told we're getting the burners and then they came back they said guess what we took that outcome festooned like an excess of food attainable this is the environment that we work in here this is our saying to word winning listeners if you want to send us a burner send its word dress no questions asked nice if we had corporate support for the unable call any dykes for once a very weak sounded sucker deck suck my dick lenny that seems like a great investment and yes and say what the hell the suits are thinking here before we some segments i wanna talk to you quickly about drafting stockholm weak nine is here and drafting has a huge fantasy football contests there the number once bought for one week fantasy football i know you screwed up here season long commitment to your team you probably have a bunch of guys injured you pray
we weren't paying attention the waiver wire so here's the nice thing drafting stockholm has these weak weak lee fantasy football contests you can sign up sunday morning and it is good to go you pick your team no season long commitments it is awesome you could try to fifty fifty contests or you can play or france its lot of fun and here's the deal over one million dollars in total prices this weekend so don't wait start your new season a drafting stockholm right now use code big cat biagi see eighty and play for free with your first deposit that's code big catch you play for free for your share of over one million dollars in total prizes this weekend only trafficking our com eligibility restrictions may apply see website for details gonna drafting stockholm right now and put in that promo code big cathy idee see a t what do we got four segments how we will get some segments go and get some great
yeah what we got a new one must start with a new one who ok get crazy this one is called king stay the king what does that mean this means that like yours the king then you say the king because you keep doing king thinks ok and this week's king stay the king skip bayliss first of all want to started out by a take that came from his eyes coworker over speak for yourself jason whitlocke jason was coming for the now he said game seven was the most us sporting event perhaps in american history excuse me jake game seven was the most pressurized event perhaps in human history so thoughts and pray the civil war yup maybe if any day maybe theo had in working for the south we shall be speaking cage and right now maybe if theo gotten on one of those boats you never know so that that was whitlock coming for the crown then skip bayliss is the king and the king stay the king what he had to say about came seventh gap leave there's a segment of cubs fans
you're pretty large one that didn't act we want to win series because it for destroys their sympathy card that they been able to play their whole lives there sure of losing that they haven't used and cherished for many many years generations for a hundred years there premise was they are united and misery oh woe was me then they cry and their beer every off season and pessimism had started to infiltrate the psyche of the team for years oh you're bales guy he's a car is curse god he's a curse guy and he's also just colony on saying that the world freeze title was wasted on guinea because we only indian things you don't want it yeah i didn't want it to be sent back but then i checked the tape and i realize that about a month ago you said until the truth monday yeah there's a part of you that in one why not say to her that although that's why don't you ask me i know we can check the tape yet we will i said wouldn't know what to do when they won nets
what you said and whose arduous monday dogs chasing cars geology that you had once you catch up to ya know what to do that so i guess what now that it now on the other side is pretty fuckin cool pretty fun guess i'm i'm i'm not sit near being like damn i wish the cubs loss ass the ugly little marty you wish that yours who has no no no no no no that is kings thing but skip palest days a king without yeah i have a bad visual force who did you see for during game seven leubronn got caught on tv similar little beer little alcohol little adult beverage up here was a champagne it was beer ok bottle issues rule we know the brown is all about the kids it's just a game you know if he loses in the nba finals he'll just go home and watch bad santa two with his kids cuz that's what real life is about not these stupid silly games where you know what real life is also about people have addiction problems and he's drinking a beer
front of everyone forty million people watch now came nigh beforehand so salt exert in town and we're looking at this from tomorrow morning you should abandon the celtic last night because lebron james is little thing got yap little double little cats in coffin it was they call it over in germany nor that means now cats in your head that's all the fun fact that article hang over that's nice like tat it was really weird dollar bromley he acted like it was the worst thing ever better you and you know it was that it was it was a hey j j move using oh shit can't let anyone see with a beer and then was at his wife next autumn yeah and there was a shot that i saw that made it almost look like his wife was smoking jointly but i don't think that she was i think it was you say it was a bad visual she just has her hands permanently held like a joint that she does she's inhaling yes she holds leubronn roach roach clip i dare say she holds his balls so it's like a smaller than small roach klaus navigate bad visuals all around europe let's do a respect the bids you wanna go first yes it
this one comes from marley rivera from espn she's a baseball reporter there a baseball writer their excuse me in a castor she was at the game last night i give everyone a fuckin podcast ass so she says no plenty the un's fans who sat in the press box and did their job reporting a great game how is it acceptable to right as it comes fin dont care of playing if paying fans outside the press box the cubs tired of those inside the press box doing it or indy for that matter still understand how cubs fans columns or sports writing that's an offence to me in all hard working baseball writers out there so she was upset because there is some cheering on the press box yes something like clapping maybe like clapping emily one texting taxing fair we members pretty disrespectful to the journalism industry for you guys to be shown emotion during game seven yet robots
absolutely we hey we pay as journalists we got into this thing not for the love of the game we got into it for the stories yeah ok and guess what it's not about so it's not about a spot the guys on its outcome about telling the store haven't restoring pass through you right and you don't clap the council of i see wasn't clapping when there are writing the bible they're letting god just speak through them right right that's my understanding d if you're a journalist and you make the story about yourself you got a problem with it kevin durant he's a baby back bitch you should put some respect on my name but i'm not going to say anything about it that's right he's calling himself a baby back bitch through his actions largest passing that story less exactly so and she also doesn't like a fact that sports fans cubs fans are allowed to write combs s hat sports running in its it's an offence to her i wonder what you thought about my car she probably ran all that guy was blown vapour live tv yazzi well she probably result
actually have a similar respect the best michael wilburn did you see that he went on sport centre in his cubs jersey big time no no but here's a twist you gonna get like fired or suspended for there's a twist we'll bonn said that he actually didn't want to go on sports in earnest josie but yes paean made him her wow all a major turn for espn's journalistic journalist extend law and this point has been pristine it go deeper then sir level here dies it goes we're gonna have to get we're gonna have to dig real deep ok because this is bad institute institutional chaos it he s been guy's going with jerseys here about institutional racism this is institutional fanaticism is institutional bias is so july
hot seat east coast bias cool thrown midwestern but yeah i agree worse cleveland cleveland submitted but the other times that's something you get into a fight over i learned that recently if you call cleveland midwest then people from cleveland the rest of my response is the correct its own thing yes but is also fun fact i made reference to two sheets in philadelphia than a while longer you listen man i know one thing about philip ass you dont want to make fun of their gas station subs yeah you guys have great food next to the ear five ethical yeah it's it's healthy don't worry i have a daughter finish before we get to jumbos done or finished curses here i guess it in a little pretzel there i'm gonna say gosain either because as one curse ends another one begins and
marlins man cursors on the city of cleveland just kick out last night he called his girls he called to show resolve it guess what if if the ends where the are even i worked lose their cursed their cursed because there were rude to me three years ago one time and they don't have seats that you can see on television by no play it so i'm going to curse your city and so now that's the reason that i could to hers is though you have to admit there on the ice there on the ropes right yeah oh yeah arguing that were so so while his men has is clearly critical no she's not makes a half hour just curse something carson it's a curse casa sacramento kings it was just a little kings don't win a mba championship in the next decade that was a part of my takers if the brooklyn nets dont when more than fifty games this year parliament requires not you know what a moreover whammy guy i'm they put the whammy on all
where where me up when the whammy on you are certainly that's what's a strong bolton there that's the kings neither those teams by the by the power in part of my take and all that nurses and witchcraft neither the nets nor the kings are gonna win fifty games also would have liked to see a little bit more respect through my way from a rally cha last night feel like that really turned it around there was actually a great i have to find this clip and i'll tweet it out from pardon my take when you were fiddling with the champagne bottle trying to open it with like three oz and i was just staring at you you're so mad house so have i was rocking the world series chirping shirts and secondly that it was great ok those get those good i like that beneficiaries are on the ropes and argue that so we will bring about more bring him back ok let's do jimbo they're back we're gonna take a quick hiatus from rose but rose wanna come back strong next week so here's what you do you subscribe to part of my take on itunes
you leave a five star of you if you like us we're not holden we're not pay the zenith threat not threats guys were pointed out guys so put who we're going to help us hope you yes what words will scratch our backing scratch yours so rate five stars leave us arose we're gonna get back to restructure herb next week sorry and let's do some jimbo they're back ready hank stew it ok so jimbo i hadn't bought a pats jersey since late and allow a lot better really mad trees it did you go to school misery monday recourse practice reading yes ok i just i shows a high so more if you could tell he didn't screw up the first sentence is studio with us tonight mill more heck as is his paw and ban ruiz is when a different kind of big
hell i see her with different kinds of ignoring its augured skin it didn't it is easier dip in that tape like the grossest just give deputy broke i saw no more good so i hadn't bought a pasture these late nineties so finally fought finally bought the jersey my favorite player i was really excited to wear the jersey for the first time this sunday our ip in peace jamie collins ah man you know it you know the jimbo here is your watching the all twenty two cause i've heard a lot of reports jimmy collins was not the jamie collins of old but you wouldn't know that unless you asked if you watch it on tv just like an area like the same guy here all these all these problems are air trying to watch the fox feed they don't get the real story need to watch elsewhere too when he was on the patriots did he have senior on the back was jersey no so that's a big show off move right there if you don't have senior on new jersey don't put it on when you go to different town yeah i did
yes now isn't always look at me i'm the guy on the wiser headset ok yeah spins own you go to the city cleveland you're gonna wanna let people know that your sex having your sex average cleveland you stand out yet yearly dear dallying body here kings king stay kings yeah i think to derail prior has senior yeah you arms out like inferior oh you're late without my o stay woke might be one of the things like we talk about with the swingers in the suburbs they opened their garage little beggar senior on the back your jersey that might be telling all your teammates like hey door is always open pay cleveland instead have gone to the strip mall buffer wild wings and fighting all day maybe we'll do sex instead timber this chick gave me in talking to watch a video turns out as one of those videos were the exorcist jumps out at the end and i dropped and cracked her brand new iphone said that's on her that's also mankind situation situation really drop in a phone because video you watch that's also a what years its situation new simon what years
because those videos over like two dozen six that we those videos were that yeah ok right wife was two weeks out from due date i went to a wedding got drunk the wastewater broke at the wedding and she had to drive us to the hospital yeah that's pretty big jimbo i dont have any direct experience nor have any kids that no of but i get to feel going from people that i know that of our children that women are super high maintenance round their due date and they don't lie get all about teresa riera they don't like it if you have to if they have to drive themselves to the hospital they need to be like waited on hand and foot not even as well by the way what what feminism ok what about being equal rights if you really own damp do you really want equality then you would drive around self to higher when you're pregnant birth and you're waters spilling over you drive a big thank you to everyone that you can still make a listened america little
little hypocrisy their nations pregnant women by way before we get to the next one we full one we don't wait for fun we ve fur were re we may we were vapour diseases raping like we ve been doing this i'll show without like even making jokes about it so now we're just gonna to be you can hear it i in that was part of my take babes i'm sure part of my weight i'm sure who runs this entire studios gonna love that we're just throw mad sick clouds at his microphones that's one right dressed as phd in big cat for halloween started raping and became jordan for the bit still raping and i like later for thirty two bit we didn't we may then i am that that was agreed
move by hanging out of i've heard that from a few different people that they picked up fate because it was the eye kids you know the kids list not there don't don't pick it up pay is charles barkley set on our role model come on i drove to ours first surprised visit to my girlfriend school turns out shaded tournaments today fifteen minutes from my house and now she's madame not their spins own i thought that first sentence was going she turns out she was like fuckin some other dude so that at least in happen i didn't hear you are paying attention under annoyed about your baby now why don't you do it again move on you punish twenty a lesson that there's a guy my office you always wears a fanny pack being the new guy i try to be funny in a few weeks ago i asked hey sage what do you put an hour now pens you know i always diabetic you say you're always prepared in a meeting he replies yet too much and walks away this tuesday gets a call from the hospital to go get a heart
inspire a whole our office is going nuts clapping form as he walks out i tell it coworkers i had no idea he was on the donor less she says yeah it's a heart monitor and fanny you ask me i was gonna be it i bid us shut up actors for not inventing a cooler way to manage your heart like you can't you have like a man is an arrogant i'm sleeve you can put on all passionately that monitors and like some sweet election that actually i think we ve always said this on the show that people with some kind of disability should have to wear like a scarlet letter so that we know not to make fun of them that's a great idea that's not what could go out yet i should be here there should be an upward yeah they should all have to wear some like something on the star something just like a age as everyone knows
me or make fun of me now adopt a blog about me as i have this sickness if you dont like people that have sicknesses like me than stay away exactly i trusted hank at the parcel app had podcast without using data now help on her baby to november twenty seven all those big jimbo and export recruited just stop it with i trusted you know i love that hank is he he is so gung ho about selling things are returned so that he just making a great reasons dispirited element is a boiler room we re a boiler room he would be these in our gonna wanna go this thought he gets new cadillac i we ever released it it's gonna save infants lives he's going to be stock where the release it at one it's gonna be but fifteen by the afternoon he won't even bill touch it also we actually women we love hank everyone knows we love hank but it's fun when he's not on because we can just talking about him knowing that he won't listen sir yet will aid
hey you listen i tell the truth monday i have to say to tell the truth is i heard what you said yeah ok i was setting up a brooding pair of cape
hell ducks and i blocked on their nesting an incubator since this dwight true and forgot to put it in put in a tunnel to the front of the nest box to mimic the sensation of nesting in a rabbit borrow total jimbo by the way people forget that i dont work in an office agree waterfowl ok well on that sounds like a pretty big mistake yet yet put that the shoulder gazing in the bat everyone knows that don't put the sheldon gazing before the horse cart count you hate classic case it count the shoulder for they had exactly what they say to two and moved shoulda casing and one in the hand halfway through an exam i thought i legit put my pants i was afraid everyone would eventually smell my brown pants guest on the rest of the exam gotta thirty nine percent went to the bathroom and there is no proper my pants all the phantom rough squirts yet are safe than sorry yeah you know you can always retail take a test he can't redo everybody's memory about the time shit your pants can't put poop back up your but not kept her face back into mere i last one on vague
with my girlfriend seem like something was bother her so i keep asking even though she said she was fine turns out she wondered break up with me and was waiting until he got home but then she just did it in the hotel instead so it made the three hour drive home to replace in silence ah yes that's why to consider on her part well i don't know it still jimbo on his on his side because that's why you never ask anyone how they're doing ever don't ever bring up anyone's emotions are feelings ever and you'll never get broken up with or you could under pregnant and then however have to have a baby and make her drive you the three hours back to the hospital that she likes here so jimbo on your part for using birth for reverse it just be like hey you're pregnant and why that's it that would be an amazing reversal like chicks to pull the rug an opponent italy's i see that movie so i assume it happens all it's all your life all the time
serious telling a chick she's pregnant give a shot that something will happen soon happens that should be our jimmy kimmel does a thing where you he's like hey italy its candy and then videotape the reactions tell your girlfriend or wife that she's pregnant videotape reaction valuing assented to assess if you upset it to us he's your p i asked at its heart of my take less actually do that out tellier tell you why for governed she's pregnant and seventh part my take this would be a good prank the point is a camera tat you have the money for the enterprise so get it right ok that is our show we have a big weak set up for us an extra collection weak yeah we're to be in buffalo on sunday night in canada we think it on monday and i will be back in new york on tuesday we spencer hawes and frank kaminski with an exit our view coming next week gallery picks has always check out there's picks this week we were basics it was pretty awesome was grey are you gonna go to their wheelchairs bread
i am going to block it because that's my job okay are you going to be in chicago this week i will be okay so that's official not going to baton rouge going to yo correct i'm gonna be in chicago if you're at the rugby game on friday night sick grown ya say get on yet to me usa verse de maori all blacks best team in the that's not actually from a country of people forget that and then on saturday night soldier field sought out sworder field the hague not alone game but rugby game ireland first new zealand come upon the point
throw the idea of drawing also thank you tamil more for sitting with us and indulging us and he's going to edit today show sophie screws up at all tweeted hank and tell him you fucked up now be fun and again fall everything part my take can you will now shut up to shout out to the cubs fan that eight that piece of horse poop at the parade way till one up cleveland i loved it it was great so shout out you're gonna do it right he added you i'm sorry i'm talking to you right now it'll you don't i always anticlimax you were talking about the matra kid on the matter right now you ve had a few drinks you're gonna with bodies you didn't know the cubs urban win the world series this year that horse poop looks pretty now when it again your lifetime take it and also be certain videotape it yes send it to us only and this is how you re often she's pregnant with the poop in your mouth
oh father i was a great ended the shell were really maturing here part of my take we will see a next week i love you guess really
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