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Dak Prescott + Best Of Kentucky Sports Radio Callers

2018-06-27 | 🔗

Maradona almost died watching soccer and Messi is still the GOAT (2:27 - 8:21). Mt Rushmore of sports sounds (8:21 - 14:24). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Playoff George going to the Lakers and Golf shutting down compasses (14:24 - 31:56)). Cowboys QB Dak Prescott joins the show to talk about his Sophomore Slump, Miss St fans, and whether or not he ever gets confused for a famous porn star (31:56 - 48:23). We hosted Kentucky Sports Radio on Tuesday and have our best calls of the day including 80 year Shirley and Butch who we couldn't understand (41:23 - 65:16). Segments include Bachelor talk for guys that dont watch the Bachelor, Not to brag but we called it Julian Edelman is innocent, PR 101 for the Diamondbacks player who pooped his pants, and Guys on Chicks. 

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On today's part of my take, we have Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dac Prescott. He is going into the Mount Rushmore of interviews alongside AJ, Green and Addison Russell. If you can figure that one out exactly how it's going to go. It's actually, okay, it's better than we will talk about it before we get to the interview, but we also have our favorite colors. mark Kentucky Sports radio hosting we take over. There show Matt Jones every single year for one day a year, and we have some really funny callers the people of Kentucky called us. We talked to him you're, going. We really want to listen to Shirley Shirley was an all time. Goat, caller Surely is eighty years old and loves part of my take now and lives by the creek? Yes, we also have Mount Rushmore Sports sounds guys on chicks, hot, see, cool throne bachelor talk a pack show before we get to all of that. Did you know that every single episode of part of my take is now on Spotify? Yes, the same,
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On Spotify their streaming right now and now and now and also listen to drink paint. We need to get that million listens, so we wanna get that plaque. So if you're doing your job put, our drink paint turn down the volume. Let it play on repeat all night long, let's get going lists were about a quarter away, so we need your help. Let's do it all right. Let's go you might tools. Well, today is Wednesday June. Twenty seventh Donna is dead, number done is the goat, but he might be
that he's the goat, because just like a goat, he can and literally anything yeah and survive. I think he was he was so lit he's been. Let this entire will up and listen we're not casting aspersions we're not making judgment on merit on cocaine and heroin or legal. Yet in the stadiums in Russia, I hope he doesn't die because then the start of the shows really awkward, but he did look very bad Look like a telltale sign of if you're going to start, cocaine, MER, Donna! You don't want to stop, because when you stop, you start falling over and the EMT comes and grabs you after Argentina has a thrilling. Win. Survives goes to the knockout round and messy is the well here's the thing about merit Donna. If he wasn't such an elite athlete, he probably would be dead. Yeah, please, like Secretary, it he's a little guy with a cut him open. His heart is going to be like the size of his entire chest. Cavity yup, maybe bags in there yeah, okay yeah, but he's he's just got such an enormous ticker on
that he's able to survive anything. I have. We already talked about our world CUP fever, but it has gotten to a fever pitch, because every single game is so much. I mean Argentina, advancing in the 85th minute messy. I was telling you this like there's been no better storyline to be able to seamlessly go from MJ versus Lebron talk to Messi versus Ronaldo and just like it's second nature, just trying to just looking for any fact to get Renaldo Ray bans. Did this debate, I I would say, is like a little bit more contentious, actually yeah, because they're playing at the same time right and they play against each other sometime. Yes, so I'm not! I don't like that as much as the hypothetical debates, because you can twist. You want one all that first ran away yeah I want. I want relative risk a lot yeah best goal scorer in World CUP history, even though he scored like seven goals from inside the six yard line to use the right place at the right. That's right, although he is the go to cherry pick, he is the go to cherry picking up, but yeah. It is fun to watch those too, and today's game is going to be electric who
Sweden, Mexico man, he co, suis, very age bomb. All son I nose in Germany is of course is going to advance, are gonna score billion goals against whichever team their plant. I don't mind shaft with a point so Korea, yes, yeah, that yeah, maybe court, the Republic of Korea yeah a knowledge, really still score million goals. Germany will advance, but Mexico not advancing, would be heartbreaking. I think we have a Will another big if you're, not in in World CUP fever? Like the fans, you have tears, you have cheers. You have everything when they go to the fans and it's just like they're living and dying with every single, nil, nil game. It's amazing! It is the perfect bridge to because usually after the NHL playoffs over NBA playoffs are over. You have to go through like a month and a half two month dry spell before we get to hard knocks before that. First scene with the sprinklers are on changed and the report in majors and having decals on them yeah so use.
You have to have like a little sports vacation for some, but this summer you have. You have countries that are basically at war with each other on the soccer field. Yes, and so, if you can't get behind that, then I don't know what to tell you Hank, you are. You said before the World CUP you're going to speak for the people who can't get in the World CUP. Are you in the world cup? You know, I said that and then I went to Aruba and I was with all of the local all these different countries caught in the games and beach bars just going crazy, like when Columbia one. I was going crazy when Brazil won, I was in the airport with all brazilian people going crazy up. It's just fun to get excited and, like
trapped in the whole thing, yeah right, you had fun in your vacation. With that being said, I saw and watch a game since I've been back in the states well because Republican overseas yeah, like it's, you like an Ex pat, we might think well you're the right time, yeah great great sporting you're, the kind of goes away for for a semester abroad and comes back a little bit of an accent. Your Hank was signing his emails to is with cheers yeah because they watch football thing over to route. But it's pretty cool guys. You should check it out, but I will say that just that Germany game it was, it was a buzzer, beater and soccer yeah, that's possible. There was I I was that C. Would you think of this? We just blue uniforms. Ideas blue that you ever saw in life. We talked about on Monday, show that you've yeah listen to interesting. I don't pretend to Liz yeah here which that were snitched you snitch yeah. You told someone said that we'd icicle as heck didn't actually listen. It's good to have Hank back. I want to say I want to issue a good sports town alert, okay to a ran. The nation of IRAN. Yep is confirmed a good sports town. Did you see that they harassed Renaldo yeah they like Cann
that site is tell room chanted annex while trying to throw him off his game. I don't think I don't think we're gonna get that much sleep anyways. If you know I'm so, actually he, if you read, read all those pre game warm up. He says that he needs at least eight hours of sleep and then he has of a whole Greco bunch of whole grains before the game then puts on his full jersey and just stares at himself in the mirror. For like five minutes, I do the same thing I stirring, although for five minutes before everything just stare, I actually just take a and then like. Look at myself just look at your ship, clean myself like look what I just got rid of him. You have to use that cut type of content in the bathroom. Imagine what I can do a podcast. I mean you have to to make sure your health did. You see were not does to people that come over to his house to have like dinner. Now they like it expect to want to be flown. He feels
I'm like white rice. He doesn't drink if user fees like white, rice and boil Chicken, yes, Klay what you feed your dog when your dog has an upset right on this Tom Brady, he doesn't drink, he eats like just weird food, and then this is my go and then right after a meal, he makes you do training with them. I need you to work out. Yeah he's the worst host of all time. He should do a little juggling skills. I got a good joke. You were here yesterday, Rick come in a wreck: okay, here's the Rick Reilly, joke, hey they want if they ran really wanted to keep Ronaldo in his hotel room, they should just drawing a penalty box outside of it. 'cause leave yeah. That's that's! Pretty good yeah he's cherry picker, yeah he's big time cherry pick time you wouldn't get it and you're, not in Aruba right, not cultured yeah, all right, let's do our Mount Rushmore. So we have a big time Mount Rushmore! I'm actually very excited for this because most Mount Rushmore's, you write down like six or seven this one. I did brain dump and I ended up with like fifteen. I don't know what I'm going to pick from, but
have the Mount Rushmore of Sports sounds Hank, your back, but you go first snake draft snake training, so who's going I'll go last, because I because I ogle I've mopped the floor, the Augusta. So I will ask to you with the first. I know I'll be like that. You got to go over, but I don made you so I got to go for all of last I'll, be like the the top seeds. So you went first last time I get to go last all right number, one swish, absolute, no brainer! Ok, that's good! That's good wishes, solid one. Ok, My first one I'm going to go with You know uses everything the sound that back, makes when he gets it news x. Okay was first book. Okay, I will go with. earth! I would keep it simple. I learned from stadium foods. I got too crazy. Crack of the bat yep, the doink on and uh
right? Nothing like a dork, it's like a clang yeah, the love, the door really good going is great ok for my second, I'm going to go with basketball, sneakers squeaking, that's a good one. I had that. That's a good one, that's a pretty some really good one and then I'm going to follow up with no oh yeah. That's right! I thought I was going. We got we got like one day good, don't you think you're going to realize is I'm the culprit for most this yeah yeah, unless some high than I am yeah. all right. So for my second one I will go with similar to the crack of the bat, but the pop of a fast ball in the catcher's Mitt off, like someone's, throw straight gas. So really it really just echoes to throughout the whole stadium, great call, Hank and then my third one, the more all a arena. Air horn, which is common known as the hockey yeah good,
this is getting tough, my next one. This is similar to Hank's, but I think there's a of the distinction where I can pick it, it's the shot, clock, horn, that's good! That's good, but you're too basketball sounds like the square It makes me think of defense and that's just that's. That's bad possession yeah but now that sorry, your choice is your choice. Not defense! This week is just running on a basketball court. Ok, it also reminds me of new awesome shoes. So my third and fourth, my third is going to be helmets crashing on the line, so snap great pads and helmets just Doug Marrone, I mean he closes Dies- and you just think about it, and then this last one I'm going to go, I'm I'm shooting for I'm taking a long shot, but I think it's I think it's up there. It is a little specific, but it's an all times sports. Sound though like highlands and then one or two screeches or like whales, in the crowd after
you are a home, run big home run on their way team or a buzzer beater from the away team, when the away team wins a game, and you get that like son silence in a couple- and it's like that, is an unreal sound that you just close your eyes and there's nothing better than just ripping the hearts. Like Kevin Durant, hitting that three that sound right after that? You hear a few warriors fans cheering, but mostly it's stunned silence in a couple like you know, crazy, people counts fans like screaming in horror. I I hear ya, I'm always a little disappointed that happens. I always buy my my first thought after I hear that is. I wish they done at home. No, I yeah, but it's so it's so no, I I I think taking taking a game on the road and likes, ripping your opponents heart out in front of their fans, there's nothing like an all sports. Okay, all right, then I'll I'll I'll, see that my next one, my last one right, yep, that's my last one kind, her pretty bad performance. So far.
You you, you know what you did is you have a hang over from Friday, big time you're like I'm good at okay, mine is combo two thousand. By way Liam screwed me up Liam's roomy aisles we impose you got you got thrown off from the very so I went sauce you would sausage will be okay. We I'm like went weird like I needed Hank. All my like cake actually makes rise, is everyone's. Let it pour craftsman who blames his tools. Ok, so my last one is going to be silence followed by driver off the tee, followed by you, the man Tiger, yeah or or you're going to love that Tiger Tiger. Ok, that's a good one! Alright, my fourth and
I know will be your favorite team scoring song. So whatever it song gets played out to your favorite team scores everyone's got. One yep, I feel better sound. Ok, so will do honorable mentions. I had college bands at football games. All time sounds like a double celebration. You score you cheer boom. The song fight, also going off what you said earlier, when it's like a wave football game and they have a last second touchdown and that's the only sound. Yes, that's a great that's a great sound yeah, just the guys, you could get the mikes of the guys, just like going crazy and then the little band all the way up in the corner, playing the fight song. What or honorable mentions. I mean I, I like the way you've been waiting all day for Sunday night, intro song, huh, that's a good one. It let's me know that it's time for Sunday Night Football bowling strike for sure as a sport. We call this sport the starting of a horse race,
when they all when they're like they all get in there, the the silence and then the yeah they're off okay. So if I counted willing is port, can I say the fortnight theme song, Josh Bones of sport, one sport to PETE Weber: you can be drunk when you know who you are. I am more fun when you're drunk will put in that clip Liam in Post production PETE. Legend Lebron, trying that's another good one! Yeah yeah love the sound Lebron's elastic waistband when showing everybody's dick the sound of Lebron's hand breaking when he put pretty much breaking when he when he punches a White board, pretty much an one and one's great
ball. Don't lie is great. The pipe. If you're I mean it's a bad sound because usually I was rooting for a goal, but it is it's a great, like actual sound, to hear the other doing. baseball hitting the foul pole yep, that's it one uh there also I had on a list of like were sport, sounds the root teen pop fly where everyone thinks a home run. That's the worse, and everyone just goes great. What about a really really active, umpire calling strike three you're out, yeah or or Joe West, calling a ball r, Joe West Island, because it's the only time the silence, great sound, larger west, just singing a nice country to him or his just go it just kind of flapping in the wind. It's real, my sound all right, we're good! Well, it's over
scars to Roger Goodell, getting booed after the super bowl right in jail, getting booed at the draft respect Roger Goodell, Gary Bettman, getting booed after this Gary Bettman just getting booed anywhere. He goes yep. That's he's, basically like a Trump administration official that should've been Roger Goodell. getting booed at the draft is an all time. Someone is out for sure one extra one, the sound the ESPN fantasy Draft, when you're in the, when you're in your draft yeah what did internal town and you're on the clock, you're on the clock? Yeah! That's good yeah! or the sound of when your ESPN show gets canceled. That's another good one! That's a really good one! I was about to do the WW sound, but I'm not going to do it yet don't do it? Do it? No don't do it stop Okay, alright hot see cool throne Hank. Once you start embrace debate by the way. Tweet us, your favorite sport sounds app, pardon my take and will put up a poll as well. My hearts, is Bryson that Shambo
Pga tour is investigating him and trying to figure out whether it was legal of him to use a compass or not. What century are we in This is my favorite golf like how would go They said they are investigating this device. How would golf follow up follow up in all time moment with Phil? Well, I know Compass gate like
you can use can use the stars to triangulate your location. No, you actually allowed to look up. You just have to ask your caddy and the first words that he says you have to go yeah. I love this that that that that it's a compass is, is now in a legal tool in golf, so the use that to find figure out troop in locations, because sometimes they're a little bit off every once in awhile, so I'm just making sure they're in the exact right spot. So you know what people say that golfers take too long between shots. I don't see it yeah. I don't agree not. I actually like this, though, he's holding the Pga accountable for your pin locations, little taking out a compass and a pencil and draw a piece of paper for it's a shot he's out. Sergio Garcia will be impressed. Yet with the time that this guy spends between shots D Shambo is actually he like. He is the perfect guy to call in the rules and regulations for golf, except he just ended up being a little to go. To call so now is on the tort is like a guy who uses compass to double check the pin locations that guy he he
sees a drop zone violation when he sees on tv yeah? Well, what are the rules against having somebody that just follows you around and gallery to just yells the pin locations at you like somebody with a compass phone around or maybe an app, maybe it up who? What? What about the first golfer to ever get like Google Glass in a contact lens they then use as a range like that. I, like that yeah I like that a lot. That's that's, definitely coming, under my cool throne is Hanley Ramirez, who he already, do it he didn't get signed, but he on Friday a investigative journalist said he was under investigation for his involvement in a fentanyl drug ring, Boston, sport Do you want crazy everyone kind of just assumed the truth? Yeah, it sounds like they said. That was like part of the reason why he got because he's a free agent, everything, but it came out that it wasn't true at all he's not involved, but one of his friends that he grew up with so the use Ramirez's name to get the
because of his back yeah. I know it's a real good way to lay low, okay, well, who's involved, Hanley Ramirez sold. Okay. Do you read the story? He literally the cops like arrested him any he's like yeah Hamleys. This is a family, stuff and facetime in for the cops that's an all time turn back yeah but are you sure that Hanley had nothing to do with it? Are you ready to do that? I don't know but I believe in you know it sounds like him. His only crime was being a good friend. Yes, they are, but that it was wise that, on Friday, at one is freaking out like he was like Alex. I mean Aaron, Hernandez situation where he was like this big drug pin, like drug dealer, probably involves some say, but it's like he might have been in somewhat involved with some like somewhat shady ship, but he wasn't like a drug kingpin like they made him SAM Hurd, his friends. He might. He might associate himself with some bad people, but I don't think he was like hand involved like he loves too much. Is too good of friend he's taking? This is why you don't pick up facetime calls yeah. Ever you never know, yeah pity you go. Ok, my hot seat is going to be
just dogs, again hello? Okay, so you remember last week we put what what was a racist thought. It was a race and watched. A lot shot will fall off well, for we put him on the hot seat for being actually racist himself or herself does. He was two guys to guys yeah one twitter account yeah. They split the it took two guys to variation to run the Wolf Wolf Twitter account: okay, this. One is going to be the we rate. Dogs twitter account, so it got in some trouble. This was like maybe six eight months ago. it kind of caught some heat on the internet streets because after Trump's Covfefe tweet. They made a hat that said: Covfefe AF, then half their followers got mad they're like hey. Are you supporting trump? And so then they were like and tell you what we'll donate half the proceeds of the ca first. Well, you can tell that,
The queue, fifty a f joke. These are we're dealing with some big league, jokers yeah. Isn't they got some Sears comedy chops, the coffee for you yeah, the Kofi FI word that that word, the joke, Actually, one of those jokes that, like I slept in that day and missed it, yeah like missed the whole fucking thing, 'cause, that's how fast it doesn't remember at the all star game. Last year there was a dude wearing a kufi shirt. Oh man, I guess we can't really we did so. We did sell KEN bone shirts. Yes, the bone zone around the bones on shirts, like anywhere in minutes out anyways. We we are in this case were against somebody on the internet, making a quick buck out of a a a meat. The dies within a day. Yes, so they made the could af hat, they got half the followers mad at them. Then they said tell you what will make it up to you because we're going to donate half of our proceeds, to planned parenthood, which then alienate the other half of their followers. So the dude is a twenty year old guy that dropped out of college to monetize twitter account
So he was in hot water, then, and then he just got in trouble yesterday, because somebody tweeted a picture of their dog to him. So his his job is he takes pictures that are tweet Adam and then he says this is a good doggo. Thirteen out of ten would pet, and then people tweet like twenty thousand times. Well, the dog's name was Keenan K A n, a n okay. I was sweet understood. This is came in and then when he reached, See that picture his caption was. This dog is named George he's a very good dog, so he white. watch the name oh came and he changed it to being a white sounding name roots and he got called out on it, and his explanation was that it's better engagement so turn Ravel would really appreciate this. So we have a second racist dog. Twitter account that we're going to be monitoring were going eagle. You know what we need to do right. We need to twitter account. That's a racist dog watch of the racist
watch yeah. Well, that's we talked about last. Yes, we need now we now it's a racism, dog, races and dog watch right here. And actually no it doesn't Wolf Wolf, it's like a bomb dog just sits down so we don't just don't tweet yeah, just don't we're not tweeting they've actually created. That's how you that's how you know that their dog as being racist, online, yeah cat. I love the store. The twitter Michael throne is verified. People on Twitter and Instagram so there's a new mural out in LOS Angeles, California, that only influencers are allowed to take the picture in front of yeah. I have to either be verified to be an influencer okay, so I You, can take a search for throat for you. Well, I was I had to check mark. I got rid of it. Some too cool, too big of an influencer to have a check mark. So I got rid of it. and there are people that are taking their picture in front of this mural and it's like angel excuse me. It's angel wings with, like a blue check, mark next to it and there's a security guard.
but that monitors it and make sure that nobody, that's getting their picture can is out there. Fighting this world is so I will talk watching a mural for verified people. I would be okay if the camera in that situation is just a gun where anything that that lined up to get their patients, that yeah or at least a sound, came in the mid put themselves. This sounds like one of those stupid are or not, I should say, stupid off- beat shop. Shia Labeouf, art projects, Nathan, fielder, yeah type type, yeah ready when you get a little a little bit woke he's definitely yeah, there's nothing! Camera being like look at all these idiots that think they're important there is it. The vin diagram of people that get their picture taken in front of this that are also complained to airlines. Eventually about their treatment is just a circle right I mean I'll help any them out anytime. They need help, I'm an influencer, but don't bother. Do you know who I am, Sir Sir?
I don't twitter. Alright, my hot seat is. Everyone else is instagram stories, because Lebron James is back, which means he's going to do a bunch of Instagram stories of songs that he can. He has that you don't have yet and just lots of like his wife working out in the gym saying no days off and speaker, random speaker where he does like one thousand five hundred and fifteen second Instagram stories all in a row just so you can hear the one song is then ask app violation for him to be doing that might be. He is he paying royalties there's every now and then, when you follow on Instagram, you'll, you'll pop open his instagram stories, and there will be it will just be like a live sees. It would just be the smallest dots because he's done five hundred Instagram stories in the last hour. He also had this great quote: tranquility, while staying what I saw that yeah, that's fine. That really makes you think that fire, that's some that's deep, philosophical stuff, you know what I like about his instagram stories. Whenever he's listening to songs, you always have to break
and what the lyrics are because they all contain clues about where he's going. Yes, so that's that goes in my cool thrown my cool throne is a Lakers, so I think the bronze in LA right now and Paul George is going to la to take a meeting, and there was a leaked script of the video Paul George, showing up to the Lakers and SA has a script. Here's here's what it says on it when you were just a did in your room, dreaming from Palm Dale, we were dreaming too. While you dreamt we built built for you arrival and while we dreamt you built to coming one of the world's greatest well, that's is greatest betas plate fill that in playoff p, yeah life's most powerful dreams or the one we realize ourselves, the one that turned us into legends that kid from Palmdale. Always knew it now the world will to wow,
that's the script of the video that they were playing form on the Big Board yeah. That's there, Jesus Shuttlesworth! You know Big Board a pitch. I mean I would not if I was Paul George and they played that for me, I'd be like these guys are cornish. It yeah, but Paul George is kind of corny. Point yeah. I was shoes or fire he's somewhat corny, yeah yeah I think that the Lakers, so I think, you're rushing judgment on him a little bit. I just think it's magic said that he gets two summers. He said he's going to resign if he doesn't get himself into something for two summer next year he's like hey they're, going to be so many everyone is talking about the great free agents. This year, like Lebron, Ann ' tough p and all these guys in Kawhi, potentially in a trade, but no one's talking about all the Great free agents. Next year, like uh me to rivers, contract might be yeah and listenable yeah rose all I really definitely opting out entirely opting out
but, like I magics leaving the window as future magic he's given future magic in nice, little bunny bus won't have to fire me because I'll resign, yes yeah. I think I think this video is going to do. It depends on what, if they do nice like Coldplay track behind it, I think they're going to get Paul. George Lasalle Kuczma, just we did first domino there. You go was that's breaking move city two minutes ago. Breaking move was that reference to the Us Rivers, trade, the moon, that's just the balance of power in the in LA well. I mean let's talk about it because his dad got rid of them. Yeah, that's no longer the this is the first summer is, does not because you have the job. That's right, yeah! Really they really told points actually yeah yeah. Well, that's definitely coincident yeah! That's he's! A good total coincidence is good for our yeah. I think George go Nelly and that I think I think it Paul George go celebrate his very fast behind him. Do you yes
I think I always run a follower. No, I thought the Brown was going to say I'd thought Lebron. If you could figure out a way to get either Paul Georgia quite to Cleveland, he would stay in Cleveland as his preference, but the and it one of those two guys goes to LA he's. Going out like huh. That's my thoughts, headline for tomorrow's Ravel Times LA is drying up, huh got it. that's, pretty good right! That's a switch yeah yeah! Well, actually, your Mount Rushmore is really sucked on those. So now that disagreed don't don't tread in Sept or I'm not knowing. If I'm not it was. I thought I should. I should get second place for this. One are all right, so we're gonna get to our interview. So here's the deal Scott. We actually, he actually kind of blew us off Super bowl week. We pulled one of our greatest moves that we've, I don't know if we want to give away the secret sauce to how it let's do it. Let's do it, so we were in Van Dimas and we were driving around in areas that we probably shouldn't have been and
We actually had a couple. Mbc hats, NBC sports have to give up the by areas that we shouldn't have been in big cat. Just means like behind the scenes in media areas at the Superbowl like strings that were blocked off loading unloading areas, yet for all the all clear it up on the work. This is how I feel when I, when we're not going to call him out, you know Dan Patrick was it was it was complicit in our crime. So we had. We had NBC Sports hats and the trick is, if you just drive a big White Van somewhere. Okay, any potential to First turn off the radio right now: you're not allowed to listen to this now, but if you're driving a big white van and you're wearing NBC Sports hats at a sporting event, you just point out your hat. Yes- and it was all three of us in the van wearing this hat so they'll, just like let us in anywhere yeah cop literally, was like where you going and I just like NBC dude he's like alright go on so we try to get back that way. Okay, terrace! You can start listening again and Dac blew us off. So this time comes around. Let's just say Jack. I think
who is ok, he just clearly didn't want to be interviewed an then well you'll see one question that might have taken the interview for a left turn, but I feel like it wasn't going well to begin. I know it wasn't going to be good interview. He had done like twenty uh, interviews over the past two days before we did this and here's the thing about Dac. Is he after his rookie year? He did. Any sort of media because he was he was still in that zone. Where he's saying, ok, I'm going to let my contract take care of itself, not worried about getting paid. Now, this summer. He didn't have a great software year. Actually I think, that's probably what started it. The sophomore Ellsworth lumpia comment and so now he's everywhere doing all sorts of media because he needs to get his. He needs to get more buzz around. We just know when we're doing an interview- and we know the person is Ben, doing the interview for really like they've, been doing a ton of interviews they're just going to give canned answers, so we got DAK Prescott. It is what it is before we do that cash out
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Spread vb! Thank God! I have a. I don't know that kind of know that number. When you, when the Van Buren boys come up you on the street good referenced, Ria yeah! Well, I see more people even more Florio Florida Florida Florida. So I could tell Israel signs for now for the Seinfeld I just I was watching good up get up this morning and records were dropped, a Seinfeld reference, so download cash apple, giving away money every single episode, all right, DAK Prescott here you alright. We now welcome on starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, it is DAK Prescott he's joining us with his ready raise rise campaign. Let's start there, let's talk about that real quick, so you have the ready, raise rise campaign to drive awareness around cancer. What do Guys doing. You know specifically that people can get involved with yeah well first off and go to ready, dr dot com, we're challenging everyone out there to go, educate yourself at some
It just sounds and bring. The awareness under me know: ecology, research, which is simply spectacular, and this year it's about focusing on how cancer is unique and not only unique about how the immune system can help fight off cancer's up there. That's just incredible, but once you get on the website already website, alreadyraisedrise dot com you'll see our challenge, which is take your power. know what you get on, that all we're asking you do is submit a photo a photo photo, do with a piece of paper hashtag. raise rise are doing so right on there, how powerful, If you are in your own special way, and once we get a hundred photo submissions pushing my scribbles promised to donate for quarter of a million dollars which that's how I can have a helping hand to plan part in defeating cats with just one hundred photo, so we can get that done by noon. Yeah will do that. We got you, that's the challenge, I'm holding you guys to it. Ok, that's awesome! So you know you had it's obviously a great rookie year. Can we are we allowed to say, sophomore slump, even though you still had a good year last year or allowed to say that I'm amazed,
you can say whatever you want. Ok, so so I guess the question is how what are you doing this year now that you've gone two years through the league? And what have you learned to try to you know have a bounce back, get the cowboys back in the playoffs yeah, just trying to get better in every way that I can I mean I look at by your last year, used as you said it whatever you want to call it, and one done no one good enough so gone, and this year it's about finding a way to to just continue to be. Or consistent living baker last year. That was that, The falling man just wasn't consistent at all from one game to another from one throat with another Aladdin consist season. So that's what's important is coming in this I am coming up. This season is about playing my best game that continuing at that level Awesome game went all the way through one thing, I remember you guys. Last year you were very strong on the road. The cowboys are a great rd team. What's more, In your estimation, playing a road game in the NFL, our plan, a road game in the SEC, or I don't probably playing a road game in you see? I actually see just a little bit louder.
passionate fans, they've kind of embraced that that role as being the SEC being known for the loud stadiums and everything that comes with what's what's the toughest place to play in the SEC? What was the toughest stadium to go? To I mean I don't know they're all. the top when you're traveling on the road and you're number one going in Alabama or or when you're going and playing Endeavor Death Valley at night of those into game but I tell you Auburn has something about it. I was just always a fun atmosphere, great atmosphere. The fans are eye level with do you uh, and then I can be an incredible game. It might as well shots fired in Philadelphia, eagles fans, though saying it's not that intimidating going. You went into Philly whoop that as six nothing last year exactly when it was freezing cold and they are already in the playoffs and we weren't well yeah I think the FED ality that they don't worry, yeah
do you, so your people don't realize that your middle name is actually Dakota. Your first name's rain, correct, yes so do you also know that Dakota Rain is like a pretty famous porn star. I should know that when you google it like you've, also practiced that answer. I can tell the skin no love, never typed in my name will go the wrong way. So I'm glad I never came up with. There should not be a great excuse, though, like if, if you have to share a computer, somebody just watch Dakota rain, porn, yeah and then you'll be like I I've messed up, Google in my yeah I mean I'm. A fan of the code to rain and rain to coat goes both ways. Here's your question! What's your favorite color Beasley Song, probably eighty stinks. the first by saying that he released before he put his album out there, but it is things I like it: a lot
Was it a shock this year, when Jason witten retired come it felt like? Obviously I don't know where, but did you have any inkling that it was going to happen? No, I had going going going to happen. I have Thursday were working out where throwing on Friday. The second day of the draft that news hits and it was it was surprising, but woman being the guy is I've been as close where he called me not long after, and I understood everything else going on. I saw that you kind of making the rounds a little bit. I saw you on get up the other day. What was MIKE Greenberg, like in person This client was awesome. Yeah yeah, it was super cool, actually ask him. He has, I think he has a favorite cold Beasley so long as he wrapped it. For me, MIKE Greenberg was wrapping. Could you do that on the air? It was yeah, say these things yeah. I guess that's all yeah, it was on. There is only show where he won't necessarily wrapping. It was just saying the lyrics yeah yeah, that he was doing like spoken word exactly so. What
call. The owner is Jerry Jones, like have you ever seen his burner cell phone. Rj Jones is a great on. I don't think you'll find anybody that works replaced with the Dallas cowboys they dislike Jerry Jones or hash. I guess you say some bad to say about it. Are you there real talk to with with Jerry Wind you got drafted by the team. There was a lot of talk that you know that some people inside the building were interesting. Paxson leads to that motivate you your your rookie year to go out and maybe prove to people in house wrong. I yeah. I mean I was. Let me it motivated me enough, just gone hundred thirty shipped over on being and was that the seven alright quarterback drafted, so I mean I did take extra Extra motivation to go to the cowboys saying all these guys wanted another guy, It was what it was and I will have the opportunity to improve myself and that's all I was worried about. Have you ever been on juries party bus problem?
turn the cowboys bar. Oh it's everywhere like every time. You know we were at the combine it was there it's at the super bowl, it seems like Jerry gets in everywhere I mean it's the teams there yeah, it's always really shiny, like the rims on that thing, or always like pristine, just perfectly clean. I think he's got a team of people working on it have you heard your former, you made Tony Romo in the booth. Have you had a chance to listen to him call game yeah drive isolated couple of these games and then as well as that, I was able to watch the tv copy of the game he called when we played so oh, he's great, I just a testament to the quarterback. He was in the knowledge that he has in the game of the reasoning I would call this place the symbol for happened, so you went back and you watch the game. You didn't necessarily I'm sure you watch the film, but you also watched like the broadcast. What CBS broadcast of the game yeah I mean I pretty much watch, every game that, like that as well as you said, I mean I'm going to watch the film copy a couple times. First,
There are a record all the games. You come back and just watch them on tv as well. That's pretty cool! I like that. You get the fan experience, because the only reason I don't play in the NFL right now is because I would miss watching games on tv I'd like that, I could be an NFL quarterback pretty easily. It's not rocket science, so glad know that you actually go back and experience as a fan. Also yeah, you know, I'm in I would be interested to see you and then it so yeah me too, are you still? Are you still tight with Tony like? How is that relationship? Obviously it was kind of I assume a little awkward for you, because it was his team for so long and then he gets You come in and have great success was. How was he in during that transition? Not It was great. I wasn't any awkwardness there at all. He was also it was always really helping. and everything that he did on the field of the tell me things I may come in contact with just being a Dallas cowboys quarterback that benefited me in
that I did come in contact with very basically repaired before you give you give any thought to whether not you would want to get to media afterwards. Unnoticed, like I said, you've been doing the rounds. You you're pretty good on tv Have you given any thought at all to what you're going to do? You know maybe later on, that transition like Tony did. no, I mean, hopefully it's a long way away, so I haven't given any thoughts on that just yet. So I'm am excited for sorry, but this is excited for football. You know when that opportunity, in those things come also hopefully way down the line I'll take make on that countdown. You already accomplished step one which is you got a really easy twitter handle to remember it's at back. Did you You have to buy that from anybody, or was it was that just out there. I know I mean my agent did a good job and just got it for me. I don't I don't know if you, I don't think we had to buy it from anybody. I think a guy that had it just was willing just to give it old one of the other yeah did you
get to hang out with Jerry Jones and Chris Christie up in the box. Good question. Thank you. I'm not sure who the second person as Chris, but been in a bar yeah, the governor or former governor of New Jersey he's never Ok, larger man, it's usually wearing baseball pants. Did you ever come down to the locker room and try to hit the buffet after the game? How far is wrong and we had to ask we figure, we been doing a lot of media with. Might as well ask a question. You probably have been asked before right, yeah you're asking but I you have any questions for us. No, I don't do you call him Jerry Jones or Mister Jones? That's a good question. Uh just say: what's up I said: what's up or something like that, I mean talking about him. I guess hey Jerry Jones yeah. What about Stephen Jones? Talking to our? I talked to my guess.
the message or just even just calling Steven yeah, you're or guy, who cleans Jerry Jones Class, is one of the other, Steve was the man yeah. I did. I did know like on a serious step. You have done it a couple, pretty impressive things like when you went to Mississippi State you, you kind of change the culture there a little bit, I'm always curious to know about like the mentality of walking into a place where maybe there aren't a lot of expectations on you from the outside and how you're able to kind of, like you know, to tune those out and just focus on what you're doing what special about that team. What was special about your approach to that team in particular, I thought. Maybe it was able to turn things around a little bit yeah I mean I would so we stayed up and and to do that, I'm planning to win international championship and do something that we in but Don obviously doing national championship, but did something that the university had never done that the football program and never done it was great great coaching, great but we are a great team and that all that all
each other that that's one of those things that you'll never forget just in to chemistry, in the bond that we had what's the hardest part being a pro athlete that fans just don't understand. I'm It's a job I mean we work strenuous, hours. I mean honestly. I watch and found that what would probably body through- and I think a lot it would just make out there. You know just uh. They know it's hard. Obviously, I mean not anybody can do it, but they sometimes but they always just get to play again that they don't say that they love it. The kids game, but it's a business. and it's true that the way you have to treat it that way to stay in it you are, you were born in Louisiana, just grow up there yeah I grew up. I grew up in Louisiana, decide to go to Mississippi state. Is there a little part of you that roots for Coachella and Lsu, though I actually know I didn't grow up in Lsu fan? but there is a part of me now being out of college that yeah that that doesn't mean you want see homes they have some that's not against
Costco will obviously not against my University of Mississippi State but yeah, and then knowing code shown on how great of a guy is yeah there's I've been in there that does that does root for is it true? What happens in stark Vegas stays in Stark Vegas, of course we're. What do you think that Stark Vegas is a little misleading? Maybe maybe it's not the most pop in Sec school! I don't really know how to phrase this. I've actually never been there, but our producer has. He said it wasn't. Maybe the most fun SEC Campus, our I mean I've, never, never necessarily one on an FCC toured checking out all the different canvases and and party and hang. out, but I mean I know for a fact. I miss you it's a good time and depending on when you go depending on but game or what venue you're going to uh. It can be right there with the best, if not the best. If you were, if I was playing a road trip right now through SEC Country, what game should I
put on my calendar or what time of year? Should I stop by Start Vegas in and check out the campus maybe go to a game That's a great question, I'm I'd say: late November game Home game, maybe against Alabama or maybe get the egg bowl against Ole Miss Lewis. Thanksgiving one of those games is incredible windows, night games against a big team that would, if you weren't national football player? What would you be doing. I don't know I mean, maybe something like I'm doing today. I how their day cancer is my heart. Maybe it's just continued proposed promoted ready, raise. Reisen I figured out a way to try to try to defeat this cancer and that's why, as I said, I'm here on behalf of Bristol Myers Squibb and trying to trying to The kids are doing everything. I can that's why I encourage everyone out there. You guys as well. I'm not, is to go to ready, raise com participate in our in our as posting that pic on raising that money, so we can
support these camp cancer advocacy groups. This is the c key question: we're going to wrap things up here. You seek. You ever go to game. Do you ever use seek? If, if you have buy ticket to game in a promo code, take get ten dollars off, it's pretty sweet deal I usually not usually, I know some people but I'll. Keep that in mind. yeah there's an official sponsor the Dallas Cowboys, so keep that in house, so see, question is have to give me your official prediction for your record next year. We're going to hold you to it. Yeah I mean we're going to be a good team. Is gonna go in is going to win. Some games on a lot of games, and all I'm worried about right now is just get the best team that I can and so we can go on and on that first game down there in Carolina. Ok, one undefeated Dac Prescott, direct quote: what's your favorite color grey, grey, grey, Grey yep,
wow, that's a that actually might be the craziest answer. You've, given that's gray. What grey. yeah, all different shades of gray. Okay, all! What's your favorite animal, we'll, probably alliance, that's good. Okay in a sheep! That's why I was that's how you're going to great wealth, but I, like the line art all spent yeah. Also great yeah learn! No, you can't do Alfa because that's damn! Now! That's a good point: yeah you can go and I'm what have you can you actually last question? Can you tell us where Dez Bryant's going to sign? I don't know I mean I expect on the ballot in pretty soon. I know he's probably waiting for the right fit. You see where he learns. I mean there's going to be a great player and I know he'll continue I you have a lot a lot of success in this week. Right awesome,
back. Thank you. So much everyone go check out. The website like he said it is ready, raise rise, yeah we're going get some pictures sent your way and best of luck. This season, Ok, thank you guys are having to make sure you go and check out ready, raise rise and educate yourself on the research. That's happening! Ok, thanks! So much jack. Thank you before we get to our favorite calls from Kentucky Sports radio. We have a word Mugsy Jeans. I want to talk to you guys about an issue that's near and dear to my heart: swamp ass, living in the city, there's nothing worse than those hot sticky summer days, the one where the bus feels like a steam room and by the time you get out clothes- are so drenched in sweat. You look like you completed an ironman. Well, I have good news for you. there's a solution to your problem and I wear them everyday. That solution is Mugsy Jeans. That's right! The guys at Mugsy jeans are back with their super lightweight and breathable summer lineup, including Sfw,
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Kentucky Sports Radio on talk radio. Ten, eight now here's match your good morning can sake. Kentucky sports radio Matt Jones has let us host for the third year in a row we are barstool. Sports party might take podcast. I am big cat, I'm here with my co host Pft. What's up and we are ready to have some fun. This is the best day of the year for us last day of the year at Christmas morning. All right! Let's do some calls, though Bruce Sup Bruce. Long time made here guys hey bro, what's going on man, get out on your Mount Rushmore Stadium food? Can I fill in for the Kentucky Stadium food? Yes, it is, the number one Mount Rushmore
Adam is Rupp Arena ICE cream. The king is Keeneland Burgoo the number three in the Kroger field, concession stadium out another week. Ok, What is the item of the week was just like a rotating item, yet like we can be like in the middle of a big game like fourth quarter late in the fourth quarter and they'll put up do The concession stand at section two hundred and twenty four for the Kroger concession item of the game, nachos the ground, it's like it changes every week. I love that. It's a big does in the four Adams that was put on there is the popcorn at Westchester Football Games, where's that question
high school football games best popcorn a high school football team. No, I like this because I don't know this is a guy you I like how detailed you are what what about the popcorn, because there's there's definitely listen to! Is it though the white popcorn is the l popcorn? Is it too much salt to a you're done right enough, but like what? What is it make that popcorn, great man, some things you just can't describe it? It's got a taste it I like it. I like this guy. Usually when I would make good friend is fresh. Is it always hot expiration, always hot man. That's that's a big difference, there's nothing worse than like lukewarm movie, theater popcorn wait. Can I ask one other question: the Rupp Arena ICE cream Is that, like a famous, I feel, like I've heard that before? Yes, that you got your Peters drew and Shannon yeah. It's not that good. You need to go to the screen protection stand and get you a big chocolate, ice cream and you'll be your next time, you're hosting it be like bro
Please write your characters. This is an important distinction. Richard you are at. Are you a cone guy. Are you a guy when it comes to your then you're? The marina uh there was a ton of Buzz Punta Buzz. They painted all the pipes in the ceiling blue. Was it as cool as it looked better yeah I thought so go ahead? Gary hey, Gary, Hey boys are scared from Pikeville not up there the agent my parents gave no loophole? Is loser veil? Hang. You got, I mean that's a bird, you can't come back. You loser again, that's why they took that banner down yeah! You can't have a banner hanging in your arena of people out there, calling you Loserville. Oh I got another one for you. What is your name again Gary? Gary. So your! U fan right, oh yeah,
bleed blue baby. Alright, so you know what call Uk Sexington 'cause, all the yeah there we go get lace, Sexington, I'm going to change a map from my house to second, and all you need is a sharpie manage yeah credits. You Gary for having map still in your house. That's wild move Do you have maps in your car to have a road atlas? Oh yeah, I don't use my phone, I use the the paper maps 'cause. You know it's easier to eat did travel. That way. That's right, no one's ever gotten a virus on a map. True back, I gotta question. I gotta question for you all: ok, what's your the Witcher old Mount Rushmore of you. Avail scandals ooh. There aren't any so it's possible to make one. Actually, it's more like the Daniel Boone National Forest of scandals for Kentucky 'cause, there's just so many of 'em, I'm going to go number one Rick Pitino in the restaurant, with
premature jacket. That sounds like clue that recline number one yeah, how number one murder happen: Rick Pitino in the restaurant, with the premature ejaculation candle, stick with candle. Stick the garlic sauce number two: Let's see, probably the strippers yeah so feel like we can. I feel like enough time is past that we can just pretend that Bobby Petrino happened at Louisville, not Arkansas like at some point you're just like right that guy yeah that was probably better. You know he probably did some weird stuff. That loses that's yes, so between I'm going to go with the strippers in the dorm rooms and then three I'm going to go with Kevin, where the time that he basically made a stop a basketball game for like an hour because he broke his leg hockey player would have taped it up and finish the shift on that one yeah, and where do you go with your fourth um? and Damn cardinal birds having teeth,
right explain this explain this: that Cardinal Bird has T cardinals, don't have teeth, sure hold on you ever made out with one. Is this true? Louisville mascot, their mascot has teeth Do car you're right, it has its teeth. Oh my god, this is a huge breaking news. Louisville has had hey anatomically incorrect mascot for forever. How is a huge t? Does this bother you Gerry? It bothers me to the biggest expense ok, awesome! Well, thank you for the call. We appreciate your calling Riley would love to know that the cardinal has teeth yeah. That would just be a treasure trove of Dennis jokes for yeah. The card was so many teeth that record. You know it baby, but when I'm out I don't know how much snow, maybe in a minute, yeah yeah right I'll stay away from that. Would
go ahead. Surely surely surely happy serious? What's up classic go ahead? Surely how you doing I'm alright, I'm listening to you guys. visual I listen to this day in and day out, but got to measure show in the world. Surely we love you? What does that mean Kentucky Sports Radio has the best show all or part of my take is the best show are at the. Matt, Ryan and Janna all. Surely how do you think we've been doing so far today, okay, hey you, don't miss it what's a bourbon get on mix it with no coke or sprite full time right now No, if you pull your chasers, if you little little sprite in your Kentucky, bourbon will really bring out the taste
are some. I have had my order with it yeah I like it. When you order. Surely can you turn the radio down? I actually don't care. I just always wanted to say that to somebody that called in early. Can I ask you a question yeah? How do you How do you pronounce Louisville Louisville Lewisville, I heard Louis hope, okay well after a lot. Okay, and then tell me the Mount Rushmore do you know you know the Mount Rushmore thing we do see. You pick like the top four best things give us the Mount Rushmore of things about Kentucky. Are the mountains right mountains, then tall trees like I live, where the other art portrait? Ok, I love to anything else. I can't really think of anything else.
basketball? Would you play the other game with her that you guys like to do chores superhero? While we play a fun game, this one is called racehorse or pornstar. Ok, so I'm going to give you an idea: let's do it we're going to give you a name and you're going to tell us if it's a race horse or a porn star? We invented this game couple minutes ago, so you ready Shirley your first one is RON Jeremy. I would say that As you ain't no porn store, It is the more he thought. As you thought, I should run Jeremy, which IRAN is a race horse yeah, but RON Jeremy is a porn star. Okay. What about? Okay, yeah! I have your misunderstood. You yeah all rights. Let's try another one: Jenna Jamison Jenn and Jay soon as they uh.
all right well, you watch a lot of poor ha, ha ha. Okay, okay, last one go ahead, the last one is going to be hung is humongous who tough one fungus humungous humongous. Ever would have to be a racehorse nuts that's also why it's ok, I'm going to write you a prescription as a doctor, because I do live in New York. So technically I have an MD I'm going to write you a prescription to watch more porn. honey. I don't even watch tv here we go quotes on the internet, but yeah I like it. I like it. I do not. I do not care for computers, internet don't deal with any of that. I'd like you. Surely that's that mean you know what that means: you're off the grid and it's like Ryan with the land. I'm from yep yeah
I've had a landline for years and years and years Crystal clear right now, yeah, hey Shirley, last question before we let you go. What do you think about Ryan Lemons, new hair, hi. I think he is tremendous. I haven't seen him, but I can just imagine what he looks like yeah keep it in the imagination, 'cause he's ugly. Otherwise I have a grandson that lost all his her and he is the most handsome bald headed per.
Then in the world: well, if you want some, I'm sure that they be able to get some hair from Drews asked to put on his head yeah, so that there's no no, no! No! He has that Alopecia area. I've tried that years ago it didn't work. Wow pft just made fun of your grandson, who has an actual condition. I did I made through pretty messed up. It is a just like there's several people that had that condition. Just like Charlie Villanueva, Charlie Villanueva,. Well, Shazier: what's his name that used at the million dollar show I'll put up. Regis Philbin no are how we met. No yeah he's also wait hold on one second. Now, surely how would you know who Howie Mandel, if you don't have a tv. I am eighty years old.
Anne. I know these people. I worked with these people. Ok and I just did away with a very on account of my nephew. Okay, okay, ok, gotcha, so you're a reason why I did have it for years and years until I moved back here and country I did it would it because he was becoming a couch potato I like that, that's whatever you call it yeah the damn millennials huh, that's great. He was eating all your avocados and watching her tv too much. Let me ask you this: how do you watch Kentucky Basketball games? I don't. I listen to all that is fantastic, that's old school and across the creek, MRS Radcliffe. She uh her son and her that, while she is uh, he's four years, younger than May
and she is an argument well all of her grandsons to and they play Football and basketball for kentucky- oh wow, tell her, I said, Yes, is reckless, so surely Topshop what may same dollars Kentucky Radio, I listen to it day in and day out. It never goes off all right. Well, thank you so much for calling in. Surely this is a lot of fun. We appreciate it. We got to take a break, but we appreciate your call. It and good luck. Good luck with Kentucky Basketball this year in football- and I know You'Ll- be listen on the radio you just I mean you could talk to Shirley all day Butch. Now this is a foot side. Morgan Manchester ok? What's going on Sizemore from Manchester love it yeah? I miss you. I never thought I return total love your well. Now, I'm not talking type now
I'm not comfortable fluency, Butch, Butch, rotated, satellite dish. Two point e also take the tongue out of the back of your mouth, real quick. So we can hear you. I got your back. I'm going to buy my throat. Ok, Do birds and you know I don't have it what you are talking about. Well, waiting same punch in what way were more more similar than you realize, my lock at the conference migraine bluegrass warm warm your work or, if you're out, in the what you're talking about bluegrass music. brush fire by Ralph Stanley, I'm staying home. Water buckets, got a hole in it, Okay, push Ralph, Stanley's, okay, but for my money I mean have you ever been to their church concert, I'm not sure
great camera market, a porch do this! For me, power rank this in order. What all right. I'm gonna give you I'm gonna, give it to you the three things that you like to drink with your copy or your Kentucky. Bourbon Pepsi are, diet. Pepsi Pepsi MAX play it again, not working here. Pepsi diet, Pepsi Pepsi MAX which rank those in in how well they go with Pappy come up there. If you ever talk about piety yeah yep she's, better drink than than Pappy Van Winkle is so I can respect that. Do what do you mix with your bourbon? I don't know, I don't think I got I got I got saved
I'm sorry hi nice to get a witness? Yes, no is that's that's good for you. I wish I didn't drink. I don't I actually don't drink a real there's. No reason we just use our own lot of heroin. Only inside soccer stadiums, yeah Bush, thanks for the call. We appreciate it, man, good luck, good luck with the Wildcats season, yeah, yeah Well, yes, Sir Connor, what's up hey. What's going on guys, I had no, I didn't think I was actually going to be able to go on. Hey can you turn that dog down The boys want to say that I don't let him know. I have a dog at my house, no makeup. I've got I've got people coming to help my house. I've got twin boys unexpectedly coming in September, so they just arrived of course, as soon as I can grab that real quick when it comes to twins, is that did you just have sex once or did you have sex twice really quickly? So
According to the Obgyn, as Hank would say, I've learned a lot I feel like. I should have an honorary doctorate up. They said the one time I guess who put the one one x, one time so congrats on the sex one, yeah. I'd say that on here or not know you can. You can say whatever you want Sexington after all, Steve yep. You have made me laugh all morning long thanks Thank you for being here today. Thanks If thank you for listening, are you? Are you a fan of our show Steve, or do you just hear about it today now this is the first time love it. Thank you so much it made my day. I swear does callers were brought to you by butcher box. I just got a huge delivery of butcher box to my door yesterday. Let me tell you it's more meat than I know what to do. And they also have a great deal going on right now, which is bacon for life. They give you free bacon for the lifetime of your subject, Shin to butcher box, basically
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We said, ok, see you later and he didn't hang up and then his pr person was like hey how that Kodak and he just goes terrable listen. It could have gone a lot worse than that. We didn't ask about getting his ass kicked in Panama City. No, we had a credit to us. We didn't ask him about shooting himself in the egg bowl credit to us, so we're just going to assume that both those stories are true. The exact quotes terrable. It has to be about a pornstar, ok, dang right back. You never watched porn cool, will probably interview him again in like a year and you just have no recollection that he actually had an interview with us until we bring up the point. Questions cowboys, backup. I want to say, like it's either like Chase Daniel Brandon Weeden. Maybe it's in there someone here and withdrew hands. No, I threw him. Some stores might have gotten Chase Daniel that maybe I'm going to Mcgee, it's still Mcgee someone look it up all right,
two segments so also actually before we do segments, I have a little stay, woke yells, more chase. Daniel is the backup for the bears, Ann Kellan, Moore, yeah. Ok, then that was talking back, ok, well, we're rooting for Chase Daniel and Kelly Moore now yeah, I have a little stay woke real, quick, real, real, quick before we get back to talk, Lebron's, really good friend, coughs, the legend Who is Lebron in twenty? Sixteen shouted out, he said, shut up the homie cups of legend. You already know what it is G day one tonight. He is all He witnessed? No team apparel team apparel, staying up late for West Coast, NBA Games going take some time to adapt to body on east coast. Time will be the highest selling NBA Jersey of all time in the crown so who's going to the clippers Lebron to LA that's all set here yeah,
first supported by us by us, so yeah, let's eliminate a couple to just read: okay, just any other team, except for the Lakers. These not gonna, fuels okay. It was a time when the clippers yeah sure I didn't say that I said he's not going to tools. I thought it was clippers. Yeah he's not going to take out river, so another clean up cap space, and also we talk about the warriors yeah true, oh god. That would be so. I actually thought I would respect that. I would respect the hell it abroad if he just went to the doors. You know what I would call George too. I actually think that Lebron James would screw up the warriors. Only one ball chest: one ball! Ok, I'm going to eliminate we're going with the hornets. Ok hey Jay! Do bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the bachelor real quick, I heard by the way. This is a really bad season through the grapevine really
yet people complain. I heard okay for Wayne Newton was in this up so best to on a group of day to call Cmi the way he's got a he's got harder on him he's also a new he's, also each of us just just a beautiful skin. What his skin, looks like he's using that filter thing that people use before they come in the face touches way: new, not Newman. Newman Newman. He looks like Newman after going on queer eye, he would need to do is not Newman's name when you guys were a night and okay sent off, and that sounds lit perfect on a group date guys had to write a love song to Becca with Wayne Newton in performance in LAS Vegas. I mean that's why I thought that sounded off yet that Newman, who is reforming, load, love, songs? Ok, that's actually is awesome, Willis almost or wills. I don't know,
also or Willis almost beat up Chris for interrupting his time to back out when Chris had already had his time. Yeah. That's a classic bachelor story, respected talking swell like a bachelor, storyline Madlib PM, but almost beat up some. like you, didn't get all the way there you little beta. You can't go almost beating up someone. Will you get someones face and then people like he's never going to do anything, but then they break it up because you're about to kick his true holding back and then Becca took Jordan and David on a two on one date ended up sending both of them home, One point I was well into the one. So if you bring what's a dynamic like if you got two guys on the same date with the bachelorette, um very we. It's got to be weird right. Yeah, it's got how you yeah goes from either a person to guys home or we might have an orgy. That's a that's! A wide range of motion to London Bridge might come down. Uhhuh the Eiffel Tower might go up lucky Pierre, not you tonight Becca,
do people stay in London Bridge, but yeah yeah yeah? That's it! I guess it is bad season. But if you want a good season, they gotta get way night involved yeah, that's right, I get Newman. He should be the next bachelor Newman. If the battery people are listening, get Newman going, alright so next up. We have a not to brag, but we called it. So Julian Edelman into stories that true, no, it's still very much up in the. I don't answers on this too Hank. Where did you read that the NFL side are that the arbitrators sided with the jewish settlement? All the number one source for unbiased pagers news, partial sports talk Jerry toward article. I need to read the article I just saw the headline: okay, okay, all right wondering I was like I went to look for it. Okay must know something I don't know now with that said, we are still standing by the fact. The June element is in its last. I checked in this country you're innocent until proven guilty yeah, especially if you play
video games for the co of yeah, so yeah, so Julian Edelman Justice for Jules is what we're going to do little little hashtag for you. So let's Bob's free. Yes, all right, Next up, we have a little pr one, a one. This one is a wild story. What do you? right, you find anything. or the NFL made mistakes with Julian Edelman's pee sample. Well, that's what he's claiming? Ok so, but I believe what I believe- 'em. Yes, that's actually the truth, so yeah, so the NFL is actually guilty until proven innocent, ok, so justice for jewels, complete good job. We did it guys next up before we get to guys on chicks house, it would be an sjw now we're officially Sj Ws. we're social justice yeah. We fought for Julie, roman social justice. True, we succeeded yes, so we have Archie Bradley. Who is a diamondback starting pitcher here a on a podcast this week come our show Dan Herron thanks for hooking it up. Then he pooped his pants going.
It's the game, while he had poop in his butt and he was the quote. I was warming up to go in a game. I knew I had the next hitter I knew he was on deck. the app that was kind of taken a little bit as a bullpen. so he's a bowling. I as a bullpen guy. In these big situations. I call him nervous peas. Where, like I don't have to peel off, but I know I have to pee before I go to the game. That's actually called Jizz can't believe I'm telling you this and then he says. So it's a two two count and I'm like man I have to pee. I have to pee, so our bathroom real, quick, I'm ready to go, I'm trying to pee and I actually ship my pants like Right before I'm about to go in the game, I pooped my pants and, like oh, my gosh, I know much pitch- and he walked out. There he's a. He
got thrown in the game and he was pitching with poop in his pants right. It's actually pre com, not not p, is meant to say yes yeah, it's one of those situations where, if you want to kind of clear name, just blame it on down here and he pitching coach. This was actually probably Dan Haren's idea to get like a small statistical advantage. He realized that Pictures that have shit in their pants or a little bit more motivated to get out of that inning faster. The craziest thing is Dan. Haren has a whole like his whole. Last few years of his crew said that he would. takes so much imodium before he went on the Mount like. How does the pitching coach miss this? Well, how do you not everyone, take imodium, because Dan was taking all of it, so there was none left for anybody unreal either way. I just want to say I mean everyone knows that I've stand
to not shame people who put their pants as adults, and so I have no problem. This is actually really big day for my movement, because now we have professional athletes doing yeah. No it it took away a lot of the stigma between him and you. I think that yeah good ground swell yeah, I'd Archie, there's also nothing in the rule book. That says that you can't should on the baseball, so in service room service, but it's a if you believe the greek food, it's terrible, uhhuh. True, true that we're good home yeah a little hole. Missin pizza huts, the spin rate on a ball which should on it actually toil, has a pretty high spin rate too yeah. Well, the other way yeah, he knows and gives you the canticle. No, I did it was not an invitation. There is a difference, does not even the incontinent of Australia. Let's do guys and checks so boys especially been cat who my boyfriend yeah. I think at 'cause. I got the best bank adequate, just ok, yeah,
the thing, I really do a name in front of a cat. My boyfriend keeps I'm fine of girls and guys with small boats around me saying how they should do. Squats are read more yeah. I lost weight recently, yep c passively aggressively ELT passive aggressively, but chaining me up what should I do absolutely squawk box score a little square that are just like gain the weight back, yeah yeah Can it back so much that you got a big but Duncan Dunks yeah and then he can then be like? Oh, I thought you wanted this. It's actually great you get to spend the next six months, just shoveling funnel cake into your mouth yeah his gain all that weight and then it's his fault. If he doesn't love you, here's here's, a quick pardon! My take exercise plan eat anything. You want just make sure you launch on the way to the refrigerator and it's good yeah, that's good some boys, especially Pft, so do guys with long hair like when their hair is pulled during sex. Well, I don't really have an so I'm going to say I'm going to say yes just 'cause
actually never had my hair pulled during sex? I think I'd like it. Okay, would you scream yeah, that's true We would Michael rapper say like you, I'm agree. Sucked up ponytail real good, okay gonna you yeah yeah, I thought was going to you real good, hey PMT, especially big cat. So I date with date with a guy really liked him, but I usually guys date guys tall guys and he's shorter than what should I? What should I do In order to bear alone, Gigi, Gt Burns like Central Football, sixty two right still can't believe I mean he's not not a good corporate. Sixty two yikes so short and Jt Barrett. That's really short, sounds exactly really short. I agree with you. This woman has unrealistic
no. No, not again, I would disagree. I think a lot of guys are over six two now the best guys over. So that's actually not true. It's actually natural selection. I know it now. You're just get further away with the truth. Now we've, if you look back in history pad level of my human, your heads up to the cloud gotten taller as time has gone on short people been weeded out. Well, sources, just Klay Asians are shorter than Americans, but they're more of them yeah, but they're standing taller over time. I don't know about that Well, I don't even remember what the question was. I think it was like my my boyfriend is only moderately tall yeah. I dump him yes, yes, the answer is yes, you should be aiming for six three or, if you're going for a tall guy, go for a really tall guy yeah like six six or above it. Otherwise, you gotta go beneath six feet from the real dudes. Last week my boyfriend and I went to Verizon to get me a new Iphone acts when we were at the store he mentally. Insisting that I get a waterproof case, he told me was because we, for the beach frequently and hang out around pools lot. He then paid for the waterproof one. When I wanted a less expensive case
Three days later, my phone was missing and found my boyfriend Jabber Zhang in the show. Pair with my phone? I'd be happy to have an expensive case or concerned. He was willing to pay fifty dollars to Jabber Jay in the shop. What is Jabber J? That's what you wrote, I'm guessing Jack Office US show. I thought it was like that's an apt. I definitely think it's an app for you like have a song play and then you do lip sinking around it. I think it's we're Jabbour Jane together. It sounds to me like a soft suck up. No, I think it's like jabber J. No, it's some member that with that, after were you like, became else the dance around for awhile. That's that's what it is. I think it's Jabber Jane so just cause totally normal to me. You shouldn't be upset You should be upset yourself for calling a jabber Jabberjay. that's one of those! That's where those situations where your parents were like. I, these your pride parts. We don't talk about that. This is a jabber Jay! That's your Virginia! Like you just know one just like hey, you can say jerk often masturbate, it's okay, I'm going to look up. Jabber Is this is
if it's not an app. We should probably is on that because that's a great app name, Jabber, J yeah. Okay, so it looks like it is an app okay. So we sorry about making fun of you. Wait it's a genetic mutation from the hunger games. Ok, so we're we're back on okay, making funny on and yeah my boyfriend really gets off to role playing about having sex. With my sister, I play a lot in the bedroom 'cause, it makes him finish quicker, but sometimes he brings it up at appropriate times inappropriate times. Is this something like when he's having sex is something all guys are into, or as my boyfriend going to end up trying to bang my sister I've. Definitely the latter. That is Well, listen! Every guy loves twins, so I need to know if your sister is a twin or not before I can responsibly answer man this is one of those situations where this question is real. We've gone too far. Yeah it's we're past the point of no return, but good luck,
Alright, let's wander Sub pmt fellows, especially chunk cat, oh shit, so my boyfriend has recently started taking golf lessons from another woman who I'm not going to I is pretty attractive he has been. In multiple hours a week with this lady spending tons of money but says he is too tight on money to take me on fancy dates like he used it. Should I be worried? How should I approach him about my concern yeah! You gotta beat him at golf yeah. Well, you also should be worried because, like if he's just going to be one of those golf dude she's never going to be around or you should just a personal trainer, hot personal trainer, little tip for tat. Yeah? I like that or just if you kick his as a golf, then you're, like hey, listen!
spending all that money on golf because you're never going to get good or just say you want to get call for us, and so you guys can put together and then take a look off lessons with her yeah really really get really find out. What the deal is and get one of those like way over sized visors yeah, some like old ladies wear when they play golf, dudes love it when you do all other hobbies with them all the time and especially if you're, better than them, yeah obvious, yes, beating it off yeah a who takes golf lessons, just sucked it just go out driving if you all suck at golf, so just suck with the rest of us could drop reason. Yeah yeah this little ridiculous. I don't think you know what I think he's actually taking golf lessons. Yeah. I think I think we probably fell for that one yeah whoops, all right! That's our show Friday. We have Brian Scalabrine next week July. Fourth week you're taking a vacation, the first one we probably have ever taken, but we're still going to have two shows for you, because we love you.
So will explain all that on Friday we have a Monday and Friday. Sort of learn is a preparing to take a vacation. This is exhausting he's almost not worth taking vacation. We would have been interviewing people for the last two weeks straight so that you can have shows next week July. Fourth weeks, we'll have a Monday and Friday show will explain it. It will be great, it's actually be longer, so it's like a little will even make food out for the cat, but we will explain that all on Friday, with Brian Scalabrine, I love you guys and as a special bonus treat we're going to do something pretty magical on the show. This is the World Premiere of pop punk. My bands new hit single. Well, it's it's probably hit. It's definitely hit single. It's six. Nine things a put my dick in a heartfelt tribute to Jason Biggs the World Premiere The music video is coming out tomorrow at three, but here's the song
six sixty nine it's hard. When you're he keeps getting okay created to score look, so he had a red Jeff hi one yeah, one yeah, some, it's pardon my take presented by bar stools. Sports.