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Dan Dakich On NCAA And NBA Forward Frank Kaminsky

2018-02-25 | 🔗

Blake Bortles is getting PAID and we bought a basketball team (2:17 - 6:37). Olympics are over and everyone loves Curling (6:37 - 11:21). PFT had an accident (11:21 - 13:25). Whos Back of the Week including Zaza PaCheapShot (13:25 - 22:50). Dan Dakich joins the show to talk about the Sean Miller news, where the NCAA goes from here, and the fact that he just found out Chris Farley is dead (22:50 - 50:29). Charlotte Bobcats Forward Frank Kaminsky joins the show to talk about playing high level College Basketball and the broken NCAA system (50:29 - 63:15). Segments include Tebow Update, he's hurt. Stay Woke Geno Smith believes the earth is flat and PR 101 for Marcus Peters.

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on today's pardon my take we have dan dakich on to talk about the ncaa scandals and also frank kaminsky to give the players side of it we also have some big news both in the pardon my take family and also the pardon my take family so let's get to all of that before we do that though what light are great sponsor bud light wheel of cold refreshing bud light's gift he's drinking a bud light right now we're excited because for the college park basketball tournament coming up bud light is giving away to vegas experiences to winners and their friends this march scan the snapcode on bud light bottles and cans to play a game and into the sweeps only on snapchat but light is always there for you and your friends remember but light is famous among friends so it's super easy you can win a free trip to vegas for the tournament by scanning the snapcode on bud light bottles and cans to play a game and enter the sweeps only on snapchat thank you again
are great spots to get bud light dilly dilly and here we and blake bortles getting paid
no money it's a drag now so i don't really cool really cool especially with cabinet to your favorite podcasters yeah so i think did we in arrangement blake awhile back yeah we were entitled ten percent of his future earnings lake is the kind of guy that i actually think he will he will he will take that offer and he will make sure these sends us a check so the deal was four hundred and fifty four million deal fifty four million over three years incentives up to sixty six point five hundred and twenty six point five guaranteed boys we feel good it's good to see one of our guys one of our own get paid finally yes now it's not just blake it's the whole front office and doug marrone it's like tom coughlin sticking around doug marrone sticking around so i guess blake is i guess a minute as a starter next year yeah so kirk cousins one less spot yes one less so it looks like you're going to denver or cleveland probably cleveland or new york
cortana arizona zona spot still the other big news is we bought a basketball team not to brag but we are now we actually first order of business is i would like to retract pardon my take a pre existing stance that owner should pay for their own stadiums like that i think i think yeah we don't want to get too edgy i think now it's okay yeah if if i like taxpayers pay yeah i think we're gonna threatened to move the team to like tasmania yes we get our our sweet tax break so it's the new zealand breakers we it started as a joke when i bought swanzey and then my same investors and co owners in swanzey had are some of the same ones have purchased the new zealand breakers and the joke is now spread to you guys
so you're hager also putting in money for it so that we can say on twitter that were owners of a team yeah i will we do our team really good investment strategy by me news and you guys new zealand only australian basketball young team so once he english premier league only welsh team is in a sense a good trend he auckland new zealand yeah i like to buy the off brands yeah i like to buy you know forget base pips yet mr tip can we draft josh i'll to draft us out yeah i think we have to make like a big if they do that sometimes like to drum up publicity like you know draft russell wilson we're drafting josh alan yes with their first pick we're drafting josh out i don't think we're allowed to do that we're just signed we offer josh allen or spot on the rocks yes we're going to allow i don't think well i do that yeah we're going to do a lot of stuff that we're not allowed to do it that's just kind of how this is going to work we have a player from from louisville right so so
yeah anger so see you remember me played forever at louisville and anything and never played at same time and they've got they guy abercrombie i remember him he was on the australian national basketball so we're off and running yeah johnny flynn once played in the league which can find some guy named fitch and just have him sitting next to each other on the bench and then that way it it'll just go viral yeah no no he played in the league hello so we're now we're we're going next level down guys who have once played in this league yeah yeah to have a coach i don't think so by night bobby knight a rich you know we should say we were going to offer it out to rick pitino what else do we what else do we have to do i think we need to get new jerseys like like i mean if you watch how organ works when you do like a bunch of different jersey options sell 'em for a lot of money and then we're rich right yeah i think that's how i think we already rich works we give you money an now we're richer so that's us i am going to have some very complicated taxes
what do we have to do we have to submit like a new form i don't know hank that'll be you now here's your alright so as an owner already i'm going to walk you guys through how owning a franchise works every now can you get an email saying sign this document and then you sign it and then you don't know if you what lost or won money and then i every now and then you make a joke on twitter and what happens when you make the joke on twitter as everyone laughs but then some real people like who live in that country get really mad and they're like fuck this fat yankee who is trying to ruin my team and that's also fun well if we owning a team one hundred and one what we'll do is we'll just we'll make all over ridiculous statements in jokes with a new zealand accent so it will soften the blow a little bit so the kiwis good goodbye yeah there you go
we apologize for breaking your blues basketball team up island and short order the other news we have is the olympics are over so i'm going to miss him i actually i'm gonna miss me i'm going to miss having sports on tv yeah so that's really what i'm going to miss you like sports that actually mean something to people competing in also it was really fun to watch everyone pretend to care about curling for a minute oh yeah i mean i mean i hate on curlin anytime the united states is in a gold medal match in any sport of course going to pretend to like that source but i'm not going to hit on curling but don't fucking tell me curling is going to be big that's really where i matt i can enjoy sport for what it is for like every four years is random occurrence you know in these olympic weird sports in but then don't don't start doing the dare valen telling me that you sports are gonna take over the world and curling's our kids can be playing curling soon curling register to hop out here all over america its current listen it's curling and its lacrosse and it shall be in the in the year twenty fifty those
it's gonna be the only three options sports i woke up on saturday morning and there was like this curling high on twitter where everyone was was draped in the curling flagon being like curling is going to be such a great new sport i did i always shuffle board that we play when we're drunk at a bar that sounds awful big chat awesome i'm saying it's a good it's it's a fun sport yeah i'm not hating it but don't tell me it's the future i like curling and i specially like the captain are you the comet the skip yeah our in our name the team after our u s skip what is the theme shuster part i don't know okay alright but that's a guy's name shuster yeah so but they kept on saying team shuster like i said you get the name after you yes i am lebron is like all star game they name the entire band morsi you know it's just one dude good point that's how it works yeah i'm so dude schuster he got in shape cut from the olympics he got in shape years ago right what do you mean he got shot in well in a different shape but his body in a different shape because he stopped eating pizza five days a week so so eating
it's five days a week made him he was like good enough athlete to be right on the cusp of going into fourth best curler in the united states and he ate pizza five days we got it it's the best sport ever i love it got it i don't i don't think their kids are going to be playing it if we ever have sex but i do think that it's one of these sportswear if it's on television and there's nothing else on i'm going to watch it every single time ok and then russia germany and russia russia oracle together in the winter time brushing typically wins that one yep and that's exactly what happened well actually it wasn't russia it was oh er that's right the band yeah that was a crazy game of hockey i fucking love that they just did that facade the entire time where she will not russia guys you know what they said they said if you guys behave yourself for x2 weeks and don't get caught doping we're going to let you carry your flag in the closing ceremony did so little care it there but they yeah but then that will not like telling people she got caught and one of the girls that got caught doping she was wearing a shirt earlier in the olympics that says i don't dope me so yeah you know what in russia i feel like anyway
we don't know if you do know i'm going to do an audio meme it's a picture of the athlete wearing the i don't dope yep narrator voice she doped oh ok i'll do want to write record scratch guess you're wondering how i got here and then it's like well she actually was doping while she's wearing that shirt that's good yeah yeah like man but you're right russian odyssey it's it's straight up in the water yeah so yeah right like the the old excuse that that baseball players use when like someone gave me something and i didn't know i i trusted my my the guy h e who handed me a bunch of pills that she applies in russia you can actually say someone hand me something and i took it because i'm pretty sure if you're an athlete russia and you don't take it you're not athlete in russia anymore if you get handed a pill you have to accept it that's how it was all i
do you have any other news i do okay i've got a little bit of personal news yeah we have to reset the mistake counter for me okay yeah i don't count but we don't i think that we do so i mean if you listen to podcast with any regularity you know that from time to time we have accidents in her pants we have a back door problems it's just guy stuff you know guys being dudes i had a little accident on friday so i wanted to tell you guys so that we can update the log but it isn't grace the situation situation you didn't poop your pants hope you're your underwear put my underwear i think the same thing no it's not because i was like i was trying to explain to you and i'm not i'm not trying to take like the recognition away from pooping your pants it sounds like you're trying to take a little no no because if we start counting pooping your underwear then i have a whole different record so wait so you don't when you poop your pants you're not wearing no you know you poop your you poop your underwear in your house which happens all the time
i mean there was alot set the log you have to be outside with your pants on and be like oh this is uh time situation when you're just at home it's really it's just i miss the tort no i a few feet no i put myself right i don't know you have a chance on schrodinger's turd don't know it was both shooting your pants and not but i think if you do it within like twenty feet of a it's not it's just you missed the torah i was outside the twenty foot range okay rotor stat we'll call it i think you're close enough so when you when you when you leave your house with your own underwear let's paint the picture you know put your no pants on let's paint the picture so thursday afternoon i had a delicious lunch i ate chipotle which i'm sure has nothing to do with what happened later on but i i started to notice some intestinal discomfort when we were recording the podcast on thursday evening had to take a little break go use restroom it was bad it was ugly it was like noteworthy ugly it was just a bad bad sesh
so i thought everything was okay thought i flush it all out go to bed wake up at about two o'clock in in the morning he's bathroom again wake up at about three have to use the bathroom again have to use the bathroom again i finally back to sleep look up at about nine hundred and thirty in the morning and my underwear is just full just absolutely just discuss see that see that so you had an accident but i don't think you put your pants because he did it both both while sleeping and in with no pants on yeah well it's like you you do you can control is out of control you actually you actually were taken by sleeping pfd that's the one who we need to blame here you had nothing to do with sleeping period as a clear right you're in the clear
this is not your fault i've asked shame yourself accidentally hit somebody in my sleep like in bed that will hold up in court just like my arm jerks i get that jerk when i fall asleep right i'm an asshole when i sleep right i don't like my soul price so that's what i'm saying so you as i'm talking to you right now you're cool you know to reset any i get to push this only p have tea is legal is only last three yeah he's he's the one who doesn't make it fun but woke pft he had to go empty sleep yeah use underwear clean up it's like few big cat always has to has to be doing i mean i did it with the what i thought i could i skate it's like the cat yeah buddy connected you basically when i sleep the cat in the hat gets invited into my body yes and then i come home to my body okay not your fault good to know yeah but you're in the clear bridge debate was that a or not no sound off in the comments some all right let's gets you are who's back i think once you start
alright i gotta couple who's back of the weeks first so much time so you might want to narrow down my first one is markelle fultz there's video of him shooting he looks good finally so in since the super bowl teams from philadelphia having lost darling one thousand eight hundred and one so back philadelphia's back i mean i don't know when this run is going to cease but probably based season hold back the banana phone oh ok i'm from the matrix nokia brought brought it back huh looks like the long flip phone i don't know why they brought back flip phones trying to be cool to eighteen so a banana phone is just you just talk about a head like a hand held flip phone it pulls out its long from like from the
it checks it's like you got close fit is made famous by the matrix i do not remember just describing phones yeah you like usually there's rock a phone that you don't remember having is i mean that's like we all have that phone yes the possibility will now the back you can get in the open and the phones banana phones okay k place make on yeah oh i'm at nana phone i'm gonna say i want to get rid of my iphone are you sure it's not just a banana like joking when you're like ha check it out i'm on the phone with this banana in my hand okay okay i'm looking at right now it just looks yeah these used to be real phone tech yeah yeah that's a no matrix involved a wise matrix yeah all right use at your home's backs okay if he wants to go first what you got that ready and you know you go i'll put it aside and after that so gotta go my first who's back of the week is the fbi so the f i was doing a lot of investigating they had a rough couple weeks they
dropped the ball on a few things and everybody is like calling it doesn't matter what side of the political spectrum you're on you probably hate the fbi right now yeah well guess what they got their name back in the news for doing some good detective work and bus and sean miller so he's going to be can you imagine him like getting grilled and interrogated like how sweaty he would get it would be site to see if that guy would sweat through a table he is not going to be good under ross examination sam's ation examination charts i really hope that we get to see that he should just where you know we should do we should put one of yeah chris berman gray shirts on a i just see how sweaty he can get that picture of him i forgot how crazy it was how sweaty he was but that also
has to be on whoever does close right yeah we are killing one another lighter yeah we're an undershirt do you you have to do something if you if you sweat that much sweat i that's why i feel like sean miller you can never trust sekai because sweaters everyone knows sweaters and they wear it on them both literally when they were in their mind at all times and like i can't gold here i can't do this because i'm a start sweating always thinking about it sean miller does like seven minutes into the game so i think i think that was our first clue the shot some was up the show may i have noticed this though degrees as measured and inside indoor basketball courts are like three or four times hotter than that it's like it's like the wind chill if it's seventy degrees but you're in a gym it's really like two hundred and forty yeah remember that time they sweated lebron out in san antonio that wasn't i do yeah it's really cramped his style remember that i love that lebron got cramps other who's back the weakest hecklers ok hecklers
back justin thomas one whatever golf tournament was going on this week in the tiger didn't win and on i think it was the 17th or 18th hole he tees off it's a drive straight down the fairway and one of the hecklers goes get in the bunker right but justin thomas he looks directly at the guy he said was that she buddy was that she had said that will take a walk by your day is done hadn't kicked out haven't kicked out of the fucking with just means that hecklers are inside justin thomas had even though he want it would be a real shame a real shame if time justin thomas teed off a whole group of people would be like it never change the can't kick you all out one little post real shy is yeah i love golfers get mad golfers get mad in such a distinct way because they do it like wild also kind of whispering in keeping decorum and
it's so funny watching like watching some get mad in the library in one a golfer he took a walk but you're done nothing says my dad's a lawyer more than yeah take walk thirty days on her body yeah i take a walk buddy you'll be hearing from someone soon yeah yeah are you any others i think i'm just going to stick with the two okay i got to as well my first is us up a cheap shot shut off to skip for nickname zaza pachulia is back in the news because he fell on westbrook's legs i don't understand how like no one does anything about this how the nba the nba is probably the healthiest league overall when you think about growth the zaza pachulia is the one thing that could break it all down because he just hurts people left and that's all he does he just hurts people here it's his own players for star state yes superstars here kevin durant his own player you're kirk why his own pool or the spurs here well brooke or tried to hurt westbrook last night the guys in menace he's a man
if someone do something so here's spi yeah fbi agents on which on miller get on the job which is a josh i like jar jar to board yes it is zsa zsa zsa cheap shot yeah i watched a replay of it and i don't i think that he did it on purpose but he always does it by purpose but the nickname is too good yeah so the cheap shot that kind of ways the evidence in that favor so i think it's one of the circumstances where he's guilty dude watch like i was watching i went down as as apache pshat rabbit hole someone did a twitter thread of all the cheap shots he's had and the choir one is still all time dirty baby what he does is he does it so that it's kind of in the rulebook like he doesn't
actually do anything wrong but he's clearly doing something wrong like the westbrook like like you said you can watch it and say oh he might not done on purpose he's always doing on purpose he's always taking the extra step doing the like i'm just going to fall into your knees by accident fall on top of you all that it's either that or he is the clumsiest professional athlete in the history of sports he's got perfect he's a professional athlete with perfect body control can play at the highest level but oh whoops he always happens to fall into someones knees if he sees a ligament he starts just salivating for that thing alright my other who's back this one you guys are all going to like blind resumes yeah it is fully back so i got one for you i was watching the games on saturday we have one team with a record of nineteen and nine rpi of fifty and a straw schedule sixty three the next team record of eighteen and ten rpi forty six strength of schedule twenty two thirteen
eighteen ten forty eight struck the schedule thirty who take it i'm taking the first one because nine is it looks like it so much smaller of a number of one in ten yup once you have to double digits to me that's like getting the right ones twenty wins the es yeah if you go twenty and fifteen it still looks better i always bet against people in the art but against teams and in my bracket that have like nineteen eighty grand can't do it great point i actually don't know the answer to this one so i just took a screenshot of what it was blind guy so i never actually saw when they revealed that would just yet i who does not and not even a it's just one two or three okay so in order i d takes one doubts i'll take i'll take two it's got i want someone tell me who the who the team's only problem with blind resumes season during the nc double a tournament is that you don't get the the nice silhouette of the player in like in the a logo for which team it is you can't do it you can't do a silhouette of a team logo right right
right it's just a it's just a circle answers a question mark question mark and all right let's get to our interviews we have dan docket church on to breakdown everything that's gone on in the ncaa this weekend we also have our friend frank kaminsky to talk about what it's like to be a high level college asked under the nc ridiculous rules before we get to all of that one talk to guys about ridge ridge is a minimalist front pocket wallet that helps you reevaluate your everyday day launch a father son team and funded on kickstarter in twenty thousand thirteen to the tune of two or six six thousand dollars the ridge now resides in the pockets of over a quarter million men and women it is pointless for men to carry to just stuff everything in your wallets receipts hotel rooms spent gift cards it's all there the leather bi fold means you're while it resembles a suitcase you don't want that costanza wallet well the ridge
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wallet today and get the ridge at ridge wallet dot com with promo code take all right here he is dan dockage alright we now welcome on our one of our favorite recurring guests in the college basketball world it is double d dan doc the college basketball world is a flame right now so we thought you'd be a perfect person to have on and sort this all out so let's start there is college basketball as we know it ruined ruined because college basketball as we know it's getting changed and a change for the better okay oh man that people going to watch a tournament tournament to be great champ week will be great but then it's going all change because there has to be changed can't have coaches in there they're going to get arrested you can't have people running around on college campuses given it's money or or in a high schools kids might know know know but not ruined but change
i think change for the better fellows okay so so change for the better and now this is something against what you've kind of stood against this change for the better would assume they're going to start paying the players no never been uh i told you a million times i'm not against paying players i'm again tell me the players aren't being paid already got it if you want if you want to eat when they're definitely being paid yeah so a lot of other guys are there mobs are there dad's are now i don't think that necessarily means that the praying a players are using a likenesses i think this i think with you yeah i came in and everybody knows this is one thing for you know you're you do show i did eight one thing for the fcc to come in and get mad it should give you fine so another thing for the fbi to come in and slap your handcuffs on you so i think what you're seeing coaches get arrested and now when people are looking into financial records they are taking computers in the rumor and i'm pretty sure it's true
it came in and took sean miller's the way back when so coaches here that you know that's going straight yeah but they're going to change a couple things they made let players use their like they may change the one and done rule they get rid of a number of coaches let me ask you question right because you guys are sensible people common sense i think is what you do if the whole system is broken why is it seem to be the same coaches and the same programs that keep busted but you never hear of like brad stevens when he was there jordan jornet butler or paul ryan or john beeline what why don't you ever hear though it's always the same rules there are problems what your voice is a systems but i was always the same school hundred constitutional been busted open i mean how many times you guys been busted off once even yeah really quickly
another quickly what do you think dan about the fbi it kind of taking on the investigative role for the ncaa does not seem like a weird thing for the fbi to get involved in kind of does it does and uh you know it started with the money laundering guy out in pitts burg it does to me but you know people have said for years here are the ncaa doesn't have subpoena power they can't go in weather do you know and calvin sam and she's twice hell he second time she got seven fifty thousand dollars ago away from indiana it's worth it to cheat codes basketball is a sport that has proven itself for the coaches to be profitable the cheating does prosper it really and that's got to change but yep yep yep we over the best thing that could happen
because they're the ones that can slap the cuffs on you they're the ones that can put your apps in jail not put a show cause on you but i get it for firm like a logistical standpoint yeah the fbi has a lot more power but i guess i found myself in the camp of one of those people that say like doesn't the fbi have like literally a million other things that they should be worrying about i can't argue that i mean who could you are seriously with what you know what we've seen around the country i can't argue that all into what everybody tells me is that that southern district of manhattan where that where this all came out is like the toughest most diligent strict in the country so it's not the fbi office in omaha doing this you know i'm saying right the fbi office in manhattan where like i said that off says brought down big time criminal i think that all
brought on gandhi and all those guys with this time with your session argue that point at all here's my problem with the whole situation the nc double a now gets to get in front of everyone and say oh my god there's a big problem and thank god the f b i's coming to fix it when the nc double a has been complicit in every single step of the way and it's been a foul all because it's all about the money it's all a don't ask don't tell situation you we know what's going on people have known this is been going on forever surprise is insane so now the until it gets to say they get to go up in front i think market already said and he said like you know did he like if these allegations are true then this is ceo
a problem all throughout the entire answer blame will get to the bottom of it bull you guys make so much money off these guys and you will basically tell you incentivize you even said it it pays to cheat so it's been sent a vise winning you've incentivized being like getting the the big recruits and being a big time program and the nc double a has looked away and said listen we're not going to bother with this unless we absolutely have to and now they absolutely have to get a big cat that's my state that was good that was gone that was just wrong and when you know when you go with the f bomb in the middle of it it shuts me up this is my attention yeah yeah i don't disagree with you but here's my thing alright i've always done
i've always had people tell me well you know so so cheap and i swear to god i swear to god i'm so naive that it's crap but i always ask really how i mean because i i you know 'cause it used to be high man well you know the kids driving a car you know whatever and it was through the school and everybody always told me there's two ways to cheat you cheat to get him there or you cheat to keep him there meaning you get a car once you get or you get a car before you go there to go there but now now the one guy that everybody told maine hey man andy miller and and by any miller this any miller so yep yeah that's why i guess the f b i when got ab miller but i swear to god big cat i love exactly what you're saying but i never had one time not one time one guy tell me how anybody was street and you go anywhere in college basketball if you're on the road in the summer our guys i said well you know someone also went to wherever because
i always say how they do it and i was like i'm not asking that to be a smart alec i'm asking that 'cause i'm serious about my cash app you use cash app no but you have you been a coach you know the coaching fraternity i mean look at bruce pearl bruce pearl god label does a rat in a snitch for a real long time he was out in the woods so like if you whistle blow on the coaching fraternity you are now an outcast so that's deep that's that there's no incentive to do that if you are the nc double a if you wish so blow on one of your premier programs if you wish so blow on one of your your big time coach is your big time players you now everyone gets the point the insulin say what the are you guys doing so everything is incentivized to cheat we can never say a word on hold on they went after indiana they went after raptor
map to indiana yeah they took away michigan they took away michigan final four so after the fact i mean these are things you know before right but they do these things you know beforehand they do these things like louisville louisville's perfect situation they go in after and they say ok we're going to take away your banner like what is that that's not a thing that doesn't solve anything like we're arguing the same thing we are because it pays to cheat in college basketball and i've said for a repair here's exactly what i've said and there is i have never met a coach that disagrees with this i've always said guys make so much money coach most up and couldn't make it down i'm doing anything else nothing zero i mean so it is well worth it for you to cheat it is what it is and until years to double word says this look i think this for college basketball jody i don't know football whatever was football urban
a bunch of guys told me they agree with this you put a lie ok anything above this line major violation you a major violation only commit a major violation you are banned from coaching college basketball you can go coach an ai you can go culture pros yukos high school but you can't coach college bathroom and i'll tell you why that's big it's only thirty two pro jobs three hundred and fifty four jobs how the coach after me at bowling green house making like eighty thousand dollars a coach after meatball increased making three hundred and fifty thousand dollars right just the only place you i'll try to get an mba job after you've been kicked out of college it's hard unless your guy that's going to be an assistant right even go to high school but until they do that they until the ncaa says are you use order until they take away the incentive for guys to cheat nothing's will change
'cause right now guys can make millions of assistant coaches are making a half million dollars goes basketball assistant coaches they they could it's a half million dollars in a lifetime somebody's idiots great but but but the incentives to say alright what the worry bout half million dollars over one phone call million dollars over having lunch with a runner raising hell no right and the other thing is not one person in college basque but i've talked enough talked to it boatload in there wildest dreams imagine the yeah i would come in anywhere like so even though think about that alright well you know what i mean computer go to indian appear before the ncaa but making half million if i get these two kids you'll get slapped on the wrist double ncaa does that with coaches
so we are arguing same thing yeah i know yeah i totally know that's what i'm saying yeah and you did it much more eloquently could you drop the f bomb any more forcefully don't worry when it damn saying we are i can't i'm telling you think about this there is nothing in the world no contracts other than professional athletes that are the same as coaches contract did you for sean miller gets fired for cause yes for cause meaning you're a lowlife wiretap cheating blank he gets more money he got fired for no cause i love it or other way around whatever the right way in america you get more money what happens to the one and done call what happened to happen is letting go play music is it cheating happened before the one and done it's wrong to say to point and say the one that but i do think the one and done has exacerbated because you are fundamentally taking away the right for some
who could go aren't millions to earn those millions which that again no other place in the world with that fly except for the nc double a all right let's is very your bag of doughnuts make a mistake to go the tries to be a one and done and i can't come back because that's on your back at the moment one one one we go you know you're the one thing i learned at indiana with eric gordon was india is going to exactly where you're going to be drafted in there like they tell you exactly with erica they called me up i'll never forget i won't even coach anymore but my name on the form like well this one really in lottery pick will be draft i didn't hang on one to ten and we really should be advised to go to the nba they'll tell you point blank so so let a kid gohan you know here's the other thing the best players in can be a damn near one another excuse me damn near came straight out
high school i'm going to kobe and lebron right i mean you know football you can't do it 'cause the bodies are so different right i mean you can't ask a seventeen year old even though he's big and strong in high school to go play against men and that support but basketball let him go and let him go let them try if they if they don't make it hell i'd even say if a kid was a you know went out of high school in the graph he didn't get drafted let him go to college who cares i mean what's the big deal now would you would you say that eight and i know that the promise was for one hundred thousand dollars he probably brought more than one hundred thousand dollars worth of value to arizona in the pac twelve i'm giving the tv rights but you know what a let me stop you there just for a second ok you know the contracts tv contracts step inside along long time ago so people say well you know they make someone so off this kid i'm like well i don't know about you but i know the ten contracts that they went to cbs fox esp
then the big ten network done matter who's playing in the league contracts already there if you want to say t shirt sales you then cool but the game that they were going to play i don't know where they played in the previous season i think they played in pk nike deal how they're going to plan out whether he was there or not that's that's my only argument about that right but you could say that i mean they're going to make future money based on good players that have played like if the players suck then the tv rights would go down i mean you see if you see declining ratings in anything you know they're not going to give as much ad revenue so you have to have good players well and also what you said hang on hang away so you have to have good fuckin' players or what you said to add onto pft what you said yourself than the coaches salaries the coaches salaries are partly paid by the tv contracts so it's basically the tv contracts are now creating everyone elevates and you gotta keep it up there you gotta keep winning you gotta get those players you gotta do everything and we're just going to turn it turn our eyes indiana pretend that none of this is going on
yeah don't look when i went to west virginia two thousand and two i signed a five hundred thousand dollars year contract one hundred and fifty thousand of it was paid by west virginia three hundred and fifty was paid by things like shoes a tv you know that car still know absolutely i mean look it's a vicious cycle i mean i get it that i'm telling you though i'm telling you you know this will be the weather money is the root of all evil four player money is root of all evil for coaches like i said earlier why is it beeline hasn't had a problem why isn't it said lavelle jordan at butler or brad stevens it was about nineteen name your tongue a guy bo ryan in the guys that was constipated championship games you know they've never had so i can go down the list but it's also the same guys so is it the system or is it the coaches
the individual this little bit there are enough coaches and enough schools out there that i've got in trouble or you should say like this i think it is a system also i just assume everyone sheets at this point so you say those are the ones you don't i no me you'll kill me on this i swear you will and i don't i'll take your but the idea everyone cheats is crazy what's the most money i didn't she yeah you ever what's that show choir seating cheeto
picture of one guy i would let you kill one guy and all of a sudden you're a murderer mod build a million british bridge builder yes real quick i want to jump into the other huge controversy in college basketball this weekend you thought that chris farley was still alive and not funny i'll pick but i'm not funny all i ask you guys you guys wait no no back back back i don't know where you don't take this probably was the last chris farley movie you watched hello
'cause i don't think any of very good i'm only twenty years ago dan i'm not i'm saying that's why that's what i'm saying so people lost their mind because you guys put an article out where i say chris farley isn't funny and i don't think he is i know i know in hipcat world discount him always funny it's not hip though he's twenty years old like you guys have the same people do you know jason benetti now is he dead or alive ok the white sox announcer oh yes yes i do know him yeah he just he just took over his good yeah yeah we're doing a game yesterday when i said that he's making fun of because big tommy boyce and so today i'm sending him pictures of guys hate me on twitter i told him i said i guarantee you all these do said hey they look alike robot twenty five
will screw up on their faces and so i sent it to him thirty three someone's going to be on your podcast and they're like hey ask him if they clone listeners and viewers missed clone people have the power to clone yeah 'cause they all look the same all these guys yeah so so wait so you're actually going to die on this hill you're going to die on the chris farley's not funny hill i don't know what my guy i know the reference well i'm to tell you that in dan dockets world which is my on sweet little world and it's a damn good world yet i don't think chris farley is very funny and he still alive we watch he's like steve jobs alive down in brazil yeah chris farley still make a movie would you say would you have made that comment if you had if you had got the breaking news a chris farley was in fact it you know i got tired of so he was dead but you know like i mean i'm not gonna lie i'm not if we went like dead live on comedians yeah i'd probably go by about eighty
percent farley was when i was one hundred percent sure you know once i realize that he was dead i had a i had a similar yeah i said sorry but you know that kind of thing yeah you wanna see sexy women still fresh water part all whatever hill that puts me on but that's what he'll i'm willing to go and that dude is was not funny still isn't funny i turn this stuff on today and he's not funny oh man i like to that you have now equated chris farley who is like his heyday was the early 90s as being like a hip millennial liking chris farley no no no i'm saying your followers are all like hip militias were funny dude he's in our followers love funny people let me ask you question had i said i don't know who else i sam kinison and art okay would have lost his lines on me no no not at all you know what he was
sorry chris farley yet i can't name a single movie the same can kiss and started i know that he was on what's that are you know that is yeah he was on like those late night infomercials for like comedy vhs is same as bobcat that guy if the very somewhere yeah cream along it was like and i thought it was hilarious yes in one movie were screaming he's a teacher they scream at all you're right you're right dan if you had said like i don't know like the rat pack if you had been bashing the right eye i'm sure we probably wouldn't have been that upset because you're talking about now that is our one thing i learned is chris chris farley like your followers 'cause i think it's just people not just america in general erica i think everyone it's universally he was one of the most universally loved pastime pointed out at the polk way i'm off twitter only could promote but for my shoulder my main server name search
so what are you all know you aren't you not off in search of yourself get the hell out tell you what you know what i learned name searching from where pat mcafee there we go so he created the monster creek call me you have to name search or else your gonna get screwed up my little device advice from back of hispanic vice will tell you what why don't you give us your mount rushmore of comedians assault stop what was on the docket stop our shores gave halloran come you put me on the spot here but but i'll take chris rock i'll take murphy back in the day okay there was a time where urban meyer and i went well and rented what's his face what the hell is the guy i forget his name little boy blue and all that stuff
nice nice man in this post doc it's response ever andrew dice clay over chris farley back in the 80s by early stuff yeah before he sold out i love you dan i love you because you don't even need a fourth do you have that app please get enough i love you because you are right you live in your own little dan dockage world that is beautiful and blissful and that is just went ballistic last question it's see question if you're trying to go to the big ten tournament in new york you can put in a take into the sea keycap get ten dollars off your siki ticket it go do it's going to be at madison square garden it's starting this week i know it's early it pisses me off give us you're a little quick big ten tournament preview who you have winning it and who do you have like as the team from the big ten that can make some noise in the tournament
hi i will give you make who has a chance to make noise in the big ten tournament ok and remember i did i went mcafee at trip last year you might have yeah you might have to vegas yeah i do indiana indiana is a uh a sleeper to make a move they don't have a bad draws it's it's right now that could change i guess by one but i like the way the garden i watched the other day michigan states the favorite help for state because my son's there but i think indiana has a chance to be a lot of people are going to talk about penn state i'm not as big as penn state if they get the ohio state they bachelor pad so they could make a run your question yeah so somewhere in the tower in the actual march in the actual nc double a tournament i see there's four teams that you could say make you know could make some noise michigan ohio state purdue michigan state which of those four do you like maybe rank them to see who could go to far this in the tournament we're
miss you find better than anybody yeah and i will take you know michigan last night auditor game only hell were they good enough i'll they're playing the best michigan state has the most talent ohio state can go either way from i mean i love to see to make a run and who was the last one produce do back to playing like to playing like have not been nearly as good nearly over the last week but back big ten teams don't be surprised michigan down when it michigan damn good right playing so well you boys played well how 'bout brett can we talk about brad davis davidson so pft if you don't know i know i know brad davidson davidson is going to make everyone so angry in america for the next three years and i'm so excited he is he's remember joke rabinoff ignore the perfect buzz cut boys from there either from wisconsin illinois or minnesota and they come to wisconsin and they just
this everyone off because they shouldn't be good and they are good and it just boggles everyone's mind so brad davis and is going to be that dude for the next three years in madison drop thirty on michigan state just now so unreal unreal and you look at him and you're like how they help this kid do this but that's that's wisconsin basketball top to shoulder out there popping right back in but i'm ready for next year because i think that the one thing wisconsin did this years they didn't quit and they played some tough games down the stretch and it was the worst season in twenty years but they didn't quit i don't quit at all in fact they got better we don't do right now right right that's where i'm at with penn state penn state got really good but i did get better i don't know i mean you know spend wisconsin's gotten better a lot better yeah and they lost him that kobe king's going to be good player really good player really good player so so yeah the future is big my man futuristic maybe even might might might lose italy date sometime in the next few years and be funny and i think yeah no no i'm saying in the next few years to filter the ceiling for wisconsin basketball sky high and we lost the ceiling is like halfway up to the roof
thank you very much for joining us last last question how much money do you think andrew dakich is worth on the open market if played players good question retired players right now yeah i think he's earned a scholarship and we that was the question i want a number i want a number on your own son's hand what is he worth and i wish they were paying this year 'cause i'll tell you why this is this would have been his here to cash in something like fifteen thousand i think you could either scratch a couple chaotic he could probably i think you could do a little something at a ford dealership that you name it is priced like cam newton said yeah yeah yeah yeah do that no no i haven't seen i'll stay who sells like one jersey i think it's a tates germaine jason taste i've been looking though ok let me ask you this
yeah how come when i went i went to the indiana game the other day there was trying to number eleven jersey i know i wore eleven back in the day should not get a little something awful good yeah you should what i'm saying ok let's do it i think i'm not for pain i'm preparing them for paying every guy that wore eleven me isaiah thomas danes bypass all yeah all the famous eleven yeah who doesn't belong in that picture here's one last final question sean miller hugh everybody like to take pictures and when he was on tv because he was swept through like three or four different charts do you see that college basketball has an ecstasy problem amongst coaches i don't know what ecstasy is yeah sure but it next time i watch it chris farley yeah it would be a lot funnier be very funny yeah yeah yeah it's actually make you sweat yeah well that's what i've been told the rave you gotta remember drink some water stay
i dreaded i don't know i usually have an answer for you but i'm not big on ecstasy i'm not very i don't know what you know but yeah i know because basketball doesn't have an extra seat problem ok william clip that college basketball shut down alright dan dan dokich the number one andrew dice clay fan in the world thank you so much for joining us hopefully will see you either in india or new york when you get here for the big ten alright great dance center it was brought to you by our friends at lisa no one wants to spend hours visiting those awkward showrooms where you're forced to spend thousands of dollars on a subpar mattress lisa has changed the game so you can now enjoy the comfort of a luxury mattress at a fraction of the price the lease mattress starts at just five hundred and twenty five dollars it is quickly and conveniently ordered online made to order and shipped compressed in a box to your day within a few days unboxing the mattress which is half the fun took me less than five minutes we all sleep on these mattress on the show
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we now welcome on recurring guest an recently his rap who's jersey was put up in the rafters at the kohl center it's frank kaminsky first off congrats on at who else is who else is retired who else who retired badger add nicholas is the only one that's not michael finley not alando tucker know these guys uh not yet ok from what i end up from what i understand is i'm the first one and what they're starting to do of many that they're going to do who i like this internet center yeah instead of real banners will just put up jerseys yeah yeah they will then excellent the ncaa can takedown i'm not i'm not still like bitter about two thousand and fifteen neither you i am okay good cuz i william i am too actually i found out that cheating stuff happened young people that i played against that that's going to make me
maybe for bad that i already am okay so let's let's start with that because it's the news it's all you know taking over the internet and this entire weekend the nc double a cracking down because the f b i finally did their dirty work for them sean miller was on a wire tap saying to give a hundred thousand dollars t d andriy eaten you play four years high level college basketball you didn't get paid are you on the camp of it's bullshit that people cheated or are you in the camp of the nc double a is ultimately to blame here because everyone should be paid i think i'm on the fence okay there are rules and whether or not you agree with the rules is one thing and there are programs that follow the rules and there's they don't follow the rules and it i agree that
it's not okay to be doing all this stuff but at the same time the rules need to change right right so i mean wisconsin made a ton of money off of your likeness they made a ton of money off of the teams that won a lot of games what's the fix because i agree with you i think players should be paid and i think the one and done rule has made it even worse but what's the fix what what do they have to do to to make this better here's the thing i don't know there's so many moving parts to it whether if are you going to athletes or or what's the deal 'cause then there's going to be title nine that's involved there's going to be you know who it's paid what i think the biggest thing that that could change the ncaa as a whole is if the top one hundred best on top one hundred football conferences or teams just completely
from the ncaa and form their own thing who i think that's i think that's the best thing i could do because then they can play by their own rules and in a sense i see but that also at the same time there's going to be i don't know i'm not smart enough right i went i was a life science communications major i went to class to not have to do homework were you were you ever offered any money i'm not well you yes sir yes i'm going to say yes i'm not going to say bye who you're never going to get that out of me but it wasn't by anybody at the university i'll say that and then you know what i was i could left after my junior year and that i had obviously i am me as with agents and i made sure my family pay for all the meals you know obviously they offer you stuff 'cause they have some of these agents have players with few lines and brand lines and they'll say they'll send you all the stuff and you never i didn't want to get caught up in any of that so right i didn't want
i want to i don't want to do anything that could potentially ruin my last year in college follow up question who paid you over the baby go over the page i was i was dead broke in college did you honey i left i left the university of wisconsin down four hundred dollars you have to make your own pay off my had to pay off my parking ticket you made your own barstool gear and even buy any yeah true that i didn't make that year old barstool hat was not maine he stole it from stole it off somebody's head but if i else made it i took it up i took it from us if i had sent you for stuff that i could have probably been charges a booster legal booster so good thing i didn't read thing yeah i think i look it up for me yeah i think really what happened was i was like hey i'll send you some stuff and i got really lazy and forgot to send it to you that's probably what happened i'm at the same time you probably save this save me a year of eligibility right exactly so so we
obviously now you're in the pros do you talk to guys in the nba circles that you know got paid or they open about it or they like it's just it's just so it yeah and they're just it's just kind of like yeah of course i got paid that why wouldn't i have gotten it yeah that's pretty much what it is it's like yeah i got paid who cares right do you hear guys gone now right do you hear guys talk about coaches like being in on this or is it mostly from boosters and that sort of thing um what i've what i've heard is mostly from boosters i like a booster give somebody a car while they're on campus to drive around who should give him money like they go to this the place and they never had to pay for anything uh so like go to the same restaurant over and over again and you're eating there for free it's just it's it's all it's a bunch of different stuff
got it depends on the school in person right how big of a recruit they were and i have no problem with any of that because at some point so if these guys are making money they should be able to enjoy some of the fruits of their labor do you what's your like overall stance and feeling of the ncaa like do you despise the nc because i find this very interesting right ok go ahead just like the nc double a in a way that it it goes about its business i don't think it's fair half the stuff i i i really don't think it's fair right and it's it's got a change you know i i work through it i was a national player of the year in college and you know i got offered a lot of things a lot of things are obviously never had before in my life and i i could have taken taken apart of and i didn't do it i didn't do any of it because at the same time i was playing for my profession career at the same time and i was going to take the risk of anything ruined ruin that so it's
as knows that if you're a good player you're playing for your future and they inflicted take advantage of that they're just always constantly taking advantage system that they built for themselves it's really not fair to athletes and it's not fair to cultures and it's not fair to universities what about thanks that used in that photo shoot did you have to pay rental for that or was that given to you yeah i think i don't know i think that was sports i think that was sports illustrated so i think they paid for it but it's what's interesting to me is you talk to a bunch of athletes who have played in college high level college programs and it feels like universally they say the nc double a is a crock of so at some does anyone want to like step up and say hey all these guys that used to play under that system who basically were employers or employees of the ncaa say that it's terrible organization like shouldn't that matter at all it feels like a lot of players are speaking up and no one's listening it should but what what's the answer
for the ncaa to change yeah there's absolutely zero no incentive for them to change in while athletes still show up and i wouldn't play in college and playing the games and do all this stuff behind the scenes that they're doing i don't see anything changing either there's like i said james have to break off from the ncaa that's how it's going to change anything there has to be a big problem i am like ohio state football or alabama football or kentucky basketball or all these teams that bring in tons of money every year they have to slowly start breaking away from the end from the nc double a for them to change anything so i truly believe that's the only way to do it was it ever even gold are also making so much money at the same time so it's not going to do that so right was it ever then a concern of yours i get it everyone cross your mind that if you did something wrong or if you crossed you know of
call gray line that maybe the fbi would be calling or coming to interview or whatever no no i mean that's crazy it's crazy that the fbi was wire tap i read somewhere they have like three thousand hours were the phone call holy it's insane and that's really it and that's crazy yeah that's where my anger comes from because in civil a basically it knows it's all going down and it takes the fbi to step in which the fbi has better things to do and now the ncaa can can pretend to everyone that they had nothing to do with it and oh will fix the system because the fbi found all the ncaa knows all of this they knew all this forever it's just he keeps coming in so why would they stop it yeah and they do this dumb shyt like vacating lewis bill's national title and all their wins like what does that do like i i was in college when that happened i watched louisville win it no they didn't
never happened right now yeah yeah oh yeah tell that to all the people that were on that michigan team that lost to louisville right doesn't it make the ncaa look just straight up incompetent though that the fbi has to come in and do their law enforcement form it feels that way huh so there's a lot of shit going on whether it's criminal or not i don't understand like i i understand there's some sort of the payment processors like fraud or should i don't understand i don't know i really don't know but yeah if there's criminal stuff it's cool that the fbi stepped in so it shows how badly unsuitable it really is last question for me do you take a little bit of pride in knowing that you beat arizona even though there's always paying for the players that was the other the first thing on my uh my group chat text about when i saw they showed the sean miller thing was he was paying players
two thousand dollars and they still can beat it two years in a row and a couple a couple white guys from illinois and wisconsin beat him a couple a couple white guys who had no money and we're paying for all their own meals and would give anything to have one hundred thousand dollars yeah so actually no final final question how is what's going on with the conglomerate now that you're like the last man standing every time i see scratch tickets i still i am still haven't won anything worth note okay obviously spencer's off doing whatever he's doing so in and we're still trying to barb and still and we're still degenerate gamblers and i hope the chinese lottery site is over in china planet somewhere diversification aiko tea in china i got a one usually when the chinese a lot or do you never know what's going to happen yeah the did want
very powerful i think that's what it's called since since you're looking for investment opportunities while i have you on the phone have you heard about bitcoin two gen no it's at steven seagal's new bit and basically if i find enough people to invest then i will then a preferred investment rate so i just need to find a few people underneath maine are you interested no ok well that's not that's not enough follow question as as as an owner of the new zealand breakers professional basketball team i'd like to offer you a contract what about that yeah we just bought team you want to do you want to play for a team what's what's the contract
now you can be will get cold we will give you an option if you play then you unlock the opportunity to invest in bitcoin to gin which is surely to take over the crypto currency if i can be that jackie moon in the new zealand breakers on then alright john could be owner player coach done now as well i'll give you zero point zero zero one percent of my share that one is not enough ok if i could be part owner player in coach i'm in well it's actually a junk bond we put both of these investment opportunities together so that's not it's a package deal is not know on both yeah it can i delhi to come play with me although it's new zealand yes yes certainly is he's attached his there's been attached we will
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by cross river bank and new jersey state charter commercial bank restrictions apply for details upstart dot com slash pmt m let's get some segments first up we have a tim tivo update tim t bows hurt yes that's the update he stepped on a sprinkler and twisted his ankle well spin zone you know who else did that who mickey mantle hall of famer tim tivo he's the mickey mantle played his entire career with a torn acl if injuring yourself by stepping on lawn equipment is a prerequisite i'm feeling pretty confident out my new book and what other new york baseball player tore his a ankle slash acl on on on non sprinkler nike mental tim t ball he's hurt their company i'll take it yeah i was basically sideshow bob yeah i also tim tebow i don't if you saw this but he's been really killin batting practice
he pulled in rg3 i have not seen that he pulled in rg3 and do not care about tim t boz batting probably well you should because he's hitting a shed oh so there's a shed out in right field was it in foul territory it's in fair territory and he's hitting the shed frequently really is it is it like this is an actual field is the shed like one hundred feet away it might be like just no fence in the ball rolls into the shell yeah right who spends on this actually rick reilly thing now i thought about so be prepared to write this ok it looks like tim tebow it can find hit the broadside of a barn m two hundred and two point twenty five two twenty five that's good that's more than the usual to boob that you see on a woman we have a stay woke for gino's math to has decided to add himself to the flat earther category
he thinks it carries making a lot of sense i actually think chinos with just got really high on a saturday because many also us what came first the chicken or the egg so he he i i love this trend you see it players in their offseason they'll just pick a random day where like what cool yeah i have this twitter and i have a ton of followers so let me just start asking weird questions and doing like a qa and then you get this an he not he took it one step further he got on a boat and it was like i'm bout to figure out this flat earth thing once and for all just drive the boat until i fall off
yeah well that's yeah geno smith in the great history of other italian explorers get on a ship try to sail across the world this feels like a misstep step by gino gino didn't really have any wiggle room for controversy at this point right yeah and he also he didn't realize he probably in his head said oh kyree irving he's good at basketball and he's getting a lot of pub from this maybe if i do this i will get a starting job i think it just more is everyone's going to gino now we really don't wanna let you start yeah quarterback maybe yeah he's going to try to start like a sushi restaurant because he sees aj mccarron kind of starting to kick yeah so he'll give her shot too yeah i don't i want to stay a little bit woke on this because when i saw him tweeting our videos today about it first thought was he's unless he's like launching some new brand awareness thing and so
it was a great way to get back in the national conversation right was tweeting about how the earth like that is a hack into the media just like tweet something too easy that's been proven by science to be incorrect and just tweet that out and then guess what all the conversations on you it's basically tweet hot is a hot dog a sandwich is is flat what color is this dress what color is the dress and you have one of my teammates punch me yeah yeah yeah why does everyone hate me why did ever laugh when it when i took over you like maybe he doesn't think that like that flights real either and that's why he wouldn't pay for his teammates plane tickets from a
as a gambling debt write five hundred dollars it i don't even know what it was but five hundred dollars in geno smith wouldn't pay yeah that was a smart decision on your part was gambling on a plane i think there we go began public well he gambled over whether or not the plane will arrive in that's why arrives in he has to pay his teammate back for the money that's why the jets stink yeah it always you can always trace it back to either someone fox someone's wife or gambling or robert griffin yes we next have pr one hundred and one this for marcus peters who just got traded from the chiefs to the rams i nfl trades because it's a reminder that they can do that thank you do you forget the nfl you can trade until it happens like yeah you can do that is because gm's are just so scared list of making a mistake yeah and when you make a trade that's one way were people like say your name in the in the news yeah and a gm an average general manager in the nfl can probably exist happily at his job for maybe a dozen year
if he just keeps out of the press it doesn't make any moves so it's nothing but alignment so what happened with marcus peters he got traded an then his old tweets came up again and he's got some interesting ones i read a few why get us hard if we can't fuck that's kind of like the chicken and the egg question that geno smith was asking bitches ain't ship but hoes and tricks that the doctor dre by the way way so you can say that you can say that about this one fucking fat hoes is what i like to do fuqing them till they boo boo when should come out of screen i pull out and they look my dick claim is it that sounds like a lyric doctor trailer yeah so you're i think he's just doing lyrics timber add these hoes just scared
so i'm hella dumb and i'm always talking about fucking fat pages so that right there that tweet right there that just basically makes it so that everything else is it's just a prank just dump now here's what i don't like he says pimpin ain't dead these hoes just scared i just said that one yeah i know you specially have problems i have a problem with that because he's putting he's putting the blame on somebody else this is you problem if you're just saying pimping a dead if you're arguing you're already losing the argument but he's hella dope he is hold up this is on everything marcus peters said he says i'm hella dumb that's it everything says after that point you cannot hold you know how that one dude on the chiefs wants to put md on the back of his uniform yes doctor now marcus peters should just put hella dumb after his nasty so that way you can't flag him yeah yeah i like that just dumb yeah or just because he mixed in a couple of doctor dre lyrics to these offensive tweets create a
rap album and then put all these tweets in it because then you're just quoting a songs art and it's you can't get you can't get in trouble for according to some can't get mad at our that's a fact all right that's our show we are off to indy for the combine we're going on tuesday hopefully we will be able to get some good interviews if you know anyone who wants to get interviewed hit it up slide into pardon my take dm's all you scouts out there listening tell andy reid that we want him on the show and maybe to do some eat some steaks with him but we will be in indy for the rest of the week three steaks were then is of something that's appetizer and i will see everyone on wednesday you guys
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