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Dan Haren & Kyle Long 07/13/16

2016-07-12 | 🔗
The guys break down the All Star Game with former MLB All Star Dan Haren, including a look ahead at the second half and what it's like to play in an All Star game. In honor of PokemonGo, Mt. Rushmore of video games. Chicago Bears Offensive Lineman joins the show to discuss PokemonGo and how many squirtles he has caught in the last 3 days. Segments include "PR 101" with Miko Grimes, "Thoughts and Prayers" for Giancarlo Stanton's home run swing in the second half. And everyone's new favorite segments "Hmmmm" and "Uhhh, Hey JJ".
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violence on the part of my tea is wednesday july thirteen and the cubs have to open the world series on the road what's your magic number now's and sixty nine i dont know what the cubs unfortunately the i have a hard time for you to start off i asked
they don't hate the also game decides this i hate that they they their cost stuck in the middle so if you're gonna have the oft our game decide where the world series starts every year eliminate the fan vote and treated like a real game there come stuck in the middle where it's important but then they have any royal fans stuffing stuff from the ballot box and guys like no one aeronautical not running out the final out of the game so that was disgusting it was disgusting you play ninety baby you before having had people forget that peat rose ran over catcher in the austrian right so i don't hate it i do think don't be also game is by far the best all star game there is is not really close hey the nba also again just like points points points boys just dunks
and now you say no defence now look at you you're you're more than i always leads up everytime mba also gamer mba regular sees again either way yeah what did you got a guy over their heads it still the best of the best i'd say best of the worse because all also games are pretty much terrible but you always your old timers talking about how the major league also game used to be really really good is that true are such as something that they say like back in my day tv shows were funnier and then he turned on its mr ed as a horse the talks in your grandpa you need to go to bed take your medicine no sport does an quite like matronly baseball they always wanted about games that had been played fifty years ago the known is a book about anymore and there
a while you remember the time they're doing like flashbacks and ninety ninety four is all star game its they love it there's no one who like to talk about the past more than major baseball maybe it's just because there were like four channels and so like it was that and then there were two soap commercials on an and they are the other one had broken so yeah it was the best thing on television back in the day but now thank god programme i go there's a little thing called porn on tv and on your computer and on europe and on your iphone site you can rivals and all these awesome things pronunciations no longer thing you can drink yeah we're not the country is an overseas in europe and on islands in the pacific so yeah guess maybe at that time if you were lucky enough to be in front of a tv it was probably the best thing on but like right now i just don't see how much better the game could get than it is
right now because it is basically the best players playing like two innings and that's what the games always been right eye like i'd like more pictures from everyone loves one like outfielder catcher has to pitch they should have that be a part of the of the star game seventh ending is the position blair pitching any yes a put pictures opposition players mantle the end there no arms you call your strikes iron strikes me a wild wild seen the earthen the also game always does to us they trick us they say the start time i think that our job on my tvs at seven o clock i think the games like eight forty five they always do there's like a seventy five minute pre game where they have to honour the past and offer the past is no one does that quite like visually baseball it is the major retailers ass became desert and also cause basket
i used to do it but we do it the way they would do it was they would say like the game take tips off offered six forty eight and give no specific when i saw you i got a job i trust that number and then need to name doesn't above to some thirty yes that's really sneaky way of doing it but luckily we had a couple did things that happen during the game to distract this from such should again well wait let's save it let's bring it up for our guest inherent let's quickly dumont rushmore then we'll go to the inherent is i work yes i've just come at this point in honour of pokemon go we're gonna do favour video games are mount rushmore fair video games this action should be a good debate because as many of you know appeal to you and i are the same age hank is not so will be interesting to see what kind of weird games hank comes up with who should start a slit had gophers i hate you go first i first up and i fell blitz oh your presidency that will come from your bank
that seems like you be a little bit before your time now thou is outweighed video game far more and i was really on the now you don't this as everyone this is like when you were a kid in your hang out with your cool uncle and you like i love example in so much and you're trying to get your uncle on your side hank hank is sick of us roasting is man rushmore is so is like i throw us about this version i know your game but you ok go on our power pete for mackintosh computer i have no idea what the hell you legal a game as alec mavis beacon when they try to pretend that you're learning i mean they try to pretend you point video games we really learning you're through by the hearty now never play poppy next up and they took a seven maybe the most what you game of all time great ok so you're you're putting away about rushed workers it sucks notice fun ok glitters refund ok we're gonna glitches tells glitch argue
run down the court and if you like some common in you'd be sitting at half court in the middle you gotta go oblige hats wild its wild and you could like take charge from behind while my gun again whilst the trees and last lap and always call duty modern warfare ok oh i've but other youths discuss call of duty modern warfare so i think i think you're right on the money without think i'm runnin money with nazi brag hank but i your old uncle big tat used to be quite the call of duty player back in like two thousand and five it was the nazis easy and the americans who was pretty pretty pretty let game hours consistently on the high score list when one eye hop on the internet and play yeah back in the day you want me would all be good i i have a the french we're take more franchise fuck it
my a mirage where you to make your own rules there were fears zack though i don't i don't want to give you a pass on that you also should clarify that i am not a nerd videogame guy i never was in the legs elder like all those weird shit belong whatever twisted metal too together with a narrow played no greek for play is that a driving game do drive you i go around yeah actual use we and then you'd i can't remember what the clowns guide the big the big clown someone treat me to smell too great game cool borders yes like will work i'm the striking out i here's my last one what is at a real is at a really import yes yes it is fuckin snowboarder game guys who should i think ten eighty i do all kinds issue cool borders do i have a type
the last one mba jam turn him in addition and called me fuck you know you can't do last makes you didn t my ran out and i ran out of iran's lots of my mouth rushmore and i had to give blood pop whereas can you who explained the difference between tee and regularly agent yeah you could use three three players yet a bench you could do that can't you do then regular which one wasn't one that had michael jordan oh yeah neither of them because michael germans and ass only one who sat in a very could play with bill clinton now ok at present when the ok you're mine golden i one since you know already said number two i have organ trail classic number three i've got i'm gonna go donkey gaunt country for us
ass the original one oh that was a good one when did he gone gotta you play the game was it would you plan on us in the us never heard that came for little gender little short gutless before you hang donkey kong was the original harassed by too soon that's why around these death effectiveness so much skip three are generations spatter playing as a gorilla like it it felt like a little piece of our youth dodge much better every event like short fat italian plumbers die soon it's gonna be time to be waterworks around here and never for i've got you california games all that is a wild card you up on any sort of like bodacious
boarded adventure who'd you could literally play hockey sack on video caves yes we israel asleep sea ice that's where all with cool borders words like guy you know that a war that west coast bra allure you gonna where's exotic my utter yeah i was either gonna go with that or where the world is going to santiago by the was another one where they try to sneak a little bit learning pasture there is absolutely no learning going on california games you remember that game we are the game for the computer maria do addition and then the rocket kept on going up and if you slow down it would crash aided backing these always can do those games to us the answer is not look how much fun since then you shit among you there we donor right there when i started to figure
something new out those equators this isn't funny you tricked me or i shall as great my rushmore everyone treat us your mouth rushmore for best video games this one of those probably will get heated because it's very subjective but i embrace the debate no don't don't bash anyone don't worry one down just because they picked a basketball game because there was glitches in it like us not oh hypothetically speaking last night that someone does that some passion and send us your games can we just come up with their own videogame like a party might again be great big letter it goes into how much work goes into designed a game really can't be that much we know we could ask our friend curtailing he's at this time that's not it you there's not a bad idea let's get caught on the whole and see if you can help us ellen was actually let's do that we're gonna actually turn it you're gonna recharge kurt showing next week we're trying to get good showing on and were only
talk video games and how to create a video game company now kick it to former a star edge cargo come down here and now we welcome back our current gas great gas former m l b all star we'll get into that so that we get some maybe cement better tips on the all star game dan heron dan i know you said you'd you watch the game are you as disgusted as we are why error not i'm not running out the final out no i think you will you let me finish i gotta think about the message it sends to the kids the key is the troops thousands it addresses the troops a mile is now finally upset about it did you did you check out the stuff tat was going on violence against women tonight
i refuse to follow my lisbon on twitter i referred in my i hope he healthy choice very helpful as he i know you you know i was actually on the islands and he i remember he guys go mad because he would claim like he knew what was going on in the club and stuff and he had no clue what the area cookies are battling like you know he would like he like grade the trade you know like if a guy gets traded he's good and and he died you know say if a guy was good in the club wowzer guys like this guy in the twelve hours that's why you got traded stuff like that wouldn't you dig humble so when you are in the all star games they counted do you like that rule or not i actually i don't mind it i mean think of all the asked or games i mean i think is probably the best one you know the problem
stinks embryos are i mean assists in all its after the first what are you gonna gets redundant i'm not a big any togo sorry sir so i guess it's the best of the bunch but i mean discount count when we had drama one year when it went like fifteen and so i mean as a picture did you ever did you ever like think to take a couple miles per hour off your fastball during an all star game just so that you didn't get hurt no i did it i mean how slowed as you i'm afraid i don't know where you want me to go at a passiveaggressive jirga at my velocity i don't know it's not ass i work for the first time in my professional career i was asking like a legitimate question because those interested in knowing the age but now yet you know it now it was a joke at your expense so diego i throw logistics the other
no but you don't want it you even see it in the all star game today like the first the first pitch any guy throws the first thing to do is check up at the radar guns to check see if the adrenaline ever asked our game got in a few miles per hour somethin i like that what if there is a bunch of controversy re because jose fernandez then he would grooves impetuous david ortiz if they faced up would you if you were faced at that same situation saved derek jeter david ortiz would you be like you know what i'm saying that's wrong with the meatball a picture as your buddy wainwrights is yeah we know what we know when does not oblige either he really isn't you guys give her time is but a long as you don't as long as you don't make his kids watch of agri commercial whaling pretty good guy yeah no real came out together there's a butt though he was actually faced with
the kind of a similar situation to dominate the last also game it at the old yankee stadium i faced jeter and the crowd was gone crazy in but now i try to get him out and i did get about actually so you know the garden like it but i got into groundwater second i think i love it i love it good ah what about the club house with the answer game is it like is it everyone can have havin fun or is there still a k i can't i don't like you you know we're rivals and we're gonna hate each other in a minute or you guys are you guys like let me ask you this what are you guys closer to the nba where ya on a banana boat enjoying your off season or you closer to the any where your fight and maybe have like you know handshake yeah but really hate each other and you know the robberies rivalries much closer to the nba therefore do not gather pretty nice in the class
does it really matter if you ve had before them during the year i mean it's pretty mail i mean although the game counts guys don't take it entirely that seriously emma they take their about seriously pitchers take their ending seriously but i'm innocent it's definitely not life or death out their people are you know enjoying themselves more than anything how do you manage please prepare you going into the game like do they tell players if they don't think that they're gonna be able to get him in i will now i wouldn't know i pissed in and all my all star game so i was always told what any i was going to be in i don't know it's gotta is cut a week to emulate the game does matter that you see the game the game ends in the night any with was guys that are coming off the bench not necessarily the guys that the greatest of of i do not know if as any other guys but
you see the other guy start again in their real quick so i don't know it's gonna be heavily the also game definitely gets the you know all the pictures but by the end do i go back i may also all because they have the rule that every play every teammates add one player thankfully i was never play other there's must be uncomfortable lego owing ever come up we ever like hey look at the minnesota when over there now load everyday now everyone here i think was mark redman maybe there's not a huge like three intent or the six areas must really such next he never make it next time i don't know i have no idea where he went at the last out of the game we know for sure for sure you have i talking less about the ostler game more about second half it you have you been watching every been falling baseball are now in your retirement
since you told me i was going to be on the planet guess i definitely caught up as much as they could last few days yeah sure andrea you're wikipedia guy like us the wikipedia they think do you guys regret the wikipedia thing actually actually allow more reading than i thought it was gonna get exactly as i think you actually put off more than you can chew without for sure can we be like you two guys we're marquis i am less than two minute youtube guys really if we're gonna we're gonna narrow it down anything over two minutes on youtube i don't really have an attentions even if you can explain it to me using the like hitler finds out in the bunker seen that everybody like over dubbs it end the information is not going to get absorbed to exactly
we i don't know where the wikipedia things still seems like a la especially further blake boilers guy it's a bear its abandon its bear it continues to be a bear it thing i wake up in the middle of the night my chest i got reading today that's what sometimes all about his personal growth so you know we make us before we learn something there so the question is who do you have in the world series because i love asking that even though where i'm everything's there's so much baseball ups we are not so well on this on monday what are even say he was like he picked cubs and other very stephen a smith did he likes because but he wouldn't be surprised if it was a nest does the giants earlier let me mention the names of three american league james i'm just gonna let your parents he works for beer fox whatever so you can't see it really say now
still i do like because they really thereby craft the last few weeks i mean it feels like you like you know an nba season and you got like the ones he locked up or the two seater something you just kind of coaching to the end that's kind of get that filled but i mean i would say them read the red does your precision tat great yeah they other donor they finished their finished not a brand new it yeah i know then i know from your tweets are you circle allah the reds the reds games they can't just assume and other wines with those a hint of those have been tougher lately backfired backfire on last week i had a red sand the breezes as lotta wind last week we pursue there and then ale team i want to believe i knew it
i'm indian indians got the picture i like blue jays from last year they that they had little experience that they got some guys in the bullpen pretty good starting staff and the lineup the joke a careful is mainly baseball gonna be with like deciding who is allowed to see sing the canadian national anthem after what happened tonight that yeah the tenors was the most exciting part of night the tenders canadian favoured they came out they sing canada and the added lyrics to it and the lyrics at the added were all lives matter and the dude holed up in all matters matter lot i miss this who canada thinks they are coming into the united states to tell them how to act the part of the world were three circles pigweed when thou on weight so do you think the car miss your locker and presence at all probably not
i miss i was locked and i might take a trip down was who actually in out me and the family were actually think about in a month or so that they are not yet still be there but i it will not mean main of eu dimension that i'm sorry but now i'm pressure that if probably forgotten about me they they moved on a bigger and better people in its that's the way that the way of war what amount of money to summon up the carbon offer you to get back on a team the second out i could physically do that's the problem why money does a team have to call up and offer you the second i think only nora it's gonna be arise your claim is ideal world half a million a million dollars a start ok really noticed are you doing it i mean do whereby the iron grating mused inherent is considering coming out of retirement
he's already goes out its eames any james and listen to the show cards that the three community register slovenly maybe maybe your favorite team the reds yeah yeah registry listening like why not yet why not dinner arm erebus now i could i could squeeze into their rotation umbrella ok ok i'll be there won't be home for opposing the red i also have the same either james no room i thought you recall like make you norm ah wait that's that's a good subway you are part of the brook grew ah yes very honourable members i am i want you to start being an m l insider so please give us in honour of the brook and am i'll be sources maybe just a rumour some think about going to the about the
will i will i will give you a rumor but first you know what i thought about i wanted to break something of a few weeks ago cuz kershaw got hurt and i knew he was hurt and i knew he was going to go on the dl and nobody else knew and i wanted a tweet out something just so i could like break the news i couldn't do that to hear whether anyone added why did you send it to me he would now come on evidence that would be going out they'll be quite away to enact yourself has been in an obedient insiders like brianna refunds that's the big fish and i would have been good i'm not mad disappointed yoursel get going right that you told us about this after the fact and i could have but i didn't breaking i don't know trades who knows the cubs eighty get they find it easier to relieve her maybe maybe the sweater for andrew miller thing happens i don't know you don't think the all actually trade schwimmer thou do you
i don't think so but i mean the pretty certain they're going to add an arm of the balkan it's gonna take a lotta get one of those guys yellow i don't think i'm though i don't know who he will trade by think shrubberies no touchy situation now is is a man so it who ever get another inside tip and we find out you didn't give it to us i don't know i'm not among threatening not i am not a threat can a guy i with the next up maybe maybe i work maybe i'll take the amis dreaming questions fifty i'm just wouldn't like how much how much you pitchers really need and all star break like i know why all the other guys do but if you pick once every five days like
do you really need to take a couple days off i think that shit you they bear study pitchers easy yeah what exactly do you do with your life i'm a blogger we might go every now only i use is he coming on your show you young united as they want it yes yes it is jeremy is what i want we can we got weaknesses is the one i thought he was gonna be honoured and it's like the late night talk show type scenario where i was wondering if causing me the first year of the second guessing tourism i guess you're the english i might benefit i feel better now that you came on its own only programme on go sir yeah it's dead i raise waits a u way to evade the question i forgot the question
did you read like wild why do you need to rest your arm well long season is thirty three starts i mean you can see what it was a tall overseas and does somebody to get jake look at area many through perfectly something in his last year he's up over a hundred this year doesn't trust his body that's ok here's my ears i saw you love three three hundred and fifty plus any last year so i mean if he gets the guy doesn't want to kiss me all game and take an extra two weeks i'd be fresh i think that's ok right here's your ears my actual question of ministers done do you notice after all break if you just get those like extra two or three days rest in between actually tell a difference in your arm when it's time to make an extra effort
they were you're making fine like i don't know how m i gonna throw know you're being really hurt yourself then i go i'm being out of it i just wanna get your doesn't work you are tat i know i throw too much shade on myself right you're too woke you always get your eyes open like all woe but i actually that's actually really good question i one really answer as well you i always like throwing light thrown the first came back after the break just figuring that hoping but a few of the hitters maybe then do shit over the brake and i can get it through the line up a little easier as i was pretty hot because i was always drawn up in the ass ever so but now i don't feel different on my arm no other i threw like if bathed if they don't pick up a bat for four or five days it's gonna take him a couple days to get back into it
generally guys will go on a little mini vacation i mean some guy that you know guys in southern california that go to mexico and do stuff like that so you have to think not doing stuff in in and mass so i a team of most us have a work out the night before thursday so i mean it i think it's a slight advantage if a guy about in three and one slash two days all right damn thank you very much hope you have you on again in the fall this was a lot of fun i think people promote for the most part like yours are best recurring guest as a former merrily baseball pitcher and the only opts for half a exactly appreciate that you weren't you weren't woken up there
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ok so but we're bringing you want because you are a big videogame guy and you you are very much hooked on poker i'll go and we wanted to talk to someone about pokemon goes my first question is have you ever thought about playing a real sport and so this stupid nerdy pokemon stuff like us i i find that highly offensive if you live in the arizona area at any point during the year your travelling around trying to change his mother audits it's pretty it's pretty tough work it's a tough task it can be dangerous at times but you got to bring that ass or water and make sure it feels good and where some comfort this is because things are everywhere yeah so what is the programme on environment like it do they got a map what's the math like mathematics i like all of you the ground running you basically the earth or a building
and both of those things are represented on the map that you're given programme i guess i ve spent a ton of time developing this amphetamine i guess i guess they use google maps or something because they have every building every story like you know i'm basically every point of interest you could think of is marked on there regime is a jam ok so are you so you take pictures of inside your house yeah well i'm basically basically yell at me i guess unscrewed if i'm doing anything that's considered sketchy if i'm vienna's sketch then they can investigate me in that regard our now i'll identatis after getting like all black man like rolled up and a bunch of guys don't go in there we
so you playing programme on and we cross search year something with whatever we need you to something i think is evolving and experience experience it definitely would do you think that this is like maybe something that did coaches commissioners would look at the future like developing game and be like hague as chicken this new game that we have if you pay to a cup in your own house and is hooked up to the sensor then you level up and you get extra hit points and in reality believe it or not you are actually sitting data to like your boss well you know what i'm doing so naive and i'm just enjoying the app and it's fun i get to throw light i was seven eleven today grabbitz water pose work out gonna hydrate i gotta doing online found pulled it out there was a squirrel right there the ice cream while or whatever the hell it was i personally picture of it it was a little
the cuban programme on and i just had a thorough will uphold the boy at it and luckily doktor price and i realized i support on the app spelling twenty bucks on lowering persons others like everywhere on that my entire like i'm hunting like salt lake on the ground i just wait for mine it sounds like you're borderline pedophile honestly when you put it that way like i've got all these cool potions the louis is worthy of hiding cute little pokey mars into my black van and drive away as a hunter i have a tool built through reason abilities are gonna be able to access for once at different times of the insane if it calls for an instant if annetta poky stop i can use one of my little lure things it's another greedy were lower but use and it brings programme on over there and other poky searchers can
can find the same animals i'm checking out because i'm a team like that what what has been your best pokemon catched a date like have you i know that again panting they get like twenty point box what's your twenty point box so far along reference model here ok i want you to do that certainly tori right now ok tell us what senor inventory right now so also well before i had actually gotten rid us your inventory and anything it questions were reverence mandatory yes i was gonna ask do you have any ethical issue with catching intelligent animals and then making them fight here's the thing iron fought ok in signing parallels deanna throughout i'm kind of us like a collector in the state girl for euro burden reference of collective rights
his box in shining profession doesnt scam i think the large appointed the big cats brain up here is what is the real difference between programme on a dog fighting gas i mean i think the fact that the digital around and no actual animals are offered you guys it's not real standards tat serious issue and as you know that's pretty bad but i wouldn't let pokemon with without fighting i just can't do that let me ask in a different way i'll ask vigil gymnastic there are going to ask a different way if you could train and fight one pokemon the jail for two years and as an aftermath then reassigning in having a short successful resurgence with the new era fell team then becoming a solid backup down the road for two more teams what poky mom would it be glass doors
regard great answer out even though that is not registry inventory we literally have no idea what's going on with pokemon ok so i found a ton of ok i can't pronounces like i read tat a rat rita i believe it is our eighty two eighty it's like a little rat obviously with a jack tailed sticks up i felt like six allows you gotta era paris with t a r a s with one hundred and twenty eight cp i use a few of my tokens there to rank him up a little bit these guys are mere crab cholera sorry what have you got a girlfriend you haven't thought any definite ever inside another greedy nature body but i've been highlights cobb you did you hear pfc questioned nodded oh i was just wondering if you got a girlfriend
we have been throwing there really are delight threaded ok boy some measure the ones i go for it and after together so it now that i have is that every time a walk down the street i'm looking around and am looking at people who are also holding their phones and i can't tell if there i think that your play poker member masters are like sir a jeep wave type a thing for pokemon players we like yeah i'm playing the pope whenever it s all right standing like tat your foot on your other further would ever be like oh yeah i guess they follow traveller here like like a little ahead not or whatever but i'm sure there's head not for other things it signify the things so gonna come up with something else but i would like the tragic keep can we figure out like right now what the programme on waivers i'd say like you the little ok i'm oji yeah runic us you can use that alot yup
do you mean like an actual case which is in real life people need to be emerging using i found out i'm in the eyes of the world but not really so we should like tat i laid down by the not down by the pocket is people's exerted upon yeah circling entering here ok so over your head circle game that's the new jeep beep kyle so you listen all of your pokemon guys that you ve caught and now what are you what are you doing with him what he can do them well i gotta get some more friends ok first and foremost what i do is i got him a better sanctuary i got a better back don't they have user front i warmly there always on my which is why my shit is always time we'll figure it out i guess i'll help me figure one thing out here i've got like i think seminary these guys
how do i do like i like the act of catching him but then what i do want i haven't legislate i'm a very nervous plurality here's the deal girl here's the deal about it's kind of but microcosm of a lot of things in your life you owe me you changed the poker money thrown about bergmann gray cats you know i've got one or whenever look at it the tories showed your body incite let's go get commander now called for once you get one like it it's you know you mean you would have been an act that that's why you get a big backpack bookmark yeah you got my own case now dragon man walls yeah i'm gonna call one it honestly felt like heroin to me but would seriously like i'm trying to figure out how to be big cat and hank in this game is is very important we ve got a big that john on this week so i've got seven were
do i liked you what's the next step was the next level in being a good programme player now that i've got some what i do them you're computer right no i've got my iphone ok what would you do whose press and calm and go outside and just walk around and check out the outdoor world and tabs for commander everywhere where from comfortable shoes brazen shades sure it's hot do you think that's all i was actually asking in question like i don't know what that is my face if you're gonna get your iphone you're playing around with you and his way in public places does allow i remember a check i can only add a public libraries lies coffee shop sometime drink some iced coffee in chicago and like look morning girlfriends
how are you ever worried date when you're out looking for your programme on someone will take you and stuff you in a locker cause you're outside the guy you kids like you i'd stop in a locker back in the day yeah i've had my fair shares worries that's just the way it goes sometimes it's like every back up like i was looking for parliament with bobby massive o coming i've been looking for a bogeyman just your breakfast getting reckless adam watching him why you catch bulbous or something i wish i got above us orbit bobby's ball in that he likes bogeyman do he's maybe i don't make me get the gameboy color so are you are you just playing the programme i go after the others now i just had to put him on go out which is why a reference is saying that i should get the game was tolerated
the programme on whatever redford's blue whenever it is our it is my version of the game we don't have to get off the couch and has moved with your thumbs and search ok now we're talking my language yeah we need some of that i well kyle you ve been on the phone with us for ten minutes you probably are freaking out because you haven't colony poky balls are pokemon since you ve been on the call so we're gonna let you go we appreciate you helping us understand pokemon we're gonna have you back on and like a month to see if you actually make them air esteem could clearly or not in the gym working out yourself there catching pokemon so we'll see if you actually make the roster this year and obey gets up there michael grimes is going to go on twitter ran an affair let's do some segments we have a pr wanna a one situation we need to help me go
crimes with me go grimes if you're not familiar she the wife of brent grimes formerly of them dolphins now on the tipp of a box she went on twitter rent this is something she come it does its i don't know it's what you like every now and then it rains in los angeles every now and then meek o grimes is going to go on a twitter ran an offence and people and some people then lock her account pretend none of it happened so this happened the other day she basically was bashing ryan internal say he's a bomb quarterback issues he had to get she had to get her husband out of my mammy now he's happy again he can't wait to play as hopi as a real gm a real honour real kubi anything is possible then she turned her attention to stephen ros she said gotta respect ross for keeping his now
morning at home there's going to be a hard day i'm about to say the hard rj so got to respect ross for keeping his jew buddies employed but did he not see how tanenbaum put the jets in the dumpster without sanchez deal so first of all like how is that offensive because she said gotta respect him so rich there was a compliment she was trying to pay to right yes i do i do not understand how ten a bomb comes in here i think she's doing the old let's connect the dots say the jews run everything situation yeah that can be problematic probably would great to put it that way it says a lot worse yo my favourable practice twitter aunt was about like six tweets later after everybody just roasting or over the hard j she casually slips and like you guys get so upset on twitter is the reason that the united states government can do things like pull off a thick terrorist attack on its own people and you guys will believe it
so she dropped like a casual nice cash nine eleven conspiracy reference like six weeks later and nobody paid attention to that because we were still like in disbelief of the over the jew comment that she made kind of a smart move by her if you're gonna i've you're gonna go down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories and you're going to start you know throwing different religions in and people onto the boss you might as well now use it as a perfect time to dovetail your nine eleven truth or stuff you noted off your chest yet right now is the time people i'm gonna take it all that there is going to catch on on the jew talk so on unfortunately for her maybe she'll know this but her husband's new boss the glaser fan they actually had family that survived the holocaust family was killed in the holocaust so they might not be really excited about this gonna be awkward holiday party around the tipp of a box facility yeah so are they gonna
but that's it you are they gonna have like a christmas party there or do they have a hanukkah pardoning it's just a holiday upon you think it's just a capital h holiday party happy holidays yes that's that said that we do then america but that's gonna be awkward but it actually won't because he's probably can be on the team in those waters businesses where you can get fired because of something that your wife does yes without without she also though another side this could be under sorry not sorry she said people really think i care about their feelings like they really think i'm an sympathise i'm route is fuck so why do you think i care annabelle raphael teenage teenagers turtles vibe gone here she's she's cool but route it out what are you gonna do she's she's gonna probably split off of the pack she guessed what off the other turtles and go try to fight back pop and rocks by yourself and get everyone in trouble that will happen when you when you deal with meagre grants
everybody else after come stay there will be a big thing but if i'm giving her pr advice what i would do is i would say first of all the most important thing you do and to fix ninety nine percent of its just lock your account yes just protect your house and it's like it basically didn't happen so she did that all right yes she locked it you don't have one so that she's basically in the clear now if you like your account i think that you tweeted if that it has a girls name has shown so landed yet yet justine justine i have just teenagers like fired off that aids tweet locked her account should be fine nobody would care about it step number two and it's only really works if you're if your woman get pregnant have a baby we have a baby then you can easy way to be like a really changed my whole perspective on life
really may i we evaluate the type of person was being before now you stand at my comments were insensitive because it's like the i'm a father three like don't don't you get it respect me so meagre can just say gotta kid learn my lesson but if you want take it even one step further me go have a jewish baby just really go for jobs an trumps when doing this line recently you know he's got a jewish grandkid yes like boom he can get jail for free like oh yeah i get jewish grandkid mika might want my i have a jewish kid i don't know that night she echoed stuck in the men the lot of bridges pretty quickly at the very least if it's a male have your child circumcised that he will do most there were quick to have a bridging across the isle everybody reality with the option number two is just turn your twitter profile picture until i your face with the white background with the unifil sheila and just be like i a team player here sorry about that
i now i realize i represent something bigger than myself the nfl yeah sorry so progress all shield also option for you can get an if i would change laser and put him in a locker cause that's actually what happened jake laser came out her and said this point i'm asking meek oh please shut the fuck up sincere the jew body of your husbands who first got him training emma may meagre simply replied suck my dick so when a girl says suck my dick to a guy you're you lost sorry j i know i'm a big laser fan but you lost this round my front i don't think like meagre obviously she's she's a pistol thou and lime wire she's out she's a lad wire ends of your life where like that what i noticed about her twitter replies is there like one out of every ten of them was just a guy sang sit on my face please so like that's what
happens if you're a woman online i guess as i guys want you to like try to kill you with your butt cheeks she could like open up a phone sex outline to you i'm a bad idea seems like sick people do you think brent followed can we go on twitter or you think he's like i don't know on an egg out of sight out of my darling i want to know what problems she's she's getting me into i think either he has blocked or he might just not have a twitter i don't know if that's the thing ok big that's it good spins on form right there his wife is so outlandish online but like he couldn't week basically anything as long as you're not out here like dropping nine hundred and eleven truth or bombs are like sandy hook truth bombs people are going to be like you know breadcrumbs really good guy his wife though who she is she's a bit of a lunatic ass oh brent i've
i said this week this is a longstanding pr wanna piece just start a twitter account in the foundations me the meek o grimes foundation account then i can say and in turn was tweeting unlike dropping hard jays on everyone's face ease the easy solution everyone out there every famous preserve their start a foundation account unjust tweet from it like you do and then once in the fan when you got a drop that nine eleven truth is when you gotta be anti semitic to the entire world boom in turn tweeted it we fired em it's been taken care of go on with your day i mean we can't solve the world's problems foreign but we're coming pretty closer i think that's the dangerously close what are next year we have a thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers as for john carlo stands swing you one under be so who knows here comes a slump you can't you can't when homer bob brave justly bobby brave he was never the same so
sorry i am reasonably really bad second round yeah i mean i've got i've got something else you dovetail enough that is not a thoughts prayers but it's it's a witch hunt right everyone's gonna be like utopia of tea this is europe's most basic pitch which on about time you could say stands on steroids we he probably is but don't think that needs to be which hunted you don't need to like point your finger at which should be like that's a witch if she's flying across the sky on the broom right when i'm witch hunting here is the picture i think that the batting practice pitcher got off steroids ass weak and that's why i stand was hit nor those moon shots often so there you go now that makes you thank those balls he was hitting them so hard and it wasn't even close like no one even came close to my think he had twenty more home runs than the than the closest person so congrats to the marlins that's pretty big maybe
jeffrey luria won't trade aims for a couple more years yeah i think he bought himself six months in the marines organization you ok the great move for on his part if you start to look like if then if the trade whispers start coming around change your name change a first name and he'll try to trade giancarlo stanton you're like did jump pakistan's not on the steam anymore and so paperwork bunker through the low price will free legal adviser yeah that's boom just got turn your out of office on your email on any can provide there's another one i run after you ve got your solvent everything for everyone we now have a o everyone's favour game new game so this is this big because we were dead on boys member
monday show we said pokemon go is a government yeah not run out to brag we got it but days we said it was a cia government conspiracy theory to track all our data well let's go without whom i write it turns out google so apparently there are two ways to sign in to the programme on go game one on the way was over flooded with users so it kicked the google way google now has access to all your emails data passwords and everything else in your life i read that at the company that made pokemon the ceo of company used to be the sea of a company that was funded
by the cia yes also render bacon date they met they met the programme on go board member had met the cia venture capital funds i learn a little shindig we're all them get together and decide what they're gonna do and steal our brains so we invaded iraq for less let me just read this to you when you sign up for programme on go there is something that you sign up for we may disclose any information about you or your author i child in our possession or control to go permit or law enforcement officials or private parties did you say child i couldn't help oh what we have done
no no i won't my last one was basically pokemon go his as somewhere summers sitting with the cia and they're saying how how do we get inside people's buildings we have google maps we can see that the poor world how'd you get in the buildings well let's just throw a squirrel right via by someone's refrigerator picture i couldn't help but notice that the game was made by the japanese as i recall the same country that day blind themselves with hitler ever so just just a few criminals are actually using bogeyman go to attract people and and they robbed them if you're playing poky monger that europe work
from arising in eighteen eighty i dont know if they're down their stock is down i'm assuming it is because i don't know i just assume that hank what you say about the data what what is it doing it to your phone you can only use it when you're in all usually when you use it you don't have wifi so just killed your data ok thanks a thing thanks hank and that was certainly the programme on goes a government conspiracy and i dont know why anyone i am out of the game so our bet about oh no you in a locker then oh yes why not i'd rather be in a locker than then be framed for murder by the cia so i deleted the whole app can we it regime incognito need stuff you locker language if you listen to this i think that the great when it fine we're gonna find a pair damn big logger we were out making a lot of jokes about that that's fine i'm sure we find a lot big locker and i will get
stopped in the locker and you guys can get your brains it'll solemnize yea it'll just be walking like storage unit of formula that we actually should do storage worse some point learnt write that down will add that comes here we have finally the last segment we have four today hey j j another favorite j j you can see by the way folks it is july we are really hubert we're scraping the bottom of the barrel here if legal grimes didn didn't start offending every jewish person in amerika we wouldn't have a lot of shows that we have a lot of segments today so hatred j friday he is releasing a shoe is using a new shoe so he j j it's too i do people want to wear sandals
hey j j reebok makes her she's bro china i'm like a dollar an hour to make your shoes they put nets up outside the buildings to prevent people in committing suicide because hoping job sucks so much j those are the people we're making your shoes hey j j nike he actually has more sweatshops than reebok but your shoes problem be really popular so like he's gonna have to put all the eight year olds back to work double shift to keep up with all your shoe sales hey j j reeboks actually run small so ruins feeder gunnbiorn be up a j j your shoes have read in them what about people that are colorblind that's good j j sixty percent of houston lives below the poverty line and they can
and afford issues has economic and feel hey j j back to that red color what if some crypts wanted to wear that shoe and then they get shot everything about that you could cause a murder hey j j ear football player you don't wear normal shoes were cleats what's up of that are you sound regular use it man that was hey j j please be worked out for the next j j j we're on a random he just needs you know what i think we're actually we flips from being attacking of j j to actually being guardians of him because we're pointing out to him all the things he to be thinking about if he wants to be a true superhero right i mean you can't you you can't be out there procope proclaiming that year
helping everybody in the world out and you're the all american good guy and then at the same time have shoes that are literally killing millions of people a j j you know about like the plan and the chemicals they put on those issues literally polluting the planet did hey j j you make every shoe that you make probably ends up in a seagulls throat j j once again about what's in there we have a big announcement it's not the biggest in austria we ve had but we have a fun announcement friday show because we have the middle of july it is sports hell you have asked bees we have the take ease so we are gone to throw out a few fan votes so you guys get involved but take he's gonna be lit it's gonna be a retrospective of the year in takes and we're gonna have what we what are some categories we have
what we're obviously doing like best take for baseball bat football and hockey no sign up here if you sent us i could take its grown in the trash am we're gonna do best yes in sports business analysed on twitter you up that's what i'm got out but we need your help we need to get nominees from you guys for a person who can newton could learn the most from we need to get just nominees for the taken the year in general do similar best takes that you remember from the course of the year and we're gonna take all those into consideration and we'll also will do a fan vote will do a fan boat will have like a you know they always do like the the fan vote player of the year something we'll figure out some category that can be decided only by the fans and we'll put that also ever get excited we'll have the take ease on food
today and we also i know we promise you might port noise america's learned a day we had kyle jump in last sack in so he will be on the deck woolly they're gonna have him on friday or maybe saturday we'll figure it out but we owe it to everyone to clean up all of our legal problems and also we we want to hear from you what your jimbo of the years so it s going to be a big one that's gonna be one that you can put above your fireplace for a long time you went out and fight glee let's get everyone cake said that he is running out of take on me covers so but we are ready now we have all original fan base start sending men acoustic you can do it on your harmonica you gotta kazoo you got a little beat me and on the way you kids render these days canada's you'd let me yeah text
sure take on me and we will feature it will show you out as well we will give you a twitter shout out if you sent us it got on me cover and we use it and with we will see you on friday
today that is the way things are
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