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Dan Haren World Series Preview 10/24/16

2016-10-24 | 🔗
NFL Week 7 recap (3:07 - 5:50). Big Cat recounts Saturday night from the bleachers and the Cubs clinching their first pennant since 1945 (5:50 - 15:08). Football Guy of the week (15:08 - 25:53). Tiger Woods Who's Back Of The Week (25:53 - 30:27)). Dan Haren joins the show to preview the World Series, what it's like to pitch in a simulated game, and the chances of Kyle Schwarber having an impact on the series (30:27 - 45:39). Segments include PR 101 for Ryan Fitzpatrick. Humans vs The Sun, Hmmmmm, Respect the Biz, Kicker's Psychiatrist and Sabermetrics of the week.
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do it right now seeking gap promo code take let's go out of my team sport welcome support am i take it is monday october twenty fourth and let's do it michael jordan thomas the take engine thought he could but he couldn't as spencer men's warehouse plus holes in the saints deepens like a cheap soup next time shop window chino chiefs but not the six twenty seven twenty one could see ya got down with a fitness has a new york just took out a flock ravens like sully stolen burger over the hudson new york clash lands to a twenty four sixteen when the rams go to london in case keen and opens up a case out o dell david back and the new europe america i share the worms into a nice pay cope hey j j j j ran for more yours and parts of buffalo wild wings as the dollar bills got broken down for four quarters and put into the miami slot machine jarvis landry for a winner profit swim out of the japanese fishermen that twenty eight twenty five one of these night one of these crazy old nights we're gonna find out semi brad food what turns off your light the eagles plus started their greatest hits on the vikings offers of wine and make minnesota wonder if their hot start was a bunch alliant eyes philadelphia has that peaceful easy feel it after twenty want and victory hey teach question for a separate vote remorse and seventy dolphins swedish tradition sportsmen gradually rival cabin paul owen was no match for the crocodile done defence as kevin whole coggan had his private porno exposed by age a delirium green bengals put approach into bankruptcy thirty one seventeen matthew step for field was posing as washington bailed out detroit in a boring game that had zero percent interest rates the lesson is always put your money and golden lujan tate and your finances will be jim caldwell lions crash our words twenty seventy nine spread jaguars or large cats but they played like big pussy you like pussy teach i sure do boom del rio revenge as raiders jack off the jaguars thirty three sixteen standing on the corner jailer swiss in arizona such a fine side to see if my cabins milo again into long scores is calling cabernet takes any samper there don't say a bay i gotta know if jack will rogers go may fuck speak forty nine of the great corn holyoke jones couldn't get a tv for as possible as the falcons followed the charging overtime thirty three thirty i wholly out andrew luckier lady into a high one night impairs hilton fight or gas with loads on the titans deepens all afternoon long check out sixty courts from taking study for twenty six the knowingly patriots for without the help of mariner nanda who is locked up in prison charge a three murders but they did have chris paul hogan tone hernandez that's not achieve this is a shift patriots lock up sailors twenty seven sixty you absolutely right boom rights weak seven is complete
it was a hot one for we get into more nfl talk the cubs are in the world series since the first story you cubs fanny f gas nineteen forty five now i know i know you're gonna you're gonna message me right here but i would like to at least tell award winning listeners at home what it was get wrigley and saturday i'd love to hear all about your written can watch now it was it was to be you know honest for a minute i think obviously a lot of people who listen to this show or big sports fans as one those pure moments you think you're doing pure moments where is like sports are truly the best are you talking about when scottie pippen sing take me out to the ballgame at the moment i'm so hot on that one that was bad was it as bad on tv as it was in the stadium is pretty bad yeah so it was it was cool because it was also just like one long party because there was no anxiety which is very very rare for a cubs game but the cubs around the world series it was
i actually do think there were the celebration was maybe a little too much too to be honest like you i should have acted like you been there before all the nobility and at all it's better than no i feel ike emily was an unbelievable night night i'll never forget but there definitely was a feeling like this is the greatest moment when sir but the world series to india people talk enough about the eu epstein about how he actually the red sox and one world series of them and now he's doing the same was bitter he's really good at turning around terrible organization some trying to have an eye caught i have a great moment i caught the thea theocracy o nice before worshipping that's where we get you will get the oda by twitter next maybe you could turn that company rather we have as you have stopped at the start pumped up i think that's the next thing unless right red sox check cubs check twitter yes
any other women you watch from over you didn't even watch it did you i watch ok darted thank vindication of smaller yeah it was heavy bias co and elsie asked him in here this is like the the fall of harvey right yeah but that's that we should work out the autumn of hot autumn of javier unsafe a fall of odd hobby does not sound right great tiger yeah you know what i learned took his glove in the game ok we'll fun fact i learned when i was having a few pre game pops at the bar hobby eats left edit that's why such a good tag he eats left areas hit left and he's a right hand is right ended he eats his food left handed that is why it is so good attack would mean the issues i e my food left if i'm cutting like as albert like he'll like eat a sandwich left handed out that's the key to well i'm gonna have to switch upton yeah jack was some everybody's i didn't say burrito because i'm not gonna cultural approach
anyone on the show our thanks for not mentioning breeder yeah i didn't get what i want to say this is i'll be the first to set this is the great lakes worlders yes end just put this outcome you know how the great lakes reformed literally by water fund its level while wow so just think about that that is something what are you guys think for we were we have done here and on the show we're gonna talk to him and he's acting in a break it down for real but do you guys they incur any or cubs i gotta go cups i what comes to be like it for fun games
really now would you rather win in five i don't clear lend our known onawandah home five would be in chicago five in chicago satisfying cleave lukashka rather will not care rather one in five than for i do not care men how heartbreaking would that be if the indians one in wrigley field huh yeah and he has had to watch em celebrate their ya gotta hope that doesn't happen here my god no cubs no clouds and organise a really nice i will say that the most committed the best song it was games it is i know everyone's gotta in their head and it what's funny as every year someone will some like stick in the mud or pop up on like chicago twitter and we gotta get rid of that song so stupid come on man sports sometimes sports are simply getting drunk sinks stupid songs and just being
that's like ninety percent right puzzlingly what's going over i'm saying like people over think you know and in ya i get it like you shouldn't go too far with the being drunk and singing songs because then all of a sudden you're like you know european hooligans there do not seem to lose but i think the cubs we know we have that kind of reindeer for now for now yeah its own i give you about four months after winning world series where every wages hates always aren't order is always known as i had only artists are which are very very woke to it i know what's going on and it is only do what you want to do i'm usually the first to turn on anybody here but i think this is still but to her appearance ravens people are prematurely turning on the cubs vans and being like you guys are the worst problem worse lands sports chicago i know what's gonna happen of course is gonna happen it happens every single sports rights this is worth something that happens with all sports that people think are like unique to so whatever the hot team is right now one bandwagon fancied all bandwagon every fucking team has been like a fence and two yes when a team winds everyone turns on them in their like fuck them we hate their fan base a cave which your stance on cubs bandwagon fence
i don't remember the mirror along i don't give a shit cause i enjoy my team away german team what do i care about nergal anyone else than as spokesperson for the chicago cubs big cat has a jazz every opened up the bandwagon for everybody hype on yeah papa and advanced by the worse than we have i've before we get to football guy the week we have a quick story about a football guy the gone too far right yeah this is just chill out for myself yeah this is he was trying to be football guy but he went a little too far too far as per mad vessel of the start tribune he says before dismissing his five uno team for the by week last week could make them scattered stuffed animals of the feline variety throughout winter park their throats were slashed with some of the white stuffing within seeping out and were they splattered with red paint hanging on the larger cat in the locker room a sign read fat cats skip slaughtered
so just a chill out just like i know what you don't you know why complacency by weak i think maybe went too far on this was yes just chill out jesus man tat easy nets rough so i think we know who michael rapid ports favourite and if i go to his rights they exemplary you mother fucker you ve got some money for focal what can you do stuff get before can break up that's hey from the clouds love that you're just show me and then i guess because the eagles beat the viking there is a note that might zimmer was in the locker room just screaming has often supplied saying this is all your fault i like a coach like that most coaches will say you know we gotta look at the tape we gonna fix what's wrong nope often of lyman fucking sought and i will let you know you are the reason why we lost again didn't and john void do that inversely blues delibab yeah i'm pretty sure just called amount for the whole team
also want to say as far as a london games go but a wasted opportunity to have not have jim caldwell go overseas and like fill in for an afternoon as buckingham palace guard how incredible happy he should take you should be the real instructor i think we just created a movie for peter turning i love it i got the reboot of war the cop movies tat movies lethal eleven police academy yoga buckingham house academy starring jim caldwell i do pretty good impression in silent movie two hours that tell me what much i absolutely would ok what's repression ready here it is wait i'll do minded seems already three to want jim cobble impression go and that was your cosmo perfectly i mailed it now that lets
get to some of our usual monday business we first have are football guy the weak loaded loaded football guy the week this week falsely let's art with taught hayley yeah we and this out during the steelers patriots game todd hayley has a in eleven year old daughter who he has playing left tackle on her football team of it you usually see if a coach has a daughter plan for polish usually punter kicker but how not just having her be an office of lyman but like an interior large eyes just such a fine should i should correct myself left guard which is even better yet left tackles cover the premiers opposition they get paid to the glory boys the often line but not left guard no she's road greater yeah she's i'll
i bet you taught rarely has a list of all pancakes yeah i mean i think todd haley's daughter could probably kick my ass off for sure she's eleven she's no matter school yeah deaf i definitely aspects still stands and that is a football guy move nick save in what was the knicks even what we had ah he's been working every day from seven a m till ten p m that's now it i'll just a huge stating that he was on college game dancing on that now i will say this i think i'm actually little bit disappointed like seven until ten i expected savings to be lake more of a six a m guy like or maybe goes maybe goes in early even then he gets his work out in at five air for anybody else is there
and then i was hoping that he wouldn't get home until it was like midnight football guy move he probably goes on the elliptical for about forty five minutes a day has it but he has his ipod for watching phone right an let's let's get this clear for a very football guy move there not working out to get shaped their just working out so they don't have a heart attack rights its purely just forgot the harder to get here today and keep it addresses a heart attack you can i bernajoux cure stress heart attack by going on the elliptical forty five minutes he i think it's also just to set the tone for the rest the team like hey you your old man you're old coaches in her work out at five a m what are you doing up what are you doing to get better save save it was also out like a charity event speaking the kids this week the broken arm ask him a question and just told him if he told me he'll be fine it'll work out i love it i love it how come you don't see too many nfl coaches working out are they just
just working the entire time beyond busy grand and film busy granite belgic plays racquetball of the grass roots classes were that's it that's a joe gives move joe gives us like one of the top three racket senor racquetball players an entire country for while also thou know who does anymore but that they say him and having parcels you should go out at my heart o my god that must have been the most smelly racquetball court of all time i want you guys all out there to close your eyes and arm in a man the smell of a sweaty built ourselves delicious can sour yeah looser i gotta weird it's a girl
it's actually like us they sour milk taste in my mouth yeah yeah that's the that's the cheese that's a cheese underneath the football cheese be hard to clean the underneath the food but he's got he's got laid apollyon like a map a mixture of link lint and cheese underneath his belly yeah and all tat maybe some cigars motor yeah just a little and i get a cheerful we ve next have the council you see if you can in that its it's called the conflict is a civil conflict sorry the civil conflict the pre mere rivalry trophy in all of college sports so premier that you see i've wanted and they just left the trophy on the field and this is the first annual right yet yet in the recurring recurring guess trophy got left on the field in yukon i think it might have been the second but you can't has a clock is well in their locker room coming down to the civil conflict area
which is fantastic that's good you who when you think of euro football rivalries maybe you don't michigan ohio state maybe notre dame u s e alabama auburn no you can't verse university of central floored that's right i don't know who one i don't but they left the revival of laura ok i guess there you're not not a terrible weaken for blake portals oecd i want to put its it's that is a football guy move to be like we don't even care about art a reverie trophy or in also is this rivalry saddam we don't care about a regular trot i think part of my take needs to invent a rivalry trophy who and muddled i've got a great idea for judges jump into this right now assume it was do it i want to make a trophy for the jaguars titans annual thursday night game yes probably the swedish tradition of sports yes and we need to design a trophy and send it to the winner or should we send to the loser and they have to keep it i like that
ok i'm so we're gonna do you really think it up what you know let's stay it on various picks this week ok we'll send it i meant to that end we also neither are we need a catchy name for the gave yes acid asked a pop yeah it has a pot i'm so excited for that those in a garage right yet you know any better jaguars cholera strategies are the ultimate colored if they are the same ones that were last over there were lighted his yellow yeah because those are sal it's like aids actually the before surgery not able to drink or eat anything yellow what you mean like piss yeah you already the inner says i thought you gonna say like when they scrape you with the imo days i dont ask and that's what it looks like just surgery yellow wickedness encompass all the patent our doozy the pittsburgh coach he decided to not give a game bulk zeal need gambles yeah that's a football game tat if he was at his post games patient eat just through his ike
i won't ask em who gets the game bali's throw it he said who cares about the gamble that ireland is what creates now get the gas gallia after a when a coach could literally scream anything to his prayers and they will just go not yet used to throw a dab maybe you'd weird dance move and they'll go nuts with their two different schools of thought there's one that you're getting out which is like old corny white usually coach it's called the dabble study does something a little bit ethnic and then the team just goes nuts like a dabbled does a running then can you imagine coach oh do in the running nano who whom answer to coach oh by the way three it all now against spread the cocoa trained keeps on roy yep and then there is the other side of the coin which is just like a coach screaming something and then the team discos ape shit i'm more of a guy that likes the coach to scream stuff it's like his fancy crap it's basically being like it's like being comedian at a comedy show where you give everyone like laughing gas where no matter what everyone's high noon one stone undermine so either you say a funny thing ever anything coach says after big when in the locker room is the greatest most amazing speech they ve ever given yet and then ass i love it i could watch locker room clips although every coach looks like such a great leader after a good when when their yelling ah we
he also have we have two more and these are actually probably gonna be the winners here so the second alas when we have is the be why you coach who call for a big pont on forth night team their own five yard line the fake pot coming out of their own end zone eddie didn't even regret it afterwards he said on film we thought we had it we wanted to be aggressive we came to win the game it just didn't work out and what was the score of the game at that i think it was a tie game or it was pretty close it was it was supposed to end up losing by one so maybe that turn over at the five but maybe that impact of dementia ok that is a very football game of to say you know we saw we saw look
we have prepared for reside honoured its he saw tendency on film so we said we're gonna run this if we had to look here and we get the look in a distinct the bricks classic for bog i move and now i have the final one this one unfortunately all other football guys are all when it comes to this one jim harbour chris cabins had a concussion in michigan game you gotta see this now after the game harbour had this quote chris is doing good i saw him at half time he was doing well i think you just got hit and went out there for a little bit and some of the experts say that's a good thing when that happens the brain resets and they caught him health
and he said i hope i'm saying that right i just went by what i'm here from the doktor the doktor told me the brain resets as you said when the guy went back out onto the field he took a break he took a couple plays off in the brain we often hard hit i gotcha and then you go back out there you would i like to see is when i went to play it gets a concussion are they get there they get the brain nicht what i want to use a seaward become or the sideline and then like some teammates hit him on the head yes like gay you're gonna be all right get back out there it goes along my theory it's kind of the hair the dog through how if your hung over best thing you can do have another right when you wake up right if you get a concussion best thing to do is give yourself another small minor brain injury tell you just get back area right it's i think jim harbour thinks that the brain works like an iphone that's running a little slow united turn it off yet turn it back on parliament's working now that's how jim about thinks this is blair's brains were just yet the reset legislator
tat my head and then put a finger on their bodies and then if you're lucky reboot yeah well let him sit for a minute and so bad apple thing comes back upon the black screen and boom his brains good again i'll i do like hell is becoming a little bit aware he is i you know i catch myself here i might not to use the correct nomenclature not a doktor amount a doctor but i'm pretty sure the brain recent in african countries in the case of a legitimate concussion my understanding is the body as we have shown that whole thing down manner both to have jim harbours unfiltered thoughts on concussion someone add one more thing in her james franklin after penn state beat ohio state he said this upset when is really gonna help our community he'll so it good to see football being put in the proper perspective unhappy valley once again right thank god that football what can save that community because if you mean
football the most important that's how you heal that never gets anyone in trouble so shout out to james franklin he's number five on the list but i'm going to agree with you i'm going to put harbaugh number we i got harbour as well will treat out all that i know is a long one but it was a great weak for football guys we now oh i'm gonna go to our whose back the weak yet higher words memorial whose back the weak who wants to go first thank our first my whose back the weak thou there
i also think i'm sure you guys remembered re returning from a recent lowbrow yeah lowbrow while anymore i like roundabout longer he only recently retired from wrapping which basically he treated at once said they don't care that even though we wrapped anymore big bow baby w but he just announced that a commonality collaboration m was soldier boy so who can get excited back he's hottest name out or i've industry i wound ok it coming out when to dropping had next month wild salmon set your clocks ok what do you got i got whose back well guess what it's the two thousand for boston red sox aha you're back yeah we ve got theo and the world certain get tito wheelchairs and curt shilling just ass the very lucrative deal with bright barton or that makes sense if it is you also secured had a ruckus tromp rally
in boston over the weekend at the hour ten people there is huge and like seven of them are reporters so it's back as well i did seem go on cnn and he managed to go and entire saying that without incriminating himself as a pedophiles automatic say any any talk about some gorgeous ten year olds they talked about it but he managed to canada their day on the right side yeah good morning his learning my whose back taiwan's memorial whose back tiger woods oh yeah he didn't interview and they actually the the interviewee interview were sorry asked him what is only regret was in life tiger woods said he's only regret was not doing another year stanford doubt our words only regret that's good so not active you're not not thrown out you know the blazon tax not asking for having a text message aired where he asked sooner for golden showers or the bone thugs and harmon
remember that won't know i did see down oh yeah member when the women who is he taxing where he was taxing with there jamie whatever her name like its importance waitress yet no hand and she was like you're so sweet like i feel like i finally know you and he just wrote back you are wrong i'm bone thugs and harmon through yeah that's not on a regrettable that no maybe try to become a navy sealant screwing up his back and never being a good golfer and that's not on his is just he just where she did a victory laptop tiger woods is a god bless the broken rota here aren't you ever me here i want you to think that's i love when people use our philosophy and also quick shot out to jim belushi he's back i'll come sooner number one again very reliable he was out there play ball i mean jim blue who doesn't love jim donor to jim tomer is like him yeah go marius back so any better
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first had you on right around the all star break you predicted indians verse cups i did proud of that thank god for data something else when you had me later i think i don't know who i had you don't say i just stick with you compliment you say thank you yes in our in really what we're looking for there is you to say thank you i know i predicted it and then you get to reply with good job getting the short story six months before woe fake doktor james andrews that that they always cut that cut the rope efforts part of carriers covered up yeah yeah yeah congrats you guys an unbroken this warrants our taxation in congrats you so it is the match up that you predicted it's a match up i think everyone really wanted ah so do the first question i have for you is straight up cubs indians like watches
right now who do you have gimme your prediction i'm gonna say cubs we're fathom sandwich thousands have seven the indian the indians are tougher than you think they're pretty good let's have it if there was any answers if they get a lead on you with shaw and obviously miller can go to settings and cody alan so basically they get through five and eight with the leader you're in bad shape ok and what about the indian so obviously i'm i'm nervous montana its common like the royals inland couple years where they ve they did a good job of if you get the sex they can shut the game down what about in terms of hidden because obviously the indians are no i mean they hit a bunch of soul who months against the bruges is that something the cubs van should be worried about they should be worried about that yeah it's not gonna be as easy take away i think people one carrasco
danny salazar got hurt people kind of thought the indians were weren't gonna contained and i thank you people forgot how gather boffin was an azure miller is i mean so money i mean he's going to give you two and he's probably almost every game so if they're leading it's going to be pretty damn tough back and with the whole field of vantage you want to they tried to get one of those first two games there would you rather be in a situation like the indians where you've had a little bit of time to unpack and celebrate and get rested or would you rather be like the cubs and just kind of keep the momentum going off of six game series i think even the momentum going is always yet but the indians to stimulate a game they did what danny close or is he good i don't know yet you guys should if anybody's on top of this you guys should be on top of danny salazar being ready yeah we're on top of it but we'll talk to us about simulator games cuz i've always wondered from a fan's perspective i mean how
how useful is a simulated game and when you guys do it like is that so will you come out of video like ok that was really good that really kind of got the rust off or do you realize all time like come on this is so what bullshit we're going through the motions s top to say for me personally at any time through a simulated game you know if i gave up homers or something i'll be like you know i'm just trying to work on stuff man i'm trying to go inside this guy you know it's just a home is part of it i'm trying to work on my face because i had no big deal and they offer those good hey disguise feeling great he's deal in an hour so i always try to come out positive on similar smiling he's like masturbation i'm just gonna leave it there i think it is clear that what about those guys though carrasco an cells are you think either those guys can go and how much rust they'll have a mean that's pitching isn't something you can just common jumped back into so do you think the tariff aren't gonna to take a risk and and throw someone out there that's been injured for the last few months with
vasco no i don't think he's been trying i broke his hand or broke his fingers are somewhat with salazar probably emmy but you know they don't ask too much out of their starters that's it i'm sorry and in other though i got three or four or five any some like that you know they had at their clutching game in in the blue jays they had that young where do you go for anyone else plenty cosette poland is buried our goods so yet that's good point i will pay attention to our theo mostly dispose season just because people sort of worship and again is it just that much smarter than everybody else i guess so you know you know i really like theo is because he is obviously my smarter than everybody else but he is also a guy's guy you know like e last year whenever we were clincher series are i think we wonder though i'll call you tamar think the serious against the cardinals and he was out there after party and you know just talk now
it was really finds out i've been allotted seemed a different genes and he's the only gm that is that personal but all the players and i think the guy's leather there was one party john lesters ourselves at remember that europe has guitar was elevated reserve i was after i was off the ross or so the amount of the wine and pizza that i was absolutely disgust you're like me just just now we were yeah we're we're both left off the plan for us yes exactly trevor bower how pissed think his teammates are i think there are there are more mad and they would lead on like they're probably say a man no big deal but then you get the guys closed doors are proud tat a lot of shit about right and you think he's gonna get to go i mean at the people who were just turning in for the world series which i doubt there's i mean most people watch wolters or die hard baseball fans but you can't on your pitching
and you can have any kind of bandage or anything so that the issue that he'll just keep bleeding out like that and there's no and they can do to stop it because you can't have any foreign substance or anything i opinions i write maybe joel just let trevor bleed until the point where he just like passes out or dies and exert a possibility is blunder foreign substance i don't know no safer metrics gardener that's like the next level spitballs is blood bull that's what i would do if i was a pitcher yeah yeah i think that's are they the rulers of bloody us on the boy you're out like that you can't you get this what about aki wouldn't do that they would now be they they actually condone that is going back to shorter you obviously weren't hitter but that much time off i mean a visa i've gone through like the thought process of him coming up in a big spartan hitting home run in like the chills going down my spine thinking about that but is there any way that he can just step into a worlds
there is game after being offer six months and have an impact yes there is why because whatsoever he is not the smartest guy in town obviously that work that works for his benefit because he knew amaze he's just like you like he's like a baseball guy if anybody can do it it began to step back just a step after your offer not a guy you're like six months off and be able to hit her bombs it would be him makin over think it he will not over think it does impossible i love the guy is awesome his us where do you stand on having big celebrations like after division series win or lose championships years when i am of the mindset the sober until game seven of the world series regardless of anything you just go through the motions there to do a job you have a job do you have a job to do and finally when you win then you can celebrate the job that you did
well you're a professional what are your blogger for life so yes the private thing with baseball is it such a long sees an hundred sixty two games you got a month and a half spring training i think if you reach how are you get where you were last year we want the wild game in pittsburgh yet we celebrated just it just for the chance to play your amendment excellenza yet so i mean basement the analyses and i think you deserve the celebrations and i mean it what is just for show in there i mean after a few minutes to get scott overblown and people go off and do their thing that mean it's just i don't know part of it is just for show to i drink in the champagne owners sprain and wasting it shouting the beer you drink ok i the the problem is that of all the but heavier and drink all by at least that's when i watch my figure that and like you
yeah that know that is a pro move i like that way when you get the yeah you just kind of maybe take a simpler but heaven than just leave it a lot of wounded soldiers out there while you are in the bud light less carbs always dump the batteries you pound michelob alter the butler later in the global drunk you're high grading while getting drunk olga i'm on board for then what about being locked in a series like this like do the guys i mean there obviously all gonna be come together for the most part but like is there a lot of free time do they go out to dinner together are they they cover just staying like you know basically hotel to the ball park back to the hotel kind of thing i think it's or hotels the ball verdict everything you know like reset button we talk about the four hours off the roster last year saw a lot of time by myself but
it allows related gaps and now you know it at last i d lot eating and drinking during the game i must certainly not eames yourself come on did i answered russian we like tough on the show but are you considering taking a job with bread part also like her no i'm not i was sad is that was decided part of the story of curtailing is that i actually idolized pursuing i emulated myself after crucially we thought through slipping or fast balls you know we both pis were in our the prime loan i load a midnight like i wanted to be like a chilling and now he started absolute go far and yeah you're not woke enough now and more to the left on things
you don't know how your pa gases is voting but i wouldn't consider myself a fox news got because they work goes both ways you can be walk right and work left now i'm right down the middle i walk left on border raise a california coma yeah calibre on a personal note your honesty friends clayton cursor how long till you like cheatham a text discover you know i i get mad the people i get a little defences like my son rigour as like i get defensive when people get honor i'm the guy did he'd he heard it does he came back short russie pitched in april stir three out of the five games and the first serious he dealt the first game and then he had a bad laskin that's all people hang on so are you are you little into me that your son makes way more money than you
it does make a lot of money what what about the other guy in that game and in the game six are you like shocked with what cow hendricks is done cause i'm obviously i followed him throughout isn't our career and lean on going from a fringe vit starter too a guy who we could make the argument is is the ace of the staff obviously john lustres the truest put cow hendricks is right behind them are you shocked at all like as it is is it a maze you what he's been doing it does he hears a really good shit i mean he's got a great sacred great change up he does a lot of work between starts in the video room he really is is great what scattered reports and putting together so i guess it's all coming the other form i mean i mean i'd never envisioned him being able to have this was a success but it's been find a watch and easy to refer for me you know he throws
a brady's like i used to draw and it's easy to reform so between chicago in cleveland which city is gonna have more arrests if their team winds and opposed to see another way are they gonna be more arrests in chicago if they win or if they lose an heartbreaking fashion hypothetically oh man i i'm gonna wanna go to chicago just to see what it would be like out unless gonna be fucking that's up there i think chicago will we take the crown and arrests probably i mean last year after a couple games i'll go out the bars just to walk around and it was pretty nice i can't imagine how it would be a mean in almost felt like when you guys went to that when you guys one the other day i got to the world series and almost felt like you won the world series so hopefully you know you guys move past added finish the job too much celebrating yeah one thing to look out for four hendricks he's a limit of a horn dog in
came to you could tell you a little bit distracted by a really good looking lady behind home plate when a bridle ensured so he's got he's got wondering eyes needs to focus and more i think i know my the moral when we are talking about yes i know that miles away the game three cups dodgers marlins men wasn't there you didn't make the trip out west so i was little bits and he's not going to cleveland he doesn't go to cleveland fans or to average does that it was because he can't get because you can't see him i don't play all also might be put us as is just vans or mean to that's pretty welcomed yeah now come on it's not about the most humble guy in sport the true true true i we i think those awesome and i also just want to throw to our listeners de inherent it actually the most humble guy because he does he thinks we're over using dan heron he thinks for his words were were pigeon dan herod on short rest
eureka know it's not the people love hearing from you you're our most knowledgeable slash funny like you you you're actually no you're talking about but you're also not one these experts jackasses so take as a compliment our job i do i do appreciate the the best moment apart it might take was the berlin wall or call by stand by air stingray steve that was the best moments he was amazing it was incredible here go there chiseling away at the berlin wall oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god there goes the wall i'm looking forward to more historical takes basting yeah you have you have if you have any that you want us to pass long term i think we ve just opened up endorse box with historical takes yet angry oliginal ok dna
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people japan doubts throat their san hey you should be signed as you know they gave you a chance to give you a huge contract they brought back sweets help him out think he's actually here he has the best pure one one built in already up and that's that is his back up is juno psmith yes so the second they see the alternative like ok iran we forgive you for everything another thing he could do maybe maybe have his kid come out and you swore math equations math is always good to have his kid like calculated total cuvier yup should take very long yup so maybe maybe maybe just use the kid as a shield as everyone knows he went to harvard so it's always nice route for an underdog like ryan fitzpatrick you know he did he s not a lot handed to amend this life but i think
we need to do is suddenly get that harvard thing back out there may be the big game is coming up against yet a few weeks and find some one maybe in the front office like one of those account nerds who went to yale make a big big bet now to get on countdown boomer gonna come his you do an interview being like while look here is that you look how much fun there have in their bitterness the he's he's ease connecting with everyone at the stadium yap yell against harvard the winner guest to choose a low level employee too far i like it you like that let's do it was making epigram ok come on we have of humans versus on big one huge one big weaken for humans and the sun the first of all we told you there was a developing story the usa today predicted that the the bills will not be able to handle the floored sun and guess what they were right so bills took a major l down there and then there is a huge huge match up of hockey against the sun yes and hockey lost yes
there was whose players in winnipeg yet the oilers edmonson first when a peg jetson in one these quite you know the any chow god love em they did that stadium series about ten years ago and is really cool in areas like while those really cool so then they decided to play half their games and in random stadiums that those are the games where the the goals they wear the cap great looking outside is slipping around the on the on the hockey pond back in the back in the back yard when you dad took out the horse and we also sorry he should they should just have all of all the papers of all the players author with a bunch of whores just three some recent red offering some sirop in and just take the horse out and so sorry if sorry if we don't have this embalming out here we gotta use that we just gotta rehearse it was a bit sunny today yes and orchard leave mr sun's rays the job the ice was also be sorry sorry for thy spinal super i can't wait to see the hockey means that come out of this one like
in a fair game suspended by lightning hockey game thought you the sun thought it son hockey game dont know sunglasses exist yet they don't have sunglasses again oh yeah sorry we had of a i'm excited his yeah it's a long time coming ok phil might you guys know ever the eu of nike he was on the sidelines with chip kelly before the for united game but also the big donor to organ university who is probably gonna be going through a coaching search in the next couple weeks or months chip kelly chip kelly where worship kelly's philadelphia with eagles known
organ yeah he's a good intentions are in a unique organ interesting interesting ah i respect bees are respectable first to us guys i want to pat ourselves on the back burner if you saw over the weekend has actually saturday some news broke some news broke i'm using quotations we broke ree broke because we actually broke it back in april when we had doktor james andrews on the show the doktor james andrews will was phd library sciences university southward the doktor james andrews he came on the show we asked they ve couch warmer would be back in time for the world series he said you let's actual the club we have doktor james andrew andrews p hd information services at the university of south florida doctor
james andrews thank you so much for joining us i wanted to start with cash warmer he torres ace go and elsie l what do we think in terms of come back how long are we looking for rehab for something like that as yet i ass a sea alan elsie alas yeah yeah so do i that's a little out of my expertise and information system such as they are six months six month system i suggest that you can be back in time for the world series is what you're saying that's what i heard sure i mean us where the money is i'm not i would say so it all depends on how our drastic i guess it is that's where the mike what would you say that the world surgeon is where the money is here the money as well so we broke that news and then this weekend apparent
the people i guess news travels in our pre slowly around this round these parts because it was it was said that crash warmer will most likely be able to de age in the world series and i mean to be fair it wasn't a medical doctor that told us that maybe that's why some people were slow to warm up on the source is but
if there's nothing that you can say about us is that we go to unconventional new sources together information we ascribe maybe that's why we beat the big eyes yes that's why we had this six month for can rosen thought yes so respectable guys maybe asked are paying attention to the real news breakers out here i'm sick of breaking these new stories like six months before everyone so if you're a baseball learning at a tornado six six six months recovered i'll see any reason why can't hit right you can't maybe dont field maybe not a strong basis it don't run yeah just try to hit a home run over time and if you don't use or courtesy runner curtis runner yes here are just just bought yeah you be a great sacrifice butter because you but throughout the first base a retard yeah socialism yeah we have you ever respect abyss i do yeah this is actual jumpin back out too san francisco her low code he's a writer for the centre was oppressed democrat
he was talk much kelly and how chip kelly's being combative and not very friendly with the press he says kelly talks technical football to extricate himself from answering hard fair questions he knows the media won't understand a word he sang and puts up a verbal shield so in monday he went on and on about something the bills defence did called the inside twist you can't exe back respectable job you can't it's about a man in a fell reporters known an inside twist is that such a cowardly way to refer to not talk about football by talking about football right and did this chip even know that the all twenty two has been delayed a lot this year people have in getting it right away probably didn't any sir he said this on monday so they all twenty two probably wasn't even up yet and ship was just twisting the knife
and now this man given them inside information about football to a football reporter in order to avoid answering questions about football damn what would a dig a jerk got respect the busy chip go back to college chip ah what do we have that kicker psychiatrist yeah i'll kick your psychiatrist cat reckoned on this won't allow us and we did it as a reminder we cured blair witch we're going to make it wasn't his fault we did and so i want to do it with gus cowskin from the patriots mr field are missed an extra point today and has just been like shitty for the last couple weeks right up we'll sense since the plow came last year we must do that after the air dealing bilbil check respects pickers i actually think he might be the only coach in the nfl the does like hickory i think you know you might be onto something he might respect workers too much right cause you want everybody to buy and also any its emmon he understands the ie
bilbil check strikes me as a guy that if he if he had his way there wouldn't be kippers vienna fell but because there are he's gonna find the loophole of getting the best kicker absolutely that's why gets left footed potter's right right merrick s cowskin should try kicking left get them extra advantage against the wind yeah there you go and one likes left put it pointed out are you see by the way the raiders punter marquette market nice renter hey look at us chopping up talking kicker rogers mechanism real experts while those those great segment what do we have to end the shell we have one last then i have a renounces sub sabre retrofit biometrics so ok don't do i've got one day i want ya got one ok mine is symmetric started weak ryan lahti has wished his dog a happy eighth birthday for the path
three years on october twenty second so you can go back and look there is history here and every time is like my sweet eight year old boy eight years ago today he is maybe ryan is just he might have a problem understanding what dog years means yeah maybe all nations they age slower or more years this guy is for his dog will finally be nine yeah so what robert i've already done that want to give a shout out to twitter user whole grain was the one that dug that up so set a calendar reminder for myself next year wish reinstalled and when a tweet i ride and just remind him to restart happy birthday i wish people and shame for this because if there's one thing that we need more of his dogs thing same age norman's if it were a dogs age right that's a good point i'll just be ok at my dogs eight forever just don't don't let time get in the way of the facts i like it that's that's kind of ryan lock these emma my sabre metrics toby twenty second two thousand sixteen the cubs clinched the end
oh and elsie s october twenty second two thousand eleven the cubs high theo epstein october twenty second nineteen seventy the man behind the billygoat curse died oh work i hope or twenty second is a big time safer metric state and cubs history now i like and under twenty if you take ten four october twenty two plus two twenty minus sixteen you get a hundred eight which is the same as the number of stages on a baseball ass an years since they want yet so it's all adding an distort time if you go to military nineteen o eight very go out all the number i told her twenty second two thousand one grand theft auto three was really add that to the we now have three out of that would be one while one is one released damn hank
ice jack shit up on that came also for ship sailed through the eerie canal an eighteen nineteen october yeah what a bigger ok that is our show we'll see you we have rachel missiles on wednesday if you get excited we hope we ugly griffin on friday you're gonna surgery on tuesday so we're gonna have fifty after the dentist on tuesday and daniel dom after the eldest daniel to appear a bit more often go and make sure you subscribe on i tunes leave that review five star view and leave us arose the rossa become quickly one of our best segments so do roast us and follow on twitter apart might take its rim
my take and download that barstool app so you can get all the videos that we dropped the minute they are released also quick shuttle to el ron mexico who made the awesome song for us on friday that took you out he is super talented follow him on twitter and he's been making these songs for us for the last six months also shot out to matthew paragraph huge cubs fan is birthday so shot out happy birthday men
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