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Dan Patrick + Mt Rushmore Of Moments We Wish Twitter Existed

2018-07-23 | 🔗

Tiger was back and then he wasn't. The course at Carnoustie won the weekend as well as hungover golfers (2:23 - 11:30). Whos back of the week + The Mt Rushmore of moments we wish twitter existed for (11:30 - 35:18). Dan Patrick joins the show for the first time since his Barstool Van Talk episode 2 appearance to talk about sports media in 2018, how much longer he's going to work, and MJ vs Lebron (yes we made him debate this with us) (35:18 - 84:42). Segments include hurt or injured for Noah Syndergaard getting hand foot and mouth disease, thoughts and prayers to the tragic passing of Tony Sparano, Bad Visual Brewers fans giving a standing Ovation to Josh Hader, Stay Woke Lebron is building the all blame team, and a spinzone for Jimmy G

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on today's party might take we have dan patrick for a nice long interview really interesting stuff we haven't talked to him since our television show got canceled and it was fun to catch up with him we talked about that we talked about sports media in two thousand eighteen we got him into a little lebron verse am j debate that he didn't want to be an awesome interview and we have maybe the most contentious mount rushmore of all time it is the mount rushmore of events we wish twitter existed for so make sure you listen to that and we also have a little hand and foot and mouth disease or whatever the it's called because no listen to guard in the mets are officially exploding imploding whatever you wanna call it before we get all of that the cash app you know the cash app is our number one rated app for part of my take and it's the best finance app at out there you can download it you get it directly have your side your bank account link to it so you can get your paycheck directly deposited to it you can send money to your friends you can buy and sell big coin and you can get the boost discounts with your cash card if you download the app and you get your cash card you can select your boost for discounts at your favorite places like chick fillet and shake shack a bunch more sore busy giving away free money and on top of all that we actually are giving away free money if you tweet us your cash tag at part of my take we are giving
money to a lucky award winning listener every single episode so hang could we give it to this last last episode richard riley it's not a pretty good one all the other ones that we've given up really really big pretty good rick reilly okay all right it's so download yeah download your cash tag we just that part of take and we will give one of you free money for next
during every episode so do it right now thanks to our friends at cash all right let's go today is monday july twenty third and tiger was back for a second he was back on saturday it was it was in a lot
your day he shot what a sixty six on saturday yeah but he was back on sunday he was in first place on sunday for a master's i couldn't believe my eyes major for sorry for major the twitter was abuzz the golf world was a pause dad all across the country were waking up from their naps and being like man i better watch this so tiger he was back for and then he had a guy with a golf ball and like everything fell apart from that moment on yeah i bet i hope that guy's a real the guy that got hit and i hope it like if the i hope it affects some like donald i hope it becomes like a steve bartman situation because he took he took something very important away from us he took tiger being in contention on the 18th hole of a major championship in the year of our lord two thousand and eighteen away in the world and that is something that i i'm not ready to forgive just yet it was so good though because it like listen i know we have fun with tiger the he's back he's not back he's back back and forth
when tigers involved in a major on sunday there's nothing like it in sports and just to have those few moments i think it was like hole i don't even know what it was like a eleven to fourteen he had an unbelievable bunker and everyone's like this actually could happen like tiger actually it is wearing his sunday read everyone was excited and then he falls apart and you get the entire tiger roller coaster where then the trolls who i hate coming out and bash tiger discussed me to see as tiger fans discuss let's tiger stay had their field day yeah they had their field day and we all had to walk away and be like alright well how many days till the pga championship is that even a major who knows but maybe he'll win that one i think that we should go for or an all time record on the show and try to talk about a major championship without ever
xing the person who won the tournament and just talk about tiger the entire time okay so i'll i'll allude to the person who don't do no i don't know i don't i don't want it on hold on i'm not gonna name i'm not gonna say his name did you see that the person who won rick reilly spoke italian to him to try to flex hi everyone in the post game press guy i did see that but i'm not i don't want to think about the guy the real star this term it was tiger everybody knows that that in the course the course the course a shining star this week and i heard what announcer say that the bunkers are playing bigger than they actually are so the yeah but if there's at carnoustie they rise to the occasion that's always nice to see and the second or the third star if we're going like hockey here the third star is i'll be the guy that i'm shot a sixty seven on the final day hung over yes what's the name eddie pepperell or something great name he bases like yeah because you got away from me he he had the most relatable story he shot like on saturday and
said that he went with his manager and had a few too many glasses of wine who's over service yeah 'cause he was so pissed and then when he came out on sunday he's like yeah i didn't really give a fuck what i was going to shoot i was hungover i didn't feel great and then he shot sixty seven was like yeah i guess maybe i'll try this yeah the problem is that guy is going to become a full fledged alcoholic now like it worked once if you this way if that guy was a baseball player he would drink probably twelve glasses of wine every single night out of superstition gave you a box yeah i feel like golfers aren't quite as superstitious there in the words of michael scott a little suspicious but i think that he's doubling or give that a shot again and he's a solid role model for the future of golf like say what you want about you know it being a women's game and all that crap about the sport golf would be a lot more fun if every single question was hungover all the time is like puking on the course cussing at each other smoking cigarettes even though they don't usually smoke that be great
and so if we're going go four star it's phil mickelson wearing like a weird dress shirt for the tournament i think fills at the point is like hey listen i'm proud not going to make any headlines unless i blatantly cheat in front of everyone so maybe if i just dress a little weird maybe show a little of the tatas little taters for the boys people are going to start talking about phil i want to go back real quick carnoustie saturday got absolutely embarrassed people dunking on carnoustie left and right sunday that's how of course comes back exactly so shinnecock the course bouncing back like that like that's that's no the courses for real and that's when i'm like you know what is a true golf guy the course one tire came in second the
i think i don't i don't well so i don't know i really don't whatever about tiger sings name once it isn't so you're like always good in scotland or did i just make that up i think all right if well here's the thing with tiger he was so damn good a call for so long that you can be like this is tigers course first sensually every course in the world it's just that it was tigers course fifteen years yeah tiger loves carnoustie he loves he loves the highlands he loves had yes he loves them links you let out i guess tiger loves anything where you stop a bunch meet up into some guts that's that's his game our other perkins is in is in scotland no someone searched it and not they're actually no park and so maybe that's why played well his get his his his mental focus actually that's the best part about tiger being back because if tigers had that moment where he was in first an all the announcers were like the tiger effects
coming everyone starting to feel the pressure of tiger and then he fell apart and they're like tigers mental games not there yet and it just goes back and forth here's a lil sabermetric like we talk about the the mcdonald's law of economics and more tiger woods has won a major tournament in every single country that has a perkins restaurant true yep that's yeah that's a fact wait they don't have mechanic well there haven't been any major split in canada oh yeah that's right i thought maybe is what are like where to the world cup in mexico and and like canada who knows maybe there's a major what the hell there's probably a course in canada yeah yeah i'll cool my queer shut off mike weir also shut off francisco molinari good job dude you suck it is name once alright let's do those back let's do back and then we'll get to our very contentious mount rushmore pfd once you start with who's back i got a big who's back of the week
you guys might know of him his name is joe flacco he's a starting his qb one for the that's that's gonna be big this year by the way is just call and call your guy qb one all the time hmmm he is back he he's been practicing obviously the ravens were the first team to into pads and start training camp one day before your and he's lighting it up out there here's a here's a quick quote you wanna hear this joe flacco is mobility is night and day compared to last year he's healthy now flacco is full speed the difference is evident no limitations as a scrambler even on designed runs so they're open up the playbook for flacco they're going to lunch off the wheels i mean if you're real football i like me you probably know that what they're doing here is actually they're just like putting in a playbook there's not going to be a transition for g3 takes over as a starter
so they're like yeah and all these like stuff like spread abu dhabi install yeah reads so yeah i mean i rg three i guess that that bodes pretty well for him but there's another guy on the roster to this look pretty good but he's not going to be a challenge my qb one joe fly so this is going to be the year that he settles debate once and for all my favorite part about joe flacco lamar jackson thing is joe flacco is like painfully oblivious to the fact that the ravens used a first round pick on a quarterback and he's been terrible for so many years that they're like he's like what do you mean i'm a quarterback i'm i'm a quarterback driver for the rings i signed that contract that last twenty five years like what do you guys talk why you asking me about lamar jackson yeah show flacco approaches his job like it like a college professor with tenure or with or like a supreme court justice you're not getting fired he is the qb one of the ravens he won the super bowl form people don't talk about sutra dilfer but he did it more recently
well take it easy there good morning football don't rip off their holy cow charge back up on that one but yeah packers back he is back and i disagree with a little bit of what you said he he does know he can feel i think he feels the fact that he's supposed to feel pressure i don't think you so it feels it but he's like yeah you know like there's another quarterback here but you know what we are going to be so good this year that we're not even going to talk about that and i love another putting in place where it's flacco in lamar jackson on the field at the same time just like being as passive aggressive to joe flacco as possible like i think we talked to he slowly going to be moving lamar jackson closer closer to understand her yeah in these in these new ways of yeah yeah yeah joe why
let you go wide out here oh yeah joe actually you know what why don't you go on the sideline for this playlist just see the look like will run with ten guys you be the 11th but you stand on the sideline let's see the look here here and then all of a sudden it's like well let's throw one more wide receiver in there joe you stay on the sideline and then boom lamar jackson is your starting quarterback here's the thing though about rg3 like flacco strength i think we all agree is throwing a deep ball and getting pass interference called on him right that's his game i cannot think of any football player in the history of the nfl that would be more yvette drawing a pass interference than robert griffin the way that he just like his eddie exploding goes flailing in a minute and as many directions as possible the second he gets touched he's like neymar out there like the guy would be an amazing receiver whose only job is to run like directly at the safety and get his lit up right before the ball comes in yeah no it's not a bad there i i do have one contention their flak owes a great strength is actually being violently boring likes aggressively boring but this
is throwing pass interference but obviously you haven't seen this still does or pepsi commercials because he's actually got a very dry sense of humor is lighting it up i'll go because speaking of dry sense of humor at the other guy who has just jumping off the screen and that wanting everyone to like him quite leonard lovington oh is back so this is going to be my favorite sub plot of the twenty eighteen nineteen nba season kowhai leonard does he like toronto or not it was reported he hates it he didn't leave his his hotel room during the all star game but now we have a new report of someone who might be close to kauai saying trust me why is going to fall in love with toronto he's going to love it he's not going to leave so that's your update on quite leonard will he or will he not stay or play or ever do anything else on a basketball court because no one's talked to him in like ten months and his uncle has taken his brain and is now speaking for him i could see quite
putting in a lot of time before he gets up to toronto like learning french just prepare himself and he gets up there and they're like no we don't speak french that's montreal well in quite learning french means like he learns like three words in french 'cause it doesn't say anything otherwise kowhai leonard could speak like he could set a guinness world record for the most amount of languages that he's fluent in yes yes we just wouldn't you just never speaks and say hello he is a high and i know my my leg hurts and every language talk to my uncle yeah and sorry i'm not here right now he picks up the phone says sorry i'm not here is that the spurs i'm sorry i'm not right here right now is he scurries under his bed our hey go ahead with your who's back on my whose back the week is six nine jokes so after we all know it nine just got killed when their novell put six dollars and ninety cents on the browns to win the twin superbowl dari but but the rapper two kashi's
x9 who's been out on instagram and should recently like putting up all these videos with him with all this money you just bought this new like seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars chain in a shocking turn of events he got kidnapped robbed and pistol install it like got the seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars jewelers stolen anna one hundred and fifty grand of cash is he ok did they find him that he's fine we're the kidnapping come and i i never i've never heard of a kidnapping that like is that the way the kidnappers had planned like do you pay ransom and everything yeah and they're like okay fair for play they had they he pulled up to his house they were waiting for minutes house like took on brought him back to his house i will read it is how basically then last are you sure it wasn't just his friends like hang out well that's what he thinks it's an inside job yeah okay because i was going to say like i went to to i went to a double header of baseball yesterday and i could very well make the case i was kidnapped because i can't watch that much baseball like anymore i'm too old so i think feel like that might be the case
like he just went and hung out with his friends and then he's like wait i really want to go home and but he had to be social and then he got kidnapped he pretended kidnapped i like you said i'm sorry or maybe just judging a frat that's what you do right you get kidnapped hate hate hate a pledge drink twenty beers and give me your chain yes yeah hey hank i got a quick question for you is the zero dollars and fifty cents floyd mayweather beef real or staged i mean there basically just like someone said on twitter i think this case he said they're like sammy and ronnie like they just like every every nine or so months it'll just flare back up and they'll just go out each other it's real though should there saying to each other is real but i mean fifty cent no will ever come back from fifty cent saying will pay seven hundred and fifty grand if you read one page of a harry potter book
yes but that's kind of what happens yeah that was the end of that was that was the end of the beef and also i think was floyd the one who said put the instagram up this weekend yeah yeah he just put way too many words in it like i read the first two this is like i'm not gonna read only so often though there's no way yeah yeah he was like the way he wrote he was over compensation for the fact that he's a literate by like having somebody type up five thousand words yeah yes yeah i know one fact checked it actually after the first two sends it was just the first chapter of moby dick yeah like he just copy and paste that call me call me floyd yes all right let's do our mount rushmore not rush or of times you wish twitter existed all right before we get to dan patrick let's do our mount rushmore is mount we've actually been talking about for a couple weeks i think it's going to be great for it
very contentious and it is mount rushmore of moments that we wish twitter existed so can be sports it can be history can be anything moments that you wish twitter existed so that you could think think the llama chase hot twitter was when the llamas were running around that neighbor i remembered that when the the balloon flew away yeah like a little boy alone number apolo i'm talking when the the army had like a runaway blimp yeah that's that was years on that one yeah any kind of like yeah chase or anything like that all right should we start let's do hank would you like to go i love to go okay let's do it all right my number one i'll go with the mouse the palace yep that's easy one that's an easy one remember easy one stayed home from school sick the next day and they just they showed that clip on sports center over and over and over again probably seven hours straight yep twitter would have made a lot more in a twitter with music i remember watching that in college and being like what is going
that's pretty sweet that's that's a hot start right yeah okay pft okay let me get started with the mike tyson holyfield ear by and that's good that's good i also add that on my list that really that was once it was paper view yep you had to wait like probably two days to actually get the video of it out by the fight yep all right i although they have dvr back then no no no a nose like i ten years before is there a dvr came out and what like two thousand but nobody knew how to use tivo tivo so yeah first came out yeah i want to say like dvr was really a thing in like two thousand four five but you did have like a vhs recorder you could record what you were watching on live tv but then we have to have already purchased the fight and you had to be illegally recording it then you had to like find somebody with those tapes then you had to borrow their tape it was a big thing there was nothing better to do than like 'cause we
we're just young we're just old enough that we got like the tail end of the tyson time and being like together for i think i remember i got together with for tyson i lose it lose the bridge guy lennix lennox lewis like that get the getting together for a big fight feel i feel like it's a little lost because now you can just scroll through your your tv and like i'll be out by the seattle super easy you don't set up you out like who's buying the fight who's but you don't have to call like a week in advance to get order right right like i got to fight guys makes you come over all right i get to oh yeah i'll go with the oj chase that one solid i mean i don't even that and the the finals was going on during it right so it would have been an out of control day twitter and then my second one i'm going to go with the tonya harding nancy kerrigan whole things put out one the jokes in like the stories just
anything where like the fax come out pretty quickly but it's a little bit of a driver you know like like type in like nancy kerrigan was attacked and everyone just flips out on twitter and then you get the life of that like we could be like actually it was tonya harding who did it and just glue it so that would be an unbelievable on to be a part of yes as a matter fact i bet you there would be a lot of twitter sleuths that would already connected dot yes we found out that was tonya there would probably be a video of the guy running away yeah like you have all that you have a pair a live periscope someone would would whip out their phone and periscope nancy kerrigan you know screaming and we all watch it we saw the why me but like be able watch out in the actual fight on actual attack yeah yeah do you know twitter's made it a lot more difficult for celebrities to get away with committing crimes yeah that's a real shame real shames scaramucci is probably very upset that he there with a lot of these words like if if twitter existed during these times these things probably when it happened
still try to pretty dumb yeah in oj yeah yeah works a couple of things it might not have happened the same way but yeah for the most part i think tonya harding was dumb enough to do that no matter what ok my next one is going to be i'm going to go with miracle on ice that's great because every day no one i had on there the thing about the miracle on ice is it's one of those events were everybody would actually be on the same page and hand like pulling for the same side there were me too much roasting going on we be roasting the the commies the pinko the ussr there a lot of good jokes i'm sure at that russia's expense and a lot of american flag emojis yes that would be an unbelievable moment to live watch that everyone you know it would be like after the first period people would joke and be like well it discourse status saying we're going to win nine nothing looks in nfl time then after the second one it would be like are we really going to do this really happening and then
didn't you don't get those charts that show when america's using the bathroom in between periods yep there would just be so much good and then you just have a oh my god sports i love sports that that like whenever a big moment happens in like forty million tweets come down that you just say nothing yes let's predict what the revell daily times would read i just can't believe it well that's good yeah that i think that's probably what it would i'm trying to think something with the ussr he like uss l that's a good one yeah you catch these cells yeah yeah that's i mean revell times we just do that we should just start making revell times let's make your limits yeah let's do that hi tech times okay and we're gonna start doing this we are in history we promise we're gonna start doing fell times on this day in history art i have to i will go without am j retiring out of no where the first time that the conspiracy theories that would come out of there would be a whole areas in kim kardashian sex tape
hey after that twitter i because some some things like their big events but like you got to think about twitter when twitter not as funny as you mix like celebrities and like yes like that absolutely yeah it's a it's a combo of like the salacious nous but also the jokes that will come out yeah yeah and you know what i actually had this one on my list i'm i'm not gonna use it but i did have a well no i'm saying i had the pill someone who will use it why i'd they shouldn't because you just took kim kardashian sex tape i was gonna say the pam anderson sex tape that but that that's too close the great thing about both those sextape is they went viral especially the pam anderson when they went viral before there was really a means to go viral i think i broke like three computers in my parents house just trying to find it what year what are what would outliers and that was probably like ninety five tom
tommy lee hawk in the boat horn with his desk yeah can you met his most intimidating thing i've ever seen in my life can you imagine just like what it takes to go viral when you don't even have email yeah just like two straight one around talking about it yeah okay so you got your hankos twisted too heated toilet yeah ok i'm so bad at this name alright my next one is going to be uh george w wr george hw bush puking prime minister of japan that's a good one they at a state dinner got food poisoning and he threw up on their prime minister while he was present i like that one that would be that the streets would be hot that's a really the gifts and everything coming out of that what year was twitter created by the way are we are we saying because i think we all agree on these like twitter wasn't really twitter until like two thousand and twelve right weights oh yeah let's look up the kim kardashian date what day i think that's i think twitter existed but it didn't really exist no crashing was like two thousand and four it might have been
kim kardashian sex tape google kim kardashian sex tape you'll be good you'll be good ok but but i'm asking that for my next one because well it was leaked in two thousand seven okay so true but that but i think we all agree that like the start like two thousand and eleven she has she's she's really blossomed why don't you walk us through it real quick ok well there's a gentle and it looks like there's a man in a woman who love each other very much ok she actually appears to love him like i she's not able to talk right now okay then he is approaching her from behind and it looks like he spoke some clam juice on it ok alright so that was the live reading of the kim kardashian sex tape all right so i ask that because i have two one is clearly outside the zone the other one is right before twitter really became twitter
the first one i have is the cuban missile crisis cuban missile crisis like when the world is about to go like in a nuclear standoff i think twitch might have actually had it happen yes my gift if if jfk was tweeting at the russians like that probably would've because the cuban missile crisis to actually happen yeah there are their two schools of thought on that one the people who would be making jokes about online the jokes be alert yeah they would it would be like to alter the gallows humor when the entire world's in the jackpot then people will like all right well were bought we're all about to die so we might as well just weed out like the craziest things we can treat out so that's the other side of the coin is i think there would be a lot of people not on twitter because everybody would just be around and just like doing it yeah i heard she a i mean just be doing everything that we've ever wanted thirteen days out of just hey we might this might be the last moment i'm going to tweet out my hottest take right and then my last one this one happened right before twitter became really twitter tiger woods getting in that car accident
oh and how do you say your last name nor dremel egland egg lindsey entire tiger woods that entire november when the national enquirer came out with news and he gets in the car accident all rachel what's your name you could tell i didn't finish the tiger book by the way i just want to say that i have officially given up i got seventy percent through that's pretty good other than i've ever done i got through the entire you know november of two thousand and nine situation so that was really the juicy part but those jokes and that entire month watching tiger fall cuz we've never actually seen an athlete like that like go from you know the best and this pristine guy to oh shit he fucked everything in sight for the last ten years twitter would have been awesome my last one this is a bit of a guard ok google throwback i'm gonna go with columbus discovering the new world can you imagine how just how blown your mind would have been at that point but would we have known we would have known
this occurs twitter was there do you think you know what it is then up to whatever they find out you know they have their own they had their own like lacrosse their their own games that they were flying like there is in there like a twitter in china yeah we bow yeah so you're saying they would add we they had we both okay because it yeah they got it from crossing the land bridge but like it you can you may you just discovering that there was an tired other side of the world will you mind blow your mind at a time yeah all right hank your last one my last one i will go with couple couple tough choice but i'll go with the red sox comeback in the lcs doesn't four great alright first first team ever do it evil empire i've been a lot of a lot of coal takes exposed logical it would have been really fun yes i would agree yeah alright what did we miss it was actually at that game bank in new york
game seven oh wow yeah game seven like you wow how about that not to brag which is what we met so i left one off intensely that would have been an all time moment but i actually like it would've been a terrible moment department incident because people would have had as a dress like instantly yeah my give me they did pretty quickly but it would have been what's more like it was bad it would have been so so but what's the opposite of getting milkshake dr like what if somebody to discover the city barbers actually really good guy after they already hated him put you know how twitter acts like twitter what had everything it would have been your son is reddit hit was already bad it would have been way way worse so i intensely left at all for that reason gilbert arenas divorce couldn't incident that's a good one solid one off of your or second pick first pick tyson douglas would've been i believe yes his that he knocked out i guess like upset basically in boxing history what about hitlers death hitler's death what about it made osama's death look like just a walk do you think you would have done a periscope hiller i think
yeah i think you'd probably have yeah that's a good question for jack at twitter if hitler i was periscoping himself killing himself would you have taken that down no he well jack yeah jack would let all the nazis beyond twitter yeah jack is like you got it you got his freedom of speech gotta hear both sides i had lakers kings game seven two thousand and two but he was he would have suspended hitler for attacking yes exactly for his beliefs yes lakers lakers kings game seven two thousand and two would have been awesome oh yeah that's donaghy would've been going nuts what about magic as press conference magic johnson's press conference band on the field and on the woody hayes punching punching or choking bobby knight throwing a chair there's so many like sports moments
who will be valentine valentine coming back to the clubhouse robin ventura and nolan ryan getting into that fight yes oh my god right if that had happened when twitter was around he would have gotten crying jordan put on his face and crying jordan hadn't even happened yet yes that's how powerful the moment that would be john chaney jankow party press conference when john chaney came in and i'll fucking kill you kill you really affect the entire one thousand nine hundred and eighty six mets offseason yes and yes i've got buckner that would have been an unbelievable moment that mets offseason would make the capitals stanley cup celebration will be a girl scout yeah look like they were just like pre game yeah it it falls into the like technically twitter existed but the decision the first decision yeah doesn't that and yet a bit out walking whole area that was too early for like real twitter i totally agree may mankind undertaker when he threw him off
the cell that was pretty pretty damn cool yeah it's trying to think oh joe theismann's leg getting broke showtime the dunk on france i would've an all time send everything all round jose canseco have the ball bounce office said we offer a home run yup yeah that would be amazing so the the best part of this one as we probably missed a million and you can treat us apart my take i feel like this is one of the most open ended about restaurant i mean none we we did leave at a pretty big one that was the ken starr report coming out of the can starboard on on president clinton because even a lot where you live ninety the eight ninety now your life yeah that thing that thing was like as as thick as the bible and every single page contains some whole larry's little yes so i jerked off to yeah yeah suit big are you serious it was a silly somehow yeah what wide where did you read it where
you scoop it was in the washington post yeah it was slightly early early internet yeah awesome so very cool that would have been holding it all what would have been just one cascade of screen shots of various objects of president stock into an intern john all right so tweet us at parmer take i feel like there's a million we missed it would be awesome to see them all like sports moments the malice at the palace that a cruel tucker talk road some some heat yeah they're just does also does things where it's like before the pager to the patriots so it's like i don't know that it would have been as as contentious as of yet you couldn't even make it classic patriots show that there are so if there's also just being like the
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the last time he was on these airwaves was the unseen never released barstool van talk episode two hidden tapes yeah so let's start there what bad thing is going to happen to us after this interview well i got blue for van tall yeah which is ridiculous and like i said i i didn't do anything in and i do but boy that fan base was kind of tough on me and i said all i know is i did it and then all of a sudden it got canceled it was just a coincidence that i went on there and so much so that john skipper while he was still the president of espn before he stepped down he said you know dan i got a polish josh you know you're you probably people think that you're the reason my band talks got canceled but you you know you you know you did hi so i i know i didn't yeah the fan base feels like on the recently banned talks got well that's messed up that he apologized to you it has apologized yeah
that's not i'm a little offended by that we were still waiting maybe if you would let us let you on fire well you said and forego yeah i sure wouldn't got canceled so yeah so it is your fault that was the moment realizing all show wasn't going to be for you know long time show a long running show what our producer walked up to us before interview with you said guys bad news we can't like dan patrick on fire unlike we want to make because i don't know if you know that but that was our plan we're why don't why have fire underneath your see no no no no we're gonna let you on fire yeah i had like a long torch lighter and we're just gonna get you say before i go and try to light you're actually on file i smelled gas but does that van i smelled a lot of things i never put two and two together to death so retired yeah like
thank you just the sentence though partner should be like guys bad news we can't like to impact how far like what do you mean why like come on this we were interrupting my creative process right now producer yes well i'm glad i'm back yeah we appreciate you actually giving us the time of day that first time around so you actually just had a little maybe a cup of coffee with espn a few months ago when you had negotiations that you there was rumor that you were talking with espn no ever close to going back no okay no it was i wanted to do something with sports jeopardy where espn would carry sports jeopardy and then i started this full sail university sports broadcasting in orlando and i said i'd like to be able to supply a pipeline of younger students ds spent so john skipper was all in on that we didn't talk about any think even said you know you can you
how to do a football show and you you want to come here and do tv i don't think you do i'd stay at nbc if i were you and football so that was the only thing that was got sort of in a peripheral way everything else was just to do with the other stuff outside of and wife i feel like it's always a hot topic a good click bait like dan patrick tanya yes beyond no matter what the conversation is but you know cat i would never be as good as i i'd be better than i was when i was there but i in people's minds will never be as good as i was when i was right in the style dress back yeah that i couldn't i and i didn't want to try to recreate it and and and and if i bring in who i am now how does that play now all right i was just fortunate we what we did when we did it how we did it it did just a line it was perfect where is now days it's harder to do sports center because everything is known you can find
people were waiting for that show i remember i we are used to that used to be the only way you could watch highlights from out of the place you live yeah so we already had you because you tuned in because you may have seen a score but you didn't know how it ended and we have the highlights for you and leading in after big east monday big monday that helped us leading in after a football game so weak we had a built in audience and what we were going to do with that audience was really set us apart but at the time it just were
five year window over yeah pretty magical now people of phone so they don't need it again right they don't yeah it is well espn tried to get the phone business for awhile i still have that phone so to why we might be the only way yeah yeah i have your plans a little connection maybe that's what he is for his plan was just get everybody to use their phone and then deactivated all once you have to go back and watch sports on but but i think they lost something like a hundred million dollars and that's just a drop in the bar i know but when you consider what the phone industry is it is a drop in the market for a hundred million dollars yeah if you could go and get up moon your greeting when up at six hundred o'clock in the morning and now i'm doing three hours of television that greenberg know because you know the morning market is so over saturated with in people's viewing patterns when they wake up in the morning it feels like you do same thing every morning where you may tune into something click on something and then that's it it's hard to get that captain
audience there in the morning that is it already paying attention to something else plus i didn't understand why yes paean didn't just put get up on all of their networks yeah like don't don't give them the option what you're competing i want you to see the product and then after that you take the product and like we used to do this when i was at espn we do north carolina espn two yeah i remember you would get espn two and then after that you put duke back where it belongs on espn but we wanted you to sample that you are do you still stay in touch with keith i have not expands when i haven't talked to him i don't think in over a year she okay yeah it seems like his brains been yeah he ever like hey keith like to stop tweeting at
well one of these tweets is going to get him to resign never know he might be like two or three away and then trump's like you know what i'm fired he is yeah he's part of the please resign sir sir sir really she said sir yes sir is this saying certain someone in that in that case is my favorite thing you hate the person but you're giving them the dignity of sir mister president yeah now we our relationship was more once we got there to work then we worked but it wasn't you know we didn't socialize we didn't have the same interest but you know i i watch from afar as a fan and i hope that he's having fun back at espn but i had no interest in going back to do the click like sports and people want to know if i was going to do the six o'clock i'm going why would i when i go up to bristol connecticut for two one hundred days out of the year i don't need it
i love what i'm doing i don't need it where what are dan patrick's interests outside of work what do you do in that clock strikes a thanks working out obviously pft great shape i mean i don't play basketball anymore we know that i shoot i don't play but i'm just cut i mean naturally cut like space yes i'm leaning out right now as we speak on the floor i uh i watched a lot of bad tv or tv that you would expect what's the worst what's your biggest guilty pleasure i do do binge yaman that flicker in the manner of liquor i liked prime you know who the prime i'll watch the drive ins and dives all that's great to know all watch jakie sauce yeah that's high level chip and joanna you know with the gain student are you aware of that they do think they do like
they restore houses in waco all yeah yeah the house slippers i love those why do you know like of montana the grid or yeah our yard builders in it like all of those things where i i i have to decompress when i go home a but i'll watch for different things in a span of about ten minutes so nobody watches tv with me because you're not real public around yeah yeah yeah i think that's why so many americans suffer from anxiety issues 'cause there are too many good complicated tv shows on so you're always thinking about all these plots that are going on american needs just more of like ok here are two assholes that that bought a car for five hundred dollars let's see if they can sell it for seven hundred like just mindless stuff just his own you out like that and they called it band talks yeah pretty much that we actually were actually a good show for america psyche yeah it's a shame that they ever did was just unplug and watch us be idiots yeah yeah but so i you know just sit in the basement and
smoke a cigar and have tequila music okay and i are yellow i'll do in yahoo what's in yaho a little bit darker yeah the rep asado is a little lighter nice yeah so i'll do that just and then i'll watch tv you drink tequila neat i know on the rocks yeah yeah still love sports as much as you did i love stories okay so i'm try to find this story in something and it used to be that you had to watch everything and you have to know everything or thing about everything and then it just kind of got to the point where it was a job and that's what one of the reason why i left espn i would enjoy the six o'clock sports in last three years i just thought man i i hit a wall when any i couldn't get any better and
remember sending my wife i i'm just not getting better and she goes yeah but you're the only one that knows i said but that's not the only one that matters right and i remember when i was getting ready to leave i just i didn't want to do it that way where you're going to with this and then this and this and it's the same stories every day right and i i said you know i'm not enjoying that i think i needed to leave to kind of get reinvigorated and it and it helped me because i wouldn't be doing what i'm doing now if i didn't love it but i am good to what is the story i can tell because you can tell that story and people will listen to that it's harder to find that story but that's really the challenge every day is what is interesting other than you know let me break on the american league national league roster nobody cares but if you have some it's attached to that that's that's the fun part
how much that is is like you basing the the day's topic some what's interesting to you yes verses what you think will be interesting to your audience as a whole i think it a fine line there because i there are things that i would talk about but then they also go okay we're in los angeles drive time so i got to make sure i i don't start a show without thinking of los angeles to start the show how does display is this important does anybody care about this so far i michael douglas was a guest recently a couple of weeks ago so that's star power where you talk about his movies it's not sports although we touch in sports a little bit so i do factor again kevin costner came on so how does that play with los angeles and then the rest of america and then you know i wanted to have those guys on because it's something a little bit different so the challenges there to make it interesting for maine there for you
your audience buys into what you're interested in you kind of think ok what can i say that won't kiss adam sandler off enough for me not to get invited on anymore of his movies and then you go with that it's not possible get your you out as he got a job for life yes okay yeah nice for life two men are in a very flexible gave you last decided underdogs jakob underdogs loved it all right yeah i loved it okay yeah loved it all right coming we're in pre production well like pre pre out here a free previous becomes more potent than light tree mature premature all right so you love stories tell us what the biggest story of the twenty eighteen nfl season is going to be and you can't use colin capper nick oh i hope he's not the biggest story yeah but he said probably going to be it might turn into is this tom brady's last year i think yeah can get us that it's you know the it this
that's what we do we establish the storyline before it's really a story line on where lebron was going to play in this season started last season and i think brady why is it i want guys to retire or we want to get the know mandatory admit it you're ready to retire and then they're gone i go you know i miss watching tom brady right we did this to elway we do this with guys all the time i hope brady plays five more years i just i mean well i think with brady it's a shame because he hasn't had like the pate peyton manning at the end was hilarious because he was so bad yeah and like far was kind of that way too so i eat like brady needs to at least have one of those bad years before he can retire i don't like the going out on top and i think i'm i'm i'm anti that if they had
the superbowl this year i believe he retired do you so that's that mike florio our good friend mutual friend yeah our house that theory that he is going to just walk away not no inclination no like it's gonna be the end of the season he just doesn't come back it doesn't make sense what happened in new england if you've if you tell be that that organization all of a sudden said we're not trading grappa low you can have grappa low then all of a sudden you could have a grappa low for a second round draft grade reading whitney i does it make sense true and then so brady if he's pushing them to say look i'm not retiring here get rid of the kid and then check all of a sudden goes willy nilly and goes i'm going to you trying to tell me get got more out of the cleveland browns yeah right so that's what i just it's like now bradys indebted to them a little bit because they did what it felt like he asked them to do but i think if they had beaten i'll would have just said i'm out yeah i think when giselle said that to the cbs morning show yep she wasn't provoked to talk
about his concussions she was putting the pressure on him i think to say tommy that concussions you know he's like a listen to me but maybe a listen to somebody and i wasn't the first time she brought it out like she did that conversation happens all the time in the brady house yes her saying that has you yeah i mean when he comes home he's not feeling well and then she saying you know why are you why do you continue to do this you know look at these kids you need to do this i make money you don't need to do this also the reality show that he started to do that seemed like a major this is my last season moves like this is going to bridge me over people are not going to be able to get enough of watching me kiss my son yeah and i'll have a career set after that as a big j like yourself we're trying to figure out at what point do we start the quarterback controversy in philadelphia call maybe doing that week for baltimore week two week two weeks for that i'm going to start to nick foles horn it's pretty big horn really yeah
he's just a little carson once a little to slow the knee looks like he's you know a shot of him on the sidelines he's rubbing his knee do you really want nick foles full time no i i want to talk about the possibility having nick foles i'd like to see new arrivals best sorry yeah yeah well the the i heard yeah i i'd like to see him back up that run do you i mean you mean you want to see it it's we it's a weird situation to have a guy have that good of a few you know a month and then go sit on the sideline for next year okay but if you had your choice right now you could you could say nick foles is my starter and then get rid of carson one now no absolutely not i just wanted her to be in the drum that's how i just love a good quarterback mark jackson joe flacco is gonna be a lot that's not gonna happen joe flacco avalie gonna happen job for life it's gonna happen very no no no not shop for lunch up a lecture no no i i
i think this is it yeah i think this is it's like it's like a real life statue of joe flacco would be the exact same mobility is show platform so it just be hanging out wouldn't it be great if flacco had a sense of humor and all of a sudden they talked about putting a statue up and then it's just joe where they paint him with him yet just standing there like that the robot that gets that scares you when you walk by ministry yeah exactly what do you hate the most about sports media what's the biggest thing that's like bothers you i'm here and your why i'm here and i'm here when when media members going here i'm here and talk here yeah got it what about sources yeah what about well about item i'm okay did talk about bothers me when when somebody in the press conference is going i could you talk about the the new england patriots than me is there a question there i have a problem with that i do i think we're really really loose now with reporting substance
and it seems like a shot at us had a lot of no no i haven't i said substance right well we were the first that chip kelly to florida yeah is this now compiler the saint louis or have you had that okay all right okay it feels like you get the you know hey i'm here yeah because i'm hearing doesn't that that can never come back in her you know how much you because you can write but what we talk about lebron to philadelphia no that's what i was hearing right you know i didn't know it was true that is what i'm hearing and i just think where it espn we had to have two sources with everything that we reported everything two sources so much so that i was sitting with tony dungy's agent i was vacation and he said you know tony's finally going to get a head coaching job i said oh really said yeah he's going to get the job in tampa i called the assignment desk i said
hey tony dungy's getting the buccaneers job you got a second source and i couldn't say the first the first source what all right a white it it's i trust me this is happening they call injury crane just see if andrea can get it a second source i'm on vacation i don't want to be involved in it right but that's how much of a stickler they were so andrea got credited for it because she got a second source we found out that it was true but that i don't want to get away from that because i think that i think you know the lazier we get in and it makes it harder though when you're trying to cover stories and somebody says hey you know hey what's this query within hey i'm here in this
i mean i got a mail me my ups guy tells me hearing things right out sources on like because none of anyone no he doesn't give you get out right now yeah i'll absolutely take that you'll take him as a source also that with conviction i'm like okay that makes it's it's like the end from a stranger and like they they sound like they know what they're talking when they're at them holding a really big fish yeah out of a small for some like that he just put a question mark at the end what we were picking a world cup teams and seton who works with me went to the liquor store in the guy at the liquor store which so convincing but he said belgium is going to win the world cup and seton cited him as his source
and i have seen is back on that because is generate gambler if someone gives you a hot tip only every time i don't care you can email people email me all the time like god take this team what's different are in a call to the hot tip the twelve the usually the person so they got a hot to well it's pretty hot to me yeah got to do it i remember when i gambled and i you know you think you're smarter than everybody and you you got it figured out and then all of a sudden you start over thinking it and then you got somebody who will tell you something and then i couldn't watch again you guys have to put money on a game to watch it yeah yes he was a loser i put money on a game and i couldn't watch and you i heard you when you were doing your show just twenty minutes you're talking talk about pete rose you know pete rose's bookies yes i bet through one of pete's bookies and and what it was did you ever talk
but hey it is pete actually betting just the reds 'cause that makes no sense that's never made sense i never asked my bookie i knew pete bet i knew what he was betting on i knew he wasn't very good at betting but i didn't know if he bet against the cincinnati reds that was the only thing that i never found out but i did all of this and then i confronted pete when i did an interview with him for sports center in you know i told him i said look i i know the whole thing i know what is going on here and i feel bad 'cause i grew up you know pete rose and you number fourteen you slide head first and you know he was really an important figure growing up in the big red machine in cincinnati and here i am i'm thinking who the hell are you to be saying this to pete rose but then the kid in me was just disappointed and pete that he that he needed do this you know and it's kept him out of the hall of fame i don't i think he gets in
you must sleep yeah which sucks sucks period do that you should fake his own death yeah that's what i would quoting access goes like he's like oh he's in the bermuda and never was found it just never shows up but then what happens do they if they put him in posthumously like oh pete rose would put him in the whole thing and then he comes back well you're not yeah take it back okay yeah you can't take is that's the caretaker lacks is peach gonna come back to sign autographs i caught in the hall of fame what electric yes beach so it would be yeah he just showed up what do you tell us yeah he'd have to sure of course you know terrel winston no but that's yeah that's when pete tells everybody there's not actually dead so he just goes out to bermuda he like you he fills out like a racing she'd put some fake blood on there throws in the water and washed ashore there like pete rose is that yeah that's the proof of of death then they put in the hall of fame that he shows up to accept last minute okay yeah i mean i saw it so i don't yes know this part where this all falls apart
and so i could get sailor on that sir yeah somehow you think rob schneider's in it yep lady rotate yeah yeah i haven't had the whole game chris rock chris rock soon be there will ferrell voice so it will do that which you know when a second this sampler stuff bothers me a little bit no no no no i can i'm become of like a box office it bothers me all your box office hit that young you get i don't yes yeah okay on any on been it paul you know when people say you know what kind of movies have you made it i mean i'm a couple billion dollars is i mean let's just not you've been paul you've been a part of a billion dollars yes yeah so it's like the the towel boy getting tom cruise it doesn't matter did i get a superbowl ring i don't know i think of the tallboy super i think a little more than a superbowl towel because i got in the game okay i mean like i am the kicker yeah okay you've just seen just would honor yeah we're just good enough to get uninvited from the white house has that i believe
i do the white house arose you got would you go right now yes i would because that's all about story it's all about the content editor and is an ensign i've known a donald trump since early eighties i cover on them to brag is that dragon yes no i just know i'm just not the president for forty years now i don't know why but i met him back in the early 80s with usfl i covered him when they got herschel walker and doug flutie did you ever get any phone calls from john bear no i was his alter ego that he would say was like to pass this no no no all reporters not that i'm aware of okay so you were around for that yeah you think that the xfl in the a f i we're going to be successful i don't know what the xfl is doing i mean you could pump money into it but just because you're going to
everybody stands for the anthem like that's that's your what's the draw is that what you're yeah i'm only going in for the anthem apparently they should just make the entire game the national anthem yeah yeah nine national anthems what the i think that might actually be on to something there with the cba stuff doesn't get worked out because the unit it could go on strike or there might be a lockout in which case the xfl has an opportunity to put some players and get season started while the nfl is not even playing i think that might actually work yeah but i don't know what this the other league is going to it feels like they have a little bit more of a plan and you have some names as coaches and you know can you get a couple people to go in there and play but if there is no you know strike vend i didn't i don't think anybody cares about these leaks in order to use it what why do people i care do you think it's there's not an appetite for more football or it's just the players are going to it's not gonna be good quarterback well and if you put teams in where you have like i will be
if i took players from alabama who didn't make it to the nfl and you said you don't come out watch alabama play against auburn and have a team from auburn or you had a team you have to have like texas some ties yeah if you do that then i think if you got a college atmosphere with it then maybe you could work yeah i think that's what the afl is doing right to keeping it local yeah they're all gonna be southern teams okay yeah so that means my emmett what the usfl should have worked right but trump trump to the one that killed it right yeah because they all wanted to be absorbed into the nfl after three years right and i think if they had played it right and got it and continue to get these marquee guys then maybe you two or three teams that get absorbed into the nfl right it felt like that because they got really what steve young and jim kelly like giving those real me michigan was a good team anthony carter of but the if he had herschel in there and doug flutie they had names in there it was just they were in such a hurry to get that you know they
so they got their own way what was it was trump like as an owner i don't remember him being the only one of those guys that you know i got a you know we're going to do this or yelling at people or he was he was a businessman but don't remember him being anything that i went boy that guys a jerk he was all entertaining and a great quote and he presented everything in a big business way because they did the doug flutie interview his press conference in front of the waterfall so at the trump so horrible space to do it because flutie competing with the waterfall coming down so you would have thought that he was being interviewed in in like a rainstorm if you were just listening to it but it looks great and that's what you know trump was all about back then it just look
he's like yeah like the usa today front page of of like visuals he likes big grass yes you like pretty dark colors yes to the dress i'm you said earlier some that i thought was kinda interesting you said if you did go back to espn or go back to that type of job you'd be better at it right now then you were back then but people might not recognize that why do you think that you'd be better at now have a better understanding of who damn back then i didn't really know what i was doing like we just did it now everything is about twitter and micromanaging and they didn't promote us back then in the mid 90s they they sort of thought what we were becoming now you go back and then they're going to welcome you back and then there's going to be trumpets in parades and press releases back in the mid 90s we were just trying to get away with stuff which made us better because once you get into like your your
accepted into mainstream by management that's the kiss of death because they know what it's like to be on the air they just knew that they didn't like what we were doing but we were doing at eleven walk at night and that is exactly why we fired espn before the second episode of market within talk we don't want to be accepted yeah we're out we're the ones pretty fired them not the other way and i think that was a smart business move thank you sad sad being savvy businessmen agree absolutely but i was invited to go back to do one sports center recently and i said no because you'll make a big he'll be going back i said if i can go back and nobody knows i'm going back and i just go out there for eight hundred o'clock eastern sports center and then do an hour and then go i would do that
it's like i wouldn't let you like that would be fun there's like all of a sudden you're just on it and it's like a beyonc album come out but they just advise people kinds like bill murray going into you know just bartending a random bar funny yeah yeah he doesn't like bill murray i don't know i don't know i don't really big hang don't get me wrong i love bill murray at levels sure i'm over the bill murray showing up at random places and doing things but if you want to clarify something with i love him so much but that means you don't like him i love his movies but you like his movies love is moving ok but the randomness but that would be what it's like it's not you know what it is it's not that i don't like bill murray and this is what kind of the inter that has done it's poisoned people of once so many people start to like something then there's a tie that's like oh i should hate something about this thing you know like too many people like this i can't like it anymore i agree yeah it sucks it's a stupid place to be in but it's over saturation you bill murray surprised economy that you guys will get there no
as i think that i'm exactly habel enough that nobody will ever truly love what do you make it a goal to be hateful i actually think there's some some people who do who don't like us right now just because we have had success yes so we're either they don't my parcel in general apartment taking very you could pick either or yeah there are definitely some people we we you know battle with our fate in not battle but a lot of convert hardcore fans have been around for decades they say like i miss the old stuff i miss when it was just like for you guys and we get a video every two months and i get it because i you know the style is a powerful drug like everyone as the star ledger i miss parts of that but i do think we have gotten to a point where some people just don't like us because we have success yeah no goodnight i understand that because after a while then all of a sudden you know they wanted the opposite of what keith and i did it sports center right or yeah we had a stick like i remember
like the media kind of turned on you they build they they find you build you up in the office and they turn on you and it's like yeah you know place in your stick and i go what exactly is our we write everything right we ad lib probably seventy percent of the show we break stories we have fun with catch phrases and the only reason why we did is we would we were bored if you watch some of these games like you got pertain yourself and that's all we did is just like hell preposterous can we make this and in the fact that and part of his genius was he had no fear and we at a boss and he would he would stay in his room right off the newsroom where everybody's in their typing that their script and he would come out he would do sort of of a drive by he would walk out you go hello like that first thing that he said and so were all there all the talents there the six o'clock eleven o'clock the one o'clock you go hello and then
we go anyway i don't how are you bob and i need to do bye bye and then go back into his office so one night i think it's jerry do of the cleveland indians had a ball go through his legs and oberman goes on the air now everybody yeah there's only like nineteen people that read it right but it's those kind moments where you bring people into yes that just when all of a sudden we're going we're going rogue here like yeah we're we're we're going to go off the rails here a little bit here but that's okay because it was something that was completely different cuz you know chris berman did the nicknames but but he was still homogenized and you know like he was still he loved the game and he did the right thing much money left milk but he would he did it the right way keith and i it just felt like we couldn't be chris didn't want to be chris we wanted to do it differently
can we do this and have some fun at the expense of management and you know so that we were we were lucky to be able to do that because they fought us instead of embracing us it wouldn't be the same was there ever any like push back from key third our answer from christian or any of the guys i've been around for awhile that are like okay these guys are you know taking a few shots so did they kind of welcome your new kind of way of presenting things chris i remember berman said i you guys are getting popular like right yeah i we didn't know how to respond and the like you go yeah i guess but he said you know i don't don't watch but i'm hearing you guys are getting pumped when all i think
here's a compliment in there yeah there's some yeah stuart scott and i didn't see eye to eye 'cause stewart won the most competitive people i've ever met in my life and he would compete with you when you did sports center but i for him saying in an interview you know something about you know don't have to fall in the the those catch phrases it's a new like it's a new wave over and there was something that was going on on the other side of the building there were stewart's office was in i members sansom to us so what's the what's the deal we're all in it together goes hey it did something about so you know my time or something and he wanted he wanted my job yeah so keith was gone and stewart wanted the one thousand one hundred o'clock sports center and week we competed even playing basketball we we competed against each other never got along but my respect him when he was dying with what he did at the s
and that speed mean that was i mean he had a flair for the dramatic but he was not sit there and watch me or peter anybody else pass him by he was at competitive he he thought he was most popular guy there so you mentioned like people kind of turning on you i feel like that hasn't happened with your show now and it's kind of universally loved what well i think we're an underdog right you know that's part of it is when you're at espn we were under aug then yes be yes fan became this you know whatever yeah you know the mother ship and then it felt like people to go after a loose i bet now what i'm doing is in i just want to do it every day and daily basis have fun if we do not store up news make headlines great but it's not i don't think were at the upper jenner where somebody goes out of their way to say let me let me rip you whatever you're saying right so you know something
said if they are finding you and they do rip you then you know maybe it's the popularity know because everybody wants clicks and if somebody rips what we say on the show or they can skip bayless then they're going to choose skip bayless yes right through you kind of insulated there yeah what about when you take your vacations you like vacations almost as much as hank you take a couple of them when you go out of town and you have somebody filling in for you who is who is the one person that you're like a little bit worried like are they going to kick the hornet's nest so they're going to search it up a little bit too too much gottlieb yeah yeah kelly yeah but he's got that gene in him that he he has to push he has to do because that's why he became you know starting point guard in college basketball right like he has to he has that annoying gene in like i'm going to stir it up
that's good i mean i want somebody who approaches the job that way but there are times when i you know i i feel like i'm gonna get a call or somebody goes a deer got read this day round like known now i didn't but it's always when you have ins because you know people are they going to listen just because it's the show even though it's not really the show right that's difficult because i would say do your show don't try to do my show when you fill in for me yeah what's the best ever you've ever what's your favorite may be most proud interview sides it on the sides yeah viewings yeah but i'm not really interview you yeah yeah besides matt harvey bobby was a tough here to honor qualcomm that was a tough one somebody i felt bad i feel bad did he didn't understand how this work there's a quid pro quo you get to tell me about quid pro quo
you could actually end up being great for both you guys and all i got more below the than whatever harvey does anything somebody will always send a tweet right hey i'm only here to talk about qualcomm honor call call that a school honor and then like it's a dying you know like parent like a hard wall come but when he got done and then all of a sudden we heard from the p r people in there like we're so sorry we're going to get him back on and i said i just want to help him i'll give him a tutorial of how this works just so he knows and then he came because he didn't want to tell me about his shoulder or whatever surgery or something and i thought well that's up there it's going to be up there tonya harding was up there too we had her on and i had not interviewed her but i wanted to ask her about nancy kerrigan and everything that happened there and she told me about being born again yeah it was for her yeah yeah i said well what's your
what would your religion think of what you know your role with nancy kerrigan was and she said are we really going to get into this and i said yeah yes yes i'm not interviewing you if you hadn't had yeah yeah if you didn't help you part of the conspiracy to you know take a pipe to nancy kerrigan listened and sex tape questions only talk about my c or pasal wrestling which she hands the phone to her body guard for that or yeah hold one second paul wants to talk to you it goes hey what are we doing here are some doing a radio interview like this is live and he goes i didn't we were going down this road i'm going i've never i have an interview door i want to ask her my questions right and so then we ended the interview after that so that's why
this movie came out with the i tanya went only got people going to buy into this that she's a sympathetic fall they didn't fall all my god dancing with the stars on real who's on real it was it was it was bad yeah it was like a rod getting on shark tank and well well well well i work for a ride yeah so i don't tolerate i say boater saying how great it out grady is on that are taken charges aren't businessman yeah that is this man jay in already shown a jail looks great right amount of contrition yeah yeah for what he doesn't need to be confronted raising it or anything no it's it's like to work with you know you just say sorry for anything that might have happened on whether you did or do you were offended right yes if you are offended you know did he apologized for whatever happened even though he didn't do it for caring too much if we do it people to visit by an insurance policy self we apologize for everything so it so who is the best person that you've interviewed this person
i think it's the it's just anybody honest like when you feel like you're getting honest answer then because a lot of this is i always think can i keep you in your car if i can keep if it's an interview that i can keep you in your car then then it's a great interview but i you know i've been doing so so long and had so many that a problem i couldn't single out one yeah but if you get that with a member dale junior talking about growing up his parents were split he was at his house and his house was burning down so he's watching his house burned down and always thinking about a toy and there is really young boy and so he's telling this story like so matter fact like i was standing outside my house is burning down and i'm thinking i got all my toys in there and now i got to leave and i got to go live with my dad and then
so that moment when you humanize somebody that's when you really get a reaction out of people because i can ask aaron rodgers tell me about the past against the cowboys euro that set you know i but if you get something that it's more of i can relate to that or i can i can picture we can't throw a forty yard bullet like aaron rodgers but to think of a little way outside his house watching it burn down thinking of his toys and now he's got to leave to go move in with his father after those parents divorced those of the where you feel like you're getting something yeah different yeah all right i'll do the cd question will wrap this up soon put in promo code take you get ten dollars off your c keep purchase if you want to go to a game are the toughest question i have am j r lebron oh but see i said that i wouldn't do this oh yeah you're doing this you're doing this but ok you're asking the jack pot alright five mgs five lebrons who you got both in their prime i'll take five lebron
even though and raise a little bit more of a competitor ok yeah roger federer transit trying to the five lebron just got cramps too hot out in just a better defender only one of you got the flu but that could be a plus because he played really well with the flu yeah so you don't like this type of debate well it's not over lebron wins title with the lakers he what they're like four and nine he all time in the final it's a good you will probably lose okay i'm so is brady better than joe montana look at all those losses made us yes add joe didn't lose it he's absolutely it's used the same logic with montana i'd say braves better yeah more accomplished so the bronze gonna be as accomplished yeah the fact he went to eight straight nba finally ease in the seattle a gas or excel rose got hurt i think could change ever done manner okay you still want to
h street i'm just happy that we got you into this conversation when you actually had to debate this no i i i didn't know i was really debating no you were over you know we're debating you just get everyone admits that in a yankee fan who who's earned their pinstripes like that's not real and they're like all right iran they're like well what in the get go i like when they go you know louis so who user destroyed zero mendoza earned his stripes not a real yeah he's not one of a record strikes yeah he tends to but i want to see what happens with lebron i'm lebron apologist your lan sexual okay but but i got to see all jordan's championships and he's still the best player i ever saw but if you know if you're going to
down their talents you can break down their teammates you gonna break down who they beat when they went to the finals are who beat them and you know let me wait till the bronze done if i put together for more years if lebron is four more years here where there's some quality basketball there any just coming off the best year of his career he can play defense he just didn't play don't know if you can call that you literally didn't sleep in a stick but he literally defense he literally he did not play the there was many times where he literally did not put kids when i tell this story back when i tell the story of lebron james the five this plays in his career yeah okay one is a defensive play one of them yeah one out of one michael jordan defensive plays does he have in his top five an hour ago with the highlights hired the best time under you just said he didn't play any defense he did not play the fat was let out a meaty seventeen eighteen he didn't okay
so i don't know if you can see his best year of his career on possibly yes it was his best year of his crib and i think he's realized that people are going to love lebron no matter if he plays defense or not if you don't watch listen last time you said man you know what i love about magic that do play defense isn't it wouldn't matter thing to say they didn't play any defense lebron janet just turned thirty three years old and he had the best offensive year of his collected say about which is interesting i'm not just takes care of his body yeah yeah i'm laying here on your own without school anymore right your body's kind of broke down yeah he yeah he does take care of his body actually do some some way shape or form it really takes care of it well really takes your the
really yeah not even clinics cleveland clinic we'll see how it does no way now the cleveland clinic isn't there anyone in as the prescriptions are jordan jordan was always you know he's a thoroughbred yes mister of ever for anything about anybody because the guy got cut from his high school team yeah yeah maybe the brunt of going to college for yeah like your tone yeah i don't like your tone okay so you don't you're not lebron fence second best player of all time would run stand so i'm on your side second best player i just i also think that you you can be able to love lebron will also laughing at how ridiculous and absurd he is and also pointing out flaws and jim absolutely and the m reversed lebron debate we have we actually created a website mj versus lebron net you should check it out where you can settle the debate no no but it's also stupid because there's going to be another guy in ten years and everyone
watches is that guy is say will lebron well lebron good because good like at this point the only part of the of the really bothers me is at this point we have a ton of people who didn't watch didn't watch who then spend their entire time debating it by tearing tearing mj down instead of building lebron well that's the problem i have with the argument is that i got to criticize and i i can criticize more with lebron because i know more everything is played out social me everything right where is my mike couldn't survive in today's social media to done well with social media would have lunch jack in the in the note he would've had quite a few burner accounts you wanna look like the russian internet research agency compared to pedia it had like a whole office building full of them now but they'll be a next great but or will we look for the next lebron after this are we still going to be looking for that i'm just ready for the next kobe the guy who gets caught in between the next lebron an this number
how would you go we got like sandwiched right there and if he had come in maybe a little later or a little like he got right in that m j lebron middle and ever like osco become but how would leave you kobe if we didn't have michael who that's a good question i said he would have an original because he copied literally everything yeah i set up a website it's a kobe versus m j no he actually well call you realize ron yeah when you click submit on the match ups one out of every ten times it lands on kobe yes we so they can appreciate he's a little bit you needed get lost because we'd already seen mike
right well you also say let his steps up because he changed numbers so we ate and then there's a kobe twenty four is in the nba treated pop pop us all to lakers for him yeah and you like kobe eight or kobe twenty we we've had that debate and is less problematic yes i like i like kobe and yeah we're on kobe side yeah i guess we'll wrap it up here one one last question i know that you really like these types of question okay talked about earlier when you're retiring what a great question one brady does yes a package deal okay yeah package deal yeah all right i would say ten years from now you can still be working not full time okay i think in because it's it's interesting to fight c nine years make like i mean we're obviously all kind of in the same industry you're obviously a little different but like i don't know i said i like to tell myself when i'm like forty five i'll be able to walk away but i don't think i enjoy doing and i think you're the same way where it's like you just enjoy being able to talk about sports
but i like kevin some to do every day right and and i remember bob costas saying i don't know how you do it every day and i said i don't know how you don't do it every day right because it it's just something where you got a routine and you get a chance to do it it's fun and it's addictive to right you know there there's a there's a little bit of that you know we're and something different or it's live like lying to you yeah you get to get your opinion out there yeah but you won't stop at forty five i'll be dead but you will be dead so so my ghost will keep posthumously valentine greatest ghost podcaster bolt on a me really yeah when i die and then start a podcast from from the grange on the grave you should be heard stuff now so we do it every time we go on vacation or go away somewhere we say hope we didn't die and then we play it i mean that's honestly my dream is that we interview someone then they
right so we're going to run the words for monday next monday next monday if you die in the next six days should change change just don't buckle up yeah that's all i'm asking i'm not going to do anymore interviews just so you guys will do this yes yeah 'cause i end your careers with espn and you're our yeah if you die in the next six days we have the city and i will do i will talk to anybody it is until this yeah don't look when you cross the street that kind of stuff okay maybe i just that's that piece of steak yeah you don't need to cut in half it's fine yeah just put the whole thing down your throat we have an actual like five or six glasses tequila in your basement yeah well upset when we start tonight okay yeah what are you guys doing we're gonna hang out we wash over derby from a nice cool bar not outside good a now are you doing to is at a bar stool big fan
confessed types set up yeah it's like in the bull pen yeah not the actual open to like a bar the whole planet rolled the bar called open okay here's here's a show okay hello mister yet when the or don't stop by there 'cause it's hot there and we're going to there drink some tequila that interview with dan patrick was brought to you by bird dogs i'm wearing my bird dog shorts right now pft you're wearing your bird dog shorts right now bird dog has the best shorts in the world gym shorts with a built in silky soft inner liner so you don't have to wear underwear you can work out and then you can swim in them they drive faster than a bathing suit or you can actually do you can do absolutely nothing which i've done all day at then actually nothing in my bird dogs i also like birds go off script here i like bird dogs because they have zipper pockets on both sides you can keep your keys you can keep your phone there's nothing
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assistant gm john ricco said they expected perhaps to be just one start so hand foot and mouth disease the disease you get the kid or maybe in college for whatever you're doing in college just impressed with the mets ingenuity in their innovation finding different weird ways to get their starting pitchers injured at this point i i would be shocked if if to ground got bionic plague cholera might be coming back whatever like a fever or whatever whatever's out there they're going to they're going to get hi tix they're all have lyme disease like the mets and they all treated familiar over the weekend for basically three million dollars the same three billion dollars the mets so i'm gonna say syndergaard is hurt not injured but the mets as a whole are injured not her okay yeah i i can deal with that what have what would happen if we did that like an f m k for you hand foot and mouth in
i think you have to foot the mouth no i would marry them out the mouth is versatile i'd probably thought the mouth not hands now i'd the hand i think we can all agree you kill the foot right you kill the foot but what about the hand can can feed you too you're soaking your mouth but if if you don't have a mouth and what you're going to feed well no are you saying the person you're the i was and the person you get to have one you have to get to have the other person to have one for the rest your life yeah they're saying when you get to have one yeah no yours makes more sense because you'd be your own mouth i know i'm i'm going to marry marilyn manson yeah marilyn manson that can ever get i'm gonna marry the mouse i'm gonna the hand and which i've i have experience with that and it's not bad yeah i get rid of the foot
okay that by the way the mets like i actually started to feel bad for the mets and i can't believe they went to the world series like three years ago whatever it was because everything that they've everything has just fallen apart and the wilpons are like that most people in the world so mets fans we need to start doing that like you know how they have like jerk of the week our sympathy of the week for mets fans i feel bad for you guys yeah condescending sympathy of the week though yeah right i'm looking down at you but i also feel bad for you yeah like like bless your hearts mets fans yeah it's okay it's yeah you poor things can we predict the next injury that's going to happen to like a mets starter is going to be i want to see get weirder like legionnaires' disease do they have that did somebody get that what about what's the disease that all the all the english people have because they check hemophilia
the grounds get him feeley in just our bleeding from every part of his body everywhere fish i like that yeah yeah because all the all the english royal family just each other like their cousins and everything blue blood in their blood yeah their blood their skin just becomes like translucent and you can it's like a it's like a spoiled fruit he just kind of looking put your finger right through them the owners is real it's a i thought i thought i heard somebody in baseball it get that a couple years ago i forget well fact check okay yeah no we won't but yeah that's uh i agree with you all we gotta do take a serious turn here thoughts and prayers real thoughts and prayers for tony sparano will tragically passed away he was the vikings offensive line coach as football guys tony sparano was one of our favorites you remember him because he always wearing sunglasses he always badass and he revolutionized the nfl with ronnie brown in the wildcats while he made ronnie brown an elite quarterback for awhile
not like sometimes it's going to run the ball sometimes it's going to pass the ball he's usually run but sometimes you would pass it to now yeah but yeah i'll run it though that year where they went like nine and seven i think they went from winning one game to winning nine games because parado came in and said fuck it we're going to boiled down your throat and every now and again ronnie brown's going throw past because i don't have a quarterback and it it was actually a really entertaining offensive system that you put in he did seem football guy anyone that wears sunglasses indoors is going to have a big piece of my heart and he was a guy that but even after that didn't work out for me stuck around the league and got all sorts of just because he was obviously like a very very good offensive line coach and you saw a lot of a lot of players like being very very broken up about this one because yes it happened out of nowhere and two because he made a lot of actions around the league so yeah real genuine thoughts
as to the the sopranos and and really everyone that that that interacted with them yeah little the football world lost a good one today so we have next up a bad visual or no sir yeah it's a bad visual for bruce fans so josh hater we talked about last week he had the very problematic tweets he are to credit he did apologize and own up to it like there wasn't any i was hacked or you know there's a million different things that someone could say in that situation that wouldn't like wouldn't be just standing in front of me and in like i screwed up so and it seems like his teammates had his back what we didn't expect was a standing ovation on his first appearance back in milwaukee that's a weird like there's the problem is i think people get lost in like a little bit the new out there like well they're supporting someone who needs a second chance yes i'm a big
second chance guy and if you remember when we were talking about last week i was like you shouldn't like banned someone for uh you know having bad tweets seven years ago but probably also shouldn't give him a standing ovation standing ovation with such a weird move i i have no idea what like these he battled back from saying the n word on twitter like that that's is it true redemption story that that were applauding here like i don't get it like it made no sense i get that you want to support your guy but it seems like they're like spencer like circling the wagons around their guy because the media was coming down on or whatever that's that's a really weird hill to die on very strange i the only thing i will say in defense of brewers fans is it could have just been like the front row because you know what because when you're stand when you're at a baseball game in the front row stands up in the second row i stand up and then it just a domino effect so we need to find that we need to go look at the foot foot as you all twenty two will be like was it just the first row
set up maybe with josh hader's family and then it just became a domino effect all the way through but i'm probably going to get they just gave him a standing i'm going to guess they just were like hey this is our guy and he's been in turmoil so we're going to give him a bunch of support is it a tough week yeah it was really really strange like or maybe they were just applauding the fact that he's he's gone now four days without being involved in a racist scandal so like he is he's the cal ripken junior of josh there's is not saying anything it's twitter new street baby streak started zero street go start somewhere i have a stay woke for you michael beasley sign with laser school bees okay so stay woke is lebron is now just putting together the all blame team he has put together the greatest blame team of all time jabel mcgee lance stephenson ron so and michael beasley lebron james has no
mentions of winning next year he just has intentions of making sure no one blames him and he is now put together the almost like literally a super team of people that can be made fun of on twitter so that forget about lebron james he is the scapegoat yeah nickname for lebron it is that's what he is i put that one right now so yeah turn the fucking t shirts scapegoat if you if we have a like if you if you had to put together a team of guys that everyone can look at and be like oh a that's a bad teammate or that guy speak j r smith is the only one missing from this team and swiping it's literally the greatest team ever assembled if your intention is to wait till two thousand and nineteen site sign quite leonard but have no one blame you for two thousand and eighteen suck you you have lonzo and bar yeah i'm racking my brain right now to find anybody else in the league maybe maybe jeremy white
dwight howard would also white house right how're rick rick we had great chemistry in training camp that we brought to light howard and he ripped us apart yeah which six still could i feel like they could still get dwight howard to be like he had white hot like maybe they will in the first few games and they bring it dwight howard just to take it over the top to make sure that no one blames lebron for two eighteen sucking god is it is possibly the funniest team in history basketball for every question that i will be a fight there will be a fight by october i don't think they're either training camp or the first game yeah those guys really israel has a leg stevenson probably around easily yet these old down so i think these leaves ross all the time to listen listen it's a mexican standoff it's going to be rondo
stevenson in love our ball just like all just like pointing fist at each other's faces back i'll do it i'll do it it's it's absolutely gonna have to be so probably just behind the corner but you know yeah she like what's going on and then the using those long nba anymore yeah he'll walk in and get like a straight like someone like rhonda will throw a punch at levar miss him 'cause of ours is superior athlete and has great hand eye coordination and punch beasley in the face and then busy will be out for the year don't hope this happens but i mean it would be great story of lavar ball killed rajon rondo i really want to set you don't want it i want to enforce that i don't want it to happen don't but as you not want as journalists that route for the story were kind of obligated to root for that to happen i actually to say maybe the reverse it would be funny if it funnier of rondo killed of our ball yeah i agree yeah yeah that i c i i actual root for that to happen out but i don't think that lavar ball can be killed true the only person who can fill
kill of our ball from from one thousand nine hundred and ninety two when he was the best athlete in the world so he's good someone finds a time traveling machine the ball on the james congratulates past lebron on future lebron's accomplishments levar ball i in time to talk shit to his younger self who will eventually kill him yes right last up we have a spin zone from u yeah so i hot tips in the dm's last after we reported on the jimmy garoppolo story and and the rampant i don't say shaming it it shouldn't even be counted slutshaming the man went on a date with respectable young lady and people on the internet attacked him for it and i got i got a hot tip coming in that said that actually the porn star won an auction already auction to spend an evening with jimmy jimmy grappa low so
he was saving kids lives by taking the porn star on a date i don't know if this is true or not in fact it sounds exactly like something that you would make up to tell your girlfriend if you got caught going on a date with porn star but i'm not saying that's what happened i think that would actually happened was the pornstar paid you know couple grand problem for for a nice evening out on the town with a nice young quarterback i i buy this one percent and if i if it's not true again reiterate love love who you want to love your heart the heart wants what the heart wants but i yeah jimmy was just giving back to charity so i did it would be a real shame if any of us got caught up in one of these charity events that would take out a porn star i love kids hate yeah i would hate to see that happen to us yeah yeah if you're pornstar another a few view you that listen to show if you want to throw up couple one hundred dollars liam can go on a date will set up a date with bubba
yeah we'll set up a date this actually is up there with the guy the girl we saw in washington dc who said that her fiance's you know told him that she he was out tonight because the mlb all star game was most important game of the year that's right up there like it is you got it can't basically mlb all star game all right that is our show we will see everyone wins we have phil hughes in studio and get excited friday is it a keys love you guys
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