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2017-10-25 | 🔗

The death of Barstool Van Talk. The guys talk about what went wrong with their ESPN2 show that was cancelled on Monday night. What they would have done differently and what the future holds (2:20 - 29:24). NBC Sports Dan Patrick joined the show as the second and last guest of Barstool Van Talk. We talked about his career at ESPN and pitched him bad Adam Sandler movies that we think should be greenlit (29:24 - 64:55). Segments include Talking Baseball, Uhh Ya Think for Markelle Fultz's injury, bad sports town for Austin Texas, and Guys on Chicks. 

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on today's part of my take we have dan patrick in vinnie woodhead we also talk about barstool van talk and its demise on monday night and have a little guys on chicks for every morning tuesday morning monday night it demise is monday night yeah before we get to all of that won't talk to you guys about pellet on our friends appellate on pft and i have pellet on bikes we've been cycling in our homes we don't live together or separate homes would both have bike so we're definitely cycling were cycling fish barry bonds cycling masterminds with the pallet on bike palatine is a cutting edge indoor cycling bike that brings live studio classes right to your home no worrying about fitting classes and busy schedules are making it to a studio with a crazy commute new classes are added everyday variety of workouts to choose from forty five minutes twenty minute burns i like to do that you can get classes led by
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john pike purchase get a great workout home anytime you want go to one peloton dot com use the code p m c and get started today let's go one of my is wednesday october twenty fifth part of my two
take is not affiliated with any of the following programs baseball today bass center college basketball's greatest games college football's greatest games espn hollywood mls extra time nascar now nations business today nhl tonight or pm tonight tonight speedweeks sports night tri trifecta called pizza the fantasy show jim rome is burning olbermann outside the lines nightly quite frankly with stephen a smith sports night talk to unscripted with chris conley up close two minutes
the all american battle the gridiron stars big borrowing deal bill walton strange long strange trip on bonds on bonds bound for glory the bronx is burning cheap seats the contender the bronx is burning to dream job free agent i do anything it's the shoes night school the life nine for nine playmakers the bronx is burning three shaquille stop the schwab teammates tell t s p arena football monday yes paean day game espn national hockey night yes paean speed world mls soccer saturday nascar e s p n sunday night football thursday night baseball tuesday night fights indy car series on espn and body shaping and and barstool van talk so that is all the programs we are no longer affiliated with we start like we did it
months ago when we first got cease and desist did by espn for using part my take is a name we use that exact same intro to make everyone know that we are not affiliated with espn and again today is october twenty fifth and we are not affiliated with espn history repeats itself and so unfortunate we learned nothing from the past we wanted talk to you guys when you get serious for a little bit at the beginning oh wait before we do that can i make quick joke it is long as rick pitino an italian restaurant that's good we're going to get serious with you guys because we we really do this but you are as big a part of the show as we are and we feel like we want to share with you what happened because there's been a lot of stuff that's been written about us from a lot of different places some of it true some of it not true we wanted to give you kind of the background straight from the horse's mouth and kind of let you know how the process went with her frustrations were what we would change if we had to do it all over again what we wouldn't change but at the end of the day we
you got an episode on the air it's a cult classic yes we were joking earlier it's like a it's a miracle baby it's a baby that had it the cord around its neck in the wound and everything went wrong and the mother didn't have in china and they did a c section they try to take it out and they took it out and we'll try to work and yeah there's placenta everywhere and the dad when you eat that the dad will need to present a try to suck up with us with a strong it didn't work full service into sick yeah and the little baby was sick you got pneumonia in the first two days in the hospital and and he had a heart let's plan jimmy kimmel cried about it and like all sorts of stuff happened and we saved it we save this little baby and we took it out we walked down the street in a bald eagle came in snapchat ran right out of him then we get hit by a bus yes all right dallas we probably can for is right now let's reset our our one episode of barstool van talk that went on espn two last week the show has been canceled it was canceled by espn we're very just
pointed and i'd say it's a combination of disappointed heartbreak embarrassment i know embarrassment sounds ridiculous but it's something where like we were very excited and this whole process was never are dream to be on tv was never something that we have to be on tv it was something that was kind of presented to us and we thought it was gonna be a really cool opportunity to give if you guys more content different content so to have that kind of ripped from us it sucks it's there's no sugar coating it fucking sucks and i think there's some people to be blamed right but it sucks yeah there's some anger but to touch on what you said about embarrassment we're not embarrassed about the product we put out there were not embarrassed about what we did leading up to the show to try to get it on the air we're not embarrassed about anything that has to do with the content of the show it's mostly just the fact of like my mom called me yesterday i was like hey i heard your show got cancelled after one week that's kind of embarrassing
as a person that's not text messages but people just feeling bad for you exactly so but to reiterate would pick cats i don't feel bad for us we're going to be fine i guess i'll give a little context to how this all happened it started like what eight months in march espn erica and they said that they were interested in part of my take they have enjoyed our show the they sent a lot of their town over to us in the last year or so to do interviews and they wanted myself big cat and hank put together part of my take show and we kind of went back and forth it was a pretty cool thing to have this opportunity come see where he spins like hey we want you to television show sounds like a good opportunity to branch out a little bit and try something fun and i guess as the summer went on things got closer to actually happening in that's like two weeks or so the name inch got suggested from part of my take
to barstow van talk and i i'll do i'll be honest i was against the name change i thought part of my take made sense from a branding standpoint from what we've built right here to bring our audience over to to tell i thought it made all the sense of the world to keep the show's name as part of my dave felt otherwise and i think you you probably see it yeah so what i what i agree with dave on that point just because this was never a deal that was going to get us millions of dollars the deal was to get more eyeballs it was too you know partials never been on tv we did a comedy run central you know coming central ron does a four week ford you know episode special this was a twenty week deal we were supposed to be on espn two all the way to like late february so to get you know do balls to get people to fall in love with us i understood had to be had to be branded that way i think we all knew it was going to probably cause some problems but i
i understood it and you know we've been the summer months leading up been kind of storing ideas for this tv show that's why larry's pics it been live periscope we know last year they obviously were a little bit higher production a lot of our energy has been put into getting this show ready i i'll say i don't think we put any less energy in fact probably put more energy into the podcast the since the video stuff that i think was more focused on the upcoming tv show but yeah we disagree on that part about the name i just kind of saw that as as a pretty their sign that there was going to be some significant backlash and there was and so obviously everyone knows sam ponder if you do that stuff out it caused an entire shitstorm people be and the whole let's find what someone said in the past which for the record i think is bullshit i've said many things that i'm sure if you showed to me today i'd like probably not the best but i think more than anything
more than like one tweet or one word you said you should be judged by the totality of everything you you've done and i will stand by everything i've done at barstool i'll stand by the platform that it's given me i'll stand by the audience that i built none of that is changing i did listen obviously to the the pick of the dave and i did when he called her a slut that was zero it will looking back on it it was stupid and i i apologize for that word and apologize for laughing but i think the rest of the rate was kind of like that's because that's what we do you know we make fun of you know everything and we you know it was it was all kind of in context of what we do so when you take something from two thousand fourteen taken out ripped out of its context put in two thousand seventeen is things are not gonna great all the time but more than anything ponders tweets yourself yeah right right put that but but but at the other day i it people who would sucked was it became an entire controversy that we couldn't talk about
because the show was on thin ice and any word that we said could basically jeopardize it in all we cared about in this room was gay you guys the show so my sign on twitter some people but i go home and he doesn't want to say oh man oh man oh man he's trying to he's trying to play the politics i literally was just trying to make sure the show got out i don't think that you can stop using the term middle man dan i think because like what dave does to undercut me what you were doing at the time was actually just being like a good person because who didn't want to create a pylon you didn't want to i wanted to show you know you don't want to create a distraction you were you were doing the right thing at the time so like the yeah don't don't even worry about that so the point is looking back on it i think it was wrong the thing was wrong i think the the timing of sam ponder's tweet the grudges she held she had every we upset but
it's clear that it was it was put out there to undermine and cancel this show and it was clear that other people espn had the same exact motives and wanted to get this show cancelled and to those people who we all know who they are like i'll never forgive you and that's and and i really wish espn had you know stood tall on it because i think it was shity that they put us on and then they basically took us off when they knew that this all could come a come brewing they should just never on to begin with nothing is mismanaged from the beginning nothing changed between that tuesday that it got on the he ran the following monday when it was cancelled they should have not let the show go on there because on that tuesday that's when i'm kind of dave look back through sam's tweets so firing off some tweets that are reignited the controversy little bit and at that point espn had a meeting about two hours till till the show debuted and
the question was are we going to pull the show it was a very realistic possibility that the show is going to get cancelled and it was funny like at the time we all just kind of like drop what we're doing and just paced around the room started punching walls and the hank found out about in one slash two after that that gordon hayward broke his leg tragically and almost hang just fell on the ground and stayed on the ground we had our show is getting taken off the air yet but then that's twenty minutes hours so in retrospect i think that it probably would have been a good idea to just cancel the show at that point yeah an you know one thing and some because i like obviously this was in the works for a long time and i'm a skeptic i didn't think there was points i figured espn is going to have problems and cancel the show so i was expecting that all i was just so pissed that it happened two hours before the show
but it was even worse yeah then i think it was happening and yet over that hump yes and then go back to it not i woke up wednesday after the first show and for the first time in like six months i was like we got a show like we've got a show and you know the whole thing is been just a fucking draining draining week and it it's one of those things where i you know i probably in the moment i've i've i just like wrote in deleted a million tweets like i said we were just how to get a show to you guys and like dave is going to barstool is what it is people know what we are i don't i stand by what i've done at partial i stand by you know the the last five years i have there's no other platform that would let me do it like that's the thing like people keep saying you know we're selling out or like i
of doing what i do and i love doing it here and i love being able to be the person i am and i know that i will no other company would let me do that i think we we and you know hit every single note we could've hit we didn't fucking we didn't like just let something go or apologize when it could have been we could've been like hey we can get to a bigger thing and that's something we always say dave dave preaches warm reach the moon well that's what we're doing here we're trying to get to the moon and and this was part of getting the moon so to have it taken away socks and one other thing to it to the you know two or three people at espn that fought so hard to to keep us off the air if they had on there if they had no no no that fought so it can also yeah if they if they had spent any period of time listening to part of my take right reading the stuff you and i right it just it knowing what we're all about they would probably they would prob
he was ninety nine percent right that we in many think that we're a funny and they think that there was a talent show and they would think that it would be a really good thing to have on there as a as a breath of fresh air but instead they chose to go with just kind of like a lazy ignorant point of view about it and and kind of lump us in with something that somebody said it three years ago in like in just out of bounds ran that yes it sucks but has nothing to do with what we produce but here's here's one thing that i'll slightly discreet you i deserve to be locked in because i guess what my neck my hatred randall's parcel big cat i'm a working a parcel for five years i have helped build this company through like you know blow sweat and tears there's no you let me in because i am lumped in what i think we've gotten to and a point we've gotten too is like any other media company our voices should all you know
dave's voice in my voice or not the same we disagree on things many times i've publicly been you know like chastised from inside these walls for disagreeing with dave on erin andrews or you know sometimes people will like harass other people on twitter in the name of barstool and i've said that's fucking bullshit and it shouldn't happen i get astis for that from inside these walls but that's the point you if you know me if you listen to me you know the person i am and people who know that like they trust me they like what i do and and they want to see me succeed it's one of those things that people just look at it just knee jerk reaction they look at like two things and they're like okay these guys are the worst like lumber all together in like i said i am locked in a partial because i am partial but we have different voices like espn as different voice just like foxes different ways just like cnn has different voices we've got
point now where you should be able to say that because i like you know i maybe i don't agree with everything someone else at but i agree with everything you know i mean it's one of those things that we all should be able to to rise together on that i do want to say as much as i think espn mismanaged this i want to give a shout out free people who have had our backs throughout burke magnus who believe us i think still does believe in us and fought for us and tried to keep you know the show on air you know through and through we can't thank him enough because it's it's something that feels special to have someone really like i see these guys and i see something different and i know that they're going to like you know be able to the expectations i have for and he believed in us and we can't thank him enough
the powers that be at espn it got to a point where they couldn't handle the internal pressure like we said i think they probably should've seen it coming and they probably shouldn't even gone down that road but that you know let's say get that internal pressure there's not a lot they can do i also want to shout out our personal friend scott van pelt and ryen rusillo not to name drop but those guys have always had our back they've always been mentors they've always giving us advice they had on their shows scott back in february which is really the catalyst for all this i think right was when espn executive saw that we could pier on their airwaves without pissing ourselves and like throwing shit at the camera almost did yeah we came pretty close so our relationship with espn going forward not great i'm going to give it away uh you think it's not great but that doesn't mean that like we wouldn't have if if like rex ryan correct wanted to come on the show obviously we're going to interview restaurant because we want to deliver a good show to you guys you guys deserve top of the line
so if we can get him we're not going to be taking like just random people from espn to make them look cool honor honor airwaves spoke but if it's yeah it's like rex ryan jon gruden any of these naming our wish list yeah any of these guys there that we wanted to interview for awhile obviously we're going to go ahead and do exactly what i just said there are people if there are people out there who hate certain people have partial find their people out there hate certain people espn fine we have personal friends at espn there are a lot of good people at espn there a lot of people who had our back there people that we will continue to have on the show and continue to be friends with because guess what the world is too small to start throwing out friends because of a failed tv show but guess what you're like an elephant and you're not i'm not going to the people who are the people who actively tried to undermine this fuch them honestly just fuck them all because i know who they are they know who they are and like i said
they should have her back if they want to put a show on it sucks that they didn't sucks at this all didn't work out i'm pissed i'm angry but at the end of the day the numbers for themselves and we're going to be fine because talon turns out i know that sounds cocky i know that's kind of like patterson back but guess what when we get people who are like basically trying to sabotage everything we do we have a right just stand up and say that our numbers an what we do stands for itself and who we are as people stand for themselves and people should feel confident and comfortable working for us and i think there's a lot of people who are like that but the people who aren't the people who sabotages behind the scenes they can go fuck themselves were going to be good it wasn't a fat joke by the way when i said the only thing i do not forget to spin zone actually do forget about the spin zone is that you don't have to go in your one day week diet before show day so nice so on sunday nights you don't
to order burritos instead of chicken wings chinese food i also like just tell everyone like i'll admit it i was thinking about dying my hair because the gray the grazer getting going jet black and just be like what i don't notice anything different style just show up on their totally different yeah yeah so pretty good spins on there also i think you are pretty sure you get a tax break if you get fired so we can collect unemployment maybe we don't have to do we don't do our taxes so we also there's a second episode of barstool van talk at the last episode is like the clown that never cried or whatever that holocaust movie yeah it sounds like a real fun real rob so we can maybe try to sell it to martin shkreli oh see if he'll buy it for like two mill yeah we also can just make fun of ourselves it's like just another thing we can make fun of women i said we're going to make some shirts say you know like we
add an espn show and all we got was this lousy shirt yeah like that'll be good that'll be a fun gag i also we've done combined with the run now we've done one full week of television oh yes yeah that's i mean the rundown sucks that we did get picked up
you realize this is was hit twenty run episode like we're supposed to go to like end of february as a whole i'd be lying if i didn't say that there was a significant feeling of relief when it was canceled yes you we always talk about how awesome is a cancel plans is the best if like if my friend calls and is like hey i can't make dinner tonight i'm like sweet i'm gonna sit on my couch and watch meeting the sport i played three games madden today yeah what do you all right not to brag and so we get that hit of of of endorphins whatever we can't just small plans match in canceling a twenty week television show that you don't have to anymore it was pretty c span actually now that i'm thinking about espn if you're listening to this feel free to offer us another run of the shows and they just canceled again did we actually how does the least you could do is just keep cancelling or are we just keep getting that hi i'm chasing the dragon right now i need to start getting more tv shows cancelled because it is awesome i also google to what to do when you get fired okay so first thing this is i think a little what's up don't leave
don't leave yet just say there is not one of those job sites which one was but forget hank got fired and just didn't leave without number one is manage your emotions so we got we started taking gmo shots right away that was really good but yeah i drink a margarita and then it like nineteen bud lights i yeah we manage our emotions like dusty baker manages yeah in that sense of the word i got so high that i couldn't feel my face last night i actually did you guys watch wanted a football no a little there's a will there's a way call of duty add this like two minutes long does the best i i i i would i again no i actually like start to freak out because i thought like i had like was watching a movie it also in the eye rick i rewound because like we i gotta make sure was that really is what it was a minute long it was quite a day of emotions yes yes it was it you that jimmy v quote where like if you can laugh cry and come on the same day that the day yeah that's two out of three ain't bad yeah so yeah we like what else i got number two in the i number two don't burn bridges so did he
and from barstool say anything bad about espn so we're good yeah we're fine ok moving on it pick your battles was another one i kind of blame god so i don't know if if he's a powerful in may and i know people keep get mad at me too because like i i'll tell you to shout out to tyler are true weather's who's who's one of our best guys in a bar stool he changed my he's like they are the caddy shack like car when bill murray is like talking about his came with gandhi or not was a con here no you know it was gandhi no no what was it yeah he's a he's playing with his eminence no it wasn't connie those whatever the that guy the other guy some does not tell me what does it say you that you don't like me yeah stroking the dalai lama's compass advisory said all you have to do when you go on twitter every morning you just say i'm not here to argue and like i'm the last month i've just been like every time i one argument i'm not here to argue i'm not here to argue as no one wins in internet fight then no one will know you're talking about hold no one ever wins an internet fine i've learned that i've gotten in
i've gotten in many internet fights i've gotten in internet fights i regret over and over no one wins internet fight and then the last one is to start over so i got which is basically hitting the reset button on your brain so i started completely over last night yep i remember getting fired yeah i eat like four bowls of cereal this morning that count yeah i i was like in eternal sunshine of the spotless mind yeah you don't have to go to like a fancy doctor do that you just have to essentially sought your brain with i p a's yeah so okay so let's wrap this up we'll get to our interview with him also if you lose jobs blame bernie sanders yeah that's not a good way to the point that include that one so justin summation sucks we got canceled we couldn't we wish to he done a couple things differently but at the end of the day it was politics of our control i regret you know said i regret i regret like the select comment was wrong i regret that but but for the most part i'm sure if you point it out to something in the past i probably would cringe
couple things and i've made mistakes but all of them and it's funny i think you were saying like this whole game now of people just pulling up old tweets like no one wins act you we all said she thinks as long as you just admit like because you don't try to like hypocritically go after everyone and white night which i don't think i've ever done like we all we've all said she thinks i'll old anything i've said she and if you just judge someone by the totality of everything they've done i feel pretty confident in what we've done there was a wise man said judge not lest ye be judged there we go jj watt so the future apartment they were kick yeah we're just like i said we we were like a a couple they got separated for a minute and now we're gonna try to like re fall in love for rekindling this relationship new positions yeah we got a new segment we got some odd got we got some a list of some of our like
really really interviews that we really want to do that maybe will go travel the next couple months i'm going to travel the world but go see what a europe you know who fuck anything you want go you're going to do i'm going to guarantee it yeah we're going to do let's do a follow their doing their view before new years we will do a full airport also if you have a cult classic that's the exact same things in a call we great yeah it was one week show all we need we need a we need a festival every summer we're forced to vent talk festival where they just play the first episode over and over and everyone dresses up like us there should be a clue now how do you how spike tv does bar rescue marathon sunday yeah well people are hung over we should just find a channel like i don't know despite yes my tv browser true tv yeah just replay burst of and talk episode one over and over and get those ratings up get up to like
eighty eight thousand and fifty total views all right let's get to our interview with dan patrick and we have a little quick nugget to with polly paps are good friend before we get to all that won't talk to you guys about our sponsor lisa lisa sponsoring larry the goldfish who by the way i think larries like eight and two in his last ten years on the heater is hot also real quick before we get into this let's give oz add time well let's do because we have the rat pick oh yeah so we actually did go out and we went back to the rat del rio who is one on the year from barstool van talk we went back to him back when we thought that there was going to be a second show who do you pick up don't know will release it were released on thursday before stay tuned for retro default part of my take apart my taken will release that pic alright so lisa lisa is one of our favorite sponsors they sponsor larry the goldfish larries eight and two in his last ten and you i'm sleep on elisa you
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yes i'm very humble of you are you also hosts football night in america co host co host so the first question here is your back on espn you hold them back on espn once correct with van help with van pelt so does it feel like you're kind of like sneaking in the back door here because it's espn two it's one am and you're inside of the van what's it say about my career not not a lot drain sort of like you guys are moving up i feel like i'm moving now like the escalator were kind of meeting yes in the night yeah were high fiving see later as we're going towards the iceberg were going towards port i mean nobody watches at this time but you're still on that's where you tell people hey we work for yes beyond that it's like you can say that that's where it really doesn't matter the numbers that we get i wanna make a quick clerical correction here big cat said that we had dan patrick on today that's actually not true we have dan pew on the show today that's here is only in people really talk about that so michael
can you is why the alias what are you running from do you owe bob lee like some gambling debts what happened was i got hired at cnn and my boss at the time said you probably want to change your name an i said i thought he meant my first name because if you grow up with that name your used to whatever you somebody says to you so he said you might want to change your name and i just took my middle name patrick so are you now worried because justin pugh who is the line for the giants very very good lineman yeah he's going to bring the matter if he was better than i might bring it back we got it these okay place for the john shock shot at justin pugh yeah all right let's sorry about the wait he if he didn't put that on the list of questions that you guys sent to me had i saying like three now you've already said the gotcha we see now you said we don't know what to do you got we got you we got some gotcha i don't know that would there was a list of questions so here goes the other ones okay yeah all right
you're gonna go chronologically okay a guy typical espn yeah gotcha going up in the cincinnati area big red machine fan yeah pete rose should be in the whole thing yes don't no questions asked heroes in office yes even though you may they have gambled he says that he gambled only on his team if he once you open that door he did that as a manager as a baseball player put him in the whole thing don't let him hold a job so you're saying that he when he gets his plaque in the hall of fame in cooperstown it will not say manage just based on what we should say bet on baseball as a manager but you're putting them if if if you cheat in grad school i don't take away from your undergrad degree and that's the way i look at it with the they did something wrong as a manager now if you can prove the bed as a player then i wouldn't put him in office so how about a compromise why don't we just have his bust in the hall of fame just be an asterix i'm fine with that too
okay great okay i think i think was by the way i agree with you i do think pete rose should be in the hall of fame i think the dumbest thing that i think the baseball hall of fame does this more than any other hall of fame where they're just such the colors and at the end of the day it's a museum yeah to remember with the game if you're gonna deny that pete rose part of the game then i mean what it's the dumbest thing i've ever heard you can't write the history of baseball that people correct here's a really good question for you played high school basketball did you average more points than skip bayless is one point four yes i would have lit up skip bayless rule yeah do you think you're going around one one right now he's in good shape before shooting then i would steal his lunch money do you still play at all now you see just shoot i just put on a clinic using every day at work when was your game like in high school on just basically shot like so you were like this mellow stretch before i was a stretch one i'm so stressed
you're tall so what's the point guard you work yeah yeah i was magic before magic stripe over eighty still oh yeah yeah that's really yeah but everybody should shoot eighty percent from an actually i do so you're right yeah yeah everybody writes is a free throw yeah it's easy your big three point shooter i haven't question by me that's okay hold on that's okay all right the one on the list of questions you sports center the big show yes yes what point did you know that you were on to something that was gonna be revolutionary when management objected to what we were doing and because we we try to get away with stuff
like what you guys are doing now is what do we would try to embrace when we were doing it we would make fun of management we were trying to do things that was that were a little bit different because we didn't want to be like every other sports caster and we started to mock ourselves to mock other sportscasters but i was fortunate that i was with keith and he the most talented best team in ever had one she went on the air and you did live tv there was nobody better and he was afraid and i i think that that was part of the charmer attraction is we weren't afraid but we got yelled at we got threatened with their jobs one time but because of that you almost feel empowered right why they almost very he said we were full of ourselves we're calling sports under the big show but it was really mocking are so we don't know how many people were watching her and so we would just say it was a really big show letterman used to say that it sold and used to say that so we just make fun of ourselves and saying welcome to the big show is still
we called to be strolling singer yeah it's not really going to costco and you just take a bunch of the samples and you get a full meal at sampling did p diddy steel yes from standing noise sampled yeah you so we've vanilla ice queen that was actually yeah he had to pay for that he stole so because you got away with it it's not it's not stealing at it so the big show yeah why don't you take credit because this is not a coincidence paul wight the wrestler the big show he started his career one year after you started calling the big show so you should take credit for that i take credit for somebody taking credit for it
i don't do that yeah that one is gone thank you so much okay you have okay i'm glad that somebody has there's so many things are you dislike for five i know you did let's all talk at the same time okay i regret it i know i'm sorry you said get you say something but i forgot what we're talking about yeah the big show big yeah they should be mad that keith overman or the leather jacket before you i don't have a leather jacket i was glad that keith warren he's kind of bad boy yeah he started there he was kind of i only some i would have been dean martin his jerry lewis maybe he would have died earlier yeah but i would add my brother dies dean martin die oh yeah that sounds like a great but if you're going to go who had more fun jerry lewis or dean marten by the way dean martin underrated yeah
i'm sure your target audience underrated overrated underrated pants for you guys that i want this is plum so this is a serious question you get he starts this is sportscenter you start the big show yeah you know what's ahead yeah what was it like when you like woke up and you're like this is going to be a creative thing that i can play put everything in all my creative energy into because it's kind of something what we're doing right now where every day wake up and we're just excited to do it we have got the different no they didn't want us to do it so you guys are encouraged to do this you have the freedom to do it and that's it's fun but it almost helped us that we weren't allowed to do it we had a boss and he would walk into the newsroom and he would greet us by saying hello everybody in the newsroom so we we still laugh about it because he would just walk out of his office and go hello so i
or it might have been jerry dibs in ski with the indians who had a ball go through his legs and overman said hello so he's mocking our boss on the air in a guy commits an error now fifteen people knew it but it was so funny her inside and that's what we had to do we had so many inside jokes i like the rest i don't know that by the way the berman impersonations yes pretty good pretty good that's one of those things where people get confused and think it's almost mocking but its reference because we are of the age where chris berman and you an easy the vessel i like guy ever you were our sports growing berman was the best highlight guy at what he he did when he did it it was it was revolutionary controversial an the fact that he had the guts to do it and continue to do it it look you can't build espn with
kim tommy's and bubbly how many shirts would he go through in a day some stress chris would wear short sleeve shirts not many guys wear short sleeve shirts anymore with the time and so he would go through the shirts and i think you should go through right right well hill street blues and he would have a big jug of diet soda and he would go he'd schmitz you you talk about inside jokes on the big show sportscenter yeah one of your jokes dick trickle yes what's a joke there why it was a nascar driver and he always finish last ok so with his name is dick trickle tech trick yeah there's yeah i don't get it why would tell me the heart what's where's the joke there knowing maybe son that's funny microsoft work yeah very wow yeah why is it solved more cannot like junior or freshman
can freshman would be a little jerry seinfeld resting on your hands or do you think yeah yeah so you're saying so you're saying that the dicks are funny are you guys like turning on me right now i'm just playing this wasn't on the list of questions data we haven't gone over one of the questions you guys sent we're not turning on you we've always had you know the dick isn't funny the trickle is funny ok yeah there you go yeah i like my jokes explained to me they're funnier than your fire damage i should have listened to van pelt when he said don't do this or you got an error
by the way you're you know i got over you guys don't touch that was in the right way p if he's got some hairy arms yeah just to the ticket i know okay all writing research good it's good did you learn how to from keith olbermann no home no keith could do it he was a professional i had to work towards that goal yes i'm so you actually you did major in broadcast journalism no it was communication okay wikipedia sometime correct so i'll skip this question passes you again ok so moving onto another question that wasn't submitted go ahead post espn career so we have done one show on espn two we already think we're probably the best thing ever where are you trying to like plot our next move like you did on tuesday night at one o'clock there's not a better actually the morning yeah it's wednesday morning tuesday night well west coast is ten am to seven nine west coast yeah that be to that yeah wednesday more
is a afternoon ending when you wake up on tuesday coursing do you watch the show yes that's what we've been telling okay that's the five year old thing right okay leaving espn yes how much of that like how it like your your thought process your reservations re like this is a huge mistake you have moments where you we talk about the sunday scary's sunday night you wake up and you're like them in a sweat you know like i gotta go back to work did you have that when leaving like this are huge they won't question it is i like to do that right now you gotta keep them short here we again i'll try to get there let me help you know no yeah how nervous were you when you left how nervous for you when you left yes the question became a very good question and concise are very nervous because you nobody leaves yes unless you're told to leave leave
but at the time i thought i had outgrown them or they'd outgrown main an obvious done after eighteen years and i just wanted to do something that was more reflective of my personality called poly pabst and i said paulie i'm leaving and he's like oh boy i said yeah i said let's try to start a radio show and then he i said we gotta recruit some people got fritzi to join us seton o'connor joined us mclovin about nine months later and then you're in my attic going to show you deserve who's coming with me yes my grandma always was renee zellweger yes fish fred c for it's the gold third sees the goldfish value but he's great was a little cute kid make love in the seat and saying this is that you think is a little cute kit australia really spread your wings you move way out from home and you're like twenty miles away from espn you're not really you have an escape the mother ship you're like an exile in napoleon poll still think i belong
no like i love you on espn i watch every morning i haven't been there in ten years why don't you just like cut the cord entirely and move like forty miles away get all the way to stamford yeah branch out see the world that would have dramatic moves like that would have been too much difference i like there's an umbilical cord still attached either whether i like it or not yeah i have great memories there's great people work there and you know i wouldn't be doing this without it so i i i'm i'm thanks so you talk and plan nice you talk about the tenants yes i think it's unique that you have a show where you let your producers be part of the show on screen what what it was that just something that was natural or you like i need some help here no it i
to have fun i want to have a conversation that you were allowed to listen in on the conversation you were eavesdropping you at a studio audience that was responding to you and everybody had a different personality and to be able to capture like for cheese personality is like larry david on curb your enthusiasm make love in tonight be lee get educated guy polly and seton just i have it at certain sensibility about them and i just wanted to bring that in so it was more i don't nobody wants to listen to one voice mail i mean if one of you guys did this it would be the same great now but to annoying boy this is better than one are you do you like jim rome and you just go to zero we got a huge show today actually stretches to show up yeah really long as it's like double speed and it's three hundred and sixty three hours yeah big big save it right take your calls here in the jungle
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absolutely what was the point was the point where you're like you know what i'm big enough where i don't have to listen i trust me i got nothing out of it now if somebody said that i trusted that hey that didn't work or you should try this or you could do better if you did this then i'd listen the other people you know there's no there's nothing good it's rarely good when you go on twitter or you listen to those people i always read fan mail from the bottom up because i got one today that said you right wing s o something something and then i went up i should read from the bottom up right and then i hate you and he his name so i wonder if i would yeah he was
i would have gone i hate you when he signed his name then i'd have to go up there so when you started this show how long did it take you to kind of be secure that you made the right move oh boy we're already planning our exit from espn so well help us know what to expect when we leave you guys in the dust but see what you guys did is that you start and then you hope that people are attracted to it by word amount that they hear about it and that's when you get that groundswell that's really empowering and that's what's happened with the show and even the website but we were doing sportscenter time when there's no social media so i had a appointment viewing you didn't what the scores were you may see the highlights still we had you at eleven o'clock eastern we were we were very fortunate with them i don't know if i got to a point when i started going there show because we almost missed a role one time when me for
started i had the whites in the den and certainly polly polly new we're in trouble and you know he he did say are we okay and i said no we're not once we got past that direct tv bodice and then putting cameras and i said i got it old dance studio that said you know had been using twenty years and card can we put it in and can i put in basketball hoop in a bar in a golf simulator or cameras and all that then i felt a lot more secure after you sold out pretty much she got it but did you guys sell out well yeah you did we don't know but you sold out by going on espn and i think that's asking too but you should know but if you get on the cool one not really not anymore and nobody does any of that van pelt did that nobody knows anything we weren't allowed i'm talking over you i'm sorry to have to
i'm just going to say that the biggest fan too nobody does the us into anymore van pelt so you're only going back now it's no it's back now if you go if you go home if you like it let us know non oma or don't know if you guys go to espn's watch this do the two fingers just do it just put it put your fingers no no no i know what that is yeah yeah that's great yeah i got it you know but if you go to espn then you sold out woo like big cat says we've mastered we've messed with the art of out but we haven't sold because i don't have any money yeah we're still working on making some money yeah this
we're not good at tv we don't know where to look shoes there's a camera and then what are you rolling yet we're always started were burning right ready three two one times now welcome dan patrick on oh here's a good question actually it's not even a question you submit this one you were in water boy yes i was fun fact about water boy that was the first movie i went to where i felt that my girlfriend at the time's boobs so we were just making out and i was touching her boots and water boy didn't even watch the movie i don't even know if you were in it no i i was a question i played myself did you know that i was touch id as well watching i did way back in nineteen ninety eight when you read it where you like this is going to be very erotic for eighth graders yes
no like how do you how do you get to a moment where you well you're not even watching the movie that's why you didn't like doo doo doo aren't like shoulder not we were in the back just like i had my hands up the thing where you at it like a driver no it's just not many people saw waterboy you guys ever go diamond pretty open you should be able to drive their cars drive in which like stealing i mean that's where you wanted to go for a date date based sports night off of you and keith yeah were you the cute one yeah absolutely which was peter krasik rowsey is that the guy from six feet under yeah the other yeah that's the good looking guy so you were the old fuddy duddy one that nobody want to hang out because she was kind of boring but good looking not ended the uh let's see compliment you know this is a compliment to you
are you have age gracefully and i mean that in that i think in the media business is very on the gray all the glory days foley's i would know what are you do look like we were saying before the show started you do look like the guy who's sitting with a glass of orange juice and is nice house and his wife walks and like honey how we plan for retirement and then it's like he's like rental retirement and that's you help me to put you are that i you age gracefully in the fact that in this media business sports media is a young man's game and you still have a very popular show and a lot of stuff is this the wrap up no how long quiz sitting down what's the key to winning great too one wants to keep the aging gracefully well you know sometimes i feel like the guy the kitchen table
in my robe drinking orange juice and i'm saying to my wife hey what about retirement honey but then i've been to a show where we talk about pop culture and haven't fallen relating to eighteen to forty nine year old male's favorite future song um i don't know if i don't know if you all i know is anything out he's a handsome guy people like i wills yeah i know he's being in the atlanta community russian is the ro that's in and see our own you know pretty yeah i had a baby with him yes yeah when you choose yes future future future yeah the present now being raised by right nikolas child present instead if you like he's future but listen you can ask us like okay my bad ok but could barely figure out when this show air yes it's on tuesday night wednesday morning at
one at one hundred am on the real question ok what's your biggest regret walking into this fucking van besides that haircut which i think is regret oh you within tonya harding hairdo and you're going to say something about maine are you kidding maine no is your is your barber blind what's your biggest regret
in do you wish you love the a spencer no because it happened for a reason you know by i got fired when i tell you it's it's yeah i got kicked out the door all i know i don't i don't look back with regret with anything with espn i don't i was very lucky because i probably would have hired me if i would see a scam but they gave me an opportunity so now i don't i i don't have regrets okay so we we like to grab headlines on the show okay so how many more years are you under the miniature mr
because i was in rome on two three maybe three three four okay maybe four five five maybe five i don't know i don't know maybe six no no snow there is a five five no remorse for years your favorite interview too many it's you who's ever honest is the one i like talking to because i don't want to waste the audience's time i want somebody to tell you something that you wouldn't hear will ferrell's great barclays grades the i mean there's fifteen that i could probably rattle off what about matt harvey matt harvey was the most that's not the most challenging one bit that's when he was challenged tonya harding okay tonya harding was bad because she didn't want to talk about what happened with nancy kerrigan and she want to talk about religion
and we are moving forward and at one point she gave the phone to her agent who said paul wants to talk to you and paul goes what's going on here and i go i'm doing an interview paul i got off the phone i want to talk to tonya harding and now there's a new movie tonya harding have you seen margot robbie she's in a new she's tonya harding tonya harding looks great i'm going to watch this market looks great margot robbie okay let's work with no we're gonna and where to get to the fun part of this interview just when the kids the first graders yes okay i will do that for you when you're not rushing through your venture which is rather do not rush form russia okay what about right we do not rush wars we have three not rush for for you know get the first one mount rushmore of catch phrase okay is berman's ii yes i get is that a catch restaurants is indecipherable almost intended to me and taylor
this guys guys power tools and i gotta put in stuart scotts boo absolutely i'll slip in in play and that's pretty arrogant of is what's even more arrogant i'm gonna throw in the with two yeah yeah there's a rush more question for info waco is that like inflammable we're in for a government to same thing is if we go well once on fire and one would be the pharmacist like five aaron and on fire like somebody is on fire could you bring the ok no no ok will just say it then we were going to let you on fire we actually work but they would let it take out a lighter and try to let you on fire
have i forgot it we're going to try to have an extinguisher we're going to try to let you on fire and that was the question that was asked so like we don't have an extinguisher we said what does it matter if you did you could do that if you have an extinguisher that would be funny fire yeah ok mount rushmore of people keith olbermann has missed it was going to be a long list whether it's only room for four people management all of management yeah yeah yeah the new punk rock yeah yeah but you don't want he wasn't afraid of 'em i i know that people have an opinion and maybe it's a negative opinion with keith but man he wasn't afraid and back then it was easy to be afraid 'cause espn bought those four letters are
more than anybody there right and keith was not afraid of manage name on the front there's not the back yeah yeah okay so to or just a management server management gotcha you know i name names okay there were people that wanted a piece a key moneyline did you ever get into a fistfight at espn he did not not not that i'm aware of it kind of no mount rushmore of sporting events attended oh there are too many i've i mean there's like was there when bill buckner the ball goes through his legs i was there when you same bolt one in london as our sporting event it struck a failed track and field to start it is exported no it is it's a means of getting around forty you see us alpha guys morning sports what do you plan everything why madden i'm three in one madden this year my best sport is arguing about sports yeah
so we have you know what's our is archery no that's just his bowling that's just a salt is billiards no no that's just something you do when you're drunk and you wanna pass bowling pulling yes well you know this is hard sport thought so you were rumored to maybe take bob barker's place on the price is right yes is it did you not get the job because you of when dogs have testicles no i was not going to spay and neuter my animals but bob said if i got the job i had to do that so why do you turn down because i didn't i still wanted to do sports but this was san antonio well they do the putting challenge thing
yeah yeah include code yeah let's say i don't have nothing worse were constructed yeah i wanted to do sports i was in san antonio the knicks were playing san antonio in the finals and i remember they were gonna build a set in san antonio for me to audition and i thought there really but they would tell me the salary they said we'll tell you the salary when you get the job and then i realized what drew carey's getting paid i should have taken that job shouldn't take that check up they built they were going to say we're going to build a sense because you were just going to be in town for like a weekend or the nba finals like will build you a said they wanted to see me on the set they said you have the job can we put
bill said we want to see you want to set and then i said how much my get paid and they didn't they said you take the job will tell you i think they just wanted you to guess how much you're going i would have i would not have gone over not not as much as he's getting all right now it was funny though thank him list servers very calm no there are not enough in knowledge i know i can get out in a second i can get out all right now is better you are you are question i mean
do we have to work it like i'm just trying to get up on your man's pride was touching my no no no come on alright we're almost done questions from a first grader we have two first one goes from i like how you have two because it's the dues everything is two around here this is from dakota in mrs choices first grade class she wants to know he wants to know sorry dakota is the sun hot and since lego well if it's hot then how come outer space cold what you said there were gonna be getting like that was just following you said there were going to be a kind of question i'm asking i could ask you but then you can ask me to ask you i didn't think to code and should go ask your parents okay are you babies come from store start getting the china for philippine
individual yes yes are all right this one is waiting room give you can go to send them to co write this one's from tommy he says hi to code a family i'm listening tom he said that was decent you could have knowledge that pfd let me don't do it like a courtesy it's not as good as my jokes but no you're good you're good tommy at one in the morning five till two can i get the hell outta here work away work you keep a filibuster ok alright tommy s hi dan i'm six years old i love football night in america and i was wondering it's not even on their your long is up how often you and the guys joke about bob costas because i actually taller than him as from six year old tommy this is no common
that's no comment ok professional comic book that wasn't a question i thought i might know it did not i mean i did i'm six years old i love football night in america guys joke bobcats ok ok ok how often you do that very last alot very last game we're going to play then will let you out i probably almost done you start i think you are the star of number of adam sandler movies your friends with adam sandler we want to pitch you some adam sandler movie ideas and you tell us if you think you would make them you ready ok alright first one it's you know the movie this is forty good appetite right so this is the sequel it's called this is far tea and adam sandler plays doctor peter you
dr peter p ill and he is a millionaire proc colleges in la so we help several with flatulence and then emily roger kowski serra she plays sarah comes in one day and doctor p u is taken away from her brains and beauty what the catch is she has the deadliest gas of all time she has the smelly as far as ever so the rest of the movies adam sandler trying to figure out if you can make this relationship work even though she has the worst gas ever and it's starring adam sandler david
hey rob schneider chris rock cameos from kevin farley kevin james will ferrell and you okay i like it too many make you know i love it the floods during morning all up to that one it's kind of long same lines but it's just she's a gynecologist as gold a quick listen seattle starring rob schneider kevin james shack the guy from grandma's boy chris rock david spade and you own a cameo from kevin hart they give you a quick listen see i
yeah yeah but don't you have to have meg ryan at least let me do this let's make it not seattle let's make it like a hawaii and we can fly everyone out there for six months functions like that just do it that way like that ok next movie this one it's kind of use it over two movies dot two movies that was once again stop motion you got me you got me this was like a cartoon stop motion claymation type link to top because i think yours was better quickly we didn't work together we do these together all you do yeah weezer weezer comma yeah yeah i got it yes no we keep going on start over right i'm gonna get the van pelt bill used air conditioning plan okay okay okay so so it's gonna be great so the next movie can't on this one is the exact same plot as
okay yeah so it's old yeller yeah he's got a the whole time yeah so it's good and then we can actually make a sequel to that and it's dogs and all the dogs take and they're in the alaskan iditarod and their dogs and they're they're going to run yeah and now and starring david spade rocks a better iraq kevin farley kevin jingle for on you the rock rock rock is the voice of the dog you do the voice of the voters i like it wow that was a great day that that thing went by so quickly it only felt like thirty minutes that interview was brought to you by buffalo wild wings my personal favorite restaurant few things make me
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rex and rob ryan who phil jackson who were that's pretty good company yeah that's pretty fucking good maybe take fill out and he's kind of silly go fill out but definitely will keep jeff fisher in there we should just start carrying dogs through airports and looking sad let's go fishing in montana for awhile that just grow really long beard we talked about that so one thing that won't make the air is we went to quinnipiac university oh yeah last thursday and we actually gave a lecture to four hundred students there about the history of football guys in america is awesome we videotaped it was going to be great one of the things with jeff fisher
and how he's retired you like lives and heat wyoming or montana one of those it's like when the rectangle states that looks a lot like a football field and that's where coach's go after they get five is they live in a giant football shot out to all the ball the kids like four hundred kids a quinnipiac who watch our lecture and actually we said please don't treat anything out because we want to have it be a surprise our tv show and then that didn't happen sorry sorry this is yeah america your school home all right let's do some two two quick segments that will get two guys on checks we have talking baseball because there is other news so kind of took wave the world series world series started now and that was not on baseball to dot the dogs were playing kershaw is a monkey off his back i feel it's semi monthly update two things happened in the last two days that i've had to put my hand up and say that's on me one clean kershaw playoff kershaw's no longer thing socks i will i would love i love to laugh
in kirsha every october when i would put a moon shot three three you know rose up to three stands up three rows up isn't actually well that's a different matter so we're going in yeah it could be a moon shots which is it cuts that a cast cut to the chase i feel bad that i well no i don't feel bad it sucks that we can't make fun of clean kershaw anymore yes how the my other one is because once he's good and i for a long time city sucked and i was talking baseball yeah within you think we got so the philadelphia seventy sixers first round draft pick is hurt oh you think no duh so markelle fultz i don't know what they're they're updating him like it every five
and it's on twitter it seems like at first they drain they said they drained fluid it's called the strasburg where the results giving us the truth is probably just to put it just draining fluid is that the kids are calling these strasburg he's got he's got a sock on the training room door so he's drain some fluid in there and then they said that they were just getting an injection then they said that he can't lift his arm above his shoulder so i guess he can't salute the flag anymore so that's a problem or how hitler all right well that's true so just syndicate negating my firm america's first anti nazi yes nba player barthels at least he can't he can't show it yes i think
reporter this news first we did we broke this news the day before the nba draft saying that the philadelphia seventy sixers first pick was going to be injured at some point this season so credits are credits are as first reported by part of my takes so minus one of the day yeah first once a kershaw wrong marco faults right all right next up we have bad sports town who is this for that's sports on austin texas no fence austin my old stomping grounds love you but for two reasons number one texas coach tom herman he is mad
at the longhorn faithful because they're showing up too late for the games and so that's why they held oklahoma state to ten points regulation i'm going to take the side of the college students because as someone who also went to college could have been made and was may one thousand one hundred am is very early for a college student to wake up and get drunk again yeah it's central time zone yeah so like you have to do it that's an extra hour gonna be like you get like eight hundred o'clock that's too early it's awful it's awful no that's not on their fault they show up at halftime that's good and then the second bad sportsound austin texas they are currently in the midst of cooking the columbus crew they're trying to steal the crew which is not true talking soccer yeah on the trusted mls team and bring them down to austin texas hey we i've saved the crew i saw our good friend mark titus is trying to save the girl or is it yeah turn him for him to die i'm kind of on team austin on this one because
it's not like dude it's an original it's an original ten m ls team well so my history so look at it this way i record all deploy texas that's true that's in fact takes us already has a professional team it's the longhorns that's that's what they do that's their protein on saturdays you get one hundred thousand people in that stadium now you've got it's very unlike columbus to land in somebody else's property and just demand their subjugation yeah but awesome austin actually is kind of perfect because all those hippies in texas who like well like start wearing scarves and doing chance and ship but guess what will scarves it's a little hot for scrubs but they still will no state income tax so true true all right know how they make those those stupid cowboy hats out of like bud light cases he seemed like state fairs wait stupid they should just shows that you drink they should just do that with the scarves with soccer scarves yeah that's erroneous calling that stupid alright let's get two guys on chicks 'cause it's wednesday hey big cat
except in hank some why do girls go to the bathroom in groups they gritty's of the moon the moon has a lot to do with it yeah i think it's just a talk show it about us right yeah it's basically like that guys gross like when we go back out there just pretend you get a phone call from your mom so we can get the fuck outta here that's pretty much it do you wanna go there with other guys all the time yeah yeah i do it yeah we i love going to the bathroom with other dudes if anyone wants to share sync with me i'm falling down million dollar deals or close at the urinal yeah that's true when you
it's actually when you're taking a next another guy that's like all wall street basically all money that's moved in america is done well people well to really wait rich white guys have diarrhea in like a fifty second floor you know world you know whatever manhattan high rise yeah i saw the movie trading places right aces always whatever say using the one wall street yeah one of eddie murphy the two brothers just not it for us or the entire thing is are basically just taking a and ruining others other people's lives inside yeah yeah the boys and especially hank oh that's why i started secretly sleeping with my boyfriend's best friend i went to my boyfriend's college but he they found out i was secretly sleeping with his best friend so now i'm transferring to his best friend number two's college an idea they both still think i'm exclusive with each of them and now all their friends hate me does that make me crazy thanks
she's got it all together i think this girl has a master plan and she's executing its perfection and it's actually all the guys that are crazy yeah you know it's like the old saying make your mistakes young well do you know date two best friends young yeah we're sex positive podcast mistake is that you're secretly doing this well i know you be a lot less crazy if you were just like hey thanks for the sex i'm going to go over your best friend's house and we're going to do it in a different position your other mistake is transferring schools because anyone ever transfers for a relationship that relationship immediately breaks up like that just that that doesn't doesn't why don't be a weirdo who transfers for sex be a normal person who drives four and a half hours for site right exactly the lord as the chase of
will she be here well she had traffic will it be five hours she got it she got a speeding toward a diaper on well like that astronaut that drove from texas to florida so she have to stop to pee yeah do i have enough time to like eat this piece of pizza and then take a shitton of gas and then when you arrive your breath smells like doctor pepper mountain dew in combos yeah see that's that's a fun relationship smell when they walked through the door with a cracker crust peanut butter combo on her breath i know it's instant pot review that look yeah yeah fellas she walks in she walks like still smelled like it was already too much peanut butter she walks in the door smelling like bugles give you it would you do would you you eat you eat some bugles with her that's what you do you put him on your fingers fun fun little snack bay come over maine i can't i got work to do babe my room smells like beef jerky me
well like the kool aid man was so verbal me so sorry but come over sorry got got homework hey i just got just cracked open a two liter of mountain dew and the cool ranch doritos are flowing they just create instances guy crashing through window road trip food is the is the natural aphrodisiac get oysters at the hell out of here give me like that weird soften trail madison yes maybe you have the trail mix maybe some twizzlers soon gyms yeah maybe some mcdonald's french fries get the cold ones so when you pull up he hit me with your stuff your face with a few cold ones get that that's a nice you get into this smells fellas real talk you get into your girls car and you reach down between the seats and there's some stale french fries we had recovered and let you do will you do my nut yeah i need you and i eat it and then i'm not that much that might as well be the real nut button right there was grabbing those fries from the center console wow ok ok
subways so i saw the video you guys posted on twitter the one with the puppy and i thought to myself big cat actually super hot i've never noticed that or and then it hit me to the female mind does the presence of the dog actually make men harder yes i'm sorry court is never shows that we can keep it another thing alive it's a it's the paternal instinct you look at that you're like that guy would be a good dad because he's holding an animal and animal isn't dead yet 'cause you actually didn't watch the end of the video the dog died we can actually set up who said she was crawling under my eyes for some warmth christopher with her cousin question for my god god you look at all these shoes christian family did you kill kozak who choose chrome as fruits and wolf
hey can you see this approach us know ok that will not make sense anyone who hasn't for people who did see his rentals that was pmt doesn't classics pronto scene oh my god christopher cruel to my air hose for some warmth christopher did air let heroin and he sat on his little dog and killed it yeah but then he tried to say that across the news apps for warp dantoni like tony got mad at chris because he can't do jv intervention you can't do junk if you're going to be in the mafia they draw the line yeah you can kill their girlfriends but don't you dare put a needle in our greatest scene in surprise history intervention i walked in walked into bing one morning and i saw christopher and his hair was it his head was in the toilet and so it was a verse from where was a london yeah if i want to do to get come on don't have all my life a walk to the big one morning hey chris who was in the toilet and his head was in the toilet and he had some hair touching the toilet water disgusting i said my piece it was the whole thing i was intervention
can you guys explain the best way to apply makeup thanks guys absolutely not the lady doesn't take two hours what a guy really likes is for it to look like you don't have any make up on to like you look so pretty even without makeup and then the girl comes back and says i'm more a lot of make up right now you know who looks basically it's a classic normie move is a very very basic move for a guy to be like i think you're pretty without any makeup on yeah yeah so you guys got that shot his bag though i don't know go to the bathroom with your friends they'll figure it out halloween this weekend best costume for girls dress stop like part of my take yeah actually so we saw a number of these noises here this is a little bit of a fetish of yes yes we saw a lot of this last year and i don't know if it's wrong but i am really attracted to a woman that is dressed up as me it is like it is perfect gets me going
silly masturbation right yeah i don't know what that says about me but it's probably pretty good and ladies you don't have to do like the pillow underneath the shirt for me just wear like a bears hat with compromise right ok and i mean if you want if you want to make it realistic like at least put a little bit facial hair on understand for me this is now full on full blown finish yeah get the facial hair going no but the real answer is when it's cold outside and you're going to be walking around forty degrees just dress up like the michelin man so warm or like the one you are dressed as a ghost that was actually the best gospel i have i just wear regular clothes and put a sheet over my head so when is riley cooper city nope there's no point is a flat because my head top of my head all right last one
guys store pee in their balls yes where do girls store their stories in there but what's it over here oh yeah no that's good point yeah girls are like girls are like birds and mel kiper they poop and they pee out of the same time right and also that's why their booties popping because they got all their poop in their pee in there a lot of piston that those shakes kim kardashian that's why she walks around all weird cuz he's got be hit you the whole time does the real answer is their tummy a girl like oh i gotta pee and they hold their tummy is so cute and it's like you don't pee and then it's like let you give little pack and then they dress up like you oh well they might just wear groups that would make sense right it milks their milk milk lemonade it's how the single corner fudge is made there goes right that's our show see we're back we're hey yeah this is the good you missed out on folks milk milk lemonade round the corner fudge let me talking about how exactly we are to ourselves yes all right we have a full
unsurprise for friday everyone's going to be excited also some breaking news coming on friday we have any breaking so in the biz sometimes you have to embargo some news and so that's what we're doing we're being very professional capital j journalists and we're not going to say what the news is but trust me you're going to want to into friday's episode because it is huge love you guys
it's pardon my take presented by barstool sports
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