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Dana White, Mike O'Malley, And The NBA's Motel 6

2020-07-10 | 🔗
The NBA is attempting to come back and all the players are mad about their hotel/food. (2:30-10:04) College Football looks bleaker and bleaker by the second and the last hope could be just a conference schedule. (10:05-17:57) Fyre Fest of the week and Billy didn't understand what defund the police meant. (21:49-30:05) Dana White joins the show to talk about Fight Island UFC 251 on Saturday night, Super heavyweight divisions and we trolled him into anger. (31:12-44:58) Actor Mike O'Malley joins the show to talk about Nickelodeon GUTS, his acting career, coming back from failure and being a sports fan. (47:12-1:27:55) Segments include embrace debate (1:28:01-1:39:26) and documentary review of Home Game on Netflix. (1:39:27-1:45:47)
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Three to one on today's part? Am I take you literally just you proved, as saying through transaction of Zaire, I want. It is part of my take us great, dark heavily burdened into the mighty can't talk into as host reed is waning. The only thing you know like farming in someone's backs, who loves rice in December, would kick your ass. I will we have a great show. Today we have data White Fight island, maybe not really fight island, but its close enough to fight island. We also have an awesome, ah interview. With Michael Mally, one of those interviews where hey we? We don't know how you gonna go. We never talk to him and it turned out to be fucking great and great and have studio soon and reduce some awesome for charity? Maybe little agro, so listen up for that we have embassies coming back college football, probably being cancelled fire faster, the weak, embrace debate
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Is fry age July tenth, the broad James is treated just, left the crib head to head the bubble ship felt like I'm headed to do a bid. Man, that's true! You gotta get up. The biggest guy that you see the second tat you get her yes MIKE Tyson than our Dwight Howard yeah. We do that anyway. This is the news we have sports sort of coming back in the news is MBA players, letting everyone know how bad the bubble. Is we had Rondeau tweeting a picture of his hotel room that look like a very nice hotel room, called it a motel six. We had Troy Daniels, I'm not here for the motel six land or by the way I enjoy good motel sex. Get any no frills a moral ever went to guy. I like oh yeah. I know what I just like hotels in general
you just go in you get your runs hot shower, get that hot water going for like thirty minutes at a time, just keep it running the whole time, so we're Troy Daniels on and also someone else, I think, from the nets. I think Chris, who tweeted something from the nest as well I'm not sure who took from the net, but through the industry out his his meal, a meal that looked like it was it in their plane, trace, set up in front of him, and Well, I actually, when I read it out, like an african, looks pretty good. I mean it had ever yeah, I just my eyes- went directly to the fruit cup and then to that piece of bread that he had that looked like it was rock hard they could use to dislike, scrape stay Duff, a with I that was one of those moments where I had to take a step back, because Twitter was roasting, the meal and ours like weight, is seeking to eat all that connect.
Don't go on Twitter, don't go grocery shopping hungry and don't go on twitter hungry, but we have NBA players who is Joel. Embiid came got on a flight in a full hazmat suit. It's very funny. I think. It's got a sock because we now have the backlash the you guys get paid million dollars to play a kid sport and you're complaining about this will, and I agree to an extent that, like it's not is bad, add, as you probably making out seem well, probably does suck to have to go, live in fucking isolation, for It's also today's date, AIDS like. If we were going to live in a bubble, we would be tweeting elaborating videos, Yannick up our experience. We were also wrong about this. We thought that it was going to be like the socio limping where everybody goes in and they tweet out o my shower curtain in my bathroom is missing too hooks
if you're not walking down the hall, we had the Jimmy Kimmel starts its, not the journalists that are doing it. It's actually deplores the players. Have self deputized as Karen's actually want every and be a player should get a yelp account, and I want to read their yelp reviews of the hotel. After what is this, one of those situations urges basely trying to look for like pre sympathy, because they want everyone to know. I K were put in the country on her back you're playing sports, because I don't think anyone said it was. I assume that they had to go down there, but we also are like hey. They do get pay millions of dollars and I don't know it's not gonna. Be there Ruby living a motel sixes right right up there? Probably in decently,
Ok places, and now I was looking at random picture that he put up of his hotel and I was trying to fight. I was really like it was a picture hunt game trying to find out what he was mad about in his hotel, don't fuck with cat, I couldn't figure. I was like zooming in on it. I was like wait, there's gotta be something like that and listeners from Romania. I had no idea what would he was upset about that hotel or non that place looked like it was. It was better than my dorm room loud is better than any room that I've ever lived in until I was maybe like twenty eight years old, twenty nine years old. I think what were finding out too is just being a big players: Prague, pretty fuckin, sweet other ones, because Rond Opium, like this, a motel sexism or everyone else. We like I'll stay there there like they're, used to something a little different right, cuz they make millions of dollars and now they're in a bubble and they're going to get their complaints up. I'm fine with that. As we were talking earlier about Stephen, a Smith steak about how there aren't going to be any groupies inside the bubble, maybe there will be maybe there won't be? Is there going to be a weed guy in there
a problem in view. I think on waiters done, waiters he's not take a picture of his or tell room is go. Look like that picture of reality. Depths nightstand cap put online, as I don't forget, other get works that are there not could who are what the It's something sometimes you're way more in London me and I mean it. It's he likes to party We got Johnny Depp kind of look around there. I saw some awesome woke. You also asked me to set up a kind of with it. The other western glass, what is your license, turned upside down yap the licence was up to those who can see was the lines of weight he put his perch outer those narrow friends. Why exercise what the US with Johnny does for once I mean Johnny Depp. It would the minute he did
fear and moving LAS Vegas. He just became Huntress Thompson. There's no either not non writing version of Honduras Thompson using I'm just going to be a drug guy that does drugs altogether. He became Nicholas Cage and leaving LAS Vegas right he's issues boy. When memory played under us tonight right right, he became that ended. His method. Man do is always a great actor. I'm going to be this character for us, my life but yeah, I MBA players, eyes, feel like they have like a week to get all their complaints off, and then we can accept them, and then they'll probably be somewhat normalized. I I did that the traditional thing that they said to that they're, giving out those meals just for the first two days, and then it's like shafts fourthly, I saw no food. I saw picture of the near the came out. It was pretty good. It was like some nice, medium rare plus, saves a tributary sauce. It had some.
Europe, and there are some wild rice. I think you're stepping up either got him. Silver also is probably sound. A memo like hey guys, know more. This, like, let's, let's start reading out the good picture, yeah Lebron James definitely has his own wine cellar in their the indefinite has a sweet. That's just dedicated is beset it like fifty one too These two makes her his reds are nice and Chris by Sweetheart Hierarchy. I hope a little bit more comes out about tax. I am curious about tax, clear theirs in a hotel rooms on floors with normal rooms. There's gotta be sweeteners, hotels are players like Lebron, has to have a sweet well and like how mad is Rondo going to be well and also, I think, there's I actually am all in on complaints from players that don't have any chance of winning a title cuz this sucks for them like. If you are, on a team. That's like five! Six, seventy or even lower in the right in the seeds and you're like I have to live here and then get the chicken
gotta me by your Sir Lebrun. While I do that, put like your Rhonda, if you're Le Bron, if you're a contender you, though, because you're trying to win a title- and you probably can't yet remain- the nets- are just lucky to have anybody down that all laid aside Beazley on very go. Super cool bees is going down there. I love that. I, like big cats, take yesterday. You finally get on board the timetable. Bandwagon put TIM table on tv playing a sport. It doesn't matter if he's on the Mets or, if he's playing for the nets, people will to noon watched empty. But yes, or to put it like that in the nets are closer just having a tv team out there, just or tv teamed out there, they probably would do decent, they wouldn't get like Apsley destroyed, but ah the embryo coming back, I don't have any of this is work, and I guess that said to college football feels like we're in a bad spot fuck the ivy league. Again they started it. I know that in really started put as as they cancelled as like this,
gonna get. Everyone is the smartest guys in the room were like hey. We don't think it's than everyone else feels pressure. So we have the big ten the ace in the pact twelve have all either. All right said it or imply I did they're going to conference only schedule this year and I'm ready for the debate of who gets the plastic as it will be s insufferable an amazing same too I'm of two mindsets right now. My first mindset is doing.
This type of scheduling announcing it this far in advance is cannot tell me, that's a half measure. Words like this is just a step towards maybe then pushing back the entire season to the spring or delaying it cancelling it, whatever their, not ass. I hope not I'll play back to vaccines, neither not everybody where a fucking master that we can have sport so that we have goddamn college football is what I'm getting at. But my second mindset is, I am with big cat, I'm very excited to see who gets left out because work. Inevitably we're gonna have like in undefeated. Are one lost team from the SSC for the big twelve from the big ten, the at twelve and the ac c, and I'm hoping I am hole being so badly that closing gets left out. It would be the takes that dabble would come out with at that point you might just secede the aces from the rest of the entire Instead, I will know. What's gonna happen is one and ass you see, team will have one loss and, like album, will go under period ever built, while the second best teams. Clearly the one law says he Gimenez,
she team live to us as a black well clearly, and then we can have the SSC like final for them great I'm on whether that to happen and in Texas Animal find a way to claim it as national title on the side of the state of yes. Yes, absolutely and also Vanderbilt Venerable gets one. Yes, the aisle Usanga lobby early. I see you mentioned the massing like where mass to play football totally agree. I am been wearing SK. I have had the stupid neck. Garter ought gator on for three for months now, ever take it off pretty much, but I'm getting close. If I live to see other fucking twitter, like blue check, mark or journalists, tell absolutely no one to tweet into the void to wear masks. I might just fucking protests and stop wearing a mask because you realize you're tweeting to absolutely no one who is not already wearing a mass. They are the people on Twitter, aware mass. The people on Facebook are two people outside living:
life or not on Twitter or Facebook in there just living their life without him ass you are going on, and every day, just a tweet, hey guys reminder where mass and not one fucking person will ever be like. Oh the beat writer for this. Organ docks tormentor, where mass better. Where mask no. I disagree when Dan woken tells me that I'm yet better strap went on their very their push media hp if the I might begin without approved tossed about this. This is the mark of a true mental alpha being able to ignore the messenger if you hate them, while accepting Fact at what they say might be correct in certain instances, nominal protests. I'm not going to you! I'm gonna keep wearing a mass here, I'm just its it. It makes me sick. Angry every time I see them and it's like four likes in to reach sweets and is the same people,
liking and retweeting it you were talking to no one about wearing a mask. Now, I'm also thinking ahead of you know. Obviously we have these power conferences that are going to be scheduling against each other. What is Notre Dame going to do, I think they're going to give him a full ACC schedule is, would be my guess they could play against liberty every game. I don't know what those schools are going to be. Those schools are going to be the ones that struggle no scoring allowed in that game. No they're they're gonna play ACC schedule yeah. In their party acc, that's true so they're, just gonna pull them in that will be called for. I think we're replace play seas and if I had to guess right now, it does feel like one of those less delay. It lay it the lad and then what they springs. All it takes is for one power, five conference who say that we're gonna delay it, and then everybody else noted or if, if you're, smart everybody just keep your mouth shut and big game a chicken and then right before the games actually get going.
The commissioner says we're gonna play our schedule sprang. Then they get to claim a national champions. Yes in the spring spring nationally, as I think that our food or long delayed hello, I thank you. I believe the crude. That's our food go, get it go, get it. What are you doing? I guess what I also I had at least point out. I love college football. Coaches are running theme from the show from the beginning as football guys and there's nothing more football guy. Then the college coach. Our friend Jim Harbour, who sickly, spent what he does. No I'll! Remember we're all go there. I'm glad you are. I mean this is I accept Did you get him harbour didn't do this I'd, be managing harbour because give you look two months ago. All the football coach reliable, do whatever is right for the players. We have to be smart about this. Now that we're getting close to us, the Ouse practice in training camp there like fucker
on a virus let's play his quote was covered as part of our society. It wasn't caused by football or caused by sports. There's no expert view now that I'm aware of that sports is going to make that worse. I fucking love. It is like hey guess what we week we dance around with this covered thing. We did our thing for a couple months, but now its act, the impact in football fuck around a virus Europe. Yet you have to understand that this is not a football problem right. He says it right there how, how wise football being punished for something they didn't start. Yes, that's a good question. It's true is unfair. Its unjust, it should be baseball. Is aid to hang out with that's all the time right, dairy cow, those to injury as point to tell my head: it's pretty good that we are at the tank there we go. As to what you have done to forge really need you to explain. That is real, quick. Ok, Billy, so we're Time Jim Harvest take about how foot I didn't cause the corona virus. I said that you should point the finger
sport because they use bats all the time you or else they say There should be a lot more defence in a bubble, cause there's no groupies. So that means no one's gonna score. Okay was good Billy, I live in ITALY, one there's not you're, not you everything. I said that, like five minutes ago really liberty and no dame no rapid We noted aim, Catholics get it yeah, ok, written so I also of the NFL being like would occur Due Jersey swaps thank you how each other for three hours you know what and be standing next to each other for three hours and do all this for getting a pile. But if you try to Fucking Jersey, swamp and nation is lying,
teams up six feet away from others have thrown to each other. I like that scared, but yeah it's at the it made. No sense of them say: TAT, thou, hast, thou PR went to one thousand f minus move by the well when it comes to Jersey. Where that something that maybe we could be half way on, if we're not going to be tweeting out, no matter but where a mass to people, maybe we just reminder listeners New Jersey, no you're, if you guys stopped Jersey, swapping in your off season of football, then we'll get have football newsprint. Yes, audio back, I'm the only one that would be like we gotta get hazmat suit, Lamar did your Marge action, but that's not his fault. He had no! Everyone else wants you pick. You take the food out here. It's not so good! I, let's get your Firefox get back here for your Firefox Billy. Both got a great fireplace, actually genuinely a great fire before we do that Phd We have a quick at yes, a great great accompany Ares. He takes peace, peace for yes, yes, yes million
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that's a code. You don't use it check out when you go to three chee dot com, go to three chee dot com use, promo code, P, M t! Ok, let's you fire fast Hank, you start sure I'll start a couple of weeks ago, for my birthday, I was given a cast iron. Thank you. Thank you. We forgot. I have nothing. We did this, commissioner, I show you are invocation birthday. Love. No. No occasion owes a mandatory out of office for the week no choice. But our cast iron skill. It I didn't really know anything about them right. I was here. People talk about him and I didn't look in do you know the preparation what you do before and after I was like? Oh it's just a big. You know a big grill or whatever you call it like a big big pot or pan cooked steak on it tried to clean it after
put soap on a like spent some time trying to clean it like one get clean, I came in talked patios like dude. I got an idea. I saw afterwards as editing his video of the sky. On Chile in the cast iron skill. It as I do that can't get my science killer clean. I cannot do so being ass was to do this not supposed to do that, and so I think I fucked up my a third skill after one you yeah, we'll know you can get back so getting a cast. I'd still has this lake imprint? It's a lot like having on a closer look like having a baby the amount of work they have put into a cast iron, so it takes a lot of whirling. You know like s. No, it's probably more difficult as probably more difficult you you don't have to rub oil all over your baby. Do you No, I do not okay, so you live to rub boil over my cast iron. So will you do heck? Is he just use water? And then scrub it would like some some sort of like steel wool or
abrasive pad that you don't put soap on you, don't have to put soap on it, and then you rub oil on it. Put in the oven at like three hundred and fifty four, maybe half an hour every single time that use it for like the first five times. I know they pay ass after you know those first five times, it'll be your favorite. To cope with. By far- and this is not Hank pony Chrissy taken where you have indicated indicating year, parliament colonel I dont want another class, aren't skillets hut, heaviest fuck was saying: I don't need another one. I just you could do that and take care of it or you could just put it on your bed and have it in case robber shows up. Don't even know that I could like that's like only the two Haliae baseball bat, does bring how somebody with a general quick question: if you oil, your baby, what tells baby oil for tracking off oil my baby down with tv oil, for I think I just six aggregates oil made out a baby like soil and just my firefox,
alternative to olive oil and cast our I'm a cast iron member use. Lodge I don't go for that. Bullshit look crusade, four hundred dollar stuff gets you will like fifty. Fifty dollar cast iron, you people down your grandkids. If you ever correction have sex my firefox, of the week is that yes, paean is bringing my green, back to the airwaves. I think it's like noon till to no other radio counter programme against that in the sports world out there for noon till to every day the green he's coming back but goal it is gone. So it's that ships passing in the night, the sex, that goal is gone. Greeny comes back, it's not MIKE Mike anymore, ever its I've just resign myself to the fact that they're gone for good just can be MIKE. It's can be little more solo, maybe with his wife, maybe it'll be the the two. Take I just like bickering, a for two hours every afternoon, Jean more
a green Brien's. Firstly, I got some more J Williams or them, so we might do this force. Media world needs more. My oh, my green burg does now, as he does get up. He does some first take. I think he does a radio show now and then he hosts sports are specials. He I think it's just host everything now and he is being like. We were paying you this much money, we're gonna. Have you live inside the studio here? New York city, I just got a legend of the game- is isolating the gears very nice in we love the goal of family. We did take the goal Ex riled arms, like hair, like he's a thing of the past Adelaide I feel like the next generation. I just thought, like What I don't understand is like you, you see how them, It is going and you see how like people, get attached to personalities, opinions vetoed debate, people have in saying something interesting, and then you like, we need more. My green bird will is big
My green burg is so easy to not hate because you can't it's so hard to form any sort of an opinion or have any sort of emotional response to anything. My green Breeks anti wait. A great add he like in the hot for on all fronts. It's like I'd die, grimmer gatorade, please rate and a hundred tractors. Click on the microphone inner promo code, MIKE my fire, best is there? Is it the scientists discovered the hungriest hole? I think the black hole and undergoing tag on it, saying we already found the cat's belly button, because my firefox, if and sweet just is rag on line, because someone go on a whole depot have a deep halls. Where has it ever engulfed anything? Yeah John? in his Jackson, is peanuts. Micro, penises, true, please call it what it would. Action is tiny. We said that this is gonna, be a good fire faster you ready, yeah I got a speeding ticket wiles, driving out West, where it was
in Minnesota. Ok, it was early in the morning the roads were opened in clear and you see who has read them is don't if out everywhere, seventy ass. If all, surely you can speak, I see there is no cops on the road. By recently read for the show started received a text from my mother Andrews, like a spin tat, came in the mail, France. What turns out there is camera that caught me ass like and what that was dammit I was doing eighty nine and fifty five Warhol regular United States, Israel Elliot types of Roger Open. Our throat rob no one caught me. Sandro besides the glamour, no cops on the road to success. Wrote that she's boy again, so I can't I didn't. I thought it that,
they funded, the police had been so your good yeah. I could see how you'd unreality cannot fly that reply, that the letter gets. You like generosity, fond last resize really upset at the police. Runners anti for Billy right I'd know. Eyelid, Jew is like a like: there's no police working because it so you say you drove all the way to South Dakota you're like falling speed limit. You gotta Minnesota. You like, I read the news. They defended these guys you're buying zabels anyway, so I got Collins being Kara, I really best being take it. Take it turns out the cameras or not hundred cameras, the robots six while shut those down here, run through the tape, it's! So what was the? What was the money through ngos about right, but somebody it wasn't reckless driving. Wasn't I don't know where it was fifty five, I was your age worn off tourist. I might kids
You say that you were vampire. You had to get home before the sun came up. True was six hundred and thirty in the morning. I don't know what to do about time. For that central time six or seven thirty here or there wasn't that If Russia has just like you, you thought you guarantee fund. Did you find it? Please? You actually thought I'd start. My no police now wasn't yet I wonder, work that wasn't a joke. Like you're, like I'm good Minnesota. What onto do arrest me? Ya, got they're gone Were they going to rescue the social worker did they catch you with your unlicensed chickens are yet in in the car, no Juliet licence for chicken aid, Yod James cared. It would beg to differ cannot overstate lie. Not a chicken hurworth, ok, you're acting them, I'm sure there are no common, ok
artless, gets or interviews. We got two awesome interviews coming up. We have Dana White and then Michael Mally, Possum boys. Before we do that data white looking jack to holy Shit, does he look fuckin jack? I don't know what he's been. Do you not think that no, He definitely looks Jack he's been ways. Eddie was in he's, been in quarantine, probably for like half of the last probably month because even going to different fight the word. Yes, what do you do in quarantine beside just rip arm? Girls? Yes, so he's got. We talk about fight on within it. Michael Molly was an awesome awesome interview. I definitely recurring guest before you all that The is back after coming out a sponsor of our NFL draft coverage. There now a partner of the part, my take pod they hope to us all up with these awesome bows: seven hundred headphones. Both seven hundred headphones are perfect for one time to enjoy music work from home or listen a part of my take these headphones so so comfortable. They have eleven levels of noise, cancellation, signature, active e q and impressive basis.
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fifty one coming on Sunday are Saturday Night fight, island fight island. It is finally here and now Dana. You know that we would never criticise you ah by Some people be saying they fight island. Is it really living up to the hyper fight island cause you're, not actually fighting on a beach? What would you say to those people? Not us? Well, why not we're on an island where, on Bob Island I never did. I never did. I say the fight was on the limit. Wanna tell you. Wanna should show you're asking for more than a drop in another five on a beach yeah good. What would happen, though, if her- because I thought I mean when I saw the regional video of the beach- my first thought was
a colleague in turning he'll bash at the beach as I maybe this is what we're doing that would be sick. My second was houses. Gonna make sense, so do you think that the people who are saying this bullshit, you not fighting on a beach? What do we say that first of all just the lighting red The lighting read that would have to be set up. One thing, the look now not remotely professional, would be impossible to build on the beach. I gotta we're all not to mention the fact that it's a hundred eighty degrees here with a hundred percent humidity. We would do dead, walking through the octagon, for the people. Thought it was literally on a beach you're, a fucking. It Well, I I think we both died. There really going to be enemies, but we are talking here about him for the lighting very dangerous light, a budget torches and like have his fire fire pits normal once. That's what I'm pick something something like primal Southerners: here's how you can kind of win over some those people, not us again, who might be so
it's not really fight island. I just tell em but that all the water around it it shark infested water. So if you just you like were surrounded by shark infested water immediately that pumps it up a notch. India in the fight island can a rankings in my head. Let us with a card, but we got no one on here. What we pulled off you know during this mandate. The people that are worried about that, it's not on the beach in the sand. I don't want them to watch anyway, you're fucking stupid and they need days. I don't know what they should watch, what doubling up with violence argument. So, let's have it the card, because it is an awesome, awesome card and the main event getting or hey Maws would all whose a friend of ours he's gonna play whose monitor the shadow realm taught me quickly about that fight. How like what? What that fight is. Gonna be great and then what other what you looking for being like. This is gonna, be another one people on expecting
First of all I mean you know the stereotypes beyond, although fight he's gonna be very good and obviously balkan Volkanovski vs, that's Holloway, MAX, that's Holloway, you know, look out is probably the best on imported by Palmer. Ever got beat. Now only bought what my Balkan asked me in the last night that thirty one book and ask you thought he once out of that great white and end the rose, Dommage Yunus version, just and draws rematch, I'm not remember, but Drudge pit, loved your supper dropped on her head on a white Brazil that we not only did the whole cartridges stack with with great lights. So I was reading about how you guys are handling the fight. You're gonna be fighting on east coast. Types are just basically pretending that you're not halfway around the world right now. Are you just like? Are you running to stay away from windows and like away from the sun, so that your boss, he doesn't know what time it is. What's that
Robin Quarantine for rigour. Now now forty eight hours, it's it's a eight o clock at night here, I just woke up like an hour ago, so our work today first day that we're gonna be able actually go outside and do something tonight, my command. The judge? it's been? I had spent a top transition, especially wanting we came in. I didn't have the quality we would actually forced herself to get up and go out. Do we just want? Today's I just saw this tweet on Twitter from Daring or valley said. I expect a class action lawsuit from you have see fans because fight islands but actually on the beach what you say about that one! Do you care about made that up by oil it made that high algorithm? That's what's up
told me about what it buddy boy here he could. I did. I specially leg is probably word: yeah probably were his tree yesterday, where he was. I got just as everyone knows, Lebron James Company didn't apply sepia alone, and then later he had to correct a bit like. Actually, I'm told that they did but then ages, acted the money, Africa. Where did you guys apply for a ppp loan. Now. We then look at breaking news. You have to apply for ppp alone, please credit, pardon my yes. Yes, I'm not good job. Getting mass blood kind of the last second ready to fight, I feel like he's just a guy, that's like always ready! You could just call him up and be ok, there's a fight in six hours, and you just on a plane, he be like cattle camera go, beat whoever's, ass interface, That's what you want. That does not mean we got one yeah do you! I can still see the vein in your in your forehead after now. What so you all
to have a trade mark. You F c s e a. When did you hire required to work on your staff? Renoir Yeah I mean you have see, that's that's a terrible partner. Thereupon is that technically opponent of upon the amount of upon is pretty lame. When did you guys decided go that route or you another story by not then be o shit? Are you could tell me someone died or something God damn it. I got it John Oliver, John Oliver I've, been ribbon me about fight island for in a couple months now, and it went when we the term the name fight island. He says it is ridiculous and stupid. It shouldn't has been called you see, so then I went out and trade mark you see after he said it then he built another shell saying: can you fucking believe this guy? Actually trade part you see so he went and got one of my old trade marks in an and created some some merchandise
you don't need to buy a new website with. I will submit it just just most back and forth and go out with me and drawn out. That's pretty good. Ok! Now that makes sense. I should have known that you had a good story behind it. It wasn't just simply, you have see, look at this novel upon. Ok, I doubt that place also. I said you before we started on a war. Your work out routine is but you're fuckin biceps, look awesome right now did That's what you know wanting I've been doing today is the warrant at that Other Morgan, our yankee? We ve got her intern Billy football here, he's he's holding the make up to his own face right now. His fairly, really eager to ask you some questions so we'll give him one question time and will pull him back. Like he's a little lesion you just. Let me start with line. Will you let us not o cholera rockwork? What's up,
hi Mister Waite. First question karma. Last time we talked, you was around June fifth in car, Macgregor retired on June. Six, do you think he's act? You taking you know, retiring he's done, or do you think you just taken a break cousin? You know social distancing, whatnot. That's a good question: yeah yeah, Who knows? I'm gonna before I dont paper Cotter has as retire, good bye I always say whenever you feel like you should retire you should this, isn't a sport, so you can half ass. You gotta be all in on this thing and I take some time. And so proud and figure out who's next probably won't be till next year,
Ok, good, washing below get you one as long as he as a good question. We're going to get him if we're going to let him sit going for the cash yeah right hand. How many of us do, you think, would take to beat up Conor Macgregor Guy Billy Thermometer, who Le Zeus there's six plus? How many of us think there's six was part this pie cast in this room right now? How many do you think would take for us to be kind of a great? I think it would take office here Papalia are definitely going to be hesitant and not jump right in and Connor will fuck up three or four you before the other two decide to jump in, and you know we run at night. I got caught her collar wins against. All of you. I have catalogue Jane, it does not have us are over the age of sixty those who might be hesitant and using the conscious in Heaven. Ok, last question: Billygoat. Ok, would you ever consider doing a super? Heavy wait. Wait class like three hundred plus a question like
I too share wrestlers Y know I mean gauze Traditionally, when you get guys, I get that having the fights and that on the map out exciting those guys aren't very ass. Let it like it is the two sixty five limit you have to be to sixty five could not butterby. What have I watch? What about? What about you? Wasn't it wasn't you, but what about data? Five thousand verse, Kimball Slice, one of the funniest fights of ever watch my life. I p of all those guys weren't. You know those guys we're both guys would why plenty a times before, and they both working shape. I mean that the data, I can't I don't know. If I give you more times, Russia, Europe, but that's funny, you gotta, like you should just rule one of those out every few months been like here's, a funny fight for under paragraph one minute rounds. I don't do what he wants.
That's not what I do. There are people out there the do that, I'm not the gavel. Bugbear, funny fights, ok, often rowdy, Shanna Roughen. Rarely have another question. Billy last question girl make good come on, come on Billy you're on the spot, Yes, let me ask the same question: look at our data, just mad data that are beyond the ultimate fighter. Ok, Billy! Yes, oh yes said yeah yeah! Ok, I gotta be a new seasonable to upon yeah yeah yeah, there's lots of things in the autumn upon common, ok, beyond what we get absolutely com. Try upward! Yes, yes, I wrote I wrote an interesting quote from early today, actually that you said that that Forest Griffin fight at the end of season, one of the ultimate fighter, save the you have see ya want
How do you say that you have C o China, because at the time I was like, I was pretty invested in it, but I do know that it was in trouble. Yeah. So what happened was in We were burning cash. We were like thirty, three million dollars in the hall, and the ultimate fighter was the last ten million dollar investment that the protein made in the top? you know The ultimate fighter was so much shit that went on throughout that season of the ultimate fighter with spiky day, and you know on the sad things that could have gone wrong and the forest reference. Bought of fight was so good at the end of the season. It pulled the massive number and I knew that you know no matter what happened with spiky be that at the end of that deal we were end up somewhere.
What Billy will do for the next season of ultimate fight? All absolutely will who put asses see taking over the top so data you have see to fifty one Saturday night Fight Island, not actually on the beach, but around what I sharks went on an island tunisians. You can get the paper through yes, paean plus, which is an important that you can just order. We ve been through this, that's fine! We can figure it out, we'll figure it out, but it's gonna, be awesome. Worry me I'm so excited that wouldn't expect what do you expect out of him? Taking this fight so late like? Have you? Have you been able to talk to him? Is he ready to go what does been playing his whole life? Isn't japanese ready to go? I think it'll be all right by then. Tomorrow, movement is one of the inner whose motto if he wins this on Saturday night ties. George saved me record Many believe is the greatest, while the whenever I shall die of four winds and walked away division. So the big
Why peruse wanna and obviously the gate about and in his legacy career? And then Ok, my blog is divided. The people want to see people wanted to see this fight. This guy's becoming here It was thought over the last couple years with the things he pulled off the fibre settlin suck locked out against that. Often the knock out a pill, He's locked out of love five opponents, so does the five people want to see and it's a good one excited unexcited, will bury pomp yen. Thank you again for keeping sports alive and I know, even though I told you it's a joke, your deafening to go on twitter right now double check to make sure revealed in twitter. Nothing surprises me with rebelled. I will thank you so much date appreciate your time always and have fun fight island. You have seen to feel like one Saturday night excited once probably that interview data was brought to you by Indo China, Custom men's where
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to be wearing an awesome suit. That'll turn heads no better when do that, the Moroccan Indochina another something completed, okay. We now welcome on a very special guests here, Emmy nominated actor. You know him very well. He as he snow, Pierce or which is season finale Sunday night T Anti nine eastern eight central check it out catch up. If you haven't, it's great show such get out. It is Michael Molly MIKE it's great to have you on. I want to start with giving you an option. Do you want to do the got stuff now or later. Do guys it's great to talk to you. You know it's! It's really. You know we ve we're talking earlier this. It's a fan of you guys show you guys really funny guys.
They talk about whatever you want to talk about something that you can ask whenever question are not enough. I'm proud all my work, including guts, well, Well, we are children of the nineties impiety in our both thirty. Five. So when we win guts came out, it was pretty. It's a dream show for children in the nineties who watch Nickelodeon ocelot start there, because I actually getting questions about that right. First question is: is the are group was the Argo Crag like as daunting in cool as I think it is. Yes, it was It was giant, it was really really big and it was at that time it was the biggest sounds age it was on these caused. It was down Orlando Florida, where we shouting universal studios. And so were in bed. You know the biggest we now stand. Sounds stage it was on the EAST coast was. It was very, very tall very wide. I think for what
but maybe you could tell on television watching it, it was when the quantum port, nuclear flying crystals was lying around there and the smoke it was it it's very hard to see and you know for the if they had those goggles on their being you'll, think about yourself a twelve thirteen years old. Is people turn? Ok, you gotta do this. You gonna go out there and you got there. Is this a lot coming in it? You, and so you you're, obviously it some. It probably might look smaller than what it looked like on television, but it wasn't small wasn't like you come there go all set is really tiny. It was big and it was hard to get up switch back mountain I think was called in him and in the actual waiters that you had they hit in would miss him all the time they were hard to find. It was it's. It's big. Ok, that's a good answer. You wouldn't you wouldn't lie to us, because I don't want my childhood ruin. My view, like you're, being honest
It was dark good. What do you like this ask me and I'll tell her leg. Urstoff, everyone wants to know more and I never hooked up and they would everybody wants to know your eyes. Yes, I had a steady girlfriend who became my wife and ass. She had a steady boyfriend who became her husband, we'd, never hooked up, but she's fantastic, someone, chemistry, I'm an opportunity to say that about most boy for another time, because I don't wanna go this. Would every boy in America had a huge crush on MO myself included, which she aware that back that, like she had a simple army of eleven year olds out there that just every adored her I think I think she is aware, but because people do you know, stop us all the time still about that, and you know I think for her. What would you dont get on the television show that she is that she's wickedly funny she's very, very, very funny and
her husband, a funny guy too, and so that's what was fun. Making the show, I think, for us doing the show I looked at it is, is like an hour important like ok, where we know we're camp councillors where the big brother, where the big sister, and so you know back when I was doing you know that show work diversity, Hampshire. You know I had you know, sort of stereotypes the girl collegiate experience and we didn't know what Nickelodeon was was so just like all k you gonna go. Do this thing and yeah you're aware that there was some slime stuff that it, but it wasn't the juggernaut that it became so we were just like hey. This is kind of a cool thing in and you know, We didn't get paid a lot of money, but that it was fun making a tv show. We would shoot three episode today, yet in an mo is also a travellers or because you know we ve seen it female referees it in the end, a foul, an mba and there like, while the first reading
we may like no actually got student like she had. She had control. Of that thing she had the whistle she was ready to go. More was the original. Yes, most trailblazer. Yes, absolutely solar percent word. Would you guys a gamble on the kids that we're coming on a show? Because if I were in your position- and I saw three kids lined up and saw, the show out absolutely gives him side action on. I just be ok, this kid from Israel and global guts that guy's world bitter. I think there were p There is all the year. You know the crew of the shoulder all young people on our early remit twenties, and so I think there was Some of that going on. But honestly I was so focused on the work it was like. I was doing the play I play and the analysis and then we'd go right into the replace and I was trying to make. So that every show a little bit different. So
it was I was so hyper focused when I was making the show that I was you, ok what we do and what will it sees? Kids naming and- and I think one of the things Interesting about about being in that position, like you know, you guys no because your irreverent and you get you know you crack jokes and you know grown up, so you know can count if you were. If that was a show for adult guys, you can kind of get crack jobs at their expense, and they laugh at themselves. You have to be really really care for when you working with, especially in twelve thirteen year old kids, did you not say anything that is going to upset them because you know you've gone tv to go back in there. You know the kids, their friends are making fun of them cuz if they lost on guts for whatever you know so I was just always had to kind of this hyper awareness of the experience was for the kids, so I wasn't even thinking about that. I know. Okay,
Last gots question I had do you remember any of like the greatest competitors? Yes John John. The warrior ok was unbelievable, like she was unbelievable and she actually came. We did at. A guts, Nickelodeon guts, all star special that Lord state. The posting there, we actually saw that back then a vcr videotape of that episode. I think your job, John other warrior. She was unbelievable, as does another kid down. What was it Robbie? The animal he was pretty amazing I have an idea, but I have a name. I have one guy who we're the enough. I sort of stocks, because he here
at the perfect game, and I always thought he was incredible. Unlike this, guy has to be like a pro. He turns out. He wasn't, but we interviewed him. I interviewed him on a pike s I used to be on basely started him down. Do you remember Brian Beer, I don't remember. Brian uneasiness is like you're perfect score. In a pervert score being everywhere, not big cat, like twenty seven years ago, the amazing haven't you re a moment for me. I kind of stocks you know like while he wasn't Turkey any more, but I stopped him after the new Ryan Beer rightly tough to forget. I remember watching it and then I was like. Oh my god, this guy like how is he not? You know the greatest baseball player of all time now and yeah? I was great. He actually still has the crag when we interviewed him. He showed it to us, did he did he play college? did he play God, sport? No, no! He picked the guts. But that's. Ok! That's ok! To begin he's got the crag and I would pay anything
have the crag. While I would much rather peak as a twelve year old on national Television front MO, and maybe she take me on a date afterwards, then I would peak in high school where nobody remembers yeah. So so eight. Let me just ass out again, and you say you remember him. So do you remember a guy named Brian Beer yeah. I remember him. He was amazing. I was gone. All crop forget waterfront, part per for cancer like yet the peace of the agro crag. That was like a childhood goal of mine to to get a peace that it was actually a piece of the crag, though right like the Agro Craig. Get smaller over the course of the series
well, actually show you this all hell. Yes, you have the agro crag and your back your yeah right there. That's like a prime spot. I read your home right now. That is that looks like the sitting room. Then everyone come here. Your guess. Come over, like poor. There's agro cried out to smoke that minority my fantasy football trophy or you know I didn't women Emmy. So that's what I gotta get a piece. The agro progress during that way. Better Juno me people have Emily's, I mean a thousand years, given that everyone less people have that But why are we figure out the charity of your guys choice? Does I know you big hearted people? Why don't we option that? Ah ha? That's a lot of pressure but ok yeah we're it. The children's I get any money. Yeah we'll do children's asked me. I will provide our children's hospital. We can absolutely auction that offer a lot of money all right. So I'm Tellin the pardon my take a fan.
Right now. Ok, the aid w L, ass guy off you get the peace, the agro. Rag? Let's find somebody works at some big tech company or some venture capital was a ton of dough and they can have I piece of the crag, but it has to go to it asked the girl, like you, said, the children's hospital or somebody what he had done. The funniest part about all this is like a propaganda wind cause, I'm an abominable the most money. I don't care We should all you know, let me buy just tell me like that, it's actually fuel, and so, if you get it, has fuelled and then get you to Morrow, you guys are going to look up and be like who ended up winning in some random LLC that I created the US today. I like that you created Elsie too, like relieve your tax burden, but it's just too by peace should apply the crag yeah by the crash already well what it's also helping people right yeah. I did all that money where women and all my the press was gonna, give to the and a fair amount that he can't sit. Yeah Roger
yeah, it's true- we could kill that yeah right. That's actually interesting transition, because you are a big Boston, sportsman you actually had a sports blog back in two thousand seven sea were like you're, this, the other sports guy. At the time in an alternate world. You could be my boss Dave or Bill Simmons. Did you You think about like sticking with blogger if, after that, Now what you know what happened on that was Jean Louisa Kelly, who is on a steer, sitcom that I didn't see bs for many years, she's married to you, Jimmy Qatar was now the present a visa ban, and back in the day he was at Yahoo or Yahoo sports, and he asked me because I think I was it was right after his yeah, two thousand seven than I did that it was after yes, dear God, cancel any said: hey I'm gonna get my friend, I think it was on the guy. You know
guy place turtle on entourage. She was gonna write, my flies yeah yeah exactly and I was gonna write about tat, right about the Red Sox. So that was what was it Listen to me is how hard it is to do that well and to turn out really good writing. I I I jumped out that ship very quickly, because I realized how hard it is to write very good funny creative, smart blog, in a way you no immediate amount of time. Where are your competing? Its other people were writing about the same thing, it's just very, very hard to do, and so that was that was it So you also had looking back here career kind of progressing here, the character of risk. The commercials already, though wreck on yes paean. Do you Ah, yes, your Yahoo, seen avid sportsmen. Do you ever chocolate? The fact that you were basically for shadowing durham- reveals life
because I watch back some of these commercials and you had like you, you had the Tiger woods dry from Augusta bill. You had the contact, lenses, Gregg Maddox, left at an airport and You were obviously in just and then dare Nobel has done, that for real, where he'll tweet out, like I have this person's like freshmen stew, I d card and then accidentally shoot out right, social. You don't! I think that, one of the things that was interesting about that is that the big commercials were written in created by sky, Steve, O Brien from Boston and a guy that I went to college with court Crandall and but Crandall then went on to write about school. The movie agenda So this is back and ninety eight and they told me about this character. This is beforehand and done. My first sit com and they taught me the cat, Christopher Guest was directly spots in so that was the cool thing about it was that everyone
yeah, you guys love sports to see you get it oftentimes on television or in a comic movies day paid, you know they had it be a face painter and it was always a guy yelling, and I just always thought that now sports is so much. More intense and so much more emotional and saw a much more serious, and I just wanted to make that character guys like know these things are really serious and look you. You know you have heroes. Everyone has heroes any time they get to connect. Those people. Even when you're in our you're a little kid and you know we grow up. We play these fourth, we play these games. We know how difficult it is enough. Sometimes a Europe we all sports fans get made fun of. Why do you play so much importance in that I wanted to do. A character is like this really use means a lot to me and I'm fine enjoy in whatever way I find it in It was a trip. It was. You know that
I've been doing it now for twenty years, so it was, it was just fun they did they just say I had very long spots. It's also the beauty of that character, and I think it is it. You can find a lot actually in our show. Is that spa to have become more analytical spans, have become. Lot smarter, but I think it's ok to just be like I have an inner me pollen me and yeah. Like their way too much about this stuff sue me like. What do you want me to do? I yeah a win win. My team loses embalmed out for a week. That's just what I am as a person and that's the wreck, and that really was me when I was you know when I was adult women, the Red Sox loss in two thousand and three I woke up- and I was just like- I cannot even believe what I just went through an and my wife- whose from Syracuse New York I mean she knew there was a big red Sox fan and, and I
oh she's like while this is really serious, I guess it's really serious, but I don't know. I think that it it's like gum, you know people say to your wife and you say: do you go from where you know your crying at you know terms of endearment were beaches or the note book? It's not less is a fake story as like I'm I'm I'm watching a person who just made a massive error or gave up the game winning hit and he's damask, it did and I care about him, because I've been watching him every day, play this game and talking about it. It's just now Anyone who you have to explain why you care sports about obviously just doesn't understand humanity. Yes. The way they were to make us feel is the way that you make people feel on parenthood. Just Cabot haven't good cry afterwards and ensure a couple days right.
It's well exactly and how I've on parents they made me we're like a double fat suit, like I had the like, where three fat suits for the character, and I literally was saying to them on that guides and you guys are going to have to put out like a public service like you got, that that a PR press release to say like I'm, not that heavy, I'm not that sick people going access and they gonna be like. Oh, my god. What happened this guy he's too it? This is just he's gone off the ban. You should have warned the fat suit out like the supermarket, where you knew that there were Gunnbiorn paparazzi one point, and just I executors and if Antium Z have hardly just talk about how much weight you put on yeah like what happened with Molly. He just said is just like it's like this, the sweat Patsy just like forget it man, I'm, like I'm, gonna break through two thirty, I'm going straight to ninety it don't matter. So we do a thing on our show. Where do spend zones where we can adjust reverse you know the logic or a bad situation on the spin zone, something for you.
Michael Mally, show Flop yes to episodes. That's one episode more than our television show. The gut cancel after one episode, so you twice is successful in that. How, though, right You deal with that kind of setback because it's a Mean you ve bounce back, obviously very long long career, but in that moment did it feel like fuck? What do I Now I just had a show with my name on it, didn't work yeah that was dumb. Very, very difficult situation for me, because I didn't have a movie or theater career to go back to I've been trying to become. You know. You know Tom, exert. You know Bill Maria. You know Michael Keaton, these, the guys that I admired coming up and you know I think things? It happens when you're young in Europe actor in you're going. You know, you're you're having the parts here little parts there. They're they're, trying to develop the next thing and you get a shot.
And for me I don't think I had a really clear where of how competitive, it is in the sense that your show is going on. At that time there was only Neil five hundred and twenty six network. Your shows going on at nine hundred and thirty on on Tuesday night, and the other networks. If you succeed, there. There shows fail, and so it's just so so so hyper competitive, and so the only people rooting for you to succeed the people at your network and your friends in your family and dumb and afterwards. I think that I was but it's not like, like I should have been paying attention. You just don't think that anything is to happen to you. You know you read a you know if, if, if you do it, if you're in a movie, you wake up on a Friday and you read the New York Times and new red Ten movie reviews and three or four volmer, just absolutely devastating to people. If you don't know anyone in that or you just like I did you see that terrible review that somebody got it's like it's just sport to everyone else right but put to you
You think how my ever gonna come back from this because young is the guy. You know I was born in Boston. I grew up in New Hampshire and I got a shell and but I had great friends, and that's one of the most important things I think- and I tried to tell I kids in life, I had tremendous friends. I had tremendous friends in my home. Town at tremendous friends are and what the cards with University, Hampshire And- and I had the great friends when I was living in New York in my twenties and and when you really know who your friends are their able to pick you up a kind of atomizer little bit of that grief when you go through something like that, it was hard. It was hard because it's very public in your name is on right. Aidance, that's the deal like the Lego. Mally shows socked. It's like Michael Valley, Saxon, thank God. The internet didn't exist because I know people and people talk about it, but you, I think that you get very seasoned very quickly,
You believe that you have something you don't you guys have your show. You believe that you're funny there's a lot of other people who believe that too, and you know maybe not that you know the kind of show that some people wanted to, but I, but I I knew that I had something to offer. I knew that I was talented enough to to work in this business and the people were on that shows me: will our net Kate walls? Missy Agar Mark rose and fell. My sister carry there, are, you know, who's directed by a widows whose you know who from animal house. There are good people and I think, put a cap on this. Is that, Everyone who works in show business has failures, and so inside of the business when you're working inside of it as other people like. Yet you know what that one, that one didn't work, but you know we're behind you. We believe in you wear
No, I had great agents its yea, who were very, very supportive of me. There were really great, you know you're either bad things about agents. All the time they were, they were like now, man, this, like you got a raw deal, it's it's! Ok, we'll get get through this in. That was very fortifying for me because it was tough. I like that. Emanate here's the other spend zone as it makes you insanely more interesting and likeable, because no one wants to talk to someone who's had success. Every step of the way This is the reliable part like when we failed. Everyone saw an was like a deer out there and it didn't work, and it's kind of like once you bunch bounce back. You have a story to tell right. Right, and I think that you also have an expectation. You know you realize now? I think that for myself I just try to to you know be about the work you know people talk about like while in a hard work pays off and it does, but you can always be thinking about how it's going
hey off! You really have to be present. You really have to be. You know in control. I just want to pass this along. As I know, you got a lot of listeners who you know we are interested in a lot of different things, but I have been reading a lot of fun. Markets really is the stoics and there's this book gum I Donald Robertson about the stoics, and basically you know the stalks and thinking about what is it that you can control? You know you can control your emotional reaction to things and it's something that even fifty three years old you know I was I had been steeped in this stuff when I was younger to nodded They say that an emotion can't come up and you can't make you feel one way or the other, but to realise like even like in this pandemic, for instance, is like what can I control? I can't control on I'm going back to work. I can't control when they're gonna find the vaccine. What can I do? the dad right now I could trotted. You know, wake up view
God, be really locked into what my kids in a feeling. Experiencing emotionally and and be there for them and try to enjoy this period of time, but I really recommend, because it's in a way ecumenical the. If that's the right word, it's it's. You know, Oh, it's Marcus! Really, some particular just read it man, it's it's cool stuff, and it's not too deep. I liked you the first person to reference roman philosophy on this pocket, probably not the last. You actually could probably worked at age, pure sports, as vice president, if you ve got that depth of knowledge to be just Poland. That eyes yes, static. That's very impressive! That's a point! I don't know, I don't know it's a man. I follow that story. It is a good point, though I like what you said about. Being able do now being able to bounce back and like begets at having a story to tell after things like I, If you were to tyres sports when the Red Sox Lawson, two thousand three,
made winning in two thousand for that, much better for feeling right. If you ve experienced that type, a heartbreak from fuckin boon. Then it's pretty os Kurt shilling paints red paint on socks comes back to o three deficit and then as when you first World Series and why, like a hundred and fifteen years or whatever it is, that's that, like the bounced back, is a very, very sweet part of life, because it does feel that much better yet in Vienna feels like you, you know you feel, like you, ve earned. I mean look at one of the. I hadn't experience during the two thousand and four season and and where I've gotten no, some of the guys through different charity events that had hosted- and I got to go through the dug out at the end of the game and though those guys crazy right and dumb and I got to know Johnny Damon a little bit we're sitting in the seats in it the game. I think they wanted was a walk off.
And they won the game, and I had a beer and Johnny comes over and gets the beer right outside the dugout. He starts drinking the beer, as you know, walking out he says, come on in come through the dog to come. You know come down through, like you know, I grew up Fred Lynn Collier. Speed Jim rise. I mean like I wanted to be a baseball player and So here I am walking through the dugout in the club house in the middle, the patent race in August of you know too, as an informed, and this was what interesting to me and why I tell the story There were no cameras, there were no oh, you know there were no people other than in their other than the guys in the team, and they were going nuts. They were cheering free. Shutter slat, you know was like you were in a high school in a game, and it was this. Is your team and easier guys and to think that these guys are professional athletes and they cared that much and was so pumped for each other and celebrating one another.
What kind of made like it made that feeling here's your cheering for sports feel good, because I think all of us, you know all of us Our constantly seeking fellowship and friendship with people and share experiences and enjoy, and it was kind of cool get a glimpse into that. You know that here these guys were paid to do this, but that is the feeling that it generates for them even though it is their job that is kind of affirming to be a fan and to see that first hand, because a lot of times, I think t of players on whatever tat they might not get along real well there. In it because or make a lot of money and they're doing really well for themselves in their career, but it is cool to see a team the kind of appreciates that the same way that you look at it and you feel that same feeling that amount of investment makes you feel like. Maybe I'm not wasting my time it was spending thousands of dollars on season tickets, buying all the merchandise watching every game and investing myself.
Emotionally in something that maybe they're not as emotionally invested in rank and end. You know it's like it's as they try. Try just remember trot next, any was like the kind of guy like you wish, like was on your team and cheering you on, because you saw that you know from me. You know some I dont necessarily want to read about the intrigue if a team is getting along now, there's a thing You know, actors and, if you're, in a play in particular and people back and they see the show and they ve seen you be in the show and which you had better performance. Then you know you were more locked in. You felt her a little bit locked in the night before people come back stage and they say why,
It was a great shout because they too they want on the journey of of the story and then you're like well. You should have been here last night. You know like nobody, nobody wants. They hear that right. You can't see, you know your favorite band and there like they were better or the bonobos like I was more locked in yesterday. Doesn't matter, I'm haven't, might experience I'm seeing them, I'm enjoying them. That's the job of the professional athletes, and sometimes I I don't read so much about the intrigue behind the scenes because they want to feel like they get along. I mean you read about an eighty, six red Sox, twenty five guys twenty five cabs famous story. Well, when I was in college, watching that team. You know I didn't joy at last. I didn't know that about them, but now I can look back on as, like. I really rooted for this team of the guys, like each other here, Kevin Lard and see you naked and lock room after that duty. Now
nobody on no matter what he hasn't only likely media of penises. That hearing that anxiety will just straight up, tell you ever tell yeah you ve kept alive sitting. Pinus he's told someone about it. I just At a beer I didn't disrobing or shower there. I think that would have been a little bit odd, the guy from yes years so so cross from sports to acting is there a zone? Do you get in his own when you're acting when you're like holy shit, I'm locked in this is like a mailing this, while I thinking in terms of comedy you don't you deaf, we can get an it into a zone because it's all about it's, it's it's the it's the pace. It's that it's the matter nomads there. It's like you, really feel like you're playing seemed perfectly in nailing. You know it's all about delivery and timing with comedy so feel like you're in his own there. I think that in terms of you, no proof forming a drama? It's like when you really know you're late
which I was unjustified I'll tell you interesting story about justified. I I I did like six episodes unjustified. I played this guy Nicky Christine who was a mass mafia, hit man and after I had finished yes dear, I really wanted to start doing more dramatic roles and I didn't to cut a move away from comedy and I went to the set of justice. And I was really stopped because it was too cool show and I had my seems all prepared, because I let you when you especially when you guess actor you dont get alot of, takes you gonna, be there. You really want to do good work and I was in the sea Jerry Burns and and Stephen Trouble ASCII, whose both these guys character, actors been along round a long time and when I get there they said, hey up we're, throwing these pages out
a whole new idea foreseen and we're gonna go upstairs and write them, and the writer says to me like okay, so here's my dear for the scene, you do and tumble ascii you want the grade school together. Now. Google steam topple, asking he's twenty five years older than me. So the first thing when I hear that is like how bad why look I might have you noticed, were terrible like I must, like I got like I gotta get his skin teal or chemical peel. I need to get the Jerry Johns. You know like eyes fixed like I gotta do something, because I look terrible what I don't hear. Another word they say. And they go up in their right to seeing they come back down the entire philosophy. Forty year difference apparently went to you no great school together and do the scene and we run the sea. We run the same around the sea and my adrenaline was pumped so high, and I wanted to do such a good job that this chicken to a second gear- and you really really hyper, focused and the scene ascendancy guys
send you met my real. If you want to get away, I got two. I shoot Stephen Tumble asking the head was awesome, that's a good, and that is very great here. I have a very important question for you and our producer Hank might want to try because we ve had discussion he's a die hard Tom Brady fan Will you be buying a box jersey and how much will you be rooting for the Tenth Bay buccaneers? This upcoming season- I am window right now, where I think I have to get ten years old before I buy another adult man's jersey. I think that wearing a jersey when you're younger than the player or or when you're far me, twenty five to thirty years, older than player, is acceptable, but it fifty three years old. I I really
cannot be fighting a jury that doesn't that yeah. What about rooting, yellow saga rooting, because Hake is is firmly in the the boxer, his second team now very clearly, and he would love for Tom Brady when a super bowl in Tampa back. If its aren't there, if the patriots aren't there, I may Big Tom Brady fan I'll, be rooting for his success. Rob ground Caskey. I'm running a new show about professional wrestling for the stars network that we're going into production at the end of the month. We try. To get Rob grown Caskey in the show how we had a bunch of meetings with M and I thought you know he's. He also has brought the or Mally family great joy, swam rooting for both of those guys, but but you know he. He legitimately was going to be acting and not and not doing football anymore, but I I
that I'm interested in it, because those guys getting back together is certainly Tom. He, I think, he's an inspiration. Anybody over the age of forty he's an inspiration to, but I will I will. I will not rude Frahm if they were playing the patriots, but I will refer him and I will follow what they do. He's. I also think he's a great guy, so did it sting out allusion, Brady and having grown, come back to get CAM Newton last week. Was that kind of like a moment where you're like ok, I we can do this again, it's out over. I think so you know from from me o. My son was so stopped when he found out the dutch cabinet was gonna, be in a wee wee route for the laundry right. So where excited I was. Actually
treat with the idea that we're gonna be gone with the brand new quarterback and seeing you know what they can do and I think that people are getting excited about it, but we know enough about the patriots that until the rosters there in the first game and until they you know he's playing with them for a while I mean it's, you know the coachman, check has proven its like ease the boss. You know how is it going to work out? I dont know wounded. Also, I'm excited, I think, he's a tremendous athlete I think he's in a camp It's funny. I love his style. Dickies he's gonna be great for the patriots you know that team changing it up from what it has been, but we all know if he doesn't fit the programme in a gun. I you know it ain't gonna happen. Will you owe you also have a mean with belch at being the best coach of all time? He could just put any one The quarterback in every would be like he probably see something. No one else does like this guy, like any private sock birds like hey Joe Sidham, like
Why do you have one ass autumn? Yes, do you think they can do? think that you can play quarterback incomplete pats near the fell. Poor, a coach, Bela check, coached team, how many? How many chances do I get just one pass: rivalries shovel bad guys. I'm talking on on the on the internet. Here I'm the one, an interview I think I'll give you. I give you actually all four downs where I'd even going to on, for the problem is one parent, probably not. I think you can use shove it. My pay is a debtor like one of those tosses that barely goes no. What what what you would like, we always for KEDO sports fans. Is it's not even the like throwing strength or anything, it's that every little piece moves faster for athletes, so just like getting the snap and going back in. Drop or even implement shock on. Unlike
getting ready in like dropping veto, doing a three step drop, we'll take so much longer. I'll be just flattened by everyone? I think that I would probably be terrified just standing back there like I'm, you know Terrified when I walked down. Bronson Canyon hiking in is too much and their cause, I'm gonna slip and blow on my knee. So I dont know I don't know and, I think, you're out of the shot gun. I think I could. I think I could complete a pass if it if it was maybe two gentlemen, any takes two steps. It's a ones that screen here. What are you are? You ran up and I had to be like a jet sweep type thing where you that is just about the time and you get the body is pop in front of you yet sakes and where that is yes, ok, so, yes, we could do yes, a passive air yards more then, like five its downloaded scrimmage, absolutely not nor chess.
When's, the last time you ever watch, Heaven can wait. The warm baby movie Yet, the last year I was finishing last night I actually wants a little, but it is more like to watch. It died. Refresh myself every couple weeks- arrogance, guys, listen man! I love! I love you guys are all of that is by the way. If we were shooting a show that you don't even need extra taken, got two cameras workin on then you guys deliver that perfectly. We don't! Even because it's perfect one baby, beautiful young legend is that the outbreak cock. That's the guy, that's milborough! Oh yeah! Numberless got! Why don't worry? It's listening, weren't radio, Abed unconfirmed, laying aside like animal, I get a little like yeah. I should probably port brought headphones for this interview Now I didn't I didn't know there was only one show up. I have one last question: I lied to you and you have another guts question check out: snow,
Here's your tea anti Sunday night season, finale nine eastern eight central, were also going to figure out. We argue to figure out this, this Agro cat, Craig or John reset it's gonna be awesome- will make a big thing of it. I I think we not will do we'll do it. I would assume you every now and then get into New York City right. Yes, okay! So what we're going to do is we're going to not only do a auction, but part of the auction will be you come and you hang out in the studio you'll come by and we'll have you back on the show and you can hang out and go pass off the Agrocrag. So we'll do a whole thing. It's going to be great. And I'll put on a dress and speak in an australian accent, I'll pretend to Bmo you're going to pass it to me because I'm going to win this auction, but yeah it will be a whole, will make it a whole event summer last. Can. I did have one more guts question: when the lights went off and everyone went home, did you
sometimes put on a helmet and do all the competitions and test out all the other, the poor and the rich, scores in everything. Please tell me you didn't. Yes, we did we were the cracks and beers and we die. Especially gettin, those man, a bike symbol. Right those around and we never had occurred. But we had quite a few beers. In the extreme arena and dumb with there are pictures of us jumping into the pool. Yes, that's how you losses amounting to some dreamland. Yes, that's perfect! Some I'm happy! You answer it that way, the other day, I mean this has been a very enlightening interview for me. I have another question about something later on your career, but I wanted in this just talking about got yeah he's a fucking love. That thing is thank you so much for making my after schools better. When I was a child just so you know, I would mean
really turned off when legends of the hidden temple came on, I would like to see a man of ruin through everyone knew I should listen. Man like you, Oh matching imagined marks, armors Kirk Fog. Ok, you don't get the good guys to you should talk to them. Yet it's nice to meet you. I hope I see in person. I hope we raise a lot of money. I really am. I You know I've been waiting to part with that because I know people want it. But, if we can actually get rid of it with with the latter good going to somebody else. Is this your wife's thing like hey? Can we please get his glowing piece of rock out of the living room like like Michael Scots, Saint Paul girl, Simon living now? Listen, my wife's great, ok, she's got maximum, hang fact, Turkey is awesome, so you know if he knows when she married me. No, I didn't get married till. I was in my early thirties, so she know what she is. She knew what she was getting into. I do have one last last question: yes, did you
addition for any rules and the league, because I feel like that that show was pretty much scripted to have you as either one of the main characters are like the wacky neighbour that comes over now. I did not fishing for that. You know a lot of you know a lot of the day what sort of groups of comedy that you know, those guys that are doing that show you know that you know they have their friends there. There writing roles for themselves and their writing roles for their power. So a lot of a lot of times like a show like that sort of comes pre packaged. So I think when I I think one that was going on. I was doing I was writing on shameless at that point and I was trying to get my my next, my own shall going so I wasn't. I wasn't really acting as much. I was trying to transition worn to a writer. Awesome will make this been awesome whip. Initiate it lets what will link up, and we will definitely do this agro crag and we'll have you in studio B, awesome guy
It's great talkin to you, man. I can immediate rescue summer day. I don't want you to see why, Ok, let's up finish a couple segments low. The beat reporters, a baseball, be reporters just reporting on all these like interest squad practices there like good news cubs are pitching great bad news. The cubs are getting no hit right, it can be. It can't be both good. There is absolutely no way they can be got. Aren't I like that there were saying like it. If you think that matters It's fun to watch with nobody or with people in the stands. He is way more better to watch way better to watch we know what sense could you can hear discussing out every single matter, even in an inner squads? Grim grunting in everything. Ok, let's do what you do embraced have been debate, and then we have Documentary review first to happen. The home game with John Netflix about weird sports? Ah, so embrace
great pity you have this embrace debate. You actually have a bonus want to ok, minus Lebron James verse, MIKE Tyson in a boxing match. Okay, this started out going round yesterday as a meme skip Bayliss addressed it on what was his show called skippin share. Whatever is undisputed. You, the man great show other shown us. One skip they they actually addressed it in debated it mention in a boxing match, Leubronn Jim. Verse MIKE Tyson, it is prime, is that what they were saying a baby If it's in his prime, this dumbest argument of all talk, it's obviously Leubronn J Mike Tyson would fucking Rush Leubronn general care. How tall abroad is hand speed, just like everything everything about my James and his prime verses. MIKE Tyson now might be mine,
be conversation might be, might might be something not even though not even nine would still seen ice in IRAN can cause guiding ya, who'd literary flung out of migrants who have lost out of the rain. Yes, that's right, he would go down my testimony. Political hunch, MIKE Tyson sign roused urban punches life was so I would submit that with bubble before show started. When was the last time you think Lebron James onto a fight, maybe in high school, It's private guns and elbows is probably not unlike assigned play. Gene and the big three by ratifying the brown ones jumped over someone Nutcracker drill in full bicycle football. I read that one. So that's pretty close to a fight thanks Billy he void con on a final you when he made me, look at his dick on repeat when I was back on tv are trying to find it before the game started at one time he watched, I mean he clearly knows what a bit is like so maybe knows what being an fighters. Like that's good point I yeah this is crazy.
Might I love whenever we do the boxers like in their prime, because especially heavyweights like to just kill everyone yeah which kill everyone? idea to take nice. Does I take upon from foot boxing training as a result of a train, the box yeah. I think I could be up. If there's like a nine year old, former professional lifesaver son of I can be deployed made what may weathers dad in twenty five years member how fast his hands were wholly ass, yet very scared. I ah the other embrace debate I had. I want you, as an side which side of the argument you are on for this. Only the two quotes tell me who you grew with more Nobody has ever played golf like Tiger woods. Nobody's ever handled pressure like Tiger Woods, nobody's ever won by a wider margin and tiger woods. That's quote, one quote two is, I would are you, the tigers, got the least out of his talent of any player, maybe in history
maybe in history, who would you side, I would side with the second person, because there are clearly insane and I don't want to get on their bedside. Well, it was actually a trick. Question has the same person and it's our friend brainless shambles. Okay, so he is in prison. Insane person blandly each Ambrose. I guess this is this. Is his like big time take that he's been thrown out there, the Dodd? No one has left more on the table and got the least out of his talent than Tiger woods. You only got no wrong majors Yang on a fourteen, major whatever it is like. Making it seem like majors or the easiest thing in the world governing. How does he like it? I think it fifteen, I think, fourteen. Maybe I once it yeah fourteen fourteen, I would say Tiger woods, get the most out of his ability like being able to bounce back from having, like all those affairs, that's tough and also just being raised, like cyborg yeah at all, Oh probably, wasn't the easiest thing yeah. He is he's the best golfer
who is also a navy seal of all time. Thus, Testword athlete by why didn't like golf digest, make fun of our friend Brooks captcha he's going through loss. He lost Brooks the year bleak, the and ass he had he did they treated him just like head down against shop poorly? I you know what I broke such good friend. I need and look up his score. Some plazas, that's funny. I know that, but it's not a major layers, not even not even the travelers? Third, who cares even look it up isn't show up unless there's a big ass trophy for yet it was to pursue
It worked out areas on which we can get out of your Gulf Digest Back Haider Sue he's, probably just Chillun out, was shut onto Brooks, who also had a great tweet yesterday, and it was just the Kenny powers on the other, Lloyd, Skiff yup, wonder who that could have been directed, and I, like it, team Brooks on our way to chimpanzee, sometimes will have bad rounds. It's called dude scoff, it's a Thursday Gall golf digest should know that nobody cares about Thursday golf here. You want championships on Sunday. Last time I checked artless finish up. We got our document or review. We watch the first two episodes home gain. Why should I should actually addressed this real quick before we get to that following up? embrace debate from Wednesday show there three separate interfere coaches that so that they would hire me as a kicker on game too, I saw I saw those trees. It was a nice microbes name drop that I have three, nobody had names and if a coach is in my phone, I didn't drop any name, so I also deleted Schonberg face number four. I focus now his green bubble. I nodded
got it result, change number. I was I've been re watching the office in Europe. Do do you guys remember the scene when I, when I think it's is german pans? First, kid is christen and Michael Scott shows up and he's like, like what an honour for me, the godfather and pans like. I need you to say that you're, not the godfather and he's like joking around he's like now of course lines. I know I need you say the words, I'm not the godfather. I need you to say the words that you're not an NFL caliber kicker. You could make a team. Yes, somehow, yes, Ok, that's ongoing! I need you say the word, so I'm definitely I'm definitely not in and if a guy I know that- that's never been. I think, you're part of that you're, a hundred euro you're in the top one hundred thousand workers and in the country. Yes, maybe we were laying that conversation. You did start with fifty fifty chance and make it too
Listen, I'm not saying I'm an initial calibre kicker. Unless I make an initial team, at which point I am dead, you know it all cows ordinary! Would then you would have so I need gets you invest in this somehow been catechised. This was only make you ve lost your problem if you're my side here is a problem I if, if it were all no joke I'd be in, but it's I can tell their one percent real. There's like yeah, like actual like. I do think I'm an nfl calibre. No, I'm not I'm. Definitely not I'm here site actually did them out. There might be. There lies the problem. Now there might be more than a hundred thousand better than ok, because I was thinking ok, whom I better at in terms of people that kick for living pretty much a kicker. That's graduated in the last fifteen twenty years? Is
better than I am. I now most high school pickers, a decent size collar decency. Schools are probably better than me right now I'll admit that, but do they have a negative antibody tests? Are they standing outside met lifesaving with there it's in their hand, ready right. I was a big part of it. I think my issues, I need you to either say it's a joke or if you said I like, I really really think I can make an exception. Team, and I want to make an example team, xml team, on the merits of my kicking. I would be like: let's go, let's do it. But I dont know which one it is, so I can't figure it out and I don't want it to be like I I think I can make and then what don't like just a bit, so you you ve seen me kick at my worst. When you been holding forming a sea figure best, you have what civilian lottery video. So so I'm not bad! No you're not happen. I'm Teflon I'm absolutely not good enough to make any sort of professional reporting on my own merits, I will put my hand a plot
it's a joke. You can make as it but enemy. But as a joke, I can make it and if I get a chance in the game, I might make an extra point. Ok, I do you mean I should point out: I absolutely you make that from then which on point you are truly a professional professional carbon was never really a joke. Yes, then there are met. There is zero part of my moraine that thinks that I'm a professional calibre kicker. I think what the parties shovel others. I sometimes feel like you were like. I actually probably can make this team, or without vendors he had us like? I don't want you get. Your like you do, if you, if you, I finally think when I will support you as a friend, but I also like, if you take it, put you don't and we're like caught in a grey area. I r
so, I thought that I could make the defenders, because I'm not bad and then they just kind of stash me and then maybe bring out, can I can only make a wish kids at the end of two thousand, where they let the kid score time. Then, if you got up, if you got me, I wish then I'm so down to be like yeah. This is upon us hosted by an exit. You know an ex program at that point. We are making mighty com and you're yeah nerd, I'm the perversion comes em all in because it's like you actually were in their put the Abbe. Confused zero percent in my brain that I think I'm deserving on my merits of being a professional kicker, one percent zero percent, one semi pro semi pro half a percent, zero percent
definitely make an extra point. Not yes doubt here's the deal, I'm not professional caliber. If I got the opportunity you want because of these very specific scenario that I've set up, we're both upon her and the kicker indisposed due to covered or me stabbing the partner on the morning before game. I think I can. Step in your standing in met Life Stadium, parking lot like windows, negative covert tests that you took twenty minutes before. Yes, are the antibodies or the hands you parties and with your cleats, and for uniform Think they probably would want you to come for uniform. They don't want to have to go the illicit. If I'm going to make this happen, I can't ask them for any favours. What's right, I have only like ready to go in the universe waiver sign that if you die whatever looked on the record, if I die on the field, I'm only holding my own brain responsible for this. It's not
No there's no liability on the NFL end Dante my salary to the torrents on which we should probably have chaps, build you a locker that we can put on wheels that you can just put in the hallway. Don't you have to go in the locker room? I won't even now you just everything out of the way when the patriots play there are even get a tattoo, my form that says hundred ten percent or because that's gonna effort that I'm gonna get us out of this, and I am ready to go. I will bring a net, will bring your own balls. I ok yeah. Yes, John! You all now we're good. What don't forget the shocking girdle jockey but often girdle, don't forget the chalk. I always wear Johnny's rap on like to share your kid. The chalk and girl I yet and yet- and I think, there's a chance I could get site. I'm not delusional, know what you are, but not for that region s not for the kicking anymore. I was too home game, Netflix Ok, so we watch the first two. I guess we'll start with number one, the. What the fuck is, that swore called com Kaliko Adriano Historical.
This is how those work. This is basically italian. Do it's been like you know, we love more than anything to beat the fuck out of each other. Let's make a sport as an excuse to fight this. What happens in society, where you have no middle ground sport between like playing soccer? then there's like nothing. That's like a little bit more physical Russia. If they had like a big Rugby League, there are an american football League there then I dont think that cultural punch in the face, wherever sport that is ever exist, but because they kind max out of soccer. You ve got a bunch of crazy people that are like I'd need. Port for me, where I'm allowed to actually get into right light with somebody, I went into this being like. Oh, this might look make rugby look bad and then I went out of it being like it makes. Every sport look bad because every sport is just lame compared to this sport and violence is just fight club with kind of
a scoring element was everybody else on the same page that the red team was going to smash the white team. The on issues like the regime was stacked. Would just these massive dude, the gully on the white team? Did you see him? Yes, he looked like fact any power. Yes, I don't know what he was doing around the court. He should not have been there what sport? It actually might remember. Those videos like, I think we ve had any in a long time, but the dude in Russia that would like meat in the woods like the dudes on each side. They just beat the fuck out of each other for no reason whatsoever use at had a ball and a little like you said, a little bit of scoring and that's a sport. Those are soccer hooligan fights. Ok, So I was thinkin watching this, though the fans behind these teams.
Our very passionate. I like how it set up where you're born into district, and that's your team for life. You can't switch right. You have to be read your whole life. You have to be white, your whole life, etc. When they actually play the game, supporters alike, cheer them into the stadium or very, very passionate. Do you think that their brawls understands or and this oh yeah, you see fights there like you have sea fight? I love that so just turns into just not only as a fight down on the field me part of the game is garlic, beating the shit out of all the other people, other towns that are having having to be sitting next year's, like Lincoln Financial Field, with an actual fight on the field right right, we did, it really does make all other sports just like hockey guys are gonna watch assembly like whoops, we thought we were the tough sport as a hundred businesses. You had gone each other here. So again raises the export
Those guys say Whitney six Whitney, six sport, sick league to everyone else. I'm gonna next senders like something happens in the Asia, where some guy like takes a dive ability. You never see. From her couch up in there, and I also think that, like feeling is one of the situations whirling all their late, the players wise and suffer like this. Like it's a very much type or it's like you're into that type. A guy, oh yeah like which is kind of a severe and two italian guys Rita S where Guido come for you. If you're, not really origins, Genesis of Guido is your ended on our fails there. Yes, you you'd, like those guys, they all had the maximum Erika two, which is very timid you they can have any here could doesn't matter. They owed steroids, nipples the Codes the cloning you. I know you know for sure I've never done through its nine o. Would you ever play Billy action I like to kicking, though you have your priorities. I love you. I see now yeah talk myself into the ultimate fighters Irene on that I, like panic, knows I now gingham ass bead by you see fighter perfect
Madam Mina a referee and that sport, you pretty tough, yet Joe West, again pussy what crosses the line at all Guys and then the other one, the scottish games, the Highland games. I love this shit just old school like who can throw a tree log lot farther than the other guy, just the dumbest thing like, like my favorite part. But these games are they. The evolution of it works like ok, so we have ten different events in your thinking like, oh, my god, he's hasn't elected to catch As I know it's a little rock big rock little, like what would also like an even bigger rock yeah like around
I put the rock Iraq that's attached to a stranger to the original chain. Pig chair and just everything is just throwing heavy inches guys be induce in the backyard. That's really hot sport as a start out, because two guys in kilts were hanging around Exeter, the biggest guys in their little village in Scotland and their drinking water ale, and one guy was like I bet I can throw this rock for the new year and there is a war. I bet you I can, through the bigger rock and just escalated into work through a tree and killed the other one that shit. I guess we're can play this for any more at the only thing I didn't like about this was the story line like the Rudy storyline of the little guy. And the whole Tyler's like he's go while everyone any just, do you I d was declared after for vat, as million percent's wording was saga vigour? You are the better. You are out about the log toss holy shit. It might be a lot of it after you guys time, but there is a dizzy channel movie. Look the Irish were this. Kid was leprechaun in and he had to go
I also wonder memory, but I like you, he was at the Cape COD ship factory. He turned to a leprechaun and enough of the scottish games and had to win tilling unturned. Self, no leprechauns, wicked co when his Highschool state Championship, that is the most Boston store of every hour, entirely irish, his nose dizzy. Gentlemen. I remember that you remember it Billy slightly real that rural time I'll just based. We try to remember the plot of like the Irish, yet I look forward to when you tell us about it. In three weeks, Billy, Google, it ok cool It's summary I. What do we got were next week we got lucrine yeah, It's a great italian engine, dragons communist and dragons, coming out of nine out of we can kill Billy after he turned code on us. We are going to torture him. I now will be my first. Passionate inwards and like how do we make it so that we don't
kill him, but he basically we just drag him around. Oh he's gonna be my little the ungrateful half that I'm gonna put you through hot. His dick often make him eat his own penis. That's all coming next week protein, though as in the gains she had her she's going back through the dragon. I keep telling us
I will see, have saved weekend. Let guess, but not today, not giving the cotonou.
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