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Dana White + NFL Week 15

2018-12-17 | 🔗

NFL Week 15 Recap and fastest 2 minutes (2:29 - 7:48). The Bears clinched the North, the Browns are somehow still alive, Collinsworth went goofy on us, and Romo had an orgasm (7:48 - 16:12). We clean up the playoff picture and predict who will be making that good noise in the playoffs (16:12 - 30:04). Who's back of the week (30:04 - 41:18). UFC President Dana White joins the show to talk about his feud with Oscar De La Hoya, the evolution of UFC and pro fighting, how he is the greatest actor of all time every time he acts disappointed in McGregor, and the weird days of affliction shirts and true religion jeans (41:18 - 71:09). Segments include Lowmans trophy finalists for the best FB in the country, new segment "What the fuck is Mike Tomlin saying?", PR 101 for Marlins Man and the Black Sox scandal, Pinstripe Update, Hank hot in the streets, and Mondays Readings "Lenny Dykstra is now a torah scholar". 

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today's part of my take nfl weak fifteen recap facets two minutes lotta storylines the play off picture still messed up and we have you have see present founder godaddy com you see he had got bad ass dana white in studio i have to say something data white he might be the most electric in do we do he brings so much energy whenever we interview him and i think he actually comfortable with us now had a little fawn maybe doesn't it has any more because we told them member were the guys who interviewed you and we don't like raphael and he's like all fuckin love you guys so great interview lot of fun we also whose back and a monday reading before we get all that you already know the cash out number one app in finance but did you realize you can get the most powerful debit card in the world with cash apps cash card the cash card comes with booths
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they ve been great to us grateful corp cash card the cash do it downloaded thank you and let's go let's not its point nineteen percent by wealth on the part of my eyes today is monday december seventy week fifty what about
we start in india where the cowboys tried to ride the courts and prescott was jack in the saddle again as the hundred year anniversary of the black socks scandal looms large marlins man that was humble and bubble and stumbling fourtou scores but it's not about him it's about the troops to put my colleague truly window franklin take right and the courts are going streaking poisonous escalated quickly what crash of rule forty we make our own doc andrew that is called forty three cowboys twenty the enough see north was decided on a lake sunday as lobsters other midway are officially package chicago camelia luck could put you back that asked sub saharan roger his by approving a hard port town when talent doesn't talk heart is march values because america is finally turn again to watch mitchell fatiguing could knows roy you kiddo there'll be a cabin white christmas nuts weaken us a pair of will most likely be arrested are started down the stretch passed twenty four percent budget is western new york detroit wanted a bail out put the bills came due on therefore keep tat is robert foster the people told all the other trades and allied secondary you better run run run outlawed alan's gun let me be the first to wish you a happy kenny holiday and that pencil behind met patricia easier is starting to smell a lot like number two eighty gm noah circles alike as a buffalo both bill sporting lions some spread of tough when you take the munchkins have hit rock bottom josh pawing the rock toxin throws a hundred fifty one yards with people's alba coding guzzler looked like he had been jacksonville playful joplin screw as the only through for fifty seven yards in another sector also sipping or the purple gatorade was leonard for better as the jaguars offered some game plan was too slow drive so homey if only there was opposed tat could write this trip munchkins extinct jaguar sorting rainy meadowlands tarifa nardini henry has the titans fans reda pay all their per play off tickets this january the highlight four the titans kubi was marxist marietta boxing linebacker forcing the giants deepened to call my u man you can skip the last chapter the book of eli turns out he was blindest tightened seventy giants girl come on booms boilers stayed in the cords amos wilson temper florida side by side in a big doubtful distress established some crab trees hey joe go you just go raven and such nodding applying rules or gunning tricycle tricycle olivia chalk prudent watch helplessly as its theme got graced eric laughed and car it's no lie it's no law yes no law he's got everyone's laughing at the writer save him i protruding nelson boss you traction has finally earned his brightness threads on second look there are actually just good marks from all that skylight chile endless thirty six day so the steel city where cheylas samuel jackson told the patriot statements and you will know my name is the lord when i lay my vengeance upon the people get these motherfucking snakes off my mother fucking play wrong movie teach if you're holding let's do it right it ma solely michel had half a hundred yards put the patriots operates could never get past the four points of something in fucking chris was well had a close and told her of the term and missed another field eighteen what's that unidentified playing on four may feel whom if the play all started today the patriots would have to play the wild card round still seventeen page we finish in minnesota or kenyan drake and trap loveday more than anyone and our law both got back we love everyone now that we gotta put aside as may appear after a couple acknowledge coupled just remember he's always seven prime time also to focus the vikings look appeal of dangerous and took the common man co savagely murdering them like a poacher japanese vikings forty one drop of sovereignty and the chicago bears you see nor champions
oh glue snaps visit congrats listen how much credit to you personally deserve none none i am so happy in happening it's packers i'm so happy to happening it's aaron rodgers i'm so happy that that stupid pose commerce they won't sugar me any more controls at the wonder is walking around on soldier field than everything just once wilting away and the man on the map and the man like that but the bears they have punched there their play off birth they want with a bt packers they slay the dragon may basically say hey you're not our daddy anymore aaron rodgers go through interception hot yet he through an inner so yeah he did he wrote that strict did you notice aaron had that same gonna body language that he had last add body they bad body may have the least language use throw this is our sign language for faces ah for people what if what if your hard of hearing
you don't have arms are if you like missing a figure i think there's liberating lipperty lipperty i was lip breeding aaron rodgers and he was just like the socks ie sucks it was one of those classic moments where i thought everything all the bad stuff the buggy man was coming to like you know take my life the stupid pont fake pont field tie the game aaron rodgers has a bomb that he just overthrows he's been in that all year and guess what he's not the same aaron rodgers and he's gonna be thirty six next year i have to pick out would you trays sorted out the region trade mitch for biscuit for air aaron rodgers right now if you had to swap contractile of journalists
unity i woke up and held up contracts to be over the cat how mad urinating how real what have you done with fucking cap all it ok i'm sorry brown and so are events will be as good we're gonna play we replace him defence we're on the ball replacing be those who run the ball ok did you see how pissed off aaron rodgers was try that he'll marietta in the first half might break his streak yes you aaron rodgers will never say this yeah but he was obsessed with that's why he's like the nba players who at the end of a quarter will wait the buzzer and then throw the three point rob and i don't like we don't want i don't want my my funeral procession to go down to i'm somewhere i'm shocked shock and try to throw that in the first of let me be the first to congratulate you the first to congratulate you big cat this is a very big good and now you guys might get home field advantage for a game or two and it's gonna be it's gonna to be good it's only chicago bears in the in play off weather you don't want to go to a larger field ok so you said game or to let's talk about that
two possibility are the ella rams broken so ok just get in front of this cause you're about to said didn't she go beyond alone and that someone else gets hurt but yes i think i think that there's something wrong with him i think option mcveigh photographic memory is blessed in a curse because what are they always say you have to have a short memory to get past the fucked up place so having for taught photographic memory is great things are going really well but then when things really poorly that's all you think about here's my question if you're in l a rams fan now pretend that for second would you rather have a coach you as a photographic memory or coach it knows how to use his time out at the end of a game because listen i like charming
he's been on the show is a recurring gas but the photographic memory isn't as this is so cool when you don't realize that you don't need to call a timeout with two hundred and forty five left you should probably let them run another play and call it on the other side of the two minute warning and give yourself a minute and fifty and not a minute and fifteen or whatever they ended up bread i would actually rather have a coach that doesn't have a memory of all the chest tattoos down all the important stuff on his body like a momento like hey if there if you're coming up on the two minute warning to call this time out so the other part of that game nick faults are the because about to do this again because nip falls if it falls runs a table here and the eagle get into the play arson let's say he wins a game or to how can you go back carson it's this guy like that was a game thirteen have point underdogs everyone said the eagle season was over his throne jump balls to outshine jeffrey he's gettin often go and he's not just throwing it to earth and i like carson once but he does love arts
are you going now are saying oh shit we might have a chance sneaking into the playoffs their officially my team that could make some noise and apply a check with still that's like a very wide open definition yup i could be if their wildcard team or they when they were there would have to get in most likely by winning the division you'd have to get into well known they could take it the vikings or seven six and one archives or seventy seven you'll want to be the other citys you dont want to play the eagles week one in the playoffs who who gets in if it's nine i see so a ties really fuck you out eyes while you're like other i'll just say this though the are were writings would the our words are still very much in that they are charged eyes in seven people forget just shots and just like your man iran is one one yes yes of that other weirdly that weird and he ever ryan weirdly yeah just one just one on record you got done chain the eagles ok of our twenty five anyhow it listen hand up i'd done chain the eagles i personally done chained to see hawks i think through the inaugural done chain and listen begat
is being very very cannibal with his texans done chain which saying that he will cut his pinky off i'd semantic ay i will be held accountable for the past well if the seahawks if they make the playoffs no no it s only when they wanted to rule i will cut off the tipp of big cats pinky ok so now i got all the pinkies out the others being yeah that's very nice use agreed that no now but you can't it out loud so the text the toxins now sit with if the plan started today the by they come back against the jets in saturday night football which love nfl on saturday and which leads us to a roundabout way hank would you like to see about the patriot steelers game which was shocking to watch because the steelers the steelers do everything they can possibly due to loosen the patriots like they did the big bang interception
and miss vale goals and weird shit that goes on in somehow it didn't happen yemen the orphans terrible they only had that one wide open touchdown which is clearly a breakdown by the others their offenses but what do you think is the key to the patriots offense not being so great and i think it's a lot of factors and play brady might be getting cat age catching up to a low while also hang on they might be catching thank you are but you said brady first you are quicker to point the finger at tom brady for being old than you are rob caskey gaze older problems are you are you saying it brady's more of a problem raina normally it was a problem i think there's a lot of factors are you worried yes ok i think we need to actually have old takes exposed you know how he's you know he's got his brand very big out there he needs you really buckle down on the people who have been saying like tom
reading the patriots are done if you ve been saying that for five years you can't now say it now because it now looks a little different it's like hello brown stuff vulgar dancing this is the year leubronn will win the east you dont you basic get you you gotta taken away from work as you can't be the guy has been saying it for five year street and then offset bill i told you so people our this happens at least once a year when this does fugitive or lose and then the people this this conversation had ass every yes you do you hatreds lose all fields different bridge can old bubble it is clear that they have scored ten points three times now this season and back back losses obviously dolphins game was wild but it's ok to say that it feels differ i will say that i disagree with you on your take about not calling people not allowing the people there previously done it because if you're tripped over and you said it for years ago you can if it were me i would just say as first reported by miro four years ago us ahead of the curve it just it's you know it's gonna be the swarm because this the listen
like whatever side you're on the patriots are the are the story that everyone wants to talk about when either they win or they lose so this is going to be leaving first take and all that stuff i just want to see the receipts on people you don't i'm saying receipt i want receipts are as you see i will say this the often to try to do it looks like from my perspective is they ve got julian gentlemen running the robber caskey retsina like in the military he's doing like the hard work across the middle ages four guys who is getting up ended that little is like these like five ten perfectly africa yet but what i'm saying is like the office is definitely differ without if you watch robert cowskin getting off the line scrimmage vienna he just moves like he's heard all the time i in the tight imposition a guy like iraq has been bad he's taken his all much higher and that they are the people don't talk about him yet here
people over but also when he gets tackled that's a big that's a lot allegiance big collegiate tree fall heart the steelers they fight that still so fucking weird there's teams it like you just can't figure out the dolphins were the other team words like this team is seven seven they might be the worst seven and seventeen in the history of the nfl and i you're dovetails group said about that but actually you'll probably agree with me when they make no sense they get the book the doors blown off by the vikings after beating the patriots last week the steel lose to the raiders than beat the patriots it's like now nothing makes sense it you know what it is the nfl it's so random it is very low around at random such rail raising such wherein legal read i was thinking about just doing a basic week where i just get real basic with everything i say for we yet certain crossfire is so random yeah then fell so wrapped up in so we also in a game i made a couple notes here one
tony roma it was just my favorite my fair part about this guy he's really go into town another challenge now i make noise is to put tony hee hee he came in our ear no less than five on that later i bilbil check had the often run out and then have the punt team run out a change in the treaty is that gave it would take away jim yuppie owns the broadcasting because he tells jim went to tom example you may speak now jim good you can you can call i'm done having a verbal orgasm rayner yet there is one point where bela check has his defence do something that trick tony roma tony was like see i got food that's been get full there too yes and then been through an interception shortly thereafter and when tony romo sob ben throw like i think was a late third quarter fourth quarter reception he like kind of freedom
but he had excited and would it was it was tony romo that's his closest hill ever get to experiencing how we felt yet only roma would throve yeah reception pity the hop on twitter yeah he's finally understanding like the joy that you can get your house is rihanna much fun it was the other note that i had is big ben's hat so here had game on the sidelines whose wherein the nfl the wool hats that they have been cut the snow off the top of his hat yeah everybody else has a sober big been numerous dogged he knew tat his own hat stella drops off the top of that every single time i think that in the new having been probably just not at all yeah you got hung in his sleep then at least cut a little hungry need a chew toy the snowball here mike tomlin was mick was getting bored and in in the you know breakdown film breakdown chewing on it tony romo to be so much fun at the super cool when tony romo noises start trending henry i k we had a first
feels good day every now and then we were on some merlin really we also talk about how the chris caldwell yeah i was yet as you say so what they're going to do when people get really into the tony romo noises cbs like social staff is gonna turn to adopt it and try to act without would it make fun of which has happened today was i think the christians were collinsworth slide isn't cool anymore i don't know embrace debate because some night football saw like what a big viral trend it was and then they do so put at their own little compilation up now i was a little upset going into the aim but then they can afflicted on us and cause were sliding he slid and from the u s great move it you had to switch up and now next week he's gonna come in above like own heart too soon right on top of chris girl well michael's head like mission impossible tat rang or about or haven't come out from the bottom like mario coming out of a two year or or like modoc alone ski from underneath the desk
that's cause we're just rise up and his wife his mouth off another hour hey what's up now fifty we gotta cup more things go talk ok i said last week last monday on this show that i m still mad at you jackson and i still need justice and guess what my anger is even more even bigger this week because the cleveland browns should be a off team in hue jackson bought them over well block them over now we can officially say this that member a little early on it hugh jackson three winds and forty games baker mayfield forward in six games ok without you jack sorting out pretty good and we need to talk typically them brown still being alive you ready for this yet i'm ready i got it ok the brown there still life here's how their life they need to out ok the ravens must lose out
my emmi must lose one of two done tennessee and indian indianapolis need to lose and weak sixteen and then they have to play and weak seventeen and tie ok that's were ruined villa browser it were ruined for a tie indy tenancy any know what such a particular so i could absolutely imagine a game between tennessee and the courts ending in a tie it doesn't matter you if you're cleaving brown fan i know this sounds stupid put its weak sixteen years still not mathematically dominate in america this should be america's team yeah formal motion to strip the cowboys of the title of america's team and give to the brain baker wasn't that great you know he didn't have his best game odds on saturday the broncos were all all over him in the back we'll all night but vance joseph god love you man you damn quinn's yourself the all i'm dumbest thing when he kicked feel go oh they down for their down for with like three minutes my four minutes left and kick to feel go one fourth of one
about the seven year he dan quint himself you should be fires having the time of his life out there on the field instantly usually part instantly i'd have is events is a simple guy like me he could have points or but have no points and he just thought i'll do the points he probably was thinking his inner burger macfarlane gotta gotta get down to one scorching with yet very true he gonna win with a few years is not a little fun staff for the brown something else to root for our to give us some hope moving forward ok the brown or now five an o against team through the animal nicknames guy who they play the bangles oh also and eightys banned but yeah they i believe this team was named after the tiger yup and then the ravens let's go or birds animals birds are animals throughout bugs other their diet there are now they're not their aviators right
aviators urgently in order to capri us even what is one of avian dern aliens asians avian so not an ok so we were breaks down lila know we're britain which is a healer avian it is oh no no birds or bugs and dolphins are fish dolphin our fish set whales are also case law settled i dont like this blue wills will breathe years other mammals in sweden the water softens have searched for pleasure they know what to do if i can fishermen definitive working their luggage shrieks get out here with your slant stupid i have the war started today too we've already given a bunch of stat no but i got a real stout of the day the first one is cowboys and giants first time ever that they have both been in the same day and credits the giants for before the game against titans and being shut out they said their programme bring you lie back so
good job i mean when i say that i don't know i just tommy smokes told me tat i was asked by say that sounds like something at somebody told you and you want to tell you that i know is rule it is true feel sims also set an example be shocked if he doesn't covert fills into still shocked that he's not the quarterback the giant i think i think i think you i manage is coming back which was perfect because then they got shut out and in total stay gerda and the cowboys yikes that was draw some was rootless throw some cold water on the cowboys hype trade that that was a terrible game and any apples that's a big not to brag but i called it from here from last friday i out not ready to totally by am yet tat prescott sir oh i mean he's airmail unease he does this thing were if he has to throw passes further than like almost
twelve yards down field care is more likely to miss the guy high by three feet up then he is to him in the numbers well here you go skip bayliss actually disagrees with us he says right now if you made me choose i'd take dat prescott over you walk on leadership mental physical toughness and big play making well now mental the i tend to agree because and toughness and after they did they did a little interview with andrew lock before the game and he officially firms use cacti so that at least surprising thing ever he's a book guy and a cat yeah i actually lingo together i don't think that andrew luck laughs or like or expresses joy verbally i think he purse a scratch missile neck beard freedom somewhere or look at that architecture its magnificent good guys lay sick as those big bins boot i understand it the day yoga oakland's defence
twelve sacks on the season coil mac twelve and a half months ago that strikes in their real max satis sitting on aaron rodgers may be the happiest of urban in my time but sat a really while he was even so fucking good did he just sat people with his back year be somewhat but what the backside you the backside relax back zack i got the but stuff here he comes just sitting on is like you know what you guys camp lock me i'm gonna sit on him and i will just call it again he wiped his ass on iraq was spoken os here's my lesser they ready for this yeah ok cody kessler nine for seventeen for fifty seven yorba fabric is no i'm just reading sat one not pat i'm just saying dozen years fifty seven yards nine for seventy seven zero touchdowns one interception christ great noise a great we had his back run because back not as me that's that's that's an aberration whom we better next week if you gave me a nerve bonds or from more than seven years we now know they'll get out i don't wanna programme
yeah and five you actually know what fucking i throw of one for these seven yards with regular review could we have or tax i could absolutely through for more than two hundred like its role for more than forty seven years of regular ball out just you five hundred every time here and eventually mike i would catch with defence on the field yes i would just they really big gunslingers i just thrown every play and i would also instil confidence and my team jeff really what i just who is screen past green pasturing basket pass i'll do the thing you can just where where they make up like a shovel pass now passing out i just call those audible to those every single ply toss it directly and yet a letter for net and just get me more than fifty seven yards or to improve this hypothetical that will never be able prevented but coda kessler fifty seven yards ah sir
the play off picture we actually didn't really learned much i mean the lines were eliminated the packers were eliminated the box were eliminated i'm trying to think who is eliminated from the f c i don't think many teams have been a limit jets are out the check the jets are out p after your right i think there are mathematically limited until until now i think so with four winds for they had to accept what you ve got that you think the tenth lost finally eliminated that and i'm just saying no i think there's a looks it looks like the ravens or steelers will be the succeed i say this about the ravens there also team that you don't want to play because nobody knows what the fuck that other playing their playing armies often lamar jackson
look so funny when he tries to fake throw like it's a two year just around the paul we know this he views he'd had one play where he was running any tried to fake throw it to get the defence off balance any didn't even look like he was holding the pall correctly i said you have not thrown enough in practice to even hold the ball like you're gonna throw here yeah i was pretty bad and then they also said that archie three has been working with lamar on telling him like went to get down to avoid injuring oh that's great unless a really good men towards he's gonna be really wants to show that yeah he's gonna definite people marching some nobody here you're right that's like when they bring henry kissinger is as secretary stay i guess a former one too like help educate the new person the farmer defence about like how to start the good warrior how to blow up everyone here yeah but make it look like was our fault he was fourteen for twenty three sets out some hundred thirty one your lot of bad passing in the inner fell on weak fifteen yes lotta marianna have eighty yard
would it what is it the cold weather just a lot of here whether know everyone gets affected by bear with all these saying all these elite eleven passing camps are held in the south the obvious case made halloa passing open up a passing carry me in saskatoon yeah would still have in canada getting ready for you want or whether we want to win the playoffs come see me come come over here i let's do whose back the weak than we have are i view with dana white hank be in a better mood i'm in a grey mood i know you'd as dogma gazprom has take them as this house gave its rounds gone it's incredible i call you on the game thrones right today can soon my at this radio bag in return for this really this is like taken over your life yet greater have you finished i finished from washington i didn't all buses are no sin a file even my call me crazy person but i take up the easter eggs i started on season three year that's crazy but it causes
i don't like it boring board you gonna do you get into it now is like you know what i'm gonna if i get a new one i get into it i got obsess so now i am finishing seasons wanted to i hate when people say that a candidate better pouring for a while
i think he listened if the show doesn't hold me in the first fifteen minutes about every noble idea is the right way because now i'm watching seasons wanted to another foreshadowing and things that happen i understand what's going on we should try to show what we should do when they go out is that we should make a show and like a netflix show in the first ten minutes of the entire series like sixteen people get shot get his violent in the hacking either show the first of the first thing is just is somewhat boom your head gets blown off what the hell this is crazy has nothing to do with the plot it's actually just array make over you know seinfeld but someone dies the first fifteen miss your hawked i can like that that some sex and there may be some talking dogs in some cocaine yet cocaine oh yeah now our committees of subtitles yeah maybe o interim cartel stuff you're just a couple of the ego throwing the random subtitles so that you have to italy come catches you like oh i got potential a shark attack someone gets killed by shark and then and then we can start this movie that's actually rom com in black and white where no one speaks french it's actually a french french film shot in and thirteen frames per se as nice as goods as real did hear how is game it's rather forget we just got hijacked eu answering there are great anyway
under the only one who's back to the week i had a on manning one of my other whose back sweet though is assorted boxes of popcorn oh yeah very very underrated horizon back the tri which which is your favorite cheese i like to electrical mix and match this crazy move anybody that young cattle corner the careful corn and says that they like it they're fucking we're not stay away from that heroism kedo corners will kaliko antivirus using a can of course not only to switch the sterile and then there's also the butter but i like to do the mix alike to grab at all at the same time it throw out of my mouth i'll make the butter and leave redder implosion because its yellow and its orange and those are somewhere colors but once you get the brown involving yeah no i liked as yet little sweetener not like me are you bashing cattle corner and general now i was i would have been a very bad too like the kettle cornered salted i don't like any sweetness roma popcorn biochemical has sweetness and i don't like that ok by taking away you don't recognize we ve just got we all autumn of we'll have that takes care of coins fire always aspect
another one other would save it for arts equal thrown the one who actually come to respect the rules osier you i manning whose back i always very analyses k is it ass bananas by tommy smokes by whose back in a week is those giant puffy jackets that quarterbacks we're on the sidelines like the ones that are three times with their body get so we saw that baker had a huge one on saturday flax was wearing one just stay with just in case on the sidelines just in case the sawhorse and they look like it it's like three kids our trust needed in order to move in a giant french goat that's the size of these cuts these guys they look like members of the knights watch up on the wall yeah that's us gaza is a game thrones ok sweden game of thrones by your ear kings of the north bears championship shirts at barstool store an clubbed of pity what is called clogged up is the the bare harding lockerbie party in a locker math everyone it's fucking awesome fifty they should have to pay
the lights on when they lose two they do they dont party when are you going we're gonna have they're gonna be allowed on enabling us like silently just like if you're gonna put in like struggle acting on our that digital balls off in your walker locked up his little that you'd have to be going on when they were fifty we forgot to talk much of what you said about what about him well then is it your guys when the budget now i just talked about a second guess certain left jacket or back next so i am so so so excited for the team that is going to either trade for our side joe flak oh and be like this is our guy yeah yeah meter jackson it is your job jacksonville washington gotta be it's gotta be fuckin hilarious to watch why yes i'm just saying that what could be great
actually you go get your is very old he's looking now looks high and we all modern any he has again oh yeah exiles who hears you member where is everyone snappy just look sold and just he hasn't played and like seven weeks i noted before these rested now he's fully healthier restaurants right now you know what he is he's like a good use card that doesn't have a lot of mileage on this year he wasn't even driven at church back and forth on sundays cause you sit on the bench and then bring down you know it's just bring it down to just edges drives put it only drives in like five point six yards per catch every single time yes it drives directly to its own running back on the flat yeah tribes re self what i think and breaks down every single out to self driving car that moves for yards at a time yes that's great shadow you are wherein lay where'd you like seeing i would like is actually i'd be pretty good jacksonville i think i wouldn't mind see him in washington
i hope i will ask for your own misery the outlet what's yet was what do you think i feel like i could so alot of elite he'll black or t shirts rose and show how many winds would you say right now that your flock it will have as a starting quarterback in the inner fell for the rest of his grip on big cubey wins guy say i am to like it doesn't matter what team he goes to korea he's going to make whatever correct we aren't you be winslow stats i need obsolete alliance i would like some goods have a great deal bigger given mats africa are basically the same human they should trade maths effort just just a straight up swap no just trade him for some of the lower pay form yeah destroy yeah lines is right bill but your flock i could see him going to see what else you got that big arm he's good and he's getting the weather store my spiral cincinnati okay actually a straight swap any danger flag will be perfect when this would put sure why not a start running he would look so weird when the orange and black either am excited i'm excited for the joe falco
you knew you'd be a uniform be like a mom like a fifty five year old mom that got like a sports car that's what he would look like in the sleek bengals you have who ok so maybe joe flack o turns into a mouth yeah and the car how goes for yards time direct here i would also whose back at this moment back is it i'm just gonna say that one year ok my whose back his college bull season a very excited watching bowls and sorry i did not mean there believe me nothing now with what eyes nor ear hackers in algeria and someone only the re combo always like georgia southern versa eastern michigan it's just so great turning on these key these ball games it mean nothing they really just mean nothing except for gamblers and also maybe i guess for the programme to be like hey we want the ray come media camilla board what i'm is bhopal mania you gotta catch it every listen
my favorite part about the bull season is when they have the balls that are sponsored by like the whack as possible down beneath one year they had one that was sponsored by a for profit prison company bitcoin bull that was while can i introduce useful brady's can i get you excited workable bulls we're gonna come up this week the dsl frisk goble cindy eight verse ohio ah fuck here the bed the bad boy moat mowers gasp roubles coming up on thursday i listened friday the makers wanted almost boy twelve thirty middle the day frightened turner forty international verse toledo to powerhouses grown up against each other like another takes off the bahamas one is the one that you want to go to if you're a couch like what is if you can't make it one of the big boys use you aim perfectly to make it to the bomb yes absolutely he's gotta make it their journey on tuesday i gather as but will get to that after dana white let's do our interview with thin white and we will talk to you about what we have planned for tuesday before we get to date
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i thought we was awesome this fund we told you the data was chicks name yeah that's right and that's not the first time ever that yeah really wants an emigrant interviews in actual fact here and we pass or about so you remember that actually i was nervous why these that'll make me remember you forever yeah there we go so data white is joining us in studio we got a lot to talk about catch up with you are recurrent guest so it's good to have you back i want to start with the thing the who had been talking about the most recently austria deal a weirdo greatest burn ever them auster deal a weirdo another fact yes what else you say auster dealer dumdum ask data dummy delicate delicate so what's going on with that you guys have daily weirdo beef go and right now listen he's eddie tell me is not an idiot you know is in any it i know he's an idiot everybody noses and eddy it he comes out and and and talks about things number one here yes piano lied
thus a backdoor so he's trying to get golden boy promotions into the emma may space yacht chocolate l fight which i think we can all agree was bad for the support we have she had chuck on beforehand before that final it look bad is bad to watch him run if you didn't look like you took something out of the day fifty year olds have no business fighting right i just saw this thing that he did on tmz and he said i'd kick dana white's ask you know in the rain it makes sense to this guy likes to see fifty your whole life is forty five and forty nine which you saying you won't find him now you're sorry kick my ass for which a wait a minute what i fight oscar dale high in the octagon i'm fifty years old when i urged all five sound like an excuse at a second what unites it's it's not excuse it's a reality the reality is you know it's a lot of paper views i grant if it were to happen do you think you could be them well
depends on what it what does he want to dinner way that way that we would have to be no way classier way big and right right although he's a little bloated these days from all the cane and alcohol so so maybe a beatin close to my way but at the end of their what do we do we don't fly may well the thing we boxing out only doing i'm a male he's coming into your world exact with other that's that's a different borg i'll take you listen i started taking out forty nine years old the sit sit here and try to talk tough like i'm gonna i'm gonna beat the shit out of the former world champion in boxing is ridiculous i'm forty nine years old this this is my whole be for chocolate out the guy's forty nine years old forty nine to be ro people barely get on the treadmill in and what in walkie you're gonna be fighting in a professional it is very little seniors to work for example and there shouldn't be you know why fighting is a young man's game yachting as a young man's game that there's some guys that have been able to beat time
and still do well but there are very very few and far between g did you talk to chuck before that fight because i know you guys were goes back in the day i talked him before and i talked to him you know obviously adele is a fighter to the core its wording the to do when he's a grown ass man can do whatever he wants to do there's a reason that i asked him to retire eight years ago you know he started getting knocked out in his fights his last fight and got knocked out by one hundred and eighty five pound rich franklin and back in the day could hit chick chuck in the face with a crowbar and not knock em outright and once you get to that point chuck what what do you have left the proved right in one of the best ever you help build disport you help build this brand you ve done everything that that you could ever dream of any made a lot of money a lot of money in this is one of the things that daylight thing is that he made no money which as you know wanting if you lie
most your friends and you tell a bunch allies when you go on espn starches lying yeah mr della hoagie throw that one out there huska deal a phoney yeah oh i like that in our view on he has any basically said that you were taking money too much money from your fighters rightly so i sat in pay em you say that there are situations where guys had fought and done on one point five million buys and made fifty thousand dollars for a type of it's a lie that's never happened in the history of the company chucked in make any money chucks last three fights he got knocked out and his last refined he average two point seven million a fight even when he was on a downswing and losing an anti toward the thing to do would they lawyer is first of all dealer who is very bright case now is not a bright guy let let's start there but he elon musk
compared to tito ortiz then and i think that he's getting a lot of this information from tito ortiz wearily and then i'm not just saying this to be he's one of the dumbest human beings on planet earth a guy he's he's ease primate level s guy in and i think that's part of the problem the warehouse and you think you are musk is really smart i think you do really why i i think you
is like which algeria that he isn't you're dumber version of jeff basis would have basis is controlling yeah mosques had nobody on he gets woke too how evil yeah jeff basis really feared each mps beer is a genius put sometimes when you have those guys are geniuses conversations likeness her only after they have yet to meet his spurs listen this guy sent an rockets up way based on all doesn't back down a landing on the friggin larger cars are like what's at seventy six chryslers is already set up their families the guy smart your eyes the heap starting projects enough finishing actually held this analysing how can we ever several genius s invitation the guys do and what shit than the three of us don't i can promise you that your career here isn't like the guys say i'm like steve jobs didn't really through anything although obviously lapierre say thy elsie asked our jobs what did he really do did you do this didn't do that
he's having a lot you i did some pretty good yet or you learn he did build that tunnel to his girlfriend ass yet no easy cancel that he gets everything i want i want this then i will it's not that heart like i want a hover board what i want like there's not many people i don't know i want to do i want a plain that will go coastal coast in like forty five minutes and they're not that hard these these asked and he's been like we're gonna fuckin moors and or build this total it's like shut up do just make me things we want a tunnel to your girlfriend cells progress seems like a good idea for more than once you start digging right probably like i just built this house i'm moving on tuesday and build in this house for two years and i was going to
the tunnel on underground as it seems like a really cool idea to start talking pleaded i am so what's involved and how much it's gonna call as then you'd then reality in the de egg haunt you all right where's where's the other side of this tunnel up extradited i hadn't had a criminal new house there is here i address it's bad ass ok i would imagine you're really going guys out we can spend that we can actually achieve rebranded as in apocalypse bunker were big apocalypse bunker pious what's in your panic room you know nothing is it just a rome got at that of things went bad my family could go in this room and i bet the security system in this house like scarface like love scarface was that his peak yeah you know it's like that ok i like to get back to you of sea rockwork i've always wondered just going through the history the sport who your favorite fighter is one
so good question let me lashed out there's been so many so many guys obviously if you look it the business and how we built it and in the people that were around we did it it's hard for me not to love forest griffin off the first season the ultimate fighter which saved everything and launched really the sport chocolate down the who was a loyal amazing good friend in out to me through the whole building of the sport matthews again another loyal good guy who helped build sports so did to pick one specific but then you know anderson silva who prime was an absolute murderer and was doing things to people that other people couldn't do and that people couldn't stop right so so it's tough diptych pay
just want yes i know she's a george saint pierre oh and rhonda rousing oh yeah round drowsy for sure one of the greatest athletes have ever worked with my entire career ok amazing on every level and absolute beast her work level was you know higher than any athlete i've ever worked with she burn the candle at both ends and anne was amazing for the sport patina deniro dana white does my three feet reactors in the world because when you pretend that europe set about be macgregor like a brawl after or macgregor throwing stuff at a bus it is my favorite thing you ever do when you put up on the serious dana white voicing like this is really bad for sport and in inside your brain is just dollar bills go and yeah yeah yeah yeah so think about this guy i've been i've been doing this for for eighteen years about flying all over the world promoting the you have see doing other stuff there
i'm in a car i just left the arena in brooklyn and i'm driving back to my hotel i got a call from one of my guy saying we being attacked and its macgregor is attacking us or what it doesn't make sense i don't even understand what you're saying we go back and and fight hurt now i'll go off the card employees there anymore attacked and hidden all these other things how can i not be upset about that ok but then you use it as promo for than a fight because each year the fight per i love the job you do and i think it is like the entertainment aspect of using all these things of course you don't want anyone to get hurt but isn't her party you that's like holy shit we're assault on fights so so let me ask you a question so when that happened right we were film and you have the embedded more we fall the fighters ransom it do you know a lot of this footage was we had and it was everywhere it was everywhere every outlet on earth
just some order is that you have laid right it's part of the story yeah it's part of happened it's part of why these two are fighting and and how fight was made so fast right is because that whole thing went down how did huh not tell that part of the story i know you have to identify where you're saying though i think that it's always its being a fight in the fight promotion game basically everything can be spent as a positive in all situated like the after that could be macgregor thing what was your initial initial reaction like others this shit show or man if they ever want to fight again this gonna be ass well here's the other thing i have every success pretty every big money lie all these people at this event and for most of them limits their first event k and this stuff goes down scary to real people to real people that aren't and fight business it's scary to us that have been in this for everyone we run right into it and we gotta stop this our job as we know this but for these people
this is really scary i don't ever want a situation where people are afraid to come to one of my life events ok that's really bad for me number one year now number two you talkin about the money that can be made offer rematch writing first of all we haven't even gone before the kid that the magistrate athletic commission that's come it got postponed january now now these guys have to go they're gonna get find they're gonna get suspended and but really does is holds everything up yeah you know we need him to jump out of the octagon to make a second big fight that i need to happen and i think you did and konrad dneiper role is entirely didn't need the first what their fight wasn't that great like macgregor was very much overmatched and i think if you if the fight had just ended a rebate said ok good good fight like we're all going our separate ways and then you try to sell number two you won't openness bugger guns ask if he had no chance now it's like well did this we could tuna
in anything can happen don't agree with you i swear i dont know about promoting miley because costs that cause this whole conspiracy that people come up with a lot of people thought that that it was staged yeah i didn't know that govern vat in the audience right enzo day their hearts i get that whole corredor there i dont believe for a second that you would have wanted something like that to happen that way that's not good for business like you said you have to go before the board that all things the governor called me to govern a called me on sunday was ella united mean not good you don't want to get into the garden and eighteen years that's the second call i got from the governor and not for good he knows it was bad read you piss off the governor you're not good idea that this that the athletic commissions californian about new york the run by the government and the government runs that that you know and that's who were
so we answer to vienna in order how could the government so dear the biggest gangsters on the city hall so the final question about that holds it do you think you have any control over macgregor at this point because it feels like he has gotten the storyline off of that was macgregor went too far in the fight promotion which i dont really by because its fight promotion but d do ill as someone who's kind of in charge of everything that macgregor is such a wild card you don't know what he's going to do a i agree with number one people were criticising me even the athletic commission on the way that i promoted this why it's a fight right the beginning of time fight fighting you don't say nice things some people do the respectful but look at what i'll lee i used to do the frazier call them and uncle tom he pulled out a gorilla said he looked like a gorilla and in all these other things at a time when that was like something really nasty to save right but right
it's always been that way in the fight business now you can criticise the way that it did it was part of the story all over the media was like we had this secret footage connor doing this and in that's what we used to do it it was everywhere and it was part of the story in my job is the cell fights right it's one of the top five biggest cell fight ever in the history of selling fights so tell me
i did wrong right did everything right i mean i think we can agree with you like it what we agree with you know you have a job to do in that to make as much money for your company and for yourself and for the fighters is again exactly while kind of using whatever material that you're given we just think it's funny sometimes when you like on ya know i this is withdrawn mazarin jackass all the way and before tat was his add to you guys do we re saw what you guys go on forever like was sober will you guys don't see now conor got sued for that kind of got suit for the people and their suit him and you get to a point where if enough of this shit happens m gems knocking back ok sir john john jones and call me i got a fist fight in the lobby yes while people are checking into their hotel very good that's not good guys very strong selling fights by people like will but in the big picture of this
are you not any we just did a deal with espn you can't be actin like but you jack i guess beetle let anybody on the give you guys total conspiracy theories salute me wrong why ok so so you just said it though do you feel like macgregor do you not have control over what he does so that that part of it yet so connor is actually a smart kid you know he's a smart kid he's very smart with business and angola and the promotion of a lot of things that he does but it's out of hand sometimes he give it gets wild and yeah he is a little hard to contain the biggest think about corner is getting him somewhere on time you have television networks shooting this thing and also stuff in these are macgregor time rain that's my biggest problem what car ok just punctuality yes
we are obviously some of the other great gray drawing minor cans and dolly's and things like that are never good either you heard me start yellow many started don't you told that fuckin care began its actor voltaire throw some tell those in plastic waters this respect is bought do not throw a monster care nervous in the in the way and when the wind guys get going here in the middle of it now you gonna catch well i've got plenty you know that that's my job is to make sure that these guys don't touch each other before the fight the worst one ever i did god who was it was it was the black beast derek louis and oh oh volk off the russia he knocked his hat off and literally i went to that though is no stopping these to these two started going they data there
killed me right now gone the metal series type a question here there are a lot of different i must say i competitors who you have see i keep popping up now they want to be competitors who we haven't seen a wilder those donor of a weakened tournament at a mystery oh it was already court could our torso so you ve got all these european rowdy roughen raised young uppsala company i have welcomed at iranian app yes definitely island promoting i'll bet you ve got all these can like upstarts in a lot of competition too you have see a lot of which are branding themselves is like more fighter friendly are saying we re the fighters get a bigger cut hi how are you like response that change anything that you do not in terms of you have say it's absolutely false listen that that in a hit me doing this have never had a problem signing a fighter and get fighter over with me and staying with me so if four people were more fighter friendly were paying more money we're doing these things believe me fighters would be
jump out head first you know it's it's all it's all bullshit bullshit don't know the facts to bet a broadly elsner there's no way i there's no guy in the history of the company that is more on top this business in and what he's gonna do blacklist every time he leaves the w w comes back here yeah automated surely just giant companies are bred that's like there go to brand as john jones yasmine will me his entire career chocolate was with me as entire career anderson selvas been with me is tat entire career the list goes on non name all the guys all the big names all the world champions you know many people get these guys years you're not making any of you should be doing this you should be doing that
who really does anything these guys are all a bunch of talk you know what i mean i don't talk i literally i literally provide and do what i say i'm going to do and if i tell you we're going to get this tv deal we get it we're going to do this on pay per view we do it you're going to get paid this they get paid and you've never ever had a fighter come out and say yeah they didn't pay me what they were supposed to pay me they didn't pay me on time or they didn't do this we pay our bills we overpay they fight that every fight of the flights in the eu have see we ve paid them more money than they were contracted to making so it's easy to come in here and i'm doing an upstart and i'm gonna do this summit to do that where are you are in here for eighteen years and all the esther with me can i give you a little largest will heads up there might be something to watch out for authority up just like billionaires oligarchs that just finance private parties in their backyard for other super rich people in ok we're gonna have justified anderson silva and just it'll be like close invite you to ask
then you should watch i think that doesn't happen i mean if you think it s right now in the middle east and in russia there's so much money over there it's it's insane and these people are huge huge makes much larger that's right they could do it they say they could do them but they i want that the fighters the fighters with your fighter you wanted you want do you wanna be in a place where you have you know you're gonna get paid you know how much getting paid going paid on time and all these other things plus you're gonna eight in front of as many people as possible you know that's part of your legacy if somebody wants to pay you fifteen million dollars to fight in some shitty show somewhere or in a back yard is for like one sheikhs primes at sea it does for like his family to see what you didn't rave accomplished and it's about now now what does he s paean platform we we what we do in the next five years for the brand for them barton for the fighters it's gonna be insane
are all the fights going to be so non papers will be on the european press ass far beyond yes paean yes paean to and on on european plus ok they're not so and if you look back one more thing it s a few looked back at anything that i've ever dad publicly and the last eighteen years everything that i've said has happened we ve a cop everything we ever said we would do even after this we sold they asked me to stay on right all the target as first reported by reveal that your height yes and all the talk again was that's it the u fc peak that's never gonna be they overpaid there never gonna get a tv deal fox doesn't want em this that boom one point five billion dollar deal with the sba and shut the fuck up
there was real pretty awesome list with a pretty high so mean everything we ve ever done we said we would do it we ve done okay so let's get to the real reason you're here you're here to announce daniel core me avers john jones next spring you talk about that at all yeah let's talk about ok john jones is actually fighting december twenty ninth las vegas as alexander gustaf sent his toughest fight to date and his entire career so we'll see what happens in that fight and and call me i wants that fight for his fight against the black peace at its best square garden we asked them about he's like if you walked down
a street and saw me by god freedom on site like item right wherever i see is data hey railway forehead ass diverse really the bad guys know why regional shall i dont want those causing light industry right evoking the fight is gonna be the octagon period for survivors and biased and are you worried it although about ya jones being able to guess i mean everyone sitting fight again right but we ve seen it and the things that have happened after of come taken away from it it has think about if you look at how good john joneses and if he had his personal life together what a big star he'd be right now and how much money he would have made it you know it would have been the le of this sport do you think he's are you feel have you ever been in contact with them like daily think he's ready to go in january we haven't talked daily but we ve talked a few times during this camp and die he seems like his head is in the right place and andy but but you never know
yeah yeah i believe it when he's in the octagon fighting gustafson awesome yeah might i have one last question it's a seeking question put him promo code take go see you have sea fight you can go see you have see five you put in promo code take ten dollars off it's called a serious question are you worded all about fatigue of the u have seeks it feels like there's a lot of paper views and the one thing i know i'm not a die hard you see fan i am a casual faint i love watching the big fights if it's on a watch it but to me though the biggest problem you guys have is that it's such a competitive sport and the champions don't stay champions long enough to become like even conor macgregor people think that he's like the most complex you have see fighter of all time and like no he's
he just a great promoter so are you worded all about that you have three functioning as threatening he just ass first phones got three phase so pure reeling adam chefs so he s well to refinance people always ask me they're like what why i need three five and which ones the burner none of them are burners ok they're gonna they're all in play it keeps labour on so everybody always ask me we note that these questions like did do you think you are too many fights do you think that in our system they paper views people won't know when fights iran or where they are and other stuff first of all if you long gray flights between the best talent and world guy people who such people are doing and we just had a fight you're a casual so improvident watches weirdest interact yup sold out and we would almost twenty thousand people in a building their right or
i fought holloway one of these sick why'd you will ever see was incredible and there was another fight on that card it was on the card was great right and the reality is everybody watches fights right and if you keep put not good talent anybody will so doled out will you guys we're ok form of your white molly my chance haven't helping to reach you and when you are available but that's pretty awesome wearily way play their number that so he calls on tuesday right for fifteen minutes he couldn't stop talking about the fight greatest fight i've ever seen in my life i'll drop you analyze like iran streamed it to heed and regularly raised greatest fight i've ever seen you know he's talking about how tough
you know holloway in or take a both are and he's goin off about the fights and anti argo santos he couldn't believe that fight it was incredible and all the stuff as human beings we we weed of fighting the nodes journalist it just is but one also i care memory with applying these first whose term woodley with a fight where they just didn't fight knows no no frances and gone yeah how mad that make you guys get in the ring and that was the worst fight of scene ever right just stood there in my padded each other i wasn't thrilled about you do you do suspend a guy like that and what about so here's ears what happened so you have a card where we have you no twelve to thirteen fight a card and no matter how good the fighters are no matter how good the match up is you cannot guarantee that is going to be the best fight you ve ever seen yet that's why we stack the car because what i really sell at the end of the day is on saturday you after you
take your girlfriend or your wife out you have to you know maybe a new movie came out that you want to see i compete with so many different things on saturday night but i have to if you two or three holy shit moments right during the night right where you literally jump audio seeking a holy shit that just happen and everybody that's their gets into it that is what i do for a living and when you stack the card with enough great fights and enough great talent you're gonna get those yes like the superbowl right there super bowl isn't necessarily the greatest football game you ve ever seen right now but you'll have a couple moments during the game in everything and its entertaining and something to do with a lot of people there
that's what i do for a living in that's what i'd live right you're in trouble when people start changing the channel from a paper view that they purchase examined with a fight like tat yeah i can imagine why that would piss you off a little bit but you're not gonna there's no way that you can so i'm on the bells and whistles guy put on all the you know the promotion and all the other stuff i saw you and tell you why you have to watch this fight on saturday night as soon as that door clauses into the octagon the thing is out of my hand right it's up to the fighters and one of the reasons that we are
big as we are we ve been the fastest growing support for so many years is because these guys deliver these men and women get in there and they deliver gas fast growing across the alps hasn't tough look first at department i do have one last question work could friends of genetic what was his new contract diseases like five percent of that doesn't higher share i like it i ll get the numbers for you ok ok off when your temper on having missed me text a few people what do you do with your chargers i've i've a charge looks like an argument hussars protect here yet the fall of question about the donald trump card you offer the position achieved chiefest ef he did not now would you accept it absolutely right after we recall that would say no no i'm sure you can wear here at hardy teachers chopper because you have back at some of those pictures you like what the fuck was i when i did i did not wear ed hardy ever
yeah the affliction days were bad election days or bad i was done so funny you just said that too because we're looking for doing all these documentaries about the usa have all these old pictures that come up affliction horrible those days and the cap over those genes that one's designs jollier this divorce hassles lahore horse you i know you said what is it through a legend oh my god i see the true religion jean like shoot me that's what you should do as your marketing like hey look i survived true religion ice right which cannot be here forever that's right when i got to do is find somebody really gonna photoshop and going in their throats indifferent closer yes i dana white thank you so much for current guest yet she ate it always fun thanks so much happier those guys tat every would data white was brought together by but light
but light lyman orange or out right now the use real orange and lime peels when they brute so it's delicious its refreshing it quenches your thirst and gets here buzz bud light you can probably drink a million move if you want to and they are one of my favorite beers in the world in fact i drink an ice cold bud light on friday night and it's been a while since out but light i was in that thing where we can really into artisanal mead and switched up the pact but light taste great i of the lyman orange check it out now its famous amongst friends the interviews also brought to you by pellets on you guys of her we talk about poetry before its great it's like it's an exercise bite you can keep in the com of your own living room it small it's too i can't even get a great work out on it and it's so convenient you get to convene hence of joining group cycling classes whenever you want right in your own home don't let a busy schedule keep you from getting the great work out in use palatine
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key empty you get a hundred bucks of accessories whither pellets on bike perch so get a great work out at home anytime you want good a one palatine dot com use a promo code p m t and get started ok let's get to some segments first stop we teased it before they dana white interview but tuesday night we have a bogus you may remember that ballgame game because we want sponsored it it is the what is a sponsor now i'm pulling it up it says the bulk reactionary bundy poker return bowl you re beavers northern ohio it's going to be a great affair more importantly at half time we're going to what we can do fifty we give out the most prestigious award in the history of college oh oh you mean the husband no not the heisman thought the low man profound most prestigious universe that's right it's what is alone in the nations greatest fallback buck
there has never been a trophy in history of college football dedicated to the position of the full back a very underserved community in population but were fixing that apart my take we ve actually put together an awesome coalition yacht committee i run through the names again of whose on its anthony sherman you might recognize the gun the sausage he's on the chiefs we ve got to the vital we ve got aaron rip now ski on there we ve got jacob hester honor we ve got vaunted leech on their ok i've got john kuhn on the committee these names guinea on so those are the full back so we have then obviously i get a vote you have you get a vote and had actually know how
we're gonna give hanks vote to tom fanelli oh they give a vote just anyone just anyone these days right hands oh yeah so tom's getting your vote players for college football writer also knowing it also he gave it wasn't mean i just had a guy with a cartoon avatar inherently added knows that area that it's a lot that's why you should always the we try to give you try to give thomas vote and then we just a realistic eating hank just take it shots and you should always all yes ruth listen a cartoon avatar where does that standing power rankings about of avatars over a guy getting arrested wearing a tumbler teachers who right below the guy wearing a big fish caught yeah yeah hold that thought and a lot of people have get caught or us overtime ready as a common avatar or just a guy wearing a twelve just twelve jersey daisy everywhere a tom brady stan i still think number one in my heart is always guy who updates esteems record in his twitter note that is
farther dominant when i did it for lose the most of our fault alive i did that last year for jacob yes sir red felt so get so yet what you know it is another great avatar when it's a guy in a girl together because it who is the guy's twitter account you'll never the girl whose twitter profile is her and a guy yeah it's always you'd try yes yes a native like tom has a tunnel that a vote is actually gray college football and we ve tabulated the votes i'm not gonna announced the winner but i am here to announce the three finalists online do three vital sorted out three finalists right now and then you have to tune at half time we're gonna go live stream for the wind so give us a trophy prior analysis the fight three finalists over full back of the year in college for by running ok cone glass bia from texas aunt yup troy carter from ls you tory tory carter the unless sexy tory carter
from alice you ok ben mason from michigan odds on favoured those are the three so will have only i know the winner highlight package we will have an announcement we will have pigs in a blanket yeah we're we're gonna tons of pay i'm going to ask me several can do appetite i'm an economical bags soda lumber allowed eyes a soda and we're gonna have are low man the first annual low man trophy award presentation he rather to you by pardon my take yes we see low main that's true what we do to catch us are chinese routes in the corn dogs low measures such as for tonight bag and soda do you hear me yeah but i mean come on you know that we can have changed really don't like chinese or you know i like that is until me do i love it pull you you know that we have a very will order in front of my from running over a very secure rotation wheat chinese food buffalo things pizza
these rude buffalo wings pizza and then repeat here the core forever yes iroquois common up come on i am actually very nervous ah i must use more segments we have a new one new segment alert tank it that new segment sound to do it to the full new second sound maybe a cat is a catch you can add horn now argue with whom you ok so new secular it is what the fuck is my tom and saying so we thus sheets and we ve been sniffing around this for a while but my time is the king of quotes the rule no we don't mean anything they make you say oh that's actually really profound and then as you as he walks away like wait let me know is it just like a football guide speaking spell yeah i just makes no sense so he had to two after the patriots came the first one was we like to believe
that we are the common denominator in all stories involving us fat fat yeah that's what i was trying to figure out like we so you're just he would my tongue the thing is he's the star in the movie about my tom yeah yeah the steelers are in the truman show right now and there the the their part of everything all stories involving the objective he's jim care if you're trying to tell a story about the steelers you can't do without steelers that's verger so there it is his thing that he sang just like we are who we are right which is another great by tomlins does no one yet yeah in others actually like a mental illness of people have where they think that they're in the truman sure it's a serious like mental condition i didn't put yeah yeah it's not like it's i'll people scott washing the german show in the first five minutes after you i call for him it appears that worries me yeah
and then the so normal we're gonna die reminds me of the teddy roosevelt man in the arena yet so basically if anybody ever wants to just say like haters gonna hate but they want to say in a funny way are i guess not funny but in like a very profound way they just quote teddy man in yes where they like you're not in the arena you you it's easy for you to judge me it's essentially you can just also quote warrant sap going it might sherman saying put a jersey on yeah pleasure put a jersey i put a jersey on is the man in the arena speech greatest candidate moment put josiana and then he also had this sometimes you gotta cut your eyelids off in order not to blank that seems very extreme but it makes sense like if you don't want a blank just cut those islands off you can't linked without eyelid derisory give very dry and probably fall your skull in a matter of minutes but for a few minutes
you will be linked the trades is severely debilitate yourself long term to make yourself tough in the short term right zack which i guess a comfortable in general riah so my tom and what the fuck you saying i love these quotes but yeah what are you saying it dawned on me earlier today that we don't talk about my tumble in the same way we discuss jason garret but they're the same person on the sidelines yeah they don't talk no you'll never catch my tomlins speaking on site he just stairs he doesn't do the clapping now think just his balls are clapping together underneath his pants yeah well now i don't know about that economic place that are like you know as crazy they are not doing doug here's your philippeville right
ok so when one of his deepest of coaches runs out into the field and hid somebody yes then his he stared at the cameras not just slapped like my tom and adjacent garret are the dogs sitting in the fire saying this is fine at all times they they love to just stand on the sidelines and say to themselves will this time it's gotta be different were doing the exact same thing we ve done since the beginning of time but this time it's gonna work and then days like today happened where it actually did work and that basically give my tom unlike a ten year extension in pittsburgh oh yeah this was a statement on for this was the governor lying one yet by far by please you would happen after the game with do you know so do after after the final whistle it's a hard jays he goes to do or can you say you should says you ok that person bilbil check after the game and odd aid exchange pleasantries he tweeted out crazy to her coach bela a legendary coach i've watched my whole life come up to me after the game and tell me he
specks my game and how i play and then a butcher i'm blown emerges woe so yeah do they really talk for that long urgent it was it just sing all hands they taught me just six if they talk lawyer has just those words yearn as it was at either way either wake up either bilbil check really likes jijiu or how just saying this to get on my tumblr skin i guess mcdonald's guerrillas he's gonna get pissed asia come out with a crazy quilt he's gonna be like listen judah sometimes you gotta cut your ears off to drown out the noise yeah exactly him pale listen do you sometimes you gotta not listen to any one if you wanna hear everyone listen sometimes you got to stick a lit candle up your ass if you want to breathe fire yo it's exactly right mike tomlin what the fuck are you saying new segment alert it again we have maybe
it is pure while one of all time pierre werner one our friend man so on friday there is a close one huge news break huge news miles man tweeted up so i am putting this out there before someone accuses me of hiding it two thousand nineteen is the hundredth anniversary of m l b blacks ox scandal and yes arnold rothstein was a relative his sister edith rothstein married henry lusting owner of on champs restaurant his niece my mom is janet rustic whoa whoa whoa oh wow this is like when when they do their celebrity ancestry things and they discover that like one person on the other person's family as slaves back standards so his his so his moms sister was holy shit i don't even know
so far mute his my sister you married her watch out if i can look at in the same way so his his need his great up his great ants these great aunt is sisters with henry i don't even know but either way this is big and you might say seizures of hay mounds been what the fuck did like known gives a shit man like this is so stupid making about yourself now you know what happened he she had to do this because someone he said this quote someone yesterday asked for money to not exposed me and not ruin his good name that is just put it out there to neutralize the whole thing is the kevin hard situated was a hundred years ago where kevin heart was accused of infidelity just put it out threw himself gaff rather deal with somebody try to try to ring for money how much money do you think the sky was gonna get admiral i dunno plot was ready for another plot twist my husband is actually talked about it openly on many occasions
how come there's no controversies pages wikipedia well a few years ago it was a few years ago two dozen fifteen somebody others to a controversy hedge arrowsmith we'd be out because it had been talked about and while now p but with the hundredth anniversary coming up we're gonna be start we can become an after miles man people those long may man i need this i need an expose you i just want it on that that means we must speak on behalf of marlins manifesto gave her second with the hunter the anniversary coming up marlins man our friend will be available for all interview request please a child to hank and he will set that appear henkle figure will take your are all marlins man's interviews or the hundredth anniversary and if there are thirty four thirty hate can also set that up i like this trend of just like go in its taking one step further going back into leading earlier problematic old tweets yeah going on talking about your what your great grand
others need not not not great grandmother great great way to blossom rail adds by marriage by marriage second once remove yeah but you know each other out it but people now go back and you get everybody gets a clean slate go yet let's get those clean slate it i've somerset yeah my great serious my great uncles name was hitler no my weight hang on how is this my mp fifty that's fucked up my great uncles wife her cousin was married calvin coolidge woe so until about him i don't know i don't know not well no not council which each time a chicken in the pot marine i'm ready that's who herbert who was watching you never saw so i would like to say i am i'd let it before anybody accuses me of taking the stock market and nineteen twenty nine yup i'm sorry i'm getting out in front of it i fucked up thou such agree
slogan to run on children in every part yeah stew it put chicken every pa nugget every bull yeah let's call you want the chicken and upon hank you're gonna be which would you rather have a chicken harry potter negotiable chicken real flashlight your dick chicken ok in every flush later that's that that sounds like some fortune stuff the worry we can run for president that yes even orders we're getting minted demanded we love a while i out the listeners elder level so we have listen we're horny toot fortune guy select school where like we're me funny if we get it also we also we're all world bro horny here everyone swanny who wasn't meant to be hanged gloves games thrown cut this whole part before we do our monday reading hang caught in the streets hank what is going on with offset awesome party be was hit huge breaking like
was freaking out shoes had lining rolling loud first woman ever do it where's rolling out i've been around since two thousand fifteen where allow ok very whereas i was in california and integration is that it is that a play on ecstasy play we'd yet roll out now we know that left five are allowed another i allowed is weeds when your own loud you're right if you rolling on molly are able to monitor probably ok three of us anyway also came out surprise or tried to make whole speech you get her back she really was not haven't whatsoever she was feeling it wasn't feeling it he tweeted after he said are all my wrongs been made public i figured only right that my apologies and made public too the guy was just trying to dot dot they said thank god at these thank god i ain't got no balloons sheesh he said a fish there now he also came out on station he said i'm sorry bre the two thousand yeah i want
video it was cringe worthy whoever's telling us this is a good idea like that was really so in his mind since he fucked up publicly and embarrassed her publicly he wants i do apologise and embarrassed for a second time publicly by interrupting a really big moment her career that smart since basically like the end of the stars born yeah where he know don't look i will hopefully its knowledge the area of asylum get out about before the end where foxes often have a dog at this important problem still ah where do they go from here did cardy b i hope party be says how no offset they're probably get back there she cause because they had the kid together should allow us he loved you will back me because they feeling some defending my baby father there thinking i'm gonna get back together with him i'm not saying i may get back to go with him but because like they have
baby together no one can love their baby the way a father can love facts well russell wilson that's true yesterday he dad come dollars futures kid a lot more he dad come to share those programmes get back together propaganda put us on i love you another every time she does one of her instagram like press conferences its must watch where isn't that convenient as a right yeah lover we ve been down that road careful norms and careful why do you think do you think i can handle gotta be careful michael scot i can his accordingly that to the impression again well isn't that conventional let's do are monday reading you are get your married a guy to this is from the new york post the title of this article really said all lenny true reveals his new life as an amateur torah scholar
also lenny dextra is what that starts up i sing a rabbi lenny dykes for walk into an east side wine shop at the start of the most racist joke ever yes in fact it happenings in nearly every wednesday afternoon as the bad boy former met attend tourist study in the basement of ambassadors wine shop where rabbi smell metzger ishmael leads group of red wine and sociable pizza maybe you should just as much me i'm gonna spiritual journey dykes or fifty five who is raised christian in southern california told the post i'm trying to find if god exists i want to deal with people who are smarter than me so that i could just walk outside yap pussy lop ear per second this is the greatest story of all time lenny dykes draws pursuit to fine god this how is this not in that flicks documented how is it it would be the most watch thing of all time lenny leading dykstra just walking around the world looking forgot you'll be amazed and trying to get in the slot it would actually be way way
better it would be would bill mar wanted his religion documentary piazzi yes where he tried every religion ya like a new age dogma i never was a movie but will michael's yet very close so yes said of anthony bourdain doing his thing or ip anthony just replace would have whatever he did with lenny dice doing the same thing meeting people yeah and just run fuck probably right fuck em earth like get in some kind of that he could maybe sue are figure i like what derivatives of which plants in which countries make the best drugs and then try to fight with the drugs exact ok oh a few weeks ago dexter inventive opposed to tag along two ministers discussion on joseph the slave who became a letter from the book genesis story of a triumph over circumstance in which to which the retired athlete can relate mostly he point out because joseph was in prison perfect how we got the common ground yap lenny was also in jail yelling since the evelyn common throughout the class scribbled notes
and musings on the size of joseph man of that as well as how he wasn't hindered by defeat takes were also wrote down a quote from the book money born which fellow fellow former met billy being said that dextra had no concept of failure okay so he's writing about himself i saw an end what we're doing here is was painting a picture that lenny nature is sitting in a wine bar reading but the torah making dick jokes yes i am yes absolutely but after one of the studies six attendees finish can you imagine just attending tourist study lenny dykes we're shows up inserts dogma joseph's cock yeah it is i hate this guy must be fuckin hung like a horse ok what do we get there you get to talk you get laid extra loves to talk about true his mouth gay best procedure in the world tat big time people him in biblical portsea under him and junior soprano but after one of the study crises attendees but he did she tony says yes but
one study six attending as finished soliloquy on joseph's isolation dextra looked up from his paper you lost me lady still no one bought not even when he suggested joseph likely pleasured himself a lot in jail the idea as probably true did he rides your dove latin jail now get in there now takes this is great because he is he has ever could talk they like doing a round table i soon talking about joseph the lessons learned that they get to lenny he's like this guy using gene el let me tell you he project off all the time yet hearsay goes down in jail i lost my teeth and became the most popular guy in that prison say oh oh so he say we enjoy his company and he's a great guy a lot of fun we can handle his unsavory language said metzger of dykes her who has
who plans to convert to judaism his legs i gotta give her users oh he just showed you know it is he found out that they serve wine yeah these like men show its and it's free is eagerly he found not only wine but he also found a new audience for his dick jokes exactly o plot twist of the socks adam taxing the three time jeopardy champ philadelphia based attorney who helps ghost right dexterous twitter account what how worries that it does not dykes it till i get into the day it took to the nails state of mind on twitter turkey just talking about everyone says but every day is probably just pop and vibrant and driven mad dog what a what would a twitter account goes front for jesus ok so here's where it gets very interesting i like when they talk about linear future plans that they have her thanks for divorce since two nine and with three groaned sons has a lot on his mind and llanos played in june was busted for alleged cocaine map possession and for making terrorist
threats by menacing uber driver it's a joke misled the grand jury he said of prosecutors it will be resolved quickly he told the post of two business plans he's working on a better service where retired glares are the handicaps k that's that exists as as somebody who could use i would lovely dykes her to set the lines for the gay would never lose you never lose out that's true value i ever lose one time one time he's lost one time so that's one end it has other business plan is a secret idea for the ride sharing industry that he said would you more power to the drivers so we decided to watch so the sounds like just goober where the drivers have weapons yet where they can kick the shot with every gun yeah if you're too drunk they will beat the fuck at yeah ok i'm unsolved so strapping troubridge having urban driver strapped the cold forty five and
that's where you got me that court from it which i want to be the guy who is going to sue over four hundred million dollars or make them a hundred million that's a power move right there he's saying these puddings nuts on a table yet over and say you get listen we can what does she weighs your choisy way easy way easy where were you let me make you a hundred million dollars are the hard where i see you for honour million dollars for having me arrested when i pulled my gun on your driver and was highs fuck in the back seat yes and that i mentioned i actually imp in pursuit of god so if you would like him to be a neuber driver future uber driver he can control his own power and hit his own his own financial independence ok here's the idea case goober but the drive
jack and off the whole time what drives you assault both old dassault any weren't you select cloak so he's got them like heavenly spirit yeah and if if he if you can get your destination before it finishes the rights for a man lenny so when he's he's gonna find god what if there is anyone who would find god blennies lays inside my less guys you could find out yeah sure he's found got a few times put then it gets drunk lose but he'll find him again he'll get back so holland good to good to hear those in the end that was your post and are we we're doing monday readings hopefully every monday we we started it like about four months ago is a new segment you signal our new but with football season we got off for a little bit but we're back and if you see anything pc ridiculous article if you see someone getting cocked if you see lenny extra searching for god in a tourist study in men
every day every week if you see any these stories sent to us will do monday readings we should go we should go to one of those yes as just observers journalists or can laugh at the debt yolks of course i'll make a full year we love will say will feel it out there might be only one might be like hey lake this guy brings a wine this guy brings yom because lenny brings dick job yeah you know your role it'll very quickly just turn into like a comedy sore type situations jesus gaze that's our show who we got wednesday what we can say who governs once we small we don't know yet we got some options all famer
all they were hardly imre whence they get acceptance either of yes it's pardon my tape presented by bob stools points
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