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The guys are back from Thanksgiving break and ready to recap Week 12 of the NFL with the fastest 3 minutes. Football guy of the week in honor of Coach O's LSU hiring. The Tiger Woods who's back of the week. ESPN Host Danny Kanell joins the show to talk about chaos in College Football, why he wears a turtle neck on air, and his beef with the airline industry. Segments include PR 101 for Brian Kelly, People Forget That, Kings Stay Kings, Stay Woke, Mike Greenberg's dumb rules, and everyone's favorite new game "Is He Dead Yet?"
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all right i opened the port it might take today is monday november twenty week twelve
we'll joshua bellamy in the rock and jacques bears couldn't hit the ten porter after coming down with a case a drop zis let's face it folks matt charles partly the right amount of intentional ground is just the bears lose the titans twenty seven twenty one delivered dover back i'm took some awkward shots the scrub july you in as a brown was around lie down the toilet is tight site i browns get on my journey twenty seven today
time is running out for blues areas in its ticker as a cardinals given what other heart attack that the balkans are bound up with the colonels and move it out saw billy georgia nassau calcium in nineteen eighty seven smoked so many duties i thought i could see the future that's how i got my detained swarming resolutely rice swamp but i got a quick question for you no one circles the wagons like the buffalo bill ty rodney dangerfield taylor the bills get no respect at all what a jaguar sleeping with your wife before she circular barabbas i got one more for your taking jaguars please take already guy one well very pussy live in my house my region was twenty twenty one justin fucker tucker what's up
ngos with poor long feel goals and let me be the first to congratulate my good friend morbid louis for not losing a first round player in this year raven take down bengals nineteen forty shared task force with some power and the supernova maybe next time you should take some party lessons from the swami enrolled property had no part no i thirty one years ago yes the sage our couple audience short of a fifty burger as they go marching safeguard marching forty nine twenty one right ten a hillary clinton recounting the state of florida we may be going to jail for stopping current copper next peaceful protest by making the forty niners franchise look like i disenfranchise san francisco i also wanted to say no of course james winston to florida such a fine sight to see it
because my lord it still being poured really love about conspiracies come on you don't let your corner says right you see the export of about forty five the wizard of oz while there was no place like home but the wicked witch of the sea west rivers blew into town like a texas tornado and bill o'brien the coward nittany lion has his team running scared down the yellow brick road of mediocrity chargers jump on the texans like a bunch of flying monkeys two thousand one hundred and thirteen new from university of war from blue harbour the carolina panthers derek gotta to a car crash with a helmet losing one of his fingers and attaching touching tribute today
pierre paul informed on russia for simpler the take down the panthers thirty five thirty two new england had the most lifeless performance from a member of the brady family since thanksgiving folks let me be the first to send my deepest consult condolences to the neck and my family as criss cross long makes patriots bad job job job patriots just thousand two seventeen little poem teach finally to our friends up norris the gray cup as the ottawa our word be words take down a cow there he peters has eleven point underdog if you follow swamis picks he had the money like and the rest is just gravy american this week and canadian putin over the weekend asthma good for john lennon said give peace a chance the absolute
boy and that was weak twelve welcome back to part of my take we missed everyone on friday we are it took a little sabbatical i think we we had enough time to recharge the batteries i hope you guys did too i just want to welcome everyone back from what if there was anything like my thanksgiving break it was for straight days of sitting on the couch eating like ten thousand calories em and every few hours saying wow while our river headache my eyes hurt remember whose causes football is your eyes fifteen are just going from your flat screen your phone would read twitter correctly your flat screen back and then one day straight exactly so for some reason you're adders it's funny because when i would at first hand how is your we can you say i'm exhausted because i've been watching football thrilling here for four days and that if europe if your protest now we took one day vacation but if you're actually like on a vacation
we want to take a vacation after vacate yes always ears tipp you go like bachelor party bachelor rhetoric or whatever sketch that monday off from work just reach are just sit in the dark for awhile and just kind of evaluates your life feels kind of scummy you do it when i didn't go anywhere but yeah so how does shows our vacation shows that doesn't really count yet doesn't count if we screw up doesn't really count so we did ass though a lot of football i wrote down just three quick notes dallas still maybe the best him the nfl which and saying there are the best team that sucks in the father the sukhi is best to too it'll take you with side of the coin you want to look at the enough sees kind of trash as i told you today the agency they it's gonna let us face it ok let's cut to the chase and its stocks to say this but it's gonna be the patriots and cowboys are the sea last seahawks here so yeah i'm combination that that's where we're gonna be in houston and i dont feel
i also wrote down there was chaos tons of chaos you know college football chaos was going nuts yep and the selection committee is going to be going to have their hands full guys going to really have their hands when we can talk about a lot who gets in who gets out and then my ass note was i didn't have enough well my last notice i'm just i'm happy as hell for culture this is a huge weekend for eight o jerome yeah you boys you boys gonna give political dialogue will be football look all negotiating verbal now invited or crawfish bizarre culture god i got a full time job he's the longer the interim coach although i wouldn't be surprised if coach oh just would prefer they leave the interim tiger you know what we ve got to learn is tiger stripes exactly i liked to picture the interim tag with cultural or just with anybody being an actual tag that you put on a coach like
like you find a shark swimming around the while new target to monitor the reading and it's like migration in interim tags actually be a tag that the coaches forced where like stapled through its neck arts are just reminded us and cocoa is gonna go there but you see interim tag as motivation for themselves let's all while i was getting our football guy the week which we do every monday it is basically in honour of cocoa because you can't get a bigger it was such a testament to football guys everywhere for cocoa to get this job apparently he showed up to the eighties office with a binder they blew them why i'm pretty sure the binary just said like tell the truth model the idea was to say who just a schedule over and over for a traveller attention to thursday of the off season tell the truth wonders secondary argued scottish and they require good thank you this is a very impressive binder what can you tell us about how you gonna tell you gonna update the office
our total capital produced linking our companies to do it and they get a call like in the meeting from tom herman saying ham choosing taxes and there like you know a coach that bind a really blew away your heart is a great body we only want lodgers first i'm just unilaterally say this i will pay up to two thousand dollars if you can get us a copy of coach osier sign her my presentation that's about yon irena now also say this owes a football guy move by ellis use eighty joe leiva to say ellis use not can be held hostage by tom her and so if a if you don't want us we don't want you right that's me now believe has got a history of painful call guy moves like essentially the louisiana legislature d like fuck off last year but that's that's a great move i like that
so maybe they could have waited just to see like what tom herman wanted to do i think they were i didn't want to get them caught with their pants down and be like you need cocho to come in fire brimstone being like this was our choice and he said it in the press conference cotto said this is bigger than life insurance eight year was my favorite a bit though i wanted to i wanted to get your reaction coach o they had a whole right oppose reading about how first while he's one more games interim coach than a head coach ok ok so his under his arose issued a record older than he had his officially the graves interim coatings head coach his last head coaching stan at all mess where he went ten and twenty five and illicit olives regrets and one of his regrets was banging a base drum walking up and down the hallways well as assistant coaches were true
to work or at least we got that cleaned up and cultures raising their usual when they're looking for redress are usually like you know i'm micromanage you might just as other that's all encompassing this was i men are ill want imo out loud front fired oh grandfather the through fire or jama just pulled out a butcher gumbo moses in distant he was mc merit tom at the time i wish our hands on his whose google which read wish i'd get so i'm really really really happy for its
man is content for us any is by the way just to get straight is immediately on the hot seat cocos aren't but he wouldn't want in any other way any makes me think that just did the title interim and general aren't we all just interim of whatever we're doing right now i'll fuck i think about little think we just interim people you thought a little too hard over thanks you break and we're just interim pod gasters other football guys the week before you scare me cause i was a little too deep huge action by weak for the brown finally owen twelve they said do you gonna take this was the week before yes are you take a break from football any says rio you took a twenty four forty hours breaks forces i don't do that thousands response isn't he haven't the brass been taking in eleven weak right from four belong we spoke so then we had bela check who right before thanksgiving mistakenly actually not mistaken we probably he said for bosses favour holiday i i don't think that was a mistake or i think i was just him heaved and intentionally safer for he was just think for both greater out its right to be run or family for poland's football is full of a polish van
a you know it's not about i always com you jackman about that was aims you jackson yes we're jackman is that's why you're india while you are measures yeah ok s real quick or learn a lot from thanksgiving break i is really sunday night we get in here and we we start workshop and although it is and at least twice over the course of every sunday night we ask you to do the other can look at this because we forget shit that we said five minutes well we're so it's a pull the curtain back on part my take from it were so in deep with the berman recap so we don't know like word dog chasing its tail we don't know oh if berman said some of these things if we ve set em like we're so lost in this fucked up world of like awful awful nicknames that we don't know the heads in details i think
earlier tonight kenny crosbie stills nash like no use that knows no avenues that burma murmur probably have and if he hasn't he's going to use it as they were human centipede of burma is not a good thing sweat and run it brother you don't want to be on the back into that i bought last who football guys we have might mcintyre colorado head coach when they asked him if he was good we will celebrate the accomplishment of winning the you're gonna the pact will champion game he said i guarantee a wake up somewhere in the middle of the night and go into the den in just sit there that's a real football game just sit there was like heartburn interest far by himself and that is why becomes like honey what do you do it just a missile redon overs some play box you got there they ve been its eyes at the end of his nose it sounds like he said that he would just sit in his stand by the way ok that's a very football guy move is just have
oh yeah i don't know anybody jerseys i don't know anyone there has like a study i like what years this is only an early nineties sick commerce them there is no such thing as a den in lesser football guy and it's a nice them like it's got the the green light you say my earlier lamps but they have the green shades s yes that's a football guys dan jerseys leather lampshade yeah maybe one tree that he looks out outside yeah just once military you know i'm gonna take him off the list for football guy because it sounds to me like what he's doing is kind of meditating so is that that's out of a book i move here huge ackland wouldn't do that he jack and would not the final guy we have his bill romanesque yahoo i mean he's like the ultimate football guy dare car heard his finger and he treated in the middle the game that broken finger of car has gotten into his head i dislocated a finger and i was right
chop it off to show nothing he get my way i would a chopped off if i ever wanted you don't want me back i didn't really want me back call me back a workshop my finger i couldn't shoved off of a real need to burn kosovo led to so there was a report the dirt car was screaming in pain on the way the locker room so aunt i propose yeah you know what if you ever dislocate a bodyguard provide dog oh yeah so when you looked at it i was like i want a chopped and i thought about shop in my foot off i didn't you her effort the idea i could
ok but i gotta be new infections you're gonna get good on bill roman ascii injecting himself back into the accusation i thought that he had intuitive as vitamins and passwords allow you would have been a really good is he alive romanesque and in just reminder nothing would get impel romanesque his way especially like a teammate that he knocked out in ruined his career because you like brokers orbital bone yeah yeah good teammate nothing gets him his way what if a boy i whose back the tiger woods whose back the week which actually is tighter with its values about please actually back apparently he's gonna play which i believe
i see it so in honour of tiger woods let's get your whose back mill more you go first i have the nfl rulebook hook and they had a big when today with the ravens holding call to s house get yes you know it well it was like seven guys
holding yet all his aim to raise is the only in time ran out and they took a safe age i love the punt safety by the way love upon safety's will probably my favorite plain in football and harbour used it his reno if his brother had used during the gaming in michigan state on that point you guys talk to my item you think that's where jim harbour for figure this out he's like you know if i do this when overdone gather from mistakes when i got the rule book focused people did not know that rule and now they're gonna look it up and that you know what i hears i can guarantee that play is so fond to watch that guarantee roderick adele's gonna make any legal next gas from the outer door we can't we need to read this country of the school of game ending safety holds right can i ask you what you got my whose back the week is j cutler ok yeah i'm not child this is gonna hurt me i'm not talking necessarily about matt barclays performance by descend the j color they might bring
back for like a franchise deal or something like that and always already signed movement the bears can decide to keep him with a light to his undercurrent okay so they might just bring back next year also j colors back because vanderbilt want a game yeah and anytime vanderbilt wins anyting you're contractually obligated to say yo back when jay cutler was the quarterback of annabelle and then you say some dumb shit right that's that's a good one so you got back his back i have bought two who's who's back the first one is the jon gruden rumors that we missed cuz we obviously didn't do a show friday but jon gruden is like this the feellike fail proof coaching rumor when you can't when you can't when a team or a college can't leverage their coaching search is anyone there like john grins interest he's the mystery tat basic right exactly it's like texas was shit out of luck if tom herman was there well know we're not talking to junk food
so he's always gonna come back if a team needs him to negotiate against someone yeah he's like if you're an ineffective reagent your agent just leaks outward owed the redskins or interests of sky we already have a girl no but the other group nother there's dance nighters interests and given the sky contract is the easiest way to drum up sour and then my other whose back is resonates bigtime razumihin data resume up college football resume huge beat when you beat him mood you lose two big time razumihin so now you get back there other side of that coin i bought esther back oh yeah i'm over nyborg i gotta get the best teams right now i don't care about you re yet it's either resume guys who look at the body the workin or guys who say no
i'm going about us right now this guy this team looks like a final effort is to explain the best right now i don't care they lost seven games while this oh that's apparently what happens up in canada so the great yesterday as we discussed only the ottawa red black one right yeah i was you i was looking up the score the game and peters the calgary sam peters who lost today there are sixteen into on the year the red blacks were ninety nine and somehow made the great that's the most kay in this as well canadian they are not doesn't matter how did i ever higher regular season just lay out the string and maybe you'll get there are few there at the end no it's anyone's game all sorry through a true contest i let's go speaking a college football we got some good college football talk with danny canal talking about the chaos talking about whose in whose out before we do that was too quick and then we'll get to danny canal on the other side of this let's talk about get some tickets or gas seek is the smartest easiest
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resell with rhine resolve front of the programme or so a canal ah danny let's it was some college football because that is your expertise chaos in the college football landscape what the hell are we gonna do if washington winds and clemson winds and penn state wins who is the odd team looking out at this point that need our question right now and i hope it happens i gotta wait for this to happen for a couple years because the committee has had relatively easy right meaning that they can get just slot anti and tough or there's no real controversy although we did last year i thought we got wrong stanford was one of them four teams in michigan state probably they did that would put those two teams head to head i would have said stanford but this year i think he's worth getting really dicey because state clearly has this resin may right when they beat molly stopped me five teams throughout they ve been impressive but the team lastly we can say is that you
he was going to get to play for a big ten title and if penn state beats wisconsin which i think is very much up in the air by the way but if penn state beats wisconsin and they had to four criteria the committee looks like you're looking at either to big ten teams who are you looking at hand hardly out now that's that's very like no one unreasonable beyond couple people do but most the guys i work with like doing galloway and kirk those guys and now there hardly a lot like you're looking at it right now no matter what happens if i say this in and i don't know how they can possibly say that no one that we haven't had the situation before so we don't know if the can he's gonna do that light we don't know about stones to say we are we like this team we think they're really good even though they have won the big ten we're still going to throw them in there we just don't know that i would like to see the look on greg schiano's face if they told him he wasn't allowed to be in the final back to the playoff real quick
where do you have your favorite team louisville because you have done me a final for and all of a sudden i so so so now where do you have louisville but was that the saddest moment of all time when the margin recent data has been posted in lhasa kentucky that was a little embarrassing are you an lamar exactly there is often a sports information their thereby actually call me two weeks ago i like hey you've been so nice to lamar get love to you showed never happened that's a little journalist second rates vary with the s ideas the second societies story that's a little now louisville was a team i absolutely wrong but i mean he was if he plays like he's cable if he goes off then he can he can light up anybody i've been out i wanted to see him go against alabama though i don't know if he would survive that game cuz he only weighs about a buck eighty five like i don't know if you could survive that one
we also iran but see this what drives me not is all of all of us in the committee we can be wrong throughout the year and we can wrong at the end of the year if we try to just look at teams and say those like the best for that not because the ok like i am like which they could be wrong about in my class ass they always are anything but how about citys have the winning be accomplished ok but if you're really picking the best fourteen right like they're saying you have seen the best one of the best for tips i i totally agree with you and i would love to make that case and i've had them all the way up at five but this is where would break my rules alan say you may see what they were patois chance like if they had a car i lost yesterday and they beat wished washington twice and were pac twelve champ yelling that like exactly what you're saying hey you just want before best looking teams u s he should be there and its
we just did this last not only five show i was making that cases have you if you just look at teams eyes asked whose plans does anybody were seized in the top floor and there what about september it matters with what about any losses like why some losses matter more the committee one last year right ahead of undefeated teams early teens earlier in their release so why was it mattered so that's that address the insane all losses mouth all yes they do one thing i have noticed in your eye in your tenure espn when you when they bring on like mike mike always refer to you as a provocateur which like i guess a french word for someone who makes me the language dickhead is suppressed relax it's worked out for the french i guess thousands now he's little nickname he gave me and he's the worst at giving nicknames by the way i'm sure you guys are aware that like a rule changes i don't know about his nicknames
that's only green it does it how do you do you like being a provocative or should we have introduce you i know about our very moved on its role he's got onto that would look at work it's easier to sandy more stable reliable but go to up to one of them he's my megacities cause i see now to hang on all three very much commonwealth watering is a big swing indicative spirit of real step ready asked yes it is ages oozes machismo we're gonna get is it who's been more these days you ever saw our so it's not yeah man does not miss a day libraries ever were traveling were travelling in let's go out let's go no something to eat so grab drinks and desirable like i'd like to know seven a dot m to call cuz i know it's pushed back i haven't hit the gym yet like he gets a workout in no matter where we are
no matter how busy schedule is he's not had even lady agnes unlike aid did you see jen starter went back to officially this weekend i do not know where the return here so what sadder her going on earth merger with what's the matter with her going back to florida state or anytime you talk what you're gonna fucker i don't know it's about to close one i try not to do it i try not to do what i really do cuz i hate to talk to it but i think i'm at least able to joke about mine like i'm not trying to defend myself and i know i played you didn't like i can laugh about mine and say you know what it didn't work out right right how's that or on the war on football going well some of the guns what does that mean on trial for you you said that there was a war on football so yeah you're fired the war on the war on football says one another ok i'm gonna frontlines on the front lines
some countries are still just a headache lloydsboro knows if it we learned as now there is no scientific evidence that short term brandreth causes long term brain injury right bruce says now here here's where i think i've been misunderstood because look i get it cuz a lot of people are coming say no you don't think they're concussions are real you don't believe in cte all of its real gus morton cousins this message we can really do today were guys accidents are caused by an expert on speaking intelligently about bribery and so many probably see these things are happening doktor martineau that there can be a city actions and nine were spent almost yasmine jungles met so i probably happened as well such as the truth yes we feel and i could speak what but seriously
it is a serious issue and one and then allow acetate head on a more bad bad choice of worsted head to dead they have to targeted how can they be taken had arisen i feel like they've done such a workable job just awaited talk about it jerry jerry comes out these dismiss about it when other guys come out in a very aggressive against i think it has to be a conversation but i do feel like the fear is playing science i think they're still somewhat unknown about cd and about concussions where you have you have so many people did you play for you will get concussions which means you will get cte and you will die early like that's that's the equation that feels being put out there and that's that's my fight like that's what i fight again i don't believe that to be true or else
you wouldn't have guys like frank ever learn to look for and why there on that not only just frank you ever but you have yeah thousand at its neighbor was already galaxy via a lot matters are actually still alive we we don't want to be the bar your why approve lifespan oven and about where is longer than a resolute prisoner another american might have long they live longer healthier lifestyles sure you do you're not wicked you get tat tat is going to give us that we should be having this debate which we are working my numbers guy get on that one research we are very much in with you and the war on the watch football ok soldiers i that's right as far as i'm concerned like having a minor concussion is basically time travel
you just wake up a few i cider and if you live has i've had a few concussions myself i'm fine it's all in all i do it's better like it's better for the sport is better for our health lady because i'm and i get time to do it because i was there when i played on times bessys into debt so yourself go let yourself well when i was when i was on a team might have you have cousins but hey can you see how many fingers are there goes all right you're good okay go back in the field and that's when more serious case ventures hands on the fact we get guys often take them off they see you no doubt they are employed by the teased s back like it's all good it's not that we're doing i just happened to be drove a game of football because i there are warns that kid's gives flying high schoolers play i play the game of a body like it many dos character in them that allow other activities dollar bill the tests carried out
xbox and the millennial well here's a litmus test if obama had a son would you let him play football will the new problems i've got my nine europe wants to be the first romeo norway did you take place actually send my wife while she serious via who taught healy his daughter plays guard right has left so put her prey interior lyman and then i thought i might not be where we are looking at i never and move on i must first job pursue funds subject why don't you think that college football players should get paid ah this ones i'll tell you why i don't think they should we largely football for free so that's has this joyful bar
here's my thing i would have no proper small they are getting paid they aren't they do get stipend so they do get past they can put in their pocket and make it spin which is changed the new and evolving car football totally can't i pay if jay bilas is one extreme of hey we have to open up free market we have to pay these guys let him get whatever they can perhaps we are among the other end of the spectrum where you can't pan i would love to see where you cannot but i any body with a formula except for oh you know tv makes you know major events yea making billions of dollars off of football college football in show me the numbers of where it would go because fears that have you said i start paying college athlete yeah a ban would get paid how's the plans we could pay florida stay players would get paid wisconsin all big tier programmes private they are there they are to get paid
it saves bag man now legitimately pay right they would be fine don't worry about by sixty percent just the acquiesce naming imagine my outside our five f c s programmes all those that are struggling flow already those we get shut down my they will be out of the window survive other programmes would have to shut down you know a socrates when is the cross other other sports are not readily earning sports would have to close down to support their football budget in order to pay less so that my concern like if you somebody came to me was like a real budget that hey here's how we're going to do this here's how much they can make then i'll be off for a day off for for listening at cultures with their making is insane they can jump around from school schools insane a quick fix me for me to make things fairer from the players
as the lead them tracks with their coach go i'll go to lunch i agree with that i thought i heard you say something on making like the other day about how how freshmen or how graduates should be allowed to transfer like the wrong that's my warm cosmopolitan if you'd rather we early you can transfer like i love you we must build another provocateur owes europe was not like in my homeland here listen mike mike every single morning i borrowed i'm nervous helmont that's all we know phd has erected dysfunction that's right how history you when they gave first take to max kellerman i was that i never never enquired about it now thought it was an option really cause i'm doing my thing so i knew i'd ever never thought that's provocateurs wet dream back to the past i don't know why i agree with really in providing to offer all you think i could list
it's already me right now we're listen you wouldn't where turtleneck when a provocative you doing that through to be provocative that's right i pack north i'm not official friends back more than that yeah yeah back to clearly never this problem is while they were slow and i one of these were we get along so well and i think where we see eye to eye i would know i can't i could not go on any show and jen an opinion just to take another site the same way but you can't i can't i couldn't do that and i'm not saying that they do with max and stephen are they did was skip whatever you can do whatever you want to believe about that shows what you want to believe but i could not go in there and say oh you think you know how sage great why i think alabama's great will be okay you take that side i'll take this one no i couldn't i couldn't do that okay that's fair quickly back to the question about paying college
he asked obviously people will say well they get scholar chip so you know their education is part payment what would you say to me that's very value of a floor to state education is like a six pack loco like the old without happiness this out because i actually my my choice might might schools i went to michigan was my number two like ours went missing and if i was making it from a strictly financial standpoint just out on that one because i would say that i can fit in the financial value of florida state would not be up to par like stanford could have gone to stanford but now it is there is a value in all those which should mean something and i think that is always overlooking the conversation when people talk about also they get paid you never then that's never factored in thy group who went to convert shape it should first tom herman cocoa
ah ah harm is cocoa is i need to see who he's gonna bring and runs off whatever gap is locked ends are no news i have a lot of people have set it on the internet you blow dollars we would all right i reporting let me guess like you're gonna be he'll be closer but the road the tom herman has to take is gonna be so much easier in the big twelve we really know what he's got to go to his oklahoma you you were not good enough but there those deeper than down this year kansas i do feel this this is not just please know about you might not make it a year to be does he he's got this is fatuous personality where is one of the things where i think his style of coaching fits perfectly for college players much like jim harbaugh like that stuff in the nfl and kissing players they're walking through and get them
and all that doesn't work it felt like whatever with betimes practiced start button in college guys feed i think he'll gonna be an energy low he'll brings that programme plus charlie strong one of the top prudery last couple years was going good talent how to work with plus chambers shells quarterback i really like a lot so i take it easy i think he might think taxed might be the favourite next year when the bit well i know it's crazy to think that but i mean oklahoma's going to lose baker mayfield where they going to do in my view that by you tom might be the pact will be twelve you're ok i like that we do this new thing with all of our guess it's called thirty seconds from hell where we huskily just issue for thirty seconds but because you are provocateur hats it goes after you were gonna just read mean tweets to you
is jimmy came also accept we're just gonna freedom senior attic year running these the ones i want to read are about how you looked when you were in that on the air on saturday ready he looks like the theatre director for the musical cats thou from said rosenberg that's absolutely clear as he is another when it looks like the curator at it creation is outer space museum and lifetime movie face ass michael rapport as professor who bones and then murders student looking mother fucker who forty characters that's asking about one euro now i know does because it was may i add that i as well i've ones that are just about you and your general demeanor as a person this one was i would like to meet any canal and kick him in the knots because i think it be funny is shit hashtag douche bag
american provocative or else is one that has but daddy canals account plain and simple pretty good and then data canal looks in sounds like a total cocksucker hashtag tool has the tools like loki really mad because i already got your with the cocksucker than whom hashtag tool if necessary right right as thirty seconds apparently authority such melodramatic yeah i like now i'm in studio for fifteen hours on saturday at fifteen hours of hell cuz that's all i get at me all but you love it now admit it you love it you do you wouldn't wear that you wouldn't wear the turtleneck if you didn't want people to call your cocksucker on twitter what i am wearing eternal that you're not wearing a total now you're probably i can have anybody making fun of you for where the turtle like the right
make fun of whatever i wear every single week i have to be wearing a blue suit and just a normal time people say what what what's wrong with your issues this week or sought migrants people find that one is a u you knows they just never mind something to criticise and all but i kind of like going back out of my girl just gotta have fun with it cuz i don't i never have ah two men think like if people get one is pretty funny when all our knowledge and come back on the drafting of this day but i like it it so easy to do and i can't do it because our fire but following my falling report people s like gets kind people get surprised by come back and not in our interests either profile picture all final picture that there were something why would i do too across me about internal in he had
my wine shop as his profile picture i think he was firing actor so i came back to him and i was like why should i take fashion advice from a dude he looks like he got his his his head shot done at the mall and so he was like i said oh yes the appreciate you go about it recital b point what am i yeah probably why we this one is the city you're not in one day like it like him back and forth like i as always in an environment where people were just ripping yet left persons wonders what europe's person like somebody generally hasn't got one where they dislike get you i could find my problem it's funny do you not mad swell need not right that interview was brought you buy draft kings dot com draft kings is the destination for one week fantasy football that means no season long commitments to bus and bench warmer
never again will injuries have you combing the waiver wire at two a dot m every week is a brand new season of draftkings dot com just pick your contest draft your team and follow the action live try the fifty slash fifty contest as well with the top half fallen trees when cashiers what you going to do start your new season of draftkings dot com right now use code big cat bi gcat and play for free with your first deposit that's code big cat big cat to play for free for your share of over one hundred thousand dollars and total prizes this weekend only attract kings dot com eligibility restrictions may apply see website for details go to draftkings dot com right now putting that what got big cappy edgy see eighty and play for free over a hundred thousand dollars and total prizes drafting stock come i last three questions i ask everyone these three questions number one do you wash your apples so i my wife is really very
nice worry la chemicals and stop measures did she can catch up with all the more so lightly food by organic foods because he was being hey losses apples by does you let me ass a lately i actually i live to connect your years ago we actually are property we have several apple trees so now i can go out just pick one from the tree we do not want our natural feel like you're not worth you feel a rough armor her right that's like that's why you re to farm that's your man cave that's when you that's what i like to china wife baiting those apples footprint my love my footprint on the atmosphere is although i do not secular last question whose most famous person in your cellphone that's your because you are i think its trials barack obama
i'm not sure if its head and i'll tell you walk i don't know if i'm being cap is not is it going how you could be no for our part we are already is twice and he was pretty cool legs i make now we got out sometimes like guinea one whether why be and then they crossed the ssc ac sidney he was crushing me about that as he sees no we would smoke you guys i basis is not world conference in guys will not play football we roused and found that so soon causing with me he said it takes the mediaset hey bark we watch your number and i knew what it was this georgia was being north carolina like already was tops map so i get a taxi hey is like it's barclays in tokyo but i want you to know i'm watching as easy woke up on aisy see y know what so we can so we words were testing back for the color tat so am i
that's why i was like i'd probably berkeley i don't know if that seems like a fitzsimmons is really tight with him he was going to set up all those interviews he's in tokyo taxi we saw somebody's mess windy its work we are really so i think it might be job market so who's the most serious person yourself captains uprising or now let's call all cause that's plants borg i will be able to say it strove without finding out i was one of the more various peoples joe gerardi the manager the yankees these men is no my family for a while and he's a huge alabama ban and the crosses me anytime alabama win its close her street murphy days ago your culture eels cultural you my son eliza family nightmare our work is not written law talker texting like outing anybody would answer like all meet me in character were the two
yes sincerity red finds out there so i'd like to buy his arm around our huge read english shi ite final question question but ass you have to answer when you complain about airlines on twitter do you realize that you're being a hashtag douche bag and i thought i don't have a question for you yeah did i help you with all that i help you out at all with jetblue as we know i know these scooter this is the this what's like ridiculous when people complain about airlines on twitter and then they have come on like some poor sap is sitten either in like i don't even know where these place our polish india and they have dm you and deal with you bitching at them and did it for like attention because you know you're gonna put your reach weeds so it's like you were formed but you don't do this anymore not with us aware even at the time and it was
really douchey thing to do it like it is it is it i do not like it when other people do it but if you and you guys are big time celebrities now like you guys are part of you guys are in the club i don't know if i'm even in the on the one we're not but if you are if you are at the core you're trying to walk in and theirs there's about there's a role that right and then i ll let anybody in this law two hundred people and you know about her if you know you have to let you go out there and careless people aren't you yeah you let him walk and quite ass i don't i drink what do i get my house guy quit bipeds warehouse guy if we were going somewhere and war play restaurant and there was a line in the maitre'd was like how had a big cat pft i know you got the committee was that you right away you would do it right yet if they really did i would see if there's a troop in the line first and if there was i would volunteer
ok what you how this analogy is analogy falls apart or pretty quickly because you describe what you just described is like if you go someplace in you no that there's like a connection of course somebody user connection but what happens with the online complaining to to an airline it's not like your using a connection you're just deal say shit that every person deals with these guess what every airline socks and every time you travel you get delayed so it's not like some special free but you're just basically saying boo hoo i gotta go aid flight like every other fuckin sap out you know what the common you know it is right one guy check mark yeah that's what you ask your natural right natural did you notice acquainted with a nice day i'm promise us to proceed check mark by gluck i don't have found foreigner followers i have blue check mark i think did you
just now i hoped you up with gently anytime you want a larger lou you just man and your good what's knows that lady was it was totally i hear you're the boss of all the pierre de the whole crew upon my tea by the mafia that taught a pity they were all so i was actually drowning the next day a long experience and i tweeted the jet blue age will if my guy did cat needs any help you look out from something that live and they actually retweeted it and said if there's anything we can do for you guys just let us now rattled coins actual it so we do need gary and that's not his real name they like just blew bade him have the fucking american name and he's like hey i'll help you guys out if you ever need help he can't do anything i see
did your problem is you actually believe like you you believe in santa claus and the tooth fairy you think that the jet blue twitter account has fucking oh we are even the chick from united it had the plain sight of rejecting that one picture what i believe in our snob do i won't weeded out everybody i'll just copy you that's where you help me i would like you to bits to somebody honesty i actually you should keep during it does fall under the provocateur langhorne rasta had i danny take you so much for joining us we need to come by when you come for the highs we got you in exile view with you i think people would like to see you next year view i lots and lots of adrian thank you so much you can check out danny on european and he's got his radio show every single day or so and canal and hopefully louisville gets info
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these dot com slash take right now for twenty percent off your first order that's me andy's dotcom slash take ok let's go to some segments we have a pr one i want to start brian kelly who actually did his own pr went to one we don't even up to help him so brian crowley on the hot seat if you heard four and eight season it no name doesn't stand in south bend he citing plural sources brian kelly's representatives have been exploring alternative coaching options for him so before he gets fired he's looking too to quit i like that it's i mean it's a genius move needs reminding hey guess what other people want me even if you know multiple sources multiple family
most of the galleys how would you outbreak of an asshole would you have to be to be one of kelly's like confidence what is it brian kelly conference last is nine assistant rio it's just like some asshole friend of brian kelly's that still lags behind kelly enough to be doubly words skullcaps like talk to him the outside of the art in that light five minute window that brand kelly has when he's not working and when he's not sleeping i wonder if branca any brian crowley obviously thinking like who produce wants me so i'm a throw that right no names face said the head on whatever corn pastured separates nodded i sat bending without fair with west lafayette other i don't think it
was actually a way to get there with roads if you type it in a google maps it just says like you're fucked was of its quite quaintly instead you inner west lafayette into google maps and says why sir are you are you drunk yeah people forget that i have a people forget that yeah people forget that the yellow line on the field is an official oh so good boy people actually forgot them yeah this week in the ohio state michigan game great game by the raft forgot it as a matter of fact so they just said oh it looks like across the alike first down first so i
never thought i would say that but people forget your line day did artificial michigan did get screwed i know the players can see that i'm field no they can't do member watching for both our deal on tat a blind while in our people say that they block out painful memories in their maya when your kid i've blocked out everything before the the yellow line and before other football cornucopia during thanks give you which by the way cbs cheated on that you have had an obvious saudi
i have it and then fox was like a book cocky of leaves my fave leaves and gordo utterly pouring out of my two hours i was beautiful search it reset apparent as it goes echoes football cornucopia number one new year's number two who and then i like christmas for christmas number three hang those little lights like right around the scores box does it seem yes i'm out gb us you see we listen if there's a cbs executors listening to the show right now go fuck yourself straight off because guess what one is the holiday season i want i want a fuckin cornucopia my scoreboard aus pissed off i like actually a man on thanksgiving day when i turn on move the lions game and it was just a regular scoreboard how the fuck am i supposed to know it's a holiday if it's a regular scoreboard feel special did i i love the football cornucopia and in your right cbs doesn't do shit for four they might have like a point ceta
in their studio for christmas there that there the network that makes you say happy holiday box fought only merry christmas right the way we know what were the footsore derek knows the general of the war on the war on football word the general the war on the war on christmas yes they the fox studio like they absolutely at hire somebody actually rake that studio after that someone leaves and pull ship was like actual like twigs in shit millville i did a ship that should and network hard for that and so fox wins thanks
over cbs not even i forget even how we started this bell but but i'm mad hired out real hot i was really really hot on thanksgiving day still hot if you can tell kings they kings you got one for us i do yes oh you know we have funds chris berman all the time of the show and he gave us a king stay the king last week with his treatment of mexico city with a frozen margarita tundra its facilities incredible things take today in the pre game show he said let me be the last to wish you a happy thanksgiving while so i mean i don't even think about coming from that in so that's why people that's why whom so he's gonna next thing is it boomers gonna be doing stuff like way out recently predicting holidays ensure let was and i can't leave asean i once the end up did he still has another like six months for i know but this less holiday let me be the first to wish you a happy white history molest me trumps resident when it let me be the first to wish you the last chris burma
the wish of christmas action may be said tat bright exactly somewhat were will hire a fucking liar i don't have the authority to higher but open ended job offer for crisper whether we wanted to have a common ideas hang up were already repeat with you already knew she'd asshole it's the least i ah i have a dumb rural my greensburg dumb roma this really dumb and i thought this was drunk omit that so what's is very big everyone loves college basketball tournaments rate converts tournaments because every teams gets a shot whereas college football in alike for now them are playing arose to best teams and as you see for my not be whatever be cool if ever team got a shot so here's what we do everything does get a shot we hold a tournament it's it's college football overtime rules and so alabama plays the worst teams i wrote it albert play south carolina alabama stew when they get their possession they start on south carolina ten oneself
you're gonna get sir possession they start on their own ten and then auburn will start on vanderbilt twenty inventor but will start on their own twenty and you go down the ladder like that so every team gets a shot and you keep that you keep like what yardage you start out while she i've gotta just chill out my suggestion man for big cats weird finding the whole thing but it's a fucking genially idea worth up a little bit alongside think about this here's a think it's a good idea you you'll ask me when you start talking like that different yard lie that's jerry's part yet grace what you had me pause be hard to tell what hears you kid you a full game so it's i get it over time shuffle men so everyone's at the stadium may other
i agree that party you put him in the stands yeah you put the whole relieved that i say and normal not spectators he put all steam the stands in their pats ok they sit there waiting for general and i love all this i say you just like you put him at the thirty nobody you have to address the album was the best all season so they have to have an advisory play the show the esteem just like in rest but they have that so you don't need article ninety yards and album lescaut and no that's that's where you lose everyone smart and then you get the finals and say like tennessee made an awful rogue software so it's so south carolina goes ninety yards in an amazing drive they score touchdown in there alabama universal touch and then it goes back to south carolina from them as you know our guy that's the worst idea of every fuckin june if you just if you
if you can offer myself so i give south carolina advances they have to keep their their yardage they have to go ninety difficult ninety yards like for ten street games ok where you want the games to be quick right i understand that you have both a team started thirty five and i would be into our be really enter workshop it but i think that i i think i just saw evolve college football as winners go to the fore bob laughs i like i like airport yes hell yeah yeah cigarette i'm your info i mean for have your idea here and fully you us we have us they woke you revolt of stay walks yeah i do wonder if you notices players are starting to do the errand hernandez cracked to save money toss touchdown celebration have so stay woke
roger el in his negligence in failing to suspend aaron hernandez despite being convicted of murder despite the on trial for two other murders and another shooting he's important players to mimic earnest i would be surprised at first more much more murders this i ask that he still has not been suspended is unbelievable yeah where's the justice and home affairs and i was reading in sports illustrated earlier this week about random would field the guy that we we have i uncovered how to discover that cold case hot the eye five killer has also not been suspended in those dead or whatever packers still eligible to play technically so roger though you eat it doesn't but it's gonna control player safety have seen like four players do the crack what's the same plan players that have been doing it but yeah but still it send in a bad message i have a priest they woke up call my workshop ok college football play offs obviously people are gonna be flippin out if washington winds and clubs and wins it's gonna be a little bit of a mess because thou being alabama washington clemson are all in and the quest
in his can they actually put ohio state in over save penn state windsor potentially chip so forget to that point i think the rest are gonna help out with consummate they're gonna win so that no house they can go and look at how we ve already known the big then champion shadow again be bought the incidentally they ve got such an axe to grind of pens state a pen state they do have an axe to grind with penn state curb should actually said it so eloquently with this tree said the pen state football programme has endured so much in the last five years and now potentially one game way from the big ten title congrats that's people forget that the real victims all this was the penalty for papa s actions a bonus whose back is the word programme goes out a programme of your programme is badge on hit a huge
its work programme and the band also if we're gonna do words lee courses pronunciation of wait wait wait wait his wide pronunciation washington which these big worship were sure apples washington guy but anyway back to this they walked the big entitles games can be rigged in favour wisconsin this time because last time the fifty nine nothing or how state that was rigged santa carla anderson was fired recently left right away so it makes sense to use can they they call him thou and finally we have in honour of fidel castro who i thought was dead very much tat we have is he dead yet yeah since this is one of my favorite new segments so no more i'm not sure if you know how the games played basically just say somebody that you dont know if they're dead or alive and then we're gonna google it and where all find out together real time if that person said
i am ready to give it to us a online firstly i will go on to gangster paradise coolio he's alive all i've but my thing is if he's alive you would see allow more coolio i think he is alive i feel like you're right so i feel like coolio became a juggler recently this is what happens like guys were a little bit out there like i guess we're here they'll go way off they go way we nazi or juggler yeah one of the others gotta pull you did they go off the grid and then they have a resurgence when like real weirdos start to like them and there i can embrace this culture that likes me coo ee oh juggler to its cue a nazi yes he had on biogas and
poor he got mine is coney saccone twenty dwell about how did we get him oh geez corny twenty twelve thousand wild story was witness mercenary associate joseph going ass choose cornelia he's on the panthers under that i see in is on wikipedia is means alive wasn't a wise life alive or let's get that fucker yeah what to talk with you here's laid on this simon year allow code eighty wives so we're already what gives you fuck man forty two children i would have thought we had enough most probably like ready to be caviar duty idea wives my wife my ex wife
forget overspred ready i gotta wives over here i got mine so i think he's alive but the last we heard from he was be had been abducted by his arm made richard simmons oh yeah he's i think he's dying currently i think he is currently us that's a pretty fucked up thing like cheesy dead lash the die is the new neighbour this game were hit me is richer seven so i see cause he was doktor it and i know there is like a whole thing which i have a theory like when you're a hollywood person you just get to like seventy eight you just gonna retreat into your hollywood mansion just never come back yet he is alive put his really know his real name is milton oh although we know we learning we actually say what we we didn't get any dead people but we learned a lot coils juggler
richard coneys got eighty eight wives i may have made that up about only but i feel i feel outlier we're gonna go with it that's for sure i pretty sure is a jungle i that's our show let's all we are going to the mac championship this week so we're going match average up and the big ten championship so we will see their the rigged big ten championship presented by rigged we're doin there with the matter bus will see everyone there come say hello anything else subscribe i saw two people were subscribing at their thanksgiving dinner table prepared i will you help in your parents out it's a it's a good thing to talk like have some common ground with the weak on parental units i think we recognise that in whose name form the servants talk with the rents just wrap it up just chop it up with the rents about part of my tap room ta yeah just finding common ground so we love you guys thanks for listening i love you
say back thanks i appreciate it i will see you guys don't want that depend on it
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