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Danny Woodhead, Blake Bortles, Joey Chesnut, Bo Pellini & more

2017-07-02 | 🔗
Special 4th of July edition (2 hour episode). The guys breakdown the upcoming NBA free agency by predicting where each player will go. (2:20 - 14:17) We talk to Danny Woodhead about the 4th of July, Kool Aid, and the pledge of allegiance (14:17 - 18:39). Blake Bortles joins us for a Wikipedia club meeting on the 4th of July as well as a Mt Rushmore of Boat activities (20:42 - 40:56). Joey Chesnut comes on to talk about the 4th of July hotdog eating competition in Coney Island (41:38 - 53:26). Bo Pelini joins for a Mt. Rushmore of angry coaches live from Vanny Woodhead + 2 bonus interviews that you will have to listen to in order to find out who they are.
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dot com slash p empty to save ten percent that is partial dotcom flash p m t to save ten percent partial them be empty aid deductible may apply let's go let's not can no longer have any idea how welcome deplored am i take it is monday july third and we are here with an extra bonus long episode here's the deal we have
interviews that are great therefore fourth july related and we're gonna play them all for you but with his like this like we're given the award winning lesters little test here you you are our little cats that we left over the weekend we put out all the food you have to work on wednesday do not consume this entire podcast today you're gonna work this is a lot of responsibility that we're giving you so i hope you can handle it don't make his be disappointed in you and i'm not going to get mad i do it but i will be disappointed and i'm just saying take ease or come right up yes so be real shame if you were to do something that would jeopardize back to back take something has never been accomplished before a real shame if you listen if you have to work monday and when they first of all get a new job second of all if you work money wednesday in you treated us on wednesday saying there's no new part my take that's on you edward deducting that from award winning listeners come taking in a little bit peak behind the curtain
here we consider not even doing so yeah but you know what it is we love you guys so very much and we truly mean that we're gonna have we'll put out one extra long show but we're gonna leave it up to you to divide it into two or as many get days as you want also we left a little treasure treats in the show little hence for a game we're gonna play later so you have to listen to the full show and it notes there will be a test so just know there's gonna be a few things that will bring up later regardless of the whole thing as we're tape so we were actually gonna take a little bit of vague vacation we'd we rarely do and i think we did want christmas christmas week yes our last vacations oh jesus in america's birthdays those are the only two times you would take up i think that's fair so we're taking this on june twenty eightth thursday june twenty ninth third yes june twenty nine thursday so it is right before mba free agency so before we get to our great interviews that we have lined up for you we want to make a few predictions
and we have our mba expert with us it is coolly mic from mix tape you gotta download that best mba podcast in the world except for one part might take talks about him that seems ok so class gonna greater nba free agency predictions ok you mean because i dont know what the fuck we're talking about i so first production by way these are all gonna be correct so you don't even have a use give us a put but we'd like to hear your thoughts on all of them as well my first prediction j j rhetoric is going to sign with the philadelphia seventy successors ok what these are very confident that i know i know what he says a cartel law like are ongoing in in broken english connecting dot we get into the real turned from asia yes i have so she odd great that one native do have one for data
her magic grating i would actually do beget ya think changes going to the philadelphia seventy sixers what are your thoughts while i feel like you'd want to live in manhattan if that were the case it is truly does to brooklyn i'm gonna give begat nay plasma give you in a minute spoke i i you got one yet so blake griffin drove around the show he's opted out and allay that's the new cool thing to do these days he is going to be going to he actually told us that no he actually told us like he told us this is where i am signing and it's like we're talking you on june twenty nine per blake said i'm gonna go sign he's absolutely gonna be a next year and we said okay we won't tell anyone circle a trust we're not gonna do it but please credit part of my take when blake does
actually announced that he is signing with the he's always said he wanted to live in so how are you great that one willing its fact i can only give that nay plus what he has nothing i i can give that yes i am i feel i am shocked i can't believe he's going to that it's where its wild you gotta keep you now you're circle of travel to anybody else in our midst state i download razors to download mix tape may because we will say so they would only listen to find out you can't tell your friends where he's going to be our secret that you're right next i have andrey it would allah i predicted andrea good allah is going to go to the chicago bulls for seven years and three hundred billion dollars because his knees or just about to blow up thoughts ago that i give them
protection and apply hang at ass mine is her sugar to have is going to happen there get the balls are gonna be like hey we finally or taking let's add this guy and put his like contract on here he's gonna play twenty games season for the next four years in everyone's goodbye awarded the bulls not able to sign big guy i went out to see the bulls go all in on just like signing former awesome dunker so i won't richard jefferson i want kiddos i want i want kenyan martin to get sign off the streets for another four years and go back to the bulls i want to see them just like stock up on the basically like the two thousand bring valued very balls in new jersey let's t improve actuated thousands i like it you have another protection i do yeah austin rivers he's gonna go every daggers he answered our package your kind of i'm going out on a limb there i know that's kind of what i'm thinking my just get caught ibm cipher whenever team that is yeah that's gonna sock ah how bout michael beast
i'm saying go the nuggets get it i get it we ve got to seattle to who they gotta get to india you know what might beazley is probably so high right now that you could tell him that the systematic still exist in each like ok i will pay for them supercool bees it does he have the worst tattoo in the nba writer who oh no amira to jeff talked about that's a pretty syria the super world peace is pretty bad the here's a name that i want your take on coy kelly olympic where's he gonna gathers the sun have a team i live turn of fire him into the new year's i could see him be unlike pelican ok does that actually makes sound like an unnatural burger of iraqi like with a huge beacon just like wound around yeah dirk rose probably go back to the next they ve been assigned him and just do an awful deal for him or the balls
there was a good hour underground come in my doing weight and use that money for dogs over there arose about your habit this one as items to the next who both of whom both of you scale is making a famine where is where is search bar gonna go coolly they stayed in toronto ok the other big ones that we got to be looking out for remember your predicted like this is all going to be old news when it said so be wise with your predictions but give us a couple will you guys i mean i feel like you guys have tapped into the mormon community you know a gardener words gonna go oh no they're gonna lose em now so let's let's go
but who are friends the mormons more men more men for their take on gordon heyward leaving utah hi i'm johns which and this is my colleague and next door neighbor kevin john john and i were from salt lake city high and high and arm we just found out that we lost gordon heyward but you know what we're still reform wherever he goes because there's something about that guy that i just i just pure wholesome basketball none of these bounce passes he executes crisp chest passes overhead passes he just he passes lot and he'd he's not about the name on the back of the jersey although he did give that name he only gave that name to one woman i've given the name on the back my jersey to several here in salt lake city it's you can do that while we have here talking about gordon heyward i wanted to quickly taught you you guys about the church if you're eating dinner right now hold on one second i knock your front door
that and i would like to interrupt your dinner and ask you ask you if you'd like to join the church we don't have gordon but anymore but we have a lot have we have we have the memories of john stockton and from the from the was the male man yeah all yeah all those championships they didn't win but we sure came close how'd you know it it's kind of friendly sometimes to let somebody else go ahead take take the title for once john stockton he worries shorts shorts way on the baggy stuff you see now kid they were a little too high there like al you you know they were they were kind of shorts a day i'd watching it at home it would get me too excited so i'd have to change the channel to the nature channel where those animals don't wear shorts at all actually when i get too excited i just have one of my sixteen wives
we are all i should know our hand i was too much you dont masturbate we now know we don't you hand we can't hand here she i wear shoes and then i m an old through the sheet my sperm is not to touch anything except for an ovum those are the rules that we have all sworn into a few if you lose a sperm you have to go sweep it up in a does pan and ensure a great up in their morals for going to go to hell and that was our friends from salt lake city having us little gordon heyward recap how do you great their mba takes coolly that that they think that they like the man alive because he was also creating a lot more younger yeah maybe com alone was a moment s secret mormon that we didn't know about the sum of george is off to a huge oh yeah where's park his palm george has been linked whose man at every single team yeah whose man's is paul george is i think he can name about a dozen teams are linked to the at i hope it's celtics i think they're actually danny to actually make a trade for really
one year not that they are willing to do it like when we got a joker like you gonna go so long i keep saying the lakers i think he's just like hey i'm leaving like i let you keep saying that outwardly like that's never happened right so i think he's saying that get me the fuck out in speaking of the lakers my last prediction i think swag p is going to the clippers cause clippers need a little swaggering doc leave valet so swag repeated the clippers hurt your first guaranteed jamal crawford lou williams and swag all my get of my favorite aims namely horses tobacco is set at like everything up game ever known or white guy clippers have become like the team of part of my take so even though we lost blake griffin its wiltshire and decker yes now on their successful west coast invasion loved i that's enough mba free agency talk again download our french colleagues pod gas mix tape he entire do a great job and they actually will be telling you all about the nba free agency effort happens let's go now
how to a quick interview with danny what had our good friend we did this from vanni would head it's an extra bonus on release stuff we talked about america before we get to that i really wanted to quickly tell you guys but our friends seek it is summer time it is baseball time you need to be sitting in the creatures somewhere with a cold beer in your hand and guess what you get next around on us by going in downloading the seeking gap right now and putting in the promo code take that's too j k e and you can get ten dollars if your first seek purchase no check in the mail nothin like that it's not a refi you you know they don't send you a reimbursement is straight off the ticket price so your ordering ticket you get ten dollars in your pocket go you sat on beer and seek has everything they have concerts comedy theatre tickets got a midsummer concert season there's nothing better so go you seek
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courage is kuwait did you know that i didn't know how much coolidge did you drink as it get quite a bit i actually found fact one of my high school so what am i still earth snot student sediment kind aware that yeah your teacher what one of the classmates i had his his call was like that so called founder of calais of your louise where the court later resigned i found the jones no no no no no no not that not not the court later was used use big time over there oh invented cooling how rich rosy i'll not the class me wasn't i've got infuse about who the classic was uncle was a u but you're so his uncle just regularly like owned a lot of noise created cool it did he invented it no he wasn't the inventor sorry that was messed up comment
did i say invent yeah i've known you wanna use on the ground is like a vice president has gone sideways i saw it so let me revise that one fact shared in here for three barbecue foreign fact nebraska as is state drink is good and danny what had no someone who know someone who's uncle might have worked at the cool factory one i mean i might have been a little closer than that but i have therefore here's another america on fact north platt where you're from europe is called real city nicknamed real city what is it that i did not know that what does that mean i don't even all rail city because of the way
our shared railroads among other now also fun fagged the canteen was there i think you i think you taught me this there's no south platt there is no self but what happiness uribe i know well there's a self platte river row north platte river self platte river at the end of north platt those come together make platte river which is why you got a better ask a very inventive rioted all its land is in its pretty amazing what what's your phone fact about america you can make it up or you can just tell some fun about america that you have you know i love i love a lot of things but i think i like to just stick to the pledge allegiance american he was obliged to leave him we would prefer to have a flag and we're ready
we pledge allegiance to the united states of america and probably for which it has one asian innovation all we live liberty and justice for all a man a man and seeds assigning see now i'm gonna have to but managed it but if i oh yeah i was problematic oh here's another fund fact about amerika and i actually just learn this today yeah this is one what is the most eastern state in the united states well no i was hoping you could at least guess may remain and we were all you come on that's all i ask is what it's it's allow east plan when i think what is planned although it turns out its alaska because one of the islands over their crosses over the dame line
i don't know it's easy i'm bottlenecks face right now as we want law is applied to any of you at least out there any one thing about like getting into the combine just do your programme on what those islands and then you run and your time is like negative twenty three hours good point run across the international right my ass yassin right after right ok we should be agents i was fourteen july with anyone had
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but he's blake's a floor to guy i don't think he's ever left the state now for more than like a day at a time night so but his authority and through and through we're gonna talk about boats with him enjoy are we now welcome on are very good friend blake portals quarterback for the jacksonville jaguars you i he needs no introduction and it is a special fourth of july edition of the blake portals wikipedia club we thought because it is our nations independence day we would do a little deep dive and when i say deep does more like a shallow and diagram yet we were really break our necks like the water bugs that just cannot escape across the lake right so we're gonna do a wikipedia of july fourth and then a little bonus it's not rushmore season we do mount rushmore of boating activities which should be funds i know blake your big your big boat or right yeah big butter moaning about area you like motor boats
that is well ok i will go face person that later i was i our joint get store i'm looking through the wikipedia page pager firstly it is the last time we had you on we're doing sinker de mile ray and so this is quattro direct coolio and there was some back and forth about whether or not single maya was the actual wearing every land on that as happy birthday i have seen that it is good that i'm retaining all my wicked ass now i think you you had an inclination that because you were to ask me otherwise the airport idea you could sell me either way on that one i was do it but my fascinating thing that are picked up on here was that the united states actually legally declared independence on july second to her so that's really if you're really american you should be celebrating on july second birthday is actually a second and the fourth yes your comment blake very interesting yeah and would i also read that they predicted that they wouldn't let us that's it
the stories of long disputed whether members of congress sign the declaration of independence on july fourth even though thomas jefferson john adams and our favorite president benjamin franklin all later roads they decided on that day their daily indonesia people are gonna lying about what day it was signed but it looks like it is july second i'm a big was it seven for truth her here a big son for truth her because i dont think that all these guys actually sign the declaration of independence because only a few people could actually right back then and they all the handwriting looks very similar to me thinking that allows the signatures were actually forged by thomas jefferson just it would look like he had a bunch people that support is cause we'd le coeur yeah really good point arrogant yeah
i thought i was pretty often talked about al on certain fourthly july's throughout the years you know different people celebrated the different ways and it said that in seventeen seventy eight george washington gave every body double the normal ration of rome motorcycle those are my fellow gesture on on oh george de part only on his land wouldn t gazetted did room just eight through normal once get everyone drunk a drunk a drunk troop is a happy troop little stay woke deems monroe whose founding father but didn't sign the declaration died on july fourth ah m in another fun facts so did thomas jefferson end john quincy adams loudly died on the exact same life also the bush family surprise be careful july fourth year be wildcat snuck on would hear hear some that i thought was interesting and actually little upset about it it seems like there's a theme around the world a little july fourth cooking going on
cultural appropriations you know that it sets no i didn't do let me tell you about this the philippines you know the u s obviously used to control the philippines the philippine and when they became independent nineteen forty six they made their independence say july fourth as big a few to us i can respect that ok men rwanda they have a liberation day hours yeah it's it's it's the day to commemorate the end of the night you ninety four rwandan genocide in it's u s governments also played a role also july fourth sounds like a lot of large countries out there are mad at the big from bad boys on the block
who save everyone's ass an earth the shining light on the hill yet this baby around hell yes yeah so yeah i can see that's really good fuck you move so i can't be too upset about ok fine that's fine do you think you could i got is it like is what the philippine did to us like what we do to mexico and think of two mile the appropriate culture they walk around wearing like stilts and stars and stripes and in the white beard here and they dress up like uncle sam i for one will not tolerate that anymore yeah the other interesting thing i found on the wikipedia page there is a picture of a lab with an american flag the lab is in the water and says leaks are popular destination for fourth of july celebrations in the midwest it in that is a fact and i you know i know i've been too many fourth visualizing in lakes but ah basically they just copied appear michigan ad and put on the web page so you can
i see you guys rosier you can put a lab in any advertisement and then people like oh shit that looks like a lot of oh shit alex lapsing while that is while that that lab can sit in the back seat of my car must fit seven people a blake here's a quick question for you now this is this is a source of contention is it a cook out there's a barbecue tough embrace debate i favour they barbecue ok wrong but i can see that you're just eating like barbecue like if i say that i come over our barbecue like we could be cook in hot dog hamburgers we could be cook in either in as i'm talking about this unlike quickly realising that i could probably be pretty easily swayed to cook alcohol talking yourself out because you invite somebody over to barbecue but not all the meat they you're serving his barbecue meat just like learn slow meet true so just like declare that the other question than i had ever known about you
play on the jaguars you guys play england like every year do consider self a traitor to the original jeanne colonies by going back and in contributing to the morality enemy mean i get us a little bit and offence i don't know it's not like it's not by choice technically so i think i have like the right to take pride in america and everything that we do in the original thirteen sounds like if more so like you know just just spread the word over there i mean a step they like a type of thing when we go over there just gonna u know thoroughness subtle jane
having given from a reminder that we separated from you bitches i'd like to remember how i judge you on the texans all word varsity jackets when they are not doing no one time i'd like to see the jaguars where powdered wigs when they go back over england just gonna stick it to model but we had to get up a great idea pesa when a lot and then spend zone nobody's monsieur bald spot ha ha ha ha new put on one of those wigs may there like i grew up in the wrong era if i could get back there nobody ever what amount yeah but the problem is people own realise how fuckin hot it was all the time because they all wearing like you know there was a war nor in the middle of summer in philadelphia that's a nasty smell that's actually somehow now philadelphia now price smells worse cosmetic full of his actually somehow the only city in the world that has gotten increasingly worse smelling even though everyone used to shit in the street and where war in the middle of august because in fact that's why
factories rode off to wikipedia page we have anything else on the on four july wikipedia everything you guys i can tell that the group did not do any of the reading beforehand we're just skimming in pulling things off there which is fine so i'm gonna give her anger and say this is a tough one that came through yeah i got a personal one but it they talk but how in new england towns competed to build tearing pyramid symbol from barrels cas bonfires in lately lotta townsmen shutting down those bonfires why they won't let em happened because it's it's too dangerous the americans cave groundwater is i'd that's all all but one one idiot kid walks in the bonfire rosa forever on us call that darwinism once workfare that led my town and on the third of july we had to go to the beaches ernie lighted take all the peoples wood and we are like kids really crying as we are like lifting the wood that they're going to all your narc we all we why would you do the would go take it to the town like dump why
the town dump guy would resell it to the construction sounds like your work and for the mob my girlfriend speaking the mob and new jersey there's bruce springsteen has a song independent state so weird that bruce re seen puts you know a bunch of american motifs in a song and then sells it and everyone's like while that was unbelievable story writing that's great point i never thought of kings favoured sorry a born fires in the summer we have gone far easier occasionally alec tolerance not to do that by the way that is the ultimate alpha you know like went when you when we watch planet earth and they show them the moose fighting and it's like a bull moose the the bull moose is the guy who builds the bonfire then like i am finding tat is i really like a very the community so you wanna be that guy a blakey overplay firing
yeah we serve i bought a rocket wars and stuff grown up loosens danger be careful unaware j p p situated the nfl send out like a memo to everyone being the hay for supplies coming up member j p p i don't know i m pretty sure they ve shown us the video like always i read before we break for the summer and they always say always darwin like a like i just thought you know this is this is when most irish get arrested in the inner fell the next month or so be careful yadda yadda yadda yadda thinkers usually like a pickup around fireworks on the fourth and then maybe a j p reference thrown in there they ve cut that part in cincinnati this when they always get arrested forgot to play their part will they don't have a vcr the team facility the true marvellous what's transition now to mount rushmore of boating activities like a high hopes which one could it's kind of one of our open ended ones so blake as our guest would you like to start by diverse ok my mouth rushmore voting activities would be
he would be first of all drinking that i think that number one that ning any time you're on the boat you're in the sun your enjoying the day you need to have a nice cocktails site that's one let's say right now for all the kids out there make sure that the drivers not drinking but everyone else in georgia be wiser actually pretty seriously i can be spread of film is yes the number two cooling hoover it took me like i grew up in florida like i was on the lakes and rivers all the time but i was like a goofy kid growin up so i didn't necessary pick up wake boarding and all that stuff quickly so that some kind of took me also tubing was gonna go to and then there's the number or wait there's nothing worse though then the day after a full day in the sun drinking to being that shoulder sore doubts like an all time sore we may have the amount of source blake you're not the kind of guy that makes the entire group of tumors stops that you can get out of the river
go up to shoring bo peep like bind tree right now and i usually just beyond the two european the two that had any notes also as you guys ever did us to worse you get to tubes our entrepreneurs from our ok ok don't worry it or our good cough and improving its number three i mean that thought from that though it's fun you get to tubes out there and then now play you do on on onto wars do you do teams to on each tube of course yes it's about we call the deadline shop and john from one tube to another like you're in mission impossible as such an exhilarating moment about oh dear i give it i've never seen like a group of twenty for europe men have so much fun on a lake like jumping from cuba to per hour he had been on too many good lakes and i've seen if you die now definitely
and then i would say my final one would be would be wake surfing which is kind of like new to me but it is awesome when you got it just right behind the boat not strapped in holding on to anything just kind of surfing in the wake of it yeah that's a lot of fun but i'm so bad at wakesurfing that i didn't even think about putting that either i'm way too uncoordinated i doubt good not rushmore who wants to go last tank launching a my first one mile rushmore is gainers off a boat yeah it's like the perfect for like those are kind of high but they're not too high so you just doing this little flip let me little front flip backflip gainer okay i'm more moreover cannonball guy myself probably not breaking news that some kind of a jack jackknife ok get fancy whistler like what are you up to put up a home for how my number two is paying holding onto the back
while the boat still going are you gonna like all not yet a little ride when are you gonna get your peas actually helping the helping pushed the boat and some dangerous working abode we're talking about any kind of book your whole you're hanging off the back and the latter or you get on the outboard fine you don't stop the edge gobrias slow number three on number three is driving out the spit ok thrill reliable night everyone loves you plain old demi out there now not not not on the ocean ok number for our number for water scheme success aggressor costs again that not coordinate enough over here to the agonies irma amateur guy i'm sure i'm a tube i'm a sit in the two guys go real slogan so i don't even have to hold on you wanna go pay after yell go have a little more unorthodox once or you will you go ahead number one for me my right hand were of guy what activities getting sunburnt
gotta get sunburn at least once a year get that base that base redcoat down doesn't happen to me sorry hand up till of law of skin mediterranean number two is tossing a cold one also timing we remind the ass if you're on a boat you not handing anybody of beer or tossing and underhand but i was spent on their extra bonus people go out and fight someone's is there and toss them like fifty yards right into the water scientific fact at a beer tastes better if it travels more than fifteen there yes that is already one my number three is having a friend with a boat but not actually owning one yourself they are so you never want to be the guy with the boat you want to be the guy that's got a good friend they'll take out if you throw some fuel money you're good yeah do you know the three acts in life right was then if it if it flies floats or fox lisa and that's a component that's
that's something that like a dead tells you that not only article nine in time the door it's a dad who's been divorced like three time since we do think we think plague you own about no i spent around the boat neither have three other document on perfect you got it all of it and then my number four mount rushmore of boat activities is what the fireworks while on a boat nothin but it is also good all saying out because at the end of the day when it's dark enough for the fireworks you ve had about a good eight hours of dave drinking on that boat and you're just totally relax yes that's that's a good one i i'll go with my four and i have a bonus fifth it it's gonna be a trust refreshed that i need to just test the whole crew about so fifty's
its roy beers i also throwing beers but i'll go a little bit farther i like to just put on a life jacket and just sit in the middle of the lake and just drink beer strength like five beers why p and just do nothing else so you just sit there it's great you get all friend just sitting there do enough in maybe turn up the tunes feels pretty good and any yet you're one guy who's not drinking throw me the beers all day my second one is driving around the lake and looking at awesome houses so you can look at all the cool ouses and be lying i wish i had that house i wish i had that house and you get its basically like looking into someone's look into the living room you're going while look at em right there on written further house i love that's when my fair thank you too and then you have to ask oh who lives there yet reza guy doing then you think maybe in a different life maybe like in a few years i can have the job right and when you're on someone else's lake they know wherever unless we went out on a boat with our tv laying on his his lake in the first thing he did was like a bob seeger lives there like you live on a lake now
i don't like when you going to talk about you got to do a lot of floating like yes order we barely two years alone ass yet gaiters that sounds like something that would be nicer the only thing that you get in the midwest monkeys must be released dog but other than that you're good the other like these huge monster fish i'll pay money to see muskie to dog yes answered up that's really fucked up i mean a dog smiles and when my smaller themselves the uno the unwisely small dogs like mosque easy like we need by five hundred good get him out of here number i am shocked this one was thrown out there maybe it's just me i love doing the ropes because it looks like
to help out so when you get when you when you leave and when you come back let me get that rope for you and i don't really know how to do any nautical knots no i just kind of rye rope around a few times someone you really has to come from behind and actually do not but i always i'll go pull the boat in an israeli cougar you feel like you're pulling an entire boat even though some water so buoyancy and all that shit we feel strong one thing i like to do i don't really messed with ropes too much but i'll sit next to the edge of the boat about ok a little bit more to the right live among you're perfect geo straight raise all really guided in rather more important job my fourth this on this is just a personal i've always loved to do this because i love extra actual beers i love to pack the cooler so i'm very picky about the cooler packing go lay the ice down then he put some beer in and you put a little ears here's a little tip for every one of their little rock salt keeps the ice even cooler more ice more beer another layer
where do you stop to get rock salt do you like that you don't want to go to home depot you get anywhere i can't stand when someone packs a cooler the wrong way because you know you know the guy he pay no eyes first he just for those only ice first and then just throws the beers on top so only like forbears or cold i usually go with the letter beer at the bottom and then a poor the ice strengthening of those kids ass his elton always but you go just like what i'm saying first layer vice i'm saying literally just like enough for one cubic cross you i mean it then your browser on state aids or no no you can you can get it you find it still i could pack who were on the cooler guy without it i like that you all my fifth and i want to throw the trust very awkward up yes as anyone done that i've done it
it's pretty liberate and not on a boat i've done in the ocean said i wasn't a boat activity is a beach activity there so really fun though that's like a matter like i just got it has to have only one who's gonna forget your unique dipping is one of the cruellest thanks fits you feel like i don't even know if you anyway when you would dump you you're clean before even though your dirty right play cyrano dumped yeah by my ps3 only at the beach now get the tidal eggs likes to stagnate and because of york would open a lake than other people have to swim around on pig lake bigger to get hangs out right therefore lots whereas in the ocean currents and waved them in and things have gone yet you gonna drive away obviously me you'd yahoo dump you get back in the boat you drive to new spot let someone else hang out morocco dont want i'm a dud took an awkward up oh yeah internet had ass a shallow end of like a beach part of a lake and it was it was moving on than a lake in there is a god
that wasn't with us i was like sitting right next to him and then to evacuate the beech wood caddy shack yankees leeward takes horse poops so wake anything else what it won't you got plan for the fourth albeit in southern california but even so we gotta go back serbian newport beach for the fourth thing out we haven't you guys we're going on i think i'm here texas young go low vacated winner gonna hang out maybe watch him fireworks you no good old forces who i stuff i might floater river actually how about that here we have a debt for food how are we gonna get over this we get some beers shocking knox's spit yanks going to spit real reliable we thought i will be careful out there and orange county you never know always asked for idea anyway he's honor you never know i blake thank you so much happy fourth man taking against italy
i thought that was blake portals and next up it was a good time we will have to embrace debate will tweet out the mount rushmore results next up we have my friend joe chestnut he is competing in the hot the eating competition like he does every year he's gonna win we can guarantee acts guaranteed he gave us a little insight into how is prep work looks like or what it looks like he as the confidence that he can beat a grizzly bear and we talk a little bit about some hot dog groupie some chicks so here is joy chestnut are we now welcome on a very special fourth of july special gasped for our fourth of july show it is the greatest hotdog eater slash eater in the world it is joey chestnut you know him he will be on your tv on the fourth
i what is it s p and regular espn to really authentic ok yes paean to makes you check it out the nathan's hotdog championship now joy first question in its obviously will on everyone's mind all the media is talking about it do you feel less pressure this year because i am not competing i hear you didn't bring a little bit of an element that their there you and your own overrun under over under the under it you brought from the dinner table that's besides protestors the obvious ere you you gotta be a little nervous because i was on the end of the table i took the brunt of the protests last year what happens if those protesters find their way to the middle of the table mid hot dog
why are you gonna be able to fight you that adversity like i was i think cyber gonna rules will get em if they give to the further table i know you know what happened last year but i'm surprised they got here there's gonna be increased security measures is here i think that's pretty obvious with big cat in it asked here did you guys look at him like baseball players look at him table like why the hell is this now this randal off the streets like another man's job woe not i was apparently he wrote a good letter combined about fun in here here in his by another way of mother where most people have to want to see you want to see through the does journalism the powers in the area are the pimp i remember being on the bus with all the better readers and i think that there was a little vibe of like who's this guy who's this outsider could he somehow shocked the world be joy chestnut an hour
i'll be honest like the first maybe two seconds competition i was right on the same pace as you so i was there it was there i didn't i wasn't able put together for twelve minutes but you i have been a little nervous and i'm boeing out so i guess it's your competition out for now i'm just having fun with it there might be new guys this year we're just going to enjoy it while i can what's what's the goal this year so you lasher you broke the record correct air and i can upload is continuing with that of continuing to push myself appeared on my body say i feel like w were rendered me maybe improve myself by the farther will say colleagues shot which number too soon for
right now and when the weather and everything among at seventy seventy eight how does whether factor hata eating contest is as someone who likes to gamble on a lot of things i need to know that inside information arm a fat man and a woman harder he went on the slow down our bill hit it maya out all members here in the eyes and practice i promise i'll fire by words not human it off can you out here and you're going now really hot or another but i could feel humiliated there i think alike people lose sight of the fact that it is a physical competition do consider self an athlete i have two further time them like all my god damn i'm done with a review of war but if you are trader the real impact of i'm sweating like now and help there i m the better our debate and our i can put myself after the other
at that people dont really realise and i found this out lasher competing in it and it is there are different bun speeds i remember i showed up in everyone's like the bonds or fast today were at work why do you know like how you got how the funds are going to be working on the day the competition a pretty good idea within the touch of a couple of them went whenever they now suddenly did it do you want me still you don't wanna be arm is sometimes it somehow they don't get fail they d like leathery did her than they do a scan on the outside is very nice when they they re the party which is a year that you can call where it was just universally accepted that yeah that was a down here for the bonds and here whether it members are down for everybody because here in numbers
in the raining out then you think that would help but they keep the bun covered in it adds value in my assurance that are doing it odin robbery it's a science i dont think people fully realising it actually like a corked bath baseball or like baseball bat or juice pa the competition the numbers rise up as the bonds get faster or are we playing in the live buns era like have the bonds become easier to eat overtime because it nathan's hot getting they want higher numbers they want dr ratings have they have you noticed a change in the bonds of the last ten years not at all how who where are the different they haven't been consistently better error easier bonds valley but i did notice they when i often wonder red whether this area
then than the little bit they little bit later india harder but then they this inevitably there they found another company that were similar back what is the problem patient twenty four hours before look like for you is changing about that i used to be the complete ass mode no thought so long now i have a little dinner about fourteen hours before contest i make sure i get something in me and make sure i have some energy to the contest wake up five in the morning to go and have a water first thing in the morning and the ban on this game re further about it is there any dread going into the contest because i know like i even eating twelve hot dogs last year it was like the way you know lesser used in euros drilling dont be salty like the hot dog bonds the there is dread like man i gotta
all this stuff it's mostly i likened it's like being in case race in college when you just sit down like this can be a lot of fun and then you like while i have to drink all this beer really really fast it kind of actually saw there is a little bit read but my body knows it is my boys generally four hundred and twenty time like this year where you were last night i say not to do practice my boy you're the first producing acid like it's my boys encounters mode it knows a thumbing its is ready for some pain it is ready to meet both to a weird we're limit when your body produces all that ass do pre tom's or do you take role aids what's your which a premium strategy for aunt acids right now all natural its other days
they can even now beforehand maybe maybe maybe on his pure sir the way i do and have them ever the embargo the take up door or some sort of some somethin afterward the handling of it they should test fur aunt assets like how the cyclist some pests if you took that's a p d it in my book whether you better if it has a further i don't know what they were fine well along those lines does anybody out there just smoke like a little split before and get the car mouth go and get the monkeys i'd only help you lose them intensity is probably intensity only thing is that i will make you more intense there's like all there the olive about there's big matter or failing that might be something else tat follow that doesn't make them makes you lose your appetite we're talking about this
or we came on air if you michael phelps is racing against the great white shark kin no it's just not be a grizzly bear and a hot dog eating competition yeah i condemn yes let's get a gala calibre zogg yes setting out about it do it having been there would the barrister to wonder what what's goin on we have to think the bears get confused they don't know that their contents right so you have the advantage of your human you ve got the gorilla mindset they ran use over the bare would you consider yourself to be the best eater in the history of the world every person that's ever lived on planet earth you're going to members and looking at what i want what i have done and i am able to keep on going somebody came out and said he knew it vincenzo did this i can go higher be that money to i love the confidence that it scattered feel pretty good to be the best in the history of the world at anything if i can reach that point my life i'll be happy
it's scary the atmosphere that it's it's yours so good you scare yourself that's a level of greatness rarely achieved in in the human world we're like this pillar data within rather the contest demagogues hey you live pushers to learn the counter it but i don't think i really pushing you worry about they feel rather than go out there they ve crowded patiently his but whatever happens happens you don't know how to compete at any level besides your best i love it that's why you're the king that's why are we so when was the last time you lost in this two years ago and then happen i can move i didn't go into that in that year the there my body was working for me i had not for the time and of our of fat and cumnor had not been given any work into it so
my body them library i pressure i bet that on you that year so to that last year the i didn't i would have told you that a bad idea yeah those stupid me last question everyone check our joy chestnut he's gonna be on usb into on july fourth he's gonna win guaranteed a win how are the groupies the hot dog groupies do in these days there are while their own com groupies my fans are pretty good exit around they'll take area yet defence your fate will ever a woman would appreciate our great areas of woman yes yes i mean when i was there i was like your rockstar yuri rockstar on july fourth at the natives competition hours iraq's arbiter
women do like number one the s fatal whether they like winners are joey thank you so much appreciated pestle oh man i know you're gonna win you don't really need lock but we're gonna say best luck anyway and made i take out that guy who that was i hippies guys problem who ate one hot dogs you travel back in time is again do that again really funny yeah the deadlock yeah they have different people here i don't know what he's doing better up and i remember thinking about him he ever anyway of pushing hard boasting about those dogs bonds joy thank you so much we will be watching and we were rooting you on and our best lock up the bunch of fast the ceremony went back when i thanks thanks man appreciated thank the here as everyone i sit by the interview joey has brought to you by miller light i'm on a diet and died
in darting usually don't mix then i remembered the miller light is brood for more taste with only nine six galleries and then unlike dirty on four daddy's that turn into noughties only one beer for the job miller light the original light bear fruit for more taste while still being less filling dieting darting barbie doing there's no i'm cutting out any one of those activities that's why i reach for the miller light the original great tasting like beer that doesn't compromise on taste are we next actually know what now right where you should stop if you have to work monday in wednesday you stop this podcast right now you do it you fuckin stop it semi a screen
out of you pausing it right i want to see the pause in actually you know what go go above and beyond stop at posit delete it and then re downloaded on wednesday so it's like a whole new fresh podcast and then restart it before that miller light ads they take it doubling their russian double dip is what to peek a little so the second half of our life for special we got two great guess we had both polina whose a recurring guests in the back of vanni would head in longstone ohio and because it is both bellini we did the mount rushmore of angry head coaches which is pretty good and bow obviously is like the angriest we i'm pretty sure you want to punch pfc again yeah you want to push me several times over the courses we could play almost like a loving punch you i got a really like you but i like you write that sort of thing yeah obsolete bow was adamant that he should not be included on the mouth rushmore of angry coaches
then he got so angry about the fact that he shouldn't beyond the them rushworth angry coaches he reminded us all why he should be around it so he basically proved his point right in front of our face boas great guy oh and this was actually a really fun my rushmore he gets the old schoolma rushmore scrawny view award winning listeners maybe forty in up shut out dad you want to listen boughs and then we then pfc and i get more the new school not rushmore of aid reproaches either way here is young stone state head football coach bo polina what's up guys let's talk about the credit wise up with them message brought you by capital one as you all know i'm a big stats guy so i think numbers are great but
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sean from your trades union credit report to understand your behaviors and helps you spot signs of error or identity theft plus you can check it as often as you want for free without negatively impact in your credit so go online mash that download button right now and get the credit wise app today and i go tell a friend numbers are great with context get that credit wise up right now from capital one hurry we're live in very would had in young town ohio with our good friend recurring guest recurrent gas good friend coach of the youngest town state penguins both fellini both thank you for coming on again likes rob me good beer ah we are you are you so as to when the beak from nebraska
no you didn't know anything more decisive penny oh yeah how about another year and our earlier farrago po thanks and we ve first question was we had dinner last night we noticed that use go every now and then take a look at phds hair and you have a look like you want to punch malaysia the i you know i mean i can sum glutted another of course with me last night i might have buried my diet in his side of his head what did threatened to assault me with the gulf and i was thinking about all through dinner i couldn't help its great because we are friends now after last year we interviewed you and me and the firstly terminus the interview you're like do i like these guys you do like us put every now and then you get a look in your eye like i don't know if i like these guys and i want to i go make them run you know run a bunch of gases and do some to some pushups in amerika make them do the oklahoma draw will you not by paul
ok i think you're not so so you every now and then make sure i'd every authority kind if you the people in a controlled manner i now and then i don't like very many people writer immunity that's clear but by you like better yet what i like as we have to keep re earning your draft almost citizens bisons basis yeah we're already much it's you die you could say men at the minute but yes and perpetual hot seat with bobo and i like it and let us on earth so mean big our thinking about next year if we come back to this thing going through the camp with you how long do you think began our last for pet i think you do good ok how many injured you guys are athletic yeah very old though getting old what would you put us at wide puts you you look you're a slot receiver ok yeah i think big cat i will stay you walk at our review there a tight and divert defect to i got soft hand nor do i decided that you can move to office of tackle in about six my right you throw me the ball once in five games and you're like aren't now just be online
yeah me guy would you put your in turn in here that i met and yet bellyful by you guys he can draw the ball we got a tight and we had a slight receiver we're gonna win a couple more spot we gotta think we got a lot we can play seven on my more of a west walker griff wieland type had enough those guys could live up to europe without assistance point you know probably your kind of a cross between jerry rice oh yeah algeria rice into you're gonna rocked up like t a little bit i can be a locker room issue at times they have to keep an eye on him some sit up in the driveway i could see to it that the eu actually had a great line last legs billy football we told them that this is a pseudo you if he wants to make it in the football world he's gotta get in with with other polynesian stoops and maybe a transfer from from his college some time after the first couple seasons and he said that he's football smart and you you basically said
good god you tell me what you think we ve got to me and they say wise for password that means it is they have no common sense and a pretty much damage every other so let us not attack you really know will not hurt you you thought or use what postboy while yell case regarding dicing you yeah what he's like all hate coach on football smart don't worry tremendous football i q but i can't time i shoot means you like i can add up to us to put football smart because it is not rushmore season we are going to do about rushmore and in honour of which not specifically for you but what you say it its mouth rushmore of angry head coaches you actually work on your temper now you actually haven't i saw the video we braided a rough this year youngster i did what do you do black out when that happens
yeah you remember like when you after a gamer you like i really want that rough haven't or do you just not even remember not remember much are you are you friend sometimes forget my name etc in scotland are resident officials the long good with till it till till his hurry aims to india and whistles yeah all bets are off your report as an official may i have news for you know sometimes i haven't sometimes i've stopped them after games the council can now rushmore and honourable way mountain rushmore via fletcher stateless not say angry andreasen ugly word that's a fiery head coaches i you start the icing number one right right in the middle it's gotta be my man bobby knife the absolutely that's very out to him that my guy that's it i mean i love a mummy at the user great coach
i'll take you to come from the heart i would love to see in the chair throwing incident in two thousand set sixteen with the with the social media it would have been an unbelievable what have been the best style that caution i could a coach and sir are you think you could have coach and sir i don't know if they would let him coaching monsieur can hit players anymore i don't think he ever hit now upon the genes of port outcome upon is a little different than a heavy and you know you can't we now and in getting a guy in an us do not get your hands around
why are you know you know and as you know it's funny as you know they always showed obviously fiery coaches when their screaming employers but you have players and i'm sure you don't yell out because you know that's not the way to motivate oh yeah no doubt you get a handle every kid differently in the other day i can say that show people call me fiery and they say this deal heels in his prayers and i have great relationships with my prayers and i can't speak for all the fur for everybody out there who just sometimes you get you can't get a tag on you you don t you see some coach go out there and he starts going off on it on a referee ears gets upset and it's ok and they re while he while he's intense in an but someone else does it and do they all hell
you know it is what it is you you hate you can't you can't change who you are your personality and how you compete all right so number to you have bobby knight number one who's your number two on mount rushmore how i'm not going to stray away from ohio state go with what he zeal yes or guide us actually choked blair punched a player i once opposing playing up riah yeah tell us that's arrival if i were a games you should be able to hit anyone at any time just home games and general state and protect the turf right crash rages little little jab noise of our life if you guys ever saw the video in fact he had built a find it somewhere about when he came out before they get think was admission game like years ago and actually beauchamp back or when i visit michigan when i was gonna come out i school should talk to was talking about it and i ended up look and see in when he ran out kicked all the yard markers over me like goes back when he had let those things are going to decide on the ground
anna and he ran all way across came out in the field knock kick them all or before game even started after brigham warm up justice dominant as like that as yeah that's like my like how much fun i would have doing this by the way just just behind the scenes hank is deftly afraid to tell you that when you go like this you can't we can't hear you i know gus is i'll say it form come on hang there had come so for i will just give it a lot like scares the fuck elegant until they let you hi what's number one i also get kicked into your instead of kicking the armor you that like the two things overlook what he did not i went down to come out you don't have those anymore i want to come out and spread like a green sprague s
great pain over your lung cancer no one knows where they aren't you yes let us out about somebody here maybe a little that's ok do you just showing that we want europe to out i'll put you has an asylum i will ask you guys we're gonna one and also in the other larger to mitigate repay i'd like to see repaint the hash mark sector like forty yards wider than they are just really open up the field i don't you play they canadian ports where do you get into the very then add a guy will be our mother before your eyes when you get in the reds on motorists goin paint the back lines green so that dancing goes forever stretches into old school right is extracted from part of culture we gotta be zero zero deanna gave everyone will ever get three and it won't be one number three on the mount rushmore billy martin yeah great gathered another great want baseball managers are very angry in general but billy stood out the eye he got after it not only with the
fires but also as an owner yes oh yeah was awesome it was like a loving relationship any what he get fired like twenty six times as our yes yes very gotta get three times a year you they do they have a coaching change what was always help right ass they bring em right back out these air to reignited number member sky brenner on seinfeld yazzi measure from your yeah that was the greatest yes it was it was that was played by learning oh yes i browse played by lord david i did not know that little one fact i'd never for i'm gonna stay in the in the bay small ralph ok go thorough weaver another good want he was one of the guys that used to turn his hat around so that he could get even closer to the indiscriminate inflation burnt out yeah yeah well liked i remember watching like it when i was a kid watching the baseball what they call a baseball follies baseball highlights what he would he would go honest answer
you think that coaches say or managers say when they get up and arrest face like i earn umpire because feral from the red sox did that last night and either like almost kissing day i think they want to carry out each other we think they say out another thinkers who i couldn't do it third term somewhat spit would become an i now about look like i like it an attack when i do that happen one tyrants and up spit his gum into our sorry manager spit his gum into an arms mouth at one point i have to look that appropriations that have either have immediately get ip hefty europe there are more my not rush hours all about rose really goes like a hall of fame before i start i need to consult you on this one boat is i don't know whether or not to include this guy but you know better than we do probably cocoa
come on let's go to download only losers did i don't know how i mean i know one thing he can that he can get after with the best of luck he seems fairly subdued during yeah i think so hugger yeah he's more concerned with his own guys than the raft sometimes at the emerald only than others even where i had said i'm taking you guys ages to does gotta go to everyone member one guy by the way you have children was ready hope like one michigan started going down and then finally psychotic phenomenon headset because pretty bad visual me lose every game when you were when you are totally at ellis you your coaching against cocoa at all miss sometimes rough what were the hallmarks of his teams that we should look out for this you well he's got a mean they're gonna play good defence down there i mean i u his deepened of coordinator guy what's his name around the area was gone for good gulch and he's gonna every they're gonna play good defence and dig they have hold over there i think gotta be good name and they are that mac canada from pet him he's got a little bit different flavour of awe
that's not what the essence is used to say it's a good combination but indeed obviously the guy great down down there and i wish you a great great programme yell i marconi off dodo play hard i am yap cocoa number one ok number two i've got bobby coxe who from the braves he used to see this he had not what he was he got after it he was very calm in the dug out the other end there was like he loved to argue balls and strikes i've never seen a manager loved argue balls strikes more and sometimes he just wanted to get thrown out it aims to see and feel like work anymore raves fair i grew up watch elaborates on tv i gotta tell you you're putting your life endangering was because i was back in the day i was apart we remember one member said braided bream remember who got to hit francisco
oh my god that's good i didn't tell you line d i still haven't gotten over that yeah those those entrepreneurs only hit tat i ever had great who do we have to do with my life using was he has rights for two thousand and forty eight the one that any got to one hit line for thou enabling barrett bury bonds for plain to deep there that was poor that was that there were two out so you can t gotta play good point ok so bobby cox just cause i i liked it when he intentionally webcam software out again because you don't want to go to war i've tried up dead never never works have said to reflect romero skim it has to be organic or else they will do it didn't give you dissatisfaction cobbled people i presume you gave out of all the ita golf came one day and i am determined and i pray i just i mean as soon as it shows a kick off up and i was a throw me out it was like i wouldn't do it now come on man last year in nebraska what was yeah well i'm sure
my next one this get an underrated one coach k o i had him took as coach k he's a is very calm and his press conferences but he gets his look sometimes on the sidelines we arches eyebrows and he looks like the blue devil right any screams at the rough and you can tell hissing the meanest shit leave ever heard kit coach k also gets it because i had a modest on my mother's worthwhile because he has that ability for his color and his face to change and that's like an added fire you make he actually turns red whenever getting he's an intention as human beings i mean it would you residuary that in any sport lily take all the major sports zero is europe better coach in our generation than coach get more trust them was pretty good could spell check bela checked summoned her idea bela check shaft either it's like
none of you get any better than a great here you know one thing now i'm in a second time on a break forth wall here hank is nodding because he's a duke patriots man so this has been a great those four hack disgusting next i already got fly losses for my last one is the minor league baseball manager wally batman yes so he's the guy that's famous for second basement for the match was yes i do know that yeah he's gotta throws the rising up you gotta help me out here you can hear stacked i in fact check for a speedy together throws rosin bags like it's a hand grenade ie is a big fan of do the move we kicked dirt on the empires feet i liked and cover up home plate with your hands with it and then you steal a base yeah you actually walk off the field a second base i tried to kick stuff on the under own rough one time but i missed i got turf toll for europe i got i got my not rushmore picked apart but i think we put down a few extra so
almost start with guys cogent right now brian kelly did he finish that was our oil document wallabout months go through those wally background bobby cox coach k and kosovo i got my first can be brine kelly because when ryan kelly gets into a kid i it's a rare thing when you're watching for paul but when brian kelly yells at a player i actually feel bad for the player and that doesn't happen very but the way he elles and always a little shorter so it's like a shark iona and a big you know you down and utilise young out of why so i feel bad yeah yeah i mean he's is the little boy you guess he also has the red face he also gets or advising on which is nice my son's plain for him now you know really be careful so you're you're also close for this his family they grew up as no dame fence what's gonna that i grew up with noted alone inventors are also you you and bob gonna go dream
coaches at all day mia exit out about to guess i'm gonna talk about another man strategy is our banana boat of coaches where the off season guys go hang out with each other plot your next moves become superintend young sound i think i'm on you you do you guys know me think i plot many things in banana border you just go ahead exactly an abode in young sounded just like four coaches just hanging out in someone's grosch drinkin beers and having a good time so that stats jonestown ohio the greatest place probably in america and my next one is so i have two that are kind of similar the next saving because nixon then he's like he's like a volcano that only erupts every now and then but when it does an ex saving you get added bonus where he yells it is cautious and egos crazy it is coaches and when next saving gets mad you know that there is a big big problem i also think that savers
choice because he net he's never really happy right so he's always and in a state neutral for him is angry right and then you just get angry right is resting heart rate is angry yes yeah so it's here and so the length and one that was a couple years ago only just chewed outlined can they gotta get her pass on it though i know he does he does he went down thing one hears here's an ex one gets a present for winning but this little different bilbil check put bilbil checks anger is like a rich man anger but he doesn't get angry he gets disappointed content that is worse than anger says so i killed you can see his eyes like disappointed in some with does a good job of right but when he took his soul i heard he ll raise angry it's like it's it's almost like hey guys like i told you how to do this you know i tell you how to do this and you just letting me down right now that's worse and anger some he's such a football
it's like you discussed rate rail which it is rather a lot there's a lot of emotions wrapped up into that right is gas you're disgusted at your anger your disappointment he channels anger high powered you wanna get on building with thy powered rifle ass each hails zanger immediately into action red that's why no really see it he you never get to see him express his emotion because he just takes directly and he cuts the guy the next right right using i i am too old to be dealing with this shit do not disappoint me i will cut you he's like a fine it's like his anger if if you have i have you seen my prank prying kelly is like a four loco bilbil attacks like a fine wine anger where it's just it is real you can really feel it's your core they let him down and then
i find a riot kelly though he doesn't do he doesn't he rubbed the law when he died disagree hialeah you like the other players in the thing about rank elections all their games or national television i think we get to see limit but he has a coaches to maybe there's no heightened when you're it noted a number that defensive coordinator the nordic had that look kind of like leprechaun with the goatee hee hee hee yelled at him one time i am my last coach on mount rushmore of fiery coaches this one's personal favorite loop well we that's a good one week lou i was actually at the game when he got kicked out the first time we got kicked out as the cubs manager and sweet lou he's got it on he does he loves character he loves to kick his hat
he also has that nice belly thinking get right up autumn words like that do not automatically i'm i'm so fat and i have such a nice round belly that i'm not text technically bumping you register your kind of in might get me kicked out of this game would be fetch goes you kid as my belly goes dick dick to the guy and he just screen on this but is also low yes we will inevitably parties may have sweet he's got a great lean back there
as you put it like is his hands on his hips and he just like puts his crotch on firm he kind of gives that at times would give that bela check local yet discussed yes but then his would fall hid his rage would follow right right you also lupin our has probably the best baseball man's body were just you could tell at one point use our letter but now it's just the largest pop ellie and stick likes is hot dog at an ear tags and beer and absolutely no exercise for twenty years i get that body do he's so slow in lebanon workin on yeah you had another like ten fifteen years before you actually get to luke analogy eighty going i need to work on that so yeah i ought i mean there's nothing better than when a manager justices he's gonna kick all the dirt on the arms of each use that's just such a disrespectful based
we are acting like a six year old if i read the other good thing about lou is that we talked about coaches i can make their skin changed color lose eyes changed ass when he argues his eyes get dark like he's like road tolls witches executive that comes purple still scares the fuck out of me worry witches ten years all those big mistake prior nightmares for about five years you should i wanted to get serious about times at it it also watch that when i was eleven and that was thereby movies are not real and i'm a guy i know man when i was i was ten i thought father's clouds in the sewers i dont get yours i witnessed all i just thereby bad film do i scan you scare me sometime but it is a healthy scalability right now you're doing my toes it should stay that way you're gonna
that's where you gotta go to these people from young stone here you know there's a lot of folks inner that does not appear to be wary of don't across and we get some fellows in the capital world in height bob fellini thank you so much we appreciate it will come no again this year we gotta do it will be your scraping us i can consult with you guys turn again well well no place pick the easiest opponent and we will discuss it in the box and we'll call plays for you to be i look i will do i got you gotta be in reach mocha could have set on maybe can yell at us no doubt known before we get to our visor just in case you spit on me you should whereby for cage ok ok i you know i used to like i used to whereby we were advisor for game like and then like when i watch to film i was like my god look through is a guy down there now because my cause i'd i mean i reckon i know hide so here little marianna one fucus were were part of the circle of trust you need to get one was visor that has the fake air coming out
like how believe only later on i want to share a common and now you know you would have you ever had here latterly lineage now he's a thing went anyone would i be sri lanka about like that you yourself you'd punch amir we'd get what i want a super bowl and cut my hair i'll do the like locks for love thing but ask ship home i heard you were you with it which will he a pervert am i all use and i promise you paul thank you so much appreciated thanks guys thank you to buy oh and everyone a young stoned state
maybe the gritty a city in the world yeah i dont even i sometimes forget how many had coaches committee youngster but their basically to things that young son has that's factories in football coaches everybody in town says and all the factors are close up so it's only football coach hunted oppressing here i shall i still love of heaven coaches progress for one of the lucky ones you can be here had football coach make millions or be the present of young sound state aren't jim trudell who yet added point so we got one more interview to take you out of this fourth of july we can
this is a recurring guest michael rapid pa he's around she's very french i don't really know what we talked about who is like we a little bit everything it's every minute say it's a classic rapport the reason why we love rapporteur is when he comes and sits down with us we don't know where the fuck the conversations gonna go but there will be a lot of fox we talked about is his stupid voice now and how it's been ravaged by ahead ravaged by air conditioner had riga had got butscha had not had hit you know what here's here's michael michael rapporteur had god my god they might once you go head ache ahead get we now welcome on our good friend michael rap applause or july fourth episode actually know celebration for you cause your french pa settle your days still another ten days where ya ya got your i noticed before we were we recording podcast
i have your sunglasses on correct and it was almost like seeing batman not the chilly the four combat man and then bear digression bill before ages my attitude now looks boom as soon as we start its gdp the eye contact makes it you're comfortable some like that just will you got ha guy y know god what do you want to do that so you're you're here you're new york you're at berkeley sinner europe for the big three points finally we get the big three what the fuck is going on your voice air conditioning this as you say that like it happens everyone like you just suck on an air conditioner long enough the would not have a voice no no no they ate my apartment in new york city has a very powerful air conditioner get a human afar
yeah that's what i'm trying to do to solve the problem but i think the only way to really solve it is to not sleep put the air conditioner on all night or you could just get a committee fire or just turn it down a little yeah i was sorry are you looking at sixty nine nice too much nice room turn down your commission to turn down the air conditioner i'm real work on it i don't like it this is my instrument it's it's the about that means you demand are cool man this is what i had a voice how long have you practice thunderous ruin sounds like six greater that's like learned violent for the first time would you put in your instrument wolf washer instrument you lathered up would he drank believes that drinker i like my cos that's your problem laundering whiskey
drink and more that caused the throat yeah get that blues raspy voice will that's what i haven't now you may as well as pussy i put on my earnest shortages itself rostov my always gets what are you thinking do smoke really just just smoke what do you call it financed freons yeah so here's what you do just more whisky more tobacco serbian a man and then your voice your vocal cords learn that it can get bullied around by topping up you give this guy four hundred b to use a power and you just can't ought to know what the fuck do it himself i so juice albert i forth of course who doesn't have any errors like coming there's a great fire montalembert new york's where you sit in a rooftop
yeah well we re secondly sinned against all because of the fire hydrant on july fourth really have a nice day to jimmy jimmy pump yeah do you know me some you guys are midwestern you're from texas is for the july like a big deal like that you're gonna blake are you gonna do like jason pierre pool right now but you know it's a big deal not title you gonna blow of fireworks and shit yeah throw cabana local roman candlesticks but what do you do to celebrate unlike in chicago midwest you're nice guttural lake haven't i saw your fuckin lakes then i'd like your fourth of july like it's this is a christmas being snatched away from you like you d like that's never gonna happen again like desecrate firework show you in your hot and its grow hot in its cross any its pack and it's it's very dense like all your celebrations of fourth of july that you had a growing up as a kid in the mid west and you is
he'll billy down in texas is over we also celebrate that much like american independence in texas not now really pay its every day yeah exist away elijah's ray i we eat barbecue and we drink margaritas everyday yeah ok so we do on some of the big three but what you have also signed with parcel official yes i'm officially so you're our colleague now you're below our boss earlier but i dont want to be treated like a colleague yet not going to be error you are supporting ok that's fine because you know i've like somebody said to me they brought this up on twitter they were like since you are who had poor stool anymore you can no longer be up for best guess the year and like that they d did you never up for that but what was
what was it that you asked about technicality we need for now i m not now kafka's because i widowed did something stuck out in their conversations i was asking you about who else was going to be on the de mello rushmore you said mike port annoying i made it very clear that i thought there was some bullshit nepotism poor noise has more humor and his by than you do on your little pinky no no i think it's our no way around its taves dad it's funny ok dad died i think the nepotism should work not i think the fact that my poor noise money is nothing do the fact that these days that as ever they do the fact that he's a raw grumpy crotch
the old man with malaria complaints that's fine i'm just feeling like the nepotism like you guys are like we're gonna put on my port knowing whether he shows up shows improves or not know his is the best guess by far ok ok and then and then scott the impelled i thought that was you know star fuckin ass kissing that's ok enable michael michael rapport you ve never star fucked a little bit a little bit of them a little bit but is a little by little paper obeyed put right but too but i've never like made an important decision like petite my mouth rushmore i've never like basically what i'm trying to tell the people is to support
store community the people are listening right now is like you guys are like have soldier ass is quick like to ask how valuable and the new sold via little seekest quick for some s vp in some plague car from love run out together with the stars alone you gotta let him through you're gonna let him through the exact thing i like though you actually take them out rushmore more serious than we do yet you actually were upset about i wouldn't when you told me that you know they who the people that didn't make it i was like
god tell why don't we go on my list guy as my employer tell me how to do my job get her god none any tools examining subordinate guy not i want to make any more just what should i like i don't want to get like whacked a fire or anything like it won't take it oh god what britain bone meal and how is it even if we just like i had enough you're eventually just gonna go did you think about it i wasn't even shortly recording but when i asked you guys who didn't make the list i was low took it seriously as i show you know you should want to cause ok what did you do this since you guys are insulting and kissing india is far too early to lunch what did you do your mouth rushmore worse guess ok addison ruskin yeah rough ruffles feathers
addison age agreeing asia green stacy king i don't you remember size you too i did it myself from the bureau that's what that's wise robot but when was this issue last year used before god we're idle jabbar cream socked you you guys get him right oil helping anyone gets climatic raw great lawyer star fucker learning and no mean ever mean another of unusual were poor going back to the rock and jack face ok i'm telling you so how do you get a gun you you firstly to take those pocket so glasses on echo happened operates at a number one and look what was the first question you asked them take room our decades graham fuck mary kill every ellie later volta did you ask it was then cordially make your magic johnson magic johnson magic just see that's
the reason i ask a question but what is the question we follow this isn't going to the many walked with authority look grumpy is foggy sixty some years only seven feet is party her that's fine i'm nuts i'm a booming grim you asked for the moorish or not greek hurry i listen if we were if we all if we cared about selling out and being like pc knowledge it will we put a cat murder on our mouth rushmore that show that and i sent you that video is a lot you know the cat thing is way way way out of the portion away out of control you're the one who brought it up i brought it i didn't know is going to be taken so literal i didn't leave murdered two cats i sent you a video this week and that you didn't posts annulment beyond my wife was pleased or post please don't potent and i was like you know fine i won't posts
but then i thought about it i want i want the reason why since you the video which for some reason you two imposed the horizon the infestation of what's going on in my house to cats capra but you don't you don't share that you just like you killed cats you murder cat hashtag cat killer and i like you know i've reputational pulled why and play its middle counterfeiting is as we heard your entire defensiveness is you ve only murdered a very small percentage of the total amount of cats at your house that's true it isn't the video now ok
then deny my mom i'm insisting that these videos we're here defence is basically i could kill a lot more care nobody talks about to catch that michael rapporteur hasn't thank you read in memory and the thing is i sent him this video to try to prove that any heidazaemon show to his part i was driving i've john unjust i want to see the death and the blood you don't want to show about what i have to go to when i wake up outside to six black cats who the fuck what's open the door to six black cats in the morning you don't show that to the people not the laser media thing we're good i actually did even so i'm just so you'd like me those like i was driving too did you not see the video i haven't i want to watch ray you love that's fucked up i visit we are driving and ninety ninety three mother wow attire block going seventy miles an hour i'm sorry and watch the cats you haven't murdered yet that hurts me sore begets hooliganism telling about the big three who sought
the fucking cats man there are worse off the kittens do injuries right jake williams got hurt at sucks would happen him ok i don't know yet but he was jason williams dislike jason volumes pay so when i saw the first week there was an old dip in his his game is speed and his deceased disposition i take it back a little i just watch the video you have a cat problem let me say you have a logic gazprom you ve kittens he's got kittens rigel sech a video he's got kitten showing up so the second is the one with me talking the amateur take it back i apologize these these are all in your backyard ship is afraid that we will see the found where the other catch died there is a gap at sea i do see the found witching i'll say you are commendable for not killing although scouts does the bastard as the they all cats are ripe for killing thank you and you have
killed and how many are there there's like seven you posted fuckin video and i want to see what i would do when they wake up to seven black cats outside their house what it sounds like somebody i your house's feeling the cats lovin keep coming nope i dont know what it is it taught me that only that they stole your soul that's why can't talk any guy don't know what it is but i don't like shows little bastards can take babies breath yes you are big baby i don't fuck with those cats man so my chocolate with gray and he looked good i'll be i don't know the extent of his injury he look good overshot louis look good restored stevenson a good hour nineteen germane only all looked everybody they all bad calibrating huts galbraith look scouts
looked bird for scholar brainy scale we need i dont another related said oliver he's he's the best do you guys have you ever kiss galbraith because god look alike we know we know we don't do mouth to mouth we do other supper we don't do mouth to mouth like us to intimidate as look no docking is what does a duck with it you just touch tips and and before the force can over man and i learned at a ye see you talk about some other up up up up you don t have to use daniel really therefore scheme will guide the meanest because of course national guys this last some on the phone you guys recognizable you're out there in the college world causing leaders again hangs he soon that new billion turn billy billy the
you didn't hear your game s out there what you can't talk i'm talking to you it's weird speak our language you dark night you are you you do all right wholly financially and drink trend can come solely well we like where would you go on universities like when you go like touring midwest or here in the city again it in both got tat word is where does docking count on the stick man whole level one answer thing right the uclaf so stick man if you doc listen i'm the fuck you talking about what i've been through your nation what do i say when i talk to you i said you're coming here as it will reduce indebted just talk it up chat chop it take to dick has adieu docking oh yeah zigzag you can't you get dark without going to you today you can talk about
belgium and then back and for just cover each other up i would also ask that you use yoga bracelets on you in here to talk about docking and then we're gonna kick out what the bracelet we told you energy fro says who energy saving light madmen yeah you sham again and you're wearing two braces and because you're wearing their praise because it's what energy it does one well what have you got in france is it about book but look at me i'm living was over but you ll have a one on one risk see about last watch us here watch my core perfectly still unable stamp perfectly stone these i can't be knocked over yeah she knows commodities watching us what i swore eyes but i still am that was our words go around you tumor with bracelets and liquid you get them to me in the mid west she out of cleveland you fair city yes because big in cleveland
very big include it gets big everywhere just hang back his egg is usually they love you in cleveland love me now they hate they despise they do they are hanks gotta rivalry with the city a clever handling ten people ass we know it is off the time to my face yet we are in a high last week ten april there were like all these guys are sure really nice guys came to where we rat and they were passed a tank i i a lot of clever now you get your walk around a city with a broom you can ask for that but i didn't think you really harder for the work they do the next so you asked mix up nothing a route for so tat like unlike what am i gonna route for have you seen gemstones banned the billions blues band yet never saw it had our czech about your bad next fan of human watched him zones band who goes to see that band not really good fans do yeah real true new york fancy to reorganise cocksucker fucker you should use you guys should go do like a pod cast outside the billionaire codes
j d in the short sharp you don t want to that wider it banned from the mecca already feel like that's a possibility here you are you're on this year do you think one with this do you think michael graph applause name is somewhere in james dawns office analysed yes and i can tell you tat i could carry to you that where on the list the not only you know we're making alyssum check and twice a mad less the out only while pie or i am sure that the highest channeling i may be the newest right ok i followed question we had blake riff non yes said the new york was his favorite mba city sorrow you want him on the next year why not why not i want a lot of money every agency all work out rational endorsement why not you i mean
well we'd all your city why i would not want him on the net you realize what you just did likely toronto courting free agents drake helps i don't just you're trying to get a big free agents in new york city you say wine i would say this because i like blake far based on the fact that were forced to play the triangle no matter what kind of stupid then the i would say who come here because i knew i would on the reason why i am saying this because i really do like blake although i don't think you should be on the mouth rushmore guess yeah yeah i d better he's better this tell blake i will have to do to show rhythm and we can we can debate and discuss perhaps help legs with face giovanni for a basketball oil which are not a bitter gary thirty year funny for an actor i love blake i am a big fan is actually told blake griffin me and my wife we went up
from the first summit our fucker no first time i went to my wife said to him if if you ve ever heard of a menagerie artois rifle doc us anyway cells he's got a photographer amateur and she likes assurances films filming shutter bug so just tipped but i fucker blake so go back to your thing i would say now i've got you do better for your basketball career veneer become visit the van voice the next michael report does not want play griffin for his own good awful place for all regions in us who don't suddenly you're his quote not ours i my grasp why thank you very much happy fourth of july happy for them the life tat was wrap up law and we have an extra final bonus are good good friend uncle chaps you know him you love him he has two podcast you should download right now your blog thirty and pod fathers chaps is
a true american through and through and he talks to us we get a little real here we do such acts as a united states marine corps veteran and purple heart award winner is it an award winner has been ordered that's an award you he's been awarded overmore hardier answer he's gonna talk to us about about the fourth of july what it means to him and some issues that some veterans experience i think is actually pretty great advantage it's a really good conversation so here is the last interview for our fourth of july extravaganza with uncle chaps we now welcome on are most handsome recurring guessed it is uncle chaps he has a fabulous per oh he actually has a couple podcast but zero blog thirty is his podcast pod fathers is other podcast download of those in itunes right now stop we're doing wait ok
welcome back download those so uncle chaps thank you for joining us for a special july fourth episode how is our very handsome boy doing i do villas i'm feelin really good like i feel great i have been working out just a little bit and by that i mean playing a little gough i don't feel if that is the last cameras on you shall gulf is actually a really good cardio exercise so if you drinking beer while you're doing it that's that's actually bonus colors at you burning wood tat allows us to people forget that's why you drink a lot happier so i'm a little nervous about this gulf thing because you are dangerously close to becoming a golf guy and by that i know i only talks about golf and i yeah i've seen you tweet about how you been like looking it at different potter's and all that shit just be careful
me and i think i have full blown golf bright china still carry out chaps never break a hundred please don't break hundred cause if you do one time then you become that guy for us you like what what is your score while not say it i best wine was on monday i shot eighty four ok we got a regatta off chaps you shall get a golf we all allow them in texas do you ever come across a rattlesnake walk often no i came across amid turrible turtles on wednesday night rwanda earthquake you shall eighty four those apart recourse right
as regards their i really lucky there's the military courts is super cheap so i could go for like a pay like eight hundred fifty bucks and i get to go unlimited for the whole year oh why is it military law you have to do is go not inland military on you you pay like twelve hundred bucks serve overseas and then you get a slightly just gonna go for it yeah was totally where that's a hell of a deal you got shot so that you could say foreigner box yeah i was trying to show my scarlet clogging account now never ass pang like the u guys see this yes gateways for twilight rates because of purple heart due to render me though aspirate military discount our basis like i can i get a milliner discount there like you have quite yet it ask for it if you don't ask your you're never gonna get it true ass it graco by our last redemption yes i because our july fourth episode we want to do every ones favour came spoilers so workers spoil war movies with chaps does everyone have their spoiler ready yes ok
shops would you like to go first share my what movie is forest gonna fuck spoiler alert he forests adopts his childhood friend dead because she had aids and died ok but it was all in other spoiler that was actually his kid to yeah because remember they on putting anyways abbot there's no way i mean i think because i mean no disrespect to force because he was a little slow i think is swimmers or a slow i think he adopted somebody else's kid in sheetrock them in forest junior was never rail arly forests get now again to some conspiracy theories by chance but i think you're totally wrong because even if your slow you can have smart kids did forced when a husband
no but i think you are a national you dont use at all now that's really bring about a million doktor peppers yet there was a little too my theory is that tim tito is the modern day for skype he just pops up everywhere and is very good at everything he tries to her son in law and verbal and analyse because he quit yeah so he had very much everyday actually i've never seen any of the force gives a he's remove you might be really bad at circumcision i had no i haven't seen him debo be successful since like florida its good points all right who wants to go next i'll go ok some force copies are really warm of you wanna get oh yeah ok mine i'm gonna go with in all time great saving private ryan who tom hanks ties and then matt damon visit his grave at the end and all of bad demons brothers are dead and then there's one pussy that doesn't kill anybody and then he actually gross edibles and kills a guy you ve got the ultimate spoiler america whence know tom hanks schoolteacher yes
never behold the whole crew was trying to figure out what he did back in the states yap turns out he was a nice good old school also u s winds and hitler dies that that was offs handwriting right i'm gonna go i was gonna do i'm due for mental jacket pile doesn't pay private private pile kills himself then they go to vietnam and it turns out wars very bad yet i just dont on me that all the war movies are actually anti war movies when you think they will while spends on i'll go my movie is war of planet of the apes have
two years after the events of dawn of the planet of the apes okay caesar and his apes have been imperilled and organs humans and as the a population decreases caesar rustles with his darker instincts in order ventures fond opinions so the encounter with the aged in humans with them into the ultimate confrontation to determine who will be the dominant species on earth ass i like as we review yoda put me in a body bag is read that really well with true weight so that's when is that movie coming out no that was the last movie it end with the cliffhanger oh so you don't even have the spoil we're gonna have to watch the next movie which comes out july twelve campaign awesome also knows that who knows is matter yeah true as you know but he said i know i loved you know a genius though because everyone is only ever really smart and may sign or pay jackson art thou spoilers good good job geiss my way also movies now so that the boy
for it plainly apes is the one that's coming out how can i get so there you go chaps tank didn't really share your neck he read the fucking wrong move technical back not even ground now well so that was a good round of spoil as we also want to have you on the show chaps because you do have that military background and digital let's get serious more in pakistan youtube's which is also the browsers music we will talk about that off your pants traps but so this is this can be a tough time a year i guess for a lot of form and the latter is not wearing an undertaker again serious impact of military you i talk a little bit about that really hot ok oh
about the the fireworks yet let's reset yes so july fourth it's it's a full time everyone thinks fireworks everyone thinks you know drinking at the lake and having a good time but for some people who have served our country it can be it can be a tough time yeah definitely can and i gotta go back and forth on this because i don't want to take away from anything in any fund that people have the fireworks for me specifically really bother me because the popping sound is kind of what i used to describe it what it feels like when you're getting shot at like what you said the noise at you hear expresses the little poppers le pen like that it sounds like you were getting shot if i had neighbours that i knew were veterans just give him a heads up like that's all i really as for like my neighbors going to start shooting fireworks i just come over me like haiti and we're gonna start like eight and
any veterans than are listening when i do they're gonna get me through tat i just speranza might noise cancelling headphones and that's how i get through it and i want people to completely stopped fireworks i think that's ridiculous but just that people know in your area that europe ought to do it at all i really give a heads up alone in the other thing is people this is kind of like people who do this on board i really pissed me off it's the people who start fireworks too early and do fireworks to wait so like the one i am fireworks when no one's expecting it and that's a debts dickhead move fireworks are basically sundown for the next two hour i would i would say five to ten yeah five to ten p m yeah now that you know you have to be an texans gad that shit here goes to like two o clock in the morning i like it's it's crazy long express the ones that don't bother me it doesn't bother me for the july it doesn't bother me at midnight on me because i know it's coming if i walk outside on saturday this weekend when they ve been selling fireworks forever and one get off over my head
it really makes my body react in a certain way mentally i know completely that i'm safe i'm in san antonio home at my house the mentally to me there is a different reaction physiologically it happens to me and there is no control of it not a symptom of ptsd and that's where we talk about a little bit on zero back thirty we also talk about movies if you're interested in here to military dude stock about banda brothers at so we ve been doing for the last month going through that an incredible stories of leadership from vienna brothers i actually never i i didn't realize the fireworks thing until last year when you treated about it i had no idea that was one of those things it's like will that makes sense put a lot of people probably just never never crossed her mind that yeah lighting a fireworks at random times can definitely be bad for for your neighbours or anyone around you and you you tweeted last year in your dams are always open correct yeah man let his long veterans are ever struggling or depression or anything like that feel free to contact me and weaken chow
it happened and i can turn a point you in the right direction what are smother resources in anybody out there once reach out directly or of somebody wants to donate some money or donate some time to good cause brighton our on top of zero bog thirty pages the veterans hotline if you're struggling with ptsd related issues are depression iran's enzyme it's the veterans hotline i'm if you want to help out veterans i usually support smaller charities smaller organisations the one who is kind of like my whole morgue innovation would be canines for warriors they do great work and getting guys and girls gazing females who have gone through through foreign through dramatic instances and get them service dogs which really really help out a lot of people homes prevents is another great one operation rubicon it's another really good one they're just so many that you can get involved it if you really want to get involved it me up had ups
a blog thirty will be happy to answer any questions you guys have chaps you mentioned the canine cause another good point i know your big dog guy i'm a big guy were big dog podcast dogs actually get freaked out my fireworks so don't take your dogs the fireworks sir i actually lost a dog at a fireworks i once avenues gone for like four days and we're tracking down through woods so don't bring dogs to fireworks big deal you're not gonna make no you're right about specific anxiety medicine but you can also if your dogs like really freaking out hit em up with the same amount has been a drill that year body weight like its need take the body weight to the dog and you can use the same amount of been a drill for that doctor that mass before you start drinking life ass seriously don't bring dodge around fireworks madame do it it's terrible chaps before we let you go i had two final things one was a nasty nasty rumour i heard about you
that my them are being closed yes i heard that your van miert i've been glad that starting it is open uncle sunken though we leo ok so it is so people can still give you my eight that the time is getting worse and worse people are just like gossiping around town uncle chaff closes went on culture of close to spend more turn i don't know why i'm getting it i don't know how to stop it i've been on like a wild spree like trying to get this rumour and if you to donate money to uncle chaps nothing is stopping you from doing was not caused and then the second thing the final thing we gotta talk real quickly where are you at you are a die hard
jaguars fan where you out in terms of off season optimism causes your time is are you a good round its weak and i come into their own history and wrap myself into your loving arms you're not gonna get spot where the jacqueline ok ok tell us why because i've just nervous i mean i i love blakey has one of my favorite barston moments of all times when he said that if he wasn't nfl quarterback he be working construction and written six it's an all time statement does not sure man i just want to see it i feel like we're separated blake and they are separated right now how do you like it back together how do you feel about fernando now good i mean they are often of wine is in great like if you you could put any unless he's very standards it doesn't really matter
what what about you guys i mean did then i say about being a jaguars fan is like u s must have like three or four first round picks that are now coming back from injury that have never played down like that's that's true israeli haven't i can make a joke like your father will be good every year the bears have an extra pressure on traffic has kevin white my play but abdul i'm i'm going to try to do it differently for the last eight years i thought that this is our year like the chevalier designers really average i'm gonna be like if we went to games that i'm i'm happy to games that soon after this issue too if we get the to that's everything else is icing on the cake after two it's too bad
diverse don't play the bears again that was probably the most unenthusiastic crowd i've ever witnessed in my life when we went to thy came last year's pretty but whose starting quarterback mazeppa earlier the and now it must have been of cloth and re i must have a classic jesus christ kepler do what i feel like we had some one else come in for a little bit too maybe do now he wasn't undershot far short of what is left that early and with one of the few caves the jaguar is actually one of the first time that i had ever been in attended for them too well yet i really canada's when it appears to shops and i have the same like thought process just got a blackout basically all details of bears jaguar schemes for pretty much the last long time love add if they get
only two windows a good chance to halve the number one overall pick which will be the first time a jaguars history that they have an average than he could get injured early you earlier because he's picked for such right one of the things i love the most about traps is fun jaguars facts that he likes to put out so he gave us a lot of good ones last about like the jaguars haven't one game in october in like ten years yeah that was a good one but the fact that the jaguars have never had a number one pig is surprising to me because i ve been really really bad they just have been ever really really really bad they have never ever been the worst team in the league by record that's crazy what was tony bacilli number two leo data did airline had the number one bit that's right jesus if you're gonna be bad at least be the washington
that's what i always our i was pretty depressing also look i dared not i think chaps and i might be or we do some fancy boy stuff this week in jobs yeah man i'm excited about doing fancy enough be on the lookout for that mean chaps on a boat in texas or something failure thank you chaps everyone go download zero blog thirty and also follow chaps on twitter his dams are open and his men mo not closed donate thanks man they ships i and that was the last interview of our fourth of july special here is a quick recap of what we got come up we are back in studio on thursdays you get a brand new fresh what am i take on friday july seventh saunter it shall i seventh we are then off to miami will be carefully so we're not off were not taken off no represented were i to
i will stop wheels down to my meals up or when we land way but when we landed miami wheels allows touched i saw we're gonna be spent some time with our good friend marlins man we're going to be at home on derby we're gonna be at the altar game we're gonna hopefully be doing some fun interviews if you are unaware how many listener in miami make sure you say hello to us will be around in about and then after all star week we will have that friday will be the take he's so get excited and we're broadcasting part of the take his room very very special occasion location we can't tell you where it is but you are really real be jealous of the fact that we were there and you weren't yes and so the take will be on friday july i dont know because this
the latter days in advance i can't do this madam i used to think about your life for the majority for the entire summer dates don't count really exist it's like ok friday in mid july is that's when they take us are going to be of cattle you'll be a surprise we are however they pop up if you want to nominate anyone remember the take user or are all the sports world all sports media world if you want to dominate anyone for taking make sure you do it in the next couple we will be looking for it hashtag it taking so we can track it hashtag yet just take he's ethic other gets been squandered tee a k i e s uae us no don't do that eighty okay i e
cs thank past or not talkies to launch a gps and then after the take ease we have the long awaited j j wat interview and that will be coming on monday july seventy i'm back on my dates back i'm a bullshit known what dates are what leanna was love
ok i love you guess
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