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Danny Woodhead, Mr Portnoy And Wild Card Weekend Preview

2019-01-03 | 🔗

Wild Card Weekend is here and we preview every game plus give our picks. Jerry Jones has mouth for eyes, are the Ravens cheating, is Big Cat worried about his pinky, and Cody Parkey. Bonus trip down memory lane recapping the horrible history of the Saturday afternoon Wild Card game.(2:20-20:45) Our lawyer Mr Portnoy joins the show for a long overdue Portnoy's Complaint. (23:36-47:28) Former Charger/Raven Danny Woodhead joins the show to talk about playoff football and what Phil Rivers uses in replacement of swear words. (49:02-1:07:47) Segments include Bad Visual Antonio Brown (1:09:37-1:13:48) Take Quake (1:13:49-1:16:27), Sheesh Danny Ainge on Lebron (1:16:28-1:20:31), Drunk Ideas (1:20:32-1:25:13), and FAQ's (1:25:14-1:33:30).

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on today's pardon my take we have a couple whole fame recurring guess it is mr port annoy our lawyer mr port annoy michael courtney esquire and danny whitehead who is calling in because not only to play a lot of playoff football in his career he also played for the baltimore ravens and the san diego chargers so he gets a little inside there and a couple hilarious stories about phil rivers in his proclivity for swear word replacements we also have preview for wildcard weekend effie q and a couple i ideas all for you packed friday episode but first our friends a cash app
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takes a dollar off at any coffee shop including duncan an starbucks but our sorrow by two hundred comes a year you save two hundred dollars that simple become a part of the greatest rewards programme ever and get boosted download cash up from the app store or google play in order the cash car today you not in a ward winning listener unless you do go downloaded now think each or good friends cash ok let's go let's not welcome to pardon my take presented by sea geek today is friday eight january fourth play our football lay off
eve play i bought ball let me tell you this weekend is very underrated sports weakened i'd say it's my favorite play off weaken and hears why like next week a loop benaco had ok here's here's my counterpoint to the point you haven't maiden i like this weekend more because this weekend ends you still have next weekend oh my point gonna be next weakens close my birthday ok well my birthday is well actually certainly closer to my birthday identity but still closer to my than the previous we put once you do divisional round then you only have three games that's true next we can you do have the spectre looming in the background of this weekend it's not gonna be a school as yet again so yet this week it is an awesome awesome sports weakened for pretty exciting i feel like you're gonna be close who i've been saying that it is the most wide open play ass we ve ever had and i m excited yet three of the four games are under a feel goal in terms of the point spread we have denied
aim the saturday night game is going to be job architrave in which a little bit of a switch ruin us the cowboys yachts when we get to that feeling just the entire month january just fucks with my perception of what day the weak it yet what daisy so random it's so ran so random is like it's already fry its prior right now but i say pray like our gated ok like two days ago it felt like it was sunday re announced friar it's like this and then a saturday and if you like sunday yeah and then bonus sunday coming up afterwards next andres going to suck art so let's do the games let's get too will go through each one and we're gonna do little preview talk about em maybe a pick and we're gonna start with the only game but a ban the saturday afternoon game first supported by us to bugger macfarlane the courts in the texas we're gonna be playing on saturday afternoon and it's so perfect because
what is the game that is always reserved for these two teams or types of teams right so i went back and i looked and i want to play a little game of memory lane with you so we always remember that member that we so we always talk about escape we say this insidious game it usually is so two thousand seventeen last year it was the chiefs in time and it was the chief scoring zero points as second if not a bad gave no wasn't bad it was disappointing for cheese france ok but did that the one nice thing about that game was like a kind of fit the moldova the chief choking the play off right i love it when things fit moulds right and then he had a really boring team winning and then you like are they gonna be so boring they can be too patriots next week right it's really the twitter jokes game it's where he gives you get all your jokes off so here's where the font starts two thousand sixteen member that
exodus twenty seven raiders fourteen give me the two quarterbacks it played in that case you said texans and raiders texans and raiders ok this one is easy add this obviously dirk are no i don't know what kind of cook honour kirk on a cook and the brockett ship re s rock ass i was fourteen for twenty five four hundred sixty yards and conor cook was a teen for forty five eighty four forty five a lead in the in the year of the lord two thousand sixteen or two dozen fifteen yeah sixty sixteen they let i guess it was two thousand do says you know i'm playing their years right ok you sure about the yes they look kind of could throw forty five passes i'm not it was set up in six million diseases rising sixty nine hundred and ninety article seventeen the jets eighty the forty five hundred sixty no arts
as it was last year nos two years ago so that it wants to those sixty know how i got stuck eyes again these details which knew your new us we're gonna get your ears rainstorm so random carter cook was warm one touch on three interceptions and i remember did my verba this game is watching conor cook warm up and the raiders went in there all whites and just watching him warm up like that guy's fox guys yup that's right rake conor cook was never a captain of his college seem right there was a big knock on yeah coming out of norwich was burnt the word was that the game where they had the laser pointer was i went on mexico i think those in macao to maximize the remission of mixed yeah so arts or the funniest just starting because two thousand fifteen the chieftain texans played so excellent point in this three out of the last four years the the texans chiefs thirty ten zero can you name the texans quarterback was that we didn't know it was brian hoyer
fifteen for thirty four one hundred thirty six yards for interceptions i want to tell you now was it a zero wasn't another saturday game with the texans back and liked and wants it doesn't organ therefore target announce its located far back there but we were getting there to the heads of fourteen cardinals sixteen panthers choice seven can you name he cardinals quarterback this is really the curse of the aim of the of like the century arrive to that what you're was again you know came newton two thousand fourteen can you name the cartels court was john skelton no close the kick bog i stand no not that no ryan linley how should the other one do you have a fourth lose like that was a year where i think they'd they moved on from scotland can you tell me how many yards ryan then we had thirty eight now come on ninety through the way through your sixty four twenty tommy oriole under hundred twenty seven
see for twenty i think tanks right i think is a hundred twenty seven eighty two thousand josh rosen's that lie before joshua's one does not yourselves to utter today thirteen the chiefs in the court's play those actually good games a forty five forty four gave one game that wasn't one where where the chiefs cannot a huge gap in the first ass very soon and then the court's came back yard you luck fourth quarter my very forgave two thousand twelve were back to the text texans the home looking at this have played in this game this is the texans so that's it played in escaped you doesn't twelve texans nineteen bengals thirteen your name border backs ok ended on europe and j j why pick them off for sixty turn him into the yard thread rifle bianca so the texans quarterback at point legend of the game was a job yes match
they combined four zero touchdowns to interceptions and in two thousand and eleven so the year before that it was also match job verse andy dalton and they ended up through three interceptions zero tonnes match up one by going eleven for twenty four hundred fifty nine yards yeah that's all i need to match up it's unhealthy long as he does anthropic six you can win match yeah so this is this is my favorite came at the end of the week and because it is usually so bad the texans are involved that's crazy that the texans one two three four five five times you know that's that's real home field advantage in texas because an assent you can't buy beer until it's like later on in the debt trap to get stuck up on saturday there do not favour the difference in this game is actually to
decent team yes and good quarterback so this is we're done with the bad quarterbacks and my pinkies on the line and i am not saying this just because my pinkies online i think the culture and when this yet so let me tell you what the cat unique wit disrespecting the texan ok i've i've noticed this about you the last week's at an oath explain all season i don't know i think i don't know yet but recently i don't know if it's like a self preservation they also know what is in it hasn't played anyone occurred and yeah did tat played the worst schedule in league but i think that the courts are far behind i don't care you know what you're disrespecting i'm a little bit too much ok i think that too i hope new is the same band camp as you are because he he was run his mouth this week saying like texas is indianapolis south or simply arts or second home in houston i liked i think that's u i held it does go off in this game by the way historically he owns the tax yap guess what this is not sage rosenfeld look i say what's them saying
this involves yeah yeah this is not him ok enough creates a hell no this is not this is a good team and i would be they win this game you guess what a little bit ok i think you're gonna one do you have a bit this game i've taken the court's every which way no one taken texan ok i'll so like the over in this game taxes taxes blown up the other way poker in the booth it's gonna be fun it's gonna be the joke someone's gotta someone has to be who are the backups for the texans in the court's cause historically speaking someone's gonna have to get injured in this game to copy reset the outcome that so i won't be interlock because he's decent so looking up right now who's the backup for the houston texas because if if anything tells us about this entire situation all to show watson you're gonna get hurt in the scheme i don't wanna say god forbid joe web in britain we i mean they were dead weight in this game i wouldn't be surprised if she wants it gets the flu right now
it doesn't get off the boat records every afternoon there like egg is what your web start if your bill bride you make dagestan hotel the night before the game or slip in your own bed nets in question that is a big question i'm a pig's go to a hotel real youse gaza's ribbit then can have nobblers haven't sex yeah we're playing video games fortnight from okay so next up we have the night came the seahawks and the cowboys also a great game a very exciting for this game the sea ox our feel like the trendy pick and the cowboys are that team that peak maybe to early because everyone was on that memory whenever was on them like a few weeks ago and then they got killed by the courts and we all jumped off gimme your thoughts they both play kind of identical games last since the ox played against the cardinals the umpteenth smoked barely bottom and the cowboys pleadings giants
they probably smoked that other stars in which they did and they just squeak they just squeak but am actually think that then i might be just talking completely out of my sure which is very goal for rare for me to do go i'm kinda sake as it feels right i'm a big stats or anything but i feel like the cardinals are somewhat of a similar like a much much shit your version of the cowboys ok in that they have to have a good running back here and i feel like their defence isn't bad among i'm not turn up points yeah guess i give a shit load appoints because they turned the ball is over simple yet they are the cowboys even very good of you to look at yards per play i feel like the arizona cardinals defy cp guy that's only set matters right yeah absolute actually have no idea funds have been somewhat somebody was plainly what it what is a better measure of defensive it's yours per player from total points given up i feel it don't reply first counts first dance given up i feel like the cardinals defence george replace you look it up would be very
and once again you're just beginning rational you're wrong knowest regard every i feel you know when you write about something this feels right somebody go on go off in the steak i don't hate that i also excited first game one because russia wilson is one of the most exciting guys in in football even though the sea ox run the ball nonstop too you have any time you have jason garrett on the sidelines and a shot of jerry jones paler and paler as the game goes on he gets wider he ends up being like royal family in england white and by the end of the game if they're doing poorly
that is always exciting and then we ve talked about it p karel might be carol chop and on the gum looking up at that jumbotron and it's gonna be for you i'm glad you brought up jury jones cause i've definitely notice over the course of games is bottom eyelids start to come down here and he's like botox had half he looks like one of those photoshop reports on puts eyes inside the eyes yeah over and over no r r i mouth to mouth now that we're not lips upon the as yet jury jones eyelids look like lips yes be big ds ease so what would you pick here my pick hears i'm gonna go with seattle i am too i'm going to seattle k hank cyril that's a have actually also that is exactly what i said to start that the seahawks are the trendy pick and the cowboys ever forget about them i feel like we very
could wake up on monday morning and i will say cowboys they could dear gordon norland sick of need him again i read a staff the other day that russia wilson i think has the second most rushing yards of any quarterback over last like seven years josh our number one and would only played one year since he had some yards i very shows he's very close i advise came newton ok i'm but russ wilson does get hurt and i think it's because he so short he gets it when he slides he's very compact closely brown he's all right we're his larger thing of beauty russell wilson's also the king of when he decides to run its always like thirty yards he always goes it there's going to be a lotta yards there are eight so next on sunday the first game chargers at ravens let's go all the way from san diego and evans returneth point favorites governors forty two i do not understand ok actually
i'm going back up i was going to say i don't understand how the chargers can win this game but i actually kind of weirdly like when the chargers figures on the road is more dangerous than fillers at home to such extent as is playing ineffably taking the start right in also he just i don't know he's got the moxie he's got the weird and you know he's got to fill rivers for these comfortable being uncomfortable right exactly so i still think the ravens are gonna wind i'll be my pick because i just honestly think the charges are not built to beat the relegates the worst match for the chart i think i like chargers really i think i think gordon i dont know did you play and let you did you buddy i don't think he was full speed yeah replay last came the promise the reasons are just gonna run the ball all over the chargers again their weird that's not so you can fix catering halos let's just get we bigger and stronger and stop them you wanna get it done we'll turnover magic of luck maybe more jumbles me martin i throw pick it up
is it actually men up enthralled joey boasts a few man's up in place yeah ok so you taken the charter's from taking the charge of side i like the ravens this game hank the charges when but it's probably regions i is well say you know when you get beat and it's it's it's just like her on hat managers is million when these gave all just is not only about issues like man to man football they just overpowered and how the hell that change is weak but it is very difficult to beat the charges twice near true true are at last up eagles at the bears bears minus six over others forty one no bear whether once attempt forty six so we don't get them
thermometer it's a little bit more for their whether i am i am excited i am nervous i know the bears defense will show up i think it will take a quarter to for mitch to feel comfortable and the name cody parkey is going to be ringing going ping pong back in my brain for the entire game i'm not saying it's okay i truly mean this you don't have anything to worry bears got this bears got this home play game with without defence you can make me so i actually i see the eagles winning a close game in like a coded marquis mrs kick yeah put just as easily as that i see the bears winning by like twenty one yeah i get to the bears blown amount correctly this is a long battle the battle of the long brothers are not brothers they're not brother not this way did you see that not this week how long was ass he said we're not or not relatives not this we're not his weak not you know what i'm score say it like i know we don't really have control over
howie we and what terry hackers will exercise mom right that's again but i will say the loser gets for another will owe or for how long yet more frau junior he had every guy get said that coveted fifty percent sure farrago so you actually do think the bears are correct i ain't bears or better team i'm just deftly afraid of whatever nick whatever is going on the false doesn't makes yeah i think there is some weird stuff that happens in december and he's like eyes like russia right is very tough to be in the winter time and outshine jeffrey revenge game he had the comment that he loves philadelphia chicago just a place he worked yeah i would say the same thing if i had planned remark trust me but it's i they're just weird shit go and there is some weird stuff going on but i think i think you're ok ok i think you're you're over think i appreciate that hank there's our spare down airs
here's my six we are we all on the same teams for every why won't know cause i took the courts and i'm i won't bet the side in the bears eagles game concealing what don't you much distress unlike her curb street i'm not gonna pick back ok you don't me anything could you think of anything worse your team is minus six so they went by three and you put yourself in spot i don't even want to go to now be rough and yet you wouldn't ever think about betting against the bare right exactly so it's not gonna go yet ok to random not gonna go don't worry about it i'll double down the bears for you oh thank you appreciate maybe i'll do maybe i'll do a cold spares money line portland then it's then then i'm really swimmin it ok its gates were invented they both lose down these pinky thing now andrew teams out don't you you got a hope for a texans superman that i'm open now would be the house no actual yet i would you rather have theirs texans are patriots tax there's patriots
texans bear superbowl would be the most fond because it would be the highest win the lowest yeah see i probably for content then i'll be it also i feel it your finger wouldn't hurt his bad if the bears just lost right and also did the patriots really feel good to have your finger cut off if the bears just lost in the patriots going to superbowl we've done that if barstool it seems like every year so that's like the the content you know you getting to do the content and dave going to do the content face be fun to go to a game with kids like all the other content and the continuing the concoct something all over your chest yeah you and i don't want it i'll be content to dawn if the bears or i would rather if the bears may the the boy rather i'd rather play a team that like there's there's no chance i could ever see a fan of the other two just so i can just at the cardinals yeah no i wouldn't know the charter's chargers would be grinning i would love that guy cake
what i can just gonna float around not gonna see a charge of yemen maybe even by poor man's costume and where it to get the dude you steal all their judo but here s my pounded what if you bought boatmen costume and painted it into a bears cull yeah go by malian matters by a million ok you are interviews responsibility first summit supporter ok misreported i first mr putin has not been on for a very long time but we got some good complaints from him he's fighting the good fight and we also have our good friend danny cut was on the show before we do that a quick word from our sponsor new amsterdam a launched in two thousand eleven new hampshire vodka was the fastest spirit bred in history to sell one
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the story of you requesting a blanket from a waiter at a restaurant in florida cause was too cold that a story that yellow because my son said something i would almost call but i i was busy what are we to do say what he said he said you're in miami ah you never would put a boy get on the any circumstances were anything anyway what was i going up you thought i was co arrived at with coal i asked the waiter put it is true the air conditioning down a little bit he said to me i could i could but i dont want alive you i can't do it i said to him don't sign off on christmas wine so i'm glad it was told me the truth then he said to me if you have a lot of people complain about this we have
you want a boy i said no for the very reason that i knew i would look like an idiot air course my son heard this guy the situation in the media that then i get the blank and briefly transport like some we called for a gun in their pocket what was gonna happen but that thing that he sat on the only on the path to radio yes they have to know that you about take a blanket when you reminded me that the most ridiculous thing ever give us call what difference does it make where you were out by ok ok yeah so did you keep the blanket on i kept around for a while i would call for change
did you ask if they had a snug ii because if you had a restaurant i feel i want to get your arms like through the horse i haven't i have you got more important things to try that still has to be said that you have managed to get off my chest to dinner i thought loaded forbear we had a bad start you don't even know you never that expression he's loaded for foreboded forbear you did you ever hear direct russian yeah i get up minutes ago i this is more important to talk about the other he up i'd like i'm gonna give me the background i thought my house informed from massachusetts november thirty the house were young day fortnight i grew up it i was there for forty years why plus years ok ok i thought so
but i got a real estate closing i would say as i want and i had a lawyer that were using even though i am a lawyer right no enough you should never have your lawyer bureau loi himself but he didn't come to the closing that i didn't feel i needed him there about an hour before the closing i think it was a maybe was even the day before i get an email from him with the hated weren't for something like that glitch and this at the wrong record strata like fire outside the going gets my now we're getting very close to the closing which was november area and this might have been the day before i think turns out is a lean on the proper which i did not know about from fleet you remember the police that we desire your property or the proper you're buying no on my
crop and you know you didn't know about leaned you let another man property you didnt pay your contractors dammit where we really could you let me finish you'll understand all ok so this was originally fleet bag and fleet back was bought out that bank of america so i'm dealing with the aid of bank of america this took place according to talk about believe it or not i think was sixteen years ago sixty increasing year but i had no knowledge and so they have called the money now a big round me well now my deal with bank of america to get this done that is usually take about a week but they didn't know i was deal a bank of america so i call bank of america if you ve ever
you know when you have a deal of bank of america yeah i'm a preferred customer actually figured that i get a lot of charges on my guard yeah throughout our sins have been said i would she sky but i also have a different accounts all over the place scare yes spread your money where your money you know at the nice thing is when you forget that you have like a hundred bucks in some weird account indifferent state the affluent right and then they sent you a letter been ok you won't get your money i go shit yeah sure some sand dinah well how do you like to deal with instead you pop in dealing with candle
talk about a hundred fifty thousand where are you sure you know me your pal you so rills and the one thing i forgot to make i as i said i ve been in this house were forty one idea i'm a guy techniques papers with things like that i had hoped violent bleak back in my home namely cousin linda tell me you gotta get rid of all they shifted spending forever were not taken this than the new place the day before the two days before the clock i go someplace i have the greek banks file which is five inches thick threatened inside is probably the information i needed to get the taken care with the clause but if you insist you system malfunctioned that was a malfunction the other so now i leave the clause
i don't have that money in my has obviously now i start heading the downward spiral with bank of america the kicker hold when you call you have to give them the information where were you upon what hospital what time did you get born all that kind of stuff every time you call so i tell them the situation and they say okay we need i think it the first time it was fourteen business days could give you an answer to what's going on
that is why i am not even sure they're gonna come back the means they all them the money and i have no people work i have nothing i'm no recollection nothing saw the fourteen business days go by finally i get all the womb data k we found us we're gonna send a really say up to send the release could the registry indeed where the property is located in massachusetts so few days later i see they say and also i got tired of this is unbelievable a small business like bank of america you're dealing with this office i set them can you email me a copy of the discharge we don't email with back up and you and applaud your fax machine does your moving why have you met in bank of america cannot gmail things they can only back
guy like you itself you pull me i always remember that not that long ago you said anybody that uses the fact is by definition and eighty you your spiderman mean with bank of america like you can't you don't email bade on email you don't really tax neither today it is a fact which involve faxes yet you dont have now it was an option for you to go into the office in just have them hand you a piece of paper what do you think yeah but clapham yes like something they should be able to air conditioning i wasn't a branch i went to the bridge and the guy that really this is unbelievable practical anything about it always want to hear that from about yes i did supposing around pushed around is the good news is the good news they send that this gap or can i get a copy of it the bad news is
on this gas the one that had already been discharged that was on record of somebody with a half a brain the previous classic class day what a theme that had already been did so now believe it or not we start all over again cambyses days there looking for the best looking for the second discharge right turns out they sent back to my lawyer the long fact often classic that's what i did for broncos excuse year weight so so so so do they finally do it to the finish it they had to back finally the other day it got file that the registry p m when i get back the boston theoretically i'm gonna pick up a check fifty thousand bottom caroline can i can i ask a question and don't get mad this is just question i have to ask as your council is
well i'm your count i'm here we count snapshot of you about your council lore but i'm cancelling anyways do blame yourself for not being your own lawyer and the sole closing process because i feel like you you would a sniff the saddle a bit earlier well i'm sorry you at black without always lived but if it wasn't for me i still be pulling my here about which i have no i'm just the idea that what ok ok that's it you had to take matters in your own hands yes and actual absolute union i largely you like leave neeson for solving minor agreements was going i'll have a very particular set of skills all the bank of america control than anybody else would have been yeah i wouldn't say parents parent adequately i had a quiet went through a very similar situation and what i would get involved with an attorney and things like this
i treated as if it was my own money i really did i would compliment myself with my phone always compliment i again and that i think that deserve credit for that i want to tell you one more thing about this the all the kids out there they ve got a pen like this name down ok ryan morning brian money here is the sea all of bank of america who have these commercials on now that you would get the feeling that if you just got you're gonna hold level i hear you and take care of that cares about loader yeah yeah you can't get ballpoint become work were here for you were here for you you know what it is it's the walking phrase that they have the right to make someone like me go crazy when i hear him say so i saw your sick so like what
we watch a commercial and the brown has new shoes do you think that like if your shoes if your libretto renewal bronze aren't exactly up to speck you can call a brand new copyright and marty you call bright monitor every i mean i am just not following like you you were duped by the ceo of of bacon america doing commercial being like well i thought i could just directly talked to him well we know that that should be the last resort but i knew that ethical rapidly work that's what gets crossing o brien automatic uses an in when i give my next complaint with you right we'll go and probably in a year i may end up filling the bank of america because i had a hundred fifty thousand dollars earning no answer all you could have made money and return this money yet i had no yeah
where was the money this whole time what kind of a cow is a lawyer or all the closing had it in his ex girlfriend i hope you didn't leave it uttered with my but hey you know you need to do mr porno you need to say that you are actually a fantastic day trader that loves too short to market in downright on when the market was going down you would have made millions on shorting or another way of looking at it if i within the market i will walk dollar one hundred fifty thousand dollars no no short out receiving short yeah no you're the guy in the big one drums to himself what are we bank of america yeah cause i saw this name
publicity bigtime negative rebecca i all the kids out there why and more came up but now came up we will look stubbornness i what's the other complaint the other one believe it or not is another one of the great companies in this world where it ok let's go what happened i've got a rough but you will you know what does this have you busy this is your job you're livelihood is to fight with parallel operation lie that's what i'm on the cover what my son said to me was gonna gimme a reason to get up in the morning right into a reason to live rang and he said that we can be i'm gonna be on that draw the right guy bryce while other people are getting fired at what god i'm gonna beyond their long lama why yes latent beloved aubrey lift toward if not like the evening yak others your one of this time i'm one of the unjust there as they what an idea
i would like to see a less at your feet kindness he has never your fee come on this year doesnt work your port nicer keep going so here we got its brick and why a bare by you to walk walk on a boy look i myself and i see that is then a charge on my credit card from warmer ethics in the morning when i took it two things nobody in my family shops of warm i learned tat nobody shopping up all my six in the morning he had so do you think i thought automated billy what right that's what anybody would think so i am mediately get a hold of the credit card companies and can't you did well to rule
a quick you'd you caught this within like an hour or two of it b of the charge being made i would say so i can do then we'll worry thought at first forty ejaculation houses still hot how often do do check your account or do have alerts every time only got a text message is attacks from law i think i got attacked i gotta tell you ok good goodbye ok let me finish you're gonna get me up nor measure we highly after we have all the information we have a strong do we have i'm gonna put you're gonna cut up the only gonna be out two minute anyway but anyway so i think a jog your right away i know this rock eyes told i got that pact method you're right i got a message united this is wrong so i immediately get a hold of the security of the credit card company which believe it or not
were murdered say what the card is a guy i'll tell it is that i should tell you in a minute i just have a brain cramp anyway i do want to lose my train of thought okay so so i care for god they're gonna get me a new cod with a new number which i hate to yogi doing my wife gets up probably about said i said to her he's the opel able somebody pack my card into the charge you on the phone walmart she said that make love i will write a word the cancellation of the cap which are can't deal now but now i gotta do not but if you ve ever had to go through
it is the war yeah yeah i've i've only been toward about six times less two years but that also gives you like a month worth a work year lots could i learned through bad experience i got i know all my direct payment things out through this credit card so i call em all and of course one of them is shrimp though i get older sprint tell him the whole story think that somebody and god knows where the philip in some way and ya i will take your but we got you number blah blah blah taken new number about a month later maybe more than that always sudden oh and i should say obviously they obtained might read bills being paid automatic ok right on that credit got every month all of a sudden i'm getting notices that my payment is late and i said to myself i didn't i
good ignored it then i started to get other notices naturally leading the point don't you value you haven't you were about to shut the fuck her ah then it dawned on me i better call so i called sprint annexed to what's going on then i reckon the good news is there a record of any change in the account them the bad news is that all right well to talk that whatever it was brought in a waste back because it never went wrong and so naturally there are no knowledge that they try to charge the old number while the back to them now that my among the bomb for another hour trying to strike this out and finally i gotta straight down at the demanding compensation
for my valuable time i did you know i am absolutely gave compensation though because you're probably like a premiere account for any phone company ass these fanatical i'm on the fourth day offered me twenty five but i say i said that this person the philippines that's an insult i said let me let me speak to your supervisor which everybody my eight that yes that's really than it can happen which always happens i'm not a novice know the next thing had half a dam on whole because if the person i speak to a mutually the pr that if these phone
we need a twenty five bucks says supervisor walked like the supervisors are all on the phone we can't get a hold of them twenty minutes ghost about goes by the seal on the phone i've already put the phone down i'm doing other things i'm listening to music the whole nine yards they get back on the floor now gettin tired i'm jacket physically time we're yeah yeah that's the whole point yeah for now but also making money off you since your way i'm gonna up the bigger the offer the fifty buying with no time i'm one down right i took the fifty bucks and at that and that that will end but though the two experiences that i had with you'd be a bit of the industrial world or whatever you want to call it i don't know who to see all spread their milk enough at birth and maybe call brian and then in sweden
they all know each other so i think we're ok so both those happened has anything positive happen or do you have any other complaints you need to get off your chest those were those were manage your for your fight in the fight for the little guy out there you like a walking bruce springsteen song outside the thing that just cap which is kind of a good thing ok and get your big that you took a big stars in the past the world i am not obviously on my show is not so found out if your vision for a compliment we're not going to give you one i'll do i felt like i was a little bit a little bit everybody but apparently everybody likes a cobbler now and then i don't get any for my blood i consider you to be elected
yeah i do a good job on the show tat you thought i get a notice again with no no no time for a minute ago an email yesterday telling me that my property is currently blocked is about to be cancelled because we haven't filled out some kind of form that the insurance company me and i got a name the person who was handling them so i could not and i get a phone numbers i call her and she swayed the situation today i was probably a jewish raise permission i dunno about you're talkin about wonderingly to another and we're talking and cheese in florida and she said and about the heating up and i said to her if you want to contact me have to pull me out the can i can't be reached the till after tat he says the money you know your voice sounds very familiar cousin mike
oh hell yes i said yeah his do every day like that you're you're order you a is your only woman listening to the show dat's amazing isn't there something so if she can it is she going to look the other way only called action body yeah you call them this morning so she gonna look if you can help me out on this inspection while i don't think i neer out but you get it when he murmured back he said to me work well service incursions agency now you mail the rope i e mails backers she's out or labour costs if we all agree that it causes i fear that this council family she hasn't come back
ass you are i don't ask wall it sounds like that's it that's a great way to end this i ask you to have one last question you did tax me just curious what is addressing delhi may be very close to me who is at stake when who who is up with you some of you ever clowns aware no mistakes are allowed to go back garden and all guy he saw nothing you couldn't you let that guy who is it who remaining at the relevant but one i know you know somethin iron all you guys so well i know the meter idea that i was gonna hear about well i'm just wondering you have a rendezvous to tell something else that turned out all right
i was on my walk which was one of the other part of the reason i have this problem because i'm trying to tell you while i was walking which i will talk to them not capable let's have to die locked might i add a reprieve i found them on the ground don't ever tried to mix in some gum some chewing gum in that routine you'll be in real trouble may i well i am i nothing else for awhile okay if you want to know sprint seo is michael combs and it's in my c h you michael column you then you know no c o n b e s michael combs our michel here home yet i will within their own place you never know allow anyone next them to take part you tell me what it means when you say i'm loaded for beer you loaded forbear and i'm shorting bank of america right now and a most too sprint
do you know why you bet you're absolutely no april harleigh joint that's awesome i support i hope we will see in person next time yeah we might be dont worry at your light on the ok when is that you every we don't care you i'm sure you'll tell everyone you'll make you she'll tell me you tweet it you'll make an end of it i know you tat let's just one time let me fly by some full part and i do we'll please let me do that was air fare i will give you one you didn't mulligan at some point thank you i talk to you later mr putin i was brought to you by stitch fix stitch fix is an online personal styling service defines it and delivers clothes shoes and accessories to fit your body budget and lifestyle you go to stitch fixed dot com hush p empty and tell him you're sizes what styles you like and how much you want to spend on each item you'll be paired with your very
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keep all your items in your box that stitch fix dot com slash p m t to get started today making a new year's resolution start dressing well and you can do it with stitch fix dot com such p m t stitch fix dotcom such be empty and twenty five percent off your first order keep all the items in your box stitch fix dotcom such p empty ok here is danny would add another something completed front ok we now welcome on one of our favour recurrent guess it is danny would head he is calling it because we have some play off match ups for some teams that he played for this weekend i wanted please start with a question that might sell a dumb question but you can you could tell me it's dumb question surprised when i want to ask everyone always
but play off speed and how different it is going from the regular season to the playoffs knows my chris farley part is that true you know what i'd say it is there there's a little bit this is all i don't know maybe it's because you lose you go home and i know some gas by like that you had better i would say yeah yeah definite definitely is because the likelihood of you point another gave us a very high so either the little boy get away did it take you a couple games to get you settle like when you first started the plants in first game like yet now everybody's at danny speed now need to step up the extra danny you i think that's that's probably what it was i would say that's that's pride the most act
ok guys first web for begin to the games i one fine how are you doing how is your seas we haven't talked in y yeah i know i mean it's been a little bit of your pretty good actually i am trying to do my best on getting better video games at eight i do i believe that when we look at half time of the video gave you that makes them look uk ivy bad it a little bit right now ok i suggest squad of glass who am i here little boy and a change them to the houston always provides us one i liked the otter tradition yeah those are some of the best uniforms those those baby blue he snarled jeff fisher cogent allowed any absolutely yeah who have you been what red zone is this your introduction to read zone i dont know definitely not definitely
so you just then watch raids on now i never watched rather why i kissed the so i dont mind it fine but i would usually watch game is it is hard for me to watch just rebel ok what madame it might not have no legal if not maybe i'm not a very season free and no i think that will get there eventually so right now you you played fanciful for the first time the season once you get like sixteen going and yet letting almost yeah it's like real deep in your veins than you'll need the reds and i agree with you didn't have actually come on the other side like i've love reds own forever and i am now getting to the point where i'm getting not tired of red sown but there are moments where red zone it's more like anxiety because there will flip to a different game and i'll be waiting for an eighty are touchdown be like a three hour run
and so it's almost it's almost like em i'll pavlov's dogs when scott hansen says now let's go here i'm ready for touchdown and then i just sit there were dry mouth being like where's my treat ah then i would say that that makes a lot of you oh i'm so jumping into this week and this is the danny what had slash eric wearable on was it the early game on sunday i yes yes the charger yet and the ravens you guys play for voted first of all who are you running for it all from it ass we left the other day i don't it's tough because i'm good body who philip had goodbye gretel their pride whom i also france that pilots oblique and i would say that it's hard won because i also know how well was treated towards the end you know in and in
yeah good so i think sometimes like maybe the ravens but let's you good parties it i just want to see as it had stuck together could play the efficacy of egypt and won the super bowl i don't you like me for me that yeah now you're gonna like i just want my bodies to do well i d like you to let me be clear that the charter which in all fairness like i'd i'd forty years there so that i mean i could be that baltimore to write again release yeah i thought i could this have like red eyes anger hope that nobody wants yeah
like that i would be crazy yeah are so here's an here's another question a tie in the place of don mcnally loses mind i'd for years a question about the charges and what time they have to play so i think they got screwed by the unofficial having to play the one o clock came flying always east does that stuff matter does it do we overstate the whole going west to east and body clock and all this stuff or is it like come on you fans are idiots its play off everyone's gonna get up for it wasn't get out of the horror i think the bigger thing is just you have to go through time zones yeah whatever yet three times don't i think even if it is at night i think there be a little bit of a different just because this because it all the whole the whole we all i feel like it's for seven different add and i don't i don't think
like you that gonna be the deciding factor doll i don't i hope not to set a mean those professionals are really very good the professionals but i think that i think there may be dubbed the sailors no effect going back to the play off spi conversation in my dumb to think that players play faster at night or does it just look cool earth has its tv get looks cooler because you know the ira you know what i remember the first gave that really had implication it was weak seventeen upward with yet they were play the angles and european game for that kind of help the plan but i remember me not speed sundayed i felt like urges cameras everywhere i mean everyone knew we had to wait to get at cadet stuck in the play off because the coals let us beat up defeated year yadda yadda yadda but i think i think the answer is it's just that the flashes of cool
yeah that's like slowly up the road fat yeah why cleats you agree white cleats make you look faster i dont think i don't think there is even a convict yeah ok so you don't even have to imagine putty blacklist on a white guy i'll have it yet but you don't you throw that you know what that is yet like just they hate me run your forty are dash quicksand yeah glancing what you're all united in his anvils yet ratified so have you talked to fill rivers had all this year i mean he's had obviously an incredible year he's been kind of not a research and put there's been a lot of national buzz about two chargers and fill rivers and how great he has been we're all in his career have you talked to minorities is like hey man this is crazy i'm playing out of my mind or anything like that
not necessarily about my man you're all you should have a chance at the envy peep at you but i think it is more serious than to catch up but yeah is employing with dick you is i think the thing is though like limit the weapons i was kind of crazy like your keen in your tyro williams and in you have mike williams in and then you have to have some good title still knows how to get out and then who knows what they won't talk about a lie is besides you submit hundred enery yet he hasn't he has been playing a guess i guess he was playing a little i mean as far as you know the reports from even egg but but i mean that no one knows for sure you know that
forget it must not be televised or something with which i agree with him he's i think he's one of the best tightens the league and he hasn't even employment yell at me but i'm here and he might be able to play at some point this policy's yeah that's you my plane on saturday ethics on sunday i think they are i think they bid i almost forgot he knows reported the expected play yes if he's got another figures what is the aim set somewhere eight nine months reversal in the thing is if he's been if you'd reboot stuff on it like make an aggressive practices like that for the last month or two he should be high and here i am i i can't when i came back to her oh jesus i thought i might go it's your stuff
you know he's young like he's not already three years old like maybe you're right i'm sure he's in the thing is if you add a little bed maybe that in future the red area maybe some cartel with ec if he is healthy like they there i mean assuming he has you don't show up in a play a game play not closer under president that he could the different so on the other side the boy you ve got lamar and he's run of the football the run of the pile really really well in baltimore actually think that it is probably the thing that you weren't there this year because i like flak o had like a really good report gloves the other he loves more than thrown that pass interference ball is checking down to you like three yards them and then letting you get a quick seven but like in this this offers the running now i dont think that you have been that great of a fit do say which which
often would you rather plain right now the chargers or the un the baltimore office a question represent the chargers out hate lay in birth rates off it's really i mean that the figures that you can even see book out you're resell it hasn't been getting play anymore while wise as well because we use it
need to examine the rocky edwards because through just downhill runners like if you enough already like if you will see any other insulin clippings early in some views on the need to place the holes are giant normous lake in the death of thing that's unbelievable about a a running quarterback is you'll have to block certain people because his faithful block a lot of people in it that's something that you say you're running out so the right will you will have to block the dna less because at the end to the left has to be acknowledged lamar and in the cities let's be honest there's not a lot of filled out of him out from like next year's gonna be different i truly believe that nazis good ire but like the people are trying to learn on the fly right now like what the hell are we doing there's all these movie arts and is confusing for defence in key coordinator courtiers had had a year to the sea what they're doing like you look in a lot of the great running quarterbacks your first years pretty not then a second year that with you see if there really that good yeah that's that's what i always say like there are huge patrick even mahomet huge phantom homes
and i think he has the ability to be unbelievable but by what i always says i want to see how they drew near to applying because year what no one knows but here too if you're born out you're cute like oh get that is pretty with yeah yeah that's good point as good point i have one last question seeking question you put in promo code take yet ten dollars offer seek purchase do they re not going to play off game or hockey game basketball game seek great sponsor of ours promo code take so i'm always curious when you get to the playoffs do dizzy offensive do they install any kind of wrinkles or new plays or trick plays or is it very much hey let's do what we've done and let's just execute you know i think that's a little bit it's it's going to eat code
different what we are doing what we always had a little wrinkle like you you would see everyone through i'll run the play aware i'm acts like he's audible eager whatever it directs tap into the back like stuff like that built you'll see give her what about uttered a hundred years ago but the double pastor at old man or the against the ravens or that you know that you know that crazy formation that their rather they re seem rout in vegas had both were all over the place use illegal to john harmon nor the robot you get what you don't fuck with a supper want but the thing is like the yes they do and i think that's what separates them from a lot of things i think other keeps you a clue but then now they have great coaches and josh materials is about his is good as there is
in in just the just the whole staff day they do things different and you know it usually works ok i have one last question is real reason that we brought john we're trying to get a little insight you played for both teams in the event that one of those two teams goes the superbowl winds up do you remember what color gatorade you drank in baltimore in what color you drank in san diego cause there's a big project when the coach gets the iterate bath at the suitable you make some serious coin on that that is true i would say i probably drake grape in baltimore that's always that's always real value picture as you like five resourced one the rigour of her life you like that yeah you will be idle his leg if i what i want to say that i drink you know blue in san diego but i guarantee that's not the truth oh come but that but they had a raspberry lemonade
ok what no raspberry lemonade on asylum that some of the all bets are okay so so if we're gonna do that the simple thing now tell me also if the patriots or the ravens gets a super bowl ah i think don't do both coaches always defer or how how that work for both those guys on the current us yes they do ok so that libya but what about whether you would help at all would would they have with would harm or belch i tell you to call heads or tails dow damn it was usually just whatever he really aren't today there are in control of everything i say that i personally tell guy yet hotels never fails yeah i like the people that the way i look at it is the people that are thereof their saint head there playing with fire yes
i said if you don't want a theatre the dates would be that guy i don't wanna be friends with that guy executive all get got him you get it wrong in somebody just says tales and our fails you i'd be that you cannot let tales beach you and then have someone repeat that your face you like of course tales never did you lose twice right i agree they had already friends with writing exactly people you cool heads and you do you bear the sport for a long time you ve called heads or tails billions of ties it you know what you're doing oh hell out of the way i recall say it's girls i remember one last question i saw something on tv last week that philip rivers doesn't cuss ever etc i in the four years there i don't think i ever heard say anything that's remarkable maybe fuck i mean what was a gracious the peat was wanted to go to
wait duration is really that water is indeed all its bodies because he was so unbelievable i found myself doing it everyone's what's a gracious the peat and like my doing it in and then like just took on a dame of labour return i built great greatest petra part of making up i heard it make it up different gracious is that which was incredible that comes a huge were doll dang i some say drawing it up oh yeah i would say those three were probably i'd say those were probably the the highest use words like gracious two p m mr working that into other at another one hundred of his then from the south he called people hoss
oh i like tat if i like all their both pretty decent ray i gotta be on passes process brought yeah straw like i said i would always somebody italy austria there is the death of a large black withheld half year there by the way just just so you know this it's a j w c house works and that i like lingered is waiting to see i like there be if someone like lake like s as i just not how you do yo casas like that subject montana wyoming hoss that's yet that's georgia that's mississippi hoss i did i just thought yes we should know that yet no that's it that is very important aright hoss ok someone account down from three and you tell me who you really want to understand fully will end right down to one ah oh the charges
even today we found that the aid to one i can't they psyche iq but as i say the raven rigoletto three two one are we just had the ravens for you re as price i pricey the ravens but if the churn out one i'm gonna save problem three two one go to one that did it now i can't you read you want to go i am to go i one two three wanted ray ravens rivers we got ok here while it has a vendetta gets hold origin hopeful rivers doesn't hear this racist greased p o peter hope a big house doesn't hear it greatly to be tell you what man identity thank you so much hope we will catch up with you soon yet thanks daddy look vertebrate there we go yeah partly with canada suitable that's all that's very very soon yes let's get it don t s happened you know when you currently
tat interview with daddy would had was brought you guys by fan do big cat and i've been playing on federal all season long we re sixteen weak season long contest with leaderboard in the winter at the end of the season when the trip to the border party in atlanta others simply my better we and we figure out who want ah no but they are sleeping somebody sleep whom i would like to know the answer that just for planning purposes forever it provides night here ok i just so we can send us you'd send us your tender pact yes i sleeping in the fifties please yes i want to know please be over six feet next monday the degenerate boys that's a big cat that is thomas that's dave i'm going or you are not yet we're gonna be out at the middle and sports book for the nation
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in its our favorite light logger too it is famous monks friends but light ok let's get to some segments first up we have a bad visual for antonio brown xo antonio brown has been in the news you problem you know the story he threw a ball at big then witches cheese terrifying even securely weep but we believe that out and out hang he said i'm done he wants to be traded he would he live tweet my thomas press conference with james harrison yap becomes all over the place it's a bad situation and then top of all that he was on the new hit show called masked singer the masts amassed and based
led to head song with the worship of all time yes an urgent oh yeah like a tiny wash it i know not even allowing for the isles of known earl the ending when they did like the most dramatic like sooner than all the faces amid a super dramatic that was great so there was general judge the show the premises shows its famous people some singers some you know athletes their wearing big mass our heads toto browser hippo head they sing and then the so ass to guess if it's a real singer or not is at it right i was a worse one gets voted often have to take her their home i didn't want out they all saying in only one person gets reveal that the end oh that's tearing her whole body i sighed latest respect so jenny mccarthy was one of the one of the gale peerless zone i can jean conjectures out it looks like an athlete nothing is dionne sanders and imagine and others like yeah you're right the ants anders loser gets vaccinated
that really tough she's given people out as a matter of men so in turn around did it he was not a hippo mass while all this it is going on in pittsburgh and its basically he wasn't your landlord and worse over two hours the worst gets voted and after reveal themselves ok three laws so that the least good yeah i guess do you think the mass the best the massacre the mask what do you think that the tapes shows and in science on your brown in the news yes and brought it up to so he would be on the supposition actually ledges let's just say that i he tape that yesterday he actually life here
it is those live we all know what are the last friday no easy he skipped practice taped no taped it on sunday oh wow we left while the time was playing at half time and then went over and tape two thousand the most selfish display diva wide receive ass of overseeing that's easy lit in pittsburgh he's literally diva yes he's onstage singing well as teams utter got not a whit against against bangles target you jackson fired a second time i'm so excited france or your brown too have to stay with the steelers next year and it's going to be such a circus can i i want to say it but i have to say it is you can be a patriot is ass you go to the just gordon asia's page much money right so he was hanging out with james harrison criteria the old witch room i think he's only going to go to a team with like a lot of cap space or who just want to make a special i dont get going nowhere caps count always goes so james harrison's zero sailors amen go canoeing he stay with this yours i'm guarantee it
that will be a very very interesting training can and you know it they can absolutely be used for for hard knocks also we had with three bees legacy it's gone i would be they get somebody else may be on that team predicting the panthers for our knox officially overnight it's like the worst prediction ever like one who would want to watch here's cameron's closet that's a full episodes here here scam newton writing in a weird hieroglyphics it nor can understand on its ground nuts another episode o christian mccaffrey ever hear of him and he's goin he's got his dad oh oh gregson retired so we don't even get to see someone who might be funny great great picking he's right another is that it is absolutely right our summit somebody ended support my tape than it did in amity sources are facts but
they got him i had yet they got in my head so now we have a new owner we're gonna spend three episodes with him about him getting adjusted the unifil are limiting genes right we also have a take quickened antonio brown and this comes from great gable who is actually former scale for the bears bigtime hot take guy off romania football guy through and through he said football fans for years have been critical of scouts because antonio brown slid six round i think we ve seen in the last few days why there are issues while he was in college so he fell teams know what they're doing so this is like this is a going back in time take we're saying oh
what all the scouts which i happen to be one we were all right because we see red pfizer you dont you aren't you glad at the paris didn't get saddled with the type of data and takes in the cell racked a wide receiver positions and get a future hall of fame wide receiver in the sixth raw day you guys have a surplus of talent and wider savour that you ve that you ve acquired using you're not very high traffic so good for you you guys at this was i love this guy on twitter because any replies people they come out i'm too oh yeah i'm not a bad grammar guy what the fuck's up without did know he's not pinata grammar gaga he also got ratio let's see what the final ratio was cause it was oh my god you ready for give me the number of reach wheels and in reply i retweet summoned guess hundred ten hundred forty nine ok replies i would go with a thousand forty nine furs one point four thousand one point forty four mid four hours that's in if you do in the future
summers that's a million four hundred thousand people watched that credible tantrum you know i like if you want to stay in division with a good thing that the the ravens than the others while that poison pill when they took just tucker on drafted and then he missed that extra point this year yes yes there's nothing there some issues with his short term tat short range kicking a view i feel like when you know the hot take world for sport has slowly our saves diminished but you wouldn't you agree that it's like gone away a little i'm right i'm is right but here's what i found i feel like the fountain of youth for hot takes are scouts who have not had work as a scout for over a decade more like none maybe not delegate ankara gabriel elected on ten or something like that but like five years plus the score scout who still thinks he's an expert yeah i urge is anybody in the front office i would say ex players to yeah exploiters aren't very media savvy when they retire they
they haven't learned about how the hot take pendulum swifter here it's all they do is they just come on fire it i mean you're i need some new fresh crop of play as regards judges violently defend whatever their old team wasn't time like throbbed harrison's i e g marry me come back yard canada brill bad really really k we have messenger next up we have a sheesh this is for danny ainge gm of the boston celtics he had a comment on the bron who leubronn obviously said that he is the goat and has done a bunch of i mean we know la brought his i think of the broad more as a tv started a basketball player at this point objects on his own show on his own show each one yeah i figures six undisputed the barbershop barbershop show provides the barbershop so mixed haven show this huge showed so did he said on the bronson he's the goat his careers not over
thus like to know why he saying that i don't know maybe he thinks that he that sells maybe he's taking the donald trump approach and trying to sell himself i don't know that if you are piss off the broad saying is i like the president that's that's what you did does actually perfect any age again don't pick up the phone of teenage cause if you see danny ainge talking about you in your little google alert they have set up herself leubronn you might want to ignore that one could he knows all the right ones to press the know what these kind of right yeah i'm gonna say unless it danny he's kind of right or promotion that's right i saw i saw the bronze instagram story from the other days most are putting a more instead of parentheses her you know doesn't say that the goat michael because he knows the go you don't have to say if you know you took up as you never said i dont think like that like le braun s usually it would be like air you know my career i saw like ninety
and he too there was someone retreated something recently words like le brought our model was asked if he was the greatest of all time and he was like my career is not over basically answering the question like hey i play hard on both side of my tears open up until a little tail out of school so for all the lizards out there that were privy to this conversation that who me and about titus had turned the eighty five hundred yeah lebron james actually has the exact same take on the brown james being the vote that you had well which is if you have one that title when he didn't he was the best forth no he didn't tell him when title he did i re irving did ok here there are means putting entering my green kicking why said my take was like moses by the way sex i sit here now i said if the brown could beat the warriors he will be in the conversation and then carry urban beat the warriors ok so the brows on its in vietnam many was but a courier yet his fur trump
from one eye aren't you turn off the record to london trump one ohio so little brown leubronn one wonders how one in florida both of them check chatty active both got weird hair check check leubronn can't win california either can trump check has as trump ever shown his dick on tv a night yet bill can table shrouded departed atomic branded remember that their cattle yet they both have sons named after them that want nothing more than their fathers approval the up i think we got it yeah we nailed it so if there s crazy it probably are related yeah they probably definite related ok they will run very mad about this by the way his very much also just for the record i was drunk on rooted do five hundred in us was you takes off air everyone
he said baker mayfair wasn't restart the sure i'm not that i don't think that he showed in exile i don't think there's johns anywhere you want open up this can of worms air takes off there that's bad that dangerous dangers put everything that's it that was i just say to mark titus i said oh i remember we are sitting there drunk at the eighty five hundred and we're talking about to go and we are fighting basically doing a first take lobby verse m j i was on em all my bill not so tat his brother it was like an hour long of us going back and forth and i said if lebron james beats the warriors who will be in the conversation so i'd even put him in the conversation until that point that's not what i rearing beat the warriors and dream a green beat himself kicking everyone in the knots so leubronn still not to go never what buddy is similar to trump yes so we have a finishing up ethic q
and drunk ideas want you drunk ideas yeah what you gotta get drunk idea when i was at the track over over our brief hiatus the track ultra and watching the ponies nice there should just be drug called gambling the arts that stimulates the feel of gambling you feel really really nervous and then you feel great for while i guess no that's is the reverse took its regret your great and their gabriel nerve reverse cocaine i've and rapid pretty much so you you as you blow out you know scott it i like that will you could just bet your pinky that's i've been on a gamble for three months down it's true really extend it just bet if you later zoo lie if you make a future bet that's like way often distances always yes but then you only get yeah does but if you're pretty relieved when they lose all absolutely absolutely my drunk idea is sitting also over break thinking
man i wish i could watch like ozone again or secession or piggy blinders all these shows that i like that have already watch when you go around netflix and you can't watch anything we should create drunk netflix where you the blow into a breath lies or to watch shows but then because you're so drunk you don't remember him see just get to keep watching show's over and over alike there lie there been so many times it i fall asleep in the middle of that vietnam documentary on pbs right but to be able to japan up networks and say hey oh have this i haven't watch this yet but you really have but you don't remember orange need the memory eraser because i would we watch every showed that i love i'll come over rubbia concussion yeah it succeed it rewards shows like you can realistically used ass the next big thing in technology and in medicine is selective memory loss so let's right that went down cause i'd like to write it that of some that's that's netflix can go on forever are actually a lot of good uses for selective memory loss yeah eternal son
spotless mind i think i just told that i won't know that's backwards memento memento memento another drunk idea how have you would like lament yankee loves oh you seem letter he still thinking about it so every day will continue wake up everyday thinking about momentum that turns out the short fat guy was ok wait who actually cedar you saying is we want spoil it for us are ok we're sneaky way for him to get through these spoilers now my other jack idea is that it does it take it takes all the fun attitude you see it i say we are not only as good as well pledged at the workplace oh professor by the drunk idea was to get the guy from the day one bolton spicy commercials everyone remembers this guy the gets you hear it gets you right here guy everyone
brazil we gotta get him on the shelves it's like us it's either timber either do the intro or are just to interview work i just write about old one what is one what a one bolton spicy was the right of this house have active member hot hot stake sauce there is old like a telling guy and using it gets here here i remember to our that the aid ok i know you're talking about your so that what is what are we gonna get marcia thousands site is rode down get their influence bicycle shocked us all about idea there like that what i mean is difficult drunk ideas yeah yeah yeah i'm watching right now it's right here right here is re gets right gregor mileage like i definitely was part of me to movement that guy got notes i don't think he ever got like higher up there his arms and i'm just saying like there's probably some issues that have come up with him over the last twenty years right but i am saying is that now that you ve got
el the giver blake was in the actors guilt ok so we can get em and then it would come out like a couple days after game on or showing people certainly member array yoga mounted junk i do i just wrote down my notes low man song but with the wives see a theme so for next year lohmann that at at at at low man yeah your nose in that whole i say low man we got it we got a year we get a i like that we know what are the initials we got we have i believe the lemon months until this will come out o w a man i could be just like why don't i play has good air air ok good want just circled out one that aims for sure gonna happen we're gonna look great book
up like a cowboy in an indian you'll be great yes definitely the indian part well i mean that is the original write a word its village dilatory mileage in a construction worker we'll do it our cake ethic you the cure for jumps january i love the concept of jumped to generate but a jumpsuit asthma i would repeat here is a one pounds garment original hair should we get well ask why are to be swept suits elaborate jumps out i'll tell you why because have you washed approach first of all mr goodwill hunting mr jumpsuit truth or yes they are called jumpsuits because their named after people
military that would pursue aeroplanes we're not stealing valor yoga it would be bad if we actually ward jumpsuit and called it a jump suit the reality is there's no month it starts with a tea we are wearing track suits but we call him jumpsuits because israel liberation so just get the leave us the fuck alone and for both for the record facet of that such upsurge in revived by the way jumps budgetary virus a chill out right you just chill out and then after january go the fucker jumps agenda really starts over the swap adds a new south have imagined top forthright yet right that is that is the only source like if you have a sweat with a matching swap ants you good luck in your good so dont and again it's the via its state of mind just chill out and i'm going to fuck off yet read other eleven months we go to please don't tell me this is in hawaii ensured it's actually like a virgin i will listen skype votes on it you sound like tat horrid glass zero jobs what is small
foods like sesame cheer or poppy seeds knock em out of the people when digested even though they are smaller than stones is that etc could you imagine if we peel if we peed sesame seeds of degrading eating we also be awesome yeah just like a machine gun yeah dick turns into a howitzer i dont understand anything about our digestive system not a goddamn thing one thing i would like you to be improved by the same like a bird i think that that's birds have it all figured out and corn what the fuck corn discuss they're just slipped but but sesame don't i'll yeah so it's it's cheer you even if you grew hair why charges read the questions are currently factual them are you going to say if there's a complaints department for god i would like to be able to piss
it's nothing that's about complaint yeah like like you said but but at velocity yes yeah torrents are able to hitch came in as for fancy have to run a mere half marathon in two months are there any p d or anything that can make this easier young a lot of them i'm out on the whole fantasy like all look at the guy had to get a tattoo or this but half marathon that is funny gazettes prove yeah don't die yeah it's early pdf or anything that to make this easier yeah though a bike a car he just schreiber here just write it just don't do it yet leaving town you quit the leak legacy can find new friends you can never get back that half marathon you yeah that seriously oil it even worse if they made you put the thirteen point one state or on the back your car they should not if you're listening guy who's also in a league make sure he does that's all that's almost worse what
just making somebody would have the thirteen point once take on the back of their like like instead of having to run the half marathon you just do like the coexist sticker the peter sticker the kids and honourable you know like all the due date they onboard yeah like adjust our climate and washington we that's a good one you like the moon the most political barbara cigars you can ever fire yeah that actually is ok future future fantasy bat trouble leubronn twenty twenty nodded ticket one i didn't factor but it blew my mind not share of people i put this together already and i missed it on twitter but i was watching the ball games over break and saw commercial for serve pro who sponsor the boy she boys you stick that was cancelled pro slogan is like it never even happened coincidentally the busy boys stake aim is being treated like a never even happened
could decide if this was a one hundred or stay woke at servpro is up to something i feel like you should fact check that because what company makes their their slogan like it never even happened to barry sinister sounding slogan the eye so i got i someone hit me up about what happened there because i was very upset that that i was unable to gamble on i did gamble nega cancelled appear and maybe this has been even reported but boise it could have played there is like a three or four hour delay but boise had a flight back that night and they didn't want to report it which i actually understand like rebuking avoid is tariff yet offers why wouldn't i may take its yet cancel again it is their slogan it is like it never happened very spooky that is i would not want this answer warrior if your huska flooded served like it to be our approach to start doing learn a lesson from everything to sir promulgate they display one quarter yeah here
it is not televised yeah is never up like that i got some bad news gus replaited vegas bad news can two dozen nineteen and already oh no the the founder of southwest airlines just passed away at the age of eighty seven of the spry age of eighty seven thought using one of my favorites he innovated the system where you line up and then you get to your plane really really late and have seen the middle seat or you can just pay extra on top your ticket to get like one of the first seats and deciding what i'm thinking i'm trying to figure out what the gambling i look at the owner gamble attacks are not gambling vince young pay this guy a lot of money when we go to his funeral big an interview marked davis cause you fly software always yeah oil circular he's gonna be there's your pay is respect certify southwest you probably know the guy right yeah demi times vince you probably had a bedroom in his house he has absolutely if you pick up every
any those curly on the ground how much money would you have got enough for the hospital the great quite a lot of populism that you're gonna get you back a billion ahmed pennies billion this is tough numbers yet how many penance you think are on the ground right now i think other merely you're probably billion pennies ok it's a hominid ever that was a hundred million by a hundred hundred million hundreds of millions of violence or a hundred million a billions alot that's anew at that we should start up it's like you know we are we enlist peoples pick up pennies everywhere alien and mail at an end and we pay come like yet we pay them half a penny for every penny sent yes sir you get paid i like that i've got a wolf you guys are made more of her are the houston astro is really just a nickname for the houston astronauts their logo is a star and they are from houston we named after the space programme ok whilst not even
oh i was just a high person that is never been used before who just figured out asked rose like why waste not is not needed after the van town that's crazy standing after the dogs from reject they were originally the eastern colt forty five factor that's where we now spectacled forty five article forty five year our last one guerrillas don't know any body building techniques so he has probably never seen one at full potential it's very true so that's true i've never seen a gorilla person in scram video box jump or max bench no no no the prodi pussies accurately bench more than a gorilla i don't know do you see that that guy who challenge due a monkey to fight that's a parity on on that meme it's going around it's like this it's it's a keep it has no hair she could see how ripped it is and the it is taking itself is like tell me i won't be able to take the smoky so i brought no you what
i'm pretty sure they do note by devoting techniques because they like climate lot right there you pull up yet exactly they do shit little poverty basically do cross their their pace the venice beach yet eu body weight exercises over time so you're wrong guy now that it was as you know i was here is our body building techniques as it was natural instinct they'll guerrillas of very very specific regiment of of work out yet but in fact we should just observed is awaited makes him coin just observer grill in a while for a wild for while and then you make your own work out regiment and you sell people believed the attic will work out yes we should deploy we would pay a shitload of money to do grill we do prison yard work out where your we work out and you also have to be aware of everyone around you that my give you and so it also vs fast ignorant worse working out any of the journey
yeah and you have to put a phone book in your waistband so they can't be staff yes this is we should do this we should do all types of new work i would be shocked if somebody hasn't come out with the grill work oh yeah yeah no definite stuffily happened some morning like so cow it is high on that and like this could be the next cross it ok all do is eat bananas in phillips that's our show enjoy the football embraced the football because there's not a lot a ball laugh we'll see everyone on monday with little national championship preview and a recap awoke are we can let me guess
i just want to take you out as you already know that suit one like it says i have to ask you when you were a member knows because this will take you you know that you are quite right to feel that they are put out to tender made it open and fair play and so if we can of course maybe we pray that you put a rapid pace put that makes no doubt gateway to pay back
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