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Dave Wannstedt And Rone 12/05/16

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The guys are back from the MAC Championship and B1G Championship. NFL Week 13 Recap (2:53 - 7:57). Blogger and Battle Rap Champion Rone joins the show to talk about College Football Final Four and his Penn State Nitanny Lions (7:47 - 12:56). Tiger Woods Who's Back Of the Week. Football guy of the week (12:56 - 31:24). Coach Dave Wannstedt from FOX Sports joins the show to talk College Coaching, CFB Playoffs and a great Ed Orgeron story from their days together in Miami (31:24 - 50:51). Segments include Kings Stay Kings for Jeff Fisher's new contract, Panic Button for PFT, Stay Woke, and Embrace Debate for Ezekiel Elliot
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i should like to welcome the part of my take monday december nfl weak thirteen was do it
the chiefs visitor lana and mary ice melted down the stretches doktor dan quinn medicine woman couldn't stop earth vary from sending the falcons play off judges intermission chiefs take down the falcons twenty nine twenty eight and let me be the first to say that it is great to see eric very back out on the field costs on privately gets viciously dumped on forests third a game losing streak of his career aside book did you say thirty game losing street affright teaches third gave a losing strict i haven't seen a strict like that since i looked at my underwear after the homeward derby owing to texas and i have to remind you voted on the your line in my daddy worthies is unofficial then reboot jaguars twenty that
zack zizi type zennor was a sharp dressed man down a new orleans and matthew stafford likes his chaytor tots golden as a sage couldn't catch up good problem the same go marching twenty eight thirteen who invented the patriots took on jumped off of the rams in foxboro as chapstick or spits on the graves of the soldiers at iwo jima by not being able to find a flag if i can get serious for a moment a certain young or you happen to be at the famous ketch game is yours truly yes i was there recorded as two hundred first greer victory here's to you tom terrific tom tom tom tom tom tom tom tom tom tom tom tom tom tom tom tom tom tom why patriots partnership twenties extent
nelson mandela gets a poor died from attacks in defence and the andrea three hopkins gets his liver served up with some brett fava beans and an ice chaotic the monday morning breakfast cheese kurds taste good again up enough rose in tundra and the partners are back to five hundred with a winning percentage to match their friends cholesterol packer snow in the texas twenty one thirteen that is the menace pillar sling cited the miami dolphins as dennis rodman para kicked the miami deepens like it was the courts are cameramen the ravens drop of steamy bird turned down the dolphins blowhole and we take its a soldier field and current competent goes back to pass in berkeley goes back to life and the latter's numbers to complete a single pass in the first quarter proving
so if this goes through headed monster blaine gabardine calling cabinet is more like a double had a dildo and chip kelly is writing it all the way up to eugene organ my friend barack obama has to be happy that carlos hyde park couldn't do much against the bears chicago back on the winning track before six at the age of seed nurse division the panel has picked up we're tiger left off and shot a bunch of eagles on sunday and now from on high we send it to sell power tonia cousin angelo per politician real angelo watch
adrian polypodium report alive recombinant we're we're surrounded by birth pays more if you look around in about thirty million still of course always now want to put you saw patterson now don't wanna fire only recourse is to drown or sars and readers water isoude while also propose ways with cheese dates from our sandra this has been a low bow tony oh he s or tax is low el the grass thyssen mac shows the bills the power of the black oh no one circles outrage were knocked or not this week let us cut bobby i like raging and not even rex rival want to watch that finnish film odell bending like becum we'll have to first started the rice put the factory workers from the blue collar town pittsburgh took him out by the odor of the pinkies parking ploy does
you went on networks jill as they repeatedly scored on websites twenty four forty g a j nelson mandela gets apartheid from the redskins deepens and carson arnold palmer mixes beyond says lemonade and i see and trapped our kelly in the closet cardinals piss on the our words thirty one twenty three steps james where's the tap of border such a fine sight to see its color monologue lebed ford we really does it kid staring at me come on the vote on the sandy
does it have you lazy is gaining right and that was weak thirteen and angelo power tonia played by special guess the show and weekend rome parcel employ who is actually as it gives the people champ right now people champ battle wrapper and show you dont know so rhone filled in there he is from fully and that was a beautiful you we ve been working on a really accident how we can
the coaching round it's nothing it's got a lot better can do you have a water here so rode out at rorschach the characters around stick it on the show with our saw through our whose back in a week we appreciate him joining us in giving us angelo pound tonia so here's the deal we're sitting on the army right now we're taking us from the army it is covered in paris we are this actually we actually became i can always sunny episode do you realize that i'm just realising this now we had a piss problem the toilet was overflowing so we decided and the heat was broken so he decided in order to fix that we bought corn cobb pipes and just smoke tobacco all data cover the smell up and now just smells like a barn will my analogy was if you wanna heat up a house you you actually turn on an heaters essential heating system right you don't stand outside the house of the flame thrower that's not gonna get hot so if we want a warmer sums up you got an hale that hot smoke and you'll be healthier that way
a small absolute shit on on the bus were passing on each other's piss and then serve it turn green wearisome weird chemical reactions that happened and hank was held with scooping cases i put my hand in there i put my hand in their yesterday during he saw the urge to respond or laws sean unplug it i was a team t move is a team player move it'll work note in it i just got his all my lunch but we a great time as we can we went to the mac obviously on friday and then we went to the big ten championship game on on saturday sought it was amazing i reported our vila outside lucas oil stadium and
there are a bunch of ward winning listeners wade forest reactor and they gave us a very warm welcome a lot of fun road is actually penn state i did you graduate i graduated you send rats degrees and the two degree all while brad the only degrees that really matters of temperature takes that's what i always say see i wrote rome what's the game with us are the big sensitivity of games here thank you for everyone who showed up and said hello to us the game penn state they have that just throw them under throw the ball deep and catch it play down really well some paragraphs on that and how cocky were you in the first very i made many regrettable tweet setting as a bloodbath as being for penn state o turns out that people really love to make sandusky pedophile jokes when playing penn state there were two people in front of us
just sitting there with pictures of jerry sandusky in an upper deck little whore pictures that there were just shaking at the field not only that one's benefits for no one has had on their them taped up plexiglas and for them so they could look at jury sandusky for re again it was a privilege haven't got i don't get a little but i had been saved by seven not to brag but a nailed it on your on the have you brought it was yeah it's an absolute brag brag and then the final for came out today yes what has occupied stake out left out squeezed out ok i think i think that's for i saw for the final for fur anyone living under a rock it is our bam clumps in ohio state washington penn state finished fifth first for one alternate personal if someone kindling on broadway alternately to leg right if a team gets
so given diarrhoea yeah right right so that feels good do you think that pence they deserve to be in it at the end of the day you can't have expected penn state to be in it like you wanted but i just didn't make sense it at the end of the day there are too many that are just to everyone else had had a better razumihin intensity i did think he was touching go you can take some solace in fact gus johnson said that pin stage programme is redeemed now descended egos ceiling will be as a big moment in the hearing that cries the sins of the past are being forgiven yo pies going from hilda heavens and i don't mean when inevitably matter about the top for or healing right exactly covering our perceptual situation for thirty years is launching independent championship canals not and if i could be like a little bit series for second its debts fucked up that gus johnson went down that route
but the actual players are playing run out they have nothing not even though they have not in fact what it took a lot of balls for them to even consider going to penza when there are being recruited gear oh yeah i jump then it gets all the credit i do think it's all ministers why sports or fund because we get to basically everyone spent the last twenty four hours screaming yelling about their final for my final for by the way you guys care about it put it has clemson ohio state washington western michigan and we're just gonna give the title alabama ok so
it only that supply of foreign aid for everyone and you know i think browns or dark or syria has true maybe ass noise i do things and state had at least a legitimate like that a grape i didn't think they're gonna get in but when you win the heart out of her and so for all time passed they can be like we deserve to re at that was our titled rain now you gotta when you're ballgame no pressure because of illusion bowl game then when you didn't deserve to be in just just heads icily i what will i can't wait for those stupid games on new year's eve they're gonna either you know what let's get a couple more years they're making their own new year's tradition you thought i and you watch tv you piss off your date as your watch and voting on it worries me a great came while alabama you know scores wins fifty to nothing and wash it that's probably my favorite part of the people that run the inner fell in kosovo is day they think that they have the power to create holidays yes which is
that's a pretty sweet power to hammer guy in the longer god or not wrong but yeah it'll be it'll be interesting new year's day for sir i was gonna hoping to get ohio state and saving in this my final again i think that would be great together to those two football guys back to back up against each other i let's do our regular monday business we have tyrants whose back the weak tiger woods back so let's just get that out of the way right now classic tiger see this is why i have a problem with tiger friends we talk to our products tiger numbly will day on saturday i got buried with tweet saying tigers back then thoughts impersonating has it all day today and i was like what happened inside you're being back in every one then says when we finish fifteenth that's think about how long he was out that's great that's a great weight you know that's great baby step so
we back or not yeah he's back taken aback by these back then he's gonna wind but he's not all the way back ok but that doesn't think echo tito a little extra dangle neck o t evil of little you're smart you need to deflect from the top of its also williams rate ria brain trades also has a lot to do with monster energy you needed chintz replicate but the reason why is not totally all the way back is because his fist pumps were just ass a tiger were you know what toggery that's the first thing that you should be working on like forget about your shore came here nobody is often is more face us details its assessment the small things become big things tat prescott that's what they said picked up our motto so instead of one right so along those lines i'll give you my back in a week it sports ok when she first ok sports his back i think my group can actually treated this add a couple days ago he said can sports get tiger in dallas
year in one year will i think sports can hold on but two thousand sixteen can chew doesn't sixteen and already but is but we gazette that's where everyone says i'm ok turkey at our words you're gonna put these guys back so maybe sportsmen to save the treasure can also be a good new segment forces came sports yet can sports do something and sports do this yet sports can do ourselves for this week sport is back sports started to cure he'll penn state says progress where while bigtime sports are wrong what he got i think the holiday outrage crowd is back oh we get people pay said jails put a lesbian couple on holiday abbe people face at sea the esa macy's are more christmas friendly organ teachers were asked to refrain
from referencing santa claus or religious figures starbucks cops nativity scenes from like to have the war response on the war on got his iron out on us whereas the work on for another war on the war on the war on christmas brightly more i mean people happy with your yeah right i would imagine a lot of people are not less fun they can they deal with it i i like all holidays but if you say happy holidays to me i'm gonna punching a face and the first and the first covers that is for a speech yeah yeah i like all underground gonna tax on any kind of outrage so this is the best time of the year to get outraged it is really high supposed to be happy but instead you get angry i'm giving you the gift of me being furious yeah why people forget rob blows done with starbucks because of the cup controversial so if you see raw blow with a starbucks
just for minority communities that like why wise every small thing like politicizing says like starbucks can put out a green cop on black fox start forced our box starbucks for this green copier that's i mean it's the it's the currency coastal elites those people in seattle i don't know what we know of the meal we ve been a weekend in flyover country we drove through it and we talk to some real mary earns and if you hand them green cup they're gonna blow you away mca right at year end ah hank what he got as also hold it in snow o packers game there's yes
games watch football love it when you get excited like the first no fallen industry miserable performances shot out by the way to whatever whoever treated that thing that was going like around on gambling twitter this morning that was like snow games in the last ten years or twenty nine in thy and nine in the oversight that both over spears and packers that was worked out pretty well had on a rival of those nice those fund for me mine also semi holiday related if you work in an office this as its a to partner the corporate gifts the come the on opening up in the middle you get that in the popcorn the care mile the cheese and those in the butter popcorn has pretty good to get the chocolates you're all just sharon's stuff eaten stuff also because it's christmas season people really want to work water cooler talk yeah sports lot
who's your final for who's gonna make the playoffs who's gonna what're you gonna do over christmas break lotta water who has the family yeah yeah your kid at a juliet anything let me has a more this geo caramel popcorn that's fifty people have put their hands in today it's totally for as long as i care more like a cheese oh i likely beaten both belong together with my hand and put my hand back if you make sure popcorn together that's programme i disagree lock up i disagree you will salty emitting just give me chemical them that we can we can agree to weaken grew to compromise coma shot the debate is gonna be featured on mike mike with the next to exceed all my shot right as very gods shots my call back are you right in his eyes you can introduce a bracket it's gonna be do wonders for four watercolor tight
and just as living among your wireless is right now you're on your way to work i hope that you have your eye pathetically eighteen play off re rattle off the watercolor because you need to bring that energy at heart then you know if you have an eighty in their numbers nine and ten but did you imagined in oklahoma was playing ohio state while emigrate have that conversations blew my very plain playing games i that's our tiger woods whose back weak and thank you to rome we you are come along for the trip thanks a by roger have me william we're we're ok you can work on our water a word you what're cooler talk bats not it's not we're access guys but we gotta work into it they were not perfect took her whose who's the begging all right let's do our football guy the week we have a couple good nominees here this week let's start with ben mcadoo little nugget a little nugget in the game against the steelers is homecoming for ben
he is the son of a call minor any married a call minors dot honour loretta lynn grit as brick could be he basically is the plot to alright moves which on crews and also a movie that i'm working on renounce its very similar to the screenplay ok just by happenstance ok is tom cruise and that when they are ye can be ok so you have been mackadoo i mean that's we already news of walk i was all the things he said this week this year but he's not knowing that he's like all cool minor come on ok i i disagree with you it will you said last week that he was a football guy i think he's trying very hard to be football guy now the reason why is not a football guy he d seem to check all the boxes i come from a coal mining family if he was a true football guy you're stuck around actually been a call on three october sky it was actually help to exaggerate he's gotten ass a scientist is that's right here
turn off date to hang out with nazi scientists that were recruited from germany and given passing the united states besides the fact that they did work on it that's basically what ben mcadoo soon hey ben you want to head back to west virginia get the black lung get the black long work in the mines join a union damn quinn he ran the steps before the game today yesterday the falcons chiefs game that's a football guy move sabotage gazprom is team they follow their message they one no they got out hot or allow they lost yes it didn't work maybe he should start running on like during the game so that same not somebody else
don't be nice for further progress we have tennessee chattanooga coach ross housman out of you saw this retreat from our twitter handle bow by the way thank you took forever falling we hit a hundred thousand dollars thank you to everyone that's awesome does he shut nuclear coach he was on a ladder on fire truck spraying is team a practice what was the message i think it was just the fact that you're going to play in inclement weather so they had to be ready to deal with him and i don't want to undersell the size of this fire truck yeah because the latter was literally sixty feet in the air and they were just spraying a full water cannon it was like one square yard of the practice it is actually so probably damaging the practice field beyond repair was nearly while first going on in my internet yeah we're from calendars more we can do for me that's football matters more yes
we also had my zimmer who is not only coaching with one eye he also had this court about fancy football i don't even know how to play i just know that they take eyes and they get yards and stuff like that you actually somebody tasks we need when it put it like that it really makes me regret wasting lot atomic fanciful portrayed by an absolute right also might zimmer they're trying to find a way from because netscape we can't fly i guess like pressure in an airplane does weird things here as a german bus it so we think about john matting john madden bussing him fourteen hundred miles were psychoactive unworthy where's the game the jacksonville wanted you i do road trip to jail mike zimmer listen we know some people the vikings come on we'll die i've withdrawing read i won't text we ve gotta
my problem is at any rate harvey smells great you'll have this x and drive we'll figure out the problem and if we don't we'll just smokes more corky pipes we'll get a projector go in here you can watch filled the whole time you anything i think it's really underrated that we thought that that was a good idea like hey it's well so bad instead of fixing the like green piss urine that's just leaking all over the bus we'll just smoke enough to buy go that it won't smell igerne anymore yet would work temporarily did about its i'd made my voice great we ve gotta we're better i genuinely think every week our brains that we could trick might zimmer into us driving him while we just sitting down on the couch yathrib on the drive simulate a turn on some film real quick my i feel for you do you study right now and then we just for driving and then we don t
that wasn't even as they putting a dog and an elevator they get up like the fourth floor they open and there like in a new place within a ravish shit right so my example just steps are the army buoys jackson rages hand him like a box of white cold woman like hey hey coach them you forgot to eat your dinner rightwing we hey coach we got the red mandate mister redmain all the red men oh yeah towards here's your ears your desk conjugal sleep under for an hour
we also had nick sabin were a little shouts next saving who went on he s began when once alabama was announced to be in the final for shocker and it was such a great picture it was next saving sitting with behind him were all the national ten national championships that alabama one isn't savings month this is the month next sabin might smile once it's big time about thirty seconds if that and then goes acts recruiting he's is not even really smile it's more like a legal liquor slightly bemused no it is about his team when international you it is it's a fuck you yeah is nine smile just like i showed them yeah i show them now on to the next
yeah you that's himself celebrate for about four minutes also urban meyer whose grandfather and we will watch over under that's right he's gotta he's gonna meet his kid in about three years yet grants grandkids us it will be at the third birthday party but it's important make time for family so we all understand i've coach wants to take that day off right that rates have progressed coach meyer so yeah a saving definite football guy had trophies binding but was more impressive to me was at lucas oil stadium the courts had the banner up for two thousand and two thousand twelve fc wildcard winner who so that was you know you wanna talk about ten thousand camp egypt's i think that better cannot always yeah i'd say so that's a serious various yeah prestigious yes i
let's go to our interview recurring gas coach dave wants that we have a great overrun story from from wanting and before that would do a couple adds issues question connected to shit now there's about legal certainty you have your life's ambitious for our role you sharp listeners out there another you guys pay attention you may have heard me say that i needed to go relieve myself a few minutes ago and you know we're open ross family you
you love you got amelia this is the life which is right we love you guys warts and all you guys love us i hope for what would have ever it is we do we're in our a lot right now as we might mention the bathroom situation is less than acceptable there's susan there's greens goose and whatever coming out of the total and i've been eating chips and smoking cheap pipe tobacco and raping oiling the jobs went to beat ups for lunch and things have a way of making their way through your system and i just i had to get out in the middle sorry vila do you shit lamentable lodgers he said a lot unenlightened like a dog owner you can pick it up with a bag i did this has been quite the trip i didn't i didn't want to leave it out there for you know some kids stepan yeah lotta kids by the doctor however none of this is this is our view life it's it's what happens you end up not i mean i set out in this morning i didn't brush life rapprochement to eat and drink an entire lemon lime gatorade i had coffee from a say
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steve wants that we are actually in the army hotel lobby about five hours before the big ten champion chip game kicks off you i'll be in the studio forward would it s got a studio in the almost all we set up an angel robert psmith flew and we were and allay last night did the pact twelve gaming studio and then jumped on plain and flew out here on a red eye and go live here ok all gabriele that's that's for high energy so let's start with that obviously this show this is gonna interviews gonna air on monday sovereign will know it happened so we'll do a little protection so that we can all look like fools who do you have winning the big ten championship came into either these teams get into the final for now neither teams gonna get in and i can't i'm old school i think often sell tickets defence ones championship so i like wisconsin ok
i like penn state i'm gonna do i know you don't ask me but i'm gonna go on the record and say penn state and then nothing else changes of honor for ok or actually now am i take it back i kind of like virginia attack just because they get that full that heavy office have you seen that guy yeah he's got such a high motor he's literally from mechanics bill virginia loved around and he scores i think it's more like six touchdowns this year you know what if yeah i'm just concerned barclays banged up a little bit you know and in with wisconsin being as good as they are i mean they're leaving the country and interceptions i just got up i just got a feeling your barclays not really going a hundred
it's i think give vanish gozo wisconsin ok so if whisk is neither team from the big ten is going in here that major far foresight you got clemson large lawlessness lamps and when the out i'm someone wash washington's definitely an and in the committee i am attack this works from and they wouldn't have put michigan they knew this big ten championship game was come up and they wouldn't put you get a number five right if they really were anticipating putting the winner of this game in they would put mish able to put up with constant or penn state revive and sex and put me she again at seven yeah so do you think though you have any problem with the fact that if penn state windsor game they then have a house it over penn state in the final for even though pensive beat him had had no
i do not ok because unless now will permit the may not just because a pimp but i look at the whole body of work right you know in any i ball ass the eye tests disposed to mean something and i just think that there are more complete team in all is greater job is franklin's done and paul chris they both have done great jobs with poor backs i've never play before me that's very unusual to win is may gain to say have with young kids so it's it's all in the upside for both of those guys but i just
that michigan a little butter taint follow question i do see anybody possibly beating alabama like maybe the brown yeah all absolutely you know i think it's gonna be interesting to see if this clemson virginia tech amos close i got a feeling that they may slot they may give respect to your conference champs so they could move washington up they had a convincing when if clemson does the same thing or high of state
could end up in a number for laura yeah and so they will be plain alabama now without being said the team when when a house they beat album couple years ago the thought that i walked away with that game was that the athletic way they had the players to match up with alabama and and i think right now that clemson fits in that same all the only team that i dont like against alabama really is washington you know i just don't think that they got the overall team speed to to run
without them from an ass lettuces on but i'll stay could and and i think clemson could also ok so now watch wisconsin's gonna be penn state and then clubs gonna lose and everything we just said will be the one that's ok that's what happens when you write worry i took those guess that's what those guys on the committee get paid to pay back for sudan on the committee we ve got kind of these rights veer research or about football i have not know i would love to know but i had enough of all gal yeah yeah she wouldn't beyond our means people on a committee or smart people there for poor people and they and she well knew she was going off beyond that committee if they did not respect her opinion and they did not know that she ran their stands what's going rashly listener the shower so hopefully will have her on our great together right so you will like we said you ve been on the show we ve come it did the you know for the interview backstory all that we wanted to dive in a little bit more because your recurring guest something that interest
us in its the coaching changes in canada coaching carousel both in college football in the nfl so this time of year obviously guys you're getting fire they fire the organ guy they fired you know texas cotonou coach what happened what has happened but ok you would have absolutely really my first three years of pit i was sixteen and nineteen i believe it was my last three years a pit i was twenty seven and twelve brent nigh wins a year one ten game that which pit and done a long time that's not the point the point is mike mcintyre this year fourth year colorado yet it could adopt them last year they kept him who else was there was a couple of examples so your third year pit yes you have to fight for your job
a little by now ok again because we we i mean the athletic record harm me jeff long who's on the committee is now an orchestra he left he knew what the plan was in him and i had a plan our we're gonna build this thing up so i think you'd like to think that that both these places you know that the organ neighbouring a championship game two years ago right you know i don't know i mean you know you get to my people involved in my opinion that that really aren't football people and that's what happened to save thing a texas on charlie strong he had a good recruiting class cabinet you know he needed to oversee loosen the kansas was killed i i think however we will have one those two games but if you don't have herman and stay right there and they knew that if they didn't act on him he's gonna go somewhere probably that's better but i really think you gotta give a guy for years because when you go into a job ok like when i took the job of pit i think we had seventeen or eighteen of the we had twenty three scholarship to give that year twenty eight seventeen or eighteen him
already committed by the previous couch while you're gonna honour those scholarship right and so when charlie want the taxes and when you take over a program you know there's commitments is so your honour those kids and they may not fit in offence defence scheme wise to which are going to do so what so taught me that that always interests me when you come do you know when someone takes over new programme and they have all these guys didn't they aren't there guys right how do you who get them to buy into what you're doing and how quickly do you you know go get your guys and
let's get the other one is the really takes the second year because it does now days with which i think is crazy always early commit stuff right now i promised the opel home with everything plainness champion pence they wish causing a better they are close to be in full with their recruiting glasses i mean there whenever they have they have twenty five there probably all around twenty right now right commitments and so now if while these cultures left in somebody else comes in and this kid's committed and you get the high school coach and apparent universities going to say which i should hate this kid turned on other offers he wants to come to our school we're going to honour that what he might be unwilling even have a full
a bit you know and this is because the scheme right now they were thrown it they were more spread i was you regret not having a full but now i'm a view of waiting it took only one month ago may i put a fallback right algeria henry how nasai yeah of course he was my full but not about choice other than you have other guys like i think pga flock actually do this when he went to us in michigan he pulled the scholarships from some employers i would never and i would never while i would never do that to me a kid always loss of scholarship and i would tell anyone say one if you fly out of schools are gonna pull your scholarship worthy get in trouble with the law and you are wrong that's the only two ways if a kid camp lake is not good enough that happens you made a mistake and it doesnt work out kid gets hurt you honor scholarships so i don't know what the circumstances war with pga
but if they didn't follow nos two categories and i was apparent i would have a problem with that now what about and i fell because obviously different you don't have the recruiting and theirs they it seems like there's a quicker you know pull on on guys you know like for the bears for instance marcher
when we got two years right on fox might only get two years do you think that is unfair to you think eyes latterly any softly and ineffectual it's more results the window was probably closer closes quicker and with every coaching java thing you got understand is there's a window where you ve got a hit it might be three years that might be two years that might be five years that's canada agreement that you and the owner come up with a plan and then you except that an end things happen i mean when i use the dolphins what may i met the dolphins and my third year we were five and wants someone we big denver on a sunday might night game where the best team in football we're on our way to supervise no question about an hour quarterback jape feeler breaks his hand this time he's out eight weeks and our leading risk receiver around their gas in tears ligaments aunties out for the year so in our next six gains weak when two of them with our back up and that was the window we had on line and amounting get fired that year but that was our window tat is my rain programmes different in the end a foul those windows or just a little tighter rio wanting we see a lie they fell that at least the last couple weeks is kicker seven trouble export to kiss her head case we try to fix them with we have dealt with a few we have approached like a psychology practice that we do and we try to help them if we can but from a coating standpoint what do you do
to try to i guess let it kicker no you got us back or to motivate and whether that fear based or whether that's just been really support of you know what that has to be all psychological because i go two weeks ago we might on my fox and fell show sunday mornings because your watch a yo yo ok just dvr and then i watched again caress chris as a friend of ours i want us as are occurring guess the show at that point in the season from feel goes kicked it thirty two thirty three are on the same distance is the extra point they were like forty four forty five it was no longer perfect extra points in this same distance were like they miss twelve or whatever it was my point was like ninety three percent and they only difference is that you know for so many years these kicker you know an extra point was kind of a gimme so the mentality for kicker it's like making a pot for potter i mean you gotta go up you gotta get lined up you gotta be focused on it you gotta be in all the brakes everything goes indolence that's how pickers four year forever have approached feel bulls extra points it was ass a water boom put the ball don waiting practice extra points is a team no one really did because it was on a mac they were practised by themselves right practice the vehicles long vehicles move in a ballroom so now son i think it's a distance
and the whole mentality needs to change a little bit and indicators are just having a tough time adjusting its yet now it's become high risk lord indicators are mentally weak aerial never buy says gopher too that's why they put the rohingya would you go for two of your katrina fell right now would you go for twelve hours bilbil check but tom brady i go for two of our as you jack cynic leave i one well you i've been in the end that alas alas that that doesn't pay off by eight oh yeah that's that's how you would so i would know i would go for two if i thought i could make what about when p carol five months ago against patriots is on the road sunday night football they score touchdown they go up what was it they go up seven right he goes for two to try to make it nine to wear a game right there right doesn't get it obviously then of winning the game but would you do something like that words like you hear your basically
then you can win the game right we have one plays royal go line play cause you can put in a personnel you want on offer that i got a match up with you it comes down to do i feel is a coach with my team that i can be successful right and p carol obviously thought whenever i don't play they ran the play that they ran he obviously thought for
practicing it from watching on tape that they can be successful piece seeker from the two yard line i don't trust nicer without speaking of go like what you think about the fit the fade pass on the golan i like it if you got a guy they can jump and guy if if you got a mismatch sidewise it's it's not an easy path for the quarterback to throw it everybody thinks it is but it's really not i always thought that if i had an advance physically without receiver size wise jumping wise and he did it well when i was at the dolphins are used them we had a rendezvous gas than he was
and about yet but he could jump and he could box out almost like these robots will play a very lonely antonio gate like agenda grandma get they played von called fade done air is all about match ups in my mind if you gonna get a guy depends on who you you're going to another hot trend this year in college coaching at least is kissing your play tom herman was like using was an hour dizzy that did you ever have never kissed a guy you yes i am not that i didn't love my players but i never got them but little hot it maybe to close a lot ass i forgot huggin thank you know after some great wins but nasa recruiting through about kissing lever everything to tap the stock options i won't say road thing but georgia stuff college coaches are due analogy to which recruited
would you so look real close to what room would you if you are still in the coach game now you have a twitter and be doing like the doggie also look ok but i wouldn't we don't myself i do have some i don't want someone telling you like a country had you this hot i dance i do it the same way urban and the old school next sabre nosegay right somebody donna format you think next saving if alabama wins a sheer he'll smile i think you will ok for a second i even yet we forgets back and such recruiting radio i absolutely hello do no coercive i've play golf for them i knew him when he was a telephone and i was going to college with playing a golf term together and then when he was it i wish they had culture bears needs a defensive coronary verbally jacket cleveland and we worked against each other and training came up and so i know nick ok awning would you like on the golf course god that was
years ago it was it was fine cheater would do to you now can we achieve jensen recording worthy what do you think about it at all or only thing is you do on our area of cultural may at the u yeah i helped eddie couple times and some things but the eyes that mean i think you will where's that would mean though i think very well because deva rand owes a great deal frederick ordinary am i wouldn't have offered on the job unless he told me who is often of corn is that link if you think he'd lands gonna do it out now here and lings interview
use it on sunday let alone so ok so gave us include our story we love cocoa he's like one of our guys we're off upon go faster we were at the u he was we were getting play ls you we're gonna play a banner at night universe you my army and jimmy grabbed chauncey grammy before practice and it was work what the daylight hours a defect corner jimmy giorgio said go and jimmy says david i dont know if our guys realise what we're getting into your we're going to bat and rules on a saturday night this is so i said we're standard aachen ed that's its country should jimmy calls end up further teams as ever tell these
as what they are getting into this week an edge discos honest rant is french caging dialogue you don't mean you take a shirt off you didn't take europe but he screamed in any was done and it was like silence of our players are like look at em they really want europe which are what he said first of all everyone should operate with serious not or whatever but it was great he was he was fantastically we are we were diner and have more fun and battle he's a true football golly guy like great recruiter and you know why are recruiting is a lifeline of college football right players win games you gotta get players
right so last time we had on the show i asked you a question about former teammate of yours randy would feel yeah tight end on the package at article must then be i'm an eye five did you see the picture you an excellent joseph i'll get you don't is iranians elsewhere serial killer require here one hundred people were somewhere i don't you know what you that call i got good beneath your lack of any real high adapting mailed to me i had committed to me i had it texted me out i just got an inch or so i don't remember that you denied rowing at all and now all of a sudden internet starting to jog your memory a little bigger i really don't i mean
where were you on the night of december noticeably probably encroaching someone somewhere somewhere in oregon trying to make a first down we'll let you go cause you ve been so gracious due time let me just ask you one last question off seasons coming up do sufficient with jimmy you know what i am i'm not a deep water fishermen however backwater now i will get on a drink some heineken with jimmy water in the boat and i'll go out with him a mile or two you know i mean i spent some time i e we do that but what stories randal used to say just come out man about well out of the water stuff i mean he's crazy what five ten miles i mean right it's the selfish summing up the real face rising the stories get good when you get farther out now our international waters are legal out there it's all our true whenever
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parliament's like i said envy empty watches dotcom slash pardon get fifteen percent off that ninety five dollar watch joined the movement teddy envy empty watches dotcom slash party i must do a few segments here that we have let started with a very important one king stay king which i actually kind of wanted just change to the king and it is in honour of our favorite football coach jeff fisher he received a two year extension on sunday before the rams played the patriots threat lost another game there now forty eight confined astound flag but jeff fisher is here to stay for another lease a couple more years and we have called jeff fishers every move
this whole step like every single step that he's taken we predicted about three months in advance he's he's use the the move as as across to say well we ve gone through a lot this year you can't in all these guys if you know how to move their families new facilities didn't start you're gone for a while yet captain round kept him on the bench brought a man guess what can't change horses midstream now yet a young cubey up you gotta keep jeff around for that so he's around for the two years also aside notes the king say the king the other king palace had this to say about your future if it april first i would understand the rams announcing a chair fishers been giving an extension or joke labour force our best have now worked big j journals array knows that we deliver digging and we discovered i don't think anybody else's reported this that's jeff fishers agent is actually the fao
other of the rams gm and that's just jesse all puts they'll yeah the guys who make the decisions that just jeff thinking eight moves and in advance yes tat i was not acquainted yes sir jeffrey had this whole thing planned from the get go so he's gonna be in l a or at least another two years probably more and we're trying to figure out what a fun game to play as what's jeff fishers next january me up this catastrophe somewhere that he's not gonna get fired obviously so the first one supreme court justice supreme court would be perfect for jeff artificially is supreme court your rights right now he loved the robes you would love the wrong shirt long shirts the steelers he could go to the dealers gunfire coaches cannot be the pope he could he could be the pope fisher yes pope fisher i would add vote for fischer pope john paul the seventh the seven and eight could be like if you go coach highschool football somewhere where they
maybe go to alaska where like you know they have the all those shows on tlc about high school football in there just happy someone is there to like look after the kids and teaching football jeff fisher going to get fired from alaskan high school football job jeff fisher is destin the coach of football team that is named the stadium term while he's still there yeah example idle aware that's gonna be the answer the pros yasser arafat's overseas somewhere but that's gonna happen but here's a good as other digging two thousand nineteen i lay rams open a new facilities are you can't fire before then you can't fight listen it's her new home listen here i've already mapped out two thousand so so this year's goddess extension writer two thousand seventeen sophomore suffrager gulf people expect that right i there's nothing you can do the sophomore slumps real is only do two thousand
eighteen you know what you have to keep me around because this is the leap here for jargon as is when he puts it altogether you have to have jeff fisher there also you know it at that points or two thousand seventeen europe's right sophomore slump two thousand aids no problem today it'll go a one thousand six hundred and ten that's okay and then you know what he's going to have to take a really hard look at holding people putting himself go into that she doesn't eighteen seasons who's got to make a really tough decision and like go a good friend of his gregg williams up in other still really put together the defense just hasn't worked out it's a tough decision but that's why i have jeff rounds me up the tough choices like that when it counts then greg williams is gone
and then to does nineteen the new facility so you didn't hear over everyone in their traders a lotta seventh cable new programme to new phone extension he's gonna learn you having all kinds of things that you will you need jeff there all the stuff to do you don't see the winds in lhasa fray exactly we'll judging by wednesday last now it's only oh that's unfair so kings they can or change the king jeff fisher i'm happy still round panic button time you for me is a kind of course the panic button jimmy butler has been on a tear pretty good pretty good i think he is he's put up some weird stats last week that we haven't seen in years and years there's eyes averaging what like twenty seven points again he's been awesome is the bulls team and i know to get real for second jimmy butler has gotten better like every single year
of his grey area and i know your hatred saint alot i know your hater you said that if jimmy butler windsor vp you're gonna get a sex change comes true is its i'm hit the panama yeah it is oh i'm so early point world it's not your dick that we're talking bianca yes i'm gonna die prematurely hit the panic button i'm first then i'm sweat a little bit as i saw some analysing the sabre metrics binder but has also been said he was like the top two in p r algeria has explained well he's plain really well so any no kevin to read stuff girgis put those votes that's true i always happens messy a broad and carry up split in the vote yeah yeah verona j smith solely on both sillies jimmy doesn't have
your hometown guy that he didn't have split the votes were so well i think actually randalls been so bad that they'll be like we'll give actual votes because he's had to play with rhonda ok i'll show my twin weight but yeah i know i know i know you're talking about i'm saying that he's gonna get some simply votes from the unlike rounders really that bad we also see biometrics for jimmy butler probably the most outrageous that i've ever seen and i don't know why they they treated this sir espn stats infra thought this is relevant they said jimmy butlers tied with michael jordan for long a streak of twenty point games by a bulls where in the last twenty years well yeah so they basically just picked michael jordan last year as a ball and there like while he's been that good since both drugs lasher even though michael jordan head a streak of twenty point games every single year for his entire clerics scored all the time yes best firewall time another way to put that that would be
say hey derek rose never did this right paisley altered everyday dirk rosy kirkpatrick never did also of such an idiot there when i hear the number like twenty years ago i think nineteen eighty i do that that night that's my my eyes centre of time for me is year two thousand has actually a very scary when twenty years ago the year two thousand when it's only like three years which is little fifty years buckle up probably have overboard spent on moving sidewalks maybe they can make a bigger apple or at least now meet in the middle and so we have an embrace debate the u it's really been on your mind yeah has as we know has been burned me upon ass and people it's been burning you up so i'd so i like a cork pipe yeah i was i was watching as watching tv and i saw somebody say look at his equal elliot eaten that cereal he does his little
dupe his soup celebration advertising rules on origin yet he loves yards and when you get some he does the cereal cereal celebration i got i thought it soup it's gotta be super i hope no sooner suit love cereal why he did a video where he was eating cereal also yeah but he did that after people were already thy putting that in his mind that cereal also your eating good soup though if israel
good soup you just drink it and its that's all you need that fast habitue hot you burn your mouth nobody is going to feel kid you that was superseded such and where the crackers presents a lame thing why are you playing record i gained ten yards are not going to eat the lightest dish for children known to man knowledge is freely i just woke up easy me chauvelin alphabet and out now feebly it's a hearty chile it might be a beef vegetables to its soup can i call we you call the shots earlier in the shop nicole shanna this celebrations come a problematic lots of people out there don't have food the hungry of soup than of cereal z girl issues out their wasting it he's basically saying look how rich i am i can eat attic matic hey is equal some of us just drink or milk we don't need to put carbohydrates and soup as equal soup season just started like a month ago and you been doing
for four months is equal it looks like it's a planned choreographed celebration you get all the money to buy that soup when you're at ohio state tat get maybe trade some rings tattoos hey as eu maybe you could i stop eating somebody soup you can afford church that when all the way down to your pants good point good point a great deal what about little multiple soup think about the juice trade always commencing that's if i think can be problematic at some point we have i heard or injured alan branch once i want this when i have a question for you so what is it what's his from so he got suspended by the nfl but then they took back in suspension it was for smoking weed ok doping up
she's in the dubious smoke i waited you see not interrupt their but you see the worse coach steve kerr yeah he admitted to smoking weed turrets help is his back pain stay classy seattle the longer worries van that's a schedule one drug ok i don't care what the looney turns out in california say about it it's it's only kids cure for the workers will he's a thing by buying that marijuana steve her is directly financing tear true so i don't know there's a case be like a rico thing conversely gate the more years but it is not a good look you're the man of a regal took down all the warriors and that being that bitch kevin around eight so alan branch yes
so he has crohn's disease what's your diary racial lot yet so he smokes weeds i haven't mediators give process a letter maybe maybe he just smokes really bad we make some shit and it's just a vicious circle so he they tobacco suspension and they would imply so as one got lost fastball he's gonna heart he's let in all these guys is out there you know put messages on their cleaner now i love i love that by the end of father like one one gimme year yet one game here we're gonna let you where something that's individual i'll tell you our branch or just one brown choose to raise awareness for the fact that shit's lot so use it he's afraid cept the third pillar and a lot of guys listen we can smoke although we do
as long as you provide roderick though the source apple hobble white cleats and on the bottom there like painted brown soliciting stepped in ship i like that just take thou and making speaking nike we have stay woke that hanks been working on my favour kinds of stay works now we don't across a number of eighty of the hundred twenty eight fbi schools or by nike so well time that yes so so marvell treated that every team it's made the college football play offs isn't mikey school so little or no conspiracy turns out every schools and making school pretty much wisconsin not they got to stop this yeah ok snubbed notre dame yet there that it stinks to high haven't found another day david and this year you for lay we're power ranking foreigner james no danger metallic via these are sure you silly snubbed delaware snub awhile ok well blue nile for keep an eye out for
and i was able to i think that announces a drawing tell us raider pieces on purpose to drive up so what the more to our stay walk that college football player standing next to each other with like similar jack and all that stuff to go viral yeah i actually like he's yours like there's one thing that you can't draw when you didn't tell us waiting that's dick roche and they do it every time right every single time into dick interesting so just keep your five year of of telescope jackson interesting i mean are you are you to sit there and tell me that matt liner doesn't know that he's drawing on what melanin knows what as the only thing that matters arising from optics just as is the hollywood seen just come acrostics is the locker room and then in southern california is allowed you're snoop dogs house this is naked people have you ever gone to like a producers party deck everyone's naked
that is our show we have a good list of guests this week we have chael sonnen ufc all ufc fans out there about to get a lot to do some arm bars and so are we going to talk yeah so we're so we're gonna have him on wednesday and then we have come a long chicago bears common on friday says should great weak the union and i subscribe still everyone else's such i've seen a lot of people subscribing their friends when they just take their phones love love that's great movement so just keep doing that and we will see everyone on wednesday let me guess
do you like it
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