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David Ortiz and Frank Kaminsky + We May Sign Lebron To Our Basketball Team

2018-03-20 | 🔗

Daniel Bryan is back, and that was talking wrestling. Mid Week Tourney thoughts while we wait for basketball to come back. We debate whether or not we should sign Lebron to the Basketball team we own, the New Zealand Breakers, not to brag. Do people want to see President Trump's penis? (2:15-14:02) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including the Nationals, peeing in the sink, and disavowing BitCoiin2Gen. (14:03-27:44) Big Papi aka David Ortiz joins us briefly to talk about life after baseball, how many home runs he could hit this year, how he never knew Dustin Pedroia's first name was Dustin and what Manny Ramirez is doing right now (28:48-41:28). Frank Kaminsky joins the show to talk about joining the podcast world and how often he talks to Michael Jordan. (42:28-59:25) Segments include Perspective for Ryan Donato, (1:01:16-1:05:14) the debut of "Jon Gruden's time machine" (1:05:15-1:06:56), Explain it to Big Cat what is this new Spongebob meme and Guys on Chicks (1:09:40-1:16:20). 

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on today's pardon my take we have a huge show for you big poppy david ortiz you might remember that name he joins for a fund quick interview and we have frank comments who is our newest colleague who joins us studio to talk about the fact that he wants to be like us pod castors also guys checks before we get to all that won't talk to you is about devour devour offers premium frozen meals in a variety of credible flavors that most freezer isles have only dreamed of from gooey gooey cheese to tender angus beef spicy sausage and crispy bacon devour has a meal to satisfy every craving p of two usually like frozen meal guy and you you get the sad sack meals that are lured gross and wet and disgusting yeah so help myself guess what what you have tried to our cause devour puts mouthwash
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and then you can have any idea how are they welcome to pardon my take presented by sea geek today is wednesday march twenty first and boys daniel brian is back yeah yeah yeah yeah doing it right yes yes yes yes yes lover s and that was us talking rustling pandering to very new shotguns yes
yes yes ok so tight too late too late on ass i have done that although we are the biggest russell mania ever fun fact hank an eye or were at the rustle mania that like hard core wrestling fans would give their left arm to have attended to one that never happened the that another hundred tanker yeah hank were brought to the bad you jus downturn orleans we went to the one where undertaker street was broken so i think it's big news i've i've said that i have no i like wrestling attitude error rustling idle watch anymore i still love people who are invested in the double because it's like i used to be you i like the fact i'll be excite us anytime you can go to sporting event where fifty percent of the people in the audience are wearing cargo george i'm in okay so there did we cross it often we have the wrestling talk out of the way right nerli so the other thing we had on my mind is the attorney not being around it sucks amiss so much and
this is the part of the week where i start talking myself and every underduk you know it yet this is the part that we have too much time to sit around and think about the next later games and i like you i convince myself having i've seen them myself that the games are coming to morrow i've i've just fast forward passed a full day i invented time travel the up because i missed incident lay basketball so much sums culprit that i'm gonna come to work and do half days worth worked work tomorrow and watch games for the afternoon i have a hot take about it about the tournament we already know do so when it off yes tat is guaranteed us it's there yes yes i have sums can happening i guess it's too easy for isn't it yeah it's just to set up for kentucky today in this the elite ain't gonna find out why they overlooking thereupon of sudan s weight that we all know well kansas state can say that in this area sixty and then they have the winner of loyal and nevada i guess i've been saying wrong it's nevada nevada nevada
in that nevada and as a sharper yeah so cut you ve not looking at i just feel like this it's too easy right yes you're the best here you are in a brown you are talking yourself into this ultimate yeah i think so i thought i admit it yet this is the time of the week where i just look at all the underdogs i'm like oh and i through this dumb brain thing is kind of like nfl playoffs where when did he go from all car we can divisional around here like well our team there hot they want their last game where was the other team there by everybody's hot this time so its eye i i wonder last game i will say i will say that they have a good coach their coach it's been around attorney time of who is it whoever yeah persuasion ok cartwrighting easier to analyze it was a great cogent i have a very wrong twitter argument and are not a great coach but he's been there before so maybe you can you know how bad record we find out tat the horses i dont think they have the horse i don't know
talk he's gotta show little that's what are known for that i just in ireland but horses away this tournaments has gone like looking at some of these match up so we might get like we might get kansas and duke we now with the west the villain over games can be great sums gonna fuck everything up like clumsiness gonna went well absence the final here's what i'll guarantee is you should take the underdogs and the points on the left side brac because it's gonna be closely we expect i think and in most of those games yup but i'm taking the favorites very very heavily on the right except leroy picked west region to be flown over hoagie black dog so i thought i gotta go a little general we want hug you hurry there won't be hung berwin tone title will be so obviously that's gotta be worth at least twenty thousand steps on their food and maybe even smile ought not his sarcastic small calibre sometimes he he has like that true beaten down coach thing where he doesn't action
smiled genuinely is just a sarcastic i can't leave these wrought wrestling fuck me over smaller i want to see hug you bear climb a ladder so badly to get those nets how many suppliers are worth on the fit pitch whilst allowing each rung of the latter in closed out downstairs account stairs was a former foot tippit owner myself when i downstairs happen it broke i broke my fifth i walked to watch you hard yeah i broke i broke the terminology behind it cut him unless he hug you baron the truth so bash which is so bad we gotta wait another day we will be recording very late on thursday nights will have all your tourney recap on friday the other news we have with two other piece of news you're gonna get you before we attach equal throughout the first is whether or not as owners owner meeting here so all you listeners right now you're actually getting inside of the owners sweet should we as owners of the new zealand breakers sign the broad i think we have to put the offer out therefore
i guess i do i think we put the ball in his court in it there are a lot of attractive things about new zealand that i think leubronn would would enjoy number no careering ever over there because it isn't from australia originally from yet but in the end what if he goes home but if you try to go home he'd fall off the end of the earth tourists he doesn't want point rap ok keep goin among us rice number one number two there are a lot of sheep tons he is and what is leubronn via the goat was gonna say a lot is for him to impose an essay sheep just follow me around the apple that's true austria is you that also he's going bald so right and playing the lines of the sheep a lot of wool that people can cut off die to give to him he can he can have the finest wig in the world if it goes through sealed i gotta questions gonna sound dumb you know how the toilet flesh is the other way around in australia new zealand do your cubes grow longer than your hair yes ok ah the other thing as new zealand has
better wine than anywhere else in the world i am just found i found an article that said the best italian wine in the world actually comes from new zealand don't know how that works also lebron james he one time gained seven pounds in the game when i read the new zealand on the pound right because their british so we can offer you fourteen pounds a game actually i double areas hours doll it wasn't actually that is actually the new zealand our really came up in the first place is because in new zealand where our team is only part of a billboard with leubronn on it like trying to recruit him that's why we're having this conversation the first place thanks and i did a bad job there and it said it said like it what it would cause like forty five million dollars with dollars on next what i said is the dollar is knowledge on universal midst
the dollar zone universe i wouldn't i would go out on a limb and say that they don't have actual paper current scene i think the entire countries on bitcoin toward what are they put before numbers to indicate money they just say all right we're gonna talk about dollars now yet that's it right there he answered arms for the other party is brought seaboard in new zealand dollar you ever see gimme thrones filmed in new zealand there's a lot of rocks so leubronn has plenty of food for his daughter dario every every was just saying that that did somebody ran the numbers on it and they said that they'd have to what every every citizen of new zealand would have to give twenty five dollars and there's a rock marion and we kind of just include ourselves in it because we're part owners with him we would have to lick liquidators
just to pay him skits he's a come here well good news is we actually having paid anything yet so we can absolutely liquidate i tell you what i will give lebron james half of my ownership stake in the breakers yes have minus weapon and if he doesn't take it guess what i'm gonna fire off rant adam in common sense and a most i'm an open letter and i wondered if i got an idea what's the language little brown speaks better than any language in the world subjugating soft godfather spot a horse course heading is in his bedroom offer he can't refuse exactly that's true actually like i think of we killed a horse maybe will endorse i of natural death well nigh quest nicholas cut its head off put in the bronze news hypothetically speaking don't say that were threatening iran we put in turning leubronn were threatened jorge edward yeah we're through
braun that he might get more horse heads in his bed if he doesn't sign with the breakers no i'm totally sears about killing nightmares that's gonna throw the actual yeah threats and yes threats and i quote that's fine bring i dont thinking it charged with like it with attempted murder of a worse nyc a river this one does have rights you ever this one's neighbours is so softly kilmer the butter knife yeah right as happens every get turn your fuckin ethnic lunatic which i myself was good owners made if we'd like this will just dump a shit load a glue in his bed i and then the last piece of news we had to get to very high sports topic right now do you want see president drumstick if it was aid readily availed embrace at eight i have yes yes yes yes in my opinion every single united states taxpayer has a right to see the president's take i don't care if it's donald trump i don't know built
probably statistically proudly showed his dick to more than half hurricanes has keys overman senate sweet out yet be blogger sir it's always your penis sir sir it is is an affront to democracy that we have a uh there's a better likelihood that we will see trumps penis than is tax return sir resign sir but if you just had is tax returns tattoo knows dick oh two birds ones have every go i listen i don't i'm not asking to see it but if it's if its put it for my face i will not close my eyes i'm going to look here if you if you send me a link that says donald trump dick picks i'm clicking on it in that doesn't as we ve earned since as part of my job to be done at its business interaction when i look at them
from stick so it's ok i just liked it we ve often talked about how trump has broken many people's brains when they just can't think anymore because it's just aegis broken them the fact that those people who have spent you know the better half of the last two years replying to every single one of his tweet saying sir resign sir sir sir have to actually like debate the merits of addicts whether or not you are going to lay a really what an approach which i am not as excited to look at his penis as i am excited to look at the post that he's in when he sends out of six a matter so like is he gonna take a picture of the mere while he's holding it as you gonna his leg up on something is you may gripping it with one of his heavy he's got us whatever he does is going to change the future yet pics maybe he's got the good the good dick bone stomach you know the thing that link allowing to the the intellect points to the debt have you ever seen play tennis and that all
i'd outfit ok does abetting he definitely does not know how bad angles to too many layers yeah so happens to you i mean it does he does he pulls what he takes the side and then jerked the haug out that you know it would be great as if it was through the barn door the whitey tidy real old school she housing up in a porn star male porsenna made like a living off doing down trot porn parities just like i had ports are that looks like tromp yeah that debbie very easy thing pull off right and i mean lease and made a whole thing off sarah palin feel i'm just gonna spit ball here they might be because not that many people want to fuck donald trump well you never really wonderful one also have cited earlier most are familiar power is in africa asia i would look i'm just being you have to as as american citizen it's your responsibility to look at his pay if you wouldn't look your line are at risk you're hot sequel trunk hank when she gets going all hot seat is cricket national sport we were unable zone you gotta cricket gas
not just last like for bdays yeah well that's why they're on the hot seat because the red sox and yankees are close to an agreement to play two games in london next year so this is just the beginning baseball realizes that they're on the way out as america's pastime the trying to branch out to new countries go to england get that take over cricket baseball seems all too fast pace for britain hemming cricket is actually just baseball slower and more boring yeah well i'd say what vladimir guerrero would make a held the cricket pleasure he likes you anger i got off the ground help absolutely our humanity is also back on the hot seat just pesos teamed up with boston dynamics so reassurance the guy that something yes my house the basic together owns this the air inside of my house either owns every camera in the world firstly the ones in your house now also owns robotic dogs to mobilise those camera that's not a problem no no i mean do you see that one dogs upon the banana death
tell you what we know is put out by boston dynamics to make you think that who feel banks work carson dynamics biggest problem is and this is a really dumb thing they need to hire me for their marketing if you're going to create a rope not a death hound at least make it look cute making a robot death puppy and get people before god so cute i want one of those my home instead they ve they created some they looked like it was at a starship troopers or whatever the outcome and your house and any your baby scroll your shock running that thing in the face the minute walk subdued yes absolutely out those nerds been nerd zella jeff baisers there's gonna be a pill pill put some furry stuff on it and when i look at these cute dogs and then they deliberately leo crow generation has deal you're so instead of drones is just is just like these vampire robot dogs drop packages at your doorstep it's not funny because that's exactly what's gonna happen not dominate
cultural summit the quarter on is the nationals so parity of maritime and six years sports illustrated has picked the nationals autonomous zero scenario they got it i liked sports illustrated like we just gotta keep doing this we have squat on this take eventually ruby right actually what this means is that in what seven years than she'll be worlders shepherds cause he predicted bastard through the ass true so whenever the first time that they picked and that was eight or nine years from then that's why finally even went just sports oshea realises that national still play in washington dc because they might not they're not gonna win the championship today shows too they realize it there everyone a game in october the attitude the latitude it is not you never left sports illustrated has somebody on the camel beat and they knew that the witch davy johnson was
was set up camels it sprang to her mother could throw has been afflux just cause is a sick sick fuck him back to oh yeah sick back tat too that was that acta to just screams i got really drunk after my divorce and why do some while with the boys i would actually put age immigrants on the cool thrown because he no longer has the latest back tat have ever seen he did he actually put it like that back to that had to have been like in the binder that they give you at the tattoo shop like i'll take number four on my back it's the divorce you can at least have some that's meaningful ben it's like harrison ford went out and got a fucked up earring you ve been athlete
desiring saracens foreign m j yeah they play the morgan freeman to us and then been afflux was i going to feel young again just paint my back to stick needles all over my bag i picked you think that him and met matt damon like sat down and been afflux was like thank you have called you here for very nice meeting we're going to get the dude where's my card i'm going to get bro you ain't get sweet yeah and then matt was like no and he's like fuck it i'll just get my whole back tattoo already did it actually i am i bad fifty you got my hot seat is the xfl because there's a new football this coming out one year before the ex officio wizard mega cocked d
american football alliances of yet now we need to work on their name the it's the american alliance of football something it sounds like a credit agency that helps like retired for problems that's funny khazars gummy no interest yahoo there ass guys guys like i was nine point five those nice melanoma some backsides partially owned by who owns it i forget it you never saw son take ever soul and has none of the ownership group has any ties to partial sports at all but i regardless i think it's gonna be great league fantastically i liked as vince rick man verse dick ever saw son the fail son off you know it they said do they should have they should make it like felons only so the exile is not recruiting ia any sort of if you have any sort of criminal past you're not welcome in excess of what so you could have re louis recruit all the rays ojo although it could still playing all the radio together bring em i watch i watched her i mean more football like
i dont think any these leaves are gonna succeed but i watch football and its during a time when footballs not on zone watches on watching for yes i think they are making one big mistake there starting the week after the superbowl like all you want is one week here one week because when the combine roles rendre already agent for yea honey don't go for like valentines a year you need that one sunday we're like oh i can just chill out yeah here's a station scared reschedule valentine footballs very hard s reschedule valentine's day for sunday after the superbowl sinking you're one day with with the family and then bam right back if a bomb making financial how they family to your family that family dates random son of my other seat as facebook also mark zuckerberg in trouble the the government of england i guess the king the king is had a key no prince airy your prince airy
and prince albert or both very mad at mark zuckerberg because of some stuff that happen during the two thousand sixteen election and they are threatening him with all these like either their basically to prosecute him can you do that you can be everybody lives in america if your king you can do whatever you want ok my understanding of it but everybody's there acting to facebook playing like fast and loose with your data by this basically saying fuck you you gave us all this information and now a lot of people are starting to delete facebook which ivan use facebook and forever couple years for four billion dollars you lost audits of your a formula like four of his eighty billion dollars that's very very sat that's all lots of theoretical today's yeah he's just mark zuckerberg little pierre one one for you just you can make it all right just throw up a bunch of like earl gray t ads on facebook just stroman yak vigo king that's
yeah that's not a bad idea so if they want to make it look like they're not wildly successful they should just have really really low rent advertisements all replaced but my divorce turning away four times attorneys trip club hey mark you need a couple la programmers to know how to put together a website real quick behalf our challenge if they all if they had million pages comes out tomorrow with just like sport talk radio ads all over it and just like the most low rent businesses and like very very small business advertising you'll be like okay they're probably not doing that one will leave him alone for a while we should make since we're in the offer business we should try to buy facebook okay what will take all the data will be safe from her answer yes we'll get lebron james and facebook riding the haven't a nice portfolio a lot of work though we're adding cause there's gonna be a lot once upon a complete have we don't have time for this about instead of giving fit
fucker business we just put everything on instagram together is perfect i have another i'd say ok toys i hope toys or on the high seas yeah because towards russia is closing awe and you know who it's getting blamed on i'll give you one guess jeff pieces millennials close jeff this would probably be more accurate to say i was on probably had a hand in this light instead of blaming him towards her ass a ceo is blaming millennials for not having enough children god and you could actually as is china now you can flip it the other way and is blamed baby boomers for having too much sex yeah and thence up all the real estate and making it run poor that yes oh it's shots fired at millennial saying that the two big of birds have sex and so that's weather as you know the stores ok i have a couple cool thrones two yet laid on my first core throne is big cat oh why do the next one cause i have that the europeans have i have that that's exe
my only goal thrown ok so i have caused the reason i had to cut you there's i have i am on my own hot seat and calls for africa so will first of all schroeder's big idea were before it gets on my personal hussy courtroom we as pod castro on a hot seat because he s p has higher john fox so the electricity is about we turned up to eleven in bristol johnson everyone knows him is that personable guy who loves to be totally open with his answers and tell you everything about football he's coming to tv near you god dammit suck i also love like a john foxes actually really funny when the camp ashraf so he's gonna higher do my yes pierre hungry hammering front only job is to be an affront to care o man that's got to be so bad i come on john fox you know what ok here's how you can make john fox work on european you have to have
outside for every single shot john fox is an outdoor cat just crossing he's not going to look happy in a studio cycle of natural just have him outside bundled up and sweaters knit hat big puffy coat have him look uncomfortably cold all the time ok outside and if john fox wants to speak he needs to successfully challenge reply further weakened five o clock you ever talk about great length like artless go to john fox here's a plays challenge will be to watch him challenge it lose and like our knowledge on fox between john fox and levies psmith when was the last time the bears successfully challenge anything more trust when he launched masculinity and what it means to be head coach and loss i saw my personal hussy cool thrown upon both the first one bitcoin to jet voice we are problem so stevens now is the ambassador and turns out is pretty bad gatt yeah
hey to put us in a knot to brag but we called it but i recall two months ago like it's a miracle that stephen cigars not been caught up in me to movement yeah and he's really caught up in it now really shitty person bigtime scumbag a couple alleged rapes so i am disavowing bitcoin to jack here's my official disavow i am no longer involved in bitcoin to john took off the website take off draft our shown me i'll make an official thank you for it nervous you're you're welcome i might break the website you do that i mean this is we catch the price that we all even seagal you did it yourself listen get eyes you want to be on the wrong side of history here i dont maybe the current region in the west with steve so let's do the right thing let's disavow the pyramid scheme that was gonna steal money from two hundred thousand people that we were once endorsing and because of steam is the goal of sexual dalliances were taken off ok so
any lawyer whose looking to come after us this is us officially disavowing so no longer bequeathed to jan podcast had do it cleaner if any other celebrities chuck norris wants to levy crypto currency will talk in soda kevin hard feels like he's due for a cripple he's done everything else like yes come next on a lever sure we're in for that cabin and then my cool thrown which i think you had phd with its it's a picture that's going around the internet and it is a good search of can i pee in the sink and the answers in sync is actually the green way to go so you're welcome instead of wasting one point six gallons of water on a flush you pay in the sink it's only green if you're not adequately hundred yandah you then wash your hands in the very same sinks simultaneously washing down the urn and preserving natures most precious reach or so not to brag but i am actually
the greenest podcast or in the world you are saving the earth tat i might have to get on this being a single the two men were good you don't pay in the same year essentially just like lighting off nuclear weapons our listen you know the early adopters are always often called crazy so yeah i got a lotta i gotta lotta got a lotta heat being in the sink if you don't piss in the sink you might as well just be burning styrofoam nuts i'm yours bath ye know you might as well be just buying refrigerators and then throwing them in the ocean sounds like a lot of fun interaction s ass quick ass a back and lie maybe putting baby seals and am first the other not that's not coin thou its knife i dont have seals and you have done me that's pretty bitch and at its but we put baby seals and yet so we're not doing it that's what it's like if you being a toilet by way local towards the worst eureka taken a shit and local politicians i don't like
when they give you the option of whether you want to go low floor not don't even put out of my face alchemy extreme flow the best we don't make a lot of smart moves a parcel but the best move was picking office with industrial toilets gonzo's when you get that flush that's like it's basically just could soccer hand down and i've got industrial strength in my apartment it's great feel good near you get a shower your boots just trickles out but by toilet bay than that to a loud rather have who have just like a slow trickle on my head for shower and make sure that never plunging into so what i do is i p from the shower into the toilet and into the think and alien to the sink and then ass i saw poop and i'm trying to figure out the best way to range robotic bottom line is that use the bathroom lot and i like industrial sectors hell yeah i was gets or interviews first up we have big poppy david or two is and then we have frank kaminski who is our new colleague before we do that but light posters
we had a full time the first we the tournament hank one he's going to vegas so badly posters thank you too bud light bud light is giving way vegas experiences to winners in their friends scan snap code on public bottles and cans to play a game and enter the sweeps but light is always they for you and your friends remember but light his famous among friends we love bud light there one of our favorite sponsor so go ahead skin that snap on bud light bottles and cans to play a game and entered the sweeps i areas big poppy david these are we now well come on david ortiz big poppy doesn't really need a introduction but he is joining us from kings furred so i'll start with that what are you doing with kings for it how can we get involved at first
extremely sad about opening day because for the first time you gonna have all taking place on the same day march twenty nine should be a national holiday everybody should be of were even you guys you'll be just watching before that date every boston want to give it a day just tell just that you talk to me a man can can you do one of those things where you write america excused absence note so we can all showed her bosses
no i got away with some of the things before the yes that's true but so do you now i know you're tired but we have to clear the air here is there any chance you may become back this year because i know last year there was a big poppy might come back midseason now you ve got a year of rest you think maybe you could i lay some up and hit like thirty home runs areas people regulated man i regard up to two thousand and sixteen seasoning i haven't you ever met yet okay so what what would you like a safer hypothetically speaking you you did come back what would
numbers look like in two thousand eighteen if i combine now yeah if i give oj did it dead where we're just gonna only where they are the only thing i can guarantee you're gonna hit home i want you to know what would you would you miss most about baseball is it the commodity with teammates or was it that last year that you spent going round in every team would give you a present for taking their ass for the last ten years away there can be little tire man
yeah i like that i was going to a town in in and how the ceremony and other stuff i really appreciate your body taking the time to to celebrate my career by a one point i was late man i gonna ruin for things like my house is just like i got things everywhere man it was unbelievable the one thing that i miss the mossy use being with boys in you know this is a family the second family that you have an awe of ideas will remain out something that i miss the moss ok so on that note is the story i heard a little rumour from our red sox writer here an adverse tool that you didn't know destined for joy his name as late as two thousand fifteen is that true
he was right you com is that short guy you boys circular drawing a little guy lasting like come on man your mother's mother i call you a big heads too humble to bring this up on his own but one time he did a home run derby against you and you beat you in a whiff of all home underbid you remember him god bless you i beat you i bid you a woman maybe i'm i'm not drawn a bright idea right yeah did we made chile member we you were you were very you did not want to be there let us say that you are all aware that it was it was it was like right on the east river in new york we're at that field we made chile under
ten salsa also reach it was it was quite today about what made a bigger part yeah you you don't want to be there in a half an hour we not absolutely not what do you think any more mirrors is doing right the second request raining for talk even countries where labour is the pleasant replace the present ok there you go that's a good it so it's probably asleep knowing time yet idea time tat had never sleep and really maiden sleep sleep how many hours and i would you say many rumours slept you a miserly for our for our she's ok i'll be
the injured reserve if i just like if i got less than eight hours sleep one night i would just call insect an extra effort based poplar either i definitely what was your most satisfying career walk off because there were there a number that come to the top of my head but his or one that stands out your mind relay damn those pretty cool on our man way the things like everything walk off against the yankees matter no what do you feel bad that you killed lot rallies in the bud the night thinning by you know hitting homerun said again a single or double and extend the game will not actually know where our side because i will say it is when you you may every everyone to come to a battlefield make plan after nine been so when you plainest training it basically kills them
plan you don't say so i think i am i actually again i feel like i'm gonna people happy making the happening than i've been so you playing continue just very thoughtful of you yeah yeah mercury and maybe a babysitter babies our conceived because people are able to go out on dates after games because you got rather they want i have actually to bigger what you just did the point to us the point to the sky always wondered this when baseball players have something they do after a home run like sammy sosa doing the kissing in the end the pointing do you still do that and root like everyday life because you miss point baseball like you just point to the sky every
and then just like i he can point to the sky anything like that you made a man is something that i used to do a special moment you know i mean i guess i'm a very tense forgot i feel like everything one right while i play baseball in uganda the story behind me point to sky
my mom got on involving it so well for no man i mean haven't done it's inside regard ok ok i'm sorry you have three world series rings do you think you're in rogers overrated casually has one superbowl question ok said again aaron rodgers overrated one superbowl me your big painter span down my wife is far away my my wife what you guys all time ok i'll tell us up yeah yeah she sees birstall fan i dont think people you told trash about him because first the boys are is worthy greatest quarterback you gonna gonna you gonna finish there is a real one of the great everyone again in everyday life is gang ambrosch again with a winning a super boys not anything to do through a bay we had a magician in our side the goal lebruns really becoming a great using again just one true but you you don't say so winning a super mean witnessed
above all it doesnt matter is one will have won the longest you weigh one you get the falcons wanna have superbowl recently that's not ask either acts i think it right have one that have so you brought of tom brady he's these famous for having kind of crazy died he doesn't let himself each strawberries tomatoes or have any fun did you have any data restrictions on yourself when you played now really i however we want to talk about tom brady die didn't you wanna get me always your we want to talk about it you would i like beautiful let me tell you i got to eat everything you put in front of me so let's not even go there i'm in crusher what's more one day and i know i'm gonna die another so i got enjoy life the african point earlier you cannot you gonna tell me
i'm a boy radiation are suffering because of the diet is definitely saw he's anniversary looked sick review i mean you have to every now and then have a beer and some pizza is miserable yeah yeah i mean come on man so hungry even his sons lips looked delicious dear exactly what you're fair food i see well ok you grab guy oysters with the ethical guy i got a courtesy ok nice what would you have win the world series issue you can't see the red sox
why not while i'm just cited that's the rules i just put a maiden chaotic drivers are grateful you pay me yet no ok so i'd switches pretend the red sox thrown off the side they can't win the world series for for some really weird rule that just pops up out of nowhere who who is the other team that could win the world series sure they're not gonna be the moment no one can hope so no reza no reptiles it's not gonna be used again ok were willing but if it is hard to go by to back me up i believe that the yankees days the only a little more preaching ok because doesn't matter you scored twenty if the opposition is go daddy that's all
the game so i believe the dodgers can be especially this year even click cursor could finally pitching the plants yeah i think i think we need to work if you are looking at every season it any too we need to reflect the player on the river season the scenes lightly
for them the rainy season and wants to play off then he seems like he's a little be out of gas i would say so i will say you're off by firearms and the six again that your vision where you got a continual another right just chop radio catch uncle it'll catch up made it up you know said he saw him disturbing careful and ass all you steal because cursorily german is one of the picture that ever it one of the best way to the ever play the game in the play of this thing goes back and forth when you as had been superstar that he is you can accomplish what people expect from you is notable so i think he's not pay attention to the need to stop being a patient with whose artist picture you ever faced tavis guy guy you're tougher schuyler face would we wouldn't you when he was
that's it you play pitched get some bid against them not at all when i was in a sort of federal law got it yes yeah well it is one of the one or the other guy that i ever faith i mean he have four pages now one that we go further because it makes sense is pretty pretty damn good are you mentioned that you still get paid by the red sox how much money do you think they're gonna give to price harper next year i harbour yes red sox are gonna get press represent you comfort now know your example your temporary bikers being in his room right now existences tamper we have all fielders near we hardly jes i'll feel their men and i think that there is no room for him by all right now been think about it you have very timely you have more gay you had you near i mean you had three only get a few others on these and other groups
is there a room for everything there is room for hissing there's no room he said i think there's you gotta run riot isn't he's not saying there's no room form so that would mean there is room forum which is tampering if all depend you guys man you got a girl like you would probably parisian thing ok but i beg poppy was brought to you by spotify you gotta start listening to this podcast on spotify it is awesome they have all the spot with podcast you need its super easy to find him he opened the app on your mobile device or desktop click on the brows channel then click on podcast section and boom we are right there so you got are doing i've u spotify for a very long time i love spotify i use it for the music and i still use it for the music i love us and music on spotify but now that i know
pod gasser on there too there is no other up you need so go download it right now they have everything they have sports podcast if entertainment spot podcast of general podcast all the podcast on spotify and you can listen your favorite music basely the best up in the world so go do right now downloads i defy up and you can listen to this show on spotify are areas frank kaminski another something completely different are we now welcome on recurring guest frank ski francis kaminski we just heard out the third so frank joins us because coming soon frank has a podcast and it's called prose and joe you'll find out more about it tomorrow or today when you listen to this and then next week is the first episode we think correct believe so i should do this yes i so then my first question as you are a millionaire how many millions few millions
i don't have one share in my being carried out a comedy have three com a lifestyle okay so three comma see your milliner you're an mba player dino com if national play the year but you really i wanna be us basically here ok then feels good you think you're cut out for the spotlight has who can i dont want to be specifically you were only one other guys these vienna ragtag bonci problem would be in me yeah what's that i don't know evan us enough conditioner added point not enough commas your bank account is actually or those tribute to apologize so my second question about the coming out have you as for permission from michael jordan no i remember you can call me brown erratic podcast and we'll talk guessing we're not anywhere and was in the week
maybe maybe actually like to hear a quality rembrandt podcast integrate everyone every episode just how michael jordan destroyed your life like mentally has mike don't ever played against you want on one no drastic know how many times you talk to five death i'm scared just throw random number banana but a few the baron the hornets for three years yeah susie like what's a frank hey you guys guest on the show i witnessed would you asked to get him on our shall now ok i had asked that sea salmanassar people to come on my show now before us in the coming years a little tip for your next time you have a conversation so probably like two years from now and you ever next come safer jordan just have your iphone in your pocket set to record yes and then just be o k michael welcome to the show ourselves with him and he he won't give a shit ass i was the show and i can t say me here as the measure from asia also explain
the idea behind the show and what we should be looking out for when it drops next we will the idea behind it is me and my friends are group of idiots the up and when i say yeah he's a good point in crash grammar you know that's the you know your daddy and when he had come with a grand police on your ear but we're just login and we wanted to start a podcast in we tried it out just to see if we had anything and it was funny and it was good so i will be the judge it was funny good ok that's it that's past stance is gonna get even better go in for another what are you gonna talk about hockey yeah that'll be part of a lot hockey hooker you can anything else i was gonna be in are or central it's gonna be both ok i feel like talking about the nba over the course of the season will get long so you gotta talk about other things too near ok and then
have you so prose in jos did you know there was a shell cairo sources joe you know that yes mrs markham papa polite papa like it yeah this is more about unity of this isn't like putting the two sides against each other god and work into getting and so this is actually the first opposite approach us where the rose in asia joe trying to do is actually ok i guess welcome to present jobs i do you have any questions for us about how to have started successful pike s no ok get that i shall curiosity ok you know everything ok i know well for a step is i have all the answers first it is never talk to your co host off the air if they try to speak a word to you say saved for the show yet alike that though good birthday material yeah you are you bored a lot also create new good material okay here's a question for you you think i could box you out no i think i could
maybe it will get the rebound over me will over the back file but i think box you out i get that ass right up on their work the gradual style yahoo you want this ass come at you you think i could take a charge for me benchmarks yes agreed guidelines i asked so chart charges are the worst part about college basketball through the worst part the best while general college vassal especially because of my friend safer steve our friends they receive had an interesting point if in november and december the rest in college basketball just decided never calling a charge they the game would change like dressed drastically and then normal flop anymore and no more do this bullshit like in so promptly defence they get their hands on their on their on their balls and they slide over died understand what's a charge and what to block anymore so just get rid a one of em you're not gonna get rid of the block also don't you let there may be room for charges in the game if the players actually trampling defence and just gets run over there
there's a difference between a charge in a player control foul what it should be amended so you're going to explain it to me so a player control foul is when you're like driving down the lane and you like throw your elbow into someone's face that's a player control let's not technically a charge but so then what's to stop guys like i don't know tommy bohemian are dark devlin or one of these four backs in the inner felt funny india does given the ball in them running straightforward down the key i don't know why the problem of charge you could call a charge on almost every play you could call a fallen they're from an actual like getting ready for game west virginia right liked everyone says a second game that you play against western do you ever like close your eyes and think about other wisconsin runs as i do the ok do you i always wanted this from a former gambling side of this but it's a kind of a question you can answer from an actual like getting ready for game west virginia right liked ever
says a second game that you play against western genius harder prep fork is their press is the press in the tournament that much harder on those like this the next day you know going from the thursday to the saturday the fright i was in the year really will also because for the first game the way we practice is the press was you actually like practice against like their plays and stuff so it's like you go into a game thinking that they're gonna run all these plays that you have prepared for and if they decide to change that and a game and run a different play you just don't know so like you're almost less prepared for the game but more prepare like your more aware that they might do things you don't write zones or on your own name over thinking it at the end of the second game i like that interesting other arm other arenas in the eye in the nba that are tougher to shootin oh yeah which ones are the word what is what what creates now the lighting for sure ok submarine
like especially when issuing the corners they'll have like a strip alights over and sometimes it can just be like annoying like on the room obviously lighting in the background if there is ever if i can ever see myself shooting like a free throw on a camera or like something i got almost every time who interesting what about somebody had is i called out i'll change that but like there's like i've played in like games were you can see yourself on the video board behind the basket shouted marilla i always maritime if it's like a half second delay behind which actually happening then you're wondering like what am i in my play basketball in the past my playing it ass nature debts is dumb brain thing though one when you if you're banal jumbotron they show you and you just can't help but look up at the jumble drawn the entire area and am also hear what the hell's goin ought actually plainer i put anything in canada over the summer it was
like an old drakes oviedo like programme tournament in they had one of those behind i think i want like over seven from the freedom is i kept looking at myself did me drink year was cool new school how does it work decide who the route for in his own tournament i don't know it's till he says he has an overcoat team he has a guy who's on it i played brandon jennings instilling johnson by way of real now there are people on the team i didn't brainy jennings seems like someone will be a lot of fun to play like a pickup game with cause he could just get hot unduly lost ok so you didn't get enough of that okay well that's fine design in nba jam team for every player in the nba every team in the nba would you be the hornets one yeah cuz i listen to my bible usually learning to hear would i be starting on one idea
the playing a game or someone else no someone if you were designing the game would it be kept cameron who may be sure we are asking me ok good point the point do pleasures opened videogame i've never play with myself in a very real why not i hate because they make me trash well the pisses me off tonight you joshua draft now and also in the first two k came out when i was obviously he's gone into the league my room was playing a game goes here you can't even dribble on this planet you allowed you if i were you i would create myself as a character and give myself ninety nine everything yeah that's just takes you have time vienna where people than fifth greatly enriched so you can hire somebody to make it for you get you have your jos i do have my jos they also have chop suey one organ ire twitch scream streamer whose approach to create your own videogame kirk yeah yeah or
rather play fortnight and played uk wanna hear i went out on your dear to us of sonia jos before this and one of a measure turtle and he did not like me saying that it is easier and he's not my turtle he's turtle in denial cause i was like so when you do not drive somewhere like who's driving is able sometimes frankel drive as i go interesting i love driving is like while i live with them like oh ok i already cards yet and how we hear right he is always with you right now that sometimes we take separate cars really while you're the nicest vince ever thats really cool you i've been terracina though convinces molly's very character really my john a drama who's your johnny jai grandma her baby bro as always happens experts are those is it right there that's it in a nutshell now but there is not a day go by the day that goes by that we don't bring upon to rush somebody in our
codes entourage it as these guys we do you don't even upon casta already a guy being a dude brain a puncture casually conversation i want to talk about the immediate play actual quick as is almost tommy here where we start to pretend to care about the india no offense who the team that most likely to beat the cavaliers before the eastern convert files try the raptors lou really were given the right answers or sylvia right i got me on very now but i saw the wiser pointing out simply in the class everybody on their team is playing while they are but they got to do in the class exactly like i just don't i can't it's one of the things that they could win every single game the regular season but i want to see them play the flask as i might dumb brain thinks it i give the balls could sneaking the placid protect on the rapid those had their number no you never know there
swell psychology things where a file abroad james gets do you i from other veto he's been drinkin now the sun is not allowed and canada i read so how do you do that they do at his duty as i do that has ever teammates that have been held up by customs really annotation for them he has aids all the world meaningless was out there if you have a do you i like a friend is planning a bachelor bachelor party up in montreal to go ahead and figure out if your loud there because you can get a radically things like five hundred bucks or greece oh i don't i don't ask never mind you eventually wait there and they go through like like another extra roundel excluded jackson i think you have to pay like five hundred are peace rather how
here right there that's that's why they are these health it you're going to get it i'm arise yeah really yeah i was asking so much so much free healthcare i was curious about canada is due to disappear to capitalist pop up to animals and who who is biggest ass in the nba not jerk like actual ass biggest who is the biggest anthea hard at yahoo boxes you out he just what what is your obsession with deeds ass now i'm just cure national booty association season it is who'd novel northanger whose ago like box you are like goddammit like this guy in this affair denmark is cousins that their gaze got a big one you told me that
i'll jefferson when you ve been out he was a ton away has he ok but ours on them or not easy on lies in the papers now when he was on the hornets in your rookie you said that it was like isn't losses role that ass around and erode go flying yes i could easily go marvel character guy also has made an mba career and he physically cannot uses left hand he might as well not have it i love it call at the stranger is below the rim loved ass a man that's my kind of play a radio yeah did you did you good also weaken this are no wonder what that's like i went there last year we analyze wild was it yes yes it was also marty girl who during all we can show you tat s it a nice i actually so the way they had set up was theirs the debate three new orleans the hotels or on one side and all the events or any other sue you couldn't take shuttles from the hotels to the arena
if you had a visibly walk across guys written walk further and get like a taxi love it so we were walking back from the saturday night about like a three point out as the don contest and there's a huge pray goin on people just thrown beads off like these buses and the next thing i oh somebody threw the whole baggage beads and hit me right in the face he was always a seller really nice touch the air i was i was mad though like i picked up the bees and threw back at the bus yet he others take assured often we are almost there is people you'd like crawfish and shrimp and destroying it like a people on this it was while ok neural great city do you ever get mad at us when we call you showed bobcats yes i do that all time by the way everyone does eyes i rode monitoring is males ill health bobcat stuff in our rina i like it s just you know what a terrible mighty those terrible name won't just draw the old jerseys and get your juba i would like it if it was bob cats like the the construction equipment if that's what it was reference to sir yes but
all those rogue traders everything our caterpillar stubby good name for team to add a grace abbot instead like some shitty little house cat that has botulism or something weird fuckin here was budget was and it is a disease that makes you look like a bobcat you'll find out i'm not our pod casting off in a question frank it's these seeking question who como code suki city thank you gotta unity in diversity no i don't really know by telling likely all eyes brass that's a good way to embrace yourself of jordan he loves saving money tom if he wants a ticket to one of the short bobcats games you seek promo code take different look at the people got drafted behind you and i worry about their career surpassing yours and you be bust i question whether they can be as good as they want to be really at this point who is best players behind you know my draft was really good bugger got taken thirteenth up and he's good
miles turner was i believe eleventh yup much as hurl since around here use in a second round i mean we had a really good draft from the josh richardson got taken fortieth i am decker sam i don't you think use a tenth year thought a lottery and their work as you told me you'd get this out as with every drafts i mean minus the whole abroad carmelo in there still one thrown in their turn urca love darker are frank bessel lock who's in jos coming out soon i'm very for it what you just send one message to michael jordan just tell him we bet he won't come on the past let us seize it easily legitimacy i will say it again in that little pick up what are you gonna bet though will give model bedroom a million dollars that he won't come on upon so you have to pay a million dollar yes us in that way
the other cap i will i'll catch michael jordan we will actually have cash yes i've cash app and then we will pay our personal children without imo no no you don't work ass though he were your cash you get with times i dont sorry i don't know that only a catch him come on you're pastrana catch up let me address who do army on the earlier i let you have a lot to learn sailor you have me i'll get him every month in real nice frank kaminski edward check it out prose in jos coming next week that interview was brought to you by four hymns i wanna talk to gazprom something that is somewhat taboo its sexual performance issues hank their action more common than you think over twenty five years of new edi cases are from guys under forty held her yak anko to answer the question i have twice
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alright let's get some segments first up fifty of perspective for us i do have perspective yes rhine donato he's on the bruins is also the pride of situate massachuset right agnes second private crowded em you pass the tortuga ok my friend had about a red when using oh wow that's bit late i'm all jumbled up under the fifth grade of but now just said rhine donato learn how to read when whose eighth grade but guess what i guess he's late bloomer because he skipped practice to go attend one of his classes at harvard would try art so to power louis how why why are you still got class what do you mean and if you play for the bruins every single girl that goes that school as i always should that gets harvard ruins harvard jack doesn't matter does matt harvard doesn't know it's harvard hang doesn't he also lives in the city of boston where am i haven't check the demographics but i think there are a few dozen females that live that's right but i don't like yours like those like hey like where can you go find a group
female can already in our one times are you're saying we're trying to get laid hold on i actually did he go it was today he went after scorings first call me and i shall get us ok that's actually fair because that is like on the big man if he goes to more than this class then its try her both our desires and never skip practice to get an ivy league school true this he would georgia maistly an ivy yeah it's like too rotten ivy there lot of ivy that aren't i vs put or sound uv duke they'll count michigan massage stanford year the i am ok with him doing this this one time because it is like your victory lap hey look at me put in a show game last night norman class but don't don't do it more come on you're situate kid you don't need not read got your you've already got it made it through that your gear fight you can get through life without having to read if you fucking skip the handshake line to go to class i'm going to come up there and rip your neck out with the hockey skate
the green when you go to class in point us ah i we have a new segment it's called gryffons time machine so don grew and is trying to go back in time enshrine a basely create a football team like it's ninety nine not doing his best and what does he do what do you do joe he had and dynamic indiana can sue my visit the team answer thing about signing sue because vaunted perfect can get the deal done absurd group is basically flashing back to the ninety ninety eight in a field where they didn't call personal files the up and where bill roman ascii ruled the world yeah i like it i like it i magic if they're gonna go back thy juno nine jargon get em sent out a memo and then marked davies's just gonna walk around the facility telling everyone the bruce willis was actually dead and six cents and that will be like we're back ninety nine because he definitely is one of those guys a walk round japan like i figured out the plot i figured out the plot like i got
it's a really confusing movie but i figured it out i feel a gal davis was dead for about ten years at that point yet it was bourgeois suzanne success was actually about al david yeah just talking to go still what when you when you throughout idea fur jungle sigh machine i looked up ninety nine do you know what the number one song was in a bye bye bye smooth did you do did you do to god i hope that you will surprise me if john bruton had an iphone and the only saw he had ever downloading there was smooth smooth it has it hears ringtone yeah because he hears it coming out in an outbreak so often reason out and games he still thinks it's like the only song excess yeah i we have before we get to guys on checks we had a quick explain it to become a phd hank what is this new spongebob me i'm so confused all i see as a bucket and then another bucket but one of them buckets crushes the other thing in spongebob
there's two restaurants there's the restaurant spongebob works at the crusty crab which the good result underwater to right under the sea gotta how do they how do they could things how do you get fire fraught frying pan into the sea that's our talk more talk while means ok crusty crab is a good place to enemies place stones isolation is called the chum bucket the chosen by the entire oceans research satisfy guy that's the bad guy so basically the meme is just you put a picture of the good thing on the cross the crab and the bad thing on the jumble here's here's he's unused he's a is a verbal mean ok part of my take crusty crap then chum buck yeah i saw one good one bad yes yes we should just have the meme just say one good one back ok i got out i got no s really gotta bitcoin to jan crusty crabs scotch on bucket ok but thou art not
ok i'm still trying to see if i can get back into becoming again several years if they i say we just make our own spongebob meme of using the glassy crab and was either rusty i'd like it or not and come back it we should just have it be picture of john bruton and then the picture of marked avis yeah but we need we need actually create a sponge rob me like hackers right we should be the meme operators like we can find these myths i gotta watch from spain do we get we should actually want spongebob strikes me as a very memorable cartoon but i've never seeming i've never seen a meme with squid were i've also never seen episode spongebob let's watch for friday show we're gonna watch episodes spongebob and will give you thoughts and will find a meme from india okay so amounts which are watching on thursday you can trust us we finished all of play makers it was everyone's assets so just stay tuned we will announce what happened
you need to watch two hundred maybe that's all we'll talk about africa just just one episode will do an oral history of one random episode of sponge but is gonna be a meme in lifetime you gave me no one's ever seen a meme created major kind of show up any always leave you're always left asking where did this mean come from well guess what you're going to know exactly where chaos and involves go into our heads yet any spongebob fans out there to recommend us a good episode arguer i had a few and all you do in order to find a way to create a meme on friday maybe in maybe i'm spitballs here maybe we have a secret pardon my big at the end of thursday show where we indulge and then watch bunch bottle rate the meme live on their i guys on checks i mean some boys especially borderless hank is it is it true no with people are saying now it's a stupid it bit huh
first of all its up borderless is a hard time getting bone lowers i've got no was ordered to actually give out a little harder time we got any more you papa do now i don't hate you actually borderless act when i was hooked up with this kid from situate and it couldn't get hard whenever i fancy drinks he farts nonstop stop asleep is to the point where i can't even sleeping same room with as him because it smell so bad what can i do to fix this issue you need it drunk than the us visa also maybe so some pino in the drawings that's i've just been you can't dose beer that's she sought been pino it's like the pill you take before you eat beans signal fart aren't happens ok that's the thing yeah subject comes just yet what not just for science i fart pills thither they thought everything should be those who love every honestly here's what you do well he's asleep in his farting you just dutch oven him you just made
stu in his own farts but that's he likes espouse smell will find out what we just put a overs hadn't kill someone buddy i saw these up those ice on actual has accepting plenary i saw that they might come out with a male birth control soon would i be stupid to trust the boy remembers hiccoughy oecd yeah thanks i can't remember to wipe my own but every day trouble remembering what i had for lunch every day so i think this is gonna be you're gonna wanna probably not do that unless you can figure out like a fun way but if you combined the birth control pill with being oh yeah and some might it not satisfy here's what you do if you really want to hanks for him if you want guys to take like a male birth control bill you just tell him that it it's a dick rowing pill hey this make a dick bigger that's a huge market and then god it i'll take when twice a day they suggest makes you stronger taken every day hippy empty boys i have natural
curly hair but for some reason when the when i'm in my hair street ways shed expert insight as to why this happens is this i guess pretty basic actually so it's when there's a full moon because that's when women and straight and gravity moon pulls your hair into being straight this is like some experts shit is the worst superpower ever that light once a month your hair just straight we are also have terrible cramped and feel like shit but that's cool so brower under the no superpowers i'm gonna guess that has something to do with like the molecules in the blood in your hair is your your hair is too much science wait wait you here is dried blood the right now skin so your hair rescue hairs base a period already know your hairs dry skin your period out of your face so being fingers what's being baseball is pretty sweet actually because i don't have period over last year called again upward ever do know what scheme called
doolittle google what skin called skin up epidermis europe derisive shone down your wife figure is here made of google love google hairs made of kerosene which has blood no it's what is made out of blood red blood on your look you're here i got an excellent hippy empty but with one of my best friends a junior college for a few months now on the sea your graduating soon and he is again for in my sorority i still could work out o exclamation point i want to tell me how i feel how should i phrase it another exclamation point so she thinks you're gonna do this regardless yes so we gonna get her we're still crackly here go for it just fuckin full sent back i think he s struggle remember about your sister party sortie sister walter really good rumour yeah so here suspend zone for you who odds are
you're gonna be you're gonna say something you might get with this guy they get a crush on you guys probably and up together but you have a sister for life so blood stick it right your hair is always thicker hair is always thicker than gray so i don't know why this is a tough when i think you probably should just not say anything this is another case where i'm just kind of i'm very confused because women tend to overthink things a whole lot you don't you don't have to have like a big elaborate plan where you like read out of romeo and juliet in and take him to write moving in like a solid or less just be like hey you wanna fuck anne and then afterward you're ok that was fun fucking we should talk again sometime right and then let nature two tickets and worthwhile but you have a girlfriend won't php i get rid of that yeah see can fuck me instead of that's that's all they have to do the i just two eyes i'm sure she's guesses hanks right she's jesse someone you know what recorded and senators
if you're gonna do it you might as well let us get a couple like moments out of self do that police suppose i'm currently feeding per struggling to keep up with my needy baby wiser that some moms can produce more milk than others and how can i get my production up also why is my husband turn on many squeezes milk out of my luck is it at all what has caused supercool that's an interesting one listen you guys are always will be fascinated when liquid comes out of holes that liquid doesn't normally come out of that just the natural fact one of holes the first time that you ever like risky skis kate you like while those cool yet i was called out tariff but liquid had already come out of their gdp you have ado new liquid different look we're think about it ever bleed out of my dick and thereby that's kind of cool then then i'll call the doktor after
this is a really i can believe she asked us and didn't just google it just drink more milk how do you make more milky drink murmur stop at heart art you could just eat hey adele works for tat live in a barn i at last one here go here goes it do guys ever balls for real and have different vaginas feel differ ah yes very different questions in answer to mr belvedere the true facts yeah mr the belvidera one time sat on his balls during taping so hard that they had to spend taping for like three days given a patio you however that there is definitely times when i you'd sit the wrong way maybe across your legs are wrong way just see it's just you know things happen caught up the boys get caught us usually moment half it's a lot explode if it's a hot human guys you can it's plato you can ever you can have a ruptured testicle here that's like every catcher has record tests are twisted yeah they twist em up
both the other question the giant is feel differently they do different vaginas feel differently yes no date i mean if you like the genus yet like sand
thus a show of yours pardon my two
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